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40554480 No. 40554480
#Limited #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Adventure #Dark #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Unikitty best Unikitty #Don't have a cow, man

"Everyone's okay, right? Right."
You just sent a goddamn giant lizard thing over a cliff. You're more than okay.
"Now, we gotta find a few things. First, the rest of the Hoofen soldiers. They didn't exactly help much..."
Having spent most of today on this island, you can think of a lot of things that could have happened to your escort--eaten by those clawed monkeys, killed by whatever caved in the head of that one guy (why crystals?), lost in the forests surrounding the compound...
"We're probably gonna need shelter, too. It's gettin' dark."

The rumbles of your stomach agree. Shelter would be nice. If only you could've gotten a few things out of the cafeteria...
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>> No. 40622771
>> No. 40622775
"So, d'you think if I, say, scratch a rune or something onto my gun..."
Dawn lifts his revolver out of his saddlebags.
"...some of the magic'll rub off on it?"
>> No. 40622783
"I dunno much about runes, but yes, in theory. I had a friend back home who would probably know more about that kind of stuff."
>> No. 40622791
"Great. Your friend's back home, but I'm still here, and so is this light thingy..."
Dawn unloads his revolver.
"Maybe if I just make it some kinda symbol, that'll be enough..."
>> No. 40622796
"Maybe so. Go on, try it!" Ember pokes you.
>> No. 40622808
Dawn lifts the gun toward the point of no return, sweating profusely...
1d20 = 1
1: His hoof slips. His revolver is now a snubnose.
2-5: He scratches a simplistic arrow design into the barrel. Dawn can now use basic telekinesis spells with his revolver.
6-10: A more detailed arrow design. Dawn can cast Magic Missile with this revolver.
11-15: With careful hooves, Dawn etches a fireball into the side of the barrel. He can manipulate flames with the gun.
16-19: He carves a curling, flowing stripe into the barrel, which continues along toward the frame of the cylinder. He can manipulate wind with this gun.
20: Inspiration strikes him, and he carefully carves out what looks like a set of mystical runes onto the cylinder...and the runes begin glowing. Dawn can now cast one Fire, one Ice, one Lightning, one Earth, and one Arcane spell per combat, plus one spell of any kind once he has exhausted all the others. Outside of combat, he may use the revolver as a focus for any non-combat/non-healing spell.
>> No. 40622813
File 141083659364.png - (30.61KB , 900x650 , FUCK YOU.png )
"...Oh god dammit."
Dawn stares at his newly-made snubnose revolver.
"This is one fine mess I've gotten myself into."
>> No. 40664455
File 141425549062.jpg - (207.42KB , 712x497 , remove gear.jpg )

"...Okay. We're safe for a while. And we have what we came here for."
Dawn gestures to Rushie, who poofs into a Changeling as a demonstration of what it was that you came here for.
"We know what's wrong with Rushie--"
"And what's right with me~"
"...ahem. And we know what this island is. So now we need to leave it."

The assembled Hoofen team--half the stallions you saw when you got here--shares a collective nod and a few "Hell yeah"s.

"So, we know the docks at the Visitor's Center are ruined. The Specimen Storage area doesn't have anything, neither does the Admin Offices, but this place has a few hovercraft--which aren't big enough for all of us. So either we make several trips, or we look elsewhere."
Dawn points to a makeshift map of the island.
"We could go to the Computer Maintenance Center, the AI Core, the Security Barracks, the Agricultural Center, or the Warehouses. There's also the Reactor Maintenance area, but there's not any chance at all of that place having anything useful. The other areas are aboveground, so there's a slim chance that someone parked a copter there.
So, the question is, where should we go next?"

Half-Cocked sighs, shaking his head. "I'd say we go to the Security Barracks. We might find more firepower, get Ranger a proper weapon. Fix that gun of yours, too."
He chuckles. "But you've got the lead, so you get to choose."
>> No. 40664462
File 141425579018.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>Ranger nods.
"Makes sense to head to the Barracks. Still, It's best for us to remain on high alert, they're still probably other crazy things we can find around this Island."
>Ranger looks over at Rushie.
>> No. 40664468
"Barracks sounds good to me!" Ember says excitedly.
>> No. 40664471
File 141425615308.jpg - (76.23KB , 500x390 , the future.jpg )
Rushie nods, shifting back to her usual form.
"We gotta get off this island soon as we can!"

"Gotcha. Straight to the Barracks it is!"

Dawn tosses the map away, and within minutes you're all packed up in the monorail. Your whale is carted out to the monorail platform to watch you leave.

And thus, the train departs.
>> No. 40664473
File 141425624309.png - (28.55KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 2.png )
"Agreed. Rather not stick here much longer..."
>He sits by Rushie in the Monorail.
>> No. 40664476
Ember looks out the window of the monorail as it shoots along the track, smiling.
>> No. 40664477
Her wing gently curls around you.

She looks out the window...
Not a single creepy crawly to be seen. Yet.

Dawn takes the seat next to you.

"Can't wait to get home," he mutters. "Got a lotta stuff to look forward to."

And the train rolls on...
>> No. 40664478
File 141425684251.png - (27.47KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 5.png )
>He kisses her cheek.
>> No. 40664480
File 141425691039.png - (30.02KB , 900x650 , that doesn't go back there.png )
She squeaks, and nuzzles your cheek.
"Sorry, jus'...jus' watchin' for more of those things."
>> No. 40664481
File 141425707228.png - (29.73KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 7.png )
"I know... We've seen too many creepy things to make us paranoid at this point.."
>He wraps a wing around her back.
>> No. 40664485
And the thunder rolls
"Like what kinda stuff?"
>> No. 40664486
"Yeah. An' I don't know what's worse--seein' those things, or not seein' them now..."

She stares out the window again, sighing.

"Not being nearly dead. Replacing my gun. Maybe a nice bubble bath."
He puts a hoof over the seat back, shrugging.
"I dunno. I just feel like something big's gonna happen back at home. Something that won't be quite so bad."
>> No. 40664488
File 141425758042.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"I'm not sure.... On one hand, we know there's probably more crazy creatures out there. On the other, I don't mind not seeing them."
>> No. 40664491
"I hope you're right," she says, a bit more solemnly. "This is all really crazy. I need a break."
>> No. 40664492
File 141425815124.png - (29.46KB , 900x650 , wut r u doin.png )
"It just makes me all nervous," she says.

Her wing tightens around you, and she presses her face to your chest.

"It doesn't get less crazy," Dawn mutters. "It only gets crazier in a direction you like..."

The train pulls into the Security Barracks station.

"...wait, no monsters?"
>> No. 40664493
File 141425824957.png - (27.47KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 5.png )
"I know... I'll stay close to you, Rushie, don't worry.."
>> No. 40664494
File 141425838991.jpg - (73.18KB , 600x533 , the biggest.jpg )
She keeps hugging you all the way out of the monorail car.

Pic unrelated.
>> No. 40664496
File 141425853596.png - (29.55KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 8.png )
>he nuzzles her cheek as he walks out of the monorail car with her.
>> No. 40664503
"In a direction I like?"
>> No. 40664507
"Well, you know what I mean. There's no such thing as not crazy in the Donut Bar, and you never really leave it. Something always comes back to you," he says, as he walks out of the monorail.
The door to the Security Barracks is pretty much dead. And you can detect a hint of magical energy still on it...

And as you walk out of the monorail you see a large, imposing, and very much broken security door. It's got several scorch marks around the frame, and the door itself is lying in the hallway beyond. The control panel has several fluorescent pink crystals jutting out of various ragged holes in it; someone did quite a hum-dinger on this door.
>> No. 40664515
File 141425934017.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Looks like someone got here first before us..."
>> No. 40710250
A hint of magical energy? Ember strains to trace it.
>1d10 = 6 to figure out anything useful
>> No. 40710255
"I see," Rushie says, pulling a giant magnifying glass out of nowhere.
"Time to look for clues!"

Looking past Rushie's bobbing butt, you can tell that the crystals match the hue of the magic that Spell Struck emanated when you fought him. Then again, that color could be any pony--what sets it apart is how it is tuned...and these crystals aren't singing.
>> No. 40710262
Focusing some magic, Ember attempts to interact with the crystals.
>Can I get them to start singing? 1d10 = 6
>> No. 40710317
You pull together a simple 'tuning fork' spell, creating a sudden, quick burst of magical energy which bounces off of the crystals and causes them to become excited.
They emanate a quiet, distant humming.

Ah, yes--a C sharp. The same tone that Spell Struck's voice tends to hit--excitable, rambunctious.
>> No. 40710320
>Any way we can garner some more info about Spell Struck? Some kind of clues? Location, anything? Stored, recent memories? 1d10 = 7
>> No. 40710326
File 141781938853.png - (30.50KB , 900x650 , AHAHAHA I TOTALLY DID THAT ONCE.png )
Spells don't usually have memories attached to them; rather, they tend to pick up an emotion that is felt during the casting. In this case, the crystals resonate with frustration--not the burning heat of anger, but the dim coals of someone who's gotten tired of waiting. Makes sense--the keypad was the obvious target of somepony's frustrations. The door itself also has latent frustration on it--no doubt from the spell that blasted it down.
Given that the door is inside the hallway, one can assume he smashed it from this side. And from that, you can deduce that he was trying to get in, or possibly to make you think he was trying to get in.

Meanwhile, Rushie has discovered that the doorway was scorched by an explosive, or in her words, "this was a really big boom! No time for flames, just...KABOOM!"
>> No. 40710331
File 141781969658.png - (98.16KB , 943x847 , ember is being silly and nopony can stop her.png )
"We'll just follow his tracks then, I guess? Alright!" Ember begins to skip a little, down the hallway with the broken down door. Quite a jaunty method of pursuit.
>> No. 40710337
File 141782003247.gif - (1.54MB , 431x360 , nothing productive.gif )
Dawn draws his revolver, and follows behind in a TACTICAL MANNER.

For a moment he thinks he should be shouting the name of some song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so he can mess with gravity mid-combat. He decides to stop that silliness at once.
>> No. 40737219
Ember continues to be jaunty, as she proceeds down the hallway. "I wonder if we'll even find him?"
>> No. 40737228
File 142017660353.gif - (2.66MB , 275x150 , when you see it.gif )
"He definitely went in here. But why?"

His eyes trail across the hallway. More signs of magical interference--doors ripped open, gouges in the walls, panels shredded by magenta crystals--line the entire barracks. You pass bunk after bunk, and even a couple of armories, and then--

There's one door at the end of the hallway.

The door is ajar.
>> No. 40737240
"The door is a jar? I thought it was a door!" Ember says, poking at the door, breaking the fourth wall, and completely missing the point all in two short sentences.
>> No. 40737247
File 142017707055.png - (23.15KB , 830x650 , START THE MUSIC.png )
"...dammit, Ember, it's a real word. Means 'slightly open'."

The door creaks open, revealing a stack of servers on the other side of a massive open area. Whoever built this place clearly thought that computer technicians needed more natural light in their rooms; skylights line a domed roof, creating a natural spotlight on a massive tree in the center of the room.

Near the server racks, a familiar scarlet stallion taps away on a keyboard.

" found me, then."
He turns to face you, grinning maniacally.
"Let me guess--you want an explanation?"
>God, this image is so OLD.
>> No. 40737251
"I want the truth!" Ember squeaks, in a terrible impersonation of Jack Nicholson's voice.
>> No. 40737257
File 142017752360.jpg - (1.22MB , 1280x720 , Conviction.jpg )
"You noticed the creatures here, right? The monsters?"
He taps one more key on the keyboard, leaving the terminal on.

"Imagine, for a moment, what those things would do in battle. How efficient they would be. And think--if they were our army, would a single pony die? Would we lose so many lives to fighting over the most idiotic of causes?"

He sweeps his hoof across the room, a grand gesture to complement a grand plan.
"And if these things were the only things used in battle--if other countries followed us into the future--then no one would die! The only loss from war would be easily-cloned nobodies!"
>> No. 40737271
"What the hay? Ozzy? No, no. That's not right. Not enough gold and purple..." Ember's voice trails off. "I guess that's good and all. where's my fedora and trenchcoat when i need them... Whatever. I still have this mask!" Ember pulls a black-and-white piece of cloth, almost like a Rorshach inkblot test, out from behind her back, and then tosses it away.
>> No. 40738275
File 142026079375.jpg - (36.19KB , 680x383 , Finality.jpg )
"...Nice reference. But where Ozymandias sought to fix the world for himself, I'll make a better world for everyone--"
"What about the civilians?"

The stallion next to you steps forward, grimacing.
"Wars are fought in countries. Countries contain people--even when the battle has raged for months. What happens when one of those things walks into someone's dining room?"

"...They should've left before the war started."

Dawn's face becomes a grim mask.

"Anyways," mutters the stallion in red. "All I need is access to the AI core. There, I will learn the secrets of this 'LEGO Genetics'--and then I will sell to the highest bidder. And anybody who decides to stay behind will know better after only one war.
"The face of war will change! And I will be the one to change it!"
>> No. 40739451
"You know, that's probably what the pony who invented the first firearm was thinking, but look where we are now." Ember looks at him, big grey eyes pleading. "There's no reason to do this."
>Persuasion? At all? 1d10 = 1
>> No. 40739530
File 142040230022.jpg - (1.22MB , 1280x720 , Conviction.jpg )
"No reason? Tell me, Ember--did you see the battle of Canterlot? When the Changelings attacked?"

"It was a horror show," Dawn mutters, nodding.

"I was there--a sleeper cell for the Changelings. When I saw what we were doing to each other--how painful the fight was, for both sides...that is what drove me to join Hoofen. I wanted war to end, forever. Now, I understand that war does not end--but it can be changed. Perhaps a few thousand ponies and others will die in the first years of this change. But once the change is finished, only these creatures will know the horror--and they will revel in it."
>> No. 40739541
"But what about the creatures? I mean, do it with robots or something, jeez. Creatures still have feelings. And what about the side that doesn't have any creatures, what are they going to do? They'll just make something more dangerous and then where will we be? That's like burning the forest to sponsor safe campfire building. ...Not that I have a problem with burning anything, but you get my meaning."
>> No. 40739544
File 142040286605.png - (630.52KB , 853x480 , Rage On.png )
"...This conversation is going nowhere," Spell Struck mutters, pacing around the side of the room--positioning himself for the battle.

"I believe that the losses are worth the gains. You do not. An unstoppable force and an immovable object..."
The scarlet devil smirks.
"One last war, to decide the future of all wars. Prepare yourselves!"

His horn flashes, and ethereal music echoes through the room...
>> No. 40739545
"Oh, come ON!" Ember tries to pull in some magic, getting ready to cast.
>1d10 = 3
>> No. 40739579
Dawn snaps off a shot, succeeding only in striking one of the many server racks along the wall, as your opponent draws in some magic of his own!
"You're gonna match spells with me, hm? I can't wait for the challenge! But I'm afraid I have to deal with your friend first!"

His horn lights up, the same magenta shade as the crystalline shards in the walls--
1d10 = 4
>1-5: He's still charging, now's your chance!
>6-10: He sets off a wall of magical gemstone, separating you and Dawn!
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