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#Open #Poster-limit #Canon: Destination: Equestria #General #Power Limit
It's a brand new day, and the sun is high, and all the birds are singing a tiny bit malevolent-sounding tune, which is pretty much unrelated to anything that's going to happen in this thread.

Mayor Mare stood behind her desk, already piled high with scrolls, forms, papers and memos. Well, not already - most of it was work from yesterday, which was the work from the day before and so on and so forth. For all her talent in governing, personal organization was not included. Still, time and public service waited for nopony and she dove into the work with zeal. Her secretary, Dewey Decimal was on vacation, so she kept her office door open for any citizens with matters to be brought to her attention.
Poster limit: Anyone welcome, but try not to overwhelm the mayor - if she's already engaged with someone, feel free to hang around in the town hall lobby.
Power- limit: Can have, can use - responsibly.
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File 134328201925.png - (149.96KB , 804x994 , Just Like AJ.png )
Poking her head through the doorway of the room, having very easily let herself in, the filly flicks an ear and calls out to the mare in a joking tone.

"Miss Mayor? Yer one o' clock's here."
>> No. 38980250
File 134328252860.png - (86.21KB , 945x945 , 133281742159.png )
Mayor's head shot up from behind the pile of papers. One o'clock? Already? But she'd just started! And what happened with Dewey Decimal? Her voice was all wrong? Was she sick?

For all her abilities, Mare didn't switch gears smoothly, especially once she really got going. She'd found early on that the best and fastest way of doing something was to focus until it was done.

"Oh, hello there, Applebloom," she said cheerfully. She knew the filly by her name, if not by her performance in the Ponyville talent show alongside Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, then by the sheer frequency it came up in various damage reports. She took her glasses off and gave her a straight, friendly look. "What can I do for you?"
>> No. 38980291
File 134328303371.png - (176.61KB , 844x1315 , Applebloom - Vector 1.png )
Lightheartedly trotting up to the mare's desk and taking a polite seat in the chair in front of it, the filly gives her a wide grin. Yes, she and her friends broke things... A lot. Usually it was her fault since she was sort of the unofficial leader or something... But irregardless, she didn't have any objections to speaking with the mare who generally ended up taking care of the damage she caused.

"Ah was just stoppin' by to ask ya a few questions. Was wonderin' what is and isn't okay to do since ah usually end up breakin' rules an' not knowin' it."
>> No. 38980331
>A stallion was in the lobby, here for the accounting job that was advertised.
>> No. 38980339
File 134328365644.png - (158.61KB , 900x874 , 1.png )
Mare's smile froze - just a little. Why was she asking that? Sure, she might be trying to be just a little more responsible about her cutie mark crusading but... oh, sweet Celestia, Cutie Mark Crusader Judges would not end well. Quick, derail!

"Well, it's a little complicated. You see, rules exist to keep ponies from harm, so something that doesn't put anypony or anything in danger is usually okay. Now, the rules tell you whether doing something might do that - some of them are obvious, of course. It's easy to see how picking fights, stealing, lying and so on often leads to more harm than good. But a lot of things can seem like they would do good, but would actually hurt somepony, which is where the rules come in.

So, what exactly did you have in mind?"
>> No. 38980362
File 134328391065.png - (476.47KB , 1024x1024 , Herdvana.png )
Putting a hoof to her chin thoughtfully, she inquisitively and genuinely asks, "Is there a law that says ah can't build stuff in the park? 'Cause ah was thinkin' of maybe puttin' together another talent show..." Quietly thinking to herself, she adds, "Ah wouldn't be participatin', maself. That'd just be unfair. I'll be judgin'."
>> No. 38980390
File 134328428492.png - (194.15KB , 1092x1152 , 133670626093.png )

Oh no.

Oh please no.



All their plans have failed so far - catastrophically so, usually. So an event by those three would at least take place where there would be plenty of ponies to help with whatever goes horribly and unpredictably wrong this time.

"Well, I don't see the harm in it," Mare said, tapping her chin. "I'm guessing your two friends will be be helping too?"
>> No. 38980395
Question, invisible as in... invisible? I'm a li'l confused here.
>> No. 38980427
File 134328479073.png - (434.28KB , 429x600 , In a Field.png )
Yes! Yes!

"Uh... No. I dunno. Ah ain't seen much of 'em recently... So that's definitely a possible maybe."

And their plans didn't always fail. They made ice cream that was actually pretty good that one time. Granted, they just mixed two tubs of ice cream they bought from the store...

Okay, so maybe it was sort of a curse that things always failed for them, but at least it was always fun!
>> No. 38980438
His talent is that he can turn invisible. He's visible right now
>> No. 38980469
File 134328529240.png - (1.55MB , 775x1056 , 133637919494.png )
"Well then!"

The mayor looked down at Applebloom, then picked up a blank sheet of paper and began writing on it.

"It's my pleasure to present you with the official mayoral permit to build, organize and execute a talent show in Ponyville park."

She stopped and looked Applebloom in the eye.

"Under one condition."
>> No. 38980486
File 134328545452.png - (173.47KB , 405x517 , 131047981319.png )

"Yeeeeeeees, Miss Mayor?"

You may want to get whatever promise she's making in writing...
>> No. 38980521
File 134328595640.png - (155.58KB , 450x430 , 134323300153.png )
She folded her hooves in front of her and nodded at the filly.

"I want a grownup pony watching over you at all times while you prepare. You could ask your parents or sisters if they could help, too."

Mayor's expression serious'd.

"I mean it, Applebloom."
>> No. 38980543
File 134328682799.png - (156.68KB , 403x427 , Ah\'m an Apple Filly.png )
Oh. This again...

"Alright, alright... Promise..."

The fire-maned filly could already sense a loophole she could abuse... Now, who was an adult she knew, but also incredibly easy to manipulate...?

"Ah'll make sure we got an adult with us... Don'tcha worry, Miss Mayor."
>> No. 38980551
File 134328704533.jpg - (75.44KB , 600x338 , 133281985754.jpg )
"Excellent." Mayor Mare didn't hold any illusions that the condition would hold - her younger self would probably run circles around her now, and the CMCs would probably put her to shame - but at least she could tell everyone, herself included, that she put in an honest effort. She also made a mental note to put the Ponyville fire department on alert. "I'll be looking forward to it."

She looked past Applebloom and toward the pony waiting in the lobby, giving him a quick I'll-be-with-you-in-a-second nod.
>> No. 38980559
File 134328736775.png - (281.55KB , 900x900 , Got ma hat.png )
Hopping down from the chair and roughly stuffing the signed paper into her mane just because, the filly gives Ponyville's mayor a polite nod before adding,

"Thank ya, mayor. Ah promise ya won't regret this."
>> No. 38980567
File 134328762044.jpg - (72.00KB , 900x816 , 134097344395.jpg )
I'm so going to regret this.

"My pleasure, Applebloom. And say hi to your friends for me, won't you?"

She motioned to the nondescript pony waiting in the lobby to come in now.
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