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#Open #Pseudo-canon #Series: End times or something darker #Adventure #Crossover #Dark #Violence #Semi-serious #Normal

Link to ooc which you should read before hopping in:

Week One-Canterlot

My dearest Toby,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Oh, what am I saying, if it reaches you at all it will be a miracle sent from our dearly departed Princesses.

Yes. If news has not already reached you, then this will be the first that you have heard. Both Princess Celestia and Luna have been slain, and Princess Cadence is nowhere to be found, or so the guards have told me. The guards know little of what has truly befallen our lovely Equestria, but they assure us that Twilight Sparkle, and her brother-Shining Armor, will be able to provide us with some sort of hope.

I pray it is sooner rather than later. We, myself and a large group of other survivors, are holding up in the capitals main library. When this..darkness..broke loose, it seemed the only building safe, and large enough to provide proper shelter for everyone. We have guards on constant patrol, but we barely get rest. Every moment of every day that we have been in here we hear them...howling, screaming,

The rest of Canterlot is in a bloody ruin. Many of the streets are cracked and broken to the point where travelling is difficult or impossible. Fires rage in so many abandoned buildings that ash seems to fall like rain, and the sky still has not changed. Just that same strange bloody twilight, stuck between night and day. We have seen neither sun nor moon in almost week. Or perhaps it has been longer? I don't know, I cannot venture out of this one does except for the guards and a few brave, reckless ponies who think they can make it back alive.

Everyone is beginning to grow restless of this place. Many of us feel like birds trapped in a cage as the cat prowls around us over and over, sticking a claw in every now and then just to toy with us. From time to time, someone panics and tries to run, or worse, becomes violent. I try my best to assist the guards in calming everyone down, but I am only one pony and my magic is weak. Besides, how can I provide true ease to a pony when I myself in am turmoil? I'm scared Toby. Luna help me I am so scared...

Tykki does a much better job than I. He moves constantly, travelling from filly to foal, old to young, letting them pet him or hold him, or simply cry if they have to. He is a good dog. I'm sure he misses you.


If you still care for me, if there is even one shred of feeling in your heart left after what I put you through, then please..I beg you. DO NOT come to the Capital city. You will die before you even reach the next town. Please,I beg you, stay. Stay where you are and stay safe. Protect your father and my mother. If she is still there, force her to stay. Please Toby...

Princesses bless you, and I pray this letter reaches you somehow, some way.

Your old friends,

Ella and Tykki

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>> No. 40839925
File 142782077229.png - (51.08KB , 336x310 , Toby face.png )
Blue can't quite seem to get a nod down, so he just mumbles an 'ok' before he takes a couple drinks of water.

Toby looks at the body, then turns back to the girl with his own blush.

"I couldn't just leave you like that.."
>> No. 40839934
"Don't o-fuckin-kay me you little asshole, stay afuckin'wake."

She pats him on the head a few more times with a smile on her face. Reapo toddles over, walking up behind the ghost girl and still hiding. She looks back at him again, patting him lightly on the head as well as skeleblush intensifies.
>> No. 40839937
Blue starts to get a little frustrated, but then he lets it go with a chuckle.


He looks at Asma with a wily little grin on his face.

Toby stands up, giving them both a small smile.

"Really though, we need to get back and check on Blue. You want a ride?"

He looks at Reapo, then gestures to his own back.
>> No. 40839938
"What's that smirk doing on your dumb fuckin' face?"

Reapo shakes his head, peaking out from behind the ghost. She looks down at him with a cocked head, making a questioning noise at the tiny skeleton.
>> No. 40839947
Blue just smiles and slowly nods back and forth.


Toby looks at the two of them and sighs. He had an idea of why Reapo didn't want to come back. He offers his hoof out to the little skeleton.

"It'll be ok. Just close your eyes."

He makes a gesture with his hoof-showing the little skeleton that he can close or cover his eyes-before offering the hoof back for him to take.
>> No. 40839948
"Oh yer bein' a prick as well as bein' a nearly dead prick. Great."

Reapo slowly gets on top of Toby, ushering the ghost girl up as well. She gets on as well, hugging Reapo from behind as he hugs Toby's neck to hang on. The skeleblush becomes so intense the tiny skeleton explodes into flame(In an alternate universe).

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>> No. 40839949
Blue just quietly chuckles again and gets some more water.

Toby begins to head back with Reapo and the ghost girl, Tykki following behind.
>> No. 40839952
"...'f you die ah'm gonna kill you."

As they pass the door, the ghost girl is pulled off as though she just hit a wall, backing up and rubbing her face. Reapo hops off, whining as he waddles over to the ghost once more.
>> No. 40839994
Toby looks back at the girl, confused.

"What's the matter? Can't you come with us?"
>> No. 40840002
She tries several more times, but can't move past the doorway. She also seems to be flickering a little as she starts pacing the room in distress, the flickering stopping when she gets closer to her body. Reapo walks in and seems to be chattering to her in some manner.
>> No. 40840010
File 142782681711.png - (18.50KB , 800x640 , Toby AAAAA.png )
A thought slowly goes throw Tobies head.

Blue just laughs more.
>> No. 40840013
The two continue to chatter, the ghost getting more and more upset as it goes on.

"The fuck you laughin' at?"
>> No. 40840139
Toby walks back into the room and investigates.

Blue doesn't say a word.
>> No. 40840149
There's not much in the room. A few pieces of clothing, a stuffed toy or two, some paper and crayons. All of them are fairly old and dusty. There's not much of interest on the room.

Asma just cradles the tiny pone.
>> No. 40840178
"We do need him alive to tell us what the man did to him" Walks said, "I want to know so I can do the same to that mother fucker when we catch him"
>> No. 40848129
Toby walks over to the body and stares at it a moment. He honestly didn't know much about ghosts, not much lore of spirits had ever been shared in his home town. However, Ella had told him a tale or two when they were young. He seemed to remember in one instance the spirit had been binded by something, something preventing it from moving on. He couldn't remember exactly how the tale had ended, but he had the feeling the ghost had been happy when it left...but this ghost seemed happy. Then again, it had just been an old story. Didn't mean it was true. Buck, up till a few weeks ago, he would have thought this bull wasn't even possible.

He walks back to the doorway and looks at it closely, thinking. The house was strange, he knew that..Blues magic hadn't worked, and for a unicorns magic to be blocked like that...

"Hmm..Hey, come here a moment darlin" he gestures to the ghost girl.

"Why don't you try coming through one more time?"


Blue looks at Walks and his eyes widen a little. He shivers slightly as he shakes his head back and forth.

"N-no. I don't want to talk about it...not yet."

He lays his head down and looks at the floor.

"Just wanna get the hay out of here...soon."
>> No. 40848154
"I didn't mean tell me right now idiot." Walks said angrily, "Just don't die on us, you don't want to piss me off even more than you already have." Walks looks up at Asma, "What now Doctor?"
>> No. 40848161
He looks at Walks again, staring for a moment, then he smiles a little.

"Heh, I'm not going to die. You can't get rid of me that easy."
>> No. 40848321
"I uh... 'e's all bandaged an' shit, we'll hafta move wit'im. Make some kinda thing t'carry 'im in witout hurtin' him."

The girl walks over to the doorway, once again it being like she walks into a wall at the doorway. She falls backwards, lower lip quivering as she looks up at Toby with intense sadness.
Reapo waddles over, making an exclamatory noise, seemingly making sure she's okay.

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>> No. 40848325
"So a crutch or something?" Walks looked at Asma confused, "I don't think we could make something like that...I don't know how"
>> No. 40848362
Toby does a slight whence when the girl falls backwards, and he comes back through the door quickly, seeing she is about to cry.

"Alright, alright, you're ok."

He picks the girl up-still not quite understanding the physics behind that-and pulls her into a hug.

"We just need to find a way to get you out of this room.."

Blue takes a look around the room, specifically at the armchair.

"Your going to need some long boards, or some planks splintered into thin pieces so you can tie it together and make a long stick. Or if you guys can just find a strong enough curtain, we can skip the sticks. We just need something to act as a's going to hurt, but I can tough it out. Least till we find some pain meds."
>> No. 40848416
Walks looked towards Asma, "I'll defer to your superior craftsmanship on this endeavor."
>> No. 40848419
She nods a little, hugging him back.
Reapo looks around the room, jumping up and down and pointing at the ceiling fan. Several loud noises are made.

"No shit sherlock. This ain't mah first Rodeo. Walks, break the armchairs down int' their boards an' strip the cloth offa them."
>> No. 40849087
Walks nodded, moving towards the armchairs. She began ripping the cloth off, placing it in a pile. "How much of this stuff are you going to need?" She asked Asma as she moved onto taking apart the boards.
>> No. 40851854
"What are Comics?" Lunaire asks, "I...don't think I've ever heard of something called that." Lunaire shakes her head in confusion
>> No. 40855132
File 142899104533.png - (51.08KB , 336x310 , Toby face.png )
Toby lets go of the girl and moves over to where Reapo is standing, studying the fan a bit, but not quite seeing what the little skeleton was trying to get at.

"What is it buddy? What are you trying to tell me?"


Blue merely rests, not bothering to comment any more.

Ughh...sorry guys. T_T
>> No. 40855246
He continues urgently jabbing at the fan, the intensity of his noises growing and growing. The girl looks over at him in confusion, before they exchange a few quick sounds. Then she starts pointing and making urgent noises, jumping up and down a little.

"A fuckload, just take'em all apart."

Bells scribbles once more.
Oh they're wonderful. Like little books but with pictures for the actions and stuff. They tend to be about awesome super heroes who solve all the world's problems by punching them in the face. World hunger? Pow! Tyranical Dictators? Biff! Wait they actually do that one.
There's a little drawing of a snow leopard captain america punching a grey cloud labeled "Problems", which is holding some kind of death ray.
>> No. 40855552
Toby grabs whatever he can find to stand on, then makes his way over to the fan. He climbs up and starts doing a thorough inspection of said fan.
>> No. 40857256
Walks dumps a pile of wooden planks and cloth near Blue, motioning Asma to come over, "Alright now how do we build this?"

"Punching...solves problems?" Lunaire looks at Bells strangely, "Drangleic didn't have things like that. I doubt we had time to create such things between keeping the undead curse at bay."
>> No. 40858782
"You got magic shit, right? Use that, make a fuckin' draggy thing fer 'im."

Bells scribbles once more.
In comics and sometimes in the real world, yeah. Also, are you from some crazy alternate dimension with zombies and demons and stuff? Cause that's pretty cool.

There is nothing special about it. The undead continue urgently making noises and pointing at the fan.
>> No. 40858837
Walks glares at Asma, "Who said I had magic?" She said angrily, starting to build some form of stretcher.

Lunaire stared at Bells, "Sounds nice....would have loved to live somewhere where you have time to make things like that."
>> No. 40860622
With no other leads to go on, Toby starts taking the fan apart. Though to say he 'takes it apart' is a bit wrong. He actually just pulls and yanks on the thing until he breaks it.
>> No. 40860632
"...You did earlier, fucknut."

Bells grins, holding up a 'one minute' finger, reaching into her jacket and pulling out a small notebook which she hands to Lunaire, grinning.

Upon it's opening, a small purple gem clatters to the ground. Reapo keeps pointing, while the girl cocks her head at it. They exchange noises, and then she walks over to it, trying to touch it. As she tries, her hand goes straight through it. She frowns, trying several more times with the same result.
>> No. 40860646
"Well I'll be.."

Toby gets down off the chair and walks over to the gem. He sits the broken fan down in order to reach out and pick the gem up.

"So this what blocked Blues magic huh?"

Speaking his name, Toby was reminded of why he had come in here in the first place. A sense of urgency re-took him, and he puts the jewel under his hat.

"Come on lil darlin, let's see if you can leave now."

Toby walks quickly walks over to the door and stands a few feet outside of it. Looking back at the girl, he hopes that she will be able to cross now.
>> No. 40860658
Walks shakes her head, "You must've heard something wrong." She said, "I never said that"

Lunaire took the notebook, looking it over and opening it. "What is it?"
>> No. 40860687
She walks over towards the doorway, this time walking straight through. She laughs a little ghostly laugh, jumping up and down and clapping.
Reapo follows her, chattering gleefully.

"Don't give a fuck do the goddamn thing."

Within the notebook is an elegantly drawn manga style comic about robots fighting sea monsters in defense of the world. She grins over at Lunaire, tapping the bottom right corner of the last page. It reads 'Belladonna Moore', with a tiny chibi Bells next to it.
>> No. 40860713
Toby smiles at the two.

"Well look at that. Now you're free to come and go as you please."

The smiles only lasts a moment more before he whistles for Tykki and then starts to make his way back towards Blue. That same sense of urgency has melded into a panic as visions of the worst kind race through his mind. He doesn't wait up for Reapo and the girl, knowing they will likely follow.
>> No. 40860749
"You keep saying that like I would know what the fuck you are talking about!" Walks yells angrily, gripping one of the wood pieces so hard it begins to crack, "What is it you would like me to do?"

Lunaire flips through the pages before handing it back to Bells, "I don't understand... why would punching the alien hurt it? Why aren't they using weapons?"
>> No. 40860756
"Make a fucking sling shitwaffle!"

Bells scribbles on her notepad, passing it.
Because conventional weapons can't get through the alien carapace. They've got to crack it with blunt weapons first. Plus, it looks cool.

Since he doesn't wait up, he hears an exclamatory sound before some light ghost wailing from behind him. Reapo follows suit, making 'pay me some attention' noises.
>> No. 40860761
"What...the fuck is a sling?" Walks says confused, "and why can't you build it? I thought I was makin the stretcher."

Lunaire shook her head, "I still don't get it. The weapons must have done something"
>> No. 40860806
Toby stops mid-stride and runs back to the two.

"Alright, alright, who's coming aboard? Come on, come on! Everyone aboard the Toby train!"

He half lays down so Reapo and the ghost girl can climb on his back.

"Choo choo! Next stop-Blues alley."

The irony of that statement doesn't pass him by.


Blue looks back and forth between Asma and Walks and sighs.

"Hey I got an idea. Why don't we wait for Toby to get back, then he can help you build it Walks. Or you can help Asma. I'm alright now, you don't have to keep hugging me..."

A slight blush lights up his cheeks as he looks down at the ground with a bit of annoyance.
>> No. 40860870
"Stretcher, fuckin' sling, whatever! An' you can shut the fuck up." She glares down at Blue, continuing to cradle the lil pone.

Bells scribbles.
They can't get through the hard outer shell. They just glance off.

The girl laughs a little, smiling and giving him a ghost hug. Reapo toddles behind.
>> No. 40861384
Walks looks up at Asma, "You do realize you could let him lie on the floor and he'd be just as fine. It would probably go quicker if you help me, but if you want me to take as looooong as possible to build this as I have no idea what I'm doing" Walks says sarcastically with a shrug, "That's fine by me."
>> No. 40861739

Blue's ears go flat back in annoyance.

"You know she's right though. You could get the job done faster with the both of you working together...and then we can get the buck out of this nightmare house."


Toby picks Reapo up and puts him on his back securely and waits for the little ghost girl to climb aboard as well. Then he starts making his way to the other room, with haste!
>> No. 40861759
She casts a withering glare at Walks, laying Blue carefully on the ground and moving over to Walks, grabbing the materials, constructing a stretcher by splintering some of the boards and using them as impromptu nails.

The ghost girl climbs aboard, making a very, very ghostly choo choo sound.
>> No. 40861788
Tykki arrives in the room first, happily walking up to everyone in turn before standing by Walks. Then Toby makes his way into the room, unable to wipe the look of panic off his face. He lets out a breath when he sees Blue smile up at him, and he quickly trots over.

"How you doing? You in pain? I can try and find ya some medicine.."


"Ya, what is it? What do ya need?"

"You ah...I...I think there's a ghost on your back..."

Toby lets out another breath that turns into a small chuckle. He didn't know how he was going to explain that one, but the fact that Blue was ok was such a relief at the moment that he barely had room in his mind to focus on much else.
>> No. 40861866
"No need to get pissed at me" Walks said with a chuckle, "You are the one who apparently has all this knowledge of medicine." Walks then looks at Toby and the ghost, "Wait....why is there a ghost on your back?"
>> No. 40861943
Asma looks over at Toby's back, blinking for a couple seconds before going back to the stretcher. "Ay Brown Horse. Lil fucker's aight."

The ghost girl hides behind Toby's head. Reapo jumps down and waddles over to Walks, jumping up and down and clapping, pointing at the ghost every couple hops.
>> No. 40862018
"Yes little Skull Golem, I see the ghost too" Walks says, looking at Reapo, "Now what exactly do you want?"
>> No. 40864165
File 142984300394.gif - (2.00MB , 435x245 , 1429365011368.gif )
[Lupe, I need you to deliver this gif to Archer. I can't get on skype right now, but if you do this I will post tomorrow after work. Need sleep now. Night night.]
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