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File 141575254373.png - (123.36KB , 1320x872 , Trotswood Map.png )
40684838 No. 40684838
#Ask/invite #Canon: Trotswood #Ponies

On the Edge of Equestria near the western forests. Lies Trotswood, a small town on the Edge
of civilization as ponies know it. A haven for the weird and supernatural, Trotswood has
never grown into a particularly large town and though ponies come and go, it needs more
ponies to grow. Ponies who can run shops, work jobs, and defend the town from the horrors
that lurk at its edges. The town is small right now, consisting of a few shops, some homes,
a hospital, and the bar next to the hospital.

Trotswood is supposed to be a growing community, where there is no overall OP to handle anything
but OOC disputes and the rules. Everything is player driven, the story, the town, the ponies in
in the town. It is a place players can make an arc, and bring the whole town into it, you do not have
to make up a setting or anything, just take the town and its basics and make it into a place
to base your story out of. Trying to be inclusive to everyone is even better, so walk around town
and don't stick with the same people. Get in a fight, Make new friends, End up in the hospital,
laughing it off. try not to talk about rp in OOC, just post yourself around town and let people
react It is much more fun that way. And always add new stuff to the town, it is up to the players
to decide what is in it. So be creative!

1. Please apply! It helps us keep count of who is in the RP and helps us keep out characters
against the rules. You can have multiple characters.

2. Keep IC and OOC separate, getting in fights over IC stuff is petty at best, if you have
concerns that someone is harassing you bring it up with one of the Mods that is one of the
few reasons we are here.

3. Fighting is up to the fighters, it can be rolls of random luck or good narrative. If enough
people want, I can put together a basic stat system so it can be less pure luck on rolls.

4. No Humans allowed, it is the ponyverse in this RP. That being said, cars, guns, ect are
allowed there is no set timeline on the rp

5. Shipping is permitted, if you get raunchy please take it to skype or steam or ect.
feel free to post chat logs and get judged by your peers!

6. All players are allowed to run arcs at anytime if you can get the interest, don't be
discouraged by someone running an Arc at the same time.

Link to OOC:

OP: Wind Chaser
Mods: Scorch, Unonemous
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>> No. 40775549
File 142320408716.png - (44.90KB , 320x426 , ItsKindaCute.png )
Orchid walks out, eyes closed in her glory as she blindly walks into the room, humming a happy song. Her masterpiece resting on the table.
>> No. 40775769
Scorch opens up his eyes, half buried in the snow "Heya Terra... how are you?" He stands up, shaking off some of the snow.

Smokey smiles at Izzy and waves "Hewya!"
>> No. 40775779
Scorch opens up his eyes, half buried in the snow "Heya Terra... how are you?" He stands up, shaking off some of the snow.

Smokey smiles at Izzy and waves "Hewya!"
>> No. 40776484
Diamond yawns a bit as she approaches her roomate with a tired smile "Hey, Orchid...What'd you cook this time, hm?" She asked groggily

Terra chuckles and smiles "Fine, just fine...Enjoying all this pretty snow, that's for sure...And what're you up to, snow-pony?"

Iselia grins and waves to Smokey happily "Haaaaaai~!"
>> No. 40776502
Scorch shakes his head "Snow pony!? How dare you! I am a snow stallion!" He rolls around in the snow till he is caked in it. "See?"

Smokey giggles and flutters over plopping down on Terra's back.
>> No. 40776513
Terra giggles and gives him a pap on the head, making all the fluffy white goodness fall off in a light cloud "Heheee~ Well, it looks like a pony to me." She says while sticking out her tongue

Iselia giggles and waves to him again, even though Smokey's right in front of her "Hawoooo~"
>> No. 40776923
File 142333618307.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Orchid smiles back and waves
I made us all some baked potatoes with cheese. I figured you would probably be hungry when you woke up, so I took the liberty of fixing you two up something nice.
Rain cooed at the mention of cheese, and licked her lips hungrily
>> No. 40777609
Diamond chuckles and smiles as she walks closer "Awful kind of you, though, I don't think baked potatoes are normally considered breakfast food." She shrugs "Not that it matters. Food is food regardless...Thanks, Orchid."
>> No. 40777656
She blushes, embarrassed that she messed up. She smiled awkwardly.
No problem.
>> No. 40777873
A robot about one meter high with a glass dome on top rolls into the town from the west entrance. It sits on top of a ball yet stands upright. Its outer shell is smooth and has no other appendages.
>> No. 40777874
File 142339039555.png - (133.44KB , 800x800 , 132175679015.png )
Cryo shifted uncomfortably in a nearby bush, the leaves poking into her sides as she tried to sleep. She shivered as the cold night wind brushed against her body.
She found that she couldn't quite stay asleep with the leaves and the wind, so she stretched out and un-attached herself from the bush.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 8th, 2015 03:14

>> No. 40777875
The robot stops in the middle of the road and announces
"Movement detected, scanning area."
A few moments go by then it says
"Structure configuration, residential."
>> No. 40777877
Cryo hears the commotion and looks to see what in Equestria is going on. She sees this and immediately freezes.
There is a robot... going down the street.
She could not believe her eyes, absolutely nothing about this made any sense, why would there be a Robot in this small town?
>> No. 40777879
The robot then starts rolling down the street once more, it now moving much slower and beeping periodically.
>> No. 40777880
File 142339302819.png - (68.65KB , 598x594 , plz_base_by_kitycute998-d7hymq2.png )
She slowly follows the robot deeper into town, trying to stay out of any sort of scanning range. She is also making sure to hide behind every bush she can find.
>> No. 40777881
Sorry for the wait, I had to do something
The robot moves until the four way intersection where it then stops. It's ball seems to deflate and the soft, constant glow of it's dome turns into a pulse. After a sort time of this, even the pulses stop.
>> No. 40778370
File 142343134517.png - (29.34KB , 261x346 , Cryo eating ice cream.png )
Cryo edges close to the machine. Did it shut down? What in Equestria was going on? She poked the robot with her hoof lightly, backing up in case it decided to attack or something.
>> No. 40778387
A soft buzz is heard along with a single beep, the robot's ball then inflates and the light glow forms back into the dome before it asks
"Do you require something?"
>> No. 40778407
Cryo ducks her head, like she was in trouble. Frowning, she shook her head silently. She had questions, but she could not find the will to actually speak them.
>> No. 40778411
After about five seconds the robot states
"No command received, powering down."
It then, once again deflates its ball and the dome dims.
>> No. 40778470
File 142343461369.png - (86.10KB , 575x633 , Cryo in a box.png )
Cryo smiled, poking the machine again. At the very least she could play a game of on-off with it.
>> No. 40778526
The robot boots back up and once again asks
"Do you require something?"
I've got to go for a bit, be back later.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 8th, 2015 16:03

>> No. 40778604
File 142343967106.jpg - (770.22KB , 3264x2448 , 20150201_085602.jpg )
>A bit of sound effects cause lol.

Cherry had went back to Alpha Centari for more supplies that earth at it's current time could not give her. She throws it to maximum warp for home getting there within an hour later. She soon puts the Ryujo back into standard orbit around the third rock from the sun. stepping onto the shuttle deck she'd opt for her shuttlecraft disguised as a car once again she steps out of the car once landing in Trotswood and detected a small android of unknown build.
>> No. 40778920
File 142345735757.png - (68.65KB , 598x594 , 142339302819.png )
Cry smiles, giggling to herself.
This was becoming fun.
>> No. 40779978
After about five more seconds, instead of turning back off, it beeps once and says
"I do not get it."
I've got two hours.
>> No. 40780051
Cry frowns, poking it again to see if it turned off the same way it turned on.
>> No. 40780057
After a second the robot beeps before saying
"Do you attempt to damage me?"
A slight hum starts up from withing the robot and the dome glows slightly brighter.
Well it's time for me to go.

Last edited at Mon, Feb 9th, 2015 21:53

>> No. 40780166
Scorch sticks out his tongue in return, flapping his wings to push off the majority of the snow from his fur. "Nyaah... I am a stallion.."

Smokey smiles and pokes her nose "Hewwooo~"
>> No. 40782250
Terra snickers and gives him a gentle push "Ah, shut up, ya dingus."

Iselia hugs him and smiles "Hawo, Smokey~!"
>> No. 40782972
File 142372074411.png - (380.59KB , 1280x1447 , 141295283150.png )
Rain giggles as she sits, clapping as food is placed in front of her.
I never said I was good at what times are good for what foods or else my cutie mark would be like yours.
>> No. 40786639
"I'm...Not really super good with food, Orchid. It just so happens to be my job, is all." SHe smiles as she watches Rain, giving the little filly a pat on her head "Heh...As long as she's happy, that's what matters."
>> No. 40787745
File 142405959278.png - (116.06KB , 991x807 , curious_twilight_by_tamalesyatole-d5yxu9a.png )
Paying no mind to her sensors Cherri drives to the pup for some lunch and gets out of her car.
>> No. 40799793
File 142489193063.png - (351.52KB , 538x640 , 141299952689.png )
But your cutie mark... It is your special talent, is it not?
Rain giggles happily and squirms under the hoof.

The mare shakes her head and paws at the ground, looking down as if to apologize
> Notice: I am really sorry about the late response I have been dealing with some sh*t over here and I have had no time to post at all. I will be TRYING to post more often, but I also have to hope things die down a little. Also I will only be posting from my phone for a little while until I can afford another computer because my old one was broken.
>> No. 40802626
"Well, I guess...But, like...I don't know, food just wasn't my life's calling...Er, well...I guess it is NOW since that jerk dumped the place on me like he did..."
She sighs and shakes her head, leaning down to nuzzle Rain
"I don't know, I went to college for other random stuff...At this point, I can barely remember."
>> No. 40805093
File 142526639437.png - (12.03KB , 219x194 , 141309036335.png )
If you really don't want to run the crossroads, then why do you? You could probably sell the place... but what do I know?
Orchid said patting Rain's mane
You go sell it mommy? I like that place.
>> No. 40806286
"I can't just sell it, because the place has no value...The town's too small for it to give me a living savings to fall back on...I need the money to keep things stable, and all that. Gotta think of Rain, after all." She responds while straightening out her mane
>> No. 40806432
Oh, right. I honestly didn't even think about that... well what DO you want to do then?
Rain shakes her head, messing up her mane on purpose
>> No. 40810954
File 142568350727.jpg - (78.43KB , 1024x724 , sunset_shimmer__anime_cel_shade_test_by_bakki-d85sn1d.jpg )
> Should I be calling dead thread here? Are we killing off trotswood? Or is everybody just to busy to post? (Know those feels)
>> No. 40812503
It doesn't matter any more any way. Any new people we get never come back, and all that are really left are the mods.
>> No. 40812507
"I never got to figure that out..." She responded somberly as she stared up at the ceiling "I wasn't here long before that...That lying A--...Lying...Jerk. Stepped into my life, and lead me on...I somehow had a child, and then she ran away with her...I really don't have plans any more, and never had the opportunity to get them straightened out."
>> No. 40812580
File 142579221799.png - (142.33KB , 808x989 , spoiler.png )
>would post, but no one replies to me
>> No. 40812704
Because no one's around when you do post. The few people that come along come, about, once a day.

4 years down the line, and Trotswoods hit a dead point :I
>> No. 40812737
File 142580033565.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Hmm... oh well.I guess you just gotta find what you love doing and then keep doing it.
>> No. 40816195
Diamond nods "Yeah...Life's difficult like that. Once you're on your own, more and more responsibilities pile up as you go on. Nothing comes easy, and just about everything has a consequence."
>> No. 40862226
File 142967338967.jpg - (34.65KB , 600x556 , Lurk.jpg )
>> No. 40862299
File 142967734755.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>Your gonna be lurkin for a while, this place has been dead for quite some time
>> No. 40863635
File 142977779887.jpg - (136.08KB , 493x750 , Awye.jpg )
Lance, bro! :D

Wait, who're you?
>> No. 40863729
File 142980761464.png - (433.06KB , 1024x448 , rise_of_the_planet_of_equestria_girls_by_rave_ix-d66yvo4.png )
>> No. 40863987
[/Hey bro, what be happenin'??]

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>> No. 40864023
File 142983118237.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>somebody who has been looking to see any activity or signs of life on this here thread, this is the first in quite some time
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