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File 140650645140.png - (82.69KB , 1320x872 , Trotswood Map.png )
40565202 No. 40565202
#Ask/invite #Canon: Trotswood #Ponies

On the Edge of Equestria near the western forests. Lies Trotswood, a small town on the Edge
of civilization as ponies know it. A haven for the weird and supernatural, Trotswood has
never grown into a particularly large town and though ponies come and go, it needs more
ponies to grow. Ponies who can run shops, work jobs, and defend the town from the horrors
that lurk at its edges. The town is small right now, consisting of a few shops, some homes,
a hospital, and the bar next to the hospital.

Trotswood is supposed to be a growing community, where there is no overall OP to handle anything
but OOC disputes and the rules. Everything is player driven, the story, the town, the ponies in
in the town. It is a place players can make an arc, and bring the whole town into it, you do not have
to make up a setting or anything, just take the town and its basics and make it into a place
to base your story out of. Trying to be inclusive to everyone is even better, so walk around town
and don't stick with the same people. Get in a fight, Make new friends, End up in the hospital,
laughing it off. try not to talk about rp in OOC, just post yourself around town and let people
react It is much more fun that way. And always add new stuff to the town, it is up to the players
to decide what is in it. So be creative!

1. Please apply! It helps us keep count of who is in the RP and helps us keep out characters
against the rules. You can have multiple characters.

2. Keep IC and OOC separate, getting in fights over IC stuff is petty at best, if you have
concerns that someone is harassing you bring it up with one of the Mods that is one of the
few reasons we are here.

3. Fighting is up to the fighters, it can be rolls of random luck or good narrative. If enough
people want, I can put together a basic stat system so it can be less pure luck on rolls.

4. No Humans allowed, it is the ponyverse in this RP. That being said, cars, guns, ect are
allowed there is no set timeline on the rp

5. Shipping is permitted, if you get raunchy please take it to skype or steam or ect.
feel free to post chat logs and get judged by your peers!

6. All players are allowed to run arcs at anytime if you can get the interest, don't be
discouraged by someone running an Arc at the same time.

Link to OOC:

OP: Wind Chaser
Mods: Scorch, Unonemous, Chef Clyde, Trans Equestrian Orchestra
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>> No. 40565204
File 140650655278.png - (8.38KB , 231x200 , Litos.png )
Litos sits idly between houses 116 and 118, leaning against one of the walls as he waits for a certain green priest to travel by, his rifle leaning against the wall next to him
>> No. 40565418
Scorch tugs on Sotil's hoof
"Come on get out of the hooole!"
>> No. 40565532
Sotil blinks and tries to pull his hoof back
"Scorch! We fixed that like half an hour ago."
>> No. 40565684
Scorch blinks and looks at him
"N-nuh! I knew that!"
>> No. 40565860
Sotil chuckles
"I know you did, buddy, do not worry."
He gives him a pat on the back
"I am not sure as to what else there is to explore here...Ideas?"
>> No. 40566648
"Uhm... not really.."
He looks around
"Is there anything else to see here?"
>> No. 40566662
Sotil shrugs, rubbing the back of his head a bit before doing the same with his one-trapped hoof
"Well, no, not that I can think of...It was just a normal house, so...Unless somepony squatted in my former home, I doubt there is anything new here."
>> No. 40566665
"Damn Sotil you don't have any crystal powered deathrays?"
>> No. 40567825
Sotil looks back and forth
"Uhm...Actually, uhhh...Oh, wait! I had my workshop in the basement!"
He grins and motions Scorch to follow
"Come on, I think I might have left some of my experiments down there."
>> No. 40575802
"You had a workshop and experiments? Does that mean you're a mad scientist? IS THIS WHY YOU ARE SO CRAZY?!"
Scorch follows after him
>> No. 40575803
Sotil nods
"Yes, yes, and no! I mean...Not YET. Eh...Nevermind, hehe..."
He walks outside of the front door and starts for the back of the house
"There is a storm cellar down here, and since there was rarely any MAJOR storms out this way, I just kind of converted it into a workshop."
>> No. 40575806
"Or maybe there were storms and you didn't notice them rooting around in the cellar converting it into a workshop."
Scorch keeps following him fluttering playfully behind him.
>> No. 40575809
Sotil scoffs
"Rolling? Pish-posh, I am much too sophisticated for such a barbaric act of tumbling. I gracefully put my workshop together with only the most high-quality pieces of equipment."
He stops in front of an old cellar door, tilting his head
"Huh...The, uhm...Lock is still on it...Cool! That means nopony stole anything!"
>> No. 40575815
"Oh good that means we can steal it before the owners come back! Or... wait.."
Scorch scratches his head confused
"Or something..."
>> No. 40575818
Sotil snickers
"Well, I am certainly not saying I WON'T let you take some of the things down here home. It matters on what has not fallen apart, and what has not become unstable."
He digs in his saddlebag for a few seconds before bringing out a small greet crystal and laying it on the old, rusted lock keeping the cellar door shut. He taps the crystal, causing it to glow, causing the lock to pop open a few moments later
"Ah, good, my old enchantment on the lock is still there."
He pulls the old lock from its resting place and opens the cellar doors, placing the crystal back into his saddlebag
>> No. 40575823
Scorch flutters over Sotil's head to peer into the cellar doors.
"So did you booby trap the stairs or something? Because this looks eerie... and like a trap."
>> No. 40575834
Sotil shakes his head and smiles
He starts down the stairs
"The magic lock was enough to keep ponies out without completely destroying the door...And, well, it is hard for anypony in the house to sleep through a thick door like this one being torn apart."
>> No. 40575838
"Well I suppose that is true... so no evil flamethrower crystals waiting around the corner?"
Scorch follows after him.
>> No. 40575846
Sotil shakes his head again
And he hops off the last step for emphasis
"But, I DO have crystals that explode into fire, I think."
>> No. 40577011
"Exploding fire crystals?"
Scorch pouts at Sotil
"And you never told me you had them?"
>> No. 40577018
Sotil chuckles
"These experiments are very old, Scorch. I would not be surprised if they have all burned out their residual energy...Besides, these were experimental, meaning they were not exactly, eh...Reliable, or safe."
>> No. 40577020
"Safe? Whats that? Sounds boring. You know what isn't? Exploding fire crystals."
>> No. 40577060
Sotil snickers as he goes toward the far end of the basement, which houses a multitude of shelves, crates, chests, and bags, as well as a single old, worn workbench rested against the wall
"Huh...I am surprised at how well everything here held together..."
>> No. 40577709
File 140734370216.png - (12.58KB , 157x180 , face2.png )
>Today it's very peaceful and joyful for this colt.He trudge happily while trying to make a song by himself.Of course he isn't a very good singer but today is a good day to sing. He tries to find some rhymes to go with his song.
???:I like to cook!~ I love to cook! I make riceballs for some crooks....Wait....I don't cook for crooks! hmmm what's a better world for cook?
>This mysterious pony certainly is making allot of noise since he packed allot of pans and kitchen utensils with him.The pack made allot of clanging and banging noise, sounding his arrival in trotswood.He wonders who in trotswood who likes to eat.
>> No. 40578669
"Bake? Boil? Simmer?"
Says a female voice coming a short distance to his left, also sounding a tad elevated, barely audible above the cacophony of clinking pots and pans.
>> No. 40578683
>he turns around to the voice.
J:Ummm...I mean rhyming.
>> No. 40578686
A somewhat tall, tan mare was laying on a tree branch not far from him, stretched out lazily on her belly, half of a spear resting in a holster on the visible side of her body
"Hm...Too lazy to think of any rhymes at the moment."
>> No. 40579131
>Jon notice the mare.He curiously eyeballs the spear.
J:Hmmmm you some type of warrior huh?
>> No. 40579411
She yawns and looks down at him with a raised eyebrow
"Everypony always notices the spear first. Not that I'm currently sleeping in a tree, or anything else."
She shrugs and rolls off of the branch, landing quietly on her hooves
"Sorry, I'm usually more energetic, I'm just kinda sleepy."
>> No. 40579422
J:That fine....I'm sort of tired from my long jorney to here.
>> No. 40579430
She gives a smile
"Ah, with a pack like that, it doesn't quite surprise me...C'mon, I'll take you to my place for a drink that'll get you nice and energetic again."
She starts down the road
>> No. 40579482
>Jon shrugs and starts to follow her around the town.
>> No. 40579693
The mare humms quietly as she leads him to a large tent near the town's entrance, opening the flap and making her way inside
"Come on, in!"
>> No. 40579852
>Jon follows the mare in.
J:What are you showing me?
>> No. 40579860
File 140746750583.png - (8.38KB , 231x200 , Litos.png )
As he enters the large tent, the inside shows that it's rather large, easily able to house multiple ponies. In the center of the tent sits a single workbench, a trunk sitting against its side. Off to the side were a bundle of bedrolls, a wardrobe not too far from it, as well as a large burlap sack. A scarred up old stallion sits near the bedrolls, playing with a little tan filly. The old stallion looks over and just stars at Jon.

"Welcome to my home. I'll get you a drink in juuust a second."
She makes her way over to the workbench, digging around underneath it.
>> No. 40580173
>Jon lays his pack down with a loud Clanck! Then he spots at the old scarred up stallion.The stallion also notes that Jon also has a deep gash on his left eye.Jon smiles at him.
J:Good day sir.
>> No. 40580892
The stallion just stares at Jon for a fair few moments
He looks back down, continuing to play with the filly as he was before.

The mare from earlier comes back with a glass bottle containing water, though it looks as though it's been splashed with blue food coloring
"Here you go! A nice little drink."
>> No. 40580941
j:thanks! your quite friendly. Jonathan Bladenson the name! but you can call me Jon Blade'n.
>> No. 40581135
The mare smiles and nods
"I try to be. Gotta do what I can for the community and such."
She scratches her chin a bit at his name
"Hm...I'll, uh...Just call you Jon. Much more simplistic."
She smiles again
"And my name's Terra. Nice to meet you, Jon!"
She offers a hoof in greeting
>> No. 40581199
>Jon shakes it.
J:you gotta do what's you gotta do I say!
>Jon looks over at the stallion.
J:Who that over their with the little filly?
>> No. 40581892
The water actually seems to glow faintly when shaken, and the glass is cold to the touch, despite a lack of any kind of cooler or refrigerant item. Terr giggles a bit
"Yeah, that's the truth..."
She looks over her shoulder toward the stallion and the filly
"Oh, that's Litos. My husband's Dad, and the little filly is my Daughter Iselia. She's such an adorable little filly~...And don't mind Litos. He's going through some stuff right now, and he's alwyas been fairly cold to strangers."

"...You know I can hear you, right? You're like...A couple feet away."
>> No. 40582459
J:Oh! That nice.Hmmmm....I would wonder why but I rather not dig where I shouldn't dig. My master told me to not dig too deep or you will find something more horrendous than any monster you find.
>Jon takes another sip.
J:Strange...what type of drink is this?
>> No. 40582706
File 140769995982.png - (49.04KB , 342x547 , unnamed.png )
Well since I've been approved, now is as good a time to start as any other.
>A mare rolls in from the West side of town hauling a cart with here overfilled with something and covered by a white sheet. The mare makes it as far as the intersection near houses 104, 109, 105, and 110, before a wheel pops off of her cart and sends it to a screeching halt.
>The mare gives a quiet sigh and turns back to the cart muttering to herself
"At least it happened in a town this time..."
>The mare looks at the area around her closely
>She then sits on the cart that is now immobile and produces a cell phone...
"Great... no signal..."
The mare looks like the picture, only, with a cutie mark that is a musical not overlaying a crossed violin and microphone.
>> No. 40583006
Litos huffs from where he sat
"You'd be smart to not dig deep when asking about ponies around here."

Terra gives a smile
"Don't mind him, he just tends to be a bit of a downer now and again. He's a good pony...And the stuff you're drinking is called 'Crystal Water'. It's something my husband makes by dissolving leftover magic crystals with specific enchantments into a glass bottle. It creates this really crisp, tasty, and always cold water. Really great stuff."

Forgive me for my lack of pictures. I've lost ALL of my generator ones about, uh...4 times now, due to technical issues with the laptop I had them stored on, so...Yeah, I'm going to have almost no pictures at all. I think I have, maybe...Two, or something left over. So, I won't really have any pictures of this guy after this one.

A grey colored pony with a blue streak going through his mane stops in the middle of the road not far away, blinking as he notices the mare in a bit of a troubled situation. He quickly starts trotting her way, puppets gently clinking against his saddlebag as he approaches
"Uhm...Excuse me ma'am. Need some help?"
>> No. 40583013
File 140770878250.jpg - (5.88KB , 217x232 , images.jpg )
That's alright I only have the one right now
>The mare nods, her voice is barely audible with how soft it is,
"Y-yes... does there happen to be a cart repair shop around here?"
>> No. 40583029
The young stallion looks about, rubbing his chin
"Uh...I...I actually don't think so...I know, there's like...This old guy and his son that have a big cart always sitting outside that huge tent they live in. Maybe they know how to fix it?"
He trots closer to observe the hobbled wheel
"Or maybe I can fix it with some simple tools, or something...I work well with wood, after all."
>> No. 40583033
File 140770991781.png - (86.39KB , 965x827 , tired_____by_skyline19-d65nst4.png )
>The mare stands up from the cart
"W-well I don't know if I could ask that of you..."
>The wheel does look like it's an easy fix, however it looks like the axle itself is the cause of the damage, not quite the easy fix as it's completely splintered and cracked. The mare had clearly used this cart as a home for quite some time, and traveled quite far with it."
"I can j-just put the wheel back on myself... I just need to get somewhere with the proper tools..."
>> No. 40583037
The stallion blinks as he observes the damage
"Oh, uh...Wow...Dang, the whole axle is completely mangled...With the way it looks, I'm surprised you got as far as you did..."
He steps back, rubbing the back of his head
"Yeah, uh...I think we need some professional help, or...Somepony who knows their way around a cart..."
>> No. 40583052
File 140771051494.png - (49.04KB , 342x547 , unnamed.png )
"o-oh... that would probably explain why the wheel kept falling off..."
>The mare sighs.
"is there a place to stay around here?"
>> No. 40583059
"Heh...Yeah...That was probably a pain to deal with too..."
He rubs the back of his head and looks to his surroundings
"Well...There's a hotel down the street, across from the hospital, and next to the pub. And, that guy that lives in the tent that I've seen give shelter to some...And that old stallion that lives in 101 is usually with him too, so, maybe he might offer shelter too."
He gives a bit of a chuckle
"I'd offer you a place to stay, but I kinda live in a small cabin in the woods, so...I'm sure you don't feel like following a total stranger though the woods to his place once it actually starts to get dark..."
>> No. 40583070
>The mare shakes her head
"N-not without getting to know you first... b-but thank you for the offer"
>She takes the white sheet off of the cart revealing a small room on the cart, looks big enough for one mare, she enters the room on the cart.
"I can stay here so long as I find a place to park..."
>> No. 40583081
He sighs a bit
"It'd be awful of me to just let you sit on the side of the street in a cart...Why don't we just get you checked into the hotel? That'd probably be a much better idea."
>> No. 40583091
File 140771179461.png - (168.58KB , 832x960 , fluttershy_blush_vector_by_velvetjellybeans-d4o1mti.png )
>The mare nods
"W-well, do you know how much it is per night?"
>> No. 40583111
He blinks and thinks for a moment, realizing he never approached the place to find out anything about it
"Uh...I...I actually have no clue at all...I guess I probably should have thought of that."
He chuckles
"Though, we could always head over and find out, I guess."
>> No. 40583117
File 140771266047.png - (49.04KB , 342x547 , unnamed.png )
"O-oh I see... Well... Let me grab some things"
>The mare takes three things, A case for some instrument, looking like a violin, a regular suitcase, and a dress on a hanger.
>> No. 40583125
He smiles a bit and nods
"Luckily, you broke down right next to a house that has a really nice mare living there. So, you don't have to worry about anypony messing with the cart while we're down the street."
He motions her to follow, then starts down the road, the wooden puppets dangling at his sides making quiet clanking noises
>> No. 40583127
"Maybe its spooky crystal magic!"
>> No. 40583140
Sotil wiggles his hooves menacingly
He snickers and smiles as he stops in front of the bench and hunkers down to pull out the trunk
>> No. 40583153
File 140771416871.png - (49.49KB , 512x512 , aj_lurk_by_drzackrosimagemacros-d538xa1.png )
Derp, missed this, somehow...
>The mare follows behind him silently for a while
"D-did you make those?"
>> No. 40583155
It's fine, no worries.

He looks over his shoulder curiously
"Did I what?..."
He follows her eyes and looks at the puppets on his sides
"Oh! Oh, yes, hehe...I did. I make all the puppets that I work with myself. It's tedious, but...Kinda fun."
>> No. 40583158
File 140771449896.png - (49.04KB , 342x547 , unnamed.png )
>She looks in surprise
"All of them?
>The mare tries to get a better work at the puppets.
"O-oh I see... what is it you d-do? If that isn't too imposing..."
>> No. 40583159
He smiles and slows down to make it easier for her to look at the various puppets hanging at his sides
"Heh...It's not imposing at all...And, yes, I made all of them. I make them all by hoof at my house, and then use them later to entertain ponyfolk that I come across while I'm working. I tend to name them too, so I know which puppet to use when...But, some tend to just be unnamed for quite some time."
>> No. 40583166
>The mare looks them over once more
"O-oh, you're an entertainer?"
>> No. 40583174
The puppets all vary in how detailed they are, some being nothing more than a wooden puppet painted over with bits of cloth for hair and tail, and others coming with small saddlebags, hats, or other tiny accessories, most all of them having different and unique color schemes. He chuckles and nods
"Yep! Every chance I get, I find a nice spot on the street to sit somewhere, and put on a puppet show. It's generally for the fillies, and colts, but there are quite a few adults who appreciate the act itself as well...It pays surprisingly well, considering I live off of tips."
>> No. 40583182
>The mare seems to know exactly what he means
"Oh, yeah I know what you mean... I'm a musician, i live on nothing but tips myself..."
>> No. 40583185
He grins a bit, slowing down further as they approach the hotel
"Oh, how cool! You're the first entertainer I've met in a really long time. It's rather funny, as I hear lots say they run into traveling entertainers all the time, but...I don't know, I never seem to find others myself, heh...Anyway, we're here."
He nods to the large hotel and steps forward toward the door, nudging it open and standing to the side
>> No. 40583189
File 140771590528.jpg - (57.38KB , 640x548 , mlfw2805_medium.jpg )
>The mare smiles as the stallion holds the door open for her
"T-thank you."
>She enters into the hotel and begins to look around at her surroundings.
>> No. 40583194
He smiles and nods before following her inside
"Not a problem at all..."
He looks around as well, the lobby being simple, a few cushioned seats, a table, and a counter for the check in, as well as a sign showing that the nightly fee is 19 bits. The stallion grins a bit as he finds the sign
"Aha! 19 bits a night. Pretty cheap for a swanky place like this."
>> No. 40583197
"Hmm... I think I can afford this..."
>She looks around for the owner
"Thank you... mr... u-uh..."
>> No. 40583199
He lifts his ears as he realizes
"Oh! I'm sorry! I completely forgot to tell you my name..."
He gives a nervous chuckle
"My bad...I'm Mahogany Strings. And you are?"
>> No. 40583201
File 140771698354.jpg - (40.26KB , 1280x720 , 2i73b0m.jpg )
"My name is Harmony, Harmony Kanto"
>> No. 40583207
File 140771720057.png - (606.48KB , 2163x2332 , Mahogany Strings.png )
Mahogany smiles and offers a hoof
"Well, it was lovely to meet you, Harmony. I certainly hope things start turning around, now that you've found a place to rest while figuring out how to get the cart fixed."
>> No. 40583208
>Harmony takes the hoof, forgetting to shake it in typical absent minded fashion.
"Y-yes it was nice..."
>> No. 40583209
Mahogany continues his smile, giving her hoof a gentle shake as he nods to her
"Right, well...I guess I'll stop bothering you, and let you get set up in your room, and all that. I might see you later, Harmony."
>> No. 40583210
"Right... set up the room... as soon as I find the owner..."
>> No. 40583212
The OP actually own the character that plays the owner. And, he's not at home right now, so I'll just throw in a filler character that I have.

Mahogany blinks and looks around
"Oh, yeah...Normally there's a Unicorn at the desk...I wonder where he went."
He looks toward the counter, ears perked as he hears a small ruckus.

After a few moments, a Unicorn mare comes tumbling out of the back room
"Ah! Sorry! Sorry, oh, geez, I was dealing with something in the back, and didn't hear the door opening!"
She clears her throat and straightens her mane back out as she gives a nervous grin, sitting behind the desk
"W-Welcome to the Breeze Hotel! I'm Diamond Dish, and I'll be your waitr-...W-Wait, no, sorry, that's what I say when I'm running the Crossroads...I'll be your clerk today! Hehe..."
>> No. 40583215
File 140771816160.jpg - (5.88KB , 217x232 , images.jpg )
"Wow... such grace, much coordination."
"H-hello I'm going to need a room for a few nights"
>> No. 40583219
"Am dabes!"

Diamond smiles and nods, using her magic to float out a registry book, as well as a pen
"Alright, here, sign in for me, and, uh...How many nights in particular are you wanting to stay? And, would you prefer a ground floor, or one of the higher up ones?"

Mahogany chuckles and quietly walks away as the two are talking
>> No. 40583222
File 140771870319.png - (49.49KB , 512x512 , aj_lurk_by_drzackrosimagemacros-d538xa1.png )
"I'm not entirely sure, my cart broke down, I'm not sure when I can get it fixed..."
>> No. 40583225
The mare blinks and thinks for a moment
"Oh, uh...Well, you can always just have a preset amount of nights that you can pay forward for, then just start the standard nightly fee if you stay longer than that. That way, you have time between paying to get things together."
She smiles
>> No. 40583229
Scorch looks over his shoulder curiously
"What you got there?"
>> No. 40583232
File 140771911013.jpg - (5.88KB , 217x232 , images.jpg )
>The mare scratches her mane.
"Hmn... I'll start with 3 nights... that's 57 bits correct?"
>> No. 40583240
Sotil chuckles and flicks the lock off the trunk, openig it up to reveal the entire thing being full of old crystals
"My old crystal collection...Most of these are enchanted, and are failed experiments of mine..."
He blinks and thinks for a moment
"I, uhm...Maybe should have destroyed these instead of just lumping them all in the same chest..."

Diamond smiles and nods
"Mhm! And if you decide to pay that forward, you won't have to worry about any payments until your fourth night."
>> No. 40583242
"Yeah Sotil this is like a super magical crystal timebomb if someone was to bump it the wrong way.."
Scorch leans in to poke the chest.
>> No. 40583244
>She gives over a 50 bit bill and 7 bit coins.
"Here you are."
>> No. 40583248
The poke actually causes one of the crystals to hop into the air and spark rapidly
"Gah! Wow, I did not think this through all those years ago!"
He quickly swats the airborne crystal away

Diamond smiles and levitates the bill and coins into a small lockbox beneath the counter, then offers the signature book again
"Just write your name in here for me real quick while I grab you a key!"
She sets the book down then turns around to search the keyboard for an appropriate room key
"Let's see..."
>> No. 40583255
Scorch stares at it
"Oooh shiny! what does it do?"
>> No. 40583259
File 140771981411.png - (49.04KB , 342x547 , unnamed.png )
>The mare nods and then signs the guest book.
"I do hope there are rooms available."
>> No. 40583263
Sotil steps away from the chest and makes his way to the constantly sparking crystal
"Uh...I think this is one of the first battery crystals I tried to make...I could not keep the electric enchantment stable, so it just kinda turned into a little tesla coil, basically."

Diamond trots back over, hovering a small key with the number "5" on it.
"Oh, yes, there are plenty of rooms. Most of the town residents have their own place to stay, so this place actually doesn't get too much traffic."
>> No. 40583269
>jon looks at the glass of Crystal water from the bottom up and shrugs.
J:very very ice. I like it.
>Jon takes another sip.
>> No. 40583272
"Oh... I see..."
>She takes the key in her hooves.
"Thank you."
>> No. 40583289
She smiles
"Hehe. We all do! It tastes great. But, he can only make it so often, since he has to have failed enchantments to do it."

Diamond Dish smiles and closes the log book, nodding
"You're very welcome. Enjoy your stay~"
>> No. 40583293
J:Failed enchantments?
>Jon drinks some more.
>> No. 40583295
>The Mare then heads off to the room and puts her stuff inside of it, She then heads back outside to look around the town a bit more...
>She then heads the direction of the pub.
>> No. 40583299
"Ooh! Can I keep it!
Scorch touches it.
>> No. 40583301
Terra nods and sits down
"Mhm. He makes money by cutting and enchanting crystals. If an enchantment fails, he can nullify the enchantment itself while leaving the magic inside, which allows him to safely dissolve it into a drink. So...In a sense, you're just drinking magic-laced water, hehe."

The crystal sends a strong shock through his hoof
"Ah! Careful, Scorch. That stuff still has a lot of energy in it still."
>> No. 40583304
>Jon is shocked at the same time worry.He hopes he doesn't turn into a frog or something from drinking this.He looks down at his drink worryingly.
>> No. 40583308
Steele sits in the pub enjoying a what probably is beer at the bar. Beside the lawpony is a empty seat and his mirrored shades.
>> No. 40583309
Small trails of smoke come off scorch
"Oww! Sotil why didn't you warn me!"
>> No. 40583313
Terra giggles, she can tell what his reaction is by his expression alone
"Oh, don't worry, it's completely safe. Sotil knows how to work his enchantments. He takes lots of precautions too."

Sotil blinks and jumps in surprise
"WOW! That had even more charge than I expected...Hey, wait, I DID warn you! You are, uh...Well, I guess I was a little late warning you."
>> No. 40583318
J:Oh good..I rather not turn into something ...weird
>Jon sigh in relief, knowing they actually take precaution on what they do.
>> No. 40583322
"Hey this is your fault crystal butt!"
>> No. 40583331
Terra giggles
"What, you really think a pony would blindly mix magic and water, then serve it to everypony he knows? How absurd!"

"Lies! You are the one so interested in handling crystals that I specifically told you were unstable and dangerous."
>> No. 40583333
Steele walks out of the pub dragging with him a drunken pony
"I am the law!."
He stops and stares at the new pony.
>> No. 40583335
J:You never know...Kinda reminds me of a...crazy pony I met 6 months ago...very very VERY wierd.
>Jon drinks the rest of his drink.
>> No. 40583339
File 140772271020.png - (49.04KB , 342x547 , unnamed.png )
>The mare blinks at this.
"... ... law?"
>> No. 40583340
He looks very serious behind his mirrored aviator sunglasses even though it is the middle of the night.
"Yes the LAW!"
>> No. 40583341
"Then you touch it!"
>> No. 40583342
>The mare tilts her head in confusion.
"I s-see?"
>> No. 40583343
Terra tilts her head
"Oh? And what came of meeting this weird pony, hm? If you don't mind me asking, that is."

Sotil blinks
"Why in the world would I touch something that I inherently know is dangerous? I am not that gullible, Scorch."
>> No. 40583344
"Sotil please your life is filled with danger whether you like it or not!"
Scorch pats the crystal back into the chest
>> No. 40583345
Steele sighs
"Why does no one ever understand that."
>> No. 40583346
J:Well...The colt was a unicorn.Very small and has a very thick British voice.What surprises me more is he is blind..and geuss what he is!
>> No. 40583348
File 140772306021.jpg - (19.80KB , 341x324 , 20140611_071157000_iOS.jpg )
"I don't understand the context, I understand the concept of law... but not the concept of why you're shouting the word law at me..."
>> No. 40583352
Sotil twitches as he watches Scorch pat the crystal back into the chest, instinctively ducking his head to avoid any stray sparks
"Gah!...That is true, but I also know to avoid the obvious."
He sticks his tongue out teasingly
"I am sure I can figure out all the crystals in this chest, since I put them here all those years ago."

She lifts her ears as she listens
"He's, uhm...A...Seer? I don't know."
>> No. 40583358
J:inventor...he invents the weirdest things I have seen! like magnet boots! I tried it out and instead on sticking to the surface it sucks anything magnetic around the boots.I almost turns into a walking porcupine!
>> No. 40583360
"Its a solid concept about the enforcement of law by making people understand the true force behind such words."
He uncuffs the drunk and lets him stumble off
"It is about spreading the truth that the law is a physical thing capable of destructive and awesome potential in the upholding of itself!"
>> No. 40583362
Scorch watches his ears twitching Sotil ducking.
"Well lets get cracking then!"
>> No. 40583366
File 140772365320.jpg - (19.80KB , 341x324 , 20140611_071157000_iOS.jpg )
"But I thought law... was a set of rules and regulations that when followed allow for the effective running of equestrian society... not some sort of batman dark knight running around bashing ponies heads in."
>> No. 40583370
Terra snickers
"Wow...Sounds rather dangerous for sure...How'd it all end, and does he still invent things?"

Sotil stands back up, dusting off his leg
"Get cracking what? I certainly do not suggest cracking the crystals, because that could cause them to explode."
>> No. 40583374
"The law is there to control the masses not to be changed by it, if the masses control then the law is bent and not straight and as strong as iron. Plus bashing peoples heads in is a great exercise."
"You've never heard that expression?"
>> No. 40583376
J:He took the thing and took some weird notes.Then he talked loudly about the failure and apolgies to me and quickly left.I think the mate's name is Shane McKlanly.
>> No. 40583380
File 140772412939.jpg - (63.24KB , 597x485 , 20140611_055741000_iOS.jpg )
>The mare shakes her head a bit
"I'm not planning on breaking any laws now... if you were concerned about that... however I was never planning on doing so..."
>> No. 40583385
He stares at Scorch a bit
"Wh...No, no, I have heard the expression plenty through my life, but...I do not know exactly what it is that we are going to get cracking AT, you know?"

Terra shrugs
"Hm...Well, I've certainly never heard of him, but, I hope he's fixed his issues, and still doing well."
>> No. 40583387
"I was not you are the one who asked for a explanation I thought it was my obligation to help you."
"Uhm.. no?"
>> No. 40583389
J:Me too! He's blind but he seems to go around very well.
>Jon just looks puzzled about it.
>> No. 40583390
File 140772456762.jpg - (85.34KB , 945x845 , 20140611_072227000_iOS.jpg )
"W-well maybe you can help me... I'm looking for somepony who can repair carts... my cart broke down towards the west side of town..."
>> No. 40583391
"Mmm I might know of a pony who can repair that."
>> No. 40583396
"W-who might that be?"
>> No. 40583397
Sotil stares at him confusedly
"...Wha...No what?..."

Terra giggles
"As long as he gets what he needs done...I remember meeting a french pony who built a pair of mechanical wings that he always kept on his back, and no matter how much it got him hurt, he just kept tweaking them...Crazy Unicorn, that kid was."
>> No. 40583398
J:I guess we both encounter strange ponies before.
>Jon shrugs.
>> No. 40583399
"Are you mother?"
Scorch cocks his head
"cause you are acting like here."
A mechanic... Lives near the marketplace.
>> No. 40583403
Sotil holds his head, eyes squinted closed
"That...Those sentences...They make no sense...Scorch, did that crystal shock scramble your brain, or something?"

Terra nods
"And this town is full of quirky ponies. Seems like they all have something funny about them...Makes this place fun to live in!...But also really dangerous."
>> No. 40583405
J:True...but ask yourself it worth it?Is the risk worth the reward?
>> No. 40583406
>The mare nods
"By the marketplace... which is... where?"
>> No. 40583410
"Has the crystal scrambled your brain Sotil?"
"Other side of town if you would believe it."
>> No. 40583414
Terra shrugs
"Yeah, sometimes. The ponies here are really great, despite how dangerous, or strange they are...Makes this place have its own kind of personality, y'know?"

Sotil rubs his head
"What...Scorch, you are making my head hurt, what is going on?"
>> No. 40583416
J:Hmmm..I better use some of my habachi cooking skills to defend myself!
>Jon smiles.
>> No. 40583423
>the mare nods
"Is there a map of the town somewhere?"
>> No. 40583430
Terra giggles a bit
"Funny enough, we have a cook in town...Even if I've not seen him in months. We've had this young little Unicorn mare running his restaurant for the longest time now."
>> No. 40583434
J:huh...what does he cook Mrs.Terra?
>> No. 40583453
Terra shrugs
"I don't think he specializes in anything specific. He just cooks whatever."
>> No. 40583455
"Yeah... not sure where though.."
He taps his chin.
"You're making my head hurt now!"
>> No. 40583459
File 140772745230.png - (49.04KB , 342x547 , unnamed.png )
"am I wrong in assuming you're the sheriff of this town?"
>> No. 40583467
Sotil just trots over and gives Scorch a bonk on the head
"You are a very silly pony, Scorch."
>> No. 40583473
"Yep I am the deputy."
Scorch holds his head
>> No. 40583474
File 140772922821.png - (49.49KB , 512x512 , aj_lurk_by_drzackrosimagemacros-d538xa1.png )
"Don't police stations usually have maps like in the movies?"
>> No. 40583476
"I suppose."
>> No. 40583478
File 140772938424.jpg - (5.88KB , 217x232 , images.jpg )
"Right, well... so does the police station here have one?"
>> No. 40583480
Sotil smiles and pats his back
"Tough it out, soldier. We have got many dangerous pieces of magical equipment to fiddle with!"

Last edited at Sun, Aug 10th, 2014 20:57

>> No. 40583825
J:Oh...Well I cook habachi style meals...or fancy japanese some ponies will call it.
>> No. 40584497
Terra smiles
"Well, we all do our specific craft differently, correct? As long as you enjoy what you do, then that's what matters overall."
>> No. 40584538
J:Yep! Hey! Feel like having a japanese style Dinner?
>> No. 40584647
Terra chuckles a bit and shakes her head
"Thanks, but no thanks...I ate just before I ran into you...Though, I'd be happy to try it some other time, if you're willing!"
>> No. 40584800
o3o sorry.
"Ah it stands it does! A very nice map in the opening room!"
"Like what?"
>> No. 40584835
Sotil shrugs
"I am not sure at all...And, honestly, I am not sure what is safe to grab, and what might explode in our faces. Unstable crystal magic is never quite, uh...Safe to handle."
>> No. 40585104
Oh okay.I geuss I'll make dinner for myself then.Maybe something small.Some riceballs and some cook onion grass will do.
>> No. 40585450
>Harmony then smiles
"Perhaps you could show me the way then?"
>> No. 40586348
Terra smiles
"Need some pots, or pans then? We have a few around here somewhere..."
>> No. 40586813
J:I have my own thank you.Erm...Where can I stay around this fine town?
>> No. 40587913
Terra thinks for a moment
"Uhm...oh! There's a nice, cozy hotel just across the field from where this tent is. It's like...19 bits a night, I believe. Great price for the condition of the hotel."
>> No. 40588323
J:Rats...I don't have that kind of money.Well...luckily I have a tent.
>> No. 40589086
shit im sorry I had classes and shit.
Steele nods
"Of course mam, as a officer of the law it is my duty to help ponies in distress... mostly."
>> No. 40589087
"Then why don't we just start grabbing stufF?"
>> No. 40589101
She blinks
"You...Don't have a simple nineteen bits? You can make more than that working in either the markets, or the Crossroads...Or maybe even the Hotel itself, or the bar, or even the hospital. It's not a lot, and doesn't take much effort to get."
>> No. 40589135
J:I know...I just recently spent it on a inn ways away.then after that i resupply for two day travel and ended up here.
>> No. 40589150
Terra nods
"Well, I suppose I can see how that would drain your wallet...Regardless, you won't have a hard time getting that money back. The jobs in this town pay pretty well, and there really aren't a lot of tough ones."
>> No. 40589579
J:Ah...what are available here?
>> No. 40590557
Terra chuckles
"Well, I told you quite a few just a second ago..."

Really sorry about how infrequently I'm posting!
>> No. 40590606
J:Oh yeah...hmmm alright...I'll see what I can find here.
your good.We are all busy.Just post whenever you can.
>> No. 40592743
Terra smiles and nods
"It won't be hard at all. Not a lot of ponies live here, so there's always room for more help."
>> No. 40592750
>Jon looks up at tyhe time.
J:I might need to go and build my tent outside soon.
>> No. 40593767
File 140840880360.png - (13.96KB , 551x621 , snuggles.png )
testing testing 1, 2, 3.
>> No. 40593769
File 140840885863.png - (13.96KB , 551x621 , snuggles.png )
kawaii achieved
>> No. 40594058
Terra smiles
"Feel free to. If you ever need any kind of help, a lot of the ponies around town will be more than willing to lend a hoof in most whatever you need."
>> No. 40594292
J:Thanks for the information...I'll see you and your family around.
>Jon gets up and leave the tent.
>> No. 40595307
The green stallion that had recently decided to give the town a visit runs through the streets frantically, calling for help to anypony that might hear
"Help! Help, please! I'm being attacked!"
He quickly darts into an alleyway, panting heavily
>> No. 40595310

Wind Chaser was standing in front of a house, she just waved good bye to the pony that got inside when she heard the screams, her ears perking up as she looked around.

"What in tarnation..."

And then she darted towards the sound.
>> No. 40595311
The stallion darts out of the alleyway and scrambles down the road, straight for Wind Chaser "Ma'am! Run! I am being chased by a madpony!"
He panics and almost trips as he keeps running, a silhouette stepping out of the alleyway he was hiding in
>> No. 40595315

"A mad pony?"

Wind questioned without turning around, noticing the silhouette, keeping her eyes on it. As long as it was a pony, she should be safe.
Well, that wasn't a time to not carry her guns with herself, she should go armed to dates.
>> No. 40595316
The stallion stops just as he passes her, noticing she isn't moving. He grabs her hoof and desperately tries to get her to follow him
"Come on! We can't stay here! We have to move!"

The pony in the distance just stares silently
>> No. 40595317

"Who is there?!"

Shouted the mare, not moving an inch as the stallion tried to take her with him.

"What the hell this mad pony did?"
>> No. 40595320
The stallion shakes his head frantically, his face showing a black eye as well as a few bruises
"I-I don't know! He just came out of nowhere! He blindsided me! Oh, dear Clestia, please, we need to move, ma'am! He has a weapon!"

The pony in the distance clears his throat, his voice a bit deep and aged
"Nopony you need to be concerned with, madame. Just me doing my business."
>> No. 40595321

Wind shook her head, mane waving as the crystal on her neck shimmered and the wind started blowing faster.

"And what are your business, harassing the ponies that are on the town that I take care of?"
>> No. 40595322
He whispers to her
"We need to go. Don't let him get close, he's strong!"

The pony shrugs and continues down the street, purposefully avoiding the street lamps
"My business is my own. Besides, he's not part of this town. Just a fake, self-centered preacher."
>> No. 40595323

Wind squinted her eyes, moving a hoof forward, the tone of her voice changing with it.

"I know you... don't I? Being so sure that he isn't a part of this town, calling him fake preacher..."

She said, smirking and shaking her head.
>> No. 40595324
"Y-you know this insane stallion??"

The pony chuckles as he steps closer, though he still prefers the shadows
"Maybe. I'm not confirming anything here...Nor am I denying it. All I know is that he's a nice little score. Something I feel should just be...Erased."
>> No. 40595326

"Maybe, but if I was you, I would run as fast as I could away from here. "

She said, turning her face back at the stallion that walked closer.
>> No. 40595328
"I cannot just leave you here at the hooves of a crazy individual! Come on, we have to go! We can find somepony to help us!"
He desperately tugs at Wind's leg

The stallion that was stalking the preacher walks closer, even in the dark, it was close enough that she could identify small scars along his body, but there was a cloth covering his muzzle
"How about you hand him over, hm? It'd make my night a hell of a lot easier."
>> No. 40595332

"I'm not giving him to you until you show yourself, buddy."

Wind said, almost spitting that last word.

"I hate seeing others hiding things from me."

She then shoved the priest back, she didn't want him to get hurt, at least yet, and that was annoying.
>> No. 40595333
The preacher gasps and looks between the two, then quickly abandons hope of moving her, quickly darting away

The stallion sighs and looks back at Wind
"Y'know...It's gonna be a pain in the ass to catch him again, since I gave him the time to rest by talking to you..."
>> No. 40595334

"Show yourself, there is no point in hiding, it won't take long for the Sun to get up, and I could chase you for two hours without any problem, unless you are one of these fancy ones that can teleport, that would give me some trouble."

She said, her crystal necklace still shining.
>> No. 40595335
The stallion sighs and pulls off the cloth covering his muzzle, showing his scarred visage and yellow eyes.
"I took the time to enchant a gem to change my eye color for this, y'know...And I didn't even wear my hat."
Wind would notice that, without his hat, Litos actually had a bit of a long mane, and was somehow hard to recognize.
>> No. 40595336

"Why take all this care when you blow your disguise at the second line that you speak? To hell with all this, Litos..."

She said, sighing as the crystal continued shining, the wind blowing against them.
>> No. 40595337
Litos looks at her in an unamused manner
"Because if my son can trust you as much as he does, then why can't I? Am I this easy to demonize? Am I a villain in your eyes now? Because I can feel the wind blowing...And it doesn't feel calm."
>> No. 40595341

Wind grinned, the wind continued blowing on the exact same manner.

"The wind is bringing me the scent of the priest in case I need to chase him, is everypony afraid of anything that shines and blow wind nowadays?"
>> No. 40595342
Litos chuckles
"Whoever said I was afraid?"
He brings his mask back up
"I know who you are. And there are few I'm afraid of any more. Life's just like that..."
His eyes fade from yellow to brown
"I've got somepony to chase after..."
>> No. 40595346

"Litos, tell me one thing..."

She said, holding his shoulder with a hoof.

"What would you do if you were on my place? Seeing a friend seeking for a vendetta that will bring him nothing?"
>> No. 40595347
Litos stares forward for a moment before looking down at Wind
"I couldn't imagine you in my place. You'd probably be scary as hell if you were me."
He chuckles lightly
"But...I know it won't bring me anything. Saya'd be pissed knowing I was out to hurt somepony, but...He's got it coming."
>> No. 40595350

"What do you son think about it?"

She asked, taking the scary thing as a compliment.
>> No. 40595353
Litos sighs and shrugs
"He'd probably despise the idea. He already doesn't like aimless violence, let alone killing for no good reason."
>> No. 40595354

"He would? Litos, you're not touching a hoof on that bastard priest before talking to your son."

She said, patting his shoulder.

"For Saya, Sotil and Izzy, I'm not going to let that happen."
>> No. 40595355
Litos looks down at Wind
"You really want to stop me? Why? It doesn't have any effect on you. It doesn't involve you at all...This is personal...And something I plan to see through to the end."
>> No. 40595358

"When you kill somepony, blood splats on those you love, this is personal right now, but what goes around, comes around, Litos. I'm sure if I was about to get into some stupid vendetta, my friends would try to convince me to drop it."

She said, snorting. "There are two sides, his, and yours, his side drawed blood from your side. Then you will draw from his, guess how this will continue? Somepony will draw blood from your side again, maybe Sotil, or Izzy, who knows? Now tell me, is it worth?"
>> No. 40595362
Litos takes in a deep breath and stares forward onto the dark street
"You're right...What comes around, goes around...But, think of it this way. If he's able to be a traveling priest, surely he has no family to go back to. He'd be neglecting them. And his friends would have no idea what happened to him...He took what I loved most from this world...So, I'm going to take what him away before he does it again."
>> No. 40595365

"Your understimate the wheel that spins our fate, Litos. Can't you see that you can't take from him what he took from you? Killing him won't hurt him as it hurt you... I'm actually afraid, my friend, into what you will turn if you do kill him."

She said, the crystal finally fading as the wind stopped blowing, her mane falling on her back and over her shoulders.
>> No. 40595368
"Why would you be afraid of what I'll become? It's not like I'm that important to you...And who says it'll do anything to me? I had to kill plenty back in the war. I killed before and after then too, to defend myself..."
He cracks his neck a bit
"It's never changed my view."
>> No. 40595369
"To denfed yourself, you're not killing him to defend yourself, Litos."

She said, staring at him.

"You're the grandfather of my child, Sotil's father, Izzy's grandfather, can you stop just looking at your damn navel and see that you're about to hurt your family more than a stupid priest? He will die even before feeling any pain, you will just give him rest if anything."
>> No. 40595375
He raises an eyebrow
"Grandfather?...What? Since when do I have a child related to you? Or, did you do some kinda crazy-ass time travel thing again?"
He shakes his head
"That's beside the point...How do I even know this will backlash on my family? Nopony will know, and they're all strong."
>> No. 40595380

"Ask your son when you feel like knowing, or even me when you aren't trying to murder another bastard."

She said, rubbing her temples.

"Look, Litos, some Gunslingers are born with an ability called touch, an affinity with fate, some can see the future clearly with it. My affinity isn't big enough to do that, but I can clearly feel that if you put a bullet on his head, something will bite YOU in the butt, if we're lucky."
>> No. 40595382
Litos shakes his head
"I swear, this is getting always have some new kind of inter-dimensional bullcrap to give me...Eh..."
He sighs
"And, yeah, Sharps shoots me in the ass every few days. I know that's coming...What if I don't kill him? He'll know it's me. I want him to know that what he did is coming back to haunt him."
>> No. 40595383

"Sharps is a Burns, it is his job to do something stupid every few days, we still love them anyway, don't we?"

She said, chuckling some.

"Now Litos, come with me, let me show you something that I planned showing Sotil, but he already had enough of my inter-dimensional bullcrap."

She then offered her hoof for him to hold.

"Also, just scaring him is alright."
>> No. 40595384
Litos looks down toward her hoof
"What, is it some kind of vision transfer thing?...This stuff always gives me headaches..."
He shrugs and places his hoof onto hers slowly
>> No. 40595387

She chuckled warmly, holding his hoof.

"Do I look like some kind of witch? I just want to take you somewhere..."

Wind said, gently holding Litos's hoof, guiding him down the street for a walk.
>> No. 40595390
Litos blinks
"Oh...I guess not...You're not a witch, no, but you're kooky as hell."
He pulls his hoof away gently
"No offense, but walking on 3 legs is annoying. What'd you want to shoe me any way?"
>> No. 40595396

"No offense?"

She said, shaking her hat as she pointed her muzzle forward and kept walking.

"That was rude, Litos, I hope you remember that when Sharps blow one of your knees..."
>> No. 40595397
Litos blinks and raises an eyebrow
"Well, that was awful violent and unnecessary...Why is it a problem when I have an actual reason behind it?"
He shrugs
"Whatever though..."
He keeps following her, eventually taking his mask back off
>> No. 40595403

She gazed back at him, making his words her own.

"What you did was awful violent and unnecessary... Why is it a problem when I have an actual reason behind it?"

Wind sighed, looking back at him.

"I just wanted to show you something personal as a sign of trust and friendship, but I don't think this will get us anywhere, right? It probably will just make me look more and more... kooky."
>> No. 40595406
Litos shakes his head
"Everypony in this town is kooky. But, you've got a special addition with this whole...Dimension crap."
He sighs
"And my reason is justified in its own way..."
>> No. 40595408

"And so is my reason to take offense by that."

She said, as after a few moments they were in what seemed a small forgotten garden outside the town, close to an abandoned mansion.

"There we are... follow me."

She said, hopping over a few bushes, going to the opposite side of the garden.
>> No. 40595410
Litos blinks and stares up
"What in the world...How have I never seen this before..."
He looks over at her before following
"Or did you take me through some weird-ass portal?"
>> No. 40595412

She shook her head, grinning.

"Why would anyone see that before? It is just an abandoned house, that was here before everyone."
>> No. 40595415
"An abandoned mansion. This place is freakin' huge..." He observes his surroundings as he follows her
>> No. 40595416
The place was literally falling apart, and the trees would make a good job to make anypony walking around to just take is as scenery. And it was far enough from the town to be uninteresting to most ponies.

"You understimate our ability to ignore huge things. That happens all the time. With ponies, objects, feelings, etc..."

She said, guiding him until they arrived at what seemed a small cemetery.
>> No. 40595420
Litos raises an eyebrow
"Mkay, so...What's the point in all this? I don't see how the town's ignorance in visual acuity falls into this situation."
>> No. 40595422

She pointed to a grave, like all the others there.

"Get closer to this grave, and read it, then tell me what you think about it."
>> No. 40595423
Litos shrugs and nods
"Alright then, I suppose."
He makes his way over, stepping over a few twigs before he leans in to read the grave
>> No. 40595429

He could read the following.

1900 - 1919
There lies our beloved and young daughter.
That may rest in piece forever with her beloved roses.
Wind Chaser.
>> No. 40595432
Litos stares for a moment before looking to Wind with a raised brow
"...You're joking. This has to be some kind of trick."
He turns to face her
"No way you're that old...I mean, sure, Scorch had that weird crap where the founder of the town somehow left him a rifle, but...Come on."
>> No. 40595433

She chuckled, shaking her head.

"Obviously I'm not. I'm not an equestrian, Litos. My home is far away from here, and visiting it would be impossible, but her?"

Wind asked, pointing with her muzzle at the grave.

"She was equestrian. And was here before Trotswood was even Trotswood."
>> No. 40595434
Litos looks between her and the grave
"Huh...Well, uh...Then what are the chances of you being named after her?...And, what's the point behind this?"
>> No. 40595435
Wind grinned, waving a hoof before walking close to him.

"None, I'm older than her. I came from a place and time where there were no princesses."

She said, chuckling as her tail flicked behind her.

"The point behind this? Sometimes I like to remember ponies around here who is the scary one, well, maybe there is an actual puzzle behind all this? Who knows~?"

Wind flared her wings, but quickly closed them.

"Maybe I'm just a kooky getting a bit insane? Well, if it ever crosses your mind that I'm not telling the truth, try digging the grave, then check if our bites match, that would freak you out~"

She said, trotting away, humming quietly, leaving the stallion behind, unless he decided to dash after her.
>> No. 40595436
He just stares at her confusedly
"Check and see if your bites match?...What?...And now you want me to go digging up graves? Woman, you're confusing me."
He sighs and follows after her
>> No. 40595437

"No no no, what I'm telling you, Litos, is, the mare in the grave, and me, are the same."

She said, picking some speed as she started running towards the town.
>> No. 40595438
Litos picks up his pace to keep speed with her
"How? You just said you were from a completely different land. How are you and this hundred year old dead mare the same?"
>> No. 40595440

"Alternate realities."

She said with a grin on her face, soon they would be galloping by the streets of the town.
>> No. 40595441
Litos continues to keep pace, huffing softly
"If it's an alternate reality, then how in Equestria is there a grave [i]here[/]? That doesn't make any sense! And what does it have to do with any thing at all?"
>> No. 40595444

Wind stopped all of sudden, turning her head so she could face him.

"I am the alternate reality, Litos."
>> No. 40595445
Litos skids to a halt behind her, letting out a small breath as he looks her in the eye
"Then how are you here? And you still haven't told me what this has to do with me getting back at that disgusting rat that you let free."
>> No. 40595446

"I'm just giving you a lesson, how things are actually much bigger and more complicated than they look. And how I ended here? By accident, it is not something I can reproduce at will, I'm stuck, not that I mind."

She fluttered her wing, waving Litos goodbye, as they were in front of her house.

"Also, like I said, I like remembering others who is the scary kooky pony around here."
>> No. 40595447
Litos sighs and waves a hoof before putting his earlier cloth mask back on
"Whatever, Wind...My ideas are my own. Sadly, you've kept me from doing what I planned tonight, so...I'll do it tomorrow night, or something..."
>> No. 40595453

"You know what? Go ahead, do your stupid vendetta. I will be watching, like I always do. And when things get Trotswood all over the place, I will clean the mess you made."
>> No. 40595454
Litos waves a hoof
"Nothing will happen, unless you plan on causing the ruckus yourself. I know what I'm doing, Wind. All you've done is set me back a night...Thanks for the tour though. It made you even more confusing. I like that in ponies."
He starts to walk away, scratching his mane a bit
>> No. 40598236
The town's visiting priest shudders softly as he makes his way down the road, aimed to return to the Breeze hotel to turn in for the night
"Phew...Long day...Nothing feels quite as good as showing ponies the greatness of the Sisters..."

Little did he notice, a tall, scarred silhouette stalking him, slowly gaining distance on the green stallion
>> No. 40598239
>Jon was outside gathering firewood.Jon wasn't paying attention as he was humming a foreign tune.He suddenly cuts across the priest's path.
>> No. 40598240
The priest blinks and stops abruptly
"Oh! Pardon me, sir, my apolog-"
The priest's word were cut off by the loud thunk of a lead pipe against the back of his head, causing the Priest to fall to the ground, clutching his head in pain
>> No. 40598242
>Jon almost drops the logs as he quickly steady the logs.
J:no worries! I - Twack!
>jon see the priest drop down.He immediately drops his logs and looks up to see the green stallion.
J:What the heck? Why did you do that?
>> No. 40598243
Oops! Sorry, the green stallion IS the priest. My post was a tad jumbled.

The scarred up silhouette behind him steps forward, a mask covering his muzzle, though his eyes were still visible, as well as his mane
"For personal reasons, really...Nothing at all for you to be concerned about."
The stallion drops the pipe next to the priest and stands over his pained form

"Oh, Sisters, not you again! Please, help me!"
>> No. 40598244
>As he took his eyes off of Jon sudden the masked pony hears a whooshing sound.Like a huge log thrown at him.
Should I roll for this or nah?
>> No. 40598245
I personally have a deep hatred for rolls. Determining something by chance, to me, is just annoying. I prefer to go about it based on my character, his current state, and the current situation to determine how it all plays out.

The stallion's ears perk up as he hears the loud whoosh, his old instincts telling him that somepony is swinging at him, causing him to duck and attempt to back away

Last edited at Fri, Aug 22nd, 2014 19:39

>> No. 40598246
>Suddenly he felt a huge kick behind his head.It wasn't Jon throwing something, it was him quickly fliying behind him and kicking him.The speed of Jon is quite amazing, let alone the power of his kick.Jon is floating in the air, smirking.
J:Nice duck.Too bad your prediction is off.
>> No. 40598247
The stallion grunts as his head rings from the hard kick, snorting angrily as he backs away a bit, the force of the kick having knocked his mask off, causing his eyes to actually start turning yellow
"Boy, you've got no idea what kind of bullshit you've just wandered into...I said: this is personal..."
His eyes and voice were familiar, as were his scars, but he seemed to be missing a detail
>> No. 40598248
>Jon looks puzzled at him, he looks at him closely.
J:What bull? All I see is you.
>> No. 40598249
File 140876212983.png - (8.38KB , 231x200 , Litos.png )
He snorts lightly
"You see a stallion you don't know, punishing another stallion that you don't know...And with the situation at hand, you'd be best to back off..."

The priest looks up toward his attacker, rubbing his head as his eyes stop wobbling, though they soon go wide in a combination of terror and surprise as he notices who is standing above him
"W-Wait a minute...You're...No, no, you can't be real!"
>> No. 40598250
>Jon sighs and flies down and picks up his logs.
J:If you going to do an it privately.You know I'm not the only one watching.
>jon motion his eyes up the road.
J:Like maybe at night?Poison his meal, or dart?
>> No. 40598251
Litos snorts and waves a hoof
"Whatever. It's not a matter to me who around this town sees me do this. That's what the mask was for."
He picks up the cloth that had fallen from his face before, going to cover his muzzle back up
"You ruined the surprise for my victim...And this isn't an assassination. It's payback."
He looks down and blinks, noticing the priest had fled while he was talking
"Oh, dammit!"

The priest quickly dashes into the hotel lobby, panting as he attempts to catch his breath
>> No. 40598252
"Excuse me Sir, do you need something?"

Asked Violet from the counter, observing the panting stallion that seemed to be running for his life.
>> No. 40598253
>When The masked pony looked back at Jon, he see's just a log.Whoever this pony is, he's not what he seems like.
>Suddenly the priest notices somepony next to him.
J:Quick on your hooves yeah? Somepony wants to kill you really badly.
>> No. 40598256
He holds a hoof to his chest as he tries to catch his breath, unable to fill his sentence properly
"I-I...I need...Help...Murderer...Chasing me..."

The priest jumps in surprise
"By the Sister! Oh...G-Gods don't...Don't do that..."
>> No. 40598257
J:Yeah...if you want some help you better starts explaining why he wants to kill you.
>> No. 40598258
"Worry not Sir, I won't allow any murder inside this hotel, now tell me, are you by any chance our client?"

She asked, levitating a few documents from the counter, checking the logs.

"What is your name?"

And then she ringed these fancy bells that they use at hotels.
>> No. 40598259
He blinks and just stares at Jon, thinking up his answer
"B-Because he is a mass murderer, and I know who he is! I-It's a witness crime-type thing! Oh, Sisters, I've not seen that disgusting and brutal face in so many years...I thought he was dead for sure."

"Wh-Y-Yes! Yes, I am booked here! I have been for, uhm...How long...Uh..."
He taps his forehead as he thinks
"F-Four days! Yes, four days..."
>> No. 40598260
J:Mass murder..heh.Strange.He said something personal about you. LIke you made his face like that. Something tells me your a clan mate of some sort of hidden league.
>Jon is paying attention to the pony next to him.
>> No. 40598261

Violet smiled, showing him the logs.
"Four days? Great, but what is your name sir, I want to check, and do not worry, stay close to the counter, and nothing bad will happen."

Then the white unicorn ringed the bell again.

"Dawn! Come here please."


Violet was a white unicorn at her mid twenties, her long mane and tail justified her name, being colored with such color. She was one of the owners of the hotel.
>> No. 40598262
The stallion shakes his head
"P-Personal? I would never associate with such an awful example of a pony! If anypony has done anything, it is HIM!"

The stallion slowly makes his way over to the counter, limping a bit
"M-My name is Greenhoof. Please do not let that pony kill me..."
>> No. 40598263
>Jon knows he will not get any answers from him.He glares at him before looking toward violet.
J:Keep an eye on him.I'm going somewhere...
>Jon goes away and looks for the masked pony.
>> No. 40598266

Violet offers him her stool, keeping an ear at their conversation, but what she really cared for was that she had a client in danger, she wouldn't let anypony get any of her clients.


She said, spamming the damned bell. Well, probably he was busy.
Yeah, busy.

"Uh? Sure..."
She nodded.
>> No. 40598269
He would run into the pony right outside the door
"...Oh. Hello again."

The stallion sits quietly, clearly worried as he rocks in place
"M-Maybe I should just head to my room, a-and lock the door?"
>> No. 40598271
>Jon bumps into him.
J:Wow! Your quite fast!
>> No. 40598272

"Well, you're free to do so, but I wouldn't get out of my sight if I were you."
She said that as if what was happening was the most common thing in the world.
>> No. 40598274
The stallion blinks and raises an eyebrow
"Fast? I walked here...It took me like five minutes, actually."

Greenhoof's eyes shoot back and forth nervously, contemplating what would be his best choice
"Ohhhhh...Sisters protect me..."
>> No. 40598275
J:Well...Five minutes is better than 6.So why is it personal again?And who are you?
>> No. 40598276

The white unicorn smiled, offering Greenhoof a cup of water.

"There, try relaxing a bit, sir."
>> No. 40598279
The stallion raises an eyebrow
"Why do you care? Personal tends to mean my business, and not yours, kid..."

The stallion shudders and wipes his forehead taking the glass and taking a small drink
"Th-Thank you, ma'am...You truly are helpful..."
>> No. 40598280

"Oh, worry not, it is my duty to protect my clients!"

She said with a smile, trying to ring the bell a last time.
>> No. 40598282
>Jon smirks.
J:Personal means nothing to mean.and kid a long way.
>> No. 40598285
"Uhm...Really? An awfully strange motto, but it works, so long, as I stay safe..."

"Ech...Fine, fine. Be careful, and check often to make sure you don't fall.
>> No. 40598386
J:Anyways...what's your code name? I know you have one.
>> No. 40600197
Litos raises an eyebrow at the pony in front of him, clearly a bit confused
"Kid, I think you've got me mixed up with some other pony...I don't have a code name."
>> No. 40600222
File 140893472155.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
>> No. 40600236
Trips of wut
>> No. 40600295
File 140893787267.png - (44.90KB , 320x426 , ItsKindaCute.png )
>trips of shortcut to ooc plz o3o
>> No. 40600299
Uhm...Well alright. here you go.
>> No. 40600306
File 140893833232.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
>application le entered uno-senpai
>> No. 40600314
Please don't call me that.
>> No. 40600326
File 140894004306.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
>aww but why
>> No. 40600328
You know why.
>> No. 40600330
File 140894041099.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
>cant take joke
>> No. 40600333
File 140894059574.png - (8.38KB , 231x200 , Litos.png )
I've had a long, stressful, and exhausting day.
I also don't do well when jokes poke at personal issues, especially major ones. I didn't find it funny for many reasons.
>> No. 40600335
File 140894065764.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Im sorry

Last edited at Sun, Aug 24th, 2014 21:24

>> No. 40600337
You know every reason behind this, so don't act surprised. It doesn't make sense.
Regardless, I thank you for at least apologizing, but that won't solve past issues.
>> No. 40600724
File 140898102668.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
A white and dark gray pony trotted down the main street, looking left and right quickly, until eventually coming to a stop in the gap in between the pub and the hotel
This will be perfect she said to herself, plopping the saddle off of her back and onto the ground. She quickly turned to the cart she had been tugging behind her and pulled out the little stand from inside, setting it up in the gap.
Before ten minutes past she had a little shampoo stand all set up, with her behind it. The entire area around her smelled heavily of Apples and Orchids.
>> No. 40600730
Before long, she would hear the sound of hoofsteps approaching from behind her, a tan mare being the source of the subtle noise
"Something over here smells really, really nice. You selling potpourri over here, sweetie?"
>> No. 40600745
File 140898286290.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
The pony gently smiles and shakes her head
No mam, I am selling some of my self made shampoo. I even have a few trial bottles if you want. And since you are my first customer, you get your first bottle free!
>> No. 40600761
The mare blinks and makes her way past Orchid to get to the front of the stand
"Oh? Man, that business model sounds awful familiar, heh...Regardless, it all smells lovely...What all do you have here any way?"
>> No. 40600777
File 140898366374.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Familiar? she asked, but then shook it off, bringing her hoof around the table
Lets see, we have Coconut, Apple-Orchid, Rose, Buttermilk, and one labled "The meadow" it smells like a field of flowers. All of these scents in both shampoo and conditioner.
>> No. 40600787
Terra giggles a bit as she listens to all the different scents, eyes traveling about the table as she figures on what to choose
"Hm...Wait, wait, buttermilk? That's...A tad weird to me, but, uh...Nevermind, it's not important. I've definitely got a plan for that "Rose" one...And the "Meadow" stuff sounds pretty nice. Have anything else, or is that all you've got stocked for the day?"
>> No. 40600805
File 140898466858.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
I do requests, and I do have a couple more, but they are kind of prototypes...
>> No. 40600808
She nods and rubs her chin
"Hm. Alright, alright...Probably not best to buy something that's still going through testing, but I'm still a tad curious as to what they all might be, y'know? I like to keep myself well groomed...And kinda have to because my job tends to get, eh...Messy."
>> No. 40600812
File 140898502282.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Well lets see, im trying to make a lavender shampoo that wont break ponies that are allergic out... but instead it broke ponies who aren't allergic out. And also I have this special scent... but it is kind of important to me... I like to hold it close.
>> No. 40600816
Terra gives a knowing smile and nods
"That's fine, I won't ask about it then. In a relationship like mine, you learn to respect personal affairs. But, uh...Yeah, I definitely think I'll take some of that Rose and Meadow stuff."
>> No. 40600821
File 140898546177.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
She smiles and gingerly wraps up the two bottles, when suddenly a tiny vial falls out of her pack, and the lid slightly opens, suddenly almost instantly the entire area is filled with the aroma of freshly baked cookies, which disappears when she closes it and puts it back.
Sorry about that, that will be two bits for the second bottle
>> No. 40600828
Terra blinks and takes in a small whiff, smiling at the heavy scent
"Mm...I've not smelled a bakery in a really long time, heh...That's a nice one you've got there. Why not put that out? I'm sure it'd sell wonderfully."
She digs a few bits from her saddlebag and sets them onto the stand before scooping up her two bottles and placing them on her back
>> No. 40600834
File 140898597648.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
The pony looks down kinda sad
I didn't make this scent, it was my grandma's. She gave it to me before she... ya know.
she smiles, holding out the bottle
I am getting close... but I can't quite get the scent right. There has to be an ingredient that I am missing.
>> No. 40600842
Terra winces a bit and lays her ears back
"Oh, uh...Sorry, I didn't know...And, I'm sure with all that you've made here that you'll manage to figure it out. All anything that you care for takes time and effort, that's for sure. As long as you don't just drop the attempt, you'll be fine."
She looks at the bottle curiously
"Though, I'm surprised you only have such a small amount of something you wish to recreate."
>> No. 40600844
File 140898643023.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
The bottle was broken when we found her in her house. I did my best, but this is all I could salvage.
>> No. 40600853
"Ah...Sorry to hear about the bad luck. I suppose, with that being said, you're lucky to have gotten what you did for sure."
>> No. 40600858
File 140898696658.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Yeah. I have been going from town to town to see where I can actually sell some of these. So far this is my first... those canterlot ponies are really stuck up.
>> No. 40600859
She raises an eyebrow
"You're joking right? I can't imagine a Canterlot pony not wanting to smell like a rose, or something...I mean, yeah, they're stuck up, but...Nevermind, I kinda answered my own little question there...They just want the designer stuff, I suppose. Too bad that they don't know that the individual developers tend to be the best."
>> No. 40600867
File 140898747563.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Heh, what really surprised me was walking through ponyville and not getting a single sale. I really expected something, but everyone was super busy with something or another.
>> No. 40600873
She nods
"Yeah, Ponyville's got a lot of workaholics...Though, because there's always something going wrong to disturb everypony's livelihood, I don't quite blame them."
>> No. 40600882
File 140898827107.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Anyways, thank you for your purchase, I hope to see you again.
she said smiling, placing two more bottles to replace the once bought.
Oh! By the way my name is Orchid.
>> No. 40600883
The mare smiles and offers her hoof
"I will certainly enjoy these two, and I just might be back again. It was lovely to meet you, Orchid, and my name's Terra."
>> No. 40600896
File 140898935038.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Orchid waves goodbye, sighing as she sad down. She smiled. Maybe this town wouldn't be to bad of a place to settle down.
>> No. 40600909
Terra smiles and waves back as she trots her way down the road, humming as she makes her way to 119
"She'll love it..."
>> No. 40601139
File 140900333652.png - (102.15KB , 867x921 , blergh_by_thunderelemental-d5m4g5f.png )
"Ugh! Dumb school!" A little blue colt muttered as he waddled down the road
>> No. 40601247
He would pass by Terra, who was carrying two bottles on her back
"Heya, Andy~"
She smiles and gives him a happy wave
>> No. 40601271
File 140900841981.png - (50.02KB , 900x675 , happy_scoots_by_mylittlepinkiedash-d4n3zlh.png )
He giggled and waved happily as he spotted her. "Oooh hye Aunt Terra!"
>> No. 40601273
Terra grins and makes her way over, scooping him up into a big hug
"Heyyyyyy~, Andy~!"
She smiles and nuzzles him softly
"How are ya, hon?"
>> No. 40601278
"Oof~!!" he giggled as he was scooped up, leaving his backpack on the floor. He smiled and nuzzled into her. "I'm good! I mean, now I'm good since I'm done with school for the first day!" he giggeld
>> No. 40601283
She smiles and nuzzles his head a bit
"Oh, yay~ How'd it go? Did you have fun? Make new friends? Any cool teachers?"
She sits down and lets him back to the ground, gently resting the bottles on her back by her side
>> No. 40601299
File 140900969558.png - (420.30KB , 2600x2394 , and then there's this filly!.png )
He smiled a bit and picked his backpack back up. "Yeah it all went okay. No one yet. My teachers dont seem all that mean, at least!"
>> No. 40601301
Terra smiles and claps her hooves
"Wonderful! Always glad to hear that things are going well for you, sweetie!"
She giggles a bit
"Where are ya heading now? Got plans of any kind for today?"
>> No. 40601312
He shook his head. "No plans, I was just gunna go home." He smiled
>> No. 40601320
Rose Song was trotting around, taking the breeze on her mane, slightly spreading her wings so she could feel it better.

As it seems she had no destination, and was just having some fun out of her house while Wind wasn't around.
>> No. 40601322
Terra chuckles
"Really? I'm surprised you didn't have something planned. You always seem to have some kind of little set of shenanigans going your way."

Terra manages to see the blind mare just out of the corner of her eye
"Ooh! Oh, hey, Rose, over here, sweetie!"
She waves over, even though she knows the mare wouldn't see it.
>> No. 40601327

She stops abruptly with one leg in the air, which was something adorably comic, turning her head at Terra's voice direction.

"Oh, Terra!" She exclaimed, her ears flicking as she recognized her voice. "I'm on my way."

And with her slow and cautious hoofsteps, she walked towards Terra.
>> No. 40601342
"Usually yeah! But school is tiring D:"

Andrew smiled. "Hai mrs. Rose!"
>> No. 40601346

She turned her muzzle around, trying to face at the right direction.

"Hey there little one."

Rose said with a smile.
>> No. 40601349
Terra smiles
"I was just on my way to go and see you, sweetie! How convenient of you to come up over here. I got something for you."

Terra giggles and nods
"Yeah, that's true. I remember always being so tired after school..."
>> No. 40601351

Rose tilted her head to the side, smiling a bit as she approached Terra with a faint blush on her cheeks.
"Something for me? But, it is not even my birthday, Miss Terra."
>> No. 40601357
Terra giggles
"What, it's gotta be your birthday for me to get a friend something nice?"
She holds up a bottle of shampoo that she had purchased earlier today
"I found bought this today from some vendor pony that came into town."
She pops open the lid and carefully holds it close to Rose's face, the scent of roses coming from the bottle
"It's shampoo!"
>> No. 40601360

The blind pony leaned closer as she felt the scent getting closer, sniffing it a few times before smiling.

"It smells great!"

She said with a smile, giggling softly as her tail wags a bit.

"It will fit my little collection pretty well, thank you Terra!"

Then Rose stood on two legs, raising and stretching her forelegs forward, trying to hug the pony in front of her.
>> No. 40601371
Terra smiles and happily leans forward to hug the blind pegasus, grinning
"Heehee~ I'm so glad you like it! I figured you'd enjoy something that not only smells nice, but happens to match your name."
>> No. 40601391

Rose greatly enjoys the hug, that was certainly nice.

"Sure I do! I actually love collecting things with nice scents."
>> No. 40601408
Terra giggles and pulls back, smiling
"Oh, cool! I actually didn't know that. I just figured you'd enjoy smelling like the flower you're named after. It's awesome when things turn out like this~"
>> No. 40601410

She took a step back, giggling at Terra.

"Well, I actually already do smell like roses, but it is always great to have some reserve, and a new brand to test!"

She said, flaring her wings some, showing off Terra her wings, the feathers on the inner side were tattooed, a beautiful field of roses.
>> No. 40601413
Terra blinks
"Oh, uh...I never actually knew that. I never stopped to smell you."
She giggles and blinks as Rose flares her wings, leaning in a bit to get a look at the tattoos
"Ohhh, cool! When'd you get those?"
>> No. 40601417

Rose smiled, she couldn't really see the tattoo, but the reactions always were pleasing. Her sis said it looked great as well, so it should.

"Not a long time ago, a nice mare came to town, we talked a bit, then well, I love roses, so why not?"
>> No. 40601424
Terra chuckles
"I suppose that makes enough sense, but, uh...How long will that last? Feathers fall off eventually, after all."
>> No. 40601428

She nodded, fluttering her wings.

"I know, she said something about that, but I don't exactly remember what.. I think I've even changed a few feathers already, but they're still there."
>> No. 40601433
Terra blinks and rubs her head before shrugging
"Ah, oh well. There's always some way to explain it, I suppose."
>> No. 40601434

Rose chuckled, furling her wings back.
"I think I should ask her again sometime."
>> No. 40601435
"How are you?" He asked with a smile
"it's not that we did a lot, but i ddint do a lot during summer so it got me bored and tired!"
>> No. 40601438
Terra smiles
"It'd be a good idea to try and figure out how that stuff works..."

"Ohhhhh! Hehe. Well, we all get bored and tired for our own reasons, I suppose. So long as you had a nice day, and you're happy, that's all that matters~"
>> No. 40602271
J:Then riddle me this.Why did you attack that priest? started for me.I'm going to be busy.
>> No. 40602436
Litos huffs softly
"Riddle me this, kid...Why do you care? I already told you this is personal...And I plan on ending his life."

That's fine. Don't push yourself unnecessarily
>> No. 40602454
J:oh...let me sing then.
>Jon clears his throat.He stretches his arms.
"why you attack a priest in open day?"
"Didn't you learn from watching murder broadways?"
"because this roaming cook is going take you to assassin school!"
"even the way you play will get you killed by common fool!"
"shoot! Even I could do better!"
"Let this hot cook tell you how to real pony slayer!"
"Because you sir are just another faker!"
yes...I just started rapping"
>> No. 40602459
Litos just rolls his eyes and huffs
"You kids get dumber every generation..."
He looks away before disappearing in a puff of black mist
>> No. 40602463
>jon sighs dadly.
J:Darn old colts.they just don't like to have fun.
>Jon shrugs.
J:But at least I know I got some practice.Hmmm....better check on that priest.
>Jon heads back into the hotel.
>> No. 40602523
File 140910126146.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Orchid sighs and slumps down on the grass, still behind her table, she opens her little pouch to see the two bits inside. She sighs, and then grasps at her stomach as it growls.
I need food... but this wont be enough...
>> No. 40602595
>jon is looking down, mumbling to himself.
J:(mumble) (mumble) stupid old colt.(mumble) (mumble) kid well...*sigh* Who am I kidding.I'm just a cook.
>Jon sees Orchid slump on the grass.He goes over.
>> No. 40602621
File 140910585487.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Orchid pops up as if nothing is wrong
Well hello there sir! May I interest you in some shampoo?
she said, forcing herself to smile. However it was apparent when her stomach growled loudly that she was hungry.
>> No. 40602626
>Jon falls back in surprise.
>he flops down looking up.
J:that was big surprise.
>> No. 40602632
File 140910626575.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Oh! Sorry if i scared you.
she said, looking over the table.
she smiles
Would you like to buy some shampoo?
>> No. 40602637
File 140910637195.png - (7.49KB , 155x166 , face1.png )
>Jon looks at her then himself.
J:Does it change my hair color? I like my own.
>> No. 40602640
File 140910654315.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
No silly! It just makes your hair smell nice, it also makes it feel nice and silky
>> No. 40602650
J:hmmm...Well..I haven't had a nice shower in three days.
>Jon sniffs himself and shivers at his musty smell of road and sweat.
J:Also I never thought about buying shower stuff.
>> No. 40602663
File 140910816745.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Well, now would be the perfect time to get some shampoo!
she said smiling, while she meanwhile thought to herself
YES! I can get myself dinner with this!
>> No. 40602665
J:sadly...I don't have my bits on me....and I live in a tent right now.So I have to look for a job right now.
>Jon frown, saying this.he REALLY need to find a job.
>> No. 40602677
File 140910999511.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
The pony scratches the back of her head
I guess you can work for me... just warning you that these don't sell for much. they are 2 bits each, ill split half the profits with you... I hate to see a pony in need and not be able to help
>> No. 40603261
J:hmmm I know what that can bring in some sales.
>Jon starts juggling the shampoo around, through the legs, behind his back, and doing backflips in the process.
>> No. 40603329
File 140917533738.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Umm... she says, holding out her hoof
Please be careful...
>> No. 40603585
>Jon then puts the shampoo back on the table in a neat tower.
>> No. 40603597
File 140918981981.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
The mare sighs and then laps politely
That was very nice, but I would be grateful if you were more careful... they are my only livelyhood.
>> No. 40603625
J:do you have more?
>> No. 40603634
File 140919255473.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Yeah, but they only sell for two bits... so every single one counts
>> No. 40603647
J:Well...let make a bundle then! I'll be right back!
>Jon flies of in the direction his tent is.Few minutes later he comes back with a cart full of weird cooking stuff.
>> No. 40603656
File 140919393312.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
I only use raw ingredients... and what is that stuff?
>> No. 40603657
>Jon starts unloading his cart.
J:I'm going to make a bundle with your shampoo.We are going to give them a nice meal with that shampoo.
>> No. 40603677
File 140919584383.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
The mare blinks
Oh... kay? I guess that could work...
>> No. 40603939
>jon then starts a campfire and start making some rice.
>> No. 40603951
File 140924846909.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
The mare sits down next to the fire.
I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Orchid, Orchid Shampoo
>> No. 40604093
File 140925738744.png - (7.49KB , 155x166 , face1.png )
J:Hmmmm orchid huh?
>Jon starts juggling a knife and spatula around.
J:name's Jon Blade'n.Traveling Habachi cook at your service.
>Jon bows politely.
J:It's a honor to meet you Orchid.
>> No. 40604177
File 140926053249.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
It is nice to meet you Jon. Thank you for helping with my sales
>> No. 40604292
J:No problem.
>Jon then starts cutting strips of seaweed.
J:Just helping out what I can around here.
>> No. 40604342
anypony who might drift their gaze toward the Crossroads would notice the little establishment was rather busy today, a multitude of groups, and families making their way into the building constantly.

A purple Unicorn mare dashes out the door, huffing as she slaps a sign onto the front door
"I can't believe I forgot to set that up this morning!"
She quickly runs back into the crowded building
"Sorry, sir, I'm coming!"

The sign reads:

Crossroads, now hiring, in desperate need of employees!
Willing to give first shift pay. Please check inside, no experience needed!

I'm at work, but I can still reply every now and again. Just figures I'd throw in another thing for anyone looking. Just be patient for replies.
>> No. 40604376
File 140927111521.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Orchid looks over just as this is happening, and seeing there is such a rush looks over at Jon.
Hey, do you see that? She says pointing at the crowd
I had better go help out, could you package up all my shampoo and put it on the cart for me? When you are done just bring it over to that place. I have to help a mare in need.
She says, galloping off towards the storm of ponies without another word, charging into the diner, not really expecting the business inside to be so chaotic.
Wow, this is insane! she states, getting lost in the sea of ponies. But then she spots the poor pony alone among the hoard
Can I help you at all?
>> No. 40604422
The mare looks to Orchid with a clearly exhausted smile
"H-Hello, I'm Diamond Dish, I'll be your waitress...Eh...Cook, and...W-Well, everything today. Give me, uhm...J-Just a minute ma'am, I'm sure a spot will open soon!"
She gasps and starts floating a few plates to one of the tables
"S-Sorry, ma'am, here's your order!"

"This service is so slow..."


Last edited at Thu, Aug 28th, 2014 18:51

>> No. 40604428
>Jon puts away her shampoos away and parks the cart in one of the parking places.He comes in.
>> No. 40604432
File 140927774335.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Orchid immediately picks up a notepad, and starts quickly running between tables, taking orders. Running the tickets back and taking the orders to the customers. She did not need to be asked to help, so she just did. She conquered the orders like a professional, easily out doing the flustered waitress.
>> No. 40604455
Diamond gives another tired grin
"Hello, sir, I'll be with you in just a moment! J-Just, uh...Give me a moment to start-..."

"H-Hey, what are you doing? Ma'am, please wait by the post, I'll get you a table!"
>> No. 40604463
File 140928121399.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
I am here to help! she said smiling, while busing a nearby table. She quickly disappeared into the crowd again, helping wherever she could.
>> No. 40604472
J:....Be right back.
>Jon runs out of the building.He quickly kills the fire and stores his cooked rice in a bowl and runs back.He puts it on a table.
J:Sorry...I have to finishes cooking.
>> No. 40604480
Diamond blinks, her mane fairly out of order now as she tries to think of where she was before
"I-I...Help? Wha...Oh...OH! Oh, thank the gods, I needed help so badly that I completely forgot what I was even doing!"

She blinks and looks at him, then down at the pot
"You...You can cook?...I'll pay you if you cook to the end of my shift! It'd make things SO much easier, b-but there are a LOT of orders to be filled..."
She thinks for a moment, rubbing her head
"A-As long as you know how to make black-olive salad, and salted noodle soup, we should be fine. Those are our specials today, and they're kinda the most exclusive order today too."
>> No. 40604486
J:Well...I can do noodles and salads.
>Jon grabs his utensil belt, full of kitchen utensils.He juggles his knife and spatula.
J:Oh...I'm going to have fun!
>Jon bolts into the kitchen and start cooking the noodles while making salads.
>> No. 40604495
File 140928255229.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
I am glad that I can help! the mare shouted over the roaring crowd. It was a noticable difference in the customers reactions, they were being a lot easier on Diamond.
>> No. 40604502
Diamond grins and starts making her way from table to table before stopping off at the kitchen window to drop off the orders for Jon. Most seemed to be specifically for the olive salad, but there were a few for various soups, as well as other orders
"You've got a lot to catch up on, guy, sorry!"

"And I plan on paying you both for this! I promise you'll get full-shift pay, plus raise pay."
She tries to laugh, but she's clearly much too exhausted to actually fully do so as she darts around the room, her horn glowing, and her mane still out of order
>> No. 40604506
File 140928301849.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Orchid worked as fast as her hooves would allow her, as she plowed through customer after customer, getting orders down and delivering with utmost skill and grace. Not to mention that most of the customers seemed to like it when she was around, and they were complimenting the aroma that drifted from her.
>shameless self promotion
>> No. 40604524
Diamond was actually moving fairly slow, the mare clearly worn out from her previous lone-pony stand against the sea of endless customers, a bit of sweat on her brow as she kept her rhythm from table to table to kitchen window, doing her best to get the proper plates delivered in her section as well
"Sorry for the wait, ma'am, here's your order. Things should start actually running smoothly now."
>> No. 40604526
File 140928457308.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Orchid picked up the pace, desperately trying to relieve all stress from Diamond. This was quickly wearing her out, but this was a good cause for a pony in need! She put the petal to the metal and went into over drive, pretty much speaking at a million miles an hour and cutting through the customer's orders like a knife to butter.
>> No. 40604544
Slowly but surely the crowd starts to dwindle, the restaurant going from a full house to a steady pace as Diamond starts to gather the empty dishes from one of the tables
"Thank Celestia one of them was a cook...I'da never gotten by..."
She looks over her shoulder to Orchid
"Hey, miss, go greet that pair at the podium for me and get them a table. The name of the restaurant is "The Crossroads", and the menus are below the podium head."
She makes her way to the kitchen with the dirty dishes
>> No. 40604548
File 140928577742.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
Orchid quickly made her way to the podium, grabbing a few menus.
Hello and welcome to the Crossroads! My name is Orchid, how may I help you this lovely evening?
>> No. 40604553
A mare and a stallion stand before her with a smile, the Stallion speaking up
"Table for two, please!"

Diamond comes back out with a tired huff as she heads to another table to take the order of another group
>> No. 40604556
File 140928646459.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Orchid curteously bows and says Please follow me to your table sir and madam She then leads them to a nearby empty table. Could I get you anything to start with? Or do you already know what you would like?
>> No. 40604559
The two smile and wave their hooves
"Not at the moment, no, we're gonna take some time to look at the menu, if you don't mind."
>> No. 40604564
File 140928732715.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Orchid smiles Okay then, go ahead and wave me down when you are ready then and I will get to you as soon as possible. She said before running off to help the other customers.
>> No. 40604571
The two smile and nod as they pick up their menus

Diamond huffs softly
"Okay...It looks like pretty much everypony's said and done...I don't see anypony else at the door, so this may be our last group..."
>> No. 40604575
File 140928840570.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Orchid wipes her brow and smiles Do you want me to help the last couple here? It would be my pleasure to just give you a break.
>> No. 40604584
She shakes her head
"Nah...Nah, I'm fine, I can keep going...Help that other guy in the kitchen, and I'll finish up here...Thanks, you two."
>> No. 40604589
File 140929028076.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
The mare nods and goes to help clean up the mess inside the kitchen, finding it to already be fairly clean. So it really wasn't too bad of a task. It was all clean before she even knew it. She then decided to start making a pot of coffee to share between them when they are done, she wasn't the greatest at making stuff other than shampoos, so it ended up a bit stronger then usual.
>> No. 40604591
Diamond comes back into the kitchen around twenty minutes or so later with a tired sigh
"Alright, so...All that's left out there is that couple...They said they wanted a plate of that olive salad to share..."
>> No. 40604593
File 140929086422.png - (76.09KB , 847x594 , ANiceStretch.png )
I will go ahead and do that, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Besides Jon over there is busy cleaning up after himself she said, quickly getting to making the salad. There really was no way she could have screwed this up. So it was quickly made and sent out.
>> No. 40604594
Diamond nods and watches her go
"Alright...Thanks. Phew..."
She stands up to watch the two through the kitchen's order window
"I think that's all I needed to do."
>> No. 40604595
File 140929106757.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Alright, when you are done, I have made some coffee if you would like. She said out to Diamond
>> No. 40604597
Diamond waves a hoof
"Yeah, thanks...I'll get to it in a minute..."
She sighs and sits down, resting her head back against the wall
"Damn, this stuff got even harder..."
>> No. 40604599
File 140929229089.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
The mare came out holding a cup of coffee and placed a hoof on her shoulder Hey, are you alright? You look exhausted... here have this. she said, handing her the cup of coffee. It isn't the greatest, but at least it doesn't taste like shampoo this time.
>> No. 40604603
Diamond blinks and looks up at Orchid
"Huh?...Y-Yeah, I'm...I'm fine..."
She takes the cup with her magic, her horn letting off a short spark, causing her to rub her head
"Ah, dammit...Thanks..."
>> No. 40604606
File 140929257010.png - (76.09KB , 847x594 , ANiceStretch.png )
Oh! Do you perhaps get magic aches? I have a special shampoo for that, it helps with the pain.
>> No. 40604609
Diamond nods and takes a sip of the coffee
"Yeah, I get magic aches because I was dumb enough to try and directly teleport myself and another pony halfway across town...Now that crap sticks with me forever any time I get tired, or use my magic too much..."
>> No. 40604610
File 140929284356.png - (89.30KB , 847x594 , ANiceStretch.png )
She pulls out a small little vial and just suddenly attacks your mane, and almost instantly the pain is gone and you smell strongly of apples.
How does that feel?
>> No. 40604627
Diamond blinks in surprise
"Wh...What'd you just do?...And, yeah, I guess it feels a little better...I kinda like the smell too..."
>> No. 40604630
File 140929422585.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Its my apple scented healing shampoo. It helps with all sorts of head injury. Including over magic stress
>> No. 40604787
>Jon comes out the kitchen, wiping his utensils.
J:Is there anymore customers?
Sorry.I couldn't stay up last night
>> No. 40605012
File 140933291837.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Orchid looks over, while still massaging the shampoo into Diamond's mangled mane
No, we are all out of customers

Last edited at Fri, Aug 29th, 2014 10:22

>> No. 40605061
She blinks
"And...How does that even work?...Nevermind, I'm too tired to understand, even if you explained it..."

Diamond turns her head
"Nah, they're all gone...You both did an excellent job, and I'm really thankful you came along...My last co-worker hopped town for no reason, so I've been running this place alone again for months."
>> No. 40605081
>He hear diamond explanation on how she got to work alone.He controls his anger and smiles.
J:well now...he not much of a worker eh?Hey..enjoying the hair bath?
>> No. 40605087
File 140933590572.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Heh, I suppose not. Lets just call it a secret recipe.
Well, by going on what she was saying earlier to me, it is actually a her. She was saying something about having to teleport her to a hospital as fast as possible. I am guessing this mare was pregnant. Do you perhaps know the father? Is he still in the town?
>knows very well what happened but orchid doesnt know
>> No. 40605092
J:huh...that new.Well I can do some digging around.I'm a friendly guy after all.
>Jon finishes cleaning his utensils.
J:I will see what i can do Orchid.
>> No. 40605252
Diamond blinks and stares at Orchid
"Wh-...What? I never told you anything at all about me taking her to the hospital...How..."

"Heh, yeah...No good worker ditches for no reason...Sure as hell wasn't my mar...M-My...My friend if she had the guts to do that..."

Last edited at Fri, Aug 29th, 2014 12:49

>> No. 40605274
File 140934274496.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Well, if you do the calculations, if you teleport halfway across town, you are either on the way to the emergency room or you really wanted some ice cream... and i don't think its the ice cream. Plus if you were in labor, you would not be able to teleport at all. Let alone someone else.
>> No. 40605281
J:Ah! So it's a she..I wo-
>Jon stops and is surprise at his newfound friend's ability to quickly decode what happen.
>> No. 40605291
Diamond sighs
"Wh-Whatever...Just...Drop it okay...She left me behind without a word, so, whatever...Do you two wanna actually work here, or is this help a one-time deal?"
>> No. 40605304
J:We can help as long as you want.I was just looking for a job so when orchid found the help wanted sign.I came along.
>> No. 40605347
File 140934826845.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
I have a side job as well, but this will definately get me a lot better off then selling this silly shampoo... she says kinda trailing of sadly, but she shakes it off
But you can count my work for today as a friendly helping hand. I require no pay.
>> No. 40605454
"Well, I'd be glad to have a cook working here...You'd be the first I've had in a really long time."

"If you're gonna work here, I'm definitely gonna pay the both of you...And if you choose to stay, I've got lockers for both of you too."
>> No. 40605488
J:Were you the only cook?
>> No. 40605507
File 140935732564.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
I would be honored to work for you, but as for today just count it as a friendly gesture. My actual work here will start tomorrow.
>> No. 40605537
Diamond nods
"Yeah...And cooking isn't something I really enjoy either...So, having you here is a major relief."

"Well, alright, I guess...But, eh...What are your two names? I'll make nameplates for your lockers, and show them to you two tomorrow."
>> No. 40605544
File 140935910565.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
The mare smiles
My name is Orchid Shampoo! And this here is Jon.
she obviously loves the spotlight, because she stole jon's opportunity to talk
>> No. 40605547
>Jon was about to tell her when>>40605544
stole it.
J:Yeah....Jon Blade'n the name.
>> No. 40605555
She looks at the two with a nod
"Well...Orchid, Jon, it was great having help from you two...I really appreciate it."
>> No. 40605565
File 140936049102.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Oh, it was absolutely my pleasure.
>> No. 40605590
J:No problem.I'm glad to help.
>> No. 40605596
She nods and looks between the two
"Well, I should be closing soon...You two are welcome to come back tomorrow, though, I wouldn't be surprised, if you didn't."
>> No. 40605598
J:I'm not going anywhere too far.I'll see ya tommorow.
>> No. 40605673
File 140936792666.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
I will be here bright and early in the morning! Orchid says, chipper to have helped out Diamond. She seemed like she really needed a friend.
>> No. 40605722
Diamond nods
"Thanks...I'll see you two in the morning then."
>> No. 40605728
File 140937250154.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Yes mam she says, walking out of the Crossroads and set up a tent outside
This will be perfect she said, curling up on the cold, hard ground and falling asleep.
>> No. 40605779
>Jon goes out and set back his tent back.HE starts a campfire and starts cooking some rice.
J:I forgot to eat dinner along the way.
>> No. 40609348
File 140967294335.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
>and then all of trotswood died... the end. Jk
Orchid smells the cooking food which makes her stomach growl, making her realise just how long it has been since her last meal, but she politely rolls over, not wanting to take any food from the other pony. He was obviously in the same position as she was.
>> No. 40609490
>jon remembers Orchid.He wonders if she eaten anything.Jon goes over to her tent.
>> No. 40609620
File 140968978671.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Orchid rolls back over, facing towards the opening of her tent.
Did you want something Jon?
>> No. 40609735
J:You want some dinner? I haven't seen you eaten yet.
>> No. 40610135
File 140971528516.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Oh, its fine. I don't want to be rude.
she said, but then her stomach growled loudly
>> No. 40610540
>Jon shakes his head, dismayed at her.
J:Listen...We need to get to know each other better since we ARE working together.So might as well.I have some water and some rice back at my camp if you want some.
>> No. 40610547
File 140977348445.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
She started to hesitate, but it was obvious that he was not taking no for an answer.
Oh, alright... I guess I will have a little... but don't feed me so much that you are going to go hungry!
>> No. 40610574
J:I have plenty.come join me Orchid.
>Jon goes out and heads back to his campsite.
>> No. 40610627
File 140977676652.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Orchid makes her way over and gets a little bit of food. She slowly eats it, savoring every bite.
Mmmm... this is really good.
she said. this was her first meal in days.
>> No. 40610649
J:Thanks...I'm a very good habachi cook.
>Jon is cutting some seaweed strips.
>> No. 40610762
File 140978064992.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Honestly, this is my first meal in days, so it tastes even better.
>> No. 40610939
>>40610762 it good still?
>jon kinda felt hurt hearing that."Poor girl, I wonder how she made it this far?" he thought.
>> No. 40611052
File 140979890205.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Oh, of course your food is good!
She said, smiling his way. She didn't mean to offend him in any way.
>> No. 40611575
>>40611052 ate my rice so fast I didn't have time to make sushi.How hungry are you?
>> No. 40611865
Diamond Dish sighs as she sits at the Crossroad's podium, rearranging the menus as she prepares to swap out the weekly specials sheet, only a few customers in attendance
>> No. 40612050
File 140989559456.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
she said, blushing
I am still pretty hungry...
>> No. 40612171
J:I can tell Orchid...But.It looks like you are struggling with money right now.
>> No. 40612256
File 140993311080.png - (89.30KB , 847x594 , ANiceStretch.png )
She yawns
Yeah... I don't make much with my shampoo. I am just generous like that I guess. She says, falling asleep
Orchid suddenly jolts awake, her hair an absolute mess. She yawns and stretches before making her way to the nearby Crossroads. She trotted in, her hair a tangled mop of a mess. Not to mention for some odd reason it smelled a bit like chlorine
>> No. 40612280
>Jon notices Orchid fell asleep.HE smiles and puts a blanket over her before heading back to his camp.
>Jon comes to the cafe and walks in the cafe, 30 minutes late but looks ready.
>> No. 40612566
Diamond looks up as she sees Jon come in, giving a short wave
"Oh, good, the chef is finally here. I'm glad I've not gotten any customers yet. Regardless, it's nice that you actually came."

Diamond blinks and notices Orchid
"Uhm...Hey?...You look really...Not-rested. You didn't even comb your hair, or anything..."
She rubs her own cheek in thought
"Eh, nevermind, that's fine, I'll just...C'mon, I'll show you two to your lockers. I've got a brush back there."
>> No. 40612605
File 140995177213.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Orchid follows behind, not really fully awake yet. She groans loudly, it is obvious she is not a morning pony.
>> No. 40612757
J:Hey no problem.I'm here to serve right?
>Jon follows Diamond to the locker's.
>> No. 40612759
Diamond nods and starts for the kitchen, pushing past the doors and heading for a room in the back corner, leading the two into a small room with a fair number of lockers, only two of which actually have names on them, one labeled "Diamond" the other "Pom"

"Alright, well, I got some plaques made for you."
She uses her magic to pull out two small nameplates
"Put them on whichever locker you want."
>> No. 40612765
>Jon receives the plaque from diamond.
J:Wow...don't usually name plates take quite some time to make?
>> No. 40612836
File 140996517534.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
She looks around, noticing the other name plate
Pom? Who is that? I haven't seen any other pony here.
>> No. 40612839
Diamond shrugs
"They're just pieces of white plastic with your names carved in them. I didn't get any special embroidery or anything done..."

Diamond scoffs and tries to use her magic to yank the nameplate from the locker, causing nothing more than the door to wobble
"Just the asshole who worked with me before...I've been trying to get it out for a long time, but it's jammed in there...Probably because it was too bit when I got it made for her, and we just kinda slammed it in..."

Last edited at Fri, Sep 5th, 2014 18:58

>> No. 40612919
File 140997066032.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Orchid gently puts a hoof on her shoulder
I am sorry for asking. I did not mean to bring up any painful memories... she says, frowning and looking down at her own name plate. She had never seen such hatred in another ponies eyes... it was almost painful to look at.
>> No. 40612923
She sighs, giving up on trying to remove the nameplate
"It's not your fault that ponies like to lie to me, and then abandon me, no matter what I've done for them...Whatever, just...Pick a locker...I don't care which one."
>> No. 40612940
>Jon listen in on Diamonds and Orchid's conversation."Must of been really bad"He thought.
>> No. 40612983
File 140997623367.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Orchid places her plaque on a locker somewhat nearby Diamond's, then turns in place, facing back towards the dining room.
Shall we get started then?
This is my first step towards becoming Hokage!
>> No. 40612984
Diamond nods
"Yeah, that'd be good. Don't wanna get caught off guard by a swarm of customers..."

"You gonna get your plaque set up, Jon? We gotta get to work."
>> No. 40613019
File 140997821849.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Orchid quickly brushes her hair, and puts a little bit of her instant shampoo in her hair. She now smelled of the ocean-side. Simply being near her felt like being at the beach.
>> No. 40613078
>Jon puts his plaque on a locker and went to work.He wields his knife and spatula as he went to work happily.
>> No. 40613090
Diamond leaves the locker room without another word, eager to get out of the room as she forces herself to approach a few entering customers, quickly getting them seated, and leaving their order slip for Jon to complete
>> No. 40613126
File 140998375270.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Orchid follow suit, but in a slower pace than that of the other day. It is quite obvious that she is horrible with mornings.
>really needs to take time out of the day to make more pictures
>> No. 40613229
Diamond keeps the same pace she did the other day, despite the lack of customers, constantly keeping herself occupied with something, anything at all as she dashed back and forth through the restaurant
>> No. 40613278
>Jon receives his first order and starts cooking.He starts putting out dishes of food out.He rings the bell indicating the order is ready.
>> No. 40614199
Diamond quickly falls into her routine, finding perfect timing between placing and taking orders
"Glad today's not slammed..."
>> No. 40614743
>Jon gives her a dish of food.
J:Well that's nice.We can now all take it a little easyier right?
>> No. 40615045
Dish nods as she carefully floats the plate
"Oh, definitely. Unless it blows up again, we can be plenty calm, with a customer base like this."
>> No. 40615064
>Jon nods.
J:I hope it goes smoothly here from now.
>Jon goes back to work.
>> No. 40615091
Diamond chuckles a bit as she walks away, sending the order to its designated location before coming back
"Don't count on it...This place always turns into a madhouse every now and again...It's kind of inevitable, like ponies leaving..."
She blinks and lays her ears back
"I mean, uh...Like...Friggin'...Predictable things-blinking! Like...Blinking, and...Wh-Whatever, it'll just happen, don't worry."
>> No. 40615695
J:I will be too.Like a eastern wind blowing through the lands.
>> No. 40615749
She sighs and nods as she brings over another order slip
"Yeah, I figured that with the both of you...Just wish the owner of this damned place would come back."
>> No. 40615751
She sighs and nods as she brings over another order slip
"Yeah, I figured that with the both of you...Just wish the owner of this damned place would come back."
>> No. 40615791
J:He may come, he may not.None the less we have to continue our work.
>Jon goes back to cook the order for the customer.
>> No. 40616912
File 141031245537.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
You quickly notice that you haven't seen Orchid in quite some time. Last time you saw her, she was with a customer and went off to go do something in the back. Where could she have gone?
>hide and go seek
>> No. 40617129
Diamond scoffs
"Feh...The only reason I've kept doing this is because I need the money...This place can rot now, for all I care...can't live without paying bills. But, it's whatever."

"Speaking of which...Orchid's been in the back an oddly long time...If she's stealing something, I'm gonna knock her over the head...I'll be right back, Jon. The only customers left have their order already."
She sighs and starts for the back area, looking about to try and find her missing employee
>> No. 40617274
File 141036259992.png - (89.30KB , 847x594 , ANiceStretch.png )
On your way into the back, you realize the walk-in fridge is slightly open, and there is a faint smell of the ocean drifting out from within. Inside, the small gray and white pony is curled up, passed out with her head laying on a bag of green peas.
>> No. 40617429
>Jon nods.He sighs in sadness.
J:Hmmm....though times we live.I wonder if there a way to help her.
>> No. 40617444
Diamond sighs and makes her way over, jostling Orchid as she sleeps
"Hey! Wake up! You can't sleep in here, you idiot...You'll get sick...And you're supposed to be helping!"
>> No. 40617452
File 141038698003.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Orchid suddenly stirs awake, looking around to see what was going on. She quickly realizes the situation that she put herself in and lowers her head in shame.
I am so sorry... I didn't get much sleep last night... I will get back to work.
she says, slowly trudging out of the fridge. You notice that her hair seems to a bit messier than usual and that she isn't acting like her chipper self she was the other day. You also seem to notice that the smell of her shampoo is a bit off, you can seem to smell what it is though.
>> No. 40617453
"Yeah, a lot of ponies in this town don't get a lot of sleep any more...I can't pay you if you just sleep in the fridge though."
She closes the door and continues back toward the kitchen where Jon was, giving her a pat on the back
"Just wake up, and you'll be fine."
>> No. 40617610
File 141039645219.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Orchid gets back to work, she doesn't look tired anymore, she just looks flat out broken down and on the verge of tears, but she works on without question. Throughout the day you realize more and more that her shampoo smells really off. Almost like an ingredient is missing.
>> No. 40617916
As the day goes on, and the customers slowly stop coming, Diamond finds an appropriate time to start closing
"Alright, Jon, you start cleaning up the kitchen bits, and we'll be back there to help you with the dishes, if we finish before you do."

She starts over toward Orchid
"Alright, c'mon, we gotta start putting things up, and-...You alright? You don't look so good, Orchid."
>> No. 40618219
File 141046790904.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Orchid shakes her head.
No, I am fine. she lied. Her tangle mop of hair and air of depression giving her away.

Last edited at Thu, Sep 11th, 2014 13:39

>> No. 40618222
>Jon starts cleaning the kitchen, humming a funky tune.
>> No. 40618402
Diamond raises an eyebrow
"You're not a good liar, y'know."
>> No. 40618464
she looks up Is it that obvious?
>> No. 40619443
She nods
"Well, yeah, when you don't try to hide it, it tends to be obvious as obvious can be."
>> No. 40619446
she points to her cutie mark
This might as well be pointless...
>> No. 40619469
Diamond raises an eyebrow
"And...How is it useless?"
>> No. 40619481
I am no good at making shampoo... I can't even make a living with it. Not to mention you probably hate me now for mentioning your co-worker and falling asleep in your fridge. I wouldn't be surprised if you fire me...
>> No. 40619489
"Orchid, I don't have enough help around here to fire you, and you do realize this place has a population of, like...100, right? There's a market where you can set up a stall on the other side of town. This place is tiny, and out of the way...Making a profit here on something like that takes some doing."
>> No. 40619787
I guess you are right... she says, sighing out loud. It just seems like things are spiraling out of control on me. As they usually do.

Last edited at Fri, Sep 12th, 2014 23:40

>> No. 40620158
"And how long have you been doing, uh...Whatever it is you do...Selling Shampoos?"
She starts gathering up a few napkin containers
"If you've not been doing it for long, you can't call it a lost cause yet, and if you've been doing it for years, you've put in too much effort to just drop it."
>> No. 40620284
File 141065453066.png - (72.89KB , 339x377 , 135947840657.png )
I've only been doing it for about a year... I guess you are right. Alright, well lets get back to work then... if that is alright.
>temp pic till i can put my old ones onto this laptop
>> No. 40621938
Diamond nods and starts working to gather up more things
"It's fine, just stop doubting yourself so easily. Not like you were the owner of a restaurant for three years, then abandoned the place for no reason, leaving the only few employees you had left to deal with the swarms of customers it occasionally gets."
>> No. 40622528
File 141082601811.png - (68.52KB , 458x414 , mlfw8489-1351540634669852.png )
Orchid nods This is true. The most stressful thing I have to deal with is figuring out my grandmother's secret cookie scented shampoo.
>> No. 40622537
File 141082630240.jpg - (92.52KB , 914x1024 , image.jpg )
A batpony is staggering along the path leading to town. Multiple wounds are visible in her side, along with some bruises scattered around the rest of her body. She finally spots a town along the path and slightly picks up the pace, but is still quite slow. She looks for other ponies.
>> No. 40622547
File 141082687978.jpg - (27.16KB , 225x448 , spoiler.jpg )

It wouldn't take long for the batpony to notice a mare walking along the road with a western hat on top of her head.
And as it seems she started trotting faster as soon as she saw the injured pony, covering the distance as quick as possible.

"Hey, you there! What happened?"

She asked, now being in front of the the stranger.
>> No. 40622548
File 141082689388.jpg - (17.83KB , 500x234 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 40622551
The batpony looks down, tears in her eyes. She sighs. "A-are you s-sure you want to k-know?"
>> No. 40622553
She sighs
"You'll figure it out, as long as you keep trying, and remember that location affects who sees what, and why. As long as you don't flake out on your original goal, you'll be fine..."
She rubs her head
"But, looks like my path has been completely interrupted by the fact that, at this point, I'm going to have to sign off on this place as the owner before they close it down, and I'm out of a job again, and I'll be fucked over, just like before..."
She growls to herself, her horn sparking
"N-Nevermind, we're talking about you, and my mind's racing. Sorry, Orchid, what were you saying?"
>> No. 40622557

"You can bet that I'm sure, that look serious."

She said, taking a step closer to stand by her side, offering her body as support.

"There, let me help you, there is an hospital not far from here."
>> No. 40622560
Fidget accepts the support.

"N-no. T-they can't help me. L-like I said, it's a long story..."
>> No. 40622562

Wind moved forward, helping the batpony to walk.

"Come on, there is a friend at the hospital, it is closer to my house, we can clean your wounds there and lay you on a bed so you can rest, okay?"
>> No. 40622564
Fidget staggers along with Wind's aid.

"No... You don't understand. I can't.."
>> No. 40622568

Wind shook her head and kept walking as they already could see the hospital on the horizon.

"I do, now conserve yourself, don't speak."
>> No. 40622573
Fidget keeps her head down, heavily leaning on Wind for support.

"T-thank you..."
>> No. 40622575

The cream colored mare was resilient enough to carre the batpony with her, making her way into the hospital.


She yelled as she got past the doors.
>> No. 40622578
Fidget avoids the gaze of the pony at the desk, and stays silent, her head down.
>> No. 40622579
File 141082896434.jpg - (5.37KB , 235x204 , Litos.jpg )
She would hear an all-familiar "Bang!" of a pony's head hitting the bottom of the check-in desk
"FUCK! Ow!"
Litos rises up from behind the counter, rubbing his head
"I'm up, I'm up, geez..."
>> No. 40622585

Wind raises a brow, holding the urge to ask what Litos was doing with his head untder the desk.

"Litos, help, now."

She said calmly, gazing at him with her blue eyes.
>> No. 40622587
Litos scoffs a bit and takes off his hat to rub his head
"Fine, fine, what's the problem? Dang..."

He makes his way from behind the desk and approaches the two, his eyes almost seeming to glow under the slight shade beneath the brim of his hat
>> No. 40622588
Fidget looks up at Litos, pain and a small hint of fear in her eyes.

>> No. 40622589

"Wounds on her sides, bruises all along her body, I found her while I was about to take my walking along the road. Maybe there is something else broken, she needs a check up."

The cream mare said, her tail flicking annoyed.
>> No. 40622593
Litos nods, the tall, scarred up stallion staring at her curiously

"Right...C'mon, I'll get her bandaged up...Though, I'm surprised you're talking to me at all."
He motions her to follow him, heading toward the nearest empty room
>> No. 40622594
Fidget follows reluctantly.

"I'll need more than bandages if you want me to heal..."
>> No. 40622595

Her tail lifts for a moment and then she follows.
"Well, you shouldn't be."
>> No. 40622596
Litos looks back at her
"Yeah, if you keep walking while you're wounded, I will...You shouldn't be walking by yourself like that."

"That's good, I suppose...Regardless, let's get her into a room."
He stops by a doorway and nods his head
"Go ahead in."
>> No. 40622598
"It's more about what I have to do then what I have to not do."

She walks into the room.
>> No. 40622599
>Jon couldn't help but listen to this sad coversation.There's got to be a way to help her.But how? Jon ponders his options.
sorry.Trying to fix new trip.
>> No. 40622600

Wind trots ahead, staying in silence as she listens to the batpony and follows Litos instructions.
>> No. 40622603
"Just be patient, and get on the bed."
He points her to the nearby medical bed

"And, Wind, get me some Gauze out of the drawers over there, would you?'
He starts surveying over the batpony's injuries, seeing how bad the cuts are

You're perfectly fine.
>> No. 40622607
Fidget reluctantly gets on the bed. "I'll be wounded for months at the least if I just lay here."

The cuts look like knife wounds. The bruises just look like plain hooves struck her.
>> No. 40622608

She nods and quickly does what she has been told to do.

"There they are."
>> No. 40622613
"You'll be fine, don't worry."
He looks her over
"Damn, what'd you do, taunt a bunch of drunk gangsters?"

Litos takes the gauze and pulls out the first strip, then begins to carefully wrap Fidget's midsection
>> No. 40622616
File 141083133057.png - (328.68KB , 650x650 , 132627204049.png )
Just like before? Is there any way I can help?
>> No. 40622619
Fidget looks down. "Nah, more like exist. It is a long story, and one I am not sure that you want to hear."
Fidget winces slightly, but quickly relaxes.
>> No. 40622624

"Calm down miss, I'm sure Litos and I here have heard a lot of stories, it's not yours that is going to scare us away."

She said, taking a step closer, looking between her and Litos.
>> No. 40622626
"The methods that I need to take to heal might."
>> No. 40622631

"It can't be worse than trying to eat my leg."

She said, raising and waving a front leg.

"Sompony tried to do that once."
>> No. 40622632
"Don't worry about it, alright? We've got work to do, and after tonight, I have a lot of papers to start filling out..."

"Story of my life...There's a reason I look like a walking scar."

"Get me some ice and put it in a bag, Wind. I can bring down the swelling on her bruises with it..."
>> No. 40622633
Fidget looks down. "Similar concept, actually..."
>> No. 40622643

"You're not taking my leg silly filly, I know you bat things don't eat ponies, and blood is for vampires."


"I want a free nurse outfit for all this work..."
She said, turning around searching for ice and a bag.
>> No. 40622646
"It's not a physical thing, don't worry. Ya know, I'm kinda surprised you haven't figured it out yet..."
>> No. 40622650
Wind came back with a bag full of ice, throwing it at Litos.


"Me too, and I'm good with charades."
>> No. 40622654
Litos grunts lightly as the bag of ice hits him in the head
"About time...And, maybe I'll give you MY nurse outfit, or something, I don't know."

"I'll figure it out after I've gotten the swelling down..."
He places the bag on her bruises
>> No. 40622658
"I don't think I would make good use of your nurse outfit, wait, do you have a NURSE outfit?"

Wind snickered, raising a brow.
>> No. 40622663
"Why are we discussing nurse outfits?"
Fidget winces slightly from the ice's cold. "Do you want me to just tell you and get this over with?"
>> No. 40622666
Litos murmurs under his breath for a moment
"Rrg...Yeah...I lost a bet with Buckeye back when he worked here...Had to wear an outfit for a week..."

Litos clears his throat
"We're not talking about nurse's outfits, we're talking about getting you better!...And, yeah, it might've been smarter to say it about five minutes ago."
>> No. 40622667

Wind smirked, ignoring the part about the outfit.
"Well, you could have told us already silly filly, that is what we should do on a hospital."
>> No. 40622671
Fidget shrinks back, in a defensive position. She squeaks something inaduble.
>> No. 40622683
Litos raises an eyebrow
"...Come again? It takes a bit of volume for us to hear, y'know."
>> No. 40622688
She hides her face behind her hooves. "I-I'm a c-changeling.", she squeaks.
>> No. 40622699

Wind blinks and looks between Litos and the batpony.
"She is channeling what?"
>> No. 40622706
"I'm a changeling.", she says louder. Her eyes flash green, as to demonstrate her point.
>> No. 40622707
Litos stares at her for a minute, actually surprised for once
"Huh...Well...Then I guess I really only have one question for you:...You're not a scout, are you? Like, planning on invading the town? 'Cause I've already got somepony I'm after, without dealing with something like that."

"Changeling, Wind. Y'know, those big insectoids that feed off of love? Normally found in large hives...Which is weird, because...Well, she's out here alone."
>> No. 40622725
"I-I don't work for them. Not anymore. I-I escaped..."
>> No. 40622727

Wind blinks and raises a brow.

"Never heard of them, is that bad?"
>> No. 40622745
"Wait, really?...How? Seems like that's almost impossible, since you're all mentally linked...How'd you manage that one?"
Litos pulls up a chair and plops down in it, his interest clear

"Well, you're kind of an out of the loop weirdo, like Sotil."
He shrugs
"So, probably not."
>> No. 40622749
File 141083479905.jpg - (31.98KB , 469x440 , 132622397536.jpg )
Orchid nods and gets to work, glancing at Dia now and then, feeling sorry for her.
>> No. 40622764
Diamond continues to work along her shift, her face a bit stern and frustrated. There's plenty on that mare's mind

Last edited at Mon, Sep 15th, 2014 19:40

>> No. 40622805
File 141083632381.png - (208.08KB , 1208x1035 , 132622394212.png )
During the last couple hours, she gathered her when she had a free moment. Can I help you with your paperwork tonight? It is the least I can do.
>> No. 40622807
Diamond turns to her with a raised eyebrow
"You know how to work out ownership-transfer papers...?"
>> No. 40622932
File 141084370185.png - (106.37KB , 302x376 , 135947851876.png )
Oh sure, I had to deal with those when my grandma passed away. That is how i started the shampoo business.
>> No. 40622933
Diamond blinks
"Wait, do you own a store? If that's so, why're you all the way out here...?"
>> No. 40623001
File 141084836369.png - (170.31KB , 900x778 , fluttershy_by_dropletx1-d3z6f1r.png )
it was more like all... i mean most of her secret recipees for shampoo. The secret to how they smelled so good. Sometimes with even somewhat hypnotizing effects. Unfortunately her actual shop with her final, most secret recipe of all burned to the ground a couple years back.
>> No. 40623250
>Jon knocks on the door.
J:Hey...I'm done Diamond.Is there anything else I can do?
>> No. 40623894
"Hm...Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but, you still shouldn't just give up like that. It just defeats the purpose of the whole ordeal..."

Diamond turns her head
"Oh, Jon, good...Help us clean off the tables, and put up the placemats."
>> No. 40623916
File 141092385465.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Oh, it is fine. I barely knew my grandma. I vow that one day I will do what she could not. Anyways, about me helping?

Last edited at Tue, Sep 16th, 2014 20:18

>> No. 40623925
>Jon comes around and starts cleaning off the tables.
>> No. 40624523
"After Chrysalis was defeated... The hive was weakened... I could manage to escape. The memories are fuzzy. I can't remember before the later half of the invasion..."
>> No. 40624720
She shakes her head
"You really don't need to. I can handle it. I need to do it myself, any way, so I don't forget anything that's done..."
She nods over
"Go help Jon for me, yeah?"
>> No. 40624739
File 141100909029.png - (190.37KB , 400x500 , 132627623447.png )
Orchid nods and trots over to Jon
What can I help with?
>i hate having to switch between my phone which has the pics and this piece of junk
>> No. 40625092
J:Well you can help me clean the tables while I clear them off.
>> No. 40625718
File 141108844459.png - (154.71KB , 479x507 , mlfw3308-1330695772582.png )
Orchid jumps to the job, scrubbing at the tables with renewed vigor.
>> No. 40625781
Diamond just nods at the two and watches them for a moment before she slinks into the back silently, only the sound of the door signaling that she's moved elsewhere
>> No. 40626433
>Jon finishes up.His keen hearing hears the Diamond closing the door.
J:Poor mare.She went through allot didn't she?
>> No. 40626675
File 141117196395.png - (71.00KB , 573x618 , mlfw3306-1330702258208.png )
Orchid nods I have a feeling we don't even know the beginning of her troubles... I wish there was some other way that we could help... she said, looking down at her dirty washrag. Something was troubling that poor pony, but she couldn't quite put her hoof on it. It had SOMETHING to do with an old employee and an old manager. Both for no entire reason, just up and vanished.
>> No. 40626756
J:Up and vanish?...Hmmmm.I will see what I can find.I bet the police station or town hall have information on it.They can't simply walk out without somepony seeing them.
>> No. 40626867
File 141118386976.png - (73.19KB , 502x503 , mlfw2500-d158d7ba97ea35d54398a0fd8d4c3d1e-d47s8nj.png )
You might be surprised. This is a fairly small town, And I have seen leaders of a kingdom disappear without a single sound. Kidnapped directly from the castle... yet no pony knew for about three hours...
>> No. 40626954
J:not under my watch.
>There was something in the his voice saying he's going to find out.
J:Still there always something or somepony will see once in while.Even sometimes the trees will tell.
>> No. 40626984
File 141118657389.png - (428.57KB , 945x945 , mlfw5254-fluttersmile.png )
The... the trees?She says, looking at him and then suddenly bursting into laughter. What do you think this is? A role playing game?
>> No. 40626989
Litos rubs his chin
"Hm...Well, so long as you're not here to cause problems, I don't mind you being around...We've got enough to deal with without more ponies coming to attack us."
>> No. 40627059
>Jon looks puzzled at her.
J:What are you trying to do? No...not talk to it.I mean tracking. Wh-(Sigh) Never mind.I will do it myself.
>Jon puts the dishes away.
>> No. 40627069
File 141119088089.png - (105.23KB , 359x402 , mlfw7642-1345774718447.png )
Okay then have fun with your LARP!
she says laughing even harder
>> No. 40627249
>Jon ignores the laughing as he finish his end of work.
J:Well I'm heading off Orchid.You got everything else?
>> No. 40627323
"More ponies coming to attack you? What happened? If I was attacked and inured, I would need to dr-nevermind."
>> No. 40628114
Litos looks down a bit, keeping his eyes covered by the brim of his hat
"That's uh...Not something I'm willing to share...Listen, so long as you're not gonna hurt anypony, I'm perfectly fine with you being here."
>> No. 40628514
File 141131917676.png - (208.08KB , 1208x1035 , 132622394212.png )
Yeah, I got it. There isn't much left to do here anyways. She says, finally calming down. She goes to slowly steadily scrubbing away at the tables, softly humming Once upon a December.
>really needs to find a way to get my pictures on here
>> No. 40628555
>Jon goes out of the restaurant.Instead of heading back to his tent, he goes and see if there is a library around the town.If they have files on the previous owner, there got to be a record for the place.
>> No. 40628736
The town itself actually seems to lack an actual library, but he can easily see the town hall standing in the opposite side of town
>> No. 40628826
File 141133244529.png - (96.81KB , 897x891 , librarian1.png )
>had an npc all ready to go and everything lul i forgot there was no library
>> No. 40628946
>Jon sighs, disappointed they don't have a Library.
J:geuss I won't to have books to read.
>jon heads toward the next best thing to get records, the town hall.He wonders what he will find there.
>> No. 40629105
The building seems to be lacking in terms of busy ponies scurrying about. Must have to do with the town's size.
Upon entering, he finds himself in the main foyer, a few different ponies at desks, filing papers, and writing things down
>> No. 40629641
>Jon heads toward the desk.He politely rings the desk bell.
>> No. 40629744
"Thank you for your understanding." She looks down. "If it is personal, I won't press the matter."
>> No. 40629752
The pony at the desk looks up over her glasses
"Mmyes? Can I help ya, sir?"
Her hooves move off of the typewriter, the magic from her horn straightening out her glasses a tad

Litos shrugs
"You may not know it, but you've stumbled into one of the strangest little towns around...You'll find yourself rather occupied around here, that's for sure."
>> No. 40629755
She giggles. "I know all about strange, don't worry. What usually goes on here?"
>> No. 40629844

"We're out of the cougars riding tornadoes season, so you shouldn't expect those. And if you see something on fire, don't worry, it probably is just somepony from the Burns family, just don't get too close."

Wind said as if all of that was the most casual thing she ever said.

"Also, what does she need to do if she gets hurt? I was busy looking at the window."
>> No. 40629848
Litos nods in response
"Yeah...Funny enough, Scorch Burns is the town's firefighter, but he tends to set more fires than put them out..."
He thinks for a moment and peeks his head out of the window
"I almost expected him to come out of the bush...Oh well."
He turns to face Wind Chaser
"And, I don't think she actually got to that point...I don't remember."
>> No. 40629865
"Animals riding tornadoes...? Reminds me of a movie I saw at one point. It was horrible, though. And to get hurt.... Well... Changelings heal differently than other ponies." She looks down.
"Firefighters starting fires? Where have I heard that before?"

Last edited at Mon, Sep 22nd, 2014 15:24

>> No. 40629874

Wind chuckled quietly with her remarks.

"She didn't? Oh, that explains a lot."
>> No. 40629880
"Yeah, he gets bored because he runs out of things to do, I suppose. Nice guy though..."

Litos gives a small nod
"Yeah, still no answer there..."
>> No. 40629886
"Well, changelings need love for a lot of stuff." She shrinks back. "And that kinda includes healing..."
>> No. 40629892

Wind raises a brow with a smile on her lips.

"Love huh? Is that the kind of... love I'm thinkin about?"

She asked, looking between Litos and the changeling.
>> No. 40629895
"Love as in the substance that tastes like strawberries for some reason. Changelings use it for food. It could be extracted through the means you are likely referring to, but that is more or less unheard of."

Last edited at Mon, Sep 22nd, 2014 15:43

>> No. 40629896
Litos looks to Wind with a raised brow
"You've not even known the mare for a day, and you're already hitting on her? Shame, shame, Wind."
He smirks teasingly
>> No. 40629907
"It's a welcome alternative to the hitting I usually receive.", she says jokingly.
>> No. 40629917
Litos blinks
"Uh...Don't worry about that. As far as I know, nopony around here has any kind of issues with Changelings, and such....If they do, come talk to me..."
>> No. 40629919
She smiles. "You're very kind. This must be a nice town."
>> No. 40629921
Litos shrugs
"For the most part. We've all got our quirks, and things get a bit, uh...Strange around here, but...Yeah, it's pretty nice...Especially if you like chocolate pie."
>> No. 40629922
She thinks for a moment. "Huh, I haven't actually tried either chocolate or pie. What are they like?"
>> No. 40629930
She snickers and sways her tail.
"I'm not hitting on her... yet."

"Now you're throwing her at me!"
Wind said, nuding his shoulder playfuly.

"Tasty and sweet, they can taste like strawberries too."
>> No. 40629935
"Is that what they mean by 'baked with love'?"

She giggles.
>> No. 40629936
"Kind of my friend, kind of."
She said with a smile, nodding her head.
>> No. 40629938
She cocks her head to the side? "Friend?"
>> No. 40629941

"Yeah, friend, Changelings don't use that word?"
She asked, cocking her head to the same side.
>> No. 40629942
He smirks and nods to her
"Key word: 'yet'."
He snickers lightly
"And it's not my fault you're a great baker!"

"They're both great, ma'am. You're really missing out for sure."
>> No. 40629945
"Well... The hive didn't really have friends... I was more surprised that you consider me one."

"Well, I'll have to try it at some point!" She smiles.
>> No. 40629947

Wind chuckled softly, nodding.
"Don't worry, you will get used to that kind of thing quite fast."


"Mhmm..." She nodded. "I see what you're doing there."
>> No. 40629948
He smiles back
"Good! I certainly recommend it myself. So does my son...He goes nuts over it..."

Litos tilts his head
"What'd I do? Wasn't me, I swear."
>> No. 40629952
"I've adapted to greater things, don't worry..." She looks slightly nervous, but returns to normal soon.

"Oh, you have a son? You should be paying more attention to him than me."
>> No. 40629957
"My son's twenty-five years old, married, and has a daughter, as well as a very busy job. He doesn't need me pestering him."
He plops back down on a nearby chair and cracks his neck
>> No. 40629958
"Ah, I get it.... I guess. Age is kinda a foreign concept to me as well. I can't really remember how old I am..."
>> No. 40629962

"Nuts over it..."
Wind said with a teasing grin, not looking at Litos this time.

"Don't worry, age is kind of a foreign concept to a lot of ponies here, that is... a town of exceptions."
Said the cream mare, tapping her hat.
>> No. 40629973
Litos nods
"Yeah, a lot of this town has a bit of an awkward age pattern...Don't know why, it's like we attract the strange and such. Makes for good story and company though."
>> No. 40629978
"Hmm... I hope I fit in, in that case. Most other towns I have been chased out of."
>> No. 40629983

Wind makes a greeting gesture by bowing and making a fancy gesture while holding her hat.

"My name is Chaser, Wind Chaser, a pleasure to meet you."

She said, returning to her standing posture.

"And worry not, no one is going to chase you out of here."
>> No. 40629985
Litos nods toward Wind as she states a fact
"Yeah, that's true. A lot of us are rejects too, so...You've got a home here."
>> No. 40630005
"Rejects? I don't see why you would be rejected..."
"Nice to meet you too, Wind Chaser." She smiles slightly.
>> No. 40630022
Litos looks away for a minute, then turns his gaze back to the Changeling
"Heh...THat's a story for later, if even then."
>> No. 40630024
Wind glances an eye at Litos's reaction, smiling and nodding at the changeling.
>> No. 40630026
"Like I said, I won't press the issue."
She cocks her head to the side slightly, but doesn't say anything else.
>> No. 40630081
J:Yes...I want to know what happen to the previous owner of the Diamond dish diner?I wonder what happen to him?
(I hope I got it right.)
>> No. 40630086

"So, how are you feeling right now?"
Asked Wind, trotting close to a wall so she could lean against it.
>> No. 40630088
File 141143858410.jpg - (49.65KB , 347x497 , 133418716881.jpg )
>crossroads diner
>> No. 40630095
Diamond Dish exits the Crossroads and sets up a sign
Temporarily closed for renovation and transfer of ownership. Come back soon to enjoy the all-new Diamond diner!
The Crossroads will soon be completely redone, gaining a few new tables, a better kitchen setup, and a performance stage, open to any and all who wish to come up! Be sure to visit within the next few days!

She lets out a huff and tries to brush back her mane
"There...Now I wait for the construction team to come..."
She cracks her neck and starts making her way back to her home
"Now I can get some sleep after the past twenty-four hours..."

It's actually called "The Crossroads", but I'm about to fix that, so, yeah. Don't worry about it.

The mare raises an eyebrow
"Oh, you mean the old mayor. Kind of a bad looker in the face, and liked to cook."
She shrugs
"The dude up and disappeared. The whole place went to chaos because he decided this whole town wasn't good enough for his fat flank. Good thing the current mayor stepped up and fixed everything, 'cause the last guy sure wasn't worth the time, if he was willing to do what he did."
She leans back in her chair
"His name was Clyde, and he's long gone now. Took his family and bolted out of the town without so much as a word. Kind of a jerk move, ifya ask me."
She blows a small bubble, seems she was chewing gum

Litos looks over
"Oh, right, I almost forgot about that. How're feeling now, Ms...Uhhh?"
>> No. 40630100
"Well, I'm not gonna be out of here for months because I can't heal very well, unless I use the alternative, but I refuse to do that to ponies." She looks down.
>> No. 40630107

Wind lowered the brim of her hat, snickering quietly.
"So, what happens with ponies when you do that to them? Give us more details."
>> No. 40630112
She glances up, and then looks away. "It depends on how much they resist. If they resist too much, they could..." Her eyes get slightly teary.
>> No. 40630118
"Well, is there some kind of alternative, or what?"
Litos sits back and yawns a bit as he watches the two
>> No. 40630131
Wind rolled her eyes behind the hat, sighing softly.
"Can't you simply explain to us how you work? So we don't have to ask you a bunch of questions, sweetie."
>> No. 40630133
"The alternative to me waiting for my exoskeleton to heal for months is me draining love. Ya happy?"
>> No. 40630134
"No, I want to know everything about the feeding on love process, that is really strange to us and we have no idea how does that work."
She said shortly after.
>> No. 40630136
"It works a bit similar to Tirek's magic, but replaces magic with love. And the love regenerates over time. We also don't suck it out of your mouth, that was just weird when he did that."
>> No. 40630139
Litos raises an eyebrow at the somewhat aggressive response
"No, not really, because you could have said that in a much better tone, but...Whatever, I suppose."

Litos just sits back and listens, lazily picking at his hooves
>> No. 40630143
J: hmmm left very quickly.I guess he was in it for the money.Does everypony who live here knows how bad he is? Pardon me but I just arrive here.
>> No. 40630152
The mare shrugs and pops the bubble
"Meh, he was supposedly close friends with quite a few, but if he ran off like he did, he musta not given a rat's ass, that's for sure."
She blinks and sits back up, staring at him
"Hold up, why ya askin' this, hon?"
>> No. 40630187
Wind sighed and did a very nice facehoof.

"Who by the actual fuck is Tirek?"

She says, raising her muzzle, looking at Litos as if asking that to him as well.
>> No. 40630249
Litos looks over and shrugs
"Some big, evil guy that caused some trouble in Canterlot, or something, I dunno...We're much too far away from it to have known, since we don't really watch the news."
>> No. 40630296
"Longstoryshort, he nearly took over Equestria by sucking the magic out of everypony."
>> No. 40630423
>Jon didn't hear the question.Just the part about the friends.
J:Like who?
>> No. 40630783
Litos blinks
"Well, shit, you'd think something like that would have come our way..."
He looks up at the clock and mumbles to himself
He glances between the two mares and stands up
"I have to go deal with at home, ladies..."

She shrugs
"Just about everypony in town, really, 'cept this one mare that liked to throw whiskey bottles at his store...Again, why d'ya wanna know, hon?"
>> No. 40630814
She cocks her head to the side. "Er.... If you say so."
>> No. 40630989
J:I have my reasons...Did anyone attack him?
>> No. 40631048
The mare waves a hoof, her city-slicker accent coming out heavy on her next word
"Oh, puh-leeeease, hon. I may LOVE gossipin' more than life itself, but I still got a job I gotta uphold, y'know?"

Litos silently and rather quickly exits the room without another word, seeming to be in a hurry
>> No. 40631053
J:just if he got recent death threats? Any serious ones?
>> No. 40631054
She looks at her hoof, levitating a file to work at the tip of it carefully
"Sorry, babe, no reason, no answers."
>> No. 40631401
File 141158177065.png - (95.38KB , 793x1007 , let me show you the dance of my people.png )
A cyan blue mare currently out for a walk, with a bright smile to herself as she looked up at the sky
>> No. 40631497
span class="unkfunc">>Jon ponders for a bit, thinking of another question.
J:How rich was he?
>> No. 40631584
Sotil passes by, Iselia laying on his back
"Oh, well, look at this one here."
He chuckles and stops, giving a wave
"Long time no see..."

Iselia flaps her hooves and reaches out
"Hey! Heeey!"

The mare shakes her head and puts the file down
"Sorry, hon, it's a confidential kinda thing, y'know? Unless ya got some kind of a, uh, reason, dat is."
>> No. 40631612
She took a gander at Sotil, and stopped with a smile. "Hello Sotil, Hello Izzy~!" She giggled and waved at the little filly, smiling. "HOw areyou guys??"
>> No. 40631680
Sotil smiles
"Wonderful, thanks! I haven't seen you in quite sometime, lady Cara. Where've you been?"

Iselia giggles and reaches for her
"Hi! Hi hi Cawa!"
>> No. 40631726
"I spent last school year teaching at Canterlot Academy." She gave a bright smile

She giggled. "Hello sweetie~" She reached over to grab her and pick her up
>> No. 40631728
Sotil smiles
"Oh, wow, that sounds wonderful...Though, I would never be able to stand in front of a classroom full of kids and keep my cool, hehehe. How did it all go?"

Iselia giggles happily and hugs her, nuzzling her head into her fur
"Yay~ Hehe~!"
>> No. 40631737
"Well I wasn't in a classroom. I was teaching flying, well, synchronized flying like I used to do semi-professionally! Like arial acrobatics and dance"

Cara giggled and nuzzled Izzy. "You've gotten so big, Izzy~! And youc an talk now." SHe giggled
>> No. 40631740
Sotil blinks
"Oh! Oh, I think remember hearing about that once, but...I am not entirely sure...My memory's been really shoddy lately, so, hehe...Yeah...Anyways, it is definitely great to see you back!"

Iselia grins and nods
"Uhu! I tawlk good!"
>> No. 40631758
She chuckled. "Well it's great to be back! I had a lot of fun and was a great experience"

"You do! YOu talk very good~!"
>> No. 40631805
Sotil grins a bit
"Wonderful! It's always great to know that nothing went particularly wrong, hehehe..."

Iselia wiggles happily and holds her cheek
"Da bes tawker!"
>> No. 40631809
"Nope~! Not at all, just a normal school year." She giggled and patted Izzys' mane.
>> No. 40631830
Sotil smiles
"Great! Did you have your own place to live while you were out there? I would not mind catching up with you, and I am sure Terra would love to see you as well."

Iselia coos softly and lays against Cara
>> No. 40631833
"Oh yeah, I had an apartment." She smiled and softly nuzzled izzy, letting her get comfy
>> No. 40631835
J:There a reason beside taking the money and leave thing.They don't do that unless A.They found something more to get from or B. somepony threaten them to the point of scaring the hooves off of him. There are more but that why I'm here.I'm looking more information about Mr.Rich Jiggilypuff.
>> No. 40631845
Sotil tilts his head
"Ooh, was it in one of those nice hotels with a pool, and room service? I have always wanted to go to one of those."

Iselia smiles and snuggles close

She lets out a tired sigh, resting her head on a hoof
"Listen, hon, he's still technically a small political official, so, to give you any real information, I gosta have a reason, y'know?"
>> No. 40631855
She chuckled. "Huh? No, it's just a regular apartment complex. There was a pool and stuff, but it's not a fancy hotel."
>> No. 40631861
Sotil nods and smiles
"Aw, such a shame. At least you had a pool to keep you entertained though. It's always nice to have some kind of external entertainment, aside from yourself."
>> No. 40631890
File 141161185848.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Orchid lay underneath a nearby rooftop, watching as the rain fell down from the sky onto the softened ground. She had to move her tent because of the renovations to the crossroads, but in the process of doing this, she had tripped and some of the tent's supports broke underneath her weight.
She silently carried the crippled tent along with a single bottle of shampoo which held a golden liquid to the nearest cover. And now here she was... helpless and cold with just the outside of a roof keeping her from certain hypothermia.
>finally got the files transferred
>> No. 40631900
File 141161292555.png - (26.99KB , 384x454 , 2S2S000000E8631CFFC49D000001100FEUN1837000000001R05B4FFEFF7FFF1X107F3FCC004CB2.png )
"Well it wasn't bad, I mean, I wasn't alone, I had friends there with me." She chuckled

This No longer blindingly ugly or horrificly bright stallion just happened to be hurrying by with a bag of groceries, as he then suddenly noticed a mare under a tent? if I read that right? He stopped. "Hello??"
>> No. 40631904
File 141161312877.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
>under the corner of a roof
Orchid looks over from her spot
Hi there.
>> No. 40631906
At the crossroads, a multitude of ponies would be seen inside, however, none were customers, but workers, slowly working away at the renovations inside that Diamond had signed up for. She'd no doubt be somewhere inside the mess

Sotil blinks
"Oh? Who was there with you? And, yeah, it's always nice to have some kind of company."
>> No. 40631907
File 141161338614.png - (22.02KB , 830x650 , sheepish.png )
"..Are you alright? I mean, just kinda out here.. I mean uh, you look like you're kinda uh.. stuck out here?"
>> No. 40631910
"Just some other teachers I met." She replied
>> No. 40631911
File 141161361691.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Well... I wouldn't exactly say you where wrong... She said, rubbing her mane with a hoof.
I usually camp in a tent over by the Crossroads, but it is kinda under renovation so I thought it would be best to move my tent... little did I know I would trip over a rock and break the support beams.
>> No. 40631913
File 141161381585.png - (22.02KB , 830x650 , sheepish.png )
"Oof.... Uh... Looks like you could use some shelter for the night. I got a spare room if you want"
>> No. 40631934
File 141161502875.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Actually I am probably gonna head over to the diner to see if Diamond can spare a room. I would love company though. She says, still holding the little bottle very close to her.
>> No. 40631940
Sotil nods his head slowly
"Hm...Meet anypony interest--"
He blinks as he feels a drop of rain hit his head, looking up to the sky
"Oh, dang...Looks like it's going to start raining."
>> No. 40631945
"Uhhhh sure I guess!" He smiled. "I haven't really gotten to meet anyone new in town for a while." He chuckled

She glanced up and blinked away a few drops. "Dang it is!"
>> No. 40631959
Iselia looks up to the sky and blinks

Sotil sighs a bit
"Well, I suppose I should get Iselia home before it gets too heavy. Sorry to cut the conversation short."
>> No. 40631965
"Well there's no reason we can't kepe the conversation goign? If you want, I could go run and find Andrew for Izzy to play with and come meet you at the tent"
>> No. 40631966
Sotil grins a bit
"Oh! That is a MUCH better idea! Sorry that I did not think of that...And, I am sure that Iselia would LOVE the company. She has not had anypony to play with in quite some time."
>> No. 40631969
"Yeah sorry, Andrew was actually hanging out with me most of the time, but I'll tell you about it at the tent!" She trailed off as she was jogging off to go to her house
>> No. 40631974
Sotil nods and quickly places Iselia on her back, giving a wave to Cara as he runs off as well
"Meet you there!"
>> No. 40631978
And then a bit later, theres rapid flapping of the tent to acknolwedge her arrival
>> No. 40631985
Sotil looks over toward the entrance, along with Terra
"Hey, there they are!"
They both smile
"Welcome to the tent."
>> No. 40631989
File 141161751054.png - (420.30KB , 2600x2394 , and then there's this filly!.png )
Cara waked into the tent. A small blue colt on his back that pops up over her head. "Hiiii~!"
>> No. 40631994
Terra grins widely
"Andy, baby~! There you are~!!"
She giggles and waves

Sotil smiles
"And I am glad to have the both of you over for sure..."

Iselia giggles and claps her hooves
>> No. 40632000
"YEah! I always loved visiting the tent." she smiled and started to trot in, before andrew flopped off of Cara nd waddled over to Izzy and Terra
>> No. 40632008
Terra giggles and picks up Andrew to give him a big hug
"Heeeeey, cutieeee~!"
She gives him a soft nuzzle before setting him down, letting Iselia hug him

Sotil nods
"And it's lovely to finally have some guests. The town's been rather inactive lately, so nopony's around to talk to."
>> No. 40632025
"Haaai~!!!" he giggled and nuzzled Terra, before squeezing Izzy. "Izzy!!"

"It has seemed that way when I got back, not many ponies around..."
>> No. 40632030
Iselia grins happily and squeezes back

Sotil rubs the back of his head
"Yeah, and I'm not sure why...It's like everypony vanished."
>> No. 40632032
He nuzzled her. "You can talk!"

"I haven't an idea either..." SHe rubbed hte back of her neck
>> No. 40632034
File 141162087827.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
Oh, how rude of me. My name is Orchid Shampoo. May I ask whom my company is? she asks, trotting towards the diner
>> No. 40632038
"Oh, right. My name is Aaron. It's nice to meet you Orchid.. I'm guessing that bottle of shampoo with you happens to be some sort of relation?" He chuckled
>> No. 40632039
Iselia grins
"Yah! Yeah, I tawlk da best!"

Terra giggles
"Isn't it adorable~?"

Sotil shrugs
"I am sure they are just busy, or something. There's definitely some kind of reason...Right?"
>> No. 40632040
Andrew giggled. "yeah it is! And its weird to be able to talk with her, but not in a bad way!" he giggled

"I'm sure people are busy, I mean, there's no reason otherwise? I was busy for example."
>> No. 40632041
Iselia grins and claps her hooves
"I good!"

Terra smiles and pets Iselia's head
"She's still learning, but it's great that she's talking."

Sotil nods
"Surely...It is certainly not like they up and disappeared for no reason at all."
>> No. 40632042
"Yeah! How old is Izzy? 4?"

"I mean.. that's not-not an option.."
>> No. 40632048
Terra nods
"Mhm. She just keeps growing and growing...It's amazing, hehe..."

Iselia grins and holds up her hooves

Sotil shrugs
"Oh, well, there's probably some kind of...Weird, mystical explanation for all of this."
>> No. 40632051
"Grow yeah!" He giggle.d "I grow too!" he stood tall and smlied.

"Heh... maybe!"
>> No. 40632052
Iselia giggles and stands on her hind legs, wobbling a bit

Terra grins
"Wow, you really have gotten bigger! You all grow much too fast, hehe."

Sotil chuckles
"So, are you thirsty?"
>> No. 40632125
File 141165928032.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
She looks surprised, as she looks down at the little bottle of shampoo. Oh this thing? This one isn't even mine. It is what was left of my grandmother's prized collection after she... ya know... passed on. I kinda picked up the trade, but this particular one... I just cant seem to get it right.
>> No. 40632252
Andrew giggled and caught her before she fell. "I'm 8 now!"

Cara giggled. "Sure, I'll have a glass of water."

"Oooh, making shampoo? I mean, kinda makes sense given your name, eheh.."
>> No. 40632264
File 141166684052.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Yeah, I am not that good though...
>> No. 40632293
"Well uh... I could bet that yu're better than me at it. eheh.."
>> No. 40632616
File 141167821104.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
I guess heh... She says, stopping in front of the diner
Anyways, it was nice meeting you.
>> No. 40632658
>>40631584 anypony knows where he was thinking to go?
>> No. 40632768
"Uhh... y-yeah sure... Alright." he stopped at the diner, rubbing his neck. "See you around, I guess..."
>> No. 40632848
File 141168997179.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
She smiles and waves goodbye as she walks inside Diamond? Are you in here?
>> No. 40632856
"So, can you explain things to me in a way that I can understand now that we are all alone?"
Wind asked, getting closer to the mare again.
>> No. 40632861
She blinks. "Uh... Sure. Where were we?"
>> No. 40632866
"I was asking if you could help me to understand how changelings works, and suddenly you were talking about Tirek."
She asked, placing her forehooves over the border of the bed, looking down at her.
>> No. 40632893
"Well, love is stored throughout a pony's body. How changelings extract it is sending a magical spell that takes that love out of a pony and instead converts it into energy for themselves."
>> No. 40632903

Wind nodded.
"Mhmm... I got that, so, what about the side effects?"
>> No. 40632904
"Well, it causes the victim to be tired, and it also makes their feelings of love less for a bit, but that usually only lasts a few hours to a day."
>> No. 40632908
"That doesn't seem so bad."
Wind said, raising a brow.
>> No. 40632918
"If a victim resists too much, extreme cases can cause death."
>> No. 40632935

"Okay, that sounds a bit bad..."
Wind said, nodding.
"Anything else?"
>> No. 40632944
She smiles reassuringly. "Don't worry, only if one resists to their extreme physical limits, and even then it is rare."

She thinks for a moment. "About draining love? Not that I can remember."
>> No. 40632952

Wind looked to one side, then to the other just to make sure if anyone were watching them.
"Okay, then I guess that I could help you with that, you will have a hard time finding ponies who will be okay with that. Not many here know about changelings or are open minded."
>> No. 40632954
"I-if you say so. You'd probably want to sit down." She looks slightly worried.
>> No. 40632970
Wind shakes her head.
"Not here, if I want to get weak, at least let do it on my house."
>> No. 40632980
"Okay then." She attempts to stand up.
>> No. 40632982
File 141169899165.png - (34.89KB , 370x406 , Diamond Dish - What do you want.png )
Iselia giggles as her stumbling is stopped
"You owld!"
She grins playfully

Sotil nods and smiles
"Right away~"
He trots over to his workbench and pulls up a small glass bottle full of a very dim-glowing water
"Hope you don't mind crystal water...It's like water, but magically cleaned and flavored, basically."

Among the swathe of ponies in construction gear carefully disassembling parts of the diner, Diamond's trademark scarf can be seen, as well as her purple coat
"Okay, yeah, that looks about right..."
Her ears perk up as she hears Orchid's voice, turning her head toward the noise
"What? What d'ya want?"
Large bags hang under her bloodshot eyes, she's no doubt completely lacking sleep
>> No. 40632987
Wind lowered herself besides the changeling.
"Try getting on top of my back."
>> No. 40632988
File 141169927381.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Oh my you look ter.... great... you look great. I was wondering if I could stay with you for a while? I broke my tent trying to move it away from the renovation.
>> No. 40632999
Fidget, somewhat awkwardly, managed to climb onto her back. "Thank you."
>> No. 40633001
File 141170009922.png - (32.12KB , 336x394 , Diamond Dish - Of course___.png )