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File 134162544015.jpg - (111.49KB , 800x535 , willow lake.jpg )
38874984 No. 38874984
#Open #Fresh start #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Normal ##have fun ##no mud-fests
On the back country roads, there was a place everyone in the small town went to escape the searing heat of those long summer days. Lying in a little nook of the valley, was a large plot of land covered by a deep mass of water.

Blue Bird Lake, as it was called, was surrounded by tall willow trees that blew softly in the breeze. Their shade provided a nice escape from the stuffy heat, and the lakes soft sand banks provided a nice spot to swim and have picnics. Or even to find yourself a date, because what better place to look than at a lake on a hot summer day?

Today was a normal day like every other, the weather hot and stuffy, and the small beaches and shady trees were buzzing with the play of friends and family.
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>> No. 38875025
File 134162586774.png - (99.98KB , 987x810 , ella rolling cute_png.png )
A pretty white mare with baby blue markings was laying beneath the shade of a willow tree, casually munching on the sweet grass at her feet. Beside her was a leather holster, meant for tying around her waist, and a pistol lying on top of it. She had just finished cleaning it and was taking a small break before she moved onto her her sword, which was going to take even more work.

Her frosty blue eyes stared off into the distance rather blankly, and her ears twitched every now and then at the sound of her canine as he ran and played with the other dogs.
>> No. 38875178
File 134162749520.png - (256.39KB , 428x420 , Gabriel.png )
>A griffon stops by the lake to try and relax, he wasn't planning on swimming, but staying in the shade seemed just fine.
>> No. 38875193
File 134162758069.png - (19.64KB , 258x292 , Sun_Shade_Avatar.png )
Some distance away under her own shady refugee, lay an older unicorn mare. Her coat, as well as her mane and tail, were of a mild stone gray. Bright blue-green eyes, set behind a rather stylish set of glasses, were focused on the book resting beneath her hooves. Her ears twisted to and frow to keep track of all the sounds of this spot.
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>> No. 38875880
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>> No. 38876226
File 134163817363.png - (223.25KB , 583x640 , beep beep im a cloud.png )
>> No. 38877656
*Mexican Hat Dance*
>> No. 38878134
crash and burn
>> No. 38878156
Stop being dead yet?
>> No. 38878167
we can change then
>> No. 38878176
File 134168329160.jpg - (39.83KB , 638x877 , Aww I can\'t stay mad at ya.jpg )
Rush, relaxing in the lake and looking around, would see more ponies come by
He swims to the shore and shakes dry a bit and trots off to a small sunny path next to a tree to air dry
He smiles around at the other ponies
>> No. 38878185
File 134168339213.png - (109.56KB , 900x711 , 4839229022.png )
mudpony lol
>> No. 38878192
>> No. 38878210
File 134168367382.png - (221.70KB , 966x827 , twilicious_by_dentist73548-d532yso.png )
lol ya i saw that

so what's up rush?
>> No. 38878218
Doing chores around the house...Feels odd not being in a dorm again but good.. Got some food, how are you?
>> No. 38878224
File 134168386770.jpg - (92.32KB , 700x700 , X7TZc.jpg )
back from work, food, not much right now
>> No. 38878230
File 134168397674.png - (53.77KB , 188x226 , You must be new here.png )
Whatcha eating?
>> No. 38878247
File 134168421550.png - (193.97KB , 748x1069 , princess_twilight_sparkle_by_nickman983-d4wivkx.png )
mostly bread and coffee kinda just want go light
>> No. 38878251
File 134168425020.jpg - (39.80KB , 637x825 , But that\'s wrong you fucking retard.jpg )
....Ewwww.....I had cold pizza
>> No. 38878262
File 134168435178.jpg - (251.93KB , 558x760 , 185932 - artist imanika twilight_sparkle.jpg )
way better then what i had
>> No. 38878283
File 134168461749.jpg - (41.71KB , 637x825 , Ain't that a cute little gun.jpg )
Ehh to each their own
>> No. 38878306
File 134168484422.jpg - (364.32KB , 750x2322 , 132011456573.jpg )
>> No. 38878316
File 134168496780.jpg - (172.43KB , 800x800 , Kissy Kissy~♥♥.jpg )
>> No. 38878332
File 134168512106.jpg - (137.23KB , 1148x789 , 132403802914.jpg )
I know how much you love the real Twilight.

now i feel like messing with ember
>> No. 38878354
File 134168538493.jpg - (41.95KB , 638x877 , Not sure how to put this.jpg )
I don't have a favorite Mane 6 but Twilight is cool
>> No. 38878372
File 134168558381.png - (238.62KB , 962x955 , 132150582566.png )
>funny how i said that in IC lol
>> No. 38878386
File 134168576551.gif - (854.50KB , 432x241 , Avatar BODY WASH.gif )
>Which is why I replied in IC but dammit this thread is dead....I'm about to go if it doesn't liven up
>> No. 38878411
File 134168597420.jpg - (209.57KB , 1131x707 , 133272072333.jpg )
>I did sound more like a OOC comment rather then IC

>Well hell nothing happened here once it open, granted i would of jumped feet first if i had the time last night
>> No. 38878420
>...Well...DO something else then?
>> No. 38878427
>I am....what the hell are you talking about?
>> No. 38878442
>NEw thread something else that won't die....
>> No. 38878451
Nah, god knows i have ideas for some but I'm being lazy today.
>> No. 38878467
File 134168666998.png - (63.31KB , 250x182 , as interesting as coffee.png )
>Well fine then We'll just meet up some other way
>> No. 38878472
File 134168674844.jpg - (441.34KB , 2500x2500 , spoiler.jpg )
>then twi attacks rush with her flank hugs!
>> No. 38878481
File 134168692593.jpg - (41.04KB , 637x825 , I__I swear I wasn't looking.jpg )
>blushes and looks up at
>> No. 38878492
File 134168722568.png - (390.97KB , 825x1100 , spoiler.png )
Soft landing!!!!
>> No. 38878498
File 134168727816.jpg - (44.04KB , 637x825 , What if this is as good as it gets.jpg )
".....Well..You landed on my stomach so...yeah..."
>Tries to push her off slowly
>> No. 38878513
File 134168763613.png - (269.81KB , 623x526 , 131826677475.png )
Oh hello there.
>> No. 38878525
File 134168785832.jpg - (27.16KB , 638x878 , I did not see that coming.jpg )
He looks at her beside him
HE rubs his stomach and leans over
"...Man...that hurt..."
>> No. 38878541
File 134168811476.png - (178.10KB , 855x935 , twilights_long_face_by_emper24-d4zc2wg.png )
Sorry about that, I was.......Do i know you?
>> No. 38878551
File 134168832977.jpg - (39.80KB , 637x825 , But that\'s wrong you fucking retard.jpg )
"....No..I don't think so..."
Assuming new canon
"......But...I think we got acquainted wrongly..."
He still rubs his stomach, cramping up
>> No. 38878559
File 134168849942.png - (164.28KB , 1000x799 , 132033010488.png )
If we didn't then you wouldn't of helped me.
>> No. 38878564
File 134168858514.jpg - (41.95KB , 638x877 , Not sure how to put this.jpg )
"... Help isn't the right word...more like...Intercepted...."
>> No. 38878568
File 134168867250.png - (110.86KB , 800x832 , 132553899704.png )
I was nice of you to be there then i fell.
>> No. 38878571
File 134168872674.jpg - (39.83KB , 638x877 , Aww I can't stay mad at ya.jpg )
"...Not like I had a choice.."
HE chuckled a bit then looked at her
"...What were you doing in the tree anyway?"
>> No. 38878586
File 134168891415.png - (207.80KB , 782x1022 , 132033013287.png )
Would it sound weird if i said I wanted a better look at my surroundings?
>> No. 38878594
File 134168896228.jpg - (42.26KB , 637x825 , Why doesn\'t the honey badger care.jpg )
"...No that's normal...but...I'd choose a more study tree.."
HE looks up at it
"..This is a new sapling...."
>> No. 38878615
My mistake, I should of looked around of instead of picking the first one i saw.
>> No. 38878624
File 134168957679.jpg - (39.83KB , 638x877 , Aww I can\'t stay mad at ya.jpg )
"..It's fine..there aren't many old trees here's a new park...low hanging willows though but they cut the vision.."
HE looks at her
He smiles
"...Maybe some other park..."
>> No. 38878769
File 134169173875.png - (162.27KB , 600x445 , 132100994974.png )
No, this park is fine.

hmmm.....been less and less crazy twi
>> No. 38878793
File 134169214295.jpg - (41.71KB , 637x825 , Ain't that a cute little gun.jpg )
I noticed...who are you and what have you done with the real stealth
"...It is nice..."
HE leans against the tree and looks around
"..VEry nice.."
>> No. 38878840
File 134169305027.gif - (221.66KB , 600x500 , spoiler.gif )
she never found a shining armor lol

You know where the benches are at?
>> No. 38878849
File 134169313139.jpg - (39.80KB , 637x825 , But that's wrong you fucking retard.jpg )
That sucks
"...Eah..there's one nearby..."
HE leads her to it and looks at it
He sits on the grass next to it
>> No. 38878957
Thanks, I'm tired of sitting on the grass all day.
>> No. 38879260
File 134169820463.jpg - (41.71KB , 637x825 , Ain't that a cute little gun.jpg )
>Sorry didn't see you post
"..No worries Miss.."
HE smiles up at her
"..So...Nice day so far?"
>> No. 38879291
File 134169860850.png - (440.46KB , 1280x1597 , twilight_frizzle_by_moongazeponies-d3h7mw1.png )
it's didn't let me post pics so...

except from falling on some poor pony,
Yes it's a lovely day.

do you hit on all the mares Mr. bond?
>> No. 38879304
File 134169878474.jpg - (29.00KB , 638x878 , Well Can you blame me.jpg )
Just smile and wave
"..Oh yes...poooorrr me...Poor me!...It's nothing.."
He playfully nudges her softly
>> No. 38879325
File 134169903352.png - (178.10KB , 855x935 , twilights_long_face_by_emper24-d4zc2wg.png )
I'm sorry If i hurt you....

Is it me or does rush kinda talk like he is bored with everything? or just the way he is?
>> No. 38879339
File 134169922781.jpg - (39.83KB , 638x877 , Aww I can\'t stay mad at ya.jpg )
He's not bored, He's more like he's been through enough that nothing fazes him anymore
"..Again it's fine..."
He smiles up at her
>> No. 38879348
oh, think I'm getting a handle on how he speaks
Are you sure? I'm not the lightest of mares.

then flash back to aero calling twi a fat ass
>> No. 38879356
File 134169960534.jpg - (39.80KB , 637x825 , But that\'s wrong you fucking retard.jpg )
>Want a voice to go with him?
>Think Spike form Cowboy Bebop
"...Ma'am you are very light.."
He smiled
"..Just landed on a soft spot is all.."
>> No. 38879369
Idea! OOC thread on that topic?!?

I just want to make sure I didn't hurt anypony.
>> No. 38879374
File 134169980348.jpg - (39.80KB , 637x825 , But that's wrong you fucking retard.jpg )
Voices?..Lol I bet alot would vie for him
"..You didn't hurt me..I got hit with a speeding griffon so I'm fine.."
>> No. 38879396
It would be interesting what everyone would say and what others would say about others OCs

speeding griffon?
>> No. 38879401
File 134170017373.jpg - (41.95KB , 638x877 , Not sure how to put this.jpg )
"...Back home......One of my friends is a griffon and we were he just launched himself at me.."
>> No. 38879465
File 134170092112.png - (259.41KB , 900x1970 , spoiler.png )
what would you say Hopper sounds like?

Are you a royal guard?
>> No. 38879476
File 134170105516.png - (130.85KB , 474x582 , New Rush.png )
...Rainbow Dash + Katy Perry
"..Oh..No...No we're nothing like that...just...he likes to fight.."
He smirked a bit
"..He's a tough son of a bitch too.."
>> No. 38879514
File 134170148935.png - (179.27KB , 809x987 , twilight_sparkle___worried_face_by_anbolanos91-d4xo610.png )
maybe but i don't really know what she sounds like. also the search for a voice for rush is on!

You like to fight.... not crazy twish!!!!!!!!
>> No. 38879519
"..I personally don't...he drags me along..."
He just rolls his eyes
"..Always trying to prove himself..."
He looks at her and notices the worried look
"..I tend not to fight unless absolutely necessary..."
Oh god why/....
>> No. 38879569
Ponies...or for you ponies and griffons shouldn't fight.

which one? crazy twi or voice?
>> No. 38879581
File 134170237458.png - (130.85KB , 474x582 , New Rush.png )
"...It was for fun though..he's my brother so it's fine..He's very hard headed too so try to tell him that he might fight you
Voice search
>> No. 38879607
File 134170262300.png - (188.02KB , 1192x670 , spoiler.png )
Your brother sound some what mean...

lets put it this way...If i was still working on vectors I would be making them for others for the hell of it.

did this recoloring for the hell of it.
>> No. 38879622
File 134170282110.jpg - (41.95KB , 638x877 , Not sure how to put this.jpg )
"...He wasn't though..."
He shrugs
"..He was fun..just always trying to prove himself better.."
>> No. 38879648
File 134170307591.png - (35.48KB , 754x1060 , spoiler.png )
I rather not talk about this anymore....

first and last vect, I think it's crap
>> No. 38879650
File 134170313848.jpg - (35.63KB , 638x878 , The Horizons hold my destiny.jpg )
"...Alright then..fine with me.."
He looks at her
"...Don't like fighting?"
>> No. 38879668
File 134170333791.png - (160.83KB , 894x894 , worrying_twilight_sparkle_by_baumkuchenpony-d4vay6s.png )
I don;'t think anypony should be fighting with each other.
WHAT!!!!! so not twi!!!!

I can't get the hair right, plus no idea how it should look like
>> No. 38879675
File 134170343478.jpg - (41.95KB , 638x877 , Not sure how to put this.jpg )
Doesn't matter still kawaii
"..I agree...but...he is a gryphon's just part of him.."
He looks at her then away
"...So...what do you like to do?"
>> No. 38879718
File 134170407725.png - (151.11KB , 747x1070 , twilight___it__s_nice_by_dentist73548-d4a1ts9.png )
Me? If i said reading books then that would make me sound boring.
>> No. 38879740
File 134170451529.png - (34.31KB , 830x650 , ella 8.png )
After some time of laying in the shade and enjoying the breeze, Ella finally sits up and starts the process of cleaning her sword, using both her hooves and her magic, and going mostly by feel for the moment. She whistles once very loudly for her canine, but new he most likely would not come immediately.
>> No. 38879785
is she blind?
>> No. 38879801
yup, but you might not notice until you walked up to her
>> No. 38879813
so no waving your hoof in front of her face?
>> No. 38879815
File 134170530187.jpg - (41.95KB , 638x877 , Not sure how to put this.jpg )
"..No..Not really..I read.."
He smiles then eyes the mare across the way
He looks at her sword
>> No. 38879842
well, you can try haha.

Just for reference for ya.
>> No. 38879852
File 134170576381.png - (130.85KB , 474x582 , New Rush.png )
He then looks at the dog playing in the grass, clearly ignoring his master's call
"....Holy crap...she has a German Shepard..."
>> No. 38879854
File 134170579837.png - (120.15KB , 1344x1184 , Moon.png )
What is it?

>the big red pony waves his hoof in her face
>> No. 38879864
File 134170591781.jpg - (39.80KB , 637x825 , But that's wrong you fucking retard.jpg )
"......She's a fighter as well.."
HE looks at her gun in the holster to
HE then notices the red pony and face hooves
>> No. 38879873
File 134170602396.png - (134.95KB , 900x652 , sad_twilight_sparkle_by_uxyd-d4xd9gu.png )
What's going on?
>> No. 38879876
The dog finally stops his playing and comes running to his masters side, gladly excepting her pets.

The mare keeps petting the dog, seemingly not noticing your wave.
>> No. 38879883
File 134170610740.jpg - (54.38KB , 637x825 , I know my armor is crude stop saying it.jpg )
Rush points at >>38879854
"...He's just being a jerk to the poor girl insensitive to her handicap..."
He shakes his head
"..Poor mare's blind...I can tell by the way she holds her sword..."
>> No. 38879885
She's way off under a tree, oblivious to all you guys lol
>> No. 38879892
We can tell too except for Crimson who's blatantly in front of you
>> No. 38879893
File 134170622184.png - (185.40KB , 853x936 , twilight_sparkle_is_shocked_by_anbolanos91-d4yx9sp.png )
Some ponies can be so cruel........

>bending his head down, staring at her with one eye
>> No. 38879894
oh, oops lol. She should have heard him. Oh well, I'll wait till the next post.
>> No. 38879902
File 134170634289.png - (222.39KB , 373x400 , My Hair can pierce the heavens.png )
"...Agreed..though...not in my place to really do much..."
He sighs softly
>> No. 38879920
Why? do you also go around teasing poor ponies?
>> No. 38879934
File 134170673585.jpg - (39.80KB , 637x825 , But that's wrong you fucking retard.jpg )
He glared at her
"...No....But...I'm afraid it might end up in violence..but..... Let's see..."
HE gets up and looks at Twi before walking over to them>>38879854
He grabs his hoof and stops him from waving and shakes his head at him
>> No. 38879975
File 134170730850.png - (216.27KB , 1095x1266 , ella look back.png )
It is at this time that the dog looks over to you, and feeling something the dogs attention distracted, her horn glows a soft blue.

"Oh!" she says with a bit of a start, and sits her sword down.

"I didn't know I had company.."

Her voice is friendly, but just a tad on edge. It was a public park, so she doubted these stallions would try anything. Still, one could never be too careful. She stands and turns her head toward the two of you.

"Can I help you gentlecolts?"
>> No. 38879993
File 134170744946.png - (189.52KB , 845x945 , shocked_twilight_by_critchleyb-d5033kl.png )

>Crimson stops what he is doing
>raising his hoof maybe taking rush with him
>just looks at rush

>twi runs over
WAIT! stop don't fight!

>crimson looks back at her but stays focused on rush
>> No. 38879994
File 134170745502.jpg - (41.95KB , 638x877 , Not sure how to put this.jpg )
He froze at her looks a bit, she looked very ethereal and pretty
He shook his head
" friend her got distracted and just getting him along..sorry for disturbing you miss..."
HE pulls Crimson aside
"....What the hell are you doing to that poor girl man..."
He whispered to him
d2 = 2
>1 She heard that
>2 She didn't
>> No. 38880003
File 134170756661.png - (130.85KB , 474x582 , New Rush.png )
>Rush is fairly Tall
HE looks at Crimson then at Twi then back at him
"...Dude...come on..don't tease the poor mare..."
>> No. 38880017
File 134170768713.png - (49.38KB , 250x250 , Ella smirk.png )
She watches the display through her canines eyes, wondering what in the world these two were doing, but finding it slightly amusing at the same time. She covers her mouth as she giggles softly and thinks a moment.

" know, I am blind" she comments nonchalantly to the red stallion.

"I'm sorry if you were trying to get my attention earlier, I could not see you."

She doesn't seem to be upset in the slightest, just takes a seat on the ground with an amused expression.
>> No. 38880018
>Crimson shrugs rush off and goes back standing in front of the blind mare

>twi stands there confused
>> No. 38880027
File 134170777299.jpg - (39.80KB , 637x825 , But that\'s wrong you fucking retard.jpg )
He looks at her then at Crimson
He walks off back to Twi
"....Well...He's twitterpated.."
He shrugs and walks on but looks back at Ella, making sure she's okay
>> No. 38880028
>silently sits down
>> No. 38880037
File 134170785469.png - (179.27KB , 809x987 , twilight_sparkle___worried_face_by_anbolanos91-d4xo610.png )
>twi goes up to rush
What's going on?
>> No. 38880044
Through her canines eyes, she watches the stallion go, feelin just a tad of regret that she hadn't caught his name. He was rather for the other stallion, who was just sitting in front of her..well..

"Um..can I help you?" she asks, a small frown touching her lips.
>> No. 38880047
File 134170794534.jpg - (41.95KB , 638x877 , Not sure how to put this.jpg )
"..No idea....but...I'll stick close to make sure he doesn't do anything funny to her.."
HE looks at TWi
Come on.."
HE walks off a bit to a small tree and lays down in the shade
>> No. 38880050
>follows him because she doesn't know what else to do
>> No. 38880056
File 134170808537.jpg - (4.78KB , 203x248 , Oh you.jpg )
>> No. 38880069
File 134170819388.png - (94.08KB , 390x552 , ella trolol.png )
what? He's a cute stallion. XD
>> No. 38880070
Block this.
>in one motion her brings out a blade and swings it in her direction
guessing she can fight and you pick if miss or blocked
>> No. 38880072
File 134170819746.jpg - (35.63KB , 638x878 , The Horizons hold my destiny.jpg )
He looks up at her
"..But what?"
He asks softly
"....Something the matter...I just think it was getting tense there....."
He sighed softly
>> No. 38880089
But.....What even happened?
>> No. 38880090
File 134170830081.jpg - (44.04KB , 637x825 , What if this is as good as it gets.jpg )
"...Shit...Twi I knew this would happen.."
HE started trotting towards them, enough space for Ella to react though
>> No. 38880105
In an instant there is a shing! and your sword is being pressed very close to your chest with her own. She is standing up on her back hooves, her sword in her front hooves and her gun up and pointed at you with her magic.

"Now what the fuck did you go and do that for?" she asks calmly, but not at all amused. Her shepherd is standing protectively by her side, growling furiously and looking like her was ready to pounce. Lucky for you, he was very, very well trained.
>> No. 38880114
So wanted to troll and let it hit her shoulder, blood gushing out. XD but I didn't. This is way funner.
>> No. 38880122
File 134170864153.jpg - (61.54KB , 600x392 , HEretic Bow.jpg )
He ran up and had his bow out and looked at her
He watched her and her dog and watched Crimson, aiming it at him just in case something happened
>> No. 38880127
Which canon is this (if any)
>> No. 38880134
none yet, but we can make parts of it canon if we want.
>> No. 38880135
>Pushing back both swords making it look like a struggle
I should of ambushed you~

>twi covers her eyes
>> No. 38880147
File 134170891959.jpg - (44.65KB , 637x825 , That's great kid___.jpg )
"...Stop there or else I'll shoot..."
HE had a bolt on his bow and aiming right at Cirmson's Forehead
"....Put the sword down...."
HE glared at him from behind the bow
>> No. 38880148
She pushes back with surprising strength for a mare. But she was only a mare, and had her limitations.

"Mister, you got about five seconds before I fire my gun into your chest, or my dog here goes for your jugular. I don't know who you are, or why you decided to attack me, but you better just back off. Now."

Her back foot gets pushed back an inch, but other wise she stands her ground.
>> No. 38880154
"Mister, I would suggest you hold you cards. You may do more damage than good" she says hastily, not wanting herself or anyone else to get hurt in the conflict.
>> No. 38880165
File 134170913386.png - (14.29KB , 238x197 , happy.png )
>Star flew down to the lake, enjoying the sun that was beaming down on the world. He then spotted the lake.
Hmm, that seems like a good place for lunch
>He landed near a tree and stretched out his wings and cracked his neck
Ahh, this weather is great. Just like home
>> No. 38880166
File 134170914909.jpg - (39.80KB , 637x825 , But that\'s wrong you fucking retard.jpg )
"....They aren't fatal bolts..."
True enough the shards were shaved and replaced with an odd tip. But still he then backed off, still aiming in concern
>> No. 38880177
File 134170926954.jpg - (24.97KB , 389x337 , yup.jpg )
mind going away?

Then you will hate me for this.
>pushes back on her sword with nothing more then a move of his hoof
>throwing his weapon at rush's hoof before knocking her on her back
>pinning her down
Wasn't that fun?
>> No. 38880201
She shouts in surprise as she is suddenly knocked onto the ground, and her dog almost pounces you right then and there..but she whistles, surprising you. The dog continues to bark and growl furiously, but otherwise does not move.

The mare underneath you however was smiling wickedly.

"Oh, it's about to get a whole lot funner" she says as her horn glows a bright blue and you are suddenly electrocuted with a false feeling of energy. It would not harm you physically, but your brain thought it real enough.
>> No. 38880212
Deleted post, ignore it for now say Rush got knocked down
>> No. 38880213
lolol, they have the same defense
>> No. 38880219
'Really? that little thing?

>staggers a little
Girl has some fight in her?
>> No. 38880229
He has more about it...Like Hawkeye from Avengers
Normally I would say something but I'll let Ella handle it...
>> No. 38880249
you need a bigger stick!!!!!
>> No. 38880250
She uses her back hooves to deliver a powerful kick into your chest as you stagger, quickly gather her sword and gun with her magic again. Her shepherd, having been going all but insane, lunges at you.

"Tyki! NO!" she yells, just as her pounces on you and snaps at your chest, delivering a painful pinch before backing off and continuing to growl. Her gun guns seems to cock itself as it glows blue from her magic.

"That right there was your last chance buddy. Next time I'll let him get your neck, and I won't hesitate to shoot."

She stands holding her sword again, this time looking through your own eyes so she wouldn't be caught off guard again.
>> No. 38880262
ooh. And thanks, I like fight scenes XD
>> No. 38880271
..SO..I just stand there like an idiot for now?
>> No. 38880280
File 134171020075.png - (32.81KB , 351x380 , myPony7.png )
>Star lies under a tree enjoying his lunch.
This really couldn't get much...
>hears the battle
>> No. 38880282
what do you want?
>> No. 38880286
[?}I tired to intervene but got blown off..I'll just watch this is good...[/?]
>> No. 38880287
sorry, no, you can do whatever you want. Not telling you not to intercede or anything, was just thanking you for letting me have that one.
>> No. 38880302
well sorry about hat rush, kinda got out of hand there
>> No. 38880318
>>38880302're very good at this so I won't intervene..and It's alright Twi I'm actually having fun just watching~
>> No. 38880322
Down boy........

>Crimson's horn begins glowing a dark red
Hay....want to see who's magic is stronger?
>> No. 38880326
ok, well I don't mind at all. The character definitely wouldn't mind haha XD
>> No. 38880340
File 134171073844.jpg - (55.29KB , 637x825 , Changelings are the least of your worries.jpg )
With his bow he runs over and slams it across the back of his head, knocking him off of her and just looking down at him
".....Stay doiwn!"........"
He then looks at Ella
He was breathing heavily, like he blacked out and finally coming back to sense
>> No. 38880347
he was off of her
>> No. 38880350
File 134171084853.png - (725.05KB , 3500x3500 , Ella mine_png.png )
"No.." she says, starting to suspect there was something not all there with this colt. After a moment of thinking, she suddenly stands down, completely ignoring him and walking over to her holster, which she starts to strap on. The dog finally calms down, but keeps growling.

Ella carefully puts her gun in it's holster and her sword in it's place as well. She then looks to the stallion, or in his general vicinity.

"I'm done" she says simply, then starts to walk off in the direction of Rush.
>> No. 38880351
Alright just play with it
>> No. 38880361
She stops and seems to listen to you instead of look at you.

"Thank you" she says flatly, not at all in a good mood any more, but feeling slightly better at the red stallion getting smacked upside the head with a crossbow.
>> No. 38880362
short and boring
>> No. 38880369
File 134171101746.jpg - (35.63KB , 638x878 , The Horizons hold my destiny.jpg )
His ear twitches softly and he takes a deep breath
"...Did he harm you at all miss......"
HE still breathes but is back to his senses
>> No. 38880380
"No" she says grouchily as she continues walking, hoping you would walk with her so the other stallion wouldn't hear her.
>> No. 38880382
Just acted to end it sorry :/
>> No. 38880391
File 134171124673.jpg - (41.95KB , 638x877 , Not sure how to put this.jpg )
He does so and follows her
In a safe distance he looks at her
"..Sorry..for actin that way..."
HE rubs the back of his neck
"..Just acted out of anger..."
>> No. 38880393
this is the reason why i never have fights, never goes anywhere
>> No. 38880437
well, she's not one to fight without cause. But! If you want to come back later, say tomorrow, and challenge her to a fight just for fun, she would be all over that. She loves fighting for fun.
She smiles slightly at this, and her eyes close for a moment.

"That's quite alright, it's perfectly understandable for the situation, and I thank you for your help. However, a blind mare traveling on her own needs protection, so I do have my own defenses. I could have taken him if I really wanted" she laughs, her voice almost musical in it's quality.

"..but I suspect he is not quite all there. His moves were sloppy, not very focused. He seemed to be fighting just for the sake of fighting, not to try and really harm me..."

Her eyes finally open at the end of her little musement, and there powdery blue wonder toward your voice.

"I don't think I caught the name of my savior?" she chuckles lightly.
>> No. 38880453
File 134171178314.png - (130.85KB , 474x582 , New Rush.png )
He was a bit frozen at this and metled at her voice softly
hE smiled a bit at the comment about the other colts fighting and nodded
"..I could tell..but....just attack a mare like that?>...At least you held your own and also you have a good companion.."
HE smiled at the Shepard
"...And.....My name is Rush...."
HE bowed to her softly
>> No. 38880464
right now I'm highly disappointed by this whole thing, so maybe
>> No. 38880470
Honestly I am as well..Next time I won't just step in like that but regulate it
>> No. 38880480
She returns the bow gracefully and playfully as she states her own name.

"Ella. It is quite the pleasure to meet you Rush, and it's not often that I come across other who carry their own weapons. May I ask, were you trained by someone, or have you learned on your own?"

The shepherd, having relaxed and forgotten about the whole ordeal, comes up to sniff you curiously as you bow, his wet nose almost touching yours.

"Oh, Tyki, stop that! It's very rude."
>> No. 38880490
well, sorry you guys. I made this as sort of a chill thread, I really wasn't looking for a fight scene.
>> No. 38880491
File 134171214481.jpg - (41.71KB , 637x825 , Ain't that a cute little gun.jpg )
"..It's..quite alright...I love dogs..."
He smiles and holds his hoof out to him to let him sniff and be welcomed
"...Actually..I was taught Archery...By my mentor back home but...he sin't around anymore...this was his bow before he died...he passed it to me....I"m good but still I train myself everyday.."
HE held the bow and smiled down at it then at the Dog then at her
"....Ella...Lovely name..."
>> No. 38880519
File 134171241587.png - (132.06KB , 590x679 , ella hey filly.png )
"Mmm.." she mumbles, having got caught up in the sound of his voice. She seems to snap out of it quickly however, and blushes just a slight pink, the color barely showing through her fur.

"Ah, yes, I had a mentor as well. I'm sorry to hear yours has passed away, I still dread the day when I will lose mine.." she says as she stops beneath the shade of one of the many willows around.

"Well, I take it you were trying to escape the heat before all these shenanigans happened?" she giggles as her nose picks up the smell of the cool water, and she thinks about taking a dip.
>> No. 38880533
File 134171257020.png - (130.85KB , 474x582 , New Rush.png )
"..It's quite alright...HE was old..."
HE chuckled a bit
"...But...he was the best.....And I pray you don't loose yours anytime soon..."
He smiled at her softly as he floowed her
"..YEah..just...relaxing and enjoying the day as usual til that happened....and got bombarded by another mare ealrlier...right in my stomach too.."
HE laughed and rubbed his chest softly
He follows to the lake and looks at her
"...You're very good with a sword and gun Ella..."
He looks back at Tyki
"...And your dog is very well trained..."
>> No. 38880553
"Bombarded?" she asks laughing and sitting on the edge of the water, sticking a hoof in and lazily playing with the muddy sand.

"Mhm, well, I would rather not get harmed or harm anyone else when I do have to use it, so that requires some skill. Especially from me. And, yes, I spent quite a deal of bits on him. I can't have a seeing eye dog that won't listen" she giggles again.
>> No. 38880569
File 134171290797.jpg - (40.22KB , 638x877 , Fancy Meeting you here.jpg )
She fell out of the tree I was under.."
He smiled then sat down next to her
"..Well..He's a good boy...Loves his master.. obedient...such a good looking one too.."
HE rubs Tyki's chin softly and pets his head
HE then looks at Ella as he dips his legs in the water
"....I'd rather not fight...but sometimes it's inevitable....."
He sighs softly
"...But.....Mostly I don't have to...and I can rest easy..."
HE smiled more as he looked up at the sky
>> No. 38880614
File 134171331327.png - (216.27KB , 1095x1266 , ella look back.png )
"Mhm" she says in agreement, not really sure where else to go with the conversation. She was extremely aware of how close he was though, and it made her feel both excited as a school filly and nervous as hell. Random thoughts start coming to her head, like when the last time she had dated any stallion was, or if her breath smelled bad.

Sheesh, calm down Ella, you just met the guy!

She mentally slaps herself, still staring down at the water with an easy grin as her hoof made little circles in the sand.
>> No. 38880634
File 134171348365.png - (130.85KB , 474x582 , New Rush.png )
He looked at her and smiled a bit,
... Her coat is something else...never seen anything that......Beautiful.....
HE looks down at the sand and smiles more then at her eyes
He just kicks some of the water and smiles
"...So...where are you from Ella?"
He's still petting Tyki softly
>> No. 38880662
She smiles as some of the water splashes her. She would get him back for that...

"Oh, just a small backwater town called Riverside. Kinda boring place really.."

She kicks the water a little herself, making it seem like she didn't know where it went, but intentionally splashing him on the leg.
>> No. 38880672
File 134171394143.jpg - (29.00KB , 638x878 , Well Can you blame me.jpg )
He looked down at his leg then at her
He was in a playful mood now and softly kicked some more at her
" were near a river?..SOunds peaceful...."
HE smiled and looked at the mountains
"..I guess we are the opposite like that...I lived in the mountains..."
HE looked at her
....Sh'es very cute...
>> No. 38880699
Making a bit of a game out of it now, she lightly splashed just a bit back.

"I've spent a few years in the mountains before, it's very nice. Not so much flooding. The river was always getting flooded, but in the summer it was nice to get away from the heat. Like this place.."
>> No. 38880710
File 134171420257.png - (130.85KB , 474x582 , New Rush.png )
He scooped his hoof at her and made a better splash
"....It is very cool here..less Mosquitoes I beleive...."
He smiled and just looked at Tyki then Ella
>> No. 38880719
>> No. 38880770
"H-hey!" she laughs and splashes more on you.

Tyki had been lapping at the water, trying to escape the summers dry heat, but moves away as he is splashed slightly. He soon takes interest in another dog and goes running off after him to play.

Ella sits giggling after splashing you, her hoof held up to her mouth.

sorry to cut this short but I lost something that I need to find A.S.A.P.
>> No. 38880815
File 134171519887.jpg - (29.00KB , 638x878 , Well Can you blame me.jpg )
It's alright continue tommorow?
He laughes with her and splashes once more then
He falls into the lake and just looks at her
"...Dammit..I lost...."
HE smiled at her
>> No. 38880823
She starts laughing hysterically when he falls in, trying very hard to control herself.

>> No. 38883832
>> No. 38890948
File 134187427854.jpg - (39.83KB , 638x877 , Aww I can\'t stay mad at ya.jpg )
Been busy sorry
He smiled at her as he swam along
"....Join me...It feels really good..."
Swimming close to the shore he smiled at her
"..Not very deep either..."
>> No. 38893601
File 134190342235.png - (340.46KB , 2283x2578 , spoiler.png )
After a few more giggles, she was able to sit up straight and splash her hoof back and forth in the water a few more times, a small smile on her lips the whole while. Her eyes were pointed down toward the water, and her ears drooped just the slightest bit, almost lazily. She was listening very carefully to the sound of your voice.

To her, sound had become not just another sense, but a more heightened way of almost 'seeing' the world around her. She could hear the smile in your voice even if it was subtle, and to her this painted a picture in her mind; made all the better by the fact that she had seen your face earlier and could now imagine it more readily.

"Alight.." she says a bit nervously, still smiling. She then stands and slowly wades into the water, her hide quivering slightly from the cold. She bites her lip for a moment as the chill of the water surround her, then gathers the courage to plunge in, getting it over with. She pops her head up a few seconds later, a very surprised look on her face.

"Oh! That's f-f-free-z-zing!" she giggles and stutters, then smiles once more.
>> No. 38894193
Rush looked at Ella and couldn't help but laugh at this
"..Sorry...I'm used to the cold.."
HE swam up to her and some of the waves trickled to her
He swam close to her, the heat of the sunbathed water now swirling with the cold and making it more temperate for her
"....You feeling better?"
He spoke softly to her, knowing that her heightened sense made it more sensitive for her
>> No. 38894338
File 134196755179.png - (132.06KB , 590x679 , ella hey filly.png )
hoh my god it's back up! Jeezuz ponychan! lol

She smiles as she wades a little deeper into the water, her shiver's becoming less frequent.

"Mhm, much."

She then get's a bit of an evil smirk and playfully splashes some water in your direction, hoping some of it hit you.
>> No. 38894348
File 134196763058.jpg - (468.08KB , 1275x1740 , Lol How Do I mad.jpg )
Most of uit did and he just looked at her
"...Kind of a useless trick seeing I'm used to the water already Miss Ella...."
He smirked and splashed to her chest and smiled
"...You on the other hand~"
>> No. 38894391
"Ah!" she half screamed and giggled, the water still being so cold. She then launched herself deeper into the lake, not really sure where she was swimming to but just enjoying the feel of the cool water all the same.

A moment after she does this, Tyki comes plunging into the lake, sending a new wave of water over your head as he kicks powerfully through the water.
>> No. 38894412
File 134196821855.jpg - (41.95KB , 638x877 , Not sure how to put this.jpg )
"..Agh Tyki!"
He smiled at the dog, "OH You..."
He then looked around for Ella
".....Huh....For a blind girl she can swim..."
He followed the jetstream she left behind and looked for her
>> No. 38898121
>> No. 38899386
Can't stay for much longer though
>> No. 38900656
This still open?
>> No. 38905040
>> No. 38905282
sorry you guys, I'm a little busy...
>> No. 38905292
It's cool..just whenever
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