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File 133827598300.jpg - (125.33KB , 421x800 , Tales of Legendia; The Legacy.jpg )
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#Limited #Canon: D:E #Chill #General #Normal #Fighting is banned #Violence, too
[?]Read the second paragraph for more information on the #Limited tag. Thread is open, but you need to be able to reasonably reach it is all...

The Legacy is an enormous ship with it's own natural habitat on the surface, forming what is ultimately a moving island. It is large enough to be it's own (small) nation, and is never in the same place twice due to the fact that it is constantly adrift at sea. As of yet, many of it's details remain unknown to Equestrians and the like, as only those from the world it originated in have fully explored it. A select few of those people, as well as a few others from an entirely different world, are the only ones on board at present. However, as The Legacy itself is a foreign entity, it is a place where offworlders from all corners of Equestria and anywhere else are welcome. Natives are as well, of course, as the inhabitants of The Legacy (all 5 of them-- so far, at least) are not prejudice.

>As it stands, however, it is only reachable by air and sea... and is more something you have to stumble upon. Over time, The Legacy may well manage to establish itself as a more significant presence, though. Ways to locate it may well be devised, for whomsoever decides to call it home. There are some pre-existing colonies, but only one is currently inhabited. Werites Beacon, functionally the 'capital city' of The Legacy, is the largest and most civilized colony on board (not that that's saying much). Near by is a small port, called Port-on-Rage. The other ones are actually difficult to discover, and pretty much the rest of the land is natural habitat and the occasional ruin/dungeon/etc. These locations are generally deemed as 'unsafe' however, given that monsters roam the island outside of pre-existing colonies.

>Those who do choose to call it home should know... The Legacy may not always be a safe place to live. It may, or it may not. Given it's nature (and certain recent events), it's possible it will be a point of controversy in the world it's suddenly found itself in. It does have various, immensely powerful protections... but if trouble should come knocking... 'living peacefully' will not be an option until that changes. That said... The Legacy is filled with tons of potential... for good, for bad... but most importantly... for fun. So stop by! Make some new friends, or maybe some new enemies, and let The Legacy be home to new adventures!
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>> No. 38679802
File 133827616220.jpg - (66.89KB , 584x600 , Tales of Legendia; Werites Beacon.jpg )
1. The Inn/Tavern
2. Item/Clothing shop
3. The Bakery
4. Weapons/Armor
5. Mayor's House
6. The Fountain Plaza
7. The Hospital
8. Abandoned House [RESERVED]
9. The Salon and Flower Shop
10. Abandoned Manor [RESERVED]
11. The Lighthouse
12. The Park
13. Path to the Cemetery
14. Path to Fallingwater (The path leads up over the hill to a pretty nice overlook of the city, a spring, and eventually a cove.)
15. Town Gate

NOTE There are other buildings along the paths, these are just the most notable ones. Characters moving into town would just be taking one of the houses over in the residential district, which is where 8 and 10 are.
>> No. 38679844
File 133827809924.png - (142.58KB , 480x640 , tumblr_m0g4xwNZGk1qbazr9o2_500.png )
Having finally returned to the Legacy, it's quite natural that Norma ended up in Whereisthe Bacon Werites Beacon. It was a meeting place of sorts for her friends and her during their many adventures. Almost as if it was automatic, she found herself heading to the plaza.
>> No. 38679850
File 133827839627.png - (12.81KB , 100x100 , 1_0-1.png )
>Joining her in a similarly automatic fashion, Shirley enters the plaza behind Norma.

"Wow... it's exactly the same. Except... nobody's here. The town's totally empty... it's kind of creepy..."
>> No. 38679852
File 133827847998.jpg - (85.43KB , 900x900 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (2).jpg )
>Grune does likewise, except she walks up to the fountain and begins admiring it in her usual spacey manner... humming a quiet tune to herself~
>> No. 38679853
>Pascal and Sophie wandered off elsewhere together... because Glimmer is unavailable now... and will show up in due time, possibly...
>> No. 38679908
Until QCC comes back from being asleep. Feel free to watch this thread, ask questions OOC, etc. Thread will be bumped and questions will be asked ASAP once waking up is a thing that is done.
>> No. 38679910
questions will be answered* <- herpaderp sleep is good for brain
>> No. 38681024
>After a small amount of meaningless chit-chat, Shirley and Grune went off on their own... Shirley, concerned about something, went off to investigate that concern and confirm something for herself. Grune, on the other hand, just wandered off to who knows where...

>Awhile later, Shirley returns from her investigation, and instead of going back to the fountain plaza, she heads towards the town gate... the entrance to Werites Beacon.
>> No. 38681209
File 133831884135.jpg - (12.52KB , 208x197 , FBunsure.jpg )
>A new landmass has apparently appeared out of nowhere...Huh. That's not something that happens every day. Anyway, any explorer worth his salt would have to check out anything new. So, Breeze takes a deep dive down towards it from his lofty spot in the clouds and takes a peek at it
Huh...What a weird place, just appearing right in the middle of nowhere...Maybe it was here all along and I missed it? Nah...Can't be...Unless I read the map upside down...Again.
>Breeze frowns and takes another dive to look at the place closer, practically hovering outside the town gate.
>> No. 38681224
File 133831900353.png - (12.81KB , 100x100 , 1_0-1.png )
>Shirley, heading in that direction and everything, notices the pegasi and gasps in shock. She doesn't say anything, as she's never seen something like that before... but she does stare at it, waiting for it to do something.
>> No. 38681242
File 133831931889.jpg - (10.72KB , 197x188 , FBgrin.jpg )
>Breeze spots the human and waves cheerfully at her, a smile appearing on his face. He floats gently down until he lands at the town gate, upon which he trots up to her and looks around happily
Hi there! I've not seen anything like this before, is it new? I hope it is! I've not been exploring recently and something this big and this mysterious has to have a whole load of things to explore on it, where'd it come from?
>> No. 38681250
File 133831943796.png - (20.26KB , 100x100 , 1_0-0.png )
>She just blinks, staring at the pegasus for a bit...

"You... can talk...?"
>> No. 38681262
File 133831969549.jpg - (12.53KB , 208x181 , FBtalkinghappy.jpg )
>Breeze nods excitedly
'Course I can talk! All ponies can talk, save for the mutes, but that's just because of reasons and it's kinda sad...But anyway, I can definitely talk! My mom and dad taught me how to talk! And walk. And fly. And pretty much everything else really!
>He lets out a brief chuckle
So, can you answer my questions?
>> No. 38681269
File 133831980971.png - (20.89KB , 100x100 , 4_0-0.png )
"Oh! Uhm... sorry, I just... I've never seen anything like--"

>She cuts herself off, nervously trying to get back to his question.

"I mean... I don't actually know how it got here. It isn't supposed to be here... but it's here anyway. Whatever brought me here... must have brought it here as well..."
>> No. 38681289
File 133832036667.jpg - (12.30KB , 200x191 , FBsmile.jpg )
>Breeze nods
So, like the other offworlders then? Lots of you guys around! Not that I'm complaining, variety is the spice of life and all that junk! It's nice to see new things! If I didn't see new things, life'd be boring, I don't like boring! It makes me feel bored.
>Breeze shakes his wings
Still, it's pretty neat to see an entire landmass come out of nowhere...This hasn't happened before, I don't think...
>> No. 38681310
File 133832063873.png - (12.81KB , 100x100 , 1_0-1.png )
>She blinks.

"There are... other people not from this world? Others... like myself...?"

>She looks into Breeze's eyes deeply, obviously seeking something that - though she doesn't realize it - is not possible...
>> No. 38681322
File 133832080360.jpg - (10.72KB , 197x188 , FBgrin.jpg )
>Breeze nods
Eeyup! Things called humans, some guys called trolls, some that kinda look like half animals and half human...Well, trying to describe them all'd be way too hard and take me forever!
>> No. 38681337
File 133832108849.png - (21.01KB , 100x100 , 4_0-1.png )
>She lowers her head, looking away a bit as she proceeds to ask a second question.

"Well... I don't suppose you've seen a young man with white hair and white clothes...? He has blue eyes and a scar over one of them..."
>> No. 38681353
File 133832132000.jpg - (11.96KB , 203x180 , FBsorry.jpg )
>Breeze frowns and shakes his head
Sorry. Not seen anyone like that, I've been pretty busy lately though, I've been visiting family! So, you'd probably be better off asking someone else who's been around doing other things recently...Sorry that I can't help.
>> No. 38681364
File 133832146402.png - (19.65KB , 100x100 , 3_1-0.png )
"Oh, it's okay..."

>She forces a smile.

"It was kind of unreasonable to ask you such a thing. Sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Shirley Fennes. This ship is my home, but you're welcome to stay here as long as you like..."
>> No. 38681404
File 133832206713.jpg - (12.53KB , 208x181 , FBtalkinghappy.jpg )
>Breeze nods
Okey dokey! My name's Breeze, Fresh Breeze! My friends call me Breeze though, so I don't see why you shouldn't, it's nice to meet you Shirley! You have a very nice's spacious!
>he chuckles
Wha'ddya call it?
>> No. 38681438
File 133832244222.png - (19.68KB , 100x100 , 3_1-1.png )
>Her smile turns a bit more genuine.

"Oh, thank you. This ship was named The Legacy... it's rather empty right now, but... the few of us that live here are always willing to meet new people and make new friends."
>> No. 38681455
File 133832256198.jpg - (142.85KB , 600x772 , PaveHawk_Two.jpg )
To anyone near the coast of the floating land-mass, near the north side of the entrance to the Raging Bay, a strange sound could be heard in the distance... as if something was beating, thrashing the very air rapidly, rhythmically. The sound steadily grew louder and louder. At some point, someone looking in the direction of the sound would see two objects flying several hundred feet over the ocean, making their way to land. As they grew closer, general shapes could be made out... but they were nothing that had ever been seen outside of Equestria...
>> No. 38681495
File 133832272949.jpg - (12.52KB , 208x197 , FBunsure.jpg )
>Breeze nods, before tilting his head
Empty? It's an awfully big place to be empty...That sounds kind of creepy actually, a big 'ol place like this and there's so few people in it...Are people going to arrive here?
>> No. 38681509
File 133832278356.png - (25.09KB , 104x104 , Tales of Graces; Pascal (8_0-0).png )
>Pascal just happens to be in that area (just south of Werites Beacon, because... she's Pascal and she wanders around exploring stuff sometimes. Especially big island ships that appeared out of nowhere.

>Anyway, she notices the flying machines and stares at them with both awe and curiosity...
>> No. 38681534
File 133832292730.png - (20.89KB , 100x100 , 4_0-0.png )
>She lowers her head a bit.

"Well... if anyone else who used to live here before shows up, I'm sure they'll want to continue doing so... for now it's just 5 people, and only 3 of them lived here before. I suppose there's always room for new people to live here... I don't think the entire town of Werites Beacon is going to suddenly show up or anything..."
>> No. 38681562
File 133832328757.jpg - (12.39KB , 202x179 , FBpokerface.jpg )
>Breeze stops and appears to be considering something
Hmm...Lots of empty space, huh? How much is it going to cost to get one of these places? And to stay there?
>> No. 38681621
File 133832433011.jpg - (335.04KB , 630x420 , PaveHawk_Iseewhatyoudidthere.jpg )
The MH-60s flew low and fast; they didn't want to advertise their presence any more than they had to. A smaller, quieter helicopter with better reconnaissance and observation equipment, such as a Kiowa, would have been better, but the few at the outpost had been pulled off of duty for maintenance and overhaul.

The choppers fly over the small peninsula and that made up the norther part of a large bay, and kept going, hugging the coast of the bay, looking for any signs of civilization, or anything that would explain the sudden presence of an entire island. Eventually, their search is rewarded. A crew members spots a person on the ground, and the choppers do a fly-over, a couple of the crew leaning out to take a closer look.
>> No. 38681625
Testing without pic, because it's not working...

"Uhm... nothing?"

>She just stares blankly for a bit as she realizes... there's no economy here or anything.

"Our old currency probably doesn't even apply here... it's just a bunch of empty houses..."
>> No. 38681637
>Pascal just sees the people and waves with a big grin.

"Heeeeey! Nice machines ya got there!!!"

>... That's what she has to say to these new strange people in a strange new world full of things she's never seen before. "Nice machines ya got there..."
>> No. 38681646
File 133832463269.jpg - (240.48KB , 561x900 , Tales of Graces; Pascal (771539).jpg )
Trying to apply a pic in post 'cuz mebbe I can...
>> No. 38681647
Wewt. I R BAWS
>> No. 38681651
File 133832468627.jpg - (11.72KB , 205x185 , Fbohgodwhat.jpg )
>Breeze's mouth drops open
Are...Are you for real? Seriously? It's nothing to live here and stay? Really?
>he looks ecstatic, almost hopeful
This sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?
>> No. 38681665
File 133832486625.jpg - (154.95KB , 392x600 , tumblr_m04tfpsZVs1qbazr9o1_400.jpg )
>Shirley puts a finger to her chin, pondering.

"Well... there isn't a catch. I mean, as long as nobody causes any trouble, I don't see a reason why they can't live here..."
>> No. 38681682
File 133832509931.jpg - (55.42KB , 600x600 , night_sketch_300707___kerberos_by_gesetz.jpg )
One of the occupants, the face hidden behind a mask, looks down at the person, unable to understand what has been said as she watches her wave. The soldier makes no motions worth mentioning...especially waving back would be reserved for when they knew whether or not whoever was down there was hostile.
>> No. 38681698
File 133832531857.png - (25.09KB , 104x104 , Tales of Graces; Pascal (8_0-0).png )
>Pascal just stares up at them, wondering if they intend to stay up there forever or what...

>At any rate, she decides to try waving with both hands to see if she can get them to come on down.

"Heeeeey!! Come on down!!"
>> No. 38681712
File 133832549333.jpg - (12.23KB , 202x186 , FBohgodyes.jpg )
>Breeze's face bursts into a large smile and he starts bounding on the spot
YES! YES! Oh, thank you so much!
>He leaps forward and embraces Shirley in a quick hug before he starts laughing hysterically
I can't believe it! Finally, somewhere that I can call my own and not have to worry getting something nasty from those hotel rooms!
>He's so pleased that his wings start beating rapidly, like a hummingbird's lifting him slowly off the ground.
>> No. 38681727
File 133832567989.jpg - (28.09KB , 400x300 , 130446300909.jpg )

The crew men couldn't hear her over the engine and the rotor blades, but they did see her smile and wave. The two soldiers glance at each other, before one of them signals the pilot to come around and land as the choppers pass over the girl.

The lead chopper banks to the right and comes back around, slowing down and decreasing altitude until it bumps into the ground almost, hopping once before coming to a rest. The other chopper continues on, looking for more hints as to what's going on by itself.

As soon as the chopper has landed, a young lieutenant hops out from the open side door, and makes his way out from under the rotor wash, approaching the girl. The men under his command (and one woman who wasn't) pile out as well, taking up proper covering positions. The chopper's blades start to slow down, but the engine stays on; if they need to go quickly, having to spin the blades back up would take too long.

"Uh, Hello, Miss," the lieutenant says; there is a small thing patch on his front that read 'Ode' on it. The soldier has no idea if the girl is a threat or not... around here, he had come to learn that he could never judge someone by their appearance. Nevertheless, the bright smile wasn't exactly threatening... he decides to take a chance and walk up to her. "Uh... we kinda uh... spotted this island out of nowhere... I mean there was nothing but empty water here a couple of days ago."

He extends a hand for a handshake.
"I'm Lieutenant Ode, Ma'am," he said, "We just want to know where this landmass came from, how it got here."
>> No. 38681745
File 133832591505.png - (27.56KB , 158x195 , tumblr_lw0uwuspuU1qiqgeto1_250.png )
>Completely caught off guard by this sudden outburst of equine glee, Shirley stumbles back just a bit, her eyes widened with surprise.

"Uh, y-you're welcome... if you need a place to stay, I'm sure there's a place in town for you to make yourself at home. I don't think anyone would mind, and like you said before... this place being empty is kind of creepy. I don't like seeing Werites Beacon like this... so the more life we can bring back to it, the better..."

>She ends her response with a warm smile. As she realized all this, a lot of her worries had begun to fade. Sure, there were still some issues and concerns she had, but... this - the biggest one - she can put aside. Even if it took awhile... Werites Beacon would regain it's life some day... or at least she hoped as much. She insisted on believing this, because it gave her so much joy to know that her home was not lost at all... and only need to be 'rebuilt' figuratively speaking...

Got just a tiny bit longposty there, sorry...
>> No. 38681765
File 133832625190.jpg - (16.28KB , 364x317 , Tales of Graces; Pascal (20418751_3-2).jpg )
"Oh man, welcome to the club! The others said it isn't supposed to be here, but it's here anyway, and apparently it's some kinda HUGE ship with an island on top! I've never heard of something like that before... and I've explored every Amarcian Ruin I've ever found from top to bottom! This thing is like... the size of... HUNDREDS of Amarcian Ruins! I don't think I'll ever get bored!"

>Okay, so she's excited and rambling, and her spiel gave you no information... she's never been here before either, so... go figure.

"Oh, but if you want to know more, I'm sure one of the girls in town can help. Would you mind if I looked at your wooshy-thingy, though? It's no island-ship, but I've never seen technology like that, either, and... well I wouldn't be much of an Amarcian engineer if I didn't just take a teeeeny little peak. Pleeaaaase~?"

>She makes as much of a puppydog-like face as she can... which is actually pretty good, to be honest...
>> No. 38681786
File 133832656316.jpg - (12.53KB , 208x181 , FBtalkinghappy.jpg )
>Breeze nods
Uhuh, uhuh! Do I have to get a key or anything? Or can I move right in?
>Breeze smiles excitedly
Man! I haven't had a place to call my own since I was just a colt! I mean, yeah, high adventuring lifestyle and such, but still, it'll be nice to have a home again...And I'd be happy to be a part of this community!
>Breeze chuckles and continues zipping about overhead
No need to apologise.
>> No. 38681804
File 133832680495.jpg - (89.26KB , 500x603 , tumblr_lxspbexUcD1r20cdlo1_500.jpg )
"Uhm, the doors shouldn't be locked. But, if you decide to make a place your home, you're free to do with it how you like. Just respect other people's property is all..."

Also, to note, events "in doors" would occur in their own respective thread(s)... but there should always be a Werites Beacon thread for out-door stuff...
>> No. 38681847
File 133832737439.jpg - (421.02KB , 2784x1848 , 0420-0906-2312-1707_u_s_army_soldier_speaking_into_his_radio_headset_o (1).jpg )
Ode just sort of stared at the excited, bubbly girl as she went on about Amarcian ruins or something...he had no idea what she was talking about, but he had understood one thing; the girl had no idea where this island came form either. She did say that it was some sort of giant ship with an island on top, which Ode had to blink at. He'd never heard of a ship the size of Iceland, or however big this thing was. The girl also mentioned some others in a town, and then practically begged to be able to check out the Pave Hawk chopper that had gotten the soldiers here.

Ode kinda stood there for a moment, trying to process the information, before he brought a hand up to his temple, rubbing it.

"Okay, how about this?" he said, "You hop in the chopper with us and show us the way to the town, and the pilots and crew can show you around the chopper once we land."

Ode had his radio on, so the crew and the other soldiers could hear him. At the mention of letting some girl look around their bird, the crew and pilots let out cries of protest. Ode rolled his eyes and ignored them; they needed intel, one way or another.
>> No. 38681861
File 133832763739.png - (24.50KB , 104x104 , Tales of Graces; Pascal (2-1-1).png )
>She throws up her arms in glee...


>... and immediately starts running with her arms held out like a child... but low, like an energetic little girl. Which is pretty clear that she is at heart, as even her running is kinda wobbly like she's... just... unbalanced... if even well-meaning.
>> No. 38681863
File 133832768627.jpg - (12.23KB , 202x186 , FBohgodyes.jpg )
>Breeze nods, still very over-excited
Awesome! I'll be sure to do so when I find somewhere that I like! Once again, thank you so much for the help, and the house, I hope to see you around!
>And with that, Breeze smiles the same giddy smile and bolts in a streak of blue, looking around for something to catch his fancy
>> No. 38681878
File 133832791341.png - (12.57KB , 156x181 , b (32).png )
"Stop whining, you're sounding more like women than she is one." came the answer to everyone complaining like babies. Jones smirked behind her mask and relaxed somewhat. Figuring there wasn't anything going on requiring full gear, she reached for her helmet, snapped loose a buckle or two and removed the thing, groaning a bit as the tight itchy mask was finally off her delicate complexion. Straightening her hair, Jones flashed a grin at the overjoyed girl and motioned her over as she made her way back to the chopper. "Come on, you can sit in the girl corner with me, and none of the boys will catch cooties."
>> No. 38681884
File 133832797568.jpg - (138.74KB , 500x431 , tumblr_lgo5onFryv1qccu96o1_500.jpg )
>Shirley just smiles nervously and waves. The pegasus seemed like a very friendly and good-natured type... she just wasn't used to so much excitement in one day.

>She decides to take a seat at a near by bench just out front the Inn, taking a breather... and suddenly available for greeting newcomers again... :p
>> No. 38682006
File 133832837290.png - (25.34KB , 104x104 , Tales of Graces; Pascal (8_0-1).png )
>Pascal does as Jones suggests, but finds herself curious about that last word...

"Ohhh, is cooties like a disease in this world? Something like that must be a real problem, since if it's between opposite genders and stuff. I mean, how do you guys even procreate if you can't get near one another or anything? That sounds like a huge issue, y'know~?"

>Despite the topic, her tone seems as upbeat and carefree as ever.
>> No. 38682065
>Well, she's not really a newcomer, but Sophie finally makes her way back from the beaches, with a bunch of dead crabs. Now she just needs to find eggs...and figure out where Hubert wanted her to wait again...Oh...she might be able to ask the girl over there about eggs...

" you know if there's any places I could find eggs?...Or any place I could put these , for safe keeping?"

>Going picless cause...maybe then it'll post....or not?
>> No. 38682089
Ponychan doesn't like me again... :<

>She turns towards the girl from before, whom she hadn't really had a chance to meet yet.

"Oh, hello again... I imagine the wildlife on board is still around, so eggs should be a lot easier to catch than crabs..."

>Then it hits her...

"... Wait, how did you catch all those crabs...???"
>> No. 38682102
File 133832981149.jpg - (473.82KB , 885x590 , PaveHawk_DustOff.jpg )
Ode steps out of the way as the girl rockets past him towards the chopper, blinking at her enthusiasm, before shaking his head and making his way back himself, telling his men to pile in along with him. He manages to miss the girl's comments on 'cooties,' climbing in just after she finishes, and takes his seat opposite of Jones, near the open doors.

"Let's get going, Warrant Officer," Ode said over the coms to the pilot, then turned to Jones and the girl. "Jones, hand the lady a headset, huh? We need her to navigate."
>> No. 38682106
File 133832988699.gif - (18.73KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xhd66KWP1rnao6x.gif )
>Sophie doesn't see what the big deal is.
"...I found them on the beach...and then I hit them?"
>> No. 38682123
File 133833002487.png - (74.66KB , 306x294 , b (10).png )
"Not so much an issue...", she said as she climbed back into the chopper and sat down in her spot, smiling at Pascal, "...just a word they like to protect themselves with when they can't handle how great we are." Stowing the helmet underneath her seat, Jones cracked her neck and handed Pascal a headset as requested. "Here, put this on so we can hear each's loud up there. I'm Lindsay...what's your name, huh?"
>> No. 38682138
File 133833024213.jpg - (9.30KB , 196x255 , Tales of Graces; Pascal (20418751_3-1).jpg )
"Ohhhh! I get it..."

>No she doesn't. Anyway, she accepts the headset, looking at it, then looking back at Jones.

"What's this thingy all about?"
>> No. 38682146
File 133833034094.jpg - (113.32KB , 500x533 , tumblr_lp6czbEm4z1qaus5ro1_500.jpg )
"You just... went around punching crabs...?"

>Something about that was both... familiar and bizarre at the same time...
>> No. 38682186
File 133833086910.png - (50.46KB , 250x140 , tumblr_m0wbbt3TCp1qdgn69o2_250.png )
>Sophie nods in response to the other girl.
"'d be a pain to carry them if they were trying to pinch me..."

"Oh...I'm Sophie...who are you?"
>> No. 38682196
File 133833091792.png - (77.15KB , 280x353 , b (12).png )
Yeah, she probably got it...totally.
Jones motioned with her hands, trying to explain how a headset worked...what was there to explain anyway? "You put it on. Like this." she said, letting Pascal watch her put on her own. "It helps us to hear each other need to navigate us, so the pilot needs to be able to understand you."
>> No. 38682198

Zoticus was on top of the world. Almost literally. He grinned as the wind whipped his face.

Man, was he lucky. Not only was his dad Ponyville's best inventor, but he had let Zoticus test out his jetpack! Unfortunately, the jetpack suddenly shorted out, sending Zoticus on a not-so-short trip to that mysterious island.
>> No. 38682201
File 133833107232.png - (224.42KB , 500x440 , tumblr_lh3sh5k0l71qaus5ro1_500.png )
>She kind of forces a nervous smile at that explanation... and then there are introductions to be made.

"Oh, I'm sorry... we were never introduced before, were we? I'm Shirley. Shirley Fennes. It's nice to meet you, Sophie..."

>Her smile turns a good bit warmer and more authentic.
>> No. 38682212
File 133833114201.jpg - (6.78KB , 172x215 , Tales of Graces; Pascal (20418751_3-4).jpg )
"You mean like this...?"

>She mimics Jones, putting it onto her head.

"Oh hey, it's like a hat. Cool! Does it have any special function or anything? There's all these dohickeys on this..."

>Still being distracted, she never did get around to telling her name. In her randomness, she happens to notice a bunch of names on everyone's chest-tags.

"Oh... my name! Right... I'm Pascal, by the way..."

Nice save... :v
>> No. 38682220
Might have to specify where you're landing to some extent...
>> No. 38682227
Forgot to link: >>38682201
>> No. 38682239
[?] Got it! [?]

He was in pain, but he could walk. His jetpack slung over one shoulder, he trotted along until he reached what looked like some kind a ghost town. There was a sign by the road.

'Werights Beacon'

He took a deep breath and yelled,

"Hello? Anypony home?"
>> No. 38682240
File 133833144036.gif - (19.46KB , 106x106 , tumblr_m3wfhrZ1GJ1rnao6x.gif )
>Sophie smiles back...before wondering something.
" you know how to make Crablettes? Hubert said he's get me some...but I don't remember where I was supposed to wait anymore..."
>> No. 38682258
File 133833166143.gif - (26.63KB , 400x549 , tumblr_lmqsxiwCLw1qdo00lo1_400.gif )
>The sign actually said "Werites Beacon" but the girl with the blonde hair greets the newcomer regardless.

"Oh, uhm... hello. You don't have to yell, we're right here... did you need some help...?"

>She turns to Sophie once she hears the question.

"Huh...? I... don't know what crablettes are. I'm sorry..."
>> No. 38682309
He blushes a bit.

"Oops, sorry. Uh, do you know how to fix a...jetpack? Or somepony who does?"
>> No. 38682316
File 133833226935.png - (22.34KB , 104x104 , 6_0-1.png )
"Crablettes are Crab Omelets...I think its just egg and crab, but I don't know how to make it."
>> No. 38682324
File 133833235137.jpg - (210.04KB , 370x600 , tumblr_m10tyegRJs1rojagbo2_400.jpg )
She isn't the one being talked to, but she responds anyways.

"Jet...pack?....Pascal might know...since she's always messing around with weird things..."
>> No. 38682350
File 133833259336.png - (74.66KB , 306x294 , b (10).png )
"Nice to meet you. And yeah, like...yes. Like this" she nodded, stretching in her seat. "For now it's just so you can show us the way into you said you would. That's what we need right now. Okay, can you hear me through the headset?"
>> No. 38682366
File 133833269968.jpg - (55.81KB , 451x586 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (ly651ptDVb1qggskfo1).jpg )
>Shirley's a bit relieved that Sophie jumped in, as Shirley didn't have a helpful answer to give anyway.

>At any rate, she decides to wait until this situation is resolved before attempting to help Sophie with her 'crablette' issue...
>> No. 38682377
" That's kind of a funny name...anyway, do you know where I can find this 'Pascal' guy?"
>> No. 38682391
File 133833297306.jpg - (17.69KB , 163x261 , Tales of Graces; Pascal (20418751_3-5).jpg )
>Pascal nods.

"Hey, this is pretty cool! It's like... we're talking to each-other through the thingy! We could talk from far away like this! Just like my communication device... except there aren't any holographic birds involved... and it's a lot quicker. Still, holographic birds are pretty neat-o~"

>She finally gets back to the subject.

"Anyway... the town should be north-ish from here. I kinda just wandered off, but I went... that-a-way..."

>She points in the opposite direction from Werites Beacon.

"So it should be... that-a-way!"

>Then she points towards where Werites Beacon would be...

"... Somethin' like that, anyhoo!"
>> No. 38682407
File 133833309835.gif - (18.73KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xhd66KWP1rnao6x.gif )
"Um...she should be around? I'm not sure where she is now though...She went to the beach with me, but, she didn't want to help me punch crabs, so she must have wandered off somewhere..."
>> No. 38682422

"Punch crabs? Like, punch-punch?" He waved his hooves in the air, impersonating a boxer. "That kind of punch? Why would you want to do that?
>> No. 38682444
File 133833346316.png - (19.76KB , 104x104 , 5_0-1.png )
"Otherwise they'd run away, or pinch me if I tried to carry them."
>> No. 38682475
File 133833379839.jpg - (97.02KB , 1023x717 , PaveHawk_BankRight.jpg )
Ode couldn't help but chuckle at the girl's enthusiasm and demeanor.
"You get that, Warrant Officer? That-a-way. Should be simple enough," Ode said, chuckling through the coms. He received a rather irritated "up yours, L-T," which only caused Ode to laugh more.

"Alright, let's see here," Ode said, after his laughter subsided enough to start taking it seriously. He pulled out his compass, and used the direction that Pascal pointed at to plot a heading, "That-a-way corresponds to.... uh... 0-6-8 from our current heading."

The pilot adjusted their course, and with a couple of seconds of banking to the right had them heading along the direction that Pascal had pointed them at.

"Thank you for your cooperation, Miss Pascal," Ode said, smiling at the girl.
>> No. 38682507
File 133833412934.png - (25.09KB , 104x104 , 8_0-0.png )
>She's more distracted with the vehicle itself to respond... looking around at all the parts-- particularly the ones on the outside... what she can see of them, at least. She did get a decent look at it from the outside. As she does this, she just goes on right ahead and keeps talking.

"So the rotary turbine on top keeps the blades spinning, creating lift upon the air, and the one on the side of the tail in the back counteracts the torque created by the primary rotor..."

>She looks over at Ode.

"But what the heck do you use to power them? A machine like this would need to use Fire Eleth, I would think, to create the combustion you need to provide momentum... but I could never figure out how to control it without it blowing up on me. Nobody else could, either... don't tell me you guys figured it out!"
>> No. 38682532
She looks over at Ode with a quizzical expression.* :v Yay forgetting words I planned to use before I got to typing that part~
>> No. 38682583
File 133833492007.jpg - (94.29KB , 846x479 , Oakley-M-Frame-Sweep-Jeremy-Renner-3-big.jpg )
For a girl who had never seen a helicopter before today, she'd managed to figure out how the rotor blades worked pretty quickly... was she some sort of engineer or something? It would have made sense...

"Uh... I have no idea what Fire Eleth is..." he said, "We use aviation fuel; Kerosene, the ground crews call it JP-5. It's refined from crude oil, which we drill up from under the ground."
>> No. 38682630
File 133833526749.png - (24.99KB , 104x104 , 7_0-1.png )
>She did say she was an engineer in that initial ramble when he first walked up to her... anyway, she jerks back a bit in surprise at his answer...

"Wait, oil? You use oil??? Granted it's combustible, so it does the job, but it takes a lot more to do the same job and leaves a lot of pollutants in the air. Then again, if you've never heard of Fire Eleth, then it's not like you have any better alternatives-- not that I know of anyway. Getting combustion at a stable, sustainable rate is pretty much impossible without something innately flammable..."
>> No. 38682859
File 133833750832.jpg - (441.30KB , 2700x1519 , PaveHawk_FastandLow.jpg )
Ode blinks at the girl's surprise. Oil was cheap and plentiful, and there weren't many effective alternative fuels that were as cost-effective.

"Well, I mean I guess it's not that great for the environment, but JP-5 burns clean, I guess... that's what the ground crews say," Ode said rubbing the back of his neck, "I mean, we don't have anything else that's really cost-effective... oil-based fuels are cheap and plentiful where I'm from."
>> No. 38682889
File 133833789869.png - (24.77KB , 104x104 , 8_1-0.png )
>She takes a moment to ponder the situation for a bit...

"Hmm... well, I suppose if you invest in the drilling and refinement process, there should logically be enough to go around... at least for awhile. Sounds like you guys have really worked out a lot of the kinks of working with the stuff, though. Clean burning oil? Anyone in the Amarcian Enclave would laugh at that idea... but I don't see any dark clouds coming out of this baby. I gotta say, you guys sure knew how to use what you had. I almost get the feeling we Ephineans are a bit spoiled by the abundance of Eleth..."

>At any rate, Werites Beacon isn't that far... by now, it should be in view. As such, she points it out.

"Ah, there it is! What did they call it? Oh, right. Where Is The Bacon! Such an odd name for a city, but it's a good question...! Maybe that's why they called it that." Except they didn't... oh god I love playing Pascal...
>> No. 38684636
File 133835506928.jpg - (90.37KB , 397x600 , 14a2da20c60adaeb07b0705a7c0d4bca496cee6e.jpg )
>Hong Meiling was in Equestria... She had meant to come here with Sakuya in a couple weeks but... well, there was a bit of an accident. Oh well. She wasn't the best with Magic, but she kind of appeared in the middle of the ocean and needed to do some flying. And find a place where she could dry her clothes. This sea-water was not going to do this fabric any good... This island seemed as good a place to stop as any, seemed to be inhabited. Knowing her luck it was going to be full of Yokai that would try to eat her.

>She landed near what looked like a clothing shop... hopefully she could get a robe or something at least while her clothes dried.

Hello? Hey, anybody here?
>> No. 38684669
File 133835531853.jpg - (31.95KB , 413x290 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (s521).jpg )
>Sleeping on the counter is a woman in green... she doesn't seem to notice the other woman in green come in... because she's asleep~
>> No. 38684757
File 133835605380.jpg - (127.83KB , 707x1000 , yande_re 110924 sample.jpg )
>Ah, the seamstress no doubt. She must be talented if she made that outfit unable to fall off or expose a little too much. Maybe she could find a robe for her and let her hang up her dress to dry?

Hey, wake up! Wake up!
>> No. 38684785
File 133835634359.jpg - (85.43KB , 900x900 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (2).jpg )
>The woman yawns, stretches, and sits up on the counter... her legs dropping over the front side as she rubs her eyes and looks at the other woman.

"Oh, hello... my, that's a nice dress you have~"
>> No. 38684804
File 133835651639.jpg - (744.58KB , 882x1181 , The only chinese word most people know.jpg )
>It would be even better if it wasn't sopping wet and dripping all over the floor
Uh, yeah thanks... Listen, do you have a robe or anything I could borrow in here? This is your shop, right? Oh, a towel would be great too.
>> No. 38684822
File 133835670427.png - (93.23KB , 500x325 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (lzxkbh8Vht1qliwg6o1).png )
>She looks around as the fellow green-clad female points out that this is a shop.

"Oh, is this a shop? How interesting... what do you sell here...?"
>> No. 38684850
File 133835696885.jpg - (552.74KB , 794x1122 , f649c9d5f8bbff3a2f4c9105a9e0760ff566f9da.jpg )
>Hong's still dripping wet, literally, and a puddle is forming under her and she's getting cold. Apparently this woman hasn't noticed.
What? No, no I don't own this shop! I was thinking it was yours! Do you need coffee or something?
>She calmed down
I guess this isn't your place is it... crap, I really need to get out of these wet clothes soon... And I don't feel like walking around in my underwear.
>> No. 38684871
File 133835718105.jpg - (66.03KB , 216x419 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (23682704).jpg )
>She giggles and makes the pose in the pic.

"Oh, but it's such a wonderful feeling...! The air on your skin feels so nice~♪"
>> No. 38684919
File 133835760943.png - (209.59KB , 477x636 , b7ca32f99ffa07aa0e5c79214840fa6760a99bf4.png )
>China grabbed her arms and shivered
I'm gonna have to if I can't find any clothes to wear soon... Or I'll probably get sick or something and Sakuya will get all mad... who are you anyway?
Venus, you're gonna make me do this aren't you? ;p

Not that I'm gonna complain
>> No. 38684931
File 133835773314.png - (93.23KB , 500x325 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (lzxkbh8Vht1qliwg6o1).png )
>She puts a finger to her lips.

"Hmm... that's a good question... who am I?"

>> No. 38685041
File 133835876046.jpg - (318.08KB , 800x600 , a2f0aaf81af43bbc929edf283e63947902055f1f.jpg )
>Meiling takes off her hat and plops it on the counter and sweeps her hair back and out of her face.
Are you just messing with me now or what?
I'm gonna do it I swear
>> No. 38685054
File 133835884987.jpg - (27.93KB , 310x166 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (130864294_9867a731e7).jpg )
>She smiles.

"Oh no, I don't make messes. I'm a very clean girl~"

Always willing to take your clothes off... :p
>> No. 38685183
File 133836028787.jpg - (636.08KB , 781x1150 , 133746230170.jpg )
...Yeah I'm just going to go find a towel, alright? Then I'll have some questions.
>Like a Marisa only with a figure one can't mistake for a boy's, Meiling stole into the store to steal herself a towel. She eventually did manage to find one, and when she returned, she was dressed only in a bath towel tucked under her shoulders.
Anyway... I want to know, what is this place anyway? Where am I?
>> No. 38685200
File 133836051940.png - (93.23KB , 500x325 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (lzxkbh8Vht1qliwg6o1).png )
>She puts her finger to her lips again.

"Hmm... I think this is a shop. Someone told me so recently~"
>> No. 38685212
File 133836064419.jpg - (155.16KB , 600x800 , 30bda69bbd092b647f128187910137b68be9fcf6.jpg )
>Meiling stared
That was me, lady. You still haven't told me your name. Would it help if I said mine? I'm Hong Meiling. And I'm asking about this island.
>> No. 38685218
File 133836072973.jpg - (27.93KB , 310x166 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (130864294_9867a731e7).jpg )
>She smiles warmly.

"Oh, my name's Grune... I think. We're on an island? Oh, that sounds lovely... what kind of island is it? Is it a tropical island...?"
>> No. 38685250
File 133836114142.jpg - (72.65KB , 600x662 , 133746534441.jpg )
No, it's not very tropical looking... Looks more town-ish to me. Anyway... at least I managed to find out your name is Grune... I wish my clothes were dry, I'd go out and explore a bit on my own...
>> No. 38685265
File 133836132131.jpg - (45.69KB , 480x640 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (05).jpg )
"Oh, if you're looking to find out information, I think the other girls have been telling people lots of things. They know a lot of things~♪"
>> No. 38685653
Damn, your Grune is so impossibly good... I really need to get to this thread when there are actually people around, though :/
>> No. 38686820
File 133840639417.jpg - (194.23KB , 1920x1080 , PaveHawk_Landing.jpg )
Ode turned to look as Pascal indicated in an excited tone that the town was in site, and indeed, there it was. A sizable enough collection of buildings, similar to Ponyville perhaps.

"Alright, I guess that's it," Ode said, "Warrant Officer, bring us down outside the edge of town."

The chopper slows down and descends again, touching down outside of the outer-most limit of the town. Ode orders half the squad of soldiers to stay with the chopper, while the other half, and Jones, to come with him.

"Uh, Miss Pascal," Ode says, after disembarking and observing the town for a second, "Could you lead us to one of those girls you mentioned, if you could?"
>> No. 38686863
File 133840705759.png - (456.16KB , 589x460 , Sleeping_Norma.png )
Norma is in the plaza again (if anyone cared), though she seems to have fallen asleep at the moment. She rests on a bench with her head in her arms and some notebooks scattered across her lap.
>> No. 38687021
File 133840869761.png - (21.58KB , 104x104 , 2_1-0.png )
"Sure, no problem!"

>Pascal gives a very casual salute and hops off the vehicle, running over to Shirley and grabbing her by the arm, pulling her over to where Ode and the others are... so... just on the other side of the town gate-- just outside the city...

"This is Shirley! She's the... Merry...nest... or something! That means she knows all the things about The Legacy! At least, that's what they made it sound like..."
>> No. 38687030
File 133840881879.jpg - (30.43KB , 480x640 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (m0g4xwNZGk1qbazr9o3).jpg )
>Shirley, surprised, gets dragged away from Sophie and the other guy, over to Ode. After hearing Pascal's... inept description... she moves to correct her.

"It's Merines... and I don't know everything about The Legacy, but of the people here now... Norma and I know the most, at least..."

>She turns to Ode after this.

"Uhm... sorry, was there something you needed?"
>> No. 38687047
File 133840896574.jpg - (26.08KB , 499x344 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (3048334).jpg )
>Meanwhile, Grune had been talking to flowers or something. She didn't stray too far from Meiling, but she suddenly decides to head north from the shop... moving towards the plaza...

>Upon arriving, she sees Norma, and just decides to lay down next to her randomly.
>> No. 38687530
File 133841404349.jpg - (198.00KB , 1000x1440 , sophie.jpg )
>Sophie finally notices that Shirley is being dragged off by Pascal again, and follows the two of them over to...people who look sort of like...Fendel troops? Except...different?
>> No. 38691608
File 133849465159.jpg - (47.33KB , 564x800 , 5.jpg )
Ode waited until the girl that Pascal had introduced him to addressed him before stepping forward and extending a hand for a handshake.

"I'm Lieutenant Ode, Miss Shirley," Ode said, "We're from the Equestrian mainland... trying to figure out why an island appeared out of nowhere off the coast."
>> No. 38691629
File 133849498338.png - (20.89KB , 100x100 , 4_0-0.png )

>She looks away slightly... distraught over the fact that she... didn't really have any answers to give him. Disappointing others wasn't something she liked to make a habit of... she can't explain why The Legacy is here.

"I'm sorry... I'm afraid I don't know why The Legacy is here. I don't even know why I'm here. This isn't our world... but The Legacy is from our world."

>She takes a moment to ponder as something hits her... a realization.

"Though... it wasn't always from our world. It originally came from another planet... it's possible that it somehow got transported in a similar manner..."
>> No. 38691670
File 133849612832.jpg - (94.29KB , 846x479 , Oakley-M-Frame-Sweep-Jeremy-Renner-3-big.jpg )
Ode suppressed a sigh as Shirley indicated that she didn't know why the island, or The Legacy as she called it, was in Equestria. When she mentioned that it hadn't been originally on her world either, Ode tilted her head.

"...So... it hops between planets and dimensions and stuff?" he asks, "...Do you know how it does that?"
>> No. 38691689
File 133849661952.png - (23.14KB , 100x100 , 4_1-0.png )
>She shakes her head. Not just to deny that she doesn't know, but also to deny what he first asked as being true.

"It doesn't just hop around randomly. There are some... devices, within the ship's interior, that explains it's origins. Unfortunately, it's kind of a journey to get there. It would only have come here if it was brought here, though... it doesn't move around on it's own... aside from drifting around the world's oceans."

>She looks away again... this time, for... different reasons. Complicated ones...

"I... can control it to some extent, but... I prefer to leave it at peace. It won't do any harm if not driven to do so..."
>> No. 38691706
File 133849705091.jpg - (421.02KB , 2784x1848 , 0420-0906-2312-1707_u_s_army_soldier_speaking_into_his_radio_headset_o.jpg )
Ode crossed his arms over his chest as Shirley explained that the island-ship didn't move around randomly, but could be controlled. Of course, that brought up one obvious question, and by the way the girl was looking away, Ode figured she knew what that was.

"Okay, so you can control when it goes..." Ode said, "...So the question becomes... why did you bring it here? Why did you leave from where it was before?"
>> No. 38691714
File 133849722316.png - (21.01KB , 100x100 , 4_0-1.png )
>She shakes her head.

"I didn't bring it here... I don't know how or why it's here. I can only steer it and... some other things. I didn't arrive on the ship, even... whatever sent me here must have sent it here with me. I don't think I can send it back, either..."
>> No. 38691730
File 133849766266.jpg - (82.25KB , 600x432 , Soldier_Street.jpg )
And with that, they were back to pretty much square one.

"...Alright, so no one knows why or how it got here," Ode said, before sighing and muttering, "Higher ups aren't going to be very happy with that..."

"Okay, so that's a dead end..." Ode continued, "Can you tell me about the ship then? What it does, other than float around? How does it get power? Is there anything dangerous here? Like big mean critters or ancient evil demon things?"

He was being serious, by the way. He'd learned to expect the unexpected in Equestria, more so than usual.
>> No. 38691762
File 133849843661.png - (20.26KB , 100x100 , 1_0-0.png )

>She takes a moment to think about that last bit... other than monsters and the like, there was nothing to really write home about.

"There is dangerous wildlife... but only if you venture into their territory. They don't come to town and can't leave the ship. They're in the various ruins and forests, and that's it."

>She pauses for a bit... not really comfortable bringing up this next bit.

"The Nerifes Canon... can only be activated by me... but it comes at the cost of the life-force of the Ferines that powers it. Given that I'm the only Ferines I've seen here so far... it's not something that can very easily be abused, even if I was that kind of person. There are other similar things, but... I'd like to keep all of them at rest, if at all possible. I don't want any of the horrible history of my world to be repeated..."

>Finally, she takes a deep sigh... getting to his first set of questions.

"I don't know too much about how it works, unfortunately... it's from a very advanced civilization who's technology is far beyond what we ever had in my world. What it has become, however... is basically just a home for whomsoever would call it such. So... yes... if I can have my way... all it will ever do is float around and nothing more."
>> No. 38728675
File 133910550627.jpg - (421.02KB , 2784x1848 , 0420-0906-2312-1707_u_s_army_soldier_speaking_into_his_radio_headset_o (1).jpg )
Ode listened carefully as Shirley explained what could possibly be dangerous on this giant floating island-ship, and for each thing how it wasn't a threat to anything off the island. From what she said, the island would just float about, minding its own business... and accepting anyone who would want to live there. The lieutenant brought an arm up to scratch the back of his head.

"Well, I don't know exactly what the Princesses would say... Equestria doesn't have any territorial waters for all I know, except right off the coast," Ode said, "I guess you should be fine though, based on what you've told me."

She had said something else; something about the horrible history of her world... he had a feeling the island was linked in some way.

"...So... uh... what happened to your world?" he asked, a little awkwardly, "I mean... if you don't mind me asking..."
>> No. 38728704
File 133910609870.png - (20.89KB , 100x100 , 4_0-0.png )
>She averts her eyes... obviously having trouble with the notion of remembering those painful memories.

"Well... let's just say that... things like prejudice and discrimination... lead to a lot of wars and bloodshed. The Legacy was involved in all or almost all of it... but it was also where we brought it all to an end. It had become home for many people, despite how many people had used it for their own ends in the past. As the only one in this world who can use it for anything, I intend to not use it at all... for anything but a peaceful home. My only goal is to protect that peace... as per not just my own wishes, but also the wishes of Nerifes."
>> No. 38728757

A now apparently awake Norma makes her way towards the town entrance when she sees Shirley talking to Ode.

"Huh? Who's this guy?"
>> No. 38728835
File 133910787003.png - (12.81KB , 100x100 , 1_0-1.png )
>Surprised, Shirley turns to her.

"Oh, Norma... this is Mister Ode... he was just asking about The Legacy is all..."
>> No. 38728857


Norma turns to Ode.

"Well welcome to Werites Beacon: The city of natural springs."
>> No. 38747634
File 133943655351.jpg - (421.02KB , 2784x1848 , 0420-0906-2312-1707_u_s_army_soldier_speaking_into_his_radio_headset_o (1).jpg )
The lieutenant blinked as another girl came by and asked who she was. When Shirley responded to Norma, who in turn welcomed the soldier to Legacy, Ode nodded in response, adding a, "Thank you, ma'am."

Turning back to Shirley, Ode continued.
"Alright, thanks for the info and assistance... I'm going to go report all this to command," Ode said, "I'll probably be back for more information later, but for now, it was a pleasure to meet you."

Ode gave the woman a salute and rounded his guys up, heading back to the chopper to confer with his sergeant and report all of this to his commanders.
>> No. 38747708
File 133943824087.jpg - (79.80KB , 392x700 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (lifzv9hoB61qccu96o1).jpg )
>Shirley nodded politely as he bid his farewell, reciprocating his gesture, and waved as he and his crew departed. She did look forward to seeing them again, as they seemed like nice enough people and she wanted to try getting along with the people of this world... but she had much to do, and not quite as much time to do it all as she might need. She'll just have to concern herself with such matters another time...

>At any rate, once they were gone, Shirley turned to Norma...

"By the way, Norma... I went to The Fallen Lands and spoke with Nerifes. She didn't have much practical information to offer, but... I was able to confirm she was there, which was what had been bothering me since I got to this world..."
>> No. 38754392

Norma looked at Shirley quizzically.

"Huh? Why's that?"
>> No. 38754539
File 133954470359.jpg - (55.81KB , 451x586 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (ly651ptDVb1qggskfo1).jpg )
>She lowers her head a bit for a moment, then looks back up at Norma.

"I just... wanted to confirm some things, that's all. I should probably check on some other things while everything is still so peaceful. I still have a few more matters I want to look into..."
>> No. 38754563

Norma shrugs

"If you say so, Shirl."
>> No. 38754570
File 133954505014.jpg - (58.69KB , 464x488 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (lqaakyyM6A1r20cdlo1).jpg )
"I won't be long... I promise..."

>Wasting no time, she heads off out of town... where, exactly, will just have to remain unknown for now...
>> No. 38754590

Norma decides to head back to the plaza for the time being, not having much else to do.
>> No. 38754635
File 133954572917.jpg - (165.60KB , 1207x1000 , Disgaea; Etna, Flonne (223).jpg )

>Some time later that hour, two girls walk through the gates-- the red-haired one of the two strolling casually along the main path with her hands behind her head while the blonde practically frolics along beside her. Seeing as how that path leads right to the plaza, that exactly where they end up...

>The blonde finds herself distracted by the considerably ornate looking red fountain.

"Oh my... that's such an interesting design for a fountain...!"

>The red-head responds with snide tone.

"We're on a giant moving island and you're interested in the fountain? Way to have your priorities in place there, Flonne..."
>> No. 38754654
File 133954592252.jpg - (281.30KB , 640x150 , sophie sideview.jpg )
Sophie follows Norma off towards the plaza, bringing her dead crabs with her as she follows behind the other older looking at least girl.

And ends up just sitting and waiting there surrounded by her crabs.
>> No. 38754729

She looks at Sophie and her crabs...

"What's with those?"


And then she notices two new girls arriving, one staring at the fountain.
>> No. 38754758
File 133954703935.gif - (18.73KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xifak5lt1rnao6x.gif )
Sophie looks up when Norma asks her about the crabs.
"They're crabs...once I find Hubert and some eggs, he'll make me Crablettes. I...don't remember where he told me to wait though..."

>She also finally notices the two newcomers.
"Norma, are those friends of yours as well?"
>> No. 38754764
File 133954708877.jpg - (19.60KB , 126x498 , Disgaea; Etna (C-I_D4).jpg )
>The blonde doesn't notice either of them, of course, because she's infatuated with something as mundane as flowing water... but the red-haired girl catches them out of the corner of her eye. She doesn't move, though her eye is fixated on them all the same... and she calls out to her strange companion.

"Uh... Flonne. There's someone here..."

>The blonde turns the opposite direction from where Sophie and Norma are, looking around.

"Huh? Where???"
>> No. 38754802
File 133954763025.png - (10.79KB , 100x100 , face04.png )

She starts to respond to the Crablettes thing, but then Sophie asks a question.

"Them? Nope. Never seen them before."
>> No. 38755333
File 133955256009.png - (22.34KB , 104x104 , 6_0-1.png )
>Sophie looks between the two or well, the set of two people and Norma.

"Do you think that we should go talk to them, maybe?"
>> No. 38755671
File 133955519218.png - (15.54KB , 100x100 , face08.png )

Norma shrugs.

"I guess it is kind of my job now to give newcomers information. With Shirl gone, I'm the only one who really knows anything about this ship."
>> No. 38755831
File 133955690135.gif - (9.61KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xih4tHyH1rnao6x.gif )
Sophie stands there a while while waiting for Norma to talk to people.

"Um...Norma, didn't you say talking to newcomers was your job? How come you're still over here...and their still over there...and you haven't talked to them at all?"
>> No. 38755870
File 133955751636.gif - (108.13KB , 100x100 , face03_anim.gif )

Norma frowned.

"Hey, give me a chance... jeez! You can't expect me to just race over there the instant I recall the fact that it probably falls on me to give them any information they might need..."


She then walks over to the pair of demon girls. but one's a fallen angel, not a demon... shush! close enough! She greeted them with a smile.

"Hey, welcome to Werites Beacon."
>> No. 38755907
File 133955782868.gif - (18.73KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xhd66KWP1rnao6x.gif )
"...I...can't? ...I'm pretty sure thats what Pascal would have done..."

>Sophie just sort of stares back, until Norma heads over to the strange girls, and then follows since she really doesn't have anything better to do.
>> No. 38755923
File 133955796198.jpg - (76.29KB , 565x662 , Disgaea; Etna (D1_07).jpg )
>The red-head turns to Norma now that she's actually been approached. The blonde is busy being an idiot...

"Wheriza Whu-huh? Was that a question or something?"
>> No. 38755936

Norma just blinks, utterly confused by that response.

>> No. 38755964
File 133955827316.jpg - (76.76KB , 565x662 , Disgaea; Etna (D1_08).jpg )
>She just stares back for a bit, awkwardly...

"... Uh-huh, right. Anyway... are you in charge of this island or something?"
>> No. 38756134
File 133955981607.png - (147.90KB , 500x462 , tumblr_ltd8gwc6BI1qkpzivo1_500.png )

"Well... I couldn't go that far... I'm just a resident really."
>> No. 38756173
File 133956017595.jpg - (75.49KB , 565x662 , Disgaea; Etna (D1_01).jpg )
>She blinks.

"So people, like... live here? I mean, this looks like a city, but... well... what is this place?"
>> No. 38756211
File 133956051671.jpg - (97.52KB , 280x400 , tumblr_m0swu8Foil1qklr82o1_400.jpg )

"I guess the best way to explain it is to say that people built a civilization on top of a very large ship... effectively turning it into a moving island."
>> No. 38756223
File 133956061872.jpg - (81.80KB , 565x662 , Disgaea; Etna (D1_09).jpg )
>She stares at Norma in surprise after that statement.

"Wait... this is a ship??? Jeez...! This thing puts the Battleship Yoshitsuna to shame...!"
>> No. 38756241
File 133956085327.png - (7.38KB , 300x300 , tumblr_m11afbp3sR1r20cdlo3_400.png )

"I have no idea what that is, but yes... you're aboard a ship right now. It's called The Legacy."
>> No. 38756286
File 133956130777.jpg - (75.75KB , 565x662 , Disgaea; Etna (D1_03).jpg )
"The Legacy, huh...? That's a pretty fancy name. So... why's such a fancy island-ship so damn empty? This place is like a ghost town... it's kinda creepy..."
>> No. 38756359
File 133956196957.png - (15.86KB , 100x100 , face05.png )

"That... I can't answer. My friends and I were transported to this world separately from the ship... and then it just kind of showed up as well later. We just recently got back on board, but found it to be completely empty. It used to be full of inhabitants..."
>> No. 38756473
File 133956291389.jpg - (74.45KB , 188x600 , Disgaea; Etna (D2_C-I).jpg )

>A mischievous grin starts to form upon her lips.

"So... you've got a lot of empty houses then, huh...?"
>> No. 38756602

"Seems that way... yeah."
>> No. 38756661
File 133956492351.jpg - (92.73KB , 830x581 , Disgaea; Etna (830).jpg )
>Her mischievous look grows slightly devilish...

"So... all those empty houses... and nobody to live in them, huh? Such a shame... a town like this would be much nicer if it wasn't so... empty and abandoned~"
>> No. 38756707

She rubs her chin.

"Hmm... I think Shirl said something about welcoming people who managed to find their way on board to live here if they wanted. So yeah... that's always an option."
>> No. 38756748
File 133956573189.jpg - (109.99KB , 640x640 , Disgaea; Etna (23383).jpg )
>She leans forward.

"So... you wouldn't mind if me and my friend here decided to just... snab up one of these empty houses for ourselves? This place is, like... the least annoying location in this whole world... there aren't any stupid rainbow horses here..."
>> No. 38756830

Rainbow horses? Well whatever. Norma just shrugged.

"If no one else is living there, I don't really see the problem with moving in."
>> No. 38756965
File 133956819686.jpg - (74.19KB , 320x320 , Disgaea; Etna (d1).jpg )
>The devilish looking girl smiles.

"Well then, I guess we'll be your new neighbors~!"
>> No. 38757130
File 133957044646.jpg - (26.70KB , 409x193 , spoiler.jpg )
Somewhere, far away...someones ears perk up to listen to someone who might be a bit of a kindred least regarding pastel midget horse.
>> No. 38757147
File 133957077540.jpg - (8.58KB , 184x184 , spoiler.jpg )
"Oh god, I fuckin' hate those things! Who's retarded idea was it to fill a world with such candy-colored vomit mules...!?"
>> No. 38757154
File 133957089366.gif - (114.06KB , 100x100 , face01_anim.gif )

"Alright. Might as well get to know you two then. My name's Norma."
>> No. 38757184
File 133957146666.jpg - (44.56KB , 469x663 , Disgaea; Etna (469).jpg )
"Oh, right... introductions..."

>She shrugs.

"Well, the ditzy blonde is Flonne. Try not to talk to her too much, you might lose some braincells in the process. As for the sexy demoness before you... you can just call me... Beauty Queen Etna."

>She gives a cocky grin as she makes a pose.
>> No. 38757206
File 133957202114.gif - (21.13KB , 106x106 , tumblr_m3xhdtQuks1rnao6x.gif )
Sophie finally remembers that she's just standing there staring at people.

"I'm Sophie..."
>> No. 38757219
File 133957221562.jpg - (143.66KB , 700x875 , Disgaea; Etna (1336620531034).jpg )
>Etna turns to Sophie suddenly, having kind of forgotten she was there.

"Oh yeah? And how old are you, exactly...?"
>> No. 38757323
File 133957574276.gif - (19.46KB , 106x106 , tumblr_m3wfhrZ1GJ1rnao6x.gif )
And more blank stares
"I...don't...know...I think I forgot..."

and now to bed...cause I hate leaving things on my post.
>> No. 38788732
File 134016629138.jpg - (175.48KB , 450x304 , 133746575472.jpg )
>Her clothes had eventually finally dried, including her hat, the most important of all her clothing. As such she finally set out to leave the loony behind and start exploring, which soon took her around to the center of town, at the fountain plaza...
>> No. 38788742
File 134016653082.jpg - (47.91KB , 500x500 , Disgaea; Etna (D4).jpg )
>She blinks, staring at the little girl with a "wut" expression...

"... How do you forget something like that? Are you like crazy old or something?"
>> No. 38788746
File 134016657333.jpg - (31.95KB , 413x290 , Tales of Legendia; Grune (s521).jpg )
>"The looney" was actually already there... asleep again, 'cuz that's what she does... 'cuz she's a sleepy cutie babe~♥

>But she's not really the focus right now, so sleeps it is~
>> No. 38788757
File 134016680535.jpg - (82.67KB , 455x530 , 25847901.jpg )
>Sophie looks back with a similarly clueless expression.
"Asbel says...that I can't remember things like that...because I have amnesia. I don't even remember how I got here either...this world that isn't Fodra."
>> No. 38788770
File 134016695452.jpg - (4.59KB , 128x129 , face01.jpg )

She looks at Sophie.

"I don't know... she looks like a kid to me. She can't be any older than... 14... right?"
>> No. 38788780
File 134016710558.jpg - (114.61KB , 714x800 , Disgaea; Flonne (1335360462345).jpg )
>While Etna is busy with other things, Flonne notices the new girl.

"Oh! Hello! Did you come to see the pretty fountain~?"

>Meanwhile, Etna scratches her head at Sophie's comment.

"You got me there, kiddo... I don't have a damn clue how or why I'm here either..."

>She then nods to Norma's comment.

"Fourteen sounds right... let's just go with that."
>> No. 38788793
File 134016734619.jpg - (210.04KB , 370x600 , tumblr_m10tyegRJs1rojagbo2_400.jpg )
Sophie just keeps chatting away...though her topic has maybe shifted a bit.
"I guess...Hubert might know if he was here...he seems to know a lot..oh, but not as much as the Captain though."
>> No. 38788801
File 134016745753.jpg - (47.91KB , 500x500 , Disgaea; Etna (D4).jpg )
>Etna notes a certain word and pounces on it.

"Captain...? The captain of this ship...?"
>> No. 38788806
File 134016756672.png - (209.59KB , 477x636 , b7ca32f99ffa07aa0e5c79214840fa6760a99bf4.png )
>Did she come out all this way to sleep some more? This woman was something else...

>But then she gets caught by Flonne suddenly talking to her
Oh, uh... Yeah, it's a nice fountain, isn't it? Who are you, by the way?
>> No. 38788814
File 134016769646.png - (22.34KB , 104x104 , 4_0-1.png )
"No. I don't know anything about this ship...The Captain is just the Captain...he used to be a knight, so I think thats why Asbel calls him that. He tells me all sorts of interesting things...or did. I'm not sure where he is now..."
>> No. 38788818
File 134016779990.jpg - (51.11KB , 511x662 , Disgaea; Flonne (511).jpg )
>She makes a dramatic pose.

"I am Flonne! Guardian Angel of Love and Justice!"

>She then hunches over a bit.

"Except... I'm kind of a fallen angel right now... again..."

>Etna yawns.

"Laaaame... and here I thought there was going to be something interesting."
>> No. 38788861
File 134016847918.jpg - (121.61KB , 900x900 , 37011b2e232609293e49f41a4e71a56436609b65.jpg )
>Aww... poor fallen angel girl... she made China feel for her a bit. She put a hand on the much shorter girl's back.
Well, it's nice to meet you Flonne... I'm Hong Meiling... Er, if you don't mind... "Again"?
>> No. 38788870
File 134016861470.gif - (18.73KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xifak5lt1rnao6x.gif )
"Sorry...I'm not as good at explaining things as the Captain."
>> No. 38788871
File 134016861988.jpg - (71.30KB , 565x662 , Disgaea; Flonne (D1_11).jpg )
>And then she smiles again, as if nothing was ever amiss~

"Welllll... I did something I wasn't supposed to awhile back, and my punishment was being turned into a fallen angel. I spent a looooot of time trying to work my way back up to being an angel again. Then suddenly I was a fallen angel again and I don't know why~"
>> No. 38788874
File 134016870040.jpg - (357.90KB , 853x1000 , Disgaea; Etna (D2_5).jpg )
>She shrugs.

"Whatever... I'm bored already. I'm gonna go scope out a place to crash... sleeping out doors all the time is a real pain in the tail... seriously, my tail hasn't been this sore in centuries..."
>> No. 38788886
File 134016890364.png - (10.79KB , 100x100 , face04.png )

She takes a look at the aforementioned appendage.

"Why exactly DO you have a tail anyway? What kinda... thing... are you? And what do you mean centuries."
>> No. 38788909
File 134016916163.jpg - (44.56KB , 469x663 , Disgaea; Etna (469).jpg )
>She brings her tail around front.

"What, you never seen a demon before? I guess that makes sense... I mean, it's not like humans go through their everyday life having demonic encounters left and right. Not unless they're some very unlucky humans..."
>> No. 38788960

She raises an eyebrow.

>> No. 38788979
File 134017036892.jpg - (247.38KB , 828x940 , Disgaea; Etna (1327993507276).jpg )
>She just blinks, staring.

"Uh... yeah... y'know, the evil monsters from the Netherworld? The beings charged with instilling fear into humans... that kinda thing..."
>> No. 38789084

"The Netherworld...?"

She shrugs.

"You lost me."
>> No. 38789146
File 134017295374.jpg - (353.29KB , 853x1000 , Disgaea; Etna (D2_4).jpg )
"Jeez! You've never even heard of it!? Man, your Netherworld is really slacking off..."
>> No. 38789401

Norma eyes Etna dubiously.

"You're either crazy or a strange creature from another world... but given those unique features of yours, I'll have to chalk it up to the latter. It's not like this is my world anyway."
>> No. 38858306
File 134134486012.jpg - (68.64KB , 566x663 , spoiler.jpg )
>bump this thread with a long overdue post
>you do
>you also apparently spoiler the pic because Ponychan won't accept it otherwise

>She shrugs, having lost interest in this conversation... because I want to move on~ :v

"Well, whatever. I wanna go scout out the town. Later, chumps."

>She casually waves to Norma and the gang before going over to Flonne and dragging her off mid-conversation.
>> No. 38931020
File 134249554550.png - (20.59KB , 100x100 , 4_1-1.png )
>Who knows how long it's been exactly, but it's been awhile. However long it's been is irrelevant, because the point is that Shirley is back in town... currently just wandering around, lost in thoughts and looking a bit at a loss...
>> No. 38931066
File 134249597599.jpg - (46.93KB , 510x640 , incomingcirno.jpg )

A little ice fairy, Cirno hovers above The Legacy, observing it. She's intrigued by this mysterious island and wonders there are any humans living on it. Well, there's only one way to find out!

The small fairy girl lowers herself aboard, flying into Werites Beacon... because a town sounds like a place that would have people.
>> No. 38931086
File 134249612640.jpg - (6.15KB , 158x195 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (lw0uwuspuU1qiqgeto1).jpg )
>Surprised, Shirley calls out to her...

"Oh, are you also a native inhabitant of this world...?"
>> No. 38931146
File 134249668859.jpg - (409.56KB , 1200x900 , 1333915446960.jpg )

Aha! A human! Or at least she thinks it's a human. Either way, the small ice fairy lands near Shirley and points at her, apparently ignoring the question she was just asked.

"You there! You're a human aren't you?"
>> No. 38931179
File 134249693448.jpg - (58.69KB , 464x488 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (lqaakyyM6A1r20cdlo1).jpg )
>She blinks.

"Huh... human? Well... no, not exactly. I'm not quite 'human' per se..."
>> No. 38931228
File 134249729026.jpg - (31.98KB , 354x489 , shrug.jpg )

The blue-haired girl observed Shirley, looking at her from various angles. Eventually she gave up the examination, shrugging.

"Well you're not a fairy... what are you then?"
>> No. 38931249
File 134249746689.jpg - (210.04KB , 370x600 , tumblr_m10tyegRJs1rojagbo2_400.jpg )
Sophie...has been around. Somewhere. Someone has probably gotten her to eat something or other that isn't crablettes by this point. Probably some other crab dish due to well, Sophie having lots of dead dead crabs.

Anyways, she's walking around town looking for Hubert...or trying to find the spot she's supposed to wait for him of the two. It was just outside some town or other after all.
>> No. 38931268
File 134249758315.jpg - (154.95KB , 392x600 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (m04tfpsZVs1qbazr9o1).jpg )
>She chuckles a bit, nervously, as the strange fairy examines her.

"Uhm... well, I'm a Ferines, actually..."

>Shirley spots Sophie and waves, not really too familiar with her to do much more than that...
>> No. 38931301
File 134249787539.jpg - (18.42KB , 250x250 , 1334359530260.jpg )

The fairy scratches her head.

"Fairyness? Is that like a fairy then?"
>> No. 38931332
File 134249830668.jpg - (113.32KB , 500x533 , Tales of Legendia; Shirley Fennes (lp6czbEm4z1qaus5ro1).jpg )
>She should've seen that coming. We did, but she didn't~

"N-No... Ferines. It means People of the Sea..."
>> No. 38931358
File 134249860729.jpg - (82.67KB , 455x530 , 25847901.jpg )
>Sophie walks over towards Shirley and the blue haired winged girl in response to being waved at.

"Neither of you...have seen Hubert...have you?...He's got dark blue hair and...glasses...and he usually looks like he's irritated about something or other..."
>> No. 38931379
File 134249878454.png - (112.67KB , 350x350 , 1335860211763.png )

The blue-haired girl seems utterly confused by this. But before she can respond, she notices...


Sophie and turns around, pointing at her.

"Hey, you! You're a human, right?"
>> No. 38931394
File 134249890792.png - (20.89KB , 100x100 , 4_0-0.png )
>Shirley puts a finger to her chin, thinking it over...

"Uhm... I'm sorry, but I haven't seen anyone like that. When was the last time you saw him...?"

Nope! XD
>> No. 38931725
File 134250190801.gif - (18.73KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xifak5lt1rnao6x.gif )
Sophie just stares at the winged girl for a while....and a while longer...before speaking.

"I'm not really sure...whats a 'human'?"

>And now Sophie thinks some more, where did she last see Hubert? Its not like she's quite sure where anything is currently anyways.

"Well, we were outside a town, and then he left to get me some Crablettes and told me to wait there for him...and then Pascal ran by and I had to...follow her and tell her that we were supposed to wait for Hubert... and we went into a cave....and then came out of a cave...and then came here, where we're in a town again."

Perfect face for this post.
>> No. 38931810
File 134250261826.jpg - (276.89KB , 1003x527 , 1334358437582.jpg )
Foiled again!


"What's a human???"

Cirno folds her arms.

"You know... humans are like... humans!"
>> No. 38931847
File 134250287902.png - (12.81KB , 100x100 , 1_0-1.png )
>Shirley stares for a bit, at a loss for words.

"You saw him... before you got on the ship? That was awhile ago already... I don't think he'd find his way here on his own..."
>> No. 38932012
File 134250454406.gif - (19.46KB , 106x106 , tumblr_m3wfhrZ1GJ1rnao6x.gif )
>Sophie still doesn't get it at all.
"I don't know...Asbel said I have amnesia, so maybe thats why I can't remember if I'm a 'human' or not?"

>Sophie's expression takes on a more worried look at this point.
"Oh...I hope Hubert isn't mad..."
>> No. 38932359
File 134250931388.png - (797.21KB , 1900x1200 , 1333632403745.png )

Cirno seems to be growing bored of the strange, purple-haired girl. She's also saying funny words that don't make a whole lot of sense.

"Well, nevermind that... what do you people do for fun around here?"
>> No. 38934447
File 134255667191.png - (19.65KB , 100x100 , 3_1-0.png )
>She forces a smile, attempting to ease Sophie's concerns... without any evidence to back it up.

"Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine. If he's your friend, then I'm sure he'll understand..."
>> No. 38942016
File 134266127057.gif - (18.73KB , 105x105 , tumblr_m3xhd66KWP1rnao6x.gif )
>Sophie looks thoughtful for a bit at this as well.
"I'm not even sure where around here is, and I don't remember...really having much time to stop and do prett much anything fun before winding up here. I guess I remember Cheria letting me plant flowers in her flowerbed. That, I guess."

"Because...we're friends?"
>Now that she thinks about it...that sounds sort of like something she'd think Asbel would its probably right.
>> No. 38943061
File 134267043990.jpg - (87.06KB , 398x600 , 1334358297594.jpg )

The fairy tilted her head inquisitively.

"Planting flowers? What for? So you can freeze them?"

Her tone became more excited as she asked the last part, her facial expression brightening somewhat.
>> No. 38943097
File 134267074663.png - (19.68KB , 100x100 , 3_1-1.png )
>She nods, adding a bit more to the smile in order to assure Sophie.

"Of course...! Though... you might want to go looking for him soon. He might be worried about you..."
>> No. 38967038
File 134308305475.gif - (19.46KB , 106x106 , tumblr_m3wfhrZ1GJ1rnao6x.gif )
Sophie just stares at the fairy with a confused look on her face. She's not really sure how to respond to at all. Its not like she can freeze things anyways though.

>She instead turns her attention to Shirley. "...I've been looking though, but I can't find the cave at was right nearby...but the path to it..."
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