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#Ask/invite #Planned #Canon: The Devil's Dues #Adventure #Dark #General #Serious #Semi-serious #Normal

I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightfoward pathway had been lost...How hard a thing is to say, what was this forest savage, rough, and stern, which in the very thought renews the fear? So bitter is it, death is little more...

He seethed and bled, heat and exhaustion and vertigo consuming the blind man's last remaining vestiges of strength with every step he took down the dark and freezing path, deeper and deeper into the winding serpentine streets. Fever and frostbite conspired to murder him before he could take another step, bitter cold and oppressive heat weighing down upon the lost soul. His thoughts had long since lost solidity, the deep, oozing gash in his chest drawing blood away from the finer workings of his mind; the figure's thoughts were as sluggish as they were unfocused, only the singular passage of Aligheri's work repeating like gunfire in his head, every repetition causing his skull to pound harder and harder. His basest instincts told him only to get away, as fast as he could, that nothing else mattered - yet it seemed as though an eternity had passed, and he knew nothing now of what he was running from, who or what had done this to him, and amidst his repetitive musings of the dark forest before him, a lone, barely distinguishable voice in his head argued its point.

Where will I go?

It mattered not, not yet. The further he walked through the concrete forest, the deeper his troubles became, until Dante's trek into the blistering Inferno could only end one way. A nigh-silent, anguished cry left his lips as he felt his legs give out, one by one, his strength finally giving in, his body broken, his spirit mortally wounded. It all came crashing down. He could scarcely spend the breath to grunt even as he felt his head explode into a blinding migraine the instant he hit the frozen, unforgiving ground.

This is it.

I'm going to die.
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>> No. 40726642
File 141929164035.jpg - (60.76KB , 1024x640 , Major_Motoko_Kusanagi_WS_WP2_by_seniortwinkie.jpg )
Jane watches her bustle about, tracking her movements warily. As the more mobile of the two, she was probably the most threatening... unless the wheelchair-bound guy was faking it. Either way, it pays to be careful.
She remains silent, waiting for someone to either start shooting if it was a trap, or explain the situation if it wasn't.
>> No. 40726822
File 141929840645.jpg - (126.50KB , 767x1024 , bled dry.jpg )
If he wasn't so disoriented, Sammy might have sworn he was having an honest to God heart attack right about now, despite the relatively low amount of physical action he'd actually performed. Locked up tight in a pressurized suit, totally blind, still recovering from the din of a billion angry insects laying waste to his entire town...It was all too late that he realized he was not as used to this as he had been. Even now he seemed less interested in answering Jane's myriad questions, and far more passionately wrestling against his helmet to remove it as quickly as possible, that he might breathe freely again.

When the accursed apparatus finally pops free, his long mane and bandages exposed again, he takes several deep breaths, seemingly winded. "...Just...agh...just gimme a second here, guys...I-I ain't feelin' so hot...Not as...young as I used to be."
>> No. 40726834
File 141929915774.png - (69.07KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
"I will be sure to disregard that age statement." After a quick glance around at the now-cleaned walkways, Azuli turns her attention to Jane.
"Now then. I do not believe we have been introduced. I am a ridiculous, time-travelling old mare wearing a pathetic excuse for a suit, and this is our half dead, as-for-now-wheelchair-bound, allegedly mutual friend. Any questions thus far?" She spoke rather quickly, as if she had a sudden adrenaline rush for the first time in years.
>> No. 40726855
File 141930018092.jpg - (609.77KB , 1920x1200 , Ghost-In-The-Shell-Motoko-Kusanagi-Download-Wallpaper.jpg )
Jane takes a minute to fully scrutinize the wheelchair-bound colt's features. His coloring did match Bishop's, at least before he was turned into a cat by some unexplained event. But she couldn't figure how he had turned back to normal and been beaten so thoroughly as to put him in a wheelchair, all in the space of the hour it had been since she'd seen him.
Then, she did something that would likely offend him, if it actually was Bishop; she completely removed him from the list of things she considered threatening.
She turns her attention to the other mare, her stance relaxing visibly.
"Your explanation was pretty thorough," she replies with a hefty helping of sarcasm. "But forgive me if it's not sinking in. I'll keep my questions simple; who are you, what do you want with me, and why should I trust you?"
>> No. 40728801
File 141948614852.jpg - (319.58KB , 3264x2448 , Photo Mar 10, 11 48 45 AM.jpg )
"...Jane, this is Azuli," he interjected, rubbing at the wound in his chest fitfully, before beginning to pry off the rest of the armor, somewhat more composedly. "She's...well, I guess you could say she's my best friend, especially right about now. What you're standing in right now is like a building that time travels. So there's our answer as to why I'm not like what you remember - future me." He gestured weakly to himself. "...I'm hurt. Badly. And...special...circumstances," he began, not really wanting to relive what he'd been through in the last several months, "Made it impossible for us to seek help in the present." When he pulled the boots off, setting them atop the little folded pile of armor and fabric he'd set up, he fell back into his chair again, seemingly winded just from this simple task. It was no surprise. In the light, one could see how pale he was, the subtle quiver to his lips and flesh, and more than a few other symptoms of an extreme loss of blood. Not the least of which was the bandaged portion of his chest, which had been clean and white only moments before he readied up, but now seemed to be developing a dark red blotch.

...He doesn't notice...

"I just...need you to tell me how long I've got. If there's anything I can do..."
>> No. 40728878
File 141948998231.jpg - (15.66KB , 640x360 , Major.jpg )
Jane's eyes lock onto the swiftly darkening fabric. She starts forward, movements precise. "Don't panic, I'm going to touch you," she tells him in a calm tone. "You're bleeding, I'm going to apply pressure to try and stop it."
She stops to scoop up the neatly folded suit he'd just discarded, pressing the fabric firmly against his chest with one hoof and bracing the chair with the other to prevent him from rolling away.
She glances up at Azuli. "If you happen to know a good surgeon, I suggest you get them. Like, yesterday. Otherwise he's not going to last long."
>> No. 40730309
File 141965011326.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
"You see, this is why you people need to tell me what to be prepared for in advance." She sighs, shaking her head. "I... Do not know of one off the top of my head. Though perhaps you could suggest one? Anywhere in time and space, with money being no object."
>> No. 40733331
File 141989638266.jpg - (287.41KB , 2334x2585 , beg yer pardon copy.jpg )
A very long and pregnant pause followed, before Sammy spoke up, seemingly a bit confused, despite his prior knowledge of his own condition. "Why don't we just find a regular doctor? They're not really that hard to find in space and time."
>> No. 40736574
File 142015432954.jpg - (80.56KB , 800x533 , TARDIS Console.jpg )
"Er, I suppose you are correct. Good point." Azuli quickly slips over to the console, doing her usual array of flipping dials and pulling knobs. Or something along those lines, at least.
"One nonspecific hospital with surgery, coming up."
>> No. 40737322
File 142019441709.jpg - (60.76KB , 1024x640 , Major_Motoko_Kusanagi_WS_WP2_by_seniortwinkie.jpg )
"I was under the impression there are relatively few that you two can trust. If you could just waltz into any old hospital, why waste time looking for me?"
A fleeting thought of relaxing the the pressure on the blind colt's chest enters her mind. She wouldn't even have to actually kill him. Just sit back and let his own body betray him.
She shakes her head vigorously, attempting to banish those thoughts. She maintains the pressure, as if in defiance of herself.
"Honestly, I don't know why you needed me in the first place. If you are who you claim to be, you'd know I'm more likely to kill you than save you."
>> No. 40738094
File 142025252583.jpg - (1.05MB , 1920x1080 , manslayer.jpg )
"The circumstances just changed," he grunted in frustration, 'staring' distastefully at a small smear of blood he'd managed to get on his hoof. "I thought you'd know what to do, and you were about the last person I could trust with this. But I thing my time just got a whole lot shorter. Our options"

"That being said," he continued upon catching his breath, "It would have been nice to know beforehand that he'd never shown you how to do this." He sighed deeply, murmuring more to himself now:
"blowhard, you fucking dumbass..."

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>> No. 40738291
File 142026246021.jpg - (41.51KB , 704x396 , motoko-face-scarlett-johansson-s-really-set-to-star-in-ghost-in-the-shell.jpg )
Jane sneers at him, though he can't see it. "All of the shit you've seen me do, and you think I give a shit about saving lives? I don't fix people," she says, in complete contrast to her continued efforts (minimal though they are) to keep him alive.
"You don't forge a weapon to heal people."
>> No. 40738293
File 142026274644.jpg - (148.33KB , 1191x670 , Adventus.jpg )
"Is that all you are now?" he retorted, his delirium emboldening him. For a second, he sounded almost like his old self. "A weapon? His tool?" He spat that as though even saying the name were a disgusting curse, the venom of one truly scorned spilling from the syllable.
>> No. 40738323
File 142026833502.png - (271.64KB , 1280x793 , major_motoko_kusanagi_vector__daylight_version_by_xuuuxx-d581ihs.png )
She hesitates briefly, silently glad he can't see the uncertainty on her face. The realization that she's not doing the work she originally set out to do dawns on her. She's doing the exact opposite, almost. Don't give a shit about saving lives? That's what she'd signed on to do. His accusation of her being nothing but a tool on someone's belt hit a lot closer to home than she'd realized. Worse, she couldn't deny it. Not without lying, anyway.
"Yes," she replied after a moment. "I am what he made me. Nothing more."
>> No. 40738329
File 142026969975.jpg - (22.59KB , 540x304 , wake.jpg )
He'd been holding onto a revulsion of his old ways of thinking for months. When he spoke, he spoke just as much towards himself as he did to Jane, and though he knew it to be very much unlikely that they would hear, everyone he'd 'worked with' in the old team.
"Fuckin' figures. You go through all this trouble of learning, perfecting your technique, sharpening your skills and your senses until you can honestly be called a 'super.' You tell yourself it's not for you, it's for someone else, it's for justice, it's for the kids, it's for this goddamn town out in the middle of the fuckin' desert. But that ain't true. You're scared. You wanna mean something. You wanna be strong, big and tough and bad. And here's this old fuck with some guns in his attic telling you all you gotta do is listen to what he says." He chuckles mirthlessly, but his breathing grows more rapid and shallow. "So he takes you and fills your head with all these ideas of peace, love, harmony...with bullets. And that's all you know, isn't it? Sacrifices gotta be made. Sometimes you gotta cut away a little flesh to get rid of the cancer. And that's...that's totally fine. The best lies are the ones with a sprinkle of truth in'em. But what've you really done? Just gave up yourself. Traded your name for a gun and a reason to use it. And he's the fuckin' hero who saves everything but never has to give shit up for it. Yeah. Yeah, you're his tool alright."

He leans forward, but this only aggravates the wound. He pays it no mind, an black aggression summoned from the depths of his heart etched into every line of his face and syllable of his words.

"Until he throws you away."
>> No. 40738336
File 142027172945.png - (342.95KB , 450x300 , Kusanagi_Motoko_by_manaita.png )
Brief moment of uncertainty over, the only thing on her face or in her tone is coldness. She shoves him back, not roughly, but firmly enough to hold him in place.
"Sit still, or you'll be dead before we reach the hospital." Whether from blood loss or Jane's annoyance, she doesn't specify. Either is equally likely to end him, at this point.
"Some of us weren't in it for personal glory, y'know. What does it matter that only one man got credit for the great things we've accomplished over the years? The fact remains that the deeds were done. Some good was accomplished. Some evils were ended. That's enough."
She shakes her head, sighing. "Your jealousy is sickening. It's not enough for you to simply be a part of something great? You have to be the hero, the man everyone praises? Reality check, hero, the world is not about you."
>> No. 40738337
File 142027282048.jpg - (203.85KB , 1366x768 , Danger.jpg )
"It matters...because all that credit went to his head. That's the point I'm trying to make. This isn't about me. No one questions the 'Boss.' You get in his way, and he sends you to die. He distances you. Gets in your head. Makes it seem like...your only option."

He grunts in actual pain then, his feeling slowly returning to him, and with the worst possible timing. "...He sent me to Kabull again, to protect something that belonged to Sylvester. I was alone against that monster. He knew...he knew he'd find me...and I never stood a chance..." he went on, turning his head as though to look the other direction. He wasn't disagreeing with her words, far from it. He was no hero. No one who blindly served a cause without reason but to serve was even remotely heroic.

"And I was done for. Just a few seconds before they got there. Know what it's like? The one good thing you ever did for the world...all just because you were in the fuckin' way. It could have been avoided. But down went Bishy, six feet under while that fucking prick Dawn Breeze went to brag about it. But...I-I could forgive that. Even that, I can...kind of understand. At the time, I was glad to do it. Even knowing no one would give half a damn about me afterwards, in a way, I knew it was the best I was ever gonna be, in that life or this one."

He might not have even been aware of Jane by this point. It seemed almost like he was talking to himself now, as quiet and dejected as he sounded by now.

"...But I wanted to see her again. That was my last thought. I wanted to see her one more time, so badly that I went and...did something real fuckin' stupid to be allowed the chance..."
>> No. 40738338
Jane remained silent. She wasn't even sure who "her" was, that Bishop wanted to see so badly. But the wound that "she" had left was almost visible. You could almost see a knife, still protruding from that proverbial wound. A less charitable person might be tempted to give it a twist.
"Sucks you lost your eyes, then."
Grab, twist. Jane is not a charitable person.
>> No. 40738340
File 142027376717.jpg - (35.02KB , 400x400 , emotion.jpg )
He hadn't laughed at himself in a long time. Usually he was trying to protect himself from that sort of thing, but in that little quip, he could see a strangely amusing truth that forced an honest one from his lips. Even in the middle of his current situation. Oh, God, he thought, he was losing it. Again.

"Guess the Devil does have a sense of humor."
>> No. 40740935
File 142051105760.jpg - (54.98KB , 600x338 , old motherfucker.jpg )
Azuli claps her hooves together to gain the attention of the others.
"Now then, if you two are done, I believe we have a hospital to visit. Do not worry about which one, it is far enough to avoid any issues."
The mare quickly steps over to the door, opening it for the others.
>> No. 40743197
File 142069496405.jpg - (245.48KB , 1820x1024 , 4188-motoko4.jpg )
Jane grabs the colt's hooves and presses them against the suit on his chest.
"Keep pressure on it," she tells him simply, evidently deciding not to just let him die. At least, not with someone else in the room. She moves behind the chair and pushes the invalid towards out the door.
To her credit, she doesn't seem all that surprised by the fact that their location has changed, despite never having experienced flight in a TARDIS before.
"Lead the way," she says with a glance at their pilot.
>> No. 40743220
File 142070081868.jpg - (79.73KB , 1024x576 , oh man i found a penny.jpg )
"Right." Azuli takes lead, going fast enough to not lose the others. After the group leaves the phone booth, the door snaps shut to lock out anyone who wanted to actually make a phone call. Good think literally nobody has ever done such a thing! At any rate, the trio make their way into the nearest set of doors, which happens to be labeled as 'Emergency Room', glancing around for the nearest authoritative figure.
>> No. 40745198
File 142086649686.jpg - (126.50KB , 767x1024 , bled dry.jpg )
"...This is gonna suck."

So it was that the professionals quickly took him into their care. The process of ascertaining the extent of his wounds is slow - though they explain they can fix some of the damage, such as to stop the bleeding and stitch up the wound more tightly than the otherwise amateurish job Azuli had made use of in a time of need, a more long term state of being is as yet uncertain. The aggravation of his wounds had made things more difficult, and mandated an operation that he does not have the money for on hand...

As she explains this, the blond doctor looks pointedly at each of you, making her message clear. They can treat him more thoroughly, but it is costly, and time consuming.
>> No. 40745222
File 142086784309.jpg - (25.87KB , 638x360 , damn son whered you find this dank i literally slept for years.jpg )
Azuli doesn't hesitate to respond with, "Money is no problem, so please do not spare anything in his treatment." She shuffles towards the stallion. "He is a close friend of mine, and I believe he deserves the best you can offer."

While he couldn't see it, she had a stern look in her eyes that clearly wasn't playing around. Though she did show a bit of concern as well. "Time is no problem, either. Though I would like an estimate as soon as you know... If it is not a problem."
>> No. 40745320
File 142087177671.png - (547.35KB , 1024x576 , analyze.png )
"Yes, ma'am." Satisfied that there would be no deductions from her paycheck, the doctor and her companions wheel him off to the ER - you could swear he lifted his hoof towards you, just before the hallway door shut with a disturbing air of finality.

Time was elastic. He knew not how long he had been here, or whether he was “here” at all. He felt as though he’d been “here” all his life, perhaps even before he was born, and someone had only now cast aside the veil that rendered him unaware of it. Here he sat, a gentle, constant thrum spreading through him from everywhere and nowhere at once. He decided it was an engine - a TARDIS. Blank, empty. Nothing but the console lay in the room he rested in. Light was there - he could see again, see that he was not alone in this alien place. But speaking was hard. He couldn’t move his lips, no matter how badly he wanted to say something to the darkened figures, silhouettes cast by the blinding light of the engine.

He could only think, and find they understood, shaking their heads slowly.

Is it over?

No. You only just started.

I’m tired.

Then rest.

He won’t. He can’t. He can’t get it through his thick fuckin’ skull.

> The voices were familiar. But they were voices nonetheless, and he was sick of these. He cast them an angry glare.

I want to be alone.

Is that it, then? Do you want to be alone?

…No. But it’s enough to keep me alive.

Even though you’re deceiving yourself?
> A female.

If he wants us gone, then fine. Letting him suffer isn’t any skin off my nose.

Maybe I just want you gone!

And I don’t want to be here. But we’re stuck with me, ain’t we?

You deserve this, NOT ME!

You’re dangerous, kid. Broken so bad all the sharp parts are sticking out. You’re past saving, even if I wanted to.

If you will not believe that you can change yourself, you will be unable to continue.

I might as well, then. This world’s never been worth continuing for me. I kept going plenty of times. I’ve just dug myself a deeper hole.

That’s self deception.

I don’t care what you want to call it.

You’ve turned a blind eye to that you wish not to know.

> His cousin was innocent. Their blood was on his hands. Kabull, he was playing at the hero, and only did more damage, for all the knowledge he tried to apply. He deserved to die, but his selfishness kept him alive.

No, no, I don’t want to hear this, get out!

Don’t you see? You’re running from reality again. No one can justify life by linking their happiest moments into a kind of rosary. In particular, I cannot.

I can’t keep going if I don’t feel there’s going to be something that makes it all worth it…

You don’t get that promise. None of us do. If that’s what this is about, you should have never came here in the first place.

You…betrayed me. You betrayed my feelings.

You misunderstood from the very beginning. You believed what you wanted to believe. You can’t blame him for your delusions.

I can blame him for enabling them.

But what does it change, kid? You think you can just take it all back? Even if you could, what reason do I have to let you?

I thought you were a good person…

No. You wanted to think you were. You wanted to justify yourself.

But you’re here now. The greatest Time Lord there ever was cannot fix this easily. You need to accept there is no easy way, if there’s even a way at all.

What is it that you wish for?

I want to be happy.

You must make it so. Contentment is the ultimate - many have settled only for silence. You will bleed. You will suffer. It will burn worse than the fires of the Hell you are trying to escape.

Is it worth it?

Can you live with the price?

Wake up.
>> No. 40746992
File 142099344407.jpg - (609.77KB , 1920x1200 , Ghost-In-The-Shell-Motoko-Kusanagi-Download-Wallpaper.jpg )
I hate waiting.
Jane paces the waiting room, tapping out a slightly erratic rhythm with each limping step, her irritation visibly growing as the minutes tick by. After completing what feels like her hundredth circuit around the room, she slumps into a chair with a sigh, wishing idly that she had her gun. It probably would need a good cleaning, and the process would distract her from thinking about things too much.
Of course, hospitals tend to frown on bringing weapons on the premises, so she'd left hers in the TARDIS.
What am I even doing here?
She stands again, and resumes pacing, refusing to delve too deeply into her own motivations. After being confronted with her own hypocrisy so recently, she didn't dare.
A nagging feeling tugs at her thoughts, an insistent craving she hadn't had time to notice while she was busy; what she wouldn't give for a smoke, right about now. Too bad she doesn't have any on her. Doesn't have any money, either. Oh well.
I'll pick some up when I get back. If I get back.
She becomes suddenly aware of the clock on the wall, ticking out seconds entirely too slowly. Had she really only been pacing for a few minutes? It felt like hours.
"I can't take this," she mutters, half to herself and half to Azuli. "I'm going out for some fresh air."
>> No. 40749023
File 142112113333.jpg - (13.83KB , 490x279 , [installing mgs4].jpg )
Nearby, Azuli sits in waiting. She's a bit more relaxed in appearance, not moving much. Upon Jane's words, she nods and stands up next to her. "Understandable. You seem a bit on edge, dear." The green and blue mare reaches into her vest pocket, pulling out a small carton with a few cigarettes. "Shall we? I feel like getting up, anyway."
>> No. 40749262
Something happens to Jane's face right then. A strange expression, a crinkling around the eyes and a baring of teeth, it's almost fright- Oh, wait, she's smiling. Weird. Never expected that expression on her face.
"Don't suppose I could bum one of those off you," Jane says, falling into step beside Azuli. She doesn't say it, but one might suspect that she'd be grateful for the company as well as the cigarette.
>> No. 40749782
File 142119761521.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
Azuli shrugs, holding out the pack after slipping one out for herself. "Take as many as you like. I have neither the need, nor desire to save any. Besides, you look like you have a much more reasonable excuse for them more at the moment."
>> No. 40749905
Jane accepts a cigarette- just one; she's many unpleasant things, but greedy is hardly one of them- and barely waits until they exit the building before lighting it, ignoring the disapproving glares of the medical staff. She takes a long breath, relaxing visibly for the first time since leaving the locust-clouded city behind, and exhales the smoke slowly.
"Of all the ways I'm likely to wind up dead," she muses, mostly to herself, "This is probably the one that'll do it."
After a few moments of silence, she turns to her unlikely companion.
"So, what's your stake in all of this?"
>> No. 40755325
File 142161123144.png - (303.88KB , 470x546 , LIQUIIIIIIIIIID.png )
The second mare lights her own deathstick after Jane, nodding. She makes an answer, though not really an answer to the right statement. "It is only the simplest way to go, I suppose. Though at least you would be calm." She thinks a brief moment, looking around at the seemingly pleasant day outside. Warm weather, barely any clouds, and the sun was shining down covering the city with a brilliant light.
"Or, at least as calm as you can be while staring Death in the face."
Another quick pause.
"Suppose I am immune to that by this point."
>> No. 40755646
Jane watches Azuli, saying nothing. Perhaps she is waiting for her to elaborate further.
She shakes her had after a moment, simply enjoying the taste of nicotine and the temporary calm it afforded her racing mind.
She looks over at the other mare again, not sure how much to say.
In the end, she keeps her silence, allowing the moment to pass.
>> No. 40760139
File 142206127439.png - (434.60KB , 1000x1000 , eh.png )
Someone had ordered one lack of any further explanation, right? Because that's what was delivered straight to fuckall. The mares stand outside the hospital in silence, waiting. Azuli takes a moment to look up towards the sky. She'd never been one for good weather.
>> No. 40761341
It might have been an awkward silence, if either party bothered about filling the space with words. But neither of them seemed inclined to do so, and so the silence remained. An indeterminable time later, Jane grinds out the butt of her cigarette into the concrete, sighing.
"I guess we oughtta get back inside. In case something comes up."
Without waiting for the other mare's response, she retreats inside the hospital.
>> No. 40762172
File 142222320595.png - (267.83KB , 600x600 , contemplation.png )
"That would be a good idea, yes." Azuli follows Jane back into the hospital, almost expecting some form of news.
>> No. 40765344
File 142247635692.png - (122.87KB , 1073x1270 , 8.png )
It felt as though it had been weeks, waiting for them to explain the situation in full. Now as you step in through over the threshold, you catch sight of the doctor, a dark colored pegasus, wandering in to do just that. His face tells no happy tale - there is news to deliver, yes. But his expression is no more jovial than when he had first set sight on the battered stallion brought in a few hours ago. The pegasus clears his throat, glancing over the clipboard he'd brought with him, as though confirming, perhaps for the hundredth time, his information himself. As you draw near, he calls out to you in whatever name you have given them, and gestures for you to join him in a more secluded space of the waiting room, away from the prying eyes and ears of those here under slightly more pleasant circumstances. His voice is a practiced soft sotto voce as he outlines Damien's condition.

Grave damage has been inflicted on his heart and diaphragm, and one lung has been punctured. But beyond that, he is constantly bleeding internally of a large cluster of damaged blood vessels. An emergency transfusion and medication has given him time, and apparently dampened the effects he is suffering, such as delusion, labored breathing, and exhaustion...but there is very little they can do to save him outright. The doctor clears his throat again, nervously, as he goes on to explain that if he is kept in treatment, under supervision and with consistent transfusions and medication, he has, at their estimate, three or four months before succumbing to either heart failure, bleed out, or suffocation as his lung wound worsens.

If for any reason his treatment were to cease, he would most likely begin to suffer delusions within twenty four hours...and Damien Bishop would be dead in less than a week.
>> No. 40766028
File 142250566216.jpg - (155.87KB , 527x744 , Kusanagi_Motoko_full_785285.jpg )
Jane regards the doctor with a cool expression, little different than the passively indifferent look she is usually wearing. Her reaction to the news was significant only in that it seemed she didn't react at all. In fact, she almost seemed relieved, compared to her earlier jitters. It seems that she would have welcomed any outcome, so long as it meant an end to her idleness.
"Is he conscious, at least?" she asks, though her impatient tone suggests that the question isn't born out of concern.
>> No. 40767083
File 142258781384.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
Azuli shows a hint of worry on her face, though she doesn't seem to have anything to add to the conversation. Looks like Jane covered any questions she had.
>> No. 40771067
File 142290326200.png - (108.06KB , 800x850 , alone.png )
"He is conscious," the doctor clarifies, "And he has been informed. Understandably, he's been mostly unresponsive since then. If you would like to see him..."

Although he seems uncertain of that. Jane's response and Azuli's rather muted concern appears to perplex him to some degree, doubtlessly as he expects one willing to spend such an amount on the survival of a man would most likely have a more marked reaction to learning that his demise was all but guaranteed.
>> No. 40771225
File 142290985281.png - (303.88KB , 470x546 , LIQUIIIIIIIIIID.png )
"I believe we should." Azuli takes a quick glance at Jane, as if to confirm the obvious choice. "Is there anything else we should know before seeing him?"
>> No. 40777865
"Finding out what he wants to do now is probably the best choice," Jane agrees. She turns to regard the physician.
"We'd like to speak with him right away, if we can. See what he intends to do with the rest of his... uh, remaining time." She ends the sentence somewhat awkwardly, seeming to realize too late how callous she sounds, but pressing on anyway.
>> No. 40780154
File 142354552922.jpg - (16.06KB , 250x191 , serenity2.jpg )
It seemed now you were speaking the physician's language. He nodded solemnly, and led each of you to the room in perfect silence. It was late - there was no traffic, only the fluorescent lights sucking the color from the hallways, the dead silence of the hospital, and the stench places like this always had. He was on the second floor, room 221B.

Sammy lay alone in his bed, upon his back. He scarcely twitched when the door opened but for his ear. His bandages had been changed, and a fresh batch had been applied around his chest, covering his wounds and keeping pressure on them. An IV drip snaked into his foreleg, tying him to this place, at once chained, and safe. Not a sound touches your ears, but the soft, steady beeping of the EKG at his side.
>> No. 40785016
File 142387071152.png - (434.60KB , 1000x1000 , eh.png )
Azuli is hesitant to go over to Sammy. In fact, she glances over at the physician, as if to reconfirm her choice. She was acting like he had some sort of deadly, infectious disease.
>> No. 40792878
File 142441216927.jpg - (126.50KB , 767x1024 , bled dry.jpg )
"...Whatcha standin' there for?"

"Ain't gonna bite. S'just a man."
>> No. 40803827
File 142518769048.png - (267.83KB , 600x600 , contemplation.png )
The time lady nods, making her way over to the bed at a lethargic pace. "R-right. Uh... How are you feeling?" She seems a bit awkward, looking over the bandages. "Hopefully a little better...?"
>> No. 40804731
File 142525205821.jpg - (543.84KB , 1920x1200 , wanderer.jpg )
"Ain't dead...yet," he points out with a grimace, tweaking his ears to face her, and attempting to sit up. This, however, seems to take some very noticeable effort on his part.

"...I don't wanna die yet, 'zuli..."
>> No. 40804919
File 142525914509.jpg - (609.77KB , 1920x1200 , Ghost-In-The-Shell-Motoko-Kusanagi-Download-Wallpaper.jpg )
Jane shows nothing of Azuli's apprehension, but she does remain near the door, not seeing any real need to get any closer to the colt. Physically or otherwise.
"Kept you alive up til this point, like you wanted," she says, not bothering to mention how little she'd actually done to help. "What now? You still need me around, or you gonna dump me back in the bug-filled nightmare?"
>> No. 40811049
File 142568896321.jpg - (108.04KB , 492x324 , lone prairie.jpg )
"...Well," said the dying stallion, what was visible of his expression flat, "I hadn't planned on it."

"And I get the feeling you aren't too interested in that notion, either. Much as I'd like to send you back so you can be home again, as far as I can tell, that could cause a few problems. More than it would fix, I'm afraid."

"Tell me, Jane, if ya can...what's your purpose? What're you here on earth for?"
>> No. 40813775
File 142585701581.png - (303.88KB , 470x546 , LIQUIIIIIIIIIID.png )
"Nobody wants to go, even when their time is up. Luckily for you, yours was extended a little by getting here." Azuli's gaze falls on Jane, expecting to learn at least something out of her reply.
>> No. 40820355
File 142630736154.jpg - (459.48KB , 1920x1200 , Major_Motoko_Kusanagi_by_piotrdeb.jpg )
Jane looks startled at being the sudden focus of the conversation. She opens her mouth to reply, then shuts it before saying something. This happens once or twice more, and she visibly becomes more agitated as she fails to come up with an answer.
"Hell, I don't know!" She finally snaps, "Why does that matter?"
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