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File 141728014569.jpg - (95.69KB , 1920x1080 , Pan Andrzej.jpg )
40704581 No. 40704581
#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun #It& #039;s a kind of Slavic holiday, don&

Don't even look there, we still haven't renewed the subscription:

You know what time is it, fellas? Yes, it's the end times, it's the Night of Andrzejs!
All the Andrzejs are on the loose tonight.

Before you leave the bar you better check on that weapon bin, the one under the "Violent J will not be tolerated!" (someone messed with it), choose something and only then leave. Drunk Andrzejs, Januszes, Miroslavs and Slavomirs are dangerous this season.

...Or! Or you could just stay inside, drink something, cuss someone and then pour hot wax into a bowl of water through a key bow and pretend you're having fun... I don't know, it's supposed to tell you your future or something!
Maybe you better stay at getting drunk.

Not auto-staff, we can't afford waiter bots, self service.

Topics tonight include your face.

Bar is not: OPEN!

>Previous thread:

<EDIT: we're posting only pictures of birds in this thread because I say so!

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>> No. 40706808
File 141748990310.png - (1.98MB , 1904x1257 , 7e7fe3cffc094920a21659e99b596762.png )
Hmmm...sounds like a tradition you should keep with him~

Me and my dad go out to buffets once a month. Then get banned.
>> No. 40706809
File 141748991210.png - (286.12KB , 1280x1248 , 551298__safe_solo_oc_oc+only_snow_artist-colon-gtapia91_caribou.png )
"...GAAAAASP!" she says with a great big grin.


That she does!

It's an old Android!


She looks behind her!

>That's a funny way of spelling adorable. :3

She proceeds to follow your example, making little heart shapes in the air as a pink trail follows behind her!
>> No. 40706810
>Alga grabs her from behind (that is, formerly right in front of her, where she was standing).
>> No. 40706811
File 141749008615.png - (1.20MB , 2500x2500 , demon2.png )
She took a sip and sighed again
"Sorry 'bout tryin' t' pick a fight with yew... It's been too long since ah sorta played with mah evil side... Sorta worried Sweenie might lose interest in me if ah continued t' be this scared lil' goody goody.."
>> No. 40706812
Eh, s'alright.

>He pats your shoulder with a grandfatherly smile.

I guess I'm just out of practice, living the quiet life and all. Uh...

>He rubs the back of his head with a nervous grin. Seems like he's genuinely regretful there.

If you want, I guess we can go shout at some skinheads or something.

>Unfortunately, Cupid is not used to prancing around inside, and ultimately falls over a trailer and flat on his face.

"Don't worry, I only hit my head!"
>> No. 40706813
File 141749043395.png - (286.12KB , 1280x1248 , 551298__safe_solo_oc_oc+only_snow_artist-colon-gtapia91_caribou.png )

She squeaks and topples over!

Ammie frowned a little before giving your poor head a soft nuzzle.

"Aww... Is it hurt?"
>> No. 40706814
File 141749047288.jpg - (82.14KB , 600x655 , Bloawa.jpg )
"No, I have a helmet!"
>He says, pointing to his horns.
"Plus, lots of practice!"
>> No. 40706816
File 141749066170.jpg - (116.23KB , 883x643 , 1374034726133.jpg )
I should go see him some time.

>She then snickered at what Ary had to say.

>She showed Ammie the ring on her finger.
Sure did, I was super nervous.~
>> No. 40706817
>She giggles and offers a hoof to help Ammie up.
Sorry about that, just checking to see if it worked~.
>> No. 40706818
File 141749084118.png - (734.23KB , 1280x969 , Yeah cartoons.png )
>What is that chair?

Probably should go see him~ I'll be out of your hair since I need to go back to work
>> No. 40706819
>Chair drill.
>> No. 40706820
File 141749090300.png - (83.97KB , 141x283 , 456478.png )
Oh no you don't you are staying with us for the whole month.
>> No. 40706821
File 141749095184.png - (286.12KB , 1280x1248 , 551298__safe_solo_oc_oc+only_snow_artist-colon-gtapia91_caribou.png )
"Oh... That's good!" she says with a happy smile.

"...Wait you have lots of practice in hurting yourself?"

"Oh... That's so cute!"

She frowns a little as you pick her up.
>> No. 40706822
File 141749103463.png - (270.88KB , 432x1080 , 5354.png )
Ary took us out to eat and I proposed to her at a lake. Heh.~
>> No. 40706823
You can call me anytime, you know~.
>> No. 40706824
File 141749108128.jpg - (56.16KB , 300x449 , HITIADB1.jpg )
"Yeah!! From, like, a metric perspective.

"Like, okay. Santa carries roughly ten thousand tons of toys each year, right? So, the other reindeer and I have lots of leg strength and impact training to avoid chronic knee damage when we move over the rooftops."
>> No. 40706825
File 141749114835.jpg - (669.99KB , 750x1060 , Tumblr gives shitty art.jpg )

But I need to kick butt D:

>Ary chuckles and says

We'll kick butt with you.
>> No. 40706826
File 141749121999.jpg - (56.22KB , 640x480 , Val stands on a box next to school girl kiddo.jpg )
Excellent plan.
>She leaned on Ary smiling at Pandora.
>> No. 40706827
File 141749127893.jpg - (84.76KB , 394x425 , kurwa cyborg dziwko.jpg )
>Because when I draw a rock toa with a chair a weapon, I make it a drilling chair.
>> No. 40706828
File 141749129887.jpg - (102.60KB , 721x1024 , 10 out of 10 would fuck on the beach.jpg )
...Well if you guys can handle it.


>Ary puts an arm around Val and gives her a loving kiss.
>> No. 40706829
>Cuz that toa is the Toa of Stone Cold Steve Austin.
>> No. 40706830
File 141749137845.jpg - (74.25KB , 500x500 , 8519547_m.jpg )
>She purred a little with a meow as the kiss ended.
Why, I fought a dragon once!
>> No. 40706831
File 141749146258.png - (286.12KB , 1280x1248 , 551298__safe_solo_oc_oc+only_snow_artist-colon-gtapia91_caribou.png )
"Aww... So you're gonna' be my Mummy?"

"I wiiiill!"

"Wow... I bet that makes you super duper strong!"
>> No. 40706832
File 141749148733.png - (969.11KB , 1995x1215 , 1417230593681.png )
>Because it's the drill that'll pierce through the heavens of russling?

...You did? No fair, I wanna join!

To late!
>> No. 40706833
File 141749154986.jpg - (102.89KB , 384x288 , Daniel shaw takeout.jpg )
>Cupid picks you up with one hoof. And then he balances you on a table, on a chair, on a cinderblock, on an anvil.
>And then he very slowly puts the tower of doom back onto the ground.

"Maybe just a little bit."
>> No. 40706834
File 141749157245.png - (104.57KB , 188x240 , 6737.png )
You bet!~

Well, it chased me while Ary did something to kill it. I helped..hehe.
>She giggled goofily.
>> No. 40706835
>> No. 40706836
Where'd you get that phone, anyway?
>> No. 40706837
>It will pierce through the rocks and rolls.
>Cinnamon rolls.

>Anyway, I think I calmed down already and I can go back to sleep after that stupid nightmare. Fuckin' psychopathic killers... I'll describe it later, it was quite interesting :3

>> No. 40706838
File 141749186574.png - (294.09KB , 500x727 , Stupid outfit dumb face.png )
Mmhmm~ We got cool stuff from it.


>Pandoras ears go flat as she pouts.



>Cause you know...drill.....sitting...chair...
>> No. 40706839
File 141749195496.png - (250.51KB , 1024x744 , Bonus1_zpsa5625ed6.png )
Wait, what did I..ahh Oui the hammer I remember now!

>She leaned over and licked Pandora's ear.
From your last adventure you got an Ary!
>She sat in Pandora's lap and pressed her cheek against hers both of them look at Ary.
Best prize non?
>> No. 40706840
File 141749195882.png - (286.12KB , 1280x1248 , 551298__safe_solo_oc_oc+only_snow_artist-colon-gtapia91_caribou.png )
Ammie, oddly enough, felt next to weightless as you lifted her up. Despite that, she seems very much impressed by your feat, staring at you with her jaw opened in awe.

"I doooo!~"

"Nitori gave it to me after she got a new phone!"
>> No. 40706841
File 141749205497.png - (523.31KB , 1280x1280 , Bleta.png )
"And if you're gonna pull that sled, you gotta train to be just as strong!

"Or cheat, but whatever!"
>> No. 40706842
Who's that? Another of you?
>> No. 40706843
File 141749217100.jpg - (97.78KB , 674x918 , 1362223784567.jpg )
It'll be very soon.~
>> No. 40706844
>Evening, folks!
>> No. 40706845
File 141749224401.png - (66.35KB , 234x261 , 1417364167045.png )
I can't do anything with her though.

>Pandora made a fishy face as Ary chuckles and says

I can sit here and look pretty?
>> No. 40706847
>Hey Quoten!
>> No. 40706848
File 141749232257.png - (37.21KB , 200x200 , 1417226814652.png )
Oui, but you also got me! I think we had this conversation though, so you should not be a fish.

>She nommed her cheek.
Not a good fish.
>> No. 40706849
>Hey, Blowhard! How are you? And would you like to RP?
>> No. 40706850
>Just fine! And sure!
>> No. 40706851
File 141749248338.png - (286.12KB , 1280x1248 , 551298__safe_solo_oc_oc+only_snow_artist-colon-gtapia91_caribou.png )
"...Well, I'm made of magic so all I really need to do is just stock up on energy!"

"Nah, she's a kappa!"

>> No. 40706852
Oh! Aren't those like... a little like kelpies?
>> No. 40706853
File 141749255327.jpg - (73.97KB , 665x930 , assassin_by_tomx.jpg )
"Sounds like a great plan!"

>He offers you a hoofbump.
>> No. 40706854
File 141749256569.jpg - (671.47KB , 1500x1004 , surprised_gasp.jpg )

>Ary noms her other cheek as Pandora's ears went flat and she meowed at her

Nyaah. stop!
>> No. 40706856
File 141749260885.png - (286.12KB , 1280x1248 , 551298__safe_solo_oc_oc+only_snow_artist-colon-gtapia91_caribou.png )
"Yeah! She likes being called a river spirit better though, since she thinks Kappa sounds evil."

And she instead nuzzles your hoof like a cat would nuzzle your hand.
>> No. 40706857
File 141749261109.jpg - (79.83KB , 455x599 , 1405224032276.jpg )
Would it be alright if Kiddo and I got married in homespace? Valentina wants to put up decorations and my friends want to help I just want to make sure that was fine.~

>She began to have a kitty fight with her, letting Ary tickle her if she wished.
>> No. 40706858
>Anyone in particular?

>Ahoy! How are you?
>> No. 40706860
File 141749269136.jpg - (195.73KB , 700x767 , 6A.jpg )
>> No. 40706861
Huh... yeah, I've met quite a few ponies who think kelpies are evil to be honest...
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