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File 141575254373.png - (123.36KB , 1320x872 , Trotswood Map.png )
40684838 No. 40684838
#Ask/invite #Canon: Trotswood #Ponies

On the Edge of Equestria near the western forests. Lies Trotswood, a small town on the Edge
of civilization as ponies know it. A haven for the weird and supernatural, Trotswood has
never grown into a particularly large town and though ponies come and go, it needs more
ponies to grow. Ponies who can run shops, work jobs, and defend the town from the horrors
that lurk at its edges. The town is small right now, consisting of a few shops, some homes,
a hospital, and the bar next to the hospital.

Trotswood is supposed to be a growing community, where there is no overall OP to handle anything
but OOC disputes and the rules. Everything is player driven, the story, the town, the ponies in
in the town. It is a place players can make an arc, and bring the whole town into it, you do not have
to make up a setting or anything, just take the town and its basics and make it into a place
to base your story out of. Trying to be inclusive to everyone is even better, so walk around town
and don't stick with the same people. Get in a fight, Make new friends, End up in the hospital,
laughing it off. try not to talk about rp in OOC, just post yourself around town and let people
react It is much more fun that way. And always add new stuff to the town, it is up to the players
to decide what is in it. So be creative!

1. Please apply! It helps us keep count of who is in the RP and helps us keep out characters
against the rules. You can have multiple characters.

2. Keep IC and OOC separate, getting in fights over IC stuff is petty at best, if you have
concerns that someone is harassing you bring it up with one of the Mods that is one of the
few reasons we are here.

3. Fighting is up to the fighters, it can be rolls of random luck or good narrative. If enough
people want, I can put together a basic stat system so it can be less pure luck on rolls.

4. No Humans allowed, it is the ponyverse in this RP. That being said, cars, guns, ect are
allowed there is no set timeline on the rp

5. Shipping is permitted, if you get raunchy please take it to skype or steam or ect.
feel free to post chat logs and get judged by your peers!

6. All players are allowed to run arcs at anytime if you can get the interest, don't be
discouraged by someone running an Arc at the same time.

Link to OOC:

OP: Wind Chaser
Mods: Scorch, Unonemous
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>> No. 40684891
Scorch is sitting on his porch eating a slice of pumpkin pie. The rest of his pie sitting next to him.
>> No. 40684898
A tiny pony sneaks up and peeks over the box, slowly reaching forward to grab the plate of delicious pumpkin pie
>> No. 40684913
Scorch's eyes dart over "Hey!"
>> No. 40684916
The small pony quickly grabs the plate and attempts to awkwardly dart off
"Mine! Mine!"
She says as she scurries away, scorch getting an easy sight of her blue mane and tail
>> No. 40685085
"Get back here!"
Scorch flies over the pony trying to nab her.
>> No. 40685330
"Eeh! Noooo! Is mine, mista Scorch!"
Says the small pony as she keeps running, the pie carefully balanced on her back as she darts into an alley


Litos laughs
"See? She likes it...But, ah, Ragna, try your best not to break any more of the cups, 'kay?"
>> No. 40685337
mystic fixes it with a bit of magic
"that custom stopped a long time ago dear Ragna"

ranga nods

meanwhile across town s certain shuttle craft lands.
>> No. 40685338
Litos chuckles
"Well, at least you know she likes it, right, hon? Better than her throwing it out the window because she didn't like the taste."
>> No. 40685339
File 141578651983.png - (274.41KB , 496x307 , P0011602.png )
"if I'm correct ancient norselandic educate and customs like the throwing of a horn was seen as an honorary sight when the first horn of mead was drawn from a barrel was a sign that it was good enough for the gods...thus good enough for the hall."

"Ja...pretty much though you are wrong on that...that was all drinks not just gag was to insinuate that it had been poisoned a show of strength told everyponi else that it was safe to drink..thus a tradition..."

mystic squeed being schooled writing that down
>> No. 40685340
Litos laughs a bit
"Man, talk about a weird tradition that I could get into...Nopony would be able to complain when I decided to toss a fresh cup of something across the room!"
He said with a grin, smirking as he watched Mystic scribble more notes
>> No. 40685341
File 141578717149.gif - (1.03MB , 1000x562 , Dancing-Rainbow-Dash-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-30840063-1000-562.gif )
she smiled and got out a book on modern norseland
"oh they still do that...."

ragna looks at the book and blink seeing a statue of herself in Reykjavik the smile wiped off her face
>> No. 40685342
Litos peeks over
"Oh, what, they still do? How weird...Seems like that'd be a health issue due to flying bits of cups and stuff...Plus th--...Hey, Ragna, are you alright over there?"
He raises an eyebrow, noting Ragna's sudden change in expression
>> No. 40685343
"says here only in a ceremony now but was once a wide spread practice.."

"that me....but....why?"
ragna shook her head
>> No. 40685344
Litos nods
"Oh...Well, still, I'd imagine some kind of weird little...Problems with actively breaking things like that."
He gives a shrug
"But, whatever...And Ragna, they thought you were just a statue. You know, a stone chiseled to honor your action, and the action of those alongside you during the last time you were seen...Nopony knew it was really you."
>> No. 40685345
File 141578873255.png - (197.24KB , 1600x1721 , they_ate_my_muffinz_by_mehoep-d56duvs.png )
she blinked and read the caption translating it into english
"the plague says.. Ragna Rok...Little hero...I'm not...that little..."
she was a little shorter then mystic.
>> No. 40685346
Litos shrugs
"Who cares what the article says? If somepony came up to you, and said to your face "You're little" You could probably tie their tail to their mane and kick them down the street...You know how you are, and that's what matters."
>> No. 40685347
File 141578928849.jpg - (26.97KB , 364x486 , magic!.jpg )
"well why don't we go see it?..." said mystic.

ragna still grumbles about how how being a girl does not equate to being little.
>> No. 40686337
Scorch flies swiftly after her trying to catch up with the little pony.
>> No. 40686456
File 141589034362.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Orchid shrugs
I was thinking like a board game or something of the sort, I know those are getting really popular.
>> No. 40687132
Litos scratches his chin
"Huh...Might be a bit odd for Ragna, but, if she's okay with it, then, why not?"

The small filly is easily picked up, showing her to be Iselia
"Aaah! He got me, Mommy!"

Diamond thinks for a short moment
"Ahh...Well, I'm pretty sure that I don't have any board games around the house. I was never too fond of 'em when I was little."
>> No. 40688237
Scorch smirks and pokes her nose
"You know you could have just asked Izzy."
>> No. 40688273
File 141602464009.gif - (476.95KB , 550x410 , 141109689290.gif )
Good thing I brought scrabble then!
Rain giggles
Word games!
>> No. 40688302
Iselia giggles from the boop, smiling
"Momma tol me to, uhm...See if I could get it."
She picks up the plate and holds it out for him
"Hewe ya go!"

Diamond blinks and stares at Orchid
"What? When did you get that? I don't ever remember even seeing it, or hearing you mention it."
>> No. 40689332
File 141608882178.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
I keep it in my bag. It's the only thing to pass the time.
>> No. 40691161
File 141618657579.png - (157.38KB , 885x903 , rarity_s_day_off_by_abydos91-d6rjys2.png )
Olivia had made a few purchases at the music shop and had bought a 1965 gipson guitar that she took under a tree and fiddled around with it

Last edited at Sun, Nov 16th, 2014 18:18

>> No. 40691199
Scorch shakes his head and gently takes the plate and gives it back to Izzy
"You can have it, all you had to do was ask."
>> No. 40691968
Diamond shrugs
"Well, if you say so. It's not gonna be that long though, so, I'm not entirely sure if it's worth the effort."

Iselia smiles
"Fanky, Mister Scorch! But...I'd only want one piece."

Terra walks up
"We weren't intent on keeping it, Scorch. I was just seeing how sneaky she could be."
>> No. 40692306
File 141628675941.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Well we can always resume after dinner. We don't have to permanently stop or anything.
>> No. 40693885
Diamond blinks
"Oh, right...Sorry, not used to actually discussing dinner and stuff with others...It's a bit of an adjustment...Again."
>> No. 40694088
File 141641985333.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Oh, no, it is perfectly fine. I am not really used to having company either. Usually I play it against myself.
>> No. 40694794
"How can you play a board game by yourself?...It's supposed to be a played by multiple ponies, isn't it?"
And with that, a quiet 'Ding!' was heard behind her
"Ah! Food's done~"
>> No. 40696462
File 141660051544.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
When you get bored enough you create your own entertainment... Ooh! Can't wait! It smells so good!
Orchid said gleefully as she took a deep whiff.
Smells good!
Giggled Rain, clapping her hooves together.
>> No. 40697750
Diamond shrugs
"Well, I suppose we all adapt one way or another, right?"
She turns around and opens the oven before lifting out the large tray-full of lasagna, gently setting it down on a cloth to cool
"There we go."
>> No. 40699623
File 141681097042.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Orchid sets up a board with three separate little wood holders. On each of the holders she puts 7 square wood places that have letters engraved onto them.
Yeah. I guess that is right. Hey, I think we should let Rain go first, how about you?
>> No. 40700061
Diamond shrugs as she starts laying out cut pieces, steam slowly rising off of them
"Sure. Not like I know how this game works."
>> No. 40705560
File 141737732440.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Rain slowly puts tiles down as she says the letters.
F... r.... i... e... s! Fries.
Orchid nods.
Quite impressive.
>> No. 40705654
Diamond smiles
"Great job, sweetie~ Keep it up, and you'll be a pro in no time." She said with a small chuckle, biting her lip as she slowly assembles the word "Triple"
>> No. 40706919
File 141749618396.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Orchid thinks for a second before putting trot onto the board. Rain grabs quite a few letters from her holder.
T... r... o... t... s... w... o... o... d... Trotswood!
Orchid stares in awe as not only has this filly played a big word, but she hit a triple word space.
Holy cow Rain, that was worth 67 points!
>> No. 40707645
File 141757623481.png - (36.41KB , 420x415 , Diamond Dish - Oh How Funny!.png )
Diamond blinks in disbelief, squinting her eyes to make sure she heard right
"Wha?...Wow, Rain, sweetie, how'd you manage that one so easily? You did it quicker than I could have."
She leans over and gives the filly a nuzzle
"Great job~"
>> No. 40708601
File 141765287860.png - (351.52KB , 538x640 , 141299952689.png )
Orchid giggles
I do believe that your filly is stomping our flanks.
Rain nuzzles her back
Ponies who take care of me teach me to spell mommy.
>> No. 40708802
Diamond chuckles and smiles
"Glad to know you weren't ignored in your time in that place...I wish I had found you sooner...I wish that--...Ech...I wish she hadn't run off with you, dear."
She gives her forehead a soft kiss
"You're gonna be a great speller though~"
>> No. 40709903
File 141776388817.png - (165.50KB , 1000x1000 , 138849760942.png )
The train was moving rather slowly today. It was always slow, the further out to the border of Equestria it came. That's what it felt like. The tracks would curve around some of the rougher terrains of the land that would stretch out a good length. At least the forest was a nice view for Seras, as she sat in her cushion seat next to the window of the small train.

It took a noticeable while, but the train finally stopped by a small town. The thestral got off, toting a bag that carried a few of her possessions she brought with her for the trip. This wasn't her final destination, however. To get to the town that bordered the end of Equestria, she'd now have to take a long road.

Seras looked up at the sky, seeing that the sun was about to set over the horizon. There'd be no need to hurry over by flying- not since she still got plenty of rest during the morning before taking the train. So the mare simply decided to walk the rest of the way.

By the time she made it to the even smaller town, it was already dark. Even so, she had no problem seeing the sign that was located just outside.

"Trotswood," she murmured to herself, looking at what all might be around, judging by her first glance at the place she stood.

She was already able to see a hospital and a place called 'The Pub'. The name already brought an obvious guess as to what was being served there. Just past all of this, however, the mare was able to see a place she could rest at once the sun came up again.

After putting her things in the room she rented, she decided to go check out the pub she saw on her way into the town. Seras walked a few blocks down to see if the place was still open this time around.
>> No. 40710010
The pub murmured with the sound of people from a distance, its lights a little beacon in the otherwise quiet town. As it is approached she could see ponies coming and going, each opening of the door letting out a loud roar of noise into the night. A few of the more sober ponies nod their head to her as they pass by.

If she was to enter she would be surrounded by the noise of conversation and the music playing out of rough speakers around the bar. It wasn't too grimy inside though, and through the dull amber glow of the lights she could see the inside of the pub. A long wooden back with stools was being manned by a older brown earthpony who was busy serving drinks to a number of bar patrons. The rest of the room was filled with circular wooden tables where numerous patrons sat conversing, occasionally going up to the bar to get a drink or talking to the seemingly single barmaid working tonight to get a drink. Ponies milled around the pub going from table to table with smalltalk, the sign of a town where everyone seemed to know everyone.

In one corner of the bar a group of ponies were making quite a lot of noise, it seemed to be partially made up medical personnel and some other ponies talking among themselves.
>> No. 40710567
File 141783379471.png - (728.35KB , 868x1134 , tumblr_mppaiuNcoP1rqnygwo1_1280.png )
Seras noticed a lot of ponies in the pub as she walked in. It seemed as if over half the town was here tonight. She didn't really know anyone here. That was expected, being a long ways away from her home. The mare would wonder if anyone here has ever seen a pony like herself before. Not many bat ponies would get out of their own cities that their ancestors carved out for them hundreds of years ago. No one seemed to care, though. That was nice.

She went over to one of the bar stools to take a seat before asking the earth pony for a sex on the beach.
>> No. 40710632
File 141783824084.png - (104.04KB , 700x609 , scorch2.png )
The bartender nods, going about deftly making the drink without much conversation. He slides the drink to her "That'll be eight bits."

A orange pegasus walks up next to her and talks to the bartender "Hey Horace can you get us another round?" He has a bit of a sway as he stands still and a dopey smile on his face.

The bartender nods and goes about getting out mugs of beer without waiting for the batpony to pay.

The pegasus turns to her raising a eyebrow "Hey... You don't look like you're from around here. You're one of them batponies right?"
>> No. 40710702
File 141784543021.png - (21.15KB , 414x500 , Luna~.png )
"That's racist!"

The mare wore a light, purple coat for the colder weather that was going on this time of year. She looked over to the stallion with a neutral glance before speaking.

"No. I traveled a good ways to this place. My name's Seras Wisp."
>> No. 40711548
The stallion keeps smiling putting his elbow on the bar
"Well its nice to meet you Miss Wisp.... My name is Scorch, I am the local firechief."
The bartender drops a tray of drinks infront of Scorch
"Don't drop them or you'll be paying for the glasses."
Scorch smirks
"I got it..."
He turns back to Seras
"So what brings you around here?"
>> No. 40712842
File 141801722931.png - (12.03KB , 219x194 , 141309036335.png )
I happy mommy happy. Hey mommy... am ever gonna get another mommy or Daddy?
>> No. 40713372
Diamond starts to answer, but quickly chokes on her words as she stares down at the small filly
"Uh...Well...Sweetie, it's...It's not that simple...I can't just grab you a new Mommy or Daddy, heh...There's a lot more to it than that."
She picks up Rain and hugs her close, nuzzling her mane
"I'm not quite sure if I can though...I've been through a lot...And after what happened before, I'm not completely sure I can trust another..."
>> No. 40714564
File 141819555612.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
You the best mommy ever though! Mommy deserve to be happy!
Orchid smiles and rubs her mane
You are right kiddo. She does deserve to be happy. It might take a little time for mommy to trust again.
>> No. 40714937
Diamond smiles and gives Rain a pat on the back
"I'm much happier that you're back...You being taken away from me was...Well...Crushing. But, with you back in my life, sweetie, I'll be happy forever."
She gives Rain a little squeeze of a hug
"Now, who's hungry for Lasanga?"
>> No. 40715098
>> No. 40715213
File 141828059805.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Both Orchid and Rain raise their hooves in the air and shout
>> No. 40715952
It's a Lance!!

Diamond grins
"Good! Because the only tray I had was pretty big..."
She gently sets Rain down and stands up, making her way to the still-hot, but nicely cooled lasagna, cutting out blocks for Rain, then Orchid, setting them neatly on plates before presenting both, returning to the counter to get her own and sit down
"Man, I'm starving too."
>> No. 40716189
A wild Lance has appeared.
>> No. 40716190
*Grabby hands!*
>> No. 40717410
File 141850353281.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
Rain digs into hers like it's a cake and Orchid slowly cherishes it. She gives a long Ohhhhhhh my goodness that is good stuff
>> No. 40717785
Diamond smiles at the two
"You like it? Hehe...The only thing I can credit that jerk who skipped town with is teaching me how to cook..."
She picks at her lasagna some more
"Wonder what that jerk's doing now...Hope he got a cold, or something, while he was running away from his responsibilities."
She takes a nice big bite of her own food
>> No. 40718762
...Watch were you grabbin'.
>> No. 40718850
File 141862505670.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Meh, who cares? He is the one who abandoned the town! And if he skipped out of town, he has no reason to have ever known you. Especially if you could cook THIS good.
>> No. 40720121
You can't make me >:I

"I can only cook well because of that place...It just...pisses me off for some reason. Seeing ponies just abandon things like this. He had friends here, y'know...Bet they don't consider him a friend any more..."
She shrugs and takes another bite, huffing softly
>> No. 40722896
File 141902998055.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
Well, in my honest opinion, you deserve to just forget about him. You have all the friends you could ever need. You also have a daughter that you love and cherish more then anything. Who even cares about those people who hurt you? Just forget them! Live your life as if they never happened.
>> No. 40722965
"All I ever need in my life is Rain...But some things never leave, Orchid. You don't just forget somepony stealing your daughter. That, I'll never forget, nor will I ever forgive...And I won't forget the stallion that taught me to cook, then had the balls to abandon me, his business, and all his friends..."
She sighs and finishes off her slice of lasagna
"Just life."
>> No. 40723148
File 141903820432.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Orchid frowns
Actually there is a way... its a little out there... but you can forget them
>> No. 40723638
File 141907821001.png - (168.48KB , 1095x619 , Come at me colt.png )
With a saddlebag packed full of snowballs, a tiny blue colt starts sneaking around through town, looking for an innocent, yet unsuspecting pony.
>> No. 40724360
Smokey is rolling around in the snow infront of his house, his hair full of fluffy white snow.
>> No. 40724361
Target acquired! Little boy blue sneaks around behind banks of snow, getting behind a tree, peeking around the corner, grabbing a snow ball aaaaand pew! Launches a snowball to land not-too-painfully, but decisively enough at Smokey!
>> No. 40724362
Smokey gets hit by the snowball a layer of snow poofing off of him. "Oof!" He wiggles his body shaking off some more snow and looking around. "Hwey!"
>> No. 40724364
A snickering can be heard from behind a tree!
>> No. 40724366
He grumbles and packs a snow ball trying to sneak up on the sneaky pony.
>> No. 40724374
The little pony was busy looking through his bag to pick the perfect next snobwall
>> No. 40724378
Smokey lobs a snowball at Andrew. "Pwayback!"
>> No. 40724648
Andy takes it, blinks, and giggels as he wipse snow off his snout. "Good throw!" He grinned
>> No. 40725155
Smokey grins and packs another "Thwanks!"
>> No. 40725645
"A way to forget all that? I doubt it, Orchid. Life doesn't just throw you a bone like that."
She shrugs
"There's no forgetting things like that."
>> No. 40726706
File 141929353335.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Well actually... have you heard of hypnosis?
>> No. 40727010
Diamond shakes her head
"Uh, uh. No way...Suppressing memories causes trauma when the hypnosis wears off...And I'm not about to have a mental breakdown a few years later in front of my daughter..."
She stands up and yawns a bit
"Either of you two want another slice of lasagna."
>> No. 40727067
File 141931434791.png - (34.29KB , 125x125 , hugme.png )
I know I would. And no, I know a professional who can get rid of it forever. No mental breakdown included. Best in the business.
Orchid explains best as she could. Meanwhile Rain's plate is licked clean and the little filly is an absolute mess.
More! More!
>> No. 40727371
Andrew grinned and flew up the tree, sitting on a branch, he dumped his saddlebag over, letting snowballs rain down onto him
>> No. 40728035
Diamond nods as she gets another slice for Orchid, quickly returning and setting the plate down
"No. I don't do hypnosis. I don't trust it..."

She turns to Rain with a smile, grabbing a napkin and wiping off her face
"You cute little thing you..."
With another quick turn, she puts another slice on Rain's plate before returning to her own seat
>> No. 40728244
File 141940616137.png - (44.90KB , 320x426 , ItsKindaCute.png )
Alright. Well, it is your choice after all.
Orchid says, putting another bite in her mouth.
Mmmm this is so good.
Rain digs in again, sauce splurting everywhere over the table and the floor.
So yummy!
>> No. 40728715
Diamond chuckles and reaches over to gently wipe Rain's face again
"C'mon, sweetie, try not to be so messy. You're wearing more of the food than you're eating, hehe..."
>> No. 40728733
Smokey giggles as he is pelted with snowballs burying himself into the snow trying to hide for them his fluffy grey tail sticking out.
>> No. 40728734
File 141947983403.jpg - (102.94KB , 822x972 , chibi_full_shaded_commission_noshowmilk_by_bluekazenate-d88lamt_png.jpg )
Seras eye'd the drinks as the bar tender laid them down on the counter. She looked to Scorch, smiling back at him.

"I'm a guard. I heard things get a little crazy here at the edge of Equestria."

Looking away for a few seconds, Seras brushed her mane out of her face before looking back to the stallion.

"In all honesty, I guess I was looking for some fun, like good ol' times."

She chuckled, figuring that what she said was a little too personal for conversation with someone she just met. Seras was new here, and she had no idea how long she was going to stay here, so it didn't seem to matter at the time.
>> No. 40728737
Scorch picks up one of the mugs of beer and takes a sip
"MHmm.. Yeah real crazy."
He grins
"You'll have a lot of fun here if you're looking for crazy for sure.."
He takes another gulp of beer, puts it down on the tray.
"Since you're new here would you like to get to know a few ponies? Always room for another pony at our table."
>> No. 40728739
File 141948035393.png - (305.66KB , 308x634 , Seras with an evil smile for some reason.png )
With a smile, Seras would nod her head in agreement.

"Sure," she said.

She figured it would be good to get to know some of the others around here. It certainly beats being by herself during her stay.
>> No. 40728745
Scorch looks pleased as he picks up the tray of drinks balancing them on his wing.
"Alright then! After meee!"
He trots quickly through the crowded pub to a loud corner of the room where a dozen ponies seem to be joking among themselves.
"Hey guys! Meet Seras, she is new in town."
Most of the ponies turn to face her and Scorch and wave with a flurry of greetings.
>> No. 40728747
File 141948090370.png - (165.50KB , 1000x1000 , 138849760942.png )
Of course Seras would follow him to their seats. It'd be silly otherwise.
Upon seeing all the nice ponies greeting her, she smiled, blushing a little as she saw several ponies stopping to say hi to her.

"Hey. Nice to meet all of you," she said with a light wave to everyone.
>> No. 40728751
Scorch pulled up a chair from a nearby table to the group they were sitting at and plopped down the tray of drinks which was quickly cleared by the thirsty ponies.
"Well Seras, I'd like you to meet the Trotswood Fire Department and a fair chunk of the St Moon Hospital Staff."
>> No. 40728758
File 141948163679.png - (70.27KB , 326x365 , First tablet sketch.png )
"Ah, yes. You pretty much do what me and my comrades back at the guard like to do after getting home in one piece," she said with a light chuckle. "Very nice."

She glanced at all of them, trying to see if she could tell who worked where. The thestral assumed it would be easy, unless the staff of the hospital did an exceptional amount of exercise when off duty. It wouldn't be strange, admittedly, however.
>> No. 40728767
"Mhmm!" Scorch smiles.

It would be pretty easy to tell besides what seems to be the firefighters being bulkier then the hospital staff they were mostly wearing fire jackets. Of the hospital staff a few were in scrubs, a couple had baseball caps with the star of life on them, and one had a white coat on of a doctor.

"We're all one big family over here." One of the hospital staff said as he spoke between gulps of beer "A estranged one at that, as obviously the fire department is full of meatheads."

"Yeah we can't all be as delicate as the desk jockeys. A firefighter says back with a grin.
>> No. 40728793
"Hehe, I can tell," she said.

It was obvious that one was starting to drink a little too much, but it wasn't the matter. She was used to being around ponies like this and she herself could get to the point of having too much in her from time to time.

"It's nice to see everyone getting along like this. Don't see too much of that in Canterlot, as nice as it is."
>> No. 40728907
File 141950172393.png - (207.18KB , 870x919 , rainbow_dash_is_so_happy_by_obtuselolcat-d4sh5t4.png )
Rain burps and rubs her tummy
Mommy food so yummy! Best food evah! Best mommy evah!
>> No. 40728909
Diamond giggles a bit
"Are ya finally full, sweetie? Did ya get your fill, or what?"
She said with a smile, giving Rain a pat on the head
>> No. 40730300
Scorch nods . "Its a bit sad that small towns seem to be the only place ponies will be friendly with each other."

He takes another gulp of beer staring out into space for a few seconds. "But that doesn't mean we don't have our fair share of arguments out here. Hopefully they just don't come to blo-" As he's talking a beer bottle sails across the room smashing against a wall.

He looks a bit amused "That is normal though."
>> No. 40732723
File 141983277485.png - (44.90KB , 320x426 , ItsKindaCute.png )
Yeah, I full Mommy.
She says, cuddling her.
Orchid stays quiet, not trying to interupt. When suddenly she speaks up.
Hey you two... do you know what I forgot to give you guys? Your hearths warming presents!
>> No. 40732826
Diamond smiles as she picks up Rain, nuzzling her head before looking to Orchid
"I really, really don't expect anything from you...You kinda got my daughter back, so, I don't need any gifts."
>> No. 40733430
File 141990102724.png - (31.79KB , 285x406 , 8.png )
Hey, it's hearths warming. Everypony gets presents!
She says, handing a package to her and Rain.
Rain smiles and digs into her present, revealing a strange little device.
What does it do auntie?
Orchid points to a second device.
Those are called headphones, and that is a music player. It plays music you like into your ears, and nopony else has to hear it.

Meanwhile at the edge of town, a gray pony with a blond mane stands at the gates.
I wonder if somepony is gonna come to greet me?
>> No. 40733437
File 141990128581.png - (111.02KB , 900x783 , bashful_fluttershy_by_uxyd-d5dbalm.png )
Around that edge of town, a cyan blue mare is trotting past, noticing the mare at the gates, she offered a smile and wave, trotting over. "Oh, hello there."
>> No. 40733443
File 141990143279.png - (101.47KB , 448x592 , 2.png )
Oh, hello! I wonder, are you perhaps the welcoming committee? You see, I come to start a new life, and I heard that this was the place to go and that there would be a welcoming committee to see me in?

Last edited at Mon, Dec 29th, 2014 18:04

>> No. 40733452
"Oh?" The mare gave a bit of a smile, already making sure the gates were open. "Well, technically there's not really an official committee, as far as I've heard." She giggled a bit. "But here in Trotswood we pretty much are all nice and welcoming to new ponies, so for that sake, yes I'm on the committee."

"Hello, I'm Cara, and you are?"
>> No. 40733466
File 141990277104.png - (42.29KB , 312x385 , 7.png )
Oh, my name is Flake. I am happy to meet you Cara. So what is your talent?
>> No. 40733476
A little grey filly kicks around a little pile of dirt at the east end of the town, near the hospital. She doesn't have a cutie mark, and she looks like she's been pushing through a thicket of briars. She fidgets with the goggles covering most of her face and trots towards the center of town.
>> No. 40733481
"Arial acrobatics." She smiled. "Like, dancing and gymnastics in the sky."

"how about yours?"

In the front yard of a house in town, two little colts are having a snowball fight
>> No. 40733484
File 141990366992.png - (36.63KB , 535x621 , 3.png )
I make snowflakes, I was born in the wintertime and I was taught by some nearby weather ponies how to make it. I found it fun because every flake is different.
>> No. 40733488
The filly stops in front of the yard. She seems to be watching the snowball fight, but it's hard to tell with those goggles...
>> No. 40733493
File 141990409256.png - (154.16KB , 1024x1419 , biiiiiiig hug.png )
Glancing over, the colt in the tree stops and waves with a giggle.

"snowflakes? Ooh that's so nice~ I love the winter" She smiled
>> No. 40733498
The filly, after a few seconds, cocks her head and waves in the general direction of Treecolt.
>> No. 40733503
At that second the colt in the tree gets a snowball in the face from the colt on the ground.
"Twake that!"
>> No. 40733518
"Oof!!" struck just enoug, the blue boy falls from the tree and poomfs into the snow
>> No. 40733533
File 141990613792.png - (110.99KB , 272x611 , 4.png )
I do too, but then again, I help make the winter hee-hee.
she said, chuckling a bit.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 29th, 2014 19:26

>> No. 40733542
She giggled a bit. "Um, well Trotswood is a great town to start over.. its really small so its really secluded, great for new beginnigns, I could give you the tour if you wanted"
>> No. 40733545
The filly, again after a second's delay, rushes over to the fallen colt.
"Are you all right?"
>> No. 40733546
File 141990683378.png - (42.29KB , 312x385 , 7.png )
That would be lovely, thank you.
She said, smiling.
>> No. 40733557
Smokey giggles watching andrew take the fall.
He cocks his head at the new pony "Ow?"
>> No. 40733558
"Buuuh." Andrew raises up, and shakes some snow off his head and nods. "I'm alright~!"

She nodded and smiled, leading the mare down the main road and taking a left to show her a largest building in town. "This is the hospital. St. Moon.s"
>> No. 40733568
Let's hope I don't have to go there, right?
>> No. 40733573
"Gwot you gwood!"
Smokey giggles and trots up to Andy
>> No. 40733601
"Heh, yeah, its actually been pretty quiet as of late that i know."S he replied, leading her towards the side. "And here's teh Breeze hotel. Ponies usually stay here, or in Sotil's tent-" she points to a large tent in a field" until they get their onw palce"
>> No. 40733609
File 141990978366.png - (147.02KB , 366x708 , 5.png )
Oh my, living with a stranger... what a way to live. So, I know this is an odd question, but how many single ponies are around town?
>> No. 40733616
"Good. You just fell out of that tree from nowhere. Did you lose your balance?"
The filly turns to the other colt.
"Did you see what happened? I have a hard time seeing in... Oh, what's the word... Grrr..."
She kicks at the snow on the ground.
"This stuff! All over the ground. It's fluffy and crunchy and cold!"
>> No. 40733618
"Uhhh.." She tapped at her chin. "To be honest I'm not sure. Not a whole lot I think... but there have been some new move ins that Im nto sure about"
>> No. 40733619
Smokey cocks his head "Snwow?"
>> No. 40733621
File 141991059251.png - (40.77KB , 261x346 , 9.png )
Huh, interesting. And how about you, do you have anyone special in your life?
>> No. 40733628
"Yes! Snow! That's what it was!" The filly perked up visibly.
"I have trouble with words sometimes."
>> No. 40733629
Smokey smiles "Owkay! What is youwr name?" He flutters up excitedly.
>> No. 40733633
"My name is... Ummm... Oooohhh..."
Oh dear. It appears she's forgotten her own--
"Crystal! Crystal Clear!"
Never mind.
The filly swivels her head towards Smokey. Well, a little to the left...
"Are you okay? You sound a bit cold..."
>> No. 40733640
Smokey smiles happily fluttering around her.
"Nwice to meet you Cwystal!"
He smiles landing infront of her with a little poof of snow.
"I'm not okway! I'm Smokwey!"
>> No. 40733682
"Eh... not really so special anymore."

"Hi Crystal!" the blue colt called out after he recomposed, and giggled. "I'm Andrew!"
>> No. 40733942
"Where are we? What is this called?''
Now her face is pointed in between the two colts.
>> No. 40734364
File 141998074266.gif - (163.75KB , 550x400 , Luna Dance.gif )
Coming back to almost 50 replies. Lovely~
>> No. 40734463
File 141998581510.png - (158.66KB , 800x626 , toby.png )
I probably can't stick around too long, and I have no idea what time of day it is in canon, but here I go anyway! Three days late and a dollar short!

A young lanky stallion would come walking through the town called Trotswood. He had been here a few times over his relatively short life, but never had he stayed long enough to really learn any faces or names. Except perhaps the a face or name at the local saloon.

He carries little luggage on him this time around town except for a saddle bag and his usual dark clothing. And of course his rope, which he has loosely hanging around his neck.

Making his way through the entrance of town, he pulls out his canteen and takes a swig before giving his tired legs a good stretch and looking around.
>> No. 40734497
File 141998773282.png - (8.38KB , 231x200 , Litos.png )
You're fine, don't worry. Time of day is usually selected by the first person to post for the day. It wasn't really dictated, but, it IS said that it's snowy.
An older, scarred up stallion sitting on one of the houses stoops lifts his head to look at the pony making his way into town, re-wrapping the scarf around his neck before lifting a hoof in greeting as he makes a stop to stretch
"Well, hey there. New to town, stranger? Or, have I just missed a few days again?"

Last edited at Tue, Dec 30th, 2014 18:09

>> No. 40734515

He dips his hat in greeting while shaking some of the snow off.

"Been here a couple times, but never stayed long. Just taking a break from the same ol' borin scenery for a bit. Wasn't expectin this weather though" he chuckles.

"I came over on the train, little south of Dodge Junction. I sure wasn't thinkin bout packin for cold weather when I left."
>> No. 40734522
The battle-worn stallion chuckles softly and stands up, shaking his hooves a few times to get back in the feeling of being up.
"Well, I suppose I just missed you on each of your visits in...Welcome back, if it means anything to you. And don't mind the weather...Our snow never lasts too long. But, last long enough for the foals to have all the fun they want."
He gives a friendly smile and extends a hoof
"Name's Litos. Yours?"
>> No. 40734536
He trots up and gives Litos a hearty shake as he returns the smile.

"Tobius Roper, or Toby for short. Every pony'en their cow calls me by the short'er."
>> No. 40734540
Litos holds back a bit of a chuckle as he responds
"Well, maybe I'll call you Tobius just to break the monotony, eh? Hehe...Any way, what brings you back this way again? Just looking for a new place to goof off, and such? Because this is a pretty strange place to take a vacation, that's for sure."
>> No. 40734551
"Ah, I reckon I just like the atmosphere. I was travellin' through 'ere with a friend one time, and we stopped by to rest for a couple days and earn some bits so we could keep on the road. It's just small enough of a town to remind me of home, and just different enough to seem like I'm gettin a break too. Course, it helps that the folks around here were mighty friendly to us the last time we were here."
>> No. 40734560
He gives a smile and nods
"We certainly do our best to be friendly...Just know that there ARE a few unsavory types around here...Not quite their fault though. Just ponies who fell on hard times, only to be smacked with even harder issues, y'know?"
He re-adjusts the hat on his head
"Regardless, you're welcome in our small little town any time, I'd imagine. You've not caused any trouble, as far as I know...I'd recognize you otherwise, hehe."
>> No. 40734574
Tobys happy grin faulters a little at the mention of hard times. Ya, he knew exactly what Litos meant about that. It was half the reason he had to take a break from his home town every once in a while.

"Ya, I reckon every town has one."

<You've not caused any trouble, as far as I know...I'd recognize you otherwise, hehe

His ear flicks curiously to this as he looks at the stallion before him.

"Ay? You the town sheriff then?"

His question was one of mere curiousity, holding no ill temper in his voice, nor fear.
>> No. 40734589
Litos shakes his head in response
"Nah. As far as I know, we have no legitimate law-enforcement. A strange little detail, but, that's mostly because we tend to take care of issues ourselves...Being an old soldier, I can more than deal with a few pickpockets causing trouble.
>> No. 40734594
"Ay, I here ya there. We deal with business in perty much the same way back home. Say uh, ye wouldn't happen to know where I could find a bed 'n in, do ya? I been walkin for a while now, sure wouldn't mind relaxin for a bit."
>> No. 40734596
Litos smiles
"The best way to do it, if you ask me...In a town where most ponies know each other, nothing shady happens due to those above us...And, if you're looking for a place to sleep, the Hotel here is pretty swanky. But, if you're low on money, anypony here in town would be happy to offer you a bed, me, and my son included."
>> No. 40734611
He looks a bit taken aback at the offer of a bed in Litos own home. Sure, a lot of the older folks in his own home town were real friendly like and would probably offer the same comforts, but Toby didn't know many who would so openly offer for a stranger to stay with them any more. He kinda wondered if there were some shadier reason for the offer, and then along the same line of thought, he had to wonder what that really said about himself. Still...he had seen more than a little cruelty in his young life. He couldn't really help the first thought or two that sprang up in his mind.

"Really?" he asks, unable to hide the surprise in his voice.

"I uh..well sure, if ya really don't mind. That sounds awful good to me. I can pay ya a fair price, and if ya need any help around the house don't hesitate to ask. I might be a bit lanky, but I can haul my weight."
>> No. 40734620
File 141999197719.jpg - (146.15KB , 1113x1995 , Litos Cutter.jpg )
Litos chuckles lightly. It's a definite fact that the stallion in front of him looks shady. Maybe it's just the scars, or the strange color of his eyes, but something was off about him just at first glance. He did mention being a soldier, which would make him all the more dangerous.

But, that's just speculation, surely.

"Heh...Trust me, I don't really need any money. I've got more in the bank than I know what to do with...My old profession brought me in enough money to get me through the years I'll have left, for sure, and if I somehow manage to spend it all, I can always just fall back in. It comes natural, after all."

Last edited at Tue, Dec 30th, 2014 19:13

>> No. 40734649
"You don't say?" he says as he looks around the town again. Not too much had changed since the last time he had been by. But the scenery wasn't really the reason for his short reply. Stuck between wanting to know the stallions back story, and wanting to get the hell inside before he froze his flank off, Toby was debating on how to go about accomplishing both those wants without sounding too rude when inquiring into either.

He finally decides on the less intrusive question.

"Say uh, mind if I take you up on that offer now? I didn't exactly have time to grow in my winter coat" he chuckles.
>> No. 40734656
A grayish mare wearing a hooded dark blue poncho walks up to and stops just outside the northern entrance of the town. Standing in the middle of the road, she turns her head slowly, looking from one side of the street to the other. A layer of snow falls from her as she starts to walk down the street and the two weapons attached to her saddle bags are uncovered. Her horn glows as a flask levitates to her mouth, her steps slow and her eyes still scanning. The flask floats away from her lips and turns upside down, not even a drop leaving the canister. The mare lets out a small grunt and puts the flask back into her saddle bag.
>> No. 40734670
Litos shrugs
"Sure, we can head on over there now. I live in house 101...C'mon, I'll show ya."
He said with a smile, nodding for Toby to follow as he started through the snow.
Sorry! I got caught up in stuff ><

After a bit of looking, she would see what looked like a tan mare with a red mane and tail walking through the snowy street, a small filly on her back with similar coloring, but her mane and tail are blue, both ponies wearing scarves that match their respective colorings

Last edited at Tue, Dec 30th, 2014 21:40

>> No. 40734678
The grayish mare takes no note of them and continues walking through the snow, her head slightly down and eyes squinted.

I need to do something, it will take around a hour.

Last edited at Tue, Dec 30th, 2014 21:54

>> No. 40734680
After a short while, she would find herself in contact with the two ponies regardless, the mare walking up to her side to speak in a soft, caring voice
"Hello? Are you alright, sweetie? You look a little distracted..."

I should still be here, no worries.
>> No. 40734684
"Thank you."

He adjusts the hat on his head and begins to follow the older soldier down the road.

If you want we can stop here? I don't know how much more I can post tonight
>> No. 40734691
Yeah, sure, no biggie.

Litos leads Toby to house 101, giving him a tour of the small home, and showing him to the guest room
"Feel free to help yourself to whatever I might have in the fridge, or pantry. I don't eat as much as I used to."

Anything else you wanted to add?

Last edited at Tue, Dec 30th, 2014 22:29

>> No. 40734702
Nope, I'm good. I'll try to post tomorrow
>> No. 40734703
Alright. I won't be on until later though. Just a note, so you don't think I'm ignoring the thread.
Have a nice night!
>> No. 40734705
The grayish mare stops and looks up at the other mare, her eyes still squinted and her lips curl inward, a light hum comes from her before saying:
"Alright? No. Distracted? Also no."
With a quick glance around to both sides of the street she looks back to the mare and continues:
"Where might I find a place to resupply?"

Took a lot less time that I thought
>> No. 40734707

The mare blinks and gently pats her shoulder
"You're not alright? Well, then what's wrong, sweetie?"
She asks as she steps closer, the filly on her back cooing curiously

As she stepped closer, the grey mare would notice that she's actually armed, with what looks like two halves of a spear with some strange detail below their blades, each piece on either of her sides

"And, resupply in what way? We've got, like, a restaurant, and a marketplace, if you need food..."
>> No. 40734708
The grayish mare's eyes darting around rapidly as she speaks, mostly focused on the other ponies faces.
"I'm out of food, water, and energy. An inn would do nicely."
>> No. 40734711
The tan mare speaking to her raises an eyebrow...Not at her statement, but her constant eye movement. She found that a bit odd, but put it aside for the moment
"Well, we've got a hotel, and you won't have any trouble finding food around this town."
>> No. 40734713
The grayish mare stops all of her movement for a moment then smiles and says:
"A hotel will be nice... And where would that be?"
>> No. 40734714
The mare in front of her stares at her for a few seconds before nodding down the street
"Well...Take a left down this road here, and it'll be the first building you see that isn't a house...On the left side of the street, you can't miss it..."
>> No. 40734715
The grayish mare looks down the street then back to the mare in front of her and asks:
"In a town this quiet, what is the need for weapons like that?"
Her eyes locked on the spear like objects.
>> No. 40734717
The mare gives a smile that seems overly natural to her state, as if frowning would be impossible for her
"Oh, well, it's my profession, really. You could call me a peacekeeper...In a sense."
She subtly motions a hoof to the mare she speaks to
"I could ask the same of you, y'know...Only two other ponies in town are armed, and only one of them is openly armed. She's nice though. Bakes nice pies too..."
She giggles a bit, the filly on her back laughing in response before hugging her mothers neck
>> No. 40734719
The grayish mare smiles with a raised eyebrow, her voice is a lot more chipper when she says:
"Peacekeeper you say? Girl, you just gave me a new occupation name. And just so you know, I don't call mine weapons, I call them my 'blunt object' and 'cutting tool'.
The grayish mare falls to the ground with a grunt of pain and a gasp, barely holding herself upright.
>> No. 40734720
The mare doesn't seem very entertained by the title of her tools, but she keeps at least a small smile
"That sounds, uh...Rather sinister, if you ask--Whoa, whoa!"
She quickly gets down and tries to help her up
"Hey now, what's wrong? I thought you said you were alright."

"Mawma, was wrong?" The young filly asks
>> No. 40734722
With the smile back on her face, the grayish mare says:
"Well I said I wasn't alright, but I did forget to mention the arrow head in my flank."
Another grunt of pain escapes her lips.
"It's not that bad, or deep."
She says as she stands back up.

Last edited at Tue, Dec 30th, 2014 23:29

>> No. 40734724
"Oh, right, you did say it like that...Sorry, sometimes, I forget details...Regardless, if you're hit with an arrow, then you need to be in the hospital, instead of walking around in the cold."
The mare nods down the street
"C'mon, the hospital is right across from the hotel..."
>> No. 40734727
"Oh alright, if you say so."
She says, the smile no longer visible. She starts to walk down the street again, a quiet grunt every time she steps on her back right leg.
"And if you ask me, standing in the cold help. It's very numbing, but what do I know, I'm just the one with the arrow in me."
she makes a small giggle as she finishes her sentence.
>> No. 40734728
File 142000811574.png - (250.78KB , 1024x827 , Filly Izzy.png )
The mare beside her gives a bit of a giggle in response, nodding
"Yeah, but, numbing only goes so far...Still can't be moving, or else the arrow head moves too. That causes lots of damage."
She looks to the filly on her back
"Hey, Izzy, baby, you mind walking a bit?"

The little filly grins widely
"Yaaay! Pway in da snowwww~!"
She happily hops off the mare's back, prancing about in the cold, white snow

The mare smiles at the little filly, and with one quick and easy motion, hefts the grey mare onto her back with very little effort
"The name's Terra, by the way."
>> No. 40734731
"Damage shmam- WHOA!"
The mare yells as she is lifted onto the other mares back.
"GIVE ME WARNING NEXT- ah whatever... Terra huh, Well my names Iron Hoof, Daughter of..."
She glances down at the filly playing in the snow.
"Never mind..."
>> No. 40734732
Terra giggles a bit
"If it comes as a surprise, the pain doesn't last as long...Kinda like getting a shot, or tearing off a band-aid."
She starts down the road slowly
"Don't worry, this isn't my first time dealing with this. Also: It's nice to meet you, Iron Hoof."

The small filly grins and giggles up at Iron Hoof
"And-And I'm Isewia!"

Terra smiles
"And yes, that's my little darling, Iselia."
>> No. 40734733
Two questions, am I facing forward or backward? and is it safe to assume they are earth ponies?
>> No. 40734734
She's facing forward, so, she can see where Terra's going. And, yes, Terra's an earth pony. My bad, forgot to specify. Haven't had to in...Well, I think almost a year.
>> No. 40734737
"Well sense you talked about your life, I fell obligated to talk about mine. Problem is I suck with stories, so if you have any questions, just ask."

Okay, just making sure.
>> No. 40734739
"Heh...Well, I really didn't tell you anything about life, mine or otherwise. I just told you what I do."
She shrugs as she carefully walks her way through the cold
"Regardless, well...What do YOU do?"
>> No. 40734741
"I use my blunt object to deliver justice to those that need it."
She says with a giggle.
"But in all seriousness, I call myself an adventurer."
She slumps down a bit with a sigh.
>> No. 40734751
Luckily, Terra's fur was very, very soft and well groomed.

She gave a bit of a chuckle
"Well, that's a rather...Odd way of putting things in perspective...Wouldn't so much call it 'peacekeeping' as vigilante stuff, but...As long as you do what's right without things getting unnecessary, hehe.."
Sadly, I gotta go, because I ave to head to work in the morning :c Sorry.
I'll reply tomorrow though!

Last edited at Wed, Dec 31st, 2014 00:52

>> No. 40734753
Iron starts with a sigh.
"But I go for the more barbaric sources of evil, you know, the ones you can't reason with."
She slides down a bit more, to the point of practically laying on Terra's back.
>> No. 40734757
>anyone online right now?
>> No. 40734758
As far as I know, just me and Sunlight
>> No. 40734760
>it's been a while, anyone want to roleplay?
>> No. 40734762
Sorry, I'm frozen in time until Starlight Terra comes back
be back tomorrow

Last edited at Wed, Dec 31st, 2014 01:48

>> No. 40734763
>ah oh well...
>> No. 40735518
The mare doesn't seem to even react to the change in weight distribution, carrying her along easily through the snow as the hospital comes into view
"Ohhh, I get what you mean...Those almost cartoonishly evil types, or maybe demons?"

Iselia giggles as she hops along through the snow at her mother's side
>> No. 40735544
Sitting back up, Iron looks around and says:
"It didn't occur to me until now, but why is the hotel right across from the hospital?"
The tone of the question makes it is obviously genuine.

Last edited at Wed, Dec 31st, 2014 20:03

>> No. 40735561
Terra shrugs
"Who knows. These three buildings are all completely separate from the general market, making them really out of place...But, they're the three most popular places in town, that's for sure...Well, aside from the Diner. That's near the market, like it should be."
>> No. 40735584
"About the hospital, what's the doctor like?"
A bit of worry can be seen on her face as she asks the question.
>> No. 40735587
"That matters on which one you get...My Husband's Dad works here as an assistant and desk-worker...Nice guy, kinda creepy. There are two doctors I can think of...Belle, and Cortez. Cortez is weird, but, he gets the job done."
She says with a giggle as she starts up the Hospital ramp, each hoofstep careful to keep the injured mare on her back comfortable
>> No. 40735600
"He gets the job done? Does that mean the other one doesn't get it done?"
Iron says with a grin.
The grin disrepair's and her ears lower as she is carried to the door.
>> No. 40735604
The door slides open quietly, a mare sitting at the front desk with a bored huff, playing with a pencil adorning her desk

Terra giggles
"No, no, she does her job fine, I was just saying that Cortez does good, even if he's...Eh...Weird."
>> No. 40735613
Iron's head flips back and forth as she enters the building . In doing so, the snow from her hood falls to the floor.
She says quietly in response to Terra's statement.
>> No. 40735619
The mare at the desk suddenly shoots up as she finally notices the two, the chill from the cold air making it hard for her to miss them
"O-Oh! Oh, hello! Is something the matter, ladies?"

Terra nods
"Yeah...This on here has an arrow in her butt. Can ya help out with it?"
>> No. 40735631
"Don't worry, I blocked it with my shield."
Iron says with a giggle as she lifts her poncho to reveal the wound; An arrow head embedded into her cutie mark, a night blue shield. The shaft has been snapped off and sanded.
>> No. 40735644
Terra snorts and laughs aloud
"Haha! Hah! Ohhhh, man, I like you already~"
She said with a giggle as her laughter trailed off, Iselia giggling along with them.

The mare at the desk stands up and blinks
"Ooh...Ouch, that's gotta sting...Hold on, I'll call Cortez up..."
She quickly pokes a button a few times rapidly, knowing it'll get the doctor up to the front faster
>> No. 40735653
Iron looks back to her flank then looks back, her eyebrow raised.
"Sting? Why would it sting? It's an arrow, not a paper cut."
She then leans forward and whispers to Terra:
"Is Cortez a unicorn?"

Last edited at Wed, Dec 31st, 2014 20:49

>> No. 40735681
The mare blinks and stares at her confusedly
"Because...Wounds sting too? That's...That's just common knowledge..."

Terra thinks for a moment
"Well...I actually don't remember...Erm...Why do you ask?"
>> No. 40735686
Focused on Terra, the other mare's comment goes unnoticed.
"Because how is he going to take the arrow out without magic? I don't want anypony's mouth near my butt."

Last edited at Wed, Dec 31st, 2014 21:12

>> No. 40735697
"We have magical lace here that lets our hooves grasp objects...It's become pretty commonplace...And even then, there's more than one Unicorn around town that could probably do it...You don't have to worry at all, hehe..."
>> No. 40735707
Iron's head cocks back a bit before she says:
"Oh, well... Did I mention this is my first time going to a hospital?"
>> No. 40735723
Terra looks back at the mare confusedly
"Wha?...If you're an adventurer, how could you POSSIBLY have never been in a hospital before? That's ridiculous..."
>> No. 40735726
"I take offence to that!"
She says in wine-ish tone.
"Oh, I also have a spell for anything minor."
>> No. 40735729
"Yes, minor...But, you have to get checkups and such regularly to make sure you're actually alright, y'know...Things go wrong when you're all out on your own."

The mare at the desk just sighs and starts walking toward the pair, her wings ruffling softly
>> No. 40735734
"Checkups? What's a checkup?"
Her head cocking back again.
"And plus, like you said, I'm an adventurer, I'm only in towns once ever like week."
>> No. 40735736
Terra shakes her head
"Surely you're joking...A checkup is--Ah!"

Terra is gently nudged along by the Pegasus mare
"Come on, come on, get moving so I can get her fixed up, dummy..."

Iselia giggles
>> No. 40735747
She moans as she lays her head back onto Terra.
"If you don't mind... Doc? I would much rather heal myself with magic, I just need someone to stop the bleeding once the arrow is removed."
She says with a smile and pointing to her horn as it glitters with magic.

Last edited at Wed, Dec 31st, 2014 21:57

>> No. 40735761
The mare smiles and nods
"Sure, if you think you can handle it...Makes things that much easier on my end for sure..."

Terra blinks
"You sure? An arrowhead isn't exactly, eh...well...Nevermind."
>> No. 40735766
Suddenly, Iron shrieks before yelling:
"My leg is no longer numb! Oh Celestia why!? I can feel that 'sting' you were talking about!"
>> No. 40735768
"Oh, for the love of Celestia!"
The mare yells as they enter the room
"Pipe down, and stay still! I'll get some painkillers for you..."

Terra gently lays the mare down on the bed, on her belly to keep her wound clear of contact
"Just hold on, sweetie, you'll be fine."
>> No. 40735771
"I refuse to take pain killers! Just get me something to bite down on!"
She yells while pointing in her direction.
"I need to learn to love the pain!"
>> No. 40735775
Terra pats Iron's head and shakes her own in response
"No, that's ridiculous...Loving pain is just...Strange. Don't worry, it's not like having some pain killers during an open-eye operation is gonna make you weak, or anything...Izzy, sweetie, go wait in the lobby for Mommy, okay?"

"Oki, momma~"
She says as she scampers off, the mare from before approaching with a small bottle
>> No. 40735780
Somehow in a calm tone, Iron looks to Terra and says:
"Okay, that's just disturbing."
Her horn then starts to glow and a bloody rod with one broken end and feathers on the other levitates from the saddle bags still on her back. She then bites down on it and lets out a groaning moan.
>> No. 40735782
Terra raises an eyebrow
"What in the world are you talking about?"

The other mare sighs
"You do realize that you might pass out from this if you don't take the painkillers, right? You're acting pretty...Eh...Irrational, at the moment."

"Why are you so opposed to painkillers, Iron?"
>> No. 40735787
Ohgod people.
>> No. 40735790
Smokey smiles
"Twotswood! How'd you gwet here?"
>> No. 40735791
Wol! Maek dis simpler! (o3o/) Join da fahn!
>> No. 40735793
Iron takes the rod from her mouth, look to Terra and says:
"Girl, open-eye surgery without painkillers is just over the top. It would no longer be pain, it would be agony."
She then looks to the pegasus simply screams:
"Pain training!"
Sticking the rod back into her mouth, she pats the bed next to her wounded flank.
>> No. 40735794
B-but how? o3o
>> No. 40735798
"Are you insane? I meant surgery without anesthetics! Open-eye means that you're awake, sweetie..."
She huffs
"I've been through more than enough pain to know what I'm talking about...Painkillers will keep you from passing out."

The mare sighs
"Ugh...Where's Cortez when you need him? I have a headache..."

By bringing in Cortez, dummy!
>> No. 40735802
Cortez trots in, in his usual set of green scrubs and white labcoat a bit of confetti clinging to him.
"Whats going on now?"
>> No. 40735806
Iron rolls her eyes and her horn starts to glow, a roll of bandages levitates from her bag and she gets a magical grasp on the arrow head. Spitting out the rod, she yells:
"Are you doctors going to do your job?! Or do I need to do it myself?!"
>> No. 40735813
Belle pouts
"Cortez, what in the hell took you so long?! I called you, like, twenty minutes ago!"

She looks back down at Iron, her wings rustling again
"You're a real dimwit, you know that? Jeez, I try to help, and you do nothing about it..."
She walks behind Iron Hoof and moves her tail, slipping on some magical lace hoof-gloves, tossing a pair to Cortez
"You can't just yank it out...You'll tear yourself wide open, and make it even worse..."
>> No. 40735814
"Jeeze I guess I can't watch the new years ball drop..."
Cortez catches the gloves and puts them on.
"Soo... what seems to be the problem."
He looks over the injured pony.
>> No. 40735818
"There is an arrow in my butt, that sums it up."
Iron then bites back down onto the rod and closes her eyes.
>> No. 40735820
"Hmmm interesting story.... and... you want it out?"
Cortez raises a eyebrow, unlocking one of the drawers marked "Sedatives."
>> No. 40735824
Belle rolls her eyes
"It's fine to watch the ball drop, but I hammered on your call button so much, that we're probably gonna need somepony to fix it later...She also refuses to take painkillers for some stupid reason..."
>> No. 40735825
Her eyes still closed and the rod still in her mouth, Iron nods and give a "uh huh" to the doctor
>> No. 40735829
Cortez raises a eyebrow pulling out a syringe marked "Versed"
"She wants to feel me cut open her flank to pull out the arrow? Is she crazy?
He looks at the pony with the needle in hoof.
>> No. 40735830
Iron levitates the rod out of her mouth and says:
"I don't need them, so I don't want them."
She then places the rod back into her mouth.
>> No. 40735832
Belle nods
"I told you...She was about to yank the darn thing out with her magic...It woulda been one hell of a mess to clean up, so...Yeah..."

Terra looks back and forth
"I'll just be in the lobby with my Daughter..."
>> No. 40735835
Cortez shakes his head
"No no... then I have to sew a bigger hole back together... not to mention she might nick a artery... I'll just go get the paralytics so she doesn't move."
He pulls out another syringe waving to Terra.
"Please do mam!"
>> No. 40735842
Iron open one eye and upon seeing the syringe she screams through the rod jumping off the bed and to the other side of the room.

Last edited at Wed, Dec 31st, 2014 23:28

>> No. 40735844
Belle gasps
"What in the hell are you doing, ma'am?? You're gonna tear that wound really far open!"
She huffs in annoyance
"Come on, why can't you let us do our jobs! We know a hell of a lot more about this than you do!"
>> No. 40735848
Cortez sighs walking closer needle still in hoof.
"Listen this will only make you stop moving so you don't do that when I start the surgery."
He smiles behind his surgical mask
"You'll still be aware of and feel everything!"
>> No. 40735849
Iron spits the rod out of her mouth and once again yells:
"No needles! You can slice me with your mini knifes and use your glove things, but no needles!"
>> No. 40735850
"I will get someone else in here to hold you down!"
He's beginning to look annoyed
"There is a reason surgery is usually performed while the patient is sedated."
>> No. 40735851
"Ugh...She doesn't realize that if she even barely moves, we could cutt a vein, or an artery, or something she doesn't want cut...Do we still have those knockout pills from two years ago? Or did we never get more?"
>> No. 40735854
"Yes we do."
>> No. 40735861
"You know what! No! I'm done with both of you, doctors, hospitals in all!"
Her horn glows and the rod floats back in front her mouth, and the shaft of the arrow glows.
"Give me one good fucking reason why I can't do this myself!"

Last edited at Wed, Dec 31st, 2014 23:40

>> No. 40735863
"Oh, thank the goddess...Got any?"

Belle rolls her eyes
"Jeez, you're dramatic...Look, we've got some pills that can do the same job as the anasthetic. No needles, or anything like that, okay?"
>> No. 40735867
"I got 5 bits on that you'll pass out from the blood loss you're going to give yourself when you pull out that arrowhead.... But what do I know I only went to medical school."
He makes a motion for the door
"But by all means die infront of the hospital it, looks bad if you die on my table."
>> No. 40735871
"I'm not on the table."
Iron says before biting down on the rod, simultaneously ripping the arrow head out. Blood spurts out from the wound. A loud moan of pain comes from the now heavily bleeding pony. As her blood drains from the wound, it starts to glow. The arrow head falls to the ground. Her eyes shut and her horn starts to spark. The bleeding stops and instead the wound starts to steam. The rod drops as she smiles.

More to this, just giving you a chance to react to this so far
>> No. 40735872
Yawns and shrugs
"This is why our hospital has like... what?"
He turns to Belle
"Five people on shift? All these ponies like their medieval methods of healing themselves."
He turns back
"Great, now next time just do that and save us the trouble."
>> No. 40735877
Not sure if Sunlight is typing so I'll wait a bit longer
>> No. 40735879
Belle groans and rubs the bridge of her muzzle, speaking annoyedly in Germane
"That has to be the stupidest thing I've seen since Cortez's last poker game..."
>> No. 40735885
Iron opens her eyes and says:
"You two need more faith."
Before collapsing, her leg covered in blood. A glow of where the wound use to be.
She mutters:
"You're both terrible doctors."
Before passing out.
>> No. 40735889
Peers over her and prods the wound "And you are a awful patient...."
>> No. 40735892
Belle sighs
"Yes, yes, blame the doctors that were trying to warn you about the stupid thing you were about to attempt...Ugh...Some ponies just never understand..."
>> No. 40735899
If you guys are waiting for me, I went to bed. In both worlds. Just make sure you tell me where Iron Hoof ends up.
>> No. 40735906
>> No. 40735909
Okies. Have a nice night!
>> No. 40736560
File 142015350017.png - (34.29KB , 125x125 , hugme.png )
Well, thats a shame...

>hey uno i replied a while ago, but ill post it again


Hey, it's hearths warming. Everypony gets presents!
She says, handing a package to her and Rain.
Rain smiles and digs into her present, revealing a strange little device.
What does it do auntie?
Orchid points to a second device.
Those are called headphones, and that is a music player. It plays music you like into your ears, and nopony else hears it but you.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 1st, 2015 16:06

>> No. 40736696
Diamond smiles softly
"Trust me, Rain, you'll love having that little thing...It's always nice having portable music and stuff, hehe..."
She turns her attention back to Orchid
"And you really didn't have to get me anything..."
>> No. 40738123
Scorch trots outside of his home and puts out a sign in his frontyard.
"Burn's Family Newyears Party, All Welcome.
Free Food and Drink."
He looks around for a moment before trotting in, hopefully the people he had invited would be coming.
>> No. 40738204
Hey Moonlight, whats going on with Iron's unconsciousness?
>> No. 40738237
I've never been called moonlight before... buut I dunno she'd probably wake up in a hospital bed with a IV in her arm.
>> No. 40738241
Leg*, but I get what you mean. You want to set the scene, or are you not in the mood to deal with her?
>> No. 40738246
Nah, I'll set it up. Mr. Anatomically correct
Iron would wake up in a brightly lit hospital room she had all to herself, it was quiet at this hour in the hospital. She could hear the dull chatter of nurses down the hall.
>> No. 40738255
Drowsy from her long slumber, her eyes are droopy and mind unaware of where she is. She sits up in the bed and looks around the room.

Last edited at Fri, Jan 2nd, 2015 21:27

>> No. 40738264
The room is simple, neat white walls and floors, A TV set on the wall. A pole with a bag of saline and a line running into her arm were the last memorable parts of the room. The chatter dulls down a bit.
>> No. 40738271
Grunting at the IV in her foreleg, she attempts to focus her magic only to be met with a single spark and a surge of pain. She then lays back and lets out a louder and longer groan.

I need to go for a bit, should take less than an hour. I might post from my phone.
>> No. 40738274
A pony pokes her head in "Oh hello? Is someone awake in here?"
A white mare with her blonde mane tied back in a bun trots in, a nurses hap sits on her head.
"Is something wrong?"
>> No. 40738309
This is taking a lot longer than it should.
>> No. 40738313
oh noes
>> No. 40738914
File 142033621306.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Oh, but I did!
Orchid says, pointing to the package
Go on, open it.
>inside is a small group of sea shells
>> No. 40741148
Diamond blinks and looks at all the seashells, a bit confused
"Well...They're pretty...But, thank you, Orchid...I'll find a nice place to put 'em on display."
She smiles
"But, uh...I didn't really get anything for anypony, because I was too busy making everything right for Rain coming back..."
>> No. 40742680
>> No. 40742974
File 142067409027.jpg - (21.61KB , 500x336 , You're not my real dad!.jpg )
>> No. 40743018
Dan pls.
>> No. 40743241
File 142070764955.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
>> No. 40743245
File 142071679435.gif - (1.79MB , 245x245 , Ogadwat.gif )
>> No. 40743470
File 142075217677.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
The sea shells were all I could afford after the music player. As for presents, it is fine, all I need is your company and I will be perfectly happy.
>> No. 40743484
"Yeah.. I think I just kinda over hyped him myself. He's not that.. well yeah.. like I said." She shrugged.
>> No. 40743492
File 142075274497.png - (40.77KB , 261x346 , 9.png )
Well, in the end there are plenty of other colts, or mares if you prefer, in the sea as my mother always said.
>> No. 40743501
File 142075298458.png - (71.33KB , 900x605 , You'll hug me___ wont you.png )
"Ehheh.. Right." She rubbed her neck sheepishly. "Well I guess we'll have to see.. I still got... some years I gu9ess..."
>> No. 40743512
File 142075332438.png - (101.47KB , 448x592 , 2.png )
Years? Geese what did he do to you? Why wait for happiness when you can go out into the world and find it right now?
>says the pot to the kettle
>> No. 40743514
"No, well I mean, I've been with him for a fwe ears, but I guess I meant I still have at least a few years left.."
>> No. 40744321
Ohhhhhh, well you are just fine then! Ignore what I said completely. I wish you two all the happiness.
>> No. 40744489
File 142083011209.png - (90.55KB , 894x894 , you actually made her angry_ gg.png )
"No.. I mean, there's not really any happiness left. He doesn't do shit. He would say I get clingy anytime I try to cuddle or snuggle or give him a kiss, hardly ever embracing me. And I don't have a lot of years left, I'm 38!!"
>> No. 40744805
File 142084446190.png - (70.27KB , 326x365 , First tablet sketch.png )
As the bottle flew across the room, Seras only glanced at the smash. She might have done something about it if Scorch didn't speak up about it, nonetheless. A neutral look was on her face now. The feeling of happiness was still in her without a doubt, being with everyone and enjoying herself. The smashed bottle must have surprised her is all.

"I think it makes sense for smaller towns to be like this. Not too many ponies around makes it easier to start a big group of friends everywhere. In my experience ponies in places like this tend to be close-minded... no offense intended," she said with a slight chuckle, not wanting to offend the resident.
>> No. 40746381
File 142094362722.jpg - (41.16KB , 565x315 , japanese luxuary car wallpaper.jpg )
Back from a long distance trip to Alpha Centari a certain Neighponese pony lands in her shuttlecraft disguised as a modern day car parking at the pub with Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi playing on the sound system.
>> No. 40746419
If you don't like him why don't you just leave him? I mean there are plenty of ponies who would be lucky to have you. Plus, you are still young, you still have a full life ahead of you.
>> No. 40746423
"Erm...Are you sure you don't want anything? 'Cause, I can get you a present, Orchid...Feels a bit weird having it all go one way."

Litos was resting underneath a tree not far away from the pub, plucking a few strings of his instrument before his ears perked up from the sudden loud music
"Well, that's not something I've heard before..."
>> No. 40746439
File 142094599772.png - (43.46KB , 778x1028 , happy_pinkamena_by_99xua-d5f1xg3.png )
Cherri looks over at Litos and waved "Litos-san! How are you?"
she walked over examining his guitar
"Oh wow how analog!...I've got one too."
she got out a capsule and tossed it on the ground a full sized Samisen popped out
>> No. 40746450
File 142094636194.png - (8.38KB , 231x200 , Litos.png )
Litos chuckles softly
"Well, hello to you too, Cherry, how are ya?"
He blinks as he watches her throw down the capsule, the Samisen popping into existence
"Huh...Wow, hehe...Nice. You're calling me analog, but I think the future mare here is turning out to be very old-fashioned, toting around an instrument like that one."
>> No. 40746468
File 142094703290.png - (717.61KB , 5134x3493 , cermella_2_by_cider_crave-d5p4v2k.png )
she thought for a moment "With the future, My homeland hung on to the past as a since of national identity and pride...I wear Kimonos all the time...though here I try to blend in so that anypony doesn't try to bribe me for technology...if the devices and knowledge I have were to fall in the wrong hooves...the world would not be safe..." she sat next to him. "Though you can see the tradition in the style of my ship and shuttlecrafts."
>> No. 40746472
He nods
"Sort of, yes...The thing is, I wasn't in that particular area long when I was...And, as for the technology...don't worry. It's not like some random pony is going to find out where you're from and try to bribe you...And even if that does happen, you come to me. I've got your back."
He says with a smile and a chuckle, giving her shoulder a soft pat
>> No. 40746473
File 142094755125.png - (13.85KB , 172x194 , 133159013525.png )
she nods and smiled at him "Indeed...They probably think I'm some sort of goofy tourist who is lost and has better Engrish then most."
>> No. 40746483
Litos laughs a bit
"You'd be surprised how many tourists speak better native language than those who live in the place they're visiting...Pretty common occurrence."
He gives a single strum of his guitar and leans back again
"Though, to be honest, I never had many good impressions of the places I visited...Mostly because a great deal of my world tour had to do with war, or trying to find my son again."
>> No. 40746494
File 142094957820.png - (88.31KB , 900x1007 , stocking_by_rainbowtavi-d5c3g3s.png )
she nods again
"some of the worlds I've been to currently have that problem...Earth is no different. Though it seems that some are peaceful...Like Riza 4...though it's been untouched by modern ponies and is a vacation spot for many species...I'd take you to japan...but what's this thing called a Passport?"
>> No. 40746496
"A passport is something ponies use to make sure that you're actually allowed to travel to other countries...Sometimes, ponies like to lie their way into foreign areas, and cause chaos...With passports, doing that on a whim makes things a lot harder."
He shrugs a bit and looks around
"At least, I think that's the main reason for them. Maybe they're just meant for foreign identification...I never really bothered looking into it, so, don't quote me on that."
>> No. 40746499
File 142095012973.png - (122.89KB , 900x1301 , sad_apple_bloom_vector_by_scrimpeh-d4ojwht.png )
"seems a bit of a very big hassle...In the future you just get a Identification chip implanted under the skin and your file comes up in a intergalactic database. most are planted at kindergarten age." she said like it was normal.
>> No. 40746503
Litos shudders at the thought
"Eugh...As somepony that's been a prisoner of war, I'd never want anything under my skin...Been there, done that. But, whatever works works, I suppose..."
He yawns a bit
"So, what've you been up to, Cherri? Mystic and the rest have been curious as to where you ran off to."
>> No. 40746528
File 142095159654.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
"I was about...4.367 Light years away dealing with a few species that hailed me when they saw warp traces in our solar system....politics...they were about to make first contact."
>> No. 40746537
Litos blinks. He's not really used to space travel, so, that threw him for a bit of a loop
"Wow, uh...that's a bit of a fantastic story, isn't it?...How'd it go?"
>> No. 40746555
File 142095366018.png - (119.21KB , 924x864 , pinkamena_is_not_amused_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d6g49r7.png )
"there's a reason it took a month." she groaned "they were asking me so much about the planet that we are from and that we're quadrupedal...that we have magic and everything...very long lectures and studies on my person....I really don't want to talk about it right now..."
>> No. 40746558
The trips are real

Litos chuckles
"Sounds like a hell of a trip...As long as you didn't get hurt, and you're not in trouble, I'm perfectly fine with it...But, checking up with your family first is definitely a good idea, since they didn't know where you went, and all."
>> No. 40746563
File 142095413171.png - (144.51KB , 900x867 , No time get in the spaceship.png )
"that is logical Litos..." she looked down at herself a bit disgruntled "I'm tired of fitting in this place is cold...tell ya what, gather Olivia and Mom and bring them to the bar. I did get some gifts from Vulcan everypony might like also gives me some time to grab my kimiono.."
>> No. 40746565
Litos smiles
"Cherri, this is Trotswood...You don't have to try to fit in, because we don't have cliques...The town's extremely strange, and has all kinds of mysteries to it..."
He lowers his ears
"Some you might, uh...Not want to figure out...regardless, this place isn't rejecting you at all."
He puts his smile back on, giving her a nod
"And, sure, I'll go grab the rest of us."
>> No. 40746577
File 142095477438.png - (350.96KB , 1000x1452 , tumblr_m5libjHcr21r8z5dfo1_1280.png )
"I have a tube I can go in and become an anthromorphic being in a matter of minutes...I've talked to various sentient beings made of of cheese, jelly and other materials I'll let you know when I see weird. by the way the cheese people have a law against eating them imagine that." she smiled cheekily and hopped into her "car". "see you in a little while." she flies off and breaks the atmosphere.
>> No. 40746581
"Wow...Sounds like some crazy-ass gadgets for sure."
He chuckles, smiling, giving a wave as she flies off before making his way toward Mystics ship to gather the rest of the group
>> No. 40746610
Mystic and Olivia where at the ship mystic reading one of her many dusty books Olivia trying to figure out rock and roll.
>> No. 40746615
Litos makes his way into their general vicinity and gave a smile
"Hello again, ladies...How goes everything? Doing alright this evening?"
He asked as he stretched a bit
>> No. 40746619
File 142095634275.png - (121.58KB , 900x900 , rarity_yell_by_ohitison-d55dv6e.png )
"Ello''s goes the town?..." mystic said smiling closing her book and getting up sipping her tea.

"I'm never gonna get this bucken' rock and roll stuff...Oh hey Litos. how goes it ?"
>> No. 40746623
He walks over and gives Mystic a soft nuzzle
"Perfectly fine, dear. How about you? Reading something interesting this time around, or another snoozer?"
He said with a smirk, snickering before he turns his head to Olivia
"There's a lot of operatic rock, Olivia. Gotta look in specific places."
>> No. 40746638
File 142095683380.png - (103.76KB , 900x642 , rarity_by_birthofthepheonix-d4xwp8i.png )
"nah just Olivia trying to get into something she's not..keep telling her to be herself...mayhaps you can talk to her about that." she nuzzled him.

she shook her head "I should really stick what's I'm good at..." she looked out side seeing cherry touch down with her car "techno....and....swing...mixed together..CAN IT BE DONE!?...." she said looking back dramatically.
>> No. 40746642
Litos smiles and gives her a quick peck on the cheek
"I'll find something out, don't worry."
He blinks as he hears Olivia immediately speak up
"Oh, wait, it may have solved itself...Hehe...Yeah, don't be afraid to branch out, as long as it still has some relation to what you do best, Olivia. You've got a great voice, so don't forget."
He pauses for a few seconds
"Wait...Hold up, I forgot to tell you guys that Cheeri's back."
>> No. 40746654
"oh is she? she did say something suddenly came up..."

"something called a subspace or whateva..."
they both got up and mystic put her jacket on and Olivia grabbed a scarf
>> No. 40746658
Litos nods and starts for the door, leading the two mares down toward Cherri
"Yep! She even said she had some presents, if I recall correctly...Might have something interesting for everypony, and that's always good!"
He said with a short laugh
>> No. 40746677
File 142095820976.png - (159.62KB , 926x862 , rarity___stare_by_cptofthefriendship-d53f4ex.png )
"oh how Interesting they must be from another world or from a far away place."

"I dunno ma what if it's dangerous?...Like, what if it's like a death ray or something?" Olivia said as they walked to the bar.

Cherry was standing there with a beautiful kimono on red black and white looked like a futuristic version of one, one sleeve was folded back for access to her computer device.
>> No. 40746685
Litos smiled
"It wouldn't be too bad, don't worry...I'm sure Cherri wouldn't bring you guys death rays as gifts, or anything...That'd be ridiculous, haha!"
>> No. 40746701
File 142095908018.png - (125.93KB , 2048x1536 , mysticandmyricaotp.png )
"too many pulp fictions and Buck Rodgers Olivia...silly girl."

"Oh right...." laughed Olivia

Cherri bowed to them "hello Oka' and Older Sister" she said as she got out the box.

Mystic smiled "I'm going to want one of those Kimonos my darling, absolutely beautiful." she said braiding cherri's hair a bit "hopefully those aliens didn't give you a hard time did they?"

"I don't want to talk about it Oka'...I'll tell you later" cherry smiled while mystic braided her long deep cherry red mane "you do this to me all the time..."

"I can see why, It's fun and you look even cuter like this." she said tying it with a bow.
>> No. 40746723
Litos chuckles as he follows them along slowly
"So, what's all this talk about presents and stuff, huh? Bring them back something fancy?"
>> No. 40746725
File 142096059348.png - (230.06KB , 500x370 , tumblr_mylytdBdEm1rrhqfro1_500.png )
Vinyl would be sitting in the Pub, nonchalantly observing those within, and attempting to get a feel for this new town. after all, this was to be her new home for a while.
It seemed quiet enough, but she had only been in town for a few hours. She would be casually bantering with the bartender, asking what she could to learn about the town. Those that would enter the pub might feel unsettled, as if they were being watched - which they were.
>> No. 40746737
File 142096175100.jpg - (1.16MB , 3264x2448 , spoiler.jpg )
A old sixites jag rolled into town parking at the pub at dusk a cd playing sixties music a mysterious mare steps out of the car. dark glasses and a black and red gogo jacket and dress she smiles walking to the bar putting her parasol down and in the umbrella stand. her fangs showing with her smile her gogo boots shined and very proper she tosses a bit in the ancient jukebox that was next to the new one and ordered a Bloody Mary...extra bloody. she looked over at the blue maned unicorn and nodded at her.

Cherry takes out a few things, she handed Litos a Klingon Dagger made out of an other worldly metal alloy a book on Vulcan meditation for Mystic and a Betazoid instrument for Olivia. she smiled.
>> No. 40746742
Litos stares at the strange blade for a few moments, tilting his head
"Huh...Cool, thanks...I've always enjoyed collecting knives and such."
He smiles and twirls it a bit
"Thanks. I appreciate it."
>> No. 40746748
"it's a dagger that the Klingons use in rituals and rights of passage. Very Sacred blade from a warrior race."

"I've never seen a language like this...these positions....I doubt I can do those...Very interesting..." said mystic smiling and giving her a squeeze.

Olivia looks over the instrument and finally asked "how do you play this thing?"

"Ai might need fingers for that..."

"what are fingers?"
>> No. 40746753
File 142096288702.jpg - (80.15KB , 800x600 , 14880976da85e01de7cc70142a59af34.jpg )
Vinyl Watches the Strange mare closely, not speaking to her, and carefully watching the reaction the inhabitants of the pub to the mare. she nods and gets up, she takes a moment to visit the mares room before coming back.
she would sit a few seats down from the mare, but close enough to keep an eye on her. she continues to generate tomorrows hangover, and simply waits patiently for the silence to become unbearable.
>> No. 40746757
File 142096321404.png - (8.38KB , 231x200 , Litos.png )
Litos shrugs
"Never heard of a Klingon, but, I'll gladly take their blade...Looks nice, and will make a lovely display...Hopefully I won't have to use it."
He says with a smile
>> No. 40746763
File 142096402936.png - (119.90KB , 1024x1024 , pinkamena__pinkie__diane_pie_by_sly__fox-d56ll0n.png )
>using old pics for reactions.
She looks over at her again and takes off her glasses as the natural light dissipated from the windows the bartender knew what was going on he knows what she is.
she got up and walked over and sat down next to her
"Hello there." she simply said, sixties music playing in the background as her songs came on.
>> No. 40746774
File 142096448186.jpg - (409.28KB , 1200x1600 , 132152514299.jpg )
She nods "indeed. I hope you do not either....but if you do I'll have to go around saying qu'plah" said cherry joking.
>> No. 40746777
Vinyl nods, Raising her glass as a greeting, she smiles and takes a drink from her glass, she brings a hoof to her own mouth, and taps her canines, followed by having a rather puzzled look on her face.
>> No. 40746778
"Qu...Plaaaah." He said very sloppily, almost sounding like he ate some bad food "Hm...Sounds fancy. Probably best I don't know what it means..." He looks at the knife for a few moments before shaking his head "this knife was a gift, so I won't use it in a fight that I know I'll get into eventually...I'll just stick with my old combat knife."
>> No. 40746787
File 142096535611.png - (211.69KB , 803x996 , I've became Neil Patrick Harris!.png )
She smiles widely to show her fangs. "Oh those?...I'm a Vampire....My name is Velvet Crescent...folks call me Moonie...What's Your name?"
she smiled again
>> No. 40746792
File 142096570317.png - (162.37KB , 600x360 , adergier_by_therockinstallion-d80zgvd.png )
I am sure whatever you would get for me is lovely. But there is only one thing I want and it doesn't come in a package with strings. It is something someone cannot just give
>> No. 40746795
she nods giggling and moves her obi down a bit. reviling a hilt.
"I know what you mean."
>> No. 40746796
"Well, what do you want, Orchid? I'm sure I can find some kind of present to give you, don't worry."
She said with a smile, reaching over to rub one of Rain's ears

Litos chuckles lightly as he notices the hilt
"I didn't know you walked around armed...You learn something new every day, it seems."
>> No. 40746798
File 142096650080.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
"When you are as cute as I am and deal with the intergalactic crap that I would walk around with at least a Wakizashi everywhere...I have a large collection of Katanas and other swords and daggers."
>> No. 40746799
File 142096695773.jpg - (68.91KB , 588x800 , 9b040e4128ea7904be5b9939f8669782.jpg )
she nods and smiles, taking a moment to point to the Engraved plate on her Choker, Which prominently displayed Vinyl Scratch she would then extend her hoof to tap, still not having spoken a word
>> No. 40746800
He gives a bit of a smile "Knowing who you're related to, I know you've got a lot of heat and power in ya...Never a good idea to mess with a mare who knows her way around a weapon." He gives her a nod "If you ever don't feel like messing with somepony, like they're not worth your time...Just call me, or Terra. Either of us will help you."
>> No. 40746803
File 142096802687.png - (150.33KB , 789x1012 , pinkamina_by_ifoxtrax-d5ggtqz.png )
she nods and kept drinking her bloody mary and looked over at her "Vinyl Scratch...yeah...I remember did a show in London not to long ago." the groovy vampire looked up to her again.

"as Mother like should see mother in the future...tough as nails as ever." she giggles

jokingly mystic gave him a nudge "watch out~" she said sticking her tongue out.
>> No. 40746804
Litos smiles and gives Mystic a playful nudge before laying his foreleg across her shoulders "I couldn't imagine her any other way...In the time I've been with her, she's never been a softie when the action calls, hehe."
>> No. 40746806
File 142096853184.jpg - (60.26KB , 563x800 , 6db668d713e5940a19e28343da6d43e7.jpg )
She would nod, and smile fondly as she remembers that show. it was one of her favorites to remember, the crowd, the looks on their faces as she did what she did best. she would tap her glass to signal the bartender that she would like a refill.
>> No. 40746809
"it is wiser to out think your enemy then to overwhelm them with brute force." said mystic.

"ah Sun Tsu" said cherry.

"what ya drinking?" said moonie trying badly to get her to talk.
>> No. 40746810
Litos smiles a bit "What, are you implying I was saying that you were all brute, no skill? Come on, love, you know me better than that, don'tcha." He ruffles her mane "Or maybe you're just not thinking, ah?" He says playfully
>> No. 40746811
File 142096957373.png - (304.99KB , 766x745 , 550287_590392607646468_1336201701_n.png )
Vinyl Smirks, picking up hints of desperation in the mare's voice, she used a brief burst of magic to illuminate the bottle of Scotch that she was drinking from
she grins and looks to the other mare, tilting her head, almost as if she was asking: and you?
Stifling a laugh, she smiles to the vampire mare, knowing in her head that this game of cat and mouse would have to end soon for both parties to walk out of here unoffended.
>> No. 40746812
File 142096961009.jpg - (55.15KB , 720x960 , 71422_462020720543732_670211765_n.jpg )
"not what I am implying. as a rogue it's better to know when to attack and when to run."

"seriously though what are fingers?" said olivia.

Cherry beamed up to her ship and after a few minutes beamed down anthromorphic-ized "these are figures..." she said honking her nose.

mystic looked up at her "holy shit...that...that's cool..."
>> No. 40746813
He gives a chuckle and a nod "It's always good to know which is the better option...That way, you don't get yourself killed, or hurt as often. Makes everything that much easier..."
>> No. 40746815
she looks at the bartender and puts her hoof on her glass signaling the bartender to get her a better grade top shelf stuff.
she shrugged and showed her a blood bag then put it back in a case. two can play at this game.
>> No. 40746816
File 142097010878.jpg - (105.71KB , 2048x1536 , 1387446430784.jpg )
she nudged him "oi' check this out...she's got them finger things."
>> No. 40746818
File 142097047295.png - (277.36KB , 692x770 , 65261__safe_vinyl+scratch_drink_fluffy_artist-colon-wreky.png )
Vinyl Sighs, quickly starting to grow tired of the game, she starts to drink at an increased pace to finish her glass. once finished her horn glows and the jukebox comes to life, playing Spoilers, Language.
She grins and trots out of the pub, taking a deep breath of the night sky, and lookin up to the stars and Luna's moon. she closes her eyes and starts to walk around the town before it gets too dark.
>> No. 40746819
Litos blinks and turns his head
"Huh...That looks, uh...Strange...Like, sausages on your hooves, or something..."
He shrugs
"But, I'm sure they have their uses."
>> No. 40746824
File 142097233464.png - (125.57KB , 819x976 , applebloom_vector_by_arcticwind777-d52wyr5.png )
she rolled her eyes

"Ja next times right?" said ragna

"yeah...what do you think I should do?"

"go after her maebys...aes probably creepy buts you are vampires."


she dissipates as vinyl walks out the jag apparently started driving itself.

"I think it's bucking many uses....though the myth of humans all ways interested me..."

Olivia looks at her and grabbed her hand "they do look useful"

"humans are actually real...they just left earth a very long time ago."
>> No. 40746826
Litos chuckles "I'll still stick with my hooves...You can keep the fancy fingers, n' such, 'cause I don't think I'll need them any time soon."
>> No. 40746827
Vinyl Eyes the self driving car, and waits for it to pass before she crosses the road, after all death was not very high up on her "things vinyl wants to experience" list. she starts to wander the town, stopping in at the other shops to take a gander at what they had, she even stopped in at the hotel to ask what their prices were. She started to trot down towards the marketplace to investigate the vendors
>> No. 40746833
the car parked at the only hotel and got out getting the sweet like this:
"oh sorry we're all full up..."
which was a lie that led her to use her powers
"you want to give the the presidential suite"

"I want to give you the presidential suite.."

Moonie smirked and then said "white chicks was amazing"

"white chicks was amazing."

"oh and I get this room for free cause' you lied to me."

"it's free cause' I'm a little bitch."

"makes sword wielding a lot easier and running a star ship."

mystic shrugged "sounds cool how'd you do it?"


"fair enough."
>> No. 40746834
He snickers a bit "Science is always weird as hell...That's why I stick to other things...And, yeah, I guess I can see that helping in melee combat, but...Ehhh, I'd still trust my hooves over those." He shrugs "Regardless, it's interesting."
>> No. 40746836
Cherry looked around and down at her hooves "you know what, Buck it i'm staying like this..." she said sitting in her car door open sitting on the seat sideways.
>> No. 40746837
Litos blinks and raises an eyebrow
"Wait, really? Why? Don't you enjoy your pony self? Seems like it's only natural to stay as who you are."
>> No. 40746838
File 142097632210.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
"natural is nice...but I always liked this...more efficient if you don't have any magic or can fly... plus it give you a political advantage"
>> No. 40746839
"Not around here, it doesnt, hehe...Well, there's not a lot of politics to be had in Trotswood. We're governed by a lizard, after all...regardless, if you're comfortable with it, I suppose I have no reason to say otherwise."
>> No. 40746840
File 142097796933.png - (78.13KB , 815x979 , hatless_applejack__looking_particularly_shocked__by_drfatalchunk-d55bn3d.png )
she blinks "your saying that your town is ran by a reptile?...I wanna see this reptile."
>> No. 40746842
Litos stares at her for a moment "Wait, you mean you've not met Quartz yet? How strange...Normally, he's the first one ponies around here run into." He chuckles as he stands back up "Grey little lizard that turns really sharp ifya piss him off. Pretty cool. He's actually my son's pet too."
>> No. 40746843
File 142097894874.png - (119.39KB , 795x1004 , don_t_judge_me__by_44696573656c-d61p95q.png )
"Your a pet...of your sun...Nani Kore?"
>> No. 40746844
Litos blinks and rubs his ears "I'm sorry, can you rephrase that sentence? Came out a bit confusing on my end...We don't have actual Shoguns here, and, yes, the mayor is my Son's pet...he's an inter-dimensional lizard."
>> No. 40746848
File 142098135064.png - (130.11KB , 900x774 , opps____i broke it again.png )
"heh neo japan we call mayors Shoguns...and also I was very confused...let's go meet him...hop in the car."
>> No. 40746849
He smiles
"It's fine, no worries. Just the issue of language barriers."
He looks down the street
"We don't really need the car. The office isn't far away."
>> No. 40746850
File 142098234977.png - (350.96KB , 1000x1452 , tumblr_m5libjHcr21r8z5dfo1_1280.png )
"oh okay cool...yeah I need to work on that." she said putting on a pair of Zori and following him.
>> No. 40746851
Litos chuckles a bit as he leads her down the street away from the pub. She could actually see it a fair ways away, down at the end of the street
"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it...Maybe you can help Olivia get into the modern music scene so she doesn't go nuts, huh?"
>> No. 40746852
File 142098307545.png - (116.06KB , 991x807 , curious_twilight_by_tamalesyatole-d5yxu9a.png )
"I could...the problem with that is...I have no clue what ponies like in music these days...styles changed very often...but I can set her up with some equipment..."
she walked beside him as they approached city hall.
>> No. 40746853
"Well, she's trying to get into rock and roll...But, doesn't seem to realize there's operatic rock that sounds amazing with a good voice behind it."
He shrugs
"She's good at what she does, I'm sure she'll get along swimmingly though."

Last edited at Sun, Jan 11th, 2015 06:34

>> No. 40747441
File 142101455205.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
What I want is too much to ask you for. Just get me whatever you want.
>> No. 40747454
"You're making this awful difficult, Orchid...Just tell me what you want, and I'll go get it for you, and even grab a few surprises for you along the way."
She smiles
"I still owe you for bringing Rain back to me, after all."
>> No. 40747477
File 142101612465.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
I want some pony to love me okay? I want to find some pony that will take me and my flaws and not only overlook them, but love me for them. You can't just buy that at the mall.
>> No. 40747483
I could buy you a twenty-four hour hooker

"Well, obviously not, Orchid, but there's always something to look forward to. As much as life tends to suck, there's always something around the corner waiting for you...You just gotta have the patience to find it."
She said with a yawn
>> No. 40747512
File 142101700651.png - (89.30KB , 847x594 , ANiceStretch.png )
Yeah, I guess you are right. Umm... well how about a scarf or a jacket?
>> No. 40747521
Diamond smiles and nods in response
"That, I can definitely do. I know a place that sells great scarves, but, I've never actually bought a jacket from there myself."
>> No. 40747526
File 142101739522.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Or if you are feeling smarmy you can get me some striped tube socks. Whatever you feel like.
>> No. 40747559
"I could buy you those too. This town isn't big, so, things tend to go for a nice price around here."
She gives a smile
"Buying you all three of those things won't put me in a bind at all."
>> No. 40747631
File 142102051134.png - (44.90KB , 320x426 , ItsKindaCute.png )
Just surprise me!
She said with a smile
Rain giggled
>> No. 40747635
Diamond chuckles
"Alright, alright, I'll surprise you."
She leans over and hugs Rain
"And do you like what you got, dear?"
>> No. 40747664
File 142102141914.png - (351.52KB , 538x640 , 141299952689.png )
Yeah! I like the two presents mommy! I got music AND my mommy back!
>> No. 40747670
Diamond nuzzles her tenderly and smiles
"I'm sorry that I didn't get one for you too...I was just too excited for when Orchid told me where you were...I'll get you and Orchid both nice gifts tomorrow, okay? That sound fun?"
>> No. 40747689
File 142102220333.png - (450.50KB , 1200x1200 , 141312519231.png )
Yeah! I love you mommy!
>> No. 40747715
The mare gives her little filly a hug and nuzzles her mane
"I love you too, sweetie...And I always will~"
She huffs gently and looks to Orchid, giving a happy nod
>> No. 40747722
Orchid smiles.
Oh! By the way would you mind if I cook in the morning? I've been watching you and I wanna try.
>> No. 40747737
Diamond shrugs
"Sure, why not? After I eat and stuff, would you mind watching Rain while I go and get the presents?"
She picks up Rain and sets her in her lap
"Hear that sweetie? Orchid's gonna make you breakfast~"
>> No. 40747752
Oh, sure I am sure we can find something to do.
She said winking at Rain who giggled.
>> No. 40747783
Diamond smiles, letting out a sigh of relief
"Good, because presents aren't as good if somepony's there to see what they get, hehe..."
>> No. 40747803
Alright then.
She said turning to Rain whispering something in her ear. Rain's face lights up like she just won the lottery or something and she nods her head.
>> No. 40747805
Diamond raises an eyebrow and looks between the two
"What's, uh...With the weird looks? What'd you say, Orchid?"
>> No. 40747869
Oh, I just asked her if she wanted to do something. She did.
>> No. 40747916
"Heh...Alright then. I'm sure you two'll have plenty of fun tomorrow."
She said with a smile, stroking Rain's mane
>> No. 40747966
Yeah, I'm sure we will
>> No. 40748093
File 142106496428.jpg - (62.16KB , 1197x675 , 977422_363414043760622_1635463491_o.jpg )
Vinyl would be relaxing ontop of the roof of the Radio station. having just finished her first "show" she silently contemplated if moving here was a good choice. she didn't really know. the job was good, and the housing was alright... but she didn't really know anypony, other than that Mare from the bar, and the bartender. She sighed and made a silent resolve to get out into the town, and get to know ponies.
She would smile softly, and make a wish on a Shooting star that she would make some new friends, or meet some old ones.

A few hours later, she would be walking the market, buying the necessities for That day, Lettuce, Apples, walnuts, grapes, the usual stuff. she was mildly dissapointed that nopony in the market did homemade Hayfries, but she supposed that she would learn, and make them herself if she could.
>> No. 40748738
Suddenly a voice from behind her spoke up in a bright tone.
Hay fries huh? Do you know how to make those? Kinda hard without a frier.
>> No. 40749084
File 142112677376.png - (246.81KB , 788x794 , 65edc1257e5a3173f3e8ca077e812e19.png )
Vinyl would smile and turn around, looking to the voice from behind her
"I was planning on looking for a Library to see if they had a cookbook... and i suppose that's true... but couldn't i use a pot, or something like that?"
>> No. 40749106
File 142113326632.png - (36.63KB , 535x621 , 3.png )
A gray pony with a blond mane is standing there.
Oh, hey aren't you that one famous dj or something? Anyways, I happen to know how to make a nice batch of hay fries.
>> No. 40749135
She shrugs and rubs the back of her head
"Yeah... i moved here for a change of pace... i supposed to be running a radio show, but it looks like i'll just be spinning Commercial free tunes late at night... And you do? can you show me?"
She grins and takes a step closer
"or better yet, can make some for me?"
>> No. 40749136
File 142113700376.png - (116.06KB , 991x807 , curious_twilight_by_tamalesyatole-d5yxu9a.png )
Cherry had started building a Ground base where she would make camp her equipment detecting local radio waves "Radio old school."
she turns on the radio and vinyl's wubs came on
"early 21st century wubs fascinating"
Robots were flying back and forth everywhere adding flooring and walls to the place.

Last edited at Tue, Jan 13th, 2015 01:45

>> No. 40749157
File 142113968570.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
one of the robots came up to cherri "Captain, the build has gone to a dangerous level. I suggest vacating the area for completion. Perhaps go and getting some lunch? or going to the market."

"that's a good idea Delta 42...I think I'll do that"
with that cherry still in her alternate form walks over to the market which was near by.

meanwhile in the market Ragna was selling chain mail and swords.
>> No. 40749166
File 142114164592.png - (271.74KB , 900x506 , 446833__safe_solo_vinyl+scratch_cute_dj+pon-dash-3_artist-colon-overmare.png )
Vinyl would be in the market, talking with >>40749106
about Hay fries.
>> No. 40749167
File 142114183811.png - (119.39KB , 795x1004 , don_t_judge_me__by_44696573656c-d61p95q.png )
she goes over to where the two were talking, pointing a device at the pots and pans of the stall like she's never seen anything like them before. the anthro style pony would have drawn a crowd in a big city, but in this little town everyone knew it was just cherry and her wacky inventions at work
>> No. 40749170
Vinyl would pause her conversation to observe the strange... thing
"what in luna's name is that?" she would ask Shade
>> No. 40749172
File 142114286078.gif - (1.03MB , 1000x562 , Dancing-Rainbow-Dash-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-30840063-1000-562.gif )
Ragna looks up at them "Oh hallo Cheri how aes you?....what aes you doing with the fingers and the walking on two hooves?"

"Kuso!...I totally forgot...heh..what are these things...they look like cooking tool artifacts....oh wait...maybe that's what they do..."

she looks over at Vinyl "i'm am a pony not a thing...genetic modification." she seemed a bit put off by the comment.
>> No. 40749174
Vinyl frowns and sighs
"sorry... i didn't know what you were..."
she looks down and mutters something about "how was i supposed to know?"
>> No. 40749177
File 142114526796.png - (61.42KB , 800x700 , angry_pinkamina_vector_by_fkahndfriendz-d4lnlek.png )
insulted she huffed and simply exclaimed
"Anata wa watashi to boruto no ie o bujoku shite iru!"
>You have insulted me and the house of bolt!

she punches a few buttons and teleports back to her ship dishonored she changes back to her pony form.

Ragna looks at her "Wows, you really ams a ice giants babe ja? pots for you." she hangs up the closed sign.
>> No. 40749232
File 142116312092.jpg - (167.36KB , 960x1280 , tumblr_ni4ctd8DVQ1rpjxjyo1_1280.jpg )
Meanwhile, walking though the market dressed to the nines in a different turn of the century's clothing the old captain herself came to the market just in time for tea. She looked over at metal stores seeing Ragna quite displeased with something as she had closed her store, again.
"hmmm, Wot's seems to caused the ruckus this time dear Ragna?"

"there aes the blue maned poni pissing off the ponies of the towns. even the new girl gots the cold shoulder. I saw that last nights at the pub."

"Well isn't that a kettle of jolly rotten'...must be from that space station or what have you...fret not Ms. Rok. I'm sure all the difference from her and everypony here is a cup of Trottish tea...By the by, how goes the Vampire pony?"

"I believe a word you taught me describes her ma'am"

"oh what's that then"

"she is Groovi ja?"

"this should be more fun then what was previously expected." she said with a smile and walked off wandering whistling a sea shanty.
>> No. 40749408
I would be happy to. You have to purchase those first though. I can't help you if ya get thrown in jail for stealing. Oh and my name is Flake.
>> No. 40751049
File 142128925696.png - (138.04KB , 939x851 , sunset_shimmer_wut_face_by_nano23823-d79d03g.png )
>and then all of trotswood went quiet
>> No. 40751400
Vinyl Would nod and smile, looking around, "hrm... well... what do you need? i mean, obviously the hay, and oil... but what else?"
>> No. 40751922
File 142136410807.png - (31.79KB , 285x406 , 8.png )
Well, you should probably get some seasoning salts and some kind of masher, after that you should be good.
>> No. 40752332
Vinyl nods and begins to wander the market in search of said items
>> No. 40752333
File 142142386314.jpg - (167.36KB , 960x1280 , tumblr_ni4ctd8DVQ1rpjxjyo1_1280.jpg )
Mystic had been walking though the market buying all sorts of things and spotted the blue maned mare. she thought about approaching her in a huff. then she realized that wouldn't solve anything. Obviously she wasn't akin to the shenanigans that the town was famous for, she approached her "Hello there Lass, aven't seen you around ere' before."
>> No. 40752334
She would nod
"yeah... i just moved here the other day... everyone is weird in this town... like there was this one... er... well, she claimed to be a pony, but she stood on her hind legs, and had fingers like a Minotaur..."
>> No. 40752335
File 142142459181.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
"Aye, that be me daughter with her wacky inventions. Don'ts worry she be a pony...Ifen's ye seen her frigate you'd understand that one...there's a lot you don't know abouts this little village m'dear, perhaps I can explain everything over some tea?"
she could tell that Mystic was definitely not from around here and her accent was a bit dated.
>> No. 40752336
Vinyl nods and smiles faintly
"Tea... heh, you sound like one of my old friends..."
she smiles and looks around
"Well, i was just getting the stuff for some Hayfries. kinda a weakness of mine."
she smiles and purchases the hay, masher, salt and begins to look for a frier
>> No. 40752337
File 142142523866.jpg - (7.99KB , 347x463 , hi!.jpg )
"mayhaps, you seem familiar too...though that could have been another life, another time or what have you. I bet I have one on the concerto. I'm Trottish....I fry a lot of stuff."
she gave a small laugh.
>> No. 40752338
She chuckles and shakes her head
"doubt it. 'Tavi was Canterlot, through and through, what she was doing in Fillydelphia, i will probably never know."
She smiles and looks to her
"really? you'd do that for me? ohh boy.. you have no idea how much i love hayfries... it's almost as good as Tacos..."
>> No. 40752340
File 142142617695.jpg - (7.99KB , 347x463 , hi!.jpg )
"Canterlot...heh, I'll be honest, been around this world and back and never ave' I've seen a more uptight place...I swear they make Sweet ol' Queen Victoria look like a tavern wench...may she rest in peace ave' you though...anyway. " she pointed to the airship down the lane a red maned unicorn that looked a lot like her was sitting on the deck
"Oh lovely Olivia's home! you can meet me other daughter."
>> No. 40752341
She looks around, and follows the mare
"Say, i never got your name, what was it?"
>> No. 40752343
File 142142698694.jpg - (7.45KB , 347x463 , giggle blush.jpg )
she giggled
"Oh my goodness nearly forgot. The name's Captain Isabella Amadeus Bolt Phd....Though friends call me Mystic....What's your's?" they soon arrived to the ship concerto III written on the bow and the back of the stern she looked like an old sailing ship outfitted with high tech equipment disguised as steam powered workings.
"Cherri built me a newfangled old one is in the bay...don't know about this one yet....faster then a speeding bullet though...She said it could do space flight...I'm uneasy to attempt that though..."
>> No. 40752344
Vinyl looks at her and blinks "well that's a mouthful... Mystic it is."
she chuckles and offers her a hoof tap
"Vinyl. Vinyl scratch"
After they reach the ship, she blinks staring up at it
"so.. this is yours?"
she seems in wonder
"i've seen the ones at Filidel international, but i've never actually been on one... is it safe? WaveRider, a friend of mine from Fili, said that they could fall out of the sky, and kill you..."
>> No. 40752346
File 142142767462.jpg - (241.02KB , 1536x2048 , CAM00096.jpg )
"seems reliable enough.. she said it has a..." she pulled out a piece of paper "Quantum stabilizer drives in the aft and bow of the ship...Buck' if I know...My talent is in steam power and music...she's from the 31st century she's probably got it figured out...also...It'll take a lot more then gravity to kill me.."
>> No. 40752347
Vinyl nods and continues to stare up at the ship
"yeah... t hat means absolutely nothing to me..."
she chuckles and starts to look for a door, or something that resembles a way inside
>> No. 40752349
File 142142836103.png - (159.62KB , 926x862 , rarity___stare_by_cptofthefriendship-d53f4ex.png )
the inside looks like a nerd's version of the titanic, books everywhere but very Victorian very beautiful. maps and artifacts lined the walls and in display cases from every culture.
"Heh, glad to know that I'm not alone there...make yeself at home ere' in the drawing room and I'll start up some tea...hell I'll make your hay chips for ya too."
she offered looking at her bag.

Olivia was soon to come in disgruntled and with a music sheet stabbed onto her horn "I'm never gonna get this modern' music stuff" she took it off and spotted Vinyl "Ey' ma youse gots a DJ in here'...whoa whoa whoa...this is crazy..." you swear you've seen her before...on a album cover...of a record that is 70 years old.
>> No. 40752350
Vinyl shrugs it off as nothing, a lot of ponies try and impersonate idols, Las Pegasus has a booming industry of that. she smiles and waves to the new pony
"hello there.. Olivia, right?"
>> No. 40752352
File 142142964512.jpg - (346.29KB , 765x1043 , seriously whats with all the steam pipes in this city.jpg )
"Yeah...Vinyl Scratch right?...yeah you sold out mareison square garden a while back...wish I could do that again..."
if she were an impostor she probably wouldn't say something like that "Dallface, you got it where it's hot now...It's fun while it last.."
>> No. 40752356
Vinyl nods and shrugs
"yeah.. i guess that's why i'm going to take it slow for a while... i'm just doing Radio late night stuff while i'm here... if i feel like it, i may just throw a party every now and then.
>> No. 40752357
File 142143071695.png - (179.00KB , 942x849 , rarity_by_quanno3-d5vz6pj.png )
"hmm..." Olivia thinks for a moment
"Think I could sing on your show?... you probably think I'm somepony from los pegasus though."
she smiled a bit
"I'm the genuine' is 117 this march." she said smirking
>> No. 40752358
Vinyl frowns and nods
"I was just thinking that... er... sorry, yeah i guess you could sing... i... i still have no idea who you are though..."
she grins sheepishly
"Sorry, i don't really pay attention to anything before 1980..."
>> No. 40752359
File 142143219349.png - (107.55KB , 900x885 , rarity_not_amused_vector_by_takua770-d3gbj62.png )
"yeah, now you see my problem...Kinda fell out of popularity when the Beatles came in...been looking for a new gig to explain why I look the same as your grandaddy's vinyl....Me and my mother are ageless, she found the fountain of youth before I was born and the magic imbued her with near immortality. pretty much did the same with me but it's a half life in my case. I'm more susceptible to dying then she is and that I heal slower...youse thinks manehatten had it's stories...this place is crazy...the mayor is an..." she pulled out a peice of paper "an inter-dimensional lizard and is the pet of ma's boyfriend's son...her boyfriend is older then she is...don'ts know how he's immortal but hell. I've stopped asken'..." she pulled out a record player and a record of herself and her band. "those two...may they rest in peace.. sisters from another mother I tells ya."
she used her magic to turn the ancient player on.
>> No. 40752391
She nods and frowns
"yeah... but hey, it's going to happen to all of us. we can't stay ahead of the wave forever... eventually it will pass us..."
She stares at her and blinks,
"okay... an... interdenominational lizard... does he also have wings?"
she sighs and shakes her head "Sorry... and sorry about your friends..." she smiles and listens to the record
"um... i don't mean to break it to you, but the time of A Capella is over... hell, most artists now days lip sync over a prerecorded and edited track so they don't mess up onstage."
>> No. 40752531
File 142144167830.png - (207.18KB , 870x919 , rainbow_dash_is_so_happy_by_obtuselolcat-d4sh5t4.png )
Flake watches as Vinyl easily gets sidetracked by the other mare and is brought aside.
Oh, bye then...
She said, quietly, then trotted away.

Rain rolled over in her bed, her face up against her mom's stomach. She snored a little before she suddenly woke up, yawning. Suddenly she remembered, shes getting ice cream today with auntie! She jumped, fluttering in the air for a couple seconds before falling down on top of Diamond with a tiny
>> No. 40752645
Diamond grunts a bit, her eyes slowly opening
"I'm up, Pom, I'm up...Stop jumpin' on me..."
She rubs her eyes slowly before staring toward Rain
"Huh? Oh, hey, sweetie...What're you doing jumping around?"
>> No. 40753027
Oliva shrugged "Dunno haven't met him yet." She sighed "One died in World war two the other of old age...both in my arms...I carry on because of them. I know...quite frankly that pisses me off to no end. Thoigh I was thinking of doing something different like mixing my big band swing style with wubs."
>> No. 40753426
Vinyl shrugs
"well... it's dificult to pull off a big band now. most of the time, if you start a band, it's the lead singer who gets famous, and that's about it. often times, the singer eventually just changes to a solo artist, and has others write their music for them, they just use their voice. it's either that, or you have a small band that makes really catchy stuff, and you get lucky... beyond that... you're small time for your entire career."
>> No. 40753436
File 142151279599.png - (107.61KB , 900x812 , luna_facehoof_by_3luk-d4sqhwm.png )
"I honestly do not like how it's all changed...but you know if it will make a buck. been trying my hoof in a lot of different stuff lately though I don'ts know my way around a sound mixer...I feel kinda pathetic."
>> No. 40753444
she shrugs
"yeah, the industry has grown. back in your day, you needed a mic, and a in at the record company."
she chuckles
"now? you need a Studio, a Tecnition, an in at the company, and somone who knows what's going to be 'next' not to mention someone who can help with lyrics."
she frowns
"it sucks... oh, you also have to pay all these ponies somehow."
>> No. 40753456
File 142151368310.png - (154.80KB , 868x920 , more_like_a_shade_of_cerulean__to_be_precise_by_arti22-d748m14.png )
"yep...though I'll lets yas in on something...I've been living off of a huge amount of royalties since like, captain equestria used my songs...Marevel is paying me buckets....I even offered to sing in the movie."
she shrugged
"maybe I should just put my stuff out there again do like a huge solo album and go Michael Bublé on the music industry...just dust off my song pile and say fuck it like Sinatra...crazy colt by the way...."
>> No. 40753477
Vinyl nods
"or perhaps you could do a maredona, and reinvent yourself. new name, new sound, new look, and then try and hit it big."
she shrugs
"it's really all up to you. i just take music and mash it up to play for those burning the midnight oil... it pays well enough, but it gets kinda dull after a few weeks."
>> No. 40753492
File 142151463818.png - (129.29KB , 1024x724 , rarity__the_pout_by_takua770-d432aao.png )
"bet it wouldn't be with a co host. we can do some sort of comedy show or something...maybe even a song together...Maredonna is a push out music wold you're gonna get punched by the past.
>> No. 40753505
Vinyl shrugs "it's not really a show... just... 6 hours of music... the evening shift ends when i get there, and the morning shift begins when i leave... there is a 10 min break in the middle around 1AM, but that's just when i switch tracks and banter about something in the music world..."
>> No. 40753509
File 142151519074.png - (135.20KB , 482x676 , breakfast_at_rarity__s_by_russelh-d3ina9g.png )
"could have a interview or something. sounds like you're really bored at work, why not?"

mystic comes back with all sorts of goodies, her hayfries in the middle of it.
>> No. 40753515
Vinyl nods "i suppose i could interview you, yeah. but usually i get there, put a track on, and then i pass the fuck out. i make new tracks every other week or so, and that seems to keep the station happy..."
she spies the hay fries, and zero's in like a bird of prey
>> No. 40753527
File 142151565008.jpg - (7.99KB , 347x463 , hi!.jpg )
"hope you don't mind Ms.Scratch, I took the liberty of adding some Trottish seasoning on them and if you wand gravy and cheese I've got it. Bon appetit'"
she smiled and hovers a dusty old Archaic magic tome from the shelf and settles her muzzle into it.

"heh yeah sounds great! I can even get a new track recorded with just me in it too."
>> No. 40760838
Sorry mommy. I was tryin to fly.
>> No. 40761078
Diamond lets out a long yawn, stretching out a bit "Mmmnh...It's fine, sweetie...As long as you didn't hurt yourself." She says with a small, tired smile, rubbing the sleepiness out of her eyes
>> No. 40761888
She says giggling. She then rubs get head against Dia's.
I love you mommy.
>> No. 40762281
Diamond smiles happily and nuzzles her daughter gently, hugging her close "Mmh...What a way to wake up, hehe..." She yawns again and gives Rain a kiss on the head "Hungry?"
>> No. 40763002
File 142229807950.png - (220.73KB , 1024x1242 , vinyl_scratch____score_gasm____by_qtmarx-d57vg4l.png )
Vinyl, holding fry in hoof, looks to her and shrugs
"fries are fries...hard to mess them up..."
she pops it into her mouth and >pic
This might be the best thing she has ever tasted.
she's not really sure, but it's pretty damn close.
>> No. 40763507
File 142231559999.png - (160.29KB , 811x984 , oh__noes____by_vunlinur-d4s4jzt.png )
she blinks and blushes a bit.
"Oh okay?....oh dear."

Olivia blushed a bit as well
"Ma you gotta be careful...why'd yas think I had to go on a diet..."
>> No. 40763690
Vinyl nods, and starts to munch on more fries
"i might just have to steal that seasoning..."
she smiles and looks to olivia
"whyd'ja go on a diet?"
her decimation of the fries continues.
>> No. 40764163
File 142237084853.jpg - (211.15KB , 635x528 , 137715529255.jpg )

"because my mother cooks like that..." she said laughing.

"I'll getcha some love." mystic said smiling.

the two grabbed a fry and started munching on the other dishes. cakes and pies.
>> No. 40764383
Vinyl, looking up after devouring a large deal of the fries, stops herself from reaching for another
"oh... i... i do suppose that makes sense..."
she stands up
"got any Cola or soemthin like that? i'm a lil thirsry."
she looks towards where mystic had come from, in hopes that it was a kitchen
>> No. 40764719
File 142240256261.jpg - (220.08KB , 491x309 , 12765 - artist carlyhwang DJ_P0n-3 DJ_pon-3 rarity Scratch tea vinyl_scratch.jpg )
Olivia followed her to the fridge and grabbed her a sangria flavored soda
"It's great dallface, you'll love it."
>> No. 40764747
vinyl blinks and tilts her head
she seems puzzled at the word choice, but takes the soda nevertheless.
"so... this is ... san greia flavored? what's San Greia?"
she smells the bottle before taking a sip
>> No. 40765092
File 142245337714.png - (137.77KB , 946x844 , rarity_face_vector_xd_by_blowingbomb-d4binrg.png )
"it's a Spanish wine drink though in a soda form"
she thought for a little bit
"Oh did I say dallface?...heh I do that all the time. waddya on about?"
>> No. 40770978
File 142290026889.png - (450.50KB , 1200x1200 , 141312519231.png )
Yeah mommy. I hungry.
Just about then the smell of baking potatoes wafted into the room, making Rain sniff the air and made her stomach growl.
Downstairs Orchid was sitting in a chair reading a book while the potatoes were cooking. She took a deep whiff and said to herself:
Yup, they should be waking up just about now.
>> No. 40771622
Diamond lets out a slow, groggy yawn and nods, her eyes barely open "Ahhh...Okay, okay, hon, just..." She stretches out her forelegs and turns her head back and forth, popping her neck "One...Mmh...Second..." She sits up, rubbing her eyes slowly
>> No. 40774304
Rain sat patiently waiting for Diamond to get up. She flinched a little as her mommy's neck popped, but she was alright.
>> No. 40775183
She gave another slow, long stretch and yawned once more, smiling "Alright, baby, let's go..." She said with a tired smile, slowly turning to slide out of the bed
>> No. 40775229
File 142318433557.jpg - (644.52KB , 3264x2448 , 20150204_223826.jpg )
just after dusk hits the land the grooviest vampire around rises from her bed heading off to the pub for breakfast.
>> No. 40775398
File 142319156782.png - (34.29KB , 125x125 , hugme.png )
Rain fluttered onto her back, grasping tight as to not fall off.
She giggled as she bumped up and down.
>> No. 40775417
File 142319223706.png - (851.55KB , 3000x2800 , Scorcha.png )
Scorch sits down in a pile of snow, dozing off as Smokey slowly buries him in it.
"Smokey no... five more minutes..."
>> No. 40775531
Diamond smiles softly as she groggily makes her way toward the kitchen, being careful with her pace as to make sure that Rain didn't fall off "Heh...Smells pretty good, y'know..."

Terra trots up and sits next to the pair, Iselia staring down at them from her back
"Well, hey there."
>> No. 40775549
File 142320408716.png - (44.90KB , 320x426 , ItsKindaCute.png )
Orchid walks out, eyes closed in her glory as she blindly walks into the room, humming a happy song. Her masterpiece resting on the table.
>> No. 40775769
Scorch opens up his eyes, half buried in the snow "Heya Terra... how are you?" He stands up, shaking off some of the snow.

Smokey smiles at Izzy and waves "Hewya!"
>> No. 40775779
Scorch opens up his eyes, half buried in the snow "Heya Terra... how are you?" He stands up, shaking off some of the snow.

Smokey smiles at Izzy and waves "Hewya!"
>> No. 40776484
Diamond yawns a bit as she approaches her roomate with a tired smile "Hey, Orchid...What'd you cook this time, hm?" She asked groggily

Terra chuckles and smiles "Fine, just fine...Enjoying all this pretty snow, that's for sure...And what're you up to, snow-pony?"

Iselia grins and waves to Smokey happily "Haaaaaai~!"
>> No. 40776502
Scorch shakes his head "Snow pony!? How dare you! I am a snow stallion!" He rolls around in the snow till he is caked in it. "See?"

Smokey giggles and flutters over plopping down on Terra's back.
>> No. 40776513
Terra giggles and gives him a pap on the head, making all the fluffy white goodness fall off in a light cloud "Heheee~ Well, it looks like a pony to me." She says while sticking out her tongue

Iselia giggles and waves to him again, even though Smokey's right in front of her "Hawoooo~"
>> No. 40776923
File 142333618307.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
Orchid smiles back and waves
I made us all some baked potatoes with cheese. I figured you would probably be hungry when you woke up, so I took the liberty of fixing you two up something nice.
Rain cooed at the mention of cheese, and licked her lips hungrily
>> No. 40777609
Diamond chuckles and smiles as she walks closer "Awful kind of you, though, I don't think baked potatoes are normally considered breakfast food." She shrugs "Not that it matters. Food is food regardless...Thanks, Orchid."
>> No. 40777656
She blushes, embarrassed that she messed up. She smiled awkwardly.
No problem.
>> No. 40777873
A robot about one meter high with a glass dome on top rolls into the town from the west entrance. It sits on top of a ball yet stands upright. Its outer shell is smooth and has no other appendages.
>> No. 40777874
File 142339039555.png - (133.44KB , 800x800 , 132175679015.png )
Cryo shifted uncomfortably in a nearby bush, the leaves poking into her sides as she tried to sleep. She shivered as the cold night wind brushed against her body.
She found that she couldn't quite stay asleep with the leaves and the wind, so she stretched out and un-attached herself from the bush.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 8th, 2015 03:14

>> No. 40777875
The robot stops in the middle of the road and announces
"Movement detected, scanning area."
A few moments go by then it says
"Structure configuration, residential."
>> No. 40777877
Cryo hears the commotion and looks to see what in Equestria is going on. She sees this and immediately freezes.
There is a robot... going down the street.
She could not believe her eyes, absolutely nothing about this made any sense, why would there be a Robot in this small town?
>> No. 40777879
The robot then starts rolling down the street once more, it now moving much slower and beeping periodically.
>> No. 40777880
File 142339302819.png - (68.65KB , 598x594 , plz_base_by_kitycute998-d7hymq2.png )
She slowly follows the robot deeper into town, trying to stay out of any sort of scanning range. She is also making sure to hide behind every bush she can find.
>> No. 40777881
Sorry for the wait, I had to do something
The robot moves until the four way intersection where it then stops. It's ball seems to deflate and the soft, constant glow of it's dome turns into a pulse. After a sort time of this, even the pulses stop.
>> No. 40778370
File 142343134517.png - (29.34KB , 261x346 , Cryo eating ice cream.png )
Cryo edges close to the machine. Did it shut down? What in Equestria was going on? She poked the robot with her hoof lightly, backing up in case it decided to attack or something.
>> No. 40778387
A soft buzz is heard along with a single beep, the robot's ball then inflates and the light glow forms back into the dome before it asks
"Do you require something?"
>> No. 40778407
Cryo ducks her head, like she was in trouble. Frowning, she shook her head silently. She had questions, but she could not find the will to actually speak them.
>> No. 40778411
After about five seconds the robot states
"No command received, powering down."
It then, once again deflates its ball and the dome dims.
>> No. 40778470
File 142343461369.png - (86.10KB , 575x633 , Cryo in a box.png )
Cryo smiled, poking the machine again. At the very least she could play a game of on-off with it.
>> No. 40778526
The robot boots back up and once again asks
"Do you require something?"
I've got to go for a bit, be back later.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 8th, 2015 16:03

>> No. 40778604
File 142343967106.jpg - (770.22KB , 3264x2448 , 20150201_085602.jpg )
>A bit of sound effects cause lol.

Cherry had went back to Alpha Centari for more supplies that earth at it's current time could not give her. She throws it to maximum warp for home getting there within an hour later. She soon puts the Ryujo back into standard orbit around the third rock from the sun. stepping onto the shuttle deck she'd opt for her shuttlecraft disguised as a car once again she steps out of the car once landing in Trotswood and detected a small android of unknown build.
>> No. 40778920
File 142345735757.png - (68.65KB , 598x594 , 142339302819.png )
Cry smiles, giggling to herself.
This was becoming fun.
>> No. 40779978
After about five more seconds, instead of turning back off, it beeps once and says
"I do not get it."
I've got two hours.
>> No. 40780051
Cry frowns, poking it again to see if it turned off the same way it turned on.
>> No. 40780057
After a second the robot beeps before saying
"Do you attempt to damage me?"
A slight hum starts up from withing the robot and the dome glows slightly brighter.
Well it's time for me to go.

Last edited at Mon, Feb 9th, 2015 21:53

>> No. 40780166
Scorch sticks out his tongue in return, flapping his wings to push off the majority of the snow from his fur. "Nyaah... I am a stallion.."

Smokey smiles and pokes her nose "Hewwooo~"
>> No. 40782250
Terra snickers and gives him a gentle push "Ah, shut up, ya dingus."

Iselia hugs him and smiles "Hawo, Smokey~!"
>> No. 40782972
File 142372074411.png - (380.59KB , 1280x1447 , 141295283150.png )
Rain giggles as she sits, clapping as food is placed in front of her.
I never said I was good at what times are good for what foods or else my cutie mark would be like yours.
>> No. 40786639
"I'm...Not really super good with food, Orchid. It just so happens to be my job, is all." SHe smiles as she watches Rain, giving the little filly a pat on her head "Heh...As long as she's happy, that's what matters."
>> No. 40787745
File 142405959278.png - (116.06KB , 991x807 , curious_twilight_by_tamalesyatole-d5yxu9a.png )
Paying no mind to her sensors Cherri drives to the pup for some lunch and gets out of her car.
>> No. 40799793
File 142489193063.png - (351.52KB , 538x640 , 141299952689.png )
But your cutie mark... It is your special talent, is it not?
Rain giggles happily and squirms under the hoof.

The mare shakes her head and paws at the ground, looking down as if to apologize
> Notice: I am really sorry about the late response I have been dealing with some sh*t over here and I have had no time to post at all. I will be TRYING to post more often, but I also have to hope things die down a little. Also I will only be posting from my phone for a little while until I can afford another computer because my old one was broken.
>> No. 40802626
"Well, I guess...But, like...I don't know, food just wasn't my life's calling...Er, well...I guess it is NOW since that jerk dumped the place on me like he did..."
She sighs and shakes her head, leaning down to nuzzle Rain
"I don't know, I went to college for other random stuff...At this point, I can barely remember."
>> No. 40805093
File 142526639437.png - (12.03KB , 219x194 , 141309036335.png )
If you really don't want to run the crossroads, then why do you? You could probably sell the place... but what do I know?
Orchid said patting Rain's mane
You go sell it mommy? I like that place.
>> No. 40806286
"I can't just sell it, because the place has no value...The town's too small for it to give me a living savings to fall back on...I need the money to keep things stable, and all that. Gotta think of Rain, after all." She responds while straightening out her mane
>> No. 40806432
Oh, right. I honestly didn't even think about that... well what DO you want to do then?
Rain shakes her head, messing up her mane on purpose
>> No. 40810954
File 142568350727.jpg - (78.43KB , 1024x724 , sunset_shimmer__anime_cel_shade_test_by_bakki-d85sn1d.jpg )
> Should I be calling dead thread here? Are we killing off trotswood? Or is everybody just to busy to post? (Know those feels)
>> No. 40812503
It doesn't matter any more any way. Any new people we get never come back, and all that are really left are the mods.
>> No. 40812507
"I never got to figure that out..." She responded somberly as she stared up at the ceiling "I wasn't here long before that...That lying A--...Lying...Jerk. Stepped into my life, and lead me on...I somehow had a child, and then she ran away with her...I really don't have plans any more, and never had the opportunity to get them straightened out."
>> No. 40812580
File 142579221799.png - (142.33KB , 808x989 , spoiler.png )
>would post, but no one replies to me
>> No. 40812704
Because no one's around when you do post. The few people that come along come, about, once a day.

4 years down the line, and Trotswoods hit a dead point :I
>> No. 40812737
File 142580033565.png - (37.73KB , 450x404 , ItsAKitty.png )
Hmm... oh well.I guess you just gotta find what you love doing and then keep doing it.
>> No. 40816195
Diamond nods "Yeah...Life's difficult like that. Once you're on your own, more and more responsibilities pile up as you go on. Nothing comes easy, and just about everything has a consequence."
>> No. 40862226
File 142967338967.jpg - (34.65KB , 600x556 , Lurk.jpg )
>> No. 40862299
File 142967734755.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>Your gonna be lurkin for a while, this place has been dead for quite some time
>> No. 40863635
File 142977779887.jpg - (136.08KB , 493x750 , Awye.jpg )
Lance, bro! :D

Wait, who're you?
>> No. 40863729
File 142980761464.png - (433.06KB , 1024x448 , rise_of_the_planet_of_equestria_girls_by_rave_ix-d66yvo4.png )
>> No. 40863987
[/Hey bro, what be happenin'??]

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 15:40

>> No. 40864023
File 142983118237.png - (194.32KB , 500x526 , Marionette.png )
>somebody who has been looking to see any activity or signs of life on this here thread, this is the first in quite some time

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