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#Ask/invite #Canon: A DJ's Adventures #Series: Bluehooves #1 #Fresh start #Adventure #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #FiM-only #Ponies #Power Limit #Normal

DJ Bluehooves, just the average pony, lives the average life, other than hiding his identity, because he produces and mixes music and isn't too sure if he is ready for the fame that comes along with it. The time is morning, The door to his little shack located right beside the Everfree Forest opens and he trots out with a yawn, stretching his hooves. "Ahh~ Vat a beautiful day!" He says in his thick GerMANE accent, not knowing Equestrian English the best. He closes and locks his door looking at the town, wondering what kind of adventures are going to happen today, for today he goes into town without his disguise,

((Power limit is talent based, nothing too overkill. Alicorns are a no-no. Just ask if you want to join))
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