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40648070 No. 40648070
#Ask/invite #Canon: AOS/An Odd Story #Adventure #Chill #Violence #Shipping #Semi-serious

>Off in the distance you see a timeworn yet magnificent mansion that stands alone towering over the surrounding area. Past that is a lush forest that stretches to the vast mountains beyond. Many sorts are drawn to the curiosity that is the mansion.No one knows where it came from or how long it has been there. For whatever reason you find yourself heading towards it. You may not know what tales you will weave in these winding halls. No one does, but all stories have a beginning and this one starts with a knock.

We have our own Wikia page. Note: pages that are being vandalized WILL be locked, and the vandal will receive an IP ban. Friendly and accurate editing is encouraged however.

Please read the following rules thread before joining. If you do plan on joining, then post info about your character in the rules thread. There is a provided blank sheet in the OP. Thank you:

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>> No. 40648071
Vinyl would be doing things that only those in a coma can. Sleeping.
>> No. 40648073
File 141291133646.png - (241.21KB , 1024x1024 , What a beautiful day for genocide.png )
Sleeping isn't exclusive to just coma people
>> No. 40648092
Iselia sighs as she sits next to Litos
"I spoke to two different ponies last time, and even managed to introduce myself properly...Come on, Grandpa..."

Litos waves a hoof
"Nope, you've not got me convinced yet, Izzy."

Iselia groans and stands
"Ugh, fine."
She rubs her forehead and decides to start wandering the mansion again
>> No. 40648535
File 141297668561.png - (26.96KB , 125x125 , icon11.png )
>> No. 40648861
File 141300494952.png - (576.89KB , 1345x1345 , Another pic.png )
Umi walks up to the door, and opens it, peering inside. It was...nothing! His expression falls, as he looks at the, almost irritatingly, empty room. "I think it's the wrong room, Mobius. There's nothing in here. I don't think there's even a cobweb. Oddly clean for an abandoned room..."
>> No. 40648863
File 141300539116.png - (83.87KB , 1000x1435 , Mobius you serious.png )
Oh. Shit, okay.
>He looks down the hallway to see another branch.
Next hall then.
>He walks down the parent hall from the elevator then turning left town the next hall.
>rolling for door above 3
1d5 = 2
>> No. 40648864
File 141300565751.png - (416.53KB , 709x1051 , blue_guy_by_annasko-d6si7zi (1).png )
Another swing, and another miss! What was in this one? "Huh...I think I know where all the dirt from that other room went...eww." He backs out of the room, brushing himself off. "I think I got some kinda disease, just stepping in there."
>> No. 40648865
File 141300583673.png - (152.72KB , 2109x2709 , Mobius look.png )
>He looks back to him to find him covered in dust and dirt. May want to have a shower then when you get back on the Orion then.
>He tries up the next door for same roll
1d5 = 2
>> No. 40648866
File 141300602854.png - (732.43KB , 822x1024 , product_zps92f0474d.png )
"I think I contracted multiple things from that room..." Umi stops at the next door, looking inside it. "Hey! This is Paper cut outs..." He pulls his head out of the room. "Why...okay. Let's try this one." The pegasus trots over to another door, testing the handle, before opening it.

1d5 = 4
>Above 3
>> No. 40648868
File 141300639050.png - (219.47KB , 1800x3739 , Mobius_wat.png )
>And with that he opens the door to a metal paneled walkway towards a small open room with a cylindrical tube in the centre with an interface. It was indeed the teleporter room. It was lit with only a single light for the room but it was the right room.

Oh, damn you found it. Nice job.

>He quickly paces down the small hallway towards the middle of the room, looking around.

Seems alright right now. Hey, at least its clean.
>He looks at the interface which is dimmed out. There is a power switch on the wall.

I dont know, do you want to give it a shot?
>> No. 40648875
Umi walks into the room, looking about. "Not a bad set up, down here. Everything looks in order..." He walks to the wall, throwing the switch, and watching the lights blink on. "Okay. So. Just gotta do a check, make sure it's all operational, and then head on up." He walks over, starting a diagnosis test on the teleporter. "Coming up with?"
>> No. 40649858
Zoticus was wandering through the upper halls of the mansion, thinking about his life at the Mansion. The time he fell down a flight of basement stairs, that chance encounter with the spider. He thought about the time he realized he had these powers, and when he modeled himself after his favorite hero.

He also thought about friends, long-gone. Blackjack, Theta, Zee, Natasha, more Christmases, no more dates, no more birthdays-

Wait, what day was today? He pulled out his phone and checked the date. October 11. His birthday was on the fourteenth. Hmm. He made his way to the stairs, seeing who was around for him to tell this to.
>> No. 40649879
He would bump into Iselia, who was making her way along the steps as well, wandering the massive estate in search of others
"Oof! O-Oh, sorry, sir, I wasn't paying attention...You alright?"
>> No. 40649918
Zoticus stumbled a bit, but he managed to stay upright. "Uh...yeah, I'm fine. Are you...okay?" He looked up at the newcomer. He had a sort of star-struck look in his eye.
>> No. 40649927
File 141308313411.jpg - (58.89KB , 455x527 , Iselia(Old).jpg )
Iselia gives a soft smile and nods
"Yeah, I'm fine. It takes more than a bump to hurt me, hehe..."
She tilts her head a bit as she looks him over, noting his odd gaze
"Hey, are you alright? You seem almost...Dazed, or something...I didn't accidentally hurt your, or anything, did I?"

Sadly, the only picture I could find of her is from an old forum Archive, back when I first made the character, so, the picture is pretty bad.
>> No. 40649935
"..." He shook his head. "Yeah, I'm fine, I just, kinda, y'know..." He paused, and stuck his hoof out for a shake. "My name's Zoticus."
>> No. 40649941
Iselia gives a bit of a smile and clears her throat, almost as if she's been rehearsing talking to others
"And my name's Iselia...It's wonderful to meet you, sir."
She nods her head. That line was clearly rehearsed.
"What's with the stumbling along the stairs though? You might have fallen, had I not accidentally bumped into you, y'know."
>> No. 40649948
He laughed a bit. "Pshh, 'Sir' was my father." He thought for a second. "...and for the record, I really wouldn't have fallen. I can handle myself."
>> No. 40649957
Iselia chuckles a bit, holding her smile
"It's just a habit to address ponies as 'sir'. My bad."
She looks at the top of the stairs, then back to Zoticus
"Well, I'm not saying you can't, but you seemed pretty distracted, and it's easy to slip on the stairs, so...Yeah, was just saying."
>> No. 40649963
He chuckled a bit himself. "Heh, you have no idea..." The silence hung in the air. It took him a moment to realize that he was still standing in Iselia's way. "Oh, geez, I'm sorry." He hastilly scooted out of the way. "Please, after you..."
>> No. 40649968
She smiles, shaking her head
"That's nice of you, but, don't worry, it's not like I had any real destination...I've just been...Y'know, wandering this place, trying to find something to do...What about you? What're you on your way to do?"
>> No. 40649977
"Hmm? Oh, just looking for somepony to talk to." He gave a crooked smile. "Looks like I've found that, at least. You're pretty new here, right?"
>> No. 40649980
Iselia's eyes drift as she watches that crooked smile, then quickly shoot back up to look him in the eye
"Yeah...I'm kinda new. Surprised you don't already know me after the mess I caused in the main room..."
She shakes her head
"Regardless, yeah, I'm kinda new here, and I'm just looking for somepony to talk to, I suppose."
>> No. 40649987
He arched an eyebrow. "Mess in the main room, huh?" He shrugged. "Meh. Don't worry, happens to the best of us." He walked past her, headed downstairs. "C'mon, I'll give you the grand tour."
>> No. 40649995
Iselia smiles a bit wider at the offer
"Oh, cool...I could use one, since this place is so big, and it all seems so darn inconsistent..."
She follows behind him quietly
>> No. 40650014
"Yeah, you get used to it. The trick is: if you keep walking long enough, you'll get where you want to be. Most if the time."

They made their way to the bottom floor. "Welcome to the main room. TV with literally every channel, couch that goes on forever, every gaming system known to get it."

Just realized that you don't know what Zoticus looks like. On mobile, so here it is: brown coat, grey mane, stylish haircut. Green eyes, Spider Cutie-Mark, just under 18 years old. Bam, done.
>> No. 40650020
Iselia rubs her chin
"I wonder how I managed to not find where I was going then...Hm...Maybe I had no true destination."
She shrugs
"It's a really nice living room...I've been in here a few times."
>> No. 40650030
"Oh yeah? Well, sometimes the Mansion can be a bit..." He shrugged. "Well, odd."

They kept walking, and eventually came to the kitchen. It was the biggest kitchen she had ever seen. "Okay, before I show you this next part, I want you to think of your favorite food. Be as detailed as you want." He was really eager, like he was exited to know her favorite food.
>> No. 40650034
Iselia smiles
"Considering what I've been through in just the short time I've been here, I certainly believe you..."
She blinks as his expression suddenly changes, a bit confused by the change of subject
>> No. 40650040
File 141308834740.png - (92.52KB , 1000x1909 , looking up.png )
>Mobius just holds back for a bit as he flips the switch and the room lights up with fluorescent lamps. He then stands back a bit as he would then look at the panel.

How does it look?

>The panel then lit up, displaying a string of green lights as the teleporter sparked up and whirred to life.

Well, seems like it works.

>Mobius looks up to him
>> No. 40650041
"Okay, are you ready?" He put a hoof on the refridgerator door, yanking it open. "Shazam!"

There, sitting in the fridge, was the food she had imagined. If it was a hot item, it would be warm, despite being nigh impossible. "This fridge always has whatever you want inside, and it never runs out. I think it's magic, but no one has been able to prove it."
>> No. 40650043
Iselia stares confusedly as there's a large plate of hashbrowns in the refrigerator, steaming warm even
"I don't...Wha..."
She blinks and shakes her head
"I was born in an odd town, but we didn't have magic fridges..."
>> No. 40650047
"I know, right! It's awesome!" He grabbed an apple and polished it off before speaking again (you know, because he's a horse.) "Anyway, where would you like to go next?" He looked at her intently.
>> No. 40650048
Sorry, I have to go to bed. I'll make another post tomorrow.
>> No. 40650049
She grins and nods
"Definitely! Probably one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time..."
She thinks for a moment, then shrugs
"I really don't know, 'cause I don't know what all's around the house."
>> No. 40650050
>> No. 40651127
"Oh, just some haunted woods, the local town, y'know..."

And sure enough, a thick forest cold be seen circling the mansion on all sides, save for the path to /Oat/ville...

"Anyway, what else...Oh! The best spot in the mansion! Follow me!" He ran off, headed for the stairs. Jeez, he was fast!
>> No. 40651164
Iselia was looking out the window at the surrounding trees when Zoticus suddenly darted off
"Ah! H-Hey, wait up!"
She quickly tries to chase after him
>> No. 40651170
After a while of climbing stairs, Iselia would find herself on the roof. Zoticus was silhouetted by the rising moon. He didn't seem to even be winded. "This. This is my favorite place in the Mansion. You can see for, just, you can see for miles!" He sighed. "It's just beautiful, man."

He turned to Iselia. "What do think?"
>> No. 40651172
Iselia lets out a small huff as she finally finds him
"Geez, Zoticus...Mind actually telling me where you're going next time? I had to listen for your hoofsteps to find you..."
She lets out a bit of a sigh and sits down before looking over the view of the land
"And, yeah...It's a pretty nice view up here...Haven't been on a rooftop to just watch the surroundings in quite a while."
>> No. 40651180
"Hmm? Oh, sorry..." His ears folded against his head, obviously embarassed. "Guess I just got exited. Heh heh."

He turned away to look at the town's glowing lights. "So, uh, t-tell me about yourself." Wait, what? You haven't stuttered like that for months!
>> No. 40651182
Iselia rests her head on a hoof as she watches over the town in the distance. Her ears perk as she hears the stuttering, but she doesn't acknowledge it, just giving a shrug in response to his question
"What is there to tell? I'm a mare traveling with her grandfather for...Some reason, or another...Not even I know any more."
>> No. 40651192
He adjusted his position and looked back at her. "You don't know? Huh, that's...a little odd." He rubbed the back of his neck. "So, does this mean that you won't be here for long?"
>> No. 40651194
Iselia shrugs
"It's more that I don't know why anymore...It's just that...I've been through a lot, and we've been traveling for so long that I've just kinda...Forgotten...I don't know."
She cracks her neck a bit
>> No. 40651195
"Heh, works indeed! Now, to send the signal to Orion...don't want to end up somewhere back on a pirate ship. Never again...I don't think I'll even drink rum again..." He blinks, shaking his head. "That's just crazy talk..."
>> No. 40651224
He simply nods. "Oh, okay." He left it at that. Best not to push it too far.

"So. You've been around for a few days. You've had the official tour. What donuou think?" He scooted a little closer to her, legs dangling off the roof.
>> No. 40651234
Iselia shrugs and just stares into the distance
"I don't know...I found out that somepony that lives here is a clone of my apparently dead friend, and I happened to run into another friend that abandoned me without so much as a word for over two years, so...Yeah. There's a lot to think about."
>> No. 40651260
File 141317708031.png - (83.87KB , 1000x1435 , Mobius you serious.png )
Im pretty sure this sends only to the Orion station. I've seen no other options on the panel and every time I've been beamed up without fail to there.

>He pauses a bit then.

So I think it should be fine if thats its only connection.
>> No. 40651262
"Thank both sisters for that one...I've never programmed a destination into these things before...was hoping I wouldn't have to!" He laughs, and presses a few more keys, the teleporter whirring to life. "Hah! No explosions! This is all going according to plan!"
>> No. 40651264
File 141317759180.png - (24.27KB , 118x125 , Mobius flattered 2 small.png )
>He smirks to see things going to plan before stepping back a bit to give him a bit of room to step into the front of the cylinder when he was ready to depart.

Sure seems like it.

So, do you think you will drop by for a visit again Umi? Or will the Orion station have you stuck up there for endless days to come?
>> No. 40651265
"Oh, I'll be visiting again. I want to see if the rift group is back first though...there's somepony with them that I've been waiting to return..." He smiles a bit, before walking towards the teleporter, stopping, and looking back to wave, before hopping in, and disappearing from view.
>> No. 40651270
File 141317858472.png - (92.52KB , 1000x1909 , looking up.png )
>He smiles with a nod.
Alright then. Do keep yourself safe up there.

>He watches as he steps in, then quickly replying.

Tell your father I said hi.

>He quitely watches as he then slowly disappears away inside of the tube and the machine quieting down. He speaks to himself slightly.
See you again soon.

>He then steps out of the room, back over to the hallway. His mind feeling a bit better now that he is back where he needs to be better than when he arrived to the mansion in the mangled pod. Walking back out to the elevator he steps inside as he then sends it back down to the second floor. He leans back on the inside with a sigh.

>A few moments later he arrives on the second floor as the doors slide open to let him look into the Mansions main hall. He steps back in, before walking over to his right as he then looks over the hall while leaning on the banister. There was still a light smile on his face for getting his friend back home. Hopefully he would visit again he thought as he kept a silent watch.
>> No. 40652190
"...At least you've met people from your past again. I've met some of my best friends here. And so far...five of them have disappeared off the face if the earth. Especially my girlfriend." Oh. That's likely why he was asking about if she was staying.
>> No. 40652202
"It might be better that way...If you ran into her, only to find out she abandoned you without a second thought, and just decided to never tell you she was alive, well, and breathing, then you might feel hurt...Or angry..."
She sighs in annoyance
"Sometimes, it's best to just say "Screw you" to the world, and watch as ponies go on about their days, even if it's all founded on abandonment and lies."
>> No. 40652205
"..." He didn't say anything for a while. He just watched the rising moon. "...I don't want to say 'Screw you'. I don't feel angry, or hurt." He leaned back to lay on the roof, hooves folded under his head. "I just feel lonely."
>> No. 40652209
Iselia continues to stare forward
"How can you not when somepony you cared for, and loved just decided to up and leave? Not even a goodbye, like they're too good for you, or they were just playing with you all those years."
She scoffs
"Sometimes I wonder if the world's worth looking after..."
>> No. 40652213
"The way I see it, it's my responsibility to move past my anger. I'm no good to anyone if I'm perpetually stuck on the ponies who have gone before." He propped himself up on his elbows. "If I want to lead a life worth livimg, I have to be the one responsible for making it happen."
>> No. 40652216
She rubs a hoof through her mane
"If you're able to let it go so easily, then you must not have known those you did for very long...Makes it easier to move on."
She rests her head on a hoof as she holds a cold gaze over the dark horizon
"I'm just tired of everything...Tired of running, tired of being who I am...Tired of...The way life tends to turn out around me. Those that left me behind were more than friends...They were practically family...Some of them, maybe even more than that...As pissed as I am, and as much as I want to forget it...It just lingers in the back of my mind. It pokes at my thoughts, and constantly provokes me, almost telling me to stop holding back..."
>> No. 40652225
"Easily. Yeah." He let out a breath and lingered on the word.

He listened to her talk and thought Honestly, you kinda have it easy. Try dealing with all those problems, plus keeping the fact that you're a wanted pony from those close to you.

He rolled over and looked at her, head resting on one hoof. "Let's make a promise to each other. As of now, if either if us plan on dropping off the face of the earth, without heedance or warning, we'll at least have the dignity to tell each other. Deal?" He held out his hoof for a shake.
>> No. 40652226
Iselia might not be able to read thoughts, but they certainly share a common problem. She looks over her shoulder at him, then at her hoof, hesitating before reaching out her own to his
"Deal...I may not know you, but, I'm not a cruel pony like that...I have a conscience, unlike some..."
>> No. 40652231
>To be continued! Night, U
>> No. 40652232
Night, bro
>> No. 40653285
He grinned, and looked up at the moon. "Oh hey, It's midnight. It's now officially my birthday. Woo hoo!" He pulled out a small party horn and blew it.
>> No. 40653358
Iselia blinks
"Oh, it's your birthday?..."
She smiles
"Happy...19th? I kinda forgot your age already, with all the talking and thinking, and stuff..."
>> No. 40657549
File 141369287989.png - (175.16KB , 1224x1080 , Kinzie Standing Awkward.png )
In the game room, Kinzie would be playing ping-pong. The table was pushed up against the wall, so the ball would just bounce back at her whenever she bumped it lightly with the paddle she was levitating. She would be bored, but was too focused on seeing how long she could go without inevitably losing to the mighty wall of perfect ping-pong performance.
>> No. 40657557
Iselia had accidentally found her way to said game room, completely on accident, of course. She was on the roof, wishing somepony a happy birthday, but, the birthday pony had fallen asleep, so, she found herself wandering aimlessly. She just watched idly as the mare knocked the ball back and forth, waiting a few moments before actually speaking up
>> No. 40657609
File 141370323172.gif - (330.50KB , 500x374 , tumblr_m9fmttf2tA1qb05hi.gif )
As the mare would speak to her suddenly, she would accidentally drop her paddle, thus having the ball hit her on the forehead.

She stood there for a moment, once surprised to hear another pony in the room, but now stunned by having a small ball hit her. Kinzie turned around, seeing the mare who said 'hi' to her.

"Oh... um... hey. Did you need something?" she asked, looking around, seeing that the game room doesn't really seem to have anything out of place for the most part, it seemed.
>> No. 40657626
Iselia lays her ears back as Kinzie drops the paddle, as well as when the ball boops her forehead
"I, uhh...No, I just...Trying to find my way around this place, and...Like...Meet the ponies, and stuff..."
She gives a faint, shy smile as she walks in
"So, uhm...I..."
She stops mid-step to try and think of something to say, clearly not the best conversationalist
"Uhm...What's...Your name?..."
>> No. 40658312
File 141375916143.jpg - (648.73KB , 2160x2880 , I'm a good character again!.jpg )
Kinzie looked at the mare for a moment as she spoke. It was strange; the way she spoke and acted around her. Was it something she said? Something she did? Was this mare related to that sorcerer she killed a few months ago. That would be ironic. Like a movie that was trying too hard to bring a sequel due the the previous one's success. Kinzie never liked it when companies would bring those kind of films out, probably in hopes of turning their ideas into a cash milking franchise, but failing miserably. Of course Kinzie didn't even know what a 'movie' was until she came to the mansion, being brought up in a primitive society and all. She didn't even know what paddle ball was. Why was she even playing it? It made about as much sense as counting stars with friends, with more movement involved.

But now she was getting lost in her own thoughts. This mare asked her a question, and it would be rude to just stand there, staring at her quietly like this.

"...Kinzie..." was all she let out in response. It took her a few seconds to tell the mare her name.

"What's your name?" she asked, not wanting to make it seem like her company wasn't welcomed. That was always an issue. Kinzie never really wanted to say more than what was needed, but also didn't want to seem like an edgey outcast that pushed the world away all dramatically and shit.

Last edited at Sun, Oct 19th, 2014 15:53

>> No. 40658375
The mare rubs her foreleg slowly as she tries to properly plan out her sentences. She takes in a deep breath before pushing her voice a bit, making sure she's not whispering again
"I'm...I'm, Inigo Montoya. And you killed my wizard-relative Iselia...It's nice to meet you, miss Kinzie."
She gave a smile and offered a hoof. She was trying her best to be polite and welcoming, despite how socially awkward she was. Maybe that was a bit odd to some, that she was trying so hard, but, she was trying not to seem that way.
>> No. 40658543
File 141376641955.jpg - (485.79KB , 2160x2880 , Kinzie2.jpg )
What many who seem awkward around others don't seem to be aware of is how obvious it was that they were trying so hard, when in all actuality, they were trying to come off as what they will deem as normal behavior, as mentioned.

Kinzie, however, was not so fond of how others might feel. She only ever saw ponies act like this as a reaction to something she did or as a scheme they were planning. The mare wasn't paranoid. She didn't even think any of the two factored in here.

Hesitant, she would raise her hoof as well to shake her's. A faint smile would appear on her face for a few seconds before fading away.

"Same to you," she said. "Are you new here or something?"
>> No. 40658565
Iselia gave a bit of a nervous smile. Her disposition seemed kind enough, but her eyes always seemed to have such an odd look to them, as if she was always thinking of something
"New? Oh, uh...Yeah...Kinda...I mean, uhm...The first time I really spoke to anypony, I uh...Nearly shot a few different ponies because of somepony from my past who abandoned me..."
She rubs her neck awkwardly
"But, uh...My...Grandpa kinda stopped me, and won't let me carry my guns any more..."
She gave an awkward smile and thought to herself:
Oh, Celestia, that was the stupidest introduction.
>> No. 40658589
File 141376866654.png - (202.06KB , 500x365 , tumblr_mnwetqAZ7u1qdeg6po1_500.png )

She blinked, realizing that this mare is actually violent. Why was she acting like this when she made it clear that she's like this?

"When I was first here I got into a fight with this one guy... he shot me..."
>> No. 40658591
Iselia blinks and stares at her
"Wh...What? Why?? What reason could he possibly have for shooting you?"
She blushes a bit, realizing the similarities in the issues
"But, uh...I'm...I'm sorry to hear that. I promise I won't shoot you if I get my guns back...But, uh...He's...Probably not gonna give 'em back any time soon."
>> No. 40658596
File 141376908056.jpg - (245.58KB , 2016x1502 , Your flank reminds me of Andrew.jpg )
"We didn't get along. I don't know. We started talking and he didn't like the way I talked to him. I can barely even remember it, though."

She shrugged.

"I haven't really seen him much though. He randomly likes to act kind to me. He's pretty weird. I don't really get him at all."
>> No. 40658602
Iselia gives a soft smile
"Well, uhm...If you are ever having any trouble, I'd be alright to help...But, uh...If you don't, that's fine too, and I can understand that..."
She clears her throat
"S-So, uh...How...How long've you been here?"
>> No. 40658617
"A few months, I guess. I don't tend to hang around here all that much to remember, and I also lost a lot of my memory on time after that one bat pony attacked me."
>> No. 40658795
Iselia tilts her head
"You were attacked by a bat pony, and you lost your memory...That certainly seems like it might be fairly concerning...I know I'd be angry to know my memory was messed with."
>> No. 40658796
"Well, it's a long story that's rather tedious to even think about. It's over now."

She shrugged again.

"Is there anything else you'd like to know about my time here?" she asked; her face seeming somewhat uninterested in her own story, but she still seemed to be focused on the conversation she was in.
>> No. 40658797
Iselia shrugs, unsure of how to continue the conversation. She was always bad around those she barely knew
"Uhm...It kinda sounds like you don't want to continue that particular conversation...Have, uh...Anything else you'd want to talk about? Or...something...?"
>> No. 40659565
File 141385723134.jpg - (177.03KB , 900x1216 , Vi-League-of-Legends-Portrait-Fan-Art-by_zeronis.jpg )
Kinzie looked around the room.

"Uuuhhh... not really. No..."
>> No. 40659635
Iselia blinks and rubs the back of her head
"Ah...Uhmm...R-Right...I...I should probably go, hehe...I don't mean to bother you, and all that."
She gives a shy smile and starts backing out of the room
"But...I-It was nice to meet you, Kinzie..."
>> No. 40665449
File 141431834746.png - (79.51KB , 879x908 , littlespitfire_by_alamber-d4wiozd.png )
months have past since Natasha had gotten around the mansion though this time she arrived in a crate she kicks it open and tumbles out flopping at the door
"ugh...mother Russia has...odd sense of humor..."

Last edited at Sun, Oct 26th, 2014 03:13

>> No. 40667170
File 141448951407.png - (147.04KB , 900x846 , a_changeling_by_sofunnyguy-d5i63rm.png )
I'll drink to that!

> lifts up a beer

>> No. 40668338
File 141456413411.jpg - (210.37KB , 894x894 , I haz a suit.jpg )
Hello inferior beings
>> No. 40668833
File 141461500864.png - (165.16KB , 900x1000 , changeling___milkshake_by_isegrim87-d5p5xhe.png )
I don't know what's funnier.

That hair cut, or how I'm so pissed drunk right now that there's two of you.
>> No. 40669641
Bitch you just jealous cause I'm stylin' on you.
>> No. 40670238
File 141470409009.png - (52.10KB , 500x363 , 141093931853.png )
You can't style on me.

> changes into pic

I style on you.

> He says with Larry's voice.
>> No. 40670350
File 141470966653.png - (102.41KB , 417x500 , Seras dies first.png )
Well, well. Exactly what I mean. Something so pathetic as yourself needs to turn into another just to feel worthy of himself.
>> No. 40670431
File 141471522068.jpg - (76.36KB , 894x894 , 141057979740.jpg )
Is that what you call a comeback or is your head so far up your ass you can't tell that your talk is shit.

> grabs a pint and starts to drink from it

>> No. 40670455
File 141471770516.png - (85.31KB , 900x788 , Implying.png )
It's cute. You don't understand the power you deal with.
>> No. 40673743
File 141499302609.png - (700.59KB , 757x1024 , Andrew by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
Wanders around the mansion.
>> No. 40673750
>is sitting on a couch watching tv somewhere
>> No. 40673753
File 141499339571.png - (290.92KB , 822x972 , Andrew by Pepooni.png )
"When did we put a tv in this hallway...?"
>> No. 40673777
Look at the main room are you really surprised
>> No. 40673785
File 141499531280.png - (603.24KB , 3000x3447 , i dont know about that___.png )
"...What's up with the main room?"
>> No. 40673822
Are you blind?
>> No. 40673825
File 141499720191.png - (104.52KB , 817x977 , Name's Andrew.png )
"I don't think so."
>> No. 40673874
it's full of couches
>> No. 40673875
"...Couches to sit on and watch tv?"
>> No. 40674932
>A bright flash of blue indicates to whoever is looking outside the mansion that there's been a new arrival from Orion. Well, perhaps 'new' isn't the right word, for as the light dissipates, a familiar crimson mare take hoof to the path and starts for the door.

Heh... Damn, it's been a while... Nice to see the old place hasn't been torn to shreds since I left.

>After a short walk, Mercury comes to the front door of the mansion. She gives a quick knock before entering the familiar halls of her old home. Ah...memories...
>> No. 40676198
>is sitting in the main room sipping tea as he usually does.
>> No. 40676212

>Sadly, she hardly recognizes him. She only recalls ever talking to him once. She offers a curt nod as she walks past, searching for someone she knows a little better.
>> No. 40676222
File 141516215149.png - (162.78KB , 894x894 , Why not party_.png )
>good luck with that ;p
>> No. 40676249

>Never said you couldn't approach if you wanna.
>> No. 40676254
>Well I took your post as like a "I don't wanna interact with you" Thing
>> No. 40676258

>Yeah, I thought about that after I posted.
>> No. 40676277
File 141516439671.png - (199.17KB , 500x500 , I stole your pancakes!.png )
>Silly mercury x3
>> No. 40676284
File 141516490406.gif - (1.10MB , 389x292 , Capitalism.gif )
Kinzie was in the kitchen, replacing the old pans with new pans as shown in the gif here, when suddenly she heard ponies in the main room.

She walked in to see Page and a 'new' mare.

"Huh? What's this?"

Last edited at Tue, Nov 4th, 2014 23:54

>> No. 40677542

>Seems her memory of the place has not failed her. Anything that would seem out of the ordinary elsewhere doesn't draw her attention until she actually hears someone's voice.

Um... This would be the return of a former resident of the mansion. Hi.

>She waves to this new pony.
>> No. 40677624
File 141525156597.png - (228.64KB , 1224x1080 , First Kinzie tablet sketch.png )
"Oh, um, hello."

This was new... which was ironically the return of someone who's been in this mansion longer than herself.

"So you know a lot about this place?" she asked.
>> No. 40677950

>She nods before allowing her gaze to wander.

Yeah, I got a lot of memories in here... Considering some of the things that happened here, I'm surprised it's still standing.
>> No. 40678288
"Yeah, I guess I can understand that. A lot of things like to pop up out of nowhere. It gave me a lot of trouble for sure."
>> No. 40678393

>She can't help but laugh a bit.

Yeah? Anything spectacular happen since I've been gone? Seemed like the craziest shit happened whenever I was involved.
>> No. 40678537
File 141533875323.png - (175.16KB , 1224x1080 , Kinzie Standing Awkward.png )
"Well, there was a young colt around who floats everywhere he goes. There were a few- if not a fair amount of demons, a hollow form of myself that tried to kill me... again... That's about all I can recall right now. I've heard tales of more bizarre events that have happened, though."
>> No. 40678538

>She smirks.

Yeah, demons, daemons, demigods... Hell, we had a goddess of madness that would poke her head in from time to time. I dunno if she still hangs around here, though.

>She seems a bit concerned at the mention of a 'hollow form.'

The hollow form... I have my own experience with something like that, but...I don't think I've ever heard of something like that happening to anyone else here...
>> No. 40678539
"I doubt it," she said, actually happy to know that something like that isn't hanging around here any more.

"My hollow was basically the sewn parts of my last body, before I was killed. It pretty much wanted to replace me, even though it wasn't actually a living thing."

Kinzie rubbed the back of her head.

"I don't really think we had the same type of scenario occur, though. That's what it seems like to me."
>> No. 40678540

>She taps her chin in thought.

Hmm... No, our scenarios were quite different. My 'hollow' is more...a dark side. It's a part of me, but it was born of something that can influence others... The fact that it can influence things other than me actually has me kinda worried... Are you absolutely sure that no one else has had this kind of experience?
>> No. 40678542
She raised an eyebrow, not sure if this was something she should be concerned about or not.

"Well, not really. But now that I think about it, I haven't really seen as many ponies here after I died. I never did actually figure out what happened to that mare that killed me, either."

She sort of stood there quietly, figuring she was saying too much about her own misfortunes when this mare might possibly be trying to figure out if her 'hollow' was influencing others.
>> No. 40678543

>She rubs her temple as though trying to ward off a headache.

Aagh... I worry too much... This is definitely something I'll have to keep in mind, though. But, for now, I'll focus on why I'm here. Meeting up with old friends. And maybe making some new ones.
>> No. 40678545
File 141534080123.png - (228.64KB , 1224x1080 , First Kinzie tablet sketch.png )
She tilted her head to the side a little, but was glad to see that nothing was really wrong.

"Well that's nice. I hope you do find some friends of yours. It does feel a little empty here from time to time. I do hear some ponies down the halls, though."
>> No. 40679830
File 141542462564.gif - (614.25KB , 500x200 , tumblr_n9i7ypRByw1teuo3ao1_500.gif )
>Walking out of the mansion would be a face as old as the mansion itself. He walks down the porch steps, list in hand as he reads it off.

Ammo belt? Check.
Knives? Check.
Rope? Check.
Dagger? Check.
Chains? Check.
Locks? Check.
Laser Beams? Check.
Acid? Check.
Body Bag? Check

>Patting his belt he walks toward the grey car parked on the mansion's front lawn. He knew exactly what he was doing, and his motives were clear.

Alright team...

>Turning around he would spread his arms and face the ponies behind him. His face clouded in a degree of happyness as he addresses his would be team.

Who's ready to make history!?
>> No. 40679833
File 141542482050.png - (246.02KB , 640x480 , Carrot the vendor.png )
"I think you mean change history." Said the orange mare to whom he was speaking to.
"You have assured me my history will not change in doing this. So, shall we get this party started?"
>> No. 40679835
>Inferno walks up next to him, holding his sword with his box floating next to him.

Let's do this.
>> No. 40679837
File 141542491529.png - (219.80KB , 900x900 , lewd pill.png )

"Holy faith and pergola lass and ladies I'm only here cause you need a bloody priest,and medical physician." She said with a sigh.

"But aye lets do this my flock needs attending too." She said.
>> No. 40679841
File 141542524433.png - (24.61KB , 480x854 , awwww dude.png )
Yes, that's the joke.

>Looking over to Carrot, the cheif mechanic for this mission. She was her to fix the time machine in case anything went wrong.

And yes, I can promise that you'll be just as smart as you are now. Now like we're changing that much.
>And then there was this asshole. A stallion who was there along side with the Merc with a Muzzle during the major events of the mansion's earliest history.

And right to the point. You ever look into that personality transplant I perscribed for you?
>And then there was Pill Popper, resident Medic, and apparent priest now. Someone there to make sure they didn't fuck things up too bad.

Pill you...turned to suck. What happened? Nevermind, It doesn't even matter.

So guys, we know our mission. We know our enemy. And we know where to meet after the mission. Into the Delorean!

>He opens the main door to the time traveling vehicle to allow the three ponies accompanying him to hop inside.
>> No. 40679843
File 141542534877.png - (750.14KB , 900x776 , 134031437781.png )
"Very well, let me know when we're ready to travel. We're... Running out of time." She said with a bit of a chuckle at the end.
>> No. 40679844
>He looks over to deadpony
Yes and no, let's say the doctor had a bit of an accident~

>He hops into shotgun!

Last edited at Fri, Nov 7th, 2014 22:44

>> No. 40679847
File 141542544889.png - (219.80KB , 900x900 , lewd pill.png )
>Pill would shrug off the insult,and climb in.

"Aye we know the drills lad." She said smiling.

"Baaa...You and your puns lass...Can't say i miss them."

"I'm fairly fine lad..." She said face hoofing in the back seat.
>> No. 40679854
>Wade would surprisingly say nothing to the preacher and demonic swordsman. Hopping in he would sit on Inferno's lap and motion Carrot to get in the car.

Come ooon.

>He sais with a whiney voice as he waves his hand to get the mechanic into the time machine.
>> No. 40679856
File 141542575119.png - (95.10KB , 1000x800 , Carrot hips.png )
"Do I know you?"

Carrot Top hops in the driver side, sitting with no one on her lap, or on anyone else lap. PILL! NO! YOU CANNOT SIT ON MY HER LAP, AND SHE IS NOT ON YOUR LAP! Hmph! ... Anyways! She also set the date to go back in time."
>> No. 40679859
>He looks up at deadpony
For your sake I hope we don't hit a rocky road on the way there.
>He chuckles lightly
>> No. 40679860
File 141542590375.png - (219.80KB , 900x900 , lewd pill.png )
"Aye lass!" She said with a firm tone.

>The priest sat silently.

>Motions a cross across her chest and prays to Celestia.
>> No. 40679863
>He turns to her
I heard that by the way~
>Eyebrow bounce
>> No. 40679868
Watch what you say Inferno. If we mess up history too much we'll both be married stallions after this.

>He sais while moving his eyebrows in a seductive motion.

>Looking back to Pill he would only move to increase the awkward tension in the car.
>> No. 40679872
File 141542645439.png - (58.98KB , 700x700 , tumblr_mh2mcetPjP1r3qvlro2_1280.png )
>When suddenly, a giant *thunk* can be heard as Crash manages to have her face slam into the side of the car that sat there. She looked up to see some old, and one new face.
Oh, hey. We going on a road trip? I want in!
>She tapped on the window and tried to get someone's attention.
>> No. 40679873
>Seductive eyebrow back
Unfortunately, I'm not a married stallion anymore actually. Mercury died about a year ago.
>> No. 40679876
File 141542655308.png - (160.39KB , 900x900 , All up in this thread.png )
"Can't say I know this version."

"Oh, I assure you. It is quite possible it could happen." She said with a small chuckle.

She would be yanked in my Carrot Top, and placed on her lap.
"Always room for Crash." She said closing all the doors, and flooring it. so they could go BACK! TO THE FUTURE! TO THE PAST!
>> No. 40679878
File 141542674444.png - (219.80KB , 900x900 , lewd pill.png )

>Just sighs.

"Sure jump in lass." She said.

"Aye I'm so sorry for your loss laddy." She said to console him.

"Lets go already befor ponies get impure thoughts in here!" She said.
>> No. 40679881
I knooooww~

>He sais continueing his seductive eyebrow wiggling.

>He then stops and looks up to the roof of the car.

The hell was that?


>His all he manages to say before the sudden booming on the time machine would cause Deadpony to lean back in his seat, crushing the swordsman beneath him in more ways then one.
>> No. 40679887
File 141542717647.png - (146.69KB , 484x685 , what.png )
>The blue mare would have responded, but it was too late to talk since the warp drive to the past was engaged and any word she tried to get out sounded like she was gargling ketchup.
>> No. 40679889
File 141542728629.png - (277.84KB , 850x1100 , 75786__UNOPT__safe_carrot-top_golden-harvest_artist-xain-russell.png )
And they would arrive at the correct time after dealing with some major turbulence in the time stream.
"And here we are. I do hope you all had an enjoyable ride." She said as the doors opened up.
>> No. 40679890
File 141542736126.png - (219.80KB , 900x900 , lewd pill.png )


>She leaps out of the vehicle and hurls.

"Aye what now?" She asked the crew.
>> No. 40679893
>Inferno is pressed into the seat uncomfortable, being crushed.

Ugh... That was fairly bumpy. So, when are we exactly again?
>> No. 40679897
File 141542772893.png - (111.86KB , 401x495 , Sigh.png )
>Crash also flops out of the car, disoriented by the warp. She gags and gasps for air as she rolls over onto her back on the ground.
I... I wasn't ready for that...
I really ha-have no idea... it kinda looks familiar, though....
>She said getting up onto her hooves.
>> No. 40679901
>Leaping out the passenger door of the Delorean, Deadpony would spread his arms.

And here we are. The horrible town of /oat/ville, exactly three years ago. If we timed this right we'll only have a few minutes to-

>Pointing out toward a darkened allie with a blue tint coming from it.


>Leading the charge, Deadpony would draw his swords and rush into the allie. After he does, he turns his swords around and bashes a man in a dumb batsuit with the handles of his sword, knocking him to the ground.
>> No. 40679902
File 141542813507.jpg - (21.94KB , 314x401 , BTR.jpg )
"Back when the mansion was founded of naturally."

"You get used to it." She said as she hopped out along side Crash.

Carrot walked up to Deadpony holding out a bat, not a mammal, a wooden bat, in the shape of a bat.
"You forgot the bat, so you can bat the Bat with the bat."
>> No. 40679903
>Inferno charges over and backhands him with the flat of his sword directly in the nose.
>> No. 40679908
File 141542824656.png - (219.80KB , 900x900 , lewd pill.png )

"Oy yeah stampede on his nuts!" She lets out a proud battle cry.

>She proceeds to stomp the batsuit weirdo in da nuts.
>> No. 40679920
File 141542873091.png - (142.61KB , 509x536 , Say I'm cute and I'll bop you.png )
>Looking on as her fiends bum-rush some other pony, she turns to Carrot with a very concerned and confused look.
So, uh... Do I even want to know? Or should I just sit here with you and forget that's happening?
>> No. 40679926
File 141542889063.png - (373.41KB , 878x1122 , I made some themed muffins.png )
"They're beating up Oblivious so they can take the deed, and own the mansion. Well Deadpony is, everyone else is along for the ride." She said before checking her pocketwatch.
"We seem to be running out of time." She said with a bit of a chuckle.
"But we have enough to just sit back and relax."
>> No. 40679927
File 141542889489.jpg - (254.42KB , 1920x1080 , Deadpool_gatling_gun.jpg )
>The man lays down on the ground, bleeding profusely as he twitches from the assault.

>Reaching over, Deadpony would take the bat from Carrot and swing it down on the man rapidly in the, but not limited to, the face and crotch.

And this is for hatin on tacos!
And this is for leaving!
And this is for pretending I give a shit!

Last edited at Fri, Nov 7th, 2014 23:42

>> No. 40679933
>Smacks blivy upside the head with the flat of his sword again before bucking him.
Yeah! Those things! Who are you again?
>> No. 40679934
File 141542912689.png - (219.80KB , 900x900 , lewd pill.png )
>Preforms testical base attack number 2 Chidori nut sack rip. The sound of the suit and something fleshy was removed.,and then punted across the alley.
>> No. 40679937
File 141542928140.png - (163.43KB , 320x429 , smiling for once.png )
Makes sense, I guess. I got nothin' on the guy, so I'll just sit here with my favorite pony to be around.
>She said as she takes a seat down next to Carrot and watches the merciless beating of Bliv.
>> No. 40679944
File 141542972946.jpg - (6.62KB , 256x144 , 695968-disney_aladdin_genie2_16_9_large_screen_large.jpg )


>and while all this haberdashery was going on, there floated a being as old as the most ancient of sands in the Middle East, and as powerful as some of the mightiest of gods
>and he was watching a batpony getting mugged by a collection of other ponies in the middle of the street that they were both on


>it was times like these he seriously wondered if he hadn't gone insane eons ago
>except he totally had just to keep himself entertained

>after a few seconds, he coughed loudly to get everyone's attention
>and by coughing, what he did was this:


>which had the added effect of spewing phlegm and spit everywhere
>he then waved his hand once, a confused eyebrow quirked

Somepony wanna let me in on the gag here?
>> No. 40679949
File 141542996390.jpg - (288.36KB , 1024x768 , Deadpool-Marvel-фэндомы-1280830.jpg )
>For a moment, Deadpony would forget why they were here. It was only once the genie spoke that he remembered why he was here. Raising his bat, he points it at the Genie.

GENIE! I wish for a magical time fuckery mansion where all my brohams and pegasistahs could chill out for all time!

>He shouts his wish honest and true, the wish echoing against the night sky.
>> No. 40679954
File 141543021643.png - (71.73KB , 125x96 , 132199773241s.png )
>there was a very long stretch of silence after Deadpony made his wish, the immortal spirit staring at him the entire time with the same confused look he had been wearing since they arrived




>then, without moving a muscle, he would plainly and simply ask:

>> No. 40679958
File 141543043796.png - (189.96KB , 1024x1280 , request_deadpool_pony_by_killer_teckel-d6fg2sg.png )
>Almost instantly, as if preparing for this moment, Deadpony would respond.

Coming from the guy who spouts pop culture referances from the year 1999 in the middle east where pop culture isn't even a thing, this is the thing you're questioning?

>He doesn't even sound annoyed, He has prepared for this moment and nearly every possible angle for months now.
>> No. 40679963
File 141543065499.jpg - (140.58KB , 1217x763 , 132199668369.jpg )

Don't sass me about my amazing sense of humour.

>the Genie now seemed a bit grumpy after Dead's remark, folding his arms and giving a "hmph" while looking away

Besides, the point is that he got the lucky sevens, not you. So he gets the wish.

>he'd turn to look at Dead again, gesturing with his arms at where he and his party suddenly jumped in from

You can't just swoooooop in and take it for yourself!

That's just plain rude!
>> No. 40679965
File 141543075245.gif - (138.73KB , 489x731 , 100364__safe_humanized_animated_carrot-top_artist-steeve.gif )
"Should I use a reserve of my triple sevens?"
>> No. 40679967
Maybe it is, but watch and be amazed as I predict the future.

>Dropping the bat, Deadpony raises his hands to his forehead.

In exactly one month from now, I will be tag teaming along side a small pink haired boy in a dress, and a lightning spewing woman with a spear. Look in to the future and you will know that I too have a lucky seven that you never fullfilled.

>He then points to the Genie with the intensity of a thousand ace Attorneys.
>> No. 40679968
File 141543129630.png - (113.68KB , 480x354 , 132294271053.png )


>there was another stretch of silence as the Genie stared down Dead, though this time it was a bit more tense
>then, abruptly, a cowboy hat and a bushy mustache appeared on his face, as he bellowed at Dead in a Southern accent

Boy! Have yew bin time-travellin'?!

What have Ah told yew about messin' with th' space-tahme continuum?!

>he then rolled up his "sleeves", that being his blue skin, revealing a peach-coloured skintone underneath as his arms got more muscular for some reason
>the anchor tattoo on his bicep might have to do with that

Ah'm gonna set you straight if'n it's th' last thing Ah-

>he then stopped and turned to Carrot Top, blinking once


I'm not getting out of this without paying off my debs, am I?
>> No. 40679969
File 141543136221.png - (291.88KB , 800x824 , Grin.png )
"Nah. I got most of what I want. Plus, what I want, I can't get from a wish, goes against the rules. Does it not?"
>> No. 40679970
File 141543156398.png - (455.92KB , 590x836 , 3575974-deadpool6.png )
No you're randomly disembodied hands are pretty much tied. Plus, you know that I'm just as random as you are, and you're a busy man.

>Crossing his arms smuggly he looks over to the genie with a matching smile.

So what do ya say? Either I get my mansion, or we make sure you never catch another episode of That's So Raven again. The choice is yours.
>> No. 40679972
File 141543233654.png - (1.52MB , 1196x987 , 132199712680.png )

I'd have to hear the wish to know if it was against the rules, wouldn't I?

>he responded with a cheeky tone, like a child at a school playground responding to some teasing

>he'd turn back to Dead and give a grumpy grunt, folding his arms back at him

That show's after my time, dork.

>he'd then stretch his arms up over his head, getting ready to do as the merc with a giant mouth asked
>of course, his version of stretching had them move far above his head, to the point that they flopped back down to the ground like a pair of wet noodles
>they'd slide back into place with a loud SLURP, then he'd reach up and twist his neck with a loud CRACK
>he'd turn his head all the way around, making cranking noises like he was winding a clock, until his head was back in place
>he'd turn around fully to face away from the party, then wind his arms back like he was getting ready to pitch a baseball


>and then, rather bizarrely, his face would become much more rigid and defined, turning into something from a cheesy 70s era shonen anime


>he'd turn and start punching up into the air, his arms turning into a flurry of fists, the Genie punching at nothing yet still somehow connecting with something, as they could hear the fists making punchy noises



>and then, somehow, in some way, the mansion would drop down a very short distance away from them, the building making a comical THUD, like an anvil hitting someone in a cartoon
>> No. 40679973
File 141543246340.png - (895.17KB , 5000x5000 , Christmas.png )
"It involves love."
>> No. 40679974
File 141543257036.png - (219.80KB , 900x900 , lewd pill.png )
"Crash aye get ready and toss me through the window on the second floor!" Pill yelled.
>> No. 40679975
>Deadpony would turn his head and smile as he watched the mansion fall where it would now thrive.

>He seemed to be content until he suddenly raised his eyebrow and raising his finger at the Genie.

Don't forget the deed.

>Knowing if this loophole was overlooked it would only come and bite him in the ass later.
>> No. 40679977
File 141543266975.png - (120.89KB , 405x294 , ah, get up, you only fell about 20 meters.png )
>She turns to Pill and gets ready to hoist her up to the window.
Ready when you are...!
>> No. 40679979
File 141543271529.png - (219.80KB , 900x900 , lewd pill.png )
>Pill bum rushes at her!

"Now!!!" She screams.
>> No. 40679982
File 141543284688.png - (221.76KB , 378x536 , I'm gonna enjoy this~.png )
Godspeed, purple horse!
>Crash lifts her forehooves to catch Pill in them as she jumped, launching her into the air towards the window.
>> No. 40679984
File 141543299513.png - (232.18KB , 509x709 , riotpill.png )
>Pill rips off her priest disguise to reveal a skimpy cheerleader outfit with pom poms.

>An ear splitting sound of glass shattering from the second floor is heard. Pill dusts herself up and cheers.

"Riot!" She yelled.
>> No. 40679985
File 141543316567.jpg - (10.57KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
>the Genie would turn to look at Dead after the mansion was created, now having about twenty arms sticking out of his body after his unique method of creation
>he'd narrow his eyes at the merc, then grumble and snap the fingers of one of his hands
>a roll of paper would appear in the air and float to Dead's hooves

Just sign on the dotted line and it's all yours.

Now I'm gonna go and see if you made any paradoxes or whatever after your little escapade.

>with another annoyed grumble, the Genie would fold into himself like he was made of paper, shrinking down with each fold until he completely disappeared
>> No. 40679986
File 141543320864.png - (13.59KB , 233x195 , pill lurk.png )
>Pill looks down at Crash..

"Flip the pool mission complete Rainbow horse!" She requested of her.
>> No. 40679987
File 141543341247.jpg - (148.13KB , 821x596 , 1394736630302.jpg )
>Well, I guess for the sake of comedy...
>> No. 40679988
File 141543348877.png - (41.12KB , 229x292 , Shock.png )
>> No. 40679989
>Holding the deed in is hand, the red clad mercenary would pull out a pen as he chuckled.

Jokes on him, I actually saved the future three times now

>On the line he would sign his name on the the bottom as instructed. As of now, he was and always has been the current owner of the mansion.

Feels good man.

Hey! You guys are lucky that shit regenerates!

>He sais as he rolls up the deed and places it in his utility belt.

>Looking up at the suddenly massivly buff Crash, Deadpony would switch to a look of wonder and disgust.

...what the fluff?
>> No. 40679990
File 141543354550.png - (143.68KB , 521x635 , pill popper by jervis.png )

>Pill eaps from the second floor.

"Riot!" She says as she leaps back into the Delorean.
>> No. 40679992
File 141543357945.jpg - (22.79KB , 280x298 , 34764__safe_carrot-top_pony-hell.jpg )
It doesn't start up.
>> No. 40679994
File 141543362466.png - (3.71KB , 184x201 , pillpixel3.png )
"I know I'm waiting on you losers!" She said.
>> No. 40679996
What do you mean!?

>He yells as he rushes back to the Delorean.

Did you freakin break this thing with your shinanigans?
>> No. 40679998
File 141543397360.png - (98.63KB , 450x337 , drew_carey_on_whose_line_is_it_anyway.png )
And then everyone got in the car and went back to the future.
>> No. 40680002
>Jumps out WITH the box and sword
>> No. 40680003
>with a deep breath, Deadpony would get off Inferno's lap and gaze at his home.

Ahh, what a glorious day in this canon's hisory.
>> No. 40680006
File 141543434493.png - (231.57KB , 753x543 , pillwarding.png )

>Pill leaped out,and unknown to Dead or CT Pill had her own plans that didn't involve these colorful horses at all. She went straight to CTs room. Stole some premium kush,and dove back into the Deloreans driver seat,and did a donut before disappearing into time and space.

"Later Dead" would echo back as she blazed into times unknown.
>> No. 40680010

So you do still exist here!
>> No. 40680012
File 141543479391.png - (140.93KB , 500x381 , tumblr_msacp1czkn1r9uen4o2_500.png )
Walking back to the Deadpony Mansion, Seras would be walking with Starry Night, First Sergeant of her division.

"It took a lot longer help the citizens of the city in the east, but we did our job, and we kept things well under control," said Starry. "I'd like to thank you too."

"But all I did was bring orders to troops and helped a few citizens."

"Yes, but you do remember that our medics had more than their hooves full. We needed all the help we could get."

Seras smiled, glad to know that she was appreciated by a high ranking official who was always supposed to keep such a strong appearance. This change could be because they were alone.

Starry saluted to Seras.

"I expect to see you tomorrow- on time."

"Am I ever late?" Seras asked, sarcastically.

Starry gave her a small grin before flying off, leaving Seras to walk alone the few steps she had to take back to the mansion. It feels like it's been a while since she's been here. The nice welcoming feeling was more than enough to make her feel more relaxed now.

She walked back inside the mansion, into the main room.
>> No. 40680028

>He yells after the car as he chases after it before it's likely gone forever into the fabric of time.

>> No. 40680031
File 141543638277.png - (420.30KB , 2600x2394 , and then there's this filly!.png )
In the main room, on a couch sat Andrew, harnesses off as he was cleaning and shining up his pistol, cleaning the barrel and giving it a bit of a wax, humming a blank, non specific tone to himself. Ears flcik as he hears the door opens and turns his head to spot Seras, and gives her a smile. "HEy, SEras! Hows it going?"
>> No. 40680032
>Still upset over the loss of his favorite car, Deadpony would grumble under his breath as he walks up the mansion porch and into the main room.

Oh, hey Seras.

>He sais saddly before continuing his advance to his chair.
>> No. 40680034
File 141543653753.png - (165.50KB , 1000x1000 , 138849760942.png )
Seeing Andrew, Seras smiled, glad to see her friend after all this time.

"Hey Andrew! It's good to see you again," she said with a chuckle. "What have you been up to?"

She gave him a quick hug before he could reply.
>> No. 40680035
File 141543674127.jpg - (834.51KB , 2880x2160 , Say what now.jpg )
Seras looked to Deadpony. She barely even knew the guy, but the fact that he was back in the mansion was a sight. This place was feeling a bit remote for a longest time, it seemed.

"Oh, hey," she said, trying to figure out his name. "I didn't even know you still hanged out here."

Her words were jokingly said, although she put some truth in them according to her own perspective.

"What's got you down?" she asked, wondering why he's so sad. It seemed almost random, but maybe he's been around without her knowing all this time.
>> No. 40680036
Oh, Pill just stole my time traveling car after denounching her faith and stealing all the drugs in the mansion.

>Slumping into his chair, he would pick up his paper and open it up to read.

And worst off all, the Stallions lost against the minotaurs this week. Just one big dissapointment in a row.
>> No. 40680038
File 141543726605.png - (700.59KB , 757x1024 , Andrew by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
"Hah." Andrew caught his friend in a hug, returning it with a bright smile. "Yeah, really great to see you again too! I uh, haven't really been up to too much myself. Just what I've always been doing. Making myself useful however I could."
>> No. 40680046
File 141543762197.jpg - (387.24KB , 2592x1934 , Do you even lift, bro.jpg )
"Pill? But she was in that other dimension. Why would she come back here? It's even been ages since we saw each other."

"Really? Hehe, I bet you're like the butler now. Not that much to do around here other than normal shit."

She grinned at him.
>> No. 40680050
File 141543787488.jpg - (243.74KB , 860x640 , tumblr_nbki76IRjG1r66plno1_1280.jpg )
"...W-well wait... N-no! Not a butler. I'm a soldier! Just as mom raised me..." He objected. "I-Im not like that one maid mare that was all over you that one time... Thats not me.." He coo'd
>> No. 40680055
File 141543825480.jpg - (545.55KB , 2160x2880 , What did I just read.jpg )
"Hehe, well it looks like you've been away from your duties for a really long time," she said, looking down at Andrew. She was teasing him.

When she realized everything he said, though, she blinked.

"... oh yeah. That was strange..."
>> No. 40680057
"...I think I have been, it's been waaaay too long." he chuckled and sighed, sitting back on the couch. "Nothing to do around here in general.
>> No. 40680074
File 141543874655.jpg - (261.78KB , 1728x2304 , You're SO on.jpg )
"I bet. The only time I see action is at work."

She tapped her chin a little.

"Would you like to help me with a little... project? Might not be the excitement you're looking for, but at least you're doing something, right?"
>> No. 40680101
File 141543950836.png - (112.91KB , 921x868 , I declare!.png )
"HEh, hey I could go for that! I mean... I don't see why not... wait... what is the project?"
>> No. 40680108
"Just helping some ponies who want to find an ancient artifact. They need some help just in case anything dangerous comes around. It's believed to be an old relic of Celestia from ages ago. Just some cliche guard project."
>> No. 40680110
"So something like a body guard thing? That could be pretty exciting, and adventurous... Hell, Im game!"
>> No. 40680120
File 141544043231.jpg - (149.83KB , 1582x1997 , I wanna go to the movies!.jpg )
"That's good. We're leaving tomorrow night. Gear up and get ready. I'll meet you here in the main room when we're about to leave."

Seras nodded to Andrew before leaving to head to her room. It's been a while since she's been able to rest in her room.

> And with that, I go to bed lol
>> No. 40680121
>> No. 40680400
File 141547592085.png - (62.51KB , 214x230 , Rave On.png )
It was an early night, and Seras would be standing in the main room of the mansion. She already talked to Andrew about their mission, and was already well prepared for the work to be done.

The armor she wore glistened in the dim light of the room, for it was polished beforehand for this very occasion. It was a little heavy, but was still built to make her very mobile. It wasn't really that she was expecting to be in a huge fight as much as it was actually just her needing to look official for the ponies she'd be helping, along with Starry and Andrew.

Armed to the teeth, you'd find all of her standard weapons sheathed to her sides. She was also carrying her spear, for ranged melee attacks. If any of her bladed tools of war and defense were to be brought out from their sheathes, the sharpness of each blade would be clearly visible.

It all served it's purpose; to make their clients feel safe. For the armor she wore symbolized safety, day and night.

Danger was not expected-nor should it be. The ponies they were working with, however, had to feel as if nothing could go wrong, and as long as Seras had a say then nothing would happen to them.
>> No. 40680467

>Mercury rounds the corner to see the armored mare at wait. Though far from the strangest thing she's seen in this mansion, she can't help but be taken aback by the sight of someone so heavily armed.

Okay... So, whose army are you up against?

>She halfway jests.
>> No. 40680477
File 141548120576.png - (700.59KB , 757x1024 , Andrew by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
Meanwhile, seemingly much differently geared up came Andrew. The blue pegasus had on what he'd always have on, he looked no different than any time you'd ever see him. He has his pouch on his hind legs, knife and gun on his front, and a grin on his face. "Hey, Seras! Ready?"
>> No. 40680874
File 141550398367.png - (21.15KB , 414x500 , Luna~.png )
Seras noticed the mare walk in the moment she did so. This mare was new to her.

She only assumed that this mare was joking, and let out a little half-chuckle in response.

"None- at least not as long as the changelings try anything again."

Seras was talking to the other mare in the room by the time he walked in to greet her. She would look over to him with an eager grin and a nod.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Looking over him, she saw that he was wearing his regular equipment.

"Remember Andrew: we're going on this mission with the First Sergeant of my division. You're going to have to answer to her while we're covering our clients' backs," she said.
>> No. 40680887

>She chuckles softly as well.

I don't believe I've ever encountered a changeling. So, what's all this shit for? Something serious going on?
>> No. 40680920
"I thought I'd never see a changeling after that one event in Canterlot until I came here."

She rolled her eyes, remembering all the annoyances those bugs gave her.

"And as for my armor: it's Lunar Guard business. Me and my friend here are about to go on an escort mission. Should be simple enough."
>> No. 40680925

>She gives a quick nod.

Got it. Go on missions like this often? If you guys ever need a little extra muscle, feel free to give me a holler. I've seen my fair share of action, and my particular set of skills could come in handy if things go south.
>> No. 40680926
File 141550634523.jpg - (203.90KB , 640x960 , tumblr_n8o88ke8Zt1r66plno7_1280.jpg )
"Uhhh... alright! I guess that shouldn't be a problem. It's just like answering to mom I suppose."
>> No. 40680942
File 141550678586.png - (165.50KB , 1000x1000 , 138849760942.png )
"Heh, well thanks. I usually go on missions occasionally. But my superiors wouldn't approve of me bringing along unauthorized personal- especially since I just met you. I hope you don't take it personal."

She nodded.

"If you're really interested, then I'll see about taking you on a trip in the future after I can see what you're capable of," she said optimistically. "What is your name, anyways?"

"Exactly. Don't be afraid of her. Just do as she says and we both should do just fine."

Looking towards the door for a second or two before staring at Andrew, Seras realized that they were ready.

"Alright, lets head out. We need to stop by the outpost to meet up with the rest of our group."
>> No. 40680957
File 141550728727.png - (364.92KB , 1000x800 , i AM a bat pone - by pokehidden.png )
"Outpost. ALright cool. Got it!" he grinned. "How many others are there gunna be?" he asked, curiously.
>> No. 40680972
File 141550771010.png - (728.35KB , 868x1134 , tumblr_mppaiuNcoP1rqnygwo1_1280.png )
"It's gonna be me, you, the First Sergeant, and two clients we need to escort," she answered while opening the front door.

"We may want to hurry over there. Don't want to keep them waiting."

After walking out, Seras would spread her wings before taking off the ground. She started to fly a little slow at first, but would soon pick up her momentum, flying at a good pace towards the outpost.
>> No. 40681006
"Oh so.." He blinkd as she suddenly took off, and followed suit, spreading his wings and flying after her. "So it's just you, I, and your first sergant? I mean, taht are defending th- I mean.. uh.. never mind that makes sense, yeah."
>> No. 40681016


>She shrugs a bit.

Yeah, sure, whatever needs to be done to get me up and doing something around here.
>> No. 40681026
File 141550912271.jpg - (181.09KB , 1728x1296 , How Sweet of You.jpg )
Seras looked to Andrew as they flew.

"What's on your mind? We're not really expecting anything big to show up. Our mission is to make sure that they make it to their destination."


She understood that she would probably get bored over here from time to time, maybe.

"Yeah, I'll see what I can do. If you're really as experienced as you say you are, then you should come in handy. After I get back from this mission we should talk more. I'd like to know more about what you can do."

She nodded.

"But I have to go now. I can't leave the rest of my party waiting for me and Andrew. It was nice meeting you, though," she said with a smile.
>> No. 40681042
"I thoguth you were having like, your whole squad or platoon, not just your leading commander. Not tht it matters, just something new I found out~"
>> No. 40681051
File 141551001269.png - (152.72KB , 2109x2709 , Mobius look.png )
>The elevator on the second floor dinged at the top of the central staircase of the mansion. Mobius then stepped out as the doors opened up for him.

"Well, no noise is good noise up there."

>He then walks down the central staircase, seeing the doors just closing as he saw a purple and blue red tail trailing away.

"Hm. Seras and Andrew up to something?" He continued walking down the central hall of the Mansion towards the lounge.
>> No. 40681055
woops, hope it works now
>> No. 40681069
File 141551074179.png - (62.51KB , 214x230 , Rave On.png )
"She's not our commanding officer. She works more as a representative for him if a mission isn't too important for him. We don't really need that many guards for a mission like this, anyways. We just need to go in, get what we need, then get out."

Not too long and they would already be at the outpost. Seras would land by the front gate of the fortress, already seeing three ponies there. One was a unicorn with a blue coat and a lighter blue and white mane. Another was a tan pegasus with a brown mane. The last one was a batpony, wearing armor that looked even thicker than what Seras had on. She wore a helmet that made it somewhat difficult to see specific features, but you could still see her hazel, cat-like eyes. Her stare was one that made you believe that she was looking into your very soul, and could break you whenever she pleased. There would also be a sheathed broadsword sheathed on her body.

"Ah," she let out, seeing the two. "I was almost worried that you wouldn't show up when I asked you to."

As she went on, her eyes looked over to Andrew. The bat pony would look him up and down, not sure what he was trying to pull off with what he was wearing.

"And who might this be?" she asked. Her tone of voice not sounding quite as relaxed as she usually could pull off.

"This is Andrew. I've fought with him for a long time now and believe he'll be of great use to us when we head to our destination."

The First Sergeant narrowed her eyes, starring at Seras for a moment before looking at Andrew again.

"We'll be better off having him around," Seras pointed out. "We can't trust too many of our guards with this type of mission and this way we'll have more safety in our numbers without pulling away any of our better infantry."

Starry kept her sights on Andrew while Seras was trying to explain this to her.

"What kind of experience do you have, fighting with a team and taking orders?" she asked Andrew.
>> No. 40681092
Andrew ladned down next to Seras and had the right knowledge of the proper posture to take up. He stood tall and still, wings in tight, silent and not speaking up as Starry examined him, waiting to be spoken to.

"Raised by my mother who was a Lieutenant in the- uh, army. She taught me all she knows, specifically in close quarters combat while also having adept knowledge with a pistol. I've fought along side her and a platoon she formed in two separate missions."
>> No. 40681101
"Two separate missions, huh?" she repeated, listening to his response.

She turned to Seras before simply walking over to their clients, who were watching all of this.

"If anything happens to him, it's on your shoulders."

Seras nodded to this.

"I wouldn't expect anything less, ma'am."

She would walk beside Starry as the two followed the ponies who supposedly had knowledge already on the relic they were wanting to recover. Seras hoped that Andrew was following along.
>> No. 40681103
Along Andrew followed, assuming to take place in silence in the back of the pack behind the two escorts
>> No. 40681136
File 141551308614.jpg - (386.96KB , 2736x2042 , Weellll.jpg )
Seras would look ahead at the two ponies they were following.

"So where exactly is this relic believed to be hidden. The path we're taking seems to be taking us to a populated town."

One of them would glance back, hearing the question.

"A noble discovered that his house was built close to a chamber. He thought it was just a small cave, but when he went inside, he found a stone door. He was too afraid to actually got inside, though. We've been given permission already to enter the cave. We believe that it matches the documents we've read talking about a relic, made to praise Celestia's leadership during the loss of her sister. It would be a valuable item if the princess were to regain possession over it."

Seras thought over this, but didn't actually say anything.

After about an hour of walking, they finally made it to a large house at the edge of a village. The house was already pretty close to a mountain.

They two ponies led them around to the back, where they found a cave. It looked small. They stood there for a moment before turning to their company.

"Would... one of you mind going in? Just for precautions."

Seras looked at their party. There probably wouldn't be much room to move around if something actually was in there. It certainly didn't help that they were wearing armor. She looked to Starry.

"Should we send Andrew? He'd probably be able to get out quickly if something actually was in there that was dangerous."

Starry thought about this for a few seconds.

"Hmm, I don't know. Lets ask him."

She turned to Andrew.

"Go check it out. Let us know if you find anything."

Seras raised an eyebrow, hearing this.

"I thought you were going to ask him."

"Did I not?" Starry replied before looking back at Andrew.
>> No. 40681163

>Not long after making his way to the lounge, something strangely familiar hits his ears. A rhythmic thumping kind of sound coming from a room nearby in one of the residential wings of the mansion, and only one of the mansion's former residents actually played this kind of music. As he approaches the room, the sound becomes clearer.
>> No. 40681183
File 141551469360.png - (18.68KB , 550x400 , Mobius understanding.png )
>As he was about to sit down, the drums hit his ears. The perked up, turning slightly to seek out the sounds origin. Before turning back around and wandering down one of the side halls past the Kitchen following the resonating thump. And indeed the sound grew clearer as he drew closer, coming up to the door and simply pausing at the door, not wanting to interrupt.

Whos is this?

>He then heard the silence afterwards, simply knocking on the door waiting for an answer.
>> No. 40681186

>Her ear flicks towards the door as she places her guitar back on its stand. Incredible that she'd managed to find her old room. It seems Inferno has moved out, as the only thing remaining was one guitar out of her small collection.

Come on in.
>> No. 40681200
File 141551567961.png - (152.72KB , 2109x2709 , Mobius look.png )
>He then slowly opened the door after the reply. He was doing so, but the voice struck him. He knew this voice from over a year ago. He furrowed his eyes a bit with the door half opened under his visors. He then pushed it open the rest of the way and looked up to see the red and black mare from long ago.


>His voice was bewildered to see her yet again after so long.
>> No. 40681205

>She can't help but smile as the open door reveals her old friend. With her guitar already in its stand, she wastes no time in making her way to him, arms to be thrown around his shoulders.

Hey Mob! It's been way too long!
>> No. 40681209
File 141551624376.png - (59.58KB , 1000x1099 , Mobius flattered.png )
>Seeing her he grins back, though not quite expecting the get up and her tossing her hooves around him. He gets them around her though in reply.

Haha! You too Mercury.

>He lets out a slight sigh.

Wow. Where in the hell have you been!?
>> No. 40681214

On Orion.

>She hugs him tight, happy as ever to see him.

Not a whole lot going on up there so I decided I'd drop by and see if I could meet up with any of my old friends.

>After a rather generous hugging, she finally loosens her grip on him, though she's still standing practically chest to chest with him.
>> No. 40681219
File 141551693180.png - (92.52KB , 1000x1909 , looking up.png )
>He kept the hug going as long as hers, still smiling to her.

Really? I thought there would be some constant action going on up there with all the rifts and crap like that.

>He shrugs a bit

But, cant leave out the old friends can you I guess, huh?

>He left a chuckle, as they were both up against each other before easing off to stand on all fours again.

So, how have you been otherwise? Inferno or your child around here as well?
>> No. 40681222

>Her ears lay back at mention of Inferno and her son.

I uh... I actually haven't met up with them yet... I still don't remember anything about them.

>She scuffs a hoof on the floor, seeming almost ashamed that she can't remember them.
>> No. 40681231
File 141551770100.png - (28.46KB , 550x400 , Mobius understanding wings.png )
>He cocked his head slightly, his smile disappearing rather quickly to seeing and hearing her reaction to that. He raised an eyebrow underneath his visors.

Wait...really? What do you mean you dont remember? You...youre married. Had a kid....

>It took him a bit to remember but finally the name clicked in.


>He looks to her now worried. What possibly could make her forget about those two, but still remember him?
>> No. 40681237

I still can't remember them... I haven't seen them yet.

>She seems a bit distressed. She wants to fix this as soon as possible, to mend the wound her death left on them once upon a time.

I remember you because I've met with you... All I know about them is that they're out there...somewhere...
>> No. 40681243
File 141551822462.png - (219.47KB , 1800x3739 , Mobius_wat.png )
>He then recoiled back in a bit of confusion. dont remember simply because you havent seen them yet?

>He pauses for several seconds, but the ambiance in the room lingers heavily in the air for that time.

What...what happened to you Mercury? Something definitely isnt right.
>> No. 40681246
File 141551836897.jpg - (203.90KB , 640x960 , tumblr_n8o88ke8Zt1r66plno7_1280.jpg )
Not so much as ask, as tell, but Andrew didn't speak up about it. He wasn't going to pass up action. Hell, he was already on his way over to the cave! He walks right up to it and looks his head inside.
>> No. 40681249

>She rubs her temples as her memories of the world she experienced beyond this life.

I... I dunno. Death does shit to you, I guess... I had to more or less fight my way through hell to get back here. I was a mess when I arrived... Someone from Orion found me and brought me back, and that's how I met back up with Nevermore...

>She goes over everything that'd happened since her return in her head, trying to think of anything that would help her understand her predicament.

I just... I just don't know, Mob...
>> No. 40681250
Upon looking inside he can clearly see how small the cave was. Even at his height, he'd have to duck to be able to walk inside. There was a slight droop in the cave that lead more downward. It was dark, so seeing much down there was pretty difficult.
>> No. 40681257
File 141551890786.png - (152.72KB , 2109x2709 , Mobius look.png )
>He leaned in a little bit as he listened in awe and confusion hearing this. After she finished he remained silent for a bit.


>He sighed. I-I hope you find them. You seem more or less intact though considering.
Then again, anything can happen between here and Orion.

>He then smiled a bit before walking back up to hug her warmly

Glad youre safe now though.
>> No. 40681267

>She drapes a hoof over his shoulder.

Thanks... I'm really glad I ran into you...

>She sniffles a bit, feeling guilty for leaving such a huge hole in the hearts of her loved ones.

I just... I wish I knew where they were so I could fix this... I mean, I left a little kid without his mother... I can't just let that be, y'know?
>> No. 40681271
"Uhh..." He poked his head back out. "Does anyone have a flashlight..?"
>> No. 40681275
File 141551966163.png - (70.27KB , 326x365 , First tablet sketch.png )
They all blinked at the question.

"Flashlight?" Seras asked, trying to remember what that thing actually was. "Oh! Is it dark in there?"

Seras picked up a stick, wrapping a cloth that she dampened with oil around it before lighting it on fire and giving it to Andrew.

"This should do," she said, giving Andrew the torch.
>> No. 40681280
File 141551994656.png - (24.27KB , 118x125 , Mobius flattered 2 small.png )
>He then let go of the hug shortly after.

Yeah...And I dont know really where to start in that respect. I havent seen them around here at all since coming back forth every now and then. Otherwise I would maybe have an answer. But now that I know youre around I will keep my eyes out for either of them for sure.

Oh, and if you ever go back to the Orion, the teleporter is now working if you want them up there or if you need to get back here in a pinch.
>> No. 40681281
"Well uh, its preeeeetty hard to see down there. So this should help.. thanks!" he took the stick snad went back into the cave, preoceeding with caution
>> No. 40681282

>She nods a bit, tears just starting to well up in her eyes.

Thank you...

I gotta shut down for the night. Too tired. 'night.
>> No. 40681283
>He smiles back kindly.

No problem Mercury.

>> No. 40681285
As he continued down the cave it would be clear how small the cave really was. It was very difficult to lean or full stand without bumping into something, yet still enough room for Andrew to carry a torch. At the end of a cave, there would be a large stone door. A worn emblem would be seen in the center of it. As Andrew would be able to see this, the rocks that were underneath him would roll down the slanted cave. As some of the rocks hit the door, a cracking sound could be heard. A few moments of silence would come about before a snap could be heard. The door fell back, slamming on the ground behind it.

"Are you alright, Andrew!?" Seras yelled from the cave's entrance.
>> No. 40681298
Andrew was careful with his proceedings, keeping his eyes closed narrowed as he kept dust out of his eyes. "Y-yeah! I'm fine!" he called bakc out. "The door fell over! I uess you can come in.. one at a time though, it's really relaly cramped!"
>> No. 40681526
"Alright! We're coming down!"

Soon enough, Seras would be the first one down. Her spear was pointed forward and kept close to her body. She was followed by Starry, and then the two other ponies.

As they went through the broken door, they would see that it lead into a huge chamber. They would step onto a fairly sized platform that would spiral down in what seemed to be a huge hole. If one were to look down the edge of the platform they were on, they would barely be able to see the bottom.

"Hey Andrew. Light some of the torches hanging on these pillars. I think they may still have some oil on them, it looks like."
>> No. 40681542
andrew stayed off to the side near the walls as everyone began to come down to give them room. He looked around at thecave and platfroms giving a "Wooooah..." to himself at the architecture.

He lights a torch as instructed
>> No. 40682320
File 141559083037.jpg - (834.51KB , 2880x2160 , Say what now.jpg )
After lighting the torch, Andrew would see it spark a little. Soon afterwards, a small orb would emerge from the flames. It instantly went down along the platform, lighting all the torches on the way till it eventually went out of sight from the group.

"Must be some sort of enchantment placed on the torch. That might also explain why the oil on them hasn't dried up yet," Starry pointed out. "So where do you think this relic is?"

"My guess would be at the bottom of this chamber," said the unicorn. "This way."

He started to lead everyone down. They walked a long way before stopping in front of a gate. A lever was right next to it. On the wall, they would see a tunnel that appeared to have been dug out.

"I wonder why they would block this off?" Seras asked.

Starry would walk over to it and pull it, assuming it would open the gate.

A loud noise of gears turning and metal clanking could be heard in the distance, but the gate would remain closed. Starry narrowed her eyes, looking down the platform, past the gate.

"It must be broken," Seras said before looking at the tunnel. "I wonder if that'll take us anywhere..."

Starry starred down the path for a few more seconds before looking at the tunnel.

"Hmm, alright. You take point."

Seras looked at her, confused for a moment, but followed her orders, starting to walk down the large tunnel.
>> No. 40683560
Andrew seemed to be following directions pretyt well, not speaking out of line, but not being afraid to speak, for instance, when he asks "Um, who is 'they' that blocked the path?" Not of any sort of aggression or hostility, but curiosity. He continued to hold the torch up high, to illuminate whatever was around him, remembering to pass the flame onto mounted torches along the way as he moved with the pack, keeping on edge, ready to jump if needed.
>> No. 40685336
File 141578506226.png - (728.35KB , 868x1134 , tumblr_mppaiuNcoP1rqnygwo1_1280.png )
"The ones who made this chamber," Seras replied. "Only Celestia could tell you who they really were, since she was the only one who's seen it and is still alive. There aren't too many documents on this place besides the ones that our clients have read."

They would continue walking down the tunnel. It would eventually end, revealing an opening.

"Oh, good. A way out," Seras said as they made there way out.

It would take them back into the chamber.

"We're probably somewhere past the gate. Lets keep moving," Starry said before moving on.

Suddenly, a faint noise could be heard. It sounded like... breathing. Heavy breathing. It didn't sound like the calm breathing from a pony or one of the small, harmless critters of Equestria, but disoriented, heavy breathing.
>> No. 40689256
File 141608711322.png - (11.30KB , 264x292 , 1.png )
>A young girl, with long black hair, sits at a restaurant table. She's drinking a large chocolate milkshake alone. It doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary really. Besides the fact that it's a Saturday and she's wearing a high school uniform. She turns her head towards the window next to her and stares outside.

"What are we doing here again, Samson?"

"I don't remember. But how about we order a burger with fries?"
>> No. 40689264
File 141608740075.png - (11.85KB , 367x360 , cat waifu - Copy.png )
*rubs up against and paws at*
>> No. 40689270
File 141608748049.png - (204.25KB , 532x538 , 21.png )
>Filia glares at the cat woman.

"Get away your ugly face from me."
>> No. 40689272
File 141608754925.png - (160.65KB , 638x938 , b08dcaac741fcaec674db087451ac255.png )
>Meanwhile, a rather scantily-clad, well-endowed woman stood at the front counter, looking a bit peeved.

"What do you mean, I can't have a discount? Don't you know who I am?!"

I-I'm sorry, miss, but store policy prevents us from giving out discounts!

>The cashier looked pretty terrified of the strange, angry woman, who sighed and shook her head.

"Fine, whatever. Just give me a double cheeseburger and a large coke."

>The cashier nodded nervously, before punching in her order and taking the woman's money.

"Tch... Mortals."
>> No. 40689274
File 141608757167.png - (17.42KB , 593x478 , New Canvas - Copy.png )
Pllleeeaaassseee seennppaaii~~ I-I.. I feel so empty..
I.. I need to be filled up..
*turns cat ears down sadly*

Last edited at Sat, Nov 15th, 2014 14:43

>> No. 40689285
File 141608790339.jpg - (5.63KB , 225x225 , I ve been watching you since the moment you arrived.jpg )
>While Filia continued drinking her milkshake, Samson was eying up the woman at the counter. The young girl refused to get Sam a cheeseburger meal! He's a grown parasite. He needs his protein.

"Hey four-eyes! Give me a bite of that sandwich!"
>> No. 40689297
File 141608817008.jpg - (189.44KB , 514x800 , faed70c23703d5244af63ac0a146fac0.jpg )
>Looking at the source of the voice, Venus raises an eyebrow.


>To her surprise, she saw what appeared to be some kind of parasite on the back of a girl's head... demanding her burger.

>Once the cashier puts the food on her tray, Venus grabs the sandwhich... before a huge mouth opens on her bare stomach. Tossing it in and chewing it with the sharp teeth, Venus smirks at Samson and shrugs.

What sandwhich?
>> No. 40689318
File 141608854268.png - (232.60KB , 900x900 , 1415246400823.png )

>Samson taps Filia's shoulder and points to "four-eyes".

"What's wrong Samson? I'm trying to finish this so we can go..."

"It's another parasite, kid! And it ate that woman's CHEESEBURGER!"
>> No. 40689335
File 141608892015.png - (420.49KB , 642x984 , 06fd664ef0e4b128f987e99a64fc927d.png )
>Venus grabs her soda and idly sips through the straw as she saunters over to the two.

"Samson, huh?"

>She stylishly pushes up her glasses, the lenses glaring in the light briefly.

"Got a problem with other parasites, or something?"
>> No. 40689351
File 141608923980.png - (190.68KB , 580x617 , 1400012780709.png )
>Filia desperately tries to cool down the situation before it gets worse.

"I am very sorry! Samson gets pretty loud when he's hungry. I'll just get going so I can feed hi-"

>Samson grabs onto the table and points at the woman.

"Damn skippy! They used to all pick on me in elementary school! What's your name big mouth? Don't act like you can't talk because I know you can!"
>> No. 40689359
File 141608951486.png - (160.65KB , 638x938 , b08dcaac741fcaec674db087451ac255.png )
>Seemingly ignoring Filia, Venus solely gives her attention to Samson.

"Abaddon doesn't talk, because he has no need for language."

>Venus gives Samson a mocking smirk.

"And for you to call someone else a big-mouth is quite ironic, I must say."
>> No. 40689378
File 141608989958.png - (138.01KB , 407x441 , 19.png )
"UGH! You think you're so cute with your retorts! I don't know what you see in this woman, Abbadoodoo. But she's nothing compared to this kid right here!"

>Filia grabs her own hair and shakes it around.

"Samson! I'm not trying to start any fights with anyone! I just wanna get home!"
>> No. 40689391
File 141609018787.png - (160.84KB , 500x693 , tumblr_mkc8auykza1qf4eupo1_500.png )
"You ought to listen to your host, Samson."

>Another large, menacing mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth materializes on the woman's arm, as if she was getting ready for an attack.

"Fighting me would be a big mistake."
>> No. 40689400
File 141609051340.png - (51.35KB , 275x279 , 22.png )
>Filia pulls Samson towards her face. And whispers:

"Listen! If you keep this up, you're not getting anything to eat today. You can just starve for the whole night!"

"Grrr.... She's cruisin' for a bruisin' Filia. But I'm hungry.... Fine."

>She lets go of the ball of hair and he looks back at Venus.

"I'm sorry."
>> No. 40689409
File 141609080781.jpg - (189.44KB , 514x800 , faed70c23703d5244af63ac0a146fac0.jpg )
>Giving Samson a haughty, mocking grin, she playfully sticks out her tongue at him before looking to Filia.

"You really ought to tighten your leash around your parasite. He's too unruly. It almost sounds like you two are a pair of bickering friends!"

>She covers her mouth with one hand, letting out a giggle.

"But that'd be ridiculous."
>> No. 40689446
File 141609175653.png - (57.02KB , 721x693 , 15.png )
>Samson grumbles to himself. Filia on the other hand, turns to Venus and tries to befriend her.

"Say do you know where we are exactly? I've been wandering around this town but I'm not very familiar with it..."
>> No. 40689468
File 141609236679.jpg - (249.79KB , 591x803 , Venus_and_Ab_Addon_by_oh8.jpg )
>Venus simply glares down at Filia, before turning to the side, placing a hand on her hip.

"You ought to be fine just here, with the fast food."

>Giving Filia a small, mocking smirk, she points to the bit of belly poking out of Filia's shirt.

"You clearly seem to like it a whole lot."
>> No. 40689489
File 141609298620.jpg - (166.12KB , 700x750 , b5cc7b104728822b06e8fb9f0363cb0f.jpg )
"H-Hey! That's that nice...."

>Samson forces Filia to get up from the table.

"Now you've done it! You can call me big mouth... You can deny me a bite of your sandwich... But when you insult the host, you're toast!"
>> No. 40689503
File 141609335233.png - (160.65KB , 638x938 , b08dcaac741fcaec674db087451ac255.png )
>Venus rolls her eyes, grinning.

"Not my fault that you can't see your own toes~."

>Looking in Samson's direction, she shrugs, giving him a confident, haughty, smirk.

"Why don't you do something about it, then, hairball?"
>> No. 40689514
File 141609364259.gif - (428.39KB , 500x460 , FAST.gif )
"Grr.... I think I WILL!"

>Samson forms a pair a scissiors and attempts the snip a large portion of Venus' hair.
>> No. 40689525
File 141609389119.jpg - (641.49KB , 1280x720 , 1dd17973348003295e6591c7b020c432.jpg )
>Suddenly, a large mouth forms around Venus instead of on her, it's teeth clamping around her body and blocking the attack... Or rather, takes the hit for her.

>Opening back up after the attack, Venus smiles again.

"Ooh, now I'm starting to like you~. Defending your host like a good parasite should."

>Suddenly, a long, thorned tentacle comes rushing out of the mouth, attempting to whip Filia across the face.
>> No. 40689540
File 141609423405.png - (124.98KB , 700x600 , 1390631580573.png )
"That won't work!

>Samson forms a hairy shield and shoves the tendril away.

"It's fine Samson! It's not that big of a deal!"

"You're gonna have to learn not to take flak from other people, kid! You need street smarts."
>> No. 40689554
File 141609455462.jpg - (291.45KB , 655x891 , tumblr_mi0x1t6SUS1rvtnano1_1280.jpg )
>The mouth disappears, revealing Venus's whole body again, the thorned tentacle protruding from her side.

"He's right, 'Kid'. You'll end up dead if you let people push you...

>Suddenly, the tentacle makes another attempt to thrust at Samson.

... Around!"
>> No. 40689571
File 141609517254.png - (210.72KB , 640x720 , Angry.png )
>A big yellow saxophone jumps from the back of the counter.
What the hell are you bozos doin' here?
>He then grabs them and kicks them outside, taking off his hat and dusting it,a face is shown. It's actually a person, not an instrument! Who woulda thought?!
I better not see y'all come around here anymore if y'know what's good for ya!
>> No. 40689596
File 141609610223.jpg - (194.90KB , 768x1091 , 3ae228bcd34bd03077c134d3d445d5ee.jpg )
>Filia gets up off the ground and dusts herself off.

"I'm sorry, sir...."

"Four-eyes started it!"
>> No. 40689604
File 141609626453.png - (160.65KB , 638x938 , b08dcaac741fcaec674db087451ac255.png )
>Venus, after getting off the ground, brushes herself off an straightens her hair out a bit, letting out a ticked off huff.

"The nerve... "

>At Samson's accusation, however, she looks over to him and shakes her head.

"I did not. I was simply teaching your host a valuable lesson!"
>> No. 40689610
File 141609641066.png - (53.59KB , 376x375 , 28.png )
"Not to trust people who wear glasses? Congrats! Because your lecture succeeded!"
>> No. 40689613
File 141609646098.png - (216.15KB , 640x720 , Annoyed.png )
>He grabs the talking black cat on Filia's head and brings it closer to his face
I don't care who started it.
>He lets go of the cat, looking over.
I heard that.
Now y'all demon rascals get outta here.
>> No. 40689628
File 141609670977.jpg - (189.44KB , 514x800 , faed70c23703d5244af63ac0a146fac0.jpg )
"To stand up for herself! I could tell she was a spineless jellyfish at a glance."


>Crossing her arms, she turns away from the one-man-band, frowning.

"Who are you calling a demon? I'm the complete opposite!"
>> No. 40689658
File 141609751877.png - (219.09KB , 519x281 , confus.png )
I seen that stomach mouth o' yours.
Don't try to act like you're innocent, I know your kind.
>> No. 40689842
File 141610290443.png - (620.54KB , 894x1000 , filia_by_teamoon_the_treemoon-d7jr7lx.png )
"Hey! She's not spineless! She's just too sweet for her own good!"

>Samson pats his host's shoulder.

"Ain't that right, kid?"

"I guess so..."
>> No. 40689870
File 141610373973.png - (160.65KB , 638x938 , b08dcaac741fcaec674db087451ac255.png )
>Venus waves the man off, not seeing him as anything more than annoying.

"Whatever. Why don't you just make like a tree and leave?"

>She smirks at Samson again.

"Oh? Then what's with her being so timid, and needing you to stand up for her?"
>> No. 40689876
File 141610392482.png - (256.71KB , 566x700 , Stupid bitch.png )
Eh... don't seem that way to me.
>Big Band spits in her direction. The nerve of that big anime tity.
And why don't you make like a bee and buzz off?
>> No. 40689884
File 141610418601.png - (6.40KB , 277x376 , PARTY TIME BROS.png )
>Filia raises her arms desperately.
"Can we all just calm down!? Please!"
>> No. 40689901
File 141610460952.png - (420.49KB , 642x984 , 06fd664ef0e4b128f987e99a64fc927d.png )
>How the robot spat was a mystery. Regardless, Venus sighs.

"You know what, I'm gonna shove that saxophone right up your a-"

>She is interrupted by Filia's sudden yelling.

",,, I would like to, but this oaf won't leave me be."
>> No. 40689910
File 141610492458.png - (216.74KB , 640x720 , Sarcastc.png )
I'm willin to start over, on the right foot this time, if she is.
>> No. 40689939
File 141610631150.gif - (478.16KB , 196x235 , 1367086930831.gif )
"Right... Let's just start over. Hi! My name is Filia. And this is Samson."

>Samson just grumbles again.
>> No. 40689951
File 141610689237.jpg - (213.90KB , 695x800 , e4cf15a137633d008b58b2bd6cf47b9d.jpg )
>Venus shrugs.

"... Very well."

>Holding out her hand towards Filia for a shake, Venus smiles.

"Venus. My apologies on pointing out your weight problem."
>> No. 40689961
File 141610734439.png - (210.13KB , 640x720 , Neutral.png )
>A robotic hand reaches out to both of you from the trench coat.
Name's Big Band.
Sorry for throwin y'all outta there.
>> No. 40689965
File 141610766681.png - (6.29KB , 122x263 , 318102.png )
"It's fine guys. Really."

>Filia didn't really mean that but it's whatever. She shakes their hands and sighs.

"Do you guys have any idea where we are?"
>> No. 40691136
File 141618454034.png - (70.27KB , 326x365 , First tablet sketch.png )
The doors to the mansion would open, and Seras would walk in before shaking a little. It was starting to get colder and colder now that the summer was leaving. It was only a matter of time before it would start snowing- but that was still a ways ahead, it seems like. She never kept up with what the pegasi had planned for when it came to the weather.

Seras would walk into the kitchen, making herself a cup of coffee. She'd put just a little sugar and a little cream in it before stirring it and taking a sip of it.
>> No. 40691144

>Mercury happens to have the same idea, though, evidently for a completely different reason. Her mane's a mess, her eyes look heavy, and she doesn't seem to be paying much attention. Did she just wake up?... She bumps into Seras halfway through making her coffee. Not hard enough to force Seras to spill hers, but enough to surprise her.

Oof! Oh, god, sorry... Uh...hi.
>> No. 40691148
File 141618543914.jpg - (387.24KB , 2592x1934 , Do you even lift, bro.jpg )
The way Seras was holding her coffee, she'd be able to hold it upright, even though she wasn't expecting anyone to even be in the kitchen with her, nonetheless bump into her.

"Huh? Oh, it's you. Did you just wake up? At this hour?" she asked.

She was fully aware that most ponies around here aren't nocturnal like her, so this was strange.
>> No. 40691150

>She nods, a bit embarrassed by her disheveled appearance now.

Heh, yeah... Well, I didn't sleep hardly at all the other night, so... I'll have to try and actually sleep later.

>She runs her hooves through her mane, trying to straighten it out before returning to her coffee.
>> No. 40691152
File 141618582015.jpg - (834.51KB , 2880x2160 , Say what now.jpg )
"Feeling down? How long have you been here?" she asked.

This mare seemed either really stressed or really depressed. Strange, considering nothing odd's been going around the mansion recently.
>> No. 40691155

>She shrugs slightly. She doesn't really seem all that depressed now that she's waking up. Her eyes are quite bright now, in fact.

I've been here over a week, now. I'll need to go check in on Orion soon, though. I rarely sleep really well, and sometimes I don't sleep at all. Luckily, that hasn't been as frequent an occurance lately. This is the first time in months I went without sleeping at all.
>> No. 40691157
File 141618621388.jpg - (386.96KB , 2736x2042 , Weellll.jpg )
"Oh. Why don't you sleep though?"

Orion? She knew about that place as well? Guess that was to be expected. That place has some sort of connection with pretty much everyone here, it seems like.
>> No. 40691159


>Blunt. Very blunt.

Sometimes it keeps me up, sometimes it doesn't.

>She takes a sip of her coffee.

Dealt with it since I was a kid.
>> No. 40691160
File 141618655324.jpg - (149.83KB , 1582x1997 , I wanna go to the movies!.jpg )
"Strange. I wouldn't know anything about that, though. The only time I miss sleep is... well... when guard duty 'requires' me to stay up."

She shrugged.

"Sorry to hear that though. What do you do on the Orion, though? I've never seen you up there."
>> No. 40691162

Well, depending on your point of view, that may be a good thing.

>She takes up a seat at a nearby table, periodically sipping at her coffee.

Basically, I'm who they call when shit goes haywire, and Orion needs to flex its guns.
>> No. 40691163
File 141618719009.jpg - (127.39KB , 1549x1731 , Not the Harpy.jpg )
Seras wasn't quite sure what she meant by that. Losing sleep wasn't good for the mind, she thought.

"So you work more on it's defenses?" she asked.
>> No. 40691165

More like I am its defenses.

>She taps her chin in thought.

Sorta... I'm more of a soldier. Hell, if you wanted to call me a weapon, you wouldn't be too far off. I'm their strongest combatant.
>> No. 40691171
File 141618779803.png - (140.93KB , 500x381 , tumblr_msacp1czkn1r9uen4o2_500.png )
"Really? That's impressive. I wouldn't have been able to tell. No offense, if you see it that way."

She smiled a little.

"How do you do it? Face some of those threats I've seen up there. Must be difficult, considering the... limitations of being on a space station."
>> No. 40691173

>She can't help but chuckle a bit.

That's part of what makes me so deadly~ Most of my opponents laugh at me before I beat them down.

>She polishes off her coffee.

Most of our fights don't happen on the station itself. The team is deployed to a location, and we deal with whatever is there. I imagine fighting on the station would be tough, though.
>> No. 40691175
File 141618813765.png - (165.50KB , 1000x1000 , 138849760942.png )
"Oh, so you help the other fighters, instead of just working on the station's actual defense?"
>> No. 40691176

>She nods a bit.

Yeah, sorta. It's pretty rare that I get called in, though. It takes something really big to get them to call me. I get bored just kinda sitting around the station.
>> No. 40691183
File 141618897486.jpg - (348.25KB , 2448x1818 , Best Motivational Speech lol.jpg )
"Figured they'd be keeping you busy somehow. Don't want to lose strength in your sword arm," she said with a chuckle.
>> No. 40691185

>She can't help but put on an almost smug-looking smirk.

Heh, swords. That's funny. I get in a good workout from time to time if nothing else.
>> No. 40691187
File 141618928978.jpg - (522.78KB , 2160x2880 , Cheer up, bro.jpg )
"What do you mean?" she asked.

She wasn't quite sure what she was trying to put out there with saying that.
>> No. 40691188

>She chuckles a bit.

Well, the team usually carries some pretty advanced weaponry. My fists are still the scariest thing we have.

>Fists? But, ponies don't have hands. But once upon a time, Mercury was not a pony. Seems she still hasn't really gotten used to the pony vernacular. How that is, though, is yet a mystery.
>> No. 40691192
File 141619008559.png - (89.94KB , 600x548 , rarity___i_m_here__by_iphstich-d71ol8u.png )
Olivia emerges from the bar with a big mug of hot apple cider making her way to the tv room.
>> No. 40691200
File 141619067887.jpg - (261.78KB , 1728x2304 , You're SO on.jpg )
"Oh! I get it now. You're more of the type that likes to make things personal, I see."
>> No. 40691205

>She nods.

Oh yeah. Hand-to-hand is fun. I usually try to avoid fights, but it's fun when I'm not at someone's throat, like in a sparring match or something.

>She flexes a bit, and suddenly Seras understands why she's the muscle. Her lithe and gently curving frame is suddenly covered in rippling muscle, but only for a moment. As she relaxes, the ripples disappear and she's back to being slim.
>> No. 40691210
File 141619120052.jpg - (439.15KB , 2880x2160 , wait___ what___.jpg )
She blinked, seeing the muscle.

"Woah. How'd you... what?"

Was she always that strong? She certainly didn't look like she had that much muscle just sitting there.
>> No. 40691217

>She can't help but giggle a bit.

Weren't expecting that, huh? Yeah, I'm not exactly what you'd call a normal pony.

>So she recognizes that she's a pony, at least. This mare is certainly an interesting case.

And the looks are still deceiving.
>> No. 40691219
File 141619155355.jpg - (834.51KB , 2880x2160 , Say what now.jpg )
"What do you mean? What's your story?"

She seemed more and more peculiar now.
>> No. 40691225
File 141619166777.png - (76.41KB , 1000x1259 , Mobius leg up.png )
>Mobius was downstairs inside of the gun range in the basement. His activities of using his C-50's and his oddly earned Obsidian Beams from many months ago. Going between the two of them in the range comparing performance. By the time he was done he walked back up the deep basement stairs back up to a side hallway off of the Medical Ward in the Mansion. The aluminum 50 cals on his back were strapped by his standard black strapping, with his unusual Obsidian weapons sitting on his forelegs as if wearing his usual weapons. He was walking slowly carrying the weight of his arraments on him, though not over-encumbered by them.

>He stepped out into the main hall of the Mansion about to turn up the stairs but then saw a pony he had seen only a long while ago. Olivia Bolt. He then turned and made his way over to her as she crossed the hall towards the viewing room. Just as she got to the door he called out to her.

Hey Olivia.
>He walked up to her with his arrangements, smiling to her kindly.
Long time no see.
>> No. 40691229

>She rubs a bit at the back of her neck.

And that's the question... There's a lot of story to tell. I'm, well... I'm a demigoddess.

>She seems reluctant to say this. Perhaps she's afraid of possibly scaring others? Or maybe that it will change how they think of her?

My power far exceeds what my appearance tells you it should be... And that's the easy part of the story to tell.
>> No. 40691256
File 141619286969.jpg - (665.77KB , 2880x2160 , Sad.jpg )
Seras straightened up upon hearing this.

"Oh, I'm sorry for my behavior, ma'am."

She knelt down to her.

"Please forgive me. I was clueless to have looked at you and thought any different than what you were. It was my mistake."

The mare wasn't really afraid. There wasn't much she could have done to have known that this mare was a demigoddess. She was, however, concerned for how Mercury might treat the situation she put herself in.
>> No. 40691257

>She pinches the bridge of her nose, clearly agitated by Seras's reaction.

And that's what I was afraid of... Don't do that, stand up, for god sake... I'm the last person you should be bowing to...
>> No. 40691260
File 141619327315.png - (149.19KB , 837x955 , happy_rarity_by_zenetehvocaloidfreak-d4xk9yz.png )

she looks up at him silently naming all of the gear he had on she blinked and sipped her cider
"hey there Mobius, what's with all the guns and things? world war three starten' up?"
>> No. 40691261
File 141619340667.jpg - (387.24KB , 2592x1934 , Do you even lift, bro.jpg )
Seras did what she said, standing up with an eyebrow raised.

"But... that's the law of this land- well... the land I come from. Surely you should have expected this."

She still kept her voice low, but still easily heard.
>> No. 40691266

>She sighs a bit.

I'm not from here... And I'm no better than you... Stronger and better are not synonymous...

>If she didn't seem crestfallen earlier, she certainly does now.

Just, don't... I'm not holy, or some stupid shit like that. I'm no different than you, or anyone else.
>> No. 40691268
File 141619385253.png - (24.27KB , 118x125 , Mobius flattered 2 small.png )
not a problem

>He gives a slight chuckle to her remark to all of his gear on him.
Haha. Nah, just giving them a little bit of use down in the armament in the basement. Havent used them in a while and figured they could use some oil and brass.

So how have you been? Been a while since the last time we met.
>> No. 40691269
File 141619410439.jpg - (545.55KB , 2160x2880 , What did I just read.jpg )
"Then what are you?" she asked.

It was strange seeing a demigod go against there nature. Seras has heard of, and even seen, some gods that didn't act like they wanted to be treated with a higher status all the time. But even then, they carried on with it. It was the law. They had their reasons for holding it as strictly as they did, even if it was complicated for Seras to understand if she knew what that reason was.
>> No. 40691272
File 141619426458.png - (2.08MB , 1062x1428 , dressed and looks to kill.png )
she smiled whipping out a world war two pistol from her jacket
"ah not much...can I join yas on that?...been doing well moms and cherry trying to show me this intertube or something...netweb whateva it's called...something about computers ya know..." she said grabbing a calzone from the bar "ma thinks it might be good if i start doing something besides hanging round here all day...thinking about opening a pizza cafe or something"
>> No. 40691273

>She sighs once more, silently wishing Seras wouldn't ask any more questions.

I'm a guardian. I descended from the Goddess of Strength, Vermilion. I was born with the task of protecting the world I live in, living silently among the populous until I'm needed. I'm not some all-powerful, perfect being. Just a guardian. The world's sword and shield.
>> No. 40691277
"You sound like the kind of demigod I've been told about."

It was, once again, strange to see her act like this.

"Well... I'll be more than fine with looking at you, eye-to-eye, as long as you don't mention that I'm doing so to any other god. I'd be executed for not treating you with a high status, is all."
>> No. 40691280


>She's seen situations like this before. Encouraging the ones who were meant to protect to lord over the land like some kind of king or queen, using their power to rule instead.

Vermilion certainly doesn't mind. Even if they did find out that you treated me as an equal... They wanna kill you? They'd have to get through me, first.
>> No. 40691281
File 141619551740.png - (76.41KB , 1000x1259 , Mobius leg up.png )
>He looks at the old pistol that she pulls out, his eyes widening slightly under his visors.
Pizza cafe? Sounds interesting. Oh, and I believe the word that you are searching for would be internet.
>He chuckles a bit.
And yeah, sure thing you can join me down there. Besides, it has everything you need to keep that old arm there in good condition.
>As they were in the bar he then grabs a drink. Just a beer and thats it.
So what do you do around here day in and day out then?
>> No. 40691284
File 141619583047.png - (728.35KB , 868x1134 , tumblr_mppaiuNcoP1rqnygwo1_1280.png )
"Well, they would expect you to kill me. That's how it works, usually. They might be upset that you wouldn't be willing to comply. It's all situational. I don't really have a say in the matter, nor do I know about the specifics that revolve around the law, when the god doesn't approve. I'm really just doing what I was told to do. I don't want to go against them."
>> No. 40691286
File 141619607924.png - (154.80KB , 868x920 , more_like_a_shade_of_cerulean__to_be_precise_by_arti22-d748m14.png )
"mostly I make make recordings of songs...i'm trying to get back in the biz...though one company wrote back to me already and asked me if i knew how to....twerk...I had to ask somepony what that was...i was not impressed."
she said taking out the bullets one marked with care for a present Hitler?
"heh that's where it was....everypony had a joke bullet in the war...though most of us meant it..."
>> No. 40691290

>She gives a distinct huff of disapproval.

They're missing the point... We're guardians, we don't kill denizens of our worlds unless they pose a threat to the rest of them... I don't like this... It feels wrong. I dunno, maybe I'm just out of the proper demigod loop or whatever, but no one should be afraid to stand before me, rather than kneel.
>> No. 40691294
"Well I personally don't fear them. I know many that do, however. It's just how things work here. I'm sorry that you don't agree with it."
>> No. 40691300

>She sighs softly.

I guess it's because I was raised among regular people... Maybe... I shouldn't be afraid of the ones who protect you, y'know? It's sad that so many are. I wish I could say there's nothing to be afraid of and mean it. I can only speak for myself, in that regard...
>> No. 40691302
"True. But you can't really look at it so badly. Not many ponies get to see gods, as they tend to keep to themselves. Because of that, they tend to be happy about them and what they do for our society. That law is just in place for when a mortal would encounter a god."
>> No. 40691308

I suppose...

>She looks out the window to the stars.

Mortals encountering gods... What really makes a god, anyway?...
>> No. 40691309
"Power. Most of them are alicorns, so it's rather easy to spot one out."

She rolled her eyes with a smile.

"Who knows, for sure. I've fought beings that claimed to be gods and I somehow turned out to be the winner, so maybe even gods don't know what makes them what they really are."
>> No. 40691312

>She can't help but smile a bit.

I guess not. Aw hell, who cares? We're here, we know what we are, we know what we have to do, so we do it... What more do we need than that?
>> No. 40691316
File 141619912587.png - (76.41KB , 1000x1259 , Mobius leg up.png )
>He gives a calm nod to her though recoiling a bit on hearing that one key word, figuring her reaction would be as such.
Yeah, with someone like yourself I could see why.
>Seeing the bullet however drew on his cuosity.
Hm. Never really did that with my ammunition. Never was even mentioned on in the IAF. We burn through ours so fast we dont keep one in particular. We engrave our weapons sometimes though. I have yet to do that though.
>He shifts to his side a little bit to show the two long aluminum weapons strapped on his back in an X formation. The C-50s were all bright and clean now as they were polished downstairs by him.
>> No. 40700648
File 141690854258.jpg - (285.69KB , 1920x1080 , I'm being cute_.jpg )
>lazily drifts over the mansion laying on a cloud
>> No. 40700649
File 141690882196.png - (700.59KB , 757x1024 , Andrew by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
"Hey, Gren!" A voice called, as the stallion who was flying by stopped in mid air by her cloud.
>> No. 40700650
File 141690915303.jpg - (80.32KB , 975x819 , ethwgewg.jpg )
Oh hey, what's been going on. Haven't seen you around much.
>> No. 40700651
"Not much." He smlied. "i've just been doing about what I always do.... but I've actually been getting out of the mansion a bit more, trying to explore." he replied
>> No. 40700652
Explore hmmm. Like what. You have my interest.
>> No. 40700653
File 141690997726.png - (591.41KB , 3000x3447 , i dont know about that___.png )
"U-uh... the mountains and forest.... camping out... And u-uh.. Oatville..."
>> No. 40700654
Ahhh I see, I've been to most of that, I thought you meant like far away places like where that thing is probably from
>points over to an airship floating around
>> No. 40700655
File 141691091977.png - (87.67KB , 894x894 , that hurt me internally___.png )
Andrew looks down at it. "...N-no I've never uh, been to any of those kinds of places... they always seem kinda fun. The most I do is like what we did that one time, going to the doors"
>> No. 40700656
File 141691098664.png - (96.82KB , 521x538 , that was serious_.png )
I've been to a few far and off places. They aren't as exciting as you'd think though.
>> No. 40700657
"What kind of placdes..?"
>> No. 40700659
File 141691127624.png - (769.28KB , 1099x875 , I can't be disarmed.png )
China, Saddle Arabia, some place called "Here there be dragons" And a few others.
>> No. 40700660
File 141691202128.png - (108.15KB , 921x868 , I declare!.png )
"oh wow! Those places all sound really cool even if I've never heard of half of them!"
>> No. 40700662
You should go someday.
>> No. 40700663
File 141691215685.png - (95.84KB , 867x921 , blergh_by_thunderelemental-d5m4g5f.png )
"I don't have any money..."
>> No. 40700664
You have wings.
>> No. 40700666
File 141691232731.png - (102.41KB , 417x500 , Seras dies first.png )
>> No. 40700667
"...Yeah, I guess I do. But dont i need to buy tickets to landmarks or somethign?"
>> No. 40700668
Not if you're sneaky.
>> No. 40700669
"...Oh hey, i'm pretty sneaky!" he grinned. I'm 5 sneak
>> No. 40700670
Well that's good, then you won't get caught looking at stuff you have to pay for.
>> No. 40728720
File 141947041834.png - (228.64KB , 1224x1080 , First Kinzie tablet sketch.png )
Kinzie, being such a funny and social pony, was... in the library.
This time around she was in a book fort that she found while hanging around the quiet, slightly ominous room that was full of books.
>> No. 40728721
File 141947043858.png - (228.64KB , 1224x1080 , First Kinzie tablet sketch.png )
Kinzie, being such a funny and social pony, was... in the library.
This time around she was in a book fort that she found while hanging around the quiet, slightly ominous room that was full of books.
>> No. 40728730
File 141947713045.png - (141.30KB , 900x1327 , INCOMING MORTAR!.png )
>launches himself like a mortar at the fort
>> No. 40728731
File 141947757506.png - (175.16KB , 1224x1080 , Kinzie Standing Awkward.png )
The mare went wide-eyed when she realized she was under attack.

"Mayday mayday! Code blue facing ambush! Get to th-jlf;jlaa"

The fort went down easily as the small devil's body flew right into it. Kinzie would have a book covering her face as she laid under a pile of books that used to be a heavily fortified... fort.
>> No. 40728740
>Larry giggled as he stared at the books
>> No. 40728748
One of the books would slide down her head just enough to wear she could look up at the small pony that was sitting on her now. Seeing Larry, she wasn't sure if she should panic that the son of Satan destroyed her book fort that she rightfully took from the unsuspecting pony that left it here, or be happy that the pony that dragged her out of hell came to visit.

"H-hey Larry. Whatcha up to?" she asked, not even trying to get out of the ruined book fort.
>> No. 40728766
Just having fun in this dusty old place.
>> No. 40728795
"Yeah. Even I feel a little ancient hanging around here," she said.

"Has anything been happening around here? It's so big, it feels like I could miss out on anything happening when it does."
>> No. 40728798
File 141948602243.png - (147.04KB , 900x846 , a_changeling_by_sofunnyguy-d5i63rm.png )
> Being a little intoxicated from the mansions alcohol, Harnor would stumble over the paper as he found a nice place to sit to collect himself.
> He picked up the paper

Hehe, mail time mail time.

> He inspected it, seeing who it was for.
>> No. 40728800
Other than your Bat friend stumbling around lost in a room with no doors nothing much of entertainment has been happening.
>> No. 40728802
>Whoops, deleted the posts!

>Upon closer inspection, you see the letter is sealed with a spider stamp. No address can be found on it.

>Do you read it?
>> No. 40728807
File 141948639262.png - (745.17KB , 900x1750 , monster_6___spider_girl___arachne_by_myrmirada-d5l3smk.png )
Oh that must be for me!
>> No. 40728809
File 141948646440.gif - (54.49KB , 350x350 , do he got da booty.gif )
> Fuck yeah I do!

> Harnor opens it, chuckling as he thought of what might be written in it.

Hope Oma sent me some cash!

> looks up at the spider chick

Hey babe, ever done anything unnatural before?~

> chuckles
>> No. 40728811
File 141948651979.jpg - (151.11KB , 693x960 , fgnhndsdvxcfbvdf.jpg )
>> No. 40728814
I'll take that as a 'yes, but maybe some other time right now isn't really good for me because I have work early tomorrow' or something like that.

> grins seductively
>> No. 40728815
>The note is handwritten, and there is a single teardrop stain near the end.

To the members of the Mansion,

This is my two-weeks notice. Well, not really, since I've already left. It's a joke.

Okay, I'll just say it: I'm moving out. I'm leaving the Mansion. I've heard rumors of my parents somewhere in Detrot. I can't stay here any longer if there is the slightest chance that Mom and Dad are still out there. Also, I'm 18 now. I can't stay here forever.

Thank you to all my good friends during these two years: Theta, Zee, Seras, Mystic, Page, Andrew, Deadpony, Cherry, Natasha, and Rush.

Now, and forever yours,

-Zoticus Flynn, AKA The Amazing Spider-Pony (oh yeah, did I mention? Spidey and I are the same person. Thought you guys should know)
>> No. 40728819
File 141948668458.jpg - (664.35KB , 815x1200 , nurse_ghost.jpg )
>> No. 40728823
File 141948673521.png - (145.81KB , 1280x949 , Fear me for I AM LARRY!.png )
That jerk didn't even mention me!
>> No. 40728826
File 141948691336.png - (119.73KB , 1024x628 , 167282.png )
> he crushes the letter a little, looking up dramatically.

How could this have happened? I was looking forward to getting my automatic banana peeler and I get a heart felt letter to someone that isn't me! Why Oma? You always told me good things would happen to me if I stopped caring but caring is something that always happens to me in these sort of situations.

> he looks down at the letter.

Whelp, can't let this go to waste.

> Harnor sucks out all the love that was put into the letter.

Call me~
>> No. 40728828

Kinzie quickly raise her head from the books, but quickly blushed a little.

"How's she been? Did she say anything about me?"
>> No. 40728829
I think she has called for your help several times
>> No. 40728830
>Later that day, Larry would find a special letter with a similar seal. Upon opening, he would find a picture of a dick with a little smiley face

Later, Larry.

>The letter becomes more black and white, but doesn't change what's written on it.
>> No. 40728832
File 141948711719.jpg - (137.97KB , 744x1052 , b4ecf60d66af12a31472ce297f52536b.jpg )
>> No. 40728835
File 141948716270.png - (102.41KB , 417x500 , Seras dies first.png )
It's a bit tiny, but it shows he cares
>> No. 40728837

She got up, having all the books fall off of her, but Larry would remain on her back.

"Dang, I need to find her. She's all alone with no one to help her."
>> No. 40728839
File 141948730378.gif - (65.97KB , 400x400 , tumblr_n5pbrfHrgy1smd3vyo1_r1_400.gif )
Well that was nice.

> He leaves the letter on the table for others to read before going on his merry way...

>... straight over to the spider chick.

>> No. 40728840
I've been taking her bits of cheese
>> No. 40728842
File 141948738509.gif - (864.97KB , 640x360 , 0Vm2g6M.gif )
>> No. 40728843
"Does she really like that? I would have given her apples and oranges... fruit!"
>> No. 40728844
File 141948751038.png - (102.27KB , 500x533 , tumblr_nbaib04efy1rdp4hzo1_500.png )
Getting a little shaky~ How about we warm up at my place?~
>> No. 40728845
>he shrugs
I dunno she's been eating it so it's what I've been dropping in there
>> No. 40728846
File 141948759193.gif - (345.96KB , 600x338 , tumblr_mwok7h9WZS1s18jw9o4_1280.gif )
>> No. 40728847
"Where is she now?"
>> No. 40728848
File 141948782405.png - (57.18KB , 250x400 , 38477_r.png )
Oh come on babe I don't bite~
>> No. 40728849
File 141948786604.png - (99.10KB , 831x960 , I must obey that which it commands.png )
I can take you there!
>> No. 40728852
File 141948789373.gif - (885.08KB , 480x270 , 7bd7b790340c7794762d05e89f524849.gif )
>> No. 40728853
Kinzie looks at him with a serious look on her face.

"Do it..."
>> No. 40728854
File 141948799622.png - (83.85KB , 831x960 , I got no eyes to see you with.png )
Are you sure.
>> No. 40728855
File 141948806472.gif - (2.32MB , 480x270 , 312287__safe_animated_changeling_dancing_turntable_rave_artist-zoarvek.gif )
Come on. You. Me. A jar of pink goop. We have a little fun. You suck out all my blood and kill me afterwards~

Whatcha say?~
>> No. 40728856
"Uuuuuuh... sure?" she let out, not sure what's going on, seeing that Larry's eyes are now missing.
>> No. 40728858
File 141948825736.jpg - (30.03KB , 400x400 , http%3A%2F%2F40_media_tumblr_com%2F969811d737a88bafdfe4d9afa1defbfc%2Ftumblr_nakwmqlyyc1so98vbo4.jpg )
>> No. 40728859
File 141948831306.jpg - (44.19KB , 746x960 , By the powers of Satan I call forth the end of days_.jpg )
Stand close
>> No. 40728860
Eh? Eh?

> he wiggled his eyebrows
>> No. 40728861
"You're on my back, but okay..."
>> No. 40728862
File 141948842871.gif - (293.06KB , 245x167 , tumblr_inline_moyfy5Q32k1qz4rgp.gif )
>Sitting on the roof playing a fiddle
Who must know the way to make a proper home,
A quiet home, a kosher home?
Who must raise the family and run the home,
So Papa's free to read the holy books?
>> No. 40728864
File 141948872103.jpg - (125.62KB , 3504x2336 , View of the room.jpg )
>you teleport into a pitch black room.
>> No. 40728865
File 141948888423.gif - (1.15MB , 500x300 , tumblr_inline_nbuwibq8W61s9byz3.gif )
>> No. 40728866
"What? Where are we?" she asked having no idea where she was. She started to feel around to see if she could find anything.
>> No. 40728867
File 141948895434.jpg - (176.35KB , 1024x768 , 136705674667.jpg )
.... eh?
>> No. 40728868
W-who's there!
>A slight tapping is heard off in the distance
>> No. 40728869
File 141948901948.gif - (273.27KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mhqakfZsaB1qzd219o1_500.gif )
>> No. 40728870
"Reve? Is that you? Where are you? ... Where are we?"

She started feeling around some more, trying to follow the voice she heard.
>> No. 40728872
>> No. 40728873
"Yes, it is me! Where are you?"

She kept feeling around.
>> No. 40728874
I don't know I haven't found the walls, I can't get a reading with this floor!
>> No. 40728876
"I'm trying to find you. I don't know where you're at. Larry brought me here."
>> No. 40728879
Keep talking I can follow your voice!
>> No. 40728880
"Alright! How did you even get here?" she asked, trying to listen in for her voice as well. She really wanted to find Reve, but it was so dark.
>> No. 40728882
I...I don't know I was just walking and lost my way!
>she taps around getting a bit closer
>> No. 40728889
"Well, just keep walking towards me. I'm sure we'll find a way out of this."

She keeps trying to find Revee.
>> No. 40728890
>continues to walk forward towards her voice
>> No. 40728891
"Are you close?" she asked, hoping they were now.
>> No. 40739262
>holds picture of dashy
>slowly begins to brush fingers along picture.
I've been alone with you inside my mind
And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times
I sometimes see you pass outside my door
Hello, is it me you're looking for?

I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
You're all I've ever wanted, and my arms are open wide
'Cause you know just what to say
And you know just what to do
And I want to tell you so much, I love you
>> No. 40740117
File 142043997227.jpg - (11.36KB , 154x328 , anger.jpg )
>From the sky of the Deadpony mansion, a giant flying beast would crash onto the lawn. Any looking outside would spot a giant falic shaped monster made of Spaghetti had made a crater in its shape onto the lawn.

>From the rubble, more specificly inside the beast, the loveable regenerating degenerate would crawl to the crater's edge. Once he was clear he would stand and point down to the beast.


>He shouts in a mocking manor before laughing miniacly at the creature.

Hey guys! Who wants italian for dinner!?

>He sais after turning to the mansion and positionsing his hands around his mouth.
>> No. 40751708
File 142135550375.png - (119.73KB , 1024x628 , 167282.png )
> In the form of Mobius, Harnor would be at the front door of the mansion talking to the pizza guy.

How dare you believe that you can charge me such a price for some wad of grease and dough, you slave!

> The pizza guy would blink with an emotionless expression.

Do you have a coupon, sir?

> Harnor would squint his eyes at him in response.

I'll be right back.

> He closed the door, leaving the pizza guy to stand there. He looked around a bit, thinking the place was interesting. When he looked behind him, though, he'd see Harnor again, only this time he would be in his changeling form.


> Anyone that was near the lobby of the mansion would hear the screaming coming front just outside the door, along with a banging noise. This would continue for a few minutes before the door would open, Harnor walking in with a box of pizza. A clicking noise would come from him as he sighed with frustration.
>> No. 40756711
File 142170235590.png - (2.37MB , 1600x1130 , 1387718751_1181555385.png )
Upon the high skies over the mansion lazily crept an old airship bellowing out steam and smoke. the interior lit by candle and crystal lights the aching loneliness of a heart broken several times over the Eternal mare flying a Jolly Rodger of Trottingham silently sits looking out to the stars above her.
"Oh I understand you...."
she looked on her mantle over at the music box her uncle had gotten her of father's song so long ago. she took it in her magic and cranked the key.

Silently she peers over the railing and furrows her brow taking out her spy glass "curious...such a structure couldn't be constructed in such a short time.."


As an anchor dropped from the sky it it the ground with a great force that it pushed itself into the soft soil to the teeth and the Concerto started to loose altitude cranking the chain up as the ship came down eventually landing safely a whistle roared as the excess steam bellows out of the concerto like a snarling hissing beast. The red and white maned Unicorn step off of the gangplank being reviled as the steam dissipated
>> No. 40756716
File 142170275320.png - (202.87KB , 1000x1061 , kiriban without background and effects.png )
Down on the ground below, a blue pegasus with a spiked up red mane watched quite curiously, not sure if the mansion was under attack or being in danger... that would seem odd though, he thought to himself, they hadn't really been a part of anything or brought any attention to themselves in a good while. He kept a hoof defensively on a holstered pistol just in case as he cautiously watched the ship land and the mare trot out.
>> No. 40756721
File 142170296492.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
Her eyes dart to the blue Pegasus in a defensive position. She puts her flintlock into her holster and raised her hoof "Ahoy there...Be ye the owner of this...structure."
>> No. 40756722
File 142170305917.png - (700.59KB , 757x1024 , Andrew by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
"Nn.... no?" He watched as she took her hoof off her own weapon, he did the same. "At least none that comes around much anymore. I'm just Andrew. May i ask who you are?"
>> No. 40756730
File 142170340759.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
she hesitated for a moment choking on her words a bit.
"Oi'm Capt'n Isabella Bolt...also know has Mystic.."
she got closer
"Oi went pass this structure a few years ago and it just suddenly popped into existence..thought me eyes were playen' me for a fool and dismissed that I'm seeing it plain as night I can't...what purpose does an entire building go on doing popping up faster then a mushroom?"
>> No. 40756734
File 142170365389.png - (290.92KB , 822x972 , Andrew by Pepooni.png )
Andrew gave a cautious look at the newcomer as she approached. Not getting an aggressive stance at all, simply being careful.
"Hello Captain Bolt." he nodded. "Welcome to the Odd Mansion. It does not have a purpose other than to simply be itself and be a home for all creatures who venture here."
>> No. 40756741
File 142170398807.jpg - (895.11KB , 3264x2448 , 20150118_105658.jpg )
she looks around and back to her her ship.she used her magic to toss up the gang plank and looks back at the blue stallion
"So ya sayen''s like...a place were everypony can come and have fun or stay for a while..."
her accent was dated as was her clothing her whole damn ship even. she looked like a picture out of a text book.
"show me it wills ya?"
>> No. 40756743
"Mhmm." he nodded, keeping an eye on her as a hostful smile crossed his lips, watching her set her things away. "You certainly look like you've got quite a story on ya." he commented, as he led her upto the doors of the mansion and opened them
>> No. 40756745
File 142170426191.png - (728.35KB , 868x1134 , tumblr_mppaiuNcoP1rqnygwo1_1280.png )
Upon opening the doors, they'd find an upset mare walking through the lobby. She seemed like she had a lot on her mind, but was still very aware of her surroundings. She looked over to Andrew and the new guest that has arrived. This was more than enough to let her push her agitated expression to the side as she put on a more welcoming face.

"Hey, Andrew! Who's this?" she asked with a small smile.

You could tell she was only putting it on for show, wanting to look more welcoming to them both as a friend and possibly a new acquaintance.
>> No. 40756752
File 142170470467.png - (53.85KB , 217x455 , Mystic mark colored.png )
"Oh a story, a long long story Laddy....a long ne'er ending story...."

she tipped the goggles on her head in greeting though it seemed she could see past a plastered on smile in her eyes you could see she understood that. "I'm Isabella Bolt, Captain of the Concerto...the fine ship that has just made a dent in the lawn, sorry about that by the way."
>> No. 40756761
"Well perhaps I'll get to hear it sometime... its not as if I have anything else to dow ith my time." he chuckled and smiled, as he noted Seras's hidden expression along with her real one. "Hello, Seras! This is Captain Bolt, she just landed."
>> No. 40756772
File 142170555531.png - (165.50KB , 1000x1000 , 138849760942.png )
She nodded to Mystic, still trying to push away what's been on her mind.

"Hmmm, oh yes. I was wondering what was going on. I was afraid another portal opened in one of the portraits in this mansion. I'm glad to see it's just a... ship? I wasn't aware that there was water nearby," she said, slightly confused now. "Where are you from? Your accent seems more foreign than mine."

As she said this she kept in mind what Andrew told her, smiling to him as well with a nod.

"Thank you Andrew. And what have you been up to? I've been seeing you less and less for some strange reason."
>> No. 40756790
File 142170608047.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
Mystic pointed up "The concerto is an Airship m'dear." she smiled at her softly at the mention of her accent "Trottenham born and raised love" her smile wiped off her face at the mention of portals
"Bloody hell wot sort of portals?" she said looking at the paintings with narrowing eyes. "tis a bit of dark magic lurking these halls?" she inquired.
>> No. 40756791
"Not much, to be honest... I've just been around, trying to find things to get the days over with." He smiled and nodded. "how about you..?"

"Um... kinda, but not really bad... I mean,there hasn't been something bad happen here in a couple years, things have been pretty tame."
>> No. 40756838
File 142170977344.jpg - (127.39KB , 1549x1731 , Not the Harpy.jpg )
"Apparently. Some attacks have been going on for a while now, but all I know is that the creatures have been coming out of paintings for the most part. I think the source is from the gallery on the 13th floor of the mansion, but I have no idea how or why it's like that."

She shook her head.

"Been doing a few things. Around here I mostly just hang around. I did some traveling in Equestria and found some adventure, but not much to say past that unless you're really interested. Have you seen Dashy?" she asked, frowning.
>> No. 40757115
File 142173085367.png - (92.52KB , 1000x1909 , looking up.png )
Above the clouds on the Eastern coast of Equestria, somepony was making their way finally back home. Wings cutting through the icy air as he made his way South bound towards the Mansion to finally be home after months away.

For 2 months now, Mobius has been away up on guard in the Frozen North of Equestria, North Point. His guard along the northern borders of Equestria against the Aquila. His time kept him away from the time of Hearths Warming and the rest of the holidays. Now after the other members of the Independents have returned, he makes his way back through the few thousand miles to return to the Eastern Coast.

As he coasts over the clouds, he looks down to see the ice and its white spindly grip on the shoreline as it was lined with snow. The snow granted was much less on the coast than the ice caps and mountain ranges he flew almost every day for 2 months now. It was a welcome sight to see more treeline once again. He found a gap in the thin stratus line as he made an easy descent towards the clearing where the Mansion was. His C-50s and their metal belts glinted with frost and sunshine.

As he drew close towards the large home for all of his friends he spots something out of the ordinary hovering next to it. It came into view as an airship, but one he didnt recognize. It wasnt Dash's or Page's, and of a red and brown rust and smoky contraption. He swung around it slowly to get a look, growing more and more curious on who actually owned this vessel. Seeing the toothed anchor gripping the snow covered earth he knew that it was at least company.

He swung underneath, before coming around to the front of the door, making an easy touchdown at the ice glazed cobblestone leading up to the stone steps of the tall doors of the Mansion. He made an easy landing before wiping off his visors of a light frost before walking up to the doors, now closed and making a 3 rap knock before pushing it open, bearing a small, light smile.

>He made his steps in before announcing his return.
Guess whos back.

>He continued to walk in, hoping to maybe find somepony as he proceeded back inside the Mansion.
>> No. 40757149
> A strange shadow rushes down from the skies, but then suddenly stops in mid-air and starts to look at the ship.

I swear I've seen this ship before...
>> No. 40757185
File 142173528629.png - (70.27KB , 326x365 , First tablet sketch.png )
"Mobius!" would be the instant reaction he would get upon opening the door. Seras was already in the main lobby of the mansion since she was talking to Andrew and Mystic.

The mare greeted him with a hug, glad to see her friend again. They both have been busy with their own military, so it was natural to think that they would see each other less these days. Even so, it was nice to have moments like these that reminded Seras of the better times in the mansion.

"What have you been up to?" she asked, giving a real smile now that she's seen him.

The ship would just be floating there like what anyone could imagine since the captain currently left. Under it, however, he would find the Mansion. A giant building with several thing surrounding the outside, including a pool, a garden, and a forest that nearly surrounded the area around it. More than likely he'd already see Mobius enter it.

> I don't usually make posts like this, but to help you out I'll go ahead and help get you something started.
>> No. 40757221
File 142173883031.png - (19.43KB , 460x460 , 142167308488.png )
> Geary landed and turned off the engine. Somepony was talking to him while pointing her hoof to the mansion. He went to it and knocked the door.

Hello? Is anypony there?
>> No. 40757233
File 142173984471.png - (464.59KB , 800x1000 , cold_by_ribbonshower-d8diiez.png )
To her surprise there'd be another knock on the door. How odd that more ponies were arriving. Seras opened the door without hesitating to see who it was.

"Oh! Are you another guest? Come on in," she said with a smile.
>> No. 40757234
File 142174047818.png - (252.17KB , 696x805 , shoot to kill now in Technicolor.png )
she nods looking at them both "I've seen something like that years ago...turned out to be a inter-dimensional anomaly..."
she looked around. she lights up her horn trying to get a feel for the place "this house has a lot of magic in it..."
she looked at Saras and smiled
"So Saras....Right?....I don't mean to pester, but you seem slightly worried....Is everything alright lass?"
>> No. 40757235
File 142174110347.jpg - (665.77KB , 2880x2160 , Sad.jpg )
This was when she would frown a little again.

"Well... it's not really what's been going on as much as it's just been something personal going on. I'm in a relationship, but we haven't seen each other in months now. I'm kinda sad about it..."

She sighed.

"It's nothing to concern you, though. I'll be alright."
>> No. 40757236
File 142174156860.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
She nods and gives her a reassuring pat on the back.
"I'm sure they're foine me lass I've been there..."
she looks down ant a locket around her neck and opened it up smiled sadly and closed it.
"Oi know we just met but if you need to talk about anything I'm here for ya...just knock on my cabin door and I'll get some tea started..."
her tummy grumbles audibly
"tch...heheheh....been a few days since I've seen port to restock...can't order a pizza anymore at 10,000 feet..."
>> No. 40757237
File 142174177571.jpg - (181.09KB , 1728x1296 , How Sweet of You.jpg )
Seras smiled a little bit at her new friend's optimistic look on this. Upon hearing her talk about not having food, she instantly lifted her head up.

"Oh yes. We have food in the kitchen. Everyone can eat for free here, so follow me and I'll show you around the place a little. Do you need a room or are you content with your airship for housing?"
>> No. 40757238
File 142174213342.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
"you know, been in that ship for a great while...a rest from traveling may be good for me old bones...I'll take a room...mayhaps it will give me some space for displaying all of the artifacts oi've collected o'er the years."
this mare is talking like she was ancient though she didn't look a day over 18 ish.
>> No. 40757239
File 142174247898.jpg - (834.51KB , 2880x2160 , Say what now.jpg )
"Sure thing. We have plenty of rooms available. Just take your pick. I imagine it gets uncomfortable being in a ship for too long. I never liked it, anyways," she said with a smile. "The kitchen is this way."

And just like that, Seras walked off to show her the kitchen that was actually nearby.

"Rooms are upstairs. You should have no trouble finding one, just keep an eye on the paintings. I don't know what's been going on with them lately."

She tapped her chin.

"Also, where'd you say you were from? I've met a few ponies from Trottingham but none of them had an accent like your's."
>> No. 40757240
File 142174340788.jpg - (1.90MB , 2448x3264 , 20150118_105632.jpg )
"I'm from um...Ya' see...I may looks very young but I'm actually quite old..."
she looked down a bit
"I'm from Westminster London....grew up right on the river Thames..... turn of the century London...
>> No. 40757241
> He nervously smiled.
Oh... Hi there! Seras, right? Name's Gearwheel, but you can just call me Geary.
> He took off his jetpack and carefully went in...
>> No. 40757242
File 142174368839.jpg - (387.24KB , 2592x1934 , Do you even lift, bro.jpg )
"Really? I've never been there before. Uhhh... exactly how old are you?" she asked, still a little confused about this.

She chuckled, realizing that both the new guests were rather quick on learning names. She didn't even have to say anything.

"Oh, uh, nice to meet you, I guess," she said with a small chuckle, feeling awkward about the introduction. "So what brings you here? And... what is that thing?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.
>> No. 40757243
File 142174401973.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
"I'm...117 years old...Old enough to remember we used to have an empire..."
she said blushing in embarrassment but proudly looking up. you could almost hear Rule Britannia in the background
" It's actually a long story how I look so young but I am so old."
>> No. 40757244
File 142174419072.jpg - (538.58KB , 2160x2880 , Soooooo confused.jpg )
She raised an eyebrow, surprised to hear this. It wasn't the most shocking, but it certainly was something she didn't expect.

"Hmmm, that reminds me of Dashy. But something tells me that you're not a super soldier."
>> No. 40757245
Oh, well... *ahem* That's the actual reason why I'm there.
> Geary looked worried.
Just a lil' flying machine, or a jetpack. Thought that this will help move faster,.. but that only moved me away from home instead. Wait a sec... Do you have something to eat? I haven't got anything for ages.
< Negative, only four days since the last meal. >
SHUT UP, ALYS!.. Oh, sorry, that was an AI of this jetpack.
>> No. 40757246
File 142174468255.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
As they walked into the kitchen mystic pulled out a box of tea from her pocket and started a kettle.
"Ne'er been a super solider love, Though I was in the great war...It's actually when I realized what happened in the lost city of Eldorado..."
she sat down at the table after putting some raspberry tarts and scones in the oven and letting them bake.
"It was 1915 in dodge city...."
she said starting the story.
>> No. 40757247
File 142174504189.jpg - (397.94KB , 2448x1818 , Why would you even post that.jpg )
Seras quickly stepped back, taking a defensive stance upon hearing the other voice. After realizing that it was alright, she stood up straight.

"AI? I don't know what that is."

She looked at the jetpack with a curious, yet agitated look.

"Oh, tea is always nice, I do say."

She smiled until realizing she was starting a story. Seras stood there to listen on.
>> No. 40757248
> I gotta sleep. We can continue tomorrow. Goodnight!
>> No. 40757249
File 142174581787.jpg - (874.94KB , 3264x2448 , 20150118_105705.jpg )
she smiled "Everything stops for tea....Everything."
she said smiling.
"I was living in a cart at the time making clockwork toys and mechanisms for a day the Buffalo tribes invaded Dodge city taking me and the cart with them, they were desperate to keep their land. can' blame them on that. they wanted a mechanism to protect their grave site. they paid me in silver and a map to an ancient city. I was skeptical it existed but followed the map anyway...when I got there though traps and desert heat I noticed that the famous Eldorado just had a lot of gold but not paved in it which would be a waste of gold anyway. I climbed up the temple steps and found a fountain in it's own special house...cleaner water then I had seen in the area before...still taste like bilge in doge to this day...there were three cups of stone, one of silver and gems and another of pure crystal. my curiosity got the better of me and I quenched my thirst....on the fountain of eternal youth...haven't aged a day since and any wound heals in a matter of minutes...for the exception of broken bones...they take a few days...."
>> No. 40757250
Ah, she... I mean, it's an Artificial Intelligence. She helped me as an auto-pilot while I was flying here. I'm so sorry, she was the only one who I was talking with for the last four days while flying across the ocean, so it just a little pissed me off. ALYS, exitcode zero!
< System off. >
> A little light on a jetpack turned off.
>> No. 40757251
File 142174709057.png - (19.43KB , 460x460 , 142167308488.png )
> He went to the kitchen, found a sandwich and momentally consumed it whole. Only then he turned his head and discovered a charming pony holding a cup of tea and telling a story. He listened it and only then answered.
So, somepony has even more interesting story than mine...
> Then he made himself a coffee and started to drink it.
>> No. 40757253
File 142175539466.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
she looks over at the Stallion raising an eyebrow.
"No matter the is always a journey me lad."
she said inviting him over.

>sorry, youtube lol
>> No. 40757254
As it always was.
> Geary's already ate 5 sandwiches, but hunger wasn't able to go!
Да чтоб тебя, I've just ate a horse meat pie, but damn, I haven't ate for 4 days. At least, no one tried to kill me there. Live's just got better for a bit.
>> No. 40757261
File 142175849924.jpg - (1.90MB , 2448x3264 , 20150118_105632.jpg )
she detected Russian.
she looked over at him blinking slightly horrified
"you know....we're ponies right?...Sweet queen Victoria!..."
she nearly spat out her tea.
>> No. 40757262
> Geary nearly pissed off.
Ah, and what'd you want to see? Vodka, bears and siberian tigers?!
Ponies live all across the world, even in the goddamn Yellowmount! Yes, we have a conflict, yes, they banished me from country, and yes, I flew there not to be talked as an enemy number one!
>> No. 40757263
File 142176035513.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
she raised an eyebrow
"Oi what are you on about?"
she said utterly confused now.
>> No. 40757264
> He breathed out
Nah... Sorry for that... well... Nevermind.
Name's Geary. Let's just forget it. That was worst of mine.
>> No. 40757265
File 142176193416.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
She shook her head
"It's okay Geary, My name is Captain Isabella Amadeus Bolt...though friends call me Mystic."
>> No. 40757319
Yep. I'm really sorry, Mystic. I've never wanted to start my first day in Equestria arguing with somepony.
> He drank some coffee. It was already cold.
>> No. 40757345
File 142177208012.png - (364.92KB , 1000x800 , i AM a bat pone - by pokehidden.png )
Andrew was looking off and blabbering. "And so this is where the cups are, bowls next to them a-" he then noticed the newcomer. "Oh, hey there, didnt see ya there"
>> No. 40757348
she smiled at andy and got the tarts and treats out of the oven as the kettle boiled getting that as well all with her magic.

"So, they speak Russian in yellow mount?" she said smiling changing the subject.
>> No. 40757350
"So where did you say you were from?" he asked with a smile, watching mystic prepare food
>> No. 40757359
File 142177315758.png - (252.17KB , 696x805 , shoot to kill now in Technicolor.png )
she pulled her gun out popping out the crystals and taking the whole thing apart.
"Westminster district, London. Where else could I ave' been from love?"
she said as she recharged the crystals making them glow a faint red colour. then she served up the tea and treats.
>> No. 40757367
"I'm not sure... I really couldn't give any sort of guess to anything in this world. I kinda grew up somewhere completely different."
He replied, looking inquisitively at the crystals as they were around
>> No. 40757368
File 142177403672.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
she cleaned out the barrel with a cloth then stopped looking at the stallion that just said that.
"you wot mate?"
she said sputtering out.
>> No. 40757369
"Remember the talk of portals earlier? I was taken with my mother to a complete different realm, and raised there from 5-18." He replied simply
>> No. 40757370
> Geary finished his coffee.
Oh, what a twist.

Mm-hm. And as I knew just a week ago, they don't love flying unicorn scientists. Or why am I here?
>> No. 40757371
File 142177487912.png - (86.99KB , 205x221 , 200x203.png )
"Quiet rook'."
>> No. 40757372
File 142177613977.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
she blinked for a moment "Great scott." she said confused. "you that?..."

"'d think they would like the advancement of tech...but what do I know...I'm a steam mechanic."
>> No. 40757373
File 142177618018.png - (76.41KB , 1000x1259 , Mobius leg up.png )
>He hugs her back happily, standing up a bit as he is moving backwards a bit from Seras' enthusiasm.

Well. Just got back from North Point. Had to spend the entire Hearths Warming and New Year up there just on patrols along the mountain ranges to keep the Aquila away. Gladly didnt have to battle any though.

>He then shrugs a bit, his C-50's clinking on each other a little bit with their hollow aluminum barrel cases.

But, thankful to be back. Just kinda wish the snow was gone.

>He had a bit of a hesitant and nervous grin after that remark for a second before slipping back into a smile.
>> No. 40757374
"Can, and did." He replied with a nod. "And the beauty of it lies in the fact that time travels much faster there, and we were there and back within the span of a day and a half here."
>> No. 40757398
Huh! They hate me because "I was pretending to be an..." Wait a sec, I'll show you.
> He went to the wardrobe, and walked back wearing a jetpack.
ALYS, take me from the ground for a little bit.
< System on. Taking off activated. >
> He flew up and stopped in mid-air.
> He landed again.
>> No. 40757402
The blue stallion snickered. "What the hell are you on about, rook?"
>> No. 40757406
File 142177932226.jpg - (766.02KB , 3264x2448 , 20150113_071205.jpg )
she looks over the jetpack
"no just a unicorn that made a jet pack...hmmm...that would be a good idea as a safety equipment or for scouting on an airship..."
>> No. 40757414
Ye, that's the point. Look, mate, you DO have wings, and THIS...
> He pointed at exhausters. a JETPACK. So, I am NOT an alicorn.
> Geary weared pack off.
But seriously, I was banished from the Yellowmount just for this freakin' invention! They even called me "a unicorn heretic!" 'Cause, you know, alicorns are always royal. So, I had to get out from the whole country for that... that... "богохульство".
> Geary didn't knew the right word, so he said it in russian.
And after four days of flying across the ocean, I came to Equestria. And -- here am I.
>> No. 40757415
File 142177988452.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
she blinked at the mention of time "curious that is...fancy that you got a book on the subject?"
>> No. 40757420
File 142178018208.jpg - (241.02KB , 1536x2048 , CAM00096.jpg )
"so they called you a blasphemer and a heretic...Are you sure your not from Alabama?"
>> No. 40757422
"...Yeah you're totally not an alicorn." he stared at the smaller unicorn. "And that kinda sucks. you should be fine here to stay thoigh, as long as you dont fuck up and get anyone want to kill you."

"I dont think so." he shook his head. "not on the portals or the land itself, not that i know of"
>> No. 40757441
Well, my thread didnt refresh at all so I'm catching up on things a lot later than I had hoped. So I'll duo with Seras when you get back and the new arrivals for now if everybody is okay with that :3

>After getting his enthusiastic greeting hug from Seras, he looked around a bit to see who may be around to ask as to who owned the new airship just out front of the Mansion. In that time he spotted a with mare with red eyes and hair. He then made his way over to greet her. And as he stepped into the lounge he found a new brown one as well with a set of gear on his back, and as always Andrew. He walked up to the entrance of the lounge room as he peered over to see the fire still flickering away under the stone mantle piece.

Evening everybody.

>He stepped in after announcing himself, walking towards the group.

I see we have some new visitors to the Mansion. Pleasure to meet you both.

>He looks between the mare and the new stallion in the Mansion.

>He then looked over and gave a nod to Andrew with a smile.

And nice to see you again Andrew.
>> No. 40757444
Dude, that was... rude. ALYS, start a debug.
< Debug finished. Critical errors: 0. Warning: energenium tank has 10,43% of fuel. Refueling recommended. >
Darn it. Exitcode zero.
< System off. >
Don't worry, I'm really peaceful. Ah, I nearly forgot.
> He turned to both stallions.
Gearwheel Hackwrench, at your full service. Or just Geary for short.

Last edited at Tue, Jan 20th, 2015 12:15

>> No. 40757452
File 142178185678.jpg - (487.39KB , 2592x1934 , Now I'm mad.jpg )
"Hmmm, interesting story. I... feel like I know you from somewhere, but I just can't tell..."

She rubbed her chin before taking a sip of tea. Seras simply watched what was going on before standing up, patting her mouth for whatever little tea might have not been able to make it into her mouth as such a proper lady should. It was more likely that it was for show than anything else.

"Alright, Gentlemen!" she let out, her voice echoing through the room by accident.

Her voice was almost always hoarse from abusing it over the years in service. Leading an army would do that to any mare and stallion alike once done for too long. It was all just part of the appearance, although she didn't actually mean to shout so loud here.

The mare simply turned to Andrew.

"Andrew... please stop making fun of our guest," she said before turning to Geary. "Geary, we're glad to have you here, but we can't have a proper conversation with you unless you calm down, please."

With that being said, she sat back down to once again enjoy tea.

"Oh yes I'm glad to hear that, Mob. Will you be staying for a while? I've also been out traveling Equestria a little. Some places I've never seen. Fortunately they were kind towards my race."

She smiled back.
>> No. 40757453
>He nodded back to her promptly

Yeah, I should be for a while anyways. As always, could get yanked out at any time but I should be here for a bit.

And where have you been traveling to? Part of the guard or just for vacation?
>> No. 40757454
Hi, Seras. I've just done it few minutes ago (>>40757444). Don't worry.
A'ight, everypony, I retire for sleep. See ya!
>> No. 40757459
File 142178244176.jpg - (239.43KB , 1536x2048 , CAM00097.jpg )
She gave a nod to Mobius "allo' there." inviting him in with a seat and a cup.

she turned and watched Saras pat her mouth and quieting the boys. she looks at her
"Now that you mentioned all seem that way as well...even this new chap seems familiar...I've felt like a've been here before..making cinnamon rolls or odd...Like Deja vu if you will...Like I already know and love each and everyone of you...and even some new could tha' be?..."
>> No. 40757460
File 142178285501.png - (1.41MB , 1200x1300 , headshot_3_by_rainbowscreen-d85zul1 (1).png )
andrrw chuckled at Seras as she attempted to instruct him. "Sorry Seras, i dont take orders from anyone but mom, the lieutenant. and since i see nothing wrong with my behavior, ill resume as i were."
>> No. 40757462
File 142178323523.jpg - (102.94KB , 822x972 , chibi_full_shaded_commission_noshowmilk_by_bluekazenate-d88lamt_png.jpg )
"A little of both. Been looking for some adventure. I can honestly say that I found it," she said with a chuckle. "Met some nice ponies and did some crazy things. Sorta like old times, but without you guys it just isn't the same."

Seras nodded to him.

"Rooms are up the stairs. Find one you think you would like and claim it as your own. I hope you find your stay a bit... better... than how it was tonight. Thank you."

"Yes, strange indeed. Oh well. Maybe it's just a good sign that you'd get along here. Certainly gets weird at times- well, when they actually happen, but I have a feeling you'll do just fine around here."

She smiled optimistically. Seras had no idea how she could have known Mystic anytime before now. It was all fine, though.

Seras frowned a little bit, but this quickly turned into a neutral response for how he was treating everyone.

"Hmm... I see you've forgotten your training- along with the orders given to you by your mother. Since you seem so eager to act on your own I see no point in arguing with you but I will have to go to your mother of your behavior so that she may recondition your attitude back to how it was, hopefully."

And with that she went back to talking to Mystic and Mobius with tea.
>> No. 40757466
"[b]Stop acting like you're my fucking mother. [/i] We're practically the same age and she wont give a shit anyways. You literally have no control over me, dont act like dating my mother changes that."
>> No. 40757467
File 142178368047.png - (1.67MB , 1000x1061 , kiriban_prize_for_astros440_by_dennybutt-d6smxw8.png )
>> No. 40757468
>He nods back to her after her acknowledgement of him, seeing her offering him a cup of tea. He looked at it momentarilay before raising his hoof a bit.

No thank you. Not really a tea drinker. But thanks.

>As he spoke he got a better look of her, pausing in a bit of confusion. Sure it had been a while but he certainly recognized her. And after her mentioning the cinnamon rolls, it clicked hard in his head. A Deja Vu indeed as it was Mystic Bolt. However he held himself from saying anything in case it was somebody strangely different. He then slowly looked back up to her, pushing out a light smile.

>Seeing as was close to Andrew as he started speaking back at Seras, furrowing his brows a bit under his visors. He then sharply nudged him in the shoulder. His tone then deepenend flattened out in an unapproved tone.

Andrew, knock it off will you? No need for it.

>He smiles over to her with a light nod as a reply.
Well, I'm glad that you had been getting out at least. Yeah, wish I could have joined you. I get out every day, but its the same old and cold scenery.

Did you go with anybody else or just strike out on your own. And where did you go by the way?
>> No. 40757469
File 142178375701.jpg - (895.11KB , 3264x2448 , 20150118_105658.jpg )
she simply smiled at her refreshing her tea
"mmm yes though there is a cinnamon roll recipe that my mother taught me before she passed on that I would love to make for you all one day..."
she looked down at her locket once again
"been an empty ship since my daughter left for Manehatten...she writes yeah though it gets lonely on that rig...oh if only my wife was alive to see her hit it big...huge in the forties by the by...she got my gift of eternal youth apparently...hasn't aged a day since her 20th birthday..."
>> No. 40757470
File 142178386162.png - (1.41MB , 1200x1300 , headshot_3_by_rainbowscreen-d85zul1 (1).png )
"Mobius. You don't tell me what to do either." he said in a calm, unwaivered tone. "If i want to stand up for myself and not get pushed around by my mom's girlfriend because i dont think shes entitled to tell me what to do, then i shall."
>> No. 40757472
File 142178419834.png - (70.27KB , 326x365 , First tablet sketch.png )
"Then stop acting like a child..."

She didn't even bother looking at him. Seras never appreciated being talked to like that.

"Yeah, it would have been nice to have you along. Dashy too. Always have a nice time with you two, especially when we're fighting," she said with a chuckle. "I went to some place called Trotswood. It was a nice small town. Certainly a nice place to go to. I also helped some ponies get across some of the more dangerous forests of Equestria. I actually heard that they're going to try and build more roads to make travel easier and safe for ponies."

"I'm very sorry for your loss. I kind of feel the same, though I highly doubt that Dashy is dead."

She frowned, wanting to find the right words to say.

"I'm sure coming here will be a nice step on getting out and making some new friends," she said before taking a sip of tea. "There are plenty of ponies that'll show themselves if you try and find them, after all."

Seras would chuckle a little before nodding her head.

"I like the idea of cinnamon rolls. I always thought they tasted really good although messy at times."
>> No. 40757476
File 142178450864.jpg - (874.94KB , 3264x2448 , 20150118_105705.jpg )
"If I remind you anything of your beloved, I highly doubt she is either...she has been gone for 72 years...every valentines day I bring her flowers and I do me parents...I'm glad for the time I had with her though..." she showed her the picture in the locket. Rose was beautiful
"I'm sure Dashie is fine poppet..." she said giving her a warm smile

she smiled she wouldn't have non of that "we've got other things, Name's captain Isabella bolt, friends call me mystic though. won't bite ya I promise"
>> No. 40757477
File 142178455910.png - (1.02MB , 1024x1009 , Just another day of training by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
"I'm following my training. I don't take shit from anyone." He replied just the same, as he stood. "Except mom, and I dont know if she's even gunna return anytime soon. I'm not hurting anyone, and luckily no one in the mansion is getting hurt or being threatened, so how about you chill with the superiority complex and just let me be? Geez." He rolled his eyes and with a quick flapping away of the wing at her, he left
>> No. 40757481
Maybe so but we dont exactly want to be unruly to somebody that just walked in the doors. Obviously I shouldnt have to tell you this.

Key word: Shouldnt.

And by the way, this isnt anything about Seras and Dashy's relationship. Just common courtesy and respect.

>He slowly looks off from him and back to between Seras and Mystic.

>He smiled over to her though, then started thinking to himself for a second.
Trotswood... Sounds familiar...

>He then put his head down a bit, and a hoof on his chin as he kept thinking. Then it finally clicked. Up on the Orion over a year ago when a mishap happened and he met a mare by Fleetfoot on the station.

Ah, I know somepony from there. From a while ago and I havent seen her since. Damn, fastest thing I had ever seen, even faster than me.

>He shook his head in disbelief by seeing a mare run past mach 2.

>Hearing her go on about Dashy. This made him confused for a second before turning to him.

Oh. Mobius One. Pleasure to meet you. And welcome to the Mansion.

>He extended a hoof out to her to shake. However he was getting a bad feeling. Something happened to Dashy? He glanced up to Seras before Andrew took off in a huff.

>He sneered at him as he took off from them.
Alright then. Be like that.

>He then turned back to the two that are now left, turning his attention to Seras now with confusion.

Seras, something happen here while I was gone? With the Lieutenant?
>> No. 40757483
"I get that with, you at least. I wasn't even being rude. I was kidding around, geez." He chuckled and left
>> No. 40757488
File 142178531994.jpg - (386.96KB , 2736x2042 , Weellll.jpg )
"Yes I am, too. I would be much different, otherwise," she said looking down at the locket.

"Oh, she looks nice. I bet you miss her a lot..."

She frowned a little, but didn't keep it for too long seeing as she was a little happy at the moment.

"Really?" she said, definitely surprised to hear this. "I've never guessed that would be the case. Well there definitely were some interesting ponies there. I never heard anything like that though."

As Andrew went off, Seras just rolled her eyes.

"I almost died to bring his ass back to life and this is what I get..."
>> No. 40757490
File 142178593511.jpg - (7.99KB , 347x463 , hi!.jpg )
she gladly shook his hoof.
"cheers'" she said simply
"Mobius offense you sound like a maths problem" she joked a bit with the cheekish grin on her face
"so what do you do for a living?"

"I do, though every time I look at my sweet Olivia I see all the good times I had with the family I started with her...Rose was one fireball of a mare..."
she smiled happily tucking the locket away.
"So, I noticed you are a Lunaian Pegasus and by your bit of armor...Luna guard?"
>> No. 40757492
>He chuckles to her response to his name.
Haha. Well, I am the one one, so thats that problem solved.
>He then rubbed the back of his neck nervously, knowing that was a god awful pun for a reply.

And for a living? Well...I'm basically an aerial combat fighter. An Ace.

>He turns a bit, showing his 2 cannons, now strapped over his back with their metal sheathed ammunition belts, before tapping his opaque blue visors.

So yeah, I fly around, sometimes blow stuff up and always kicking some tail.

>Hearing her say that, his darted around in grave concern. His voice deepened as he walked to her slightly.

Seras, what happened. You, Andrew and Dashy, what did I miss?

>His expression was expecting the worst. Questioning Dashy's death and Andrew nearly killed struck him deep.
>> No. 40757495
File 142179208664.jpg - (545.55KB , 2160x2880 , What did I just read.jpg )
"Yes... yes..."

Seras nodded her head in respect for her loss.

"Yes, I am a Lunar Guard. Sergeant Seras Wisp," she said with a smile.

"You didn't really miss anything between us. Dashy's been gone for a few months now and I don't know where she is. I don't know why Andrew is acting like this. I talked to him a month or two ago and he seemed perfectly fine. I just don't know," she said, looking down as she shook her head. "Oh! Did you not know about Andrew's death. After he was killed trying to defend the mansion when we went up to fight the goddess? I used her crown to revive her with Astra's help?"
>> No. 40757679
Yep, hi everypony.
> Geary shook his head.
Oh,.. that's what.
> At this time he was wearing a jetpack again.
A'ight, guys, see ya later! There's a little problem to solve at first.
< System on. >
> He went out and flew away.
>> No. 40757681
File 142181797171.jpg - (874.94KB , 3264x2448 , 20150118_105705.jpg )
She smiled at her warmly changing the subject from a less somber topic.
"Ah a Sharget!" She saluted her smiling
" I have a great respect for the lunar gaurd. Protecting a princess is a very noble profession. I was merly a corperal in the great war but I fought for queen and country. They kicked me out because well back then they really didn't like mares in the military plus they thought I was a freak of nature..." she looked at her ship's smoke stacks and cringed "bloody rotton baltic coal blackend my pipes...well she was due for a scrub..."

she smiled at him chuckling at the groaner of a pun
"Oh wow that sounds rather facenating! Equestrian royal airforce I assume?.. got one like that as a bow mounted gun on the concerto"
>> No. 40758029
> Gearwheel returned with a packet of strange capsules.
I'm back, everypony!
> He took off jetpack and walked in.
>> No. 40758030
>He shook his head a bit.
Royal Equestrian Indepenant Allied Forces. Or the IAF. Whichever you want to refer to it as. And these weapons...not really no. Not bow mounted but, personal mounted.

>He just left that final point to hang, stewing a bit of interest with her based on that.

>He turns back to her as his jaw dropped slightly to her saying that Andrew died, but was revived. He looks to her with confusion, though shortly pulling out of that as he was in fact in the same boat before. Thanks to Larry anyways.

What, no. How long ago was this? When the castle was in the sky many months back and we landed that assault?

>He paused for a few seconds, turning his attention back towards the Lieutenant.

But how long has Dashy been gone for? I know shes a bit flighty, but she would be on her airship otherwise.
>> No. 40758032
File 142185961312.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
she smiled as he explained it.
" interesting. so you procured these yourself or did were they issued?"
>> No. 40758033
> He looked at Mobius for a while.
Wait, did I missed anything?

> He looked back on Seras.
WHAT? He died before!? Hack no! Wh... Wh..
> He put his hoof on his forehead.
Oh, come on, Geary. There's nothing supernatural for this mansion!
>> No. 40758034
>He smiled a little brighter to that question.

Well, I dont mean to brag but, I was a big part in evolving our old magazine fed designs to the 50 BMG with belt feed.

>He proceeds to pull one of the 2 silver Aluminum plated armaments. A large gas dissipator at the end of the 2 inch wide muzzle. The barrel was about a foot and a half long with a firing box at the back. The black shell ejector flap hinged on a small spring for the massive .50's to fly out, a charging handle up the length of the side of the box and a large entry slot for the large belts to clip into. Two were currently folded up on his back as he was strapping the cannon on the side of his right forehoof and fastening it with clips and a backup lock-pull strap. Raising it and out like it was a rifle before lowering and simply standing without impedence.

.50 caliber BMG. 600 RPM combined rate of fire. 200 rounds combined. Enough firepower to combat more than 2 squadrons of Aquila at a time.

>He stands, turned with the gun faced towards her as he bears a proud smile.

>He turns to him after his small demo for Mystic.

Hm? Well you just got here. I wouldnt say you in particular missed anything.

And...this is a common occurrence here. Dont worry about it.
>> No. 40758035
File 142186106474.jpg - (1.90MB , 2448x3264 , 20150118_105632.jpg )
overhearing this, made mystic's jaw drop to the ground. dumbfounded she just sat there with her tea
"death and resurrection....fighting a goddess?!"

she admired the craftmanship of each of the guns
"My goodness, That is quite a gun" she said getting a closer look at them.
>> No. 40758036
Yes. I recognised it when I only saw this mansion. And meeting a vampire mare captain only proved me right.
> His packet teared. Some capsules dropped on the floor.
> He nearly panicked. Geary carefully put the packet and collected the dropped containment.
Oh... Holy hack, they could explode any time!
>> No. 40758037
>He then reached behind him, pulling out of the carrying harness he has on his back, holding the second with his right hoof.

Feel free to look if you want.

And yeah, they are quite the piece of work. Took almost 5 years to refine them roughly to what they are right now.

>Looking at the slender device she would also see that there wasnt any sort of trigger mechanism as it was just purely a firing pin and barrel essentially. The weight of each weapon was about 7 pounds empty before the belts were introduced.

>With that said, and lending the second over to her, he used his now free hoof to clip the 100 round feed correctly from the harness on his back into the reciever as it made a clean metallic click as it snapped into place. He then pulled the charging handle on the side of the firing box as a sharp metallic click of a round sliding into the chamber. Then pulling again as the round flung out from the ejection port and out onto the floor, showing the sheer size of the round as it clattered onto the floor.

>He then looked back to him, glancing as the shell spun on the tiled flooring in the main hall. Though raising an eyebrow under his opaque blue visors as he mentioned a vampire mare.

Vampire mare? You mean Vinyl?

>He then looked down as something fell onto the floor from him. As he looked at him curiously as the capsules scattered on the floor, he looked at his pack on his back more carefully. Now after being around the Mansion so long he saw that they were oddly enough a set of jetpacks.

What the hell are you dropping on the floor?

>He took a step back after his warning of a pending explosion. They were just capsules, but what could they be? Surely had no more power than say a Cherry Bomb or a C100 small explosive.
>> No. 40758038
File 142186232641.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
"vampire?....I'm not a vampire..."

she she took on in her hooves to feel the weight
"Core blimey, she's rather a big heavy...and you can fly with these on?"
>> No. 40758040
Uh, no! That... that wasn't me! S... s... s-sorry! *phew*
> He put those capsules back.
And that... is an Energenium. A synthetic rather unstable material. I've invented it only a year ago, and I still use it as an addition to my solid fuel in jetpack for boosting.
Huh, why did I panicked? It would explode only on immolation.

And no, I was talking 'bout Mystic. Wait, we have two vampires here?
>> No. 40758042
Huh? How've you ever lived for a hundred years then?
Or... that was another captain of this ship with the name "Mystic"?
>> No. 40758043
>He nods in reply.

Yep. Combined weight is about 30 pounds with all ammunition and belts. Sometimes more if I'm out on extended missions of engagement. Which honestly is an extreme rarity for combat.

And still maintaining a tight and fast maneoverability with that, and some drag in dogfight conditions. Kind of a feat. But thats why we train for it.

>He smirks with a silent chuckle.

So, you say that your ship of there is battle rigged?

>He glances out towards the lounge windows, seeing the mooring of the ship outside.

>He looked at him oddly, and glancing back to his jetpack every now and then. Still struck him odd how he wasnt burning in the exhaust on it, and what kind of fuel he would possibly use for long flight.

Then why not use a more stable fuel with burn time than volitility?

Also, how does your tail not catch fire just from the exhaust of that?

>He motions his hoof over to his tail, then onto his jetpack.
>> No. 40758060
File 142186472402.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
"I found the fountain of eternal youth. Always have been the captain of this ship since 1918"

she smiled "Aye it is, though with a special type of weaponry from a place that nopony has dared ventured to...since the last time I went there!..." she said smiling "you must be a strong chap to be lugging all that round' with ya. Wanna come ave' a look?"
>> No. 40758067
That's the question of the proffesional! Although, you haven't seen it properly.
> He carried jetpack inside. It had two fuel tanks, which were laconically called "En-um" and "Solid". They were ending by two wired valves and hoses that were joined together. This hose then came up to two thrusters on upper-left and upper-right of a jet. The distance was rather huge to burn anything, but still Geary's jetpack carried a smaller oxygen tank with a pilot's mask.

So, the tail can't be burnt, but the mane is still in danger zone. So I put it here...
> He weared a mask.
...m-mmph mmph m-mph!
> He weared it off and repeated, as he knew that this headgear was sound-isolated.
And everything's all right! See?
>> No. 40758070
>He nods with a smile

Yeah, sure. Just give me a minute to carry this stuff back up into my room.

>He picks up the other cannon from Mystic, slinging it onto his back and into the hooked carrying harness before going just upstairs to his room. During her response though about the weight he just shrugs a bit.

All in a days work.

>Now looking at the design, and seeing the slightly canted nozzles he sees the mentality of the design now as the tail cannot be burned as the exhaust is pushed away from the pack.

Hm. Well, I will inquire you about it in a second. I'll be back in just about a minute.

>He then turns away and lifts off towards the central staircase of the mansion as it rises to the second floor before branching off.
>> No. 40758071
Oh. So, that book story wasn't the truth.
> He looked back at Mobius.

Yep, sure!
>> No. 40758086
she looked over at him "story book?'
she said simply

she walked out to the foggy night brought to you by the ship letting out steam she boards the gang plank and looked down at her music box again
>> No. 40758120
Yep, I've.. well... "borrowed" it when flew out.
> He got out the book. (
>> No. 40758140
File 142186881131.png - (548.50KB , 1110x543 , cafe.png )
Mystic reads though the story book
"bloody hell, seems like a mish mash of unrelated themes trying to be one thing...I don't even know anyone called Vessiania nor am I a vampire. Core blimey gov'ner where'd you get that pulp fiction from? it's like the writer tried to tie in everything she liked and slapped me name on it...Me parents weren't gypsies...this is all wrong. old and wrong"
she looked at the forth wall for a split second and winked.
"I ave' no idea where you pulled this from but it's all wrong."
(I actually just recently reset Mystic to something more sane :P)
>> No. 40758167
>Mobius came flying back after dropping off his equipment in his room on the second floor, making a running landing as he came back to the group. However, Mystic was already on her way out the door as the darkened steam slipped into the main hall of the mansion. He then slowly walked out behind her as he flew up and boarded with her. He looked around the airship, at its steampunk designs and construction.

>The airship was similar to Page's but even more on the gritty mechanical side of things for this vessel.

Wow. What a piece of work you have here.

So does that mean Olivia, Cherry and everybody else getting a full retcon as well?
>> No. 40758188
the ship was elegant in the wood carvings and Victorian reliefs in the woodwork the vessel there was a pillion in the middle of the weapons array with pipes coming from it a window had a faint glow of a neon greenish color inside. the sails were tightly packed away as the blimp's gasses were pumped back into the holding tanks bellow the main cargo hold chest of artifacts from every culture were everywhere. there was mystic staring at a little music box. her ears perked when he step aboard. the small light cruiser was shaped like a 19th century sloop of war, Trottingham made 10 guns each on the port and starboard sides all outfitted with a pipe going to that glowing chamber.

>Olivia has minor changes, Cherry will need this as well, Ragna is fine as she is unaffected by the change and all of the other characters I play are okay as well.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 21st, 2015 13:09

>> No. 40758197
Okay, I need to go for a sleep. See ya guys!
> He took the packet and went upstairs.
>> No. 40758214
>He continued to look around inside of the airship, seeing the Victorian craftwork inside. He was then caught by the green glow towards the back of the ship. He walked closer to it, almost pensively. He looked around to also see that the piping up above him went down into the deck guns, which are now retracted.

Hey, Mystic. What is this thing over here about. This your...power source, I guess?
>> No. 40758218
she looked up shaking out of a trance like state
"that it is lad...this is a arcane magic crystal housed in a modern feeding system, It's a form of magic power used as a power source and weapons."
she said taking out her pistol she tapped the crystals and the pistol turned into a blunderbuss
"takes more power but can knock a mech back a few inches."
>> No. 40758220
>Now as Mystic came out of her trance, he was getting pulled into one himself by the crystal. He then turns back to Mystic.

How long has it been powering your ship? And...where did you get it, do you know how it works?

>He was getting very pulled in by it. I begged his interest deeply
>> No. 40758475
She smiled with a bit of a tease
"Oh here and there~" she giggled "actually the crystal singularity only powers the weapons I have a steam engine that powers the rest of the airship. while sailing on the high winds over the Isle of of Crete I ran into a very dense fog one that ships would have been lost and possibly ran into rocks it was like an island was protected by some mysterious force looking into it I go over the fog in seeing that there was an island underneath I drop down losing altitude fast fast enough to cause alarm I was greeted by locals home didn't speak my language nor any language that I had encountered before but somehow I knew what they were saying like it was magically translating inside my head these were the last ponies that kept with them a very old and mysterious magic they taught me everything they knew I applied it to my technology bringing mystery and the power of steam together with the help of the unicorns of Unicortis.each of my 20 cannons no longer uses gunpowder in shot but magic bolts that hit harder any magic that I could have mustard alone I have taken down many a pirate ship trying to take my treasures..."

Last edited at Wed, Jan 21st, 2015 20:22

>> No. 40758722
>He looks at the glowing case around this mysterious crystal, sucked in by its slow and eerie neon green glow. He then looked up as the piping from it led out to the 20 guns.

Wow. This is quite the setup anyways...
>He then pauses for a second.
Well, your crystal energy is used for raw power. We still have to figure out how to get it to that state.

>He glances back at the crystals housing. His visors glinting lightly off of the light.
>> No. 40758735
File 142194674998.jpg - (874.94KB , 3264x2448 , 20150118_105705.jpg )
she smiled at him
"I would need a emerald and a sapphire to make those crystals...The tribe I encountered taught me everything I know of the arcane arts....there's a spellbook around here somewhere that lets me access the spells because they are spoken, then cast."
>> No. 40758762
File 142195044566.png - (18.68KB , 550x400 , Mobius understanding.png )
>He glanced back to the crystal, then back to her.

Interesting. Because anything that we need magic for, especially these...
>He then tapped his opaque sky blue visors with his hoof
its a base of Sapphire in a hex-crystal form pattern.

So, how do these Arcane spells work? Like whats all capable with them?
>> No. 40758821
> Geary suddenly appeared at unbelievable speed.
Guess who's back, guys. Hello there.
So, you need an emerald, huh? I've ordered one before a conflict in Yellowmount for a laser weapon on a mask.
> He opened the right side of his goggles and took an emerald.
>> No. 40758856
File 142195370730.jpg - (1.00MB , 3264x2448 , rincewind's box.jpg )
she looked around and tapped her hind leg three times and a chest came up walking on hooves by itself and opened up reviling the ancient tome she picked it up with her magic
"I have gold and silver in bar and artifacts gems from all corners of the world...Then there's this ancient tome, Oh Mr. Mobius what I hold in my grasp of levitation is the key to a deeper and higher magic....a source of a massive source of power when mixed with my designs. It also contains spells for combat and other uses... which I would need to train in to be able to even wield them, I am considering it greatly. now, if one memorizes the does not need the book...but they are hard to memorize..."
>> No. 40758884
> Gearwheel flew back as he saw a walking chest.
Well... I'm afraid I couldn't help you with spells. I never knew any spell except grabbing, that's why I was trying to find a non-magical source of power for the last ten years.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 22nd, 2015 12:38

>> No. 40758898
File 142195535683.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
"don't worry about that chest lad...just don't piss it off. It's called a Rincewind's chest. very popular in Unicortis..More loyal then a dog I swear it on me art'!"
she pets the top of the box and the chest gets excited licking it's 'lips' and calming down into a normal chest you swear you can hear it snoring.
"it's made from a wood that only grows on that mystical island and finding one outside of there is and extreme rarity..."
>> No. 40758927
I wouldn't, I wouldn't... I... just...
> He turned off the thrusters and stepped back just for a distance.
I've never used to contact with magic creatures before... you know... as I lived all the time alone at the Eaglecrest Cavelab.
>> No. 40758933
>He simply looks at the tome after Mystic picks it up with her magic. As he looks at it and its small encryptions in the cover itself, he is overcome with a silent awe at it. Granted magic in this time is always growing slightly more powerful. But as Mystic describes, its power is something that almost needs to be kept a secret.

Wow... Do you know any of them? Or is it something thats like...too cryptic to read?

>Hearing the jetpack roar up onto the ship and him landing with a light clatter made him promptly turn around almost defensively. However he saw it was the stallion he met...well just earlier that day.

Well then. That was a short nap you had.
>> No. 40758937
File 142195671282.jpg - (7.99KB , 347x463 , hi!.jpg )
"he's more of a piece of luggage then a magical creature. you're a magical creature. I'm a magical creature, Lady Saras is a magical creature and also Mr.Mobius is as well...we're ponies...ponies are pretty magical if you think about it....though I know how it feels to be alone Mr.Geary."
>> No. 40758962
Yes, yes... But still, ponies are more like carbon-based form of life, that somehow got symbiothic with magic.

> He looked back at the crystal.
Anyway, do you still need an emerald?

Last edited at Fri, Jan 23rd, 2015 07:54

>> No. 40758970
>He was looking at the living chest as it slumbered back down. It was an odd thing certainly. But at least whatever it may be it had manners. He glanced over at Mystic as she referred to him, looking at the two of them. He then had a slight chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck lightly.

Heh. Well, not so much personally per-say.

>He then relaxed a bit with an appreciative smile.
>> No. 40759802
File 142202719420.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
"I can read it...though they are easy to mess up..."
she goes to the back and brings out a piece of coal.
she flipped though the book and started chanting
"ita pura ac splendente ardentes carbones calefac audax turn in hoc aurum!"
she repeats it three times her eyes go white and her magic turned a deep saturated purple hitting the coal and it turned into a lump of gold.
"And everypony is magical, Unicorns with spells, Pegasai with their gifts of flight speed and able to walk on clouds without spells or tonic Earth ponies with their strength steadfastness and connection to the earth.."

she shrugged "really don't need one at the moment. I was explaining to Mr.Mobius about how my weapon systems work"
>> No. 40759808
>He took a step back momentarily from Mystic as she was starting to recite the lines from the book, watching in fear that something bad may happen. But instead, through the magic of pure alchemy the lump of coal turned gold. He took a step forward at it, looking to see the new sheen coming off of it. However when Mystic was starting to respond to him he looked back over somewhat blankly. He then smiled a bit as he was about to respond, turning from the transformed coal.

Well...yeah, I guess. I mean, that right there; magic, alchemy, whatever you may call it is magic. Pegasai and the earth ponies is more nature to me than anything.

>He shrugs.

But, call it what you will.
>> No. 40759825
File 142203095245.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
she picks up the nugget and puts it on a shelf
"about all this low quality stuff is useful for."
she rubbed her head
"takes a bit out of me.."
she flipped though the pages
"there's a spell in here for anything and everything..." flipping though she'd have a giggle "turn you into a mare if I wanted..." she said jokingly "though I wouldn't unless somepony wanted me to." she tapped the chest it came back to live as it were and she placed the book back inside of her assistant and the chest scurries off to a undisclosed location on the ship.
>> No. 40759845
> Geary didn' t laugh at all.
Well, no, thanks. Takes a bit of... what?
And that was a Philosopher's spell?

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>> No. 40759847
File 142203262730.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
"It was makes you tired..."
she said smiling at him.
>> No. 40759851
>He looks to her blankly as she rubbed her head. Sure enough, changing something to a completely different substance is something that would wear anypony out. Still, the fact that this sort of alchemy existed somewhat baffled him. However at the gender change he recoiled slightly to that.

Wow...didnt even know that was a thing...

>He remained pensive for a second, watching the chest carry the book off away from them.

So, has anybody tried to loot you of that at all? I mean you did say that you were under fire at least one point during your travels, right?
>> No. 40759853
> He teared off the sweat from his forehead.
Phew! I nearly thought that each spell does... well, damage on each cast.
> Geary smiled.
I think nopony here needs a useless sacrifices.
>> No. 40759864
File 142203457530.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
"Oh too many times to count...but with my firepower on this boat none of them have boarded...Sky pirates now tend to just stay away when they see the concerto learned their lessons"
she smirked touching one of the mast.
"I love this old boat of mine...not for all the grain in Babylon...the tea in China or the gold in the new world would I give her up"

she smiled
"You'll catch on quick lad....don't you worry about it."
>> No. 40759866
>He gives a slight nod.

Yeah, I guess after seeing blasts of pretty much lasers flying out of your guns most would keep their distance.

>He then thinks.

You know if there are any sky pirates still around? For all I know there arent any since the IAF patrols over most of Equestria on a regular basis.

>He looks at him curiously, though shrouded by his opaque blue visors. He asked with almost a frustrated confusion, bewildered nonetheless.

Damage on each cast? What are you talking about?

>He was thinking he was on something or just purely acting strange. Obviously not all castings hurt the caster, but certainly can exhaust them. Seeing as Geary and Mystic are both unicorns they obviously know more about magic. But maybe he had a different archive of magic that hurts him? Mobius wasnt sure, but he figured magic wasnt that dangerous to the user.
>> No. 40759878
File 142203597494.png - (2.37MB , 1600x1130 , 1387718751_1181555385.png )
"Aye there is...One last group that still thinks that magic blast don't hurt vessels"
she went into her cabin and came back with a map of the southern equestrian boarder and the gulf of Marexico
she pointed to a small island chain in the Coltribbean sea.
"They call themselves the Dark Lotus raiders, named after their flagship the Dark Lotus, and her sister ship the Calypso same model." she got out a file in the filing cabinet taking out a picture of the ship it was pretty clear. "mind the quality of this engraving they were moving at full steam. the ship is even larger then the Concerto is. I always wind up having to aim for their propellers to make them piss off...I am sure the IAF will be a greater force then me and my little cruiser If you want I can make copies of all of this and give you in depth records of their habits."

Last edited at Fri, Jan 23rd, 2015 11:01

>> No. 40759879
>He looks at the ships, impressed by their size and their names. He pondered at them for a while between the maps and images.

Well, we dont patrol anywhere down that far. I will say this right now that the IAF is really only concerned with one enemy. The Aquila, that come from from the far West of the continent. So the pirates down there are too far away and to be honest not of our units concern. The EAF on the other hand, should they be the defense of them will deal with them.

>He pauses for a second, back to the map.

However. Since I am tasked with both Equestrian, and Northern patrols, and now primarily defence of the inhabitants of the Mansion, if you ever have a need to go down to those locations I can tag along with you.

Afterall, you did see the amount of firepower I can back. And with this platform also just the supplies I can bring along.

>He shrugged shortly after.

However only for defence and not so much offensively just to snuff them out. But should you need help against them I can be there for that.

And a bit of a southern vacation doesnt sound half bad either.

>He has a bit of a chuckle to himself the more he thinks about it. Especially the fact that he had never been that far south in his life.
>> No. 40759880
> He looked around.
I think that's obvious. This mighty ship would definetly make you a forever living legend.

> He stared at Mobius.
Please don't tell me you're surprised. If I knew ANYTHING worth about magic, I wouldn't invented a jetpack, I wouldn't even started searching for a non-magical source of power. I can even bet that you know about magic even more than I do!
> Geary was heavily breathing.
...still friends, Mob.
>> No. 40759881
File 142203697329.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
"snuffing them out would be a goal when I lighten the load off of my ship and train in that book for a good while. they are disturbing the balance of the region by raiding villages and cargo ships and airships."
she looked determined
"I am an explorer and somewhat of a historian and archeologist...but I am not afraid of bullies and I will not tolerate Piracy in a culturally rich want my hide out on dead mare's island back...."
>> No. 40759882
> He looked through those pictures.
So... they're the last pirates? If so, my opinion is: we should help those endangered species... to die as lab rats.
> He put his hoof down as he said so.
Let's do it.

Last edited at Fri, Jan 23rd, 2015 11:23

>> No. 40759883
>He looked at him still confused, but also surprised on how much anger his explanation went into. He wasnt now so much frustrated, just bewildered and confused.

Look, I know I dont know much about magic. Obviously, I'm a pegasus.

>He stretches one of his wings for a few seconds out just to solidify the point.

But you must have some sort of different...I dont know, repitoire of magic. My wife to be was a unicorn as well, and through all of her spells she got tired, but never hurt herself through just the casts at all.

>He paused for a second, now letting it sink in that this unicorn didnt know all? Or at least a little bit. He then stared ahead for a second to process that. He then turned back with a response. His response was a bit hesitant though.

So um...if you want to learn any more. We have a library down in the Mansion. Open to anyone and a wide selection to chose from.

>He nods back to her.
Well, whenever you feel. Obviously I'm in no rush to go anywhere. But yeah, we can get you setup here and all the time you want and need to go through that book. Then we can head out and I can get myself armed by that point.

Besides, I think powers combined both of those vessels will fall like stones from the sky.
>> No. 40759884
I'm not blind, Mobius. That's exactly what I wanted to say.
> He touched one of the thrusters
Look, I'm more a pegasi than a unicorn. Without this jetpack... I'm actually useless. I spent over 5 years on this junk, and I still modify it. Even ALYS, that was at first a simple Automatic Linear Yaw Stabiliser, now is my little artificial intelligence experiment.
> Geary turned over.
So, what are we waiting for? Let's kick some flank!
>> No. 40759895
File 142203923937.png - (548.50KB , 1110x543 , cafe.png )
she smiled
"bought her with the inheritance from my parents...Mother and Father must be smiling from the spirit have this much adventure....on this ship...ah..."
she smiled mischievously
"me lad...I like how you think...the royal trottish navy won't have anything to do with pirates anymore...yellow backed sissies."

she looks at him and smiled "By the powers....and the spells in that book...I could become death, the destroyer of wolds...."
she said super seriously then cracked a smiled
"sorry...had to quote the manehatten project..."
she chuckled a bit
>> No. 40759900
File 142204098250.png - (152.72KB , 2109x2709 , Mobius look.png )
>He chuckled a bit to her movie quote response.

Well yeah, that certainly will be the case for those pirates. But like I said, only when youre ready will I be going with you. And I will be bringing my own firepower. And maybe something that I havent used for a long time, but really really wanted to.

>He smirked a bit before having a slight chuckle to himself. He was starting to get giddy about this.

>He raised an eyebrow while listening to him, now just purely confused by him. So strange that a unicorn didnt use the potential for their magic, and yet still made a jetpack that has AI. No longer does he understand him and quite frankly interested by some backwards logic it seems.

>He simply remains silent towards him before looking back at Mystic for a reply.
>> No. 40759911
File 142204258951.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
"you know being as old as I am I feel like I should be at a higher power level then what I am currently though I'm a engineer not a battle mage...though the potential is there.."
>> No. 40759916
File 142204297308.jpg - (895.11KB , 3264x2448 , 20150118_105658.jpg )
"in a while...I must train up my power level to finally snuff them out for good."
>> No. 40759927
>He looks at her curiously for a second, not sure what she is quite referring to before she turns her attention over back to Gear.

>He nodded to her.
Alright Captain. Give the order when you feel ready. If we are going to be doing this then, I have a few packages I want to pick up then.
>He smirks at the thought.
>> No. 40760365
As you say, captain. I would be ready any minute.
> He weared a mask. Previously it was sound-isolated, but now anypony could hear him clearly, but with a little electronic distortion.
Now I should return to my experiments.
> He looked now at Mob, but mask covered his face and this couldn't be for sure. He took a small fused box.
I promise you, one ship would become scrap for sure. Just tell me where to plant.
Whoops. I've told the secret.
>> No. 40760729
File 142212333475.jpg - (830.66KB , 1714x1908 , Hackwrench on a jetpack.jpg )
> He looked at the box.
That's my first invention for actually blowing stuff up. Why do you think I've brought those Energenium capsules inside? To join them in a cluster fusebomb! It's really powerful, and it'll sure give a hell to any of those airships!
> He maniacally laughed as he imagined the possible destruction that this bomb could do. Microphone distortion only made him scarier at this moment.
But it would be a great challenge to fly so close to them, so, Mob...
> He turned back to Mobius.
...could you cover me while I'm planting the bomb?

(forgot to draw safety belts, damn!)

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 11:25

>> No. 40760882
she blinked "oh you weren't there for the story were you. oh deary me. Yes we will and when it comes to certain packages for pirates call me UPS"
she smirked.

"I'll get you weak points of those airships soon."
>> No. 40761685
File 142216845070.jpg - (1.56MB , 2101x2572 , IMG_20150124_235531.jpg )
Great. I'm sure that we even could draw an assault plan to organise everything.
> He laughed again.
I wonder how those pirates will react on a fact that 3 ponies will scare the shit of them ALL.
>> No. 40761686
File 142216895590.png - (219.47KB , 1800x3739 , Mobius_wat.png )
>He chuckles to her UPS comment.
Hehe. Well delivery calls soon enough.

>He looks to him about the bomb placement.

Well, alright. I can go out first them, grab their attention and then go and plant. If it doesnt destroy it at first, at least some sort of massive damage should happen. And if possible, place on the engines. Or even better, their weapons storage. That always has the best results.

>He smirks a bit.

Keep in mind though, youre extremely visible with...well a jetpack on you.
>> No. 40761691
And nopony's talking about the stealth. But still, this should work. Even if they'll have some pegasuses, they would surely split between us both. You'll surely deal with them, and then quickly return to Mystic. If something will go wrong, she would need your help. And I...
> He shook his head, landed and took off the mask. Geary sadly looked at Mobius.
...Just forget about me then. Explosion will happen any way... Maybe even bigger...
> He looked at fuel tanks on his jetpack.
>> No. 40761696
File 142217251361.png - (152.72KB , 2109x2709 , Mobius look.png )
>He looked at him somewhat concerned just for jumping in on it so quickly.

Well, look. I say that we just for the time being figure out how we are going to launch the attack in the first place. Get some intel on how the ships were built and best ways to disable, or destroy them.

Dont get too caught up in it too quick. Take this from somepony being in the military their entire lives. Strategy is half of the execution.
>> No. 40761706
You're right, Mobius. Mystic said that she will prepare the weakspots of those airships. After that, we should think what to do next.
> He weared the mask again and flew up.
And now I need to visit a library. I'm sure I'll find something interesting there. I'll be back in a few minites.
>> No. 40762703
> He returns.
Well, I'm back. As for me, magic still sucks.
>> No. 40762790
File 142226555336.jpg - (30.87KB , 653x490 , Mystic bolt sharpie colored.jpg )
she nodded "It is prudent that one is not hasty about this Mr.Geary, scaring them is not the goal here..."

she smiled and nodded "then it's settled. but first...A vacant room with a study?"
she said smiling
>> No. 40762794
A'ight, captain. So, what's the plan? I was talking with Mob, even about plan B,.. but he refused my suicide idea.
Heh. Seriously, I have no idea why I even said about it.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 26th, 2015 08:58

>> No. 40762905
File 142229462195.png - (342.57KB , 444x497 , 3d mystic.png )
"I haven't devised the plan yet Geary..."
>> No. 40762918
File 142229537808.png - (189.16KB , 771x1036 , pts_sitting_by_sapphire_beauty0-d8eoucj.png )
>for Andrew.
Twilight was in the Library wing working though the non-fiction section. Being alone gave her time for books but not a whole lot of time for pony-interaction.
The forgotten princess had made by now a wall of books in the mansion's library.
>> No. 40762919
File 142229552352.png - (202.87KB , 1000x1061 , kiriban without background and effects.png )
A voice heard fro just outside the wall. "What the-...? Hello?"
>> No. 40762920
File 142229593218.png - (168.00KB , 667x1198 , princess_twilight_sparkle_front_view_vector_by_sapphire_beauty0-d81j71u.png )
Twilight's magic took a section of the books and made a door she poked her head out of it
"Yes?..." she said groggily and fairly melancholic. she looked like she hasn't seen anypony in a while.
>> No. 40762922
File 142229601068.png - (603.24KB , 3000x3447 , i dont know about that___.png )
"Oh." Andrew blinked, surrpised to see a pony with wings and a horn, but of course his surrpise could be confused with the sight of actuall yfinding a pony here.

"Um.. are you alright..?"
>> No. 40762928
File 142229646030.png - (189.16KB , 771x1036 , pts_sitting_by_sapphire_beauty0-d8eoucj.png )
she sighed and looked at him
"It's been a long time since I've been "Alright"... My name is Twilight Sparkle..."
she looked at him and raised an eyebrow
>> No. 40762933
File 142229653729.png - (131.80KB , 1024x1235 , oh yeah.png )
"uh... nice to meet you, Twilight? I don't think I ever saw you around here before.. I'm Andrew.." He put up a small, polite smile
>> No. 40762945
File 142229675994.png - (113.31KB , 851x800 , alicorn_twilight_sparkle_by_valichan-d5tmern.png )
she looks at him smiling and smiled back briefly.
"Nice to meet you too..."
she walked out of the walled area and looked around.
"maybe I should make new friends...Wanna do something...Andrew was it?"
>> No. 40762957
File 142229704264.png - (104.52KB , 817x977 , Name's Andrew.png )
Andrew stepped back, giving her room. He nodded and gave a small smile back. "Yeah, that's it... um, well are you hungry at all?" he asked curiously
>> No. 40762986
File 142229773377.png - (132.83KB , 924x865 , chibi_twilight_sparkle_alicorn_by_inkandmystery-d61ext9.png )