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#Ask/invite #Canon: AOS/An Odd Story #Adventure #Chill #Violence #Shipping #Semi-serious

>Off in the distance you see a timeworn yet magnificent mansion that stands alone towering over the surrounding area. Past that is a lush forest that stretches to the vast mountains beyond. Many sorts are drawn to the curiosity that is the mansion.No one knows where it came from or how long it has been there. For whatever reason you find yourself heading towards it. You may not know what tales you will weave in these winding halls. No one does, but all stories have a beginning and this one starts with a knock.

We have our own Wikia page. Note: pages that are being vandalized WILL be locked, and the vandal will receive an IP ban. Friendly and accurate editing is encouraged however.

Please read the following rules thread before joining. If you do plan on joining, then post info about your character in the rules thread. There is a provided blank sheet in the OP. Thank you:

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>> No. 40814738
File 142592357339.png - (78.13KB , 815x979 , hatless_applejack__looking_particularly_shocked__by_drfatalchunk-d55bn3d.png )
"Earth blew up partly because of Princess Celestia and the griffon king having a massive world war...armed to the teeth with crude nuclear weapons so many that this beautiful world could not handle it..." she looks out
"this is actually the first time I ever got to see Terra with my own eyes...sure I seen terraformed worlds but...this..." she looks at a rose next to her and gasped as it picked her
"no wonder the rose was a symbol of love..." she chuckles
>> No. 40814747
>He looks over to her as she sits back, then looking out at the newly budding foliage after the winters melt with the fresh green on all the birch trees. The conifers still stood deep green and tall amonst the brighter deciduous trees. Thinking about it all at a waste quietly as it slowly burns. He shakes his head a bit, remembering back to the forest torches years ago, during the year long escape. He then looks back at to Cherri as she picks up a rose and smelling it. He chuckles back slightly before looking back forward.

Yeah...yeah it is.

Well...welcome to Terra. Or, as most of us in this day and age call it, Earth.

>He makes a light smile to her slightly.
>> No. 40814819
File 142592880438.png - (46.67KB , 300x292 , apple_bloom_chewing_lips_by_jrrhack-d4rv5vd.png )
she looks at all of nature's beauty silently as the trees of the everfree sway with the wind not to far away from the mansion
"Five billion years....that's how old this rock is...I've...I think I have a mission now...A mission to prevent the boiling make the earth that was...the earth that is..."
she got up looking at him seriously
"Take me to your leader."
she said gesturing to the ship.
>> No. 40814930
>He snaps back to her in surprise after she repeats "Take me to your leader"


>He glances up to the ship, thinking for a second before shaking his head in defense.

I'm not so sure about that Cherri. When I was a refugee coming in with my small group from decades ago, we had a hard time getting belief from the Princess herself. I doubt they would take a ship that they would never see for hundereds, if not thousands of years seriously whatsoever.

>He bites his lip a bit.

Yeah...I dont know how to go about it...
I mean, dont get me wrong, a bold statement and direction to go towards. And one that you can do better than I can since...well...I wont be around forever, unlike you.
>> No. 40814939
File 142593299562.png - (78.13KB , 815x979 , hatless_applejack__looking_particularly_shocked__by_drfatalchunk-d55bn3d.png )
"that's true...Cakebutt will probably think i'm a Neighponese spy trying to freak her out....and I don-..."
she looks at her hoof that healed up from the prick and blinked "computer...scan for nanobots?"

>the computer responds
"no nanobots nanobots have ever been injected into you according to health records "


Olivia comes out gawking at the ship
>> No. 40814990
>He looks at her oddly as she talks about spies and then moving onto nanobots.

Umm, I dont think so. Mainly out of the fact know, a giant spaceship. And as far as I know, no nanobots exist...outside maybe the Mansion. Just letting you know that.

Otherwise...if you want to bring this forward we will have to present ourselves like most other ponies around here. Going by train is a common thing to do as it leads right into Canterlot.

>Olivia would possibly hear him just around the corner with Cherri, though he didnt hear her whatsoever
>> No. 40815484
File 142596122593.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
"nanobots appear in my time...I'm slightly surprised you didn't freak out more with my ship and....what's a train?"
she said in a deadpan manner.
>> No. 40815497
File 142596210819.png - (76.41KB , 1000x1259 , Mobius leg up.png )
>He pauses a bit, then realizing trains didnt exist in her time.
Oh...been a while then. Um, basically you have an engine, with a bunch of passanger cars behind it, riding a long a pair of steel rails.

To be honest its a rather pleasant ride...if you ask me anyways. It just takes you where you want to go.

>He smiles slightly to her.
>> No. 40816585
File 142605695048.png - (553.94KB , 3026x5443 , cermella_by_cider_crave-d5p21et.png )
"Wait...I think I heard of this...err seen it in a painting."
she thought for a moment and looked over and stopped in her tracks as Olivia came over

"Wowza wow...Ey...err..." Olivia looked at the ship and at cherry.

"O-Oka.....Okasan?" said cherri
>> No. 40816743
>He shrugs

Well, you'll know soon enough anyways. Besides, its one of the few ways for Earth Ponies like yourself to get around to other towns and places without walking the whole way.

Also doesnt attract attention unlike a giant space cruiser...

>He glances up at the ship before hearing another voice as it oggles the ship. He finds Olivia looking between the ship and Cherri.

Oh, hey Olivia.
>> No. 40817988
File 142615082837.png - (175.46KB , 900x708 , well isn't that interesting.png )
Olivia smiled at Mobius "heya Mobius whaddya up ta?" she looks up at the ship and over at cherry
"come in peace twilight zone?"

"Yes ma'am" she said softly

she blinked at the tone change.
>> No. 40818119
>He smiled over to Olivia

Oh, just greeting a relative of yours back to Equestria.

>He then nods over to Cherri. Though figuring that they would obviously know each other by this point anyways.

And...sort of planning a trip up to Canterlot, I guess.

>He has a shrug with it as it really was a hasty decision of hers.
>> No. 40818546
File 142619014517.png - (141.08KB , 1206x662 , my_little_vector___rarity_by_rudahn-d4fevrm.png )
"but ma didn't have any brothas or sistas...where do youse come in then?"

"I'm....I'm your daughter from the future..."

Olivia stood there silently as she looked up at the ship then at Cherri and noticed she had her nose bit in the face "If youse are my daughter what's my favorite food, my brand of eyeshadow and one thing I would tell nopony but my daughter..."

"The calzones from Pisano's pizzaria, your eyeshadow is old noir dusty blue and you and your band mate Gloria-"

with the mention of Gloria from Cherri, Olivia shoved a hoof in her mouth chuckling nervously "Ain't that somethen' ain't it Mobius?..."
>> No. 40818550
>He just turned a bit as he looked at the two, as Olivia really found it was truly her daughter. He smiled lightly, responding somewhat lightly.

Yeah. Sure is.

>He chuckles over Olivia shoving her hoof in Cherri's mouth just to shut her up about that other somepony. Assuming it was somepony long passed away in Olivia's history. He wasnt sure how to respond for a few seconds before then continuing.

I would assume she has quite the history under her belt, coming from so far away.

>He then glances back up at the space ship parked at the back of the Mansion.
>> No. 40820479
File 142631764033.png - (124.65KB , 700x700 , 131122132433.png )
"I bet she you have all sorts of stories..of course and a great singen' are my daughter." nudged Olivia.

"I...well I do but it isn't my talent like you Oka'..."

they look over at Mobius
>> No. 40820533
File 142632060289.jpg - (37.69KB , 604x404 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 40822846
>He looked between the two and smiled with a slight nervous chuckle as they both looked back to him.

Well, whose to say a thousand years cant make a great singing voice or on big crick in the neck?

But understandably, interests are lying elsewhere.

>He leaned over a bit as the weight on his back shifted, yanking at the straps under his chest to reef it back to center.

So, Cherri. If youre at all interested in staying here in Equestria, the Mansion is your home, as it is to all of our other residents. If you would like to take a look around I'd be happy to show you around a bit.

And maybe yourself, Olivia and Mystic can all pick out a room for yourself?

>He shrugged a bit to that
>> No. 40822847
>whoops, forgot name. new work comp
>> No. 40822858
>Inferno walks out a random corridor and into the main room, cob webs hang off of him as he walks.
So easy to get lost in this long have I been gone for?

>He continues looking around, taking in all the changes
Wow, apparently quite a while.

>He trudges forward to find some source of life in this place.
>> No. 40822860
>Terran would have been in the library, as the door was slightly opened as the atrium of the library filled the leatherbacked scented room with dusty light. A slightly smaller brown stallion would be sitting in one of the chairs with a small pile of books next to him as he had his brown bag sitting in front of him. He was intently into his current book, titled "A Brief History on Acrylic".
>> No. 40822863
>Inferno walks over to the ajar door and knocks briefly to announce his presence.
Hello? I've been lost for quite some time and it appears a lot has changed since I've been gone. Do you know where anyone else is?
>> No. 40822864
>Being in the quiet room for so long at this point during the day, besides the crash in the forest about an hour ago. He is startled easily as the book tumbles out of his hooves onto the floor in a bit of a fright. He then looks to the door with his bright green eyes. N-not at the moment no. Everypony else is off...more or less doing their own thing.

Um...I-I think I heard some commotion...outside the Mansion a while ago. I-if at all interested...

>He blinked nervously to him.
>> No. 40822868
>He nods in response
Thank you for your time, I'll be sure to go check that out.
>He walks out of the library and towards the entrance of the mansion itself.
I wonder if anyone I remember is even still here. Dashy, Deadpony, Mobius, Anyone... For all I know they've left on their own with the others.
>He exits the mansion and looks up at the sky
Its crazy to imagine how much this place has changed since I've left. I never even got that kid's name before I left. Heh, the first person I meet and I don't even bother to get to know them, some kind of return that is...
>He continues outside the mansion to explore the "commotion" the brown stallion told him about.
This sounds like the start to a bad adventure story, like I haven't had enough of those in the past.
>He briefly chuckles in recollection whilst shaking his head.
>> No. 40823859
>As he were to look out front, nothing appeared to be wrong. A rather lovely spring day in fact, as the final bit of melt was still present in the air. If he were to go around the left however, he would find a large spacecraft sitting at the back of the Mansion grounds. The courtyard garden was green and a nice place to walk around though in the meantime as well.

>Terran, the brown stallion in the meantime, gave a bit of a sigh before closing his book, now that he had lost track and plopped it on the top of the rest of the book pile. He reached down, slipping his saddlebags over his back, and starting to head outside. He felt the fresh spring air waft up at him, making him smile a bit as he quietly made his way out the right side of the doors behind the new stallion (to him) towards the forest.
>> No. 40825044
>He would slowly approach the strange ship.
Hmm, that was never here before...
>He searches the exterior of the ship for some form of entrance or indicator as to whom the owner is.
>> No. 40825179
File 142670595010.png - (215.71KB , 2072x2584 , HW_V_1_1.png )
> (So, this thread is dying again... Well, I'll just join back, but keep in mind that I'll slowpost most of the time.)

> A brown unicorn stallion moves to the Mansion, carrying a backpack. On his right foreleg, there's a flak cannon - the piece of his mechwork that he attached just to be safe.
Hope I'll have a chance to apologise...
>> No. 40827801
File 142692944815.png - (175.16KB , 1224x1080 , Kinzie Standing Awkward.png )
Kinzie was outside the mansion by the forest located just outside the back yard. As she stood in the tall grass that swayed and rubbed against her hooves she held her book up, reading through one of the spells. Her eyes went back and forth through the pages before finally looking up at the nearby tree. After closing the book, determined and assured of her knowledge, she closed her eyes and allowed the tan aura to emit itself around her horn. After a minute she cast acid arrow at the tree, burning a hole quickly through it as the beam of green acid shot into it.

Kinzie would smile, glad to see that the spell was successful, but was also disappointed at how it didn't perform to it's fullest capability. She only sighed before looking over to the garden. All the plants were dead from the winter that brought much snow this year. None of the nice looking flowers managed to grow back during the time, so it became difficult to find what could be joyful in the wildlife this time. Gave little reason to even stay awake.
>> No. 40829801
>Mobius was just around the corner of the Mansion at the back, speaking to the indeed owner of this new arrival ship, Cherri and her mother Olivia. He then saw the new arrival to the conversation. An old face that he had not seen for...years now at this point. He slowly turned his head to him in a bit of amazement.

Inferno? That actually you?

>He then smiled a bit, seeing somebody he hadnt seen for so long.

>Out of the brush, close to where a spear of acid shot through the trees came a brown stallion from the underbrush. He looked at the tree in staunch fear of what just happened. Then spotting the only pony around. A unicorn nonetheless with a spell book. He nervously walked over to her, his voice timid and a bit more fearful than usual.

D-Did you just do that?...

>He looks back to the seared hole in the tree now.
>> No. 40829892
>Inferno breaks his attention from the ship to see Mobius walking closer
Oh, hey Mobius! I haven't seen you in years!
>He trots closer to him, smiling
How have you been? More importantly though, where is everyone? This place seems abandoned; I'm honestly surprised that you're even here.
>> No. 40829902

> Gears hears them and goes to them.
Mobius? Shtob tebya, I'm really sorry about leaving so unexpectable!
>> No. 40829905
>Mobius smiles back to him. With a bit of a shrug he responds.

Well, keeping an eye on the Mansion. Welcoming the newcomers.

>He motions over to Olivia and Cherri.

And um, keeping the yellows of my back.

As for everyone
>He puts a hoof to his chin in thought.
Well, it seems that...a lot have just gone their own seperate ways. Dashy and Andrew have been missing for a bit. Lucky gone... Mercury is up on the Orion station. No idea where Brinkles is...hes pretty much fallen off the Earth.
>He pauses a bit.

Yeah, a lot have come and gone in the past while. Shit, as far as I know...Chicken Scratch is actually dead...Poor soul.

>From the front side Geary finds them at the back of the Mansion. Mobius perks up to see yet another person joining the group.

Hm? Oh, no big deal. Come and go as you wish.
>> No. 40829920

> Gears sadly looks at the ground.
So, you've been here for really long... I'm sorry about what happened to your friends...
> He looks away for a while, trying not to think about it.
Shame, a real shame. This Mansion has really sad stories to tell...
> He then looks back to Mob.
So, when Mansion has been founded?
>> No. 40830401
File 142716326148.png - (150.33KB , 789x1012 , pinkamina_by_ifoxtrax-d5ggtqz.png )
"Ash that sounds like a good idea Mobi-san but I have weird instruments that may effect mom and Grandma."

"I rather have my own room too...Ma is great but I'd get fat on her crumpets if I lived with her."

cherri looks over at the newcomer "Konichiwa."
>> No. 40830763
>He nods.

Yeah. Been around here for...4 years? Something like that. Been a while least to say.

As for when it was founded...I really dont know to be honest. From what I know just from the Leiutenant and Deadpony it was basically wished from a magic Genie for Oblivious Pony. This was long before I got here though, and the Mansion used to be a lot crazier. It has a very...quiet history now, which I dont mind so much honestly.

>He chuckles out loud with a slight scoff to the crumpets.
Yeah, sure thing. We can find you something.
>He smiles over to Cherri
>> No. 40830901
File 142722411622.png - (228.64KB , 1224x1080 , First Kinzie tablet sketch.png )
"Oh... um..."

Kinzie stood there for a moment, somewhat awkward to see that someone has caught her using a spell like this. She didn't use them that often anymore other for personal reasons, so now it would feel more like showing off to use them in front of anyone.

"... I did.. yes."

She brushed some of her mane from her face as she looked to the stallion.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.
>> No. 40830922

> Gears looks at him with a shock.
Oh, damn it... That's really long period...
> He looks at the ground for a while thinking.
So, this place is half-dead. Hope we wouldn't die as the Mansion does...
>> No. 40831014
>He just quietly looked over to her before glancing back to the tree.
Umm...I was just coming back...And..

Suddenly a..a-a thing just shot through the tree...just above my head.

T-thought I may um....s-see what or who it came from...

>He just stood a bit dumbfounded and quite frankly a bit afraid
>> No. 40833456
>He droops his head silently as Mobius lists off the people who have mostly abandoned this once great place.
That's honestly kind of depressing, I remember this place once being so lively and populated. You couldn't take a few steps without seeing someone's face or a large beast attacking this home that we defended almost as if it were a fortress.

>He looks around, making his point
This place seems so barren now... Its like this place has become a ghost town .... It almost makes me question why the few outliers here haven't left as well. I don't understand why you'd stay in such a place that people continue to abandon more and more... It really makes me wish I could go back to what this place used to be, its former glory...
>> No. 40833474
File 142742059659.png - (88.84KB , 945x945 , Larry shrug.png )
Don't we all wish that buddy boy, back in the days when you couldn't move an inch without falling into a couch with someone on it.
>> No. 40833578
>(Everyone know the couch was god in the old mansion. So many people were always on it that it might as well have been some sort of idol of worship)
>> No. 40833861
> (Not everyone.)

Blyat'... Have you ever thought why they leave this place?
>> No. 40834123
>He shrugs
Honestly, I haven't really... Do you happen to know?
>> No. 40834181

> He shook his head.
I'm new to this Mansion, honestly...
>> No. 40834746
File 142751504886.png - (83.87KB , 1000x1435 , Mobius you serious.png )
>He nods solemnly.
Yeah, it is unfortunate.
>He leans his head back a bit with a sigh.
Yeah those were...some pretty hectic times least to say. I mean not to say that it never happens anymore. Just...yeah not much anymore in the least. It pretty much is a ghost town, but people do come and go as they please still when the older guys roll around. And when they do its good times to be had.
>He chuckles lightly.
And yeah. But, I stay here because of my own vilition. Also I get paid for it a bit.
>He laughs to himself a bit.
Former glory would be pretty great though, I must say.

>Suddenly Larry appears, chuckling at his remark.
Heh, yeah, those definitely were the days.

>He looks between the two of them as they exchange.
Yeah, Geary just showed up...just a few days ago.
>He motions over to Inferno.
Inferno, one of the oldest residents of the Mansion that I know of.
>> No. 40836779
The mare looked back to the hole in the tree, rubbing the back of her head with her book before turning over to the familiar stallion she saw, but never really took much time to get to know past that.

"Oh... right. I'm a Duskblade. Or I used to be. My spells are passed down a line of trained soldiers. I managed to keep my book, despite losing my title and alignment to my guild. That was my acid arrow I cast. I seem better at using it on my own time than in actual fights, though."
>> No. 40838125
File 142768664006.png - (99.71KB , 1000x1000 , Terran bags.png )
>His eyes widen, for once hearing a bit more about the history of this unicorn he has seen every so often around the Mansion.

Oh...well um...I hope that...your spell studies are up to snuff for yourself anyways...

>He clearly wasnt sure what to say to her after this encounter. He ponders a bit awkwardly before continuing.

So umm...w-where do you...Duskblades come from?
>> No. 40838522
File 142771105402.jpg - (648.73KB , 2160x2880 , I'm a good character again!.jpg )
"Well... um... thank you," she said, rubbing the back of her head. "I guess if you wanna know more about my guild I could share a little bit... I guess."

After putting her book away she looked back to the stallion.

"But first, do you mind sharing your name with me? It's been a while since I last spoke with you, I don't even think I've heard it."
>> No. 40838686
>Inferno raises an eyebrow
You get payed to stay here? That's a tad strange, do you work here as defense or what?

Well its nice to meet you anyway
>> No. 40839513
>Terran simply just nodded back to her after she closed her book up.

Umm...w-well...that would be nice if thats okay with you.

Oh, a-and my name....Terran. Terran.

>He repeated out of nervousness, before slowly forming a light smile to her.

>Mobius nods a bit.
Well...sort of really. Since I first showed up, I was ordered to see what was happening at the Mansion just to investigate whatever chaos was happening. And from then on I just decided to stick around. And as I am part of the Independent Allied Forces, defending Equestria from outside forces from my long past, I was being stationed here as, yes, defense.

Its kind of a confusing story yes, but I still stick around here, spending most of my time up North where our HQ is because, well not much happens around here anymore.

>He shrugs back a bit.
>> No. 40839978
Same to you. Name's Gears, by the way. Gears Hackwrench.
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