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#Limited #Ask/invite #Canon: Sky Haven Chronicles #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Non-pony #Semi-serious #Long-post
The RMS Penelope, one of the most elegant luxury liner of the skies had stopped in the air, now floating about at the mercy of the winds. Up and down the corridors to the lavish rooms and suites, crew and personnel paced about, telling people to return to their rooms while the mechanics moved from their areas of the ship to the engines to get them working again.

"Please! Stay in your rooms, it is just some minor technical difficulties!"

They had stopped in an area of the skies no ship of their prestige wanted to be in. They had stopped in a red zone. Usually, airships would wait for an escort by either a contracted security group from the Norune Trading Federation, or even the Arcand Royal Aerial Navy, but the Penelope had been held up at port, and the captain figured it best to zip ahead.

The engineers and mechanics shuffled on by, a room opening up as a head poked out. One of the security officers briefly looked at him. "Sir, please stay in your ro-"

A fist knocked the officer down as he stepped out of his room, smirking. He slipped the headset out from under his yellow scarf, putting it over his ears, adjusting the microphone. "... Alright, engine's died just as planned. Gonna head off to the safe right now before anyone notices what's going on. I'll be ready for a pick up then..."

Lep grinned from ear to ear. "... Best make it quick too. Last thing we need is having to fight claims with another gang up here. Think the Chimeras aren't too happy with us for what we did back in Ino-Kai. Just have that plane ready for us to get outta here, Mac."

A crackle and an affirmitive was heard as the young Air Pirate quickly slipped the headset back into his scarf, his hand gripping his trusted .45, his other resting on the hilt of the Dessari sabre, slowly making his way out of his room as he moved towards the safety deposit boxes. No use hiding who he was anymore, those suitcases were only for holding his weapons, ammunition, and equipment belt anyway.

He ducked as the loud bang of a .38 revolver was heard, the bullet impacting the woodwork next to him. Lep swivelled around and fired three times, downing the security guard as he turned back around and started running.

"Well... so much for being quiet."

OOC will be found here:

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Do you guys have an ooc? This looks freakin awesome and I would like to know a bit more about it. :)
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OOC will be found here:

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File 134181971814.jpg - (65.18KB , 720x960 , Devlin.jpg )
In one of the large storage components of the airship, chock full of boxes, crates and creepy-crawlies, sat a rather peculiar and out-of place individual.

His appearance was both magnificent and, as some would say, horrific. A tall, lanky man who looks as if he had grown only vertically his entire life, stretching his flesh tight over his bones. He donned a rather odd set of apparel, especially for one of the Pantheran race. A long, white, and heavily modified admiral's jacket, complete with gold epaulettes, a red scarf, and buttons. On his lower half, a typical pair of black dress pants and leather shoes.

On his head, though, was what most would notice first, before everything else about the man. Covering his face and sides of the head was what seemed to be the head of a fox, cut up and sewn together multiple times, wearing an unnatural grin that literally stretched from ear to ear. Sprouting from the back was a mess of oily, tangled black hair.

As the Penelope's roaring engines stopped, the stowaway could immediately tell that something was wrong. He quickly jumped to his feet, completely silent, listening for any ruckus.

And just as he had predicted, something was definitely very wrong with this voyage. After all, a series of gunshots was not common at all on a luxury liner such as this.

He quickly ran to a small hatch, the one closest to the direction of the gunshot, and opened it. Listening through, he could hear the loud claps of shoe hitting wood as someone ran his way. Hoping to intercept this intruder, the stowaway jumped through the hatch, taking a defensive stance, hoping to catch the stranger unawares.

I even shittily doodled him in like 10 minutes :D
>> No. 38895395
He turned the corner, only to skid to a stop before the being before him. He was not blindfolded like the other Pantherans, perhaps blind himself. He gulped some, knowing even if he wasn't seen, the being before him knew he was there. He cracked his neck, then cleared his throat.

"... Excuse me, sir! Back to your cabin! We've pirates aboard the ship, and need to ensure everyone's safety."

His thick Anglian accent wasn't helping things much. He wasn't Arcand, and he sure as hell wasn't Gaith. He slowly started to back away, his hand slowly pulling the saber from its sheath in preparation to fight.

His opponent looked very tall for a Pantheran, hell, he was almost as tall as Mac. Not as bulky, though with the speed the tales he heard about the species, he might as well been tied up in front of him.
>> No. 38895671
The stranger tilted his head to the side and lowered his arms, and defenses, to the obvious pirate in front of him. He remarked in a rather smug, relaxed manner after a few tense seconds of silence:

"I do not wish to engage in any unnecessary violence, sir. No need to point your blade at me. I do ask you, however, to take what you want without harming these good people. They have done you no harm."

His voice surprisingly penetrated the mask with much ease, allowing his voice to be heard clearly.

"Of course, I would gladly accept your request of a fight if you deny mine of allowing this ship to continue on it's voyage unharmed, aside from reducing the load."
>> No. 38896596
File 134199022734.jpg - (9.11KB , 183x275 , Ella pirate.jpg )
The room was filled with a thick sweet smoke, it's white clouds hanging lazily from the ceiling. The sound of small clangs and sweet whistling drowned out the constant heh-heh-heh-heh-heh of the shepherds pants, which Ella had become quickly fed up with. Now she whistled. She whistled loud and snapped those metal pieces together to overcome that constant background noise. Her hands worked in front of her with practiced accuracy, reaching out every now and then to grab the dirty cloth, almost black from grease, and rub it along the individual pieces before placing them in their proper places.

Her eyes kept their same positions in her skull throughout the whole process, always staring up at that unseen speck on the wall where one could almost imagine a hole being bore into it. She did not need sight for this process, for her hands retained the long trained memory. Every piece was felt carefully, knowing it's exact purpose and place, and when it was time to pour the powder, her fingers knew just how much of a pinch it took.

When the last piece clicked into place, and she filled her barrel, the dog lifted it's ears. His eyes slowly opened in his lazy head, and his tongue stopped lulling. His nose begun to twitch rather spastically, trying to pick up on a certain scent but unable to quite find it. Then the shot rang out, and he sat up like a lightning bolt had struck his ass.

Ella layed her gun down on her lap and placed a hand on her sword. Her head turned halfway in the direction of the sound, and again her eyes seemed to stare at some invisible spec.

"Mhm.." she mumbled silently. She bit down on the cigar between her lips, and twitched it a bit to get the ash to fall. The dog had begun to pant once more, then stopping for a moment to issue a low growl.

>> No. 38896612
oops, wrong trip
>> No. 38896662
hate to be a buzzkill buddy, but I think you have to sign up first. Or ask or something...I mean unless I read the tags wrong. Which I might have sense I'm falling asleep on my keyboard
>> No. 38896676
[I did... No one answered.]
>> No. 38896720
there probly asleep lol. Which I'm going to go do. Night!
>> No. 38897967
The blade slipped back into the sheath, Lep standing up straight as he looked at the Pantheran before him. He gave a nod, his feet rooted to the spot where he stood.

"... seems a fair trade, but I've no promises for the lackies with the guns. If they dare cross their blade with mine, or attempt to kill me, I'll do what your people have done against the slavers, and fight my way out." He slowly made his way forward, moving around the form of the creature. "If you'll excuse me, I've 'ballast' to remove to lighten this ship before the Arcand show up."

He couldn't believe it. He was being let go. Rather than ask questions, he was not going to go looking a gift horse in the mouth, and decided to take full advantage of the opportunity. All that mattered right now was what was in those safes in the bowels of the ship. He needed it, and he was going to get it off the ship one way or another.
>> No. 38897985
File 134202153014.jpg - (49.46KB , 438x565 , Mac.jpg )
Merely because I don't want Mac only mentioned in a single post of mine

The combat medic cracked his neck some, slowly moving from the lockers in the maintenance area. The overalls he had stolen were stuffy and didn't quite fit over his battered Gaith Airborne uniform, and boy was he glad to be rid of it. He patted his medical satchel and pulled off the sawed off trench gun from his shoulder, loading in a few shells before heading towards the hangar bay where the escort fighters were.

He put the butt of a cigarette in his mouth, his lighter sparking and flaming as he lit the tip, the embers glowing bright orange as he inhaled. Whisps of smoke trailed from his lips as he sighed a bit, wincing. His hand went to his pocket, and out came the pain pills. He popped the top, then let two fall into his mouth before swallowing them dry, his thumb recapping the bottle and slipping it back in his pocket.

"... let's get this over with. If that damn kid stalls too long, we ain't gettin' very far..."

His Standard Issue boots quietly tapped on the floor as he made his way out of the maintenance area into the lower corridors, keeping his shotgun pointed forward from the hip if need be.

Mac was really hoping Lep would hurry up. He didn't feel like blasting his way out of the hangars for the upteenth time in a row.
>> No. 38898116
File 134202453432.jpg - (190.70KB , 632x800 , 40k_Mongolian_Imperial_Guard_by_Sebbythefreak.jpg )
Grindel poked his head out of his cabin room, looking around. Not that anyone could tell where his eyes were pointing. His skull mask covered his entire face, his trench coat providing a multitude of pockets where he had hidden a crap ton of weapons and ammo. Grindel began looking through them.

"Okay... so Pirates.... now where is my pistol.... bomb... bomb.... ammo.... candybar..... CANDY BAR!"

Grindel lifts his mask and begins eating the candy bar

"Okay....*Munch* Letshhh shee here.... gun.... empty.... empty....empty.... pishhtol! Found it!"

Grindel pulls out the pistol, smiling with joy before realizing... he had no ammo for it

"Gr.....just freaking great..... No ammo yet...."

Grindel's right hand turned away

"I know it was you who forgot to pack the ammo. For shame Sir Right.... for shame."

The right hand tugged him back into his room

"Ahh yes... my meds. I can not forgot about them. Thank you sir right... maybe this will make up for your failing to bring ammo."

Grindel walked back to the hallway and pulling out his rather large knife

"Okay Mister Stabby, you know your job and if you fail, you will be terminated according to your contract."

The knife didn't respond

"I'm glad we have an understanding."
>> No. 38898776
"Wonderful!" The pantheran exclaims as the pirate in front of him agrees to his terms.

"And worry not about those flimsy security guards. I'll gladly incapacitate any, if you so wish. A gift from the infamous assassin, Smiling Fox!".
His voice echoed with great gusto, and his rather large ego let itself be known.

He steps back towards the wall, allowing easy passage through the hall for Lep, waiting for a response to the offer.
>> No. 38899190
On one of this fine ships even more finer rooms, a gramophone was playing relaxing classical piece to calm the edging nerves of the rooms two occupants. Of the two, the one who needed no representation was the famed explorer and adventurer named Lord captain Hottington. The second occupant was slightly less known, but he still travelled with Hottington. His name was Mac, and he was broker working for Hottington at the time. He was a rather peculiar man, for despite being grossly overweight, he still wore a tight fitting suit with a big tie on his neck. His eyes were comically enlarged by the pair of small eyeglasses on his face. His whole appearance was crowned by a small top hat, that sat in his lap. Such was the looks of this odd broker.

Right now, the pair were sitting in the table and sipping tea while listening to the music from the gramophone. The rooms floor was filled by the stuff Hottington had used on his previous exodus, just some days ago. He wasn't that tidy man, so he hadn't organized or kept his stuff in any sort of order. It was just laying around there, everything from underclothing to his precious hunting rifle were scattered about the room.

The pair had been silent for while now. It was resulted by Hottington's sudden outburst over the argument they had had. Mac the broker decided to end the silence.

"You have to acknowledge that you won't get away from this without paying, Neville. That's for sure." He said with calm, nasal and little annoying voice.

"I know that very well, but you also have to acknowledge that these things happen on our line of profession. I would verily verily used one of the carriers as a bait for that tiger, but who would have carried our equipment then? Besides, it wasn't my fault that poor Herbert failed to dodge that beast. When I said: "Don't move." I didn't mean: "Don't move so that the tiger can leap at you!"

"Well if you would have used a carrier, you wouldn't have to be paying his family right." Countered the nasal voice.

"That might be true old bean. " Agreed Hottington. "But We bagged the beast! And a fine catch it was! It will serve as a fine decoration!" Exposed Hottington while pointing towards the freshly skinned tiger hanging out from one of his larger bags.

"Quite so verily. But you have to understand that...." The broker chose to continue the argument, and so on it went. They were so into their discussion, that they didn't even notice the ships stopping entirely. Only the sound of gunfire woke them up from this trance.

"Ppppfftch!!" Stated Mac as he spat his tea out from his mouth. "Was that gunfire!!!"

"Quite so. And our velocity has dropped well enough that We aren't moving forwards anymore. Equation: this can only mean one thing!" Hottington assessed calmly, as was his habit when pushed into volatile situations.

"Are we being attacked? Air pirates?" Mac said fearfully before Hottington could finish his sentence.

"Most likely." He stated calmly as he moved towards his bag of arms. "Should I take the revolver, or would the rifle work better, I seem to have ran into a stalemate." He mused his fearful companion.

"You can't be planning on going out there!" Said Mac with shock.

"Hmm you are right. The rifle packs more bunch, better take that." He said as moved towards the door with his rifle,.only to stop before the hat rack, from wich he picked his signature pith helmet. He placed the helmet on his head, loaded his rifle, and headed towards the exit only to turn back towards Mac one last time.

"If I'm not back in 30 minutes I'm having way too much fun, in wich case I do not wish to be disturbed any more. Ta taa!" He said as he moved to the corridor, leaving the stunned Mac thinking about what just happened.
>> No. 38899273
Grindel was walking down the hallway, muttering about his left hand when he saw a man leaving a rather expensive room

"Who....who the hell is this guy?"

Grindel looked at his right hand

"You don't know either? Figures, you never know anything!"

Grindel opened a broom closet and hid inside

"Well Right, I don't know who he is! Now all of you shut it. I know you don't agree with this... but I do what is best for all of us!"
>> No. 38899499
As Lord Hottington was oh-so dandly walking forwards in the corridor, he suddenly heard a sound of door shutting behind him. He was suddenly and momentarily transfixed in his own toughts as he worked on possible equations.

"If I were a scruffy member of that air-bound band of beating buccaneers, otherwise known as airpirates, hiding from a dangerous huntsman like myself, I would choose the nearest place to hide in this situation..." He muttered silently to himself as he turned around towards the corridor again.

Noticing the closet, he suddenly sniffed the air. "Pine. Freshly painted too. This leaves no doubt!" He said as he rapidly moved to the closet.

"C'mon Mr. Pirate! Won't you come out from the closet already. We have all known about you for a long time now." He said as he hit the door of the closet with the muzzle of his rifle. The last thing he said was a carefully calculated bluff of course. There wasn't anyone except him in the corridor.
>> No. 38899750
File 134204347403.jpg - (241.47KB , 710x800 , OH SHIT UNDER ATTACK.jpg )
"Pi...PIR... PIRATE???"

Grindel slammed open the door, and smacking your rifle away


Grindel promptly dropped you

"But.. I haven't got the time or the tools to do that so I'm off!"

Grindel ran down the hall, making airplane noises and holding his arms out like wings.
>> No. 38899893
Hottington was hurt (both mentally and physically) by the sudden and unpredictable moment of coming-out from the closet routine. After standing in place for some 2 seconds or so (the time needed for his brain to restart), he quickly gave chase after him.

"Good grief! Someone! Get this man some opium! " he screamed, but realized soon that there weren't probably Anyone around to hear him, so he chose to continue the chase without opium.

Instead, he tried a new way to approach this extremely volatile situation. "Stop in the name of the law applied here by the physically superior! " he screamed again.

And I go to sleep by now
>> No. 38900062

Grindel turned a corner


A knife embeds itself in the floor infront of you.
>> No. 38900245
File 134204826618.jpg - (9.11KB , 183x275 , Ella pirate.jpg )
The door to her room opened slowly with a creak, and the dog stuck his nose out, sniffing curiously. Once he had a lead on something he proceeded to quickly trot out, his nose close to the ground and his tail raised up in the air. Ella was quick to follow behind him, hold her gun up close to her chest as she chewed on her cigar and listened carefully before fulling stepping out into the hall.

"Sps! Tyki!"

The canine turned it's massive brown and black head around and gave her a stare that could almost translate his doggy feelings across if his owner could have seen his face. But she couldn't, and so the dog was forced to walk back to her side and grab the rope that she held in her palm, dragging her along as she kept her pistol pointed.

As you are running, you would soon find yourself face to face with a women holding a gun in one hand and a rope in the other. Her clothing was skimpy, only shorts and a revealing shirt, and her hair was cropped short and coppery brown under the bandana she was wearing. On her right hip was a sword, and if you knew anything about swords, would instantly recognize it as the preferred weapon of a pirate.

The rope led down to the collar of a large german shepherd, who upon seeing you and your strange gas mask coming running down the hall, stops and begins to growl at you, his hackles rising. He bares his sharp white canines and let's out a ferocious guttural sound, small bits of dribble coming down off his jaws and landing on the ground. The women instantly points her gun, her baby blue eyes turning glaring at you, and yells in a loud authoritative voice.

"Who goes there?!"
>> No. 38900266
Grindel skidded to a stop

".... Great a dog...."

Grindel slowly backed away

"I'm some one that you need not know about. A hallucination that you are sharing with your dog."

Grindel reached into his pocket, finding a small pellet


Grindel threw the smoke pellet on the ground.... but it was faulty

"Well damn it. Thats the last time I buy from a cat person."
>> No. 38900321
The dog continues to growl, but a small tug on the rope from his owner makes him close his jaws and back off on his threatening posture. The women turns her head a bit sideways, almost as if something else had caught her attention. She takes a step forward, cocks her gun, then speaks once more.

"I said, who goes there?"

Her voice was a bit more quiet this time, and she was acting strange..was she listening for something behind her? Perhaps an alley? Whatever the case, your in a real pickle now as she had that gun trained right for your head.

"Are ye a pirate? Or some other fool who thinks he be stealin treasure before I can get to it?"

She smirks cockily at the end, itching her forehead a bit with her free hand. She twitches that cigar again, the ashes falling to the ground, and takes a long drag. The smoke she blows out drifts down the hall toward you, quickly dissipating in the air.
>> No. 38900456
File 134205050589.jpg - (11.46KB , 255x331 , Smirk.jpg )
He stopped, looking back at the Pantheran for a bit. An extra set of hands would be beneficial for the venture, but he also meant to get this guy off the ship as well. That's another mouth to feed.

He stayed quiet for a moment as he thought it over. "... alright, you get a small cut if you can help us get to the safes, we'll even give you a lift to the Dauntless and drop you off at any port you want. Just keep the id'jit brigade off me while I play with the tumblers."

He stuck out his hand to shake the Pantheran's, looking at him. "... until this is all over, consider us partners."
>> No. 38900483
"Now no one said anything about treasure aboard this ship!"

Grindel rubbed his hands, thinking of the gold and weapons

"So.... where is it? I'll split it with yah! Come on..... you can.... trust me? Right?"
>> No. 38900516
The stranger clapped his gloved hands together in satisfaction, clearly pleased with the way things were unfolding.

"Perfect! I shall be your guardian angel, and you have allowed my mission to continue unhindered. I thank you."

Without further hesitation, and either completely ignoring or simply not seeing the handshake offering, the Pantheran leapt with inhuman agility back up into the rafters, and into the nooks and crannies of the ship, as he had before the unfortunate attack of pirates, ready to drop down on any unlucky security guards that give Lep trouble.
>> No. 38900540
Her smirk grows into a full toothy grin, the cigar hanging out the corner of her lips and just barely being held in with her teeth. She starts to take a few slow steps toward you, the dog following in front of her, his hackles still raised. She stops in front of you for a moment, and you can just now see that the dark part in the middle of her eyes was clouded over. They seem to stare at something beyond you as she does the strangest thing you may have ever seen a women do. She leans forward and sniff's you.

" smell of man and ill thought. Alright, first lesson" she says as she pulls her gun up and points it to the ceiling.

"A pirate never trusts, nor should you ever trust a pirate. If you make the deal sweet enough, I may not shoot you. As to where that treasure is, well that's up to you to find bloke. Aye, I'll cover our backs. There's sure to be some other scallywags around here sniffin out 'our' treasure."

She takes a step back and to the side, motioning for you to lead the way.
>> No. 38900575
"Who said anything about making the deal? I'm just saving my life from that freaky dog."

Grindel walked back down the hallway, finding his knife still stuck in the floor

"I say we go......... that way."

Grindel walked down the hallway, passing by the closet he hid in

"I doubt I'll find a treasure chest, but I can hang someone out of a window until they tell me where it is."
>> No. 38900626
The women whistled very quietly to her dog, and instantly he was in work mode, his earlier defensive attitude forgotten.

"Tyki, follow" she says, pointing toward you as you begin to walk away. The dog is instantly on your trail, keeping you within his line of sight. As Ella was being drug along, she chuckles and puts her gun away, preferring her sword for now.

"You don't really have a choice mate. It's either a cut of whatever we loot, or your throat get's left for the next bloak to pick up. But I like where that mind of yours is a wonderin'".

And indeed she did. She was never one to kill a man without cause, but there was no harm in scaring the piss right out of 'em, which she had done quite literally on more than one occasion. And crazy men were always the funnest to play with.

She continues to follow, using a practiced method to drown both your footsteps and the sounds of the ship out and into background noise so she could focus on any out of the ordinary sounds. The slightest thud of a footstep, the sound of a barrel being loaded then clicked into place, even a whispered curse could alert her to an enemy.
>> No. 38900648
Grindel seemed to not even notice the dog following him.

"Hmm... signs.... signs.... signs..... .... no storage sings.... just more room numbers....."

Grindel turned around

"you'll tell me if you see a stair case... right? We could just head up and find the pilots, beat them into submission and force them to show us to the storage rooms filled with loot."
>> No. 38900686
goat go for a bit. I'll make nother post later tonight, wait up for me please
>> No. 38901755
File 134206349004.jpg - (158.09KB , 457x256 , pirate women 1.jpg )
Ella's head was turned the other way as you spoke, her attention elsewhere, but your words do filter through. At first she doesn't really respond, still not having much of a plan, but knowing that there were other pirates on board. Either that, or someone had just gotten a little gun happy. She finally turns her head back around to stare in your general direction.

"See? You be a fool of a crazy man, aren't ya? Why do you think I got this dog on the end of a rope, cause I want him to stick by me side? Aye yi yi.."

She rubs the back of her head as she shakes it, walking closer to you so she more easily cover your back.

"Look into my eyes boy. Do you see that? Those are the eyes of a blind women. Now how do you suppose I'm supposed to find stares, when I can't see an inch in front of me own face? Hmm?"

She shakes her head again, and starts to walk past you, having heard a sound coming from that general direction. If she were lucky, whoever had decided to plunder the ship might not be a half bad pirate, and she was always looking for a crew. One way or another, she would have herself a ship one day, even if it meant stealing it from someone else.
>> No. 38901920
"Well then miss fussy, How the hell was I supposed to know your blind? I can hardly tell what color my hand is anymore because I've been wearing this mask for so long. And the only reason I wear it is because it makes me look good."

By now you can tell this man is completely and utterly insane and theres no way he could ever have been sane.

"Also, I always thought blind people could sense things.... maybe thats just me."

Grindel looks at the dog

"So this guy is your eyes eh? Anyway, how'd you go blind? And if you are blind, why do you have a gun? Doesn't seem like the right weapon. Now a sword, that would be cool."
>> No. 38905300
I want to respond but I'm also kinda only have enough to say for a short post. Going to wait for someone else to post, so I have something more to write with.
>> No. 38906249
This seems a job for me!
>> No. 38906517
"Watch out miss! That man is potentially dangerous and dangerously lacking in opium!" Said the clearly out of breath voice wich belonged to Lord Hottington. His physical fitness had gotten little sloppy, wich was probably Why he had only now managed to catch Grindel.

He was now sternly aiming his rifle at Grindel, with a very serious expression on his face. "And he's probably a pirate scoundrel! How shamefull... " he added quickly to his last statement.
>> No. 38906557
"I am not a pirate, and I am insulted that you refer to me like that."

Grindel crossed his arms and stared at the man

"How do we know YOUUUUU are not the pirate? For all we know you could be a pirate and plan to kill us all!!! But no matter, I am in a search for treasure and weapons, care to join us??"
>> No. 38906872
" If We pillage only from pirates, native tribes, and poor people. That makes us heroes you see!" He said sharply. He had always wanted adventure in his life, and currently it contained no real action. He had planned long for dramatic change in his life, and now, as the opportunity conveniently presented itself, he might as well take it.

"So, I guess I'm in then fellows! Where do We start?" He asked as he lowered his rifle.
>> No. 38906942
"Pillage from the poor?"

Grindel shook his head

"Find a way to the cockpit so we can beat the pilots into taking us to the storage areas so we can start looting!!!"
>> No. 38907418
Others could post here
>> No. 38907459
[.... Where is everyone?]
>> No. 38907565
Lep looked up into the darkened areas of the ship as the pantheran vanished from view. Shrugging, he pressed on, .45 in hand as he slowly headed off towards the safes at the back of the ship. He stopped, listening to some commotion up ahead in the corridor, turning the corner to go down another way to avoid contact, soon righting himself down a parallel hall. No one was in sight, and not even a sound was emitted from his business partner up above him. Matter of fact, there wasn't even a call from Mac.

Well, the plan was going smoothly so far. And then it was sounded.

The klaxton and call to arms echoed through the ship. Feet shuffled and rushed as troopers ran to and fro, manning the limited defenses upon the luxury liner. A Pirate vessel had come into view, and the booming of their guns was heard, though not a shell hit the craft Lep was on.

"... oh great... just what I needed, Claimjumpers..."
>> No. 38908437
Bagger already didn't like this. He didn't like Airships, and he was on one. He didn't like their engines, to finicky, and he was assigned to work on an Airship to repair their engines. Worst of all, he didn't like incompetent gits muckin about where they weren't needed, and right now they had all hands working to get these blasted engines firing before something else blew up and he had to fix THAT too.

"Goddamn goggles. GOT NO BLOODY IDEA WHAT YER DOIN!" He yelled as he batted away one of the many younger staff hunched over the engine.
"Think yah know e'ry damn thing jus cause ya fresh out ah class! Pint say's yah wouldn' be able to tell a crank from a drive!"

At that same moment, the klaxon began to ring through the ship and the guards stationed at the door began hoofing it to their posts for defensive positions. The other ensign pushed his way back above the engine, mumbling something about a short drunken beard on legs. This pushed the already strained and unhappy Bagger over the edge.

" SOD IT! YOU THINK YOU KNOW E'RY THING BOUT THIS STONE DAMNED THING, THAN YOU FIX IT!" He yelled as he kicked the engine and then walked out the door. "Luxury Cruiser", right, more like pain in his ass.

And then he heard the tell tale thumps of cannons that made him stop dead in his tracks. You never mistake that kinda thud. Like a Bass drum slammed with a baseball bat, it rings true no matter where you are.

"Oh the stones be damned. This day jus canne get any worse can it! I SWEAR I GUNNA RIP THE FIRST BLOODY PIRATE I SEE IN TWAIN LIKE A WEE RILED UP GINGER MIDGET!"


Bagger wasn't really quite sure how he spotted the bugger in the dark corners of the ship, and he was fairly sure he probably heard his yelling, but this lad was lurkin about in the dark corners, with what he thought he saw was a glint of steel in the persons hand. Looks like a pirate, acts like a pirate, Pirate. Charge!


There is now as stout, greyhaired angry dwarf coming at Lep, How is this going to be handled?
>> No. 38911215
The equivalent of a bowling alley was made in the skies that day, and Lep ended up being the lone pin the Dwarf needed to knock over to get the spare. The impact literally sent Lep head over heals, knocking him onto the unforgiving floor, winded, and aching from the impact.

Pain shot through his legs, stomach, and it hurt to breathe. He more than likely fractured a rib or two when the Dwarf smashed into him full force. His eyes were still seeing stars. The .45 he held flew a ways down the hall, thunking on the floor.

There weren't many things one could do in the event of a dwarf charge, especially when one didn't note the damn being charging directly at them hollering like the drunken Caissic men they were.

For such tiny things, they had the muscle strength of a Clydesdale.
>> No. 38911370
As Smiling Fox had watched silently from above, even he flinched at seeing Lep fly down the hall. It would seem the pantheran overestimated the poor pirates abilities, and failed to assist him in time.

Anticipating the possibility for a fight, the assassin removed his weighty jacket and shoes and placed them neatly on the floor, leaving him wearing only a tight, black, poloneck sweater and slightly scuffed dress pants.

Lowering himself down from the storage component behind the Dwarf, sticking to the shadows. If the dwarf made any move that threatened to kill or seriously injure Lep, he would strike immediately.
>> No. 38911561
Perhaps Ella could post here?
>> No. 38912030

"I Gunna make ye regret every bit of loot ya stole from good people ya mangy sky rat!"

With that, Bagger began pummeling the poor fool pinned beneath him, though it was mostly to torment and put the poor sap in pain than kill him.

"...Wait a tick, ain't there usually more of yah in a bordin party?"

With that, he actually stopped punchin the poor lad. His mind began to rattle away the possibilities, and if he got charged for attackin another guard because he was pissed off he was more likely to be thrown off the side of the ship and fall like the rock he was. Now was the time for a total shift of momentum.

"Oh Damn IT! Ye're one of de crew ain't yah! Ya were patrol wer'nt yah! Ah crap! Get back on yer feet lad, and get back to yer post! None o' dis happened, an' the bruises were from a rat that found 'is way on the ship."

With that, Bagger pushed Lep back up on his feet after beatin him about like a drum for a bit. He ran down the hall on his stubby legs, grabbed the .45 and brought it back to him.

"Funny that ye be usin this puny little thing lad, Not much good in boardin action if ye ask me."
>> No. 38912953
Grindel looked around

"Anyone else hear a ruckus going on? It might be dem bunny rabbits causing another ruckus! THERE MAY BE LOOT!!!"

Grindel runs off, tripping over himself

>> No. 38915263
After seeing the previously enraged dwarf calm down, and help Lep up to his feet, Smiling Fox decided to strike while his guard was down. Sneaking along the walls as silent as the shadows themselves, he slowly made his way to the small man helping Lep up, and handing him his gun. Once he finally sneaks up behind him, he stands up, towering nearly two feet above the dwarf.

Smiling Fox doesn't hesitate as he sharply strikes two specific pressure points at the back of Bagger's knees, a few to his lower back, and one to his neck with uncanny speed, attempting to temporarily parazlyze the targeted areas, and cause the poor sod to fall to the floor.
>> No. 38915438
Hottington cast a sidelong look at the tripping fool, before turning towards him.

"Fix your internal issues later! We need to move forward now!" He said as he dashed ahead towards more adventure/valuables.

"Tally ho lads! Tally Ho!" He screamed as he ran forwards.
>> No. 38917071

Well this was extremely unfortunate, as Bagger's body decided "Huh, you get jabbed by sharp pain and will fall flat on your face unable to move."


Where normally he would be shouting and fighting yelling this, he still remained stiff as a board bolted to an I beam. He was going no where fast.
>> No. 38917087
"Not my fault! It was my right foot! He's a traitor to the cause of treasure. I say we cut him off and I get a new foot!" Grindel said, running along side him, "He's given away mission specific information, and ruining my sneaking attempts."

Grindel began looking through his pockets, before taking out what appeared to be a kitchen knife.
>> No. 38917348
Ella heard the other man coming running down the hall long before he actually rounded the corner, and it set her senses on red alert. Once the had come into Grindels sight, and she could hear his laborous puffing, her mind began work on a plan to ditch the two fools.

"Sps, come Tyki.." she whispered quietly to the shepherd, who proceeded to turn and trot down the other hallway with her.

She had gotten the massive german shepherd when he was only a pup, barely weened from his mothers side. Now, after five years of training, he was an exceptionally smart companion who could tell just from the slightest body language of his owner what his job should be. And right now, his job was to be quiet, to sneak along the sides of the hallway and avoid detection however possible. He didn't pant, he didn't bark, and for god's sake, he didn't growl or go running off after the ships few cats that hissed and ran from him. He was a very, very, well trained canine. Every step they took together only further showed how their teamwork, and as Ella rounded another corner, she gave the dog a grateful pat on the head. Without him, she would never have been able to get anything done.

"Now boy, where do ya think that treasure is, hm?" she whispered quietly as she stopped in a long hall, trying to listen and get her barrings. She closed her eyes and tried to drown out all the other noise so she could focus on which direction the sound of the engine was coming from. If she could figure out where she was exactly, then maybe she could find out where the captain of the ship kept their more important goods. She might even get lucky enough to find a safe or something.

ok, so I have a little more free time then I thought lol. Um, can I get some dm direction here, or should I just make her continue on?
>> No. 38917774
Smiling Fox crouched down next to the poor, paralyzed dwarf, lowering his head down close to the Dwarf's. As his yelling and shouting began to cease, the pantheran asked, in a somewhat mocking, snide way:

"I do so admire your people's strength, dwarf. Such fierceness and gusto... Shame they don't have much in the way of intelligence."

Patting the the dwarf on the cheek, he springs back up to his feet, and turned to Lep.

"I apologize for not protecting you from the ruffian sooner. He most likely would have overpowered me as well."
>> No. 38917986
"It's alright..." He groaned, resting his back against the wall, shaking his head, a bit weary. "... bastard got me good, and if there be anything I learned from dwarves, is that they're drunk, angry, and will more than likely be capable of tearing out an entire engine block from a bomber with their bear hands and lob it over their heads like a brick..."

He coughed some, groaning a bit. "... Bastard got me good... Better get going now, before they decide to-"

The boom of artillery was heard, the wall nearby suddenly getting a hole blasted through it near the door, the grappling hook's arms shooting outward as it was suddenly pulled back, grasping at the edges it made. The door got the same treatment, however the slab was torn from its hinges as it was pulled away.

"-... boarding party." He gritted his teeth, looking at the Pantheran. "... come on, let's get going. Let the security do its damn job, we got a safe to get off this ship..." He limped and hobbled off down the corridor, a bit more hurried. Time was against him, and Lord knows what Mac was doing down below with the sound of the alarm and gunfire from above.

The drone of the enemy's engines almost drowned out whoever was on their bullhorn, shouting the traditional "Stand and Deliver" spiel to the Penelope's crew and passengers. The wire the grapple was tied to went taut, as the hiss of pirates zip lining down towards the ship was heard.
>> No. 38919175
"Yes... Of course. Allow me to grab my supplies." Fox replies, and hastily pulls his coat and shoes out of storage, as well as a small shoulder bag, quickly putting them on as they walk down the hallway. He also pulls a rather ornate, decorated knife from his pocket.

"I just pray they do not hurt the passengers..." He says, checking the contents of his bag. "We need to hurry. My superiors are expecting some... fireworks in a small while."
>> No. 38923050

"...goddamned flying thieves....'

Bagger really couldn't do much beyond grunt, strain and yell. He now knew how those unlucky sods that got slammed with shrapnel in their spines felt, and stones did it suck. Being unable to move was very....uncomfortable to say the least. He tried to fight the nerve lock down, but it wasn't doing him much good. He could barely move his neck around, and couldn't see a damned bit.

>> No. 38923504
File 134239451476.jpg - (475.87KB , 1000x700 , The_Soldier__by_Winny_fan.jpg )
Mac didn't like where this was going at all. The ship swayed with the impact of each grapple, being towed closer towards the enemy ship. The security detail aboard didn't look like they could push away an attack made by vacuum salesmen, let alone pirates. He groaned, rolling his eyes as he sprinted towards the safes.

"... Kid, you owe me for this..." He kept his trenchgun at the ready, his hand unfastening his combat medic's helmet and slapped it onto his head, the chinstraps slapping at his cheeks and sides of his face. The sounds of footfalls down the halls caused the medic to raise the bore of his trench gun, as two figures bearing the marks of the enemy pirate crew stormed in, carbines and SMGs in hand.

Mac pressed back hard on the trigger, blasting a spray of buckshot at the enemy group, his left hand slamming back the pump action as he held down the trigger, slamming each deadly hail of buck at the boarding party, spent shells thunking down onto the floor nearby, the brilliant red ends of each of them blackened by the burning powder.

Mac slammed his back against the wall into a nook leading to a room, loading more shells as the pirates took the time to reorient themselves and start firing back.
>> No. 38923525
Lep swapped his .45 to his left hand, his right grasping the hilt of his Dessari saber, unsheathing the blade and moved forward, shaking his head. The pain had mostly subsided, though his body protested each movement he made. The sounds of gunfire were sporadic within the corridors, and the sound was echoing every which way. The young air pirate turned a corner, keeping his .45 up. There was sure a hell of a lot of people, and none of them looked like pirates.

"... Friend or foe?" He looked at them, the .45 still up, his saber at the ready in case anyone decided to come up close and personal with him. "I won't be having any funny business from either of you, much less from the bastards that decided to swarm this cruise!"
>> No. 38924202
File 134240400552.jpg - (54.24KB , 208x240 , hburst_hrm.jpg )
Sitting in her cabin room was a woman spread across a few pillows in luxury. Perched between her lips was the hose end of a small hookah she had brought on board. She tilted her head back and a plume of smoke rose from her nostrils and she gave a happy and contended sigh as her drug of choice deepened its affect on her.

As the first reports of fire ring throughout the ship. She sits up lazily and looks around her room, she sets the hookah hose back onto its catch. "Bloody hell." She murmurs before getting up and stretching her back. "Can't I get a moments peace?" She adds before standing up and picking up a bag containing her things, after setting some components out of the bag she picks up a small but powerful revolver. She had a few containers of contraband. She wasn't drug smuggling however, the small amounts she was carrying was for her own recreational use, and perhaps selling some when she got to port for spending cash.

However one does not carry as many rare and illegal contraband like Burst did and not come across someone who wanted to try and take it from her every now an then. Since she was trapped on a ship, flight wasn't an option. It was time for fight. Putting the revolver into her belt she takes a small grenade and some string, and begins rigging a trap on her door. In case anyone foolish decided to force their way in to get at her stuff they'd catch a lethal surprise. She sets up a safety trip release, for when she herself returned and stepped out into the hallway looking left and right carefully.

"I'm running a discount on exploded heads if any pirates wanna take advantage of a once in a lifetime sale." She says spinning her revolver and clicking it into place.
>> No. 38924269
[... Could I assume Grindel can answer that yell?]
>> No. 38924312
I have no problem with this
>> No. 38924360
"Discounts on Exploded Pirate heads? I'm in!"

Grindel leaves the pompous old man and runs down the hallway, looking at each door

"Well... theres the problem.... Right... you got any Idea where the voice came from?"

Grindel looks at his right hand

"You don't know? Ahh come on man, you have to know."

Grindel sighs

"Time to check random doors...."
>> No. 38924408
Burst grins at him dangerously as she sets her hand over her own door and firmly holds it in place. "Careful buddy, or you're gonna get more than you bargained for from my room."
>> No. 38924492
"Treasure? Or a trap?"

Grindel pulled a knife out and played with it

"If you were really in the business of killing pirates, you wouldn't trap your own room on an airship."

Grindel slipped the knife around, doing small little tricks with it.

"You also wouldn't get distracted by a crazy man with a knife but... I don't have experience with that. Do you know where Treasure is? I've been trying to find some for a small while."
>> No. 38924599
File 134240743946.jpg - (24.28KB , 92x95 , hburst_yeah.jpg )
Burst seems undaunted by the knife tricks. She merely folds her arms and leans on the door with a bit of a knowing grin. She looked Grindel up and down with an appraising eye. He seemed of the adventuring sort, she pondered. Adventurers tended to frown on some aspects of her business, and smile upon others. Recreational drugs tended to be their purchase of choice. This seemed like a bad time to make a sale, given the fighting going on somewhere, but.. potential customers were potential customers.

"What sort of 'treasure' you looking for? Because if you skip the adventure portion and cut straight to the treasure bit, it'll cost ya." She says, pinching her forefinger and thumb together.
>> No. 38924608
"No thanks, I already have a set of happy drugs."

Grindel put the knife back into his trench coat.

"But, if we could possible go and find where the rich people store their belongings we could rob them and then kill some pirates to make it seem like we were doing good."
>> No. 38924718
File 134240829999.jpg - (24.28KB , 92x95 , hburst_yeah.jpg )
"Mm, too bad." She shrugs.

"Alright, I'm not against a few opportunistic grabs." She comments looking him over once more to gauge how well he'd be able to hide loot in his clothes.
>> No. 38924735
"Whats wrong with your eye?"

Grindel stared at it

"Seriously, Whats wrong with your eye?? Its so weird looking and stuff. You should wear a mask or something."
>> No. 38924748
"I ran with scissors when I was a little girl." She lies, with a raucous round of cackling laughter.

"Let me guess.. you're the brawn of whatever operation you're involved in.. not the brain."
>> No. 38924798
"Brawn? Do I seem the strong type to you? No I'm the guy who sits in the corner talking to himself before people start making fun of him. After that I'm the guy covered in blood, running away from the pile of meat I just made from those people making fun of me."

Grindel twitches a tiny bit

"What about you? You have to be crazy"
>> No. 38924871
... so not quite smart enough to equate 'brawn' with a penchant for killing without thought.

She laughs. "Wholesale murder? With no profit in mind? You know what they say friend. If you're really good at something you should never do it for free."

"That mean you're bad at killing?"
>> No. 38925180
"Ask the 150 people who are now under the dirt, 600 people who are also still missing, and the 20 arms I have sent to families telling them their fathers died pissing their pants. I do it for free because killing is just soooooo much fun!"

Grindel is giggling like a madman before straightening his jacket

"Now you coming or what?"
>> No. 38925218
"I'd say go for quality, not quantity." She says with a shrug and begins walking after him. "But, to each her own." She says walking past him.
>> No. 38934811
Smiling Fox, who'd been following a few paces behind, entered the room with Lep.

"If I may interrupt... I don't believe bothering with these frilly types is of much use." Fox said, idly twirling his knife around his finger. "Unless one of them knows where that safe is. But of course you already know that, I assume?"
>> No. 38976649
Rest in peace thread. You looked like you were going to be a lot of fun.
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