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#Closed #Canon: 6A #Chill #Dark #Violence #FiM-only #Semi-serious

You see, the city was going up in flames.


In what will be remembered as the most daring terrorist attack of the decade, a group of unnamed saboteurs turned the Central Divide into a war zone. After an unknown number of assailants—suspected by be between fourteen and twenty—ambushed a Lonestar armored convoy with high explosives and heavy weapons. The attacks left over twenty law enforcers dead; and in the crossfire, Royal Centurion Blue was shot multiple times and fell approximately forty feet onto a side-bridge. He is currently being kept in an undisclosed location, and is reportedly in critical condition. Police are advising citizens to remain indoors, and we will report more on this story as it devel—


Breaking news, folks. Mere hours after the devastating gunfight at the Central Divide, a bomb of unknown origin has been discovered aboard the Celestian Celbratory Cruiser Perfect Dawn, which was in the process of making its annual tour around the Canterlot area. The ship had been seized a group of Ibexian radicals of unknown origin and capabilities, but it is believed at this time that they were going to detonate the ship directly over downtown, which would have killed dozens in the blast. Fortunately, a Lonestar strike team was able to storm the boat and neutralize the terrorists before their plot could come to fruition. It is currently believed that the terrorists were connected to the—


We've never seen anything like this! Less than 20 minutes after the strike against the Perfect Dawn, an unknown number of bombs has detonated in the Drydock area, killing several and reducing at least one building to rubble. The police have issued a state of high alert and—


Mere minutes ago, gunfire was heard in the Upper City's historic Matteroch district, as prelude to a violent home invasion that left four dead, the fugitives are currently fleeing from police on—


The stories are coming as fast as we can report them, folks. Two minutes ago, a passenger and cargo plane outbound from the drydock detonated over the downtown arewith—



And now, in the wake of this...historic Night of Fire, as our city mourns the...many lives lost, the Federal Government of the Equestrian Union has declared Canterlot to be in a state of emergency for an indefinite duration. All members of the police and Lonestar have been given executive judiciary powers for the duration. All citizens must submit to random examination by law enforcers and be ready to present identification on command. Any who cannot or do not comply will be marked as suspected terrorists. As the Royal Guard moves into the city, all citizens must be prepared to quarter soldiers and law enforcers in their homes. Citizens are obliged and encouraged to report suspicious activity from their friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We here at the Gazette remind you that we must stand together in this troubled time, and show our enemy that they cannot hold us in fear. Now, please rise for a message from our princess...
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>> No. 40745005
File 142085493900.gif - (846.96KB , 500x357 , tumblr_mqj9q3kYSu1rizambo1_500.gif )
She didn't feel pain, just a weakness. She'd just had time to start her dash, seeing the sudden movements from the zebra. But there was no alley to duck into, no chest-high wall to vault over and crouch. It was just simply a matter of getting away from the danger. Her mind was strangely empty. No screams. No shouts. Just run, run.
Her hindlegs erupted into a splatter of blood, flesh rippling from the points of impact. The forward momentum caused her to trip over her front hooves, and dive right into the asphalt, the ground running a red trail across her cheek. It was somewhere there that the bullets caught the side of her body, and more holes emerged. Her pristine coat, ruined. The most disconcerting thing of it all was that she wasn't able to move.
"Aaah... Ah..."
It was a breathless noise, gasping for air. Her tired eyes tried to reach the zebra, uncomprehending. She tried to remember how she got here, how this happened. Probably shouldn't have quit the trope. This running business wasn't worth the effort. A pool of crimson started to gather.

Rolling Grit.
Target: 0
1d10 = 2

"No!" Cried Eska, stifling it just as quickly with one hoof. Her wide eyes stared long at the horror she saw take place on screen, her hooves shaking, trying to make sense of herself. Running them over her face, she tried to quell the shaking, and hide from the macabre FPS. The tears started flowing again.
"Why... Why...?"
Was all she managed to squeeze out. Placing her hooves on the keyboard, steadying them for just a second, they didn't move. Closing her eyes, calming her breath, she recalled all the times during her time in the Sickles when she had to focus during the most odious situations. Winterscar, Whiteout, Ruby: This was it, this was going to be the final killing she'd have to witness.
Now with that psychopath no longer countering her every code, she just barely managed to boot him out, and immediately got to work on bolstering security. The odds were in her favour, she would get him. Just a matter of time.

All hacking rolls against Eska will now be met with a -1 penalty.

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>> No. 40745131
File 142086026843.png - (1.13MB , 1278x712 , 1420410986717.png )
Farasi's shoulders heaved with the force of his excited breaths. He could taste copper in his mouth, and he couldn't deny a rush of gratification as he watched the mare fall before the storm of bullets. His hooves still shivered as he reloaded the pistol, shaking his head. A faint grin danced at the edge of his mouth.

He slipped the gun back into his jacket. Staring down at her bleeding, dying body, he brought the Comdom back out. His good eye was twitching fitfully. His vision was blurring again. There was something in his eye.

"Because you betrayed me!" He spat, shaking his head like a dog breaking a rabbit's neck. "I didn't want to kill her! I didn't want this! But you had to go and fuck with me again!"

His hooves made savage motions as he attempted to maintain control over his eye. All of a sudden, his tone shifted; he sounded like he was in pain.

"I love you, honey! Why are you taking your gift?"
>> No. 40745133
Forgot the roll because I'm a baka.
Target: 4
1d10 = 4
>> No. 40745597
File 142091483346.png - (140.33KB , 273x253 , winter frown.png )
She was going to die. Oh Luna, that was weird. Perhaps she should have confronted her mortality more, for at the moment, her mind was in turmoil. What about all she was planning to do...? She was going to die a single, her, a fine and upstanding member with class enough for upper city. Did her degrees mean nothing?
With the last of the energy left in her head, her gaze turned to the crowd that was distantly gathering, looking more and more like a single mass of pony. A gurgled plea called out to them.
Rolling Grit.
Target: 0
1d10 = 6
Shit, shit, shit he was in again. Her hooves doubled down, clacking against the mechanical keyboard in panic. They fumbled, shaking, and too many times had to reach for the backspace. "Get a grip." she'd say to herself. It seemed impossible as that wretched voice cried out for her, using his tones but not his words; a horrific imitation, oscillating unnaturally, frighteningly sentimental. Eska'd never been called "honey" before, but it made her fur stand on edge. More than anger and more than sadness was just a pure fear for this thing in front of her. It lurched unnaturally, firmly affixed in the uncanny valley.
It was that certain ambiguity that made a certain word hurt more than the others: Betrayal. Denying it, she mumbled to herself a mantra.
"I have to end this, I have to... Have to end this... End this... S'not betrayal, s'not, it's just... Just have to end this."

Scowling, she grinded a retort in the back of her throat, refusing to make eye contact with the camera. Its watchful gaze weighed heavily on her mind.
"It wasn't a gift, you paid me back. We're even. Now please... Stop."
Two turns.
>> No. 40745665
File 142091699530.png - (1.00MB , 1000x717 , 1420855219243.png )
The mare was clinging to life. He found that terribly odd, but his attention was too focused on Eska to pay any mind to the soon-to-be-dead mare or the crowd around him. He glared down at her as she made that revolting, pitiable sound, and gave her a swift kick to speed her on her way.

Eska's cruel, cruel words raked at his ears, even though they were really more in his head. He stumbled away from the near-corpse, bringing a hoof up to tear out a clump of his mane. He made a horrid, agonized sound, like a breathless scream.

"Eska! Please! I need you! I needed you then, when you left me!"

His hoof danced as he delayed her seizure of her gift and dove into her computer's Documents, for reasons that may not have even been clear to him. His desperation was palpable; it was like some crucial mechanism in his brain had snapped. He staggered again, shaking like a leaf.
Target: 4
1d10 = 8

"You did betray me, and you're betraying me now! But-- but it's okay! I forgive you! I'll always forgive you if you'll just stop!"

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>> No. 40745824
File 142092065504.jpg - (34.69KB , 501x316 , memex.jpg )
Lights flickering, her consciousness was fading. This wasn't so bad, it was more like going to sleep, and she felt so tired... Only a weak grunt followed after her punting, as she rolled over onto her back, staring emptily into the streetlight. Knowing these were final moments, she closed her eyes and let out a sigh.
Rolling Grit.
Target: 0
1d10 = 2
She let out a final breath, and Ruby Moroe was no more, glued by Farasi.
The documents were a miriad of things, all neatly arranged in labeled folders. Mostly uninteresting, mostly schoolwork. Mostly technical, dull, and dry.

But far larger than any of those was the rather conspicuously titled "Farasi." Inside were the details of a horsewellian nightmare, including not only the specifications of the tracker in his eye, but everyday movements, location, habits and other bits and pieces related to the zebra. In almost autistic detail there's a count of where he's been and for how long. It mentions what kind of food he's eaten, and how much he'd enjoyed them. Arousal levels are not exempt, either, and are detailed with a short description.
There's an essay in elaborate detail of Farasi's psychological profile, and his degradation. It mentions "self-strangulation" as a key trauma for his current situation, and outlines a few hypothetical scenarios for the recovery from this.

Eska, seeing all of this being accessed, turned a shade whiter than she already was. Her eyes were pried open, transfixed, battered by his unholy screams. Her face contorted in desperation, wracked with building sobs.
"No, no, no, no, don't look at that! Don't! Farasi!"
Teeth chattering, she felt desperately cold, filled with a single recurring thought: Get him out.
One turn left.

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>> No. 40746012
File 142092592374.png - (513.26KB , 1280x720 , 1420639616703.png )
Finally, the bitch was dead. Farasi turned away from her corpse, suddenly sickened by the sight, his full attention focused on what was scrolling along in his eye. All of a sudden, he wished that the mare was alive, so he could kill her again and again.

He felt like he had swallowed a ball of lead. His stomach felt heavy, and he wobbled with an intense feeling of nausea. His breathing quickened even further -- if it got any faster, his lungs would burst. He could read faster than he wanted to, the Ascender propelling him to greater speeds. Normally, that was intoxicating. Now it was a curse. He was treated to exhaustive detail about every horrid, awful, vile activity of the last four months and all of Eska's invasive observations.

He screamed.

"Why?!" Farasi exploded again. That seemed to be his question of the day. His hooves wobbled, and he took off running, letting the Ascender handle the duties of hacking as instinct propelled him in one desperate direction: away. "Why why why did you do this to me?! Couldn't you trust me?!"

As he ran, the device around his hoof whirred to life again, commanded by the augment in his brain to seize the Pictures, too.

Target: 4
1d10 = 1
>> No. 40746014
Confirming. Target: 5
1d10 = 8
>> No. 40746042
GM's note: Farasi has assumed direct control of Eska's computer. No more DM'ing for you, Abba-boy.
>> No. 40746067
File 142092820534.png - (520.93KB , 811x900 , 1406193693730.png )
The Ascender, being the wonderful thing that it is, not only seizes the photos - many, many photos that play out as uncanny deja vu - but the videos and music as well, along with her save files of that game you bought from that patio furniture store in Manehatten. The digital memories are all connected to you - Eska even called her AI opponent "Farasi."

The scream was just about as horrifying as she'd imagined. She rushed to apologize, words spilling out of her as an avalanche. For a brief time, and in her panic, it felt like she was addressing the real Farasi.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry. I... I-I do trust you, Farasi, I mean, I... I did. I wouldn't have did what I've done if I knew that... That you'd... You'd, you..."
Her voice choked up, unable to finish the sentence. Shaking her head bitterly, she allowed for tears to run down in earnest. Covering her eyes, she muffled her sobs. Her body felt disgusting, filled with longing, grief and regret, each amplifying each other. For a moment, that was all she could muster to do, and the static webcam was unflinching in its focus.
Eventually, and only then, was she able to recover. Looking up at the lens with a sad smile, tears streaming down her cheeks, she wished that she could see his face like he did hers.
"I loved you. A-And I know it's... Kinda fucked up... But I did it because I wanted to be near you."
Bashfully, she tapped her two hooves together.
"I'd... Spend time here, sitting. Watching you. I'd maybe... Tinker with something, in the meanwhile. Or read a book, I've been reading a bunch. And... For a little while... It felt okay. Just sitting here, working. With you."
The sad smile struggled, growing more desperate as it broadened.
"Is that so weird?"
>> No. 40746085
File 142092913814.png - (1.12MB , 1274x721 , 1420855219244.png )
It was hard to hear her with the blood pounding in his ears and his eye scanning through her life since she'd left. A sad, wounded-sounding snicker left him at the sight of her oh-so flattering name for her opponent. He perused the photos idly, though he barely slowed his pace. He ran in a looping serpentine pattern, his vision swimming and foiling any attempts to remain steady. He scraped against walls and nearly tripped over his own hooves on multiple occasions, possibly because he wasn't truly watching where he was going. His gaze was turned to the past, and to her.

He was silent for some time. The only sound was his harried, gasping breaths. Eventually, he spoke. He was trying to sound gentle, but the mental strain that had already been placed on him corrupted it.

"I understand, Eska," he said slowly, in stark contrast to his pace. "I would have done the same."

Then his tone changed again, quickening to match his hooves and filling with anger and mourning.

"But couldn't you have told me?! Would that have been so hard?! Maybe then I could have kept you from seeing all that. I never wanted you to see that. I didn't want to hurt you."
>> No. 40746121
File 142093039303.gif - (928.75KB , 300x300 , barrage.gif )
Tearfully, she watched him run from the scene of the crime. An utterly, utterly pointless, senseless crime. While many parts of her wanted him captured and arrested, a small part of her brain hurried him on, whispering his safety. Her sad smile evaporated instantly as he said that he understood, having served its purpose. It was a relief, but a peculiar one; he agreed with her, what did that tell of her actions?
It didn't last for long, as she was again lashed by his words. The fire stoked, the one she got with Frost in Chill's apartment, she felt a compulsion to disagree.
"So you'd only do it for my sake? Isn't that... Fake?"
Her voice wavered, as uncertain as her initial reasoning. Shaking her head, staring agape at the screen, a hoof pulled at her mane. A twitch of anger in her sad grimace.
"Farasi, fucking hell, you said you liked to hurt people; I'm not sure any amount of scrutiny changes that."

The fury grew in intensity, incensed by his denial, and her voice manifested as a shout, right towards him.
"You-- You just shot an innocent, for no reason! Knowing that I was watching! How does it change anything?!"
>> No. 40746149
File 142093163029.jpg - (247.42KB , 1000x699 , 1418264834286.jpg )
His good eye twitched at the word fake, and he jolted as if struck, nearly hurtling into the wall again. A low growl raked the inside of his throat as she pressed the attack. Yet in a weird way, he was gleeful. This was Eska; always rebelling, always so wilful even when she was so wrong.

Or maybe she had a point, and that was why he was so angry. He snarled, his stride growing even less linear.

"She wasn't innocent! She knew things! Her knowledge made her guilty!"

He was momentarily seized by the urge to shut down her computer. But that wouldn't do. He didn't want to let her go until he had to. The strange, inconsistent pitch of his voice grew even more garbled, the valleys sinking lower and the peaks creeping higher.

"What's so bad about a little thrill?! I'm not crazy! You liked to hurt me, what's the difference?! Maybe-- maybe I wouldn't be like this if you hadn't abandoned me!"
>> No. 40746188
File 142093334842.png - (901.47KB , 1278x719 , really cry winter.png )
Eska'd tolerated his rant all throughout, not even voicing her natural and rational objections to killing someone for knowing completely harmless information. Gritting her teeth, grinding them, her hindlegs stomped tolerantly on the floor. It was when he voiced that last sentiment that it became impossible, and Eska's indignation flared up. Not in her typical screaming and shouting, but a terse whisper, so quiet she could barely hear it herself.
"Don't you fucking dare say that, don't... Don't."
Her face twitched with the restraint, every word being pried out of her throat forcefully.
"I'm... Aware... That I hold my share of the responsibility. Why do you think... I sent her... in the first place?"

Fresh tears emerged, and she looked increasingly desperate. Voice cracking like a pre-pubescent colt, she pleaded.
"I'm sorry... How many fucking times can I say it, I'm sorry! I fucked up, and now we're here! I want to be with you, but because of what I did, and what you have become, I can't. Do you have any idea how much that hurts?"

Sinking back in her chair, she covered her face with her hooves, all but completely given up on removing him from the system. The hooves rubbed against her cheeks and eyes and ears, and finally resting in her mane. Her voice came out tiny, defeated.
"I'm so tired Farasi. I just want to let it go, move on with my life. I don't... I don't want this anymore."
>> No. 40746224
File 142093518240.png - (931.69KB , 1000x1147 , 1420410986718.png )
For the first time, it seemed like Eska's tears registered. He slowed his pace, his maddened sprint decelerating to a panicked jog, then an awkward gait, and finally to a slow shamble that carried him into an alleyway. He sagged against a wall, curiously silent, his face drawn back in a mask of barely-constrained emotions. Fury and gloom warred on both sides of his face.

His whole focus was on the feed. The police could have driven a tank up to him and he wouldn't have noticed. All he could think of was the sight of her crying. She was, perhaps, the last pony in the world he couldn't stand to hurt.

"... But I do," he whispered, his greed bleeding into his tone. He still wanted it. Still wanted her.

"Do you... remember how I lost my eye?" He asked as he raised a hoof up to trace the path the cold claw had left. "It was for you. I love you as much as I did then. More, even. I... I would do anything for you, Eska. I can't let you go."
>> No. 40746245
File 142093673734.png - (49.66KB , 668x122 , What the fuck.png )
>Reaching up to grab the hoof extended down to her from the over-looming monstrosity, Star Fall's bright red gaze met with her sire's one functioning blood-shot eye and wondered for a briefl moment if she ever had any connection to these living legends other than the one she'd made up in her mind. If Umi had even been speaking or present than Star Fall wouldn't have noticed, her drug-laced mind could barely encompass the monster before her let alone the world she lived in.

>But as she was hoisted to her feet by the man before her, his words sunk in and she knew that, despite how messed up and confused the world had become, that somehow she would be alright.

>> No. 40746250
File 142093698200.png - (96.88KB , 201x325 , clover sprite.png )
No, he couldn't, and that was just what she'd feared.
"Well, I... I..."
She was at a loss for words; why'd he have to bring up that example? It would have been so simple if the hack had gone through, but now, she was filled with terrible doubt. He would do anything. Anything. It was such a tempting idea.
She lacked the resolve for this. Her face reflected the torment she was feeling, and the pain of having to speak where actions would have been so much louder. A delicate and shaky sigh.
"Each time I think about letting you back, I think about who you are, what I've seen and... I'm afraid of you."

"Even if you say you wouldn't do it, I don't know if I can trust that. The evidence is... Impossible to ignore."
She clutched her chest, breathing heavily. This was for the better, she insisted, this wasn't just for her, but for him as well. Swallowing what felt like gravel, she closed her eyes.
"I care about you a lot... But I don't think I can love you again like I did. That trust, it's gone, and I don't think it's coming back. "

"We're splitting up."
>> No. 40746274
File 142093847232.png - (1.35MB , 1276x710 , 1420855219245.png )
She was afraid of him. Any other pony saying that would have elicited a sharp, foul grin and a satisfied snicker. She made him all but collapse against the wall, the weight leaving his legs as if they were about to give out. He rattled with each slow, forceful breath. He stopped breathing when she finished. With three simple words, he felt like he'd been stabbed through the chest. He was silent, uncomprehending, unable to process what was happening.

It took him some time to gather himself. When he did, his voice was high-pitched and desperate again, a final wind entering his sails for one last plea.

"No, no, please," Farasi begged. If Eska were in front of him he might have fallen to his knees. "I need you! You-- you can't leave me! I-- I can change! I-- I-- You, I would never hurt you!"

"You w-- were always so forgiving. Every time I fucked up, you forgave me! Just... I can fix me, just... help me."
>> No. 40746323
File 142094171979.gif - (1.59MB , 500x281 , tumblr_nftujgSCJo1qfjqf7o1_500.gif )
The silence was absolute, and Eska stared unblinkingly at the screen, right into the cramped and dark alleyway. When he finally spoke, well... If she hadn't broken her own heart, then he did it for her. Her ears tilted back, and mournfully she looked down, softly shaking her head before he'd even gotten halfway through, rejecting it from the start. By the end, the desperation was almost pathetic, and reminded her a great deal of his older self. The memory caused her to smile. Her head continued to shake.
"I'm sorry, I can't do that..."

Her sad smile now wasn't the fake thing it'd been before, it was beaming with pride, directed right at him.
"Farasi, you always had such terrible self-esteem. But you don't need me, you're strong. I know that."
A chuckle shook her chest, and lifting a hoof she cupped her left eye, smile growing further as tears rolled around it.
"A psychologist can help you, therapy and time can. I can't. If you really meant what you said, then seek help. You... Well, you need it. A lot."

Gingerly, she shifted in her chair, speaking as softly as she had in that barn many months ago, when she'd been waiting to activate that which would galvanize this whole event. She liked to imagine her hooves were running through that rigid mane of his. It was a deeply painful thought, and an errant sob escaped.
"This is probably going to be goodbye for a very long time, and that's for the best. I'm deleting the records tonight. We can both move on. Just... Remember why you started running in the first place, and I think you'll be on the right track."

"Right, Raz?"

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>> No. 40746383
File 142094365120.gif - (889.46KB , 500x203 , 1420935133056.gif )
His legs buckled, unable to support their burden for a second longer. He collapsed into a lopsided sitting position, his spine scraping the wall as he slid down. She couldn't do it. His lower lip wobbled, and he bit down on it sharply. Yet for some reason, she was smiling. Why was she smiling? Was she that glad to get rid of him? He felt his blood boiling anew.

As she kept talking, however, he felt the fire abate. He blinked in dull surprise. She looked beautiful, even as she disappointed him. She didn't want anything to do with him, not without him curing himself. He sighed, curling up even further.

Still, he smiled sadly, half of him straining to match her cute little grin.

"... Right, Eska," he mumbled. A faint quickened exhale tried to pass for laughter. He was surprised by how steady his voice was. "Maybe... maybe there is somethin' wrong with me. 'M sick. But... I'll try to remember."

It was time. He choked on the word he needed to say.

"G-- Goodbye. I'll see you again. When I'm done, and... better. I promise."
>> No. 40746451
File 142094637005.jpg - (208.02KB , 800x1758 , colored_winter_png.jpg )
There was a comfort in how he reacted. His voice always did turn smooth when he was certain of something. She laughed morbidly to herself.
"Try not to kill too many people, okay?"
Intended as a joke, with a quick exhale of amusement, but then she inclined her eyebrows and narrowed her eyes, and exhaled again. Much as she wouldn't like to admit it, the past year had changed her in many ways. The fact that her ex-coltfriend was a serial killer on the loose, and that she accepted that, joked about it was proof enough. Had she become so comfortable with death? What a troubling thought. The hard gaze softened, and her lips pursed inward. Unsurprisingly, it was difficult to finish. Her voice sank to a gentle whisper.
Lingering a little while on what she saw on her screen, mentally preparing herself for what she had to do, she ducked under the table. The crescent of her tail peeking over the rim was the only visible part of her. Then the tail stopped moving, and then the feed cut out entirely. The connection had been lost.
>> No. 40746670
File 142095790895.jpg - (275.61KB , 700x950 , 1419304813805.jpg )
Farasi snickered at her rather dark barb. He couldn't promise that, and she probably knew it. There would be blood and death before the end, and he might even like it. He closed his eyes, savouring her goodbye. Of course, that doesn't block out the feed as she sets about forcibly shutting down the system. It was the only way to get him to leave; if she didn't kick him out, he'd linger there forever.

Sighing, he swung his forelegs as he forced himself back to his hooves. Connection lost. He wondered if Eska would keep tuning in. She said nothing about disabling the machinery. Perhaps he should get a new eye, one without her terrifying Orwhinnyan monitoring system. It was for her own good. He would have to keep doing awful, awful things that she didn't deserve to see.

He broke into another run, heading for what passed for home. It wouldn't do to get arrested after that lovely heartfelt talk. His work was not yet done.
>> No. 40746706
File 142095926164.jpg - (617.19KB , 2000x1091 , aurora.jpg )

The citizens of Canterlot can rest easily now, for the first time in over a year: the notorious group of Anonymous Terrorists who have held the city in the grip of fear since late 55-6A have finally been apprehended by a heroic joint effort between the CPD and Lonestar. When contacted for statement, Special Agent Bad Mood had this to say...

If you had to sum up Dead Man's Ridge in one word, it would be..."cold". Everything about it is cold. During the entire trip, the APC is shrouded in darkness, with the only light being the dim off-green glow of the computer screens; and the only sounds you can hear are the occasional click of a lonestar checking his weapon's sights. When it finally stops and disgorges you into the world beyond, your first impression is one of cold: for you are lead, bound and guarded, down the ramp and over the frost-covered courtyard before the imposing doors of the prison; and for every step of the hundred-yard walk, fifty-mile winds slap your cheeks and stab your eyes and fill your ears with ice. When the front doors for the prison slide open, with a tremendous screeching howl, your teeth chatter and you are shaken down to the bone.

"State your name and look at the camera. Turn to the left...turn around..."

The voice of the photographer as he takes your mugshots is calculating and flat, and utterly devoid of soul. If you didn't know better, you'd say it was a speech synthesizer--but the telltale chuckle at the very end of the process gives it away. It is, like the rest of his words, cold and cruel--but it is positively heavenly compared to the water. When they put the fire hose on you, as soon as you pass the mugshots, the very memory of warmth is chased from you: for in that instant, you are scoured by water so cold and crystalline that it cuts at you like sandpaper. It cuts through your fur and under your tail and into your ears and under the frogs of your hooves; and by the end of it you are clenching your teeth together and shutting your eyes closed and biting back the panicked whinnies. In a civilized era such as this, it is easy to forget that you are herd animals at heart; and by the end of your processing, you are very nearly driven to tears.

And then when the Lonestars pull you down a side corridor from the processing hall, take you into a large dark room, and take turns beating on you repeatedly with metal bats, you are cold. When they break your knees and crack your ribs, you are cold. The clubs as they bite through your frostbitten fur are cold; the concrete floor as it presses against your face is cold; the feeling of Lonestar horseshoes on your cheek as they gouge into your eyes is cold; the loss of sensation in your legs is cold; and the darkness that finally takes you is--more than anything else--cold.

The cell, when you wake up, is cold. But it is mercifully placid. Dead Man's Ridge is a spartan facility, to be sure: one floor, two hoof-rests, one small ever-flowing gutter on the wall in place of a toilet. No windows, one lock, and sixteen bars on the door.

UMI, fate had the good mercy to place you with a familiar face--ANDREW. STAR FALL, contrarily, is afforded no such mercy--she wakes up with her head and flank both pounding, looking straight up into the frog of an unknown pony, whose hoof rests on her muzzle.

"Sup, sweetness."

Welcome to Hell.
>> No. 40746722
File 142096038201.png - (76.89KB , 894x894 , that wasn't as enjoyable for me___.png )
The lights slowly began to come on for Swiftwing, his face showing anything but comfort. The cold, pounding sweat by this point had matted to Swiftwing's face, his mane quite fucked up and not up curled to its usual standard. Knees a bit misshapen and unnatural looking from the brutal breaking, the hind two at the least, the front two had received enough time in healing. Each aching pulse and heartbeat could be felt running through the bruised and battered bones of his body. All that he could hear for the growing moment was the sound of the running gutter, perhaps what had awoken him in the first place if not the sheer pain returning from a simple breeze.

The cold floor was the only salvation he received from the pounding in his head and chest, this enough to allow his body, completely unloving, to continue to lay there a few moments more, as he tried to wish his body into getting to feel better. As his eyes slowly open, he just stares off straight ahead at the wall, not for a second caring how dirty the floor probably could be that he laid on. A few minutes passed and he decided to test his limbs, trying to lift his hindhooves, nothing more than a twitch resonated as they were shakily shattered at the knees, though a much better result at the front as he was slowly able to slide them ahead of himself, and painfully force himself up just to raise his head, and collapse onto his other cheek, giving that side of his face the same salvation.

A brief glimpse of his blue cellmate ran through his eyes as he closed them, taking a moment more to process what he had just seen before slowly reopening them. He crackly called out. "U-umi..?"
>> No. 40746731
File 142096134325.gif - (523.26KB , 268x151 , 1420060953115.gif )
Farasi came tearing into the Concourse like Discord himself was hot on his heels. For all he knew, he could be. That had been an unmitigated disaster. Well, it had been mitigated a little by that thing he tried on the way home. He had wanted to liquidate the whole thing, but he felt he deserved a pick-me-up under the circumstances. His new eye itched, but at least it meant Eska wouldn't see.

His hooves shook as he ground to a halt somewhere in the middle of the complex. He looked all around; behind him, to the side, even up as if checking for spiders. Then he activated the MMCS, attempting to get a message through to Sam. He was inordinately glad he could interface directly with it. His hooves weren't working right.

"Ooooh, Sam, you are not gonna like this..."

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>> No. 40746734
File 142096172398.png - (874.85KB , 696x696 , umi not smug___.png )
The cold hadn't been bad. He was used to the cold. It was the wind he hated. Cutting gusts the blew his mane in every direction, and seemed to blow the smug look off his muzzle. So this was an Equestrian jail? He had half expected to be brought to the block immediately. Though, he figured, Equestria's legal system must be a bit more advanced, as well. His ears pinned back, against his skull, trying to block the howling winds, and biting colds, from stinging the sensitive appendages. He shivered, as the gate swung open with a screech. By some greater being, that was horrid. He had no idea how much worse it would get.

"Umami Stale." He spoke, simply. The usual look of smug satisfaction seemingly gone, as it dawned on him. He looked to the camera, turned left, to display his cutie mark, and then turned around. That seemed unnecessary...And it was only beginning. As the water blasted him, he tried to remain silent, but the icy sting drew a yelp from him. Even that was crushed, as the pressurized water drove into his maw, and up his nose, leaving the massive barbarian a snorting, hacking mess. This sucked. From ears to hooves, he was frozen, muscles loathe to listen to his brain.

As he was ushered into the dark room, he almost expected the beating. Maybe it would be easier to bear, with a body numbed by cold. Nothing was easy here. He held back, as long as he could, curling up on the floor, and praying they would get bored, soon enough. Eventually, though, the pain won out, and the screams of the former headsmen filled the room, until darkness, cold yet welcome, overtook him. Was he dying? If he was, at least he'd be free. Being kept in one spot had never sat well, with the pegasus.

No. Death would have been to easy, wouldn't it have? The cold seeped through his fur, the stallion slowly stirring. Everything hurt. Deep breaths were pained by cracked ribs, one hind leg refused to respond to him, and his left foreleg seemed to be separated, from his shoulder. He was alive, but a slow, groggy look around the cell made him wish otherwise. It was small, it was bare, and it might as well have been hell. Ponies were not meant to be cramped into small spaces, forced to stay in one spot. Pulling himself into a, somewhat sitting position, the barbarian took his left foreleg, taking a breath, before attempting to cram it back where it belonged. With a sickening crack, the leg was back into place, and the stallion was fighting back a mix of nausea, and faint.

He looked across the cell, shaking his head, and trying to focus. God his eyes hurt...Sitting up hurt...moving hurt. He gave in, laying back down, by the trench. Disgusting... His dark, blue gaze flicked to his cellmate, the monstrous pegasus leveling a gaze at Andrew that seemed almost as cold as the prison around them. "You okay?" It came out as a half croak, his screams, and the beating having left his throat raw.
>> No. 40746744
File 142096204839.png - (69.47KB , 676x131 , Wat.png )
>All along the car ride, Carnage put on a brave face for the other members of her group who had been apprehended but deep down was afraid. The group had come together to drag their friend out of prison but in the end not only failed to save him but also ended up getting both herself and most of the crew incarcerated. At least Farasi, Guttersnipe and Sam had escaped and though she doubted that any of them would be mounting any rescue operations to drag them out of there given how they couldn't even handle a single police station, she knew that they could at least live lives of their own after this. And as the transport came to a stop and the group was made to exit the vehicle, Carnage could finally see what was to be their new permanent home - the notorious maximum security prison of Dead Man's Ridge.

>Cold, everything was fucking cold and devoid of color. Like being sucked back into the Pit she grew up in, everything about Dead Man's Ridge spoke of death and violence, of an environment so hostile that it would take the very air from your lungs if you let it. From the concrete stone floor they thread upon, to the steel sky that loomed over their heads, Carnage felt as tho the prison's very walls were sucking heat from her very bones. But even as bad as the shower was, cold, shivering, and miserable tho it left her, it wasn't until she and the others were led into a darkened room that she felt the heat being sucked from her very soul. The men and women who beat her did it without passion or hate, if anything it felt like another necessary step for them to go through as part of the bureaucratic process. Somehow she was able to tell her assailants apart even though she couldn't see their faces. A few of the newer guards were amused, enthusiastic even as they swung their ice cold batons down into her ribs and flank with something like excitement or anger for what she'd done whereas the older, more practiced, veterans would swing for her more vulnerable spots without so much force behind each blow but far more precision to make each strike all the more effective. Gods it hurt, it hurt when the blows landed, it hurts when the batons were wrenched away from the impact, leaving behind an ice cold sensation in her flesh, as she was beaten mercilessly whilst she curled up into a ball but it wasn't until one of the veterans pulled out one of her legs and smashed its batons into her knee with a sickening crack that the small mare started screaming. Long, deep and as though without end, Carnage's screams of agony echoed off the far walls as pain that she felt no sane creature could endure exploded out of her aching limb to inform her that it had been broken. But even as she coiled in absolute agony over the shattered bones of her leg. When her cries finally started to lessen that's when another one of her legs was pulled out by a veteran and, again, a precise blow from its ice cold baton left a sickening crack inform her of another broken knee even as her wails of agony redoubled in intensity for the fresh pain that overcame her mind. Twice more the process was repeated but by the time the guards had broken her fourth leg, Carnage's breath was hoarse with use and the new wave of pain simply pushed her over the edge into blissful unconsciousness.

>When she woke up, the first thing Carnage saw was the grim grey pony was to share her cell with. Her mind was a mess, her legs were mangled and swollen and already she felt this new pony take ownership of her body. Her flank ached but why was that? Had this person already taken advantage of her whilst she was sleeping? With a terrified look in her eye the bright orange mare stared up at the pony standing before her as in her current incapacitated state she couldn't so much as put up a fight, let alone dissuade them from doing whatever they wanted. In this cold, lifeless place of unbridled hostility where weakness would kill you as surely as a knife in the throat would, Carnage knew that was completely and utterly helpless and that she was, as an extension, completely and utterly fucked.

>> No. 40746747
File 142096223425.png - (202.81KB , 1600x1260 , Rainbow Dash Laying.png )
Swiftwing's ears flickered to the sound, the question asked by his cellmate.... even the fucking twitch stung as he sighed in a mix of pain from the torture, and relief as he found his cellmate to be responsive. "Yeah I'm.... well honestly, fuck no, I'm not fine..." he groaned in response and sighed once more as he strained to roll himself onto his back, then slowly sit up, trying to mimic his cellmate and friend, which was done so after a heavily pained groan, his legs moving around almost like a noodle if not for the still-slightly in tact bones inside them. His body continued to shake, as if in an everlasting state of shock from the entirety of the situation, it began to hit him just how real this was... if it hadn't already on the ride in and the picture taking. He weakly reciprocated with a "H-how about you..?"
>> No. 40746760
File 142096347046.jpg - (4.37KB , 150x150 , Umi icon.jpg )
"I'll survive...others won't."

The response was simple, quiet, and laced with a bitter hatred. Locked away, penned up, unable to leave or fly. The stallion's teeth ground together, slowly, a slow shake running through his form. It ignited his aches and pains, but the hatred he felt for the cell, the prison, and ninety nine percent of the ponies in it broiled beneath his coat. The warm smiles and smug expression were gone from him, leaving what so many had made their last sight. A stone carved expression of neutrality, concealing the concentrated desire to rip apart his captors, with his bare hooves. He laid down, quietly setting to work on his wings. They hurt, wretchedly, but without preening, they wouldn't support him, in flight. Being unable to fly, while being trapped in this place might have, very well, driven the Sickle's armored menace to insanity, and with another member of the group stuck in a confined space with him.
>> No. 40746762
File 142096395191.png - (264.80KB , 2932x2990 , Yeeeeahhh_____.png )
It would never happen to me. It would never happen to me. It won't happen to me. I'll be fine. Taking deep breaths, these thoughts continue to race through the oh so young stallion's mind as he sat up, being able to read the breakdown of the comrade just by the absence of his usual demeanor. He winced a bit, by now the pain had been faded, or at least been going dormant and faded into the background, still very much there, Swiftwing was simply adjusting and getting used to it...Though still a poor way of feeling, there wasn't really a way to get used to this setting, Swiftwing didn't like to think he would have to for very long either... of course that's just what he hoped. There truthfully was no telling how long they would be confined. It would be a couple of days at the very least while they got the feeling in their hooves back.

Still, looking across the room to the stallion, Swiftwing read his anger, fear, and pain he assumed that Umi also felt. "I-it'll be fine..." he murmured out. "There's still Gren, Sam, Farasi... even Gutter..." At this point, Swiftwing clung to every strand of hope they were left with, and perhaps optimism that wasn't deserving to be there. His reassurance was perhaps not even needed, but being panicked, he was probably telling it more to himself than to Umi.
>> No. 40746780
File 142096489182.png - (904.43KB , 951x1001 , tumblr_nhsjwrCKYX1r4y7gho4_1280.png )
Anger, fear, and pain seemed light. The stallion laying across from him was going insane. It wasn't showing, yet, but surely enough, grain by grain, like sands in an hour glass, he was losing it. It would start off slow. Silence, being quick to lash out at those he didn't know, but eventually? Who knew what may happen, if he snapped. As Swiftwing listed off their teammates, the pegasus laid his ears back. Gren looked as combat capable as what ponies left in the gutters in each cell. Sam and Farasi were the most likely. Gutter? Well, the kid would want to tag along. But the others would need to deny him that. This place was not where you brought a pony like gutter...this wasn't a place you brought anypony.

The stallion stood, balancing on hooves that screamed in protest. The ones that carried out the beating would be paid back. Though not now. His hooves were loathe to support anything more then a sitting position, and so he slipped back into one. "Fine..." A quiet sound left the stallion. Raspy, dry, pained. It seemed to be what he could muster of a laugh. "We don't even know where Carnage and Igneus are. The guards want nothing more then to beat us bloody, and we're confined to a cell that nopony should have to lay eyes upon, let alone spend time in."
>> No. 40746783
File 142096518003.jpg - (22.30KB , 448x252 , a-better-tomorrow.jpg )


Sam was not there at the moment and she had no possible way to pick up the call for him but never the less she was at home. Cooking a nice big pot of split pea soup for her resident samurai and their more recent ward. A family dinner after the Ramen fest from earlier. Personally the food was not to her taste but it was the company that made it.

She did however get her fill of the news as she cooked. Ever the cruel one, she could not help but snicker at what it was she was hearing. As of yet blissfully unaware of the dramatic failure that had just taken place. Her mind not yet registering the issue at hoof, what with the soup, her studies and her family and all.

"Ha...what a bunch of dumbasses..." She muttered to herself. Giving the soup a good stir. "Don't drop the soap, bitches~"
>> No. 40746797
File 142096625516.png - (776.47KB , 3000x3671 , awkward intensifies.png )
Swiftwing looked up at his cellmate in a small, faint smile of hope and support as he tried to get to his hooves, though faded as his attempt was shown to be in vain. Swiftwing didn't even bother to attempt the same feat, he hardly had a feeling in his hind hooves. "But.. we can't just think this is the end... I mean... this can't be the end!" His breathing picked up for a panicked moment as he tried to calm himself. "A-and of course Carnage is here. Well... I mean, she has to be in this prison. You saw her get off with us, right?" He asked, brushing a bit of his mane out of his eyes idly.. he began to assume he'd have a lot of blank time to figure out how to spend. Without any knowledge of the outside of their cell, it was hard to think of what they could possibly do otherwise.
>> No. 40746802
File 142096743718.png - (874.85KB , 696x696 , umi not smug___.png )
Umi turns his head, peering from their cell. "We know she's here. We don't know a single thing past that. We don't even know the ways of this place, past the beatings. Are we allowed to walk around, at times? What are the other inmates like, if we're allowed to do so?" A bitter laugh left the stallion, dissolving into a hacking cough. He snorted, spitting into the gutter, and watching the blood tinged spit flow down the stream of water, and out of sight. "Fuck..." He muttered. "They might just let the other inmates do the job for them...I'm sure plenty here would slip a sharp object between our ribs, for a year off their sentence..."

He forced himself to his hooves again, groaning as he did. The stallion leaned against the wall, body shaking, with the exertion needed, to keep his body up on it's hooves. He had to do it though. Laying down was to much of an admittance. He bit back the pain, teeth clenching down on his lip, as he tried to keep what little pride he had left.
>> No. 40746805
File 142096822935.png - (91.47KB , 694x1150 , when I told you to eat me, I didnt mean like this!.png )
Swiftwing glanced down at the ground as Umi spoke, looking idly and staring off into the space at the light reflecting off the water of the ground as his soft breathing tried to heal him with each pained breath. "I.. guess we'll just have to find those things out in due time.." he gently groaned out with a sigh. "...I don't think murdering another inmate would work to get you time off..." He very weakly chuckled back.. as if not to make a joke of the situation, but more to make light and well.. keep the raging beast within that he could sense was growing inside of Umi.

Though watching his friend tr to get back to his hooves again, the hopeful expression returned to his face as he silently cheered him on, still sitting himself as he had quite accepted he wasn't going to be walking nearly as easily.
>> No. 40746807
By some miracle, or a raging hatred for seeing himself as weak, Umi stayed standing. He wasn't moving from the wall he was leaning on, but at least he was off the floor. He preened himself, before spitting a feather into the gutter, and watching it float away. "I don't trust this place...the inmates are all here for reasons like us, and worse. The guards know us all, and what we've done, and they want us dead for it. Maybe not time off, but they might kill for a blanket, or a couple nights of good food..."

The 'raging beast' still seemed to slumber. With any luck, it would stay that way, and the pegasus would simply stay quiet, rather then violent.
>> No. 40746808
File 142096908168.png - (83.43KB , 855x935 , I have too much awesome.png )
Watching his friend, Swiftwing got caught on with the idea to preen himself. A flair of the wings let out a few cracks and a heavy groan... as well as a messy underside of those wings. He began to preen himself while continuing to converse. "Right.. well, what's the worst they've been in here for? Murder? We've murdered too... we could fight back. At least, I will if I can get the feeling back in my hooves." He almost seemed confident in what he was saying, as if the hypothetical situation could come around. He finished the wing and moved to the next one.
>> No. 40746814
"There are worst things then murder...And you'll find ponies guilty of it in here, Swiftwing." He finished his wings, stretching his wing out, before bringing it back in to his side. He'd be a blanket of bruises, by the end of the day, but it could always be worse...

"If we get put in the population of prisoners, just be safe, okay?"
>> No. 40746817
"I'll be safe if you'll be safe... ... ... ... and if my legs get to working again. I see you were a bit... well i wouldn't say lucky, but you're just naturally more sturdy." He watched in envy as his friend stood before him. "What else could they have done..?" he asked himself. "I mean, worse, at least... I understand there's more and sicker things they could have done, also sicker ways they kill people. Probably lunatics who killed ponies for fun.

He nodded along. "I almost-.. no, I definitely am not looking to draw attention to myself and get into anything at least until I get to feeling a bit better..."
>> No. 40746820
File 142097060213.png - (874.85KB , 696x696 , umi not smug___.png )
"I'll be safe enough." He wasn't so sure he could keep that, though. Being cooped up in this place was already fraying delicate strings. "And don't worry about being noticed. You're a normal sized guy, here on murder charges. Do it right, and you'll blend in with the bulk of the ponies here..." True, he was standing, but if the wall had not been against his side, he would be back on the ground, seething. "Sicker ways to kill, maybe...but there are ponies here who kill for sport, tortured, played with others...It's not going to be fun meeting them..."
>> No. 40746821
File 142097077968.png - (264.80KB , 2932x2990 , Yeeeeahhh_____.png )
"A-and um... I assume the whole cliche of finding the biggest guy and beating him up is actually a pretty bad idea in reality, hmm?" He asked, quite sheepishly and reassuringly. He then shook his head. "Don't answer that. Blending in sounds fine to me..." he then glanced up at Umi, a bit nervous. His friend was anything but a normal sized pony. He also lacked his axe and gun. It'd almost seem better if Swiftwing himself were the bigger one, he was more well equip for unarmed fighting
>> No. 40746822
File 142097108288.jpg - (480.04KB , 1304x1304 , blue_stallion_commish_by_annasko-d5lyq37.jpg )
Umi simply looked at him, raising one eyebrow. There might be bigger ponies here then him, but how could they know yet? He might not have been better suited for unarmed combat, but the pegasus would be developing ways to stay alive, if need by. A thin smile tugged at the corner of his muzzle, but it wasn't the kind one he usually bore, or the smug one that seemed to make so many want to punch him. It was an odd thing, filled with promises of pain and torment. Evenlacking the ax, one couldn't count out his simple skills that he had shown in their first spar. Here, where augments were shut down, and armor and weapons had been removed, what would even happen, if the two should end up fighting?
>> No. 40746823
File 142097198634.png - (87.49KB , 732x1092 , Game time.png )
Swiftwing caught the thin smile, which began to ignite. He could start to sense the fire igniting, and perhaps a bit of confidence boasted in the much larger pegasus. In turn, this only made Swiftwing react the same way. "Hell... we're fuckin' Sickles. I bet less than half the inmates could stand like you are right now, fresh in the game. So other ponies here have done some shit? You grew up in some pretty harsh shit yourself. They literally don't make 'em as tough as you in Equestria. There's no reason to think we can't get by here." HIs chest began pounding a bit, trying to pump himself up. He attempted to rise...
Target 1
1d10 = 3
>> No. 40746825
File 142097254877.png - (576.89KB , 1345x1345 , Another pic.png )
Umi might have reacted better...had Swiftwing gained his hooves. Instead he just rolled his eyes, shaking his head slightly. "Look, Swift. I appreciate the speech, but it's not the most effective thing. I'm going to put it as simply as I can. I will do my best to stay out of trouble, but if somepony decides they want to fight the biggest guy they can find, and their eyes fall on me...well. They'll leave this hell hole in a black bag." The stallion, seeming to have decided that he stood up enough for that day, sunk back to the floor. "This place is filthy..."
>> No. 40746828
File 142097312091.png - (107.44KB , 752x1063 , my body was not ready.png )
A rather embarrassed face was then hidden by his mane for a slight moment as he gave up on the attempts to stand. He sighed and rested his head back against the wall. "Well that's still good, hard shit. I mean, that's the bulk of what I meant to say. We'll survive. We're capable of handling ourselves." He replied, taking a deep breath as he stayed silent for a few moments. "Well I doubt they meant for it to be clean... nothing about this place will be well kept, I assume that's a part of it all... but the floor is cold enough if you need to simulate ice... worked well for my ribs at least. I'm certainly not going to start getting picky over it."
>> No. 40746829
File 142097361024.png - (874.85KB , 696x696 , umi not smug___.png )
"I'd rather have warmth...I fucking hate cold like this." He laid his head on his forehooves, staring at the door of the cell. "This isn't a place for ponies, criminal or not. This is a place for the dead..." The former executioner closed his eyes, letting out a slow, soft sigh, through his nose. "We don't want to be here a day longer then we have to..." That, as Andrew had done earlier, might have been for himself. The slowly trickling truth hidden in his mind, as sanity seeped out, as the cold seeped in, clawing it's way though his form, and taking over.
>> No. 40746830
File 142097401347.png - (98.62KB , 845x946 , I was born for this.png )
"That goes without saying... no one likes it too cold or too hot..." he gave a bit of a shudder as if he was reminded of just how cold it was, closing his eyes and giving a slight chatter of his teeth before stopping himself. "But there's not much we can do about the arrangements. What's that other thing they say? 'What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger'?" He sighed and gently folded his wins around himself as if to make a blanket as he leaned on the hoofrest a bit.

"And if that's the case, we definitely don't belong here, we're anything but dead, and the rest of the gang certainly aren't going to keep us in here longer than the soonest they can get us out."
>> No. 40746831
File 142097437219.jpg - (2.12MB , 3500x2500 , commission 1.jpg )
Without looking, the stallion spoke, once more, his voice quiet, though still easy to hear. "I never liked that expression. I understand what they were going for, but if I started hacking off legs, and the pony survived, before long they'd be, well, nothing but a body." He shrugged, using his own wings in much the same manor, to reserve what little warmth was left. "If I get sick, I'm stabbing the first guard I see..." Was the last thing he said. A few moments later, the slow rise and fall of his side gave away his intention to get some real sleep, and heal. No doubt standing would be easier tomorrow...until somepony decided to rebreak their legs.
>> No. 40746832
File 142097470982.png - (110.21KB , 1153x692 , sleepy cloud.png )
"Well... fair enough yeah, but I think it mostly applies to situations like this, in the elements. I mean-" And it was then that Swiftwing began to notice that his cellmate had turned in for some sleep, and gave out a sigh of relief for he too was quite exhausted from the very minimal movement he had made that day. He needed his own rest. He gently laid his head back against the wall, silently wishing his partner a good rest, before sliding off to sleep himself.
>> No. 40747342
File 142101116815.jpg - (70.24KB , 1447x1496 , Harpie!.jpg )
Out in the streets, the news could be clearly heard by anyone walking by the digital store, which had TVs on the display window, making it clear on what has happened. Some citizens nearby could be heard making happy remarks to the new change. However, there were a few that sighed, looking down as they went on there way. One of them stopped however.

Still holding his cellphone up to his head, Amos looked at the screen, recognizing two of the faces in the photos being displayed in the broadcast. His mouth was wide open, knowing those two ponies.

Blurring out of the conversation he was having on his phone for a few seconds, he closed his eyes, almost clenching his teeth after seeing this.

"Huh, so this line of work really is full of idiots. Nah. That's not right. This is just the fate of anyone who sticks around this business for too long. And so the cycle continues."

These were his thoughts. He chuckled a little bit, moving along down the sidewalk as he continued his conversation he was having on his phone.

"Sorry about that. I got... distracted. Anyways, what were you saying?"
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