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40554480 No. 40554480
#Limited #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Adventure #Dark #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Unikitty best Unikitty #Don't have a cow, man

"Everyone's okay, right? Right."
You just sent a goddamn giant lizard thing over a cliff. You're more than okay.
"Now, we gotta find a few things. First, the rest of the Hoofen soldiers. They didn't exactly help much..."
Having spent most of today on this island, you can think of a lot of things that could have happened to your escort--eaten by those clawed monkeys, killed by whatever caved in the head of that one guy (why crystals?), lost in the forests surrounding the compound...
"We're probably gonna need shelter, too. It's gettin' dark."

The rumbles of your stomach agree. Shelter would be nice. If only you could've gotten a few things out of the cafeteria...
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>> No. 40554484
>Shane keeps his wits together as he stays with the team.
Sh:Ah....this is madness! When can we find food?
>> No. 40554485
File 140571675940.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Well, Hopefully we'll find some..."
>Ranger stays close, while keeping an eye on Rushie.
>> No. 40554494
Ember follows, right beside of Dawn, blushing deeply and smiling, but otherwise quiet. Odd, she's usually bouncing off the walls...
>> No. 40554495
"I don't really know. Maybe there's something near here we can use. I mean, there's living things in those cells..."

As Dawn leads you back into the massive buildings, you sense a series of glass panels along the walls. Must be some kind of zoo.

Rushie seems as bubbly as ever.
"We'll be fiiiiine. My bro knows what he's doin'!"

Dawn seems to have not noticed this change of mood yet; he has leading to do.

>Give me a moment, my Dawn/Rushie folders are not copied over to the new OS install yet.
>> No. 40554498
File 140571735457.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"I'm hopeful, Rushie... I'm just a bit nervous at this point..."
>> No. 40554504
sh:Mates...I sense allot of glass wallls....something not right! I don't like it!
>Shane checks his rifle again, nervous
>> No. 40554508
Ember flicks her lighter out of habit, and 1d2 = 1
>1. Continues walking in silence.
>2. Gives Dawn a short, sudden kiss on the cheek.
>> No. 40554509
File 140571813917.gif - (605.92KB , 432x242 , AJ does a Dawn impression.gif )
"It's just a zoo."
You sense Dawn cringing.
"Filled with genetically-engineered monsters, but a zoo."

One of the clawed-monkey-things gets another bucketful of meat-like objects, and starts devouring it. Dawn cringes.

Dawn glances over at her, eyebrow raised.
However, he seems to be silent for now.
>> No. 40554510
Sh:Bloody hell...what island are we really on?
>Shane sense Dawn cringing.
sh:You alright mate?
>> No. 40554511
File 140571828155.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"This is completely freaky...."
>> No. 40554512
File 140571836026.png - (29.69KB , 900x650 , oh sweet celestia.png )
"Just a little bit disgusted. Be happy you're blind."
He sighs.
"We're on some kinda scientific facility-type place. My sister crashed here a while ago, and I'm here trying to find out what happened."

"Oh yeah."
Rushie hides her head in your tail.
>> No. 40554513
Sh:Uh huh....Why are we here?What fate brings us here?
>> No. 40554514
File 140571844487.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Rushie... You remember anything about this place?"
>He keeps walking, occasionally making sure Rushie stays close.
>> No. 40554516
File 140571859915.gif - (441.17KB , 320x240 , facepalm compilation.gif )
"...I just said, my sister crashed here a while ago and I'm trying to find out what happened back then."
You sense him face-hoofing.

"Well, I remember the island being this tall, an' I remember that I was with Sombra, 'cept he'd stopped bein' evil...but I don' remember any of this."
>> No. 40554517
File 140571863517.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"How odd...."
>> No. 40554518
Ember gives Dawn a somewhat irritated look, still blushing hard. "Wh-why are you looking at me like that? S-stop it."
>> No. 40554519
>Shane wasn't listening.He was thinking to himself loudly.
Sh:Okay.I guess that better.Who wants to go first?
>> No. 40554521
File 140571881981.png - (27.62KB , 900x650 , You may need to stop that.png )
"Because you look like you have something on your mind," Dawn says, turning back toward the end of the hallway.

Which is pretty damn close. The double-doors leading to the central hub of the Specimen Storage area of the island are closed, but not locked.

"Yeah, it really is odd, huh?"
She's practically snuggling your tail now.

"...something tells me you've got voices in your head or something."
>> No. 40554523
File 140571889110.png - (32.82KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 09.png )
"Uh, I think it's better if you're walking with me side to side, okay?"
>> No. 40554524
File 140571894493.png - (31.96KB , 900x650 , MMM WHATCHA SAAAAAAY.png )
"Awww, but your tail's so fluffy~!"
>> No. 40554526
File 140571900297.png - (32.79KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 015.png )
"Yeah, But it's not right to be looking at someone's butt all day..."
>> No. 40554527
Sh:I'm Normal mate...It's's very creepy...very.
>Shane looks around the halls, very nervous.
>> No. 40554528
"Well, I- I d-don't, so.. yeah..." She pulls up her hood and
1d3 = 3
1. Snuggles closer to him as they walk
2. Gives an irritated huff, and is as tsundere as possible
3. Gives him a playful shove.
>> No. 40554530
File 140571932301.png - (71.56KB , 340x574 , guess where this tongue is going~.png )
"Implying I'm lookin' at your butt!"
She thinks for a moment.
"...but it is a nice butt."

"Whatever, man."

"...Whatever you say," Dawn replies.
Is that a little hint of a grin playing across his face?

Dawn pushes open the doors at the end of the hallway.
There are signs hanging over three of the doors; the fourth leads back toward the monorail station.
The signs read:
[<]LIVE STORAGE (the path you just came from)
[>]CRYO TUBES (the path across from you)
[^]OFFICES/LOGISTICS (on your left)
The right is not labeled.
>> No. 40554533
Sh:I sense three pathways...Is there any signs?
>> No. 40554534
File 140571951461.png - (27.62KB , 900x650 , You may need to stop that.png )
"Yep. We can either go with the Offices, the Cryo Tube storage area, or we can head to another part of the island..."
He glances around.
"No sign of the Hoofen troops here. Not that they'd all fit in this little hall."
>> No. 40554535
File 140571953763.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Why is the path to the right not labeled?"

>To Rushie:
>He turns around.
"Well, I'd prefer if I can see you for once..."
>> No. 40554536
sh:Your call mates...I'm not usually a good scout or good at choosing paths.
>> No. 40554537
File 140571962659.jpg - (18.98KB , 239x265 , Confidence (Thanks Quoten!)--Cropped.jpg )
"It's back to the monorail. I don't think the troops would go that far."

Rushie pulls her head away from your tail...and sticks it in your mane.
"Ooh, this is even softer! I gotta find out what conditioner you use!"
>> No. 40554538
Ember begins to count. "Eeenie meenie minie moe, catch a tiger by his toe, if he hollers let him go. My mother told me to pick the very best one and you are NOT... it! We're going to... Cryo Tubes!" she announces gleefully; but her face falls. "That... that means cold, right?"
>> No. 40554539
File 140571980561.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Yeah... Maybe the Cryo Tubes... But why would they need a Cold Habitat?"

>He looks at Rushie and nuzzles her cheek.
"I usually don't use one..."
>> No. 40554541
Sh:Ugh...I hate the bloody cold.I don't know how Jon stays warm.You lead the way mates.
>> No. 40554547
"Got it."
Dawn turns to the other two.

"Probably," Dawn says. "It shouldn't be too bad. At least there won't be anything trying to eat us."
He turns toward Ranger.
"If you need me to help, just ask," he says under his breath.

"Cryo tubes it is. I guess they store stuff that needs freezing?"

Dawn turns back toward the Cryo Tubes door, and pushes it open.

The walls are lined with tube-like devices, each with a small LCD screen set into the front. The screen seems to mostly monitor vital signs, and all of them show either a mostly-flat line or a brilliant red "NO OCCUPANT" sign. A light fog rolls along the floor as the humid air of the live storage hall rolls into the cold atmosphere of the cryo hall, water condensing on screens and evaporating away.
>> No. 40554548
File 140572012680.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"What the heck... What could they be holding here?"
>He looks over at Rushie.
>> No. 40554550
Ember shivers and presses herself closer to Dawn. "I... d-don't really like the cold very much..."
>> No. 40554552
>Shane can sense some bodies in the cyros. he wonder what they are trying to achieve.
Sh:God save the princess....there's someponies in these..these...things.
>> No. 40554557
File 140572041441.png - (54.91KB , 411x466 , dat 3D.png )
She shrugs, and tries to snuggle up under your wing. It's kinda cold in here.
"Y'know, I wonder how cold it gets in those tubes..."

You feel his wing wrap around you.
It's quite warm, and impressively soft.
"It doesn't look like the Hoofen squad is here. There's not any doors, and I doubt they're hiding in the tubes..."

Dawn nods.
"Maybe older experiments. I don't know."
Given that he's busy with the orange unicorn, and Ranger's busy with Rushie, you're the only one who isn't hugging somepony--and thus, you're the only one who can inspect the tubes.
>> No. 40554558
File 140572048967.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Probably to the point where hypothermia will hit you quickly..."
>He wraps a wing around her.
>> No. 40554559
>Shane checks each tubes, checking their pulse.
Sh:Some of them are alive...very faint.Is there anyways we can...unfreeze them?
>> No. 40554570
File 140572107627.png - (124.98KB , 832x960 , ember on her back.png )
Ember shivers again, though not from the cold. She grins hard, and continues to walk. "How are you not cold, Dawn? It's really chilly in here."
>> No. 40554573
Sex in a cryotube? Only Rushie could think be thinking something like that.

"I think there's a button on the screens," Dawn says. "It's on the bottom."
Most of the occupied tubes have twisted, half-dead ponies in them--failed experiments, perhaps. There's a Changeling whose neck has been snapped--amazingly, he's still alive--a pony with the tail of a seahorse--a massive unicorn with a broken horn--and one that appears to be some sort of lanky, clothed monkey.

"I am cold. But I can still warm other ponies up, 'cause that coldness is all relative.
Y'know, I feel cold because things around me are cold, but I'm not actually cold."
>> No. 40554574
File 140572123328.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Not now, Rushie..."
>He rolls his eyes.

"Huh... Is there a Merpony in there?"
>> No. 40554575
Sh:I don't even want to reawken them!
>Shane takes a step back in horror.
Sh:I never sense anything so...twisted.
>Shane shivers in the cold.
>> No. 40554577
File 140572138724.png - (29.46KB , 900x650 , wut r u doin.png )
Dawn takes a closer look at that tube.
"It says 'seapony'. I guess that's the same thing, right?"

"...yeah. Some of these things look like they came right out of a horror movie..."
>> No. 40554578
File 140572144935.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"technically, Yes..."
>He shakes his head.
"What a Twisted place..."
>> No. 40554579
"I guess if you think about it like that..." She gags upon seeing the creatures. "Yuck. What is... all this?" Ember distracts herself with some magic, floating a little flame in front of them, and hums a little tune.
>> No. 40554581
>>40554577 there any files cabinets? Some sort of instructions or...some type of history?
>> No. 40554582
File 140572164447.png - (26.86KB , 900x650 , THAT WAS NOT FUN AT ALL.png )
"No, sir, I don't like it."

Dawn looks rather troubled; his normally stoic face shows a little fear.

"That's probably in the administrative wing of this place."
He glances toward the tube containing the massive unicorn.

"...Rushie, you said that you came here with Sombra, right?"
Rushie stops mid-word, staring at the tube.

"...that's him."
>> No. 40554586
File 140572179206.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"What kind of experiments were they doing here?"
>> No. 40554587
>Shane goes and checks the tube they are staring at. He sense allot of dark energy.It was him.She trips backwards at the sight.
Sh:what?! I-I-I thought that bugger is exterminated!
>> No. 40554588
"Sombra? KING Sombra?" Ember shivers again, but this time in fear. "What?"
>> No. 40554589
"I don't know," Rushie says, staring at Sombra's tube.
"All I know is that we got here, the tower shot us down, an' then..."

She makes a little "poof" noise.
"Nothin'. I don't remember a thing after we got on shore."

"Rushie said something about traveling here as part of a mission to redeem Sombra, but I didn't believe it," Dawn says.
"Then again, he's sitting right here in this tube..."
>> No. 40554590
File 140572201578.png - (32.54KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 017.png )
>He thinks, wondering what could've happened.
>> No. 40554591
SH:Redeem! REDEEM!
>shane is shocked.
>Shane is freaking out now.He standing near the cyro tube of Sombra.
>> No. 40554593
"You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
Dawn sighs, rolling his eyes at the Princess Bride reference.
"He was coming with us to try an' make up for all the stuff he did," Rushie explains further, still staring at the tube.
>> No. 40554595
"B-but he's a b-bad guy... a really really bad bad guy..." Ember's candle snuffs out.
>> No. 40554596
File 140572222815.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"I guess you two ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time..."
>> No. 40554597
"I know. Everyone who took Equestrian History knows."
Dawn's brow furrows.
"I'm not sure what he'd be doing to redeem himself."
>> No. 40554601 believe this guy is trying to clean himself...your talking about a monster play dictator of his country! not only that he made it disappeared no pony to lay claim to it! and you believe him!?
>> No. 40554602
"I guess we did," Rushie says. "I mean, he didn't mean to--"
"To enslave millions of ponies?" Dawn asks, rolling his eyes once more.
"He was only doin' it to try an' get Celestia's attention!"
"For what!?"
>> No. 40554603
File 140572240201.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Geez, You Two, Calm down!"
>> No. 40554608
File 140572258238.png - (27.62KB , 900x650 , You may need to stop that.png )
"Ranger's right. We should calm down."
Dawn steps away from Ember, staring at the screen on Sombra's tube.

"...maybe we should bring him back?" Rushie asks. "I mean, maybe he remembers some things. An' he's a pretty tough guy!"
"That's what I'm worried about," Dawn replies, staring at the blinking THAW button.
>> No. 40554610
File 140572263933.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
"Well, Hopefully they didn't do anything to him yet, but... I'm not sure..."
>> No. 40554612
Sh:Wait...your not freeing him...are you?
>Shane is very scared at what he's facing right now.He gets his rifle ready, preparing for the worst.
>> No. 40554613
"Dawn, tell me you aren't actually thinking about PRESSING that? Have you lost your entire MIND?!"
>> No. 40554616
File 140572286830.png - (29.46KB , 900x650 , wut r u doin.png )
"...You're right. You're all right.
Except Rushie."

Dawn steps away from the panel.
"Well, the Hoofen troops aren't here, and there's not anything else to worry about. Let's move on."
>> No. 40554619
File 140572295587.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
"We don't know what kind of experiments they could've done on him, and who knows what's going to happen when he wakes up, Rushie... I'm sorry..."
>> No. 40554622
>Shane sighs and shoulders the gun.
Sh:lets get out of here...I'm already too cold in here.
>> No. 40554635
"Yes, please. Let's just go." Ember pulls at Dawn's wing.
>> No. 40554640
Rushie sighs.
"You're right. I just kinda hoped I'd get to talk to him again, I guess. He might've made the Crystal Empire disappear, but when I met him, he seemed like a normal pony with a bit of a jerky-ness problem."

"Agreed," Dawn says, pulling his revolver out of his bag.
"This place is gettin' to me, too..."

He starts walking back toward the entrance, passing by the Changeling, the Seapony, and that monkey-ish thing (which appears to be labeled with a name rather than a species).
>> No. 40554642
File 140572351124.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Come on, Rushie..."
>He gestures her to follow them out.
>> No. 40554644
>Shane can't see the labels since he's blind.He continues to walk out.
>> No. 40554651
You're back in the main hallway now.
The only door that hasn't been opened yet is the door into the offices.
>> No. 40554652
File 140572390316.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Well, I guess it's the offices then..."
>> No. 40554654 is next now.
>> No. 40554661
Dawn steps up to the Office doors, pushes them open...

...and finds that there is a rifle barrel pressed to his head.
>Who is holding that rifle?
>Why is he in danger of being shot?
>That last one is because I have other stuff to do, including practicing my drumming skills.
>> No. 40556031
Ladies and gentlemen, we now have an animu opening for this series!
Took me long enough, did it?
It opens on Dawn, Ember, Ranger, and Rushie standing in the elevator, lights passing over them in time to the beat.
As each line of the first verse finishes, the camera gives each character a close-up. Dawn looks apprehensive, Ember seems nervous, Rushie is as happy-go-lucky as she's ever been (and even bobs her head to the music) and Ranger stares worriedly at Rushie.
As the main melody drops in, the elevator door opens, and the camera pans up to reveal the rest of the island, with the title "DONUT BAR Z KAI" floating above it.
The bass starts kicking up, and with each hit of the kick-drum the camera jumps to a close-up of each character, until the rap starts. Scene switch to the gang fighting that giant lizard thing, with all kinds of actiony stuff.
And then I realized that I have no idea how to properly write an anime opening, so I spent the rest of that first rap verse on the battle and threw in some vague "people falling upside down" stuff with the second sung verse/chorus.
>> No. 40556749
File 140590401433.png - (31.25KB , 900x650 , oh shit get the fuck outta there.png )
Dawn, Rushie, Ranger, Shane and Ember have killed a monstrous lizard, but they still need to find a place to stay for the night. The Cryo Tubes prove a worthless cause, as the only thing they find there is a forgotten dictator.
As they head into the Offices of the Specimen Storage Center, someone points a gun at Dawn's head!
Is it a startled friend or a deadly foe? How will the rest of the team react? Is Dawn gonna get a bullet to the face?
>> No. 40556752
File 140590413171.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Who the heck?"
>Ranger turns to see who it is.
>> No. 40556753
>Shane sense the barrel and quickly snaps his weapon up.
>> No. 40556759
File 140590424265.png - (495.13KB , 3310x2828 , ember will beet ur ess.png )
"Whoa!" Ember attempts to melt the barrel with magicals. 1d10 = 7
>> No. 40556763
It takes you a few moments to recognize the white uniform of a Hoofen soldier. The name plate says "Half-Cocked", and the insignia look important.

You sense the other guy's gun being lowered.

But you're still HORNSWOGGLED! You'll need to find some WHY-AGRA to use magic.

"H-hey! You survived!? I thought one of those monkey things was coming through here!"
The pony lowers his rifle, sighing.
"It's a good thing there aren't any of those things loose in this place, I guess."
>> No. 40556766
File 140590453197.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Dude, What the heck is going on?"
>> No. 40556767
>Shane lowers his rifle, sighing in relief.
>> No. 40556774
Ember bats at her useless horn. "What in Celestia's Equestria is this?" she wonders, ignoring the soldier in her distraction. "Hehehehe, it feels fuuuuunny," the orange mare points out, playing with her flaccid horn.
>> No. 40556777
"We got separated when that giant lizard thing started rampaging. Spell Struck told us to hold this area while he went with you. I guess he didn't make it back?"
The soldier motions toward the offices, where some other soldiers have made a makeshift camp.
"C'mon. I don't wanna keep this door open too long, y'know?"

It's what happens when you get thrown around like a sack of tiny potatoes by a giant lizard tail.
Also, Dawn's giving you a funny look.
>> No. 40556779
File 140590489801.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>Ranger enters the offices and looks at Rushie.
>> No. 40556781
>Shane also enters, at the same time holstering his rifle.
>> No. 40556783
File 140590494850.png - (30.50KB , 900x650 , AHAHAHA I TOTALLY DID THAT ONCE.png )
Rushie is giggling at Ember, who is playing with her floppy horn.
>> No. 40556784
You get the feeling that some all-powerful geometric shape of war is smiling upon you for keeping your weapon holstered while among friends.
>> No. 40556786
>Shane shrugs.He just doesn't want to feel like a idiot waving his gun around.
>> No. 40556788
Ember then notices the soldier. "HI! I'm Ember Smoke! What's your name? It's Carver, isn't it? I bet I'm righ-" Ember looks at Rushie and Dawn, oblivious. "Why are you guys looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?"
>> No. 40556790
File 140590520635.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Uh, Rushie, You coming?"
>> No. 40556791
Good for you!
>GOT ACHIEVEMENT: [Favor of the Murdercube]

"...Your horn's all bendy," Rushie says.
Dawn and the soldier sigh.
>> No. 40556793
>Shane sits down and listens on the conversation.
>> No. 40556794
"Yeah! Jus' gonna laugh at the horn a little more.
Teehee, it's all flippy-floppy."
She gasps, and rushes up to Dawn.
"Y'know what that horn looks like?"
"No, Rushie."
"It looks like you--"
"No Rushie don't say it"
"just finished doin' it!"
Dawn groans.

The soldiers talk about...well, what soldiers talk about. Home, mostly.
Some talk about a mare, others about a colt. Still others talk about their children. Some brag that they were part of the "Sylvester Campaign", that they served on the "Rassilon". Others seem to take this with a very large grain of salt.

There's some beans and rice to eat, thank goodness. Someone must've gotten the microwaves working.
>> No. 40556796
>Shane decide to help himself to eat.He grab some rice and starts to eat.
>> No. 40556797
File 140590558468.png - (32.79KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 015.png )
>he chuckles.
"Looks like we've got a camp for now... Should we search the offices for information?"
>> No. 40556799
File 140590589776.png - (98.16KB , 943x847 , ember is being silly and nopony can stop her.png )
"Doing... what, exactly? I don't get it."
Ember follows the first soldier, Half Cocked, and pesters him mercilessly. "Hey, hey Carver! Do you know any engineers? Do you know any pretty engineers, that talk like this?" She proceeds to do an extremely offensive British accent. "Jolly good show, guv'na! Moh tea, please? Why thank you, mate, I love tea! That glorious bastad Isaac is vehry, vehry attractive, someheow, even when he's covehd in a fine bloody mess!" She giggles. "Anypony like that?"
>> No. 40556803
It's decent, for food that was likely made entirely to last forever.
"You think they were summonin' demons here?"
"Naaah, there'd be all kinds'a stuff wrong with the place if they were doin' that."
"Whaddaya think it was, then? Genetic experiments?
"It always is, innit?"

"I dunno!" Rushie says, trotting off into the little circle of open space the soldiers have cleared out amidst the office chairs and broken monitors.
Dawn shrugs.
"If you find a computer that's working, go right ahead. I haven't had lunch," he says, as he trots along with Rushie.

"What, you dunno what sex is--"
"Yeah, bro?"
"Shut the fuck up."

Meanwhile, Half-Cocked tries very hard to ignore your silly.

It's not working very well.
>> No. 40556806
>shane listen in on this conversation.he learns from his friend Jon to always observe the situation and his surrondings, including some chatter.It might be useful.
>> No. 40556809
File 140590617136.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Well Okay, I guess...."

>He turns to shane.
"You think you can help me with finding any files or info around here, Shane?"
>> No. 40556842
"I know you can hear me, silly! I love your suit, it's very... white! White's cool, I guess. Do you like the food they serve here? Did your friend really die on that moon thingy? Is he still alive? What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like fire? I like fire. See this lighter? It makes fire! Fire, fire fire. So, do you or do you not have an engeneeh friend who toks loik this?"
>> No. 40556846
"You hear about Pvt. Slacks?"
"Pressed Slacks? That poor guy bought the farm?"
"Yeah. Looked like he'd gotten a shotty round to the head. Weird thing is, it was all covered in pink crystal stuff."
"Y'think there's something here that can do that?"
"Between you and me, I think it was something that came with us."
"On the boat?"
"Yeah. Watch your back, man."


The rest of the room kinda stares at him.

"...I think you've bothered him enough, Ember," Dawn says. "C'mon, get some rice an' beans. We'll look for something to fix your horn."
>> No. 40556848
Sh:(Crystals? Hmmmm...What sunstence? Could be possibly fighting somepony that is crystal material?)
>Shane continues to listen in.
>He ignores Ranger at the moment.
>> No. 40556849
File 140590827443.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>Ranger just observes the area.
>> No. 40556853
Ember follows Dawn, giggling. "I guess he... couldn't take the heat!" she jokes, laughing loudly as she takes a bowl and starts eating. "This is good!" Ember says. "It just needs to be a little hotter."
>is there any hot sauce at the table
>1d10 = 5
>> No. 40556856
"Did we really get sent over here to babysit that green broad?"
"Hey, boss asks us to do guard work, we do guard work. Besides, I heard her brother was a big part of the Sylvester campaign."
"Whaddaya mean?"
"Well, he had to get rezzed afterward, but he killed off some big stuff."
"No wonder we're here. Guess we gotta bail him out?"
"If he can't handle it himself, yeah."

It's a simple office. There's some side rooms--a break room, a corner office, a janitor's closet--and a hall leading to more offices and a server junction.

Apparently somepony brought along a few old-fashioned Equestrian Military MREs. And--fun fact--the only item in an MRE that isn't packaged in a miniature bottle of Tabasco sauce.
Unfortunately, Pvt. Stories is not gonna give up the one thing that makes MREs enjoyable to eat. Not without something in return, at least.
>> No. 40556858
File 140590862421.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>Ranger decides to walk up to Rushie, unsure of what to do.
>> No. 40556859
>Shane nods.
Sh:Brother?...Hmmm...sounds either like a powerful ally...or enemy.
>Shane keeps that in thought.
>> No. 40556878
"Hey, buddy!" Ember gestures wildly at Stories. "Can I have that hot sauce? I'll trade you somethin' reeeeeeeeal special!" she says with a more-suggestive-than-intended wink.
>> No. 40556900
"Heya!" she says, through a mouthful of rice an' beans.
"C'mon, I got some Tabasco from that guy over there. E's a big fan o' my bro!"

Dawn appears to have a lot on his hooves due to his new fan.

Well, given that the colt who leads this little band has said several times that he's here with his sister, he may be the one that they're talking about.
"So what's he carry?"
"Get this--he's got a buckin' Snort an' Whinny!"
"You're kidding?"
"Hey, he's Blowhard's apprentice. Guy must've picked up Blowhard's taste in guns."

Dawn looks kinda confused. Didn't this mare just ask what "do it" means, like, five seconds ago?
>> No. 40556904
File 140591204948.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"I'll just have rice... and No, I don't want the hot sauce..."
>> No. 40556913
"I can show you something really hot if you give me that sauce..." Ember giggles.
>> No. 40556914
"Aww, all right."
Rushie dumps out the entire bottle of hot sauce on her beans'n'rice, and promptly gobbles it all up.

"Y'wanna go find somethin' to do?"

Dawn and the hot sauce pony are now too busy having raging nosebleeds to pay attention to where the hot sauce is.
>> No. 40556917
File 140591346834.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Uh, Sure, I guess...."
>> No. 40556918
File 140591352977.png - (33.77KB , 900x650 , I'm not sure what you're doing back there but I like it.png )
Rushie promptly grabs your hoof and starts dragging you toward the hallways.
"Let's go exploring!"

This will be disastrous fun!
>> No. 40556920
File 140591364786.png - (30.20KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 1.png )
"Alrighty then...."
>He follows Rushie down the hallway.
>> No. 40556921
File 140591372551.png - (31.96KB , 900x650 , MMM WHATCHA SAAAAAAY.png )
"Server core? Sounds interesting!"
She promptly dashes down the side hallway labeled as the 'Server Core'.
That sounds important.

It's probably a bad idea to let her mess with it.
>> No. 40556923
File 140591380535.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Just don't mess with anything, Rushie... leave anything you see alone, okay?"
>> No. 40556925
The server room is dominated by racks upon racks of complicated computer equipment, all connected to each other by dozens of network cables.

At the end, there's a keyboard and a small screen, where system administrators can log in to create visual BASIC interfaces so that they can trace the IP addresses of JPG files.

Off to the side, you see a small object roll away from you.
>> No. 40556927
File 140591398929.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"What is all this? Rushie, don't mess with anything..."
>He doesn't notice the small object.
>> No. 40556928
File 140591405498.png - (28.54KB , 900x650 , gettin real tired of this crud.png )
"It's a server room thingie! I guess these are the servers!"
Rushie walks up to a rack of computers and stares at it.
"...Make me a sammich!"
>> No. 40556929
File 140591410041.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"It doesn't work that way, Rushie... Please don't mess with anything..."
>> No. 40556930
She bursts their pervy bubble with an excited yelp. "I can show you some cool fire tricks, and you can give me that hot sauce! Or whatever is fine, I just like the taste! It's hot~"
>> No. 40556931
File 140591425365.png - (342.97KB , 773x1000 , Harkness Test.png )
"Aww, but messin' with things is fun!"
Another small object whirrs around, this one rolling across the gap at the other end of this row of servers.

Dawn sighs in relief; Pvt. Stories just groans.
"What a letdown. Here, have the stinkin' hot sauce."
>> No. 40556932
File 140591432724.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"You'll break something..."
>Ranger watches the small object closely.
>> No. 40556934
File 140591445125.png - (33.19KB , 900x650 , did you say [REDACTED].png )
It's a teeny wobot.
Specifically, a cleaning bot.
Guess that's why the floors are all clean, but the desks aren't.

Rushie, in the meantime, has noticed the keyboard.
>> No. 40556935
File 140591450427.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Rushie, Stop..."
>He walks up to her, and makes sure she doesn't touch anything.
>> No. 40556936
File 140591457596.jpg - (55.76KB , 600x376 , ALL IS LOST.jpg )
"I bet I can hack this!"

She starts...hammering away on the keyboard.
>> No. 40556937
File 140591464235.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>he pushes her away from the keyboard.
>> No. 40556938
File 140591470907.png - (33.34KB , 900x650 , I can totally tap this.png )
The screen goes ding.

Somehow, it worked.
"I told ya! I told ya I could leet haxxorz it!"
>> No. 40556940
File 140591479245.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>He starts seeing what's on the screen.
"Maybe they'll have something on here..."
>> No. 40556942
From here, you can access HISTORY, EXPERIMENTS, PERSONNEL, or NEW FOLDER. Someone must've left an unlabeled folder sitting on the desktop.
>> No. 40556944
Ember snatches it up... and chugs the little bottle. "Thanks! Now about those fire tricks..."
>1d10 = 3 for how fucking amazing her routine is, with eating fire and whatnot
>> No. 40556945
File 140591501475.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>Ranger checks HISTORY and looks for anything with Rushie's Name.
>> No. 40556946
File 140591511955.png - (29.46KB , 900x650 , wut r u doin.png )

Your horn is still floppled.

"Hey, uh, how about we go look for something for your horn?"

There's entries under "PRE-ALGORITHM" and "POST-ALGORITHM". Pick one?
>> No. 40556947
File 140591518086.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>ranger checks POST-AlGORITHM First, Still looking for anything with "Rushie" in it.
>> No. 40556951
None of the files have actual names on them...

There's "EQUINE 001", "EQUINE 002", "EQUINE 003", and "EQUINE 004". The last two are dated about five years ago; the first two are from back around the time the Changelings invaded Canterlot.
>> No. 40556953
File 140591546145.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>Ranger searches each one of them, looking for Rushie's name in any of the folders.
>> No. 40556956
"Yeeeeeeah... that sounds like a good idea." Ember hops down off of the table and tosses the little glass bottle back to Stories. "Sorry! I'll show you a better show when we come back, I promise!"
>> No. 40556957
Each file appears to have pictures, exact measurements, and a long string of As, Ts, Cs, and Gs, in a text file, along with some comments.
The first is the Changeling, which is listed as having been recovered successfully according to the comments file. Then again, the changeling appeared to have had its neck snapped--but it was technically living inside that tube, even if it wouldn't survive long outside it...

The second is the seapony, described as a sub-species of the first equine. The comments note that it appeared to be singing while it was beached.

The third is Rushie. The pictures don't look pretty.
A whole chunk of her body's gone, along with one wing. It certainly looks nothing like she does now.
Rushie takes one look at the picture and runs off to a corner. You hear her coughing and retching soon after, and a cleaner bot scoots into that corner moments later. The comments say that "reconstruction was necessary", but don't say anything about what the reconstruction was.

The fourth file is Sombra. The notes say that he was very docile despite his size.

"You'd better," Stories grumbles, staring angrily at the empty bottle in the hope that you can make Tabasco out of rage.

"We should probably look through the janitor's closet, there might be a medkit in there," Dawn says.
>> No. 40556959
File 140591598444.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>Looking at Rushie's pictures, He was very disgusted.
"What did they do to you?"
>> No. 40556961
"Sounds like a plan, Stan," she says, following him to the janitor's closet.
>> No. 40556963
Rushie sits in the corner next to the cleaner bot, shivering lightly.
"I...don't know," she stammers. "I still don't remember much. B-but I don' wanna know..."

The closet is fairly small, covered in shelving, and smells lightly of chlorine. It's about big enough that one pony could lie down in it, and not very comfy-looking, but it's probably the only place that doesn't have five dozen ponies wandering in and out of it.
"Then again, the first-aid kit might be in the staff room. But it's worth lookin' in here."
>> No. 40556964
File 140591633254.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>He goes back to the main menu and selects EXPERIMENTS.
>> No. 40556967
This listing is a bit more descriptive.
>> No. 40556968
File 140591653670.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>he checks MISC first, checking for anything with Rushie in it.
>> No. 40556971
There's a file about an attempt to engineer a plant that can produce meat products for some of the primate-based lifeforms. It appears to have been successful.
>> No. 40556972
File 140591664419.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>He checks for any other files.
>> No. 40556974
That's all there is in MISC.

Perhaps it's in EQUINE-BASED? But that would imply that Rushie is an experiment...

Speaking of Rushie, she's still sitting in the corner, taking deep breaths.
>> No. 40556976
File 140591679589.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>He checks EQUINE-BASED.
>> No. 40556977
There's a file labeled "FIRST CONTACT", a file labeled "AQUATIC HORSE", and a file labeled "PEGASUS".
>> No. 40556979
Ember checks the closet for the kit. "Is this it?" She holds up a white box.
>Is it? 1d10 = 5
>> No. 40556980
File 140591692349.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>He checks PEGASUS.
>> No. 40556983
It is! It even has a red cross on it.
"That's it! Let's see what's inside."
Dawn pries open the box, and it's full of...bottles that definitely are not store-brand. You're gonna have to guess which one is the same as WHY-AGRA.

Sure enough, it's Rushie.

According to the file, she was assaulted by some unknown force and ripped apart, whereupon the island's security bots found her. Her body was kept in a cryo tube, and analyzed, and found to be missing several key components, listed as an "emotional gland", a "thaumaturgical cortex", and a "mimicry organ". The Clarke Center for Genetic Discovery proceeded to engineer her a new body, in order to better fulfill the First Law (the AI may not cause harm to a living being, or allow harm to a living being through inaction). Her brain was copied almost exactly, save for a few short-term memories surrounding her death, which weren't preserved.

Rushie's body was replaced by a genetically-engineered copy.
>> No. 40556986
File 140591739398.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"So that means..."
>He turns to Rushie, looking at her with a look of shock.
>> No. 40556989
Rushie looks back at you, in shock already.
>> No. 40556991
File 140591762133.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"It means your body is genetically enegineered... But your heart and brain are still the same somewhat..."
>He checks to see if there's anything else about Rushie.
>> No. 40556992
Guess? Why not just take them all?
Ember starts drinking bottles left and right. Glug glug glug glug glug...
>> No. 40556995
It says that she's had replacements for all the organs she was missing, and that all of them are fully functional, save for the emotional gland, which could only process and metabolize one emotion, as the research on the emotional gland was not finished as of Rushie's arrival.

"No Ember that's a very very very bad idea--"
1d10 = 7
1-3, you start feeling very, very bad. This is why you don't just find pills and eat them.
4-5, your horn unflopples, but one of the chems must've been somethin' weird, because you're feeling a little warmer than usual.
6-7, your horn fixes itself, but your eyes are all loopy and rainbowy. Stupid cough syrup.
8-10, your horn fixes itself, and you see a weird vision...
>> No. 40556996
File 140591801691.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"So everything except one thing is working inside you..."
>> No. 40556997
File 140591808298.png - (26.86KB , 900x650 , THAT WAS NOT FUN AT ALL.png )
"What? I mean, what!?"
She scrambles toward you, panicking.
"What is it what is it what is it fixitfixitfixit!"
>> No. 40556998
File 140591818778.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"It's your emotional gland... But it's in your brain, and it's incomplete, so trying to fix it is currently impossible..."
>He shakes his head.
"So apparently you died, but were genetically rebuilt..."
>> No. 40557000
She pushes you aside, and frantically reads the file.
"...oh...oh my Celestia...Wh-what's it mean, my thaumawhattywhat was missing? I don' have one 'a those, those are for unicorns, right?
An' it says I was missin' them compared to 'EQUINE 001', who the hay is that!?"
>> No. 40557004
File 140591845000.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"No Idea..."
>He checks any other folders for Rushie.
>> No. 40557005
It looks like that was the only folder with Rushie in it.

Then again, Rushie's still staring at the screen, and you can't mess with it with her at the controls.
"I'll search for it--it's gotta be in here somewhere..."
She goes back to the HISTORY folder.
"Equine 001, there it is--"

She stops dead.
"Wait...that's the changeling we saw back in the cryotubes..."
>> No. 40557006
File 140591869311.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"So they are experimenting on others... and they did on you..."
>> No. 40557007
Ember looks really spaced out. "Dawn, wha... whasgoinon? I see... I see pretty colors..." The mare stands up shakily. "Whoa, it's like the walls are... beating..." she looks at him and giggles. "You look really funny, Dawn..."
>> No. 40557009
"N-no, there's only four files in here..."
She starts breathing faster.
"Ranger, oh jeez, I think, I, I think I'm a, I think I'm..."

"...This is why you don't eat pills at random. C'mon, Ember, let's go find a nice place for you to sit down and watch the colors..."
He takes your hoof.
>> No. 40557010
File 140591885296.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"You're what?"
>> No. 40557012
"I'm a--"
In a flash of green, she becomes her brother.
"I'm a--"
Another flash, this time she's you.
Another flash, and she takes on an odd appearance--all coated in black, shiny plating, with insect-like wings and a jagged horn.
"A changeling!"
>> No. 40557014
File 140591909534.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
>He backs away at each sudden flash.
"Oh no...."
>> No. 40557016
Her shifts grow faster and faster. She becomes Ember, then the soldier who answered the door, then a blue pegasus mare with soft eyes and a pen-and-paper cutie mark, then a green-grey pegasus stallion with a binder cutie mark, and then her shifts grow too fast to keep track of.
>> No. 40557017
Ember looks at Dawn and smiles... and then tries to kiss him. "I liiiike this stuff... it makes me feel really happy," she proclaims. 1d2 = 2
1: She gets him, right on the kisser, mouth to mouth.
2: She misses, and gives him a smooch on the nose instead.
>> No. 40557018
"...Ember, you're high. Stoppit."
Some of the soldiers snicker as he drags you along toward one of the corner offices.
Heehee, they all look like li'l trees...
>> No. 40557019
File 140591936338.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>He tackles her to the ground.
"Come on, Rushie, You've got to calm down. Just think of me, Rushie..."
>> No. 40557022
She keeps hyperventilating. The green fire tickles, at first, but it isn't nearly as hot as you expected.

Slowly, her face settles into a familiar form. The form of your face, that is. She's thinking of you, that must be setting her shapeshift to you...
>> No. 40557027
File 140591963898.png - (29.73KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 7.png )
"Now think of your mare form, Rushie... Who you truly are... You're still a great Pegasus... Even if you're trapped in this body..."
>> No. 40557029
"What does 'high' mean, Dawny? Ishjudt... I love you," she says, smiling at him all dopey like, as her horn glows grey and little hearts sprout from it.
>> No. 40557032
The flames flicker, until the green inferno fades to reveal the green pegasus.
She finally stops hyperventilating, taking deep breaths--shaky, but deep.
"...what...what do we do now...?"

"I know, Ember, I know."
The office just happens to have--is that leather in that sofa? Holy shit, man. I thought that was outlawed. Whoever ran this place was a sick bastard.
But there's no time to find another place to set her; Dawn simply hopes she isn't too grossed out.
"Hey, doin' okay? Aside from the pretty colors, I mean. Nothin's hurting?"
>> No. 40557033
File 140591997997.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"I...I don't know...I'm also shocked..."
>He lays down next to her, looking at the Pegasus he once knew.
>> No. 40557034
"No... I feel great... everything is in color and I can feel the air... I can see it, I can see all the molecules. Can't you see it?" She's looking all around the room, smiling.
>> No. 40557035
"...hold me...please."
Rushie gently stretches a wing out to you.
"I don' wanna be alone right now..."

"...No, I can't see it," Dawn says.

A moment passes.

"...can you describe it to me?" he asks.
>> No. 40557037
File 140592027125.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
>He pulls her into a tight hug.
"Rushie... this means you've been feeding off my emotions and feelings... Yet you always cared..."
>he sighs.
"I don't know how to take this..."
>> No. 40557040
"I don't know if I can tell you... I can see everything in color. You can't believe it! And all the dimensions, all the prisms and the rays... and everything coming down through you, and moving..." Ember is tripping balls.
>> No. 40557042
"I don't know either, Ranger."
She presses her face into your shoulder, crying gently.

A cleaner-bot wipes up the tears as they spatter across the floor.


Dawn smiles a little.
"Y'know, you really oughta be more careful. I mean, those pills could've done a lot worse..."
>> No. 40557043
File 140592078635.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
>He starts crying with her, many different feelings coursing through him.
>> No. 40557049
Ember nuzzles Dawn. "I've never seen such infinite beauty in my life... I wish I could talk in Technicolor. You just have to see it to believe it... I feel sorry for you, if you can't see it then you'll just never know." Ember tries to kiss Dawn again, but this time, there's no margin for errors. Sky high, the little orange pony plants her lips on the little green pony's, locking them in a deep kiss. "Mmmm..." she moans.
>> No. 40557052
And there, holding each other tight on the floor of a server closet, desperately trying to believe that you can continue like nothing has changed, you realize that not a single thing will stay the same.

Sometimes, someone gets kissed and they act all shocked.
Other times, someone gets kissed and they just kind of go with it.

Dawn ends up somewhere between those two places; he isn't entirely surprised, but he isn't quite diving into it.
A few moments of incredible bliss pass. You may not ever have another kiss like this one--with all the drugs in your system, it probably feels like the very universe is kissing you back.

As you break away--and despite the happiness, you must break away sometime--you can see that Dawn is blushing in seven different colors.
>> No. 40557053
File 140592167911.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
>He sighs, and looks into her eyes.
"Rushie, I now need to ask you questions, and please be honest, alright?"
>> No. 40557058
What "with all the drugs in her system," he certainly does appear to be blushing seven different colors. "Told ya I loved ya," she says, smiling at him, the grin reflecting the bliss she just felt.
>> No. 40557059
She stares up at you, tears still rolling down her cheeks.
>> No. 40557061
"You did."
He sighs.
"Now, you should probably stay there. I figure it's not good to be walking around like this."
>> No. 40557062
File 140592211563.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Rushie, Did you ever feed off my feelings for you?"
>> No. 40557068
"O-okay..." She lays down on the couch, and curls up in a ball, gazing at the pretty colors. "Will you lay here with me? I'm cold..."
>> No. 40557070
"...I don't know. I didn't know I could until now!"
She looks away, sniffling.

Dawn wraps his wing around you again.

"...thank you."
>> No. 40557073
File 140592280547.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"Okay... Second, That computer mentioned that your emotional gland was incomplete, and that it could only process one emotion.... I've got the feeling it's lust, based on how many times we've made out together..."
>> No. 40557076
"You're welcome," she says, nuzzling him and kissing his cheek. "Do you love me?"
>> No. 40557080
", you're like, some kinda Sherclop Hooves."
Rushie manages a weak chuckle.

"...Well, I care about you," Dawn says. "Enough that I don't want you gettin' hurt."
He holds you tighter.
"And, y'know, it feels nice. Havin' you be all, y'know, affectionate and stuff."
>> No. 40557081
File 140592334111.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"But... You always cared for others, didn't you?"
>> No. 40557083
She nuzzles your cheek.
"I've always cared about you an' my bro. I mean, where'd I be without you two?"


Because it's 1:30 AM.
Good night, you crazy ponies.
>> No. 40559650
File 140609559363.png - (26.34KB , 900x650 , shit isn't going wrong.png )
The night falls softly on the facilities. Glowing fluorescent lamps keep the halls clear of stumbling ponies. Most of the Hoofen soldiers are asleep, save for a few who're on watch; Half-Cocked stands near the front door once more.

Dawn still sits next to Ember. he smiling?
>> No. 40559670
File 140609608532.png - (100.74KB , 900x855 , ember is confuzzled.png )
Ember stirs next to him, coming down off her high. "Dawn? Whas goin on, I feel... normaler."
>> No. 40559678
File 140609629795.png - (29.46KB , 900x650 , wut r u doin.png )
"Ya kinda took a ton of meds at once."
Dawn's smile disappears.
"You were, uh, trippin' balls for a while."
>> No. 40559684
"Oh dear."
>> No. 40559687
File 140609659158.jpg - (18.98KB , 239x265 , Confidence (Thanks Quoten!)--Cropped.jpg )
"Don't worry. I don't think you did anything too crazy. And your horn's back."
Dawn chuckles.
"You did get a little cuddly, though."
>> No. 40559689
"Cuddly?" She blushes warmly. "Like... like how?"
>> No. 40559692
File 140609672538.png - (27.62KB , 900x650 , You may need to stop that.png )
He sighs.
"How do I put tried to make out with me."
He shrugs, hopping off the couch. "I mean, it's nice to suddenly have somepony all huggy-wuvvy-duvvy, but you were high,'s complicated."
>> No. 40559695
"I..." Ember looks shocked, but is still blushing. "Wh-why would I do that?"
>> No. 40559700
"I don't know. You were high, you already seem to like me--at least, you go to me when you're upset or scared."
He glances out the window of the office, at the forest beyond.
"At least, that's what I'm seeing."
>> No. 40559708
"I-I don't like you. I've never... liked anypony before. At least I don't think I do." But did she? That fluttery feeling she gets when she's close to him, the almost inevitable blush crawling into her cheeks any time they talk...
>> No. 40559711
"...I could be wrong."

Something about his voice suggests that he doubts it.

"Just gonna say this right now. I'm not sure you and I would work out."
>> No. 40559717
File 140609752007.gif - (808.33KB , 475x267 , dave grohl and the kid.gif )
She couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. Why?

"Why is that?"
>> No. 40559718
File 140609776281.gif - (808.33KB , 475x267 , dave grohl does a Dawn impression.gif )
>Filename because I couldn't help it.
"Because I spend all my time either sitting around and drinking or going out on dangerous trips to unknown lands.
Either you don't get to come along, in which case we just worry about each other all the time, or you do get to come along, in which case there's a very real chance of you dying."
Dawn leans against a wall, closing his eyes.
"Lemme put it this way: My last marefriend dumped me because of this stuff. I wouldn't stop protecting her, she got angry because she could fire a frickin' cannon and that apparently didn't mean enough to me to let her go save the world, and it all ended in her trying to knock me out so she could help me."
>> No. 40559721
File 140609796225.gif - (499.58KB , 500x281 , i came.gif )
"I don't mind being... protected." She smiles at him. "And we're adventurers. Very real chances of dying are an... occupational hazard."
>> No. 40559722
File 140609816104.jpg - (54.20KB , 600x574 , 52.jpg )
"...I dunno. Maybe I'm just worried because you said you loved me while you were high.
Maybe I'm just flippin' out about this because I don't wanna end up like my sister."
He shrugs again.
"I guess I should be happy that I can get a hug while I'm out here."
>> No. 40559723
File 140609840511.gif - (572.91KB , 160x180 , i was in fucking nirvana dude.gif )
Ember gives him said hug, and feels... funny again. Her stomach feels fluttery and her ears feel hot and fold back, and she grins almost automatically. I can't really like him, can I?
>> No. 40559725
Dawn returns the hug.

This time, it feels kind of different. More genuine.
It's as if he's really hugging you, this time, and last time was just going through the motions.

"...y'know, I never liked complicated stuff. Time travel, that kinda thing. Stuff where you can't really figure out exactly what's going on."
>> No. 40559729
File 140609898589.gif - (454.74KB , 500x200 , I NEVER WANNA DIE, I NEVER WANNA DIE.gif )
"What do you mean, time travel and complicated stuff?"
>> No. 40559730
File 140609907819.gif - (454.74KB , 500x200 , so now I'm wondering how Grohl would look as my Dawn pics.gif )
"I mean...complicated. Jus' like I said.
Mind if I talk about some of that stuff real quick?"
>> No. 40559731
"Sure. Story time?" She smiles.
>> No. 40559732
"Yeah. Story time."

Dawn sits back on the couch.
"Once upon a time, there was a postal worker.
He had a lot of work to do, but one day he found something different--an adventure.
And another adventure.
And another one!
Soon, he'd forgotten all about his job at the Ponyville post office.
You see, adventures are scary things.
And...well, sometimes scary stuff sticks with a pony.
The postal worker found himself feeling alone, because he didn't have many ponies to talk to about the things he was scared of. He was too busy watching over his sister, and his boss wasn't there to listen to somepony's fears.

But then, that postal worker found a new pony."
>> No. 40559733
"Ooh, ooh! What pony?"
>> No. 40559734
"This new pony was named Mu."
It sounds kind of like that one Pokemon.
"She wasn't really a pony, though. She was actually a robot!
And, one day, while the postal worker was hanging out in the Donut Bar, he met Mu. Mu offered to bring him along on another adventure.
And the postal worker said yes.

The postal worker talked with Mu about the things that scared him. And Mu listened, and Mu helped him deal with the things that scared him.

And the postal worker started thinking, maybe this robot likes me."
>> No. 40559735
"Did the robot like the postal pony?"
>> No. 40559737
"He still doesn't know. Heck, he's still not sure if he likes the robot."
Dawn sighs.

...he sets a tentative hoof on the couch next to Ember.
"And now he's got another mare to worry about. One that's more likely to actually like him than the robot, but that he's hardly met before.
And if there's anything he can say for the robot, it's that she seems like somepony he knows so well.
The postal pony doesn't know what to do..."
>> No. 40559747
She places her hoof on his. "I think that the postal pony should wait until he knows for sure who he... likes." She nuzzles him and...
>1 sits up and kisses him on the cheek
>2 "Wanna... lay here with me? Now that I'm not 'tripping balls?'"
>3 she floats a little flame over the table and flips out the lights with telekinesis
1d3 = 3
>> No. 40559748
File 140610155744.jpg - (18.98KB , 239x265 , Confidence (Thanks Quoten!)--Cropped.jpg )
Dawn smirks.
"You've got some good ideas, there."
>> No. 40559751
She blushes in the firelight, and the flame wavers a little bit. "You wanna... cuddle, or... or something?" Ember feels a little awkward- she's not really the romantic type, but she's trying her damnedest to impress the stallion.
>> No. 40559756
"Sure, Ember."
He gently presses his cheek against yours.
"...thanks. I really gotta spend more time with silly ponies."
>> No. 40559764
She giggles a little, and gives a somber smile. "It's fun to be silly~ It makes life... hurt less."
>> No. 40559766
"That's what I'm missing, really," Dawn replies, nuzzling her cheek.
"I'm afraid to be silly."
>> No. 40559770
"We can be silly together~" She gives him a playful hoof poke. "H-hey... Dawn?"
>> No. 40559772

You see the firelight reflected in his eyes.
>> No. 40559776
"W-when we get back..."
"Wanna... wanna get dinner or- or something? L-like a date..."
>> No. 40559779

He smiles.

"Why not?"

...just for a moment, it looks like he's leaning closer.

1d20 = 8
>> No. 40559783
...Must've been your imagination.
>> No. 40559789
"Thanks, Dawn." She looks up at him, soft gray eyes shining. "You're the best."
>> No. 40559790

This time, he actually leans in--and lies down beside you.
"...I'm kinda tired. We did a lot today."
>> No. 40559798
File 140610543890.jpg - (58.55KB , 301x421 , spoiler.jpg )
"We certainly did. Today was a good day." Ember snuggles close to the green pony, yawning. "I could just fall asleep, right here beside you~"
>> No. 40559799
"Same here."

He lays a wing over you.

"G'night, Ember."
>> No. 40559802
File 140610562274.png - (136.82KB , 897x890 , ember prance.png )
"Good night, Dawn..." The small orange unicorn dozes off almost instantaneously. Wow, she must be tired.
>> No. 40559804

She's so damn cute.
Dawn sighs, happily for once.
It's nice to have so little to worry about, he thinks, as he gently kisses her cheek.
>> No. 40561558

Dawn, Ember, Ranger, Shane, and Rushie have found the Hoofen squad, and with them a night of relative peace. Ember's horn was fixed (along with her shyness), and Shane has learned much about the team he has fallen in with.
However, not all is at peace with the world. Rushie has learned a horrifying secret about her own body. Will she be cast out by her brother? Will Ranger still care for her? And how will Ember react to someone she barely knows?
>> No. 40561562
File 140624704052.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
>Ranger and Rushie were in a computer room, after finding out Rushie's secret.
"But....You feed off my emotions... Did you ever feel like you were better or stronger whenever you were near me?"
>> No. 40561563
>shane is up, he stretches and checks on the others.
>> No. 40561566
File 140624755255.png - (98.16KB , 943x847 , ember is being silly and nopony can stop her.png )
Ember stretches, yawning, and sits up, awoken from a rather strange dream. Giving Dawn a little poke with her hoof, she giggles."Wake up, sleepyhead~"
>> No. 40561568
"...I did feel better after we did it, but I figured that was normal..."
Rushie sighs again. You used to never hear her breathe that long gasp of unhappiness, but since last night you've been hearing it every other sentence.

The Hoofen soldiers were up even earlier--some of them from the last night watch, others just to make breakfast and chat with their brothers-in-arms.
As far as you can tell, the four who were fighting that lizard all went to find their own rooms; the Hoofen troops just set out sleeping bags and camped out in the main office area.

Dawn doesn't say anything.

In fact, Dawn isn't there.
He must've gotten up without you, right...?
>> No. 40561569
>shane grabs some breakfast and sits down and starts to eat.He wonders what the next move is.
>> No. 40561570
File 140624775148.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>He sighs as well, then tilts his head.
"But shouldn't you also have a desire to hurt me?"
>> No. 40561572
File 140624778654.png - (100.74KB , 900x855 , ember is confuzzled.png )
"Dawn?" Ember looks around, hopping down from the leather (ew) couch. "Daaaaaaaaawny..." she calls, walking out into the hall. "Aw, where did he go?"
>> No. 40561574
As you chow down on beans and rice (Wait, didn't you already eat that?) you hear the morning gossip train gather steam.
"Hey, where'd that green mare run off to?"
"Down that hall with her boyfriend. Probably wanted to do a quickie while they had a chance."
"What a perv, eh?"
"...wanna go see if they're still asleep?"
"And get slapped? Go ahead if you wanna."

", no?"
Rushie seems to pull away. It may be only a centimeter, but she backs off...
"Is...that what Changelings do...?"

"He was out with the last watch," says a passing Hoofen. "You'll probably find him just outside the door."
He then hustles down the hall, checking in each office.
>> No. 40561575
>Shane sighs.He slowly learns that Shane does fall for to may ladies.
Sh:ugh...maybe I should save him sometimes from himself.
>> No. 40561576
File 140624805423.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"Well, they should be... I think...Not too sure on it..."
>> No. 40561579
Ember walks off, heading towards the exit. She calls back to the pony. "Thanks, mister! You're the best!"
>can we get a skip through the filler and straight out the door?
>> No. 40561580
He just went down the hall, if you wanna go get him.
Oh, and Ember just came back into the office area.

Rushie looks like she's not sure if she wants to hug you or avoid you.
"...Should I--"
The door swings open, and a Hoofen soldier peers inside.
"Hey, there you lovebirds are! How'd it--oh. Oh.
Uh...good luck working it out, whatever it is, bye!"
He rushes out.


Micro-moments later, you push open the door, and see him staring out at the other three hallways of the Specimen Storage Center.
"...I already had breakfast, you don't have to bring me any, Half-Cocked--"
He turns around.
"Oh, hey Ember. Sorry, they needed an extra pony for night watch."
>> No. 40561583
File 140624846831.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"(Sigh) I guess it's down to the last question..."
>he takes a deep breath.
"Do you Truly like me, Rushie?"
>> No. 40561584
>Shane is about to get shane when he quickly spots Ember.He quickly followers he, wondering what she doing.
>> No. 40561591
"Hey, Dawn! Hey, Carver!" She waves happily and bounces up and down. "It's alright. I was worried about you, though."
>> No. 40561593
Rushie smiles a little.
"You're sweet, and kind, and ya like me, and you're awesome in bed!"
She giggles a little--and her frown returns.
"But I'm wonderin' if you need somepony who isn't, y'know, taking advantage."

Fun fact: The soldier you were following was not named Shane--his name was War Stories.
Meanwhile, Ember trots out the door back to the entrance hall of the Specimen Storage Center. You can hear her talking to Dawn on the other side of the door.

The pony you call Carver is inside, eating beans and rice.

Dawn kinda smiles.
"Now, c'mon. Let's go get you some breakfast."
>> No. 40561594
File 140624920871.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"Yeah.... I don't like if somepony is using me... but you never meant to use me..right?"
>> No. 40561597
>Shane then stops at the door and listens in, wondering what Dawn and Ember is talking about.
>> No. 40561598
File 140624931503.png - (136.82KB , 897x890 , ember prance.png )
Ember smiles back. "Yeah, that sounds good. What should we get? Beans and rice or beans and rice?" she jokes.
>> No. 40561600
"No, I didn't."
She stands up.
"An' that's why I think maybe I shouldn't hang around you anymore, 'cause if I'm around you I'm using you..."

They're coming inside to get breakfast, or at least Dawn is saying that he's gonna bring Ember in for breakfast.

"I think I'll take the rice with beans on the side, extra beans," Dawn replies, chuckling.
>> No. 40561602
File 140624944141.png - (29.73KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 7.png )
>he takes a sigh, then smiles.
"Personally Rushie... I'm fine hanging around you, I mean, you do need to feed on emotions to live, don't you?"
>> No. 40561603
>Shane knocks on the door.
>> No. 40561620
Ember walks back into the cafeteria, humming a tune. "I wish we had some soda or something. I like fizzy things."
>> No. 40561621
"...yeah...But I don't wanna feed on anypony..."
She swallows, backing up into the door.
"I don't wanna hurt anypony, y'know? It's not what I should be doin'! I should be eatin' grass, not pony!"

You knock on the door that leads out of the offices, from inside the offices.

You bump into Shane, who was standing behind the door.

Dawn steps past you, eyebrow raised.
>> No. 40561624
File 140625110249.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"Well, I haven't seen you attack a pony yet, So... I think you're fine at this point..."
>> No. 40561625
>As he was waitning he suddenly felt somepony run into him.He stumbles and falls down.
Sh:ow mate!
>> No. 40561628
File 140625136107.png - (102.26KB , 900x900 , ember winking.png )
"Hi. Stable Wonder!" She grabs his hoof and pulls him up. "Wait, that's not right... Sam? Shane! Shane, that's it. Wanna eat breakfast with us?"
>> No. 40561630
>Shane gets helped up by Ember.He rubs his head.
Sh:Yeah...sure mate..Although I already ate.
>> No. 40561631
"...Ranger, I hurt you every night."
She walks out into the hallway.

Dawn blinks a couple of times.
"Okay. That happened."
>> No. 40561634
File 140625159959.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>he follows her.
"Well, I'm not dead yet, am I?"
>> No. 40561649
Ember bounces off to the cafeteria. "Come on!"
>Moar skip?
>> No. 40561651
>Shane tries his best to follow ember.
>> No. 40561652
"Not yet!"
She walks faster.

Not the cafeteria, technically. And it's maybe five feet away.

As you trot along, you spot Rushie walking briskly down the hallway on the other side of the offices. It's beans and rice again, like you guessed.
>> No. 40561654
File 140625318465.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"I don't think I'm going to die, yet, Rushie... At least , not at this point..."
>> No. 40561655
>Shane sense Rushie on the other side of the hall.
Sh:hay Rushie!
>> No. 40561656
She starts running.

Rushie appears to be running.
>> No. 40561658
Sh:Hay wait a sec mate!
>shane starts to chase after her.
>> No. 40561660
File 140625330449.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>And Ranger runs after her.
>> No. 40561662
She sits down with her beans and rice, and calls out to the green pony. "RUSHIE! RUSHIE! OVER HERE!"
>> No. 40561663
Several of the soldiers start murmuring, as she dashes off into one of the corner offices.
Dawn joins the chase, gritting his teeth and pushing a pair of dumbfounded soldiers out of his way.

Rushie's running in the 90s the wrong way!
And Ranger, Shane, and Dawn are chasing her.

Huh. At least you've got your beans 'n rice.
>> No. 40561665
>Shane not a very good runner but does his best to keep up.
>> No. 40561666
File 140625354990.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
>And Ranger continues to give chase.
>> No. 40561669
File 140625368265.png - (29.69KB , 900x650 , oh sweet celestia.png )
Unfortunately, you simply don't have room to catch up to her--by the time you've entered the office, she's slamming into the window.

...and the window appears to have survived the impact without so much as a crack.
"ooooOOOOOOOW. Why do they make windows like that anyway?"
>> No. 40561670
Sh:It's called bulletproof glass.Why in the world are you running?
>> No. 40561671
File 140625376318.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"Rushie, Please..."
>> No. 40561673
"Jus' go away, it's none of yer business."
She backs into a corner.
"Don't make me go all bitey an' stuff!"

"Back off! I mean it!"

Rushie's eyes glow green for a moment.
Dawn furrows his brow, and steps closer...
>> No. 40561676
Sh:Bitey? What are you mate!? A Tasmania devil?
>> No. 40561677
File 140625392424.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"Dawn, Your sister... She's..."
>He prepares for the worst.
>> No. 40561680
Dawn takes another step toward Rushie.
"Y'you asked for this, Dawny!!"
She surrounds herself in green flame, and when the flames die down...

You see a small, pony-shaped creature, covered in a thick black shell. Its eyes glow a dull green, and a jagged horn juts out of her head. Ragged wings sprout from her back.

She hisses.
"I told you to back off...!"

Dawn looks like he's genuinely surprised for the first time in a while.
>> No. 40561682
Ember continues to eat her beans and rice. Huh. That was odd.
>> No. 40561683
>Shane sense a magical transformation.He pulls out his rifle.
Sh:W-what the heck?! you can transform into a....a
>Shane peers at her with his blind eyes, trying to sense what she is.
Sh:an evil ninja turtle?
>> No. 40561685
File 140625431807.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
>Ranger Sighs.
"I'm sorry, Dawn... I think we have no choice..."

"She's a changeling, Shane. We've got a fight Ahead of us..."

>> No. 40561686
That was.
You sense that some time has passed. That must've been some good beans'n'rice.

Wait, there's ponies shouting in the office. Maybe you should check that shit out. FOR SCIENCE


Dawn slowly lifts his hoof to his saddlebag.
"Calm down. Everypony calm down, now."
>> No. 40561689
Sh:wait...Changeling?! She a bloody changeling?!
>> No. 40561690
File 140625451080.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"She could be an enemy, Dawn. I'm not sure."

"Yep... I dunno... We may have to..."
>> No. 40561691
"I don't know. Now, CALM DOWN.

His voice echoes more than usual, as he draws his revolver.
>> No. 40561693
File 140625463387.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>> No. 40561694
Sh:mate?! I-what? the queen's drawer? What is God's high heaven is going on?
>> No. 40561697
...You must be going crazy. For a moment, you saw him wearing a tuxedo for some reason. Or you thought you did. He certainly isn't wearing clothing now.
What the fuck?

"We are going to find out in a moment," he says, as he turns to "Rushie".

Rushie stares at Ranger, shaking a little.
"Y-you weren't really talking about...killing me, were you?"
>> No. 40561699
She stands and does in fact check out the office, bouncing over excitedly. "Whas going on?" Ember says excitedly. Seeing the bugpon, she gasps. "Ooh, a Changeling! Do me, do me!"
>> No. 40561700
HS:Bloody HELL! I can't bloody see! Tell me! Why should I calm down?!
>> No. 40561702
File 140625493311.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
>He sighs deeply.
"No....Not unless you attacked us..."
>> No. 40561703
Dawn and the Changeling both stare at you for a moment.
"Not now," Dawn and Rushie both say at once.
Wait, was Rushie in the room?

You sense a revolver being leveled with your head.
"Because I said so."
Click goes the hammer of the revolver.

"...But you told Shane that you might have to kill me," Rushie says.
"Dangit, nopony can trust me anymore..."
>> No. 40561706
File 140625516638.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"Rushie, I don't want to kill you... I have no plans to hurt you, and I certainly hope you don't have plans to hurt me."
>> No. 40561708
>Shane then sighs.
Sh:Bloody lucky Jon not here mate.
>Shane shoulder his gun.
Sh:Just riddle me this mate.Is your sister a changeling?
>> No. 40561713
"Of course I don't have plans to hurt you! Why would I have plans to hurt you?"

"Do I look like I know?"
Dawn nods over to Rushie and Ranger.
"And they sound just as confused as I do.
Now, put the rifle on the ground, I'll put my revolver on the ground, and we'll all talk it out."
>> No. 40561714
>Shane throws the rifle on the ground.
Sh:Alright...explain mates. What really going on here?
>> No. 40561715
File 140625552332.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"I'm... Not sure..."
>> No. 40561720
Rushie looks away from you, letting her attention go to Dawn and Shane.

Dawn uncocks his revolver, and places it on the ground.
"Yes, Rushie. Explain."

She sighs.
"Me an' Ranger found some files on a computer that said I hadn't survived the crash. The thingies on this island--some kinda robots--put together a new body for me, with changeling bits."
>> No. 40561722
Sh:Changeling bits? Hmmmm....I guess they made a robot copy of you?I hope I'm correct.
>> No. 40561723
File 140625586280.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"And as a result, What we see here may not be the Real Rushie 100%, but her heart and memories are the real thing."
>> No. 40561727
"Nah, it's genenetically engineered."
She shrugs.
"I don' really care. I jus' don't wanna drain anypony."

Dawn nods.
"Probably not a good idea to shoot her, then," he says, glaring at you and Shane.
He steps up to Rushie.
"Do you know how to control it?"
She nods. "It's just the sex," she says.
"Explains a lot." Dawn offers her a hoof.
>> No. 40561729
Sh:Oh...that good! I was worried there for a second. But...they kept a file on you? Why?
>> No. 40561734
File 140625616210.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"So Rushie... Do you still want to stick with us?"
>> No. 40561740
"They experimented on her, that's why," Dawn says, watching as Rushie takes his hoof.

Rushie nods, as she stands up.
Dawn nods back. "You're ready to get back in there?"
She smiles a little. "Yeah, I think so."
>> No. 40561742
>Shane hops back.
Sh:Who does that?
>> No. 40561743
File 140625649640.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Rushie... I'm still gonna be here for you."
>> No. 40561747
She loses the smile.
"I'm jus' worried about you."

"This place. And it saved her life."
Dawn nods back toward the offices.
"We gotta get out of here. Get back home. We can deal with this better from the Bar."
>> No. 40561749
File 140625676703.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"(Sigh) Let's save it until we get out of here.... At least we got our answer..."
>> No. 40561751
Sh:Hmmm...the experiments I sense...the disfigure...things?
>shane started to get angry.
Sh:I know I'm a mad scientist but that just too far for bloody science!
>> No. 40561752
File 140625690087.png - (57.31KB , 900x650 , Weapon drawn.png )
"Yeah, first priority is leaving this place--"
Suddenly, shouts and gunfire erupt from the main room!
"Grab your rife," Dawn says, retrieving his revolver. "We've got a party on our hooves."
>> No. 40561755
File 140625698336.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"Great... Looks like we've got to fight our way out of here..."
>> No. 40561756
>Shane hears the shooting.
Sh:Bloody hell!
>Shane grabs his rifle.
Sh:I can shoot but somepony got to cover me.I can't do close-quarters battles very well.
>> No. 40561758
Dawn drags a folding chair over to you.
"Swing this around."
He then steps over to the door, peeking out into the main offices.

"Gotcha. Stay here. Ranger, if anything comes too close, smack it."
Dawn motions to Rushie. "You gonna stay here?"
"If you get trapped, try to open the window. A couple rounds from Shane's rifle oughta do it, it's powerful enough."
>> No. 40561760
>Shane turns off the safety.
Sh:Let's get it on!
>Shane raise his rifle into combat position.
sh:Cover me ranger!
>> No. 40561767
File 140625767567.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"Well, I'm not fan of fighting, but..."
>He takes the chair and stays with Shane and Rushie.
>> No. 40561769
"What're you talkin' about, Ranger? You handled that rifle like a pro," Dawn says, before leaping out the door and rolling to cover.

You look through the scope...
You can see a strange, monkey-like monster, with massive claws, leaping at a Hoofen soldier.
>> No. 40561770
>Shane aims down through his scope and starts to fires shot after shot.
Sh:Go! I will cover you two!
>> No. 40561771
File 140625786394.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Well, No telling what the heck's gonna be thrown at us now.."
>He keeps the folding chair at the ready.
>> No. 40561774
The strange monkey flops onto the Hoofen soldier, spasming, but it looks like it definitely took a headshot. Death throes, apparently. Another crashes into a cubicle, its head reduced to pulp. More are knocked down by Hoofen gunfire, as assault rifles hammer their point home. You hear the classic chunk of a M-2's bolt being pulled back. Ponies screaming orders, cries of pain, calls to arms.
The battlefield is as it always has been.

Luckily, the Hoofen soldiers are holding a fairly steady line, despite the flood of angry flesh throwing itself at them. Dawn is snapping off shots where he can, and Half-Cocked is manning an old-fashioned machine gun.
Those things are just like the thing in the glass cell from earlier...
>> No. 40561775
File 140625823343.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Wait a minute... Did we not see those things in the cells earlier?"
>> No. 40561777
>Shane keeps on firing his shots with deadly accuracy.Then he stops and reloads his rifle.He's amaze how well these soldiers are fighting.
>> No. 40561778
Dawn doesn't answer, being too busy reloading as the monsters attack.
Rushie, on the other hoof, nods.

They even seem to be beating the tide back, between your aim and Dawn's ferocity.
The battle is going relatively smoothly, for a small-scale skirmish. You can still pick up the scent of blood and the shape of bodies on the ground, though.

It isn't pretty.
>> No. 40561779
Sh:Eww...It's like fighting with jon again.
>Shane continues to keep up his sniper supprsion on them.
>> No. 40561780
File 140625855017.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"Something tells me someone's letting these creatures out..."
>> No. 40561781
Another beast falls, and another. The Hoofen soldiers begin to gain ground, over the bodies of their friends.
Dawn takes a short leap, landing right on one of them, lashing out with his revolver when he runs out of bullets.

Rushie shakes her head.
"We'd've seen more in the cells if there were more, wouldn't we? Maybe they escaped a long time ago..."
>> No. 40561783
File 140625872885.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"Perhaps so... But at this point, they're a threat.."
>> No. 40561785
>Shane then reloads his rifle.
Sh:Then we can't stay here any longer.If we stay here.We will run out of ammo and pony power...then...we will die.But if we can find a way of the island...
>> No. 40561790
"Yeah...jus' watch the door, will ya?" she asks, staring fearfully past you.

"We can get offa the island, an' go home!"
Rushie nods excitedly.
"That's a good thing, let's do that."

Dawn continues to fight in the front, ripping through the creatures as fast as he can, while the ponies around him follow suit.

He takes a hit, a chunk carved out of one of his forelegs.
>> No. 40561792
File 140625901395.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>Ranger eyes ahead, preparing for any enemies.
>> No. 40561793
Sh:Bloody hell!
>Shane puts a bullet in his bolt and fires more shots.He notices he is running low on ammo.
>> No. 40561796
You hear Rushie gasp, and see Dawn cringe, his foreleg bleeding badly.
A burst of machine gun fire takes out the monster that did it, but he's gonna need some help if he's gonna get back up.

You're lucky you brought this much ammo. And Dawn will need that luck soon--even with Half-Cocked directing massive amounts of lead at the monsters, they're still getting ready to chew him up...
>> No. 40561800
>Shane then starts to put the pressure of of Half-Cocked by directing concentrated sniper suppression at his position.
Sh:don't you die on me mate! I need your suppression!
>> No. 40561802
>Ranger rushes to Dawn, and begins pulling him out of harms way.
"Hang in there, Dawn!"
>> No. 40561806
File 140625939683.png - (760.83KB , 4000x4000 , ember smoke.png )
Ember reacts way late, and attempts to take cover from the fighting... somewhere.
>Can I get a recap? Also, hiding. 1d10 = 2
>> No. 40561808
Well, I should've been clearer. Dawn's the one with the critters on him.
Still, your sniper fire buys enough time for Ranger to dash out into the fray.

"Gh...frickin' things don't know how to run away..."
He fires a few more shots at them as you drag him back behind the Hoofen line. Other ponies start filling in for him, pouring bullets at the advancing enemy.

When the gunshots started, you dived into an office next to the one that the others were in.
You saw Dawn running out into the fight, and heard some really, REALLY loud shots go off right next to you (ow, your eEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE), and can see that the things they're fighting are the same as the monkey you saw in the specimen cells earlier.

Also, you just saw Dawn get a chunk of his leg carved off by a nasty-lookin' monster thing, and have dashed out into the battle to help him--unfortunately, you forgot to dash in a direction that has any cover in it, and a monster has just started charging at you.
>> No. 40561810
>Shane reloads again.
Sh:how many of them are there?
>He loads his rifle and cocks another 7.62 bullet into the chamber.
>> No. 40561813
"Well, anything will attack you when it's being shot at... You gonna be alright?"
>He stands to the side of Dawn.
>> No. 40561817
"Uh oh!" Ember tries to dive out of the way.
>1d10 = 4 to dodge
>> No. 40561819
Wait a minute, what rifle were you firing again?
Rushie steps up to the door, shivering.
"I think there's still twenty left...Make that eighteen..."

He fires one more shot, and reloads.
"Yeah, m'gonna be fine. Jus' gonna need a band-aid."
He glances around, and--

It tackles you, but you didn't get stuck on any sharp bits--you might be able to fight it off, still!
>> No. 40561824
>shane put out more sniper fire down the range.
>> No. 40561825
File 140626005566.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"I don't have any first aid on me at this point, so hang on..."
>> No. 40561827
Ember tries to relax, close her eyes, and focus.
>1d10 = 3
Rolling to focus magic in my horn.
>> No. 40561831
The M24 is chambered in .300, buddy. You're welcome.
You're able to knock out a critter that was about to tear open a unicorn who looks like she's real grateful to not be full of holes.

"I can get to the janitor's closet, there's first aid in there. Keep an eye on Ember!"
Dawn starts limping away.

How can you focus there is a fucking claw monkey on top of you--
Another loud gunshot rockets through the thing, leaving its head split in two. You're safe for now, if you can get the damned thing off of you before another one tries to get at you.
>> No. 40561835
Wait, why did the page blurb on Google say ".300" when in the actual article it says it was swapped to 7.62x51?

Fuck. My apologies, Jon, you were right.
>> No. 40561837
>Ranger heads to check on Ember.
"Hurry up and get over here, Ember!"
>> No. 40561839
Ember tries to dash away, still charging magic.
>1d10 = 10 to get out of dodge
>1d10 = 8 to focus
Not mutually exclusive.
>> No. 40561841
>Shane loads another one in the chamber.He notices there are less of them.
Sh:Why did they attack all of a sudden.
>your good.
>> No. 40561846
You kick the corpse off of you, as you focus in on the goal of incinerating a few more of those things. You're good to go, and just need a target.
Oh, and Ranger appears to be heading for you, carrying a folding chair. Poor guy forgot a weapon!

Ember's on her hooves, and her horn's glowing, so she should be okay.
Should be.

Thanks for understanding, man.
"I dunno, jus' keep shooting!"
Rushie gasps, pulling away from the doorway--"INCOMING!!" she shouts, as one of the critters runs right up to the door, screeching!
>> No. 40561847
>Shane swings his rifle and starts firing at the new threat.
>> No. 40561856
File 140626104254.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>Ranger waits for her to get up.
>> No. 40561861
Ember, spell charged, releases a massive blast of fire, a storm of magical flame emanating from her body. Magic doesn't discern between enemy and ally. Literal friendly fire. "STOOOOOOOOOOOP!"
>> No. 40561863
Your first shot goes wide, as the thing leaps through the doorway--
Rushie throws herself at it, knocking it off-course before it can perforate you!
"Go away!" she shouts, as her horn begins charging. "GO AWAY!"

She's on her hooves.
And she looks like she's about to--

Most of the battle comes to a standstill, as ponies realize moments too late what that fireball is.
You're not sure whether the screams are worse, or simply inconvenient.
The monsters appear to be retreating, some of them while on fire. Guess they fear it.
>> No. 40561868
>shane was about to fire another shot before he gets hit by a deadly fire wave.he gets knocked into the wall, knocking him out.he rifle out of his hooves.
>> No. 40561874
"Geez, She knows how to stop a fight...."
>He's knocked back a bit, but shakes his head afterwards.
>> No. 40561879
Everything goes black as the heat washes over you...

Knocked back a bit? Psh. You're knocked back a lot.
Along with dozens of Hoofen.
It's a good thing those monsters are running away now, since your vision's starting to go black...
Heck, this is a nice place to sleep anyway, it's nice and warm...
>> No. 40561881
>shane was about to say crap before the heat wave hits him.Now what will happen to shane?
>> No. 40561884
File 140626189258.png - (695.98KB , 2560x1600 , Ember is unamused.png )
Ember stands in the center of it all, panting deeply, horn smoking, glaring. "Don't mess with my friends," she says through gritted teeth, seething.
>> No. 40561886
The remaining monsters screech and run away.

And the remaining Hoofen groan.
Looking around you, you see dozens of ponies, all with burnt fur and pain-filled faces. Some of them were unlucky enough to be caught at the center of the blast; their dog-tags have melted.

Depends on how fast he gets medical care.

Rushie, thankfully, has dispatched her enemy; but she certainly doesn't wanna go outside right now. It's kind of hot out there.
>> No. 40561890
File 140626212681.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"Good grief..."
>> No. 40561893
As you say those words, you pass out...
>> No. 40561896
>Shane is still knocked out from Ember's heat wave.
>> No. 40561908
>And he passes out in a matter of seconds.
>> No. 40561926
Ember sways on her hooves, and rushes over to Dawn, covered in soot. "D-dawn, are you okay?"
>> No. 40561929
Dawn gazes at the various smoldering ponies.
"...I don't think they are, though..."

He sighs.
"Ember...what happened?"
>> No. 40565201
The fighting was horrific--Hoofen soldiers dropped left and right.
In the end, it took a mighty flame to defeat the onslaught of mutated terrors.
But this flame has burned friend as well as foe.
Can fire be controlled?

"...Ranger! Ranger, wake up!"
It's warm in here. Too warm, actually. Hot, even.
"C'mon, Ranger, you gotta get moving!"
Somepony keeps shaking you, Ranger, and it's getting kind of annoying. It'd be nice to just sleep.

Sleep. You're not sure how long you were sleeping, Shane, but you know that you're still sleeping, and that a sleeping sniper is a dead one. Between the monsters you were just fighting and the massive heat wave that put you down, you aren't in any condition to be lying around.

Ponies lie scattered around the room, like so many pieces of a detonated bomb. Dawn is one of the few ponies standing, along with Half-Cocked and Rushie. He's staring you right in the face, Ember, and as he looks into your eyes--no, into your soul--he asks:
"Ember...What happened?"
>> No. 40565206
>Shane slowly gets up.He feels like a tone of bricks hit him in the face and everywhere.Shane does his best to gather the situation around him.
>> No. 40565221
File 140650712318.png - (32.48KB , 420x300 , -Ranger L_- Pic 028.png )
"Unnnn.... Can you quit it...?"
>> No. 40565232
File 140650731823.png - (124.98KB , 832x960 , ember on her back.png )
"I... I have no idea. I just got mad and then..." The orange mare gestures around the smouldering remains of the room. "Then this happened..."
>> No. 40565237
File 140650754851.png - (31.81KB , 900x650 , painful feels.png )
There's a lot of bodies. Some of them barely move as they suck in any cold air they can get.
Some of them aren't moving at all.
Luckily, nothing's broken, but you still feel like you took a nasty beating from a large truck. Some bits of your fur seem to have been singed off. You're missing an eyebrow.

"C'mon, I gotta get you outta here!"
Rushie's face comes into hazy focus.
"We need to go find someplace where that won't happen again!"
You seem to have collapsed next to one of the corner offices. Funny, you were near the entrance when you got hit by that wall of bright orange pain.
"Can you walk?"

Dawn looks like he's about to say something--
But before you hear him, you hear the sound of a hoof in your face. Half-Cocked stands over you, grimacing.
"You fucking idiot," he says, glaring down at you. "You fucking idiot why the fuck did you do this!?
You just killed half our fucking platoon!"
He gestures across the room, across the massive numbers of the dead.
"Do you wanna be the one who tells their parents? Their wives? Their children?
Do you wanna explain to them--to me--why you decided it was okay to burn them all to death?"
>> No. 40565240
File 140650760940.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
"Okay... I think I can..."
>He begins to get up off the ground.
>> No. 40565241
>Shane can't see what happen to him, but he knows he still alive.he gets up and starts searching for any survivors who fought against the salvages.
>> No. 40565249
File 140650791820.jpg - (395.19KB , 2560x1600 , it's your fucking nightmare.jpg )
Ember holds her nose and... shoves him right back, the fire in her eyes again. "Touch me again and you'll end up just like the rest of them." She glares at him for a second before snapping back to Sensible, Not Edgy Ember. She frowns, looks away from him, and starts to sob quietly, drops of water making little holes in the ashes coating the floor.

Teardrop on the fire, fearless on my breath...
>> No. 40565251
All your bits seem to work right. You're just a little bit disoriented from the part where you slammed into a wall.
"Let's go," Rushie says, putting a wing around you.
Off in the distance, you hear angry shouting. It feels like it's happening a mile away.

It looks like there's several ponies who're still breathing, but without vision it's hard to tell if any of them are still bleeding out.
There's more who were too close to the fire when it went off, and even more who died long before the flames washed over them.
Some were so close to the heat that you can't tell the difference between their bodies and the bodies of the twisted freaks they were fighting.

"...What the hell."
Half-Cocked stares at you like he's staring at the monkey in the glass cell.
"Why are you even here? Why is she even here," he asks Dawn, "when she's this crazy? I mean, I know you guys are supposed to be insane, but at least you can pick a goddamn target!"
Dawn sighs, stepping over to Ember.
He lays a hoof on her shoulder.
"Listen to me."
>> No. 40565257
>Ranger walks towards the shouting. Rushie can tell he's still disoriented.
>> No. 40565262
>Shane decide to use a sense he rarely uses...hearing.
Sh:oi! If any mates are alive say something.
>Shane notices his coat is quite singed.He sighs.If he can get off this God-forsaken island, he will get a new one.But something troubles him.Ember's attack.It somewhat familiar. The flames, the sudden explosion of deadly fire wave.It reminds him of a friend he left back at home, who is his best friend and protector.
>> No. 40565265
"O-okay..." she stutters, and looks him in the face, her eyes full of tears.
>> No. 40565275
"You doin' okay?" Rushie asks. "I think there's a water fountain that didn't get melted..."
There's a lot of bodies. Most of them are badly burned, so badly burned that you can't tell whose they are.
At least the ones who were bleeding had some luck, as the flames cauterized their wounds.

You hear a chorus of groans. There's a few around you who're still living.
You heard some angry voices near the entrance earlier, someone shouting at Ember, no doubt.
You've also heard some groaning near the other side of the offices--groaning that's moving. Sounds like Ranger is on his hooves.

"What you've done is hard to forgive. You've just killed a lot of ponies.
You might never be forgiven for this, and you might never forgive yourself for it."
He takes a deep breath.
"What you need to do now, Ember, is figure out how to not do it again. You said you just got angry, right?
Then you need to work on keeping your head. You can't let yourself lose it like this, or you'll end up fighting alone."
>> No. 40565278
File 140650887194.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
"Yeah... I think so... I just hope to get out of this place..."
>> No. 40565282
sh:W-who need shelp!? any pony? Who need some help?!
>> No. 40565285
She breathes out a shuddery breath, still choked up. "I... I'll try..." Ember turns away from him, trying unsuccessfully to stop crying.
>> No. 40565297
"We'll work on it, Ranger, just--jus' stay on your hooves, okay?"
She tugs on your shoulder, trying to lead you toward a fountain on the same side of the room as Jon--
Jon's up, good. He looks unscathed, aside from a few patches of fur and one eyebrow.

Another chorus of groans, mostly from the same places. Some of the voices are starting to fade.
The question is, how much first aid can you do without your eyes?

Dawn's eyes flash for a moment.
"...Listen, uh...someone has to write letters to the families of those ponies."
Dawn pulls out a pen and a piece of paper.
"You don't have to, might help you feel better. It's something to do about it."
>> No. 40565299
>Shane stumbles around the blindness and searches for a hoof.Just somewhere in his blazed vision.he's only relying on his sound and some of his sense alone.
>> No. 40565315
She takes them in her magical grasp, and... 1d2 = 2
1: Stares down at them blankly.
2: Drops them on the ground and sprints out of the room, still sobbing.
3: Wonders where the fuck he just randomly got these writing supplies from. Hammerspace?
>> No. 40565316
You touch a hoof. It's still warm...but it doesn't move in response.
You can't sense this body breathing; the heat of Ember's spell must've left it feeling as warm as a living pony.

Dawn is promptly dope-slapped by Half-Cocked.
>> No. 40565321
>Shane then continues to shout and look for any hooves.He wishes that some bloody pony will help a mate.
>> No. 40565325
>He follows Rushie.
"How long was I out?"
>> No. 40565351
It's too bad most of the ponies here are badly injured or dead.
You sense a pony walking toward you.
"Hey! Need a hoof with them?" Half-Cocked shouts. "I know a bit of first-aid, you think you can help me get 'em stable?"

"I dunno, five minutes?"
The water fountain appears to have bent a little from the heat, but it looks like it's still functioning, even if the faucet won't stop running.
"C'mon, get some water."
>> No. 40565352
Ember stumbles down the hallway, cheeks damp, tears shining in her eyes. She pulls up her hood and tightens it, and throws her lighter on the ground.
>Where does fireponi wander off to in her traumatized stupor?

You stumble in the dark...
You stumble in the dark...
>> No. 40565355
>shane turns around to sense a pony.
Sh:erm...sure I can help.
>> No. 40565361
>He drinks some... actually quite a lot of water.
>> No. 40565371
You push open a door...
1d3 = 3
Cold air washes over you. The tubes of the Cryo Storage hall line your vision. Cold solace for a fiery mistake...fitting, isn't it?
The familiar glass walls of the Specimen Exhibits greet you with their silent lack of security. There is nowhere to hide here--not from the monkey, still feasting on its dinner, and not from what you have done.
The harsh light of mid-morning strikes your eyes as you stumble onto the monorail platform. There isn't a car at the station right now, but there's a button to call one; you could leave this place.

"Here, pick this one up," he says, tapping his hoof near one of the bodies. "He's lucky, got some of his cuts sealed up by the blast.
We gotta get these guys to a safe place so we can figure out what we need to do for 'em."

Rushie waits patiently, watching Half-Cocked and Shane round up the ponies who aren't dead yet.
"I dunno which part was worse," she says, as Dawn pushes out into the hallway in search of Ember.
>> No. 40565375
Sh"Alright....where to?
>> No. 40565379
>He finishes drinking and looks at Rushie.
"I just want to get out of here now..."
>> No. 40565384
Ember does press the button, calling a tram. I guess she doesn't know the horror movie rule about automatic transport.
>> No. 40565388
"One of the offices. Jus' lay him down and try to keep him breathing, I can get the rest of them..."
You hear Half-Cocked trot over to a nearby corner office, and sense him carrying two or three bodies on his back.
"Keep checking on them. Keep them alive as long as you can. I'll grab the rest, and some supplies, and get back to you when I can."

"Me too, Ranger."
Your vision clears long enough to see that her cheek-fur is wet.
"Me too."

The tram rolls up to the station surprisingly quickly. Perhaps they have spares on hoof for this kind of stuff.
The door whirrs open, revealing the touch screen interface you saw when you first entered one of these trams.
The choices are listed at various places on the island map:
<Visitor's Center
<Specimen Storage
<Security Barracks
<Administrative Offices
<Computer Maintenance Center
<AI Core
<Agricultural Center
<Medical Center

Which does she choose?
>> No. 40565391
File 140651185556.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"You Alright, Rushie? Looks like you're a bit soaked..."
>> No. 40565392
>Shane does his best to keep the soldiers alive.he periodically checks one soldier and helps another with his wounds.he checks if they need a change of bandages or needs some water.He tries his best despite his disability.
>> No. 40565412
"I'm fine now, Ranger."
She pulls you into a hug, sobbing gently.

Slowly, you learn their names, along with their ranks--most of them are Privates, with one or two Sergeants.
There's Private War Stories, who gave Ember some hot sauce the other night. Sergeant White Castle, who spends his last moments asking you to talk to his coltfriend when you get back, to tell that stallion that he's sorry. Private Silver Screen, who joined up in the hope that he'd be able to save the day just like in the movies, and trained every day for months to make it into boot camp only to be knocked on his ass by friendly fire.
The numbers grow, and by the time Half-Cocked is finished there's more ponies to check on than you can count while you rush from one to the next. You can't even stay long enough to listen to the last words of White Castle.
>> No. 40565414
Sh:Geez...I sense something disturbing about ember...I sense something...familiar.
>> No. 40565416
File 140651255521.png - (32.82KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 09.png )
>He hugs her, nuzzling her cheek.
"I'm gonna be alright... We just have to work on getting out of this place..."
>> No. 40565420
Ember lifts a hoof and chooses
<Administrative Offices.
>> No. 40565427
Are you sure that you sense something about Ember?
Or is it the feeling of death in the air that is familiar to you?
Half-Cocked returns with some actual supplies, and starts applying splints to broken legs, tourniquets to lost limbs, and mercy where it is needed.

She continues sobbing into your shoulder, leaning on you for support in both senses of the word.
"Hold me for a little longer..."

As the door whirrs shut behind you, you hear Dawn shouting--but the door closes before he says anything beyond "Ember!", and you feel the monorail whiz off to your new destination.
>> No. 40565429
File 140651309661.png - (34.53KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_ Pic 012.png )
>He continues to hug her, now kissing her on the cheek.
>> No. 40565433
>shane still works on the patients as he thinks about Ember.Of course, it was her fire use.he sense she doesn't have full control of it.It kinda make sense.Jon Bladen, his dear friend, has the same power.Of course it way different from her own.But he wants to help her, but doesn't know how. How can he know much about use in fire magical? the only ones who know how to handle it's dangeroius powers is Sir richard....and Jon.He pauses and stares blankly at the wall.How can shane, who blinded and barely knows anything about magic, can help ember?
>> No. 40565437
Ember stares out the window of the tram as it zooms along.
>> No. 40565442
For a few moments, you stay sane.
But sanity is fleeting today.
"Hey, you two! Give us a hoof. There's a lotta ponies in here!"
Half-Cocked nods back into the office he popped out of.
"Grab a first-aid kit from the janitor's closet an' get to work!"

You're snapped out of your own mind by Half-Cocked's angry yelling.
"Cut it out! We've got ponies to save, dammit!"

The scenery whizzes by at a steady pace--it's nothing but jungle out there, as far as you can see. Of course, you can only see about five feet into the jungle.

Fire alert in Specimen Storage: Office area

If only the computer knew that the fire was spreading.
>> No. 40565445
>Shane snaps to reality and starts helping the ponies again.Will he ever find Ember again?
>> No. 40565447
File 140651366906.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Alright, Alright..."
>He taps her on the hoof.
"Let's help the others out now..."
>He heads to the janitor's closet, and gets a First-Aid Kit.
>> No. 40565482
Ember slumps down in the corner and stares blankly at the wall.
>> No. 40565483
Perhaps, perhaps not.
As you tie down fresh bandages and clean old wounds, you find yourself starting to almost ignore the words that the ponies say.
For as they tell you their stories, you start getting caught up in them, as a fly in a hall of webs; and if you spend too much time listening to one pony's fears of death, other ponies end up meeting their fear face to bony face.

Rushie follows behind you, grabbing another first-aid kit and lugging it along.
"I don't wanna go in there," Rushie says. "I feel sick..."

Wall. Wall never changes.
>> No. 40565486
>Shane does his best to tend to the wounded until there's nothing left to do.
>> No. 40565487
File 140651515888.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Well, I'll take of the others, just help me out, will you?"
>He starts tending to the wounded.
>> No. 40565500
Ember continues to stare at the wall, contrary to the wise advice of singer Jesse Hasek.
>> No. 40565503
The work is monotonous.
Perhaps the most horrific thing about it is how quickly you stop looking at these ponies as patients and start looking at them as checklists to be finished--conscious, check; clean bandages, check. Makes you wonder how easily you would stop thinking of them as ponies in other situations.

She pulls the second first-aid kit alongside you, and sits next to you as you apply your meager supply of burn cream to the massive, blistered scars on so many of these ponies.

You barely notice the light thump on the ceiling.
>> No. 40565507
>Shane wonders if this will ever end.More wounded, more wants water, more wants bandages.Does this cycle ends? Can he go and find Ember?Then yet again he can't ever since he's been busy the only ponies he sense near by is Rushie and Ranger.Something not right.
>> No. 40565508
Ember brushes it off as nothing. This situation could not get any worse anyhow.
>> No. 40565512
Something definitely isn't right.
After all, Ember is the one who put all these ponies in the positions they're in.
She was supposed to be on your side, wasn't she?

Well, it could be worse. There could be ferocious monkey-things about to rip you apart and eat you while you're still conscious.
>> No. 40565516
File 140651596112.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Don't worry, You'll be fine..."
>He makes sure each wounded pony is tended to and okay.
>> No. 40565520
About three ponies in, you find one who lost a limb during the fighting.

Rushie stumbles over to the corner, gagging.
>> No. 40565521
In theory.
>> No. 40565522
>shane senses around again.No...she's not here.Shane stumbles around and looks for his weapon.He found it.he surprise the thing hasn't melted all together.His luck is maybe changing for the better.Now the big question is...where did she go?
>> No. 40565545
File 140651658229.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Rushie, Go find this guy's limb... I'll try to stop the bleeding."
>He gets a towel, and puts it over the bleeding area.
>> No. 40565546
In theory, there could be Reavers out there. Y'know, from the Firefly series? Those things are fucked up.
But then again you probably never watched Firefly.
...Dammit, I'm getting sidetracked.
The door whirrs open at the Administrative Offices. This terminal is much like the last--papers lie scattered on the floor. There's a simple phone booth, much too tall for ponies. There's a hall that leads off into a room filled with cubicles.

Remember to wash your hands prior to handling your Advanced Input Device. Clean skin is necessary for accurate operation of the Advanced Input Device.

"Hey, you!"
Half-Cocked nods to you again.
"Don't go too far. I might need you to hold a towel down on one of these fellas."

Rushie starts puking.
"Tourniquet!" Half-Cocked shouts. "Tie a fucking tourniquet over the stump! At the shoulder, dammit!"
>> No. 40565550
Sh:have you seen ember?
>> No. 40565552
"Alright, geez, I barely have any medical experience..."
>He begins tieing a tourniquet over the stump on the victim's shoulder.
>> No. 40565587
"Hands?"she muses aloud. "Hands..." Ember walks into the Kickle cubicle room.
>> No. 40565593
"Yeah, she ran out the door when Dawn tried to get her to write the letters.
Dawn ran after her. what an asshole.
Don't chase 'em, I need you here in case more of those beasts come after us."

"Tie it real tight, you wanna make sure there isn't any blood loss through there."
Rushie dry heaves--her body wants to throw up, but she's run out of things to throw up...

It's pretty much entirely empty. Row upon row of empty office chairs, vacant screens, and odd little devices labeled as "A.I.D.s". Who names a device "AID"?

Before you can answer that, however, you hear someone rummaging through a filing cabinet on the other side of a cubicle.
>> No. 40565597
File 140651804968.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>He makes sure it's real tight.
"That should do it."
>> No. 40565598
Sh:fine...I'm lucky my rifle many fighting colts you have?
>> No. 40565614
"Good. Move on to the next one."
Rushie sits in the corner, gasping.

"There's me, and Ranger. And maybe the mare, if she stops tossin' chunks.
But if nopony's watching the entrance, then it doesn't matter how many of us can fight."
>> No. 40565615
>>40565614 you have any computers or anything I can get my hooves on?
>> No. 40565616
File 140651867454.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>And he keeps tending to each wounded pony. He wasn't too experienced with his work, but he was determined.
>> No. 40565622
She attempts to be as quiet as possible, and sneak around to them. 1d10 = 8
>Who's there?
>> No. 40565631
"Do I look like I have any?"
Half-Cocked goes back to his work.

Pony after pony drifts under your hooves, each one with a gaping hole or a massive patch of burnt fur.

You hear Rushie sob a little.

You see...a maroon unicorn, poring over a series of files on a computer.
"...Damn it. Nothing on the location of Doctor Clarke!"
You'd recognize that slight Sponeish accent anywhere--it's Spell Struck, the captain of the ship you rode in on!
>> No. 40565634
Sh:Listen mate if we want to survive I'm going to create some makeshift turrets and traps.It's not much but I'm going to need some parts.
>> No. 40565636
File 140651907264.png - (32.54KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 017.png )
>He tends to their wounds and burns while being careful with each of them.
"The acts of war can indeed be so traumatizing."
>> No. 40565641
Ember gasps. "Spell Struck!" She jumps onto him and wraps him in a tight hug. "I thought you were dead! What happened? Where did you go?"
>> No. 40565646
"...How the fuck do you think you're gonna make a bunch of automated sentries out of some spare computer bits!?"

Rushie keeps crying, and the wounded keep groaning.

He falls over, pulling the AID he was using off of the desk.
"...would you get off of me? I will explain if you do."
>> No. 40565652
She lets him go reluctantly. "Of course! Whaddya want me to explain?"
>> No. 40565653
File 140651941802.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
>He continues to take care of the wounded, treating each victim's wounds and burns.
>> No. 40565655
>Shane grabs some parts and sharp shrapnel.
Sh:I'm going to make traps and such.I need flosses, maybe a machine gun, generator, jumper cables, some wires, a high concentrated lazer, some flammable gas...I might need more.I just need some tools to do this.
>> No. 40565659
"No, I will explain--"
He sighs.
"I am here because the AI Core won't let me in without Dr. Clarke's approval. And I figured, Dr. Clarke might be hiding here.
But he isn't, and there's no record of him anywhere!"

Finally, the ponies that still live are treated to the best of Half-Cocked's abilities.
"Skip it, Shane," Half-Cocked shouts. "We're moving! Rig up something to carry ponies on if you can!"
>> No. 40565660
File 140651962098.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"All right... Uh, Rushie?"
>He looks over at her.
>> No. 40565662
>Shane looks around and sense some straight poles and maybe some tarps strong enough to carry a pony.He starts making make-shifts carrying beds for the wounded.
>> No. 40565672
She's lying on her side, shivering, next to a puddle of vomit.

"Put some wheels on 'em if you can, this'll be a long trip. Gonna have to bring 'em through the monorail."
>> No. 40565675
File 140651998157.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
"Come on, Rushie... We can't waste time...."
>He pays no attention to the puddle.
>> No. 40565682
She nods, and slowly stands up, wiping some vomit from her mouth.
She stares at the wall, trying not to look at the half-dead bodies sitting on cots.
>> No. 40565686
File 140652021354.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Geez, Ember sure had a wrath, didn't she?"
>> No. 40565687
She keeps staring at the wall.
Half-Cocked loads ponies onto Shane's carts, and they begin pushing them toward the monorail station...
>> No. 40565690
File 140652039229.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>Ranger motions her to follow.
"Let's not waste time..."
>> No. 40565697
Some ponies face their fears head-on, and fail to meet the challenge.
Others run from their fears, and run from themselves.
When a pony runs from herself, she risks losing her self.
But when she fights her terror, she risks losing her life.
Is running better than facing one's mistakes?
[end credits of episode roll]
>> No. 40566309

You've just found Spell Struck, Ember.
He nods toward the computer, and its semi-broken Advanced Input Device.
"I've checked all the records," he says. "Nothing about what happened to Doctor Clarke. And if I can't find Clarke, I can't get to the AI Core."

The monorail piles high with the wounded and the dead, Ranger, and you still haven't gotten all the bodies in.
"...We won't fit everypony in," Half-Cocked says, sighing. "Take the dead ones out. The funeral's gonna have to wait."

You're still not sure how many ponies died, Shane, but you know that there's a lot, and that there's gonna be more if you can't get them into the monorail and on their way to the medical center. None of you know enough medicine to be able to really do much, but supplies will help.
>> No. 40566314
File 140659655721.png - (100.74KB , 900x855 , ember is confuzzled.png )
"What's an AI Core? Who's Doctor Clarke? Does he have a beard? And a blue cord thingy on his back? And a foldy helmet thingy?"
>> No. 40566318
"It's important, he's important, I don't know, I don't know at all, and I don't think doctors get helmets."
He sighs.
"...I don't suppose you know who Doctor Clarke is?"
>> No. 40566320
"Nope. Do you?" she giggles.
>> No. 40566322
He rolls his eyes.
"Now, run along. I am going to try another computer."
>> No. 40566326
No, no no. I want to stay and help you! I wanna know who Dr. Clarke is too. You can't get rid of me that easily, silly!"
>> No. 40566328
"...Fine. You want to help?"
He nods toward a nearby closet.
"See if you can find another one of these AID things. I think I'm getting the hang of them."
>> No. 40566330
"Okay!" She hops over and searches around.
>can has AIDS?
1d10 = 3
>> No. 40566334
You don't get any AIDs.
You also don't hear any sounds from Spell Struck; he must be waiting on you.
1d10 = 1
>> No. 40566336
...Wait, is he chuckling?
No, it's a laugh--a maniacal laugh!
"Gullible, hm?" he quips, as a crackling, electric noise rises in pitch behind you. "At least you weren't too nosy."
>> No. 40566342
She spins around and... laughs back at him. "Lawl! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Riley owes himself ten dollars now!" Her horn flares.
>can has magical charge to cast a spell instantly next turn?
1d10 = 5
>> No. 40566347
You'll need another turn of charging, unfortunately--is that a big ol' magenta crystal he's levitating?
Why, yes it is!
"I take it Riley will miss you?" he says, smirking. "Say goodbye to him when you can--"
Just as Spell Struck's spell discharges, a bullet slams into his foreleg, throwing his aim off--the bundle of razor-sharp crystalline shards, rather than chewing your head off, take a bite out of the nearest computer monitor!
>> No. 40566366
File 140659861685.png - (32.54KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 017.png )
>Ranger starts to discard the dead. At the same time, he tries not to shed a tear.
>> No. 40566371
Ember yelps and ducks, still trying to focus energy. 1d10 = 7
>> No. 40566372
>shane finishes the loading.
Sh:Bloody mary...this is bad..there just so much casualties...We need more soldiers.
>> No. 40566382
Half-Cocked helps you carry stacks of bodies back into the offices--they won't rot right away in a cool area.
"Listen. First thing we gotta do is get anypony we can still help to the Medical Center. Once we've done that, we can bury these guys. Got that? No time for fear!"
He nods, projecting an air of confidence.
"Come on. Back to the monorail!"

Spell Struck stumbles away, ducking behind another one of the cheap cubicle walls--but now your spell's ready!
You hear Dawn call your name. Or did you really hear that? It's a bit distant.
>> No. 40566385
>Shane gets on the monorail.
sh:Hey a SMG back at the center?
>> No. 40566386
File 140659905026.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
"Alright... Let's go..."
>He starts heading to the monorail, while looking around for Rushie.
>> No. 40566408
Ember envelops herself in a cloak of fire and charges after him, grinning wildly. "You can't hide from me!" she calls, rather darkly.
>> No. 40566412
At least he's honest, right?
"We've got a couple of assault rifles left over, though."

It takes you a few minutes to figure out where she went.
Her quiet sobbing echoes through the janitor's closet as she holds onto a first-aid kit like some kind of half-remembered teddy bear.

Dawn's voice fades away, as you burst through the walls of the nearest cubicle. He isn't in this one.
The next turns up nothing as well. By this time, the fire's spread to a third cubicle...
>> No. 40566415
>He opens the door and hugs Rushie tightly.
>> No. 40566416
Sh:Are there any small ones...Like PDW or anything carbine related?
>> No. 40566428
She continues to search from cubicle to cubicle. "Hehe," she giggles. "Where aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare you?"
>> No. 40566432
"...m'scared," she says, as she coats your shoulder in tears once again. "so many dead ponies..."
She shivers, pressing up against you.
"i don' wanna look at 'em..."

"Pfft, no. Unless you want a pistol. I think there's a Glock somewhere around here."
He rummages around in the pile of forgotten weapons, and produces the aforementioned automatic pistol, holding it out to you.

Smoke and rage blur your vision, as you leap through the flimsy walls which try vainly to hold you.
You hear a shout from off to your left--no doubt that fool pony tripping over something. Maybe he broke his horn--then you wouldn't have to worry about him fighting back. Then you could take your time, if you wanted.
>> No. 40566433
File 140660055819.png - (32.54KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 017.png )
"That's what happens today, Rushie... We just have to move on from this..."
>> No. 40566434
>Shane sighs and takes the pistol.
Sh:I want to have a weapon that i can defend myself in a CQB situation.
>> No. 40566439
Ember spins and dashes off towards the noise."HAHAHAHA! Told you you couldn't hide," she growls.
>> No. 40566442
"I don't wanna look at them," she murmurs.
"don' wanna look at 'em..."

"Well, you're stuck with that. Now come on, we gotta get everypony on the monorail."
He glances back toward the offices.
"Check on Ranger, will you?"

Sure enough, he's only twenty feet away. Not even all that far for a Unicorn.
You bound toward him, letting your flames curl around you menacingly; he does not move.
>> No. 40566443
"You don't have to... Just follow me to the monorail..."
>He wraps a wing around her.
>> No. 40566445
>Shane holsters the pistol and slings his rifle on his back.Shane goes check on James.
Sh:hey Ranger! You okay?
>> No. 40566448
File 140660118142.png - (131.84KB , 900x838 , ooh, it's your fuckin' nightmare.png )
Ember saunters up to him, smiling a very, very unfriendly kind of smile. "Oooh, I'm your fucking nightmare," she laughs.
>> No. 40566451
She tugs on you, almost like a young foal who doesn't want to leave the playground.
"don't wanna see them," she mumbles.
"don't wanna do anythin'."

You can see him in the janitor's closet, holding Rushie.
...Rushie looks like she's got shellshock. Poor mare.

Once again, you almost--but not quite--hear Dawn's voice.
The other pony spreads his wings.
>> No. 40566454
"Rushie's scared of seeing the corpses... Can ya help me out here?"

"Come on, We can't stay here forever..."
>> No. 40566456
>shane sighs and kneels next to her.
Sh:We got to go Rushie..or else we will be joining them.
>> No. 40566458
Wings? Wings? What? "HEY!" she barks. "You're not him!" She tackles him to the ground, horn glowing. Grey spears of magical fire point directly at his face as she pins him to the ground.
>> No. 40566505
She just keeps shivering, hiding her face behind her wings.
"dun' wanna go. too scary."
She rocks back and forth, murmuring quietly.

You hear Dawn shouting some more. It sounds louder this time--but your focus is disrupted by a metal thingy poking into your belly.
It's not a knife, or a sword, or anything that pointy--but it's definitely poking you, and it's definitely metal.
>> No. 40566507
File 140660366485.png - (32.54KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 017.png )
>> No. 40566510
>shane sighs.He looks for a piece of cloth.
sh:Ranger I need your knife.
>> No. 40566512
>He hoof him a pocket knife.
"Hope this helps..."
>> No. 40566516
>Shane finds a uniform on a dead hooften soldier.He slice off a strip of cloth of of him and wrap it around Rushie's eyes. her will you?
>> No. 40566517
Rushie still shivers, but at least she doesn't have to see the horrors of battle.
>> No. 40566520
>He guides Rushie to the monorail, holding her close.
>> No. 40566521
>Shane guards them as he leads them to the monorail.
>> No. 40566523
She presses into you, whimpering quietly.
Half-Cocked gives you a look, but says nothing.

The monorail's car is jam-packed with ponies who've seen better days.
You're not gonna have much room.
>> No. 40566524
Nightmare Ember pokes him in the face with one of the spears. Her eyes have an odd purplish sheen, and she just laughs. "That's a bad idea. Put it away."
>> No. 40566525
>Shane packs himself into the monorail the best he can.
sh:I'm here.
>> No. 40566526
File 140660425135.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>He enters the momorail car with Rushie.
>> No. 40566530
Dawn's voice gains an odd echoing quality to it, and for a moment you can hear him clearly.
"Wrong answer."
You're not launched off of him. You don't even budge.
But you can feel the hole in your gut better than you can feel the sickening, creeping guilt as you recognize the green pegasus under you.

"Next stop, med center."
Half-Cocked taps the touch screen, and the doors whirr shut.

It'll be a long ride.
>> No. 40566537
Ember looks down, and then back at him, and then down at her stomach, and then at him again, her mouth forming an "O" shape. The spears of fire fade away, and she falls on her side, bleeding profusely from the hole in her stomach.
>> No. 40566538
File 140660479028.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
>Ranger sits next to Rushie, making sure she's okay.

>Jon's turned in for the night, btw.
>> No. 40566541
Dawn gets up, and walks away, wiping the blood off of his revolver.

Rushie seems to be a bit calmer, thank goodness.
...She still refuses to move from under your wing, though.
You pass mile after mile of forest, with nothing but the occasional groan of a wounded Hoofen and the once-in-a-while sob from Rushie to listen to.
>> No. 40566548
>He sighs and muzzles her cheek.
>> No. 40566565
Violence is said to not be the answer.
Those who use violence to stop violence are often treated just like those who use it to cause more.
Society does not want fighters, even if society needs fighting ponies.
What is the punishment for doing what you have to do?
>> No. 40577052
Blood seeps into the ash in the Administrative building.
You didn't know he could bring himself to shoot you, Ember.
You didn't think he would.
You didn't think you would end up lying on the floor with a hole in your gut, bleeding out before the smoke takes you.
Did he like you? It's uncertain. You're kind of distracted by the way your innards have become outards.

The long trip to the Medical Center is...well, it's not boring, but it is mind-numbing. You've tuned out the moans of the nearly-dead, Ranger--and behind them, you hear an unsettling chittering of tiny mouths, from just within the forest's dark clutches.
"...I don't like this," Half-Cocked shouts over the sound of the monorail's motors. "Gimme a hoof, I'm gonna set my gun up on the roof!"
He climbs up onto one of the few unoccupied seats, and opens an emergency hatch.
>> No. 40577057
File 140729569400.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"are you sure?"
>He walks over to him.
>> No. 40577061
>those feels

Ember attempts to heal herself magically. 1d10 = 5
>> No. 40577063
"Three-sixty degrees of view, three-sixty degree arc where I can take out hostiles!"
He grabs the body of his machine gun, straining a little with it.
"Help me with this. Thing's fuckin' heavy."

You get about halfway through mustering some magical energy when you see someone step up to your semi-lifeless body.

...He lays a towel over the wound.
"Press down on that. It'll help stop the bleeding."
He offers you a hoof. "We gotta get out of here."
>> No. 40577065
File 140729651312.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>Ranger helps him with the machine gun.
>> No. 40577067
She complies, pressing the towel into the wound and letting him pull her up. She coughs up a little blood, but manages a smile. "A-alright," the mare stutters as she follows his lead, slowly.
>> No. 40577071
Between you and Half-Cocked, you manage to get the thing onto the roof. Half-Cocked grabs the tripod, and sticks it in the middle of the roof; soon after, you help him get the gun itself onto the tripod.
"Okay, now that I have this thing up here, we've got a chance if anything attacks us. But I'll need you and Rushie to help me--anything gets to me up here, we're done. D'you know how to use an assault rifle?"

"C'mon, lean on me."
You stumble alongside him, making your way slowly through the burning cubicles. The overhead sprinkler system is doing little to fight the flames, and you can see shapes dashing across open spaces and spraying things on the fire.
>> No. 40577076
She wraps a hoof around him and walks with him, through the burning area. Ember...
1d5 = 5
1. Tears up, and looks away.
2. Sobs violently.
3. Coughs up more blood.
4. Laughs.
5. Stays silent.
>> No. 40577078
File 140729754450.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"Well I do... Rushie, I'm not sure..."
>> No. 40577080
Dawn nudges you a little.
"Talk to me. Gotta keep ya focused, it'll help keep you from passing out. i think."

"Tell her where the safety is, give her a lesson on reloading, and keep an eye on the forest. I have the worst feeling about it."
He sits behind the machine gun, smiling grimly.
"At least we'll be ready for 'em."
>> No. 40577082
File 140729772664.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>He gets two AR's. One for Rushie, the other for Him.
>> No. 40577093
"Talk t-to you? Ab-bout what?"
>> No. 40577095
She glances at you, and goes pale.
"I-I dunno if I can do this, Ranger..."

"Anything. Just keep talking."
A large, metallic object passes by you.
"We're gonna take a while getting out."
>> No. 40577097
File 140729834786.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
"We have to do this... It may be our only way of escaping this place..."
>> No. 40577117
File 140729917105.png - (98.16KB , 943x847 , ember is being silly and nopony can stop her.png )
"Um... how about..." 1d10 = 1
1. "Fire!"
2. "Getting off this island?"
3. "How handsome you look in the firelight~"
4. "All the random thoughts that cross our mind and shouldn't be said aloud unless in proper company?"
5. "Your sister?"
6. "Spell Struck."
7. "Nickerback?"
8. "Griffon architecture?"
9. "Princess Twilight Sparkle?"
10. "How sexy you would look in a suit of space armor with a folding helmet and a glowy blue bar that goes down your spine?"
>> No. 40577119
"N-no. No, Ranger, I jus'...don't like guns, okay!? I'll fight without it!"
She shifts into Changeling form, her jagged, twisting horn charging with acidic-green energy. Some of the wounded soldiers gasp.

"...heh, nice choice."
He chuckles.
"I guess you could say we've got plenty to talk about.
...You were pretty impressive with that thing where you covered yourself in flames and went on a rampage.
I'd rather avoid the rampage part next time, though. I don't like having to shoot you."
>> No. 40577122
File 140729936766.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
"Alright... i just don't want to lose You, Okay?"
>He makes sure there is ammo in the clip.
>> No. 40577127
"Y-yeah," she agrees, face pale. "I'd r-rather you not have to shoot me, either." She grimaces and presses the cloth into the wound.
>> No. 40577132
>implying it's a clip
The box thingy that holds the bullets is called a "magazine". If the bullets are held by a little strip of metal, it's a clip--specifically, a "stripper clip", because it's a strip of metal. Clips are sometimes used to load magazines quicker, and are also integral to reloading some bolt-action rifles from WWI and WWII.

Anyways! There's already 30 rounds in the magazine, and one in the chamber.
Rushie stands by the left side wall of the monorail car, horn aglow.

Let's talk about something else. That bullet can wait until we get outta here."
Choose a new topic!

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>> No. 40577136
File 140729972514.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>Ranger looks around for any extra Ammunition.
>> No. 40577141
"Alright... how about..." 1d9 = 3
>choosing from list, minus 1
>> No. 40577145
There's several magazines lying around, mostly in the uniforms of wounded soldiers.

I'll run that as +1, since you used the first one on the list.
You ask Dawn if you should talk about all the random stuff that pops into your head.
"...Sure, I guess."
He thinks for a moment.
"You wanna hear a really fuckin' weird story?"
>> No. 40577148
"Only if I can tell one too."
>> No. 40577150
File 140730020362.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
"I'm going to need your magazines... No telling what may come at us."
>> No. 40577155
Dawn sighs, as he keeps walking.
"So, you've met Rushie, right? You know how she is.
She was like that for a while, too.
This one time, she was talking about this other mare, Acantha..."

Rushie tosses you the magazine from the AR you handed to her; the soldiers don't object to you taking theirs.
>> No. 40577156
"And she...?" Ember giggles. "What happened?
>> No. 40577158
File 140730039973.png - (32.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic ava 02.png )
>He takes as much magazines as he can have, and sets some of them to the side when he needs them.
>> No. 40577162
"Well, Rushie kept goin' on and on about how Acantha wanted a threesome, and how she would like to meet me, and all that...and I eventually said yes."
Dawn sighs again.
"It, uh, wasn't exactly a threesome."

Rushie silently watches out one of the left windows.
>> No. 40577165
File 140730069194.png - (32.97KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 018.png )
>And Ranger watches the right windows, while occasionally glancing over at Rushie.
>> No. 40577173
"What's that mean? Threesome?" she asks, head cocked to the side like a curious puppy. "I'm gonna guess you don't mean like... group of three, because you used it as a verb."
>> No. 40577175
Nothing happens. Not for several long minutes.

"...I think we might make it--"
Suddenly, a wild, piercing SCREECH sounds out to the right side of the monorail!

Dawn blinks a couple of times.
"Well, you know what sex is, right?
A threesome is sex with two other ponies, instead of one. But that's not what happened...see, Acantha was just gonna hold the camera."
Dawn blushes.
>> No. 40577177
>Ranger hangs onto anything on the monorail car he can get his hooves on.
>> No. 40577183
" had sex with your sister? What? Why?"
>> No. 40577186
You see them--half a dozen spiderlike things, all with legs tipped in razor-sharp scythes. They screech like something halfway between a monkey and a wolf, and quickly charge after you--
Half-Cocked just opened fire on them. Get it together, damn it, you have to keep those beasts off of him!

"...Look, I didn't want to. She pinned me down, y'know!"
He sighs.
"But yeah. That happened. I don't even know why I keep telling people about this..."
>> No. 40577189
>Ranger begins shooting at any that get too close.
"Great, more genetically advanced creatures..."
>> No. 40577201
"Isn't that... illegal? There's a word for that, but... I can't remember- aha! Rape! You got raped!" she yells, a lot louder than she should have.
>> No. 40577205
A few fall, tumbling away from the monorail's track. Others are cut down by Half-Cocked, torn apart by machine gun fire.
Rushie flings a bolt of energy, sizzling the fur off of a group of them.

And yet they keep coming.

" my sister. Yes. Now can we get on with your story?"
He cringes.
"I don't want every pony on this island to hear about how my sister fucked me."
>> No. 40577210
>And Ranger continues to shoot at them, occasionally stopping to reload his assault rifle.
>> No. 40577218
More and more fall under the hail of bullets and the rain of spells.

And yet, they keep coming. How many are there!?
>> No. 40577221
>Ranger gets out of the monorail car and flies up into the air, scanning for any source of where the creatures are coming from.
>> No. 40577224
The monorail car's moving surprisingly fast, and you can barely keep up with it.
And all you can see is that they're all coming from the forest. You can't see any real source--no tunnels, or strange pulsating blobs, or anything.
>> No. 40577226
>Ranger tries to get back inside the monorail car.
>> No. 40583585
Dawn keeps walking, glancing away. He stares at the flames.
"Y'know, this reminds me of that time I killed a psycho baker," he says.
He didn't even wait for you to ask another question, Ember. Why?
>> No. 40583586
No idea. Maybe he likes to talk. "You did... what now?"
>> No. 40583588
"Killed a psychotic pastry chef. She fed me a muffin filled with meat when I was first in the bar.
Remember when I said not to trust spiders?"
He smirks.
"There was this chick who gave me a gun so I could protect myself. She was obsessed with 'em. Things got complicated after that."
He sighs.
"'s the towel holdin' up?"
>> No. 40583589
"Good! I mean, it's soaked with blood, but it's not... it's not BAD," she says.
>> No. 40583591
"Well, keep the pressure up. It's gonna hurt for a while, but it'll hold 'till I can get you some real bandages."
He pauses for a few moments.
...was that supposed to be an affectionate nuzzle, or a reassuring one?
"Jus' remember to get it looked at afterwards. I forgot that once, lost my wing."
>> No. 40583592
"Ooooookay! W-wait, lost your wing?"
>> No. 40583595
"A long time ago. It was my first mission with the Team. You remember Blowhard, right?
Well, this was the first time I did anything for him.
We were gonna spring Atlas out of a jail.
...Yes, the Atlas from that old legend about holding up the sky and stuff.
Thing is, he had a ton of police around the jail he was in, and Blowhard doesn't like getting civvies involved in reality-saving shenanigans. So I had to come up with a distraction.
I, uh, got shot in the wing. Friend of mine tourniqueted it, but I forgot to check on it, and around the time my first marefriend broke up with me, it rotted clean off.
Then I died, got resurrected, and came back with both wings, so it's all good now." it me, or is this guy talking about shit that never happened?
>> No. 40583597
"'re not making any sense, Dawn." Ember sighs.
>> No. 40583599
"...okay, hang on a second. I have an idea. You know any songs?"
He thinks for a few moments.
"I don't suppose you know, a Linkin Park fan?"
>> No. 40583603
"Oh, yes! I love Linkin Park!" Ember beams, showing a wide smile. "What song?"
>> No. 40583605
"I think it's called 'What I've Done' or something like that. You know the words?"
He smiles.
...he's only smiling with his mouth. Sadness flows freely from his eyes.
"Let's sing it."
>> No. 40583610
She smiles back at him weakly, obviously concerned, but begins to sing. "In this farewell, there's no blood, there's no alibi..."
>> No. 40583611
"'Cause I've drawn regret,
From the truth,
of a thousand lies...
He's a little off-key, but at least he's steadily off-key.
>> No. 40583614
"So let mercy come, and wash away,"
>> No. 40583616
"Whaaaat I've dooone~"
Oddly enough, he doesn't shout it, like in the song; he sings it.
While it's still off-key, it comes off as lamenting, instead of angry.
"I'll face myself,
to cross out what I've beeecoooome...
For a moment, you could swear that you saw a crowd.
And you were hearing your voice singing instead of his, as you lift a pistol toward a group of masked ponies.
That isn't happening, though. No masked ponies here.
>> No. 40583619
"Erase myself, and let go of what I've done," she calmly sings, watching the scene unfold.
>> No. 40583622
You fire, thinking that these masked ponies--the Black Ties, you remember now--will be a threat anyways, and that they'll provide weapons for this group of ponies--allowing their riot to be a more successful distraction, so you can help the rest of the team break Atlas out.
"Put to rest, what you thought of me...
They react with violent force, firing everything from crossbow bolts to lasers at...innocent ponies.
"While I clean this slate, with the hands, of uncertainty..."
>> No. 40583631
"So let mercy come
And wash away
What I’ve done..."
Ember watches on.
>> No. 40583636
You burst through the glass ceiling of the mall.
It's all gone to hell. The Black Ties are firing on civilians, the police are here en masse before you could get away, Queen's missing--Queen'd know how to handle this shit, but she's missing--and you're face-to-face with a police hovercar with a goddamn MG on it.
"I'll face myself, and cross out what I've become..."
You try to run from it. Your revolver and your laser-pistol aren't enough to take down that thing, even if you would survive the debriefing after shooting down a police vehicle.
Of course, maybe you could've made the argument that you were being shot at. Too late now, you realize, as the hole in your wing registers with your brain so it can file a formal complaint about HOW MUCH IT FUCKING HURTS.
"Erase myself, and let go of what I've done!"
You hit the ground, rolling into a nearby alleyway.
It hurts, and the screams don't help. You force yourself to your hooves, knowing that you can't fix the hurt by lying down and taking a nap. The guitar solo of the song echoes eerily through the alleyway, as you watch huddled figures hide their faces from the patrol cars. These ponies know fear, but they seldom meet it on such an intimate level.
>> No. 40583640
Ember chokes a bit at the pain, but continues. "For what I’ve done
I start again
And whatever pain may come
Today this ends
I’m forgiving what I’ve done..."
>> No. 40583643
You stumble past door after door, and finally reach the wall which separates the low neighborhood and high neighborhood. collapse there. Pain and blood loss have overcome you...
A feline face peers at you. It's familiar, somehow.
"Bishop," you mutter through clenched teeth. "we tried to start a riot. It failed. I don't know where Queen is."

"...forgiving what I've done..."
You black out...and return to the present, where Dawn still keeps you on your hooves.
"...I saw the fire," he says, simply. "I'm sorry."
>> No. 40583644
Ember sways a little. "It's... it's okay. Wh-what was... all that?"
>> No. 40583646
"Long story short? It's how I lost my wing.
Lost a leg a little after that. That Bishop guy? Yeah, we met an alternate version of him. Bastard shot my leg off with a laser cannon."
Dawn shrugs.
"It's in the past. I've moved on. What I did caused a lot of deaths, yeah, and I can't make up for that, but I moved on.
You can move on, too."

You can't bring back the dead without a Necronomicon.
All you can do on your own is keep walking forward.
Is it right to walk away from your worst mistakes?
Can you?
>> No. 40592586
You stumble out into the tram station, after what feels like the longest walk you've ever taken. Your head feels a little fuzzy, Ember; it might be blood loss, and it might be the strange mental trip you took with Dawn.
"...That place went up in smoke fast, huh?" he says, trying to make some form of conversation after so much that didn't need words.
>> No. 40592589
"Yeah it did. Do you ever just like to sit back and watch things burn?" She looks back at the burning building, longing in her eyes.
>> No. 40592590
"Not often. Only building I ever burned, I was too busy getting stabbed in the chest to watch."
He shrugs.
"I guess I can see the appeal, though."

A robot pauses on its way toward the blaze.
Injured organic being detected. If you are capable of understanding this message, please lift one limb.
>> No. 40592593
The little pony lifts one limb, still looking at Dawn. "I like it. Especially when it's a fire I lit. It's very... satisfying."
>> No. 40592598
"I see."
Dawn glances at the robot.
Please follow me,
it bleeps.
I will lead you to an emergency transport vehicle.

"...You really miss that axe, don't you? The fire axe you were asking about way back when you first met me?"
>> No. 40592600
Ember trots off after the wobot, still looking at Dawn. "Yeah, I do. It was special to me, but I... lost it, somehow. I woke up on the street in front of the Donut Bar and it wasn't with me. It's probably floating around somewhere in the fabric of time, or something ridiculous like that." She makes a motion with her hooves. "I hate time travel."

Last edited at Sun, Aug 17th, 2014 23:35

>> No. 40592601
Meanwhile, in the place between places, Rushie glances through the Thread.

"Lessee...there's some blue mare bein' silly, that big-booby chick being silly, Blowhard bein'...well, not sure if silly..."
She blinks a couple of times.
There is an axe floating over one of the images.
"...Ooh. Better leave that there. Maybe someone lost it."

Back in our world, Dawn follows her.
"Me too. It gets ridiculous."
Medibot rolls off into a corridor, occasionally pausing to let you catch up.

"...Do you ever wanna travel back to see your dad again?"
>> No. 40592602
"Sometimes," she says, sadly. "But tampering with the past is dangerous."
>> No. 40592603
You get a flash of an older stallion--fortysomething at least, with Dawn's green mane and a navy-blue coat.
He's hunched over a table, piles of long, fine-print documents in one hoof and a bottle in the other.
But it runs away, dashing somewhere else.
Go down the rabbit hole? [Y/N]
>> No. 40592608
Yes, of course. Ember dashes after the stallion. "Hey, wait!"
>> No. 40592610
Suddenly, you see another scene of him, standing next to a young Dawn.
And then, you are Dawn. This is another memory, isn't it?
"Having fun, Dawny?" he asks, as you play Contra on your brand new Neightendo.
"Yeah!" you reply. "It's so awesome! You get to fight bad guys and stuff."
You pause the game, and look up at your dad.
"D'you think I could fight bad guys when I grow up?"
He pauses for a moment.
"...Well, son, there's not really a good definition of 'bad guy' in the real world."
"Whaddaya mean?"
"Well, maybe someone's a bad guy to you, but to him he's just trying to support his family. Or himself. Or maybe he wants to stop robbing ponies, and this one's his last time. Every pony is the star of their own story, Dawny. Remember that."
You take a moment to think about this...and decide that you'll just remember it for later.
"Okay, Dad!"
>> No. 40592614
File 140834494047.gif - (33.45KB , 300x300 , is this the real life.gif )
Ember watches Little Dawny's memory, standing stock still like her hooves were nailed to the floor.
>> No. 40592618
Dawn's voice echoes lightly through your head as you watch Dawn grow up. You see Dawn's mother, a quiet pegasus named Gentle Wings, and his father, a lawyer named Stiff Breeze, living out their lives with their two children. Taking them to school. Guiding them. Always trying to teach them that one shoudl be careful what one does to others.

Until just a month after Dawn and Rushie's 13th birthday.
Something fills you with dread. You're not sure what it is, but it's harsh.
"Ember, come back. This isn't the time to be looking at this!"
But you're just walking home from school with your silly sister. Why are you so worried?
>> No. 40592619
I dunno, I guess we'll find out.

Ember continues to observe, unresponsive to Dawn's calling out.
>> No. 40592620
You walk up to the front steps of your house in Ponyville. Your sister knocks on the door, cheerfully shouting "We're HOOOOOME~" just like she always does.
There's not an immediate response. Dad's probably just busy in his study. You have a key to let yourself in anyways. So why is your hoof shaking when you put the key in the lock?
>> No. 40592623
Why do you keep asking questions?

The orange pony watches on, shaking.
>> No. 40592627
You push open the door.

Dad had always been a heavy drinker. He worked as a defense lawyer, it makes sense to your adult mind; he would have worried himself to death over the "innocent" ponies he protected. So he drank.
You weren't hit quite as hard by the news that your mother had passed away, when she was hit by a criminal in a high-speed chase. It felt distant, confusing. You only saw the box, not the body itself.
This is close, real, shocking; you can see Dad slumped on the table, bottles of air sitting on the floor and smelling of his favorite whiskey. You can see his eyes staring at the wood, demanding that the table relinquish its secrets before the court.

You have to leave. If you don't get out now, you'll have to go to an orphanage. You know what orphanages are like. You don't want your sister to go there.
Ember feels a hoof across her face, a light slap from a friendly source. But do you feel it?
>> No. 40592628
Ember does not feel it, and continues to look on.

Damn filler posts.
>> No. 40592630
You are the only thing left standing between your sister and the world.

And on top of that, there's a stranger standing in the doorway. His green fur looks familiar--quite a lot like your own, in fact.
"Ember! Ember, get ahold of yourself!"
>> No. 40592631
Ember does get ahold of herself, snapping back to reality and stumbling backwards into the wall. She looks... traumatized.
>> No. 40592632
"You okay? Do you remember where you are?"
Dawn looks a little less shellshocked than you are, but he's still damn near panicking.
"C'mon, talk to me!"
>> No. 40592633
"Yeah, I'm... I'm fine," she says, standing shakily.
>> No. 40592634
"I should've told you, the singing thing makes your mind link up with the other pony's. Sorry you had to see that."
He puts a wing around you.
"C'mon, let's get to that transport."
>> No. 40592637
She follows him, still shivering, eyes focused on the little robot in front of them. "O-okay..."
>> No. 40592639
"...Look, what you happened."
Dawn grits his teeth.
"You probably figured out that was my dad. I...had a hard life after that."
>> No. 40592643
"I... I'm sorry, Dawn." A heavy silence hangs in the air for a few seconds as they walk.
>> No. 40592645
" don't have to be sorry. You were curious."
He pulls you closer.
"And there's not much you could've done about my life, was there?"
>> No. 40592646
"I... I guess not. But I shouldn't have invaded your privacy like that."
>> No. 40592648
I let you see it.
Dawn's mouth does not move, but his voice is clear as day in your mind.
"If anybody should be apologizing here, it's me."
A door set into one of the corridors opens, revealing a small tram with a gurney built into it.
"Heck, take a lesson from it. I was 13, didn't have parents, had to look after my sister. Now look at me."
He smiles, as he helps you onto the gurney.
"I've killed a couple gods."
>> No. 40592651
"Gods?" Ember looks at him quizzically. "You've killed gods?"
>> No. 40592652
"Technically speaking, they were just immortal, reality-bending beings. But at that point, might as well call it a god."
He sighs, shaking his head.
"You wouldn't wanna pray to 'em, though. They're...well, one of them wanted to eat reality. All of it."
>> No. 40592655
"Hungry immortal, reality-bending beings, huh? Sounds... well, it sounds ridiculous. Did that reeeally happen? Or was it one of those crazy mind things?"
>> No. 40592758
"Oh, it happened. I lost my wing while I was helping to fight him. As for the other one..."
He shrugs.
"You'd think I was crazy if I told you."
>> No. 40593397
"I think we're both crazy already, Dawn," she says, and nuzzles his cheek.
>> No. 40593404
Dawn smiles, his regrets shining through his eyes like so many dying stars.
"I guess we are, huh?"
>> No. 40595842
"Yeah," she says quietly. "Yeah, we are."
>> No. 40595846
The transport is silent for a little while. It feels like you're just gliding along--there's no bumps, no vibrations, no sound of a motor.
You feel a prick in one of your forelegs, Ember; the robot's just stuck you with a needle.
Blood Type: AB. Donating Type O blood.

It's about time. Your head was feelin' woozy for a minute there.

When you look back at Dawn, he looks away from you.
>> No. 40595882
Ember bites her lip; the pain is sudden, but not too bad. She looks down at the robot with a funny shine in her eyes. "I'm gonna name you Edward," she proclaims, and as soon as the robot retracts it's needle, she grabs it and hugs it. "I like this robot, Dawn! Can we keep it?" She's changed gears awfully fast...
>> No. 40595886
This robot is designated Medbot 4-0-4. However, you are allowed to refer to this robot in any way you wish.

Dawn raises an eyebrow.
"Doesn't he have a job to do?" he asks, as gunfire echoes in the distance.
>> No. 40595890
"Not now, he doesn't," she says as she grabs Edward the Medbot with magic and sets him on her back. "Now he's our friend!"
>> No. 40595893
You set the medbot on your belly, instead, because you're still lying on a gurney. Wheelybeds best beds.
"...Okay then."
Dawn shrugs, and turns to the window--
"Holy shit, is that the rest of the gang?"
>> No. 40595895
Ember looks over. "I think it is! Should we go say hello?"
>> No. 40595899
"They look like they could use some cavalry, yeah."
There's strange spider thingies chasing their monorail car!
Half-Cocked is on the roof of the monorail shooting stuff!
Rushie and Ranger look like they're shooting stuff too!
>> No. 40595915
"Let's go, then," she says, grabbing Edward and sliding off the bed. She hits the floor, stumbling a little. "R-ready?"
>> No. 40595919
Advise that you avoid moving while the blood transfusion is in process. Note that there are no manual controls in this craft.

The wobot waves its limbs around for a bit, before standing up on its own.
This craft will not deviate from standard course.

Dawn groans. "If those things take the car, that'll be the end of the platoon. No more soldiers, no more Rushie, no more Ranger and Shane."

...Presence of life forms on monorail acknowledged. Suggesting course alteration. Please note, medical craft is bulletproof.
In case of emergencies.
>> No. 40595932
Ember pokes Dawn. "See? Edward is our friend, Dawn!" The orange mare hugs the small robot.
>> No. 40595934
I am rerouting the craft now. Enabling window controls. Advise that "Dawn" open window.

Dawn smiles, and draws his revolver.
"All right. Let's go be big damn heroes."
>> No. 40595941
"Whoo!" Ember jumps for joy, and immediately regrets that decision as pain shoots down her side. "Ow!"
>> No. 40595945
Suggestion: Lie down. This will be a bumpy ride soon.

Dawn taps a button on the window, and it rolls down. Wind whips through the cabin.
"Okay!" he shouts. "Can you keep us moving erratically, Edward?"
The robot nods.
"We're gonna try and distract them! Ember--can you set stuff on fire from there?"
>> No. 40595946
Ember slides back onto the gurney and gives the affirmative. "Probably!"
>> No. 40595951
"OKAY! We'll make a few passes while you charge up. Tell me when you're ready!"
Dawn leans out the window, smiling like a maniac.
"Here we go!!"

Will they make it in time?
How many things can Ember burn before she sends the monsters scurrying away?
Is this all gonna end horribly?
Find out soon.
>> No. 40597837
You've lost count of how many shots you've fired, Ranger. Rushie's knocked a few of the bigger spidermonkeys off, and you've taken down dozens with the rifle Half-Cocked gave you.
The familiar Brakka-Brakka-Brakka of the machine gun on the roof continues, as you shoot down another leaping spider.
Suddenly, your rifle goes clickclickclick instead of powpowpow. You're out of ammunition, and Rushie's still charging up another shot...

The transport hums through the air, barely even moving as it dashes toward the monorail. Dawn takes aim through the window, hanging on by his hind legs, sporadically flapping his wings to keep his balance. You don't have a very good view of the action from here, Ember, but you do know that the forest floor is a short distance away, and setting that on fire is almost as good as setting the monkeys on fire.
"Almost there!" Dawn shouts. "How's the magic comin' along?"
>> No. 40597842
>Ranger begins reloading his gun.
"Cover me, I'm reloading!"
>> No. 40597854
Ember attempts to focus again.
>can has shpell? 1d10 = 4

"Dunno! It's really up to the narrators!" she responds energetically.
>> No. 40597856
It took you a few tries the first time, but by this time you've reloaded this strange rifle so many times it's like clockwork.

Unfortunately, Rushie's burst of magic doesn't come like clockwork, and by the time you hear Half-Cocked yell "DANGER CLOSE", a long, bladelike limb has speared through the window, showering you with glass--KRAK goes the revolver, and the beast falls. Whose bullet was that?

"Take that, ya son of a bitch!" Dawn screams, as he flashes by in some kind of hovercar. "No dinner for you!"
The cavalry has arrived, and it's carrying five more rounds of .44 magnum.
"Now serving number two!"
KRAK--and another beast falls, as you ram the magazine of your rifle home.

Dawn snaps off a shot, taking out a spider that had gotten onto the car.
"Take that, ya son of a bitch! No dinner for you!"
He snaps off another shot, smirking. "Now serving number two!"
As the transport curves around for another pass, he takes aim again. Maybe he didn't hear you?
>> No. 40597860
>Was he glad to see Him. he now cocks his gun, and opens fire again on the remaining spiders.
>> No. 40597868
Ember attempts to cast again, this time throwing a spear of fire through the hole in the window at... at the foliage below. What? Has she lost her mind? She doesn't seem to be Hulking out again, she's totally calm. Maybe she just hates foliage. Or maybe she's got some kind of plan.
>> No. 40597874
The hover-car flies past, curving around to take another pass, as you kill off more and more of the spiders.
Their numbers start thinning, especially after Rushie fires off a blast of magic that takes three out in one green burst of light. Seems she's figuring this magic thing out.

This spear of flaming goodness promptly ignites a line of trees, spreading quickly under the power of your will.
Dawn smiles, as the spiders disperse.
"I think we're clear. Nice job, Ember, you just cleaned 'em all up."
As Dawn ducks back into the hovercar, he snaps open the cylinder of his revolver and begins replacing the bullets within.
"Hey, Edward. Bring us up to that monorail."
The wobot nods, and the hovercar promptly begins floating closer to the monorail filled with wounded soldiers.
>> No. 40597875
File 140873926286.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>Ranger looks out the window Rushie's at, checking for any remaining spiders.
>> No. 40597880
Ember squees with joy. "Oh, boy! I didn't know whether my irrational hatred of foliage would ever come in handy!"
>> No. 40597883
They've all left. It's over, the medical center's just a mile away.
Rushie looks shaken, but...intrigued. Her horn's still glowing, green flames cradling it with power she's never used before.
"...That was...I don' wanna say 'fun', but..."
She grins wickedly.

And then, she gasps, and points over your shoulder...

"You're a nut, ya know that?"
Dawn smiles.
"Hey, what was that thing you said about Narrators--"

You hear a sound akin to a dolphin's cry.
"...What the fu--"
The whole hover-car shakes as something slams into it, hard. Dawn falls into Edward, and your gurney slides across the entire passenger compartment.
>> No. 40597886
File 140873990553.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>Ranger turns to whatever Rushie is looking at.
"What the..."
>> No. 40597896
"Oh deer," Ember says as the carriage shakes. "This is gonna be a whale of a story," she giggles to herself as she slides off the gurney again.
>> No. 40597899
File 140874103638.jpg - (142.05KB , 1479x1260 , FLYING ORCA.jpg )
It's a killer whale. Also known as an orca, if I recall correctly.

And it appears to have had a pair of bat wings and a rack of air-to-ground missiles attached to it.

One of those missiles just slammed into the hovercar that Dawn was in; thank goodness that thing's holding up. Looks like it was a glancing blow; there's a crater on the forest floor, rapidly disappearing into the distance.
Half-Cocked opens fire on the thing, dumping what's left of his ammunition belt into it.

Dawn peeks out the window.
"You gotta be shittin' me. Edward, you'd better get us moving!"

[Hunter Out of Water]
>> No. 40597901
File 140874113650.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>Seeing the strange whale, something clicks into place.
"Could they be... Militarizing Animals on this Island?"
>> No. 40597903
"You can all call me Captain Ahab, because I'm about to stab this whale in the face until it dies!" she proclaims with a wide smile, trying to cast another spear of grey fire out of the window. 1d10 = 5
>> No. 40597906
No shit, Sherclop
Certainly seems like it. Judging by the strange spider-monkeys, the armor-piercing blades grafted onto those spider-monkeys, and the missile that just whizzed by you, it's a possibility.
Half-Cocked grunts behind you, and the accompanying thud suggests that he just fell into the monorail car, his gun following him. The second missile knocks a rather large tree over.

Dawn ducks out of the way, and your mighty harpoon sails through the air!

...but you seem to be thinking too hard about classic literature, because there's a rope trailing off of that magical flamey-spear. And that rope is in your hooves. Tied to your hooves, actually.

"...Ember? Bad idea."

>And now, a quick pause while I run a package for my stepmom. COMMERCIAL BREAK
>> No. 40597908
>Ranger opens fire on the missle racks.
"Rushie, aim for the missle racks!"
>> No. 40597921
"Pew!" Ember watches the spear arc through the air in glee, not paying any attention to the fact that the spear should be burning the rope or where in the fuck that rope came from in the first place and how it became tied so securely to a spear of pure magic that just shot out of her horn less than a second ago.
>> No. 40597936
Magic, that's why.
The rope snaps taut, shaking like a laughable parody of a rubber band.
It stretches...and then pulls. You're yanked off of the gurney, and Dawn barely catches hold of you before you get pulled through the window!

Rushie bounds up to the window, horn fizzling with power, and focuses her energy on the missile rack.
The bolt of light nearly blinds you, as it slams into...thin air. It zips over the killer whale's left wing, as the whale ducks and weaves--and you see a gray shaft sticking out of its eye.
>> No. 40597941
>Ranger shoots at the shaft curiously.
"What is in his eye?"
>> No. 40597942
The bullets ping away, bouncing off of the shaft as though it is metal--but the edges of the shaft appear to be like some kind of gray flame.
And there's an ethereal gray rope trailing off of it, leading to Dawn and Ember's hover-car...
"Dunno! But I think Dawny threw it or something!"
Rushie charges another blast, cringing as an explosion bounces off of the roof of the car. Bits of melted metal fall to the floor, narrowly missing wounded soldiers.
>> No. 40597945
"it doesn't look like I can do much... Just focus on getting that missile rack off that whale!"
>> No. 40597950
She nods, and tries to hurl another blast at the thing.
The bolt of green fury flashes through the air, almost hitting the missile rack. The whale screeches, suddenly launching itself higher into the air--and dragging the hover-car with it!
Half-Cocked leans his machine gun on a window-sill, clearing some of the broken glass away.
"...Where is it?" he asks, gritting his teeth.
>> No. 40597955
"HE'S ON THE LINE, BOYS!" she cries- before letting go of Dawn. "YEEEEEEE- HAAAAA!"
>> No. 40597958
"I'm still not liking this...."
>> No. 40597960
Unfortunately, the window's barely big enough for your head and shoulders to fit through.
Apparently Dawn wasn't holding on with his hind legs--his hips kept him in, and now your hips are keepin' you in!

The good news is that this means letting go does not equal falling. The bad news is that the whole hovercar is being dragged around with the whale, which is now flying straight up.
"Hang on, Ember, I'll get you back inside--"
Dawn tugs on your leg, but it feels less like he's pulling you in and more like he's hanging on for dear life. The hovercar's gone sideways.

"Me neither," say your companions. Rushie leans out a window.

"...Wow, they're goin' really high! Wonder what the whale's gonna do."
>> No. 40597962
>He says nothing, shaking his head and expecting the worst.
>> No. 40597967
"N-no! I gotta get... get out..." She tries to push herself out of the car. 1d10 = 10
>> No. 40597970
"No, wait, nonono--"
Who knew you could suck your gut in that much?
The hovercar falls away, as you sail off with the whale.
...Wow. That hovercar's fallin' pretty fast. Maybe it only hovers at a certain height?

You get...A hovercar violently returning to its normal height.
Dawn pokes his head out of the slightly-bent window.
"...Well, shit."
>> No. 40599664
The hovercar pulls up to the monorail, as the medical center approaches with great speed.
"I'm gonna see if I can get this thing high enough to catch Ember! You all go on ahead!" Dawn says, ducking back in.
You're not sure how in the heck this keeps happening, Ranger, but it's like some force is conspiring to keep you and Rushie separate from Dawn and Ember.

Meanwhile, up in the sky, Ember continues her steady flight upwards. That killer whale has some powerful wings--Ooh, it's diving now. Wonder how fast it's gonna go.
>> No. 40599666
Ember, flailing around behind the whale, attempts to grab on to the ethereal rope and attempt to pull herself closer to the whale.
>1d10 = 8 to get a grip on the rope
>> No. 40599671
Good news--since you're tied to the magic rope, you can just tug yourself right along!

...Ooh, you must've got 'im right in the eye. That was a nice shot!
The whale isn't quite as impressed as you are.
>> No. 40599673
The orange pony continues to pull herself along, trying to come close enough to get onto the whale.
>How far does she pull herself along? 1d20 = 7
>Also, may I please have a distance estimate?
>> No. 40599677
File 140891519488.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Rushie, you still with me?"
>He looks around the hover car.
>> No. 40599682
"Yeah!" Rushie says from the monorail. "I'mma go with Dawny--"
"No, Rushie, you're not coming. Hovercar's too small."
The hovercar begins floating away, and Dawn ducks back inside.
"Get to the medical center, and get those soldiers on their hooves!"

You pull, hoof over hoof, until you're halfway there--
The whale's pulling up, and the ground is gettin' really close! Hold on to your horn. Dis gon b gud.
>> No. 40599685
File 140891561992.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Alright, we'll do what we can...."
>> No. 40599695
As she swings close to the ground, Ember has to make a decision. 1d2 = 1
1. She clings to the rope, all balled up in an attempt to make herself as small as possible; and thereby reducing the chance she'll hit the ground.
2. She scrambles further up the rope, trying to distance herself from the ground.
1d10 = 2 for how well she does either of those things.
>> No. 40599699
The hovercar lifts away, slowly gaining altitude.
As you back away from the window, Half-Cocked's shocked face comes into your vision.
The whale zooms in over your heads, narrowly missing the hovercar. Ember's being dragged along with it.

The whale zips past the monorail, and you see Dawn in the hovercar shouting something or other. Possibly your name. Who knows, you couldn't hear it over the sound of something nicking your ear.
You feel a bit of blood on one side of your head. Did your ear get torn up? How the heck did you do that? Yeah, you were close to one of the antennas, but it didn't feel like you hit it...
>> No. 40599701
File 140891629285.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
>Ranger fires another few shots at the whale as it passes by.
"Darn it Ember..."