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36794894 No. 36794894
Now that I've watched this season's episode twice to form a better opinion, I feel confident enough to move on to the comparison. So, today we get to look at this set of episodes:

Season 1: Applebuck Season
Season 2: Luna Eclipsed
Season 3: One Bad Apple
Season 4: Daring Don't
Season 5: Bloom and Gloom

Let's see. I think this time I'm going to go with this:

Luna Eclipsed > Applebuck Season > Daring Don't > Bloom and Gloom > One Bad Apple

Is anybody surprised at my #1 choice? Luna is one of my favorite characters, and this might be her best showing. This episode is what made her better than any of the other princesses. It made her much more relatable than Cadence or Celestia. I would love to see another episode that humanizes her, or better still an episode that does that for Celestia! Come on, Hasbro! Five seasons and no Celestia episode?

Applebuck Season is the moment for me that the show really started to step things up. While I wouldn't give it a gold-star, this was the episode that showed the shows true potential, especially when it came to comedy. You could kind of draw a connection between the premiere with generation 1 and The Ticket Master with generation 2, but this is really where I feel the show earned its own identity. Plus I think this still might be Applejack's best episode.

Daring Don't is an odd animal. The premise can absolutely break the episode for some people (you know, making Daring Do real). What's funny is that my biggest issues with the episode lie outside of that. (Pointing out that you are standing around and not helping does not excuse the not having them do so int he first place.) Even then, the episode is loads of fun and show Polsky's penchant for humor. There are definite flaws, but I still enjoyed the ride.

Looking at the list, it was only now I realized that Babs has not been in an episode proper since Season 3. How crazy is that? This episode wasn't bad, I don't think, and I know a lot of people really enjoyed it. For some reason, however, I really could not get into it. During my second watch, I noticed that I had a lot of nitpicks over the course of the story which I found rather predictable and hard to watch, especially in the second act. None of the problems are that big, but I just had so many small ones that this episode to me would rank average to below average on my own scale.

One Bad Apple still earns the lowest marks, however, because it does have a big problem, and that problem is bungling the message of bullying. It's a similar problem I have with the moral of A Dog and Pony Show? (Got kidnapped? Annoy your captors. That will make things work out for you!) The episode also fails at showing any regret from Babs. She's just... too good at bullying, and we don't get any sense of depth until after her past is revealed. The lack of needed sympathy just compounded my issue with the episode. This might not actually be in my bottom ten episodes since I don't actually hate it like some others, but if it isn't, its probably rather close.

And so, here's how my personal standings look.

EP 1&2: S2 > S5 > S4 > S1 >S3
EP 3: S2 > S5 > S4 > S3 > S1
EP 4: S2 > S1 > S4 > S5 > S3

Season 2 is still dominating with its super-strong start. Things should become more competitive soon, however. Season 1 finally earns a silver medal, season 4 stays squarely in the center, season 5 barely misses hitting the bottom for the first time, and Season 3 still struggles to earn any praise. (It's time will come soon, however.)

Next time, season 2 has to face much stronger competition. Will it finally lose its #1 spot? We shall see!
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>> No. 36794895
File 142939647675.png - (380.77KB , 514x658 , sunil124.png )
S1: Eh
S2: Delightful
S3: Meh
S4: Eh
S5: Delightful
>> No. 36794896

Luna Eclipsed still is an achievement in characterization for Luna, and barrels of fun.

Daring Don't was a very fun thrillride, and really took me back to old Indiana Jones movies. Shame the main villain sucked, specially after being introduced to a great one...

Bloom and Gloom was a nice little episode with cute moments and some good characterization for Apple Bloom. Shame that it had the two worst characters in this show.

Applebuck Season is a fairly standard episode, with some good comedy, and good characterization for Applejack. This is still the best Applejack episode thus far.

One Bad Apple sucks.
>> No. 36794899
File 142939740792.png - (94.55KB , 500x481 , kCh0R.png )

What's the difference between "Meh" and "Eh"?
>> No. 36794901
An M.
>> No. 36794902
File 142939769906.gif - (34.06KB , 360x360 , 139200180173.gif )
>> No. 36794905
File 142939937630.gif - (18.97KB , 94x98 , 1420433704311.gif )
Luna Eclipsed > Applebuck Season >Bloom and Gloom > One Bad Apple> Daring Don't (kicking kittens in the face is not okay dude)

Liked the new ep. surreal and good characterization but it was a little predictable but thats really a nitpick.
>> No. 36794932
File 142941704334.png - (281.70KB , 1861x3026 , heart pony tavi.png )
Luna Eclipsed > Bloom and Gloom > Applebuck Season > One Bad Apple = Daring Don't

LE -- Oh come on, how could you not love Luna acting like a total spaz? Its great!

B&G -- Love me some surreal dreamscapes, complete with ghostbuster Applebloom and dat adorable AJ lullaby. Much fun was had.

AS -- Plenty of fun shenanigans were had that day. Probably not actually better than B&G, but its new so it gets a pass.

OBA -- Dat song...but honestly, that's kinda all I remember about it. The rest was passable.

DD -- Gotta admit, Dashie being cute is the only thing an ep really needs. Still though, if that's all I got out of it, then I can't really place it higher.
>> No. 36794999
File 142950182029.png - (491.01KB , 819x1024 , large.png )
Luna Eclipsed is best but still miss S1 Luna
>> No. 36795008
Luna Eclipsed > Applebuck Season > Bloom and Gloom >>>> Daring Don't > One Bad Apple

Luna Eclipsed: It was amazing being a fan during 2011 - 2012. Not only was the fandom still growing by leaps and bounds, but the show still had a bit of unfamiliarity to it. During this time, we were still learning the limits of how this show can tell a story, and how good it could actually be. Luna Eclipsed was an episode that came out of nowhere, because it COMPLETELY rocked our expectations as to what Luna could be, and a lesser show could end up screwing this up mightily. However, FiM passed with flying colors here. An absolutely darling episode.

Applebuck Season: 4.5 years later, this episode still holds up very well. Applejack does get a lot of crap for being a flat character, but this episode shows us that there's quite a bit more than it seems, especially in regards to Applejack's ongoing relationship with the greatness she really doesn't want. AJ really needs more episodes where she actually gets to show what she really is. 8.5/10

Bloom and Gloom: Another Stand-Up effort for Season 5. Bloom and Gloom is held back by its' 2nd act, but it ultimately ends up delivering a good episode episode. However, for it to truly be more, it has to shape future events. 7.5/10

Daring Don't: Wrong Episode, Wrong Time. I haven't watched this episode more than twice, and there's a big reason for that. Both Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash end up being insufferable, and it ends up being a crash course in what NOT to do post-MMC. But you know what? There's much worse coming 4/10.

One Bad Apple: Execution Kills, and boy did it kill this episode. 3/10

So here's where we stand with 4 episodes in the books.

Season Rankings Table
Season 2: 20 (5 Bonus Points)
Season 1: 11
Season 5: 10 (1 Bonus Point Pending)
Season 4: 8
Season 3: 4* (2 Demerit Points ultimately lowers the score)

Here is my scoring table:
1st Place = 5
2nd Place = 4
3rd Place = 3
4th Place = 2
5th Place = 1

There are also bonus and demerit points.
2 Points for Episode Rankings of 10.
1 Point for Episode Rankings of 9
- 1 Point for Episode Rankings of 3
- 2 Points for Episode Rankings of 2
- 3 Points for Episode Rankings of 1
- 4 Points for Episode Rankings of 0

*Note: Season 3 is getting double points for its' finishes and bonuses, but demerits remain the same.
>> No. 36795009
File 142951062226.png - (9.19KB , 125x125 , dash305.png )
S2 > S5 > S1 > S3 > S4

A rather easy choice for me here.
>> No. 36795013
File 142953107973.png - (251.04KB , 900x813 , LunaLooksUp-Wicklesmack.png )
Luna Eclipsed > Applebuck Season > Bloom and Gloom > Daring Don't > One Bad Apple

I liked the start of AbS more than any of LE, I think, what with AJ being all heroic, but the rest was kind of dumb... And B&G is the worst of S5 so far, DD was bad, and OBA was awful. 4th eps, huh...
>> No. 36795061
File 142959292835.jpg - (5.86KB , 300x168 , imagesh.jpg )
I think Bloom and Gloom as a whole is better than Daring Don't, but I find Daring Don't to be more entertaining overall. Since Bloom and Gloom is *slowly* growing on me, maybe I'd switch that order in the future.
>> No. 36795062
File 142959500424.jpg - (167.79KB , 1366x768 , apple-bloom-and-pinkie-pie-709-1366x768.jpg )
Wow people really seemed to like the new episode!
>> No. 36795072
File 142962096078.gif - (161.33KB , 500x504 , Pinkie.gif )
To me it feels like a lot of people haven't bothered replying about it, which could mean that the fandom's less chatty lately or that most people didn't have much to say.

I found the ep a little underwhelming, so I'm leaning towards the latter.
>> No. 36795155
Bloom and Gloom > Luna Eclipsed > Applebuck Season > Daring Don't > One Bad Apple

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