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#Closed #Canon: Destination: Equestria #Series: Requiem #Adventure #Dark #Violence #General #Serious #So close...

Fear. One of the most potent forces. An instrument to rule over others, to bind and break them. A tool of tyrants and monsters.

How grim and narrow-minded.

Fear of the dark and cold gave birth to fire. Fear of being forgotten creates truly amazing works of art. Fear of loneliness forms friendships and communities. Fear of extinction creates new life.

Sit for a while, and witness for yourself what tremendous feats a small band of heroes could be motivated to accomplish...out of their fear of death. Look to the other end of the playing the soulless monstrosity plaguing the land, its vast army...and the puppet it has created to gain my favor and sate my hunger.

Amazing what fear can create, no?

Look, they have almost reached their destination. Impressive that they managed to get the ship up and ready in such a short time, don't you think? Fear, my friend. In an way, you could say...they owe their accomplishments to me. Funny, really...that it was me causing what led us all to this point...and what will end this conflict, one way or another. But enough talk...I'm eager to meet them all.

Shining Armor had barely had a chance to explore the curious properties of the village he had waltzed into, screaming bloody murder, when the airship landed only a few steps away from the village's borders. Eris had kept her word - the map she had provided had guided the rest of the group to their destination with pinpoint precision...and it had only cost Rillian a back rub and some of his dignity.

"I'm sure you don't mind if we stay here with the ship", the Captain remarked dryly, and every single remaining member of his crew breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that THIS was as close to the center of all this misery as they would go - way too close already for most of them. "Well have everything ready to get the hell out as soon as you return. Good luck."

The sun was setting already. Soon, whatever the villagers were so deathly afraid of would rise and descend upon them. Only this time, thankfully, they were not alone with their nightmares.
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File 137942975562.png - (572.05KB , 1111x815 , tumblr_medpvt02EM1rrp9kao1_1280.png )
The good prince, who was less angry now that he'd had a chance to realize a few things looked over at the ship, cocking his head at it. How had they gotten here so fast? It didn't matter, they were here now! He turned to the filly and smiled. "Don't you worry, everything's going to be alright now, got it?" He then booked it for the airship, excited that his allies would be here at last to aid him, maybe they could end this sooner rather then later.
>> No. 40095398
File 137944333645.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
Rillian thanked the captain of the ship for everything he had done for them before leaving the relatively safer vehicle behind as he approached Shining, the rest of the group probably soon to join him if not there already.

"Shining~" he said, then brought a hoof up to his face when the name came out in a very flirtatious tone. "Ugh...okay. Long story short, the change happened in return for being able to find you."

He glanced around himself at the village, then at the filly.

"So, what's the situation?"
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File 137944672658.png - (223.97KB , 322x690 , Smile 2.png )
After cleaning and getting more ammo for his weapons. Salsa gets off the ship and gives a nod to the Captain of the ship. He then gives Shining a salute "Good to see you again Sir."
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File 137944900869.png - (166.99KB , 513x518 , 02.png )
If the girl had noticed Rillian's strange voice, she wasn't acknowledging it. Chances were that she had seen and heard stranger things since all...this had begun.

Not yet answering, the filly looked towards the horizon where the sun was about to set. She had refused to go back into the house before, but now... "You'll see." This was all she answered Rillian before retreating back into her house and locking the door. Smeared across the wall, Rillian could read that dreadfully hopeless message that was decorating the entire village.

"No one leaves."

Less than 10 minutes until the sun would have set completely...

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File 137944909644.jpg - (49.69KB , 211x298 , staring.jpg )
>Currently napping on a nearby section of ground which was slightly more comfortable than the rest of it was Renfield Frye, ex time traveller and part time pun fountain. After a few twists and turns, he jolts awake in his sleep
GAH! What...Who..where...?
>He looks around confusedly, almost not recognising where he was, until realising he was still at the village
...How long have I been out for?
>Ren looks around confusedly before rubbing his head
Feels like forever...All my joints are seized up, I'm barely cognitive and I only vaguely remember anything for the last few weeks.
>He rubs his face again, before pausing, rubbing it a few more times and going wide-eyed. He frantically reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone and he starts looking at his face, where slight traces of stubble appear above his lip
Oh my god! Facial hair? I must've been out for a really long time! Ugh, this is the worst...I didn't even pack a razor...
>He examines himself closer in the mirror, spotting that his hair was slightly longer and the roots were back to their usual brown
Great. Just great, I knew that this wasn't exactly going to leave me looking like a super model, but I didn't realise just how LONG it was going to be either!
>He puts his phone back in his pocket and finally pulls himself to his feet. After cracking his neck and his knuckles, he looks around the deck bemusedly
...Maybe I should go back to making puns instead of going on adventures...I don't really get good reactions out of either, but at least it's mildly less life-threatening...
>He shoves his hands in his pockets and walks over to Shining and the ones surrounded him and gives a lazy wave
G'mornin' Captain and others...sorry about-
>He yawns in the middle of his sentence
...Sorry 'bout dropping off.
>> No. 40096615
File 137947530007.png - (80.96KB , 434x418 , huh.png )
Stitched up, doped up, and wanting to get up, Wheaton felt the ship come to a landing. Had they made it to that village Rillian said they were headed toward? He wanted to see for himself, whether or not someone protested that he stay and rest.

He rose and slowly made his way to the deck of the ship, with fresh bandages making him look healthy enough if it weren't for his slight limp. Yep, they were here, and the sun was setting. Darkness and the undead were never a good thing when they were together. Tonight was going to be a rough night. There was no doubt about that.

Doing his best to look ready for duty, he made his way off the ship, giving a reverent nod and thank you to the ship's captain and crew, and joined the rest of them.
>> No. 40096623
File 137947551488.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
Leaping from the deck, he landed onto the ground with a rather loud thud, leaping slightly once or twice more to regain balance and stand properly. A few arm stretches and a cracked back later, he rolled his head, ready to roll.
>> No. 40097533
"What are you doing?!"

The villager's voice was ripe with fear and disbelief. Whoever these people and ponies were, they needed to be off the street as soon as possible. If they were spotted by what was waiting for darkness in the mountains...who knew what new horrors the minds of these travelers would bring?

"Get inside!" The stallion waved at the lot of them to usher them into his home. "Fools! The sun is setting! For the love of Celestia, get off the streets!"
>> No. 40098577
File 137955888848.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
He merely cracked his knuckles, giving a disapproving snort. He lumbers over, kneeling beside the door on the right. "And why?"
>> No. 40098691
File 137956177073.png - (141.47KB , 470x675 , Talking 2.png )
"We got this. Don't worry about it. You get inside though." Salsa says looking towards the mountains.
>> No. 40099385
File 137960189220.png - (257.44KB , 866x797 , 4134__.png )
The Prince looked over his men, noticing the lack of a wing on the Astral, that is of course as long as that wasn't fixed while his player wasn't looking, and his face twisted into a grimace.

He then looked to the pony who was worrying for them and shook his head. "No, we're here to fix this. Whatever comes out at night is exactly what we're here to see. My man is right though, get inside, lock your doors and stay quiet. We'll fix this all soon enough, it's gone on for far too long."

He turned to face his group, the fresh claw wounds on his chest still bleeding quite a bit. "Men! We march now, I hope you enjoyed your trip over on the ship, because I have a feeling we'll get no more rest from here on out. Everyone with me and let's move!" His mind wondered to the girl and his wife... They had been so far behind... would they be alright? Of course just then like a pink angel from above, Cadance floated down to the group, the filly on her back no doubt as she rushed over to Shining Armor and nuzzled him.
>> No. 40099420
File 137960379317.png - (84.66KB , 471x384 , question.png )
Nope, no wing there, unless this player in particular did indeed miss something from someone else in the down-time.

The astral pegasus looked away when the Captain looked him over, a bit of shame shading his resolved look for those few moments. He vowed to serve until the bitter end, and he intended to keep that vow.

The others explained that they were not here to hide, so he didn't add to it. This is what they were here for. This was the end of their road.

As they would begin moving out, Wheaton would raise a hoof to catch the captain's attention, and say "Captain, would you mind holding still for a moment while I treat that wound of yours?" Then again, now that Cadence floated down and joined them, perhaps she could take care of it. The offer still stood though.
>> No. 40099423
File 137960399710.jpg - (58.29KB , 1000x840 , 134126975004.jpg )
The prince looked at the wounded pony. "Are you fit to do that? I mean, you're clearly hurt yourself. I'll live. So I think it's best you keep your energy for more life threatening wounds, don't you?"
>> No. 40099428
File 137960415672.jpg - (47.99KB , 286x337 , Considerthefollowing.jpg )
>Ren rolls his eyes
Get off the streets he says, can't you tell by looking at us that we're main characters? We're all bright and colourful and weird looking, which basically means that we're main characters, granted we don't have a window to look through dreamily while waiting for the mysterious transfer student who may or may not be an alien, plus we haven't had lunch on the roof yet...
>He stops for a second
...What was I talking about? Oh yeah, getting inside. You get on inside, we'd hate to be a bother and take up room. Besides, I've heard the night out here's a doozy to look at.
>Ren rolls his eyes and sticks his tongue out, though it's clearly in jest
Euch, gross. Stay away or you'll get the dreaded cooties...The English didn't even HAVE cooties, and yet I still know of their dread...
>He stretches his arms out just enough to hear a satisfying clicking noise and yawns again
Aye-aye, sir. Let's get this trainwreck going...Before everyone else starts derailing...
>> No. 40099440
"I'm fine," he said tersely. "Just flightless." His gut clenched a bit at saying that out loud. "You're still bleeding a fair bit, sir. It wont take much to at least stop the bleeding. You wont have energy either if you don't have blood."

d2+3 = 4 as he spends only a small bit of himself to stop the flow of blood from Shining's wound, putting a hoof to the stallion's chest unless shining drew away in refusal.
>> No. 40099715
File 137961336582.png - (450.83KB , 641x1000 , 1274015950_agathos_notothisface.png )
His attention drawn from the wayward citizen to Shining, he only cracked a wide smile. Arisi9ng from his position, returning toward the group, all he could do was chuckle to himself in excitement for what was to come.
>> No. 40099842
The stallion shook his head, terrified of what these fools might bring into the village. He was about to insist that they would get out of sight of what was coming when the mountain range swallowed the last rays of light...and silence fell on the village.

After a few moments that had seemed to last forever the stillness was broken by the raving pony once more. Only this time he did not yell, but whimpered like a frightened child...for that was exactly what he had been reduced to by what he saw pouring down the path that led into the mountains.

Like a panicking rabbit, the pony turned and began to away from the horror that he was sure had come to devour him. Laughing mad he ran, not seeing...or caring about the wall that was right in his path. His eyes shut tight and filling the streets with his shrieking laughter he ran...until the wall stopped his escape from the nightmares abruptly and with a sickening crunch. Whatever he had seen had driven him to madness but left enough of him to let him escape to where his demons couldn't follow.

'No one leaves' was smeared across the wall he had used to kill himself. In the end...he had found a way to escape after all.

Whatever had driven him to suicide was right behind the group.
>> No. 40099974
File 137962134216.png - (220.83KB , 329x781 , Neutral.png )
"Sir, yes, sir" Salsa says when Shinning order them to move out. He kept his shotgun at the ready with this finger on the trigger. Salsa's eyes are scanning the area for anything suspicious. He stops for a moment. "You guys get the feeling that we are being followed?" he asks them.
>> No. 40100137
File 137962610848.png - (9.95KB , 206x158 , Rillian9.png )
No one leaves? What was keeping everyone from leaving anyways?

Rillian was mostly just focused on how glad he was that his friends were still alive, Ren and Shining primarily.

He visibly seemed disturbed to see his friend walking around after everything he had suffered. He wanted to jump over, lift Wheaty above his head, and carry him back to the ship...but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Nor, he figured, could he convince him not to come along.

No one leaves


Rillian's mind went from a numb sense of relief to heightened and ready to start running when he saw the pony just plain kill himself with only his own momentum. It was as if this entire trip was laid out to disturb him in as many different ways as possible, and now he could add 'witnessing violent suicide' to it.

"What your guards up..."
>> No. 40100739
File 137964255361.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
"Well, that's a first."

Not too perturbed at the sight, he merely took a deep breath to calm himself. "'s something here...I can agree with that...where is it so I can break its' neck."
>> No. 40100752
File 137964322407.jpg - (67.18KB , 597x1200 , Ghost_ShillouetteStanding.jpg )
Sarge hadn't counted on coming back and joining Shining's group. After being assigned to the airship, he figured they'd get the survivors to safety, and sometime between lifting off and touching down, Shining's group would finish the job. Sarge had planned for it, actually. This little expedition had taken far longer than he'd anticipated, and he was more than happy to just go home already.

On the other hand, he hadn't expected the survivors being mass teleported to Twilight's Library, leaving the group assigned to guard them nothing to do. And so the airship turned back, so Sarge and the other with him might lend their assistance to Shining and end the threat of the Lich once and for all.

When the airship landed, it took some time for Sarge to disembark; he'd been below decks during the landing, selecting his kit for the endgame. By the time his boots hit the dirt, the others were already assembling with Shining's group outside of some village or town.

"This is it, right? Endgame?" Sarge called out, jogging to catch up with the others, "I miss anything?"
>> No. 40101493
File 137966625166.png - (1.07MB , 779x1025 , king_sombra_by_darthcraftus-d5qoxyq.png )
"Late to the party as always, bub." The voice behind Sarge was sickeningly familiar and mocking him every bit as much as it had when its owner had still been among the living.

The brown Unicorn stallion, only visible to the human soldier, was lounging amidst Sarge's comrades without a care in the world, gently petting little Serena before putting her on his shoulders. By the looks of it, the little filly was having a good time, giggling when Tonic booped her nose. "Couldn't save your precious bitch back then...not before I got my hooves on her. Did you ever stop and wonder...what happened when I had her? Three days. Hey...ow!"

Tonic flinched as Serena smacked his horn, and he snatched her off his shoulders to flip the filly on her back and tickle her belly. Serena's giggling filled the air, and the sight of Tonic being so fatherly with her was nothing short of disgusting for someone who knew what he really was. "Don't want me to tell him, huh? He has a right to know, don'tcha think?" Tonic's mad eyes turned to Sarge one last time before he and Serena vanished into thin air. "It's gonna be a girl...a beautiful baby girl with a smile as charming as that of her daddy. When she's born, take a good stern look at her face...and give my daughter a kiss from me, will ya?"

"No neck to be broken here...already took care o' that."

The executioner held up the head of someone Shade would know. Well...he should know the bloody face held up to him. He had laid with and married its owner after all. There was no doubt that it was Rhulain, who had finally received the payment for her deeds.

"Ah well...better get movin'. Lotsa work to be done, still." The executioner dropped the head into a sack and turned to leave, soon vanishing into thin air as Tonic had done in front of Sarge's eyes. "Chop chop."

Rillian was not haunted by a demon of the least not a corporeal one. Instead, he found himself alone, standing amidst corpses - the bodies of his companions littered the ground, horribly maimed. Rillian was alone...and all that was accompanying him was the knowledge that he could have saved them if he had cried out a warning in time about whatever horrible fate had fallen upon them. If he had a voice to cry out with instead of that horrible silence as the only thing sitting in his throat and on his tongue.

"Look at ya, lad..." Aries' voice rang in Wheaty's head clear as a bell. "We let ya go out there to prove yourself, ya know? To show that you're worth more than a janitor for a place that keeps itself clean anyway. Now look at ya...sorry sod. We've been keepin' ya around as a courtesy to begin with, but now I'm not sure about that either...ours is a place of warriors, lad...not cripples who can't even pull half the weight expected of 'em. I think it's best ya find some other floors to sweep. Sorry."

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>> No. 40101771
All he could do was grit his teeth and bear the want of wanton destruction. He knew in the back of his head this wasn't real, but of course his heart wasn't letting it stand. Clenched fists and a tad bit heavier in breathing, he dug his feet into the dirt.
>> No. 40101820
File 137968351042.jpg - (87.81KB , 547x311 , Hm.jpg )
>Ren sighs
Going for the slash movie cliches now, huh? Well, I guess it's befitting of a mass murderer, then again, mass murderers in slasher flicks don't generally have to deal with a super powered cadre of heroes, though I guess since I haven't had sex with anyone, I'm in the clear for survival...But I am noticing horror cliches, which also means I could die...
>He frowns, and shrugs
Ah well, I'll never know until I turn around!
>Ren about faces, ready to take a good look at whatever it was that had come to trouble them
>> No. 40101888
File 137968818879.png - (47.79KB , 509x513 , wat 2.png )
The astral pegasus caught Rillian's disturbance out of the corner of his eye as he watche the mad pony, and knew why he was likely looking at him like that, but didn't care at the moment.
He watched the maddened for a few moments, thinking that the he was heading for safety, even with that rather haunting laughter coming from him, but he seemed possessed, running blindly and at full-tilt. Just as he was about to call out to watch for the wall, the pony hit it full on, killing himself instantly. Wheaton flinched at the sight.

Well... it at least was probably a better fate than whatever may come this way.

Wait... the Constellations were speaking to him? Now? Aries' first words completely diverted the Astral's attention, turning his resolved look to one of surprise. Just the tone of Aries' first words made his heart sink. The astral's legs wobbled and he sank to his haunches. Did he just get fired? Discharged? Indeed because of what had befallen him out here? Because he was crippled? AND THE TEMPLE CLEANED ITSELF?!

He had hoped that perhaps they would be able to overlook his loss of limb and let him continue to serve in some capacity, but now that he had heard this, what did they even need him for? Heck, he wasn't even needed around the temple to treat the wounded with the Pools of Aquarius there. But they were keeping him around as a courtesy? As a burden? As an inconvenience? No. No. He shook his head. He had not come this far just to quit at the end! They were testing him.

"Aries!" he said aloud, his eyes coming into focus, glaring up at the night sky, absorbed in his own world. "Please! Give me a chance. I can finish this! I won't disappoint you, you'll see!" Of course, little did he know that it wasn't Aries on the other end of the line. After all, how could Tonic imitate him so well. He was sure the two had never met, right? Magic is a wondrous thing, though. If Tonic could enter his mind and speak to him, what was to stop Tonic from picking through it for certain ponies?
>> No. 40102285
Nothing had come to trouble Renfield. Literally...nothing. His friends, or what he had believed to be his friends had left long ago...left behind the annoyingly strange man and his tiring mannerisms. Immortality was not all it was cut out to be - after everything had been achieved, godhood seized and every possible aspect of any possible thing explored to the fullest, eternity was still there, vast and overwhelming. A billion years had passed, and yet not a single second had gone by.

Watching planets crumble had been entertaining for an eon or two, but eventually time became a meaningless blur, and the eventual heat death of every possible universe was nothing but the flash of lightning that was gone before one could get a chance to see it. And still eternity was not the least bit smaller.

Ultimate was his at last. Of course it was...after all, who is left to challenge you if there is no one left at all?
>> No. 40102306
File 137970574349.jpg - (107.28KB , 389x419 , Hurt.jpg )
>...Okay, this was new. Ren looks around, to find nothing around him, he swallows and keeps his smile on
...Guys? Guys come on, I can't take everyone ALONE, as flattering as that is...I mean, granted I have a bone to pick with these zombies...
>He lightly chuckles, though the laugh was hollow
...Get it? Bone, zombies, undead? Come on...That was good!...I'd appreciate some reaction. A laugh, a groan...I'd even take an eye-roll.
>He looks around again, starting to get a little more nervous
...This isn't funny, you know. And I understand funny. Come on, where's Tonic insulting my mildly villainous tendencies? An army of zombie undead? SOMETHING at least.
>The false bravardo finally drops, and Ren looks around again, this time with a more openly worried look on his face
...Anything? Anything at all? Please? There can't be nothing here!
>> No. 40102492
File 137971375718.png - (31.22KB , 373x285 , Rillian11.png )
It was so easy for supposed 'evidence' to rewrite facts your mind was supposed to remember. It was a simple and facetious calculation, his companions were dead so he had to have no voice whatsoever otherwise they would still be alive. Nevermind that he had a whistle, the brain was finicky about the dramatics...

So he wept, silent and mournful tears, as he crawled over to what had been his friend Wheaty, who now lay on the ground with empty eyes.
>> No. 40102868
File 137972529183.jpg - (94.29KB , 846x479 , Oakley-M-Frame-Sweep-Jeremy-Renner-3-big.jpg )
Sarge immediately turned at the noise, his bringing up his rifle to his shoulder on reflex... only to freeze at the sight of... Tonic... playing with Serena. They were just lounging out, playing with each other... like father and daughter. Sarge fought the urge to fire. His brain was on different tracks, and was leaving his body frozen in indecision. Part of him wanted to put a 7.62 round through Tonic's brain... another part was freaking out at the sight of Serena... and the last part was trying to reign his mind in. Sarge's comrades didn't seem to notice Tonic at all. It was an illusion... it had to be. Serena was safely at home... he'd watched his daughter reaching out to him, held back by her mother. Vinyl and Serena were at home. Safe... at home.

Sarge's rifle lowered back down, though the soldier's hands clenched tightly on the weapon. Now Tonic was talking... insinuating things. Awful things. Things that made Sarge want to jump the smug son of a bitch and pummel him until his skull split open. But no, illusion. Stand down... But Tonic's final words nearly made Sarge snap.

Even so, when the illusion finally dissipated, Sarge hadn't lifted his rifle again, hadn't fired, hadn't stepped forward. He'd managed to keep himself in check... somehow. A sudden weariness came over the soldier, and he brought a hand up to rub at his face, breathing out a sigh. After taking a moment to recollect himself, he shrugged his shoulders, rolling his neck, stretched his legs and rolled his shoulders, loosening himself up. He glanced around... and noticed something odd. His friends... something was going on. Some of them were staring out into space, with faces of sorrow or despair, sometimes rage. Some were talking to no one in particular, shouting sometimes, pleading... It took a moment for the soldier to realize they were suffering illusions from that damned Lich, just like he himself had been.

"Hey!" he yelled out, "Guys! Come on, he's just screwing with us!"

He went over to the nearest victim, who happened to be Wheaty, and reached out, grabbing his shoulder and shaking the pony. "Wheaty, snap out of it! Don't let him fuck with you!"
>> No. 40103089
File 137972971407.png - (29.66KB , 163x196 , Worried.png )
Salsa is still walking, unaffected by Tonic's mind games. Scanning the area to look for something out of the ordinary. Then he stops in his tracks when he hears his friends yell. "The fuck?" he says as he turns around and sees them. "Oh shit. Guys stay with me."
He walks over to them and gives them a shake. "Snap out of it you two. Tonic is just fucking with you two." He yelled. He looks over to Shade. "Come on Shade, snap out of it." Salsa looks over to Sarge and sees that he isn't falling for it and taking care of Wheaty.
>> No. 40103251
File 137973309280.png - (81.45KB , 513x650 , Irritated.png )
"You don't think I know that!"

He stamps his foot and sopins toward the little man. "This undead nightmare has done nothing but goad me, and I'm going to shove my entire arm down his throat and use his corpse as an arm cozy. the sooner we move, the sooner I can bathe in his blood."
>> No. 40104117
File 137976776437.png - (444.69KB , 1153x900 , 78105__UNOPT__.png )
The prince called out, now that his chest was healed thanks to the kind astral pony. He saw this and knew... oh how he knew. His magic flared up and any pony still looking off like they'd seen a ghost would feel a sudden slap across their faces followed by a shout. "Everyone! Come back to us right now! He is playing with your mind, it's a game, one you have to win so we can end this and go home!"
>> No. 40104386
File 137978202035.png - (9.93KB , 216x156 , Rillian10.png )

Rillian flopped over onto the ground with the combination of shouting and physical jostling that finally snapped him out of his conscious nightmare. For just a second he had been seeing the corpses of his friends doing what the real ones were doing in their attempts to get him out of the trance. Then, they shifted and morphed and were once again how he remembered them.

"Sh-shoot, sorry. I guess I really believed it for a second..."
He of course doesn't mention what it was he had been seeing.

"Right, let's keep going."

Once everyone was back to normal he would continue moving.
>> No. 40104420
File 137978311991.png - (80.96KB , 434x418 , huh.png )
Shake shake shake SLAP. Yep, they had his attention again, though he looked rather panicked. "B-but it wasn't Tonic speaking to me," he said. "It was one of the constellations!"

Then again, as he took a moment to think about it, it seemed like something Tonic would try to do, especially since something like it was happening to everybody, with several others looking like they'd just seen ghosts, too.

"Y-your right," he said, shaking his head, and putting the thought of being discharged in the back of his mind. "I'm... I'm alright now." Still, what if it actually was something they were going to do. The thought had been in his mind since he woke up in the medical bay. He would need to speak with the Constellations if he made it out of this.

>> No. 40105537
File 137981481310.jpg - (160.61KB , 600x600 , 17.jpg )
A game was being played, yes, and it was only beginning. Everyone of them heard it - there was no way to not hear the deafening explosion coming from where the airship that had carried them here had landed. There was no way to not see the light of the flames penetrating the darkness.

Against the light of the burning wreckage that had been their only means of leaving the Badlands, the whole group could see the shambling horde approach that had once been the ship's crew. Another trick, an had to be.

But an illusion tailored to destroy the heroes' morale would not start banging on the doors of locked houses to get to the frightened villagers inside, would it? An illusion would not descend upon the living to devour them, would it? Wood splintered and glass broke under the undead onslaught, and panic broke out as the first villagers were dragged onto the streets or attacked in their own homes.

Amidst all the carnage that had literally taken mere seconds to break out, one pony in particular stood out - a large and imposing Unicorn, sickly gray and partially rotten, greeting the group with a smirk on his face.

"Welcome. So could...make it."

Just to get things started, the Puritan aimed to take out the leader first. With his head rolling down the street, morale would surely crumble. Focusing his gaze on Shining Armor, the Puritan aimed to use the Basilisk's Glare™ on the prince that would result in violent seizures and paralysis if it would succeed...which would require little more than a second of eye contact.

d10+2 = 6

>Normal defense roll to look away in time.
>> No. 40105811
>1d10+1 = 11
>> No. 40105832
File 137982192305.jpg - (80.96KB , 900x604 , shining_armor__s_struggle_by_anadukune-d4zk2ue.jpg )
Shining hard the reflexes of a cat hooped up on Redbull and coke it seemed as he was able to look away with more then enough time... Everything seemed to slow down for a second, it must have been a surge of adrenaline, point is he was okay and the fright was starting. This was it, the last show down....

"Sarge, Shade and Renfield! You're with me on him. Everyone else, stop those undead and protect this town! Let's go, this is it!"

>Cadance did what she did best, floating away from the combat and putting up her boast for the heroes, giving them all another +1 to their rolls.

Shining on the other hand got right into it, Sending a barrage of magic blasts at the litch before them.
1d10+2 = 4
>> No. 40105857
File 137982248803.png - (10.59KB , 192x170 , Rillian13.png )
Rillian took off running into the chaos of the attack. Wherever there was an undead in his path that hadn't reached a villager yet, he would bump, buck, or bounce into them just hard enough to get their attention and draw them away from their victims and focused on him instead.

Soon he would reach a monster that was clawing or biting at somepony, and wouldn't be distracted to target him with a simple smack. He tried to slam a hoof into the side of the things head and put its lights out.

d10+2 = 3
>> No. 40106199
d10+2 = 11

d10 = 4
>> No. 40106911
File 137985742854.png - (642.71KB , 900x1145 , come_into_my_world_.png )
There he was. the thing that had been messing with his head. the creature that tried to make him destroy everything like the puppet for its' master, and now he was giddy with excitement. Unlike Shining, who sought to use magical blasts, he was in no mood for such pleasantries. "If I'm ever in your shot, take it. I don't give a flying fuck if I get injured...this undead nightmare's going to end!"

A twist of the feet and he took to the air, intending to launch a stream of fire from above upon the lich below him, making sure in the back of his mind his fire would only harm that creature and to leave his allies unharmed.

d10+1 = 3
>> No. 40106956
File 137985935715.png - (95.36KB , 445x415 , stare.png )
As the horrid battle begun about him, Wheaton did his best to just... stay out of the line of fire. He knew better than to try to fight right now in his condition, especially after the harsh lesson he learned on the ship. Heck, he probably wouldn't pick up a weapon again any time soon. He just surveyed the field and kept an eye on his friends and enemies.
>> No. 40107032
d10+2 = 9

d10 = 10
>> No. 40107060
1d10 = 10
>> No. 40107078
File 137986667209.jpg - (244.85KB , 500x688 , tumblr_m0z1a0V4eU1roikhpo1_500.jpg )

A flash of sickly green light, and the Puritan was no more - at least not where Shining Armor and Shade had aimed their attacks. A few moments of confusion and hope that maybe they had gotten him good...until they saw the same abomination, sneering down at them, come down the path into the mountains, his horn already burning brightly with magic.

Something was off, however. Shining Armor, who had had his deepest fears turned against him more than once already, would see that things were not as they seemed. The monsters they were fighting were real enough, but...for a tiny moment, it was as if the airship was still intact and the heroes were, in fact, fighting thin air...before all hell broke loose again.

The thing coming down the mountain pass was real, but Shining Armor couldn't help but think that it was not what it appeared to be. No, despite its form, it felt different and completely utterly wrong, a huge and overwhelming blasphemy that shouldn't be, at least not in this realm. Whatever they were up against, it was no pony or Lich, and never had been. It wasn't something that wanted to die, but something that wanted to live and would use any means necessary to make it so.

"Too...slow...", the Lich croaked as he fired another blast of magic Shining Armor's way ( d10+2 = 10 ), but to the prince it did not sound like a talking corpse but something utterly and disgustingly alien that should never be allowed to speak a single word.


Poor Wheaty...mangled and beaten...closer to death than to life as far as any Pegasus with a love for the wide open sky was concerned. Any Pegasus seeing the poor guy like this had to pity him. Any Pegasus, living or dead.

The Mercys usually did not display such a behavior, but this one was different. Right now, nothing was as it used to or was supposed to be. And so it came to be that before Wheaty even heard the soft cooing behind him he felt the gentle yet cold embrace of a pair of wings whose owner was there to comfort him in what, without intervention, would probably be Wheaty's last moments in life. The Mercy had moved silently and gracefully towards her target from an unchecked alley and descended upon the injured pony - and, if left undisturbed, would end his life quickly and (relatively) painlessly with a bite to the throat.

Well...the punch hadn't knocked the zombie out, but Rillian sure had its well as the attention of a solid dozen others who were shambling towards him with the intent of surrounding and tearing the orange earth pony to shreds - just what you would expect from a startled zombie mob. The one who had received a conk to the noggin immediately (and clumsily) lunged at Rillian with the intent to shove him to the ground and immobilize him so it and its buddies could ring the dinner bell.

d10 = 1
>> No. 40107416
d10+2 = 12
>> No. 40107440
File 137987710022.png - (9.27KB , 206x158 , Rillian4.png )
Rillian dodged the clumsy shove, jumping back as the thing stumbled toward him with ill intent. It was during that moment he saw what had creeped up onto Wheaty, and without a second thought he charged at the Mercy. He attempted to grab the monster from behind and pull it off while tripping it to topple onto the ground.

"Stay away from my friend!"

d10+2 = 4
>> No. 40107717
File 137988203522.png - (219.96KB , 464x713 , Shotgun blast 2.png )
When Salsa hears to explosion his first instinct is to take cover but he wonders where the explosion came from. He turns and sees the inferno. "That's all sorts of fucked" he says and then he sees the wave of undead. He hears Shining giving the order without saying anything he runs towards the wave but keeping a safe distance from them. He takes aim and fires a slug into on of them trying to break open a door.
d10+2 = 3
>> No. 40107887
File 137988497880.jpg - (353.51KB , 1280x720 , Ghost_OpeningFire.jpg )
Sarge flinched at the explosion, stumbling away and turning, bringing hand up to shield his face. After recovering his stance, he lowered his arm slightly, looking out at the burning, shattered wreck of the ship, what would have been their way home once all this was done. For Sarge, it also meant all his ammo and spare weapons were gone, too. He was carrying plenty on his person already, but it nevertheless was finite. There would be no withdrawing to rearm, so Sarge had to make every shot count.

His eyes moved down, to see the shambling horde of undead coming towards them, attacking villagers along the way. Sarge swore, and dropped to his knee, bringing up his Mk.17 rifle and taking aim at one of the closest monsters. Before he could fire, Shining Armor directed him towards what appeared to be the leader... the Lich. Sarge shifted his aim... only for the thing to disappear. The soldier blinked, confused, before quickly scanning the area, trying to find it again. The blast of magic aimed towards Shining solved that problem, and Sarge shifted his aim again, firing off three rounds .30 caliber rounds in quick succession.

d10+3 = 4
>> No. 40108640
File 137989926611.jpg - (126.44KB , 1080x800 , 11920__safe_humanized_shining-armor_artist-123hamster_changeling_artist-ninjaham.jpg )
Shining blinked a bit.... what was going on here? This wasn't what it seemed, they were fighting air, and yet the air was fighting back... Could the risk that this was just some illusion? That it would go away if they just ignored it and kept going up the mountain? He didn't know...

>Cadance was of course still doing her thing, floating around and giving her friends more strength in battle, since she was uninterrupted for this long everyone get's a +2 to their rolls in addition to other buffs now.

Shining saw the blast coming at him, it was strong... He had to do his best to stop it and try to push on, so he ran at it head first, putting up the best shield he could to try and get closer to... whatever that thing was.

1d10+5 = 7
>> No. 40108807
File 137990293182.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
Upon seeing nothing below, and a shambling thing approaching, he was unsure of what to make of it. All this fighting was against /that/ thing? Whatever it was, he wanted nothing more then to kill it.

Seeing Shining take a shot head on was suicide in his mind, but as he remained airborn from his jump, he contemplated his next move.
>> No. 40109221
File 137991376072.png - (12.16KB , 243x237 , nervous_wingless.png )
A cold, comforting, yet terrible embrace that while pleasant to feel, set off every alarm in his head, sending chills up and down his spine that sent the astral into attempting to fend the creature off and break free of it's deathly cold embrace. Perhaps with Rillian there he just might succeed as he twisted and struggled and kicked for freedom.

d10 = 7 (-3 defense (1 extra for being weakened already), +1 from blessing, +2 from Cadence boost = 0 bonus)
>> No. 40112259
File 138004236146.jpg - (29.55KB , 596x293 , Murderousgrin.jpg )
>Ren was shaken slightly, but doesn't shake out of his reverie...Not until he was slapped.He jolts awake, looking around to see who had hit him
OW! OKAY OKAY, I'M UP! Yeesh! Let a guy have some sleep, will ya?
>He rubs his cheek, and puts on a forced smile at his companions
Bah, manipulation...Is that bastard really so scared of us that he didn't even TRY fighting us?
>His face falls
...Oh. Oh that's what he was planning...
>He shakes his head and roars loudly. Not for any reason in particular, just to psyche himself up
>He calls out for his Stand and it appears in an instant behind him, of course, he didn't actually need to call for it, but a battle won in the mind is half done.
>Renfield grins wildly and snaps a salute to Shining
>He scans the area for any sign of the Lich, until he finally spots him and aims at him
If you're so scared that you're going to try and stop me with illusions, then I suppose it'd be rude of me not to give a real reason
>The Hanged Man brings its hand back, and pitches a pair of high speed bandages towards the Lich's head, with the intention of wrapping around it. Should the wrapping succeed, Ren would pull back with all his strength, and attempt to tear it off his neck
>Wrapping 1d10 = 9
>Tearing 1d10 = 3
>> No. 40114237
d10 = 1

d10 = 7

d10+2 = 7

d10+2 = 11

d10+2 = 11
>> No. 40114242
File 138011535452.png - (1.20MB , 1120x713 , Scratch1.png )
>The first roll was meant for Wheaty and Rillian, the second just for Salsa.

>The Mercy goes down.

>The rest of'll see~
>> No. 40114599
Then I look and realize I forgot the original perk I had for +2
Ah well
>> No. 40115240
I love that pic... where did you get that?
>> No. 40123018
File 138048937730.jpg - (194.98KB , 1024x696 , sunbrush_army_scribble_by_rariedash-d6622b2.jpg )
The combined squirming and pushing from Wheaty and his friend coming to aid him was more than enough to pull the deathly cold Pegasus off and to the ground before any sort of harm could come to Wheaty. Even better, neither of them would have to concern themselves with this particular creature any longer, for as it was thrown to the ground, its head connected with a rock as if it had carefully aimed for it, and an appetite-spoiling crunch was heard as the Undead went limp for the last time.

Salsa may not have hit the creature he had been aiming at, but he sure had its attention. So far so good! With a feral snarl, the undead fiend who bore an amazing resemblance to Captain Stormcloud (only a little deader and a bit moldy) spread its mangled wings and lunged at Salsa to tear him to the ground.

d102 = 17

All three rounds stopped dead in their tracks mere inches away from the Lich's body, frozen in midair.

"This one was not stopped by your toys when he was alive. What makes you believe it will have any impact on me?", he asked, observing the hovering objects in front of him. "I think we can put this to better use."

All three rounds turned to their respective targets, namely Sarge himself, Shining Armor, and Renfield...then were pushed away from the Lich who apparently had no problem adding insult to injury by turning one's weapons against the attacker in the meanest way possible. The shots weren't carefully aimed in the slightest...but maybe they'd cause some bonus damage.

>Sarge: d10 = 7
>Shining Armor: d10 = 1
>Renfield: [10]

It seemed that the 'What would a brave pony like Rainbow Dash do?' approach was something that ran in the family. Sadly, the foe at hand was no slow and dimwitted Hydra but...something else entirely. Reacting with astonishing control over spells already released, the Lich bent the blast of magic to move out of Shining Armor's path before it could hit him...only to hit him anyway from the side.

...only moments before bandages wrapped around the Puritan's neck tight enough to make anyone who actually needed to breathe pass out in seconds, perhaps even squeeze the life out of that particular body permanently.

Unfortunately, breathing was something the Puritan had left behind some time ago, and so the bandages around his throat wasn't much more than a mild inconvenience.

Then came the tugging...and despite the rotting appearance, the body that was being tugged on proved to be quite durable.

Until it caught fire.

From one moment to the next, the Unicorn's body fell apart and was blown away by the wind while the fire that had consumed it lcrawled up the bandages, licking hungrily on its way to the Hanged Man to make a Burning Man out of it.
>> No. 40123022
>Okay, let's try NOT rolling like a retard.

>Salsa's zombie: d10+2 = 3

>Renfield's bullet: d10 = 7
>> No. 40123085
File 138049096476.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
Rillian really wished he had time to stop and check if Wheaty was okay, but for now he could see that his friend was still on his hooves, and that would have to do considering what was still happening.
Although he had helped his friend, he also had several zombies moving towards him, and lingering too close to companions who were less able to avoid them like he was would only lead to more pain and suffering.
"Stay alive~"
Damn that voice.

He rushed back toward the shambling horde staying out of their reach as he danced close enough to get their attention locked back on him before continuing to gather more up that were attacking the villagers.

And during those moments he noticed Salsa also getting hounded by one of the creatures. He lures the group following him to one side of the street before rushing at breakneck speed to slam a hoof into it.

d10+2 = 5 (+2 Cadance buff)

If he didn't bring it down, he would jump back to give Salsa a clear target to shoot at. Either way, he quickly shouts:
"I'll lure, you kill!"

Before the horde can catch up to him, he rushes off away from Salsa, hopefully attracting the one he just slammed into if it wasn't already dead. The suggestion was that Salsa focus on picking off the ones Rillian had following him to reduce the risk of attracting some to himself.
>> No. 40123428
d10+2 = 4
>> No. 40126689
>Rolling to not set on fire 1d10 = 3
>Rolling to not be shot 1d10 = 7
>> No. 40126693
File 138065757045.jpg - (345.06KB , 600x338 , Ghost_UpandOver.jpg )
The soldier blinked, squinting at the sight, before his eyes widened in realization. In hindsight, Sarge should have expected this. Tonic was a reality bending asshole who didn't play by the rules, after all. Still, being a normal human, there wasn't much he could do other than shoot, and maybe hack or stab something at close range.

Sarge dove to the side, doing his best to hit the deck and avoid biting his own bullet...

1d10+3 = 4
>> No. 40126701
File 138065778823.jpg - (300.06KB , 900x1274 , magic_of_love_by_greyradian-d56obfq.jpg )
Well that didn't go so well, knocking the large stallion down to his side, and leaving a burn mark on his side. Along with a bullet grazing his leg. "Damn it!" He climbed back to his hooves, taking a moment to gather himself...

>Cadance still being undisturbed resulted in her boost getting even better. +3 now.

He needed to try something new... this wasn't working, they were being overwhelmed and fast.... It was time to even the playing field a bit.... With a great bit of focus Shining tried to put up a shield, a large one that would push anything not living back a bit and give him and his friends some breathing room to gather themselves for a moment.

1d10+6 = 12 (+2 from skill +3 From Cadance and +1 From Fury]
>> No. 40126721
File 138065840691.jpg - (49.87KB , 452x308 , Soldier_GODDAMNIT.jpg )
Not quickly enough, it seemed. Sarge grunted as he felt something plow squarely into his shoulder, before hitting the dirt hard. His vision was edged in red, and as he rolled onto his back, he tried to move the shoulder that was hit. Other than pain, his shoulder didn't respond, though his fingers still clenched and his elbow still worked. That wasn't good enough to use anything other than a handgun or knife, though. Using his good arm, he pushed himself onto his feet, and staggered into cover behind the corner of a building, not having noticed the shield Shining put up.

"Need a medic!" he called out, sliding to a sitting position with his back against the wall, fumbling for the first aid equipment he had on him.
>> No. 40126728
File 138065864475.jpg - (71.38KB , 369x541 , Crying.jpg )
>Fortunately, The Hanged Man couldn't be set on fire, as it was a being made of the spiritual will to fight of the user...Unfortunately, it also translated damage to the user, so Ren's right arm suddenly catches on fire. He suddenly realises what's going on and loses concentration on The Hanged Man, so it vanishes
>He starts waving the flaming arm in mid air, trying to get the fire to subside, he slams it against his chest a few times, before realising how stupid that was and stopping, Ren then musters all the strength in his left arm and yanks his sleeve off his right, which starts blazing harmlessly on the ground, fortunately, during all of his manic waving, he managed to completely sidestep the bullet...
>Fortunately the shield erupts right in front of him and he takes a seat on the floor, getting his breath back...
Okay...Anyone else got any ideas? 'Cause right now, I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that trying to just kill this bastard like a civilised person isn't going to work!
>The Hanged Man comes back into existence and sets to work carefully wrapping bandages around the arm that was set alight. It wasn't Curaga, but it'd be better than nothing.
>> No. 40126880
File 138066318802.png - (183.37KB , 720x622 , 08.png )
As the companions gathered themselves, as Shining Armor had put it, the fire that had consumed the Lich's body went out - and a noise from the side caught their attention. A midst all the shambling, moaning and groaning there was a somewhat hollow knock from the other side of the shield. Not only Shining Armor would recognize the pony who was knocking politely on the magical barrier...though the chances that it was actually her were less than zero.

The pony let their eyes wander along the shield, observing it curiously...then knocked again without attempting to force their way in. Their focus was on the companions inside the bubble, they didn't seem to be paying attention to Shade still hovering up above.

"You are hurt. Confused and afraid." There was no gloating or teasing, at least it didn't sound like it. The pony was simply stating facts.
>> No. 40126923
File 138066422403.jpg - (58.29KB , 1000x840 , 134126975004.jpg )
The Prince looked over at... well Twilight, but not Twilight. He stepped over to the edge of the bubble, looking at her. "Who are you? And why do you look like my sister?" He asked coldly, keeping the shield up, not letting his guard down for a moment.
>> No. 40126945
File 138066495170.jpg - (104.21KB , 1250x1771 , 150029__UNOPT__safe_artist-iopichio_twilight.jpg )
No answer to the question of its identity was provided. "The form has been chosen to be someone you are fond of." The pony let its eyes wander over the barrier once more before looking back at Shining Armor, and gave a faint smile. "So that you may be comfortable among your own kind."

Last edited at Tue, Oct 1st, 2013 15:05

>> No. 40126957
File 138066526524.jpg - (81.45KB , 600x543 , 106525__UNOPT__safe_shining-armor_artist-sweetcream_desk_reclining_notes.jpg )
"But I'm not among my own kind, am I?" He asked, looking at her. "You're not a pony... You pick that form but you're not one of us. so I ask again. Who are you? And what do you want from us?"
>> No. 40127014
File 138066673060.png - (200.16KB , 512x512 , 295361.png )
>...anyone may act or interrupt at any point. No one needs to be frozen while two characters are talking~

"There was a storm, a long time ago and far away, and I was tool and teacher to the one who shaped the world to her liking, but to her it will be just a dream. I am a part of all of you. I am fueled by what drives you and keeps you alive since the first of you saw the light of day."

The pony raised a hoof and pointed at Cadance and Lynne. "I want what you want. Life. And she is the gateway. The key to a world full of wonders. Oh, how I wish for her to show me the way."
>> No. 40127025
File 138066700579.png - (444.69KB , 1153x900 , 78105__UNOPT__.png )
:"Key, gateway? You need to make more sense here. Talk to me like I'm a normal pony and not some cosmic being pretending to be one.Tell me what it is you want and exactly how the filly can help you get it..."

This wasn't good, what was going on here? This thing.... it was scary, scary in a way he'd never seen before. He was kind of missing Sombra at this point right now....
>> No. 40127424
File 138067859804.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
"Yeah, not buying this."

He was still airborne, though he was losing his concentration on both that and his right arm, falling limp again as it was not being held up by his magical powers.

He opted to simply let his momentum carry his body downward, gearing up to either land forcefully upon 'Twilight', or next to 'her', preferably the former.

d10 = 9
>> No. 40127583
File 138068451656.png - (220.83KB , 329x781 , Neutral.png )
When Salsa missed his shot he said "Fucking Goddamn it!" He keeps his eyes on the Captain as he pumped his Shotgun. When the Captain jumps for the kill, Salsa dives out of the way. He gets nicked by it and grunts in pain. But then the shield that Shining puts up repels the zombie. Salsa breaths a sigh of relief. "Too close."
"No, ideas for now." Salsa said getting back up on his feet.
Salsa hears Sarge's shout for help a rushes over to him. And helps get out the first aid kit. He then motions Wheaty to come over to them. "Where did you get hit and how bad is it?" Salsa asks.
>> No. 40127976
File 138071380051.png - (95.36KB , 445x415 , stare.png )
Sorry, full week this week with tests to study for after work and school and such.

Thankfully, with Rillian's help, he was able to wrestle free of his attacker, cringing as it seemed to throw itself against a rock and kill itself. What manner of strange undead thing was that?

"Medic!" he heard Sarge cry. No time to dwell on the monsters necromancy can make. He quickly made his way over as a protective shield thankfully enclosed them all, giving them a bit of a breather. A quick look over Sarge told him where the injury was, namely a bullet wound where the blood was oozing from his shoulder.

"Sit still for a moment, and relax," he said to Sarge, putting a hoof to Sarge's injured soldier, no doubt causing a bit of pain, but relief was soon to follow. He closed his eyes in focus and began his incantations.

d10+6 = 14 (because ALL the bonuses)
>> No. 40128043
File 138072423297.png - (302.55KB , 1025x780 , 399927__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_princess+twilight_magic_glowing+eyes_dark+magic_corrupted_art.png )
The entity shook it's head. Explanations weren't necessary - they just had to hand over the filly and...go home. That was all. Whatever the thing posing as Twilight Sparkle was, it wanted Lynne and nothing else. None of the others were of interest enough to care if they lived or died, and the entity wouldn't tip the balance in either direction unprovoked. They just had to hand her over.

"No", answered the pony as it placed a hoof on the barrier and began to push. Fine cracks wandered over the surface, growing in size the harder the pony pushed. "She is the gate and the key, and you will NOT lock me out. Give me life, Shining Armor. GIVE ME LIFE!" With the last words, 'Twilight' pulled the hoof back, ready to force 'her' way in, when Shade interrupted the entity in the most devastating way possible. Glass...or crystal...was heard crunching, and clouds of dirt and crystal shards blew against the shield. The entity was gone.

All around the companions, the undead turned to dust, beautifully twinkling in the moonlight as the wind blew it across the land.
>> No. 40128377
File 138074121041.jpg - (44.21KB , 238x279 , lookingaway.jpg )
>And then it was quite thoroughly crushed...whatever it was. Ren just kinda stares at where the creature used to be, having only payed a slight bit of attention to the conversation. He looks around at everyone and then back to where the dust was
...Oh. Is that it? I mean...not dying's awesome, but I was kinda expecting...You know, a final boss.
>He looks around the area, trying to scout out for anything that might be a bit out of the ordinary.
1d10 = 5
>> No. 40128589
File 138074842408.png - (9.93KB , 216x156 , Rillian10.png )
And of course I forget the Fury bonus, ah well.

Despite how far out Rillian had been when he was baiting the horde, he saw his companions gathering by Shining, and rushed back just in time to get behind the protective shield before he might get locked out.

He gathers closest to Wheaty and Salsa, making sure they were alright and weren't just still standing from adrenaline pumping in their systems.

"I-I don't understand, what in the world is going on here...that wasn't Tonic, was it?"

He turned to the rest of the group.

"I mean...the only thing we've heard of his...risen motivations is that he wants to wipe out all life. But...whatever that thing is says it wants to live?
"Are we dealing with some kind of third party, or is there a connection here? Lynne is still the focus of those...things after all..."
>> No. 40128816
File 138075610705.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
He ground his foot into the dirt, a snort following after. He admittedly was expecting a bit more of a mess, but this would suffice.

"So, that was it....clearly...there's more at work..."

He notices the others had slowly gathered, noticing the sparkles and dust to the wind, merely shaking his head. This couldn't possibly be all there was.
>> No. 40129282
File 138078636682.png - (9.39KB , 279x298 , 05.png )
>Let's see...

>d10+2 = 12
>> No. 40129286
File 138079075126.png - (310.70KB , 1920x1080 , 89200__UNOPT__.png )
No, that hadn't been all...and it certainly had not been the Puritan demanding Lynne. And just as Renfield had decided that reminding the powers that be of your presence by being a smartass was a terrific idea, the wind picked up and gathered the crystalline dust to form it into something else. To somepony else, in a place that was quite unreachable, the sight may have called forth memories of strange nightmares...but no one here and now could possibly know.

Quickly, the twinkling dust grew into the form of a long thick lance of shimmering black crystal that then cut through the air audibly as it shot towards the barrier with the force of a siege weapon. With a deafening crack, the lance penetrated and embedded itself in the shield that was just about strong enough to hold the projectile back a few inches away from Renfield's face.

He just had to ask, hadn't he?

Screeching like a horde of Banshees, faces emerged just underneath the shining crystal surface, all of them belonging to the 'pony' that had demanded entrance only moments ago. As the crystals spread to slowly engulf the magical dome from the out- as well as the inside, the entity once more demanded

"Give me the girl!", it shrieked while the filly in question fell unconscious from the sheer horror of what her young mind had to witness. "All this will be over in a moment if you give her to me! Give me life!"

>Destroying the lance will take ?? points of damage.
>Dropping the barrier and running for the mountains will take none at all.

>Choose wisely~
>> No. 40130020
File 138083901871.png - (9.60KB , 208x156 , Rillian3.png )
"We need to get her out of here!"

Rillian's unfamiliar voice rang out in fear as he rushed to the fallen filly's side to lift her onto his back. Considering he could run at speeds that would send anyone trying to ride him, much less laying on him without holding on, slipping right off, he adjusted some of the straps holding his saddlebags on him so they tethered the tortured soul where she wouldn't tumble off.

"Shining, drop the shield!"
>> No. 40130261
File 138085206061.png - (81.45KB , 513x650 , Irritated.png )
He wasn't expecting this, not at all. He personally would rather fight whatever was coming, but he knew deep down the others were not as eager.

Standing his ground, readying his magic, he was prepared to buy time if they needed it and catch up later. "If Shining drops the shield, I'll take over, buy time. Or destroy this. Whatever works."
>> No. 40130269
File 138085230389.png - (10.59KB , 192x170 , Rillian13.png )
Rillian shook his head vigorously.

"Don't split off Shade, you know what happened last time you did that. Stick together, at least with someone!"
>> No. 40130280
File 138085279201.png - (81.45KB , 513x650 , Irritated.png )
"I'm on o the tricks, and I'm not falling for anything this time Rillian. If the shield drops and there's nothing to hold back, then we may not get a chance to escape."

His fist radiates with arcane magic, steady and waiting."I am the strongest here, though my defensive doesn't match to Shining, but I can buy time! I'll catch up, I swear it."
>> No. 40130286
File 138085316471.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
Rillian winced as he came to accept that there was no changing Shade's mind on this. With some reluctance, he responded:

"Okay, but don't you die on me~"

He was expecting that to be supportive, instead it just sounded flirty.

"...this stupid voice...."
>> No. 40130307
File 138085454132.png - (154.49KB , 426x667 , Oh shit.png )
"Holy shit." He said as the faces started to emerge. "Looks like things went south quick."
"I agree with Rillian. I don't think we can defend ourselves from this."
>> No. 40130322
File 138085535797.png - (887.64KB , 800x850 , through_the_snow_by_aurarrius-d5kqqob.png )
The prince didn't like this... They were on the ropes, and this was going to take a bit of trickery to win. If winning was still an option. Well, winning might not be, but not losing sure was.... "Forgive me..." His magic took hold of the filly in question, pulling her down to him in her sleeping form. His magic holding her head and body independently of one another. "Stop this or she dies! One flick of my magic and she'll be gone and of no use to you anymore!"

At the same moment he dropped the shield. "Go! All of you get to that mountain, find the source of power! Go now! I'll be right behind you. Shade, stay with me and if this thing tries anything and I can't do it, kill the filly. Do not let this.... thing have her, am I clear?" He didn't like this, not one bit... but she was the key, and if all else failed, to keep someone out of something that was locked, you could simply break the key right?
>> No. 40130326
File 138085569334.png - (642.71KB , 900x1145 , come_into_my_world_.png )
"By all means! I'll gladly lace my claws crimson if it means the good of ponies."

He merely gave a toothy crooked grin, ready to unleash whatever he had on whatever he had to. "Just give me the word and I'll cut loose aaaaaall over what needs my attention!"
>> No. 40130420
File 138086506642.png - (80.96KB , 434x418 , huh.png )
Aside from the bandages wrapping his body in various places and perhaps being a bit shaken still from his run-in with the Mercy, Wheaty was okay.

Every now and then he looked up at the proceedings going on nearby, hearing what was said and not liking it one bit. It seemed like it had come down to keeping the girl alive and causing a mess of trouble or killing her and stopping... whatever this thing was. It didn't even seem like Tonic, but something else entirely. At least not the Tonic he had been exposed to.

He didn't like the thought of such a choice having to be made. Not one bit. But, he had been ordered to head for the mountain.

He was ready to go when everyone else was.
>> No. 40130500
File 138087252751.png - (443.88KB , 800x674 , 167170__UNOPT__safe_artist-inuhoshi-to-darkpen.png )

Without a key, the door didn't necessarily have to remain locked. It could still be smashed out of its hinges. What that meant on a scale like this probably would have even H.P. Hoofcraft reach for the Absinthe in need of a freakin' drink. However, at least for now, the entity seemed to believe Shining Armor...if only because the risk of not believing him was too high.

As the shield vanished, the crystal growth stopped as well, and what had grown so far poured towards the ground like water down a wall, until the thing's appearance was that of a pony again. Clearly, whatever rules of physics this one obeyed hadn't been made anywhere on this planet and would have been enough to make the real Twilight Sparkle weep.

"You would. After the price has been so high, you would throw away what you bought. Why did the sorcerer bring me here? Does your kind value life only as a means to hurt?" The pony shook its head in disbelief and frustration. "And you have the gall to label me dark while darkness is all you feed me. Look how those you -ally- with lust for death, grinning at the thought of shedding blood...and won't even care enough to remember the faces of those they have slain when the day is done. Disgusting. No. I'll not let this one fade into nothing at the swords of uncaring butchers."

A few moments of silence passed by before the crystals began to grow again. "I will not leave her in a world tainted by the likes of you, however. If I cannot have life, she won't have to endure it without my guidance either....and maybe it's time for her to find peace. What she's carrying underneath her skin is bringing her nothing but nightmares anyway." Its eyes lingered on the filly for a moment...and as something began to move right beneath every single scar that marked Lynne's body, poking into her young flesh from within without breaking the skin yet, the entity looked back at the prince and his allies. "As for you...if death is all you know how to sow, then death is what you'll reap. Rest assured, however, that once you are dead the sorcerer will pay for what he did. Not with the life of his child, but his own. His blood will be the last this land will drink."

If Shining Armor was bluffing, now was the time to say it...before the cards he claimed to have would be played for him. Of course...there was nothing keeping any of the others from acting as they saw fit either, be it to help save life or end it.
>> No. 40130507
File 138088259788.png - (589.50KB , 900x675 , cUZx3.png )
Well this was an odd turn of events.... This thing, it wasn't evil, it was desperate like they were. It wanted to live, something they could understand. "If you want him dead, then help us defeat him and give this girl and my world some rest! We're not butchers. We're ponies just trying to save our world. Harming this filly is the last thing I want to do. I was told to kill her by a being who puts more fear into my heart then you. But I told her no, that I would find another way. And I still really want to. But you have to understand, the way you have been acting makes you seem like a threat to our world,a threat to every living pony. Even more so then the monsters who we've been fighting here."

He sighed, his grip on the filly growing more soft and setting her on his back, but keeping her in his magic as to not have her snatched away so easy. "You want her to live a good life? You want life to exsist at all. Then help us win and stop these things from killing the rest of my kind. And then, we'll talk. See what we can do to help you okay? If you promise to help us and not hurt any of my people, even the ones who you might not like, I swear to you. I will do everything in my power to help you find peace. So please, I'm begging you, don't push me into the corner where I'll have to make a choice that will haunt me for the rest of my life, just so that I can do the greater good. Please...." He looked her in the eyes, eyes he knew well, or at least eyes that he'd seen a million times before.

He looked over to Shade out of the corner of his eye, hoping his ally would hold back for now and work with him on this.
>> No. 40130514
File 138088909659.png - (84.66KB , 471x384 , question.png )
Hearing that Lynn was carrying something in her caught his ear. He had no clue what this thing was or really wanted besides "Life," whatever he meant by that, but perhaps a few problems could be solved if he got the answer he was hoping for.

He didn't know how to address it, so hopefully he could just catch it's attention as he raised his wing and asked, "This thing you say she's carrying, can it be removed without lasting harm to her?"
>> No. 40130536
File 138089027271.png - (642.71KB , 900x1145 , come_into_my_world_.png )
The creature spoke, Shining looked to him, his grin faded slightly, thouh he didn't relax 100%.

"I apologize if I'm not all rainbows and sunshine here, but I used to do and be a lot worse in my past. Hell, if things turned out different, it could have been me down here. Only reason why I'd be so bloodthirsty is old habits die hard."

His pose changed a bit, not so grounded but ready to act when needed. "Given how my little trip has been so far, being tricked, going on a blind rampage through the forest, nearly wiping a safezone in said blind fury, excuse me if I'm not playing ball immediately."

Finally, the power he charged simply poof'd from his hand, and he sat and sighed. "But fine. I'll bite. I don't like it, but I suppose it's better then taking a chance and potentially ruining a good thing in the making."

His eyes turn slightly to Shining, as if to say 'Hope this works out Shining, or so help me...'
>> No. 40130885
File 138091287720.png - (9.60KB , 208x156 , Rillian3.png )
Rillian put it lightly, about to explode at the mere suggestion that they threaten to end her life, and was going to do even more than that when Shining did so.
The fact that Shade was going along with it didn't help one bit, and he was about ready to make his case...

...but then the situation didn't play out in the worst way possible like he was expecting. Now things were uncertain, but it was a step up. Maybe nobody had to die here...

Rillian added another question toward the entity.

"What is your relation to Tonic...The Puritan?"
>> No. 40131376
File 138093624879.jpg - (80.53KB , 375x236 , Ermmm.jpg )
>Renfield just stares in absolute horror at the thing that tried to pierce the barrier, staring ahead of him blankly, before he lets out a scream
>Ren starts bouncing around on the balls of his feet, not QUITE wanting to leave without everyone else, but having no desire whatsoever to stick around this thing that had shoved a lance right at his face
Uh, guys? This thing tried to kill us. Are you really sure that posing questions to it is REALLY the best thing to do?
>> No. 40131405
File 138093770768.png - (220.83KB , 329x781 , Neutral.png )
Salsa was ready to move out to the mountains when everyone was ready. But there seemed to be a change of plans. Everyone is now planning to convince the entity to help them. Salsa chooses to stay quiet but he has his finger on the trigger just incase if things get hairy.
>> No. 40131749
File 138095256604.jpg - (104.21KB , 1250x1771 , 150029__UNOPT__safe_artist-iopichio_twilight.jpg )
If Renfield would rather attempt to fight the entity he was welcome to land the first strike to initiate what would surely amount to the combat equivalent of emptying the ocean with a paper cup.

As Shining Armor put the filly back on his...back (aherm), the pony seemed to relax a bit...or at least it didn't look like it was about to tear down the world anymore. It even smiled faintly, though it didn't look genuine. Not that it seemed fake either - more like something that the pony did because it knew it to be a gesture that would be taken as a positive reaction to what Shining Armor was saying and doing...not because the pony felt like smiling.

"Peace? I don't wish for peace. I wish for life. The sorcerer has called upon me for power like the gray king had done an eon ago, and found a ritual to forge a part of me into physical form with his own daughter serving as my anchor in the world. He thought that offering -me- power, something that wasn't possible before there was 'me', would allow him to benefit from my influence without being consumed eventually. What he failed to see was that water doesn't wish to drown and fire doesn't wish to burn. I have no desire to rule or conquer. What I do desire, now that I know of life. I tasted it, saw it, felt it, and it is beautiful. If you want my help...if you want your world restored give me what the sorcerer couldn't or wouldn't give me."

The pony's eyes wandered over Shining Armor's back to the still out cold Unicorn filly. "I've seen the world through her eyes...but not really. I've felt solid ground under her hooves and tasted food with her tongue...but not really." It frowned just a little, raising a hoof to its own eyes to behold the physical form given to it that appeared alive but wasn't. "I am alive...but not really."

If there was a way to remove the shards of black crystal that were embedded in Lynne's flesh without harming her permanently, the entity either didn't know or didn't tell. "It's harming her as we speak. It won't harm her anymore after she's been given to me. And I know how you are used to be", the pony turned from Wheaty to Shade, "I'm the fear your victims felt and the blood that still sticks to your hands."

The Puritan...what was the entity's connection to the foe they came here to vanquish? There was no reason for the entity to lie - it was actually up for debate if its alien mind even knew about the concept of lying. Either way, the answer it gave to Rillian was quite unusual.

"The Puritan? I am the tool that crafted him. Even after the cult's end, the fear they caused was still fresh and overwhelming. Strong enough to be used like clay to form the being you know as the Puritan...and even stronger and more suitable to feed me after rumors had spread that the cult's leader, who had been a blight upon the land for years, had risen from the dead. The sorcerer has used that fear to herd thousands like cattle, keeping them hidden to feed me and help me grow even now." Again, the pony looked at Lynne. "There is only one growth I that I know desire."

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>> No. 40131839
File 138096581208.png - (0.98MB , 900x1232 , never_stop_shining_by_tajarnia-d5ly09d.png )

As soon as it finished speaking Shining was quiet...This thing was the source of power. Tonic wasn't back, or even alive at all it seems. Tonic was a tool, a tool for Loveless if he was understanding this thing right. And frankly at this moment, the prince felt scared, more so then he ever had. Loveless he could deal with he was sure. Tonic? Not much of a threat with the right ponies behind him. But this creature? Who wanted life? How could he fight this? The power that came off it was like something out of a foal's horror story. This was the thing that was under your bed and in your closet.

What should he do? He looked around to his wife and then the others, but he knew the truth already, this choice laid on his shoulders... How could he give this thing life? Should he even.... What would it do with this life?

And then another question came to him.... why had Loveless let him keep his daughter then sent him here? Did he want this thing to get the life it so truly wanted? Was he willing to give up his child for that? If that's the case... then giving this thing life was not a good idea at all.

Shining found himself backed into a corner here, with a choice he had to make, one that he didn't like at all. The fate of this whole world might be on his back this time, not just Equestria or the Crystal empire... What was he to do?

What does a stallion do when they're looking the chill that runs down your spin right in the eyes? This was what he was sent here to find it seems, and he was lied to by Loveless. Was he sent here to be food like the others had been? But once more the foal pinged in his mind.... why was she sent here if she was in fact the key to this thing's life? Finally an idea formed in his head, it was a small one.... But it was all he had, ignoring his friends for now he spoke. "I... I don't know if I can give you life. I'm not sure it's in my power. But... I can do my best to help you. And.... you don't want this filly. The sorcerer you're talking about? Her farther? He sent me here to find you, with her. If he was trying to keep life from you, but is now giving her to you like this? He's done something.... something that we must both be careful of. So help me, help me finish this and we'll find a way for you to live alright? I know some very powerful and smart ponies that will know how to help you. But we need to get back home and there needs to be a home to get back to, alright?"
>> No. 40132003
File 138097602846.png - (95.36KB , 445x415 , stare.png )
So just what was this thing in front of them? It was something beyond Tonic, it seemed, and something far more powerful. Something that someone called "The Sorceror" had summoned, which he could only assume to be that Loveless pony.

He had no idea what was going on right now, and it terrified him. What was that thing? What would happen if it was given life? What was Loveless' master plan? He thought they pretty much had everything figured out, and then this happened. He fell silent and the the big ponies do the talking.
>> No. 40132474
File 138100071052.jpg - (244.85KB , 500x688 , tumblr_m0z1a0V4eU1roikhpo1_500.jpg )
While Shining Armor was talking to the entity, it turned its head towards Wheaty. The prince didn't seem to notice, as he kept talking...while, to Wheaty, it looked like the thing was grinning - a grin that slowly turned impossibly wide. Strips of flesh and white feathers still stuck to its fangs, and for a moment it wasn't just any pony but the horrible thing that had cost Wheaty his wing all over again.

A moment later the image was gone, and the thing that seemed more and more like the Boogeyman was listening to the prince again. No one else had reacted. No one else had seen it. It was all in Wheaty's head.
>> No. 40133144
File 138102245442.png - (47.79KB , 509x513 , wat 2.png )
The thing about traumatic amputation is that it isn't without side-effects. This was the monster that did it. Right in front of him. His vision tunneled to the sight of that maw, and suddenly he could feel the pain of his flesh being ripped away, his mind could unwantedly recall everything that went on in horrifying detail.

All in his head or not, it was very real to him. As the horror before him turned away, he too was finally able to turn away from that bloody maw, ducking his head and holding it between his hooves. He collapsed back on his haunches like he'd seen a ghost, whiter than one would think possible, panting and gasping with anxiety, his pupils like pinpoints.
>> No. 40133329
File 138102702641.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
He took clear notice of the white ones' anxiety, though for why he panicked was beyond his understanding. Rather he sat there, one arm resting on his legs, the other lightly swaying in a small breeze, wondering what would happen. If anything he itched for action, or for all this to end. Or both if it could be that way. Perhaps the peaceful route could occur, but who knew.

A yawn followed, a bored glaze over his eyes, he now let his mind wander to other thoughts roaming his head.
>> No. 40134165
File 138107549204.png - (1.91MB , 2350x2000 , 439207.png )
Shining Armor didn't know how to help...but help would be necessary before the entity's influence, which spread over the land like a smothering blanket, would envelope all they held dear.

"You are afraid of what might happen to your world if you give in and grant what I ask. But you have no idea what hell awaits you. What hell awaits the whole world. The sorcerer had already won when he carved his child's flesh and brought me here. All your fears and night terrors are real here. The Puritan is real. The monsters you fight are real. I am real. All born from the child's nightmares. Do you know what I am, Shining Armor?"

What had gripped Wheaty only moments ago lashed out at the prince...and the towering insectoid abomination in front of Shining Armor sneered and licked her lips. "I am the last thing you'll see before your mind goes blank forever, before I make you snap your darling wife's neck and turn your sister into my favorite brood mother. Your kingdom will burn, you snivelling little maggot!"

A moment later, Chrysalis was gone. It was all in his head. For now. "Do you know me?", asked the pony in front of him again.
>> No. 40134181
File 138107606949.png - (287.11KB , 1000x558 , 44482__safe_shining-armor.png )
The prince didn't react quite like Wheaty, oh no he stood his ground and did his best not to show the fear and anger he was feeling. "Well if I had to guess, you're fear itself. Given form. Given how my white friend over there is reacting, and what I just saw. Of course I fear what might happen if I give you what you want. And I fear what might happen if I don't. You're like nothing I've dealt with before and yeah, I'm pretty freaked out by that. So let's just drop all the showmanship and flashy displays. What exactly do you need to get want, life. And what do you plan to do with it once you have it? Also, what is Loveless's plan here? What's his end game? " Of all the times he wished Twilight was with him, now was it. She was the smart one! He was the tough older brother who was good at fighting and leading. But this kind of thing? Dealing with the realm of magic and myth? Well she was the book worm! She had to know something about this thing and how to deal with it. But she was half a world away, and this was all on his shoulders now....
>> No. 40134195
Has anyone been as far as need get to want life more do? XD
Sorry, had to do it after I saw that little typo.
>> No. 40134481
File 138108796434.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
Rillian could see that fear plain on Wheaty's face. He...just couldn't stand next to him and let him deal with it alone. He sat and leaned down so that he was next to his friend and curled a comforting hoof around his back, careful not to touch what was left of the missing wing when he did so.

He changed his look of comfort for Wheaty into a look of annoyance toward...the thing he was sure was responsible.
>> No. 40136122
File 138116646348.png - (2.23MB , 2216x2352 , 210975__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_solo_dark-magic_crystal_artist-omegasunburst_png.png )

The entity was sure that Twilight Sparkle would have been fascinated and eager to converse with it, but simply wielding dark magic was bad enough - it was highly unlikely that Shining Armor would have approved of his sister talking to it.

"Fear itself", the pony repeated, "close enough to the truth, I suppose. And what would I do with odd question. What do any of you do with your lives? That's exactly what I will do. Live it." With a nod towards Lynne the pony continued. "Through her I learned what it's like to wish. She wishes for safety and for a father who loves her as much as she loves him. I wish to live...and grant her a token of my gratitude for showing me this miracle I now desire. What is a miracle if life itself is not?"

"I will take the night terrors away. Free your land and loosen my grip on your world...a shift in magic from darkness to light. But I can do so only when the sorcerer is defeated. When his life escapes him I will seize it for myself before it fades live it the way he should have done. In his stead and with his name. Lynne will have forgotten all this by the time she will be nothing but a dream to her. That is all she'll know...that she had a nightmare...and that her father loves her dearly." Once again its eyes lingered on Lynne, almost wistfully so. "Look at her. Astonishing that someone so small can withstand as much pain as she did. Wouldn't you, any of you, agree that she deserves better?"

To the question of Loveless' intentions, the entity shook its head "Who can say what he wants? Some are beyond understanding and cannot be bartered or reasoned with. Of course he wanted power once, until it drove him to madness. And now that will be his downfall. There is a lesson to be learned here, Mr. Frye, wouldn't you agree?" After that little jab, the pony went on to elaborate about its plans. "The sorcerer will perish, and what he wasted will be mine to pick up and protect. His life My life. My daughter. For the first time I will know what lies beyond the walls of hate and fear. A world full of wonders. All I ask of you is...guidance. I've found only anger and fear in the hearts of those who invited me, and that is what I know. My child...she has had enough of that to last a lifetime. No...she will have it better. You all must open your hearts willingly and invite me I may see what it is like..."

The pony turned to Shining Armor. " be a protector..."

To Wheaty and Rillian.. "...a friend..."

To Shade and Sarge. "...and a father."

There was a brief but awkward pause during which the pony looked at Salsa and Renfield. When the silence was broken eventually, it added "...I suppose being entertaining can't hurt either." It looked between the lot of them. "Tell me. With all your heart, tell me."

>And this is the point where you teach the Eldritch Horror about friendship! Letters to the princess optional. Let it rip! Pour your hearts out! Go!

Last edited at Mon, Oct 7th, 2013 12:46

>> No. 40136514
File 138117602758.png - (154.32KB , 467x709 , Smile.png )
Salsa stands by the two and puts a hand on Wheaty's shoulder the give him some comfort. Out of everyone in the group, his situation is the most fucked. Salsa gives Wheaty a comforting smile, one that a father would give his child after the child had a nightmare. He then turns his head to face the entity and the smile on face disappears back to a neutral stare.
Salsa stays quiet and lets everyone talk.
>> No. 40136586
File 138117766491.png - (95.36KB , 445x415 , stare.png )
The white one kept silent during these proceedings, latching onto Rillian's foreleg with and almost painful vice of a grip, like it was a lifeline to the outside world, but as his subconscious realized the comforting touch of his friends, he at relaxed a bit, his breath slowed, and the stopped shivering and rocking stopped. His gaze still remained wide-eyed and blank, though, as if he had retreated from the world for a while. Memories of the event and the events that followed still flashed through his head.

While wordless in what it was to be a friend, perhaps the creature could see that being a friend simply meant being there to comfort another.
>> No. 40137062
File 138119068249.png - (9.39KB , 206x158 , Rillian8.png )
"Friendship, huh?"

Rillian cleared his throat, before he started to speak his mind:

"Being friends is not a contract, it cannot be bought, bribed, or forced. I wouldn't even say it's an agreement, it's a force that keeps people together."

He hugged Wheaty to himself.

"It's being there when they need you most, but respecting them when they need their own space. It's being willing to help, even when they don't think they need assistance. It's knowing when they're wrong, and being brave enough to make them right. It's staying with them even when it hurts, especially when it hurts."

He focused his eyes on the entity.

"Friendship is unconditional."
>> No. 40137722
File 138120801671.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
"Friendship is..."

Now he was giving school lessons. All he could do was sigh.

"Imagine living your life on the wrong side of the tracks. You hurt, you thrive on pain, you...prove to be the epitome of bad. Now imagine meeting one person, pony, whatever. They show you a side you never saw. They show you the god side of things, much like us to you."

Thinking back, it proved to be a bit on the difficult side, though he could grasp concepts.

"It was when Luna arrived. She punished me for my misdeeds, and through that punishment I felt true companionship from those who were around me. I learned to love another, I learned what it meant to have friends...and I wouldn't trade any of them for anything in the world....even if I can be hardheaded and rather sadistic."

He rests his head upon his hand.

"True friends can accept you for who you are and help you see a brighter tomorrow."
>> No. 40138107
File 138123074095.png - (520.43KB , 790x800 , 9115__.png )
To be a protector huh? Well that was a simple question on the surface, but deep down it was a lot more. He was silent for a time, thinking about how to best put it. How could one explain their very core? The thing that made them.... well them? How do you teach someone that? “Where to begin? I'm guessing you know about cuitemarks right? Well let me tell you the story of how I got mine. It's not flashy, but it's a nice beginning. My sister's kind of a nerd, it's no secret. She didn't have any friends when she was a real little filly. All she had was this raggedy old doll that she'd sit and play with for hours on end, reading with and to it. Well, a few colts got this idea in their head to take it from her just because she was different and didn't play with the other foals. Well, she wasn't very good with magic yet, if somepony tried that today they'd get their flanks handed to them for sure. Back then? Nah, she got her toy taken from her and came running home crying. Now you see, I was still pretty young then myself, but I knew I didn't like it when she cried. My parents were still at work and wouldn't be home in time to really do anything about it, so of course I had to.”

The prince began to pace a bit as he spoke, a small smile forming on his lips. “I found them, wasn't that hard after all. They were tossing her doll around on the playground near our house still. There was at least three of them, maybe four. What's more, is that they were my age, one was even a bit older. He already had his cuitemark. And yet they were picking on this little filly just because she was kind of strange. So I went over and asked them nicely for the doll back. Mom always taught me to be polite and cordial, said it would get me out of more trouble then my hooves would. Now these guys? Well they didn't follow that idea too much. So they called me and my sister some names, and told me to do some very rude things with my mother. Now that got me pretty mad, but I asked again, a bit more stern this time. They kicked dirt in my face and told me to run on home with my freak of a sister. Kids can be such bastards if they want to. Anyway, this went back and forth for a while until the older one got tired of it and threw a punch at me. I wasn't expecting it and he laid me out with it pretty easy. The beat me up pretty good honestly, this was before I knew what I was doing in a fight. But I didn't mind too much, I was doing the right thing after all. But see, I hadn't known that Twilight had followed me there, and when she saw this she got mad. Now my sister's got quite the temper you see, and she picked up a rock and threw it at em, hit the big one right in the head.”

He stopped pacing finally and let out a happy sigh. “Well of course that pissed him off. So he picked the rock up with his magic and flung it right at her head... I was on the ground still but saw it coming at her and I snapped. Without even meaning to I put my very first shield up around her, sending the rock away without a scratch to her. While they were all distracted by that I managed to get to my hooves and tackle the big one from behind. I pinned him down and started hitting him, it didn't take long for him to give up and scream for mercy. Being the kind colt I was, I got off of him and let him stand up, demanding her doll back and that they leave her alone or they'd get it worse then that from me. I was scared stiff at this point, but I didn't let it show, not to them, and not to her. They gave in and gave me her doll back and ran off to lick their wounds, never to bother my sister again. It wasn't until I got home and Twiliy was helping me clean up my face before mom and dad got home that she pointed out I had my cutiemark.”

With another pleased sigh he looked over at the creature once more and flicked his tail. “So that's what it is to be a protector. Against all odds you have to keep them safe. Throw yourself into situations that are dangerous and have you outnumbered with little chance of winning. I mean look at this, look where I am right now. You think I want to be here? No, but my home needs me to be here, my people, my wife, my sister.... So here I am, doing something very stupid, scared out of my mind. But I push on. So that's what it is to be a protector... to put your own feelings aside and keep them safe from anything that might hurt them.”
>> No. 40138108
File 138123092301.jpg - (65.82KB , 317x323 , thinking.jpg )
>Ren puffs out his cheeks and glares at the entity
Yeah, you and everyone else, Mr Fear-Itself...But I can't give up now, people'll think I'm a quitter...Maybe I won't get ultimate power, but to push myself beyond my limits and test myself for any kind of improvement? I think that's not a bad goal to have...
>Ren scratches his chin, looking thoughtful
...And as for being an entertainer? I suppose I can't really tell you, not many people find me funny...But I do keep trying. And every once in a while, someone laughs. And when they laugh, they feel better, if only for an instant when they listen to a good joke, or a joke so bad it's good...It's not much, but it might help someone going through a bad day if they smile...And it feels good. To see that you managed to contribute to someone in a way that's positive, seeing their faces light up as they start laughing...That's amazing to me. Even if I'm useless at combat, short tempered, really annoying and a bit over the top...I'd like to think that being capable of making someone smile every now and again makes you just as good a hero as any other.
>He pauses, before chuckling
Well, that's enough about me trying to excuse my worthlessness. Being an entertainer's about trying to brighten the day of those around you. Even if it's unsuccessful and even if nobody laughs.
>> No. 40153925
File 138204319123.jpg - (67.18KB , 597x1200 , Ghost_ShillouetteStanding.jpg )
The red haze around Sarge's vision had since faded. He was surprised his arm was still attached at the shoulder; .30 caliber bullets packed a punch. But Wheaty had patched him up quickly enough. As he got a hold of himself, Sarge became aware that something was going on, besides the hordes of zombies.

Peeking around the corner, he found Shining talking with... someone. It looked like Twilight Sparkle, but at the same time it was most definitely not Twilight Sparkle. From what Sarge patched together it was some form of... entity, that the sorcerer Loveless had been trying to feed through all of... this. The zombies, the horrors, everything, fed the entity through raw emotion, though it apparently desired much sweeter feelings than terror, fear, and grief.

As it turned out, it wanted them to accept it and show it these better emotions, and how to be a more normal living being. So the flight all the way over here, the fight with the horrible monstrosities, might just end up boiling down to making friends with the right supernatural entity.

Of course it did.

"I'm not quite sure what's going on here... but I'll play along," Sarge said, stepping out from behind the corner. "And I'll be perfectly honest... I didn't come all the way out here to save ponies, or make friends. I came out here to kill the sonofabitch that I thought was behind all of this once and for all. Not because he messed with me, but because he hurt my wife, and then, worst of all, he dared to come near my daughter. Then he kidnapped my wife, and I finally tracked him down and put a bullet through his head. I thought that was enough, I thought that would keep my family safe... but apparently not."

Sarge slipped his head through his rifle's sling and let the weapon hang at his hip as he crossed his arms. "When I heard he'd come back from the dead and was making his way up from the southlands with an army, I knew right then and there I had to go and try and stop him. I couldn't let that sonofabitch come near my family again," he said, "You wanna know what being a father is like? Rule 1: never let anything hut your family if you can help it. Throw yourself at whatever threatens them with the spirit of an angry wolverine. If you don't you could loose them... and that is the absolute worst pain you could ever feel."

Sarge's shoulders slackened slightly and he lowered his gaze to look at the ground for a moment. He knew from experience.

"Rule 2: ... You gotta be there when it counts," he said, his voice a bit softer now, as he looked back up, "Sometimes you can't. Maybe the bringing home the bacon gets in the way, but every time you can, be there. Birthdays, anniversaries, first words, first days of school, plays, concerts, weddings... You gotta be in their memories. And you gotta be there enough to count. You gotta be there enough to give them guidance when they need it, to build your relationships with your family, to bond."

He stared off into the distance, recollecting memories from years ago. "I already told you the worst feeling in the world... you wanna know the best?" he asked, as his eyes focused back on the entity, "It's watching your kids be happy, and knowing they're going to be okay... nothing beats that feeling. Once you have your first child, nothing becomes more important than your kids. Everything you do from then on is for them. That's what it's like being a father."
>> No. 40163240
File 138250221204.png - (154.32KB , 467x709 , Smile.png )
Salsa looks around and he realizes its his turn to talk to this thing. He looks up to sky then to his friends and back to the Eldritch Horror. "Hmm, I remember when I first got transferred here. I didn't know what the fuck was up with this place. But after a while I met some of these men standing with me. Men that I call my friends. We have been through so much shit but we stick together, helping each other out."

He sighs sadly. "I have betrayed them once though. I never expected for them to forgive or even trust me after that. But they did, though, some of that trust is gone but I'm hoping that I can rebuild that trust in time. And I'm grateful because of that." Salsa chuckles. "So I guess, friendship is being there for friends and having forgiveness." Salsa gives a small smile.
>> No. 40168295
File 138281723366.png - (494.90KB , 1280x905 , 130427__UNOPT__.png )

"With all your hearts, you have told me...and with all of mine, I thank you."

Every member of the group, no matter if they had spoken or not, could feel it. Like a wave of cold water it washed over their hearts, as it had done with countless others before...and, instead of hate and the wish to rule and conquer, found only warmth and comfort. And just like the hate had grown in all those who had nourished the dark magic they had wielded and invited into their being, so did that warmth grow within the companions.

Companions - only now the word seemed to reveal its meaning. They had fought together, bled together...and they would prevail together. There was no possible way they could fail if they acted as one mind, one soul, one purpose.

Friend. Parent. Protector. Much better things to call oneself than Conqueror, Tyrant...Devourer. The entity, as the companions had perceived it, faded away, and yet gained a more solid place in the world as it curiously and eagerly gathered its nourishment from the hearts that had been opened to it, not to consume but to learn from them.

You reap what you sow...and as the entity looked down on its own appearance, it chuckled softly. "I that what she is to you? Friend, parent, protector? Be sure to let her know when you return to her for your just rewards...and return home you will."

The pony spread its wings, her feathers shimmering in the moonlight, and laughed brightly...a sound so pristine and beautiful that one could believe Celestia herself had uttered it. Which, right now, was easy to believe.

The tall figure looked at the lot of them with a curious expression and approached to walk among those it owed so much and would owe so much more still. She made no attempt to snatch Lynne away like a monster in the dark, but brushed a strand of the filly's blue hair out of her face as she spoke to the still passed out Lynne. "Through your eyes I saw the world, and it is beautiful. Just a little while longer, my child. Have faith in your protectors."

"Wound the sorcerer. He is stronger than you would believe when you look at him, so don't hold back. Once he is close to death he will have no choice to call upon me to save him." The pony paused...and smiled faintly. "And when he does...your task is complete. Now all have a task to finish."
>> No. 40168431
File 138282123856.png - (498.17KB , 579x900 , 156679__UNOPT__.png )
"I'm hoping you know where we need to go? Or at least can point us in the right direction?" Of course he was pretty amazed with her transformation. But right now he was a bit more focused on finishing this. And of course in the back of his mind he wondered why she had taken the shape of his sister when the darkness in the world was what filled her... He'd spend many nights wondering about that no doubt.
>> No. 40168713
File 138282940535.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
This was it, despite everything that had transpired Rillian actually felt like he could feel the light at the end of the tunnel. It was certainly a good feeling, but he didn't dwell on it too long. Their greatest foe still remained, and though they knew what they had to do, doing it wouldn't be a cakewalk.
Stay calm, stay focused.

"Yeah, we need to put an end to this as soon as we can, stop the suffering from lasting a moment longer."
>> No. 40168917
File 138283450572.png - (834.16KB , 1920x1080 , 01.png )
"Only one way leads out of this village and to where to need to be. Into the mountains. You'll know when you've arrived."

She looked behind herself, up the path she had used to come into the village. "Stay on the path before you, and don't believe whatever you see or hear on the way. I wish you no harm, but make no mistake...this land is still bathed in my presence. Once again, keep your eyes pointed forward and believe nothing you encounter. Once your mind accepts it as real, it will be so."
>> No. 40168948
File 138283542246.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
"Understood, we'll trust in it being false...we won't waver anymore."

Rillian turned toward the path to the mountains, waited for everyone else to be ready, and then set off toward the last destination on their journey.
>> No. 40169070
File 138283998738.png - (642.71KB , 900x1145 , come_into_my_world_.png )
He stood up, stretched, used his jaw as a sturdy surface to crash the digits on his left hand, and he let off a healthy grin.

"Hold back? I believe no such work will exist in my vocabulary once those dead eyes are in my sight..."

He rotates his head, further cracking joints to loosen up, fist clentched, the smile never fading, he joined Rillian upon his right as he was now set to roll.
>> No. 40169297
File 138284887559.png - (80.96KB , 434x418 , huh.png )
The warmth and comfort he found himself awash in finally pulled the astral pegasus back to his senses, and his grip around Rillian loosened, his hooves finding the ground instead of staying buried in his friend's back. What had been a nightmare before them had become instead a dream, a storm giving way to gentle sunlight as they stood boldly before it.

It renewed his hope to hear this what this changed being could now say. At first he had been confused by how this change had come on, having been oblivious to the world shortly before, but the more it spoke the more it became clear to him. It was the warmth he felt in his heart. It was the ponies and people that surrounded him that strengthened him, and who he in turn strengthened.

And as his companions went on about what needed doing next, he focused again on the task at hand. To say that he didn't still fear what may come would be a lie. But he couldn't give into fear now. Not again. He wouldn't. Not when others relied on him just as much as he did on them. Besides, it was like that thing said, those things couldn't hurt them as long as they didn't give into it... right?

It didn't matter. He had an oath to fulfill. To help protect all that he could even if it meant his death. He had fulfilled the first part plenty. Rillian, Snowflake. Everyone whom he had lent his hoof to. Now Death lay before them, and there was no avoiding it any more. No denying it's presence. He'd faced it once. Twice. It was time to strike back, or strike out.

He hauled himself to his hooves, wordlessly ready to go.
>> No. 40169306
File 138284922639.png - (141.47KB , 470x675 , Talking 2.png )
"Hmm, wow" Salsa said when it transformed into something different. He then turns his body towards the direction they need to go. He looks at his friends. "Ready when you guys are."
>> No. 40169543
File 138287594233.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
"Finally...finally glad I....we can finish this...lost my chance to talk to Rhu and Huelwen before I left....I hope they're still around."

A flex of the fingers and a snap of the wrist, he was warming up.
>> No. 40169892
File 138289316862.jpg - (12.81KB , 171x183 , closedeyesmile.jpg )
>Ren looks a little crestfallen and kicks a nearby stone
Aw man, now I just feel stupid...If I wanted to have a little fun fighting things, I could'a done that at home...Stupid epic heroic quest and it's 'morals' and 'lessons learned...'
>Despite his grumbling tone, he smiles slightly
...Well, I'd probably get my arse kicked anyway, so, no harm no foul.
>He doesn't seem to react to the transformation, it's nothing he hasn't seen before, but he does make a low bow to the transformed pony
Thank you for your assistance, sir...Or ma'am, or whatever you wish to call yourself, I'll try not to disappoint you...Can't speak for these losers though.
>He jerks a thumb at the group he's with and speaks in a faux-conspiratorial tone, before grinning
Sense'a humour something you need to learn too? I can give you some teachings on that an' all.
>> No. 40173714
File 138310879733.jpg - (134.44KB , 1078x800 , 4204__twilight-sparkle_shining-armor.jpg )
The captain nodded to the being. "Then we better get going. The sooner we finish this, the sooner everyone get's to go home...." Cadance swooped down and grabbed the filly from Shining Armor, throwing him a dirty look before she flew back up with her, ready to go. Oh boy... she was mad and who could blame her?

"Let's move people. This is the final stretch." He began to march up the mountain, signing to himself a bit. Things were looking up but the hardest part was still ahead.
>> No. 40174653
File 138318075094.png - (220.83KB , 329x781 , Neutral.png )
Salsa follows the Captain towards the mountain. Keeping pace with him. Even though things looked better. He still kept his thoughts on the objective. "Got to concentrate on the target. Can't think about anything else" he thought to himself.
>> No. 40176419
File 138331499673.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
One final twist of the neck and he followed behind, keeping his useless arm tied behind his back with a bit of magic. " better damn well be. His bloods going to spill...or wehatever undead bleed."
>> No. 40190112
File 138413803685.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
"By the by," he spoke up amid the silence, "I want to apologize for my behavior back at the ship...I'm just wishing for this to my family to get back to."
>> No. 40190279
File 138414165461.png - (159.99KB , 420x415 , oh.png )
Ignore the armor
He nodded and followed along.

"Don't worry about it..." he said flatly. "I'm ready for it to end, too."

What Shade said made him think, and reminded him of a few things. He didn't have a family to go back to. They were long gone, and he wouldn't be seeing them until... who knows when. It was never spelled out how long he would be serving, just "When your time is finished." Maybe he had Rose to go back to but... how long would that last? He had begun to question what should be done about seeing her when he got back. He wouldn't be able to visit her as often. Nor Rillian. The trek up and down the mountain would take too long. He would more or less be stuck up there, doing duties that he wasn't sure were even in need of somepony to do them.
>> No. 40190291
File 138414188759.png - (9.39KB , 206x158 , Rillian8.png )
He followed with everyone else, focused mostly on the path ahead of him.

He was focused at least up until the point the others started speaking.

"I'm really just ready for everything to go back to normal, to be able to sleep in my own bed and see all the friends when something isn't on the line."
>> No. 40190372
Most of Wheaton's emotions had taken a back seat, suppressed until this thing was over, one way or the other. But when Rillian spoke Wheaty turned and gave him a look that was a mixture of a lot of things. Anger, sadness, insecurity, anxiety, apology, and a need to speak with him. Much the same sort of look that he had when he found out what Rillian had done to get his voice back. Before everything turned out alright, of course. Maybe Rillian could read most of that, close as they were, but the sum of it came out to be a rather dark look.

Last edited at Sun, Nov 10th, 2013 21:23

>> No. 40190435
File 138414573039.png - (9.86KB , 206x158 , Rillian6.png )
He faltered in midstep, only then realizing how insensitive it was to say what he said.
Things couldn't go back to normal, not after all this, especially not after what had happened to his friend.

Bam, right in the heart that wound was split open again. His ears lowered and he gingerly trudged forward.

Killing Tonic wouldn't fix Wheaty's wing, it would only give him more time alive to know that he couldn't fly again.
>> No. 40190459
File 138414691789.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
"When you two are finished over there, I need to talk to Snow White for a moment...have a crazy idea brewing in my head..."

He thought about a few things, especially what to do about his bum arm, waiting for his chance to talk.
>> No. 40193127
File 138429768405.jpg - (109.58KB , 500x641 , tumblr_m5u6soes1k1ru5991o1_500.jpg )

The distinct noise of a record needle scratching over the vinyl in the most painful way interrupts the audio track, and everything grinds to a halt within moments. Someone off screen clears his throat, and as he talks again the voice is identified as one that causes a good part of the main cast to either groan in annoyance, froth with rage or question their sexual preferences.

"What do you mean, they're on their way already? The final dungeon still needs to be set up, the Big Bad demands a bigger part in the finale, and the overall ending feels terribly sue-ish!"

Indecipherable muttering, not at all unlike every adult in the old 'Peanuts' cartoons used to talk, answers the complaining chaos spirit from ye gods know where, and he lets out a defeated sigh.

"Fine...we'll do it like this, but only under the condition that that character is never played or even mentioned again! Deal? Deal!"

With a snap of two fingers, the audio track picks back up, somewhat wobbly at first but quickly gathering itself...and the world continues to spin.

Last edited at Tue, Nov 12th, 2013 16:08

>> No. 40193358
It wasn't even about things going back to normal or being able to fly again. That reality had been driven home by Tonic's hauntings. He would still have plenty of trouble dealing, though. No, he was trying to find something to pin the blame on other than himself, denying that it was his fault, and Rillian was just the unlucky one. When Rillian looks away, so does he, casting his glare to the ground instead.

By "Snow White," Wheaton was guessing that Shade meant him. "What?" he muttered.
>> No. 40193470
File 138431136671.png - (182.97KB , 1152x1113 , whatthe.png )
"Well, I was thinking for a few minutes, and I came up with what could be a rather stupid idea..."

He scratched his chin, "Now, you're in no condition to fight....but I was thinkin'...maybe you could latch yourself to my back..."

He was trying to gether his thoughts, "...and perhaps you can channel your magic into my body and...maybe act as an extension of my own abilities...I'm sure it'd burn like hewll but...I dunno...seems so silly, but it's just an idea."
>> No. 40199168
File 138471675068.png - (84.66KB , 471x384 , question.png )
"I don't know enough about magic to be able to say. Besides, you woudn't want to be dragging about a bunch of extra weight in the middle of a fight" he said. "I think I'll stick to what I've been doing."
>> No. 40199659
File 138474307660.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
"With two mares at your side carrying tons of weight is an easy enough job, but fair enough. Was just a thought...that and considering you're a bit...'holy' compared to me it'd burn like hell feeling it."
>> No. 40221643
File 138597235867.png - (138.92KB , 432x667 , Talking.png )
Salsa continues to walk with the group, concentrating on the objective. He is wondering what is waiting for them and how they are going to finish off Tonic to end this nightmare. Salsa pulls out a cigarette which is a rare thing for him to do. He lights it with his lighter and starts to smoke. "Funny how this reduces my stress even though it's terrible for my health." he thought with the first inhale. He walks over to Shining and asks,"How much longer do you think we'll get to the target?"
>> No. 40237319
File 138689419709.png - (41.35KB , 721x664 , Untitled 5.png )

"Blood of the Selfless..."

With an audible splash, a chunk of concrete that had once belonged to a certain airfield was tossed into the whirling maelstrom inside the cauldron - a piece stained with the blood of an orange earth pony. A good stallion, always willing to put himself in harm's way for his friends. The liquid in the cauldron began to bubble as it dissolved the debris, and thick steam began to rise to the ceiling.

"...blood of the Pure..."

The next ingredient was a far grizzlier one than a mere chunk of bloodstained rock. Although mangled, torn, and ripped from the body of its owner, it was still identifiable as as the wing of a white Pegasus - a good lad as well, gentle and helpful, and full of love for the world and his fellow ponies. The steam thickened further and turned as purple as the liquid that writhed about as if it was alive while a shape began to form in the mist, convulsing in pain - a shape that was clawing at the wall between worlds to find a way inside. It was almost done, all that was needed now was...

"...blood of the Righteous."

Loveless' ears folded against his head, and he flinched as he tossed the bloody cloth Shining Armor had used to contact him into the cauldron, for the shape let out a pained shriek as soon as the cloth was devoured. What had been a vague shape in the smoke now gained solid form and plummeted into the maelstrom below, causing the cauldron to keel over and spill its contents on the cold stone floor.

The sorcerer tilted his head and listened for any sign of life, then smiled as he heard gasping and wet coughing behind the purple mist. Quickly, he snatched a large piece of cloth from a nearby table to dry and warm the shivering figure that was struggling to get on its hooves. "Easy...easy!", Loveless pat the pony on the back as he helped him up and to a chair. "You've been gone for a while, it will take time to get you back to full health."

The pony coughed, and thick purple mucus splattered on the floor, causing Loveless to scrunch his face in slight disgust. "Hch...", the trembling stallion began to speak, and another coughing fit interrupted him for the better part of a minute before he found his voice again. " long?" Loveless hesitated, and the other one raised his voice in a demanding tone. "How long, dammit!"

"...a few months, brother."

"A few...months." The stallion groaned and wiped his face. "It feels...longer. Much longer...why do my eyes hurt so bad?"

"Because they're brand new."

The pony lifted his head and brushed over his face once more, feeling the closed lid of an undamaged eye where a gaping wound used to be. "I'll be damned...", he chuckled softly, shaking his head a little in amused disbelief.

Loveless shot a small bolt of magic at a mirror on the wall, and an image appeared in it - one he didn't like to see at all: a small group traveling through the mountains. While Loveless groaned in annoyance, the other one remained silent and simply watched, his red eyes glued to the mirror. He could do nothing against all of them. One, yes...but to take out all of them he needed to get his strength back, and fast. His train of thought was derailed by his little brother, and the stallion slowly shifted his gaze from the mirror to the other stallion. "I've played these morons like an instrument for long enough now, we have what we need! Can we please stop messing around and kill them?"

The brown Unicorn, knowing that he needed either more time or magic to deal with more than one opponent, smirked, and his answer put an expression on Loveless' face that would have been hilarious in a different place and time.


Loveless stared blankly. "W-why? WHY? I have made this journey all on my own! I have evolved! I have sacrificed everything so that your law may rule and Paradise follow!" Almost frothing, he pointed at the mirror. "And they are FUCKING IT UP!"

The other one was...not impressed by the outburst, to put it lightly, but he smiled nevertheless. "Paradise will follow, don't worry. But you ain't gonna be there to see it."

A red ring of magic wrapped around Loveless' neck, and the Unicorn choked as he was pulled closer, forced to look into those large mad eyes that had seen things he could never hope to comprehend or endure with his mind intact.

"What you will see is what I have seen! All of it...all of it!"

Loveless squirmed against the magical grip, and as purple mist began to pour out of his eyes, the Unicorn's mind collapsed like an old bridge, and mere cries of protest turned into the horrified shrieking and sobbing of a madman. His face wet with tears and his eyes green as poison, he finally managed to tear himself away from his brother's gaze, with a groan that carried more pain in it than any living thing could bear.

"Now you've sacrificed everything." Tonic watched calmly as Loveless bumped into furniture like a heavily sedated animal and helplessly collapsed on the floor. As he laid limp and barely breathing, he barely registered his older brother picking him up - chances were he couldn't even remember his name. Slurring his words that he couldn't even hear himself, Loveless cried out to whatever deep and primal fear had cost him his sanity.

"...don't...leeaave mee...father! ...I'm afraiid of the dark...

With a bit of effort, the tall brown stallion hoisted his brother onto the table and laid his horn on a pile of books. "You always were, pup", he pat Loveless' shoulder. "Always were." A single powerful stomp of his hoof was all Tonic needed to snap the horn clean off close to the base with a sickening crunch, and the sound the monstrous stallion made as he drank the magic leaving the body was almost lustful.

Back to his old strength and then some, the 'Scourge of the South' tossed his brother's mutilated body down the stairs where the companions would find it later, then destroyed the mirror that showed a few old and a few new faces by shooting the now drained and useless horn into it. With a playful smirk on his face, Tonic stepped to the window and looked to the north, towards Canterlot and Ponyville.

"Hello, Equestria", he greeted the world as he looked over the landscape, "glad to see you again. Been lonely without me?"

Everyone in the group who was the least bit sensitive to magic would have felt the massive burst of energy further into the mountains...all the had to do was follow the trail of magic to a big two story house - the home of Tonic's family, and the place where the horror had begun all those years ago...and where it would end today.

Last edited at Thu, Dec 12th, 2013 17:29

>> No. 40237447
File 138689701966.png - (9.60KB , 208x156 , Rillian3.png )
Rillian was not experienced with magic. On numerous occasions, he had been the target of it. Sometimes it was a deadly attack that was meant to kill him, others it was a helpful spell meant to heal his wounds. In one instance, it was a permanent enchantment that had changed his life by giving him a voice he never had.

So when the massive burst echoed through the air, the hairs on his body tingled with a strange feeling. He could tell that something had just happened, but he had no clue what and no idea where it had come from, only the general direction.

"Did I just feel that, was that real, am I not the only one...guys?"
>> No. 40238041
File 138694562086.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
While pondering what to do with his arm, as well as puttering about in a direction others went, he stopped cold in his tracks. His body shook a bit before he fell to a knee, groaning in discomfort. "Awww GOD it's like someone ran a rake across a chalkboard....!"

A few moments to process what he just felt, and then he shook it off. "I felt I'll have a headache kater to prove it...but I feel like we're going to have to make a turn..."
>> No. 40238435
File 138696622593.png - (159.99KB , 420x415 , oh.png )
Though only slightly magically sensitive because of the nature of his being, it would not take much other than the knowledge of magic's existence to feel that. Cold. Malefic. This was powerful, dark, sinister magic inspired greatly by The Goblet of Fire that mad him feel like Death was stroking a cold finger up his spine.

"It's real. I'll bet it's what we're here for, too."
>> No. 40241658
File 138714865542.png - (887.64KB , 800x850 , through_the_snow_by_aurarrius-d5kqqob.png )
The good prince felt it too and winced, nodding to Shade, "That about sums it up yes... That's where we're going. And judging from that pulse... we need to be there five minutes ago."

He broke into a full gallop, rushing towards the magic before he could lose the trail, this was it. There was no turning back now, as if there had ever been.
>> No. 40241976
File 138715829146.png - (84.66KB , 471x384 , question.png )
Wheaty galloped behind as quickly as he could. He wouldn't lag too far behind, but he certainly wasn't going to be leading the pack. Though for the sake of keeping up, he called out to Shade, thinking it might be good idea to take him up on that offer of being carried, at least until they got there.

"Shade?" He stuttered and um'ed, not sure how to really ask to be carried, his face turning red with shame and embarrassment. "Just until we get there?"
>> No. 40242274
No9w with a small headache and a big groggy, he tried to shake it off, ready to race full speed ahead. However, he stopped dead in his tracks to the white pony.

He went back down to one knee and hoisted him up with relative ease, cradling the pony with his good arm. Fine. And you don't have to be embarassed."
>> No. 40242280
File 138716634212.png - (9.60KB , 208x156 , Rillian3.png )
Rillian was thinking about offering to help carry Wheaty there, but Shade seemed to have it covered just fine.

He easily kept pace with Shining as they rushed off in the direction of the signature.

"Okay...before we arrive, got a plan other than 'attack'?"
>> No. 40242307
File 138716719114.png - (141.47KB , 470x675 , Talking 2.png )
When Salsa finished his sentence. He felt something which was odd because he is not around magical stuff for most of the time. Maybe it was the little magic in his body that allows him to switch back and forth between a pony and human. "That was weird" he said.
Salsa throws the remaining cigarette on the ground and steps on it. "Aye, aye, sir" Salsa starts to march along with the group.
>> No. 40242401
Too late for that little bit. It had also gone completely over his head that Shade's other arm was dangling rather uselessly up until this point. "Is your arm alright? You will likely need both of them. I know it might hurt but... would you be fine with me seeing what I could do about it?"

>d10 + 3 = 12 if he accepts as he does his usual healy thing
>> No. 40242423
d10 = 2
>> No. 40242425
File 138717321254.png - (31.76KB , 868x907 , You're touching me in all the right places~.png )
>This ending then...alright~


While Salsa was throwing his cigarette away, somepony else was lighting himself one, taking a long and relishing drag after tossing the lighter on the kitchen table. A light cough escaped Tonic, and he gave the pack of smokes a critical look. Several months old and dry as fuck...lovely.

While the oven was heating up, Tonic sat on the couch, flipping through an incomplete manuscript Loveless had been studying. A written note on the last page caught his attention, and he tapped his hoof on it while his eyes slowly wandered towards the door to the basement.

"You gotta be shitting me..."

Quickly, the stallion hopped off of the couch and made his way downstairs, pushing a certain spot on the wall to reveal a hidden door leading into the catacombs.

Tonic whistled in stunned wonder as he saw what his brother had been up to. The vast catacombs the mansion had been built on, carved out of the mountain ages ago, weren't as empty as he had remembered them - they were packed with ponies...stallions, mares...colts and fillies. The Unicorn looked left and right as he wandered through the had to be thousands of ponies, all of them seemingly sleeping. When he reached out to lift the eyelid of one of them, purple mist poured out of the venom-green eye immediately. Apart from that, the pony did not respond. Alive and breathing, but that was it.

In the center of the catacombs rested the source of all this - a single black crystal pulsing with the power it drew from the nightmares of thousands. "Well", Tonic said to himself, "aren't you a pretty trinket."

Much more than that...much more. I see you've bested the sorcerer...and taken his place. Then you know who is coming for you as well.

"Let them come, I'll be waiting."

So will I.


A few minutes later, Tonic had made his way up the stairs and into the kitchen again. After hoisting what he had brought up with him onto the counter, he went back to study a certain passage in the manuscript...then closed his eyes to let in what had demanded entrance. Dark magic bubbled around is horn, and the glassy cracking noise of growing crystal echoed through the mansion. Tonic snickered to himself, then burst into a fit of bellowing laughter, like he had finally gotten the punchline of a joke he had heard before.

"Ooooh yeah. Let 'em come!"
>> No. 40242445
File 138717593213.png - (81.45KB , 513x650 , Irritated.png )
"If you want. I won't stop you...can't feel anything from it anyways."

He jogged along with them, keeping up rather well despite the massive amount of weight he had to carry, letting Wheatly do his thing.

"The sooner we get there, the sooner I'll wring this bastards' neck, and the sooner I can get back to the bar."
>> No. 40243227
File 138724176002.jpg - (143.00KB , 1280x989 , death_is_the_only_escape_by_willis96-d5l8ej3.jpg )
"Yeah, don't die. From what I just felt, we're in for it. This is it, this is the las-"
He was cut off and almost tripped as he felt that power, he knew it well. It was hard to forget the feeling of a kind of magic that had invaded your own before.

"Perfect.... It just get's worse and worse. Let's move!" He ran faster, moving at his peak, his nostrils flaring as he did. This was it....
>> No. 40243376
File 138724707130.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
It was pretty simple advice, but from Shining's reaction afterwards, Rillian's eyes widened a bit more.

"Wh-what is it, what's 'perfect'?"

"Shade, the bar is probably going to be one of the first places I go when we get back..."

Rillian continued to run by Shining's side ahead of the others, keeping pace without a sign of slowing down. Once they made it to the house, he would be the first to charge in unless stopped.
>> No. 40243416
File 138724968335.png - (61.38KB , 411x643 , Happy.png )
"Drinks on the house Rill! We all celebrate!"

Carrying Wheatly like a full grown child, he doubled his running efforts. Teeth grit, will strong and strength peaked, he was ready to end this. Closer and closer they came, hoping to come face to face with him.
>> No. 40243430

As Rillian attempted to open the door, the trap was set off. There was less than a second to react during which a thick black crystal formed out of thin air before it shot upwards from the ground to impale whoever would try to enter. Not only right on the doorstep, but within a wide radius in front of the mansion, black thorns grew up within the blink of an eye. There was no pattern or aim to it, they just shot out in random places to skewer whoever happened to be unfortunate enough to stand right above or too near to one or more of them.

d10 = 2 d10 = 7 d10 = 8 d10 = 10 d10 = 2 d10 = 10 d10 = 8 d10 = 3 d10 = 1 d10 = 4 d10 = 7 d10 = 2 d10 = 7
>> No. 40243433
>divided by 13


>Easy. Roll 5 or higher to avoid ending up as a pony on a stick.
>> No. 40243441
d10+3 = 6
>> No. 40243450
File 138725145715.png - (9.95KB , 206x158 , Rillian9.png )
Rillian could feel the vibration in the earth as something rose up from below, and leaped backwards just in time to avoid some particularly nasty spikes that would have otherwise skewered him. His female voice belted out in a desperate screech to his allies: "BACK, GET BACK!"

He had avoided getting wounded, and for the moment he wasn't concerned with trying to find another entrance to the manor. His attention was toward those who might not be as fortunate as him, hoping that his allies were unharmed, or at the least still alive.
>> No. 40243467
d10+3 = 7
>> No. 40243577
d10 = 1
>> No. 40243671
Having been carrying the white pegasus with his good arm, he couldn't properly react to such an event. First instinct, toss the pegasus as best he could before being turned into a human skewer meal.

Sadly, all he could feel was his body on fire, not literally, but figuratively. Pain surged through every fiber, the heat of his darkened blood splashing into open air, crystals throughout his frame.

Words failed him. Only grunts and silent screams of anguish for what felt like the first time in his life. He could only hope the rest would be luckier then he.
>> No. 40243703
File 138726402411.png - (188.75KB , 438x710 , Order.png )
Salsa was running with everyone towards the objective. He saw the door. Salsa was cautious about it. He was about to raise his concerns about it until Rillian charged at it. Then he saw crystal and he dived away from it into cover. He successful dived out of the way. "Fuck!" he yelled as he dived out of the way.
He got up and looked around then he saw Shade. "Holy fuck, Wheatly. He needs help." He continues to look around to look for everyone else to see if they are still standing.
>> No. 40243959
File 138729501157.png - (2.01KB , 132x156 , derp.png )
>rollan for sheer luck to not be thrown into one
d10 = 4
>> No. 40243985
File 138729635528.png - (62.93KB , 497x433 , paaaaiiiinnnnuh.png )
Well, at least now he was familiar with being shot by sharpened projectiles instead of bullets. Needless to say, it was not fun in the least. At least it was their enemy doing it and not friendly fire. Could he blame Shade for what happened? He tried to throw him free. He was trying to protect him. So was Rillian not too long ago, frankly. And even Salsa was trying to shoot down the one holding him. Too bad that such clear thought was not what was going through his head. Nope. Just pain.

While he wasn't thrown completely clear of the line of fire, it still could have been a lot worse. He landed just to the side of a cruel black spire that could have turned him into a pega-kebab with a long black spike jutting deep from his cutie mark. The dark magic it contained stung his wound like hellfire as he cried out in pain, his hooves clutching at the wound in his leg, fumbling to remove the crystal. Sometimes dark magic can burn light creatures just as much as light burns the dark, and boy was he burning. He barely heard Salsa and couldn't hear Shade at all, and he could not stand.
>> No. 40244102
File 138730163912.png - (86.98KB , 900x900 , 8bb0fb5c2fd096bf2591959097be0db1.png )
With a loud thud, Tonic slammed the knife into the kitchen counter and grinned as he heard the commotion outside. "Two down...maybe." The stallion took a bite from his grizzly meal and cracked his neck before going upstairs to prepare another little surprise for the lot of them.

A few strategically placed crystal pillars later, the balcony doors on the highest level of the large mansion swung open with a loud bang, and Tonic looked down to the companions jumping about and trying not to get impaled.

"Welcome, fillies and gentlecolts! So glad you could make it!", he bellowed into the courtyard. There he was, in the flesh - the one they had rightfully thought dead for months now. "James, you old bastard! Looking good as usual, I see! How's the wife and kids, huh? Nah, don't tell me, I'll find out soon enough!"

It was obvious that Tonic was having a blast...and everyone who knew or had heard of him wouldn't be surprised that he had no business waiting until the heroes had pulled their wounded out of danger. A single black stream of dark magic shot into the sky, and the clouds lit up with fire - fire that began raining into the courtyard only moments later.

d10 = 1 d10 = 1 d10 = 5 d10 = 1 d10 = 10 d10 = 3 d10 = 4 d10 = 10 d10 = 10 d10 = 1

This was it. They had fought, bled and struggled to to get here, and they'd either end the Scourge of the South once and for all or die trying.
>> No. 40244106
>divided by 10
>4.6 = 5

>Once again, roll 5 or higher to not catch fire.
>> No. 40244133
d10+1 = 9
>> No. 40244161
I think we skipped Blank in the last round there.

Last edited at Tue, Dec 17th, 2013 11:12

>> No. 40244172
File 138730433876.jpg - (80.96KB , 900x604 , shining_armor__s_struggle_by_anadukune-d4zk2ue.jpg )
It's fine, we need to finish this. We've been skipping Sarge and Ren this whole time already. Just assume if someone misses it and it moves on they got missed or something I don't know.
Shining Armor had some how managed to fall behind just a bit, just enough to miss out on the spikes. But he did get here in time for this, and he was having none of it. The captions horn lit up, as did Cadance's own to give him and the rest of the group strength as he tried to put up a shield to block the fire from above.

1d10+4 = 9
>> No. 40244178
File 138730460574.png - (154.49KB , 426x667 , Oh shit.png )
"God fucking damnit!" he yelled when he saw Wheatly but he could not stay in place as fire started to rain over them. He jumped around to avoid the flames. "Holy fuck" he said as none of the fire touched him. Salsa heard Tonic mock them. He looked up and saw him. "Fuck you" he yelled. He runs over to Wheatly to help him out with the crystal lodged in him and to get him out of the way of the fire.
d10+1 = 4
>> No. 40244192
File 138730539633.png - (12.16KB , 243x237 , nervous_wingless.png )
Thankfully it seemed that they were out of danger from the fire for now with Shining Armor bubbling the party, and with Salsa's aid, Wheaton was able to get the spike out of his flank, blood now flowing freely from it. It actually brought a slight feeling of relief to have that dark magic out of him, but it still hurt like an ugly mother. He had to get himself standing again if he was going to be of any use. He just hoped that Shade would be alright for just a bit longer, if you could call Shade's state of porcupine-y-ness "alright." He pressed his hooves to his leg and did his best to make it weight-bearing again.

d10 + 4 = 12
>> No. 40244193
d10 = 5
>> No. 40244202
File 138730568839.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
He could hear Tonic's voice...or whatever it was, as he slowly slipped himself off the crystals. Hoping the white one was fine, and with one final grunt, he shoved himself off a nearby tree for leverage.

Finally ejecting himself from the minefield of stone and crystal, he could barely keep his focus when the heat raised above him. His front was soaked in his own blood and rock, legs shaking a bit. He wouldn't let this get him down however.

His head slowly rose up, staring at the fire above him,his wounds slowly closing up with his own arcana. "Oh element."

He took a deep breath, and with a bit of struggle, unloads his own fire into the air to counter what was raining in front of him.
>> No. 40244913
File 138733065794.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
Rillian became paralyzed, trapped in a guilt feedback loop as he saw his friends getting pierced and impaled by the trap sprung by his hoof. If they died then and there, he wasn't sure he would be able to go on. Even with the fate of Equestria at stake, he knew there was a chance his mind wouldn't let him do anything but lay down and die, convinced that if he couldn't save his friends then he couldn't save anyone.

Fire fell from above, and Rillian was on the verge of embracing the flames like a comforting blanket. But seeing his friends, still alive and recovering from their wounds snapped him out of his suicidal stupor. So he galloped through the fireballs, dancing around their descent as he rushed not for the door, but for one of the walls of the manor. He didn't need to go inside and search for Tonic, he knew exactly where the bastard was.

Speed don't fail me now.
Rillian ran even faster and then his legs should have been able to carry him as his hooves went from ground to wall, scaling the side of the manor up to the balcony at significant speed.

I'm coming, now try and stop me and ignore the others...
>> No. 40248631
File 138757756950.png - (1.08MB , 1600x2400 , red_eyes_by_saliantsunbreeze.png )
He wasn't dead. Despite the loss of his horn and the fall down the long staircase that had broken numerous bones, including his spine, Loveless was not dead. His vision was blurry, and he could barely make out what was in front of him...until he heard her voice. Sweet and gentle, like that of an angel, it poured into his ears and made him smile for the first time in years, albeit weakly.

Poor must be in so much pain. But I'm here to ease your suffering. Would you like that?

The white Alicorn's voice was like a warm blanket, and if he had been able to move he would have nodded at her question. He couldn't speak or move anymore, but somehow the tall figure sitting in front of him knew what his answer was, and she reached out to gently stroke over his mane.

Of course you do. Now what say we fix those ghastly injuries first?

Loveless let out a soft groan, and his eyes rolled back into his head as he felt his horn slowly grow back out of the bloody stump Tonic had left behind. Slowly, very slowly, feeling returned into his body as nerves reconnected and bones grew back together. He could pour back into his body, and his ears folded back against his head as a pleased smile grew on his lips for all the warmth and comfort the princess was providing. His mind broken, Loveless still couldn't speak...but no matter his mental damage, there was enough of him left to know that he was safe...finally safe.

Ssssh...everything will be fine. Just fine. Lynne is safe from harm, I have made sure of that...and I will see to it that it stays that way.

The tall Alicorn picked him up and pulled him in a warm embrace, and loveless closed his eyes - feeling tears run down his cheeks as the love and light of Celestia herself engulfed him. Yes, everything was fine...until he made the mistake of opening his eyes and looking up at his healer...and saw what 'she' really was.

He couldn't speak. But he could still scream. At least for a few moments before everything went black and Loveless ceased to be.

>Picture used with the artist's permission. Source: http://saliantsunbreeze[dot]tumblr[dot]com/post/69261879731 Thank you very much~♥

>URL is made to not actually link to the website because there's porn on it, and I don't wanna get fukken banned :p

d10+3 = 4
>> No. 40282853

Also was that roll for an attack aimed at Rillian? I just wasn't sure...
>> No. 40295266
Triple bump.
>> No. 40301943
File 139036017298.png - (219.96KB , 464x713 , Shotgun blast 2.png )
After getting Wheaty out of the way. Salsa pulls out his shotgun and aims at Tonic. He fires three slugs at him. Two at his head and one at his body.
d10+2 = 9
d10+2 = 9
d10+2 = 7
>> No. 40318069
d10 = 1

d10+3 = 6
>> No. 40318101
File 139137138830.png - (134.42KB , 896x1024 , I'm having a wonderful time.png )
A shield in the sky, and magical fire blasting at it from below and above alike - it really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that what had been more or less controlled projectiles before quickly turned into an inferno of flames and chaos, raining not only into the front yard but onto the mansion itself as well...and the flames quickly spread across the roof.

Tonic didn't care...if he even noticed that the house had caught fire. he laughed like the madman he was, pounding a hoof on the railing as he enjoyed the show...until he caught something orange in the corner of his eye. Honestly perplexed to see Rillian make his way up the wall and towards the balcony.

"Who the fuck are y-" was as far as he got before three well-aimed blasts from Salsa's trusty boomstick tore half of his head and chest away. Not a single drop of blood was spilled, however - where a gruesome display of gore should have been there was nothing but black shimmering crystal. The stallion collapsed onto the balcony...then, if unhindered by Rillian, dragged himself back inside.
>> No. 40318225
File 139137382699.png - (9.27KB , 206x158 , Rillian4.png )
Rillian was there to hinder, Tonic wasn't getting inside and away from the group if he could help it. The orange pony reached the balcony and hoisted himself over the railing to land behind retreating adversary. If he wasn't high on adrenaline rush, he might have had time to be both fascinated and disgusted by what Tonic had become and what Salsa's shots had done to him. He knew that if wounds like these hadn't killed this monster, than his own hooves probably weren't going to have much of an effect.

No more running, no more hiding.

Cadance's blessing had helped him avoid the flames, but with it spent for now he would hopefully only need his own strength for this:

d10+1 = 8

He attempted to grab onto Tonic's hind legs and toss him off the balcony. Rillian wasn't as strong as he was fast, but if he could just manage it he would give his more powerful friends a chance to fight their foe directly.
>> No. 40318272
File 139137510850.png - (420.74KB , 787x1015 , My sunday best.png )
Great... This wasn't going well at all! This is what happens when attacks are not coordinated! Shining Armor had to act fast, if he was going to keep Shade's own fire from coming back on them. With another burst of magic he tried to put up a second shield between them and the fire, keeping it trapped between the two bubbles in hope of suffocating it.

>Cadance's boost is at 3 now I think.
>Roll for shield.
1d10+5 = 8
>> No. 40318691
File 139138996593.png - (167.87KB , 495x707 , Shotgun blast 3.png )
As the slugs hit Tonic. Salsa could not help but to laugh, "Still got it", he thought. "Take that you fuck!" he yelled as Rillian threw him off the balcony. Salsa kept Tonic in his sights of his shotgun. He fired one more slug at him and starts to walk closer.
d10+2 = 5
>> No. 40318938
Now, still bleeding badly from his wound, he ceased fire to dodge and weave, making his way to the mansion. Nothing would stop him from finishing this, one way or another.
>> No. 40319016
File 139139889401.png - (95.36KB , 445x415 , stare.png )
The astral's leg healed up rapidly, and he was able to stand well on it again. And not a moment too soon, too. With combat erupting into chaos, and Rillian and Shade ill-advisedly rushing headlong at the enemy, he just did his best to not stand in the fire at the moment, and dashed to the safe area created by Shining's shielding. Hopefully he would be able to follow Shade in soon and tend him quickly. The mansion was catching fire now, though, so entering might not be a good idea at all. Hopefully they wouldn't linger in there too long.

He called out to Shining Armor, "Captain? Should we go in after them?"

>d10+1 = 11 in the case for avoidance if there's still some fiery fiddly-bits bouncing about

[edit was for some spelling and some added lines to the captain, not that roll]

Last edited at Tue, Feb 4th, 2014 00:39

>> No. 40380569
>> No. 40393671
>> No. 40393983
>Shining Armor: d10+3 = 12
>Salsa: d10+3 = 10
>Shade: d10+3 = 9
>Wheaty: d10+3 = 11
>Rillian: d10+3 = 7
>> No. 40403126
File 139634201073.png - (41.35KB , 721x664 , Untitled 5.png )
While the combined efforts of Rillian and Salsa were more than enough to shatter what they believed to be the fiend to pieces on the ground, victory still eluded them. Rillian was the first to hear the deep and menacing "You can't kill me..." from inside the house, and it was that little warning that bought him enough time to abandon ship before the balcony as well as a good part of the wall it had been attached to were blown apart by a massive magical discharge.

"You! Can't! Kill! Me!", Tonic thundered, and the crystal copy...or rather the chunks Salsa and Rillian had turned it into, detonated into a rapidly expanding cloud of black shrapnel, a trap that the brown stallion knew to avoid with a hastily raised shield that he had prepared in anticipation of the hail of shrapnel.

What he hadn't taken into account, sadly, was the fact that the old mansion would have trouble supporting itself with only three walls, even if it hadn't been on fire. Which it was.

At a different time, in a different place, Tonic#s face upon realizing that he had just cut the branch he was sitting on might have been hilarious...though one might feel a grim sort of satisfaction at the sight, at least. It was only moments later that the burning frame of the old house collapsed and swallowed the madstallion whole.

It took a good while until the fire had consumed most of the ruin, leaving it a black smoldering skeleton...and revealing the entrance to the catacombs below.
>> No. 40403128
File 139634386396.jpg - (126.44KB , 1080x800 , 11920__safe_humanized_shining-armor_artist-123hamster_changeling_artist-ninjaham.jpg )
The prince watched as the shrapnel flew and pierced his shield with ease. His first thought was for Cadance and the filly on her back, only to see them high and out of range. His next thought was that there was a massive amount of rubble flying at him and he didn't have time to put up a shield.... "Crap."

The prince did his best to try and dodge out of the way, hoping for the best....
>We're gonna say Cadance ascending out of range of the attack also interrupts her charge cause that's kind of broken.
1d10+1 = 5
>> No. 40403130
File 139634406278.gif - (2.06MB , 300x189 , spoiler.gif )
>7 Lower then attack roll.
>Dice had been good to me until now.
>> No. 40403179
>with the Cadance boost gone, no chance of beating that roll
>for mitigation d10 - 2 = 0
>> No. 40403180
With no knowledge of what had been going on inside of that mansion, no shields to protect them, and little to no ability to avoid such things, Wheaton felt the full force of all that shrapnel. He had little time to do more more than rear up and shield his face with his forelegs and let out a shout that was cut short by black bits of crystal filling his body. Luck, it would seem, had finally run out for him.

He tumbled to the ground, curled up on himself in pain, sputtering for air as pain and dark crystal energy seared his body, pockmarked by a great number of black and bleeding punctures, his face screwed up in shock and agony. Needless to say, healing himself was out of the picture, and there was only one other who could possibly save him from such wounds. First aid would not cut it. He needed an alicorn's healing powers. Though as it stood, Cadance may be too distracted with other problems created by the vile explosion.
>> No. 40403182
d10 = 1
>> No. 40403186
File 139635764291.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
Between the burning flames and the frag grenade-esque explosion, his entire body felt the full wraith despite not being all the way in point blank.

All he could do was make a sad attempt to block whatever he could, be it magic or physical, but at the end of it all he was a complete mess. Never before had such an extensive amount of damage been dealt to him, wobbly on his feet, heavy of breath.

" long is this going take..." he managed to speak out, stumbling backwards to fall upon his rump, finding that surge of fight fleeting, making [i]some[/]i] sort of effort to back away from the flames.
>> No. 40403302
d10+1 = 3
>> No. 40403308
File 139637165272.png - (151.27KB , 919x516 , Hard landing.png )
Salsa had a second to realize what was happening when he saw the trap. "Oh f-" he said when tried to dodge the shrapnel.

But he failed at dodging it. His body got by the shrapnel. When the black crystals penetrated his body he yelled in pain and then his body hit the ground. Salsa is laying on the ground attempting to get up but the pain is too intense. He laughed a little, "Goddamn, all that time serving in the military and I never got by shrapnel but now I did. Fuck." He tries to get up again but he fails at doing so.
>> No. 40403314
File 139637198647.png - (372.72KB , 650x577 , GetTrixed.png )
>You will die down here and never be found! DOWN DOWN DOWN IN GOBLINTOWN!
>> No. 40403530
d10+3 = 7
>> No. 40403564
File 139638122215.png - (140.58KB , 300x300 , 17.png )
>That's my boy~!
>> No. 40403636
File 139638370104.png - (9.86KB , 206x158 , Rillian6.png )
As Rillian watched the chunks of what he believed was their enemy get shredded by Salsa's shotgun, there was a moment of true hope for him. Hope that victory had been achieved, hope that their journey was over, and hope that he and everyone else could finally go home. For just a second, some part of him started to think about what he would do once he was back in Ponyville.

Then it call came crashing down.

As the balcony was blown into chunks from the initial blast, his thoughts whirled with instinct to escape the magical force. He could usually only could manage great feats of agility and speed when he had something solid beneath his hooves, and he still had that in the form of a large section of balcony even if he couldn't even tell up from down as it was flying through the air. By some combination of skill and fluke, he ran and jumped off the debris in midair and hit the ground rolling. His head spinning like mad, he regained his senses just in time to look up and see the long flat chunk of balcony starting to fall down onto him, only to stop inches from his face by a random sizable rock sticking out of the ground above his head. The resulting position of it provided the perfect shield from the shrapnel, and kept Rillian from seeing what had happened to each of his allies until he crawled out from beneath the wreckage.

He first noticed Salsa and Shade, both temporarily immobilized and badly wounded, but they were at least still coherent and aware, showing signs that they would at least be able to recover with a bit of help from Wheaty. The captain looked especially bad, bad enough that Rillian practically could feel his heart drop in his chest, but there was still that hope, they could still pull together and finish things if...
He saw Wheaty, filled with the shards and in barely expressed agony. Rillian's first instinct was to rush to his side, and he started to move quickly over to his hurt friend. But with each step he felt his hope sink further at getting a better look at how horrible a state he was. His legs became rubber, and then jello, and then he stumbles down to collapse at his friend's side, his vision blurring with tears. One hoof reached toward the pegasus' body, but trembled inches from it out of fear of making things worse.

"Th-this can't be happening...Wheaty? Wheaty are you there? P-please be there, d-don't be gone...I-I can't keep going if you...if you..."

Rillian had been barely scathed through the course of the battle, always just quick enough to defend himself. At his current condition, he was in near perfect physical health. But his mind was another thing, it was tearing itself apart as it becomes more and more apparent what had happened. He was to be the one taking up the attention of Tonic, distracting him from laying a hoof on his allies. He wanted to protect his friends.
And he failed.
>> No. 40403684
1d3 = 2
>For reasons.
>> No. 40403699
File 139638627378.png - (497.86KB , 580x773 , 355932__safe_princess+cadance_shining+armor_king+sombra_sword_mouth+hold_fight_surreal_artist-co.png )
Shining Armor was hit bad yes,many bits of rubble implanted in his body, leaving him a broken mess on the floor, bleeding out. But he was alive, at least for now...


Above however his wife watched in object horror... suddenly everyone but Rillian was down for the count, blood everywhere... She had to make a choice... She could heal... she wasn't the best, but she could save their lives and get them on their hooves maybe... but Tonic was still there and on her back was the key to his life... She could run, warn others, bring the full might of the Crystal Empire and Royal Canterlot army down on this one being... But could she? Could she leave her husband and these heroes to die? It was in her power to try and save them, but in doing so she might doom the whole world...

She hovered for just a moment before her mind was made up, she knew what she had to do. Cadance dive bombed and landed with a earth shaking smash into the ground... next to Wheaty, she turned to Rillian, "Rillian, distract that monster in anyway you can, do whatever you have to to keep him off of me, and do it now!" With that she turned her gaze and hooves to the wounded astral... she hadn't done this in so long... The princess clenched her eyes and her horn began to glow with a warm mix of blue and gold, the aura surrounding the wounded healer. "Please... please work...."

1d10 = 1
>> No. 40403726
Wheaton's eyes fluttered open a bit when he hear Rillian's voice. Glazed, unfocused, almost vacant eyes. He couldn't even look in up at Rillian, he just stared, wordless, convulsing, bleeding. Dying. Barely aware of what was going on. Was this it? Had his true end finally come? Had it been enough?

Barely aware of who was around him even as the princess landed beside him with the force of a hammer, his vision began to dim. His mind went adrift, and he saw that which he had only beheld once before. That which had been denied to him. The endless, vast, beautiful cosmos, and all the heavenly bodies that inhabited it. He sputtered out what could very well be his last words as blood trickled from his mouth. It was directed at no one present, and it almost sounded as if he was begging. "Is... my service... complete?"

Cadance's healing did little more than slow his bleeding a little, and the crystals were still well embedded in his flesh. Perhaps, though, it gave her enough time to have one more chance to save him.
>> No. 40404138
File 139640442058.png - (9.60KB , 208x156 , Rillian3.png )

At first, he was just confused that there was even someone else who wasn't immobilized in pain. But when he looked up and saw Cadance focusing her magic on Wheaty, his mind began to clear from the crushing sense of failure. She was healing Wheaty, maybe not very well at first, but if she kept it up and Wheaty lived.
There was a chance, and he couldn't just stay lay there and do nothing when his actions could be the difference between life or death for his friends.


He wiped the tears from his eyes, stood up, and ran over to put himself between Cadance and the entrance to the catacombs. He kept his eyes focused and his ears perked, waiting for any sign of the abomination that was Tonic. If he so much as showed his face, he would intercept before he could reach his friends.
>> No. 40404377
d10+3 = 12
>> No. 40404427
File 139641458495.jpg - (32.49KB , 799x1001 , 505187.jpg )

Rillian wouldn't have to wait for long...but before the monster itself would raise its ugly (and somewhat burned) head, a bubbling stream of dark magic was all Rillian would see, and it was a good thing that he had decided to put himself between the entrance to what waited below and the princess, because the spell had been aimed straight at her. was good for Cadance, at least. For Rillian, who was right between the attacker and the target...not so much. But as much of a failure as Rillian had felt a minute was his chance to make it right, to shield his friends from harm until they were strong enough to defend themselves.

"Now...who have I left out?!", screamed the voice that had claimed the heroes wouldn't be able to kill it, and at least for the moment it seemed that Tonic was right, as it looked like he could soak up stupid amounts of damage before finally ceasing to be a threat to anyone. The badly burned Unicorn stepped into the open, horn glowing and ready for action.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 1st, 2014 22:03

>> No. 40404438
File 139641489932.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
Despite the immense damage he suffered, heavy breathing abound, he could only turn his head toward what he could hear. The loud crashing, the voices...who was it? Struggling to stand, he hunched a little toward what he thought he heard, and through blurred vision he could make out shapes. Was that...

Shaking his head a bit, he grit his teeth and forced himself to stand fully, trying to focus amid pain and anguish. He wanted to speak, but all he could do was slowly walk closer, a slight limp to his step, until he could make the shapes out more. That pink princess, the white pegasus and...

Rillian. He could see it was Rillian and some sort of other figure. Though he wanted to try and get more fight out of the circumstances, he could only instead topple to one knee, hand upon it, trying not to wear out.
>> No. 40404463
Salsa looked around and saw the destruction that happened. Rillian was the only one that was still standing. "Finish that bastard off Rillian" Salsa muttered under his breath. He looked over to the Captain, Wheaty, and Cadance. "Come on you can do it..." he said in pained grunt. His body has been damaged greatly. A gash ran across his face, one his pinky fingers is torn, and there is cuts all over his body. He is bleeding out slowly. With his good hand he takes out a flask and takes a long drink from. "Interesting last drink."
>> No. 40404626
File 139643831774.png - (397.27KB , 600x450 , 8347__shining-armor_cadence_artist-rizcifra.png )
The prince watched in horror as Tonic got back up and aimed at his wife, but with Rillian in the way surely she'd by okay right? The prince tried to cast a shield spell to help but nothing happened, his horn simply fizzled, this was all on Candace for now...

Speaking of Cadance, she let out a scream as she saw her spell did hardly anything but keep the poor being in pain longer. She had to try again. "Don't quit on me! We need you! This world needs you!" She shouted, tears streaming down her face as she cast her heal spell once more.
1d10 = 3
>> No. 40404641
Keeping him in pain longer seemed to be all she was able to do for him, but that time he actually felt a little something. A brief wash of warmth went through his body, and the vision in his fading mind seemed to just... stall. The stars hung still, unmoving amidst the prismatic, nebulaeic clouds. But why? He didn't understand. Was someone calling him again?

His body seemed to respond a bit more to the treatment now, but a little more than nothing is still fairly close to nothing. His bleeding slowed, but could that be because he had no more blood to bleed? Some of the shallower shards of crystal in the less ripped and torn flesh fell out as the wounds closed up.

His mouth and eyes cracked open just a little. He saw a blur of pink hooves before him, and his mouth tried to form some sort of word, but nothing came out. He was cold from so much loss of blood, and with so little blood to keep his body running the way it should, something had to give. He couldn't hold on to consciousness to any longer. His eyes slid closed again, and his mouth hung open, letting out a breath that was not unlike one's last. Cadence could perhaps feel that he was not dead, though. Unconscious, but not dead. Still bleeding out, but at least it was slowed a fair bit with the effort she had put forth so far. Perhaps he would be stable enough now for others to be attended to, but unless she wanted to risk the loss of others, this might be the best she could do for him right now.
>> No. 40405044
d10+3 = 7
>> No. 40405048
d3 = 2
>> No. 40405112
File 139646772710.png - (203.53KB , 900x417 , 21.png )
>No, THAT is my boy~! You'll get a kiss from a fair maiden if you survive this.
>> No. 40405128
File 139646799525.png - (9.93KB , 216x156 , Rillian10.png )
As the blast of dark magic came roaring straight at Rillian, his instincts screamed at him to get out of the way. But he couldn't, maybe not even if he wanted to. Moving meant that whatever was about to slam into him was going to hit Cadance instead. And if she died, so too did his hope of ever saving his friends. At the last moment before the magic made contact, he raised one foreleg as if to shield himself and closed his eyes while turning his head away.

He was bracing for something horrible:his skin rotting off, his fur catching fire, his very mind being torn to ribbons. But what he never would have guessed happen was...nothing. To anyone watching, during that moment the stream of magic seemed to simply bounce up off an invisible wall in front of him. He opened his eyes just in time to see the last of it utterly fail to cause him harm.

"Oh, right. Her..."

He'd forgotten that the one whose voice he now spoke with had granted him some random measure of protection. It had come in use just when he had needed it most.

"It's not over yet, everyone please hold on!"

Rushing an insanely powerful unicorn to engage with his bare hooves probably wasn't the brightest thing Rillian had ever done. But right now between the choices of 'cowardly' and 'dumb', he was choosing dumb. He couldn't just put himself in the way of another blast and hope that same protection would help again. He had to get the Lich focused on him and him only. He wasn't truly fighting to kill at this point, it was more like he was just doing anything he could to keep that horn pointed at him and away from his companions!

d10+1 = 5
>> No. 40405151
d10+3 = 9
>> No. 40408421
File 139665201249.png - (41.35KB , 721x664 , Untitled 5.png )
"You've got to be fuckin' kiddin' me..." Another instance of a face that would have been worth a barrel of laughs someplace else entirely was plastered on Tonic's face as his attack just...did nothing! The Unicorn shook his head...and darted towards Rillian, the two stallions homing in on each other. He was preparing a spell...Rillian could see his horn glow brightly - and just as they were supposed to collide, a bright flash of light swallowed Tonic, and he was gone.

Only to reappear somewhere behind, now between Rillian and Cadance. "Hello~", he looked over his shoulder to the princess who desperately tried to heal the now unconscious Wheaty. "Looks pretty dead to me, doll...waste of time. If you're looking to burn some energy though...~" Tonic gave Cadance a sly wink that would make the stomach of everyone who had heard of him even once turn in disgust.

Once the no doubt quite one-sided flirting was done, probably leaving Cadance with the urge to scrub herself for a few hours without stopping, Tonic turned towards Rillian again, narrowing his eyes.

"I have no idea how you did that, boy...but you should pray you can pull it off twice!" There was no way he could do it way. Tonic would just roast this little insect now and call it a day. Another bolt of magic was shot at Rillian...or, more specifically, at the ground below him - and it only took a moment for a sharp crystal spike to shoot out of the ground below the orange pony.

d10+3 = 5
>> No. 40408433
d10+3 = 6
>> No. 40408472
File 139665335243.png - (278.46KB , 900x640 , guard_by_100yearslater-d5kpr7a.png )
Cadance ignored Tonic's cat calls, Shining Armor did not. He growled from the puddle of his own blood and tried to get up, only to comically, at least no doubt to Tonic, slip in his own blood and land back on his side, reminding him just how hurt he was.
No, the pink alicorn's attention was focused on the dying pony under her. She could leave him and try to help the others but the fact was, everyone was more stable then him. And getting him back on his hooves would help save everyone. "We're getting there.... one more good one is all we need... .Please!" She pushed another burst of magic through her hooves into him, hoping for the best.

1d10 = 6
>> No. 40408476
File 139665349104.png - (10.59KB , 192x170 , Rillian13.png )
Rillian stumbled to a stop after his target vanished an instant before he was about to throw a punch straight to the face. His hooves kicked up dust as he skidded to a stop, whirling around to face his foe. He knew it wasn't going to be easy to even land a hit, with his magic Tonic would be able to counter much of the earth ponies offensive. He could teleport away, throw up barriers, spray projectiles, but magic was only as effective as the one using it.
Tonic was not perfect.

For example, the spell he just tried to use to skewer Rillian didn't strike true. The moment it took for the spike to come out was the moment he had dashed forward in time to avoid it on his way for another attack. He wasn't going to return any immature banter with the taunting jerk. Getting close enough to strike before Tonic could cast another spell was what he was focused on most.

d10+1 = 2
>> No. 40408480
d10+3 = 11
>> No. 40408486
File 139665366962.gif - (2.15MB , 427x270 , spoiler.gif )

>Actual picture of the Dice Gods right now.
>> No. 40408500

d10+3 = 4
>> No. 40408510
File 139665430644.jpg - (244.85KB , 500x688 , tumblr_m0z1a0V4eU1roikhpo1_500.jpg )
There was no taunting, no...and even though what came next was executed poorly and easy to evade, the sheer malice behind it was enough to send chills down one's spine. Tonic's head jerked to the side as he just stood there and took the punch, seemingly unaffected by it. A moment later, he lunged forward, letting out a sort of growl as he opened his his mouth, aiming for Rillian's throat.
>> No. 40408521
d10+3 = 7
>> No. 40408525
File 139665468474.png - (140.58KB , 300x300 , 17.png )
>> No. 40408551
File 139665544296.png - (9.60KB , 208x156 , Rillian3.png )
Rillian's mind screamed extra loud that he didn't want to get bitten by something as nasty as those needle teeth, and his body responded in kind. Not only would such a wound get him bleeding badly, but the bastard probably never brushed his teeth either! If there was one thing worse than getting your neck chomped by a monster, it was a monster that would infect you with all sorts of terrible conditions. So instead of impersonating bait, he reared up out of reach of the nashing teeth while using his forelegs for the next combat maneuver, hoping the attempted bite would have him overextended enough to make up for Rillian's brute strength.

He attempted to pound Tonic's head right between his front hooves, hold them there while twisting to force him off balance, and then slam him down to the ground. Preferably the last step would happen horn first, and into a rock or similar hard place.
d10+1 = 6
>> No. 40408556
d10+3 = 6
>> No. 40408827
File 139666757301.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
Managing to stand properly, and not fall over, all he could properly do was watch, his unusable arm hanging at his side, watching what he could only assume was a fight despite his blurred vision.

Though he happened to make out pink. Wasn't that...
>> No. 40409089
File 139667681372.png - (297.75KB , 1048x719 , In pain.png )
Salsa is still laying on the floor, bleeding out from his wounds. He looks over to Rillian and Tonic. "Fucking....*cough* hell....get him..." he muttered under his breath. He looked and say the situation is still FUBAR. He looked back at Tonic. "Im.....not going down...*cough* a bitch." With his good hand his starting to fumble with the holster that had his pistol in it.
>> No. 40409111
File 139667819426.png - (42.59KB , 169x228 , tired 4.png )
The vision of stars began to fade from his sleeping mind. It was still not his time. Still, after all these years, he was being made to stay. He was being pulled back down to Equestria. Would he ever get the chance to truly leave it behind?

His eyes cracked open again as more of his wounds closed, the foul black crystals tinkling to the ground as they left his body. His eyes cracked open, and he saw with a bit more clarity than before. Pink hooves, stained with blood. He guessed it to likely be his blood. While Rillian was distracting Tonic, he struggled to get to his hooves again. With as much blood as he'd lost, that wasn't possible. He dragged his head about, trying to get a handle on what was going on. Everything was a wreck, and many others were injured.

"Can't... move. Bring me... to them." If this was why he was brought back, then it was duty he had to fulfill. He had sworn an oath to the Constellations that as long as he still drew breath he would make sure others could do the same, no matter how much he may want to be done with it. His time would be over when he was no longer needed.

Being a pegasus, he wouldn't be too hard to move, even by magic, what with the lighter bones and all, not that he was exactly bulky in the first place.
>> No. 40409117
File 139667860483.png - (326.28KB , 1600x664 , hang_in_there_cadence_by_implatinum-d5rsjy4.png )
Cadance wasted no time lifting him up with magic, he was with her, they could save the others. And she knew who to go to first, she had a plan and she needed him on his hooves. She set the white pony down next to her husband, "Help me save him and we can win this... we can help everyone. " She put her hooves and Shining's chest and began casting her magic once more, luckily up till now she hadn't spent much power, acting as more of a boost then a fighter.

1d10+2 = 4

I'm giving her a plus 2 because it's Shining Armor and we've seen together their magic gets stronger.
>> No. 40409134
Wheaton put his hoof, albeit a lot more heavily, to Shining's chest as well. Why was he still needed? He couldn't even move right now, and prior to this, he had caused so much trouble. And now he had to be dragged around to do the job he had been sent here to do. Still, if he had to do it, he would. He focused and supplemented Cadance's magic with his own.

d10 + 3 = 5
>> No. 40409138
File 139668069613.png - (397.27KB , 600x450 , 8347__shining-armor_cadence_artist-rizcifra.png )
With the combined efforts of both of them the Prince was awake again, most of his wounds sealed up and the shrapnel pushed out of his body. He was still weak... but he could look around and move a bit. "Cadance, Whetly?" He asked before smiling only to frown when he saw that no one was out of the woods yet, and only Rillian was able to fight. It was at this point Cadance put her head next to his and whispered something to him softly, they both nodded and crossed horns.

Cadance spoke to Wheaty, "Put your hooves on our horns, one on each and focus your magic into them, this is our chance to save everyone.... "
>> No. 40409157
File 139668195982.png - (167.43KB , 930x900 , Seraphiel by Zefarian.png )
He could guess what they were going to try to accomplish, but had never really done it before. They were probably going to channel his energies out to everyone and get them standing again, kind like what Shade had once suggested in becoming his pocket pegasus, channeling holy energies into his fireballs and the like. He laid his hooves on Shining Armor's horn, and then Cadance's, closed his eyes, and focused once again, calling on every last ounce of strength he had left, calling on the star's aid and guidance for one push.

d10 + 3 = 12
>> No. 40409160
File 139668221146.jpg - (300.06KB , 900x1274 , magic_of_love_by_greyradian-d56obfq.jpg )
The couple felt the magic flowing into them, it was a large burst of it... it was what the group needed. The two closed their eyes only to open them a moment later, glowing with a warm white glow. With that they channeled his healing magic into a shield, targeting all the ponies within it, including Shining Armor and Weaton who still needed more.

1d10+4 = 8
>> No. 40409585
d10+3 = 11
>> No. 40409601
File 139671369122.png - (779.51KB , 1920x1080 , 148076__UNOPT__safe_spoiler-s03_sombra_artist-izeer.png )
Almost...Rillian had almost managed to strike quite the stunning blow to a stallion's second-most vulnerable spot - his nose. Just as Tonic's horn pointed straight at Rillian's chest on the way down, he managed to fire off a burst of magic to push the two apart.

"...that the best you can do, boy?", Tonic growled after finding his balance again. He was just about to start another attempt to finish the orange pest off when...

...this happened. Tonic could feelmagic boiling behind him...very strong magic that made the hair on his back stand up just by being the polar opposite of the dark magic he had succumbed to. His eyes narrowed as he turned around and saw the shield approach, and a purple bolt fired from his horn punched a hole into the approaching magical wall with little effort.

Too late, though. The powerful...nay, divine healing magic the shield had been laced with reached all its intended targets despite Tonic's efforts.

The time of taunting and games was over - Tonic charged through the opening and at Shining Armor and his darling wife, his horn bubbling with whatever spell he was preparing for them.
>> No. 40409982
File 139673070019.jpg - (35.40KB , 363x596 , image.jpg )
Salsa feels the healing power of the shield. His wounds heal up but scars still remain. Salsa gets up and gets his pistol out.

"Time for some pay back" he said.
Salsa aims his Colt .45 out and fires four shots at Tonic's head.
d10+2 = 7
d10+2 = 7
d10+2 = 5
d10+2 = 10
>> No. 40410009
File 139673158605.png - (356.38KB , 488x841 , 134300594695.png )
Shining Armor smirks as Tonic charges them. The healing power had made him feel oh so much better. He wasn't quite up to par, but he was on his hooves and able to defend his friends once more. He quickly tried to cast a reverse shield around Tonic, one that would keep him in and let their attacks in as well.

>Cadance meanwhile floats up once more, to begin giving her boost again. +1 to all friendly rolls.
1d10+4 = 5
>> No. 40410043
d10+3 = 11
>> No. 40410091
d10+3 = 5
>> No. 40410095
>What am I doing, that one was for Salsa, god dammit.
>> No. 40410167
File 139673501611.png - (99.02KB , 451x396 , 1.png )
And charge he did. One bullet missed, merely tearing a crater into the ground behind him, but the other three hit Tonic square in the side, and yet he still kept coming. The shield cast around him may as well have been made of paper - his glowing horn pointing forward, he tore through it and charged, aiming for Shining Armor's chest to run him through.

d10+3 = 9
>> No. 40410312
Even as Rillian was thrown back by the quick push, his hooves were already finding purchase on the ground. Hope was returning, his friends were getting back up. They were only going to stay standing, however, if they were protected properly. If they weren't, then everything they had recovered from would come crashing back down into despair.

So, using his speed that far outmatched Tonic's, he rushed in front of the lich between him and Shining the moment they were about to make contact. He was going to take the bull by the horn and force him in a different direction if he could.
>forgoing attack to defend Shinig Armor (no damage)
d10+4 = 11
>> No. 40410528
With his healing amplified by the two unicorns, he could feel his own healing energies come back to him, and even gave him enough energy to stand on his own, he felt. He had Cadance put him down so she could focus on what she needed to do, and he went back to staying alert and ready, hanging at the back of the group and the protective bubble. Tonic was up there, and he remembered what happened the last time he came close to him.

Not only did his wounds feel better, but his heart itself felt so much warmer. The love in their magic brought to his mind the very reasons he stayed behind. It was not just for his duty, but for the people he fought for. His friends, his loved ones, all of them were the reason he stayed. It was bitter-sweet, though. He knew that, at this rate, he would outlive them, unless he was slain, and it seemed that the last part would not be happening any time soon.

As the battle raged, he stayed at the back of the fight from Tonic. He did not want to get near him in the least. Not again.
>> No. 40410606
File 139675018733.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
Though the healing energies had reached him, he was far off from being healed properly. At least now he was able to stand properly, sight in full, most holes in him sealed. He was still a bit off from fighting fit, but he would not let it stop him.

He taps on Wheatly's shoulder. "Hey...mind a quick boost? I'm okay but...I'm still not well enough to fight."
>> No. 40410622
He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt that tap on his shoulder. So much for keeping aware. "O-oh, yeah, yeah, let me get those last bits for you," he said, putting a hoof to Shade's chest. d10 + 4 = 14
>> No. 40410642
He gave a slow toothy grin, hunched over, his left fist clenched and ready. Though his body remained scarred and tortured, he was in the fighting spirit and ready to go. Even his right arm, which had been rather useless for the later half of this adventure, had a bit of movement, though it still had absolutely no feeling to it.

"First, sorry for the scare. Second, Rill held himself well, but it's time to get the big gun back in least when he wants it...let Rill and the others get their moment of glory."
>> No. 40433369
File 139785608499.jpg - (81.56KB , 600x600 , 11913__safe_humanized_shining-armor_artist-123hamster_artist-ninjaham.jpg )
With Tonic deflected by Rillian, Shining had the chance to attack once more, hopefully this time with more success then last time.
>Cadance's boost goes up by one, now giving a +2 to friendly rolls.

"Die monster, you don't belong in this world!" With that oh so outdated and overdone quote, Shining tried once more to put a shield around Tonic, this time trying to crush him inside of it.

1d10+5 = 6
>> No. 40433391
d10+3 = 13
>> No. 40434205
File 139788599247.png - (79.01KB , 471x522 , 15.png )
Come, come, bonny Lynne; tell us, tell us, where you've been.


While the battle raged on, the small Unicorn filly stirred in her sleep. You know that part of your sleep where you are not quite awake, but still with one hoof in the dream world? That's exactly where Lynne heard a familiar voice call out to her, a voice so warm and loving that it put a smile on the half-slumbering filly's face.

Dear, dear bonny Lynne sleeps the peaceful crib within.

Still on Cadance's back, Lynne opened her eyes slowly...only to come face to face with the reason for her smile...a smile that only grew as that reason beckoned her closer, and happy tears began to well in her eyes. Cadance would feel the filly stir on her back, as if Lynne was trying to get up, and the princess...if she was paying attention...would hear a single whispered word.


Then...nothing. No stirring, no talking, no...nothing, in fact. Lynne was gone from Cadance's back, vanished without a trace.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 18th, 2014 22:41

>> No. 40448982
File 139871212989.png - (159.55KB , 370x579 , About to blast your candy ass.png )
He takes out his shotgun and aims at Tonic. Salsa keeps his sights on the abomination. Waiting for a clear shot.
>> No. 40490072
>> No. 40491858
File 140159687259.png - (515.32KB , 1200x3561 , NEbNYqC.png )
Cadance took a moment to realize something was wrong.... She glanced at her back and panicked., "She's gone! Lynne is gone!" she shouted out to get everyone's attention.
>> No. 40492548
d10+3 = 6
>> No. 40498468
File 140203030449.png - (41.35KB , 721x664 , Untitled 5.png )
Gone. His dear departed brother's brat was...gone? There was no way Lynne could have taken off on her own - even when the heroes had found her near the airfield she had been put there on purpose.

A few passages in Loveless' journals that Tonic had read had spoken of a...thing, a nameless entity that had formed a strange bond with the filly and taken an even stranger liking to her. Oftentimes, Loveless would see things in his daughter's presence that made his skin crawl, or she would ask him to 'give her life' in a voice that couldn't possibly hers and haunted his dreams.

And now...she was gone, and Tonic felt that the dark magic he was wielding came from something huge and overwhelming that was watching him. For the first time he felt that he did not have the upper hand. That he was in way over his head. It was not a pleasant feeling.

Having his assault redirected into empty space, guns pointing at him, and yet another shield threatening to crush him, Tonic was running out of options fast, and his best bet was to lose the lot of them in the caves below.

The concentrated stream of magic that was aimed at Cadance was more distraction than attack, and the shield it tore through on its way to the princess swallowed most of the impact, was worth a shot. Maybe it would give them pause, enough for him to get away.

And got away he did - with the shield shattering like glass around him, Tonic made a mad dash for the catacomb entrance, and the darkness of the caves swallowed him whole.

Now that very same darkness was waiting for the heroes to join him.
>> No. 40498597
File 140205521752.png - (81.45KB , 513x650 , Irritated.png )
"Oh what the hell now!?"

Regaining most workability to his borked arm as well as a sour look to the turn of events, all he could do was give a bit of a growl. A few steps forward and he was geared up to plow through the entrance and tear through wall or rock. "Anyone else following? I am!"
>> No. 40499049
File 140208457645.png - (9.60KB , 208x156 , Rillian3.png )
"We can't give him a chance to catch his breath! It either ends now or it doesn't end at all!"

Rillian charged toward the catacomb entrance, but slowed when he realized that there wasn't really a way to see where he was going if he rushed ahead.

"Uh...anyone got a light?"
>> No. 40499052
d10 = 5
>> No. 40499066
File 140208530281.png - (767.16KB , 1254x1280 , I still have a soul.png )
As Rillian approached the entrance...well. The entity had warned them to not believe what they saw or heard...a warning that the orange stallion still remembered and would take to heart, one could only hope.

A miserable, pitiful squeaking sound echoed out of the cave entrance, closely followed by the noise of hooves being dragged up the crudely crafted stairs. As the source of both noises stepped into the light, Rillian saw that it was none other than the mare they had saved at the airfield, once again dead and rotting as she stumbled towards him.

"" were her last and only words before she collapsed and breathed her last, finally gone.

Then the illusion vanished, leaving behind only the almost tangible darkness of the catacombs.
>> No. 40499073
File 140208549722.png - (10.59KB , 192x170 , Rillian13.png )
At first, Rillian's heart skipped a beat upon seeing the familiar pony. But after she collapsed and vanished...

"No...can't be...even if I believed it she couldn't have gotten all the way out here anyways..."
>> No. 40500231
File 140216355368.png - (84.66KB , 471x384 , question.png )
Lynn was gone? The astral pegasus' eyes went wide as he looked at Cadence with disbelief, but before he could shout asking how it happened, he heard others shouting about how Tonic was attempting to escape.

"Wait! Don't charge in! We need to stay together!" he said, cantering over to the entrance of the catacombs.

He heard Rillian talking to himself as he approached, and asked, "What are you talking about?"
>> No. 40504175
File 140236143608.png - (154.49KB , 426x667 , Oh shit.png )
"U wot!?" Salsa yelled when he heard Cadance say that Lynne is gone. "Where did she go?" He said looking around and sees that Tonic ran into the catacomb entrance. "Oh fucking hell." Salsa started to head towards the entrance with his shotgun at the ready.
He followed Rillian towards it and said, "On your six."
"Yeah, what are you talking about?" he asked him.
>> No. 40504206
File 140236267882.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
"It's nothing," he said, turning back to Salsa and Wheaty while shaking his said. "Just more tricks, seeing things that aren't there, can't possibly be there. I'm starting to wonder much of everything we've experienced up to this point is real? You remember that one mare Wheaty, the one who I found mostly turned but was restored by you?"
>> No. 40504318
File 140237494043.png - (159.99KB , 420x415 , oh.png )
How could he forget her? They had both helped the other to better health in different capacities. Why would Rillian be bringing her up now, though?

"Yeah, I remember her. What about her?"

Last edited at Mon, Jun 9th, 2014 21:36

>> No. 40506853
File 140251553828.png - (220.83KB , 329x781 , Neutral.png )
Salsa did not say anything he let the two ponies talk about the pony Rillian thought he say. He remembered earlier when most of crew got messed with and had little freakouts except him. He is thankful for that but also a little nervous because they still haven't finished the job. He started to wonder who is this mare.
>> No. 40507380
File 140253957469.png - (9.86KB , 206x158 , Rillian6.png )
"I just saw her, down there." He pointed toward the dark cavern. "What I witnessed a moment ago can't possibly be real and it makes me wonder...was she ever real? Did we even save someone...were any of the zombies and monsters and...that minotaur thing, or those goo creatures...actually there?"
>> No. 40507663
File 140255783114.png - (63.84KB , 270x297 , really.png )
His eyes hardened a bit at the mention of whether or not the goo creatures were real or not, as if the pegasus wasn't living proof of the fact that battle was real.

"The things that happened these past days were plenty real, Rillian. Do you think me running you through with a sword wasn't real?" His stomach clenched a bit at that particular comment, saying it with a bit more bite than he meant. "Her presence here may not be real, but I would like to hope the mare we saved was. At this point, I'd be glad a lot of what happened these past days wasn't real, but for right now, it all seems real enough. We can sort it all out later."

Last edited at Sat, Jun 14th, 2014 11:49

>> No. 40508399
File 140260958372.png - (10.59KB , 192x170 , Rillian13.png )
Rillian winced at the comment about the sword, his legs wobbling just a little from the memory.

"I-I'm not saying that it was all..."
He shook his head.
"Nevermind, this isn't a time to reflect on what we've been through and what's real. Tonic is real, that's what we should focus on.
"Let's end this soon as we could get someone to give us a light...maybe from their horn or someone who happens to be very good at controlling fire."
>> No. 40508931
"That's my cue."

With palm held open, he took a deep breath and slowly exhaled the breath, swirling into a ball of dark flame, glowing rather bright despite its' darkened color. One, two, three, four. He gave life to several orbs of flame, letting them float and dance on the whim of the wind, letting them find a place beside a few of the heroes.

"Now, may we go? I'm itchin' to end this."
>> No. 40509099
"Thank you, Shade," said the pegasus. "You lot lead. I'll follow."
>> No. 40509101
File 140263700883.png - (280.25KB , 804x662 , Comrades.png )
Salsa listened to the both of them speak. Then he said, "Wheaty is correct. What we went through is real and we can't deny that. If we do, we are only clouding our minds.
He puts a hand on Rillian's shoulder. "On your six."
"Let's do this shit!"
>> No. 40509854
File 140269571036.png - (9.39KB , 206x158 , Rillian8.png )
"Be careful everyone..."

And with that, Rillian sets off down the dark stone stairway.
>> No. 40510240
File 140271276502.png - (81.45KB , 513x650 , Irritated.png )
"Damn right. I want this done and over with...get back home after so long and check on my family..."

With a ball of fire slowly orbiting around his neck, he lead the charge alongside the others, working over the shoulder of his right arm, having most motor function to it.
>> No. 40510567
First few times, or first time, failure. Most recent attempt, a luckier chance and most feeling /movement returned I think. Forgot the details
>> No. 40510899
File 140277202486.png - (84.66KB , 471x384 , question.png )
"Wait a moment, Shade," he said, noticing that Shade was still favoring one arm over the other. He had tried to tend him before, but something had just kept him from success, for whatever reason. Perhaps with a bit more focus...

"Let me see if I can fix up you arm before we go in too far," he said, catching up to him and putting a healing hoof to his immobile arm. Perhaps if it was strong enough, he could get both of them.
d10+3 = 8

Last edited at Sat, Jun 14th, 2014 11:54

>> No. 40511355
File 140280068668.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
With a huff, he stopped in his tracks to turn his head back to the white pegasus. "Still trying? S'pose I can let you."

His touch was rather gentle, rather warm, but gentle. A roll of the neck and a small bit of flexing, and he could feel a bit more feeling and movement return, able to clench his right fist...and feel the pain of rather sore muscles. A wince and rub of his shoulder would work ouyt a few kinks after the healing touch.
>> No. 40511441
"Yes, I am still trying," he said, a bit irked at Shade's exasperation of being halted again. He continued to pour healing energies into him. "In case you haven't noticed, we are only a small few going after a something that it has so far taken our combined might to even push back. We all need to be at our prime. Now sit still, I want to get your arms working again before we go any further. Send you fire orbs up ahead with the others and we'll catch up once we're done. Shouldn't take long at this rate..."
d10 + 3 = 13
>> No. 40511662
File 140284265240.png - (182.97KB , 1152x1113 , whatthe.png )
"Alright alright I get it. Ease up...damn."

He nods his head onward, letting all the little devils he spawned flow ahead alongside the others, whether or not they stopped. The worn out feeling from his muscles slowly faded, a sense of calm flowing over his frame. Still burned like hell, but that was a minor inconvenience.
>> No. 40560437
Okay, I'm lost because I'm dumb like that. Is it my turn? What's going on now?
>> No. 40560704
Hopefully soon. In truth, I grow tiresome of the waiting for this to end...
>> No. 40561071
File 140621215001.png - (592.67KB , 765x1100 , White_Mage_Gone_Red_by_realityeater.png )
In all the commotion about who was going to be going in and what not, it would seem that Shining Armor and Cadance had slipped ahead and ran into the shadows. They weren't too far ahead as that would be dumb of them but it makes setting the scene easier for now.


All of the dark magics in play in the south had not gone unnoticed, not everyone who could fight had answered the call right away, for they were unaware. But that only lasted so long... the energy was unmistakable, pure evil. And that kind of power attracted two kinds, those who seek to gain that power... and those who seek to smite it.

"Um, excuse me... you all look like you could use some help..." A quiet voice spoke up from behind the group, coming from a young woman dressed in a white robe. Those sensitive to magic would recognize the warm, holy glow from her. She was a friend, and she could help.
>> No. 40561108
Tis I, Blank
>> No. 40561115
File 140621653849.png - (84.66KB , 471x384 , question.png )
The similarly holy pegasus turned at the sound of the new voice to seek it's source. It looked to be a young human woman who glowed with magic similar to his own. While that certainly put quite a few points into his friend category towards her, he was still suspicious of how he found them, and how she got here. So, he asked her such questions.

"Help would be welcome, yes," he said, "but how did you find us? How did you get here? And who are you?"
>> No. 40561497
File 140624119479.jpg - (136.98KB , 800x1189 , WHITE_MAGE__COLOR__by_Hime_Artworks.jpg )
The mage smiled, "Well... I'm talented in the ways of magic. I could feel great, evil magics coming from the south and I knew my help might be needed. However I did not make it to the airships in time so I had to make my own way down. Sorry for being late. I hope too much damage hasn't been done already..." The girl pulled her hood down and gave a warm, comforting smile, "My name is Spiral Flare." She said softly. It was doubtful anyone here would know that name, save for Salsa and Sarge, but yes, she was another wordily version of a pony from this world.
>> No. 40561633
File 140625159127.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
>>40561497 where had he heard that name before? He'd certainly never been properly introduced to someone by that name, but Rillian could have sworn he had heard it before during his time back in Ponyville. He could have sworn it was the name of a pony, which made him suspicious of the new figure. But on the other hand, if this was another trick then wouldn't the illusion be of something he recognized and would be more likely to trust right away?

For now, he is silent, but he doesn't take his eyes off her while she conversed with Wheaty, barely blinking even.
>> No. 40561766
After giving his now rejuvinated arm a bit of rotation, he could only sit and listen, growing antsy to skip them and run straight down. They were right there and then this so-and-so appears.

"So close to just clawing my way down..." he mumbles under his breath.
>> No. 40561834
File 140626028318.png - (95.51KB , 316x513 , Surprised 3.png )
Salsa was taking a swig from his flask when she appeared. Then she said her name. He almost choked on what he was drinking. "Wait what!?" he said in utter surprised "Is that really you Spiral?"
>> No. 40561850
Well, there was certainly damage done to the pegasus before her. Bandages wrapped about him just behind his shoulders, a clear nub where another wing should be.

"Hello to you, Spiral Flare, but we can save introductions for later. If you do wish to help us, then come with us, quickly. Our enemy has just fled down into the catacombs here and we need to chase him down before he gets to far," he said, a fair bit of urgency in his voice, signalling for her and any others already not heading down to follow.
>> No. 40561857
Is the stump still bloody and open at all?
>> No. 40561877
Though he was treated for it, and had the stump cauterized, such a traumatic wound is likely to still ooze a bit, and burnt flesh does not keep fluids in as well as healthy flesh. I would say so, then, but not badly. It would look as if his bandages should be changed out.
>> No. 40561955
File 140626574408.jpg - (197.24KB , 600x720 , White_Mage_full_210878.jpg )
She looked at the other human and smiled, "Well of course it's me, I just said my name didn't I? Though... I don't know you, sorry..."
She paid the other two no mind for the moment and went up to the injured pegasus, frowning. "Oh no.... you've lost a wing... I should have come sooner..." She knelt down next to him for a moment and without even asking put her hands over his wound, closing her eyes after setting down her staff. "I can't make it grow back... but I should be able to close it proper...."

Her hands began to glow blue and green as a warming and soothing sensation moved over the pegasi's whole body, focusing mainly on his stump though.

1d10+3 = 8

"We need you in top shape I think, for what's down there, I can feel it's no good... " She didn't want to hold the group up any longer, but this was important.
>> No. 40561969
File 140626777082.png - (138.92KB , 432x667 , Talking.png )
Salsa is at a lost for words. It's been so long since he last saw her and she is a human. She doesn't know him, Salsa finds that strange since he treated the Apple family like a second family. He puts his flask back into his inner jacket pocket and shakes his head. "Sorry, I thought you were a friend because she had the same name." He still wonders where she is.

He watches the healing process while doing that he checks his ammo count. Four pistol mags, 30 shotgun shells, and one pipe bomb.
>> No. 40561981
File 140626950576.png - (159.99KB , 420x415 , oh.png )
"It's fine, it's already- hey what are you- OW!" he pulled away aas she reached out to stump, and yelped a bit as she laid her hands to it. Such contact was more than a bit unwelcome, yes, but once that healing magic began to truly seal up the wound, he relaxed. Healing magic from another always felt different and better than when it came from himself.

He clenched his jaw when hearing her comment about making it grow back, his head drooping as he muttered under his breath, "If magic could make it grow back, don't you think I would have tried?"

He picked himself back up and said, "Thank you, Spiral Flare. It feels a fair bit better..."

Last edited at Thu, Jul 24th, 2014 23:26

>> No. 40562978
File 140633169743.jpg - (127.92KB , 600x800 , Fossils_-_White_Mage.jpg )
She nods, "I've gotten that a few times back in town... It seems there was a pony around Ponyville who I shared a name with. I'm sorry for the confusion..."
The girl gently patted his head, "I;m sure you would have. But, you're alive, and that's what matters. Now... shall we go down there and put out that unholy light?" She asked with a smile, trying to boost the crestfallen pony's moral.
>> No. 40563263
File 140635407104.png - (80.96KB , 434x418 , huh.png )
Wheaton was a bit confused, hearing all this talk about her name being familiar or something, but it didn't really bother him.

"Yes, let's," he says, his morale not really boosted at all. Maybe his bodily energy, but not morale. Facing that unholy light was not something he was exactly looking forward to, after all. What mattered to him was keeping his friends alive.

Last edited at Fri, Jul 25th, 2014 22:56

>> No. 40563844
Those magic words gently caressed his ear, a few small hops in place to gear himself up. Now, he'd follow them to what he'd hope would be the final stop in this long winded adventure.
>> No. 40564090
File 140643865488.png - (159.55KB , 370x579 , About to blast your candy ass.png )
Salsa nods at Spiral, "No problem and I'll take point" he said as he went ahead of everyone else with his shotgun at the ready.
>> No. 40564397
d10+3 = 6
>> No. 40596321
File 140860468257.jpg - (0.96MB , 1680x1050 , balllighting.jpg )
There are a few sounds that, when they creep up on you out of nowhere, fill you with utter dread upon hearing them. The growling of a large predator in the bushes behind you...the creaking of your floorboards when you thought, no, knew that you were alone in your house...or the faint clicking of a trap underneath your hooves when you're busy chasing a maniac through unknown catacombs.

However, if the collapse of the building above the tunnel you're in has knocked the aforementioned trap out of sync, both the soft click and the roaring of the spell that is fired down instead of up can turn into the sweetest music once you've figured out what the hell just happened. Especially if that spell then hits the guy you're trying to take out anyway dead center.

It was definitely electricity. Faint blue lightning licked over the group's various hairdos without doing much more than tickling them. Tonic further down, however, hadn't been as lucky, and the smell of burned hair and meat that followed the sharp yelp of pain and sound of a body collapsing were enough reason to assume that someone further down had just received the nastiest case of electrical burn one could suffer without being reduced to a smoking corpse on the spot.
>> No. 40596984
File 140865380969.png - (9.60KB , 208x156 , Rillian3.png )
Rillian glanced around at those close to him, and despite the low level of light, something was quite clear.

"...when did our hair go through a static storm? Is that what that feeling was? Wait...I see something up ahead..."

Rillian started to quicken his pace, not about to bolt off ahead of the group for any reason after what had happened before. Still, he does his best to urge them without words to hurry up.
>> No. 40597143
File 140867075442.png - (159.99KB , 420x415 , oh.png )
Made wary by the latent energies in the air, the astral pegasus follows behind Rillian fairly closely, his static-charged mane now looking more like a koosh-ball glued to his head than the parted long hair he normally has. "I think it was... be careful, Rills."
>> No. 40597261
File 140868384577.png - (141.47KB , 470x675 , Talking 2.png )
The hairs on his arms and the back of his neck stood back. He had an uneasy feeling but he put in the back of his mind. Salsa had a job to do and picked up his pace with Rillian.

"Wheaty is right, we have to be careful it could be trap that we are walking into."
>> No. 40597269
File 140868468770.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )
"Tonic knows we are here, and knows we're coming for him. It is most definitely a trap...though I have a feeling we just stumbled over one without even realizing what it was until it had failed to hurt us."
>> No. 40597943
File 140874409609.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
"I don't care what kind of trap this is. I'm willing to barrel through and get to whatever lies ahead. I want this to end so I can finally leave this wasteland and go back home."

Sure, the sparks of electricity ran through his body, the slight tingle of energy dancing through his fibers, but what laid ahead was all he wanted.
>> No. 40601917
File 140906710073.jpg - (87.27KB , 600x849 , Mage_by_Rummi_chan.jpg )
They Royal couple were a bit further down when the massive electric discharge happened, but not close enough to actually see it. However they did rush ahead to see what they could find....

Spiral moved along with them, looking at Shade, "He's right... we need to press on." She sniffed the air, " That's the smell of someone else getting hit by whatever that was. I think we're safe... Let's move..."
>> No. 40602678
Wheaton nodded, picking up his pace, and saying, "We should catch up with Shining Armor and Princess Cadence. I'm not sure what other kinds of traps there may be here, but we should all stay together. Be careful, though. There may be un-triggered traps down here, still."

Last edited at Tue, Aug 26th, 2014 20:28

>> No. 40620947
>> No. 40623995
File 141093338304.png - (125.30KB , 419x475 , spoiler.png )
One year anniversary
>> No. 40630150
File 141144212721.png - (1.55MB , 1000x751 , Untitled 1.png )
>Time to celebrate.

As the ones who had rushed down the stairs first, Cadance and Shining Armor were the first to notice the stench of burnt hair and flesh, no doubt the aftermath of the magical discharge that had hit Tonic dead center. No less interesting, maybe even more, however, was what was on either side of the path the madman had obviously taken to get away.

Hundreds of ponies, laying perfectly still and in a slumber so deep that that one might believe them all dead, filled the catacombs. They were all here. Every stallion, mare, and foal who had gone missing. None of them had been killed at all, but they all had been herded like cattle and put to sleep to harvest their nightmares...their deepest fears, to let the nameless thing feed on them. A fest it had soon become sick of when it had found something infinitely sweeter. As the heroes looked to their right, they saw sleeping ponies...more of the same to the left.

Until they blinked.

All around them, the bodies shifted in the dark. rose to their hooves, and from one moment to the next, they found themselves in a hissing sea of blue eyes, all fixed on and following them. A few drones began to trot beside them...surrounding them...escorting them along their path towards...something. The cave looked more and more like a hive with every step, and the feeling that something hateful and monstrous, something that didn't want to kill but hurt and keep on hurting forever waited ahead grew steadily.

Then the illusion broke. Not immediately or completely, but it was unraveling around the edges. Shining Armor. Cadance. Salsa. Shade. Wheaty and Rillian. They were all easy targets. Having been exposed to the Badlands and its horrors from the very beginning, their minds were shaping the nightmare around them as they moved on. Spiral, the kind mage, however, was someone new in the equation; an unknown variable. A disturbance that was slowly destroying the horror from within.

"And so I'll be eaten", one of the changelings they approached and passed spoke with the calm and friendly voice of Twilight Sparkle - a voice that neither rose nor broke when half a dozen drones began to slowly consume the speaker. "A blood offering for the sun and her children who I love like the flower in the caves of unfettered cattle watching the world melt through the fingers of the Tattered King." The changeling made eye contact with the group. "There's a monster behind you. In the walls too."

Once it had finished its strange speech, it lunged at the group...and was gone, along with its hundred brothers and sisters. Once again, the masses of ponies were sleeping.

"You should have turned away when you had the chance. Why couldn't you just go away!?" Tonic was leaning against the wall, slumped to the floor, near a pedestal that had a single crystal laying on it. The gem, itself black as the night, reflected light that wasn't even there in all the colors of a beautiful rainbow, completely mesmerizing the brown Unicorn. - enough to make him completely ignore the severe burns all over his body...and although he was clearly talking to the group, his eyes were locked on the crystal. Eyes pulsing with green light. Down here, he was a prisoner like everyone else.

"I see...a desert out there. Full of ponies. So'd think at least one of them would know me. At least one! But they keep forgetting, no matter how often I tell them my name! They keep forgetting! ME!" A desperate laugh escaped his throat before he roared angrily into the caves, at the hundreds of sleepers who couldn't hear him. "Do you hear me, you bastards?! You know my name! I know you remember me!" Tonic's voice echoed through the catacombs, and as the echo threw back a mocking '...remember me...remember me...remember me..., he burst into a mix of laughing and sobbing, knocking the back of his head against the wall he was leaning on.
>> No. 40630234
File 141144651737.png - (9.21KB , 206x156 , Rillian5.png )

Maybe Rillian was a fool, it was quite likely given what he was about to try.

"...let them go."

He vaguely gestured with a hoof to the masses of sleeping ponies.

"They might not remember, but no matter what happens to you or us, we'll never forget what you've done. Anyways..."

He bounced between his hooves, reminding himself of the rhythm of his run.

"...end this suffering, or we will."

It might sound a little better if his voice wasn't still that of Eris...
>> No. 40630243
File 141144837156.png - (101.49KB , 165x260 , I see you!.png )
He still couldn't take his eyes off of the crystal...and he knew that somewhere behind the shimmering light it reflected something else couldn't take its eyes off of him either. Then again, it never took its eyes off of anyone down here.

"They just...wander around, ignoring me. I..." Tonic wiped the tears off his face and cleared his throat. "...attacked a few of them. Did them in real good. they right back up and returned to whatever they were doing. It's like I don't even exist...never existed at all."
>> No. 40630254
File 141145069240.png - (9.60KB , 208x156 , Rillian3.png )
Rillian slowly started to advance towards Tonic, unsure of whether or not he would be noticed in any way. If he was though, he was prepared to jump back in an instant.
>> No. 40630265
File 141145581772.png - (84.66KB , 471x384 , question.png )
Wheaton was too dumbfounded by everything he had just seen to know what to really do as he followed the rest of the group into the depths of this forsaken place. He just looked about himself, bewildered by these "sleeping" ponies, and the illusions that he had just seen, turning back to check on Rillian every now and then, trying not to crumble beneath the feeling of dread and horror this place held. Why did he feel like the eyes of something unknowable were upon him? He reached out to one of the sleeping ponies and would put his hoof to him or her to see if he could get an idea of their state of being, trying to keep his mind focused on them.
>> No. 40631771
Having ducked under a low archway to witness the current events that unfolded, he could only listen. Listen to the words that were spoken. Listen, listen to the clip clop of hooves gentle in movement nearing the target. A boiling, overflowing need to simply level the place, wipe the crystal, and leave. But it'd be too easy, or too difficult. All he could do was merely sit, watching the show before him with a sharpened gaze. Close, so close. So close and he could taste it.

Just wait. Wait, wait, wait...
>> No. 40640261
File 141222807064.png - (159.55KB , 370x579 , About to blast your candy ass.png )
Salsa was confused as to what just happened. He put two fingers on his temples and rubbed them. Then he saw the target and aim his shotgun at him. Salsa didn't care about this sob story. Tonic was the enemy and need to be taken down.
>> No. 40728223
File 141940304131.png - (935.79KB , 944x655 , spoiler.png )
ayy bump
>> No. 40728905
File 141949921072.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , spoiler.png )
If you guys ever start another canon similar to Requiem, I would love to join it if you guys would have me. I've been reading along off and on for a couple years now, and I freakin love it :D
>> No. 40817827
File 142613836804.jpg - (120.98KB , 800x800 , spoiler.jpg )
>Pokes thread with a stick
Time of death: 12:32 am on 3/12/15
RIP in peace

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