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40617598 No. 40617598
#Planned #Canon: Northern Kingdom #Adventure #Violence

Welcome to the Northern Kingdom rp, wanna sign up or read up on some of the back story then visit the sign up thread in the oc.

Now on to the story

The blizzard was merciless as it covered the ponies traveling a narrow path through the mountains. The storm surely hindered their travels and none of them can see what was ahead. The guide turned and began to shout over the storm so he could be heard. "This is far as I go, if you continue on you'll be leaving Equestria. Stay on the path at all costs and you'll reach a cave that will take you through the mountains. If you have any questions about this area you best ask now."
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>> No. 40617659
>Aegis shrugged
"Yeah, okay, anything else I should know?"
>> No. 40617715
"Well the snow has been built up over the years making this pathway the only way through, even the most skilled pegasi can't fly in this kind of weather."
>> No. 40617921
"Yeah, whatever"
>Aegis sighs, knowing he won't get much else from the guide. He continues walking down the path, stopping a second to adjust his scarf.
>> No. 40618206
File 141046749262.jpg - (6.43KB , 284x177 , download (2).jpg )
A couple hours passed as Aegis continued on until he found the cave entrance. It had a strange feeling about it that would ward off any traveler but at the same time it seemed to beckon him to enter. What will he find inside that would cause the disappearances of many brave adventurers like himself?
>> No. 40618274
Well, here we go...
>Aegis walked into the cave, using his magic to give some light

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>> No. 40618289
It was dark but at least it provided him some shelter from the cold. Looking down at the ground he would see the skeletal remains of a few ponies, who they were he'll never know. Suddenly he heard heavy footsteps behind a corner where the tunnel had made a turn.
>> No. 40618292
>Aegis drew his sword and slowly approached the noise
>> No. 40619163
File 141055388578.jpg - (217.23KB , 1024x1448 , ice_golem.jpg )
A snow golem walked in, seeing Aegis as an intruder, it's slowly claws reached out to grab him.
>> No. 40619273
>Seeing as the golem is moving slowly, he walks backward
>> No. 40619349
The monster couldn't reach him when he walked away and soon it let a roar and charged for Aegis.
>> No. 40619375
>Rolls to the side
1d10 = 8
>> No. 40619862
The monster lodged its fist inside the wall and now struggles to free himself.

>There's no need to worry about dice roll since this rp's combat is honor's system.

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>> No. 40619864
>Okay. Aegis, seeing the chance, thinks whether or not to attack or run. Deciding his sword wouldn't do much to the beast, he runs further down the cave.
>> No. 40619952
File 141063086806.jpg - (439.27KB , 1024x683 , moonglow_cavern_by_hunqwert-d2z51k9.jpg )
Aegis was safe for now and was given the chance to catch his breath. He would hear the sound of a fire and its glow could be seen deeper into the cave.
>> No. 40620070
Finally, some warmth
>He walks toward the glow
this is boring when its jyst me and you

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>> No. 40620137
He'd then see a pony whose body was half submerged into a wall of ice carefully watching the dying flame. The pony looks up and sees Aegis, "Oh a new brave adventurer trying to save Equestria by becoming a Herald? Come and rest by the fire."

>Yeah, not many people sign up for any new threads.
>> No. 40620139
"Um... are you okay? Do you... need help?"
>Description of pony?

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>> No. 40620237
It's gaze returns to the fire "No I dare not leave this flame, it is the only thing that lets me retain my sanity." Upon closer examination its coat was nearly as blue as the ice that had engulfed it, its hair white as snow. The unicorn spoke again, "Outside this cave, the citizens of the kingdom who stayed when it was abandoned, have fallen to the curse of the windagos and mindlessly wander looking for victims. Their bodies are kept nearly frozen which is how they still stand to this day, so I avoid this fate the best I can by keeping this fire alive. But enough about that now, I'm sure you wish to know how to obtain the Herald's enlightenment."

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>> No. 40620246
"Um... yeah."

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>> No. 40620300
>> No. 40620310
"In order to obtain it you must first collect the three writs of passage. Each race held a writ and kept it within their castle. The Earth and Unicorn castles can be reached on hoof but to get to the Pegasi Castle you would have to fly but I can just create a portal for you to get there. Now each castle has a guardian that you must face and slay in battle. The Earth Castle has the Mirror Knight who only exists inside the mirror world. The Unicorn Castle has the Arch Wizard who constantly tries to expand his knowledge. And finally the Pegasi Castle has the Windago Tamer who made war with the beasts and captured two of them. Once you have all three return to me, do you have any questions or do you wish to know more about a guardian?"
>> No. 40620313
I may need some help with this... this guys nuts though...
"No, I understand. What are the odds of me finding someone to help me? It seems not many ponies dare to go this far north..."
ANy chance of me geting an npc companion?

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>> No. 40620408
"There are a brave few out there but I am not sure if any are still alive, it has been... how long... I can't remember. It may have been hours or maybe even years, I can't really tell."

>meaning you will get an npc companion soon.
>> No. 40620409
"Yeah, thanks. I'll be back with those writs."
>He starts walking out. Also, Pic of Aegis coming soon!
>Also, here's a thing. I have no life on the weekends, so if you dont have to get off for an hour after posting, please dont.

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>> No. 40620695
File 141071190867.jpg - (162.77KB , 496x279 , snow-mountains-landscapes-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-1920x1080.jpg )
Outside the snow fell gently but the blizzard still raged on the other side of the mountain, truly the work of the windago's magic. Aegis will now have to choose which destination to travel to, and truly begin this treacherous task.

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>> No. 40620789
"Well, I am a unucorn. So the unicorn castle is a good place to start... Hm...I don't seem to have a map..."
>> No. 40620794
File 141071776508.jpg - (1.69MB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20140913_232520_280.jpg )
forfot my pic
>> No. 40620795
File 141071777872.jpg - (1.69MB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20140913_232520_280.jpg )
forfot my pic
>> No. 40620825
In the distance you hear the sound of fighting. Three ponies had surrounded another one mercilessly attacking a fully armored knight.

>Hey that looks cool, what did you use to make him

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>> No. 40620831
>Aegis gets closer, seeing where the sounds were coming from. He runs to the battle, drawing his sword on the way.
>> No. 40620840
One of the attackers turned to face Aegis with a blank stare a wildly swung its sword.
>> No. 40620847
>Aegis attempts to block it with his own sword
>> No. 40620854
The cursed pony's sword was deflected barely staggering Aegis.
>> No. 40620857
>He slashes forward at the ponies neck
>> No. 40620865
Aegis's attack left a mortal blow, the cursed pony was surely injured but the wound didn't bleed due to its curse. It then fell to the ground without hope of rising again. The other two put their attention to Aegis charging at him.
>> No. 40620872
>Aegis attempts to roll to the side
>> No. 40620878
Both of them lost their balance, one even tripped on itself, now the knight picked himself back up.
>> No. 40620889
"... well, those things were weak..."
>> No. 40620903
File 141071975230.jpg - (7.99KB , 204x247 , download (3).jpg )
The knight moves over and spoke up, "Thank you for saving my life, I've been out here for... days I think. My name is Gallus Erenheart, what is your's warrior?"
>> No. 40620906
"Aegis. What kind of spell were those ponies under?"
>> No. 40620916
"That is the windago's curse, their winter becomes so cold that if a pony is exposed to it for a long period of time, their bodies will become nearly frozen and lose their minds. The guide they have is the hatred they used to harbor of the other races yet they forgotten about the three tribes all together."
>> No. 40620920
"I keep hearing about these windagos, but never have I seen one. You know the way to the Unicorn Castle?"
>> No. 40620926
"Yes I know all of the castle location, to get to the Unicorn's Castle we must head up north east, into mountains."
>> No. 40620927
"Then, lets go"
>> No. 40620934
The two left for the mountains to obtain their first writ. The trail had a few broken walls that used to keep Earth ponies out but they have crumbled away so much that they offer no defense. Gallus spoke, "So where do you come from?"
>> No. 40620938
"A potato farm down south."
>> No. 40620945
"A potato farm, so you got bored of the farmer's life and decided to become an adventurer?"
>> No. 40620950
"You could say that, yeah"
>> No. 40620956
"Hmm..." Gallus was in deep thought, "I was born and raised in Canterlot Have you ever been there?"
>> No. 40620962
"Passed through on the way up here."
>> No. 40620979
The castle was finally in sight. It was in ruins, nearly falling apart, and was only a shadow of its former glory. "Inside we must face the Arch Wizard. Lore has it that he used to be one the apprentices of Starswirl. He received his title only because his master left for Equestria so it made him incredibly jealous, so began his eternal quest for knowledge. I am ready to face him whenever you are."
>> No. 40620985
"Yes, let's do this!"
>Draws his sword
>> No. 40620995
Gallus nods and begins to push on the heavy door. The rusty hinges break causing the door to slam against the stone floor, making a loud noise. Inside a pony dressed in a wizard's cloak that would only be seen in a history book was reading a book, completely undisturbed.
>> No. 40620998
"...He doesn't look that evil... HEY WIZARD! CAN WE HAVE THAT WRIT THING?"
>> No. 40621006
It just kept reading ignoring Aegis's call. It put the book on the shelf and took out another and began to read that one now.
>> No. 40621010
>Walks up to the wizard
"Um... hello?"
>> No. 40621015
File 141072208706.jpg - (6.73KB , 249x202 , images (4).jpg )
It turns around revealing its true nature and let out a high pitch scream. The torches begun to burn with a black fire. "Aegis look out!" Gallus called out.
>> No. 40621024
>Takes a swing at its head with his sword.
Rolling for anticlimactic fight
>> No. 40621032
Aegis knocks it jaw off but it only stared at him. Its horn began to glow and its jaw regenerated. It then casted a magic missile knocking Aegis back.

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>> No. 40621039
"I honestly thought that would work... hmm... I HAVE AN IDEA!!!"
>Picks up a book with magix and throws it at the spoopy skelepony
>> No. 40621047
The lich catches it with its telekinesis then opens the book and points the pages at the two. Suddenly an arrow was conjured from it and launched itself towards the two. Gallus jumps forward and catches the arrow with his shield. "Try to break its horn off, it can't heal with out its magic!"
>> No. 40621057
"That was my plan!"
>Aegis throws a couple more books at him, then bum rushes the wizards horn with his sword
>> No. 40621069
All of the books were caught in mid air but after Aegis severed the horn they instantly dropped to the floor. Even though the lich had no face, he gave off an expression of disbelief. He was now vulnerable to attack, permanently.
>> No. 40621075
>Pulls more books off the shelves and batters the spoopy pony with them
>> No. 40621086
Pieces of it broke and scattered across the floor until he was no more. Suddenly the largest book shelf began to open like a door. "Look!" Gallus said, "A writ of passage." There it sat upon a pedestal giving off a warm glow.
>> No. 40621087
>Grabs it
"One step closer, where should we go next?"
>> No. 40621094
"Well we have the Earth Castle that we can walk to, or we can talk to that one pony in the cave to see if he'll send us to the Pegasi Castle, the decision is your's"
>> No. 40621116
"You met that nutjob too?"
>> No. 40621120
"Yes, everyone who has tried to become a herald has come across him since h stays on the only path to here."
>> No. 40621122
"Ah. Well. I cant fly,so earth caste"
>> No. 40621131
"Yes It's down in the valley west of here." They left on the road they took to get here and the Unicorn's Castle was once again silent."
>> No. 40621135
"So, how long have you been out here?"
>> No. 40621142
"I think it has been a few weeks, there's no way to keep track of time here. Anyways why have you come here?"

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>> No. 40621146
"For fame. Doing something no other pony could do, I think I'd get a bit of recognition for that."
>> No. 40621158
"As good as reason as any." He then looks back and shudders. "That wizard, I'm sure he was never like that, what do you think made him turn himself into a lich?"
>> No. 40621159
"Maybe he went crazy, like that cave pony."
>> No. 40621163
"Or perhaps he felt that one lifetime wouldn't give him the time he needed to surpass his master."
>> No. 40621167
Hmm... I don't really trust him... He could be cursed like those other ponies, I better watch him...
>> No. 40621178
File 141072602767.jpg - (116.40KB , 1024x598 , snowy_village_by_sebastianwagner-d6190af.jpg )
The Earth pony village came into view. It was abandoned, the houses were no longer homes but instead just ancient buildings."
>> No. 40621181
"We should search the houses, maybe there will be something of use."
>> No. 40621190
"Okay." It was silent and the village gave off an eerie feeling. They approached the first house, what was inside was unknown.
>> No. 40621196
File 141072638458.jpg - (21.53KB , 500x400 , temptation.jpg )
>Opens le door
>> No. 40621203
One of the cursed was standing behind the door but it hadn't noticed Aegis. Without hesitation Gallus sticks it with his sword and it immediately falls to the floor.
>> No. 40621210
File 141072669280.png - (462.32KB , 880x539 , Periodic-table-of-Memes.png )
"Well, that was random"
>> No. 40621217
"We have to be careful, one of those... monsters could be around the next corner and we not know."
>> No. 40621223
"Its not like they're that strong"
>> No. 40621228
"True but in large numbers they can surely prove to be a bit of a problem.
>> No. 40621242
"fair enough."
>Goes t another house
>> No. 40621259
This time it was empty of anything that would harm them. Broken pieces of furniture were scattered on the floor that showed signs of burning. The fire place had a giant mound of ashes in it. "The ponies, " Gallus said grimly " they tried everything to stay warm and away from the curse. It is likely that the other houses will look like this as well."
>> No. 40621284
"The lit themselves on fire?"
>Walks out of the house
>> No. 40621285

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>> No. 40621287
"What!? No no they set all of their belongings on fire."
>> No. 40621312
"You just said... nevermind, lets go to the castle"

Last edited at Sun, Sep 14th, 2014 14:52

>> No. 40621518
They reached the castle, it was pretty easy to find since it towered over the village. "Inside is the Mirror Knight who was so loyal that he swore his life to this village so now he has been tasked to guard it for eternity. Are you ready to face him?"

>Went AFK for awhile, sorry.
>> No. 40621529

"Yeah, sounds simple enough... couldn't we just tell him that were townspeople?"
>> No. 40621536
"No the writs of passage were only meant to be held by those who are worthy. Think of each battle as a test to see if you are worthy."
>> No. 40621543
"Okay then, lets go"
>> No. 40621546
They opened the door and entered a dark room that was in a hexagonal shape with a large mirror on each wall. The torches lit and they could see the mirror knight in the mirrors but he was not in the room.

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>> No. 40621567
>Starts smashing mirrors
>> No. 40621573
It's no use the shards still keep his reflection. The knight swings his giant war hammer sending Aegis into another mirror leaving a giant crack.
>> No. 40621577
"Well shit... got any ideas?"
>> No. 40621579
"Try to strike at him he might just be only able to be seen on the mirrors, sorta like a reverse vampire rule.
>> No. 40621580
>Starts wildly swinging his sword in front of mirrors
>> No. 40621581
He finally hit his mark cutting the knight's leg. It then hops back and slams the hammer against the ground staggering the both of them.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 14th, 2014 17:24

>> No. 40621591
"What are ya gonna do, bleed on me?"
>Attempts to ragain his footing
>> No. 40621594
The mirror knight takes his hammer and sweeps it across the floor.
>> No. 40621596
"Fuck that"
>Slices down on the hammer's handle with his sword
>> No. 40621601
With the head of the hammer removed he throws the handle towards Aegis striking him in the chest. He then pulls out a great sword.
>> No. 40621615
>Aegis coughs. Pretty sure tgat was blood
"Now you're speaking my language!"
>Pulls out his own sword, and attempts to take the knights sword with magic
>> No. 40621622
There was no hope that the knight would lose his sword except if he had died. He raises it up into, swings it downward hitting and leaving a giant mark in the floor.
>> No. 40621626
>Charges at the knights head
>> No. 40621633
Aegis injured the knights head and it fell down leaving its sword in the ground. A section of the floor opened up revealing a staircase that would lead to the second writ of passage.
>> No. 40622354
>He grabs the knights sword
"This might be useful"
>> No. 40622391
The sword itself was worn down with age but it was still very powerful. It would make one wonder how powerful it was back in its prime. Gallus walked up the stairs with the second writ while Aegis was busy with the sword. "Here you go, I saved you the trip." He hands it to him. "Now all we need is the third."
>> No. 40623645
>Straps the sword to his back
"What are we supposed to do when we find all three?"

Last edited at Tue, Sep 16th, 2014 16:16

>> No. 40623866
"The one inside the cave said to return to him for further instruction but we have to go back now so we can get to the Pegasi Castle."

Last edited at Tue, Sep 16th, 2014 19:17

>> No. 40623893
"Well, lets go"
>> No. 40624373
They traveled back and reentered the cave to find that the frozen pony was still tending to its fire.

>Alright Lunar Sun, now is a good time to join in, I guess the best way would be that you had been hanging out the frozen pony or you just arrived.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 17th, 2014 13:43

>> No. 40624558
Lunar Sun was sitting quietly in the cave when they arrived.
>> No. 40624560
"Gallus, there's a new pony here..."
>> No. 40624578
Lunar Sun turned in the direction of the voice. She narrowed her eyes, staring intently at the two ponies, but otherwise not moving a muscle. "And you two are?"
>> No. 40624584
"I could ask you the same question"

Last edited at Wed, Sep 17th, 2014 17:08

>> No. 40624738
"Easy now, I'm sure she's not hostile." He turns to the new pony, "Now assuming your presence here, I think it is safe to say that you're here to become a Herald, correct?"
>> No. 40624959
Lunar Sun was determined not to give her name until she found out they were trustworthy, so she didn't reply to the pony.
Lunar Sun nodded. "That's right." She continued to study the two ponies, though her gaze was less intense than before. "When you first meet somepony, It's only customary to introduce yourself. Seeing as I was sitting here when you two came trotting in, why don't you go first?" The mare gave a small smile, seeming to have relaxed around them.
>> No. 40624961
"I am aegis, this is phallus gallus"
>> No. 40625197
"I'm Lunar Sun, " the mare greeted casually.
>> No. 40625381
"Nice to meet you"
>> No. 40625731
File 141108905287.jpg - (7.99KB , 204x247 , download (3).jpg )
Well Lunar Sun, I have good news, we already found the two writs already so we'll be going for the third soon. All we need is to have my friend here, Olson to create a portal that will take us to the Pegasi Castle.

The frozen pony Olson nodded when Gallus said this. "I will admit I haven't done any magic like this in a long time. My powers have been constantly waning but I'm sure I can pull this off." He concentrated, his horn flickering until a portal was created.
>> No. 40625735
Agh something glitched or my internet messed something up but this post was made by me. >40625731
>> No. 40625744
Lunar Sun nodded. "Then let's get this party started," She said with a sly smile.
>> No. 40625758
"His name is Olsen?...whatever, open the portal oh crazy ice dweller!"
>> No. 40626030
Lunar Sun gave an involuntary shiver st the cold climate, though the chances if it being noticed by these two ponies whom she met moments ago were slim as she hid her emotions well.
>> No. 40626714
File 141117911928.jpg - (7.69KB , 259x194 , images (3).jpg )
They all passed through the portal that Olson created for them. On the other side they were high up in the air, standing upon a giant land mass that was chained to the ground. "Heh, I always sorta wanted to live up in the clouds," Gallus shuddered a little, "But after experiencing this I think I'll stay on the ground when this is all said and done."

>Sorry I haven't been able to post as soon as I can but I ran out of internet recently so loading up Ponychan has been difficult.
>> No. 40626719
"Well, its not as cold up here..."
>Scans the horizon for the castle
>> No. 40627342
Lunar Sun chuckled. "Then we'd better find the castle quickly. " Hey, it's fine.
"That's true" she agreed.
>> No. 40627388
"There it is"
>He points to a castle looking thing
>> No. 40628067
"So for those of us who don't have wings, how are we gonna get there? " Lunar Sun asked, looking at wingless back.
>> No. 40629043
>The portal took us on to the giant land mass already, it'll be just like any other walk.

"The Pegasi Castle, the last writ will be guarded by the Windago tamer, he used his poaching skills to capture two of them to hopefully fight the rest of them off but it is questionable as to who the master really is."
>> No. 40629345
"Then is there a possibility of a fight?" Lunar Sun asked casually, smirking and raising an eyebrow. She twirled a glass dagger with her hoof, seeming to have appeared out of nowhere.
>> No. 40629502
"It can never be easy, can it?"
>> No. 40629688
"Why of course not," he laughed a little, "If it were easy then what would be the point?" Gallus then started his way up to the castle.
>> No. 40629689
"Why of course not," he laughed a little, "If it were easy then what would be the point?" Gallus then started his way up to the castle.
>> No. 40629690
"Why of course not," he laughed a little, "If it were easy then what would be the point?" Gallus then started his way up to the castle.
>> No. 40629691
"Why of course not," he laughed a little, "If it were easy then what would be the point?" Gallus then started his way up to the castle.
>> No. 40629692
"Why of course not," he laughed a little, "If it were easy then what would be the point?" Gallus then started his way up to the castle.
>> No. 40629695
"Why of course not," he laughed a little, "If it were easy then what would be the point?" Gallus then started his way up to the castle.
>> No. 40629703
"Why of course not," he laughed a little, "If it were easy then what would be the point?" Gallus then started his way up to the castle.
>> No. 40629704
"Why of course not," he laughed a little, "If it were easy then what would be the point?" Gallus then started his way up to the castle.
>> No. 40629705
"Why of course not," he laughed a little, "If it were easy then what would be the point?" Gallus then started his way up to the castle.
>> No. 40629706
"Why of course not," he laughed a little, "If it were easy then what would be the point?" Gallus then started his way up to the castle.
>> No. 40629727
"Thought so..."
>> No. 40630451
[?]yeah, what happened there?[/?}
Lunar Sun gave a sigh and followed after Gallus, looking back to make sure Aegis was following.
>> No. 40630578
>Aegis is following
>> No. 40631020
>The internet was being glitchy or something.

They soon found the entrance and Gallus opened the door. Inside was a spiral staircase leading up to the rooftop.
>> No. 40631594
"Let's keep an eye out for any traps" Lunar Sun said, warily scanning the entrance.
Will we be rolling?

Last edited at Thu, Sep 25th, 2014 18:32

>> No. 40633047
>Rolling for an attack or something? No this rp's combat is based on the Honor's System.

"I don't think we'll find any here, while we are fighting for our lives this is a test of strength and wit in battle. Nopony would put some cheap trap that would steal your life away, or at least they shouldn't.
>> No. 40635160
Back for now, or at least till my internet goes down again
"Who knows, earth castle was strength, unicorn castle was magic. Maybe this one is cunning."
>> No. 40635369
"Maybe so." The party proceeds up the stairs to find a pegasus dressed in armor. Its right hoof was chained to a windago and so was the other to another one. The chains themselves were entirely made of ice.
>> No. 40635397
"What if they flied in opposite directions?"
>> No. 40636280
"Who knows?" Lunar Sun said this without looking at her companions, just staring straight ahead.
>> No. 40636283
"That wasn't an actual question, if those things went i opposite directions, he'd get ripped in half"
>> No. 40640785
"It won't be that easy!" Gallus replied. Suddenly the windagos raised the hooves high and slammed them down causing the gentle snowfall to become an instant snow storm. The party could no longer see the guardian.

>My internet refilled so now I can post with ease!
>> No. 40640987
"Oh, great, snow," Lunar Sun said sarcastically. "My favorite thing in the world. Anypony got a huge fan to blow away the snow?"
>> No. 40641121
As Lunar Sun spoke the party can hear the jingle of the chains and suddenly one of the windago's leaps through the wall of the blizzard knocking Lunar Sun up into the air. She landed with a thud but luckily she didn't sustain any serious injury.

Last edited at Thu, Oct 2nd, 2014 19:43

>> No. 40641772
Lunar Sun glared at the flurry of white. "Okay, now I'm mad. Seriously, anypony got any ideas of what do do here?" Lunar Sun asked, looking at her companions.
>> No. 40642069
"Hold on a sec!" Gallus stood still, his ears twitched as he listened for the chains. He then turned around to his and the windago leaped out again but Gallus this time caught it. He then jumped back pulling the tamer himself out leaving him exposed.
>> No. 40652070
>Hey this is still a thing if you guys still want to do this.

Last edited at Mon, Oct 13th, 2014 18:50

>> No. 40652530
I just don't know what to say
>> No. 40653028
>Well the boss is left open for an attack.
>> No. 40654179
Lunar Sun leaped forward, thrusting her blade.
>> No. 40654319
Lunar Sun cuts the Windago Tamer but didn't kill him. When it seemed that she finally had him the second windago knocks her away from him. Gallus was able to get away but the one he had tackle hit its hoof on the ground causing a line of ice to form and freezing Gallus's hooves in place.
>> No. 40655667
Lunar Sun quickly activated her horn and tried to use magic to unfreeze the ice.
>> No. 40656216
Lunar Sun was successful and she could hear him thanking her for the assistance he then begins to spar with a windago and the second one challenged her with their master now out of sight.
>> No. 40658852
Lunar Sun gave the windago a smile that was anything but friendly and launched at it with a cry, daggers raised.
>> No. 40660331
She managed to strike the windago and pieces of ice scattered across the floor yet it was not dead. It stared into Lunar Sun's eyes with an emotionless expression as gust of wind carrying hail, hit her.
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