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#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun #First of 2015

All cities have dark sides, and Canterlot is certainly no exception. On the wrong side of the tracks, everything appears to be dark and cold, the rainy weather being but an exclamation mark deepening the atmosphere of alienation and lurking fear.
The atmosphere changes though, as soon as you pass the worn door over the neon sign saying, in bright bold letters D NUT BAR.

First thread of the New Year! I hope everyone has made resolutions, if not well that's fine by me. More people on the high road means less on the low road for you!

In this new year, I would like personally for everyone to smile at least once a day for yourself, and other around you. I made a promise that I would smile more for the new year, and I haven't upheld it yet..but I want other to as well.

Let's have a wonderful year.
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>> No. 40739969
File 142042684186.gif - (251.38KB , 780x1017 , 136243181055.gif )
"Well why n'hot? It'll help yew stahp with the nightmares"
>> No. 40739970
File 142042685060.png - (274.44KB , 823x1024 , Photo Dec 17, 3 55 02 PM.png )

Gave me an answer that's correct, but also doesn't actually tell me anything useful. It''s an old joke.

> Vindicate chuckles to herself scaring away some nearby small creatures but does not intervene just yet, though she has managed to put her tent together after a little bit of a struggle.

Yeah, this thing with my eye is starting to worry me. Looks like an infection.
>> No. 40739971
File 142042692989.jpg - (166.61KB , 1024x724 , Charge! For The Emperor!.jpg )
>We should probably end here so you can go get that checked out then, I need to head to bed anyways.
>> No. 40739972
Ohh, there is a plot. It's a whole story with all of them

Erm. you want me to tell her to stop? She knowsx we're married and have kids....
>> No. 40739973
>She giggles
"But if I get low on bits, I can probably just borrow some from Andy and Dulset!"

Uh oh. You ought to see a doctor about that.
"Hmph. So what is to happen now?"

>Gnight, then

"But you choose your own way?"
>> No. 40739974
"not really. i mean, i eat chicken and fish, good protein, helps keep in shape for training and stuff"
>> No. 40739975
File 142042721889.jpg - (66.92KB , 320x270 , fuck_shit_up.jpg )
Or Ah can just nawt sleep until Ah deal wit' it.

Ah don't need ta sleep anyway.


I'm going to give that, that floozy a stern talking to!
>> No. 40739976
"Well, that makes sense. I don't think I've ever tried meat, myself."
>> No. 40739977
>Dom nods a few times

Alright...yeah. I think that could work. I'm not one to comfront people...
Want me with you?
>> No. 40739978
> Very well. We shall continue on the morrow. I have treated it to the best of my abilities, but the use of the computer probably does not strengthen anything.

> As above - this works well as a pausing point at any rate, provided you are satisfied with it as such.
>> No. 40739979
Deeepends...fallout lets you do it to the point where the game could have a really bad end or not.
>> No. 40739980
File 142042746699.png - (104.44KB , 624x419 , uy7omHjCzLA0zfnDqb15K2zz8I3hn4QHdgBr2Di_eVTAxJxgN6YVPGeBIJvF6mSZ6W_-5IHcT49zhydEfEpF1S3i9Az09EmV.png )
"does uh.. me eating that bother you..?"
>> No. 40739981
File 142042754513.png - (275.39KB , 960x1200 , 136242660479.png )
"...Okay, so jest the mud bath interests yew then huh?"
She asked with a smile.

"Though ah still think yew should at least chat with Sweenie t' while we are there. Ah hate seein' yew so down"
>> No. 40739982
File 142042755508.jpg - (13.85KB , 229x250 , que.jpg )
>That's fine with me. Sleep well.

"Huh. Interesting."

"Oh, no, that's fine, but...well, I won't know how to cook it, certainly."
>> No. 40739983
File 142042765509.png - (121.11KB , 810x875 , He came inside~.png )
...Nah, it's a girl thing, sweetie.

I gotta defend my stallion!

Ah'm gunna be fahne... But, eeeyup. Mud bathin'.

^I think I need to stop. Can't brain anymore.
>> No. 40739984
>Alright, night!

Yeah, it's really fun most of the time.
>> No. 40739985
File 142042778587.gif - (251.38KB , 780x1017 , 136243181055.gif )
>I should sleep as well, got work in the morning.
>> No. 40739986
"no no you dont have to worry about that, ill be able to cook it for myself#
>> No. 40739987
>G'night, Varm

>She nods
"I've got a friend who really likes them but...I don't know. I've tried them, but never enjoyed myself. I can't stop thinking about all the things I'm not getting done."

>He nods
"You'll have to teach me, then."
>> No. 40739988
"you think you'd wanna try it..?" she raised a curious eyebrow.
>> No. 40739989
File 142042830713.png - (107.59KB , 161x188 , Happy.png )
>Litwick nods
"I'll give it a shot."
>> No. 40739990
she smiled. "heh... you really dont have to if you dont want to. it was just something i was sharing about myself"
>> No. 40739991
They're mostly to do when you're relaxing and all...
>> No. 40739992
"No, I want to. If you like it, then it must be worth at least trying. Besides, I like being able to cook for you."

>Fossil shakes her head
"There's always something that needs to be done."
>> No. 40739993
she blushed a bit and smiled. "aww~ you're thr sweetest~" she gave him a kiss on the cheek
>> No. 40739994
"Anything for you."
>He smiles at her and cracks open a fortune cookie
>> No. 40739995
and smiled warmly and nuzzled into his chest and looked at his cookie
>> No. 40739996
There is also ALWAYS a need to sit down and relax.
>> No. 40739997
>1d4 = 1
>Confucian wisdom
>Vague prediction about the future
>> No. 40739998
File 142042974130.jpg - (47.56KB , 400x400 , Fortune.jpg )
"...suddenly, I'm not so sure about this restaurant."

"That is, perhaps, the best thing to put off until later."
>> No. 40739999
>>40739998 know what. NEver mind >.>
>> No. 40740000
"...Anyhow. I ran into Dom the other day -- he's your father, correct? He seems to be doing well."
>> No. 40740001
cara snickered as she read it. "welp, i guess that leaves about a few days to live~" she joked
>> No. 40740002
File 142043001746.jpg - (80.77KB , 656x875 , IMG_20150104_132758.jpg )
>Litwick smirks at her
"Well, you ate it too, you know. You're as doomed as I am."
>> No. 40740003
"well... shit then! what are we gumna do?"
>> No. 40740004
"Oh, I have a few things in mind..."
>He grabs her playfully
"Open yours! I want to see what else fate has in store for us."
>> No. 40740005
"oof!" she giggled as he did, and opened hers

1d4 = 2 same scale
>> No. 40740006
No no no. He's my grandpa.
>> No. 40740008
File 142043058070.jpg - (48.46KB , 400x400 , samp4a4060c099832f7a.jpg )
>Litwick looks over her shoulder at the cookie
"Well, that's...bland. Good advice, I guess."

"...Time travel, right?"
>> No. 40740009
File 142043059531.jpg - (94.12KB , 1483x554 , IMG_20150104_220224.jpg )
"huh.. alright then"
>> No. 40740010
>okay, we'll go with your cookie, but same response
>> No. 40740011
"yeah, your fortune is more fun." she lazily tosses it in the table
>> No. 40740012
"Although...have you ever heard that trick to making these more interesting?"
>> No. 40740013
"huh..? whats that..?" she asked curiously
>> No. 40740014
"Well, I know of two. You either end it with 'in the bedroom,' or counter it with 'Not since the accident.' "
>> No. 40740017
File 142043135334.jpg - (42.55KB , 1536x1024 , o-FORTUNE-COOKIES-facebook.jpg )
>how coincidental

"pay attention to your nonverbal cues, and try turning iit down... in the bedroom"
>> No. 40740018
"...Actually, no. On second thought, let's not do that. With three days to live, I'd rather turn it up."
>> No. 40740020
"So then... pay attention to your nonverbal cues, and try turning iit down, not since the accident?"
>> No. 40740022
File 142043174464.jpg - (35.18KB , 415x553 , IMG_20150104_132735.jpg )
"...Yeah, that doesn't even make sense."
>He shakes his head
"Guess it doesn't always work."
>> No. 40740023
File 142043176764.png - (434.26KB , 634x469 , 2.png )
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