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#Open #Contained #Chill #Lighthearted #FiM-only #Normal #Have fun #Socialize

The library is auto staffed

Ponies often travel from far and wide to visit the great capital of Canterlot. Some are on official business, other's may merely be passing though, and occasionally a pony just has a bucket list to check off.

Whatever the reason you are in Canterlot today, you will soon find yourself in the midst of a nasty storm. All around you ponies are fleeing for cover from the snow and wind, shops have begun to close down, and guards are urging ponies to get inside.

Amongst all this relative chaos stands the Canterlot library, whose open doors seem warm and welcoming. Inside on a counter next to the librarian is a random assortment of warm drinks and snacks. Anything from apple cider, hot chocolate, even coffee! And the sign next to it merely reads:

Help yourself to a warm beverage and snack, they're free so long as you do not make a mess~

So grab something warm, pull up a chair, and perhaps catch up on some much needed reading while you wait out the storm.
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>> No. 40732234
File 141980914160.png - (158.66KB , 800x626 , 140082689102.png )
>I'll play with ya for a bit, can't say I can stick around though.

Toby walks through the doors of the library, quickly turning around to give the large doors a hard shove against the wind to get them closed. Once that's done, he shakes his fur a bit and takes his coat off to hang it up near the fire.

"Hmm, free drinks? Don't mind if I do" he says in a hushed tone as he rubs his hooves together and takes a look at the assortment. At last he settles on some hot coffee, and a molasses cookie.

He plops down in a big comfortable chair and munches down as he warms up.
>> No. 40732241
Not long after, he hears the somewhat heavy doors rattle as if someone's trying to get in, as well as a heavily muffled voice indicating struggling against it.
>> No. 40732245
He hops up out of his chair, and with a heave, helps yank the doors open.
>> No. 40732252
A periwinkle colored pegasus steps in and shakes his wet, blue mane. Strolling over to the refreshments, he grabs a cookie and asks the librarian, "I'm looking for some books about the supernatural, could you point me to it?"
>> No. 40732260
A pretty young mare carrying filled saddlebags hurries into the library, before quickly shaking the snow off her stylish dress before it can melt. Once finished, the seafoam girl looks up and smiles at Toby, her mysteriously glimmerous ruby eyes sparkling at him.
"Thanks a lot, that door was heavier than I thought."

>Just got in
>> No. 40732264
Toby gives the pretty mare a grin and a polite nod as he takes his hat off.

"Yes mam, I struggled with em myself tryin to get em closed. That storm out there is a doozy."
>> No. 40732266
>Think the librarian is auto staffed, meaning you'll probably have to play her response to your question
>> No. 40732272
Despite the dress clearly not being made for the elements, she doesn't seem all that cold as she begins emptying her bags onto a table.
"You don't suppose the snow is going to cover the door, do you? There's no way I'm spending the night here..."
>> No. 40732274
Indigo brushes passed the two starry eyed love birds, "Exactly! A little odd don't you think? A snow storm this big just blowing in on Canterlot without the slightest warning.
She points to the back, at the fiction section. Indigo rolls his eyes.
>> No. 40732301
"I'm not too sure mam..I sure hope not."

"Well I wouldn't know actually, I don't live round here. I'm just passin through."
>> No. 40732313
"Maybe it's Wiiiiindigoes~!"

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>> No. 40732317
Tobies eyes go a little wide as he stares at you.
>> No. 40732325
"...You know, from the story? The first Hearth's Warming Eve? You've heard it before, haven't you?"
>> No. 40732335
"Ya, I've heard it alright..."

He didn't want to admit it, but unlike most of the ponies he'd come to meet on this trip of his, he actually believed in them. Small towns had a tendency to hold onto old legends like that.

"I just hope ye were jokin is all" he chuckles a little as he rubs the back of his neck.
>> No. 40732339

Indigo returns from the back of the library with a stack of book on his back, "Exactly!" He trots over to their table and slides the books over, "You ma'am are one sharp shovel." Taking a book off the top he reads its cover, "Myths Of Ancient Equestria Vol.4: The elemental."
>> No. 40732345
She looks curiously between the two.
"...Guess it was a bad joke."
>> No. 40732348
File 141981479129.png - (164.15KB , 702x390 , 123.png )
He wraps a hoof around Toby's neck and pulls him to the book, "O, there no joke. Mean little buggers." he points to a picture on a page, "Most think they're fake, a bad campfire story, but i can assure they're real."
>> No. 40732352
File 141981500391.png - (158.66KB , 800x626 , toby.png )
He gives you a small smile and shrug before
pulls him over to the book.

He reads a few lines before rubbing his neck again and looking at Indigo.

"Ya, well...I didn't want to admit it, but I don't exactly pass it off as mere legend. Back in my home town, many of the older pony folks still believe in em, and my great, great, great grandpappy swore up and down that he'd seen one up close and personal."
>> No. 40732356
Indigo slides the book over to the mare and turns to Toby,"Where did you say you were from?"
>> No. 40732360
She blinks skeptically.
"Uh huh... well anyway this is still a library, so if you could be a bit quieter so I can study...
>> No. 40732367
"Oh, sorry bout that" he says as he hushes his voice down.
"A little south of Dodge Junction. Our towns so tiny we don't even got a name fer'er. We just count it in with ol Dodge if anypony asks."
>> No. 40732369
He puts both hooves on the table and gives her a serious gaze, "Hun, studying is the last thing you need to be worried about."
>> No. 40732372
She looks rather perturbed up at the weirdo.
"Right now I'm more worried about you."
>> No. 40732377
His hoof shoots to his mouth as he abruptly cuts off a cackle and it gets lost somewhere between the small air bubble coming out his nose, and the distinctly piggy sounding snort following it.

He wipes at his nose in an attempt to wipe the smile away.
>> No. 40732382
"Hmm, rare for them to travel that far south." He opens another book, "But chances are your grandpappy wasn't crazy, they're real and they're angry."
>> No. 40732385
"Well my family moved there with my grandpappy, stories just got tossed down the line I suppose. Can't remember where they said he hailed from."

He looks over the mares shoulder at the book, without getting in her personal bubble of course.

"Why do ya suppose that is? Them bein' angry I mean?"

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>> No. 40732387
Indigo gives the mare an annoyed look "Let me guess, you think I'm crazy?" He shoots a look at Toby, "Everypony thinks I'm crazy."
>> No. 40732392
File 141981675045.png - (18.50KB , 800x640 , 141582327515.png )
Toby puts up a hoof and his ears go back as he responds to Indigo.

"I didn't say nothin bout doubtin you sir, I just reckin since I'm from a small town way out int he outback, I'd keep my own beliefs to myself. I reckoned everyone here would be callin me the crazy one.

I don't know if they exist or not, but I'm not gonna stand here and say they don't because I honestly don't know."
>> No. 40732394
>Not Dulset actually :P

"Well you're making a big ruckus in a library... So what exactly are you doing about the impending snowpocalypse?"
>> No. 40732397
>> No. 40732408
A smile the size of a ursa major spreads across his face, "I'm going to speed it up." he flips through the pages until he comes across one page with an odd glyph. "Been chasing the thing for months, finally caught up with it here, in Canterlot."

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>> No. 40732413
Toby takes a good long look at it. Nope. He didn't get it.

"What exactly is that?"

He asks quietly.
>> No. 40732415
Well the unrest you're spreading right here in this library is sure to rival that of ancient pre-Equestria...
>> No. 40732422
File 141981804652.jpg - (46.65KB , 1280x720 , hitagismile.jpg )
Toby laughs lightly at that.

"Oh come now miss.." he whispers as he dips his head a bit close to hers.

"Haven't ye ever wanted to have a little adventure in yer life?"
>> No. 40732426
He points at the glyph, "Its an elemental seal! Created by Clover the clever shortly after they drove away the windigos on the first hearth's Warming Eve." Indigo moves from the table to the front desk and begins rummaging through basket full of office supplies. "See, after that day Clover spent most of her life hunting the things, but she missed a few."
>> No. 40732432
One, this doesn't exactly count as adventurous, and two, if I'm not ready for classes by the end of the break, I might not be able to catch up...
>> No. 40732441
He smiles and shrugs, giving her her space back.
>> No. 40732447
Retrieving a large red marker from the box, Indigo canters over to the mare and spits the marker on the table. "Ok Miss Egghead, you want to study. Is history in your curriculum?"
>> No. 40732452
"You! Did your grandpappy ever mention what happened to the windigos after the first Hearth's Warming Eve ?" He raises an eyebrow
>> No. 40732455
History of Psychology, actually.
>> No. 40732458
"I dunno, like I said. Most of this has just been passed down through my family."
>> No. 40732473
Indigo gives them both a smug look, "Well let me educate you." He picks up the marker and begins to draw on the ground. "After their initial defeat those icy mules were angry. So they attempted to freeze all of Equestria. But Clover wasn't having any of that, so her an good ol'Starswirl hatched a plan and created a portal to another world."

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>> No. 40732479
"Excuse me, but what do you think you are doing sir? We have plenty of paper if you need to draw on something. Your going to have to clean that up this instant."

The librarian glares at you over the rim of her glasses.
>> No. 40732483
>K guys, I need to take a nap. This cold is gettin to me. Feel free to continue on without me~
>> No. 40732488
His drawing quickly takes shape, it's the glyph from the book. "One by one, Clover and Swirly ran around chunking windigos in. Locked behind a door in another dimension. Starswirl enjoyed it so much he used it as his own personal trash bin. Any monster he found, from windigos to sirens, boop in they went,"
>> No. 40732520
"I think I'm trying to stop a windigo from unlocking a portal to another world. But if it makes you feel better I could wait till we are all neck deep ice elementals."
>> No. 40732530
"Wasn't Clover a mare?"
>> No. 40732551
>that was actually a grammatical mistake on my part but i can roll with it

He finishes his drawing and spits out the marker, "Him, her, that's not the point." he dashes back over to where the refreshments sit and pours a cup of cider. "The point is that portal was safe in the Crystal Kingdom, under the protection of the Crystal heart. But some bone-headed pony thought it would be a good idea to move it here." He rushes back to the table and begins to read again.
>> No. 40734498
Toby lifts a hoof and rubs at his chin as he stares out the huge window of the library. The freak storm was really taking on an ominous mood.

"Who do ya suppose that bone-head was? And why would they move it here? Was it not safe where it was or somethin?"
>> No. 40734888
The girl mumbles idly as she reads her psychology book. "A connection between the Crystal Heart and the Fire of Friendship does make some sense..."
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