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This seemed like a really cool idea, so I decided to make my own.


1. On the thread, you will suggest actions for your character to take.

2. Banter and collaboration is allowed, so are random gifs (but not shitposting, please.)

3. To do anything NSFW or something that has a very clear possibility of getting your character killed, please ask your fellow players if the action should be considered.

4. After you have taken an action, you may not suggest another action until someone else has taken an action.

5. Have fun!

You are on a train, which is heading towards the small town of Ponyville. You are not quite sure why you chose this destination, or when you'll get back home. However, you do know that you are a unicorn. On your person, you have package of fruit gummies, a suitcase filled with personal care supplies, (You don't quite remember what exact supplies you packed, though.) and a broken stopwatch. So, what do you do?

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>> No. 40713820
Wait patiently for the train to reach its destination and hope that someone tells me why I went to Ponyville once I arrive.
>> No. 40713824
You place your luggage on the floor as you sit back and try to get comfortable. However, you are unsure that anyone would inform you on your situation. You don't know many ponies from Ponyville... Your hear the hustle and bustle of the train come to a stop as a anthem-like song plays across the PA of the station..
>> No. 40713830

I try to figure out when the next train leaves for wherever I came from and examine my luggage to see if I have enough bits to pay for it.
>> No. 40713833
File 141814964662.gif - (106.46KB , 300x172 , 9-not-supposed-to-happpen.gif )
Unfortunately, you cannot take another action until someone else has suggested an action.

- Fanfiction Pone (Moderator)
>> No. 40713836

I wait patiently.
>> No. 40718408
>I suggest what mondo suggested
>> No. 40719057
All right!

In your bag, you find a pamphlet listing information on the train and a schedule. The next stop is supposedly Appaloosa, but you don't seem even near that. Perhaps you missed your stop? Well, you'd know if you did if you knew where your stop was. However, you do have about 15 bits. 9 of which need to be spent on your next stop.

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