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36794621 No. 36794621
I just watched "Castle Sweet Castle", and it was certainly quite an episode; yep, the crew still has the magic in them.

Now, what was your immediate reaction when Bulk Biceps suddenly jumped into the scene?

To me, it was very "eye popping" like a lot of the other "eye popping" takes on the show, yet it was also priceless like hearing Nibblit become the "Love Doctor" on Pound Puppies.

Image Source: https://dərpibooru.org/873803?scope=scpe70bc2bc0b9dbe9d7e428180e81ef25a03da51bcc
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>> No. 36794626
File 142916733626.png - (462.68KB , 1280x720 , 1233.png )
Eh, I didn't really care for bulk. I just don't enjoy him as a character like some people do; I find him too one note, yeah?

I do like the idea that his job is being a masseuse though.
>> No. 36794632
I feel like maybe the writers are trying to push the whole "hey look a big buff dude who's really girly" angle way too hard.
>> No. 36794633
I loved it. I lift and Bulk is swiftly replacing Dərpy in the horse I'm looking for in the background. This particular foreground jump out was pretty hilarious.
>> No. 36794635
I had a giggle. Not inherently because BB was a masseuse, that made sense. I giggled because Spike was about to be "manhandled" as I feel, although others may disagree, BB may use his strength a bit irresponsibly. He has to. Look at how may muscles he has!

He's never done anything girly though. At most we get a sort of sad vibe, because he's friends with Fluttershy and Dərpy, he's overly enthusiastic to the point where he sat on Fluttershy, and he was part of the relay team, all of which implied a bit of a challenged aspect to him. So far all we've seen is sort of like a developmentally disabled, but still kind hearted and is able to put in the effort to succeed elsewhere.

On girliness, I watched a Russian Ballet last night. The male lead is a ballet-er, so of course you might be inclined to call him a rumpraging fruitllord, but he could pick up other dancers and leap around like nobodies business. Wouldn't want to be on the business end of those feet.
>> No. 36794639
File 142919479294.jpg - (150.75KB , 705x1024 , Bulk Biceps card.jpg )
Apparently it was a thing.
>> No. 36794667
File 142923026329.png - (162.69KB , 637x347 , Pinkie_Pie_Shock_S2E14.png )

QUICK! Grab every MLP card and read all the trivia for hints about upcoming episodes!
>> No. 36794674
dərpy's name is muffin because the world is evil
>> No. 36794689
File 142924554400.png - (169.63KB , 360x503 , 860892__safe_changeling_ccg_enterplay_absolute+discord.png )

A carnival shows up in town on the week before nightmare night and becomes a smash hit with its house of horrors attraction; unfortunately things soon nightmarish as nightmares begin to come true around ponyville as sightings of various monsters from horror movies are actually seen roaming around and ponies are found comatose around town without a scratch on them but seemingly drained of all life.

It soon comes to light that its a new changeling plan to feed off of the emotion of terror instead of love as a new foodsource.
>> No. 36794691
Well, well, well; look at that. When did that card come out?

Good luck, and let us all know what you find.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 16th, 2015 22:27

>> No. 36794702
File 142926859998.png - (33.83KB , 320x323 , Happy.png )
I liked it!

I wouldn't call being a deep tissue masseur "girly"... I think it's "big tough dude who ISN'T A CLICHÉ JOCK" that they're pushing: He's clearly into lifting but he's also a team player, hangs out with Fluttershy, gets scared by butterflies (and doesn't try to hide it), and has a job helping others to relax.

Dancing around with flowers in his hair while wearing a dress was pretty "girly", but he was having fun so screw social norms. Plus Fluttershy pretty much looked after him for the whole of that ep, so it's not too surprising.

Is that real? I thought the last of the collectable card sets came out before he had a name...

Last edited at Fri, Apr 17th, 2015 04:03

>> No. 36794722
>I wouldn't call being a deep tissue masseur "girly".
Oh god now I'm thinking that he did unspeakable things to Spike in CSC.
>> No. 36794727
File 142928639728.png - (437.58KB , 726x1099 , SpikeFlowers-Swampyfish.png )
>> No. 36794728
you have seen to much of thouse comics about spike getting along with stallions.
>> No. 36794729
Well maybe I have.

I'll tell you when you're older.
>> No. 36794745
File 142930251839.png - (418.05KB , 377x510 , spoiler.png )
We'll see tomorrow.
>> No. 36794881
Didn't we predict that anyway?

But yeah, the cards appeared in my local Toys R Us today and I got that one in the 2 packs I got.
>> No. 36794929
Guess what: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2015/04/tons-of-season-5-information-hidden-in.html
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