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#Ask/invite #Planned #Canon: The Devil's Dues #Adventure #Dark #General #Serious #Semi-serious #Normal

I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightfoward pathway had been lost...How hard a thing is to say, what was this forest savage, rough, and stern, which in the very thought renews the fear? So bitter is it, death is little more...

He seethed and bled, heat and exhaustion and vertigo consuming the blind man's last remaining vestiges of strength with every step he took down the dark and freezing path, deeper and deeper into the winding serpentine streets. Fever and frostbite conspired to murder him before he could take another step, bitter cold and oppressive heat weighing down upon the lost soul. His thoughts had long since lost solidity, the deep, oozing gash in his chest drawing blood away from the finer workings of his mind; the figure's thoughts were as sluggish as they were unfocused, only the singular passage of Aligheri's work repeating like gunfire in his head, every repetition causing his skull to pound harder and harder. His basest instincts told him only to get away, as fast as he could, that nothing else mattered - yet it seemed as though an eternity had passed, and he knew nothing now of what he was running from, who or what had done this to him, and amidst his repetitive musings of the dark forest before him, a lone, barely distinguishable voice in his head argued its point.

Where will I go?

It mattered not, not yet. The further he walked through the concrete forest, the deeper his troubles became, until Dante's trek into the blistering Inferno could only end one way. A nigh-silent, anguished cry left his lips as he felt his legs give out, one by one, his strength finally giving in, his body broken, his spirit mortally wounded. It all came crashing down. He could scarcely spend the breath to grunt even as he felt his head explode into a blinding migraine the instant he hit the frozen, unforgiving ground.

This is it.

I'm going to die.
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File 141799824823.jpg - (38.15KB , 440x330 , filenames are for nerds.jpg )
Through the aches in this body, it was a miracle that he heard anything at all. While it wasn't much, there was a small sound nearby, resembling a step on the hardened ground. Probably his imagination, or maybe his head pounding in agony. There couldn't be a simple answer to this, could there? Another sound echoed out, before becoming a little louder. The sound repeated itself again and again at a somewhat brisk tempo, increasing in volume until it could only be right next to him before cutting out altogether.


A feminine voice cut through the deafening silence that taunted him between footsteps, as a faint scent of smoke and cheap perfume whirled into the air.

"Are you...?" the voice rang out again. "Are you still alive?" it asks, most likely bending down to check on him. "...Can you speak?"
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File 141799958214.jpg - (342.48KB , 1600x900 , evabg1.jpg )
By some miracle, he breathed yet, but his wounds were grievous, and his exhaustion paramount. There was no doubt, even to the untrained mind, that he would not survive the night without immediate attention.

A grisly, semi-fresh wound spilled and oozed freely, its origin uncertain. All that can be told in the dark, and with such limited information, is that he has a ragged tear in his back, possibly connected with the wound extending through to the front of his chest, just between the forelegs. Adding to this, someone has bandaged some unseen wound on his head, somewhere in such a place that it has been made necessary to cover his very eyes with the ragged and torn bandages. They hang only by a thread.

He cannot seem to speak, though his ears tweak slightly as the figure speaks, implying at least a subconscious sense of awareness. But his breath grows shallower with the passage of time - he is slipping further.
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File 141800021646.jpg - (15.09KB , 1024x768 , how do i filename.jpg )
A few seconds of silence are broken by the female speaking again. "As good of a sign as any. I am going to pick you up, and carry you. I hope this is alright with you, as I mean you no harm and wish to help." She says, before he feels himself being lifted onto another pony's back. She struggles a bit, grunting slightly and shifting his weight around to balance the two of them.

"Alright. I am going to walk now. My apologies for any extra pain I may cause." The mare starts walking, trying to keep her steps as smooth as possible. It wouldn't seem like much shaking to the average rider, though in critical condition it was far from pleasant.

"Just hold on for a few more minutes."
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File 141800104959.jpg - (14.93KB , 393x300 , dont be.jpg )
The only noise the dying stallion made along the way was the rapid, sharp rhythm of his breath. He might very well have passed out already. The difference was minimal - he would die if he was not treated, and any pain he felt now would surely be worth it, if only she could get him to safety quickly enough.

Time ran short, however. He shuddered convulsively with the third step, seizing up, and slackening only shortly thereafter. In no time at all, the stranger felt the warmth of blood spreading from her shoulder down, more than enough to make stains visible even in the dim starlight.

Perhaps it was the imagination, or perhaps a whisper of the wind. A thin, wavering whimper spoke, just barely audible at all, even in the silence of the dead city.

>> No. 40712687
File 141800230240.jpg - (24.94KB , 620x348 , i think this is from metro.jpg )
She remains silent, speeding up slightly as she moved onward. What could have been minutes or even seconds passed endlessly, seeming like days. Each step was farther apart than the previous, like a metronome with a dying battery. Suddenly, without warning, the sound of a metallic door sliding open rang out, followed by a drastic shift in atmosphere. The air became much less dense, making breathing a bit easier. The temperature shifted to a more comfortable one, and the air was a bit cleaner. The scent of smoke and dust was still prominent, though it was much better than what he was in moments ago. He also felt a strange sense of familiarity to the area come over him as the sound of a steel door closed behind the two of them, only to be followed by a deep, distant humming like that of a faraway furnace.

The mare continued on, her footsteps on a far less natural floor than the outside world. The steps echoed closely, showing the room couldn't be larger than... Well, the echoes went on for a while. It almost seemed like a lighthouse in structure than anything else. Moments later, the room changes to a more hallway shape, long but much more narrow. Another minute later, the room changes to a larger enclosed space, averaging around the size of a bedroom. A sudden shift in gravity and orientation later, he's lying on a much softer surface, somewhat like a bed. The mare takes a few moments to look him over, as she quickly wanders around the room to gather supplies.

"You must rest now. Any questions can wait." She says, still circling around. Or was he spinning?

And that includes mine, as well.
>> No. 40712706
File 141800344566.jpg - (690.68KB , 1920x1080 , scarf.jpg )
That wasn't it. A hospital was clinical, sterile, and, though he could not tell the difference, much brighter. This seemed more comfortable, more roomy than a simple clinic, and the mare was not moving with the practiced rush of an ER doctor. All this information trudged sluggishly through his mind, only coming to a close as she laid him down, with his conclusion that he was most certainly not in the care of a hospital.

On one hand, he hated hospitals. On the other, he knew he was dying. His hope of surviving this had flared sharply regardless, but only briefly before exhaustion took him, conscious thought extinguished slowly and steadily, one final instance of awareness in his mind screaming in shock and fear as it felt the walls of darkness deeper than even his total blindness close in.

He bleeds freely on the bed, even worse than before, with the lack of cold to congeal the devil-red liquid. The stallion was comparatively young, no older than twenty perhaps, his raven-black, messy mane reaching to his shoulders. His coat color of blue seemed muted, which was appropriate, given his condition, but since fur doesn't quite work like that, one can only draw the conclusion that his natural coat shade is like a blue-ish grey, almost like slate.

The look would almost be familiar, were it not for the terrible, pitiful sight that befell the mare the next time she glanced upon him. The bandages wrapped around his eyes had finally torn free, soaked in filth and blood and ice as it was. There was good reason for him to be wearing them - his eyes were not a ruin; they simply were not there. These must have been older wounds, for surgical care had evidently been placed in their amputation, not even a stray tendril of nerves left in their place.

This, however, reminded one of a very different person, someone more quiet, less self assured, and with a rather distinctive sort of accent. So...which one was it...?
>> No. 40712716
File 141800447674.jpg - (261.78KB , 600x398 , first result in google images.jpg )
Quickly, the mare gets to work. She does her best, trying to bandage up his wounds to stop the bloodflow. She also replaces the fabrics that were lost from his head, with a slight chill running down her spine in realization. If she had more time to prepare, things would have been a bit more sanitary. So much for that luxury, she thought as she continued, doing what she could to clean the blood from the bedsheets.

"I apologize for the lack of a more formal medical area." She says, sticking a few circular pads with wires onto his chest. "I hope this still works." A few seconds of wires clicking around, a steady, calm beep could be heard. It seemed to match with his heart rate. Probably because it was his heart rate. "Oh, thank goodness." The mare continues her medical work, fixing what she can with what she had around her. "These tools are not the best, though at least they are actually for surgical use." She sets some small metal bits aside, before he can feel something over his face. A mask. Anesthetics? An incapacitation agent? He wasn't very awake before, though this was far from a cup of coffee.

Celestia give me the strength to fix this mess.
>> No. 40712782
File 141800809940.jpg - (91.06KB , 1920x1080 , surgery.jpg )
In all but the best of conditions, this would still be unpleasant for both parties. There was no time for anesthetics to kick in, after all, not with the extent of his wounds and exhaustion being so uncertain, yet so obviously dangerous. It wasn't certain yet whether the drugs were taking effect, whatever they might be, but time was of the essence. He could be gone on his next breath.

His injuries were mostly internal. The fact that his flesh had been rent open would be too easy to fix with stitches and bandages, but he had apparently suffered some kind of impalement. Something like a machine scan to ascertain all the damage wouldn't be fast enough to leave time to actually fix it all. She would need gloves, a steady pair of hooves, and nerves of steel.

He'd have to manage. The bleeding may speed up some as the wound is aggravated, but if she did this right, internal bleeding could be stopped entirely.

Taking the plunge requires some force, and force isn't usually received so well by a patient in critical condition. Pushing the wound open even slightly so as to gain perspective on what's been damaged elicits from the otherwise silent John Doe a pained gasp, and when the extent of the damage is made clear, so too does it become known that more information is needed. The internal wounds extend even beyond the scope of this singular instance. A sickly, wet noise emanates from the wound as she delves deeper in, finally able to realize precisely what must be done. It's small comfort to him - every instant spent on thought and plan is met with seething, a strangled yelp, and finally, a most heartwrenching cry of anguish, his very body seizing and writhing underneath her in an unconscious effort to get away from the foreign invasion.

The heart was damaged, that much was certain. It did not demand the most immediate attention, but it was already weakened by a small cut through the left ventricle, making the already short blood supply absolutely pitiful. The wound itself would heal in due time, at least, and would not be fatal in of itself. Still, most ponies would already have bled out, or at least succumbed to exhaustion. What was most important now was stemming the bleeding, and making sure his heart was still going afterwards. Another, similar wound has lacerated the liver. This, too, would heal, albeit more slowly, and until then, he would need dialysis.

More pressingly, the left lung had suffered a grievous puncture wound, and he seemed to be suffering traumatic pneumothorax. His time could be extended with an application of an oxygen mask, but that would diminish the effectiveness of the drugs even further. The efficiency of his remaining blood needs to be bolstered at every chance possible.

Fixing this isn't easy. It takes precious time, during which his heartrate fluctuates constantly, and his pain is made more evident by the minute with the increasing rapidity of his comparatively quiet, yet no less terrible vocalizations. On top of that, the procedure takes a steady hoof, an observant performer, and no small amount of experience, few of which are available here. But despite his protests, there's nothing to be done but try the best she could.

It felt an eternity. Only when he passes out does she gain any peace with which to work, and finally, when all is said and done, disinfectant and saline and sutures applied, he seems, at the very least, stable enough that she can move away from his side.

...That wasn't very much fun.
>> No. 40712794
File 141800918762.jpg - (65.62KB , 1920x1080 , i swear there wont be an 'im so fucked up' scene in this.jpg )
Managing to keep herself from throwing up in the middle of an operation wouldn't be a normal success in real medicinal institutions, as the doctors would all be very used to their work. She wasn't a doctor. She didn't even technically have a degree in anything, given specific circumstances. And yet somehow, she made it through all of that. With a deep sigh, she steps back from the bed.

Don't you die on me, she thinks, having way too many questions to leave unanswered. Her eyes move from the primary victim of circumstance to the secondary victim, the bed itself. There was plenty of blood pooled around the stallion, soaking into the sheets and blankets. So much, in fact, that it started the world's most pathetic waterfall, dripping like a broken faucet onto the floor. Though the worst of her work had passed, she still had quite a bit to do. With a check of the heart monitor, she stepped around what most could consider to be a murder scene to gather some cleaning supplies.
>> No. 40712799
File 141800978407.jpg - (277.81KB , 1280x720 , MGSV.jpg )
He wasn't dead yet. Since he'd managed to walk so long with such a wound, only sheer exhaustion claiming his strength, it at least didn't seem too far fetched that he'd survive her less than professional mending. That being said, he had passed out, evidently from simple excruciating pain.

...It looked like he would be out for a while. Face to face interrogation wasn't an option just yet. She'd have to gain information in a more roundabout manner.

Removing his clothes - a simple vest and oxford, the latter of which might have been white at some point before - was the first step to getting everything cleaned up. It wasn't a pleasant experience, but at least tossing them away went by qui--wait a moment. There seems to be a bit of weight in the pockets.
>> No. 40712802
File 141801058822.jpg - (25.87KB , 638x360 , damn son whered you find this dank i literally slept for years.jpg )
She takes her time, cleaning off the excess liquids before giving up to change out the sheets. Which was surprisingly difficult with someone still on the bed. Though it was worth it, as at least this way he wasn't fermenting in a pool of his own blood. Eventually, she manages to remove the clothes and set them aside.

She wasn't normally too interested in others' possessions. Though this one was an exception. She takes a quick moment to observe what's in his pocket before setting the clothes aside.
>> No. 40712805
File 141801111567.png - (156.15KB , 639x360 , cassette.png )
Most ponies keep things like pencils, wallets, stray bits, or even phones in their pockets. This lost soul seems to have elected never to leave home without some kind of portable cassette player and recorder. Finding cassettes these days was, for obvious reasons, rather difficult, so he was either older than he looked, or had a fondness for the classics. This wasn't much use in ascertaining his identity, however.

Helpfully, there is a cassette still lodged within the player, ready to go. Unhelpfully, the device has been partially saturated in blood, making the reliability of the mechanical parts therein rather dubious. But as far as leads go, one could do worse than a device explicitly meant to record information.
>> No. 40712806
File 141801160155.gif - (674.78KB , 500x281 , oh man i hope there's some rockin tunes in here.gif )
She looks the cassette player over, blinking a few times. A quick glance back at the unconscious stallion confirms he's still out cold, and she decides to take the player and cassette into her own possession for the time being. She quickly finishes her cleaning, before stepping out of the room and into a sort of workshop, full of various audio players ranging from wax cylinders to high-tech digital interfaces. A master of audio was she. A master of medicine, far from. This was more in her area of expertise, and thus she managed to get the cassette itself free from the bloodied case. A slight sigh escapes her nose as she looks over the tape, caked with red. It shouldn't have too much of an effect against the magnetic tape, right? She blows on the tape to get what she could off without physically touching it, before putting it into the nearest capable playback device.
>> No. 40712810
File 141801358651.png - (227.76KB , 707x398 , reborn.png )
There seemed to be no serious damage to the magnetic tape, nor the casing proper. Only a bit of static and minor distortion of the recording could be noted as it began to play, a voice, melancholy and tired, spoke quietly. Therein, a familiar southern twang could be heard.

"...Dunno why I decided t'do this. Ain't a soul's gonna hear it. But I dunno why I do a lotta the things I do now."

"What I know is that I miss ya."

There is a distinct pause.

"I also know you ain't missin' me one bit. No one does. No one ever would have. So this is for th'record. Bishop's dead an' gone. He ain't comin' back. Everythin' that happens after this is someone else entirely, elsewise, his last hour woulda meant nothin'. He'd be just another face again. And lemme tell ya, he wouldn't want that."
"But that don't mean his feelin's died with'im. An' try as I might, there's nothin' I could do at all t'bury those. It's those feelin's that got me here, those feelin's kept me alive, an' those feelin's that's gonna end up killin' me again someday. But 'fer now, I can't just let th'price I done paid go t'waste. So I'll keep tryin'. Even though I know what's best 'fer me, to m'last breath, I wanted you instead. Even if I could change my mind now, it wouldn't be an option. I gotta try. I didn't sell th'only thing I could ever really call my own t'give up on you. But..."

"One thing I wish I coulda made clear t'Old Scratch. I wanted t'see you again, dyin' out there. That was th'one thing I really wanted, more than anything, even..."

"...Well. Either way. I guess I ain't gonna seeya again. Not really. Lost m'got-damn eyes."
>> No. 40712819
File 141801504596.png - (69.07KB , 1000x1000 , spoiler.png )
She stops the tape with a solid click. A second click sets the machine into rewind, where it ravels up the tape back to where it was before she started the playback. As the device slows to a halt, she ejects the tape before putting it back into the original player. Silently, she makes her way back to the room where the blue-grey stallion is sleeping, quickly putting the cassette player back where she found it. A deep sigh as she turns to him, before looking down at her bloodied hooves and clothes. She should wash herself off. Though at this point she didn't seem to care as much. A quick rinse in a nearby sink, and she stepped out of the room. A few moments later, she emerges from the front door of her less-than-ideal phone booth, cigarette in mouth to calm her nerves from the all-too-enlightening experience of surgery.

She shivers slightly, shaking her head. "This is not going to end well for anyone involved," she mutters to herself, the faint light showing how she's aged quite a bit. She also had a change of wardrobe, from her blue vest to a reddish one, though it could be blood. She also lost the tie, which could have been used in blood loss prevention. Her mane also lost a little color, as well.

"It will all come tumbling down to a bad ending. I know it."
>> No. 40712826
File 141801554815.png - (660.84KB , 1272x540 , when does it end.png )
No rest for the wicked.
>> No. 40713334
File 141808415285.png - (122.87KB , 1073x1270 , 8.png )
The worst of it was over, it seemed. His slumber was long, albeit restless, but he didn't re-open any wounds as he lay recovering for at least a full three days afterwards. He might very well have seemed to be in a coma, if not for the evident lack of serious head injuries.

This was small comfort to the one who had to keep the vagrant fed and hydrated. IV drips could only do so much for so long. But surely he'd be grateful when he woke up. Life debts can be useful.

When he did come back to the land of the living however...

He had not to strength to bolt upright. A muffled croak of discomfort was all he could manage as he tried to move, his joints stiff as boards. He hoped he wasn't dead yet, but this sure was starting to feel like rigor mortis. "...Unngh..."
>> No. 40713340
File 141808473785.jpg - (126.71KB , 1200x1200 , notebook.jpg )
Not much had been moved into the room, though some things certainly felt a bit more hospital-like. Slightly newer (or at least cleaner) machinery was hooked up, monitoring various bodily functions. At first, the groan seemed to be like typical comatose... Sounds. The green and blue mare was within the room, currently scribbling in her little black notebook. Her ears perked slightly, though she didn't look up from the pages of what could only presumably be the equivalent of her diary.
>> No. 40713350
File 141808529134.jpg - (96.31KB , 560x315 , wake up.jpg )
He tried to move, but his joints were on fire, to say nothing of the lingering sharp pain in his chest. He was confused, for the pressing, immovable weight of unconsciousness had left him, yet still he found his already below average strength failing him. It was all he could do to raise his foreleg up towards the ceiling, pain lancing through it as his shoulder and knees were forced to action. Still, all he could muster was a murmur summing up his thoughts on the situation.

>> No. 40713355
File 141808554141.png - (69.07KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
The sound was enough to warrant a quick glance up, though the visual of a leg reaching up was plenty to cause a double take. She immediately sets down her book, hopping up to step over to the bedside.

>> No. 40713360
File 141808595189.jpg - (126.50KB , 767x1024 , bled dry.jpg )
Getting his mouth to work wasn't much, but it was a start. After all, he'd been here before, more or less. For a moment he struggled to speak, his mouth and tongue moving shakily, but not quite in tandem with one another for a few seconds, leaving him to reply in a dull, burbling spout of gibberish at first. Frustrated, but patient, he tried twice more, finally settling on:
Rhetorical prodigy, he was not.
>> No. 40713369
File 141808632320.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
"Uh... Hi. Um..."
She wasn't much better, given the circumstances.
"Do... You want anything? Or is there anything I could get for you?"
Incredible social skills are being displayed at this moment.
>> No. 40713382
File 141808706877.jpg - (319.58KB , 3264x2448 , spoiler.jpg )
"Water?" he managed to croak, still working on moving around a bit. At least enough that he could get this damned kink in his neck out. "Who're you?" Every passing second he made another small step towards control of himself, but it was slow, hard work. He could scarcely think of much else, even enough to recall what her voice had sounded like. At least he wasn't alone. He couldn't stand being alone these days.
>> No. 40713386
File 141808742838.jpg - (163.03KB , 1177x1600 , wetter than the average desert, or so i'm told.jpg )
"Water, yes. Uh.. One moment." She quickly slips out of the room, completely avoiding the actual question. Probably on purpose. Within a few seconds, she comes back in with a glass and a pitcher, both filled with crystal-clear water.
"I am going to give you some water now. Please do not... Uh... Freak out, I suppose." She awkwardly shifts, setting down the pitcher and trying to hold the cup up to his mouth without pouring it everywhere.
>> No. 40713394
File 141808826688.jpg - (22.59KB , 540x304 , wake.jpg )
"Th...ahem, thanks." He drank deep, draining two full cups before finally settling down a bit. By this point, it was clear he wouldn't be able to move around of his own accord for the rest of the night, but this would pass with time. All in all, he was...lucky. Really lucky. All a manner of infections could still be lurking in his wounds, though, so he wasn't in the clear just yet. Apparently, though, he wasn't quite as informed as he could be, as evidenced by the expression of confusion he wore as he shakily moved his hoof to run it testily over his wound. "Chest's hurtin' pretty I gonna make it...?"
>> No. 40713398
File 141808847036.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
The mare sits with a sigh, looking at the beeping monitors.
"I cannot say for certain. You were nearly dead when I found you, and I am far from the average medical help. I can only say that I hope so. At least for this moment, however, you are alive, and that is all I can assure you of."
>> No. 40713401
File 141808884206.jpg - (275.52KB , 1920x1200 , The End.jpg )
He relaxes, slowly lowering himself back to his pillow. "I...I can't afford to die yet. There's nothin' good 'fer me on th'other side." He shakes his head dismally. "Hate t'drop in on ya like this. A-and...I dunno what all ya done, but, thanks. Thanks so much. Uh...M-my name's Sammy. Sammy Fortune."

His attempt at a smile in spite of his condition could be taken a multitude of ways. "I wish I coulda met ya under more pleasant circumstances."
>> No. 40713405
File 141808902864.jpg - (25.87KB , 638x360 , damn son whered you find this dank i literally slept for years.jpg )
As an awkward smile comes to her face, Azuli shakes her head.
"I can assure you I have nothing better for me when my time comes. And you are very welcome. The circumstances are simply that. Circumstances. If we had a choice, everything would turn out well in the end."
She does her best to avoid bringing up her name, at least until she comes up with a decoy name.
>> No. 40713417
File 141808979303.jpg - (394.41KB , 1920x1200 , rei.jpg )
He hangs his head for a moment, evidently considering that. Still, he seems to let it drop, taking a deep breath, and forcing himself back up to a pseudo-sitting position, unwilling to let himself fall back to sleep at a time like this. "Obvious questions: Where am I? And how long have I been...out?" Whoever she was, she'd have noticed by now he didn't exactly have 20/20 vision. He could only hope she wasn't too unsettled by his condition, as so many others had been in the past. At least he could feel his bandages, but...these felt crisp. Fresher than his last set, at least. As his mental faculties slowly built past the sluggish pace they'd been at for what felt like months, he began to ascertain his condition - he could move, but he had sustained serious wounds to his chest, and his back was in less than pristine condition as well. Eyes were still gone, but he was more or less used to that. Clothes...well, those were probably ruined anyway...
>> No. 40713423
File 141809029357.jpg - (112.10KB , 500x375 , ragged stuff i found on google images.jpg )
"You are currently in my... Home. My apologies for it being far from the ideal hospital room. And you have been sleeping here for approximately... Three days?"
She stands up, walking over to his clothes that had been haphazardly stitched together and washed off.
"If you are more comfortable in your clothes, I took liberty in... Attempting to mend them for you." She looks over her rather decent 'attempt' at sewing cloth.
"Though I cannot guarantee they still fit."
>> No. 40713427
File 141809060842.png - (261.51KB , 345x464 , archbishop portrait.png )
He is quiet for a few seconds, tilting his head slightly. "That's mighty kind of ya, miss, though hope my cassette player wasn't washed 'long with it all. Wasn't easy findin' it. Eh-heh." Must be important to him, if he can remember it five minutes after being unconscious for three days. "Either way, that might be best, but first...maybe I should shower, if I've been layin' in your bed so long."
>> No. 40713429
File 141809077469.gif - (674.78KB , 500x281 , oh man i hope there's some rockin tunes in here.gif )
"No, I took care to remove it. I also took a bit of time to... Clean it. There was a bit of liquid on the player itself, and..." She shakes her head. "Nevermind that. I do not believe you are physical condition to actually shower. I... Do not know if I would be able to give you a bath, though. I can only do so much," she jokes.
>> No. 40713433
File 141809124856.jpg - (209.12KB , 642x362 , SNAKE IS BACK.jpg )
He shakes his head gently. "I hate to ask ya for any more than you've already done, miss. But if you can help me to your shower, I promise I won't drown on ya. Might...need a few seconds to get m'joints bangin' on all cylinders..." he observed, beginning the slow, arduous task of twisting and stretching himself out enough that he could move somewhat more fluidly than an insect without its legs.
>> No. 40713435
File 141809145393.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
"Oh dear. You are going to do this weather I help or not, aren't you?" She quickly steps back over to him, giving him something more than a shaky table or bed to lean on.
"Just... Alright." They adjust a bit more, to where he's basically standing, but leaning against her side. "Are you feeling alright? Able to walk?"
>> No. 40713440
File 141809213090.png - (312.98KB , 828x466 , 0005etr2.png )
"You know..." a feminine voice croons in the stalllion's ear, "I can help you with the pain."
The sensation of a figure presses itself against his back,a gentle warmth suffusing him as feminine arms drape across his shoulders.
"All you need to do is say the word."
>> No. 40713450
File 141809270511.jpg - (277.81KB , 1280x720 , MGSV.jpg )
He stood, shaking his head slowly...
"I th-think I'm al--woooah..."

As his weight settled, his sense of balance suddenly gave out, his ears ringing painfully, and his knees turning to jelly, forcing him to hold onto the closest solid object - most likely his savior. He seemed rather alarmed, but a couple seconds later, he shook it off, and managed to hold himself up well enough that helping him there wouldn't be much harder than walking there alone.
"...Just a bit dizzy. Probably just...still missin' couple'a pints..."

Please don't tell me I asked for you to keep me alive back there. I can't actually remember all that much.
>> No. 40713453
File 141809282420.png - (69.07KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
"Would you prefer me to carry you? I am starting to think this is not the best idea." She staggers slightly, managing to hold him up.
"I think you should get back into the bed."
>> No. 40713458
File 141809318063.jpg - (35.03KB , 411x960 , 13614_280092258861974_1322419107160884884_n.jpg )
His invisible companion sniffs indignantly, and the illusory sense of added weight disappears.
"If you had, I'd have done a much better job of it. You're nothing if not stubborn. Are you sure you aren't part mule?"
Despite the scorn in her tone, there is an underlying current of concern. "At least allow me to dull your pain. I won't even ask anything in return."
>> No. 40713462
File 141809365208.jpg - (40.32KB , 620x349 , struggling.jpg )
"...Maybe...I was plannin' on sittin' down, but I'm not about t'go against ya on this. Whatever y'think is best, miss." He tried to stabilize himself, breathing deeply, slowly making sense of his surroundings. It wasn't easy. He'd only been awake for perhaps ten minutes now. He hadn't been out for months, but things were still taking time to reorient himself with, especially with his wounds still paining him as much as they were.

"Sorry 'fer the inconvenience..."

I could say the same about you.

...But when you put it like that. Does that mean you aren't taking anything either?...Not that there's much left to take, by now...

His thoughts tasted of melancholy, despite his miraculous survival of the events so far. Whether that would include his miraculous recovery remained to be seen.
>> No. 40713466
File 141809383473.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
"I believe it would be for the best. At least until I know you can stand for a few minutes on your own." She positions herself to help him back onto the bed, while her ears perked up.
"Is something wrong?"
>> No. 40713468
File 141809408466.jpg - (31.48KB , 480x480 , 10672233_530310620433045_1232958698115263070_n.jpg )
"As my host, your pain is quite literally my pain. All I would take away from soothing your hurts is the comfort of not feeling it myself. If you refuse to see it as a simple kindness, then just think of it as me selfishly making myself comfortable."
>> No. 40713470
File 141809437761.gif - (908.19KB , 500x281 , i can still fight.gif )
"No, miss, I almost died, happens t'me all the time," he replies with an uneasy half-smile, which quickly turns to a concerned frown as he catches himself far too late. "...Er, sorry, miss. Forgot m'manners for a moment. Didn't mean no 'ffense. I'm...uh, just shaken, is all. Not even really sure what happened. Just...pain."

His expression darkens even further as he lowers himself back to the bed, sighing deeply. "Like a fire in my chest..."

...Fine. But we're not making it a habit, okay? he thought as clearly as he could, trying to relax, and keep focused on the more physical conversation he was having at the moment. He was still worried about the presence of the comparatively new voice in his head, but at least he was more or less aware of it. His problem would be discerning reality entirely while it - no, she - was around.
>> No. 40713471
File 141809462929.jpg - (359.04KB , 1920x1080 , redorange.jpg )
She nods slightly, in understanding.
"I think we both know what I meant. Though I suppose it would be up to you to talk about whatever it is."
She takes a moment to lay a sheet over his lower half, before stepping back.
>> No. 40713473
The voice doesn't respond, but an unmistakable sense of satisfaction can be felt from the presence. And just like that, his pain fades to almost nothing. His injuries are obviously still present, but he should at least be able to function without being debilitated completely... Whether or not that's wise is another debate.
>> No. 40713478
File 141809535126.jpg - (159.12KB , 960x300 , spoiler.jpg )
"...Well, there's a number'a things botherin' me right now, besides what I just mentioned. Number one, I might still drop dead sooner than I oughta. Two, I feel like I'm causing you far more trouble than I'm worth. Three, I'm in pain. And four..."

Sammy pricks his ears and turns his head towards her. There's something instinctively off about a man without eyes to stare still somehow managing to give the impression of watching you, and carefully at that. "I still don't know who you are...?"

He makes no conscious comment, but his relief and mild surprise is easy enough to gauge by the "background thought" in his mind. For right now, he seems focused on Azuli, his sense of trust quite wounded for reasons he'd rather not remember at this point in time. If she's hiding her identity, he reasons, she has some kind of reason to keep him in the dark, something that'd become a very serious red flag in his mind in light of his past experiences.
>> No. 40713480
File 141809550446.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
She remains silent, awkwardly looking around the room as if it would give her something to say.

A minute later, she decides to give up. "I have a feeling you know who I am. You know my voice. You were not one to easily forget these things."
>> No. 40713487
File 141809631616.jpg - (552.86KB , 525x875 , clear the mind of the righteousness suffered.jpg )
He is quiet for a time - far too long to be misconstrued as simple bewilderment, or uncertainty. In time, he slowly lowers his head, "staring" shamefully at the bedsheets. "That's two," he sighs quietly, his voice heavy with resignation and guilt, speaking more to himself than her. He'd dropped the accent. There was no mistake. For a second or two, he doesn't seem to know what to say, only...

"I'm sorry."
>> No. 40713497
File 141809679913.jpg - (213.20KB , 1600x1000 , blue.jpg )
"As am I."
>> No. 40713502
File 141809704737.jpg - (14.93KB , 393x300 , dont be.jpg )
"You did nothing wrong," he pointed out quietly, his mind still reeling as he huddled himself against the pillow'd set up against the wall. "But me? I've yet to find something that I've done right."
>> No. 40713506
File 141809747070.jpg - (126.71KB , 1200x1200 , notebook.jpg )
"I have done plenty wrong in my life. More than I have done correctly." She sighs, grabbing her nearby notebook as she takes a seat. "Time passes, everybody loses."
>> No. 40713512
File 141809773491.jpg - (331.98KB , 1280x800 , what do i do.jpg )
"Not everybody," he remarks coldly, tracing the outline of the sutures in his chest. "Just not always the ones who should."

"So. I take it I've got some explaining to do."
>> No. 40713515
File 141809788713.gif - (674.78KB , 500x281 , oh man i hope there's some rockin tunes in here.gif )
"I suppose so, if you feel you should explain anything."
She closes her book, glancing up at him.
>> No. 40713527
File 141809877447.jpg - (511.48KB , 1024x768 , SEELE.jpg )
"I feel I'm in a position I can't get out of by myself." He gathered his thoughts slowly, piecing the story together from every chunk he could remember. He didn't know everything himself, but he could try to explain what he did know. "I feel as though I've made the greatest mistake of my life. You know I died. You know why and how. But coming back...wasn't a freebie. They said I died well, that I'd given my life selflessly, that I could rest now."

"But...I wanted to see someone again. More than paradise, I see her again. It was stupid. It wasn't right, and I knew that even then. But I took the apple from the snake. For love, I thought. For her."

He quivered and shook, and it did not seem to be purely the result of his wounds, nor his recent revival, nor any sense of dizziness. The mere act of telling her this seemed to have forced him to break out into cold sweat, and his voice to shake violently.

"I sold my soul to come back. But...when I got here, she...they had...a-and he took my eyes, so I sh-should have known, but the devil blinded me, lied to me, told me it would all be worth it...I-I..."
>> No. 40713535
File 141809937766.jpg - (38.15KB , 440x330 , filenames are for nerds.jpg )
The mare silently gets up, and walks over to him before wrapping her forelegs around him.

A few seconds pass, and she simply asks,

"What do you believe you should do now?"
>> No. 40713538
File 141809991859.gif - (489.54KB , 500x278 , Oh no.gif )
"...I-I don't know." He was still shivering, but the proximity at least seemed to diminish that somewhat. He could scarcely deny the relief one felt after feeling alone for so long, and just getting a simple hug, unmarred by lust or selfishness. Even if it was out of pity, at least someone cared.

"I've...ever since then, I've tried to be as devout and pure as possible, h-hoped it might save me. But I was wrong. No amount of goodness will ever erase what I've done, especially if it's for such selfish reasons. I...I gave everything up, Azuli...I lost sight of everything, all for h-her, and now I don't know what to do, I-I can't do anything to fix it now...A-and if I die..."
>> No. 40713549
File 141810035554.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
"...And if you die...?" She seems to be expecting him to continue.
>> No. 40713561
File 141810096139.png - (573.27KB , 1024x1024 , aint it just.png )
"...Then that's it," he sighs, defeated. "I don't get to take this back. My soul...or however you want to think of the actual sense of consciousness I damned. Torture eternal. No one to come bail me out. No second chances. No escape."

"I've been acting under the premise that I could at least make it worth it. Live my life with that so-called special someone. But it was a losing fight. It didn't matter if I sacrificed everything or nothing. She had a son. And with him of all people. My mentor, the one I trusted the most." He bared his teeth in frustration - it was subdued, but one could only imagine what he'd been like when the pain was fresh. "I was manipulated. Lied to. Cheated. I should have known, but damn it, I thought at least it'd be worth it!"

"I'm an idiot."
>> No. 40713565
File 141810122165.jpg - (150.07KB , 1440x900 , purdiddilittityurpble.jpg )
She releases him, taking a small step back.
"Speaking that way will do you no good. I believe you may still be able to salvage this, somehow." She takes a moment to think before shaking her head. "Though I also believe right now you should focus on healing as much as you can."
>> No. 40713567
File 141810153268.jpg - (203.85KB , 1366x768 , Danger.jpg )
"...If I die of my wounds, there's no point in waiting," he points out solemnly. "And the only person I know that might be able to help with that disappeared years ago."
>> No. 40713571
File 141810189095.png - (15.10KB , 439x838 , 74.png )
"You do realize who you are speaking to, yes? 'Disappeared years ago' sounds like a challenge to me."
>> No. 40714191
File 141816985339.jpg - (810.32KB , 1920x1080 , bloodied2.jpg )
The blind stallion hesitates briefly, once more attempting to piece together what tiny pieces of information he had been given. His ears perk somewhat in realization, but he seems at least somewhat skeptic, and for good reason. The "easy way out" has never been what it seemed in his lifetime. "Remember the plagues Sylvester set on Canterlot? A mare named Jane was there with us, when the fighting was fresh. But in the middle of a locust swarm, she disappeared. If we can find her around that time, we should complete that temporal loop - the only problem is that I think that whole situation back then's a set point in time, or at least has some kind of protection on it. Otherwise, someone would have messed with it by now."

"Not to doubt you abilities, but if you're going for that, then it could be more difficult than you think." After a moment, he added, with a shrug, "Or I could be wrong, and the worst of your problems will just be locusts. I've never been very knowledgeable on this sort of thing."
>> No. 40714195
File 141817134655.png - (69.07KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
The room shifts in dynamic as an unusual sense of determination filled the air. If there were a soundtrack, a marching snare would be beating at an andante moderato tempo accompanied by staccato brass. The mare herself perks up, confidence seeming to appear in her eye at the possibility of another trip before... Well, never mind that. She still lacked a smile, but was probably close to it.
"I may be a bit out of practice, but I am sure I can pilot well enough to land us at the right place and right time. That us, assuming you recall the exact date and time she vanished."
>> No. 40714201
File 141817224347.png - (133.61KB , 310x319 , bring it on home.png )
"It's been years...But I think it was the weekend of...August 2nd, 2013. Right after the end of July. That's when this whole mess started."

He was either bluffing or had a respectable sense of memory.
>> No. 40714205
File 141817270097.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
Azuli nods slightly. "I see. And your confidence in this date is...?"
>> No. 40714211
File 141817303015.jpg - (224.22KB , 1920x1200 , never.jpg )
He hesitated for a few seconds, but it seemed to be a hesitation of guilt, rather than uncertainty of the information he was providing. Finally, he answered, with a dejected sigh. "She...meant a lot to me, even back then. And that was the day Sylvester..."

He trailed off, shaking again as he bore his teeth at the memory. "I should have protected her, but I wasn't able to. I never forgot that."
>> No. 40714222
File 141817357212.png - (69.07KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
"If the events you mention are correct, then maybe you did protect her. As of right now, our next mission, aside from getting you into halfway decent health, is to find her."
>> No. 40714228
File 141817391910.jpg - (1.88MB , 1920x1080 , lolly.jpg )
"When I say 'her,' I mean The Professor. Not Jane. Jane was my friend, but...Well, I guess you could say I didn't feel that same sense of protection for her. Maybe because she could protect herself, and remarkably well at that. Not exactly a super like I used to be, but more than capable."

"Still, you have a point. Jane's the last one I know of that I feel would be able and willing to help us with this predicament of ours."
>> No. 40714232
File 141817414186.jpg - (25.87KB , 638x360 , damn son whered you find this dank i literally slept for years.jpg )
"Then find her, we will." She takes a moment to pace around the room.
"Though I believe it may be a little time. You need to rest. At least until you can walk on your own."
>> No. 40714238
File 141817450593.jpg - (193.56KB , 900x1277 , blind samurai.jpg )
"I'm not sure if she'd be willing to trust someone she doesn't know, so I'll have to be present either way. But what should I do until then?" He splayed his forelegs to either side, looking quite helpless, with his comparatively fresh scar, bandages, and general weakness. He was surely aware of all of these, as he gave another frown of indignity. "The whole point of this is the fact that we don't know how much time I have left. Could be minutes. Death, in my experience, is a sudden sort of event."
>> No. 40714246
File 141817469278.jpg - (79.73KB , 1024x576 , oh man i found a penny.jpg )
"You did not seem to stand very well a few moments ago. Would you want to try again?" Azuli steps over to the side of his bed again.
>> No. 40714250
File 141817490511.jpg - (291.67KB , 2448x2596 , contemplative copy.jpg )
"Are you telling me in all your race's history, they developed time and travel, medicine, surgical tools, and weaponry, but you guys never came up with the idea of a wheelchair?"
>> No. 40714259
File 141817530902.jpg - (37.15KB , 400x400 , end of evangelion.jpg )
"Is it wrong that I do not currently possess one?"
She pauses for a few moments.
"I... Will go check. And if not, I could make a stop somewhere."
Good thing he's currently not able to see. Otherwise he'd see one slightly embarrassed mare.
>> No. 40714265
File 141817552773.jpg - (432.76KB , 1920x1080 , Starry Night.jpg )

"...Hey, uh...while you're here, though...You should know, I don't want you to over stress yourself for my sake. All of the favors you've done me so far, it''s more than a little bit appreciated. It's not often I meet someone like you."
>> No. 40714271
File 141817575085.jpg - (25.87KB , 638x360 , damn son whered you find this dank i literally slept for years.jpg )
"If you were to witness another in the same scenario, I am sure you would do what I did. Think nothing of it." She takes a few steps towards the door, before turning back to him. "Is there anything else you would need before I go?"
>> No. 40714275
File 141817596632.jpg - (1.44MB , 1920x1080 , bloodied.jpg )
"...Well, if I was certain I'd live through this long enough, I'd love the time to converse with you at length. I've been meaning to catch up for a while now." He smiled sadly. "But for now, it doesn't look like we have time. I'll be fine here. I hope."
>> No. 40714281
File 141817636263.jpg - (38.15KB , 440x330 , filenames are for nerds.jpg )
"A full conversation. I will hold you to it. You are not allowed to die yet." She smiles slightly, before stepping out of the room.
>> No. 40714290
File 141817690001.jpg - (329.58KB , 1600x900 , surrounded.jpg )
"...Would that I had a choice," he replied solemnly, several seconds after she had vacated the room...
>> No. 40714305
File 141817785487.jpg - (54.98KB , 600x338 , old motherfucker.jpg )
Approximately one nonspecific unit of time had passed since Azuli had left the room. It was long enough for him to get some sleep, though not long enough to get too much else done.
Regardless, the door opens with a near-silent woosh, and a slight rattle is heard as the mare wheels in a chair. It wasn't in the best condition, though it would work for the time being.
>> No. 40714349
File 141818037474.jpg - (161.69KB , 1280x720 , legend.jpg )
He had slept long enough, and, though he would never admit it, he feared the notion of falling back into the torturous hold of sleep. He knew not whether he would be able to escape it this time, if he did allow whatever fatigue he felt to stand against his will. He had instead spent his time pondering, remembering, piecing together the fragmented puzzle of his own mind. It was slow work, but he found it somehow comforting. He felt as though it were his way of finding himself. He had never had a sense of "self," only duty or debt to the whims of others...

But then Azuli was back, and his thoughts turned to the present. He could not gauge the quality of the chair by looks alone, only hope it would be enough. "Ready?" he asked as he finally settled into his hopefully temporary method of locomotion, his mind racing...
>> No. 40714390
File 141818297604.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
"Yes, I believe so." She moves the chair next to the bed, and offers a hoof to the handicapped stallion.
"I take it you are, as well."
>> No. 40714398
File 141818354963.jpg - (66.87KB , 605x315 , internal.jpg )
"More or less. Some bug spray might help." Had someone told him two years ago he would soon be both blind and confined to a wheel chair, he would have laughed in their faces. Now...well, he was as receptive to the idea as ever, but he was in no position to do much about it. "You lead. I'll follow your hoofsteps," he stated as he started to get used to the 'vehicle,' testing its wheels gingerly.
>> No. 40714404
File 141818378936.png - (69.07KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
The wheelchair controlled much better than it sounded. It wasn't the smoothest ride he's ever had, but there is certainly much worse that could be done.
"Confident in your steering already, are you? Very well." She makes her way to the door, stepping into the hallway.
"As for bug spray, I do not know how much that could help, given our destination. I was thinking more along the lines of hairspray and a lighter."
>> No. 40714418
File 141818444800.jpg - (199.42KB , 1920x1200 , i got this.jpg )
I mean, I'm already suffering stab wounds, totally blind, just recovered from a coma and still stuck in a wheel chair, why not add some chemical burns to the mix? He was getting better at controlling that mouth of his. "I'd feel a lot better if you were using something a little more, er...Refined? Back then, we just loaded up with protective clothing. Heavy jackets, gauze, gloves and goggles seemed to be enough, though I'll admit it felt a little weird."
>> No. 40714420
File 141818473021.jpg - (116.06KB , 944x531 , TARDIS interior.jpg )
"I was not entirely serious. I have some outfits ready for us when the time comes."
She continues walking down the hallway, eventually stepping into the main control room. Somehow, she managed to get it back to a previous version.
"Be careful not to run into anything. This room is not exactly as... Clean as it used to be."
The smell of cigarette smoke started to linger in the air once more. Seemed to be the general smell of the control area. Littered around, lining the walkways were various books, magazines, toolboxes, empty cartons... You name it, and it was probably somewhere in the piles. At least the paths were wide enough for a wheelchair. Corners are a bit of a pain to navigate, though.
"My apologies for not cleaning up a bit beforehand. I did not expect guests."
>> No. 40714436
File 141818541361.gif - (0.97MB , 500x256 , good luck.gif )
"It's no trouble," commented he, presently barreling over and crushing a handful of cardboard boxes with all the casually destructive nature of a tank. "Forgot you smoked. that a new thing?"
>> No. 40714443
File 141818581020.jpg - (73.79KB , 800x533 , TARDIS Console.jpg )
"Old habit. Stopped around my second body. As of late, I have had enough stressful events to warrant its return. Though I suppose I should not complain to you."
She shakes her head, getting over to the console and wiping a bit of dust from the throttle.
"August 2nd, 2013. Canterlot, of course. And the time...?"
She twists a few knobs and flicks some switches on the console, stepping around as needed.
>> No. 40714454
File 141818644100.jpg - (203.85KB , 1366x768 , Danger.jpg )
"Now, that's a little more difficult. My best guess would be sometime in the afternoon. I didn't take the time to look at a clock in the middle of what eventually turned into a war, and the swarms made it hard to see if the sun was still up. We might just have to start from the beginning. Watch for figures exiting the building. The swarm will make it a lot harder to notice us, so time paradox shouldn't be too hard to avoid."
>> No. 40714460
File 141818677784.jpg - (47.28KB , 532x800 , TARDIS Console tall.jpg )
"I will bring us in around noon or so, across from the bar itself. Should be some decent cover there. Does this sound alright?"
She takes a moment to adjust some settings on the main boards.
>> No. 40714467
File 141818720101.jpg - (298.96KB , 3264x2448 , irked copy.jpg )
"We left from the back entrance. Set us down on the roof." Then, he seems to come to a realization, shaking his head and grunting in frustration. "Billions of the loudest insects on the planet all around us. I'll be lucky if I can hear myself think. Any ideas?"
>> No. 40714472
File 141818741564.jpg - (24.94KB , 620x348 , i think this is from metro.jpg )
"Already taken care of. The protective suits have Audio input and output. We will hear each other perfectly fine. Assuming they still work. You also may want to hold on to a railing of some kind."
>> No. 40714476
File 141818774019.jpg - (408.22KB , 1645x1210 , terminal.jpg )
"That's all well and good for talking to you and keeping up with where you are, but we're not exactly playing a crane game. Jane's might not come quietly even if I'm down there. I use my ears to get around, and since those will at the very least be handicapped..." He shrugged. "Suppose we'll have to figure that out when we get there..."
>> No. 40714494
File 141818847625.jpg - (115.07KB , 944x531 , TARDIS interior in flight.jpg )
"If you were offered a quick way out of a cloud of locusts, I believe you would take it without thinking too hard. Regardless..."
Azuli flips the throttle all the way up, causing the entirety of the TARDIS to shake violently for a few moments. The magnificent pillar in the center churned to life, grinding vertically until it manages to move freely enough to not sound like it was about to fall apart. (Even though that could very well be an option at this point.) At any rate, as the mechanism roars to life, a low, resounding hum is heard in the distance. Deep strings and low brass drone along with various percussion hits. What starts as random noise eventually becomes a coherent triplet-feel pounding to the beat of the central beacon.
The room itself is flooded in a majestic cyan hue, though 50% of the current passengers are unable to experience it. Moments later, the music begins growing louder, with higher winds and strings pecking into the drums' rhythm in an almost unsettling, mechanical way. The crescendo continues to a nearly painful dynamic, until one final note is struck. At that exact moment, the lights return to normal, and the orchestra ceases to exist. All that's left is a sudden thump of the TARDIS locking into it's current location.
"Hmm. Interesting."
>> No. 40714506
File 141818892015.jpg - (735.14KB , 1280x720 , falling.jpg )
"Oooh. The music's a nice touch. All I ever got was guitars." Precisely what he was talking about was uncertain, and asking him was suddenly quite difficult, as his previous concerns had completely distracted the unsuspecting stallion, leading him to completely forget Azuli's advice to hold onto something. As a result, no sooner than he had finished his sentence did the impact of landing jar him backwards, sending him rolling back towards a nearby pillar, much to his dismay.

"I'm gonna be sick," he murmured dizzily after his brief bout with physics came to a close, leaving him still seated, but understandably disoriented.
>> No. 40714508
File 141818908334.png - (69.07KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
"There is a reason they tell you to keep all hooves inside the vehicle at all times, you know. So things like this do not happen. Also, we are here."
She quickly steps over to him, helping the stallion into the wheelchair. "Should we get suited up, or should we wait until after the target is outside? I do not recall being at this event."
>> No. 40714857
File 141825063163.jpg - (852.00KB , 2300x1639 , ikari.jpg )
"I think we should be ready to face the worst of the swarm before we do this. I wouldn't mind a weapon if I didn't think I'd cause more harm than help. No, I think our best bet is giving me a see-through faceplate so she'll recognize me, and trying to see if we can't catch her away from the others." It'd been a very, very long time since he'd seen any "action." He wasn't sure if he missed it or not, but he was all too aware of the effects of his myriad handicaps on how it had to be executed.
>> No. 40716465
Make your posts as needed. I will be free on Sunday.
>> No. 40716528
File 141842590354.jpg - (678.05KB , 1600x1067 , implying humanoids.jpg )
Azuli nods, before pulling out two hazmat-esque suits from a nearby storage container. That is, after she moves a few dusty books. "I believe these should be adequate. There is one in blue, and one in orange. I believe the orange one would fit you a bit better." She places the suit face-up on his lap. "Do you think you can dress yourself?"
>> No. 40716768
File 141843456664.gif - (2.80MB , 429x229 , shido.gif )
"What makes you say that?" he asks - in regard to the first question, of course. He always thought of himself as more of a blue-ish kinda guy, though, he had to admit, maybe he was a touch biased. In response to the second question, however, he simply gave a shrug, setting about it with some moderate difficulty, but a drive to match. Putting a bulky suit on wasn't precisely how many doctors would have suggested his time be spent, but then, he didn't have any doctors lying around. His only trouble seemed to be making sure everything was secure when everything was zipped up and placed in the right spot. He'd had to dress himself plenty before, but he had to admit, puzzling over something like this was just a tad difficult.
>> No. 40717379
File 141850002480.gif - (689.63KB , 500x341 , pluggitysoot.gif )
"Because you are currently bound to a wheelchair. Unless you meant why that suit. That is mostly because the blue one would be too small for you, and was actually made for me." She replies, slipping into her own suit. "Sorry if yours is not of perfect fit. You should be able to press a button near the wrist to have it fit better, making movement a bit easier." She says as she does, pressing a small button. The suit makes a borderline copyright-infringing hiss, fitting itself to the mare's shape snugly.

With the exceptions of a few joint guards, the suits were not too awkward to wear, and moving felt somewhat natural. "Are you ready?"
>> No. 40717451
File 141850589755.jpg - (38.08KB , 423x680 , THERE'S A LOT OF PRESSURE ON MY TORSO.jpg )
"The wonders of technology," he muttered, searching for the magical vacuum button. The sound of a confused and startled hurk tells her he managed to find it, but the suit seems just a mite small. Oh, well. No real difference, it seems, once he gets used to breathing with some extra rib pressure. And any bleeding he might have to deal with would at least have some solid pressure to keep him more or less in one piece. The helmet came last. Its bulk stifled his hearing noticeably, and the feeling was rather similar to having to put on a slightly loose blindfold. "As ever..."
>> No. 40717468
File 141850666595.jpg - (17.56KB , 720x480 , ey b0ss.jpg )
"Er..." Azuli quickly slips on her helmet. A few moments later, Sammy hears a strange crackle of electricity. "HellKZZTisKZZThereKZZTme? KZZTI thinkKZZTrawKZZTannel. HoldKZZTn."
KZZZZZZZZZT-click! The static cuts out, leaving a relatively decent audio stream between the two clients.
"There, I believe this is the correct channel. Now then, can you hear me? Your suit looks a little tight. You can adjust it by twisting the right wrist, if you like."
>> No. 40717474
File 141850713637.gif - (485.31KB , 500x282 , lets finish it.gif )
"I gotta get me one'a these," he intoned blithely, adjusting his suit to optimize the pressure. "Only thing missing is a couple of spare legs." He hadn't realized it in the rush of things, but he was already feeling fairly exhausted. This, however, he did not bring up to Azuli - not just yet, at least. He'd be alright, at least until they could get Jane on the ship. So he powered on through, slowly rolling his way over to the door.
>> No. 40717483
File 141850762493.jpg - (678.05KB , 1600x1067 , implying humanoids.jpg )
"Alright. If and when we survive this, you may keep the suit." She forces a slight smile, though it fades quickly as she steps over to the door, placing a hoof on it. "Anything else I should be looking for, specifically?"
>> No. 40717509
File 141850902029.jpg - (161.69KB , 1280x720 , legend.jpg )
"Aha, I'll hold you to that, 'zuli." The 'if' stuck in his mind like a particularly noisy fly. There was no guarantee of his survival whatsoever just yet. He couldn't even say he felt fine. His body had long since decided he had plenty of endorphins and the like keeping his body in check. Not that he could complain, really - he was already feeling lightheaded as it was. "Nothing jumps to mind. Pale yellowish mare, brown mane, pegasus, some more or less fresh gunshot wounds, and a visible attitude."
>> No. 40717987
File 141854389358.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
"Yellow pegasus, brown mane. Got it." Azuli takes a breath, sliding the door open, and stepping out.
>> No. 40718072
File 141857063633.jpg - (121.52KB , 1024x683 , swarm.jpg )
A wave of noise crashes over you, the beating of a billion chitinous wings in unison exploding in unison into a cacophony of biblical proportions. Around the TARDIS, there is a kind of "buffer" without the tiny beasts' presence just yet, but no further than the neighboring street, a swarm of bugs with volume to envelope ten stallions whole menaces a police cruiser, two ponies in uniform gazing, awestruck outside their windows. Sirens and screams and shouts blare in the distance, adding to the chaotic, infinitesimal drone, and betwixt a distant stretch of buildings, one could swear they saw a controlled burst of flame now and again...and some not so controlled.

Sammy's helmet was doing its job, but it wasn't the volume of Canterlot's despair that forced his hoof to clutch frustratedly at his helmet, but the sheer frequency of the thing. Much like the sensation of a bright, repetitive strobelight, the continuous bombardment of sound from so many places in such close proximity had effectively re-blinded the stallion.

"Alright...I can hazard a guess we're where we need to be. But where are we in relation to the bar?"
>> No. 40718125
File 141857409301.jpg - (155.87KB , 527x744 , Kusanagi_Motoko_full_785285.jpg )
If there was any one thing Jane Searchlight hated more than swarms of crazed, flesh-eating insects, it would have to be loud swarms of crazed, flesh-eating insects.
The mare leans against a wall in the old bank she was using as shelter, debating her options.
With nothing in the way of protective gear, she probably wouldn't make it far before she was overwhelmed by hungry bugs.
She glances around the bank's interior for anything useful. The flag hanging on the wall was big enough to cover her body, so it would make for passable protection, as long as she was outside only as long as necessary to move from building to building.
She tears the flag down. To hell with patriotism. Survival first.
Fashioning the the fabric into a jauntily colorful cloak, she wraps it as tightly as possible around herself, vaguely aware of how ridiculous it looks but resolutely not caring.
It's only a stupid plan if you die. If you live, it's brilliant.
She grits her teeth, steeling herself, and quickly dashes out into the swarm.
>> No. 40718146
File 141857658356.jpg - (17.56KB , 720x480 , ey b0ss.jpg )
"Currently, we are in the alley to the side of the bar itself. A quick run should be easy enough, given your current condition. However, I may have to ask you to somehow hold her while I guide us through the storm. I also believe- OH! I do also believe I see our target. Approximately 100 yards ahead, leaving the bank, wearing a flag veil."
She points towards the walking flag, before quickly turning to Sammy.
"Yellow mare, brown mane. I cannot tell if that is a pegasus, though I believe the odds are better than none."
>> No. 40718180
File 141857840469.jpg - (193.87KB , 419x610 , against all odds.jpg )
"A flag veil?" He shook his head, the armor exaggerating his motions. [i]"Gotta admire her improv skills...How do we get to her? A hundred yards may not sound like much, but to me, it's like a football field."
Sammy was apparently not a huge fan of football.
>> No. 40718192
The flag-bedecked mare begins walking briskly from the shelter of the bank, favoring her right foreleg slightly but not letting the limp slow her pace. Within moments the swarm is upon her, buffeting her like a particularly insistent storm. She hunches her shoulders, ducks her head, and screws her eyes shut, pressing on as if she weren't coated in angry locusts.
The problem with shutting your eyes, though, is that it hampers your navigation somewhat. Unwittingly, the mare continues her brisk pace... in the complete opposite direction of the bar. Whoops.
>> No. 40718465
File 141860246389.jpg - (54.98KB , 600x338 , old motherfucker.jpg )
"Well, considering 100 yards is approximately a football field, then it makes sense. I can push you, though once we are with her, you will have to take over."
Azuli returns her line of sight back towards the presumed pegasus.
"Oh for... Hold on!" she says, quickly taking control of the wheelchair and making a line towards the flagged pony's last location.
>> No. 40719401
File 141869734012.gif - (0.97MB , 480x270 , FUUUUUUUCK.gif )
"Wait, why are weaaaaahhh?!" Off he went, hurtling through a street swarming with locusts. "...Don't you think there's a better way to do this?" he asked, somewhat breathless, once he'd regained his bearings. More or less.

Ah, but now the dull, rapid clank-clank-clank of an old wheelchair begins to get louder and louder. Perhaps a helpless elder or cripple, perhaps Doctor Peace, trying to ram you, or perhaps a time lord and a wounded, lost soul attempting perhaps the strangest rescue mission of the year.
>> No. 40721599
Given the amount of noise created by the swarm, Jane doesn't notice the approaching pair until they are almost on top of her. Her first instinct is to shoot now, ask questions never, and even though some small part of her brain registers this as a bad idea, she reaches for her gun on pure reflex.
Gun in hoof, she spins to face them- and puts too much of her weight on her injured foreleg. She stumbles, flails in an attempt to right herself, and loses her gun in the process.
"Son of a-" she begins, but is instantly cut off as an enterprising locust took the opportunity to fly straight into her newly opened mouth.
On reflex she bites down, killing the thing and spitting out ichor and bits of bug.
What a sight she must make, wearing a flag, coated in insects, wobbling drunkenly on her injured leg, and spitting out insect pieces. She was vaguely glad no one was around to see it... other than the orange and blue spacemen.
"Stay back," she yells over the noise, one hoof covering her mouth to prevent more intrepid locusts from flying in. "I'm armed, and I'll shoot if you come any closer."
She desperately hoped the pair hadn't seen her drop her gun, or else her bluff would be obvious.
>> No. 40721609
File 141892365892.jpg - (564.76KB , 1920x1080 , dark swordsman.jpg )
If he could see or properly hear the state she was in, Sammy might have pitied her on some level, averse as he was to the very concept of pity. As it was, he could understand that he wasn't moving any longer, so they must either have something in the way, or they were there. Azuli hadn't said there would be any problems, so he had to make an assumption, briefly switching off his radio as he tries to make himself heard over the din.
"Jane!" he calls first, trying not to move around too much, "Jane, it's me, Bishop! I don't know if you can actually hear this, but we have to go, now!" Even as he spoke, he felt the words were somehow stunted. Then again, the hole situation felt alien. His near-total sensory detachment from the one he was actually trying to communicate with was playing havoc with his already compromised sense of awareness.
>> No. 40721621
Jane squints through the swarm, but can't see enough detail to be sure if he's telling the truth.
A dozen different scenarios flash through her mind, but none of them add up. But she could worry about little details later, after she escaped the locusts.
"I don't believe you," she shouts back, "But if you can lead me out of here than do it. Just keep in mind that I'm armed, and I won't hesitate to kill you if you try anything funny. If this is some kind of trap, I'll make sure you die with me."
She casts a quick glance around for her gun, and spots it a few paces to one side. She couldn't go for it while they could see her, in case they themselves were armed. She couldn't see well through the press of the bugs, but it was better to be safe than sorry.
"You go first, I'll follow you."
>> No. 40724057
File 141911354440.jpg - (678.05KB , 1600x1067 , implying humanoids.jpg )
Azuli seemed a little distracted for the moment, swiping at flying critters until she heard a cue to go.
"Right, follow close, and try not to get too many locusts on yourself!"
She calls out, before quickly shifting gears and starting back towards the run-down bar. As she approaches, she veers off to the side alley, and quickly slips into her TARDIS.
"In here, quickly!"
>> No. 40725960
File 141926476781.png - (1.03MB , 1920x1080 , Iiiiim not feelin too hot.png )
He felt himself moving again, but could not afford to make assumptions. He switched on his vocoder once more, a gentle chattering of static filling his ears - though by now, he could scarcely tell the difference. "Azuli, keep me posted - what's happening? I'm actually more blind than a bat here."
>> No. 40726074
File 141927078862.png - (342.95KB , 450x300 , Kusanagi_Motoko_by_manaita.png )
Jane follows the pair as swiftly as she can, ignoring the twinging in her foreleg. She pauses briefly to scoop up her gun, then resumes her pace, nearly losing sight of them as they turn down the alley. She hesitates briefly. If this was a trap, the alley would be the most likely place to spring it.
Screw it, if it gets me out of the swarm I'll take it.
She darts into the alley, shucking off her makeshift poncho and any locusts still clinging to it, and makes it through the doorway relatively passenger-free.
As soon as she enters, her eyes quickly take in the interior, noting down details such as possible escape routes and where any gunman could possibly be concealed.
Jane clicks the safety off of her gun, and raises it to a ready position- not actively aiming at either of them, but making a show of her willingness to put lead in them at a moment's notice.
"Story time," she says, her voice pitched louder than necessary to compensate for the swarm they were no longer standing in. She clears her throat and begins again at a normal volume.
"You're not Bishop. Last time I saw Bishop he was a cat. And for the record I saw him less than an hour ago."
>> No. 40726559
File 141928959816.jpg - (299.40KB , 1024x576 , papercuts inbound.jpg )
"Well, currently, We are back in the TARDIS, and..."
Azuli quickly takes a few steps back, slamming the door shut behind Jane. As much as she tried to avoid it, a few bugs managed to get in, and were flying around the not-so-large room. "That makes three. All aboard, and please keep all limbs inside the vehicle at all times. You may want to hold onto something, as well," she states, before dashing over to the console to smack a button. Almost instantly, a decent upward draft could be felt. Any loose papers nearby were instantly thrown into the air, haphazardly fluttering about. About 5 seconds pass, before what was previously a small gust of air became a damned hurricane. At this point, anything not immediately held down by either metal bolts or manually holding onto a railing would be dragged upward. Books, empty boxes, papers, and just about anything else that wasn't a natural part of the TARDIS structure was lifted high into the air, ascending into the infinite darkness above. Luckily, ponies are a bit heavier than books, so even a half-decent grip on a railing would keep them down. No worries about anyone flying away into the void.
A few seconds after the last papers vanish, the airflow cuts off, and gravity takes over. Azuli removes her helmet, shaking her head to 'fix' her mane.
>> No. 40726642
File 141929164035.jpg - (60.76KB , 1024x640 , Major_Motoko_Kusanagi_WS_WP2_by_seniortwinkie.jpg )
Jane watches her bustle about, tracking her movements warily. As the more mobile of the two, she was probably the most threatening... unless the wheelchair-bound guy was faking it. Either way, it pays to be careful.
She remains silent, waiting for someone to either start shooting if it was a trap, or explain the situation if it wasn't.
>> No. 40726822
File 141929840645.jpg - (126.50KB , 767x1024 , bled dry.jpg )
If he wasn't so disoriented, Sammy might have sworn he was having an honest to God heart attack right about now, despite the relatively low amount of physical action he'd actually performed. Locked up tight in a pressurized suit, totally blind, still recovering from the din of a billion angry insects laying waste to his entire town...It was all too late that he realized he was not as used to this as he had been. Even now he seemed less interested in answering Jane's myriad questions, and far more passionately wrestling against his helmet to remove it as quickly as possible, that he might breathe freely again.

When the accursed apparatus finally pops free, his long mane and bandages exposed again, he takes several deep breaths, seemingly winded. "...Just...agh...just gimme a second here, guys...I-I ain't feelin' so hot...Not as...young as I used to be."
>> No. 40726834
File 141929915774.png - (69.07KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
"I will be sure to disregard that age statement." After a quick glance around at the now-cleaned walkways, Azuli turns her attention to Jane.
"Now then. I do not believe we have been introduced. I am a ridiculous, time-travelling old mare wearing a pathetic excuse for a suit, and this is our half dead, as-for-now-wheelchair-bound, allegedly mutual friend. Any questions thus far?" She spoke rather quickly, as if she had a sudden adrenaline rush for the first time in years.
>> No. 40726855
File 141930018092.jpg - (609.77KB , 1920x1200 , Ghost-In-The-Shell-Motoko-Kusanagi-Download-Wallpaper.jpg )
Jane takes a minute to fully scrutinize the wheelchair-bound colt's features. His coloring did match Bishop's, at least before he was turned into a cat by some unexplained event. But she couldn't figure how he had turned back to normal and been beaten so thoroughly as to put him in a wheelchair, all in the space of the hour it had been since she'd seen him.
Then, she did something that would likely offend him, if it actually was Bishop; she completely removed him from the list of things she considered threatening.
She turns her attention to the other mare, her stance relaxing visibly.
"Your explanation was pretty thorough," she replies with a hefty helping of sarcasm. "But forgive me if it's not sinking in. I'll keep my questions simple; who are you, what do you want with me, and why should I trust you?"
>> No. 40728801
File 141948614852.jpg - (319.58KB , 3264x2448 , Photo Mar 10, 11 48 45 AM.jpg )
"...Jane, this is Azuli," he interjected, rubbing at the wound in his chest fitfully, before beginning to pry off the rest of the armor, somewhat more composedly. "She's...well, I guess you could say she's my best friend, especially right about now. What you're standing in right now is like a building that time travels. So there's our answer as to why I'm not like what you remember - future me." He gestured weakly to himself. "...I'm hurt. Badly. And...special...circumstances," he began, not really wanting to relive what he'd been through in the last several months, "Made it impossible for us to seek help in the present." When he pulled the boots off, setting them atop the little folded pile of armor and fabric he'd set up, he fell back into his chair again, seemingly winded just from this simple task. It was no surprise. In the light, one could see how pale he was, the subtle quiver to his lips and flesh, and more than a few other symptoms of an extreme loss of blood. Not the least of which was the bandaged portion of his chest, which had been clean and white only moments before he readied up, but now seemed to be developing a dark red blotch.

...He doesn't notice...

"I just...need you to tell me how long I've got. If there's anything I can do..."
>> No. 40728878
File 141948998231.jpg - (15.66KB , 640x360 , Major.jpg )
Jane's eyes lock onto the swiftly darkening fabric. She starts forward, movements precise. "Don't panic, I'm going to touch you," she tells him in a calm tone. "You're bleeding, I'm going to apply pressure to try and stop it."
She stops to scoop up the neatly folded suit he'd just discarded, pressing the fabric firmly against his chest with one hoof and bracing the chair with the other to prevent him from rolling away.
She glances up at Azuli. "If you happen to know a good surgeon, I suggest you get them. Like, yesterday. Otherwise he's not going to last long."
>> No. 40730309
File 141965011326.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
"You see, this is why you people need to tell me what to be prepared for in advance." She sighs, shaking her head. "I... Do not know of one off the top of my head. Though perhaps you could suggest one? Anywhere in time and space, with money being no object."
>> No. 40733331
File 141989638266.jpg - (287.41KB , 2334x2585 , beg yer pardon copy.jpg )
A very long and pregnant pause followed, before Sammy spoke up, seemingly a bit confused, despite his prior knowledge of his own condition. "Why don't we just find a regular doctor? They're not really that hard to find in space and time."
>> No. 40736574
File 142015432954.jpg - (80.56KB , 800x533 , TARDIS Console.jpg )
"Er, I suppose you are correct. Good point." Azuli quickly slips over to the console, doing her usual array of flipping dials and pulling knobs. Or something along those lines, at least.
"One nonspecific hospital with surgery, coming up."
>> No. 40737322
File 142019441709.jpg - (60.76KB , 1024x640 , Major_Motoko_Kusanagi_WS_WP2_by_seniortwinkie.jpg )
"I was under the impression there are relatively few that you two can trust. If you could just waltz into any old hospital, why waste time looking for me?"
A fleeting thought of relaxing the the pressure on the blind colt's chest enters her mind. She wouldn't even have to actually kill him. Just sit back and let his own body betray him.
She shakes her head vigorously, attempting to banish those thoughts. She maintains the pressure, as if in defiance of herself.
"Honestly, I don't know why you needed me in the first place. If you are who you claim to be, you'd know I'm more likely to kill you than save you."
>> No. 40738094
File 142025252583.jpg - (1.05MB , 1920x1080 , manslayer.jpg )
"The circumstances just changed," he grunted in frustration, 'staring' distastefully at a small smear of blood he'd managed to get on his hoof. "I thought you'd know what to do, and you were about the last person I could trust with this. But I thing my time just got a whole lot shorter. Our options"

"That being said," he continued upon catching his breath, "It would have been nice to know beforehand that he'd never shown you how to do this." He sighed deeply, murmuring more to himself now:
"blowhard, you fucking dumbass..."

Last edited at Fri, Jan 2nd, 2015 19:39

>> No. 40738291
File 142026246021.jpg - (41.51KB , 704x396 , motoko-face-scarlett-johansson-s-really-set-to-star-in-ghost-in-the-shell.jpg )
Jane sneers at him, though he can't see it. "All of the shit you've seen me do, and you think I give a shit about saving lives? I don't fix people," she says, in complete contrast to her continued efforts (minimal though they are) to keep him alive.
"You don't forge a weapon to heal people."
>> No. 40738293
File 142026274644.jpg - (148.33KB , 1191x670 , Adventus.jpg )
"Is that all you are now?" he retorted, his delirium emboldening him. For a second, he sounded almost like his old self. "A weapon? His tool?" He spat that as though even saying the name were a disgusting curse, the venom of one truly scorned spilling from the syllable.
>> No. 40738323
File 142026833502.png - (271.64KB , 1280x793 , major_motoko_kusanagi_vector__daylight_version_by_xuuuxx-d581ihs.png )
She hesitates briefly, silently glad he can't see the uncertainty on her face. The realization that she's not doing the work she originally set out to do dawns on her. She's doing the exact opposite, almost. Don't give a shit about saving lives? That's what she'd signed on to do. His accusation of her being nothing but a tool on someone's belt hit a lot closer to home than she'd realized. Worse, she couldn't deny it. Not without lying, anyway.
"Yes," she replied after a moment. "I am what he made me. Nothing more."
>> No. 40738329
File 142026969975.jpg - (22.59KB , 540x304 , wake.jpg )
He'd been holding onto a revulsion of his old ways of thinking for months. When he spoke, he spoke just as much towards himself as he did to Jane, and though he knew it to be very much unlikely that they would hear, everyone he'd 'worked with' in the old team.
"Fuckin' figures. You go through all this trouble of learning, perfecting your technique, sharpening your skills and your senses until you can honestly be called a 'super.' You tell yourself it's not for you, it's for someone else, it's for justice, it's for the kids, it's for this goddamn town out in the middle of the fuckin' desert. But that ain't true. You're scared. You wanna mean something. You wanna be strong, big and tough and bad. And here's this old fuck with some guns in his attic telling you all you gotta do is listen to what he says." He chuckles mirthlessly, but his breathing grows more rapid and shallow. "So he takes you and fills your head with all these ideas of peace, love, harmony...with bullets. And that's all you know, isn't it? Sacrifices gotta be made. Sometimes you gotta cut away a little flesh to get rid of the cancer. And that's...that's totally fine. The best lies are the ones with a sprinkle of truth in'em. But what've you really done? Just gave up yourself. Traded your name for a gun and a reason to use it. And he's the fuckin' hero who saves everything but never has to give shit up for it. Yeah. Yeah, you're his tool alright."

He leans forward, but this only aggravates the wound. He pays it no mind, an black aggression summoned from the depths of his heart etched into every line of his face and syllable of his words.

"Until he throws you away."
>> No. 40738336
File 142027172945.png - (342.95KB , 450x300 , Kusanagi_Motoko_by_manaita.png )
Brief moment of uncertainty over, the only thing on her face or in her tone is coldness. She shoves him back, not roughly, but firmly enough to hold him in place.
"Sit still, or you'll be dead before we reach the hospital." Whether from blood loss or Jane's annoyance, she doesn't specify. Either is equally likely to end him, at this point.
"Some of us weren't in it for personal glory, y'know. What does it matter that only one man got credit for the great things we've accomplished over the years? The fact remains that the deeds were done. Some good was accomplished. Some evils were ended. That's enough."
She shakes her head, sighing. "Your jealousy is sickening. It's not enough for you to simply be a part of something great? You have to be the hero, the man everyone praises? Reality check, hero, the world is not about you."
>> No. 40738337
File 142027282048.jpg - (203.85KB , 1366x768 , Danger.jpg )
"It matters...because all that credit went to his head. That's the point I'm trying to make. This isn't about me. No one questions the 'Boss.' You get in his way, and he sends you to die. He distances you. Gets in your head. Makes it seem like...your only option."

He grunts in actual pain then, his feeling slowly returning to him, and with the worst possible timing. "...He sent me to Kabull again, to protect something that belonged to Sylvester. I was alone against that monster. He knew...he knew he'd find me...and I never stood a chance..." he went on, turning his head as though to look the other direction. He wasn't disagreeing with her words, far from it. He was no hero. No one who blindly served a cause without reason but to serve was even remotely heroic.

"And I was done for. Just a few seconds before they got there. Know what it's like? The one good thing you ever did for the world...all just because you were in the fuckin' way. It could have been avoided. But down went Bishy, six feet under while that fucking prick Dawn Breeze went to brag about it. But...I-I could forgive that. Even that, I can...kind of understand. At the time, I was glad to do it. Even knowing no one would give half a damn about me afterwards, in a way, I knew it was the best I was ever gonna be, in that life or this one."

He might not have even been aware of Jane by this point. It seemed almost like he was talking to himself now, as quiet and dejected as he sounded by now.

"...But I wanted to see her again. That was my last thought. I wanted to see her one more time, so badly that I went and...did something real fuckin' stupid to be allowed the chance..."
>> No. 40738338
Jane remained silent. She wasn't even sure who "her" was, that Bishop wanted to see so badly. But the wound that "she" had left was almost visible. You could almost see a knife, still protruding from that proverbial wound. A less charitable person might be tempted to give it a twist.
"Sucks you lost your eyes, then."
Grab, twist. Jane is not a charitable person.
>> No. 40738340
File 142027376717.jpg - (35.02KB , 400x400 , emotion.jpg )
He hadn't laughed at himself in a long time. Usually he was trying to protect himself from that sort of thing, but in that little quip, he could see a strangely amusing truth that forced an honest one from his lips. Even in the middle of his current situation. Oh, God, he thought, he was losing it. Again.

"Guess the Devil does have a sense of humor."
>> No. 40740935
File 142051105760.jpg - (54.98KB , 600x338 , old motherfucker.jpg )
Azuli claps her hooves together to gain the attention of the others.
"Now then, if you two are done, I believe we have a hospital to visit. Do not worry about which one, it is far enough to avoid any issues."
The mare quickly steps over to the door, opening it for the others.
>> No. 40743197
File 142069496405.jpg - (245.48KB , 1820x1024 , 4188-motoko4.jpg )
Jane grabs the colt's hooves and presses them against the suit on his chest.
"Keep pressure on it," she tells him simply, evidently deciding not to just let him die. At least, not with someone else in the room. She moves behind the chair and pushes the invalid towards out the door.
To her credit, she doesn't seem all that surprised by the fact that their location has changed, despite never having experienced flight in a TARDIS before.
"Lead the way," she says with a glance at their pilot.
>> No. 40743220
File 142070081868.jpg - (79.73KB , 1024x576 , oh man i found a penny.jpg )
"Right." Azuli takes lead, going fast enough to not lose the others. After the group leaves the phone booth, the door snaps shut to lock out anyone who wanted to actually make a phone call. Good think literally nobody has ever done such a thing! At any rate, the trio make their way into the nearest set of doors, which happens to be labeled as 'Emergency Room', glancing around for the nearest authoritative figure.
>> No. 40745198
File 142086649686.jpg - (126.50KB , 767x1024 , bled dry.jpg )
"...This is gonna suck."

So it was that the professionals quickly took him into their care. The process of ascertaining the extent of his wounds is slow - though they explain they can fix some of the damage, such as to stop the bleeding and stitch up the wound more tightly than the otherwise amateurish job Azuli had made use of in a time of need, a more long term state of being is as yet uncertain. The aggravation of his wounds had made things more difficult, and mandated an operation that he does not have the money for on hand...

As she explains this, the blond doctor looks pointedly at each of you, making her message clear. They can treat him more thoroughly, but it is costly, and time consuming.
>> No. 40745222
File 142086784309.jpg - (25.87KB , 638x360 , damn son whered you find this dank i literally slept for years.jpg )
Azuli doesn't hesitate to respond with, "Money is no problem, so please do not spare anything in his treatment." She shuffles towards the stallion. "He is a close friend of mine, and I believe he deserves the best you can offer."

While he couldn't see it, she had a stern look in her eyes that clearly wasn't playing around. Though she did show a bit of concern as well. "Time is no problem, either. Though I would like an estimate as soon as you know... If it is not a problem."
>> No. 40745320
File 142087177671.png - (547.35KB , 1024x576 , analyze.png )
"Yes, ma'am." Satisfied that there would be no deductions from her paycheck, the doctor and her companions wheel him off to the ER - you could swear he lifted his hoof towards you, just before the hallway door shut with a disturbing air of finality.

Time was elastic. He knew not how long he had been here, or whether he was “here” at all. He felt as though he’d been “here” all his life, perhaps even before he was born, and someone had only now cast aside the veil that rendered him unaware of it. Here he sat, a gentle, constant thrum spreading through him from everywhere and nowhere at once. He decided it was an engine - a TARDIS. Blank, empty. Nothing but the console lay in the room he rested in. Light was there - he could see again, see that he was not alone in this alien place. But speaking was hard. He couldn’t move his lips, no matter how badly he wanted to say something to the darkened figures, silhouettes cast by the blinding light of the engine.

He could only think, and find they understood, shaking their heads slowly.

Is it over?

No. You only just started.

I’m tired.

Then rest.

He won’t. He can’t. He can’t get it through his thick fuckin’ skull.

> The voices were familiar. But they were voices nonetheless, and he was sick of these. He cast them an angry glare.

I want to be alone.

Is that it, then? Do you want to be alone?

…No. But it’s enough to keep me alive.

Even though you’re deceiving yourself?
> A female.

If he wants us gone, then fine. Letting him suffer isn’t any skin off my nose.

Maybe I just want you gone!

And I don’t want to be here. But we’re stuck with me, ain’t we?

You deserve this, NOT ME!

You’re dangerous, kid. Broken so bad all the sharp parts are sticking out. You’re past saving, even if I wanted to.

If you will not believe that you can change yourself, you will be unable to continue.

I might as well, then. This world’s never been worth continuing for me. I kept going plenty of times. I’ve just dug myself a deeper hole.

That’s self deception.

I don’t care what you want to call it.

You’ve turned a blind eye to that you wish not to know.

> His cousin was innocent. Their blood was on his hands. Kabull, he was playing at the hero, and only did more damage, for all the knowledge he tried to apply. He deserved to die, but his selfishness kept him alive.

No, no, I don’t want to hear this, get out!

Don’t you see? You’re running from reality again. No one can justify life by linking their happiest moments into a kind of rosary. In particular, I cannot.

I can’t keep going if I don’t feel there’s going to be something that makes it all worth it…

You don’t get that promise. None of us do. If that’s what this is about, you should have never came here in the first place.

You…betrayed me. You betrayed my feelings.

You misunderstood from the very beginning. You believed what you wanted to believe. You can’t blame him for your delusions.

I can blame him for enabling them.

But what does it change, kid? You think you can just take it all back? Even if you could, what reason do I have to let you?

I thought you were a good person…

No. You wanted to think you were. You wanted to justify yourself.

But you’re here now. The greatest Time Lord there ever was cannot fix this easily. You need to accept there is no easy way, if there’s even a way at all.

What is it that you wish for?

I want to be happy.

You must make it so. Contentment is the ultimate - many have settled only for silence. You will bleed. You will suffer. It will burn worse than the fires of the Hell you are trying to escape.

Is it worth it?

Can you live with the price?

Wake up.
>> No. 40746992
File 142099344407.jpg - (609.77KB , 1920x1200 , Ghost-In-The-Shell-Motoko-Kusanagi-Download-Wallpaper.jpg )
I hate waiting.
Jane paces the waiting room, tapping out a slightly erratic rhythm with each limping step, her irritation visibly growing as the minutes tick by. After completing what feels like her hundredth circuit around the room, she slumps into a chair with a sigh, wishing idly that she had her gun. It probably would need a good cleaning, and the process would distract her from thinking about things too much.
Of course, hospitals tend to frown on bringing weapons on the premises, so she'd left hers in the TARDIS.
What am I even doing here?
She stands again, and resumes pacing, refusing to delve too deeply into her own motivations. After being confronted with her own hypocrisy so recently, she didn't dare.
A nagging feeling tugs at her thoughts, an insistent craving she hadn't had time to notice while she was busy; what she wouldn't give for a smoke, right about now. Too bad she doesn't have any on her. Doesn't have any money, either. Oh well.
I'll pick some up when I get back. If I get back.
She becomes suddenly aware of the clock on the wall, ticking out seconds entirely too slowly. Had she really only been pacing for a few minutes? It felt like hours.
"I can't take this," she mutters, half to herself and half to Azuli. "I'm going out for some fresh air."
>> No. 40749023
File 142112113333.jpg - (13.83KB , 490x279 , [installing mgs4].jpg )
Nearby, Azuli sits in waiting. She's a bit more relaxed in appearance, not moving much. Upon Jane's words, she nods and stands up next to her. "Understandable. You seem a bit on edge, dear." The green and blue mare reaches into her vest pocket, pulling out a small carton with a few cigarettes. "Shall we? I feel like getting up, anyway."
>> No. 40749262
Something happens to Jane's face right then. A strange expression, a crinkling around the eyes and a baring of teeth, it's almost fright- Oh, wait, she's smiling. Weird. Never expected that expression on her face.
"Don't suppose I could bum one of those off you," Jane says, falling into step beside Azuli. She doesn't say it, but one might suspect that she'd be grateful for the company as well as the cigarette.
>> No. 40749782
File 142119761521.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
Azuli shrugs, holding out the pack after slipping one out for herself. "Take as many as you like. I have neither the need, nor desire to save any. Besides, you look like you have a much more reasonable excuse for them more at the moment."
>> No. 40749905
Jane accepts a cigarette- just one; she's many unpleasant things, but greedy is hardly one of them- and barely waits until they exit the building before lighting it, ignoring the disapproving glares of the medical staff. She takes a long breath, relaxing visibly for the first time since leaving the locust-clouded city behind, and exhales the smoke slowly.
"Of all the ways I'm likely to wind up dead," she muses, mostly to herself, "This is probably the one that'll do it."
After a few moments of silence, she turns to her unlikely companion.
"So, what's your stake in all of this?"
>> No. 40755325
File 142161123144.png - (303.88KB , 470x546 , LIQUIIIIIIIIIID.png )
The second mare lights her own deathstick after Jane, nodding. She makes an answer, though not really an answer to the right statement. "It is only the simplest way to go, I suppose. Though at least you would be calm." She thinks a brief moment, looking around at the seemingly pleasant day outside. Warm weather, barely any clouds, and the sun was shining down covering the city with a brilliant light.
"Or, at least as calm as you can be while staring Death in the face."
Another quick pause.
"Suppose I am immune to that by this point."
>> No. 40755646
Jane watches Azuli, saying nothing. Perhaps she is waiting for her to elaborate further.
She shakes her had after a moment, simply enjoying the taste of nicotine and the temporary calm it afforded her racing mind.
She looks over at the other mare again, not sure how much to say.
In the end, she keeps her silence, allowing the moment to pass.
>> No. 40760139
File 142206127439.png - (434.60KB , 1000x1000 , eh.png )
Someone had ordered one lack of any further explanation, right? Because that's what was delivered straight to fuckall. The mares stand outside the hospital in silence, waiting. Azuli takes a moment to look up towards the sky. She'd never been one for good weather.
>> No. 40761341
It might have been an awkward silence, if either party bothered about filling the space with words. But neither of them seemed inclined to do so, and so the silence remained. An indeterminable time later, Jane grinds out the butt of her cigarette into the concrete, sighing.
"I guess we oughtta get back inside. In case something comes up."
Without waiting for the other mare's response, she retreats inside the hospital.
>> No. 40762172
File 142222320595.png - (267.83KB , 600x600 , contemplation.png )
"That would be a good idea, yes." Azuli follows Jane back into the hospital, almost expecting some form of news.
>> No. 40765344
File 142247635692.png - (122.87KB , 1073x1270 , 8.png )
It felt as though it had been weeks, waiting for them to explain the situation in full. Now as you step in through over the threshold, you catch sight of the doctor, a dark colored pegasus, wandering in to do just that. His face tells no happy tale - there is news to deliver, yes. But his expression is no more jovial than when he had first set sight on the battered stallion brought in a few hours ago. The pegasus clears his throat, glancing over the clipboard he'd brought with him, as though confirming, perhaps for the hundredth time, his information himself. As you draw near, he calls out to you in whatever name you have given them, and gestures for you to join him in a more secluded space of the waiting room, away from the prying eyes and ears of those here under slightly more pleasant circumstances. His voice is a practiced soft sotto voce as he outlines Damien's condition.

Grave damage has been inflicted on his heart and diaphragm, and one lung has been punctured. But beyond that, he is constantly bleeding internally of a large cluster of damaged blood vessels. An emergency transfusion and medication has given him time, and apparently dampened the effects he is suffering, such as delusion, labored breathing, and exhaustion...but there is very little they can do to save him outright. The doctor clears his throat again, nervously, as he goes on to explain that if he is kept in treatment, under supervision and with consistent transfusions and medication, he has, at their estimate, three or four months before succumbing to either heart failure, bleed out, or suffocation as his lung wound worsens.

If for any reason his treatment were to cease, he would most likely begin to suffer delusions within twenty four hours...and Damien Bishop would be dead in less than a week.
>> No. 40766028
File 142250566216.jpg - (155.87KB , 527x744 , Kusanagi_Motoko_full_785285.jpg )
Jane regards the doctor with a cool expression, little different than the passively indifferent look she is usually wearing. Her reaction to the news was significant only in that it seemed she didn't react at all. In fact, she almost seemed relieved, compared to her earlier jitters. It seems that she would have welcomed any outcome, so long as it meant an end to her idleness.
"Is he conscious, at least?" she asks, though her impatient tone suggests that the question isn't born out of concern.
>> No. 40767083
File 142258781384.png - (29.92KB , 309x494 , simple4.png )
Azuli shows a hint of worry on her face, though she doesn't seem to have anything to add to the conversation. Looks like Jane covered any questions she had.
>> No. 40771067
File 142290326200.png - (108.06KB , 800x850 , alone.png )
"He is conscious," the doctor clarifies, "And he has been informed. Understandably, he's been mostly unresponsive since then. If you would like to see him..."

Although he seems uncertain of that. Jane's response and Azuli's rather muted concern appears to perplex him to some degree, doubtlessly as he expects one willing to spend such an amount on the survival of a man would most likely have a more marked reaction to learning that his demise was all but guaranteed.
>> No. 40771225
File 142290985281.png - (303.88KB , 470x546 , LIQUIIIIIIIIIID.png )
"I believe we should." Azuli takes a quick glance at Jane, as if to confirm the obvious choice. "Is there anything else we should know before seeing him?"
>> No. 40777865
"Finding out what he wants to do now is probably the best choice," Jane agrees. She turns to regard the physician.
"We'd like to speak with him right away, if we can. See what he intends to do with the rest of his... uh, remaining time." She ends the sentence somewhat awkwardly, seeming to realize too late how callous she sounds, but pressing on anyway.
>> No. 40780154
File 142354552922.jpg - (16.06KB , 250x191 , serenity2.jpg )
It seemed now you were speaking the physician's language. He nodded solemnly, and led each of you to the room in perfect silence. It was late - there was no traffic, only the fluorescent lights sucking the color from the hallways, the dead silence of the hospital, and the stench places like this always had. He was on the second floor, room 221B.

Sammy lay alone in his bed, upon his back. He scarcely twitched when the door opened but for his ear. His bandages had been changed, and a fresh batch had been applied around his chest, covering his wounds and keeping pressure on them. An IV drip snaked into his foreleg, tying him to this place, at once chained, and safe. Not a sound touches your ears, but the soft, steady beeping of the EKG at his side.
>> No. 40785016
File 142387071152.png - (434.60KB , 1000x1000 , eh.png )
Azuli is hesitant to go over to Sammy. In fact, she glances over at the physician, as if to reconfirm her choice. She was acting like he had some sort of deadly, infectious disease.
>> No. 40792878
File 142441216927.jpg - (126.50KB , 767x1024 , bled dry.jpg )
"...Whatcha standin' there for?"

"Ain't gonna bite. S'just a man."
>> No. 40803827
File 142518769048.png - (267.83KB , 600x600 , contemplation.png )
The time lady nods, making her way over to the bed at a lethargic pace. "R-right. Uh... How are you feeling?" She seems a bit awkward, looking over the bandages. "Hopefully a little better...?"
>> No. 40804731
File 142525205821.jpg - (543.84KB , 1920x1200 , wanderer.jpg )
"Ain't dead...yet," he points out with a grimace, tweaking his ears to face her, and attempting to sit up. This, however, seems to take some very noticeable effort on his part.

"...I don't wanna die yet, 'zuli..."
>> No. 40804919
File 142525914509.jpg - (609.77KB , 1920x1200 , Ghost-In-The-Shell-Motoko-Kusanagi-Download-Wallpaper.jpg )
Jane shows nothing of Azuli's apprehension, but she does remain near the door, not seeing any real need to get any closer to the colt. Physically or otherwise.
"Kept you alive up til this point, like you wanted," she says, not bothering to mention how little she'd actually done to help. "What now? You still need me around, or you gonna dump me back in the bug-filled nightmare?"
>> No. 40811049
File 142568896321.jpg - (108.04KB , 492x324 , lone prairie.jpg )
"...Well," said the dying stallion, what was visible of his expression flat, "I hadn't planned on it."

"And I get the feeling you aren't too interested in that notion, either. Much as I'd like to send you back so you can be home again, as far as I can tell, that could cause a few problems. More than it would fix, I'm afraid."

"Tell me, Jane, if ya can...what's your purpose? What're you here on earth for?"
>> No. 40813775
File 142585701581.png - (303.88KB , 470x546 , LIQUIIIIIIIIIID.png )
"Nobody wants to go, even when their time is up. Luckily for you, yours was extended a little by getting here." Azuli's gaze falls on Jane, expecting to learn at least something out of her reply.
>> No. 40820355
File 142630736154.jpg - (459.48KB , 1920x1200 , Major_Motoko_Kusanagi_by_piotrdeb.jpg )
Jane looks startled at being the sudden focus of the conversation. She opens her mouth to reply, then shuts it before saying something. This happens once or twice more, and she visibly becomes more agitated as she fails to come up with an answer.
"Hell, I don't know!" She finally snaps, "Why does that matter?"
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