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40460129 No. 40460129
#Open #Pseudo-canon #Series: End times or something darker #Adventure #Crossover #Dark #Violence #Semi-serious #Normal

Link to ooc which you should read before hopping in:

Week One-Canterlot

My dearest Toby,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Oh, what am I saying, if it reaches you at all it will be a miracle sent from our dearly departed Princesses.

Yes. If news has not already reached you, then this will be the first that you have heard. Both Princess Celestia and Luna have been slain, and Princess Cadence is nowhere to be found, or so the guards have told me. The guards know little of what has truly befallen our lovely Equestria, but they assure us that Twilight Sparkle, and her brother-Shining Armor, will be able to provide us with some sort of hope.

I pray it is sooner rather than later. We, myself and a large group of other survivors, are holding up in the capitals main library. When this..darkness..broke loose, it seemed the only building safe, and large enough to provide proper shelter for everyone. We have guards on constant patrol, but we barely get rest. Every moment of every day that we have been in here we hear them...howling, screaming,

The rest of Canterlot is in a bloody ruin. Many of the streets are cracked and broken to the point where travelling is difficult or impossible. Fires rage in so many abandoned buildings that ash seems to fall like rain, and the sky still has not changed. Just that same strange bloody twilight, stuck between night and day. We have seen neither sun nor moon in almost week. Or perhaps it has been longer? I don't know, I cannot venture out of this one does except for the guards and a few brave, reckless ponies who think they can make it back alive.

Everyone is beginning to grow restless of this place. Many of us feel like birds trapped in a cage as the cat prowls around us over and over, sticking a claw in every now and then just to toy with us. From time to time, someone panics and tries to run, or worse, becomes violent. I try my best to assist the guards in calming everyone down, but I am only one pony and my magic is weak. Besides, how can I provide true ease to a pony when I myself in am turmoil? I'm scared Toby. Luna help me I am so scared...

Tykki does a much better job than I. He moves constantly, travelling from filly to foal, old to young, letting them pet him or hold him, or simply cry if they have to. He is a good dog. I'm sure he misses you.


If you still care for me, if there is even one shred of feeling in your heart left after what I put you through, then please..I beg you. DO NOT come to the Capital city. You will die before you even reach the next town. Please,I beg you, stay. Stay where you are and stay safe. Protect your father and my mother. If she is still there, force her to stay. Please Toby...

Princesses bless you, and I pray this letter reaches you somehow, some way.

Your old friends,

Ella and Tykki

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>> No. 40460174
The tall, white faced form of the Tall One crashes through the portal, into an attic located in Canterlot. Slamming into some detritus on it's way in, it comes to a stop against the far wall, before instantly rising to it's feet and scanning the room for Umbra, sending out a thought wave of a mental image of Umbra.
>> No. 40460178
Umbra suddenly pops into existence, and slams into the same wall, banging her head. Swaying a bit, as she gets up, she frowns, and thinks about how much she hates appearing like this. I'm here.
>> No. 40460182
He lays a protective hand on her shoulder, sending her an image of a wounded Umbra, with a red X over it.
>> No. 40460194
She smiles gently, and nods, looking around the room. Do you have any idea to as where we are? It looks a bit... Dingy, truth be told.
>> No. 40460202
It shakes it's head. It sends her an image of the lab, then an image of the room they're in, a red arrow connecting the two before being crossed out.
>> No. 40460208
Sighing, and looking for a better clue to as where they are, Umbra attempts to take a step forward, and ends up leaning against a dry, splintery wall. This isn't good... I'm rather dizzy. She grins weakly at the Tall One, and motions with her hands for help.
>> No. 40460210
It didn't show up automatically. My name. And e-mail.
>> No. 40460215
The Tall One picks her up gently, finding a staircase and walking them both downstairs into a ramshackle kitchen. Looking around briefly to make sure it's safe, it puts her down next to the oven. It quickly sends her an image of a wounded Umbra, with a picture of a whole bunch of medical supplies next to it, each with a question mark.
>> No. 40460218
She merely shakes her head, and runs a hand though her hair, attempting to the search the surroundings for items that could help them. I'm afraid I don't have any medical supplies. I'm sorry. It's probably a small concussion. I'll be fine soon.
>> No. 40460222
He sends the image again, but with a plus between the medical supplies and Umbra.
>> No. 40460429
Reapo was just walking around, minding his own business, playing with Mister Mugwuggles, when all of a sudden, he fell through a hole! It was a weird hole. The cloud place never had holes. It was all boring and the same. Kinda puffy, but boring and the same.
Anyway, here he was, sitting on his rump, which now slightly ached from the fall, in a dusty old cupboard it looked like! Now, Reapo wouldn't stand for this! He put mister Mugwuggles down, and took out his scythe, slicing the lock open. Reapo put his scythe away again, and opening it up to reveal a kitchen with a stove right next to the cupboard. Quiet as a mouse, he crept out, looking around and seeing nothing. He crept out of the kitchen into a main hallway, opening the door to view the outside street with it's ramshackle buildings and faded facades. He looks both ways, and happily skips out of the house down the road to the left, heading down the hill because walking up the hill is hard.

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>> No. 40461239
File 139950256290.jpg - (126.94KB , 900x710 , hell-the-alternative-anthony-falbo.jpg )
Poor little Reapo would find himself in Hell it would appear. Ash falls like snowflakes across the wasted land before him, and though there don't appear to be any monsters present at just that moment, they could be heard in the distance quite clearly along with an occasional scream of agony.

All along the broken cobbled streets and decimated buildings, Reapo can see souls. Countless numbers of them.

Though many of them seemed to take the form of equine creatures, some were of the bipedal form that he may have been more used to. They all wondered the streets in a perpetual form of agony. Many still wore the screams of terror from when they had first been slain, while some seemed angered beyond reason, and others merely confused-brought down so fast and violently that they had no time to register what was happening.

Yes, every corner that Reapo would turn, every street he would walk down, there they would be. One after another, filling the ruins of the city like locusts.
>> No. 40461389
Reapo hugs mister Mugwuggles tighter, and starts making his way further down the hill, making occasional noises of terror at the sight of a new scary ghost.
>> No. 40461421
File 139951915056.jpg - (1.14MB , 1106x1497 , Rye_field.jpg )
Stupid mare. Stupid bucking mares.

He was cursing quietly to himself for about the millionth time that day. No, for the past three days. How could she send him a letter like that? Was she really that stupid? Thinking back on it, yes, yes she bucking was.

"Buckin expect me to just stay put...

'Take care of my mom'" he quotes in a high pitch, sarcastic sort of way.

"Ya, great Ella. You and I both know how bucking well that was going to go over...uuugh, buck it all.."

His voice was quiet, of that he was always careful. After the first day of fighting, he had gotten a pretty good idea of at least SOME of the monstrosities he would have to face, and how good some of their senses could be.

Taking a few careful steps over some broken glass, he stops just at the end of the alley to look out into the street. With nothing in his immediate sight, he then turns his attention to the sky. A few stray ravens flew, but besides the normal wildlife, nothing of threat looked to be near him, so he took a moment to adjust his equipment.

The rope he had been carrying around his neck and under his arm was really starting rub some nasty blisters into his skin, and his saddle bags were doing the same to his sides. With a heavy sigh, he stops to pull one of his shirts out of his pack and lays it on the ground before slipping all his gear off and putting the dark shirt on. He didn't want to wear the damn thing cause it was so hot around this part of town with all the fires raging. The wind only helped to carry the searing heat and smell of decay with it and he hated it all the more.

With his shirt now providing an extra layer of protection, he slips the rope back around his neck and adjusts his bags before pulling out his canteen and taking a few swigs.

If Reapo continues along his path, he will come across a single pony standing amongst thousands. One that is still vibrant, breathing, living. His fur is covered in ash, but between smudges of gray there appears to be a gold color, like rye. His mane, which was a bit longer than most colts short and cropped cuts, tail (also a bit longer than most), snout, and socks are all a dark raven black and if Reapo dares to approach close enough, he would notice his eyes match well with his mane.

All his equipment and clothing were black as well, including the wore out, very old looking cowboy hat he had placed neatly between his ears and out of the way of his eyes.

This guy just seems to love black, don't he?
>> No. 40461427
Reapo smiles like it's christmas, waddling towards him fast, making a happy sound of discovering something not creepy and ghostly. He's reaching out his arms to give whoever it is a hug when he gets there, still holding onto mister Mugwuggles in his left hand.
>> No. 40461757
Toby damn near chokes on his water when he sees the strange little thing. Not because it scared him, the past few days had toughened him up a bit, but because he almost laughs at this monster. Was it really so stupid to think that it could trick him with such a simple minded act? Acting friendly?

Wait what if that's not the whole act? What if this lil bastards trying to throw me off? Distract me while somethin bigger gets a nice bite out of my rear? Nice try you little bucker.

Without taking his eyes off the approaching creature, Toby caps his canteen and puts it away as he finds himself a nice solid wall to put his back to. Once he knew nothing could approach him from behind, he pulls out a corn sickle from his saddle bag. It was a similar instrument to the scythe, only much shorter and meant to be held in the hoof.

Along with it he unravels his rope, which he has already prepared a loop at the end, and begins swinging it above his head.

"Well come on little doggy, I ain't got all day now!"

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>> No. 40462002
Reapo cocks his head to one side, making an adorable confused sound. He waddles forward again, reaching out to hug Toby once her reaches him.
>> No. 40462026
File 139958213632.jpg - (13.79KB , 600x378 , sickle.jpg )
He wouldn't get close enough for a loving embrace unfortunately, because the rope Toby had been swinging about his head now flies out and wraps itself around Reapo before tightening painfully around his midsection. Toby begins to yank him forward using the rope and his mouth, and with one hoof picks up the sickle and gets ready to attack.
>> No. 40462029
Reapo stumbles, dropping his small pink rabbit. He makes a sounds of surprise and wanting, trying to reach him past the ropes, but not being able to. He jumps up and down the tiny bit that he can, pointing desperately to Mister Mugwuggles, making sad sounds.
>> No. 40462031
(Fuck me I forgot to add name on this new computer >.<)
>> No. 40462063
And right when he was about to bring his weapon down on the little bucker he hesitates. He just..couldn't bring himself to do it.

No, this is a trick. Snap out of it, this thing ain't from this world, it's probably messing with your head. Come on pull it together.

He brings his arm up once more, but, again, he can't swing. He stares at the little creature in it's futile attempt to get it's pink stuffy back and something about it just makes his hard cowpony heart ache.

With a sigh, he lowers the sickle, though he doesn't let go of it just yet. Instead, he lets the rope drop and loosen it's grip on Reapo so that he could go and get his toy.
>> No. 40462065
The instant Toby loosens the rope, Reapo runs over and picks up the small bunny, hugging it tightly. He looks over at Toby, looking kinda spooked by him.
>> No. 40462067
He takes a look around his surrounding, making sure to check the sky as well, before focusing his attention back on the little creature. This was just too weird for him

"Just what the buck are you?...Why didn't you try and attack me?"
>> No. 40462068
Reapo makes a confused noise, cocking his head to one side.
>> No. 40462076
Still rather confused himself, Toby simply shakes his head and starts walking away.

"You uh..just stay ther' little fella. I got business to take care of, uh, gonna run along now."

He makes sure to take a path that he can keep a clear view of the little creature until he feels he is safely out of it's range.
>> No. 40462078
Reapo makes an exclamationary noise, running after Tonu, hugging the small rabbit, waddling towards him.
>> No. 40462083

He puts a hoof up in a defensive 'stop' motion. He wasn't exactly mad that it was following him, but rather scared that it had ran towards him. He still didn't trust anything around that wasn't a pony. Though even the ponies he had a hard time trusting.

"You gotta go little guy. I told you I got business. You understand? Things I gotta do, you can't follow me. Too dangerous. Now get."
>> No. 40462085
He makes another confused noise, stopping. After a second, he starts walking towards Toby again.
>> No. 40462093
"Didn't I say get? What, you don't understand me? Of course why would you."

He picks up a piece of concrete and hurls it at the little creature, hoping to scare it off like he would a dog.
>> No. 40462100
Reapo ducks down, looking at Toby with a 'why would you hurt me' look, making a sad noise, and running towards Toby again.
>> No. 40462116
File 139958532989.jpg - (63.42KB , 750x600 , Ive killed hundreds of timelords.jpg )
>Tobys face when

He can't bring himself to even stop the little guy this time, knowing full damn well this thing was probably about to latch onto a limb and try and tear it off.
>> No. 40462119
He runs up, hugging Toby's leg and making a happy sound, looking up and smiling at him.
>> No. 40462134
Having the thing this close to him gave him a better look at it and it sent a chill up his spine.

"What the buck are you?" he asks again.

" don't have any skin! Hey, get off. Off I said!"

He tries to shake the little monster off his leg.
>> No. 40462135
Reapo lets go, falling onto his bum. He looks hurtedly up at Toby again, standing up and reaching out to hug him again, waiting for Toby's move.
>> No. 40462144
He sighs once more as he rubs his forehead with a hoof, finally deciding to put away his weapon.

"Ah colt, I don't got no time to be babysitting monsters. How do I know you aren't going to eat me in my sleep, huh?

No. No, you need to go. I already wasted enough time playing with you."

He starts walking off again, this time picking up his pace to a light trot.
>> No. 40462150
Reapo waddles after him as fast as he can, making exclamationary noises at Toby.
>> No. 40462161
He tries his best to ignore him.
>> No. 40462167
He continues making noises, not dissimilar to a dog's whine when his owner is in a store, but in Reapo's adorable little voice.
>> No. 40462177
His ears lower and he starts grumbling, something about 'why me?'

"ALRIGHT FINE!" he says in the quietest shout he can muster as he comes to an abrupt stop.

"You come come if you just shut up! Luna help me, you are annoying! Get on my back and be quiet before you get us both killed you little bucker."
>> No. 40462178
Reapo smiles up at Toby, hugging his leg quickly. He stands next to him, looking up at him with a broad smile.
>> No. 40462216
"Well hurry up! If you can't keep up with me even trotting then your going to have to ride on my back. Can't have you slowin me down."

He jerks his chin towards his back to further his meaning.
>> No. 40462218
Reapo makes an adorable noise of understanding, jumping up to try and get up onto his back but repeatedly falling back down. He points to himself and then Toby's back, moving his hand apart and shaking his head.
>> No. 40462227
"Oh for Lunas sake!"

He reaches over and grabs Reaper by the collar of his coat and lifts him up onto his back. He then gathers up his rope, which he had slung over his back, and coils it properly before putting it over his neck and under his arm where he had it before.

"Ok now listen here. I ain't got time to keep stopping and picking you up, so grab onto that rope and hold on. If you fall off I ain't comin back to get ya. Understand?"
>> No. 40462229
He grabs onto the rope because it's put back to him, and makes a happy sound, hugging Toby's neck.
>> No. 40462231
He grumbles and starts off at a trot again.

What the buck have I gotten myself into now?

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>> No. 40468411
A strange door appears out of nowhere and opens to show a middle aged mas with a three piece business suit that was black with red pinstripes, he was wearing a fedora and tie with identical pattern and had a crimson red wood cane that was masterfully polished, he walked around the building curiously, snapping his fingers and dismissing the door "Let's see how this world is doing..." his eyes glow a moment, then he clutches them as if in pain "Holy hell! this place is in the crapper!"
((He is a chaos spawn, a human discord, he is NOT godly as he can get sick, hurt, hungry, etc.)>>40460178

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>> No. 40469551
File 140020536984.png - (333.94KB , 964x587 , it's not a party if you go alone take this.png )
(Sorry, if you haven't noticed we're a bit slow here on rp. We go through our periods of great, fast activity and then weeks of zippo nada nothing happen in this town. Don't get discouraged though! Someone will be around to RP with you! Eventually...


In the mean time feel free to enter some discussion over on ooc and make some new friends! I'm sure someone can help you get acquainted with the board. The main ooc where most newcomers go is here:
>> No. 40478458
Inter dimensional travel is not exactly fun at the best of times. Unfortunately for our bespectacled friends, this was farther from the best of times than clowns are to not creepyness.
Asma slammed hard against the bookshelf, as the small portal she had appeared from swiftly closed behind her. Her glasses went somewhere, she wasn't entirely sure where. Feeling around for her bag, she stands, using the bookshelf as a support. She carefully feels around with her foot for her glasses, finding them after a few minutes and donning them. Looking around briefly, she can see that she is indeed in a very, very strange place. She begins wandering around the library, looking around with her pistol in hand.
>> No. 40478528
The next day and a half was hard travelling. He knew his way to Canterlot rather well, but with so much ruin pervading the streets he couldn't just march his way through straight to the city and had to constantly find ways around the rubble of fallen buildings and broken. streets. Still, he caught a break as he encountered very few monsters along the way and was even able to wash up in a still somwhat functional fountain in the middle of town.

Throughout all this the little monster on his back never seemed to give him much trouble, and though he was not always quiet, he at least never whined for food pr to go the bathroom. Toby found this very strange of course but feared to push his luck and never brought it up.

On the evening of his fifth day of travelling, Toby arrived at his destination.

The library still stood in good condition compared to most of the capital, but the damage that was their could not be ignored. There was no doubt that a few battles had been waged here, and if the montrosities still lurking around were anything to go by, more would follow.

His pace finally slowed as he approached and came to a full stop a few hundred feet from the building . Reapo may be able to feel the shiver that runs across Tobys back as his brow knits and he stares for a good long minute . Finally he looks to the little creature on his back.

"Alright little buddy. You gotta get off and wait here."

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>> No. 40478536
Reapo makes a small confused sound, cocking his head to one side. His tiny adorable smile still adorns his face.
>> No. 40478556
He doesn't bother trying to explain it this time and instead just lifts the little creature up off his back and places him gently on the ground. He then proceeds to un do his rope and sickle. With his eyes still trained on the building before him, he begins to walk towards the back of it in a crepe.

"Stay" is the only response Reapo gets.

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>> No. 40478559
Reapo looks confused, running briefly towards Toby, before seeing the rope and sickle and waddling back away, look rather spooked in Toby's direction.
>> No. 40478581
He looks back once to make sure he wasn't being followed, and seeing that Reapo had listened he gives a little smile and tip of his hat.

"It'll be alright. I'll be back, just gotta get somethin."

And with that he was off, proceeding the rest of the way stealthily until finally he was at the library. After a few moments of watching him, a door seems to open and another pony greets him, and together they enter the building and are out of Reapos site.
>> No. 40478584
Reapo waddles as fast as his little legs can take him towards the door, making scared noises as he does so.

In the meantime, Asma stumbles down the stares, landing face first at the bottom, before standing and running away from the door as fast as she can, dropping her gun on the way. She seems to be utterly terrified at the moment.
>> No. 40478640
Reapo would receive a few sideways glances from some of the creatures, but seeing how he lacked the perfume of coppery blood and warm flesh, he was ignored.


Toby had made it past the few devils still trying to find their way into the building, but once he arrived he was faced with a dilemma. There was no obvious way in. The wall had been fortified against attack and protection spells cast barriers over any weak points where even the tiniest monster could have slipped through a crack. He wondered the side for a moment looking for a solution, when something behind him got his attention. At first he thought it was a bird whistling and was about to ignore it when suddenly the realization hit him that he had not heard a bird in almost three days; and the birds he had heard had certainly not had the happy chip tweet chip that this one had. When he turned he found himself face to face with a royal guard, who was beckoning to him urgently. The guard had opened one of the barriers temporarily and was not in the mood to wait around for a fool to decide whether he wanted to live or die. Neither was Toby.

Inside the building was dark, but not impossibly so. Small magic orbs of light provided just enough to see by but kept it dim enough to not travel through any cracks of the walls or Windows that could not be boarded off completely.

"It's always good to see another survivor, especially one with a weapon. I take it you've been able to handle yourself out there alright? It looks like it. We've got a small amount of supplies and even less water and food, so if you're going to stay you'll be expected to accompany a group during the foraging hours. "

Toby wanted to agree with the guard and receive news of what was happening in Canterlot, but before he could say anything he heard something-a crashing noise-and immediately he was on high alert.

"What was that?!" he hissed.

The guard, having heard it too, pulled out a club from his belt and alongside Toby they begin to trot toward the source of the noise.

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>> No. 40478646
As they start running towards the noise, the see what they may or may not recognize as a gun sitting on the floor at the base of the stairs upwards. If they continue following the crashing sound to it's source, they would find Asma curled up in a ball behind a table whimpering softly.
>> No. 40479362
File 140078938743.jpg - (32.82KB , 350x345 , hmmph.jpg )
The guard stops to pick up the weapon but Toby was more concerned with what had dropped it. He keeps after the noise, his rope around his neck and his sickle in his mouth. When he comes galloping around the table, he must seem like a monster to poor Asma.

He stops just a few feet short of the body and studies her. He had never seen a creature such as this-pale, slender, fleshy with hardly a mark of fur except for a strange long main of it atop the crown of it's head. It lacked hooves and instead had digits, like that of a lizard except without the claws and instead little tender looking nobs. The limbs seemed horribly disproportioned, and no matter what way he tried to view the thing, it just seemed...wrong.

What the buck...?

He had come across a few monsters that had similar body structures, but all of them had seemed, well, grotesque compared to this thing. This fleshy mass before him lacked the rotting smell. It lacked the sometimes brow wrinkling slimy skin or open pussy wounds. It even looked warm; though he wasn't about to go up and touch it to find out.

The guard comes trotting up and stops next to Toby and places the strange item he had picked up on the ground. He takes a look at Asma, then to Toby, then back to Asma before he pulls his sword out.

"Right then, let's get rid of it before it calls in reinforcements."

"Wait!" Toby drops his sickle and throws a hoof out to stop the guard before he can make his move.

"I..I don't think this ones dangerous."

"Not dangerous?" The guard gives Toby an odd look, as if the earth pony has just grown wings and started doing the Hula.

"Colt, have you spent too much time out there? How can you say this thing isn't dangerous? It's not pony!"

"Well look at it for Celestias sake!" Toby growls.

"It doesn't have any claws, it's not covered in weird slime or have scales, it's not screeching at us, infact the damn thing looks like it could barely even defend itself! It's not even trying to run away, it's just layin there shakin and lookin like it's 'bout to piss itself! You really think it's gona hurt you?"

"Well...what the buck is this thing then?" the guard says, poking at the metal thing before him.

"I don't know. But I wouldn't go messin with it until we figure out what it does."
>> No. 40479370
As the two round the corner, she starts trying to shove herself away, reaching into her bag for her gun before realizing she dropped it. "G-get away." Her voice is wavering and sounds terrified, fumbling around for something to defend herself with.
>> No. 40479398
File 140079036468.jpg - (117.85KB , 354x339 , gloomy-young-man.jpg )
The guard hops back and raises his sword towards the girl.

"It-it talked! It can talk!"

Toby was a bit surprised to, but perhaps not as much as the guard. The little creature he had picked up earlier seemed to have had some communication skills though they weren't fully verbal.

"Hey, easy. Easy now, we're not going to hurt you."

Toby takes a look at the guard and scowls.

"Hey put your sword down, can't you see you're scaring it?"

"Hey buck you colt! I don't know what that thing is going to do!"

"It's not going to attack you unless you attack it, basic animal instinct."

"Buck you!"

Toby scowled harder and made a little 'tff' noise before places himself in-between the guard and the girl, using himself as a shield both to make the girl feel less threatened, and give the guard a reason not to attack.

"Hey hey. Look at me. It's alright. I won't hurt you. As long as you don't hurt me. Look, I don't know how you got here, but obviously you're as scared as we are. Why don't you tell me your name? Mines Toby, Toby Roper."
>> No. 40479402
"A-Astral. A-astral S-spy-spyg-glass. W-where a-am I? I was a-at h-home... Oh god I was at h-home." She starts freaking out, hyperventilating and gibbering about how she needs to get home and she shouldn't be here.
>> No. 40479593
"Hey! Hey, Astra calm down hun, just talk to me. Do you remember how you got here? Do you know where here is?"

Toby moves a bit closer, but not too close. He didn't want to frighten her, but he didn't want her running off either. If she wasn't from around here, which it seemed, then she probably didn't know what was going on and he didn't want to see her run outside and get killed.

The guard, in the meantime, had finally lowered his weapon. He didn't yet sheath it, but now the bald creature had his interest. If this thing had come from somewhere else, it might be able to answer a few questions about what the hay was happening to his world.
>> No. 40479634
Asma takes no notice, having entered pure panic mode, curling up into a ball once again, returning to the state she was in before Toby found her, only this time she is entirely unresponsive.
>> No. 40480246
File 140082689102.png - (158.66KB , 800x626 , Toby meloncholy pose 2.png )

Tobys eyes take in the pitiful bipedal as she tumbles down into her own world of panic and terror, and his mouth turns down into a heavy frown. She, or he-for he really didn't know for sure but felt it may be a she-was going into the same shock that he had seen rack many of his neighbours and friends back home, and she had yet to even see half of mound she had fallen into to. If she was taking it this badly now, he couldn't imagine what she would be like when she got a glimpse of outside. He approaches her slowly again, his footsteps seeming almost heavy in the way he walked.

"Hey, what are you doing? Don't go near it, what if it attacks you?"

Toby barely gave the guard any mind, barely even twitching his ear at his concern.

"Don'tcha ya have some rounds to be making? We don't know how this creature got in here, so maybe there's a hole some where. Shouldn't ya be checkin' it out?"

The guards eyes widened a bit as Tobys words struck a chord. He hadn't even thought of there being an opening in the building. He was right, he needed to do his patrol.

"I'll be alright, beem handle'n myself just fine the past few days."

Sheathing his sword, the grey pegausis takes to the air and gives a final warning to Toby.

"We're holding up on the third floor-east wing. I expect to see you up there in the next half hour with that...thing. I want to interrogate it, see if it knows anything about what's going on.


You come up there without it, and I'll make sure to it that the rest of my squad escorts you to the door and back outside. Am I clear?"

"Clear as the river I was raised in."

With a huff the guard took off and Toby was left alone with Astral. Very carefully he moves himself behind her back and lays down with her on the floor. He scooches his body up to her back and gently lays his head down on her shoulder, letting her feel his warmth. He doesn't say a word, just quietly provides the comfort of something warm.
>> No. 40480440
She seems to be too panicked already to notice. After about fifteen minutes she seems to be slowly calming down. "W-where am I?" She says, hugging Toby tightly because he's right there.
>> No. 40480841
Her grip was a bit too tight for his liking, but for the moment she wasn't choking him so deals with it without complaint.

"Your on a planet called Earth, in a country called Equestria, and up until about a week ago it was paradise."
>> No. 40480855
"W-why am i here? D-do you k-know?"
>> No. 40480867
"No, wish I did. Maybe it's got somethin to do with what's been goin on around here.. Can you remember anything? About what happened before you came here? Maybe what you were doin?"
>> No. 40480896
"I-I was j-just w-walking h-home. A-and th-then I f-fell down h-here."
>> No. 40480905
"Ya fell? That's it? Ya don't remember any weird lights or strange noises? Anything you can tell me will help hun."
>> No. 40480920
"N-No. I j-just w-was there a-and n-now I'm h-here. I n-need to g-get b-back t-though. I h-have to." She takes a second to get herself together before speaking again. "W-what's g-going on h-here? Y-you mentioned m-monsters."
>> No. 40480973
File 140087621226.png - (111.79KB , 500x491 , Toby face 1.png )
His frown deepens. He didn't want to say it to her, and wouldn't, but the only chance she might of had of returning to her own world was gone. Both the rulers of his kingdom were dead, and though he trusted Twilight Sparkles judgement in the coming days, he doubted that even her magic would be powerful enough to send these creatures back to their own world. At least, not for a while.

Politically, things would have to be done in order. Shelters and strongholds would have to be made for any survivors, and that alone could take months if not a few years. Raising an army and getting the right unicorns together to combat the onslaught might take even more. He hated to admit, but his world would not return to peace for a very long time, even if the evil was purged.

"Can you stand up? Here, I'll help ya."

It would do no good trying to explain to her what he barely could understand himself. Best just to show her, and the sooner he did it the sooner she could come to grips with what was happening to her.
>> No. 40480974
She stands, leaning on him for support. "Y-you d-didn't a-answer my q-question."
>> No. 40480997
"I know."

He guides her to the nearest window, and with a bit of effort, he manages to unhinge one of the boards just enough to let a crack of dim light shine through.


He stood back to let her see with her own eyes; the destruction that he could barely stand to look at himself.
>> No. 40481018
Looking out, she quickly ducks back in, looking terrified. "T-there's a s-skelteton o-out t-there l-looking a-at u-us." She seems to be very close to freaking out once more.
>> No. 40481025
"Skele-? Oh buckin aye, hey!"

Toby hisses as he steps up to the window.

"Get down! I can't let you in here! I told you to stay! Down, get down!"

He spoke angrily, but quietly, making his point more by tone of voice and the angry 'I'm gona kick your ass when I get outa here' look on his face as he peeks through the window.

"Sorry about that, I picked that thing up a while ago. Don't know what it is, but it hasn't attacked me yet. Infact it does the opposite, damn thing won't let go of my leg half the time."

Last edited at Fri, May 23rd, 2014 13:38

>> No. 40481029
Reapo made a sad noise, frowning. He walks over to the door, but no noise of opening door can be heard.

"I-It l-looks r-really l-lonely." She comments, panic softening a bit.
>> No. 40481039
He couldn't open the door anyway XD is magic bitch

He hadn't really thought of that before. It made him feel kind of bad that he'd been treating the little thing so harshly. After all, maybe it had been drawn into his world just like Astral. He frowns a little at the thought.

"Ya..anyway, I was trying to show you outside. Go ahead and take a look. But be careful! Just be quiet when you do, and for Lunas sake, don't scream."
>> No. 40481074
She nods, peeking outside. Her brows knit into a frown quite quickly. "T-There's s-someone r-running t-towards u-us."

Asma had been sprinting for quite some time, occasionally firing behind her to quell the horde of creatures she had amassed from her movements. Having seen the towering library in the distance, she ran to it for cover. Along the way, however, her method of 'kill all monsters that get in my way' hadn't entirely worked out for the best. Mostly because monsters realized she was in fact killing other monsters, and decided to kill her and eat what remained of her face.
It was the final stretch, pelting down the street towards the main doors. From an alley, however, leaped a huge spider, around the size of a decently sized dog. Quickly drawing her rapier, she dispatched it mid jump and left it twitching on the ground behind her. Though a short diversion, the precious few seconds it took had given the horde more time to close in on her. Some of the faster ones were already nipping at her heels or trying to grab her to slow her down. With a quick stab behind her, she freed herself from the ghoul who had her by the shirt, and continued running, focusing entirely on speed and as such sheathing all her weapons. As she got closer, she noticed a small figure in a cloak with a skull button nestled in pink fabric. She had no time to worry about whether or not it was going to attack her, instead just going right for the door. She smashes right through the doors, keeping up the run through the entrance area, looking for stairs up while she runs.
>> No. 40481204
File 140088235588.gif - (2.84MB , 500x360 , granny smith oh no.gif )
The magic, which had not been attended too in some hours, had grown weak around the door and with the added power of Asmas head on sprint they simply could not withhold against her and yield to the crushing force. They slam open with a BANG but somehow miraculously stay on their hinges.

Asma might spot the stairs from which Astral had fallen down, but if she were paying any mind to her surroundings she would notice the two creatures standing just inside the door.

"Hey hey hey! Buck! Help me! Get the doors shut, quick!"

Toby sprints back to grab his sickle before running to the doors and slashing at a demon that dared to poke it's head in the door.



Library-Third floor, East Wing

"Here you go mam, fresh from the fire, soft, no crispy crust-just like you like it."

"Ooh, thank you dear. My teeth just aren't the same as they used to be."

"I completely understand Granny."

"Mm, well now that does smell good, doesn't it? I haven't had huckleberry pie in years. Now you run along and tend to the others dear, they need your help. You're going to make a fine royal guard someday."

The blue Unicorn smiled brightly to the old mare's compliment as he did as he was told and walked around the room attending to anyone who needed something from him. He was just a few months short of being old enough to join the guards, but when disaster had struck, they recruited him for unofficial duties. It wasn't much to most of the platoon, but to Blue Sky it was everything. It was his dream, and his hope-hope that maybe he might have a future in the guards. If this mess could ever be cleaned up.

"Hey Tykki, how you doin buddy? Missin your mom? We'll find her."

He stopped to pat the Shepherd on the head and rub his ears, but before he could get to his neck, a spot that he seemed to particularly love, the dog went stiff and stood at attention. Blue Sky watched him curiously for but a few seconds before suddenly he began to bark loudly and before the unicorn could grab him, he was running off and down the stairs.

"Oh no.."

The whole room had gone quiet, listening. Sky was the first to break the spell.

"Every one! Pack your things and start moving to the back of the building like we planned! This is not a drill! Go!"

An earth pony, one of the official royal guards, approached him quickly with a few of his platoon.

"You think there's been a breach?"

"I don't know, but that dog is well behaved and in the time we've had him, I've never seen him just take off like that."

"Right. First lieutenant!"

"Yes sir!"

"I want you to take a few of the colts and start aiding in the evacuation. Make sure that the elderly and sick have priority when getting through the doors. I want someone taking a constant headcount and writing names down. Have the strongest aid in the packing and clean up, and when you reach the basement, I want every unicorn boarding the doors and walls with protective barriers. And make sure Shining Armor knows what's happening.

Even if this is just a fluke, we're going to treat it like the real thing, got it?"

"Yes sir!"

Blue Sky watched the guards taking their positions and he gave a glance over to old Granny and frowned at her expression. He didn't know if she could make it through another trek if it came down to having to move again. The last one was too hard on her, and she had barely had a day to rest.

"What about me sir? What should I do?"

"Blue Sky, you've shown amazing fortitude thus far. I want you in my team, aiding in the patrol. Where going downstairs to check it out. Who knows, you might even earn your cuty mark on this mission."

Blue Skys face lit up with excitement and helped to quell some of the fear in the pit of his stomach.


Back at the door:

"Help me shut it!" Toby was still yelling to anyone that would listen. He was pushing with all his might, but the monsters pushed harder. The two doors were so close to closing, and yet he couldn't get them just the few more inches it would take to slip the latch in place.

"For Lunas sake!"

He was panting, grunting, and for once he was actually panicking. There was more here at stake then just his own life...
>> No. 40481476
Asma helps to hold the door closed, her feet rather literally digging into the floor as she does so. She shoves Toby off the door, holding it back with her fingers dug into the wall on both sides. "Find something the brace it!" She shouts at Toby and Astral.

Reapo managed to run inside, and as soon as he did ran immediately to the not scary lady, that being Astral, and hugged her leg tightly, making scared noises. Astral is also currently scared, fumbling around near the stairs for her gun in a panic.
>> No. 40481518
File 140089905935.png - (18.50KB , 800x640 , Toby waat.png )
His eyes travel over to his rope and sickle briefly, but he shakes his head. Those two items alone had helped him survive the past few gruelling days, he wasn't about to sacrifice them unless he absolutely had to.

Around the rest of the room there were what one might expect to find in a library-books, of all shapes and sizes. Not exactly useful for holding a door shut. They were scattered on the ground however, and books were usually stacked atop book shelves.


In the corner of the room was a measly stack of wood left over from torn down bookcases, from which Toby could only assume they had used to board the windows and make fires. He races to the pile and starts digging through it, desperate to find a good plank. After about two seconds he gives up on finding a good one and just starts stacking long ones together to carry back to the door.

"Astral! Help me carry these! Grab as many as you can!"

He runs with his small stack laid across his back and drops about half of them by the time he reaches the door and one by one, he starts shoving the planks into the makeshift hooks that had been attached to hold the door shut.

Last edited at Fri, May 23rd, 2014 19:42

>> No. 40481529
Astral helps, though it's clear she is not particularly strong. Reapo pitches in as well, barely managing to carry two boards at once.

The ground beneath Asma's began to crack, one board splintering from the pressure. She moves her foot away, slipping slightly, and the door visibly bends inwards before she shoves it back. Toby, now having time to properly inspect the newcomer, can see that both of her arms are some form of strange mechanical device rather than actual arms, and so are both her feet at the very least. Most of her face, except for her left eye and the top of her head are mechanical, at least that's visible from the front. In fact, she seems more machine than person, as her legs would have been broken at this point if she had normal legs. She seems to be straining to keep the door closed, but she does not buckle. The floor however, is not being nearly as stubborn.
>> No. 40481539
He doesn't have time to take in the weirdness of the stranger, all he knows is that she's the only thing holding the door shut, but not for long if he couldn't get it barricaded properly.

"Hurry Astral! Just start bringing me boards!"

One after another, the boards were stacked, and finally they begin to help hold some of the weight. Once He had stacked as many as he could into the latch, he starts looking around for something else that could help. Over in the back, where he had found the boards, was one more bookshelf. It was packed full with old encyclopedias and much too heavy for him to move it to the door. So he does what his good ol' horsey legs are known for- makes his way over and starts bucking the books off. Sure, he might put a hole in the back of it, but he wasn't too concerned with décor at the moment.

"Come on, come on!"

Buck after buck, more and more of the books fall from the shelves. When there are finally enough of them off, he puts his shoulders against the shelf and starts shoving it toward the door.
>> No. 40481549
Astral starts rushing as many boards as she can to the door, dropping her bag on the floor so she can move quicker.

Reapo runs up to the door and pushes against it, doing nothing, but trying to look tough. He makes a 'rrrrrrr' noise.

Asma continues pushing against the door, managing to get it significantly less inwardly buckling than before. "If I move, the door smashes in. I need more boards!" She shouts at the others. In the meantime, the area around her fingers is significantly weakened from so much weight being put on them. The floor is also beginning to take some serious damage, and another board splinters apart beneath her foot, and the door momentarily shudders inwards again before she regains her footing.
>> No. 40481556

All Toby can do is shove the bookshelf as fast as he can, but it seems to pick up some speed after he moves it past its initial resting place. Perhaps it had just become stuck to the floor boards after so many years.

"Move!" He shouts as he brings the shelf closer to the door. He was only a few seconds away from slamming into Asma.
>> No. 40481563
Asma is sweating a river at the moment, straining against the door. Then, a short series of unfortunate events occurs. The first being that another board where one of her feet where broke, causing her to slip. The second being that when she slipped, the chunks of wall she had been holding onto ripped from the wall, and she went sprawling. The rest of the group have a few seconds to fortify the door, or hold it closed, before it buckles.

Reapo looks scared, and waddles towards Toby, making scared sounds.

Astral drops her planks an rummages in her bag quickly, grabbing a telescoping rod and sticking it through the latches. It manages to hold surprisingly well, and she rushes over to help with the bookshelf.
>> No. 40481574
With the two of them now pushing the shelf, it slams against the doors with a satisfying boom. But the work was yet to be done, oh no. Toby has little time to comfort the poor skeleton, as he once again begins running around the room, this time grabbing books. Back and forth, back and forth Toby runs, grabbing thick text after thick text to shove back into the shelf in any manner it will fit.
>> No. 40481581
Astral helps him in this endeavor, but instead makes sure that the books are put in the most efficient way which she figures out quite quickly, so that the shelf can be heavier.

Reapo runs over to Toby, still making scared sounds and looks scared and sad, trying to hug his leg.

Asma, in the meantime, has had a slight bit of a crash. At the moment, most of her cybernetics were rebooting from the extreme stress, and then the hard slam against the ground. Currently, she looks dead, lying face down on the ground, all the lights that previously were on now dark.
>> No. 40481594
Oh buck.

"Hey! Hey wake up, what's wrong?"

He stops briefly to shake her, but when he hears a slam against the door he remembers that he didn't have time to try and save her. He couldn't do anything for her anyway if he was dead, so he returns to helping Astral. They were almost done anyway, just a few more stacks of books would be enough to hold. At least enough to give them a short break.
>> No. 40481602
Astral desperately continues stacking the books, and when there are no more books to stack, she goes searching for more furniture, calling out a table and chairs just around the stairs up. She starts dragging the table back, but she is not nearly strong enough to get it back in any timely fashion.

Reapo in the meantime is trying to hug Toby's leg still, being utterly terrified and making almost crying sounds.

System rebooting... Updating drivers... Booting 50%... Booted
Upon her cybernetics rebooting, Asma jolts back to life, sprinting for the door and shoving against the shelf to keep the doors in check. "This'll keep the boards from breaking for a bit longer but hurry up! Are there any other people, cause we need all the help we can get." She says, shouting at the top of her lungs.
>> No. 40482318
File 140096914023.jpg - (60.92KB , 900x633 , Courage_by_treijim.jpg )
"What th-I, I don't know..wait! Ya, I think so..uh, I'll be back!"

He takes off up the stairs and starts galloping towards the east wing.

"Heey! Anypony up here?! We need help!"

It wasn't but a moment later that Toby call was answered, as around from the corner came galloping a unicorn dressed in makeshift armer and swinging a sword that looked much to big for his young frame-it was Blue Sky. Come to save the day!~

"Hey!" the unicorn pants.

"Where's the breach? Is there a monster inside?"

His eyes burned with the ignorant lust for adventurous battle as he raised toward Toby, raising his sword higher above his head.

"No, but there's about to be if we can't get this door sealed. Please tell you can put up a decent barrier."

"I can try" says Blu Sky as he races onward and down the stares with Toby. Once they both reach the bottom, Blu Sky takes a quick look around at the scene and immediately starts marching towards Asma.

"Filthy Vermin.."


It wasn't the words Blu had spoken, but rather the murderous glare set upon his face that alerted Toby to his intentions. Quickly, before the whole plan collapsed from a simple miscommunication, Toby ran forward and grabbed the unicorn by the tail making the poor youth yowl out in pain.

"Not them, the door! Look, I'll explain later, just get that door sealed! They're not the enemy here!"

Blue Sky was confused, but after taking a second glance at the others and actually realizing what Asma was doing, he frowns and does a simple nod.

"Right, sorry. Alright, stand back!"

He lets his sword clatter to the ground and gets himself situated, and then his horn begins to glow and the whole room is filled with a bright light. He seems to struggle with the spell, but slowly, and with a bit of grunting, he does it.

The shuddering on the door stops, and the loud banging turns into a muffled knock knock knock!.
>> No. 40482469
Asma remains bracing the door. "Is there a way to see out?"

Astral takes a peek between the boards she was looking through before to see what's there.

Reapo runs over to Toby, still making the same noises, hugging his leg.
>> No. 40482534
Astral would see a swarm of frustrated monsters attempting to ram the door. It would appear to be a useless attempt, as many of them simply bounce off the barrier. It was holding. For now.

Toby sits down on the floor heavily and scoops Reapo up in a losse hug.

"It's alright little buddy, it's alright..."

Reapo may not have realised it, but he was providing a much needed comfort to the farm pony, for Toby had fully understood what would happen to them if they failed, and so had been absolutely terrified.
>> No. 40482536
"T-there're s-so many t-things o-outside." She says in a panic.

"You, sword horse, find more things for the door. If I move they smash it wide open."

Reapo finds comfort in Toby returning his hug, gripping tightly to the stallion, and making a few more scared noises.
>> No. 40482539
"I put a barrier up, it should hold for at least a cpuple of hours-plenty of time to reinforce it when I get the rest of the guards down here. Now will somepony please explain to me just what the buck is going on? Who are you two...three" he includes when his eye widen a bit at the thing Toby was holding.

"What are you? Where'd you come from? And how can you talk? So far I haven't seen any of the monsters talk let alone act civil."

Toby was simply too exhausted to try and explain the situation, a situation he still didn't know himself. So he just sits with one arm slung over Reapo as he catches his breath.
>> No. 40482543
"Hold your tongue, you insufferable prick. Considering I just blew six circuits in my fucking brain holding that door closed, I think I get to ask the questions. Or would you rather get to have a breach so you can fight the monsters?"

Astral pulls back from the window, ducking down and trying very hard to stay calm. "W-what a-are those t-things?"
>> No. 40482557
The unicorns ears go back and he grimaces a bit. He was more surprised than angry at her responce and regretting his own.

"I'm sorry, your right. I just..well it's just that things have been hell around here. No one knows what's happening to our world. My kind has never seen anything. such as yourself and until about a week ago most monsters only roamed in the Ever Free forest. Everythimgs turned into ruin, and hundreds of ponies have been killed. Every ones on edge right now..."

He pauses briefly to get a hold of himself, feeling the old familiar panic rising again.

"You really can let go of that shelf now. Like I said, the barrier should hold for a few hours at least."

Last edited at Sat, May 24th, 2014 19:32

>> No. 40482562
"You keep saying things like I know what the hell you mean. What's a pony here? A talking pastel horse like you?"

"I-it's an e-equine." Astral says timidly.

"And who the fuck is this?" Asma says sharply, letting go of the bookcase and taking a step forward, revealing the level of her cybernetics to the newcomer.

Astral, in the meantime, tries to shrink back out of sight.
>> No. 40482587
"Look, mam" Toby says sharply to get her attention.

"If you are a mam...I know you want answers, but truth we just don't got any. One week ago our peaceful little world fell into ruin. Something. Happened. We don't know what, not yet.

Monsters began spreading fromour capital , where we're at right now. We don't know how they got here or where they are coming from. They killed our rulers and thousands of our own kind."

"Thousands?!" Blue Sky interrupts. Toby nods.

"They've been spreading like wild fire, half of Appaloosas already been wiped, it's. why I left."

He clears his throat and stands up, moving Reapo to his back.

"Now what I do know is that not everyone of the creatures that came through is bad. This little guy was the first one Iencountered that didn't try to bitemy head off. So colt, I'd appreciate it if you could let ya platoon know that, that not all these things are bad.


The games changed. We have to be cautious now."

Blu shakes his head solemnly.

"Right. I should go meet up with him then, before he gets down here. Give me some time to explain to him what happened."
>> No. 40482588
"What level of technology do you have here? Any electricity, computers?"

Reapo remains tightly clinging to Toby, seeming to be significantly less scared now than earlier.

Astral has wandered off to find some new books, as this is a library after all.
>> No. 40482589
Come to the ooc real quick if ya don't mind
>> No. 40485122
"Ya but ther' rare. And good luck finding one that will work without power."

In the meantime, Blue Sky has quickly made his way up stairs in search of the squad leader.
>> No. 40485124
Her voice lowers significantly. "Be honest here. What're the chances I'm going to have to fight my way outta here?"

Reapo makes a contented happy sound, moving up onto Toby's back and removing his knitting needles, happily knitting away on something in a dark grey.

Last edited at Mon, May 26th, 2014 19:26

>> No. 40485258
"Well that just depends. If you wanna just settle down for a minute and think, then maybe ya won't have to fight at all. I travelled here because a friend sent me a letter saying that this library is a holdout. Somewhere in this building there are royal guards protecting a mess of citizens and survivors.

Now I don't know how friendly they're gona be towards a couple of things that aren't equine, but if we can get the chance to at least talk to the guards and convince 'em that you two ain't gona hurt nopony, then maybe they'd be willin to help us out."

Toby turns his head to check the stares as he talks, reminding himself that the guards would more than likely be coming from that direction. He eyes the little creature on his back as he does so and his ears twitch in curiosity.

"What are yew doin?"

Last edited at Mon, May 26th, 2014 21:51

>> No. 40485607
He makes a quizzical noise, but continues on happily knitting.

"I said to be honest here. What're my chances."
>> No. 40491191
I've been busy and sick. ill get on Skype soon, maybe not today but soon. Just need to get dentist appointment figured out. see ya soon
>> No. 40491214
Aright. Hope ya stop being sick soon.
>> No. 40502769
Bumping so it doesn't 404,
>> No. 40516483
"I ain't no math teacher mam, but if I had to guess I'd say maybe ya got a fifty-fifty chance. Odds might be better if we can get the guards on your side."
>> No. 40516486
"I'll let you do the talking. If they start the fight, I'll grab the skeleton and the girl and get outta here. More than likely that they'll go for them too."
>> No. 40518791
"Right. That'd probly be best. I'll be back quick as I can."

Toby picks Reapo up by his cloak and drops him into the girls lap before making his way upstairs. And so the treo from other realms are left to sit and wait with nothing but the smell of old dusty books and their own company.

At least, as far as they can tell...

Last edited at Fri, Jun 20th, 2014 11:59

>> No. 40518814
Reapo remains on Toby's back, as he was previously, happily knitting away.
Astral is still on a quest for strange books, and Asma uneasily watches the door, grabbing another bookshelf and putting it in front just to be safe.
>> No. 40518908
And only about two seconds later Toby is back with Reapo ins coat collar in his mouth. He once again drops the little creature in front of the girl and pats its little head.
"Stay. Can't have you with me when I see the guards. Can you two make sure he doesn't follow me?"

And once more you are left alone.

hello darkness my old friend

This time when when you are left alone it is only a few minutes before you begin to hear a strange scruffling noise coming from the south side of the library .
>> No. 40518985
Reapo runs after Toby, making a scared noise and holding his arms out.
Asma looks at the small pathetic creature with disdain.
>> No. 40519002
Poor little Reapo would soon find himself lost in a maze of halls at the top of the stairs. There had been three ways he could travel, either straight, left, or right. But either way Reapo looks they all just look like long dark tunnels with the occasional magic orb of light, and Toby is nowhere to be seen.
>> No. 40519008
He continues making his sad whimpering noises, toddling down the center path.
>> No. 40519017
Tsk tsk. This seems to have been a bad choice. The hall seems to go on and on and on, and when FINALLY he does at last reach the end, it just turns down another dark hallway.

This one seems different however...something seems to be lurking in the shadows...
>> No. 40519079
He cocks his head to the side, making a small curious sound.
>> No. 40519305
File 140330903587.jpg - (8.33KB , 585x380 , eyes.jpg )
He can't quite make out the shape of whatever is in the shadows, but a distinct noise can be heard.

low growl []

Last edited at Fri, Jun 20th, 2014 17:07

>> No. 40519312
Reapo makes a surprised and scared squeak, jumping back and hugging Mister Mugwuggles tightly.
>> No. 40519324
Whatever is in the shadows doesn't stop growling. In fact, it's getting louder..more aggressive...and oh my, is it heading towards little Reapo?

>> No. 40519330
Reapo waddles back into the previous room, wailing with all his might.
Asma looks at the little skeleton like he's insane. "What the actual fuck are you doing?"
>> No. 40519346
File 140331101431.jpg - (57.18KB , 406x600 , spoiler.jpg )

Whatever had scared Reapo in the hall hadn't decided to just let him run free, oh no. It was right on his bony butt, pounding down the hallway after him and running down the stares at full force.

As Asma and Astral turn to look, they will find themselves face to face with...a dog. Yes, a rather large and nasty looking German Shepherd seems to be the culprit behind the poor little guys wailing. He stands at the foot of the stairs, growling loudly and viciously snapping his jaws toward Asma.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 20th, 2014 17:38

>> No. 40519350
She removes the gun from her belt, readying it for fire, completely ignoring Reapo clinging to her leg.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 20th, 2014 17:45

>> No. 40519365
File 140331246568.jpg - (88.28KB , 500x312 , Camouflaged-Sniper-Desktop-Wallpaper.jpg )
sss []

Asma hears the noise only inches from her ear before the pain hits. The feeling of air rushing past and a brief few seconds of nauseous free fall engulf her before her head, neck, and left shoulder slam into something hard. Her right side is flushed with pain, and once her ears stop ringing and she is able to look around, she will notice that she has been flung all the way across the room. The dog, which had previously been growling at her face, is now hanging in the air, it's jaws wrapped around something that the normal eye cannot detect. Though, now that you are looking right at it, you can make an outer form but nothing more; like camouflage.
>> No. 40519373
She quickly turns the hurl around, landing on her feet and skidding a few feet. In the meantime, her eyes adjust to focus in on the target, as she quickfires at where the creature appeared to be.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 20th, 2014 18:17

>> No. 40519385
The dog yelps and drops to the ground, but the second fire is right on target. You hear a nasty screech and a few books go flying backwards from whatever the thing was. But the job wasn't done yet...

You hear a scraping noise, then a few puncture holes appear in the far wall, and then a few more. It seems to be travelling towards the ceiling, and fast. Until Asmas eyes adjust to it's form, the dog seems to be your only shot at getting it. It moves toward the south end and snarls as it's eyes follow the creature, but it doesn't try to go after it yet. It's back leg seems to be hurt and it's making an effort not to stand on it.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 20th, 2014 18:23

>> No. 40519398
She takes approximately 5.182931789788127836 seconds to fully figure out how to see it all the time, drawing her rapier after swiftly switching pistol hands.
>> No. 40519399
Good. Because it's heading for Astral.
>> No. 40519413
She opens fire on the giant snake with a big red nose on the front, diving under it with the rapier to stab up under it's chin.
>> No. 40527778
File 140389311617.jpg - (113.12KB , 960x640 , 140382848303.jpg )
Poor Astral would probably see her very life flash before her eyes as the cold whisper of the monsters breath wisps across her shoulders as its jaws come near inches to closing around her neck. And then it was over. With Asmas rapier slicing through the thick skull like butter, the monster falls to the ground like a giant sack of rice. It's camouflage slowly fades out revealing a giant cross between some kind of chameleon and snake, with multiple legs like a centipede. Definitely not the prettiest creature to ever be born.

The dog would limp over to the giant beast, still growling cautiously and sniffing at it's body, wondering if it was really dead.
>> No. 40527787
Asma continues firing shots into the head to make sure it's dead.
Astral starts freaking out again, hiding behind a bookshelf and putting her head between her knees.
Reapo runs over to the dog and hugging it's leg quickly, making an understanding noise, and starting to knit a very tight square for the dog's leg.
>> No. 40527792
The dog just looks at the little creature curiously and sniffs it.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 27th, 2014 11:44

>> No. 40527814
He quickly knits up the tight square, petting the dog while knitting a strap on it to tie around the leg.
>> No. 40535434
The dog just does what dogs do-stands and leans his weight on his other good legs and pants a little. He does lean down and give Reapos skull a lick. Perhaps he was just curious what it felt like.
>> No. 40535470
Reapo makes a happy noise, putting the finishing touches on the straps for the square. He gently places the square over the wound, tying it tightly onto it's leg, petting the dog softly as he does so.
Asma sprints off in the direction that Toby went, before turning back once she realizes that she has no idea which way after the vague first direction he went. She grabs Astral by the back of her shirt, dragging her back into the front area to have a mental breakdown there, so that they would all be in one place.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 3rd, 2014 12:34

>> No. 40535722
It was only but a moment later that the tell-tale sound of hooves beating on hardwood filled the otherwise silent room. Toby was the first down the stairs, his rope in his mouth. Next came Blue Sky-ready as ever for battle, followed by an older looking stallion with full body armor.

"What happened?" Toby asks.

"We heard a crash, is every one alright?"
>> No. 40535729
Astral is still having a nervous breakdown over near a bookcase.
Reapo waddles over to Toby, making a happy noise, and clinging to his leg, pointing to the dog's leg happily.
Asma appears to be the only one who isn't either extremely happy or completely flipping out. Oh no, she is just pissed.
"Why. The. FUCK. Was there. A monster. In the fucking. Building." She says through gritted teeth.
>> No. 40535752
He was shocked but not really surprised. They seemed to be alright, and as he spots the carcass of the serpent he breathes a little sigh of relief.

The older stallion is the first to speak up, having been hanging back a bit until he could take in the situation.

"Maybe it snuck in while you and Toby were trying to get the door shut. I've seen some of the monsters with more intellect than the average pony. It wouldn't surprise me at all if that one saw an opportunity to take advantage of the chaos. Question is, how did it get in without either of you noticing?"
>> No. 40535756
"You can't see something. When the fucking thing. LOOKS LIKE THE THING BEHIND IT. Motherfucker had active fucking camouflage. THANKFULLY, my eyes were able to figure out how to adapt to it's camo changes and automatically focus correctly to be able to see it. If they HADN'T, everyone in this goddamn building would be DEAD."
>> No. 40535784
The older stallion did not appreciate the tone, and if she were especially perceptive, Asma would be able to see that on his face. As it were though, he understood that these creatures knew nothing of his world, supposedly, so he held his tongue on that particular issue. Later. He would deal with it later.

"Well in any case, no pony got hurt. I have you to thank for that I presume? You have my gratitude and the gratitude of the Royal Guard. If you choose to stay here, you will have our protection, though for the time being I will have to ask that you stay in this room until we can organize better accommodations for you and your friend.

It's nothing personal. Simply, the ponies under my protection have been through enough the past few days. Trying to explain to them that other worlders, as well as monsters, are here might tip them over the edge. Their fear of the unknown could send them fleeing or taking up pitchforks against you. So again, I ask that you stay here until we can figure something out."

He then turns to his attention to Toby, intent on addressing something, but when he sees him he simply shuts his mouth.

Toby sat on the ground a few feet away. In his arms was the german shepherd, whom he hugged tightly to his chest and shook with silent sobs. Like-wise the dog could not seem to get enough of Toby. It licked his face and neck, his ears, his nose, wherever it could reach with it's slobbery tongue. It's tail wagged so fast that it was kicking up a small plume of dust, and his chest uttered small noises and the occasional ecstatic whine.
>> No. 40535790
"Get a room, you two. Oh, and is there a computer in here? Holding the door closed I blew six fucking circuits in my brain. Running on about a half the processing power I was before."
>> No. 40551293
So, anyone can join in?
>> No. 40551308
File 140545440270.jpg - (138.01KB , 806x992 , eyes_in_the_dark_with_teeth_by_remeil-d4f1bap.jpg )
Well hello hello! Welcome to our little dungeon of terror~

>So, anyone can join?

Yes sir/madam, that is correct. I designed this thread to be a very open ended type of deal, meant to be built on and around the characters playing in it. If you would like a more detailed explanation as to what the story and setting are about, the ooc is linked directly under the tags at the beginning of the first (intro) post, in black text. If you are new to the site, just hover your mouse over the black box and the text will appear! Fancy that.

Also, usually we like people to leave ooc (out of character) comments, either in the ooc thread, or at least black text so they can be easily identified from actual Role Playing that is going on in the thread. Just a heads up :P

If you have any other questions, please direct them to the ooc thread and I will be happy to answer them, though I am quite the busy bee and may not get to them immediately.
>> No. 40556147
File 140588032037.jpg - (10.08KB , 270x187 , images (24).jpg )
Melusine flew carefully in the darkened skies, trying not to radiate fear. She knew that if she wished to survive, one of her only options was to blend in with these feral creatures. She had darkened her royal blue scales with the soot from her breath, causing it to seem black, much like the evil dragons roaming the skies here. As far as she knew, she was the only dragon originally from Equestria that got along with all the ponies and other creatures that still existed.
>> No. 40562744
The old stallion nods and turns his head.

"Blue Sky! Take our guest to the second level and near the end of the hall there should be a sealed off room. There should be a directory computer up there, but you might need one of the other unicorns help in getting the power running to it, so before you go down the hall have one of the guards help you find a volunteer. They should be waiting up there for orders anyway.

When your done with that, fetch Shining Armour for me. I need to explain the situation to him."

The young warrior nods before sheathing his sword.

"Come on mam, this way" he says as he begins to climb the stairs.
>> No. 40563518
No, Melusine wasn't the only dragon left. Aisu was hiding in the caves below, hoping not to be noticed. She was m poo 're of a non-conflict dragon.
>> No. 40569767
>> No. 40572017
She follows warily, keeping an eye out for a trap.

Reapo joins the loving reunion of dog and stallion, hugging both and sounding very happy about it.

In the meantime, Astral is still having a mental breakdown sitting on the floor.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 1st, 2014 19:18

>> No. 40574408
The stairs and hallway would appear to be trap-less, with the only threat coming from a suited up guard pony that might get his face knocked in if he didn't stop staring at Astra with that weird expression. Blue Sky gives him a hardy salute when they reach the top of the stairs.

"Sir, we are to help this guest with the use of the libraries computer. I will need the help of another unicorn to turn it on, and then I must report to Shining Armour about our guests sir."

The guard gives the two a shifty stare before shrugging his shoulders and leading the way to the reference room. It wasn't his job to ask questions.

"Wait here Blue, I'll go fetch Shiner so he can help you with the computer while you give him the run down."

And then the cyborg and the teenager where left alone to have quality bonding fun time.


"Son... You alright?" the old guard asked as he watched Toby pick himself back up on his feet and pull himself back together-wiping away his remaining tears.

"Ya. Ya I'm alright. HuH."

He clears his throat a little before reaching down and picking up Reapo, slinging him on his back.

"Was there a mare with this dog when you found him? A White mare with blue markings? Or another with a gold mane?"

The old guard frowned, knowing he would have to be the bearer of bad news.

"Yes. Ella she called herself."

Tobys met the guards eyes and had to swallow before he could ask his next question.

"And now?"

There was a silence, and the dog whined.

"She's gone. No one has seen her since last night."
>> No. 40574423
Did Astral follow Asma up the stairs? XD
>> No. 40574425
Well, you said this;
>And then the cyborg and the teenager where left alone to have quality bonding fun time.
So I assume they were taken to the same pla-

Last edited at Sun, Aug 3rd, 2014 20:18

>> No. 40574431
lel why so serious? >D
>> No. 40574432
Reapo clapped his hands together, bopping Toby on the head with his tiny little skeleton hand, making noises that basically translate to "pay attention please".

Asma, in the meantime, uses this opportunity to fuck with Blue Sky. "What the actual fuck was going through that thick skull of yours back there? 'Oh, something is holding the goddamn door closed, lemme go fucking shank it'? Fuckin', how idiotic do you have to be to do something that fuckwitted?"
>> No. 40576351
Toby merely flicks his ears and says 'stop it' in a harsh tone, his attention still on the guard.

"No one has seen her? So is there a chance she could still be alive? any chance?"

"Well son, I don't want to leave you with false hope. She's a mare, a blind mare on top of i-"

"She's strong" Toby interrupts with firmness.

"Yes.. I'm sure she is..

Tell ya what, why don't you question some of the refugees. Maybe one of them might know what happened, or seen her."

Toby nods a little, his heart sinking fast into the pit of his stomach.

"Ya. Ya alright I'll do that. Let me just deal with this little guy first."

The old guard can only stare as Toby walks the skeleton over towards the bipedal sitting in the corner, knowing that soon he would be seeing that stallion in the same sad state-balled up in some corner shaking with grief.

There was no way his friend was alive. Just no way.


Blue Sky looks at Asma with both confusion and a bit of fear. He couldn't understand half the words that we're coming out of her mouth, but he could feel the anger and the general meaning of her sentence was clear enough.

"What are you talking about? We all heard a huge crash so we came as fast as we could. We thought you guys were in trouble, getting attacked. I had my sword out incase I needed to fight! I mean, a guard must ALWAYS be ready to fight and to throw his life on the line if that is what it takes to defend his people."

He was feeling rather defensive now, only realizing halfway through his little speech that the cyborg had been mocking him.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 5th, 2014 12:23

>> No. 40577030
"I'm not fucking blind you idiot. If the tan horse had to hold you the fuck back, you were going to try to shank me. Emphasis on the try. You're shitty at holding a sword, by the way. I could killed you in two movements. Not even hard ones."
Reapo makes more noises, becoming more insistent, bopping Toby softly.
Astral, meanwhile, still having a mental breakdown, though slowly pulling it back together.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 18th, 2014 06:45

>> No. 40580933
Blue Sky opens his mouth to argue, but then closes it, having the sudden realization that Asma was right. Caught up in the rush of the battle, he hadn't known that the cyborg was not one of the monsters when he first came down the stairs. Instinct had told him to look for danger and to him, naturally, the furious humanoid looked very dangerous indeed.

His eyes lower to the ground and his ears droop a little as embarrassment replaces anger.

"Oh...ya, you're right I was. My apologies mam. You just looked so...well menacing standing there like that that for a minute I mistakenly assumed you were the threat..."


Toby was becoming impatient with the little skeleton. He had had a rough day thus far and was in no mood for childish behavior, so rather roughly he pulls Reapo off his back and drops him on the ground before him.

"What is so bucking important that you need to interrupt me? Huh?!"
>> No. 40580990
"How the fuck did they let you be an 'elite soldier'?" She says, saying the last words in a mocking tone. "You couldn't cut a goddamn apple with that thing. Shitty condition, zero training, how the fuck are you people still alive?"

Reapo, upon being removed from the back and yelled at, walked back a few steps, hugging his small stuffed rabbit, and looking very scared. He makes a kind of a scared sound, and points shakily at the dog's leg, specifically the bandage.
>> No. 40585429
The embarrassment that Blue Sky had felt sizzled into nothing more than a small stain on the back of his mind as he realized that it didn't matter what he said. The bipedal would continue to criticise him no matter what points he brought forth.

So he shuts his mouth and lets an annoyed look settle upon his face as he waits.


Toby regretted it the second the little monster coward from him.

Yes he was tired. Yes, the last few days had been hell for him...but he didn't have to act like a flankhole to the little creature.

His face softens as he looks at the dog, finally realizing what the dog had on his leg.

"That's nice little fella. Thank you for helping my friend."

He really did appreciate what Reapo had done for Tykki, but he felt ashamed for his outburst and couldn't bring himself to apologize to the little guy at the moment.

He continues on over to Astral as he had planned before being interrupted.

"Astral? Ya alright hun?"
>> No. 40592781
...And lo and behold, she delivers.
"You couldn't cut a goddamn egg with this piece of shit. What you need, kid," She says, pulling out a whetstone from one of her pockets, "Is one'a these. This and a little oil, and that club of yours can be a real sword."

Astral doesn't respond, her eyes are closed, and she seems to be thinking about something. After a few seconds, she opens her eyes, but something seems off about her. Her previous slouched posture has changed, and her shoulders seem quite a bit broader than previously. The final nail in that coffin is her eyes; They're an electric blue, as opposed to their previous stormy color. There's a new Bat in Belfrytown.
During the period of Astral's eyes being closed, her brain had pretty much shut down for a second, so it could change hands. Astral goes out, new(well, old) guy comes in.
The moment that the new Entity(hereby simply referred to as The Entity or simply Entity until I can think of a proper name) opened it's eyes, began to talk. It sounded rather strange coming from this frail looking girl's body, the voice of something that has been on this Earth a thousand years, and shall stay many thousands to come. It's abundantly clear that something is wrong.
"Spyglass has been temporarily sidelined due to her continuing mental breakdown. I will happily explain myself, but if you attempt to harm me, I will have no choice but to use all force necessary. I am no monster, nor am I exactly what you would refer to as a person; I am another entity requiring a form to inhabit. Spyglass's happened to fit my requirements. I am not a recent occurrence either, remember, I am not a monster. And before you ask, I do not have a name."

Reapo still cowers for a sec, before waddling up to Toby, and tugging on his leg whilst Entity speaks. He looks extremely perturbed, and rather unhappy.
>> No. 40599005
Despite the insults, Blue was still a colt and the idea of battle was not just intriguing-he craved it.

The heart pounding action, the thrill of the chase and the fear. He wanted it so badly without even realizing just how bad it would be when he got it.

However, having seen the size of the monster that Asma had brought down. He felt a kind of respect for her and secretly was very interested in what she might teach him, but the salt on his wounds still stung and he could not bring himself to utter something sweet.

"Pft, and what would you know about swords? I bet you've never even been in battle."

For poor Toby, the day continued to spiral down into a hazy type of chaos and he wondered for the third time if perhaps he was truly still breathing. He was not a dumb pony by any means, but he lacked knowledge that might categorize him as smart. He relied more on common sense and intuition to lead him through his obstacles, but every now and again it seemed he found one that required him to climb. And climb he tried.

"I. Uh... Huh."
>> No. 40599039
The instant he finishes his sentence, Asma has already drawn her pistol, aiming it directly at Blue's head. "Rule one. Shit on a helping hand, it shits right back. And it generally shits explosive rounds aimed at your noggin. Were I to pull this trigger, they wouldn't be able to find any pieces of your head. That got through that thick skull of yours?"

Entity turns to the leader of the guard, brow furrowing in annoyance. "Excuse me, you appear to be of some intelligence. Would you kindly explain what is going on? I believe it would aid in Spyglass's return to sanity, as well as help me to get out of this universe as fast as possible."

Reapo continues tugging on his leg, becoming more insistent and scared with each tug.
>> No. 40606224
Blue barely has a moment to react before he suddenly finds himself encased in a glowing orb.

"I really hope you weren't planning on hurting one of my best helpers."

A white unicorn with a blue mane is making his way down the hall towards Asma, followed closely by a group of about three other unicorns and a guard.

"Please put your weapon down."

His voice was kind but authoritive.

Toby didn't have a clue how to respond to the new attitude of Astral. He didn't understand what was going on with her but it made him feel damn uneasy. He was grateful when she turned her attention to the other stallion, and the guard, whom had not been there earlier and whom failed to notice why her behavior might seem strange, was more than happy to oblige.

"Well mam, there's not much to tell really. About a week ago everything just kinda got flipped upside down. Our rulers, the two princesses Celestia and Luna..."

While the guard informed Astral of all the chaos, Toby busied himself with making a leash for Tykki out of his rope. He hung the loose cord around the dogs neck and started for the stares, gesturing for the little skeleton to follow. He had something that he needed to see to.
>> No. 40606233
"Just scaring the fuck out of him." She says, returning her gun to it's holster. "Who're you?"

Reapo continues his barrage of trying to get attention from Toby.

Once the guard is done, Entity pipes up. "This is a terrible safe house. There's too many variables."
>> No. 40608421
"My name is Shining Armour. And you would be?.. "

As soon as the gun is putnaway the barrier around Blue dissolves.

" Perhaps so, but currently it is the best we got. Beggars can't be choosers."

The guard pauses for a moment and looks around the ruined remains of the once grand building.

"No one will force you to stay here, but just know that we will not force you to leave either. So long as you do not cause trouble. You may take as much time as you need to recover and figure out what it is that you would like to do."
>> No. 40608568
"None of you're fuckin' business."

"It would be idiotic to leave."

Reapo continues pestering Toby, getting panicky.
>> No. 40618482
File 141049478845.jpg - (42.58KB , 523x423 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 40627757
Shining Armour gives her a bit of an annoyed look, but otherwise ignores her attitude. Or at least tries to.

"Right then, my guard informed me that you need access to a computer? If you would just follow me, we'll see what we can do about getting one up and running for you.."

He makes his way a bit farther down the hall and stops to unlock one of the many doors. Inside is a room that looks untouched forthe most part. A few cords have been ripped from sockets and cut from whatever appliance they had been attached to, but on the far left side there still stands a small cluster of old computers. Dark from lack of power and covered in dust, they look as if no one has bothered to boot them up in years.

Two of the unicorns walk over as a third pulls a book out of his carrying pack and flips it open. After finding the page he wants, he carries the book over to the computers, and guiding the other unicorns, begins the spell that will bring power to the old tech.


>"It would be idiotic to leave."

The old guard nods, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

"Yes mam, it would be. So what would you like to do? We're reasonable creatures, miss. If you decide to stay we can no doubt provide accommodation and perhaps in the process help one another to learn a thing or two about what's going on out there..."

Toby continues his way up the stairs and stops at the top to pick the skeleton up and place him on his back while he pondered which way he should go. He looks down both directions of the long hall before noticing that Tykki was staring down the one side. Toby holds his breath for a moment, listening.

When he hears the voices, he follows it.
>> No. 40627867
"This piece'a shit's your computer?" She runs her hands through her nonexistent hair, looking rather frazzled.

"I can aid you substantially. My magical powers are rather strong, and would easily be able to aid you in keeping this building safe. However, I do have a few other suggestions of building that I saw through the window. They would require search parties, but from the outside look do-able."

Reapo clings to Toby, pointing to Entity with a quivering finger.
>> No. 40627893
Shining actually looks surprised at the mention of magic, and he smiles. He wasn't going to miss an opportunity for help, that was for sure.

"Really? Great! As soon as your finished with the computer, I'll get my second in command up here and we can start going over your suggestions."


Toby looks down the stairs briefly before he moves on down the hall. He was just as creeped out by the change in Astral as Reapo was, and it only made him more eager to get away from the humanoid.

"I know little buddy. Ah know."

Making his way towards the voices, he finds the room that Asma is in and gives a light rap on the door to get their attention.

"'scuse me, don't mean to interrupt, but when you're done if I could have a word or two with you Mr. Armour.. "

Shining looks at the pony and recognizes him as the stallion Blue had told him about earlier. He gives a polite nod before turning his attention back to Astral.
>> No. 40671224
A cloaked figure strolled down the street, two strange creatures following behind her. One was hovering a couple feet off the ground, a strange aura surrounding it as it floated. The figure turned and looked towards the other creature, what looked like a dinosaur except smaller. The figure turned to look at a building, after hearing a noise coming from the area. "I didn't think anybody was still home" She said to herself, her voice sounding as if it were sandpaper, "Do you think we should knock? Be the good neighbors and see if they need help" The flying creature purred slightly, landing and folding its wings across it's chest. The dino nudged the figures back with it's head, pushing it forward. "Oh are you going to make me go in alllll by myself?" She questioned jokingly as she walked forward, "How rude of you two" The figure walked up to the door and knocked a couple times, and looking towards the other buildings.
>> No. 40683153
File 141564953507.jpg - (261.28KB , 800x600 , shinning_armor_by_mr_tiaa_d7y8aq7_by_lionel23-d7zby2t.jpg )
ok repost cause I messed up on my last one
Toby looks down the stairs briefly before he moves on down the hall. He was just as creeped out by the change in Astral as Reapo was, and it only made him more eager to get away from the humanoid.

"I know little buddy. Ah know."

Making his way towards the voices, he finds the room that Asma is in and gives a light rap on the door to get their attention.

"'scuse me, don't mean to interrupt, but when you're done if I could have a word or two with you Mr. Armour.. "

Shining looks at the pony and recognizes him as the stallion Blue had told him about earlier. He gives a polite nod before turning his attention back to Astral.

"Yes.." he was a bit confused at Astrals reaction to the technology, until he realized that Astral most likely had much better tech than his pony kind. The computer had seemed like such a leap forward in their modernization, but looking at it now with another beings point of view in mind, it probably did seem barbaric. He smiles.

"I assume that you have better technology where you come from?"


The old guard nods, considering the alternative.

"You're probably right. I'll need to gather some of my guard to strategize a plan and time. Why don't you stay here and help your uh...friend over there while I gather my colts."

No one answers the door, but all sound stops.

Last edited at Mon, Nov 10th, 2014 13:01

>> No. 40683235
The figure smiled, her red eyes gleaming in the darkness, "I fear I may be interrupting something," She said to herself, "But I must check to see if the neighbors are friendly." The figure knocked again, louder this time. The creatures behind her stirred nervously, making small chirps and purrs as they tried to make the figure leave and continue on walking. "Stop that" The figure said firmly, "I am only being a helpful sort, there is no need to act in such a manner." The creatures went silent, looking towards the ground in embarrassment. "That's better" The figure said, turning back to the door and knocking again, "I know you're in there" She called out softly, "Stop hiding and let me see youuuu"
>> No. 40683281
A small amount of time passes in which no sound can be heard. Then..


What sounds like thunder explodes from inside the house and two holes appear in the door.

"You get on outa here ya montrosity, or I swear on me mum I'll shoot ya right in whatever sorry excuse of a mouth you got!"
>> No. 40683366
Asma completely ignores Shining, sprint for the stairs. Upon getting to the ground floor, she shoves whoever is holding a gun out the door over, looking through one of the holes, and calling out. "Sorry, these fuckwits can't walk and chew gum at the same time. What's yer name?"
>> No. 40683473
A red eye peers through the hole, "I knock on a door....and you shoot?" the figure asked, "I must be missing something, but anyway. My name is Walks With Daemons, and I heard noise coming from this area and thought someone was in trouble so I came to help." The figure backs away from the door slightly, "I am not a monster, though my friends could be considered monsters...if they weren't under my control"
>> No. 40683823
File 141567856619.png - (134.69KB , 293x438 , Mr__Waddle_ID_S2E18.png )
"H-hey! What's the matter?! Where are you going?!" Shining calls as Asma runs off down the stairs.

The pony Asma shoves out of the way looks very old and feeble, holding some sort of ancient rifle between his hooves. He looks to have been hiding out in a forgotten room in the library, most likely completely unaware that there were even other survivors in the building with him.

His glasses go flying off, and he falls butt first on his gun.

"Hey!" he growls as he shakes a hoof towards Asma.

"Don't ye know it's not polite to be pushing the elderly! Why I oughta...wait a minute, you one of them..them, demons ain't cha? Y-you get on outa my room! Get now!"

He picks up his gun and aims it toward Asma. Or rather, whats left of it. His flank seems to have snapped it right in half, and after a few moments of fiddling with the trigger, he lets out a frustrated huff and goes in search of his glasses.

"Gosh darnit, where are them dang gon glasses!"
>> No. 40683828
"Yeah, sorry boot that. This old coot should be in a home, or at the very least not handling weapons." She casts a glare to any nearby guard, before turning back. "Best leave your friends outside, for now. Got any weapons on you?"
>> No. 40683835
"Not much need for weapons" Walks replies, "I tend to not have to fight my own battles" She backs away from the door, "Are you going to let me in now? Or shall I act as target practice for another nervous gentleman?"
>> No. 40684822
File 141575217961.gif - (482.27KB , 450x253 , tumblr_lmqwu2XwaW1qafrh6.gif )
Having found his glasses in, the old man pony gets a good look at Asma for the first time.

"Oh my! Ah, what are ye?! Oh, I gotta get outa here!"

He promptly stands on his shaky legs and proceeds to run shamble towards the nearest exit, dragging the sorry remains of his gun with him. He was no longer concerned with the creature outside, but with the ugly ass muthafucka humanoid behind him.
>> No. 40685027
She glares at the psychotic old pony. "No, he won't be a problem. He went off someplace. Yer friends'll have to stay outside. You can come in, but I'll have to be holding a gun to yer head. Sorry."
>> No. 40685030
Walks shrugged, motioning for the creatures behind her to stay. She walked through the door, looking around, "Seems a rather nice place you have here" She said, you can't see her mouth as her hood obscures everything but her eyes, but those eyes seem to almost glow with a strange hunger. The rest of her body is covered with heavy robes, all colored dark blue that seem to blend into the shadows in the hall. You find it very hard to focus on anything but her eyes as she blended into the shadows rather well. She nodded, "Well, are there others?" She asked, her head tilting slightly.
>> No. 40685036
Asma. if Walks complies, grabs her by the shoulder, drawing her pistol and putting it against the back of her head. "Yeah, there are."
>> No. 40685044
Walks allows Asma to grab her shoulder, keeping her hands in the open, "Well are they all as hostile as the old gentleman?"
>> No. 40685101
"To non pastel horses? Yep." She says, kicking the door closed. "Sorry about all this ballucks." Asma starts nudging Walks back the way Asma came.
>> No. 40685308
Walks turns and looks back at Asma, "Pastel...colored...horses?" She says, almost to herself, "Strange."
>> No. 40688351
"Yeah, at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if a giant shit monster smashed in a window and smothered someone." She says, leading Walks into the main room.
>> No. 40690933
"I doubt it...we would smell it coming" Walks replied, "Is the gun really necessary?" Walks turned her head slightly so she could look back at Asma, "I mean I don't have weapons, and if I was going to kill you I wouldn't have left my friends outside."
>> No. 40690974
"This's fer the pastel horses. Honestly, I trust the fuckers less'n I trust yer monster friends out there." Asma says, continuing to nudge Walks to the main room.
>> No. 40695808
Walks just nods, continuing to keep her hands in view and slowly walking forward.
>> No. 40695870

"H-hey! Where are you going? What's wrong?!"

Shining is left to stand and stare at the small cloud of dust that Asma had stirred upon her leave. With a slow frown he looks around the room.

"Should we go after her?.." he asks himself.

"Probably best to wait'n see what's up" Toby answers.

Shinings eyes take him in for the first time.

"I suppose..what do you know about that creature?..and, what is that on your back?"

Toby flicks his ears nervously, but otherwise stays in the doorway.

"Not much to tell ya the truth sir..I only just met...her?" he shakes his head.

"She just came crashing into the building and I had to help her get the door shut again. The 'thing' there is harmless..well that I know of anyway. He's been following me around for a while now..still not sure what he wants, but I get the feeling he's just as out of place here as we feel."

Shining seems to accept his explanation, so he continues.

"Sir...I wanted to ask. Did..did a mare arrive in your group with this dog? She's mostly white with light blue markings and blue eyes and..she's blind. This is her guide dog. Have you seen her? Her names Ella, and she never goes anywhere without her dog so I can't...I don't know why she would leave her dog.."

Shining gives him a stare that chills his spine.

"What? Oh no what happened?"

"Toby was it? Come over here and have a chat with me..."


Upon Asmas arrival a few moments later, a few of the guards immediately draw their weapons and ready their magic, but with a firm command from Shining, they do nothing more than hold their ground. Shining looks at the new comer with concern.

"Who is this?" he asks.
>> No. 40695884
Reapo baps Toby lightly when he refers to him as a her, making a small indignant sound.

"Oh, this fucker? Just someone who got in, I got her under control. Seems safe enough to me." Asma says.
>> No. 40695892
" could say that." Walks replied, "But I would seriously reconsider claiming that you have me under control." Walks eye's stared at each of the guards before resting on Shining. "I am obviously not here to kill you, or I would have already done it. Is it really necessary to keep pointing a gun at my head?
>> No. 40695908
File 141654023070.jpg - (7.11KB , 236x177 , 0b57f999b48c1906cb9d9312fe3f93eb.jpg )
"Hey, what are you bappin me for? I wasn't sayin nothin bout you!"

"Honestly" Shining says.

"I mean no offense but...we don't know any of you...and I do have to keep my ponies safe. So I'm sorry, but for the moment at least, we'll all have to be on guard. However, I don't need everyone pointing a weapon at you, so how bout everyone just lower their weapons. That means you gentlecolts behind me.."

The guards lower their weapons.

yup, my writing creativity is lacking, I sorry.
>> No. 40695920
Walks nods, tilting her head, "I can't believe that you are actually a bunch of pastel talking horses." Walks shook her head.
>> No. 40695923
Reapo baps him again, doing his best to flex and look manly and tough.

Asma keeps her gun leveled for safety. "Yeah, I couldn't really believe the pastel horses either, but eh. You get used to it."

In the background, Asma can be heard discussing things with the elderly guardsman.
>> No. 40695961
Toby stares back at the little creature with annoyance.


The guardsman magically finishes up his conversation in 2.5 seconds flat and somehow appears by Shinings side to discuss the possibility of a scouting party.

"The creature seems to have some knowledge...might be best to at least check it out.."

Shining nods in agreement as he contemplates the options.

He was low on men..the the survivors in the basement were already so scared from repeated exposures to attacks..still, if there was a more secure location.

"Is there any unicorns downstairs that might be willing to go out one more time today?" Shining asks.

The old guard frowns.

"They are all tired and weary..but I might be able to gather a few. We still need as many guards as we can keep here, to protect the rest."
>> No. 40695967
Reapo gives Toby's neck a big hug, giving out a little happy rattling sound.

"Wait, we're what?" Asma asks, taking her hand off the trigger and scratching the side of her head with the gun absently.
>> No. 40695973
"I don't see why you are all so worried, I didn't run into anything too bad out there" Walks commented, "But I would be up for another run"
>> No. 40695978
The old guard is first to answer her.

"The entity downstairs believes that there is a more suitable building to take refuge in not far from here. We want to gather a small group to go check it out, see if it is indeed worth our time."

Toby clears his throat and steps into the room.

"I recken I could be a part of that group if yer takin volunteers. It's rough out there, but I made it all the way here on my own so..."
>> No. 40696010
Reapo nods affirmatively, standing with as broad shoulders as he can manage, pointing at the old guard.

"Oooh, all that makes a lot more sense now. Eh, sign me up. I'd rather go out and shoot things than stay in here and get talked at all day. What about you, Lizard lady?" Asma asks jokingly, eyeing Walks.

"Yes, if my calculations are correct, it should have the dimensions to fit your group of survivors. It appeared barren, but one cannot be sure. I would suggest all those coming are heavily armed and ready for a possible fight." Entity speaks up, walking up the stairs towards the gathering.
>> No. 40698218
"I am up for anything so long as it does not involve someone pointing a weapon at the back of my head." Walks replied, "I would be happy to join in this adventure"
>> No. 40698344
File 141672154298.png - (38.56KB , 250x200 , Judging you.png )
Shining frowns a little. He didn't like things moving so fast..

"Let me have a moment to think about this please..." he says.

"Lieutenant, would you come with me please? I would like to speak with you in private."

The two out of the room and down the hall a ways to speak in private, and it doesn't take them long to come to a decision. When they return, Shining looks concerned but certain.

"Alright.." he says, addressing the group.

"I will have two of my guards occampany the volunteers to the building for a recon mission. You will do no more than observe for dangers and possible advantages to this new structure, and when you are done you will report back to me immediately. Is that clear?"

The guards all nod in unison.

"Right then, when you are ready" he says to the volunteers.

Blue Sky picks his weapon up and makes for the door, but upon seeing him Shining clears his throat.

"Where do you think you're going, private? I need you here to help protect the civilians."


"I'm not asking Blue.."

The colt frowns and makes his way back into the room.
>> No. 40698366
"Hey now, White Boy." Asma says, letting go of Walks. "That motherfucker's coming with us. He wants to get that piece of shit you call a sword a little messy, let him do it with the best safety net he could have. We held back a goddamn full monster assault. We can deal with whatever comes after us." She says, patting Blue on the head awkwardly.

Entity doesn't bother speaking on the matter, as it is of no consequence.

Reapo taps Toby's neck excitedly.
>> No. 40698372
Toby doesn't seem to carry the same enthusiasm the little skeleton does. I WONDER WHY

Shining seems ready to argue for a moment, but a curious look shared with his lieutenant seems to change his mind.

"...very well...I suppose I really shouldn't be trying to stop him if he really wishes to go..he is almost a stallion now. Plenty old enough to be making his own decisions."

Blue looks up at Asma with a greatful smile.
>> No. 40698377
She ruffles his ears a little, yanking his sword away from him and whipping out a small stone from a pouch on her belt, kneeling down to eye level. She holds up the whetstone. "This is a whetstone." She holds up the sword. "This is a piece of shit." She rubs them together slightly. "Put them together and you get a slightly sharper piece of shit. Watch." She proceeds to sharpen the sword, and do various little maintenance things before they head out.

Entity remains standing by the door.

Reapo taps Toby's neck more insistently.
>> No. 40698417
"If he isn't smart enough to know what a whetstone is I doubt he even understands which end to poke monsters with" Walks said, sighing and walking towards the door, "I hope you don't my if my friends tag along, they do so love protecting me"
>> No. 40698453
Toby follos the group out and tries to gather his wits as they make their way down towards the exit. He wasn't looking forward to going back outside.

At the door the group prepares themselves one final time, doing whatever it is they need to do to get ready. Toby considers leaving the little skeleton behind but knows he'll probably just follow any, so instead he makes the dog sit. And stay.

Least he could feel lime he was protecting someone.
>> No. 40698600
Reapo furiously taps Toby's shoulder, making an insistent noise.

Asma keeps talking to Blue about weaponry and combat.

Entity follows in silence.
>> No. 40698622
File 141676717892.jpg - (19.83KB , 595x336 , spoiler.jpg )


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>> No. 40699691

hey u

ur a butt
>> No. 40699986
>dat tripcode
Who dis?
>> No. 40699996
File 141686412582.jpg - (34.96KB , 640x480 , bloodplus-dog.jpg )
Waaait, is this Scotty? Hiii Scotty! :D

Come join us in the dungeon... You know you want to~

We have our own Skype group and everything

Last edited at Mon, Nov 24th, 2014 14:23

>> No. 40699998
Toby turns his head around and glares at the little skeleton for a full minute before speaking.

"You hit me one more time and I'm making you stay here with the mutt. "

Blue is too busy hanging on every word to notice the little scuffle going on behind them. Asma seemed to have a vast array of knowledge, and Blue didn't want to miss a word of it.
>> No. 40700011
"...And then you stab the fuck out of them. Any questions?" Asma asks, still holding the sword.

Reapo's holding up a grey knitted hat, which looks fairly fluffy. As Toby glares at the tiny skeleton, he shrinks backward, making a sad noise.
>> No. 40700019
"How did you learn all this?" Blue asks.

The small hat seems to break Tobys bad mood and he can't help but crack a smile.

"Touchy little thing aren't you? Just stop hittin' me less you got something important to tell me, k?"
>> No. 40700032
"That's for me to know, and for you to never find out." Asma says, bonking him on the head with the handle of the sword before handing it to him.

Reapo seems to get a massively improved mood at Toby's smile, and runs up his neck, placing it on Toby's head. It happens to fit quite well, even including ear holes. Reapo then hugs Toby's neck, because of course he does.

Entity finally speaks up. "We're wasting time."
>> No. 40700150
Tobys ears go flat against his head and he looks very unnamused.

Blue on the other hand seems to find it quite hilarious and let's out a giggling laugh at the site before him, which in turn gets a few of the guards laughing as well.

"Ya, ya, very buckin funny" Toby complains as he lifts his cowpony hat up and places it atop his head. He doesn't take Reapos hat off though, so that says something.

"Look, I'm with Astral. Can we get this show on the road? I got better things I can be doin right 'bout now."

One of the guards wipes the tear from his eye and nods.

"Right, let's get a head count then. Everyone here?"

He looks to the Lizarian creature.

"You said you had 'friends' who were to occampany us as well? Are they prepared?"
>> No. 40700154
"I can only assume so, just don't kill them when you see them" Walks replied, "It takes a lot of effort to bind a soul to this realm and I'd rather avoid going through it again"
>> No. 40700193
Asma bonks Blue on the head with the sword handle again. "Pay attention, dumbass."

Reapo, upon seeing the entirety of the room laughing in his direction, looks rather distressed, backing away from Toby's head a bit, making distressed confused sounds.

Entity simply stands by the door.
>> No. 40700357
File 141688831322.jpg - (447.40KB , 2000x1000 , o-CHEETAH-DROPS-IN-facebook.jpg )
The guard nods and steps out from the building a bit to take a look around and see if it was safe to exit. His partner follows closely and covers the other side.

Blue grumbles a bit at the bop, but seeing the guards move he quickly forgets to make a retort and with a quick 'ok, thanks!', he takes his sword and follows closely behind the guards-ever ready to be a part of the action and use the knew knowledge he has just been given. The guards call back and give the all clear. There doesn't seem to be any monsters in the immediate vacinity at least...

Toby begins to loosen his rope and tie the end securely to his sickle. As he does so, he addresses the entity.

"Well miss Astral, lead the way. I'll follow behind and watch our flanks."

The guards call back and give the all clear. There doesn't seem to be any monsters in the immediate vacinity at least...
>> No. 40700370
As Walks leaves the building, two creatures step around the corner. Pure white, they are the creatures that followed Walks before. She turns and looks at the guards, "Do. Not. Kill. Them" She says sharply, before snapping her fingers, the creatures bowed their heads slightly and trailed after her.
>> No. 40700374
Asma ruffles the colt's ears. "Hey, if you're lucky, maybe you won't die." Asma, having already seen the creatures isn't surprised at all.

Entity's hands light up in a white glow, but it doesn't make any offensive moves.

Reapo still continues making distressed confused sounds, looking just as distressed and confused.
>> No. 40700392
File 141688939055.jpg - (1.21MB , 1600x711 , 79e53a569d5dc0d768b4b60cd6d94e30.jpg )
[This is a picture of the dinosaur lookin one.]
>> No. 40700394
The guards exchange a look, but otherwise keep their weapons in place and ready for more hostile creatures.
Toby makes a quiet shh noise to Reapo.

"It's okay little buddy, you just hold on tight and don't make too much don't want to give us away, do you? You'll be fine if you stick with me. And be quiet."

Blues cool facade falters for a second and he half trips over a rock. He quickly recovers though, and gives Asma a nervous laugh, trying to play it cool. And so the group moves out, slowly making their way from building to building, to random pile of rubble, and finally, to their destination...
>> No. 40700395
File 141688945193.jpg - (67.88KB , 750x675 , WAR_TWLGHT_SCREEN02.jpg )
[And this is the flying one.]
>> No. 40700405
Asma laughs at Blue's not paying attention to his feet. "Kid, better look where you're going or you might just walk into one and not know it."

Reapo looks more confused, making a low keening noise.

Entity snaps sharply. "The creature needs to be quiet. It could give away our position easily."
>> No. 40700406
File 141688979386.gif - (1.89MB , 300x200 , spoiler.gif )
[What a bitch]
>> No. 40700423
Before this party of fools stands a massive tower, marring the night sky with it's presence. No other towers rise as high as this one, strangely, even the towers of what remains of the castle are shorter than this behemoth. The lower floors of the building look to have been damaged by something comparable to a siege engine, with huge gouges cut out of walls and massive chunks missing. But the tower, and it's base, seem untouched, even when a huge long gash in the stone should have continued through it. A few monsters are scuttling out front, but seem apprehensive, and the instant they hear footsteps the scatter, running as fast as they can away from the noise and the building.
Silence falls. Nothing seems to stir in the building, as though the entire thing is dead.
Inside, however, an entity awaits the group, seeing something new below it's abode. It shall be patient. It has been for so long.
>> No. 40700494
Walks looks towards the tower, "Seems like a rather dreary place to hold up during the end of the world." She says with a shrug, "But a safe house is a safe house, so I guess we should go inside at least... though the thought of such large creatures fleeing from us is strange... didn't you say that they normally attack you?"
>> No. 40734454
File 141998523680.jpg - (264.63KB , 1600x1227 , 141934765776.jpg )
Toby turns his head to Reapo and gives him a quiet, but stern 'shh'. The angry look on his face makes it clear that he wasn't going to comfort the little skeleton any more.
He gives the tower a once over, and isn't blind to the creatures that scuttle away in fear. The fur on the back of his neck stands on end as he pulls his rope out in front of him and readys his sickle.

This time it's the guard who speaks in a low hush.

"Something doesn't feel right...let's just be on high alert."

"Aren't we already on high alert?" Blue whispers, and Toby gives him the same look he gave Reapo.

"Quiet. Just. Pay attention to where your walkin.."
>> No. 40734517
Reapo makes a quiet sad sound, before falling silent. He's shaking in his tiny lil booties like a leaf.
Entity remains silent, walking over to the building to enter.
Asma pipes up towards the talking people. "Y'all take all the fun out of this. Look around, see if anythin's wrong around here."
>> No. 40734557
"I guess it's because of the size of our group." Walks says with a shrug. "But I doubt that will scare the monsters inside of the tower itself." Walks turned towards the guard, "You have far more experience in theses masters than I do. The monsters tend to ignore me for better pickings. What do you say we do?"
>> No. 40734584
The guard, still being careful to keep his tone hushed, watches as Entity enters the building as he answers.

"I say we just proceed...careful like.."

He didn't want to admit how little knowledge they actually had on the beasts.

He follows in after Entity, scoping it out.

Blue, for once, isn't so quick on the draw. He instead waits to see what Asma does as he sticks with the rest of the group.
>> No. 40734608
The interior of the tower is near pitch black. As soon as anyone enters the thresh hold, they would notice that it gets unnaturally dark. The shadows appear to shift momentarily, so quickly that whoever seeing it might not even believe it happened. No sound can be heard, as though the place is completely dead.

Entity looks around the area in silence.

Reapo points to the building and makes a very, deeply fearful noise. He bops Toby on the head numerous times to try and get his attention.

Asma walks towards the tower entrance, eyeing the tiny skeleton. "When the fuck's that thing going to shut up?"

Last edited at Tue, Dec 30th, 2014 19:06

>> No. 40734613
Walks shrugs, following the group inside. "I just hope what ever is in that building just runs away." Walks stared up at the building as she entered, grimacing nervously. A thought stuck in the back of her mind, What if the monsters weren't running from them?
>> No. 40734655
File 141999830681.jpg - (231.43KB , 900x914 , my-little-pony-royal-Shining-Armor-cadence-465222.jpg )
Toby pulls the little skeleton off of his back, but, instead of putting him on the ground, he instead holds him for a moment. He stares at the little bone face for a few seconds before turning his attention to Asma.

"I don't know...somethin don't seem right bout this mam. He's awful nervous, and I don't think it's just from being out here in the open..."

Seeing Asma getting closer to the door suddenly makes him nervous. Maybe it was just the little skeletons own fear rubbing off on him, or maybe it was something else, but either way he had a sudden urge to flee.

"Asma" he says sternly and suddenly.

"Get away from that door. Back up. I think we need to get out of here, right now."

He puts Reapo back on his back and picks his sickle up with his mouth.

Blue stops suddenly and looks back at him with a worried expression, and then back to the guards who had already filed into the building.
>> No. 40734659
Asma turns back to Toby, cocking her head. "Yer fucking skeleton is paranoid. Ain't nothin wrong with this pla-"
And that was the exact moment that all hell broke loose.
Two shadowy figures leap from the shadows, a red blade glowing in the blackness at the end of what look like arms. The two blades find two throats, the guards inside the building gaining a brand new hole each in their necks. Along with that, a large shape appears in the blackness. It's bony, thin, and pale, looking much like a warped human being, if that human being had been stretched for several thousand years. One of it's arms drags on the ground, a long white point extending from it's arm, secured tightly with a bolt of bone through the arm. It swings at entity, the point finding purchase in the young girl's back. She is thoroughly speared, body arching as she's stabbed. Another creature moves out of the shadows, this one a horrific abomination that looks like a bear with feathers and a beak. It roars, stomping towards the group outside. As it roars, the shadows appear to form into new beings, more than any normal person could count. One moves in front of the others, a disembodied head with three tentacles coming from the sliced neck. It opens it's mouth, and speaks. "New beings. Identify."
>> No. 40734674
File 142000112685.gif - (1.41MB , 853x480 , nope nope nope nope.gif )

The sickle drops out of his mouth and clatters on the rubble as Toby watches the guards and the girl get mauled before his eyes. Then the rest was happening too fast for his brain to keep concious track. Asma was dangerously close to the monsters, and Blue right behind her. He couldn't see were Walks was, but it was too late to help her if she was in the building.

"BLUE! ASMA! GET THE BUCK OUTA THERE!" he roars at the two still standing as he picks his sickle up again and takes a step back. But Blue wasn't moving.


Blood. That's all that he saw. It filled his vision and wet his face and muzzle. His sword...he knew he should be holding his sword, but he didn't know where it was. He couldn't remember where he was.

What was going on? His friends...the colts who had taken him in, cared for him-taught him the basics. They were there on the ground. They were just lying there bleeding on the ground and no one was helping them!


His ears were ringing.


His heart was pounding.


New beings. Identify.

>> No. 40734675
"Well..." Walks said, backing away from the tower slowly, "I can see...why the monsters ran...a...away" Walks stared at the large creature asking her to identify, "I would think...the polite thing to do was to identify yourself..for" Walks familiars growled and readied themselves to fight the new shadow creatures. Walks managed to back herself out of the Tower, ignoring the blood as she silently cried, fearful of these new creatures.

Walks looked towards Toby, "Get...everyone...out of here" She hissed.

Last edited at Tue, Dec 30th, 2014 21:51

>> No. 40734699
"New beings. Identify or be destroyed." The head says, eyes rolled back into it's skull. It speaks in a horrific mechanical echoing, as though a thousand machine voices speak through it's mouth at once. The creatures behind it begin to edge forwards, shuffling and stomping and slithering nearer to the group. The horrific abomination has one thing in common: And that is that they are all different, save the two creatures with red blades for hands, which still can't be seen clearly. No two creatures even appear to be the same species. Most are completely unrecognizable to anyone in the group, though a few are familiar to some amongst them.

Asma reaches for her sword, other hand going for the gun as she slowly backs away from the door, talking to Blue as she does. "Run the fuck away from here, follow the hick. Go, now."

Reapo lets out a shrilly sound of terror, hiding behind Toby's head to escape the nightmares within the tower. The little skeleton is shaking like a leaf, clinging to Mister Mugwuggles tightly.
>> No. 40734744
Looking between the two, he nods. Running up to Blue, he pulls his hoof back and swings-effectively giving Blue a pony bitch slap.

"HEY! Snap out of it kid!"

"What?!" Blues eyes land on Tobys, wide and terrified.

"I said snap out of it soldier! Get your sword! Now! Come on, march! March! MARCH!"

Toby drills into the teenager with the ferocity of a sergeant, which works magic on giving the poor colt something to focus on. So, with Toby riding hot on his heels, the three of them gallop off toward the library.

Last edited at Wed, Dec 31st, 2014 00:36

>> No. 40734747
"Like I said, I'd be nice to know you first" Walks said, pulling a small knife from her pack, "I mean, I'd gladly tell you exactly what I am, but I would rather avoid saying so in front of people I don't know." Walks two familiars stayed by her side, the flying creatures aura seeming to give a calming feeling to those close to it.
>> No. 40734748
"New beings will identify for processing immediately." The head looks blindly at the group, seeming to stare intently with it's white eyes. The throng begins to slowly continue it's advance, reaching the threshold of the building now. As Toby bolts, they charge. The owlbear rushes Asma, fury and death in it's eyes.

And Asma legs it. With nobody but Walks remaining at the scene, she makes a run for it after Toby and Blue, with the horde following behind her. Thankfully due to augmentations, she manages to remain ahead of the throng, though it becomes clearly apparent to all involved that this isn't a mindless mob. Each creature moves in it's own way, some not even moving on the ground. Many of the creatures stalk the group from rooftops, a few were even seen burrowing beneath the ground.

Reapo continues to make his terrified noises, hugging Toby's neck tightly with his tiny little skeleton hands.

The head turns to Walks, staring at her intently with it's milky white eyes. "New entities will identify. Noncompliance will result in termination."
>> No. 40734752
"A Vampire" Walks says angrily, "That is what I am. Is that what you need?" Walks continued to back slowly towards the door, "I am a god damn, blood sucking, creature of the night, fear of the day, weak to fire, Silver fearing, FUCKING VAMPIRE" Walks points towards the skull, "NOW WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?"
>> No. 40734754
"Entity has not fully identify. Identify. Noncompliance will result in termination." The head states once more, just floating in the air bobbing slightly.
>> No. 40734755
"What the hell do you mean I haven't fully identified?" Walks asked confused, "I' Argonian....I guess that's what you need." Walks snapped her fingers, and slightly corporeal armor appeared over her robes, "I don't understand what more you want"
>> No. 40734756
"Identified as Argonian. Match in archive. Entity to be terminated." The head says, and the horde begins an advance, the only two creatures that are the same advance the most quickly, taking the front as they move towards Walks, still in shadow.
>> No. 40734759
Walks turns to run out of the Tower, swearing loudly at the skull, "WHAT THE SHIT DID MY KIND EVER DO TO YOU?" She screams as she and her familiars sprint for the exit.
>> No. 40734761
The two matching figures follow her, sprinting behind her on all fours. The rest of the horde that remains at the tower fade into the shadows, the head being the final creature to melt to darkness inside the thresh hold before the inside of the building is empty. Nothing living remains.
>> No. 40735067
The Clannfear breaks off from the group and turns to charge at one of the creatures following it's master. It roars as it lowers it's head to charge. Walks stops herself from turning to watch this display, knowing that her familiar may keep one off her back but the other would just run by. She sprints for the doors, screaming, "RUN!!!"
>> No. 40744773
Toby's only focus at the moment was getting the Blue and the scared little thing, (and of course himself) back to the safety of the library. He doesn't have time to survey the scene, but he tries his best to keep any creatures near him in his sight as he sprints. Blue on the hand is looking around and noticing the creatures both above and below them.

"Oh Celestia, were not going to make it back!" he cries in a panick as he tries to wield his sword.

"Just shut up and keep going!" Toby yells.
>> No. 40774211
File 142310241311.png - (250.11KB , 498x361 , 142250514992.png )
And there were words.

The battle had been hell, and no one could say it was really won. Half the scouting party had been wiped out before making it back to base. Not that base was much better.

Shining Armour had done well to prepare the troops. They had fought hard, but in the end winning the battle ultimately meant losing the fight. Many ponies were hurt in the attack on Canterlots grand library, and before many lives were lost, Shining called for the evacuation team to get everyone out before it became a blood bath.

Unfortunately for the scouting party, they weren't invited.

Having almost reached the safety of the library, Walks-with her two companions, Asma, Toby, Blue, and the skeleton were veered off course from a surprise attack from the front. They were forced to flee to a nearby building and take shelter or risk losing their own lives.

Now, three hours after the attack, they emerge to a wasteland. Even the once half-standing buildings have been torn down to rubble, and there is no sign of life there?

The library is gone, along with the ponies that were in it, but something can be seen in the far distance.
>> No. 40774216
Asma kicks the sheet of metal they had used as a front door out of the wall, gun drawn. She looks around the place, calling back into the house. "Looks clear. Think they cleared out."

Reapo clings tightly to Toby, still shaking lightly and making a quiet mewling noise.
>> No. 40774231
A clanking sound, quiet at first but gradually increasing in volume, can be heard in the silence that has fallen over the battlefield. A rhythmic clank, clank, clank, that does not seem to be particularly forceful but is loud nonetheless. And then the song ebbed into earshot, in time with the clanking.
It is, it is a glorious thing, (clank, clank!)
A song, a battle cry I sing! (Clank! Clank!)
For the monsters I have slain! (Clank!)
I'm heading home again! (Clank!)
But my home's a life of wandering! (Clank! Clank!)

To the east! The source of the song, and the clanking. A lone figure, small of stature and voice, marched stoically across the scene of the battle, occasionally hopping so that the visor of his knightly helmet would open and shut with a clang. The figure continued this until he was almost halfway across the field, then cut directly towards the group. As the shape grew closer, a sword and shield could be seen across his back, and a coat of arms was visible decorating his chest: a purple and green talon clutching a red, heart-shaped gem.
>> No. 40774258
File 142310866235.jpg - (97.71KB , 900x563 , Araragi_Koyomi_by_magenta_anbu.jpg )
Blue takes a step out the door cautiously, and the minute his eyes see the wreckage his face falls.


They were gone. Everyone he knew was gone. He didn't see any bodies, but they were still gone. His comrades, his friends, his cousin. They left him.

"Sarge?!" he calls out.


No answer.

"BOOMSHOCK?! Answer me damnit this ain't funny!"

There is a momentary pause in which he is silent, trying to listen for the distant echo of a reply, but all he hears instead is a song-
His head jerks towards the direction of it and he scrunches his eyes up trying to see.

"Who's that?"

Toby is busy digging around in the covered for something while the group takes a look outside.

"Here, get off me for a sec little man."

He places Reapo on the ground gently before turning back to the covered and pushing things aside with his hoof. There's blood on his neck, hoof, and a large gash in his back thigh that is slowly oozing a red river onto the floor and making a soft plop, plop, plop.
>> No. 40774380
File 142312100085.gif - (1.18MB , 400x256 , Do you even praise.gif )
[Our Savior hath arrived]
>> No. 40774384
Walks grimaced, "Are you kidding me" She replied, holding her side in pain, "Is that what I think it is?" Her companions were worse for wear, the clannfear blinded and the Winged Twilight missing a foot. The escape from the skull creatures hadn't been as on any of them. "I swear to what ever dead god still lives in your world, if that is a knight I am going to kill someone."
>> No. 40774417
Asma goes to grab Blue and cover his mouth to stop his shouting, hissing through gritted teeth. "We just escaped from a horde of monsters, and now you want more? Go and off yourself then, but don't get me involved." And then the musics. "Are... Are you shitting me?"

Reapo looks at Toby's leg with wide eyes, reaching into his cloak and pulling out his needles and some yarn, furiously knitting away.
>> No. 40774655
Blue jumps a bit when Asma grabs him, but when she lets go he give her an apologetic look.


Toby is still busy ram-shacking the covered. After a moment of frustration, he shuts it and heads to the bathroom. A few clinks and quiet squeaks can be heard from the other room and some whispered cursing. Finally he seems to find what he's looking for-a white bottle of antiseptic.

He rinses the wound on his thigh out with water before applying the antiseptic. He then limps over to the doorway.

"Blue, get over here."

Blue looks behind at the buckskin with a curious glance that quickly turns into a wince when he sees the gash on Tobys leg, and the bottle he was holding.

"My turn?" Blue asks.

"Yup. Can't be gettin any infections, I don't reckon we gonna come across any docs offices any time soon. Do you two need to clean any wounds?" Toby asks as he looks at Asma, then Walks.
>> No. 40774679
As the figure draws closer, now walking at a normal pace- or what would be a normal pace if he wasn't so infernally SMALL- the party notices something that wasn't obvious from a distance due to the armor:
It's a dragon.
A young dragon, based on the size, but a dragon nonetheless. As the dragonling continues forwards, he catches sight of the party and stops in his tracks.
"Halt! Be you men, or be you Hollow Men?"
He fumbles with his sword for a moment before pulling it from I back. He does not, however, remove the sheath.
"Either way, know that I am Hardram Durwood, knight errant of Canterlot!"
>> No. 40774684
File 142316277193.gif - (20.22KB , 273x200 , 200_s.gif )
Blue had just got done cleaning his wounds when he looks to the little dragon.

His sword is still in his sheath..

Blues face scrunches up and he starts laughing-quietly of course, lest Asma smack him upside the head. But he is laughing.

Toby is just staring at the dragon, not sure what to make of him.

"Uh..stallions?" he asks. "non...hollow stallions?"
>> No. 40774705
Asma looks at the tiny dragon, smiling widely and trying not to burst out laughing. Her efforts fail, and she doubles over raucously laughing. She doesn't even pay any attention to the knight, still holding her gun in her hand.

Reapo taps Toby carefully, making a small "look at meeee" noise, holding up a tightly knitted square.
>> No. 40774728
Toby looks at the little skeleton with perplexity.

"Where do you keep getting all this cloth? Thanks."

He takes it and pushes it onto the gash on his leg.

"Unfortunately I'm gonna need more than that? Can you do stitches? Surgery?"

He makes eye contact with Reapo while making the motions with his hoof, trying to get the point across.
>> No. 40774790
Reapo cocks his head to one side, making a little exclamatory noise, before pulling a needle out of his cloak and holding it up, pointing to it and nodding.
>> No. 40774838
"That depends....tiny knight" Walks Replied, "What is a Hollow Man?" Walks stared at the drawn sword, "Well...he doesn't appear to be very smart" She said under her breath, "He might not even realize what's been happening."
>> No. 40775836
Toby gives Reapo a nod before turning to his wound and lifting the rag off of it with a whence. This was going to hurt.

He sits down on the ground so he can grab the two longest sides of the gash and push them together.

"Mmn! Ok little buddy, do your magic. I'll hold it shut."
>> No. 40779596
Reapo stares at the cut, cocking his head to the side again and looking at Toby inquisitively.
>> No. 40779600
File 142351544115.gif - (714.98KB , 500x281 , waaat.gif )
And Toby stares at him, getting a bit impatient.

"Hey, miss Asma. Could you come help me? I don't think little skely dude here understands what I need."
>> No. 40779605
Reapo frowns, looking rather upset and pointing at the gash with a frustrated confused noise.

Asma recovers from laughing and turns back to the house. "What d'you need, Brown horse?"
>> No. 40779617
File 142351606250.png - (196.02KB , 700x929 , Toby hmm.png )
"I need someone to stitch the wound together so I don't bleed out. But I don't think he understands, and I can't do it myself. Or, I can, if someone holds the skin together."

If there was one thing Toby was not, it was squeamish. It hurt like hell to hold his leg how he was right now, and even though it looked knarley as hell, complaining about it wouldn't get him back up and walking. The sooner he got it stitched, the sooner they could leave.
>> No. 40779622
Reapo makes the same action, this time with the hand with the needle, jabbing it at the wound and making a more insistant and annoyed noise.

"Aight, I'll be right there." Asma turns to walk back in. "Ey, Vamp lady, make sure this fucker doesn't do nothin'." She gestures to the small knight.
>> No. 40779629
"Ow! Watch it."
>> No. 40779636
Reapo makes an exceptionally annoyed confused noise, before just tossing the needle down and storming off with his arms folded.

...And at that moment Asma comes into the house. "Uh, you need a minute?"
>> No. 40779642

Toby watches the skeleton walk off with a bit of confusion himself. He had to figure out a way to communicate with him better. Not now though, maybe later, when they had more time. If they ever got time that was.

"No, I just need you to sow this shut."

He pauses and looks at Asma with his brows kind of furrowed.

"You do know how to do a basic stitch, right?"
>> No. 40784941
"I am NOT stupid!"
The little dragon stomps his foot to emphasize his point. Uh-oh, seems he heard the giggling and occasional snarky remark (resnark?).
"I have journeyed to Canterlot to seek the advice of the wisest dragon of all; he whose exploits founded my very order! So!"
The little knight looks around.
"Where the heck is everypony?"
>> No. 40784960
Blue clears his throat after the little dragon makes his stand, and he tries to hold back some of the giggles still threatening to let loose.

"Then it probably hasn't hit your homeland yet. Tell me little dragon, how have you not yet noticed the chaos going on around you? There is no sun or moon. The princesses are gone, and so is most of Equestria. I imagine if you travelled this far you had to have noticed by now that there are monsters everywhere, and almost everyone is dead. I'm surprised you survived."
>> No. 40785317
Asma rolls her eyes. "No, I'm a complete idiot with no fuckin' survival skills. Can I fuckin' stitch..." She proceeds to mutter and take to sewing the gash shut.

Reapo in the mean while, storms out of the building to the congregation of people with a scowl on his face and his arms folded, looking down at the ground.
>> No. 40785359
File 142389399240.png - (196.02KB , 700x929 , Toby hmm.png )
Toby watches Reapo go, still confused as to why he was so angry. His thoughts are interrupted with the first poke of skin and he wences and looks down at the gash.

"Thanks" he manages to breath out. It hurt like hell just to hold it shut.

"I don't get why it's so mad at me.." he says while Asma works. Just to distract himself more than for conversation, but still.
>> No. 40785364
"Oh, the lil reaper? Uh, he dun't speak any english, right? Y'ain't communicating anything to 'im when you talk, you have t'explain without words. It's hard, but you've got to figure it out." Asma continues stitching him up, paying no heed to his noises of pain.
>> No. 40785370
Toby whences but holds still for the most part.

"Eh..what did you call him just now? I've never heard that word."
>> No. 40785373
"Really never heard of a reaper? Y'know, black robe, skeleton, big scythe, death type guy, reaper of souls...? That sorta thing?"
>> No. 40785378
He just stares at you like your speaking freakin spanish.
>> No. 40785387
"You come from one hell of a fucked up world." She shakes her head. "Reaper's like an incarnation of death, sorta. Point is, the lil guy is like a little baby death so let's make it cute... How 'bout Reapo?"
>> No. 40785403
Toby looks back out the door at the little skeleton, staring for a moment. Then he smiles.

"Ya. He is kinda cute I suppose. For a something with no skin or fur I mean."

He chuckles a moment at his own joke before taking in a sharp, choked breath.

" joke that bad?" he asks, looking back at Asma with a weak smile.
>> No. 40785407
"That was a joke? Shit you need to be around people more." Asma quickly ties the stitch off, biting the excess string off easily. "Now then, guess it's your turn to do me." It's fairly clear now she's suffering from some kind of injury, as there's a large red patch spreading from the lower back of her jacket.
>> No. 40785425
Toby makes a face when he sees the rip.

"Yeash, where did you get that purty one from? K get your jacket off, I'm going to have to disinfect it first."

He gets up slowly, testing the stitches before he walks over and grabs the bottle of alcohol.
>> No. 40787778
Asma removes her jacket, revealing a shirt with some strange looking characters and a space ship of some sort on it. This reveals that there is no cut in the shirt or jacket, but still there's blood. "Fucked if I know, I don't feel a damn thing back there. All I know is it's bleedin'."
>> No. 40788916
File 142414148678.png - (51.08KB , 336x310 , Toby face.png )
"Wha-how do you not feel a cu-oh. There isn't a cut apparently."

Toby sits the bottle down before reaching out to take the bottom of Asmas shirt and push it up so he can see what's going on.

"There's no hole in your clothes, but there sure is a lot of blood.."
>> No. 40788927
As he lifts the shirt, it reveals some kind of long metal and carbon fiber tube running up her spine. It's screwed in on two sides of her back, and also screwed in down the center of the tube. It appears to have been ripped out of her back somehow, and it's bleeding profusely. Several strange screw like needles attached to it appear to have ripped out of her back, and said holes are bleeding. Just under her skin he can see numerous blue lights, though they harshly stop at the point that the tube is ripped out. If he were to investigate further, he'd find that the tube goes up all the way to her head, entering her skull at the very top of her neck.
"So uh, what's goin' on back there?" Asma is just sitting there, looking like she's not entirely comfortable with the current situation.
>> No. 40788939
File 142414250566.png - (18.50KB , 800x640 , 141582327515.png )
"Oh buckin...what in the name of the Princess.."

He lets her shirt fall back down before he takes his own shirt off. He then pushes her shirt back up and pushes his own shirt against her back as hard as he can.

"I'm not exactly sure...I...Think something ripped your spine out, and I don't know how the hell you are still moving..this don't make no dang sense.."

Toby hastily puts his other hoof on the top of the wound and pushes the shirt up against it, trying to slow the blood flow a bit. Seeing as he's never quite seen a bionic creature, he attributes it to her being an alien and doesn't acknowledge the fact that she was half parts.

"Oh pony..uh, what do I do?!"

He sounds more than a little panicked as he sees more of more of her blood start to soak through his shirt and drip onto his hooves.
>> No. 40788940
Walks turns away from giving the knight a death stare and see's Asma's back,

"Who welds metal into their own skin?" She said without thinking, "Seems like a really painful way to give yourself armor" She looked at her own body, realizing she had yet to check herself for any major wounds. A painful throbbing came from one of her legs as she lifted the robe to find a 3 inch long gash in her thigh. " I never noticed that is amazing."

Last edited at Mon, Feb 16th, 2015 20:16

>> No. 40788943
"Waddaya mean my spine ripped out... Wait, shit. Fuck, now, of all times? Okay, brown horse, you gotta listen to me carefully as fuck, aight? I'm gonna lose c'ntrol of my lower body in 'xactly ten point five seconds, you gotta insert the pointy bits on the main tube back where they belong, an' hold that shit in place."
>> No. 40788951
"Oh buck! Ok, pointy bits...these?" he says as takes the shirt off and gently pushes one of the 'pointy pieces' back into the small hole it is alligned with. It was a little hard to see with the fluid coming out, but he kept his hoof from shaking.
>> No. 40788956
She shudders as this happens, letting out a rather pained groan. "Fucking shit, okay, hold it in and stick the ones on the side in anywhere, they're jus' fer stabilization. Th'old holes'll heal up. An' hurry up."
>> No. 40788957
Blue likewise takes his eyes off the little dragon and makes the mistake of looking at Asmas back. His stomach immediately does a flippity flop, so he turns his eyes away to the next not so gross wound.

"Miss Walks, that looks bad. Here, why don't you clean it?"

He snags the bottle of dissenfectant from near Toby and promptly makes his way over to her.
>> No. 40788960
"What...this?" Walks said, looking at her wound, "I'll be fine, just need something to eat and it should heal up on it's own." Walks eyed Blue hungrily, "Would you like to volunteer?"
>> No. 40788961
Toby lets out a hiss of both anxiousness and fear of causing her pain, but he does as he's told, prodding each point in as accurately and quickly as he can with one hoof.
>> No. 40788967
Blues eyes go wide from a natural fear crawling down his spine.

"I..uh...what do you mean by 'volunteer'?"
>> No. 40788971
"Fuhuuuuuck! Shit fuck shit fuck!" Asma shouts as each spike is inserted. When they're all done, she just sort of flops to the side against the wall, panting. "I'm gonna need a while... T'rest an' shit."
>> No. 40788996
File 142414439966.png - (111.79KB , 500x491 , Toby meloncholy.png )
Toby of course cringes with each push of every pin, but he understands it's worse to stop and keep going. Better to get it all done at once.

He's sweating by the time she leans against the wall.

"You going to be ok?"

His hoof shakes as he sits the blood soaked shirt down on the ground.
>> No. 40789005
Chuckles to herself "I just need a bit of your blood and I'll be fine. It's been a while since I actually fed but don't worry, I'm not a monster" She motioned him to come closer,
>> No. 40789011
"Y-Yeah, system's jus' tryin' t'figger shit out. Gimme a minute, an'... Ah'll be fine." She leans against the wall, panting a little. The flow of blood from her back has stopped as she said, however.

At this, Asma yells over at Walks. "Ey, fuck off m-m'lil dude. There's a nice arm right over 'ere for ya."
>> No. 40789016
"I could have just fed without asking first, like some of my more.....rabid family members" Walks says, "I'm insulted that you would think I would harm"
>> No. 40789018
Blue gulps, but he starts to make his way over to Walks...
"It's ok Asma. Besides, I don't know if drinking...bionic blood would be good for her."

Unlike Toby, Blue seems to have realized what Asma is. Though he isn't making a big deal out of it. Not surprisingly.
>> No. 40789030
"My blood is just fine you little f-fuckweed. It's normal blood, jus' like anyone else's. It's the rest uvvit that's fucked." Asma shifts on the wall a little, her bionic eye zooming in a little as though to demonstrate this fact. "An' as fer you, Vamp lady, I ain't exactly th'most trustin' of y-yer type, no 'fense intended. All th'ones I've seen 'fore 've been tryin' to eat me 'r my compatriots."
>> No. 40789044
"So you don't trust me....because even though I asked the young man if I could drink his blood, you still think I'll go rabid and eat your friends?" Walks rolls her eyes as she turns to Blue, "Just hold out your arm, I'll make it as quick as I can."
>> No. 40789059
Asma looks at walks for a second, before rolling up her t shirt sleeve to reveal the one part of either of her arms that's actually flesh, the shoulder. "Case you couldn't tell, ah'm a lil low on fleshy shoulders." She avoids Walk's gaze, staring intently at the floor.
>> No. 40789065
"There is no reason for being so rude." Walks said, "I have never done anything to you ever yet you still claim I am evil, or I am Rabid." Walks motioned to her pale skin, "This is not something I am proud of but over the years have come to accept. Now stop acting like I'm the evil one here" Walks said angrily, turning to Blue.
>> No. 40789071
"What the fuck did I do? All I fuckin' said was I was low on fleshy arms, that a fuckin' hate c-crime now?" She seems to be trying to defend herself from a nonexistent attack on her character, and she's just sounding really insecure. Eyes still fixed on that ever so interesting ground.

Last edited at Mon, Feb 16th, 2015 21:20

>> No. 40789076
Blue looks to one, then the other, then back again. In the hopes it will just keep an argument from errupting, he quickly shoves his arm towards Walks. It grossed him out a bit, but all in all he didn't understand why they were making such a fuss about it.
>> No. 40789081
Toby shakily tries to clean some of the blood from his fur, some adrenaline still rushing through him.

"Miss Asma, I suggest you just let the boy do it. Your pretty messed up already, no offense. You probably don't want to lose anymore than you already have."
>> No. 40789086
"Ah'll. Be. Fine. Why's everybody' fuckin' actin' like I can't handle m'self right now?" She glares very intensely at Toby's feet.
>> No. 40789093
File 142414724126.png - (111.79KB , 500x491 , Toby meloncholy.png )
"Because you just had yer spine damn near pop out of yer back miss Asma. I wouldn't call that fine by any means. Just relax and get yourself back together, this ain't no matter of life or death here."
>> No. 40789098
"That wasn't my goddamn spine, it was- Look it's fuckin' complicated, and I ain't got a clue how to 'xplain it t'you." Holy shit that ground must be interesting as /hell/.
>> No. 40789110
File 142414798419.png - (111.79KB , 500x491 , Toby meloncholy.png )
Toby wasn't missing the fact that she was obviously uncomfortable. He could read social cues believe it or not. In the interest of saving her pride however, he takes a look over his shoulder to make sure the rest of the group is 'occupied' with other things before he comes to sit next to Asma.

He doesn't say anything at first. He just busies himself with wiping as much of the last of the blood off his fur. Then he looks out across the wasteland.

"Soo..." he says in a hush that only she can hear.

"Mind telling me why your suddenly so self concious? A minute ago you would have had the gall to tell me to buck off. What changed."

He pulls the canteen from around his neck and offers it to her, effectively hiding what their conversation is about.
>> No. 40789123
She glares at the canteen for a few seconds, before taking it and drinking from it, passing it back. "I ain't proud of my augs, simple as fuckin' that. You ask me ten years ago, I'd say fuck yeah, gimme some cool robot shit. But now that I got it... Well, fuckin' look at me." She displays the fact that half her head is a mass of steel and blue lights, as well as the fact that both her arms and legs are a jumble of chrome plates and servos. "It looks weird here, think about tryin' t'walk outta the fuckin' house every day, say hi t'm'goddamn neighbors an' that shit. Think about jus' walkin' down to a fuckin' corner store for some bread an' havin' all the goddamn eyes on you." She just sort of glares at the ground after that, kicking a small pebble of rubble into the wall opposite them with ease.
>> No. 40789127
In the distance, coming down the street towards the group, is an odd combination of sounds: The rolling of small, hard wheels, and the light tinkling of small metal bells. A short, thin figure can be seen in the distance, seemingly walking or running towards the group. The sounds are very light, so only those with especially good hearing would notice them.
>> No. 40789147
File 142414896803.jpg - (350.03KB , 1689x1947 , Toby happy.jpg )
Toby looks at Asma with somewhat wide eyes, then scans the horizen. Then he does something she has yet to hear him do. He starts laughing.

It's a hardy, low laugh that lacks the obnoxiousness that some people come with, and comes packed full of all the qualities that makes it tantalizingly contagious.

He tries to cover his mouth to control it, but he can't seem to do so and he waves a hoof towards Asma.

"I..hahaha! I'm sorry miss, I just...hehehaha!"

He's laughing so hard now he's actually wheezing and losing his breath, and the hoof that was covering his mouth is now holding his side.
>> No. 40789149
Walks grabbed Blues arm, opening her mouth and slowly biting down, putting just a enough pressure to pierce his skin. She slowly drank the blood from his arm, stopping herself before she drank him dry, She pulled back, leaving a semi circle of small holes in his arm. She grabbed a bandage and wrapped it up before it bled more. "There, That's much better. Thank never actually got your name."
>> No. 40789151
All seriousness drains from her face when he starts laughing, and she starts shaking her head a little, also laughing. "The fuck tan h-horse, yer makin' me giggle y'lil shit."
>> No. 40789167
It takes him moment to stop, but while he's still laughing he motions to the land before them.

"You...You think YOU look weird? Look around you! This place.."

He laughs a little more.

"..Is bucked! Nothing is normal.."

And then there it was. Just in that last little sigh and hiccup, the way it seems Toby has to force it out of his chest. Those weren't tears of humour. Oh he could lie and hide them well to everypony else, but deep down he was crying. He was fucking terrified and hiding it behind that shameful little cackle of a laugh.
>> No. 40789174
Asma looks over at the little brown horse, looking a little spooked. Slightly awkwardly, she attempts to slip an arm around his top shoulders to give the most comforting sidehug someone made out of eighty percent metal can give. "Ey, lil brown horse, y'know y'ain't alone out 'ere, right?"
>> No. 40789176
"Nothing is ever normal." Walks said, smiling. "You think being part metal is hard, trying outliving everyone you meet. I have had to leave friends behind because some asshole thousands of years ago, thought I would make a cute pet so he infected me"
>> No. 40789186
File 142415037679.png - (111.79KB , 500x491 , Toby meloncholy.png )
Blue looks at the bandage curiously. It wasn't as gross as he had expected it to be after all.
Toby looks at the both of them, the smile having fallen from his face. For the first time he actually realizes that they were in the same boat as him. They had been thrown from their own worlds and into a nightmare as well.

He swallows so he doesn't have to choke back the sob, and looks at Blue, who in turn gives hims such a sympathetic look that Toby almost loses his tough guy exterior and breaks down right on the spot.

"Ah.." he grumbles and wipes his nose.

"You colts are trying to make me go soft so you can spit me over the fire and say 'buck, now this is some tender pony meat!'"

He chuckles once more before standing up and walking over to Reapo. He stands behind the skeleton and adresses the group.

"But thank you. I know you guys got thrown into this too.."

Then Toby reaches out with his hoof and turns Reapo around so the little skeleton is facing him.

"I'm sorry.." he says sincerely, and then puts his head down to Reapos level so he can see that he is sad.

"Don't know what I did to upset ya, but I'm sorry..."
>> No. 40789190
Walks pats Blues head, "See not that bad." She turned to look at Toby, "So what's your story. She's a metals head, I'm an undead monster, but what about you?"
>> No. 40789193
"H-Hey, fuck you too pointyteeth." There's absolutely no hostility in this comment at all. She's just messing around.

Reapo looks into Toby's eyes, bottom lip quivering, before he just jumps at him and hugs him, making a warm happy sound as he does so.

And still the bells get nearer...
>> No. 40789200

Toby picks up Reapo and hugs him to his chest for a moment before answering.

"..I'm just lone stallion looking for something I lost.."

Then his ear perks up, and he looks towards the sound, squinting his eyes..


The bells lady can hear a whining in the short distance to her an animal. But all she can see is a pile of rubble.
>> No. 40789201
Walks perks up, "Any...anyone else hear....I don't know something?" She asked, looking around, searching for the source of the noise. "Seriously does anyone hear something or am I going insane again?"
>> No. 40789204
"Shit, I hear it too. Fuckin'... izzat bells?" Asma stands, peering out from the inside of the tiny rubble shack.

Reapo holds him tightly in return, not understanding a word he's saying, but giving off the greatest and happiest purr that ever was purred.

Bells looks around her a little, spinning on her skates, before just booking it down the road again, hurrying along.
>> No. 40789211
File 142415130721.jpg - (30.30KB , 380x259 , weird_anime_face.jpg )
And then the rubble moves! And a big german shepherd shakes its dirty coat out and starts chasing after her! With tail wagging of course~

Toby and Blue just watch on curiously and ready for an attack if that's what it was. That was until Toby saw the dog.

"Well I don't believe my eyes. Tykki?"

He lets out a low whistle, hoping he wasn't seeing things.
>> No. 40789387
"The hell is a dog doing here?" Walks asked, turning her attention away from Blue, " that thing yours?" She asked Toby, still rather confused.
>> No. 40789391
File 142416123779.jpg - (89.38KB , 720x556 , Shepherd happy.jpg )
The dog, upon hearing the familiar whistle, completely ignores the skater and comes sprinting towards Toby! Whom he proceeds to directly barrel into, causing both Reapo to fall off of Tobys back, and Toby himself to hit the ground with an 'umph'.

"Haha, ya you could say this big mutt is mine..Alright, off, off Tykki! You big oof!"
>> No. 40789681
Asma sighs, shaking her head and returning the pistol to it's holster.

Reapo makes an exclamatory noise as he is knocked from his mount. He stands, still looking extremely happy, plodding over to the dog hug and engaging hugging everyone.

A short figure can be seen in the distance, and if anyone understands skating or rollerblading, they would know well and good what's going on. The figure is wearing some kind of big grey thing, and a tail is flicking around behind them. They are coming closer to the group rapidly.
>> No. 40803679
Blue turns toward the group.

"Hey hey, hate to interrupt the hugbox going on, but we got another visitor."
>> No. 40803685
"Fuck you too lil horse." Asma peers down the road, eyeing the figure as her hand drifts to her pistol.

Reapo just hugs onwards.

And, down the road bells comes. The whole group can hear the tinkling well now.
>> No. 40803690
And the group prepares! For...whatever~

Well except Reapo, who remained oblivious as ever.
>> No. 40803694
Walks squints at the figure coming down the road. "it seems harmless enough" She said, "Doesn't look like it would be much of a fight if we attacked in strength."
>> No. 40803696
Blue sheaths his sword to this, but Toby didn't know how to feel yet. With what he had seen so far, he knew he couldn't really trust anything based on appearance. He keeps his sickle out, but he leaves it on the ground. Best to just be prepared.
>> No. 40803698
And the whatever delivered.
From the slightly misty and smokey street skates forward a short figure in what is now very clearly a grey hoodie, about two sizes too big. Most of it's features are obscured, except for a tail flicking behind them, of a light creamy tan color. The creature is obviously wearing skates, wearing knee socks with white stripes on the top below them. It would also appear the figure is wearing shorts, as it has bare legs of the same color as the tail. From beneath the pulled up hood peeks a a violet eye that appears to be shining a little in the moonlight, the other covered by what appears to be a decently sized swath of pink hair covers the other one. And still, the figure skates on towards them, now quite close.
>> No. 40803699
Blue waves a hoof in the air towards the creature.

"Heelloo! We come in peace...and hope you do as well."
>> No. 40803701
The figure cocks it's head, lifting one of it's hands and making some rather intricate gestures towards Blue, looking around at the other members of the party.
>> No. 40803706

Toby scrunches up his face and shrugs.

"I can't make 'eads or tails of what it's trying to do. What about you miss Walks? Or miss Asma? It seems you gals..."
>> No. 40803712
"Oh fuck you too tan horse. No, 't looks kinda like sign language, I think." She replaces the pistol in it's place, taking a seat in the shed.

Reapo eyes Bells, making a contemplative sound.

Bells continues making the gestures more urgently.
>> No. 40803715
Toby stares after Asma as she walks away.

"Now hold on one minute, if ya know what it is then you come out here and help. I don't have...whatever those things you got on the end of your legs are."
>> No. 40803728
Asma yells from inside the shed. "Fingers, and fuck you."

Reapo eyes Bells a bunch.

Bells continues making said gestures, going back and forth impatiently.
>> No. 40803761
" that a language? It's just waving its foot around." Walks said, "God talking to deadra is easier than this,"
>> No. 40803778
Blue follows Asma into the shed and starts looking through the covereds.

"You happen to see a pen and paper anywhere?"

Toby shrugs again towards Walks.

"Beats me. I want to talk to it, but I don't know how.."
>> No. 40803811
"Shit k-kid, you're useless. Here, got a pad an' shit right here." She shuffles in a pocket, retrieving a small pad of paper and a pen.

Reapo still hugs the dog, happily squeaking at it.

And Bells finally stops, miming writing on a piece of paper to the group.
>> No. 40804376
"I still don't understand how that was a language. It was just waving it's foot around, almost looked like it was casting a spell..kinda." Walks said shaking her head angrily, "Is it a mute or something?"
>> No. 40807234
The dog happily licks Reapo as Blue brings the pad of paper out and the pen. He hands it to the newcomer.
>> No. 40807267
Reapo giggles, petting the dog nice and proper.

Bells takes the paper and pen and starts scribbling furiously.
>> No. 40807284
Sorry to interrupt, just trying to get word out about my new canon. If you're interested, feel free to post here!
>> No. 40807336
Yes, because posting this is going to make me join your canon.
Kids these days...
>> No. 40807376
File 142543816423.png - (196.02KB , 700x929 , Toby hmm.png )

ok, we'll check it out! Thanks for the heads up, but the announcement thread or the main OOC is probably a better place for an announcement :P just for future reference. It's considered a little bit rude to interrupt other peoples threads just to advertise haha.
Toby keeps his eye on the girl while she write, but he walks over to the dog and makes a collar for it with his rope and ties the dog to himself. He didn't want to lose him again if he could help it.

"Maybe. Or maybe it just don't talk like we do" Toby shrugs.
>> No. 40807400
Bells finally turns the page around, and it reads thusly:

First of all, why are you horses. Second of all, where am I. Third of all way to be friendly to mute people, jesus. Fourth of all, my name's Bells. So you can stop calling me 'it'. Fifth of all, kinda hungry, is there a supermarket around here?
>> No. 40807448
"...I'm still going to call you an it" Walks said under her breath. "And I doubt there is anywhere that is safe after what has happened here."
>> No. 40812266
File 142577034662.png - (196.02KB , 700x929 , Toby hmm.png )
Toby squints his eyes to take in the quickly scribbled words before looking up into Bells face. He rubs the back of his neck and looks at Walks for a second.

"Ya...probably be best to start with that. Well miss Bells...if your anything like the rest of the folk round here, then you probably came from your world to ours when the...event happened. It's only been a couple days mam, so we don't exactly know what's going on yet. Whole world just kinda got thrown into chaos. Monsters running rampant.."

He pauses to gesture with his hoof to the ruined city around him.

"..and folks showing up not knowing where they are.."

He puts his hoof down and clears his throat, remembering for the first time in a couple hours that he hasn't had much to drink. That thought brings him back to his situation, and for a moment his eyes trail away as he re-evaluates what he'll need to do to survive. Then he notices Bells staring at him, and remembers he was explaining things.

"Anyway. Your in Equestria. I don't know where you came from, but the normals around here are pony folk. Least they were..

This here is Ms.Walks with her companions. That little creature over there with the dog is..well I guess were calling him Reapo now. That pony over there is Blue, and miss Asma is in that building over there.

As for food...well, I was going to bring that up actually so you got here at a good time. We just went through hell and back, bunch of monsters just attacked the only nearby strong hold, so all the survivors left-along with any chance of an easy meal.

If yall want to" Toby raises his voice a bit to get the whole groups attention.

"I suggest we all stick together and try to come up with some sort of plan to survive until we can figure out just what the hell were doing on this forsaken dust ball of a country. There might be some scraps and canned food buried in some of this rubble, and I found at least one working faucet in that house. I lost my canteen, so we'll have to figure out some way for each of us to carry our own water. Ms.Walks, will you be alright without? I'm not sure if you need it?"
>> No. 40812280
"So long as one of you lot stays alive and filled with blood, I shouldn't be needing much in the ways of water or food for a long time" Walks said smiling and showing off a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, "I'm lucky I suppose, not needing food and the such. But I do hate feeding off of people. So much pain and screaming, it can get annoying."
>> No. 40812297
Asma exits the broken down house, calling over. "Hey, you're the first people I've met who haven't tried to kill me. That's enough for me."

Reapo plays with the dog.

Bells flips the pad around, scribbling on it.
>> No. 40812306
File 142577162738.png - (111.79KB , 500x491 , Toby meloncholy.png )
Toby gives you a look.

"Well...I don't think they'll be a need for screaming so long as you don't try and kill us Ms.Walks...I would be obliged to do something I hate as well if that becomes the case..."

Tobys head slowly turns from Walks to Asma.

"That makes me long have you been here Ms.Asma? Did you keep track of time in anyway? With the sun not rising, and the moon not setting, it get's awful confusin'."
>> No. 40812336
"Well people tend to scream cause they think I'm a monster...Though it might also be because of those stupid legends about me" Walks Shrugged, "I could never figure out which, much less care to ask."
>> No. 40812345
"A couple days. Nothing too big." Asma eyes Bells.

Fucking hell Reapo loves that puppu.

Bells eyes Asma back, flipping the notebook over, first to walks.

Well, fuck you.

She then turns it to Toby.

So, horses. Neat. You're kind of adorable, lil tiny pony guy.

And finally to Asma.

And I'm not the plague, calm yourself.
>> No. 40812358
"Don't mind her, She just a metal rod up her more ways than one" Walks said, "and there is no call for such crude language"
>> No. 40812402
Blue snirks.
Tobys eye brows raise in slight surprise. He had never been called 'adorable' by someone. Well that wasn't true, there was that one tim-

"So...are you injured or anything? How have you been surviving?"
>> No. 40812420
"Well fuck you too, miss fangface."

Dear /lord/ that dog is so fucking soft.

Bells returns to scribbling hurriedly.
>> No. 40812428
"It is true though" Walks said, "I am some what familiar with anatomy and where bones connect"

Walks turned to look back at Bells, "So what's your story...and what's with the bells?"
>> No. 40812455
"Fangs. Shut the fuck up."

Oh god he's making a dog saddle that's adorable.

And Bells reveals to Toby first.
No, I'm fine. Uh, I just got here. I'm a little hungry is all, I was heading home from work.
And then to Walks,
If you're calling me it, fuck you. Simplest way I can say it. Call me Bells.

The word Bells is underlined about six times.
>> No. 40812462
"....Jesus I get it, I asked why you had bells." Walks said angrily, "No need to get snippy with me"
>> No. 40812468
"Well" Toby says, rubbing his face.

"If you wanna stick with us, I think we'd all be better in a group."
>> No. 40812482
"Ey, uh, Bells, can we see your face? Just wanna make sure you don't have any tentacle hairs or something." Asma sits down outside the house, leaning against the wall.

Reapo has completed the saddle. He puts it atop the dog, and sits on his noble steed, petting it furiously.

Bells scribbles, revealing in the order Asma Walks Toby.
With that, she lowers her hood, to reveal a...Okay it's a goddamn mountain lion anthro and that's that. I don't know how to describe it so here you go. with pink hair, separated into pigtails which hang behind her at about shoulder height. As the hair in front of her right eye shifts, those with good eyes would be able to see that there's a bit of a scratch across it, though how severe is impossible to tell. She then turns to Walks.
They're my thing. My name's Bells, so bell earrings, Bells, bells, get it?
And finally, Toby.
Oh, sure. So where do you people live?
>> No. 40812505
Blue has joined the petting zoo.

Toby reads the note that Bells has wrote but he doesn't answer. Instead he adjust what little is left of his stuff and starts heading towards the house.

"If we're going to get anything done, we should start doing it. I'm going to look for some kind of containers or something we can use for water. You guys can start looking for food or somethin, I don't care."

He's dropped his southern accent for the moment, speaking in a stiff, more authoritative tone.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 7th, 2015 20:32

>> No. 40812523
Asma stands, shuffling into the house after Toby. "I saw a dresser somewhere around here. And uh... What even is your name? I mean, I can keep calling you 'brown horse' until the end of days, but I figure you might not like it so much."

Reapo starts petting Blue from atop his new mount, smiling at the colt.

Bells scribbles furiously.
>> No. 40812571
"Point me in a direction and I'll see what I can scrounge up. Don't expect much though" Walks said, shrugging.
>> No. 40812666
"Tobius Roper mam. Toby for short though, no one really calls me by my full name except my...ah, I mean my pah did from time to time when he was mad.."

Toby calls out from inside the building, well if your strong enough, you and miss Bells can start tearing up some of the nearby by rubble. Might not find food, but any thing useful could sure help. Cloth, tape, rope. Anything we can make stuff with..."

Blue gives the dog a last scratch on the neck and walks over to Bells.

"I can help with that."
>> No. 40813442
"Well it looks like it's your show Bells, Just point me in a direction" Walks said, walking towards Bells, "And don't worry, I don't bite."
>> No. 40814862
Asma sits against the wall. "Not quite ready to move rubble, sorry Toby. Gimme a few."

Reapo frowns as Blue heads off to be helpful, using his time to make an impromptu halter for the dog.

Bells shows the notebook first to Blue.
Okay, you horse people are adorable. Look at you you're all colorful and small.
She pats him several times on the head, smiling broadly. While she is patting Blue, she holds up the paper for Walks to see.
So you're a vampire or something, right? The fangs and stuff? Jeez, I knew there was something funny about my drink last night. Anyway, I guess if this weird dream place thing works like the real world, we'll want to find houses that are mostly intact. Those will have the most stuff to steal. There are people here, right?
>> No. 40815372
Toby nods and keeps looking around, finding some tape but not much else.

Blue puts his ears down and looks rather annoyed at the pat.

"Ya.." he says.

>> No. 40815383
"You act like you don't normally see the undead walking around" Walks said with a shrug and a smile."Okay...but what do I look for? I don't know people eat remember" She walked towards Bells, "Like...what do you eat for instance?"
>> No. 40815421
"So, uh... I got a question for you, but you don't hafta answer if you don't wanna."

Reapo tests the halter on the dog, almost giggling.

Bells doesn't even scribble, she continues patting Blue for a few moments. Then she hurriedly scribbles on her page, presenting it to blue.
Upon the page is a tiny chibi Blue, drawn rather nicely, blushing while being pet by a similarly styled version of Bells. Underneath it is some text.
So cute!
Cute is underlined too many times to count.
>> No. 40815427
"Hey, blue boy, You just gonna let her pet you like that? Make her work for it, don't just give it out for free" Walks said jokingly, "At least charge her money for it, that would be something."
>> No. 40815561
File 142596511120.png - (51.08KB , 336x310 , Toby face.png )
Blue looks at the paper, then Walks, then starts blushing something fierce. He grumbles a bit and starts stalking towards a pile of rubble, his ears still flat back.

"Come on. I'm hungry."

The dog lets the halter be put on, but then he begins to paw at it, trying to get it off. When pawing does not help he promptly drops to the ground and starts rubbing his face in the dirt.

Toby glances over his shoulder at Asma while he starts pulling strips of tape off.

>> No. 40815842
Walks chuckles as she follows Blue, "Aww did I say something embarrassing?" She chuckled, helping him move the rocks with surprising strength. "Come on talk to me kid, What's wrong?"
>> No. 40815870
"Who's that Ella gal you were askin' about?"

Reapo removes it quickly, patting the dog as he does so.

Bells makes an exaggerated frown, showing the paper with it's previous contents to Walks.
>> No. 40815877
"You...did that?" Walks said, surprised, "Wow...that's...really good. I'm impressed. Maybe you ain't as weird as I thought. Though..the bells are still kinda strange...and the skates."
>> No. 40816032
Bells returns to her paper for about a half minute, before flipping it back over to reveal a version of Walks in a similar style added to the image, wiping her mouth with a small dead rat in one hand. There's some more text added.
Eh, could do better if I had more time. And I'm the weird one? There's tiny colorful horses and somehow I'm weird? I mean, the bells make sense cause my name's Bells. And I like skating, plus I was on my way home from work. So I prolly got hit by a car or something and am in a coma. Oh well, there's tiny blue horses in this dream land, so I'm happy.
>> No. 40816044
"I...doubt this is something as simple as a dream" Walks replies, lifting rubble, "I've seen dreams like this, but they never felt this...real." She then pauses, "AND I DON'T EAT RATS!"
>> No. 40816058
File 142601959681.png - (111.79KB , 500x491 , Toby meloncholy.png )
Toby stares at his duct tape for second, trying to rip another piece off with his teeth before answering. He was half expecting her to ask soon. Actually he figured he'd be getting that question a lot. It didn't bother him, not really.

"A friend" he answers shortly as starts putting the tape together in long strips with the non-sticky side facing outwards.

"I got a letter from her about three days after all this happened, sent from a carrier pigeon. She was warning me about what was going down in the capital-in case it hadn't hit us yet-and telling us to be safe and hold up if we could."

Toby rips another long strip off and lays it down.

"But we didn't do too well...naw, we didn't too well at all.."

Another strip off the tape.

"So I left. Had to get out of town. Wasn't nothin left for me there. I gathered some things and headed towards the capital, hoping to meet up with her and some other survivors."

He laughs then, a quick giddy chortle that was surprisingly boyish for the tough little stallion.

"But buckin hell, YOU GUYS weren't what I was expecting to find for 'survivors'."
Blue snerks a little and looks to Walks.

"Aaw, did she draw something embarrassing?" he says in a pissy, mocking little voice before grabbing onto another piece of rubble and heaving it up.

"Hey...think there's a curtain here..I bet we could use this for something.."

Blue grabs hold of the cloth with his mouth and starts tugging it out.
>> No. 40816068
"I could get her to pet you again" Walks replied. She turned to look for an intact house, "I don't suppose you could tell me what you eat so I know what to look for?"
>> No. 40816148
"Gotcha." Asma stands up, stretching a little. "Think I'm good to start moving stuff now. Augs have stopped flipping out."

Bells holds up the drawing for Blue to see, before scribbling and revealing to Walks.
Hey, better than eating one of us, right? And uh... I eat food? You know, meat, vegetables, dairy products, etcetera.
>> No. 40816156
"'s just been so long since I had to eat...normal food I forgot what it was" Walks said with a shrug, "if you get to my age, you start forgetting things from when you were actually alive."
>> No. 40816311
Blue let's go of the curtain for a moment and thinks.

"Ah..hay, canned veggies or gruit, bread, apple...wait"

He stops and looks at her.

"When you were alive? What do you mean, your not alive right now?"

He looks shocked.
>> No. 40816388
"I'm...a Vampire..." Walks says, stunned at how little he knows, "You do know...that means I'm undead correct? That is why I do not require anything but the blood of the living to sustain myself. I don't drink blood for fun."
>> No. 40817443
Bells scribbles for a minute, before revealing it to Walks. Taking center stage on the paper are the new additions to the previous scene Toby, Asma, and Reapo, along with the dog. Asma is just standing there trying to look ominous despite her adorable style, whilst Reapo is attempting to ride a dog and Toby is eyeing Bells petting Blue.
So vampire, huh? The whole neck biting hate sun kinda vampire?
>> No. 40817463
"My kind of vampire doesn't hate the sun. It isn't exactly comfortable for us, but we don't burst into flames if the sun touches us." Walks said with a smile, "The added strength is helpful, but I can't last too long without food or I become weak and powerless."
>> No. 40818758
Blue looks a bit confused at the concept. Not like they had a walking skeleton in a cape right next to them or anything, oh no, the vampire confuses him more.
" I guess this kind of half dawn thing we got going on with the sky is sort of like ordeal for you then, huh?"
>> No. 40818887
"I...don't feel as much pain as I would in full sunlight, but I would prefer it to be night...or at least raining." Walks said sighing, "You never think how much you miss home until you haven't been back in a long time"
>> No. 40818910
"Right. I wonder how we are going to get rain actually..with no pony being able to go out, I don't think the pegausis will be able to get some storm clouds in for a while. Or maybe they'll only be able to do it in certain areas."

He finishes pulling the sheet out and bundling it up.

"Shining Armour was talking about that just the other day. Said we'll have to come up with some sort of a plan in order to get the clouds kicked up again and get some rain going."

He sighs.

"Man...things are going to suck for a while, aren't they?" he seems to just be musing and not really asking anyone in particular.
>> No. 40818968
"What do you mean... You lot control the weather in this world?" Walks said staring at him, "It...doesn't just happen?"
>> No. 40819007
" Not unless your in certain places-like the Everfree. But even there the weather is unpredictable...

How does the weather work in your world? I mean how does it just happen without magic?!"
>> No. 40819040
Asma begins shifting rubble, crushing the smaller pieces so they take up less space, just tossing the big ones into a corner. "So, Brown horse, you know 'bout any other survivors out here?"

Reapo begins investigating the possibilities of using the collar as the base for the reigns.

And Bells begins skating down the street backwards slowly, beckoning the other two to follow her.
>> No. 40819066
Toby looks up at Bells and Blue as they begin walking off. Friendly or not, he still wasn't about to trust any pony until he had time to know them, and know them well.

"No" he says.

"The cities I came across were either abandoned or slaughtered. I found maybe...three ponies total, but they weren't trusting enough to approach. One tried the shoot me, the other two just ran off."
>> No. 40819084
"Well...that...I don't know." Walks says with a shrug, "If the elders of my village knew, they didn't share. But some Imperials did say it had to do the air?" Walks just sighs, "I can't explain it, I don't even know how it worked when it was being explained to me as if I was a child."
>> No. 40819139
"...That seems kinda off. Folks back home'd be tryin' t'band together and stand as one 'gainst shit. Jus' find it weird there ain't summin like that." Asma shifts another large chunk, slamming it into one of the walls with her back, pausing for a few seconds. "Yer worried 'bout the kid, aincha? An' Reapo?"
>> No. 40819200
File 142621815600.png - (196.02KB , 700x929 , Toby hmm.png )
He starts patching his duct tape pieces together as he shrugs.

"I just don't trust anypony. Not yet...

And I don't know where you came from, but pony folk live in relative harmony around here. I mean, don't get me wrong, ain't like nothin bad ever happens. Just nothin ever this big.

We're not used to all this. Ponies gettin murdered and such, no ruler to quell their fears. Most folks have never even considered they might face somethin as gruesome as this, and even when things are bad enough to cause panic, they turn to the Princesses."

He fiddles with whatever he's making for another minute before picking it up and turning to Asma.

"I reckon they never would need a reason to fight."

He holds his creation up in the air, offering it to Asma. It appears to be a rather large circular cup made out of the tape, with a long loop attached to the top that she can hang around her head.

"For water" he says.
>> No. 40819208
File 142621839636.png - (146.47KB , 1024x623 , rainbow_dash_vector___what_do_you_want_from_me___by_jfplayer34-d5ws1bw.png )
Blue looks over his shoulder at Walks with his eyebrows raised a little, then he stops and faces her.

"But..then how does your species work together? What keeps you all from fighting over lands and stuff? If you don't have to work together to make crops grow, and keep the weather in check, and make things for society, how do you all get along? Build towns?"

He sounds absolutely baffled and almost a little anxious at such an idea.
>> No. 40819224
"Well last I was there....we were have a rather large war with one another." Walks said fondly, "My kind finally stopped being slaves to those bastard elves and we took up swords with them and the norsemen. The Imperials capital and lands had fallen to Deadra and I guess we were all fighting over scraps. Eventually all three armies gathered outside the capital for one last battle. I didn't join in, was too busy trying to fend off a pack of hunters." Walks smiled, "They tasted great, you know, fury makes the blood taste even better than fear." She sighed again, "But we still built villages, towns, grew crops and the such,just had to do it with the threat of death from everyone else."
>> No. 40819230
Blue has one of those expressions on his face that's making it very difficult to understand just what he's thinking. He's quiet for a moment, then he turns back to follow Bells again.

"You know...I really wish I hadn't asked."
>> No. 40819247
"Oh it wasn't all blood and carnage" Walks said smiling, "Last I heard, before I fled the continent, was my side had taken the capital, killed off all the deadra, and managed to make my kind citizens and safe from Slavery...for now. Those elves will manage to enslave us again some how." Walks looked back at Blue, "You think it's all war and bloodshed but in reality, that conflict is one of the few large ones. Generally each side keeps nice with each other."
>> No. 40819253
"Still though...I just can't understand why your kind..or anyone from your world, would do things like that to each other. I just don't get it.."
>> No. 40819259
"Because we don't have your fancy princess to brain wash all of you into thinking the same way." Walks said with a shrug, "If my people wanted power, we'd take it, no matter the cost."
>> No. 40819271
Blue stops and turns to Walks with a little huff in his chest, and though he doesn't quite yell, he makes it very obvious he's upset.

"Brainwash? What's that supposed to mean? Our Princesses never did anything to harm us. They were kind and great rulers who made sure nothing ever happened that would end in fighting or bring harm to us. Why are you insulting them, you didn't even know them!"
>> No. 40819275
"Right right" Walks said, "And they told you everything about the lands correct?" Walks turned to Blue, "Like why weather seems to act on it's own in certain areas? OR why there is no war? Or how you seem to have stayed in a rut, never progressing. Never learning. Always just praising the same old gods, the same rulers." Walks laughed, "It seems strange no? That the princess you talk about seem never grow older,never have a new set of rulers replace them? IF they are so great, why do they hold all the power?"
>> No. 40819283
File 142622219421.jpg - (50.85KB , 600x481 , bane.jpg )
", just. You know what you don't know anything about our world. Things don't work the way they do in yours. Or haven't you noticed yet that our sun isn't rising? Or our moon isn't setting? They have to do those things, they don't just happen.

We used to have fighting-fighting over land and food, and how the weather was controlled. We had to come together to stop that so we could have a better society. And the weather doesn't work in certain places because the magic in those places is chaotic and better left alone. Like the Everfree forest. It's dark and full of weird creatures. It's a hostile environment. Normal pony folk can't live in a place like that, so we let it alone.

And our princesses don't hold all the power. They wouldn't be able to run everything in Equestria if they did. We have other princesses to help with that."
>> No. 40819286
"So because it's don't attempt to tame it?" Walks said, "Wow...brave lot you are. Also if your princess can control things like the moon or the sun, I'm pretty sure they hold most of the power"
>> No. 40819289
"Thanks, but I gotta canteen." She starts shifting more material, piping up once more. "Brown Horse, I jus' want you t'know... I'm in this t'survive. Ain't no hard feelings 'bout it, but I plan on finding my own little corner of hell to ride out this storm in, an' if that means I'll be surrounded by friends while doin' it, that's just fine. But if it's a choice 'tween gettin' me out or gettin' one'a y'all out? It's gonna be me. Ain't nothin' personal to it. I just gotta look out fer me."
>> No. 40819294
File 142622307644.png - (158.66KB , 800x626 , toby.png )
"Just because they have a lot of power doesn't mean they can control everything. They can't be everywhere at once. And why would we want to tame the Everfree? Why wouldn't we leave it alone?"

He was really getting fluffed up now, with his little ears sitting back on his head and his chest ever so slightly raised in an indignant manner.

Toby puts the canteen over his own head with a little shrug, not in the least bit offended.

"I wouldn't expect ya to be any different. I think all of us feel the same way, to one extent or 'nother."

He starts working on another canteen-probably for Blue.

"I'm not one for leaving a pony behind in a bad situation, but no hard feelings if, once were all settled, I go and do my own thing. I haf'ta find my friend-that's first and foremost on my priority list. Then I'll figure out what the buck to do with myself."
>> No. 40819297
"For the resources, the land, the meat." Walks aid shrugging, "I'm sure there's something out there for you lot. I'm just confused as to why you refuse to see it."
>> No. 40819298
"...Thanks Brown horse. That's upstanding of you." She kicks at the rubble a little, removing a battered medicine cabinet from the rubble, attempting to pry it open. "So, watcha gonna do 'bout'em? The kids, that is."
>> No. 40819302
Blue sighs, more than a little frustrated.

"We aren't refusing to see anything. We just don't need to interfere with what isn't ours. The Everfree, and it's creatures, have proven to us that it doesn't want to be tamed, and we respect that."

He turns back around and follows Bells.

"Hey, where are you taking us?"

"The kids?" Toby asks, confused.
>> No. 40819303
"Well, the lil idiot an' Reapo. They're both kids, far as I can tell. So uh... What're y'planin' t'do?"
>> No. 40819309

He stops what he's doing for a minute and looks out towards where they had wondered off.

"Well..truth be told I'm not real sure. I just found Reapo but a couple hours ago..and Blue. Well he ain't no foal. I figure he'll be movin on once we find a any more survivors or other guards. I can see it in him-how much he wants to join them. I'm real surprised he ain't earned his cuty mark yet.."

He goes back towards the half of the house that was still standing and tries the sink, happy to see the water was still running. He fills up his container and gets a pretty big swig before continuing.

"As for Reapo, I suppose I'll just let him tag along with me until I can figure somethin better out for him. If we ever catch back up with Shining Armour, him and his sister might be able a way to set all this straight-send every pony back home, back to wherever they came from. Course..that's a shot in the dark, but I'm hopin."
>> No. 40819312
"...Y'd do that t'the little guy? Look at'im. He fuckin' loves you and that dog. I know it ain't my place, but... Y'should keep'im." She finally rips off the door to the cabinet, retrieving a bottle of store brand pain relief, basically Tylenol, pocketing it with a nod. "Nothing much here... Oh, we'll need these." From the cabinet she removes a few boxed toothbrushes, handing one over to Toby.
>> No. 40819314
Toby looks at the tooth brushes like Asma has just found a bowl full of golden apples.

"Ah, let me see one of them. Thanks."

Toby takes another look out towards where Reapo is and sighs.

"Aah..I know he likes me don't feel right keeping him like some pet. I don't know exactly what he is...but I've been around enough foals and fillies to see he's still little. He should be home, with his own parents, in his own world. Not in this shit hole. And I wouldn't know what he needs...what if he needs some weird food that I can't get him?"
>> No. 40819315
"Like I said, Brave lot you are" Walks said shaking her head, "Just forget it. Course you wouldn't think you've been brainwashed."
>> No. 40819338
"We're not brainwashed!" Blue growls.

"Whatever that even means, you just don't know how things work over here. Like I said before, they don't work like in your world.."

He huffs and tosses his tail back a forth a few times in annoyance as he stomps after Bells.
>> No. 40819587
"...He's a skeleton. How the shit is he s'pposed to eat anything?" Further inspecting the cabinet, she finds an almost empty bottle of peroxide, nodding at it. "Whoever lived here must not've gotten picked clean yet. Got some good shit in here."
>> No. 40820271
He frowns as he still looks out toward Walks and the rest of them, but he doesn't quite bother to answer Asma..because it wasn't physical food he was worried about.

He nods towards the bottle of peroxide.

"Good, we got anything to make packs out of? I thought I saw Blue pull out a sheet. I bet I could cut that up to make a few basic bags."
>> No. 40820285
"That'd be useful. This place is kinda trashed though. Musta gotten hit by summin' big. There's a buncha shit that could be useful, 's jus' busted too bad to use." She demonstrates this by grabbing a pair of backpack straps, ripped from the main pack and only attached by a small piece of cloth. "We'll needta find some better houses to get better shit from'em."
>> No. 40820295
Toby finishes making his second water container and quickly gets the toothbrush wet. Almost immediately he starts scrubbing his teeth down while he fills the container.

"Ya" he says after spitting into the broken sink.

"It's been too quiet for too long. We should hit the road."

He puts the second container around his neck and ponders how he's going to keep the water in if he ends up having to run. He'd have to find a way to cap the top, or just find a better container.

"Let's go catch up with Blue and them, try and figure out where we should go from here. I have a basic map in my head, but with no landmarks to go by, it makes for hard trekkin. Blue lives here. I reckon he'll know the land a bit better."
>> No. 40820534
Walks continues searching through the rubble before stumbling upon a rather strange metal rod. She grabs it, and quickly checking for anyone nearby, exerts a little magic to form it into a blade. She continues for a few more seconds before stopping to gasp for breath. She looks at the new weapons, checking the sharpness of the blade and cursing herself. "It's..fucking dull" She says angrily, "I...should be ore careful with my magic. I don't know if I can restore what I lose on spells" she says to herself, setting out to catch up with Toby.
>> No. 40821557
"Gotcher. It's gettin' dark, we should scrap a lil an' settle down fer the night." Asma peers out of the doorway, down the street at Walks and the gang.
>> No. 40823031
Toby nods and heads out the makeshift door.

"HEY! Blue! Ms.Bells! We need to find somewhere to settle down for the night. We'll start fresh when we get up!"

He then looks over to Walks and a smile smile parts his lips.

"Find yourself a weapon?"
>> No. 40823034
Walks looks up surprised. "Ye...yeah" She says, walking over to him, "Found it in the rubble."
>> No. 40823044
Asma eyes the piece of metal, cocking an eyebrow. "You want a whetstone fer that? I got one you can borrow."

Reapo attempts to ride his mount forwards in desperation of being left behind, wailing to Toby from
down the street.

Bells slows herself down, pointing to a nearby mostly undamaged house with a shrug.
>> No. 40823049
File 142653604921.jpg - (350.03KB , 1689x1947 , Toby happy.jpg )
"Nice catch" Toby says to Walks before looking over and seeing a small Reapo riding a dog. He can't help himself, he starts laughing.

"Aaay! Come on little doggy!" he whistles to Tykki to get him running. And he does-the dog takes off on full speed mode, not giving a second thought as to the little host on his back.

"Alright, well lets go catch up with them, looks like they found somewhere to bunker down."

Toby picks up his things, and with Reapo and Tykki by his side, heads to the new house.
>> No. 40823209
Walks nods, Turning to Asma "No...I'll...make it work" She replied, shrugging. She turned to follow Toby, "I guess I'll take watch."
>> No. 40823266
Toby nods as they make their way to the house.

"If you want. Just wake one of us up if you need to rest anything."
>> No. 40823271
"I'll wake you up before I drink your blood got it" Walks said nodding, "Just get some sleep."
>> No. 40823374
Toby can't help but chuckle a little.

"Not what I was implying, but that would be mighty polite of ya."

And so the band sleeps. Well most of them anyway. Blue and the dog have no problem falling right into dream land, but Toby has a harder time getting some rest. He sits against the wall for most of the night, with his hat against his face to hide the fact that he isn't really sleeping.

A few times he dozed off, but he always wakes with a start to the slightest sound. Finally the hours pass. Toby, not being able to stand it any more, gets up and starts doing things.
>> No. 40823376
Walks sneaks up behind him, "You know when I said I would take watch, it was specifically so you lot could sleep. Not so you could wander around" Walks said smiling, "What's keeping you up? nightmare?"
>> No. 40823471
File 142656381434.png - (196.02KB , 700x929 , Toby hmm.png )
Toby about jumps out of his skin as she talks, and he was to take a few breathes before calming down.

"No, just..internal clock is telling me it's time to get the hay up. Can't tell what the buck hour is supposed to be dawn and I just sleep until I feel like moving."
>> No. 40823488
"It's only been a few hours" Walks said, sighing angrily, "Just get some sleep already. It won't do anyone any good if you can't fight cause you refused to sleep"
>> No. 40823986
File 142661435168.png - (306.03KB , 650x394 , sleepy crusaders.png )
Toby sighs. Had it really only been a few hours?

"Alright, alright. I shall try to sleep."

He picks his hat up off the ground and dusts it off before returning to his previous spot, plopping down with another sigh. He returns the hat to his face and crosses his arms. And much to his surprise, he does feel quite tired.

Day End

Whenever the party decide to get up, they will find a rather adorable sight. Toby is still in his sitting position against the wall, a light snore coming from under his hat. Beside him, curled up in a ball Tykki, still wearing his little harness. And sitting in Tobys lap is Reapo, looking adorable as ever.

Blue on the other hand is sprawled out on his back off in some corner, his sword laying across his chest and belly, and his horn somehow having got wrapped up in the sheet he had found earlier, making him look a bit like a sheik.
>> No. 40824050
Walks shook her head, "Bunch of idiots" she said under her breath, looking at the sleeping forms of her summoned daedra. "Can't remember the last time I really needed sleep" She sighed, stretching her arms and listening the pops as she walked out onto the street, "Glad nothin decided to surprise me last night, not sure how well I could have handled it."
>> No. 40824380
Asma rises fairly quickly, not bothering to stretch as her augments automatically re calibrate for movement. She stands, looking around as the blue lights slowly turn back on. Her eye is the last to turn on, the billions of tiny rings that makes up the lens of the eye rotate into position for proper sight, her normal heads up display flickering into view, a flashing red battery symbol appearing in front of her before disappearing to a top corner and slowly filling with green. She looks around, smiling a little at Toby's cuddling with both of his pets. She looks around, nodding over to Walks.

Bells rises as well, rubbing her eyes and getting up slowly, fumbling around for the pen and paper and pocketing them. She grabs her skates, standing and putting them on, waving over towards Asma and Walks.

Reapo snuggles up close to Toby with a happy sleep murmur.

The next few days were very simple. Scavenging, avoiding small monster packs, and moving on towards the edge of the city. On the particular day we're interested in at the moment, the group has split into two groups to raid two different higher society houses across from each other. Walks, Bells, and Asma are in one house, with Toby, Reapo, and Blue in the other. The two houses are absolutely brimming with useful items for survival, though the house Toby and his group are in appears to be extremely worn and run down, almost like someone-or something-, is living here.

Reapo sits happily atop Toby, smiling around at the house.

Asma picks up a very, very nice looking butcher knife, nodding at it. "Place's got some good shit. We better pick this place dry 'fore we move on."

Bells claps her hands in glee, grinning widely at an ornate jewelry box. She opens it, digging through it's contents with a huge smile on her face.
>> No. 40824403
Walks shakes her head at Bells, "Fancy stones ain't worth nothing now" Walks said with a shrug, "Unless those happen to be soul stones, I doubt we could ever use them" Walks turns and explores the house a bit more, looking for somewhere quiet to attempt to refine her blade she was crafting using magic.
>> No. 40825907
There's plenty of quiet spaces in the house, as nobody's here. As Walks explores, she finds herself in what looks like a child's bedroom. From here, nobody in the kitchen can hear what's going on.

Bells rolls her eyes at Walks, investigating the box further.

Asma continues looking around the kitchen for useful objects.
>> No. 40825914
Walks sits down and pulls out eh dull sword. She breathes in deeply before concentrating, forcing her magic through the metal in order to sharpen it. The blade crackles with blue energy as she works it.
>> No. 40825949
Both Blue and Toby are taking their time scavenging. Something felt up with the place, and neither of them wanted to be caught off guard. Tykki is wondering around aimlessly, sniffing everything, like dogs will do.

Toby is checking out the kitchen area, both for food and to see if the plumbing is still working, while Blue is up stairs rummaging through the bathroom for basic medical supplies.
>> No. 40825950
Reapo remains happily on Toby's back, playing with some fabric.

Blue comes across a room that looks like someone's been living here very recently. And from the corner near the door comes a lower male British voice. "Ey, the fuck're you doin' in my 'ouse?"
>> No. 40825955
Blue draws his sword and seeks out the source of the sound.

"Identify yourself!"
>> No. 40825958
The sound comes from a rather tall man with an umbrella, wearing a trench coat. The man has blond hair cut very close to his head, and his holding both of his hands up. "It's my fookin' house, why are ye pointin' a fuckin'... Izzat a sword? You a sword totin' maniac?"
>> No. 40825962
Blue slowly lowers his sword, but he keeps it ready just in case.

"Your house? When did you get here? Was there anyone here before?"
>> No. 40825981
File 142679202037.jpg - (379.61KB , 400x780 , Penal Set.jpg )
As walks continues to work on the sword, a groan came from the shadows. Walks jumped and backed towards the door. She tried to focus on what the figure looked like but the room was far to dark for her to see properly. She sighed angrily and used some of her magic to make a small light. She squinted in the darkness, raising the small light to illuminate the figure.

"urrrghhh" The groan came again, this time a bit louder as the light came closer to revealing who was there. The light shone on the legs of the figure revealing cuffs and a tattered skirt. The figure shied away from the light, pulling away into a corner. There was a loud clang as a large broadsword fell. Walks cried out in surprise as the sword fell and the light grew dim. "You..." The figure groaned. Walks stammered, "Y..yes?" She continued to back towards the door. "" The figure attempted to stand, her sword dragging across the floor, scraping and tearing up the wood.

"Uh...guy....GUYS!" Walks cries out, "I...need some HELP HERE!!!" The figure cried out, charging forward, her sword pointed directly at Walks. Only Walks managed to trip and fell backwards, narrowly missing being skewered by her sword. Walks scrabbles out of the room, crying for help.
>> No. 40826044
"You the fuckin' cops? This's my house, why the shit're you askin' me so many questions?"

Asma bolts for the upstairs, pistol raised.

Bells just continues digging through the jewelry box.
>> No. 40826045
Walks rushes out of the room, sliding on the ground as a rather large sword slams into the floor behind her. The figure came out of the room, growling with anger as she realized it was light out of the room. She roared in anger as Walks ran, "I THINK WE BETTER GET OUT OF HERE" Walks screamed.
>> No. 40826046
"No, you're occupying this house. This house wasn't your house more than a week ago."

Blue sighs as he thinks a moment.

"It's not easy to not be on guard right now. So don’t do anything...weird, and I won't attack you. I'm just looking for supplies to survive."
>> No. 40826056
"Look, this's my fookin' house. So c'mon, jus' fuckin' le's go talk outside my room 'r somethin'."
>> No. 40826095
File 142679900530.jpg - (48.86KB , 560x488 , estaban.jpg )
This is my house moother fuqer. You get out of here.
>> No. 40826144
File 142680178341.gif - (1.28MB , 360x202 , What what do I know.gif )
Swear on me mum
>> No. 40826313

Before he turns away from the stranger, he calls downstairs.

"Hey Toby! We got somepony up here! Were coming down!"

No way was he going to let this stranger up without some protection. Having the stranger know he had a partner would hopefully make him think twice if he wanted to attack.
>> No. 40826316
"Fookin' 'ell, joost wait outside the room, Ah'll be out in a few."
>> No. 40826334
Blue glares at him.

"No. Come out here and talk to us. I'm not going to leave you alone in here so you can come down there and back stab us."
>> No. 40826339
"So ye come into my fookin' home and wave a sword in my fookin' face and now yer fookin' makin' demands?" The man is clearly getting agitated.
>> No. 40826355
Days of travelling, shitty conditions, fear, and sorrow for the loss of his friends and cousin in the guard make a rage boil up into his chest. It has been sitting in his chest like a wound, and with no pony to talk to or vent, he has let it go unchecked and fester...

"THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE!" he snaps, suddenly wielding his sword up and stomping up to the man.

"It was somepony else's house before you ever got here! Probably a nice family, with fillies and a dog! And they were probably forced to flee from their home because of creatures like YOU!"

He is holding the sword up high with his magic, even closer to the man now, and down below, Toby has heard the shouting.

"Blue?! What the hell's going on up there?! Do you need me to come up?!"
>> No. 40826370
"Well it's my fookin' 'ouse now, don't see them 'ere to lay a fookin' claim!" He raises his umbrella towards the sword as though to block an attack if it comes.
>> No. 40826374
Toby starts heading up the stairs.


Blue looks at the mans umbrella and just snerks.

"You really think that flimsy little piece of cow dung is going to stop me?"
>> No. 40826380
The man slaps the sword out of Blue's grip, the blade clattering to the ground. He then levels his umbrella, a large shunk being heard as a knife blade emerges from the tip. "Ye can say shit, y'little fucker. Y'mum isn't around 'bout to scold ye fer cursin'."
>> No. 40827987
"Fuckin' move!" Asma raises her pistol, firing two shots at the knight.

Bells jumps back at the shots, grabbing the jewelry box and heading out of that house.
>> No. 40828015
The bullets slam into the figure, but doesn't seem to slow it down. It did however lose focus on Walks and retreat back into the room. "What...the fuck was that?" Walks asked, looking towards Asma, "And...who was that?"
>> No. 40828730
"No fuckin' clue." She shouts into the room. "Ey, who the fuck are you an' why're you tryin' t'kill my friend?"
>> No. 40828750
A rather loud growl comes from the room, "Light...." Walks shakes her head, "Seriously...light."

"No Light....Light Bad" The figure growls again, "No one...Can See"
>> No. 40828752
"' that has t'do with stabbin' the fuck outta this lady why?" Her pistol remains up.
>> No. 40828756
"She was...looking at me" The figure replied...rather sheepishly.

"Hey...cyborg, put down the gun. I think against people looking at it's face." Walks said standing up slowly.
>> No. 40828994
"Kay, that's nice, now explain why the fuck you tried to kill my friend here?" The pistol remains up and aimed at the figure.

Bells skates tentatively into the house.
>> No. 40829052
File 142704536441.gif - (714.98KB , 500x281 , waaat.gif )
Blue takes a step back out of surprise just as Toby enters the room and runs into him, knocking him.

"What the buckin hay is going on in here?! You!" he says pointing to the man.

"Put that down. Now. Otherwise your going to have some trouble."

As Toby is getting his sickle ready, Blue quickly grabs his sword and raises it once more.
>> No. 40829057
"Ey, 's this fookin' kid who's fookin' wit' me, this's mah fauken house, an' he comes in 'ere makin' fuckin' demands an' shit o'me in mah fuckin' house. Ah live 'ere." He lowers the umbrella as Toby comes in, clicking the blade in hurriedly so that Toby would not see it.
>> No. 40829066
File 142704637989.png - (196.02KB , 700x929 , Toby hmm.png )
Toby keeps his sickle out, but he doesn't raise it to the man.

Blue on the other hand was still pretty pissed.

"I told you, this ain't your h-"

"Blue! Just...shut the buck up."

"What?! This colt is crazy, this isn't his-"

"Yes it is. Maybe not technically, but do you see anyone else using it? He's trying to survive just like we are Blue. Can you blame him?"

Blue Skys face takes on a more purple tone as a blush comes to his cheeks and he lowers his sword. He still looks pissed off to all hell, but for the moment, he doesn't argue.

"Alright, now" Toby turns to the man.

"We came here looking for supplies. Obviously since this is your place, I-WE-don't want to be tramplin any hooves. I reckon we can barter a bit? We're just trying to make it to the next town-wherever that might be."
>> No. 40829117
"Aight, now that summun's bein' reasonable, ah'm willin' t'trade. Go t'the livin' room, an' fookin' stay there. Y'hear? Stay in the livin' room."
>> No. 40829135
Toby nods and gives Blue a look. For a moment, the roudy teen seems like he's going to argue, but after a small stare off, Blue huffs and sheaths his sword then tramps downstairs. Toby sighs, before tipping his hat to the man and making his way downstairs as well.

In the living room, Blue starts in on Toby the minute he steps in.

"I don't trust him. Why did he want us to come down here? Why didn't he come down with us?"

"I don't trust him either Blue, but he's got a stake on this place. It ain't ours. We don't know what he's capable of, or if he's the only one here. I don't want to get blind sided either, but ya can't be going around makin enemies before ya even got a clue what's up their buckin sleeves."
>> No. 40829155
The man peeks into the room, speaking. "Oh, an' one other thing, don't fookin' look in any of the closets or cupboards, gottit?"
>> No. 40829167
File 142705151626.png - (206.71KB , 488x345 , spiderman.png )
"Well I d-" Blue stops when he hears the man, but the minute he stops shouting Blue has a look on his face.

"Blue..." Toby draws his name out, more a half-hearted warning then anything, but it's too late. Blue has already turned and started marching to the first cupboard he can find. Toby was a little torn. He wanted to intercede, but at the same time. The man upstairs gave him the willies. He was just as curious, if not more, than Blue.
>> No. 40829171
Reapo hops down of Toby's back, waddling over to where the man peeked from, looking around the room and smiling about.
>> No. 40829173
File 142705188470.png - (142.22KB , 570x470 , your momma.png )
Toby sheepishly follows Blue over to the cupboard, peeking over his shoulder as Blue opens it....
>> No. 40829175
The cupboard is full of sewing needles. Not bloody sewing needles, and there's no string, just a cupboard full of sewing needles in various containers, none of which are extraordinary.
>> No. 40829177
Tobys eyes quirk up questioning, but Blue doesn't seem to be satisfied with his find. He goes to the closet and opens it quickly.
>> No. 40829179
Behind the closet door is a closet with the same cargo as the cupboard. There's two other closets in the room.
The man shouts down from the upper floor. "Ah'll be down in a few, gotta get my shit togevver."
>> No. 40829180
"Can't see...No one can see..f seen...make hollow....Don't want to be Hollow...Can't be seen" The figure repeats this chant for a while, peeking out of the room before quickly pulling it's head back inside. It seems whatever is wrong with the person it has to do with being seen.
>> No. 40829181
"Fangs, grab a sheet from one of the other bedrooms. Ey, you in the room. Drop the sword, we'll give y'something t'hide ya so we can't see. Jus' drop the fuckin' sword."
>> No. 40829182

"Alright, take your time!" Toby shouts up as he shuts the cupboard and closet behind Blue who goes to the other closet and opens it. Finally giving in to temptation, Toby heads to the opposite closet and does the same.
>> No. 40829184
The figure whimpers as you hear the sword clang to the ground. Walks grabs the sheet and steps slowly into the room, Pausing at the door. "Hey....She's got a mask on..." Walks calls out, "I can't see her at all"
>> No. 40829185
Toby finds the same thing as the other closet, hundreds if not thousands of sewing needles, all shiny clean.
Blue finds something very different. In the closet, which is much bigger than the others, what might have been a pony at some point is hanging from the ceiling, seemingly punctured by thousands of tiny sharp objects. The scene is absolutely horrific, and the closet's floor is caked with dried blood. Several sewing needles are still in the corpse.

"Don't care, have the fuckin' sheet and come out so we can talk. Fangs, get the sword."

Bells still looks through the jewelry box.

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>> No. 40829197
File 142705364118.png - (18.50KB , 800x640 , Toby AAAAA.png )
Toby shuts the closet quietly. Then he hears a sound from Blue, something like a retch as he turns around.


He only stares for a few seconds before he quickly makes his way over to Blue and shuts the closet. He takes care to do it quietly though.

"Blue, Blue look at me" he shakes the unicorn lightly.

"Breath, Breath through it. We need to act normal, ya hear? We can't tip him off. Now get ahold of ye'self. That's it. Go sit down on the couch and act like your waiting. I'm going to meet him at the stairs."

Blue is only able to nod slightly as he tries to hold his stomach down. He makes his way over to the couch and sits heavily, thankful for the relief. His hooves were still shaking a little as he takes his sword out and lays it on his lap.

Toby makes his way over to the entrance of the living room and watches the stairs. He still hasn't put his sickle way since coming down, and now he just lays it nice and easy in front of him.

"So stranger" he calls up.

"When did you happen to get here? We been travelling, I'd say little over two weeks now. Rough goin', but we ain't ran into no big trouble yet."
>> No. 40829200
Before Toby even turns away from Blue, he hears a squeak from the doorway, and the click of the man's boots on the wooden floor. "You jus' can't listen t'wot I say, cantcha?" He's holding Reapo by the back of his cloak in one hand, holding the umbrella to the front of his neck. He rotates it a little so that Toby can easily see that there's a razor blade attached to it, hovering dangerously close to the tiny skeleton's throat. "Now'en, you're going to drop your weapons, and kick'em over to me, or I will remove this tiny thing's head from 'is shoulders."

Reapo squeals, waving his hands towards Toby and whining.
>> No. 40829212
Walks leads a sheet covered figure out of the room, dragging the sword behind her. From what you can see under the sheet, her clothes don't cover much, leaving her legs bare to showcase two cuffs attached with nails to her ankles. How she can walk is a mystery. Her hands are also bound by cuffs seemingly restricting her movement yet the way she swings the sword, you wouldn't believe that they restricted anything.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 22nd, 2015 13:11

>> No. 40829217
File 142705506081.gif - (1.72MB , 318x132 , Luuuigi why.gif )
Blue jumps to his feat, his sword clattering to the ground. He wanted to pick it up, but he thinks twice about it. Toby on the other hand..he hasn't moved yet. He neither reaches for his weapon, or slides it over.

"Mister...your walkin a fine buckin line right now, let me tell ya. Now you better remember before you go on and do somethin real stupid, your outnumbered. If something happens to Reapo, it will be you hanging in that closet dripping blood."

Tobys takes a slow step towards the man, murder dancing in his black eyes.

"Or maybe I won't leave you in the closet. Maybe I'll tie you down over a couple of spike weeds, let the roots grow up into your chest slowly. It take at least a week you know...nice and slow so you don't bleed out, but just enough that the ants will be coming from miles around to feast on your ass..."
>> No. 40829223
"Uhuh, the way I see it, I've got all the power. I've got one'a yours, an' you have nothin'. Put the weapons down, and kick'em over." He returns Toby's stare with a slight grin.
>> No. 40829236
"You don't got shit to work with and it's a crying buckin shame you think you do you piece of garbage. Your gonna put, him, down...or I'm gonna have to chop of that buckin limb of yours."
>> No. 40829247
He simply brings the razor blade closer to the edge of Reapo's cloak nonchalontly.

Reapo mewls, reaching out for Toby in terror.
>> No. 40829260
Toby wasn't backing down, and Blue could see it in his stance. He was going to do it, he was going to be an idiot and try to attack him. Blue may not be as attached to the little Reapo, but he still liked him. And for once, Toby didn't seem to have a clear head on this.

"Alright! Alright, we giving up" Blue says as he kicks his sword over.

"Just do what he wants Toby! We don't know what will happen to Reapo...he might kill him.."

Toby pauses in his advance. He didn't want to...he really didn't want to, but he had to. His sickle comes sliding over to the man.
>> No. 40829295
The man kicks Blue's sword behind him, but seems to take special liking to the scythe. He picks it up, tracing the tip lightly over the top of the tiny skeleton's head with the tip of it while said skeleton makes a tiny unhappy scared moan. "Noice little skeleton y'got 'ere. Wot wouldja do if ah let you all go jus' fine with one lil catch?"
>> No. 40829299
Toby all but growls as he messes with Reapo.

"We're not leaving without him if that's what your implying..."
>> No. 40829314
"Oh, no. You just have to stand there, and not move while I 'ave a little fun with your skeleton friend here."
>> No. 40829316
"What the BUCK do you mean fun?! You ain't gonna be doin nothin to him, ya hear me?!"
>> No. 40829320
"My house, my terms. You have ten seconds to decide whether I cut off his head and kill both of you, or agree to my terms?"
>> No. 40829326
Blue is the one to speak up this time.

"No! Don't..we just...we just want to know what your going to do with him?"
>> No. 40829339
"Well, he's a skeleton, inn'e? I figure he can take some punishment." The man once again lightly caresses the skeleton's head with the tip of the scythe.
>> No. 40829354
Toby has had just about enough of the crazy fuck. He makes a high pitched whistle, and out from some other room the man can hear a clacking noise on the hard ground as the big dog comes running to his master...
>> No. 40829361
He just kicks the door of the living room closed, backing up against it to keep it closed. "Nice try. Just for that, I'm going to make this worse for you. The skeleton, or the kid? Hmm? One of them gets to leave here unscathed. Choose quickly, little horse. Or m'patience might just wear the fook out."
>> No. 40829362
The dog barks as the door is shut in his face before whining a little. Toby looks at Reapos scared little face, and he makes a decision.

"The kid. Take Blue and gimme back my skeleton."

"What?! Toby you cud eating two bit traitor!"
>> No. 40829363
"Kid first. I'm not a fookin' idiot." He moves the sickle to the tiny skeleton's throat.
>> No. 40829396
Toby starts backing up to Blue, where as Blue is backing up from him.

"Buck you Toby, I ain't gonna be your sack of flour for some buckin trade of-"

Toby abruptly grabs him from behind in a head lock and starts dragging him forward, keeping his own head low to the teenagers shoulder so he can't kick him or bite him as he forces him forward.

"Let me go! Toby gunnabit! LET ME GO!"

Blue wasn't weak by any means, but Toby was born and bred a farm pony. His muscles were strong, and his will stronger. The two of them tussle for a moment before Toby finally manages to get him under control enough to hand over to the stranger.
>> No. 40829404
The stranger makes the trade, grabbing Blue roughly and putting the scythe around his through hurriedly, before dropping and kicking Reapo over, still blocking the door. "Now call off the dog."
>> No. 40829420
Toby scoops Reapo up in a hug quickly before glaring at the stranger.

"The dog ain't gonna do nothin'. He's not trained to attack. Just tell him to move and he'll move."
>> No. 40829454
"Call off the dog. Now." He brings the sickle very close to the pony's neck.
>> No. 40829458
"Tykki! Go on boy! Get! Go lay down."

The dog whines again, but the steady clack, clack, clack of his feet on the floor show that he has obeyed the command.
>> No. 40829460
The man hurriedly locks the with his other hand, making sure it's tightly sealed. He then jerks his head towards the closet. "That one's hung up with handcuffs. Take'em, and cuff yourself to the radiator in the corner."
>> No. 40829844
File 142713072425.png - (192.47KB , 454x273 , dogs.png )
Toby looks towards the closet, then back at the man. He gives a small smirk.


Not even a second after he says this, Blue's horn glows and a crackling, popping sound is heard as light emanates around him for a moment. Then it's gone, as if nothing ever happened.

"You know, you really shouldn't buck with a unicorn" Blue says as he nonchalantly begins to push the mans arm off of him.
>> No. 40829926
...or it would have, if the light hadn't instantly fizzled from the young unicorn's horn. The man chuckles, pricking the young horse lightly in the throat. "Y'think yer little party trick's gonna save you? Think again. An' jus' fer that, I'm gonna make this even worse fer you. You're goin' t'watch an' see what your fuck up's gonna do to this kid. If you close your fuckin' eyes, or look away, I'll fuckin' kill 'im. Y'hear?"
>> No. 40830170
"Nkay, let's jus' talk fer a bit an' not try t'murder each other. Sound good?"
>> No. 40830173
Walks shrugged, "I mean, her face is covered by this mask"

The figure shivered under the sheet, "Ma..Mask?" The cuffed hands reached under the sheet to feel her face, "Not....hollow......mask...."

"I think we broke her mentally." Walks whispered to Asma, "Hope the others have found something better than we did."
>> No. 40830180
"...why the fuck does everythin' go to hell when ah'm in charge?" She sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Jus' sit 'er down somewhere an' gimme a minute to make sure Bells didn't do a critical pirouette off the fuckin' handle."
>> No. 40830182
Walks led the figure to a chair nearby and sat her down, "Alright, now can you explain to me how someone like you managed to lock themselves up in this house?"

The figure sat in silence, "Or you could just ignore me and continue to be amazed that you are in fact wearing a mask....great"
>> No. 40830187
Asma in the meantime heads downstairs. "Ey, Bells, everythin's f- Oh yer already back inside. Cool."

Bells waves, holding up several shiny pieces of jewelry to her with a maniacal grin on her face, pointing to Asma with her other hand.

Asma glares at Bells. "Try it and die."

Bells puts the jewelry behind her back, whistling and looking as though nothing happened at all.

Asma heads back upstairs, sighing. "So what's goin' on in 'ere."
>> No. 40830189
"She's dumbstruck by the fact that she is wearing a mask" Walks said, removing the sheet, revealing the figure to simply be holding her hand in her hands, "What ever made her go mad seems to be linked with people seeing something about her face. So maybe she's got some scar or illness that affects her" Walks shrugged, "All I know is she hasn't spoken in a long time and may take some time to warm up to us, but she ain't hostile"
>> No. 40830199
"...y'figured that out by sittin' with her fer less'n five minutes?"
>> No. 40830203
"She hasn't attacked me yet, and she seemed to be angry at light and was surprised when she was told she had a mask on." Walks said shaking her head slightly, "I did not learn that in five minutes, I observed her the second I saw her."

The figure is crying almost silently, a faint noise coming from her, "Whatever has happened to her, she's confused, probably doesn't even remember how she got here."
>> No. 40830220
"...Well, thanks fer that Sherlock. Keep lookin' around, ah'll sit an' make sure she doesn't stab us 'r some shit."
>> No. 40830248
"Alright" Walks said shaking her head, "I doubt we'll find much here but I'll try" Walks goes back into the room she found the figure in and continues to search through it, hoping to find something valuable.
>> No. 40830942
"What?!" Blue shouts as he watches his spell fizzle out.

"Why didn't my magic work?!"

Toby stares at the drop of blood that trickles down Blues neck and he starts to break out in a sweat. What was he going to do? He was counting on that to work, to make a distraction so he could beat the shit out of this crazy fuck!

Wait...a distraction...

"Wait! Wait! I uh...we got other pones with us, ya hear? Two pretty little mares. What if we do a trade, hmm? Give you them for our freedom? They trust us you know, pretty easy bait."

Outside the door Tykki has come back to sit at the door and whine, and occasionally paw at it.
>> No. 40830956
"I'm a simple man little horse. And I've got simple requests. So tell me right now if you want me to kill you all, or if you're gonna agree to my terms."
>> No. 40830968
Toby nods slowly.

"Your terms mister."
>> No. 40830990
"Then get the fuckin' handcuffs before my patience runs the fuck out."
>> No. 40830996
Toby wanted nothing more than to back kick this crazy fuck across the room, but Blue was still in danger so he does as he's told. Holding his breath as he wrestles with the cuffs, he tries his best not to take in too much detail of the corpse. Finally he walks out with the cuffs.
>> No. 40830999
He reaches into his pocket with one hand, tossing a set of keys over to Toby. "Cuff y'self and the skeleton to the radiator."
>> No. 40831135
He catches the keys and looks at them for a moment.

"What about my offer? I give you a couple girls, and you let us go?"

He didn't want to anger the man further so he walks towards the radiator as he speaks. Meanwhile outside, the dog is all but having a hissy fit-scratching and whining at the door. He could hear the tension in Tobys voice, and it made him very nervous.

He gives one final scratch at the door, then ceases his noises.
>> No. 40831141
"...Fuckin' talk again and this little horse won't leave the house alive."
>> No. 40831174
File 142724135033.png - (158.66KB , 800x626 , toby.png )
Toby just looks at the man as he cuffs himself and Reapo to the radiator.


Tykki has said fuck this shit, and has wondered out of the house, making his way to Asma or Walks, whoever he finds first.
>> No. 40831211
The man turns around, flicking a small switch on the wall, bars coming down on the door. "Funny wot rich'uns'll pay fer, eh? Now'en, yer gonna watch, an' if you look away, ah'm gonna kill'im. Nod 'f you get me."
>> No. 40831242
Toby eyes the bars before shifting his gaze to Blue. After a few seconds, he nods.
>> No. 40831243
"Toss the keys over in the closet." He jerks his head towards it."

Reapo whines quietly, trying to snuggle up to Toby for comfort.

"So uh, what's yer name?"
>> No. 40831247
"Lu...Lunaire..." Lunaire replied, "The...knights....gave me th...the name...."
>> No. 40831249
"Nkay. Why'dja try to murder my friend 'ere?"

Bells closes the door, glaring through the window and heading upstairs with her treasure.
>> No. 40831250
"I...was scared....I thought..." Lunaire said with a shudder, "I was...going crazy....and I guess...I wet crazy."

Walks pokes her out of the doorway and yells, "I found some food....I guys eat fruit right?"
>> No. 40831251
He does as he's told, then pulls Reapo next to his side.

And at the other house, Tykki is outside the front door whining loudly and pawing the wood. After a minute of no reply, he whines louder and starts to bark.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 24th, 2015 18:53

>> No. 40831253
Asma calls over her shoulder. "Yeah, ah eat fruit." She turns back to Lunaire. "Nkay, y'good now?"

Bells hears him, heading to the door and opening it, casting him a suspicious glare with a cocked head.
>> No. 40831256
Tykki circles Bells and sniffs the ground, whining. He then looks up to her for a moment, then takes off up the stairs in search of Asma or Walks.
>> No. 40831259
He finds Asma first. She eyes the dog. "Whatcha want, mutt? Why y'not with the Brown horse, eh?"
>> No. 40831264
Tykki looks at her her and whines, not bothering to wag his tail. He circles around a bit, sniffing a little, then whines some more as he looks toward the door.
>> No. 40831265
"Yes....Do...does need help?" She manages to ask, "I want to help"
>> No. 40831266
"Don'tcha look away or I fookin' kill 'im slowly. Nod 'f y'get it."
>> No. 40831268
Toby nods. Beside him, Reapo can probably feel him shaking, and the occasional hitch in his breathing.
>> No. 40831270
"Now'en. Let's start, shall we?" And then the torture began.

"The fuck you want, dog? Go back t'the brown ho- Fuck." Asma stands abruptly, shouting through the house. "The other group needs checkin' on, Bells go do that with the dog."

Bells eyes the dog, waiting for it to lead the way.
>> No. 40831279
Once Tykki sees that Bells is coming outside, he takes off in a run to the other house. At the front door, he starts scratching on it and whining.

Blue tries his best to hold it together, but he yells. Loudly.

Toby doesn't look away, but he stands up in his nervousness.
>> No. 40831281
Reapo starts trying to look away, and the man shouts over to Toby. "He watches too. Don't let him look away."

Bells eyes the front door, brushing by the handle and jumping at the electrified handle. She glares at it, entering the house and looking around.
>> No. 40831284
"The other group needs checkin on and you send teh mute chick to check on them." Walks says, going to the same room as Asma,"Alright, looks like we got to pull their ass out of the fire, How's she doin?" Walks nods towards Lunaire.
>> No. 40831286
"Uh, fine. She's sorta talkin' now, 'parrently she's called Lunaire. And we'll wait to see."
>> No. 40831289
File 142725130491.jpg - (7.11KB , 236x177 , 0b57f999b48c1906cb9d9312fe3f93eb.jpg )
"You sick..Don't make him-" Toby shuts up mid-sentence, seeing the warning in the crazy mans eyes. He grinds his teeth and picks Reapo up.

Tears are starting to wet his eyes as he forces Reapos head around.
>> No. 40831291
Reapo squeals, trying to resist.

The man continues with his work, making sure not to cripple Blue or kill him.
>> No. 40831296
Tykki runs straight back to the room he had been at and immediately starts to scratch at the door.

Inside, Blue lets out another wail from the pain, and Toby is shaking as he holds Reapo still.

"stop it...

STOP IT! Let him go damnit! I can't.." he struggles to get a breath in as he the tears run down his face.
>> No. 40831302
Bells looks through the bars, eyes wide. She hurriedly skates back, jangling her jewelry box very, very loudly.

Asma turns at the sound, standing and running downstairs, pistol in hand. "Come on you two, let's go."

The man stops for a moment, looking at Toby, then looking to Blue. He looks at Blue's rather mutilated form, nonchalantly making one last slow very, very painful slice to his rear half, before dropping him to the floor. The man calmly flicks the switch, switching off the lock down and walking into the closet, scraping off some of the blood from the floor to find a submerged handle in the floor, opening a hatch in the floor and disappearing with a parting smile and choice line. "I'll see you again, little horse. And this time your skeleton's going to pay for your mistakes." He then closes the hatch, and a large clunk can be heard. Then, all is silent.
>> No. 40831305
Walks and Lunaire run to follow Asma, "I swear if anyone died I'm going to raise them from the dead myself so I CAN KILL THEM AGAIN!" Walks praicatlly yelled angrily.

Lunaire looked up at Walks worriedly, " do that?"

"No...but I'll find a way."
>> No. 40831309
Blue sits on his good side and stares at the ground, very clearly out of it and on the verge of passing out.

Toby lets go of Reapo and immediately starts to buck the cuffs with his back hoof.


He gives it a few more good kicks, and then finally breaks free and runs to Blue. He skids in the kids blood before he is able to get up and wrap his arms around Blues head and hold him close.

"Ah colt...oh the princesses I'm so bucking sorry..."

He burries his nose in Blues mane and starts sobbing.

"Aw'm sorry, so buckin sorry.." he keeps blabbering.

"its ok didn't know..know it wouldn't work.."
>> No. 40831317
Reapo makes almost crying sounds at the radiator, looking in terror at Toby.

And then the other group bursts in. Asma kicks the door off it's hinges, staring at the situation with wide eyes, dropping to her knees by the wounded colt, trying to peel Toby off. "Get off him, that's not helping you fuckwit!" She's clearly panicking hardcore mode.

Bells gets in and instantly goes outside, vomiting into a shrubbery.
>> No. 40831322
Walks stands stock still at the door, shaking slightly. Lunaire looks inside before turning away, whispering "nononono" As she goes outside. Walks looks at Toby, a new look of pure rage in her eyes, "WHO THE FUCK DID THIS" She roars, not even looking at Blue, "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE DEAD FUCK WHO DID THIS"
>> No. 40831323
Toby doesn't even fight her tearing him off, and he just sits next to him, staring at the colt. He can't take his eyes off him.

Blue tries to look at Asma but the act seems to make him dizzy and he sways, leaning forward onto his leg.

"not his fault asma...we didn't know..

Last edited at Tue, Mar 24th, 2015 20:16

>> No. 40831325
Toby weakly lifts his arm and points at the floor where the man seems to have disappeared into.
>> No. 40831328
Bells continues being violently sick into a bush in clear view of Lunaire.

"Shut the fuck up kid, you'll be fine." She screams at Walks. "Fucking help him you retard, we can go after that shitstain fucking later, do you understand me fuckwit?"

Reapo manages to disentangle himself, running out of the room and entering the so far unexplored area of the house.
>> No. 40831332
Walks runs over to the spot, and slams her foot into the ground, trying to force the ground to spit out the person who hurt Blue. Her attempts amount to nothing but her foot being rather cut up and the floor boards in the area being reduced to splinters. "GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!" Walks roared again, sinking to her knees, "God....fucking damning" She said as she started to cry, blood leaking from her eyes instead of tears, " go and get killed....didn't he"
>> No. 40831336
Somewhere through the yelling and chaos, Blue and Toby share a look, and the way that Blue looks at the older stallion...he can't handle it. He chokes on another sob as it wracks through him and he starts to stand up. He couldn't be here, not right now. He had to do something.

toby. go get reapo..don't..want him getting lost..

The tan horse wipes at his eyes furiously and nods before leaving the room in search of the little skeleton.

"Reapo...Reapo!" he starts calling out to him through bouts of crying.
>> No. 40831949
Asma stands after quickly caressing Blue's head lightly, walking over to Walks and just slapping her in the face with the back of her robot hand. "Get the fuck up and help you fucker. You have my permission to fucking cry when the Kid's alright, you fucking understand me?" She shouts down into Walk's face, now just angry instead of panicking.

Reapo makes a small noise from the other area, but it's rather quiet.
>> No. 40831976
"The fuck do you want me to do?" Walks asked, tears still streaming down her face, "I don't have enough magic left in fix him." Walks stood up, "I don't understand how to heal without magic so please, TELL ME HOW I CAN HELP!"
>> No. 40831978
Tykki scouts out ahead of Toby, sniffing for the little skeletons cloak. The dog doesn't understand what was going on, all he knows is that someone doesn't feel good, and a good lick to the face will make it all better!

Toby on the other hand is a bit slow to the draw. He heads toward the direction of the noise and the dog, but his hooves drag on the floor. He needed to find Reapo, but at the same time he was afraid to. He didn't know what to do once he found him, and the thought of Reapo shying away from him in fear hurt his heart. Of course, he couldn't expect anything different...

"I swear on the princesses grave when I find you, you crazy son of're gonna pay for this.." he whispers as he wipes his face again.

>> No. 40831995
"Fucking shit, sheets or something, fuck!" Asma's clearly freaking out just as much as Walks is as she starts scrambling around for anything to use as bandages, ending up just taking off her jacket and tying it tightly around the most damaged areas of Blue's body, muttering to herself as she does so.

Reapo is heard whining somewhere in the other area, which is just a normal kitchen area leading into a guest bedroom. As Toby enters the guest bedroom, a rather sad site greets him. A girl looking to be of the same species as the man he just encountered or Asma hanging from a rope attached to a ceiling fan. She seems to have been there a day or two, and is completely unharmed other than that. Fiery red hair hanging down to her waist in a ponytail. She's clothed in a plain white nightgown.
That's not exactly the most interesting thing in the room, however. Reapo is keening in the corner, and floating next to him is a light blue glowing figure, with similar hair and clothing to the girl hanging from the ceiling. She's cooing lightly to the tiny skeleton, patting him on the head. She looks up a little with a big smile, taking in a harsh breath when she sees Toby and floating backwards a little, looking scared.

Bells sits on the ground outside, shaking a little, making rather intricate gestures at Lunaire.

Last edited at Wed, Mar 25th, 2015 12:56

>> No. 40832007
Lunaire tilts her head at Bells, "I...don't know...what you are do...say..." Lunarie Walks over to Bells, tentatively patting her on the back

Walks tore strips from her dress and began trying them around wounds. Her tears were still following as she shook her head, "Never should've left you....never should've let you go here without something to protect you....stupid...stupid" Walks says under her breath.
>> No. 40832146
She wipes her mouth off on her sleeve, still shaking as she removes her pad of paper. She scribbles hurriedly, before passing it to Lunaire. If she can read, the paper says the following,
I've never seen anything like that before. I don't want to.
Above that on the page is the sketch of the group.

Asma takes some of the strips, eventually stopping to bleeding. She leans back a little, organic arm shaking slightly. "He's... He's gonna be alright for now."
>> No. 40832158
"When we find him" Walks said looking at Asma, "No one touches him but me."

Lunaire tilts her head in confusion, "Do you...need anything?"
>> No. 40832290
"Get in fuckin' line, Fangs."

Bells takes her pad back, scribbling on it and handing it back.
A hug would be nice.
>> No. 40832837
File 142738915713.png - (111.79KB , 500x491 , Toby meloncholy.png )
Toby enters the room, about to call out for Reapo again, but when he sees the sight before him he chokes on his own breath. He stops and stares at the hanging body-a strange, disgusting fascination playing out in his mind. He had seen this before. Once when he was very young, and many times over the past couple weeks. He didn't know why he was still shocked by it, and yet here he was. Staring dumbfounded at yet another poor soul.

Then he saw the blue glow out of the corner of his eye, and his face takes on a new kind of surprise. He stares at the girl for a moment, then back at the corpse, then slowly back to the girl. Somewhere in his brain, something ticked and a cold understanding came to him. He starts to shake.

"Is...Is that you?" he asks quietly as he gently nods to the corpse. He sniffs, wipes his nose and face again, then with a steel-will he shakily approaches the body. He studies it for a moment, makes a tiny nod to himself, then grabs a nearby chair to climb on. Slowly and carefully, he begins the process of getting the body down. Once he has her unhooked, he gently lays her over his shoulder and climbs off his chair.

With all the care of a man laying his fragile and elderly mother down to rest, he lays the body on the floor. Feet first, then head, taking care not to let it hit the floor too hard. Gently, he brushes her hair back and lifts her arms to her chest, giving the appearance that she is merely sleeping. He then takes his shirt off, folds it, and lays it under her head. He stares at the gently girl for a moment more before he takes his hat off and lays it over her face. Still shaking, he turns to Reapo and the young girl. He finds it hard to make eye contact with either of them, and merely stands there like an awkward little foal caught getting into mischief.

Throughout all this, Tykki has wondered from Reapo to the girl, to Toby, and back again. He softly whines, not understanding what's happening, and only feeling the tension in the room.

Blue is still conscious as they patch him up, now laying on the ground with his head hanging and his eyes just sort of staring at the ground lazily. He hurt too much to think properly, but he was trying. He had the vague sense that Walks and Asma might not have been through hostile situation before, and he had the urge, the natural guard want, to help guide them...but he was too weak at the moment, and it sort of angered him. Carefully, he tries to put his thoughts in order, to form a mental checklist of what the situation needed-just as Shining had taught him.

So far, they had him bandaged. Alright. That was good, stopped the bleeding. But he was in shock..that's what this was. And they probably were too, they probably needed something to do.

He clears his throat a little so he can make himself heard.

"I need...a blanket. Lost too much blood...and some water.."

The thinking was helping him to calm down as well as distract him from the pain. This was good, he needed this.
>> No. 40832851
The girl stops shying away from Toby once he's done, walking back to Reapo cautiously. Reapo offers his hand to her, and she takes it with a small ghost blush. Reapo leads her over to Toby, and the girl hugs him. It's a strange experience, and the ghost is strangely warm and enveloping. Reapo joins in the hug, keening lightly.

"No fucking shit you asshat, Fangs go fuckin' get that shit I'll make sure he doesn't die in the meantime."
>> No. 40832864
"Alright...." Walks said, standing, "But I doubt there's much clean water here" Walks leaves to go find a blanket
Lunaire slowly hugged Bells, slightly confused as to what was going on. It had been a long time since she had talked to people, let alone hugged them. Maybe this forced exile for crimes that she couldn't honestly remember committing wasn't the best idea.
>> No. 40832868
Hey yo, I posted a character in /ooc/, what's next?
>> No. 40832872
Bells continues shaking, scribbling quickly, holding it so Lunaire can see.
I'm kind of scared. You?

Topics that belong in the OOC should stay in the OOC. Do not take it to the RP thread.
>> No. 40832896
"I haven't felt fear for a long time, but what I saw in there" Lunaire "It....brought...back memories"
>> No. 40833260
He sits heavily on the ground and slowly pulls the two into a lose hug, and then he can't hold it any more. He starts crying. Not loudly, infact barely more than a muffled whine can be heard from him, but he shakes with each sob and gasp of breath.

Blue is lying on the floor shivering every few seconds.


He was going to ask the cyborg something, but it seems to slip away from him as he closes his eyes. He knew it was not a good idea, but he was SO tired all of a sudden. He swallows to try and wet his throat and fight the sudden exhaustion, but it doesn't help much, and though his breathing is still coming in rapid little pants, he can't seem to bring himself to open his eyes.
>> No. 40833272
The girl pulls away a little, looking down at Reapo with a 'hm?'. The seem to chatter back and forth for a few brief moments, before the ghost girl turns back to Toby and hugs him tightly, giving off quite a bit of heat. Reapo hugs Toby tightly as well, cooing softly.

"The fuck is it kid. Ey, shitlord open yer fuckin' eyes and look at me you faggot." She props his head up carefully.

Bells takes back her pad, scribbling for a few seconds before holding it up again.
Alright Batgirl.
There's then an arrow upwards, where Lunaire has been added to the picture hanging out next to Toby looking menacing. A few bats have been drawn in above her.
>> No. 40833370
Walks comes back with a bucket of water and a blanket. "What's wrong with him now?" Walks asks, handing the stuff to Asma.

Lunaire shakes her head, chuckling, "That...who is this Batgirl?"
>> No. 40839901
File 142781768041.jpg - (129.34KB , 320x240 , c5e.jpg )
>> No. 40839910
Toby quietly cries for a few more minutes, before he is able to pull it together. With a couple long sighs, he finally lets go of Reapo and the girl and cleans himself up a bit.

"We should get back..need to check on Blue."


Asmas voice brings him around, and Blue slowly meets her gaze. He looks a little confused for a moment-looking around the room and trying to remember what it was he lost. Then recognition hits him.

"Where's Reapo?" he asks, a little concerned.
>> No. 40839918
"The brown horse's goin' t'get'im. Jus' stay afuckin'wake y'prick 'fore I start slappin' you." She takes the things from Walks, carefully wrapping the small horse in the blanket, bringing the water up so he can drink some.

Reapo makes an exclamatory noise, shaking his head and scuttling over to the ghost, hiding behind her mostly translucent body. She looks over her shoulder, giggling and poking Reapo on the nose, which elicits a skeleblush from the tiny skeleton. She walks over to Toby, patting him on the head and pointing to her covered up body with a smile.

Bells takes the paper back, scribbling on it and passing it back.
They don't have comics where you're from?
>> No. 40839925
File 142782077229.png - (51.08KB , 336x310 , Toby face.png )
Blue can't quite seem to get a nod down, so he just mumbles an 'ok' before he takes a couple drinks of water.

Toby looks at the body, then turns back to the girl with his own blush.

"I couldn't just leave you like that.."
>> No. 40839934
"Don't o-fuckin-kay me you little asshole, stay afuckin'wake."

She pats him on the head a few more times with a smile on her face. Reapo toddles over, walking up behind the ghost girl and still hiding. She looks back at him again, patting him lightly on the head as well as skeleblush intensifies.
>> No. 40839937
Blue starts to get a little frustrated, but then he lets it go with a chuckle.


He looks at Asma with a wily little grin on his face.

Toby stands up, giving them both a small smile.

"Really though, we need to get back and check on Blue. You want a ride?"

He looks at Reapo, then gestures to his own back.
>> No. 40839938
"What's that smirk doing on your dumb fuckin' face?"

Reapo shakes his head, peaking out from behind the ghost. She looks down at him with a cocked head, making a questioning noise at the tiny skeleton.
>> No. 40839947
Blue just smiles and slowly nods back and forth.


Toby looks at the two of them and sighs. He had an idea of why Reapo didn't want to come back. He offers his hoof out to the little skeleton.

"It'll be ok. Just close your eyes."

He makes a gesture with his hoof-showing the little skeleton that he can close or cover his eyes-before offering the hoof back for him to take.
>> No. 40839948
"Oh yer bein' a prick as well as bein' a nearly dead prick. Great."

Reapo slowly gets on top of Toby, ushering the ghost girl up as well. She gets on as well, hugging Reapo from behind as he hugs Toby's neck to hang on. The skeleblush becomes so intense the tiny skeleton explodes into flame(In an alternate universe).

Last edited at Tue, Mar 31st, 2015 10:29

>> No. 40839949
Blue just quietly chuckles again and gets some more water.

Toby begins to head back with Reapo and the ghost girl, Tykki following behind.
>> No. 40839952
"...'f you die ah'm gonna kill you."

As they pass the door, the ghost girl is pulled off as though she just hit a wall, backing up and rubbing her face. Reapo hops off, whining as he waddles over to the ghost once more.
>> No. 40839994
Toby looks back at the girl, confused.

"What's the matter? Can't you come with us?"
>> No. 40840002
She tries several more times, but can't move past the doorway. She also seems to be flickering a little as she starts pacing the room in distress, the flickering stopping when she gets closer to her body. Reapo walks in and seems to be chattering to her in some manner.
>> No. 40840010
File 142782681711.png - (18.50KB , 800x640 , Toby AAAAA.png )
A thought slowly goes throw Tobies head.

Blue just laughs more.
>> No. 40840013
The two continue to chatter, the ghost getting more and more upset as it goes on.

"The fuck you laughin' at?"
>> No. 40840139
Toby walks back into the room and investigates.

Blue doesn't say a word.
>> No. 40840149
There's not much in the room. A few pieces of clothing, a stuffed toy or two, some paper and crayons. All of them are fairly old and dusty. There's not much of interest on the room.

Asma just cradles the tiny pone.
>> No. 40840178
"We do need him alive to tell us what the man did to him" Walks said, "I want to know so I can do the same to that mother fucker when we catch him"
>> No. 40848129
Toby walks over to the body and stares at it a moment. He honestly didn't know much about ghosts, not much lore of spirits had ever been shared in his home town. However, Ella had told him a tale or two when they were young. He seemed to remember in one instance the spirit had been binded by something, something preventing it from moving on. He couldn't remember exactly how the tale had ended, but he had the feeling the ghost had been happy when it left...but this ghost seemed happy. Then again, it had just been an old story. Didn't mean it was true. Buck, up till a few weeks ago, he would have thought this bull wasn't even possible.

He walks back to the doorway and looks at it closely, thinking. The house was strange, he knew that..Blues magic hadn't worked, and for a unicorns magic to be blocked like that...

"Hmm..Hey, come here a moment darlin" he gestures to the ghost girl.

"Why don't you try coming through one more time?"


Blue looks at Walks and his eyes widen a little. He shivers slightly as he shakes his head back and forth.

"N-no. I don't want to talk about it...not yet."

He lays his head down and looks at the floor.

"Just wanna get the hay out of here...soon."
>> No. 40848154
"I didn't mean tell me right now idiot." Walks said angrily, "Just don't die on us, you don't want to piss me off even more than you already have." Walks looks up at Asma, "What now Doctor?"
>> No. 40848161
He looks at Walks again, staring for a moment, then he smiles a little.

"Heh, I'm not going to die. You can't get rid of me that easy."
>> No. 40848321
"I uh... 'e's all bandaged an' shit, we'll hafta move wit'im. Make some kinda thing t'carry 'im in witout hurtin' him."

The girl walks over to the doorway, once again it being like she walks into a wall at the doorway. She falls backwards, lower lip quivering as she looks up at Toby with intense sadness.
Reapo waddles over, making an exclamatory noise, seemingly making sure she's okay.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 6th, 2015 15:01

>> No. 40848325
"So a crutch or something?" Walks looked at Asma confused, "I don't think we could make something like that...I don't know how"
>> No. 40848362
Toby does a slight whence when the girl falls backwards, and he comes back through the door quickly, seeing she is about to cry.

"Alright, alright, you're ok."

He picks the girl up-still not quite understanding the physics behind that-and pulls her into a hug.

"We just need to find a way to get you out of this room.."

Blue takes a look around the room, specifically at the armchair.

"Your going to need some long boards, or some planks splintered into thin pieces so you can tie it together and make a long stick. Or if you guys can just find a strong enough curtain, we can skip the sticks. We just need something to act as a's going to hurt, but I can tough it out. Least till we find some pain meds."
>> No. 40848416
Walks looked towards Asma, "I'll defer to your superior craftsmanship on this endeavor."
>> No. 40848419
She nods a little, hugging him back.
Reapo looks around the room, jumping up and down and pointing at the ceiling fan. Several loud noises are made.

"No shit sherlock. This ain't mah first Rodeo. Walks, break the armchairs down int' their boards an' strip the cloth offa them."
>> No. 40849087
Walks nodded, moving towards the armchairs. She began ripping the cloth off, placing it in a pile. "How much of this stuff are you going to need?" She asked Asma as she moved onto taking apart the boards.
>> No. 40851854
"What are Comics?" Lunaire asks, "I...don't think I've ever heard of something called that." Lunaire shakes her head in confusion
>> No. 40855132
File 142899104533.png - (51.08KB , 336x310 , Toby face.png )
Toby lets go of the girl and moves over to where Reapo is standing, studying the fan a bit, but not quite seeing what the little skeleton was trying to get at.

"What is it buddy? What are you trying to tell me?"


Blue merely rests, not bothering to comment any more.

Ughh...sorry guys. T_T
>> No. 40855246
He continues urgently jabbing at the fan, the intensity of his noises growing and growing. The girl looks over at him in confusion, before they exchange a few quick sounds. Then she starts pointing and making urgent noises, jumping up and down a little.

"A fuckload, just take'em all apart."

Bells scribbles once more.
Oh they're wonderful. Like little books but with pictures for the actions and stuff. They tend to be about awesome super heroes who solve all the world's problems by punching them in the face. World hunger? Pow! Tyranical Dictators? Biff! Wait they actually do that one.
There's a little drawing of a snow leopard captain america punching a grey cloud labeled "Problems", which is holding some kind of death ray.
>> No. 40855552
Toby grabs whatever he can find to stand on, then makes his way over to the fan. He climbs up and starts doing a thorough inspection of said fan.
>> No. 40857256
Walks dumps a pile of wooden planks and cloth near Blue, motioning Asma to come over, "Alright now how do we build this?"

"Punching...solves problems?" Lunaire looks at Bells strangely, "Drangleic didn't have things like that. I doubt we had time to create such things between keeping the undead curse at bay."
>> No. 40858782
"You got magic shit, right? Use that, make a fuckin' draggy thing fer 'im."

Bells scribbles once more.
In comics and sometimes in the real world, yeah. Also, are you from some crazy alternate dimension with zombies and demons and stuff? Cause that's pretty cool.

There is nothing special about it. The undead continue urgently making noises and pointing at the fan.
>> No. 40858837
Walks glares at Asma, "Who said I had magic?" She said angrily, starting to build some form of stretcher.

Lunaire stared at Bells, "Sounds nice....would have loved to live somewhere where you have time to make things like that."
>> No. 40860622
With no other leads to go on, Toby starts taking the fan apart. Though to say he 'takes it apart' is a bit wrong. He actually just pulls and yanks on the thing until he breaks it.
>> No. 40860632
"...You did earlier, fucknut."

Bells grins, holding up a 'one minute' finger, reaching into her jacket and pulling out a small notebook which she hands to Lunaire, grinning.

Upon it's opening, a small purple gem clatters to the ground. Reapo keeps pointing, while the girl cocks her head at it. They exchange noises, and then she walks over to it, trying to touch it. As she tries, her hand goes straight through it. She frowns, trying several more times with the same result.
>> No. 40860646
"Well I'll be.."

Toby gets down off the chair and walks over to the gem. He sits the broken fan down in order to reach out and pick the gem up.

"So this what blocked Blues magic huh?"

Speaking his name, Toby was reminded of why he had come in here in the first place. A sense of urgency re-took him, and he puts the jewel under his hat.

"Come on lil darlin, let's see if you can leave now."

Toby walks quickly walks over to the door and stands a few feet outside of it. Looking back at the girl, he hopes that she will be able to cross now.
>> No. 40860658
Walks shakes her head, "You must've heard something wrong." She said, "I never said that"

Lunaire took the notebook, looking it over and opening it. "What is it?"
>> No. 40860687
She walks over towards the doorway, this time walking straight through. She laughs a little ghostly laugh, jumping up and down and clapping.
Reapo follows her, chattering gleefully.

"Don't give a fuck do the goddamn thing."

Within the notebook is an elegantly drawn manga style comic about robots fighting sea monsters in defense of the world. She grins over at Lunaire, tapping the bottom right corner of the last page. It reads 'Belladonna Moore', with a tiny chibi Bells next to it.
>> No. 40860713
Toby smiles at the two.

"Well look at that. Now you're free to come and go as you please."

The smiles only lasts a moment more before he whistles for Tykki and then starts to make his way back towards Blue. That same sense of urgency has melded into a panic as visions of the worst kind race through his mind. He doesn't wait up for Reapo and the girl, knowing they will likely follow.
>> No. 40860749
"You keep saying that like I would know what the fuck you are talking about!" Walks yells angrily, gripping one of the wood pieces so hard it begins to crack, "What is it you would like me to do?"

Lunaire flips through the pages before handing it back to Bells, "I don't understand... why would punching the alien hurt it? Why aren't they using weapons?"
>> No. 40860756
"Make a fucking sling shitwaffle!"

Bells scribbles on her notepad, passing it.
Because conventional weapons can't get through the alien carapace. They've got to crack it with blunt weapons first. Plus, it looks cool.

Since he doesn't wait up, he hears an exclamatory sound before some light ghost wailing from behind him. Reapo follows suit, making 'pay me some attention' noises.
>> No. 40860761
"What...the fuck is a sling?" Walks says confused, "and why can't you build it? I thought I was makin the stretcher."

Lunaire shook her head, "I still don't get it. The weapons must have done something"
>> No. 40860806
Toby stops mid-stride and runs back to the two.

"Alright, alright, who's coming aboard? Come on, come on! Everyone aboard the Toby train!"

He half lays down so Reapo and the ghost girl can climb on his back.

"Choo choo! Next stop-Blues alley."

The irony of that statement doesn't pass him by.


Blue looks back and forth between Asma and Walks and sighs.

"Hey I got an idea. Why don't we wait for Toby to get back, then he can help you build it Walks. Or you can help Asma. I'm alright now, you don't have to keep hugging me..."

A slight blush lights up his cheeks as he looks down at the ground with a bit of annoyance.
>> No. 40860870
"Stretcher, fuckin' sling, whatever! An' you can shut the fuck up." She glares down at Blue, continuing to cradle the lil pone.

Bells scribbles.
They can't get through the hard outer shell. They just glance off.

The girl laughs a little, smiling and giving him a ghost hug. Reapo toddles behind.
>> No. 40861384
Walks looks up at Asma, "You do realize you could let him lie on the floor and he'd be just as fine. It would probably go quicker if you help me, but if you want me to take as looooong as possible to build this as I have no idea what I'm doing" Walks says sarcastically with a shrug, "That's fine by me."
>> No. 40861739

Blue's ears go flat back in annoyance.

"You know she's right though. You could get the job done faster with the both of you working together...and then we can get the buck out of this nightmare house."


Toby picks Reapo up and puts him on his back securely and waits for the little ghost girl to climb aboard as well. Then he starts making his way to the other room, with haste!
>> No. 40861759
She casts a withering glare at Walks, laying Blue carefully on the ground and moving over to Walks, grabbing the materials, constructing a stretcher by splintering some of the boards and using them as impromptu nails.

The ghost girl climbs aboard, making a very, very ghostly choo choo sound.
>> No. 40861788
Tykki arrives in the room first, happily walking up to everyone in turn before standing by Walks. Then Toby makes his way into the room, unable to wipe the look of panic off his face. He lets out a breath when he sees Blue smile up at him, and he quickly trots over.

"How you doing? You in pain? I can try and find ya some medicine.."


"Ya, what is it? What do ya need?"

"You ah...I...I think there's a ghost on your back..."

Toby lets out another breath that turns into a small chuckle. He didn't know how he was going to explain that one, but the fact that Blue was ok was such a relief at the moment that he barely had room in his mind to focus on much else.
>> No. 40861866
"No need to get pissed at me" Walks said with a chuckle, "You are the one who apparently has all this knowledge of medicine." Walks then looks at Toby and the ghost, "Wait....why is there a ghost on your back?"
>> No. 40861943
Asma looks over at Toby's back, blinking for a couple seconds before going back to the stretcher. "Ay Brown Horse. Lil fucker's aight."

The ghost girl hides behind Toby's head. Reapo jumps down and waddles over to Walks, jumping up and down and clapping, pointing at the ghost every couple hops.
>> No. 40862018
"Yes little Skull Golem, I see the ghost too" Walks says, looking at Reapo, "Now what exactly do you want?"
>> No. 40864165
File 142984300394.gif - (2.00MB , 435x245 , 1429365011368.gif )
[Lupe, I need you to deliver this gif to Archer. I can't get on skype right now, but if you do this I will post tomorrow after work. Need sleep now. Night night.]

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