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File 134229131887.jpg - (184.01KB , 800x625 , flowershop-final_1_original.jpg )
38916986 No. 38916986
#Open #Canon: Destination: Equestria #Chill #Lighthearted #General #Power Limit #Normal
It's been a while since Roseluck had opened the flower shop known as the Flower Sisters' Floral Emporium, both due to the heat, and other factors. Today, however, was different. She was determined to get business moving again, and hopefully help somepony out. She had hung the sign on the front of the shop declaring that they were open, and left the front door ajar, to hopefully draw some attention, and waited behind the counter.
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>> No. 38917427
File 134229626535.png - (93.44KB , 180x283 , spoiler.png )
I'm watching you. Yes, yes I am...
>> No. 38917457
File 134229649494.png - (51.91KB , 184x185 , Generic happy.png )
>Lily was in the shop with her sister, tending to the flowers to make sure they were still as fresh as could be for any potential customers.
>> No. 38917538
>> No. 38917547
File 134229745271.png - (159.62KB , 482x801 , 133195277256.png )
Still behind the counter, Roseluck tidied up, dusting the surface idly. Maybe there would be some customers, today. It might be too hot out, at the same time.
>> No. 38917627
File 134229842837.jpg - (72.01KB , 571x700 , crimson_by_sammacha-d4hi8po.jpg )
>then swaggy peg pony walks by
>> No. 38917664
File 134229886393.png - (138.29KB , 772x714 , 130732381743.png )
Flowers are super girly, yeah, but they do draw in a lot of bees and butterflies, so that would make a flower shop, like, a butterfly shop by proxy, wouldn't it? Well, that's what Snails thinks, as he spots the flower shop while walking by. He decides to investigate further, to see if there are any interesting little crawly or fluttering things to be seen inside of the shop.
>> No. 38917683
it's a good thing you are a girl .
>> No. 38917693
>It's a good thing this is an RPing thread and not an /oat/ thread, right?
>> No. 38917700

Think you're confusing me with a different Snails.
>> No. 38917705
>> No. 38917710
File 134229940902.png - (149.71KB , 834x957 , 2.png )
If you want to post, please do. I welcome all posters!~

Hi!~ I'm Roseluck, and welcome to the Flower Sisters' Floral Emporium! How might I help you today? Looking for anything in particular?
>> No. 38917721
This is not the 'Pony peace corps' Snails. If you'd like to actually join the thread and make fun of a small colt ICly, please do, though.
>> No. 38917734
>stops walking
I didn't really plan on buying flowers and what not today.
>> No. 38917743
File 134229974475.jpg - (10.67KB , 233x300 , 130731577369.jpg )

Snails is looking at all the various flowers, but more going from one to the other rapid fire than actually taking the time to stop and smell the roses, as it were. He keeps muttering "Not here..." when he leaves each flower and goes to the next.
>> No. 38917763
>watching this
......who gave their kid sugar?
>> No. 38917769

What McGoatee said. I'm not the Pony Peace Corps Snails.

Also gotta jet for a bit. Be back later
>> No. 38917813
File 134230045207.png - (277.69KB , 1500x1667 , 8.png )
Isn't there anypony you might be interested in getting flowers for? Anypony at all that you're interested in?

.... Oooooookay, then, not really how I'd go about finding the right flower, I guess, but your choice.
>> No. 38917862
Flowers for somepony?
Well the thing is I don't have anyone to buy flowers for.
That may sound a little strange.
>> No. 38917895
File 134230128927.png - (153.58KB , 1000x799 , 1.png )
Not everypony has or needs somepony, and I understand that. I was just offering to help you out here. You could always enjoy the flowers, the scent, the colors, too.
>> No. 38917922
well.....Do you have anything that eat bugs?
>> No. 38917959
File 134230204490.png - (29.66KB , 390x341 , 133087295034.png )
I do have a specimen of dionaea muscipula, if you want. It's a little young, and just a little underdeveloped, but it is what it is.
>> No. 38917987
Can i see it?
what was it called little shop of horrors?
>> No. 38917990
File 134230251260.jpg - (64.42KB , 850x1160 , Switzerland Face (Canis).jpg )
Rush walks in casually but sets his weapon by the front door, he didn't think he'd need it
As he walked he would sniff some specimens and look at them like he might take a bite of them
>> No. 38918003
Audrey II. It was a mutant Venus Fly Trap
>> No. 38918018
File 134230288171.jpg - (168.01KB , 921x691 , Dionaea4.jpg )
It's more commonly known as the "Venus Flytrap". It feeds on small insects, and is one of very few carnivorous plants.
>> No. 38918026
File 134230300297.png - (154.58KB , 870x918 , 3.png )
Sir? Is there any way I can assist you?
>> No. 38918040
>gently pokes one
huh so they eat bugs.
Hay, maybe they eat ponies to.
>> No. 38918042
File 134230323622.jpg - (117.10KB , 850x1160 , Whats up___.jpg )
His ears point at her and he turns to her as she spoke
".....Do you own this shop?"
He looks back at the flowers, even with his serious looks he spoke to her softly
>> No. 38918050
File 134230331211.png - (37.79KB , 285x281 , ~Oh um__.png )
That is almost entirely impossible. I say "almost," because, quite frankly, I've seen things that should have been impossible. Right now, nothing is impossible, just very highly improbable.
>> No. 38918052
File 134230335185.png - (29.66KB , 390x341 , ~Always Watching.png )
With my two sisters, yes. Why do you ask?
>> No. 38918062
ummm...well that was a joke.
>> No. 38918065
File 134230351352.png - (130.85KB , 474x582 , New Rush.png )
"........Sisters owning a shop together...."
He smiles at this and his true colors show
"...Sweet....anyway I'm here for a certain flower, wondering if your expertise may know of it..."
>> No. 38918068
just like always
>> No. 38918077
..Oh god you again...anyway no not this time mind you....
>> No. 38918082
File 134230388652.png - (164.38KB , 894x893 , twilight_is_not_amused_by_xn_dragon-d4llthn.png )
do I have to count the thread again rushy?
>> No. 38918086
File 134230391987.jpg - (88.77KB , 850x1160 , Do I look at all Interested.jpg )
Well I'm not trying anything funny this time..
>> No. 38918089
If yall've got some kind of beef with each other, it'd be best if you settled it.. Elsewhere, please.
>> No. 38918097
File 134230408436.jpg - (97.76KB , 850x1160 , I'll be part of your nightmares soon enough (Spark).jpg )
We don't she just likes to joke about it, we are very good friends actually
>> No. 38918098
File 134230409052.png - (157.22KB , 862x926 , twilight_sparkle___daydream_by_dentist73548-d46xkeh.png )
I'm fine, rushy seems a little confused by what i said
>> No. 38918105
>Similar faces?....Close enough
>> No. 38918133
File 134230469500.png - (31.29KB , 431x583 , ~Consider the following.png )
Do you have a name for this flower?

The flytrap is... 7 bits, each.
>> No. 38918141
File 134230479932.jpg - (39.80KB , 637x825 , But that's wrong you fucking retard.jpg )
"...all I can give you are the properties..."
He took out a small list of paper
".......The stem is very prickly, like a rose, but also has a glossy finish...The leaves look like that of a fern and the petals range from Orange to Brick red in coloring....Know anything about that?
>> No. 38918168
File 134230522377.png - (154.94KB , 894x894 , ~Shrug.png )
I..... don't know of any flower like that, sorry.
>> No. 38918390
>>38918133 don't sell anything else but flowers?
>> No. 38918505
File 134230980876.png - (37.79KB , 285x281 , ~Oh um__.png )
It's just flowers, of most any variety.
>> No. 38918530
ya sorry If I'm flower stupid, but i can't tell a rose from a lily.
>> No. 38918644
File 134231184461.png - (52.33KB , 500x500 , ~Smirk.png )
.... Let me go get my sister.
>> No. 38918681
sure, I can wait.
>> No. 38918700

>> No. 38918754
File 134231304119.png - (208.81KB , 543x541 , ~That\'s nice.png )
Not like that.


I... couldn't find her. She must be out, now. Sorry about that. I did bring flowers up for demonstration, at least.

>She sets a few flowers out on the counter, without organizing them.

Now, we've got an assortment of roses and lilies here, yes?
>> No. 38918781
Ya i see, that's really nice
So which one is this?
>holds up a rose
>> No. 38918813
File 134231378714.png - (29.66KB , 390x341 , ~Always Watching.png )
That's a rose, as you can tell by the clear spiral pattern of the petals, distinctive coloration, and lack of pattern on the petals. These aren't always a perfect judge of this sort of thing, but it's a good general rule, if you're in a pinch.
>> No. 38918829
It's a beautiful flower...Don't you think?
>looks at rose luck out of the corner of his eye then back to the flower
>> No. 38918851
File 134231430348.png - (41.85KB , 260x243 , Does it look like I'm impressed¿.png )
I was told I was needed?
>> No. 38918852
File 134231432071.jpg - (590.84KB , 700x1098 , thank__s_for_standin___still__wanker__by_jazzaroundtheclock-d4v3kh2.jpg )
The RED Sniper walked through through Ponyville's streets, today was a hot day indeed, wearing his hat and sunglasses helped though. His rifle shined sightly on his back as he walked through this strange new world.
However as he walked around he noticed a small shop, simple one, like most of the ones here. But, he noticed a certain rose-y pony. He stops walking and takes a closer look, trying to remember that pony. She looked familiar... Oh of course, it was the one that helped him when he arrived here, chuckling shortly and quietly to himself he decides to pay a visit, making his way inside the small door and into the shop.
>> No. 38918855
File 134231434994.jpg - (18.94KB , 230x595 , 131207664568.jpg )
Snails continues his search through the various flowers, each time shaking his head and muttering that it wasn't here, whatever it was. Eventually he exhausts his search and shakes his head. "Why aren't any here?" he asks to himself, but loud enough for anyone who might have been observing the colt's odd behavior to notice.
>> No. 38918872
File 134231451366.png - (417.61KB , 612x709 , ~Happy Garden.png )
Oh, hello!~ I'm Roseluck. This is the Flower Sisters' Floral Emporium. Is there anything I can help you with?

It is very pretty, as flowers go.

Any what, if you don't mind my asking?
>> No. 38918883
Yes, It is a nice flower.
>> No. 38918910
File 134231504130.jpg - (270.52KB , 698x1024 , TF2__Sniper_by_Rono22.jpg )
The RED Sniper looks down at the small pony, smiling sightly. "G'day." he replies to the mare as he fully makes his way inside. " I know ye are lass" he says, smiling and nodding sightly, then after a short moment he looks around. "Nice shop" he says, looking at the flowers displayed on the counter.
>> No. 38919004
File 134231647900.png - (75.33KB , 600x600 , Well hello there!.png )
Hey Rose! Did you need any help over here?
>> No. 38919017
Well hello there.

My name is Crimson, and who might you be?
>> No. 38919026
File 134231675481.png - (226.00KB , 700x650 , Waving.png )
I'm Lily, did you need some help picking out a flower for that special somepony?
>> No. 38919033
File 134231684177.png - (78.40KB , 486x402 , Rose3.png )
Thank you. How have you been handling the area?
>> No. 38919040
Nice to meet you miss lily.

You can say that.
What would you suggest?
>> No. 38919058
File 134231718375.png - (174.05KB , 1200x1200 , Ooooh_ Isn't that interesting.png )
Well that all depends on how special this pony is and what you're trying to say.
>> No. 38919064
hmmmm......hello pretty mare but less cheese.
>> No. 38919085
File 134231761577.jpg - (546.18KB , 1024x768 , MeadowStarwort.jpg )
>Lily put a hoof to her chin and thought for a moment, which flower would this be, and did they have it here? She went to look around the shop and came back with a white Flower.
"Starwort does the trick!"
>She smiled showing him the flower.
>> No. 38919091

Simple and to the point, that works.
>> No. 38919094
File 134231780774.png - (51.91KB , 184x185 , Generic happy.png )
>She walked over to the till with the flowers and put them on the counter after wrapping them carefully.
"That'll be five Bits!"
>> No. 38919110
>Hoofs over five bits
Thank you for all your help.
I couldn't of does this without you
this is where it get tricky
>moves over to rose luck and holds out the flowers for her
their are for you.
>> No. 38919126
File 134231826717.png - (43.52KB , 500x500 , ~Unsure.png )
I... I'm sorry, but I can't take these. I'm already in a relationship. Thank you for the thought, though. It's very sweet, but... yeah.
>> No. 38919136
File 134231851725.png - (41.85KB , 260x243 , Does it look like I\'m impressed¿.png )
>Lily takes the Bits and deposits them in the register, and just watches as Crimson offer's the bought flowers to her sister, whom was already in a relationship with Wheaty.
>> No. 38919140
Oh well, guess I have to stop hitting on taken mares
>half smile
Go ahead and keep them.
>> No. 38919144
didn't know it was with that pony

wouldn't of done that if i knew
>> No. 38919215
File 134232005728.png - (735.07KB , 1279x712 , ~Storm of Flowers.png )
That... might be a wise choice, yes. I do appreciate the flowers, but... find somepony nice that you can give them to, as a gift. She may appreciate them more than I can, okay?
>> No. 38919253
Guess I'll keep looking,
Maybe there's a mare out there that won't hate me.
>walks out whistling to himself
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