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File 141913227411.gif - (1.36MB , 1841x2049 , burning vodka.gif )
40724326 No. 40724326
#Limited #Canon: KAMOV K26 #Series: Helicopters #Dark #FiM-only #Long-post #Common sense/Law and Order/Russian-Ukraine Border #I ate bricks and salmon

<All is in the Wiki, but that site is not working
<It won't budge, not a inch, stop poking!

<J to the A, to the Y, to the Z...
<Wicked clowns, one, two, three!

<Mixing metals, mixing feelings,
<Blending thoughts, deepest drillings!
<Wooden walls, narrow halls
<Dirty floors, sycamores

<Pimps and their hoes
<Termites punching holes

<Space marines and evil creatures
<Moving plushies, rare features

<There are words on a board
<But everyone got bored
<No one reads them no longer
<Even me, no longer

<All you need to memorize
<Is before your hoof rise
<Look at that odd sign
<Look, even if you're blind
"We do not like violence
Attack or just defence
Refrain yourself from fights
Or... you're dead, move to the side."

<Vodka, bourbon, whisky, beer
<Who cares if you're outer or from here?
<Who cares if you say truth or bluff?
This bar is not auto-staff

<For inpatient I wrote topics:
☏ When the poppy seeds are popping?
☏ Where are spoiled flowers stored?
☏ Why are tarns-mayonaise ignored?

>The bar is now:

>Old bar here:

<Two wicked whoops!

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>> No. 40726991
File 141930951847.png - (7.93KB , 250x316 , grieve_tan_casual_sprite_art_by_kharaxel-d5jgf8y.png )
"Shouldn't you go to sleep then?"
>> No. 40726992
File 141930959404.gif - (313.51KB , 500x333 , b23.gif )
Sounds like there isn't any way for somepony to be sad around that kinda person.~

A jacket!
>She rubbed her arms with a giggle.
>> No. 40726993
File 141930961775.png - (783.82KB , 1000x1142 , Art.png )
>After a quick seach under some cases and chairs, they would find a unconscious young alien looking girl And though she was an alien she was beautiful. The driver seemed ecstatic as he went to go pick her up gently

She's alive!

>Sorry I missed!

Yeah. heh....SOunds like you're gonna have a hard time with her~
>> No. 40726994
"I tried. I need cuddles first..."
>> No. 40726995
>Which side are you on?

>I'm being held in a Mexican standoff here to report for both sides, but instead of rock paper and scissors, it's two sets of scissors pointing guns between me and scissors.
>> No. 40726996
"Mhm... She's like a bundle of cuddles."
>> No. 40726997
File 141930972934.jpg - (159.78KB , 800x600 , grieve_tan_being_injued_by_aweopalta-d5nsd9k.jpg )
>He'd find himself suddenly picked up and cuddled by Jenny.
>> No. 40726998
File 141930974525.png - (336.98KB , 1000x1000 , tumblr_na8elgsYWb1rvzzbto1_1280.png )
>Valentia let her rifle hang on its sling a bit smiling just a little.
Luck was certainly on her side.

Just like you two!
>She squeeeezed them both.
>> No. 40726999
"Oh, of course. Um, what color do you like?"

Gonna? I've been having a hard time with her for, what, seventeen years now? Eighteen? It's hard to tell for sure with time travel.

>Do I look like a skeleton to you?
>> No. 40727000
File 141930999571.jpg - (148.92KB , 624x412 , 0987654.jpg )
Red, purple, blue.~
>> No. 40727001
File 141931008314.png - (307.73KB , 500x554 , Awkward walk home.png )
>He nods, quickly walking out with her in his hands and telling Pandora and Ary

We can go now.

That her?

She's kinda pretty.

Very you mean.

Well how long have you been with her now?
>> No. 40727002
"Okay. I'll, um, try to find something."
>> No. 40727003
>Sorry, need sleep.
>> No. 40727004
>Valentina followed along silently, holding her rifle loosely as she followed them all out, though she kept her ears up for whenever Neil would arrive.

Don't go buy like a big expensive coat..Ill be all embarrassed.

>> No. 40727005
File 141931018431.jpg - (409.26KB , 1000x782 , 1419175653214.jpg )
>I can't see you from here! It is a textual format!

>We have a new secret weapon to help with close combat.

>It is a combination sledgehammer and crowbar.

>The least manly nerds have reported feeling at least 65% manlier at a minimum, providing a boost to morale.

>Plus it works well against skeletons.

>Like, fuck.

>Hey, I can give you some airstrikes, maybe some tanks if you really need them.

>Aaaand now I'm just on the human front again. Soldier finally shot mr skeltal here.
>> No. 40727006
File 141931029873.png - (1.14MB , 1280x1817 , ABSSSS.png )
>He has yet to come it seems. Pandora came to help Ary onto her feet and said

Lets get out of her then.

>As she turned to go back the way they came they would hear another set of pounding from the distance.
>> No. 40727007
File 141931034813.png - (88.90KB , 314x312 , 094867.png )
>She clutched her rifle tight and turned to face the direction of the pounding.
>> No. 40727008
Well, she was born years ago from my perspective -- hard to say exactly how long -- but she left home a few years back.

>She laughs nervously
"Oh, um, okay. I-I'll keep it reasonable. So, um, did you say something about being on a diet?"

>I'll stick to my chainsaw axe. It makes me feel plenty manly, thanks.

>Care to pony?
>> No. 40727009
File 141931052094.png - (145.68KB , 454x373 , 6573.png )
Nah I dont remember that.
>She tilted her head.
>> No. 40727011
File 141931054020.jpg - (175.88KB , 550x358 , Kyubey-copy.jpg )
>Sure. Which one. maybe this one?
>> No. 40727012
File 141931055287.jpg - (86.46KB , 768x960 , 380261_378939938866809_1075944925_by_theazurekite1-d629zxl.jpg )
11d6 = 37
>> No. 40727013
File 141931065438.png - (839.40KB , 1280x1810 , Ary letting Val drive on their trip.png )
Okay, quickly now.

>Pandora and Ary tried to walk along faster as The driver tried to as well, holding the girl as Val was the only one who could fight. The pounding got closer and closer until the source came to veiw. A huge red grizzly bear, who's attention was on the group. Growling as it slowly neared

....And you're still taking care of the filly?
>> No. 40727014
File 141931075152.jpg - (94.68KB , 661x890 , 45136358_p9.jpg )
>She ushered the lot of them to go on, she drew her revolver and put her rifle down, bigger rounds in the revolver and all and drew her bayonet. She stayed behind as the rest continued.
>> No. 40727015
>I don't know that one. What is that one?

>What is the meaning of this?

>He chuckles
No, no, she hasn't been a filly in years.

Though sometimes, it doesn't feel like it.
>> No. 40727017
File 141931093893.jpg - (211.23KB , 850x1172 , Actual size.jpg )
>The bear was going to take a few more steps forward but the sound of what was almost like a small jet engine could be heard from the other side of the bear.

What's that?

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No. It's

>Several rockets fired out towards the bears face as Neil comes into view! Shooting off some fireworks to light up the area more and the fireworks spell out NEIL BITCHES! :3
>> No. 40727018
File 141931097250.png - (326.76KB , 600x849 , 046f94d4f304b05519f2421406f7fcd0.png )
You should spank her.
>> No. 40727019
File 141931099471.png - (297.66KB , 450x400 , 501626_170x100.png )
>Nothing. Bitch D:
>> No. 40727020
She's a little old for that now.

>Why is everyone licking me today?
>> No. 40727021
File 141931109859.jpg - (176.07KB , 951x1093 , 47458583_p11_master1200.jpg )
>Valentina cocked the single action pistol and fired the magnum rounds into the bear as she then took off as well towards the rest of the group.
>> No. 40727022
File 141931124281.jpg - (152.12KB , 850x850 , sample-42201999ffd2fc3775e2e1a0da7130b8.jpg )
Well she wants to act like a filly...

>The bear stopped it's movements, roating at both Vals and Neils attack. Ary tried to get Val to come closer as they move along. Neil shooting at the bear with a gun before jumping down next to the group, holding up a sign labled

Need ride?
>> No. 40727023
File 141931132876.jpg - (27.32KB , 302x621 , 1415004006137.jpg )
>She smiled and quickly crawled up to her spot on Neils back and strapped herself in. She holstered her pistol and drew her rifle, aiming to cover them as she would ride on with Neil.~
>> No. 40727024
Well, she IS a teenager...
>> No. 40727025
"Well, um, you said you were waiting until Christmas to eat as much..."
>> No. 40727026
File 141931150925.png - (217.67KB , 1191x670 , 21564.png )
Ohh thats just cause I dont get to eat big meals around here, just little ones through the day?
>> No. 40727027
File 141931151946.jpg - (48.78KB , 424x599 , 424px-Cute_qb_fem_fanart.jpg )
>Is not pony, is thing.

>It is lazy and a bit derp thing, but can do things. Like make magical girls with contracts.

>May or may not actually remember job is that.
>> No. 40727028
>There's a post that can be taken out of context if I ever saw one
>> No. 40727029
File 141931168541.jpg - (112.19KB , 849x1201 , Angelic knight.jpg )
>Neil picked up Pandora and the driver to put on his back then gently picked up Ary and the princess, holding them in his hands. The thumps of the bear grew closer and closer but before it could get to close Neil flew straight into the air, the bear jumping and trying to catch them with his mouth but falling short. They flew up, Pandora and the Driver screaming at how fast they were going before they breached the tree tops to show miles upon miles of trees. Like it was an ocean. Neil then flew towards the city


That explains it.
>> No. 40727030
"Oh. Because of your dancing?"

>Actually...can I get something else? Magical animal thing that does contracts sounds really similar to a character I'm putting together, and I don't want to risk concept contamination.

>he nods
Any teenagers of your own yet?
>> No. 40727031
File 141931191150.jpg - (54.04KB , 574x720 , Valentina and her commendations.jpg )
>Valentina was giggling like a crazy person the whole time.
Ca marche! C'est beau!
>She put on some goggled she had in her pack and covered her face with her bandana as she tied everything down.

Yeah, that and I don't really have any money or a real place to stay.
>> No. 40727032
File 141931203702.jpg - (82.81KB , 842x725 , 1417553996821.jpg )
>> No. 40727034
File 141931220660.png - (90.06KB , 373x401 , surprise.png )
"O-oh! You don't?"
>> No. 40727035
File 141931226893.png - (220.75KB , 1348x1236 , 1419299050275.png )
>Sure, who want?
>> No. 40727036
File 141931233632.jpg - (42.40KB , 628x678 , take the pizza you fuck.jpg )
Yeah, just a room up there in the bar..hehe.
>> No. 40727037
File 141931271514.jpg - (242.00KB , 600x1000 , 3e1b5dd21093b091f5ca37a36f1a3d4a.jpg )
Nope~! not yet. All fillies.

>Pandora and the drive kept screaming. Pandora going

Cat's weren't meant to fly! AGAHKBAH!

>Ary just snickering a bit at them. Before they knew it, Neil landed infront of the police station. Several paramedics coming to help the princess! What about Ary D:
>> No. 40727038
>Numbers or Symphony are good.

>Oddly Named is in the bar, absently flipping through the channels on the TV.

"I-I'm sorry. A-are you having trouble affording things?"
>> No. 40727040
File 141931274765.jpg - (159.78KB , 800x600 , grieve_tan_being_injued_by_aweopalta-d5nsd9k.jpg )
>> No. 40727041
File 141931277487.jpg - (202.97KB , 600x900 , 1ef0df5c43240d8c3cf0daee88de6530.jpg )
>> No. 40727042
File 141931279557.png - (142.28KB , 225x495 , 354688.png )
>Valentina shouldered her rifle and opened the medic pouch on her harness and began to apply a little more work to her leg.

Yeah you bet actually, but hey I mean it could be worse I could still be slaved or somethin.
>> No. 40727047
File 141931294936.jpg - (10.53KB , 259x194 , images-11.jpg )
Numbers is chugging a coffee HARD at the moment at a table nearby.
>> No. 40727070
File 141931444651.png - (226.41KB , 737x1083 , _eqg_base__i_luv_you__by_color_clouds-d6m9n4f2.png )
>No new thread yet? color me surprised
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