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36795076 No. 36795076
This episode's title is Tanks for the Memories, by Cindy Morrow.

>With winter quickly approaching, Rainbow Dash has a difficult time accepting the fact that Tank is going to have to hibernate for the entire season, so she decides the best solution would be to prevent winter from ever arriving.

This episode airs Saturday, April 25th at 11:30 AM EST/ 8:30 AM PST.
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>> No. 36795078
File 142963582503.jpg - (63.43KB , 863x925 , let__s_get_you_into_bed_by_beavernator-d4xfr8b.jpg )
Poor Tank, who knew Rainbow Dash could be so clingy?
>> No. 36795079
File 142963819962.jpg - (96.09KB , 960x540 , 123434.jpg )

well, my hopes of that scene being from a land of steampunk ponies was dashed with the pest exterminator being revealed to be that one in the cool getup.

Either way, looking forward to this one; REALLY looking forward to it. It seems like a nice lesson for dash to learn, even if they already did this plot with Fluttershy in the comics (learning to let go of your friends/pets if you truly love them). Plus, I always love world building, and seeing pegasi make winter is cool (bad pun, bad pun).
>> No. 36795092
So why is this only just now becoming an issue?
>> No. 36795093
File 142964824691.png - (74.63KB , 232x280 , Souda_(12).png )
The show can be a bit vague on the different in time between each episode and even if the episodes are aired in chronological order, like putting FWF just two episodes after WWU? And we hadn't had a winter episode for some time, much less one that featured Tank at all, so basically if you put HWE as something that occurred before MtBPW this could be the first time the issue ever came up.
>> No. 36795139
File 142972881080.jpg - (13.45KB , 225x225 , hent.jpg )
Sounds good.
>> No. 36795143
File 142973283083.jpg - (8.69KB , 217x232 , 069.jpg )
>so she decides the best solution would be to prevent winter from ever arriving.

What the hay Rainbow
>> No. 36795144
File 142973314200.png - (340.07KB , 720x720 , large.png )
>so she decides the best solution would be to prevent winter from ever arriving.
For some reason now I can't help but read that bit of synopsis in the same voice as the Grinch/narrator from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
>I must stop Christmas from coming.

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>> No. 36795147
File 142973983310.jpg - (308.64KB , 1280x725 , angron_hate_you_all.jpg )

compared to Twilight mind raping an entire town due to a late report, this is perfectly rational.
>> No. 36795150
File 142974131946.png - (350.80KB , 1600x1665 , socks aren't good.png )
It's About Time: "Let's rip off Lesson Zero, but this time Twilight's plan is to stop time."

Tanks for the Memories: "Let's rip off Twilight's plan from It's About Time, but this time Rainbow does it."
>> No. 36795151
File 142974204146.jpg - (109.96KB , 1000x1000 , derpderpderp.jpg )
Jeez, how many different plots do you think there are, anyway? Six, maybe seven? A dozen! No way.
>> No. 36795153
File 142974570431.jpg - (280.52KB , 1280x905 , RD_dash_fight_plot.jpg )

To be fair, Rainbow Dash's capabilities for destruction are far, FAR less dangerous than Twilight's are, barring some random plot power up.

Besides, I'd say this will turn out closer to the Pirate arc of the comic's plot (about learning to let go of the things you love which was done with fluttershy and her pet fish)

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