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Ok, we know from the first 2 episodes that our new villein, Starlight Glimmer, has the magic to steal other ponies Cutie Marks and put them under glass.

However, do you think that Starlight Glimmer can give one Pony's cutie mark to another Pony? And if so, what do you think could happen if she did? Could it be a future episode (I don't know)?

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File 142927392904.png - (766.69KB , 814x789 , You got me.png )
We already had a "cutie mark swap" episode, and it turned out rather horribly.
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Never mind that episode:

Twilight Sparkle didn't have much control over the spell she cast that swapped all her firends' cutie marks (she didn't have any control over which cutie mark went to which pony), and the spell didn't effect any pony else other than Twilight's friends; the only thing she could figure out how do was put everypony back to the way they were.

Starlight Glimmer could thus possibly have more capability than the spell Twilight cast.

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I still question what the hay that spell was supposed to do. Or what happened when Starswirl tried it and failed.
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File 142938279952.jpg - (144.70KB , 634x518 , alicorntime.jpg )

I personally think the spell was designed to artificially create an alicorn using the power of harmony. The reason it affected the mane six was because they were bonded with the elements at the time.

I don't think it specifically was designed to alter cutie marks, that was a side effect of the spell dealing with magic far beyond normal unicorn comprehension.
>> No. 36795003
Well that's a nice guess but we'll never know for sure will we?
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File 142950981607.png - (173.48KB , 1166x1017 , starswirl_gonna_banish_supervillains_to_earth_sucks_to_be_you_monkeys.png )

While I don't think they'll explain it in the show, I wouldn't doubt that the comics might tackle it; they tend to vacuum up unused plot ideas to use for their plots. They've been using starswirl quite alot lately in them.
>> No. 36795070
Not that anything in the comics is actually meaningful. I mean, the comic book implied that Twilight's mom was secretly writing the Daring Do books and look how that turned out.
>> No. 36795112

Because it was rushed to get to Princess Sparkle, they missed an opportunity. I'd love to see Starlight randomize the cutie marks of the town. The mane six have to try to find Twilight's magic mark, but they are challenged with having different skills. It could be a learn to appeciate the talents of others moral.
>> No. 36795114
File 142967075982.jpg - (111.05KB , 745x503 , awards.jpg )
According to the artist who created that, it was just an award named after Daring Do, like how the other thing displayed is Author of the Year, clearly an award.

Not to mention since it was only something the artist put in, the meaning of a small background detail is a lot different than the scripts made by the writers and approved by Hasbro.

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File 142967229358.jpg - (104.97KB , 578x1024 , angron_kill_mee.jpg )

Boats come and gone mate; its just too late to do it all over again.
There's lots of premises I'd love to see rehandled in the show too, but once something's done, its done.
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