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#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun #Shrugs

>If you want to make a Donut Bar thread, seea suggested OP post at

I havent made a thread in awhile! So Dom tasked me with doing it, I liked doing it and then he just kinda forgot about it! So I gave him free shrugs and did it anyway!

ITT: Give shrugs as solutions for your problem.

On another note, come and RP!

This is the infamous Donut Bar, a place where the impossible is commonplace and the unreal is normal, a place where you can see a god casually conversing with a demon while creatures of unknown origins have a drink with the rulers of nations. Here, all are welcome and accepted – so long as violence does not occur, as indicated by a the sign reading “Violence will NOT be tolerated!” in what seems to be blood.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Topics tonight include:


>First into


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Bar is now: OPEN!
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>> No. 40680890
"Yeah, well, why did you? They were right there, guy! All you had to do was look when I first said!"

"Um, look, I really don't know how to respond to that, so let me just call up the suicide prevention hotline for you."

"...can you make me forget about it?"
>> No. 40680891
I... can definitely do that...
>> No. 40680892
Yeah... Beauty sleep and all.
Night Andy.
>She grabs her purse and scuttles out.
>> No. 40680893
File 141550449460.png - (70.02KB , 473x560 , _D64pfTR.png )
Sort of! It's clandestine and based in the orient so many of their operatives do borrow those kind of traditions. It's called the Chilong. They sort of do spying, sabotauge, that kinda secret stuff.
>He chuckles
There is a difference between waiting to die and attempting to die~
>> No. 40680894
File 141550454565.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"I assumed you were just bringing things up again."
>> No. 40680895
File 141550455951.png - (184.12KB , 1856x2924 , I can play too___.png )
"...Alright, see ya later..." he watched her head out, then gave a disappointed sigh, laying his head on the counter, over his folded hooves
>> No. 40680896
File 141550461085.png - (274.84KB , 3000x3033 , diabetus_by_arti22-d77o4pn.png )
"Oh cool!! I wanna do taht! can you show me?"
>> No. 40680897
File 141550466457.png - (70.02KB , 473x560 , _D64pfTR.png )
Mmm? Show you the Chilong? When you're older perhaps. Or do you mean show you one of those other things?
>> No. 40680898
File 141550481237.png - (92.37KB , 894x894 , im not so sure of that___.png )
"The uh.. ninja stuff... I'm trained by Chrys. I call her Chrys at least. She's known as Queen Chrysalis."
>> No. 40680899
"And it will be like it never happened?"

>A look of concerned understanding crosses her face
"Oh. I'm so sorry to hear that, Fate. How long did the doctors give you?"

"Well, you know what they say about what happens when you assume? Because I don't, but it was some sort of insulting play on words!"
>> No. 40680900
Well, I mean... do you feel different without your um, soul?
>> No. 40680901
File 141550495429.png - (461.50KB , 1018x1120 , _zeyx4T5.png )
Ooh. Nice choice. Changelings are naturally decietful, treacherous, selfish creatures...I can relate. Good assets in someone teaching you how to be a ninja. Um...I'm not sure what exactly to show you though.
>he gave off a slight chuckle, never one to lose his good humor
Mmm....wasn't doctors but let's say it's dwindling down pretty quick. Few months. Maybe a year or more if I'm fortunate.
>> No. 40680902
"I was taught about sneaking and climbing and fighting and stuff like taht!" He 'elaborated' with a giggle
>> No. 40680903
File 141550502260.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
>He says nothing.
>> No. 40680904
File 141550504906.png - (70.02KB , 473x560 , _D64pfTR.png )
I hope you got taught the most important part of being a ninja: There's no such thing as fighting fair~
>> No. 40680905
File 141550506716.jpg - (44.90KB , 600x700 , fn8gTSJ.jpg )
>> No. 40680906
"She taught me honor and stuff... like,not to kill if I dont need too.."
>> No. 40680907
File 141550515701.png - (70.02KB , 473x560 , _D64pfTR.png )
A valuable trait my father did his best to teach me...not sure if it rubbed off. It's fun...
>> No. 40680908
File 141550516413.png - (117.02KB , 677x749 , 181.png )
"Not much, what about you?"
>> No. 40680909
>She shakes her head
"I haven't noticed anything..."

"What happened?"

"It's not like I was just spouting off my usual flavor of stupid, guy. They were right there! I saw them! Why couldn't you believe me?"
>> No. 40680910
"What's fun... killing?"

"Just taking a visit to the bar." he giggled.
>> No. 40680911
Then maybe you don't need it? Maybe you just got pranked...?
>> No. 40680912
File 141550535799.png - (70.02KB , 473x560 , _D64pfTR.png )
Long long story.
>Walks over, picks Fossily up, hugs her :3
Don't worry about it
>Nightshade was a bit too ashamed to say yes
Well I mean sneaking in general. Don't you find it fun?
>> No. 40680913
File 141550540658.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
"I didn't see anything from my perspective, Honest! Maybe you saw them, yet I didn't."
>> No. 40680914
Giggle gigle~ "Oooh yeah~! I love sneaking up on people around the bar and spooking them!" he laughed
>> No. 40680915
File 141550562006.png - (70.02KB , 473x560 , _D64pfTR.png )
Do you think you could sneak up on me?~
>> No. 40680916
File 141550564409.jpg - (28.88KB , 382x510 , hmph.jpg )
"I was bawling my eyes out when Teton told me. That would be a pretty cruel prank!"

>Fossil stands stiff and awkward in the hug
"...does your family know?"

"But then why tell me I didn't see anything? Why call me crazy? And why bring the Dallas Mavericks into it?"
>> No. 40680917
File 141550569688.png - (461.50KB , 1018x1120 , _zeyx4T5.png )
Well of course. They've known the whole time. This is no new information Fossil. I've known when I'd die for a long time. een watching it creep up for a while.
>> No. 40680918
I don't really know what a soul is though, do you?
>> No. 40680919
File 141550583841.png - (27.42KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 11.png )
"I don't Know!"
>Did Ranger just shed a tear?
>> No. 40680921
>She nods
"Give me the short version, then. What's killing you?"

>She shakes her head, sadly
"I just want to forget this happened. Maybe if I just forget about this, it will all go away... What do you think, Andrew?"

>Oddly sighs and holds open the door
"Come on in, I suppose."
>> No. 40680922
"I personally dont think that it's a real threat... I'vev never heard a case of someone's soul getting stolen fromt hese cookies... I'd just say to forget about it if you're so parnoid
>> No. 40680923
But you don't need hypnosis for that. And um, I still don't know why you started drinking again.
>> No. 40680924
File 141550608066.png - (461.50KB , 1018x1120 , _zeyx4T5.png )
You've seen Love Craft? The thing that let me father something like that.
>> No. 40680927
File 141550634786.png - (1.22KB , 67x43 , Zero_Dash.png )
>Instead, Ranger Randomly changes back to his Zero Form and dashes away from Oddly.
>> No. 40680928
>she nods
"That's all I really want."

"I...I don't know. I was distraught. I was miserable. I just don't want to deal with it."

"Some sort of arcane disease?"
>> No. 40680929
File 141550644214.png - (7.09MB , 2920x3559 , Captain Andy on Duty!.png )
"Heheh, probably~" He grinned. "No one has caught me so far~" If I stand still long enough, I blend in~
>> No. 40680930
File 141550645984.jpg - (58.48KB , 720x544 , Hey there, Neighbor!.jpg )
>> No. 40680931
>Oddly closes the door and goes back to work on his projector
"Well, it's just you and me then, Marilyn. You believe me, don't you?"
>It doesn't respond. It's a machine
"Yeah, same here."

>Hallo, Jimmy
>> No. 40680932
File 141550650712.png - (300.99KB , 982x760 , spoiler.png )
I guess we could do some more hypnosis for your drinking, and I could make you forget the soul thing too...

>> No. 40680933
File 141550655197.png - (461.50KB , 1018x1120 , _zeyx4T5.png )
Something like that. Imagine a parasite that crawls in, eats you from the inside out, growing fat and thick and replaces everything inside you with it and wears your skin around as it rots and slithers along the world. That's kinda how it is. That is kind of what I am. It's a disease of the soul. When I was still a young man, my sight led me to a place to see things I shouldnt have, and those things saw me, and took me. Took my soul. Twisted me....I got away from them in the end but they still own me. I still owe them. And they;ll collect.
>That is Nightfakk;s idea of stealth...Nightfall is...infamously bad at sneaking >.>

Attempt to then young one. I am not as easy as the common prey~
>Tickles him in the side
>> No. 40680934

Andrew and moon wake up Dulset that morning after. "Good morning!!"
>> No. 40680935
>That image is just the best

>Haph nods slowly

"That's....that's awful! Isn't there anything you can do?"
>> No. 40680936
"Welll, I can't do it nooowwww~! You're expecting it!" he giggle.d "I'll have to do it some other time I see you." he grinned
>> No. 40680938
File 141550670842.png - (1.67MB , 1000x1061 , kiriban_prize_for_astros440_by_dennybutt-d6smxw8.png )
Andrew nodded, giving just as uneasy of a look.
>> No. 40680939
File 141550670850.png - (70.02KB , 473x560 , _D64pfTR.png )
Well of course. I can die.
>he chuckles
Then you have yet to become a truuue ninja. If someone expects you, you can use it to your advantage. Bait them, lure them with a fake manuever and come up from behind as they think they've got you.
>> No. 40680940
"...Oh uh, good point... ... what kind of fake maeuvers..?"
>> No. 40680941
File 141550677542.jpg - (3.22MB , 2830x1900 , 76uniform.jpg )
>> No. 40680943
File 141550680413.jpg - (213.52KB , 630x950 , Izzy the Sailor.jpg )
Howdy Doody!

Moon opens her eyes a bit and yawns "Mmh?..."
>> No. 40680948
File 141550689953.png - (990B , 44x59 , Zero_Low_Health 4.png )
>Opps, forgot to say Oddly could hear Ranger crying as he dashed away.
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