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Tracking the Google Trends search-term figures for "My Little Pony" and "Friendship is Magic," I had concluded that interest in the show peaked in December 2013 and has been declining slowly ever since.

But if you add "pony" as a third search term (pic), you get a surprise. Searches for "pony" have always been more numerous than the other two, probably reflecting interest in IRL small horses. But ever since the show started in 2010, the "pony" and "My Little Pony" curves have run in pretty exact parallel -- which means that the small-horse searches are constant, and the bumps in the "pony" curve are generated by MLP fans.

Until this month. The April 2015 figures show a huge spike in the "pony" curve but not in the "MLP" curve. Why? Dunno-- but I figure it's new MLP fans using a one-word search term, and not livestock shoppers. If so, interest in the show is reaching new heights with the advent of S5!
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you forgot to search mlp
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File 142946664418.png - (5.65MB , 3570x1003 , mane_sixx.png )

That sounds about right. MLP was at its meme peak at 2013, and S3 proceeded to absolutely Decimate its memetic reputation.
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File 142946905115.png - (94.47KB , 242x306 , 6202.png )
Why would it be S3's fault? S3 ended around the beginning of 2013, and besides a drip around the middle of the year, it ended up rising during the rest of 2013.

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File 142946973609.png - (33.22KB , 214x200 , aww.png )
How's that? Wouldn't the memers not care about the show's quality? Nobody who seriously talks about how "S3 was worse than the previous 2 seasons" would be Googling MLP in the first place.
>> No. 36794973
File 142947085375.png - (125.97KB , 400x400 , Angrier_Angron.png )

Why not? I'd occasionally google MLP stuff just to see what pops up on google.


When people give a reason for leaving the MLP fandom, S3 comes up as a disproportionately high reason.
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File 142947098217.png - (492.28KB , 786x728 , 64 1.png )
But you responded like first came MLP's peak, and then came season 3 after. But according to what Nother said and the data he showed, the peak was months after season 3 ended.
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File 142947168748.jpg - (46.42KB , 680x525 , equest_maude.jpg )

well it doesn't synch up perfectly then; perhaps EQG 1 caused some extra traffic out of curiosity leading up to its premier due to being an all new brand.


I actually wonder if MLP will begin to decline in sales and popularity after this Season; we are getting pretty far along into its lifetime, and though its been increasing, it can't last forever.
>> No. 36794996
it cant last forever.

this isnt like sponge bob or the simposns, where they can say "you know what, fuck it, we can throw what ever at the screen and it doesnt matter, people keep watching"
>> No. 36795001
File 142950421598.jpg - (258.74KB , 795x1004 , digimajora.jpg )

That's only because They reboot. Spongebob has no history of rebooting to fall back on, they can't be sure that rebooting would work (not to mention that rebooting with spongebob having negative continuity is somewhat pointless).

MLP has a long history of making new generations, so rather than drive it into the ground they'd try and relaunch... I'm rather hoping it'll be reboots from now on instead of new gens. (that's one reason I lost interest in digimon)
>> No. 36795002
>That's only because They reboot. Spongebob has no history of rebooting
they could reeboot it if they wanted, but they dont need to.

and if they reeboot mlpfim, it is going to be when they think it isnt worth to keep working on it.

sponge bob dont loose sales, they keep doing it. if some day sponge bob dies. they will stop making it, and probably some one will try to make some remake show or something time later

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File 142952453678.png - (21.70KB , 864x481 , Mlp.png )
Since the OP didn't do it, here's the graph of interest in the Google search of just "mlp" over time. It strongly disagrees with the "decreasing interest over time" theory that the OP proposed. The three largest spikes on the chart correspond with the beginning of seasons 3, 4, and 5 respectively.
>> No. 36795053
File 142958838852.png - (118.13KB , 900x707 , opalescence_by_purplefairy456-d4us8ai.png )
when all else fails blame season 3
>> No. 36795055
File 142958888552.png - (314.80KB , 625x421 , sunil111.png )
>when all else fails blame McCarthy*
>> No. 36795063
File 142959523642.png - (182.38KB , 800x947 , pinkie_pie_is_pleased_by_flizzick-d56shuj.png )

To be fair, if you're blaming McCarthy for something, chances are, you're probably correct in doing so.
>> No. 36795080
File 142963831864.jpg - (111.67KB , 400x400 , angron_wizard.jpg )

I will not apologize for hating McCarthy; I 100% believe she is responsible for a massive downturn in quality in S3 and the loss of potential for the series even after things have gotten off track.

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