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File 133827598300.jpg - (125.33KB , 421x800 , Tales of Legendia; The Legacy.jpg )
38679793 No. 38679793
#Limited #Canon: D:E #Chill #General #Normal #Fighting is banned #Violence, too
[?]Read the second paragraph for more information on the #Limited tag. Thread is open, but you need to be able to reasonably reach it is all...

The Legacy is an enormous ship with it's own natural habitat on the surface, forming what is ultimately a moving island. It is large enough to be it's own (small) nation, and is never in the same place twice due to the fact that it is constantly adrift at sea. As of yet, many of it's details remain unknown to Equestrians and the like, as only those from the world it originated in have fully explored it. A select few of those people, as well as a few others from an entirely different world, are the only ones on board at present. However, as The Legacy itself is a foreign entity, it is a place where offworlders from all corners of Equestria and anywhere else are welcome. Natives are as well, of course, as the inhabitants of The Legacy (all 5 of them-- so far, at least) are not prejudice.

>As it stands, however, it is only reachable by air and sea... and is more something you have to stumble upon. Over time, The Legacy may well manage to establish itself as a more significant presence, though. Ways to locate it may well be devised, for whomsoever decides to call it home. There are some pre-existing colonies, but only one is currently inhabited. Werites Beacon, functionally the 'capital city' of The Legacy, is the largest and most civilized colony on board (not that that's saying much). Near by is a small port, called Port-on-Rage. The other ones are actually difficult to discover, and pretty much the rest of the land is natural habitat and the occasional ruin/dungeon/etc. These locations are generally deemed as 'unsafe' however, given that monsters roam the island outside of pre-existing colonies.

>Those who do choose to call it home should know... The Legacy may not always be a safe place to live. It may, or it may not. Given it's nature (and certain recent events), it's possible it will be a point of controversy in the world it's suddenly found itself in. It does have various, immensely powerful protections... but if trouble should come knocking... 'living peacefully' will not be an option until that changes. That said... The Legacy is filled with tons of potential... for good, for bad... but most importantly... for fun. So stop by! Make some new friends, or maybe some new enemies, and let The Legacy be home to new adventures!
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>> No. 38757184
File 133957146666.jpg - (44.56KB , 469x663 , Disgaea; Etna (469).jpg )
"Oh, right... introductions..."

>She shrugs.

"Well, the ditzy blonde is Flonne. Try not to talk to her too much, you might lose some braincells in the process. As for the sexy demoness before you... you can just call me... Beauty Queen Etna."

>She gives a cocky grin as she makes a pose.
>> No. 38757206
File 133957202114.gif - (21.13KB , 106x106 , tumblr_m3xhdtQuks1rnao6x.gif )
Sophie finally remembers that she's just standing there staring at people.

"I'm Sophie..."
>> No. 38757219
File 133957221562.jpg - (143.66KB , 700x875 , Disgaea; Etna (1336620531034).jpg )
>Etna turns to Sophie suddenly, having kind of forgotten she was there.

"Oh yeah? And how old are you, exactly...?"
>> No. 38757323
File 133957574276.gif - (19.46KB , 106x106 , tumblr_m3wfhrZ1GJ1rnao6x.gif )
And more blank stares
"I...don't...know...I think I forgot..."

and now to bed...cause I hate leaving things on my post.
>> No. 38788732
File 134016629138.jpg - (175.48KB , 450x304 , 133746575472.jpg )
>Her clothes had eventually finally dried, including her hat, the most important of all her clothing. As such she finally set out to leave the loony behind and start exploring, which soon took her around to the center of town, at the fountain plaza...
>> No. 38788742
File 134016653082.jpg - (47.91KB , 500x500 , Disgaea; Etna (D4).jpg )
>She blinks, staring at the little girl with a "wut" expression...

"... How do you forget something like that? Are you like crazy old or something?"
>> No. 38788746
File 134016657333.jpg - (31.95KB , 413x290 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (s521).jpg )
>"The looney" was actually already there... asleep again, 'cuz that's what she does... 'cuz she's a sleepy cutie babe~♥

>But she's not really the focus right now, so sleeps it is~
>> No. 38788757
File 134016680535.jpg - (82.67KB , 455x530 , 25847901.jpg )
>Sophie looks back with a similarly clueless expression.
"Asbel says...that I can't remember things like that...because I have amnesia. I don't even remember how I got here either...this world that isn't Fodra."
>> No. 38788770
File 134016695452.jpg - (4.59KB , 128x129 , face01.jpg )

She looks at Sophie.

"I don't know... she looks like a kid to me. She can't be any older than... 14... right?"
>> No. 38788780
File 134016710558.jpg - (114.61KB , 714x800 , Disgaea; Flonne (1335360462345).jpg )
>While Etna is busy with other things, Flonne notices the new girl.

"Oh! Hello! Did you come to see the pretty fountain~?"

>Meanwhile, Etna scratches her head at Sophie's comment.

"You got me there, kiddo... I don't have a damn clue how or why I'm here either..."

>She then nods to Norma's comment.

"Fourteen sounds right... let's just go with that."
>> No. 38788793
File 134016734619.jpg - (210.04KB , 370x600 , tumblr_m10tyegRJs1rojagbo2_400.jpg )
Sophie just keeps chatting away...though her topic has maybe shifted a bit.
"I guess...Hubert might know if he was here...he seems to know a lot..oh, but not as much as the Captain though."
>> No. 38788801
File 134016745753.jpg - (47.91KB , 500x500 , Disgaea; Etna (D4).jpg )
>Etna notes a certain word and pounces on it.

"Captain...? The captain of this ship...?"
>> No. 38788806
File 134016756672.png - (209.59KB , 477x636 , b7ca32f99ffa07aa0e5c79214840fa6760a99bf4.png )
>Did she come out all this way to sleep some more? This woman was something else...

>But then she gets caught by Flonne suddenly talking to her
Oh, uh... Yeah, it's a nice fountain, isn't it? Who are you, by the way?
>> No. 38788814
File 134016769646.png - (22.34KB , 104x104 , 4_0-1.png )
"No. I don't know anything about this ship...The Captain is just the Captain...he used to be a knight, so I think thats why Asbel calls him that. He tells me all sorts of interesting things...or did. I'm not sure where he is now..."
>> No. 38788818
File 134016779990.jpg - (51.11KB , 511x662 , Disgaea; Flonne (511).jpg )
>She makes a dramatic pose.

"I am Flonne! Guardian Angel of Love and Justice!"

>She then hunches over a bit.

"Except... I'm kind of a fallen angel right now... again..."

>Etna yawns.

"Laaaame... and here I thought there was going to be something interesting."
>> No. 38788861
File 134016847918.jpg - (121.61KB , 900x900 , 37011b2e232609293e49f41a4e71a56436609b65.jpg )
>Aww... poor fallen angel girl... she made China feel for her a bit. She put a hand on the much shorter girl's back.
Well, it's nice to meet you Flonne... I'm Hong Meiling... Er, if you don't mind... "Again"?
>> No. 38788870
File 134016861470.gif - (18.73KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xifak5lt1rnao6x.gif )
"Sorry...I'm not as good at explaining things as the Captain."
>> No. 38788871
File 134016861988.jpg - (71.30KB , 565x662 , Disgaea; Flonne (D1_11).jpg )
>And then she smiles again, as if nothing was ever amiss~

"Welllll... I did something I wasn't supposed to awhile back, and my punishment was being turned into a fallen angel. I spent a looooot of time trying to work my way back up to being an angel again. Then suddenly I was a fallen angel again and I don't know why~"
>> No. 38788874
File 134016870040.jpg - (357.90KB , 853x1000 , Disgaea; Etna (D2_5).jpg )
>She shrugs.

"Whatever... I'm bored already. I'm gonna go scope out a place to crash... sleeping out doors all the time is a real pain in the tail... seriously, my tail hasn't been this sore in centuries..."
>> No. 38788886
File 134016890364.png - (10.79KB , 100x100 , face04.png )

She takes a look at the aforementioned appendage.

"Why exactly DO you have a tail anyway? What kinda... thing... are you? And what do you mean centuries."
>> No. 38788909
File 134016916163.jpg - (44.56KB , 469x663 , Disgaea; Etna (469).jpg )
>She brings her tail around front.

"What, you never seen a demon before? I guess that makes sense... I mean, it's not like humans go through their everyday life having demonic encounters left and right. Not unless they're some very unlucky humans..."
>> No. 38788960

She raises an eyebrow.

>> No. 38788979
File 134017036892.jpg - (247.38KB , 828x940 , Disgaea; Etna (1327993507276).jpg )
>She just blinks, staring.

"Uh... yeah... y'know, the evil monsters from the Netherworld? The beings charged with instilling fear into humans... that kinda thing..."
>> No. 38789084

"The Netherworld...?"

She shrugs.

"You lost me."
>> No. 38789146
File 134017295374.jpg - (353.29KB , 853x1000 , Disgaea; Etna (D2_4).jpg )
"Jeez! You've never even heard of it!? Man, your Netherworld is really slacking off..."
>> No. 38789401

Norma eyes Etna dubiously.

"You're either crazy or a strange creature from another world... but given those unique features of yours, I'll have to chalk it up to the latter. It's not like this is my world anyway."
>> No. 38858306
File 134134486012.jpg - (68.64KB , 566x663 , spoiler.jpg )
>bump this thread with a long overdue post
>you do
>you also apparently spoiler the pic because Ponychan won't accept it otherwise

>She shrugs, having lost interest in this conversation... because I want to move on~ :v

"Well, whatever. I wanna go scout out the town. Later, chumps."

>She casually waves to Norma and the gang before going over to Flonne and dragging her off mid-conversation.
>> No. 38931020
File 134249554550.png - (20.59KB , 100x100 , 4_1-1.png )
>Who knows how long it's been exactly, but it's been awhile. However long it's been is irrelevant, because the point is that Shirley is back in town... currently just wandering around, lost in thoughts and looking a bit at a loss...
>> No. 38931066
File 134249597599.jpg - (46.93KB , 510x640 , incomingcirno.jpg )

A little ice fairy, Cirno hovers above The Legacy, observing it. She's intrigued by this mysterious island and wonders there are any humans living on it. Well, there's only one way to find out!

The small fairy girl lowers herself aboard, flying into Werites Beacon... because a town sounds like a place that would have people.
>> No. 38931086
File 134249612640.jpg - (6.15KB , 158x195 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (lw0uwuspuU1qiqgeto1).jpg )
>Surprised, Shirley calls out to her...

"Oh, are you also a native inhabitant of this world...?"
>> No. 38931146
File 134249668859.jpg - (409.56KB , 1200x900 , 1333915446960.jpg )

Aha! A human! Or at least she thinks it's a human. Either way, the small ice fairy lands near Shirley and points at her, apparently ignoring the question she was just asked.

"You there! You're a human aren't you?"
>> No. 38931179
File 134249693448.jpg - (58.69KB , 464x488 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (lqaakyyM6A1r20cdlo1).jpg )
>She blinks.

"Huh... human? Well... no, not exactly. I'm not quite 'human' per se..."
>> No. 38931228
File 134249729026.jpg - (31.98KB , 354x489 , shrug.jpg )

The blue-haired girl observed Shirley, looking at her from various angles. Eventually she gave up the examination, shrugging.

"Well you're not a fairy... what are you then?"
>> No. 38931249
File 134249746689.jpg - (210.04KB , 370x600 , tumblr_m10tyegRJs1rojagbo2_400.jpg )
Sophie...has been around. Somewhere. Someone has probably gotten her to eat something or other that isn't crablettes by this point. Probably some other crab dish due to well, Sophie having lots of dead dead crabs.

Anyways, she's walking around town looking for Hubert...or trying to find the spot she's supposed to wait for him of the two. It was just outside some town or other after all.
>> No. 38931268
File 134249758315.jpg - (154.95KB , 392x600 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (m04tfpsZVs1qbazr9o1).jpg )
>She chuckles a bit, nervously, as the strange fairy examines her.

"Uhm... well, I'm a Ferines, actually..."

>Shirley spots Sophie and waves, not really too familiar with her to do much more than that...
>> No. 38931301
File 134249787539.jpg - (18.42KB , 250x250 , 1334359530260.jpg )

The fairy scratches her head.

"Fairyness? Is that like a fairy then?"
>> No. 38931332
File 134249830668.jpg - (113.32KB , 500x533 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (lp6czbEm4z1qaus5ro1).jpg )
>She should've seen that coming. We did, but she didn't~

"N-No... Ferines. It means People of the Sea..."
>> No. 38931358
File 134249860729.jpg - (82.67KB , 455x530 , 25847901.jpg )
>Sophie walks over towards Shirley and the blue haired winged girl in response to being waved at.

"Neither of you...have seen Hubert...have you?...He's got dark blue hair and...glasses...and he usually looks like he's irritated about something or other..."
>> No. 38931379
File 134249878454.png - (112.67KB , 350x350 , 1335860211763.png )

The blue-haired girl seems utterly confused by this. But before she can respond, she notices...


Sophie and turns around, pointing at her.

"Hey, you! You're a human, right?"
>> No. 38931394
File 134249890792.png - (20.89KB , 100x100 , 4_0-0.png )
>Shirley puts a finger to her chin, thinking it over...

"Uhm... I'm sorry, but I haven't seen anyone like that. When was the last time you saw him...?"

Nope! XD
>> No. 38931725
File 134250190801.gif - (18.73KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xifak5lt1rnao6x.gif )
Sophie just stares at the winged girl for a while....and a while longer...before speaking.

"I'm not really sure...whats a 'human'?"

>And now Sophie thinks some more, where did she last see Hubert? Its not like she's quite sure where anything is currently anyways.

"Well, we were outside a town, and then he left to get me some Crablettes and told me to wait there for him...and then Pascal ran by and I had to...follow her and tell her that we were supposed to wait for Hubert... and we went into a cave....and then came out of a cave...and then came here, where we're in a town again."

Perfect face for this post.
>> No. 38931810
File 134250261826.jpg - (276.89KB , 1003x527 , 1334358437582.jpg )
Foiled again!


"What's a human???"

Cirno folds her arms.

"You know... humans are like... humans!"
>> No. 38931847
File 134250287902.png - (12.81KB , 100x100 , 1_0-1.png )
>Shirley stares for a bit, at a loss for words.

"You saw him... before you got on the ship? That was awhile ago already... I don't think he'd find his way here on his own..."
>> No. 38932012
File 134250454406.gif - (19.46KB , 106x106 , tumblr_m3wfhrZ1GJ1rnao6x.gif )
>Sophie still doesn't get it at all.
"I don't know...Asbel said I have amnesia, so maybe thats why I can't remember if I'm a 'human' or not?"

>Sophie's expression takes on a more worried look at this point.
"Oh...I hope Hubert isn't mad..."
>> No. 38932359
File 134250931388.png - (797.21KB , 1900x1200 , 1333632403745.png )

Cirno seems to be growing bored of the strange, purple-haired girl. She's also saying funny words that don't make a whole lot of sense.

"Well, nevermind that... what do you people do for fun around here?"
>> No. 38934447
File 134255667191.png - (19.65KB , 100x100 , 3_1-0.png )
>She forces a smile, attempting to ease Sophie's concerns... without any evidence to back it up.

"Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine. If he's your friend, then I'm sure he'll understand..."
>> No. 38942016
File 134266127057.gif - (18.73KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xhd66KWP1rnao6x.gif )
>Sophie looks thoughtful for a bit at this as well.
"I'm not even sure where around here is, and I don't remember...really having much time to stop and do prett much anything fun before winding up here. I guess I remember Cheria letting me plant flowers in her flowerbed. That, I guess."

"Because...we're friends?"
>Now that she thinks about it...that sounds sort of like something she'd think Asbel would its probably right.
>> No. 38943061
File 134267043990.jpg - (87.06KB , 398x600 , 1334358297594.jpg )

The fairy tilted her head inquisitively.

"Planting flowers? What for? So you can freeze them?"

Her tone became more excited as she asked the last part, her facial expression brightening somewhat.
>> No. 38943097
File 134267074663.png - (19.68KB , 100x100 , 3_1-1.png )
>She nods, adding a bit more to the smile in order to assure Sophie.

"Of course...! Though... you might want to go looking for him soon. He might be worried about you..."
>> No. 38967038
File 134308305475.gif - (19.46KB , 106x106 , tumblr_m3wfhrZ1GJ1rnao6x.gif )
Sophie just stares at the fairy with a confused look on her face. She's not really sure how to respond to at all. Its not like she can freeze things anyways though.

>She instead turns her attention to Shirley. "...I've been looking though, but I can't find the cave at was right nearby...but the path to it..."
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