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Remember that "The Interview" fiasco last year? And how North Korea supposedly hacked Sony and leaked those emails?

Well, wikileaks has a site now where you can search those emails. And there are several emails to be found about the MLP movie coming out in 2017.

Some interesting stuff, including the reveal of the villain's name, discussion on the first draft of the script, Sony's concern that it would end up being an extended episode of the show, how they initially wanted the directors of "Ice Age" to make it before deciding to stick with DHX, etc. etc.

Here's the search link.

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>> No. 36794710
Judging by the dates, all the original stuff in the first drafts may have been scrapped by the time Joe came on to help the writing.
>> No. 36794713
File 142928162677.png - (232.25KB , 520x552 , But then again___.png )
Not sure why Hasbro would be discussing the writing plans for the movie with....Sony?

A lot of this just seems like fluff, as well. Not much details, just really vague statements about the movie.

Also, I can't find the emails shown in the screenshot there.

Labeling this "yet another 'leak' ruse" until further info arises.
>> No. 36794715
The email in the screen shot is this one

>> No. 36794732
File 142929235649.jpg - (467.98KB , 2000x1000 , angronhat.jpg )
The hacking's true motives are now known... Kim jong is Obviously a brony, and demanded Insider info! he could not wait!


Eh. Rather hope that's not correct, as the constant talk of it all being about Twilight and her growth leaves me pretty unhappy about what to expect. That shit is EXACTLY why I hated EQG 1 because it was nothing but a giant Twilight schlick fest.

Though if it were true, the mention of alicorns and their backstory in reference to the villain cosmos makes me think that it'd be another alicorn.
>> No. 36794735
File 142929494052.png - (37.36KB , 630x335 , 760922__safe_text_twitter_text+only_my+little+pony+movie_joe+ballarini.png )
It just mentions that Twilight would have the emotional arc of the movie. It doesn't mean that the others wouldn't still have their own character moments. I mean, you could say the same thing about FiM or RoH, that Twilight provided the character arc of the stories, while the others still had their own scenes and importance to the plot, even if they didn't go through any personal changes other than being put under and broken out of Discord's brainwashing.

Though like mentioned here >>36794710, it's hard to say how much of this will even be retained since they may have had to redo stuff, possibly everything. Like Sony mentioned in their reading of the script:
That the original script seemed more targeted towards fans of the show and not as easily accessible to a wider audience.

Then there's this which takes us from April last year to November, where they outright say
>They are re-working the script completely
This was sent around the time we first heard about the 2017 movie and how Joe Ballarini was announced to be the writer. He's deleted his Tweets, but I remember how he mentioned them finishing a writer's meeting, the part done before writing a script (I was able to find a cap of when he started working on the script), so it seemed like they went back to square one.

So the information about the first draft may not be anymore relevant than how in the Ninja Turtles movie they were originally going to have them as aliens but nixed that idea in development.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 17th, 2015 11:31

>> No. 36794736
File 142929557242.jpg - (1.50MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
So there is a chance that the movie is about twilight not being sure abou what to do as a princess and then cry about it.
At the end of the story she feel secure abou who she is and take a step closer to be more princesy until me next time she have to cry about it again?

Fair enough, at this point I can't expect anything else.
On any case we can expect sunset shimmers and equestrian girls too.
>> No. 36794737
File 142929634644.png - (1.07MB , 1280x768 , Mane_six_nmm.png )

To be fair, I don't think twilight grew at all in ROH though. She was followed around by the story, but she didn't really learn anything; the only thing that could possibly count as growth was being snapped out of her funk by the letters making her realize she just needed to make the others remember their friendship the same way she did.

ROH wasn't truly a learning episode, more a cumulation of everything that they HAD learned up to that point.

By and large, alot of the episodes that try and make the specific focus of a two parter be about Twilight specifically learning a lesson have a tendency to to end up inferior IMO (compare RR to EQG for example).


Either way, you are probably right that there's a good chance it may be drastically different or wholely scrapped by now. I kind of wonder why Sony would be involved (like Nostalgia wondered above) given how All spark productions is making it.

I wonder if its possible that hasbro had originally been in talks with Sony and then cut all ties to make their own studio for this (and other hasbro) movies?


This is another reason I hope they ditch that plot, as the "Twilight does something Celestia doesn't think she's ready for" idea has been done already. Twilight's kingdom as a specific example has Twilight upset because Celestia didn't think she was ready to stop Tirek and chose Discord instead, leading to the events of the episode.

>That the original script seemed more targeted towards fans of the show and not as easily accessible to a wider audience.

I'm a little conflicted about that; I know that its probably for the best for them to try and make it for a wide audience, but at the same time I kind of like things aimed more at preexisting fans.
>> No. 36794739
File 142929720558.png - (352.83KB , 790x654 , 64 6.png )
>She was followed around by the story, but she didn't really learn anything; the only thing that could possibly count as growth was being snapped out of her funk by the letters making her realize she just needed to make the others remember their friendship the same way she did.
The whole funk at least was an arc, considering it had Twilight being her actual character the whole time and being affected by the various chains of events, having her change over time naturally, instead of Discord brainwashing her like he did with the other five.

>I kind of wonder why Sony would be involved
I think Sony's just intended to be the distributor (though they would still probably have some level of involvement with how they want the movie to turn out, even if they aren't actually making it). Like Universal Pictures is the distributor for the Jem movie, while All Sparks is in control of production.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 17th, 2015 12:02

>> No. 36794749
File 142930696073.jpg - (68.51KB , 860x1004 , cellestarm.jpg )

I see no problem with following a character around a bit, but having it all just focus on that character's situation as the entire premise is my issue. it gums up the team dynamic by artificially forcing things to shift to revolve around that one character. (This isn't just an issue with FIM, I find this to be a problem in pretty much any series, like it curdled the end of Digimon frontier by shifting the majority of the cast to extras).

Either way. I wonder if the intent of the original script was to finally explain things about Alicorns, given how the backstory of alicorns is specifically brought up as a problem with the script for new people. (Plus, Cosmos sounds like its intended to Mirror celestia as a name, making me think it'd be an Anti-celestia character).

I actually wouldn't mind an anti-lestia; we've got enough anti-twilights after all XD
>> No. 36794751
In order to have an Anti-lestia, you need to have a Celestia.
>> No. 36794752
Youtube embed play button
I think i would like it more if they just tried to make something really good.

like something which would try to rival against other great things.

just like some kids watched something like the lion king or other disney movies, and they remember them for life like part of their childhood.

instead of something like Thinkerbelle which the girls probably will forget and dont give a damn later.

Instead of going "We make toy commercials, but because we dont go 100% retard with ponies that make us magnificent and we throw a lot of memes so that make us smart"
>> No. 36794753
File 142932351618.jpg - (189.85KB , 718x2360 , Cel_nanomachines_son.jpg )

Come now, you know the little girls love celestia! I don't see Luna being packed with the canterlot playset after all.
>> No. 36794756

I wonder why wikilcnks would even want to do something like this; I guess even they can make time to have fun.

But you know what would be interesting? Perhaps in addition to looking at those E-mails (if any of you dare, which I don't), some of you could interject the E-mail conversation and suggest your own ideas for the movie. Who knows, you could say something that Sony and Hasbro will like.
>> No. 36794757
Unfortunately, none of the writers do. Otherwise they wouldn't have made Celestia completely irrelevant.
>> No. 36794758
File 142932454845.jpg - (45.00KB , 1278x720 , EOH_harmony.jpg )

Pretty sure this close to time, its far too late for giving ideas for the movie plot ;p
>> No. 36794759
Encouraging notes if they're true, as it indicates a genuine interest in enhancing the significance of the plot and characterization, as opposed to just foisting merch haphazardly by any means necessary (the pessimistic brony's constant mindset).

The leaks were back in 2014, so I imagine things were still early enough in development that very little is necessarily set in stone as of yet, so these leaks (if they're real) are more in the tone of speculation on the desired end product. The way that email concludes certainly underscores this.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 17th, 2015 19:38

>> No. 36794760
File 142932544637.png - (94.47KB , 242x306 , 6202.png )
>The leaks were back in 2014, so I imagine things were still early enough in development that very little is necessarily set in stone as of yet, so these leaks (if they're real) are more in the tone of speculation on the desired end product.
Based on the timeline, the emails from the first third of 2014 were directed at a script that was possibly thrown out, since near the end of 2014 they had hired Ballarini, did another writer's meeting, and started a new script. That was about half a year ago, and some news sites have been saying that he's the writer who wrote the movie's script, not currently writing, so as of now the script writing process may be done.
>> No. 36794761
File 142933079309.png - (534.59KB , 263x1600 , apple_emo.png )

come now; If Little girls like Celestia, and celestia sells toys, I think hasbro would mandate she have some focus.

Money does talk, and if she's moving merch, she'll be assured a spot in the lineup. Hell, Celestia gets more merch than APPLEJACK, and she's part of the mane six!
>> No. 36794762
Then why did the picture of the E-mail mention "the first draft"?

I think they still have a long way to go; there's plenty of time for us Bronies to give them ideas.
>> No. 36794764
File 142933295020.png - (169.21KB , 264x310 , 6201.png )
The date of that email was from March of last year. The email is not a recent one.

And some news sites have outright said that Ballarini isn't currently writing the movie, but that he's wrote the script's movie.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 17th, 2015 21:56

>> No. 36794765
File 142933393243.png - (1.00MB , 1200x900 , large.png )

Yeah, what marimo said. I would expect that the most bronies could do would be influence them to include easter eggs like dərpy appearing or something. Nothing that would actually influence the script.


I actually rather hope its different from whats implied in that e-mail.
>> No. 36794766
while they dont add clop jokes there is nothing to fear
>> No. 36794767
If that were the case, she wouldn't have been nearly completely absent from Season 4.
>> No. 36794768
File 142933851664.gif - (195.10KB , 489x260 , cel_go_away.gif )

Hey, it can take time for orders to move down the grapevine, and Celestia wasn't truly snubbed until S4. She had a good amount of focus before then.

the real question is her role this season, and if it bounces back to showing more of her, like in S1. (DANG, its crazy to think back to S1 and all of Celestia's appearances back then... she'd show up all the time)
>> No. 36794769
>the real question is her role this season
Her last remaining role was outsourced to a fucking map, prospects are grim, to say the last.
>> No. 36794770
File 142933977697.gif - (266.64KB , 320x180 , tumblr_lnqcok4T7T1qlot16o1_400.gif )

Hey, a map can't appear at the gala: the map can't talk to twilight and offer her council. The Map can't possibly bond with other characters, like Fluttershy and celestia did in Bird in the hoof.

Celestia extends far beyond just being the Deus ex machina quest giver, there's hop still.
>> No. 36794771
>the map can't talk to twilight and offer her council.
>Implying Perfect Sparkle needs council
>Implying they won't find a way even if she does.

>The Map can't possibly bond with other characters, like Fluttershy and celestia did in Bird in the hoof.
Except why would they have Celestia bonding with other characters, when they can use OTHER characters that are actually important and whose deaths would actually have a reaction on the audience and the proceedings of the show?

Because as of now, Celestia is so devoid of development and role in the show, that she could die the next episode and nothing would change. Nobody would even be able to tell the difference.
>> No. 36794775
File 142936249207.png - (851.66KB , 965x827 , Luna Fallen.png )
>she could die the next episode and nothing would change

The sun would not rise, and the world would end.
>> No. 36794780
Luna can probably do that. And she would start teaching Twilight how to do it immediately.
>> No. 36794841
File 142938271175.png - (753.11KB , 1280x634 , Cell_loon.png )

Yeah, I do have to agree that Luna could probably take over no problem; Celestia controlled the moon for 1000 years by herself after all.

And if worse comes to worse, you press gang a bunch of unicorns into doing the job like ye Olden days (Hey, Trixie finally has a purpose in life!)


Just have faith.... Celestia is set to show up soon in the gala episode, eh?
>> No. 36794849
You mean the episode where she is in no way the focus, important to the story, and only appears because she has to appear?
>> No. 36794851
File 142938389285.jpg - (49.78KB , 500x357 , cake.jpg )

I applaud your psychic powers and ability to discern the entireity of an episode that has not aired yet.

on that note, please e-mail me the winning lottery ticket numbers, I really could use some of your help in that department.

But in seriousness, you don't KNOW how little or large of an impact she'll have in that episode. Like I've been pointing out, that's the the Playset episode, for advertising the canterlot and celestia playset. You don't think they'll use her alot?

And while its probably fake, I be the princess spike episode, if it were real (Which I doubt the leaked list is real), would probably have lots of celestia.
>> No. 36794854
The gala episode is Episode 07. With all the shit going down in that episode, do you really think that they're going to waste time on a worthless character?

Also, if you believe that "leaked list" even for a second, I will think less of you.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 12:09

>> No. 36794858
File 142938444451.jpg - (138.03KB , 894x894 , celestia_phoenix.jpg )

I'm just throwing out possibilities there for the leaked list.

>worthless character

See, I don't think she's a worthless character, and I don't think Larson thinks that either (he put her in the gabby gums episode after all despite her not really having a real reason to be in there). With Larson with responsibilities this season, I expect more Celestia love.
>> No. 36794861
That's not a leaked list, that's 100% bullshit, it has about as much credibility as me saying that episode 10 will be called Will They or Wotter They, focused on Fluttershy's sexual relationship with an Otter.

And I fail to see how Larson likes Celestia any more than any other writer. That wasn't really a character moment, that was just a funny little gag. And even then, that was back when Celestia had regular presence in the show.
>> No. 36795141
File 142972918022.png - (403.71KB , 1280x720 , Princess_Celestia_uses_her_horn_as_a_key_S02E01.png )
I except more Celestia love too.
>> No. 36795161
Saved pic hnnnnngh
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