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40742114 No. 40742114
#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun #Doom

All cities have dark sides, and Canterlot is certainly no exception. On the wrong side of the tracks, everything appears to be dark and cold, the rainy weather being but an exclamation mark deepening the atmosphere of alienation and lurking fear.
The atmosphere changes though, as soon as you pass the worn door over the neon sign saying, in bright bold letters D NUT BAR.

The bar is now OPEN

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>> No. 40744249
"Uhhh I guess! I don't really know what the plan is. I mean, I'm not gunna change so if I do something then get 12 years older i'd still be doing it I guess"

"Well.. I guess let them know she's not gunna be comin' back to work. Let them know she's going professional again. I'll help take care of her, like, money wise and stuff"
>> No. 40744250
File 142078192613.jpg - (118.32KB , 600x900 , 1420571394471.jpg )
>Hiya! Cna;t take on more RP D:

>Ary pokes her head under!

>They would see a pony ina hoodie who was obviously messing with what ever was glowing. As they can see with the extra light they would seee that was ever was glowing was hooked up to a LOAD of wires coming from the wall


>Ary said pointing a finger, as the pony (A colt) Said


Legendary! Liked the monster.

Guess having a baby would would be fine!
>> No. 40744251
File 142078192660.png - (30.95KB , 900x650 , Moon Surprised.png )
Well, then put those bottles back, me neither.
...The last time I got seriously drunk, I woke up in bed with two other mares.
>She clears her throat and tosses her mane back onto the side of her head.
...Ahem. Never you mind that, that's a story for a... much different time. Shall we?
>Moon gestures to the pile of drinks he's gathered.
>> No. 40744252
>> No. 40744253
File 142078207082.png - (380.59KB , 2808x3649 , flitter_by_silentmatten-d56c9s8.png )
>Hey mu

"Uh... no I'm not gunna have a baby." She chuckled. "I'm gunna join the wonderbolts~"
>> No. 40744254
File 142078209108.png - (64.49KB , 320x308 , 1418880186823.png )
>Dom puts his hoof around her waist and gives her the eyes least this timeyou'll wake up with....


>Dom nods, then gets all the drinks and throws them away with one swipe.
>> No. 40744255
>> No. 40744256
File 142078217792.jpg - (101.86KB , 522x640 , image.jpg )
>Do you want in on this arc?
>> No. 40744257
>Sure thing!

>He nods, grinning a little sheepishly
"Thanks that was, yeah, gonna be another concern. I was sort of expecting that second paycheck. Not sure I could support both of us on mine alone..."

"Alright! New Gojira it is!"
>> No. 40744258
File 142078227033.png - (10.42KB , 109x125 , 134422238739s.png )
Err... Not that kind of war.
It's a figure of...
>He sighs, and adjusts his hat back into a normal position, and waves one hoof in the air.
>> No. 40744259
File 142078230108.png - (132.62KB , 800x1000 , Anon Dom.png )



>Dom wipes a bit of blood from his nose and nods

Yeah, I bet that'd be awesome!


>Dom finds the movie to play!
>> No. 40744260
>You know how much I love Mu arcs!

Andrew looks over, a drink of alcohol in his hoof. "Whassat?" he siddles over. "Mermaid? Oooohhh~" He squints at the flier. "Oh, hey Mu!" he hugs her tipsily. "need help wit summthin?"

Andrew nodded and smiled, patting his back. "I'm glad you'll take it... I mean, I know sometimes ponies get too proud and would be like nooo, i dont need yoru money, im a provider! but like.. well yeah." he shrugged. "I'm happy to."
>> No. 40744261
File 142078240180.png - (615.96KB , 2000x3000 , flitter___explaining_breezies_by_caliazian-d79fquh.png )
"Oh geez that.. are you alright?"
>> No. 40744262
File 142078241652.png - (21.40KB , 695x857 , Erin.png )
"Oh, of course NERF wasn't an acronym... it was referring to the brand of foam dart munitions. How silly of me."
>> No. 40744263
>Dom, stop trying to impregnate your friend's girlfriend!

>Monsters! Explosions! Cities made rubble!
"You know if they're making a sequel?"

"I would if I could, but I'm not about to make her suffer for my own pride. And thanks. I'll make it up to you somehow."
>> No. 40744264
File 142078261964.png - (290.92KB , 822x972 , Andrew by Pepooni.png )
He smiled. "Just treat her the way you've been, dont break her heart, and we'll be good."
>> No. 40744265
File 142078262476.png - (208.88KB , 1600x1028 , Coool kids.png )
Yes. Yes, Yes. I'm fine. Just a thought crossed my mind.

>What's that gotta do with anything!?

Of course! THis one with...uh...I forgot who...I think the dragon.
>> No. 40744266
File 142078265347.png - (14.64KB , 113x150 , 1372391858121.png )
Why p-
>She doesn't have time to finish before he throws all the drinks away.
You know, even though they're free, I'm not sure that you should just throw them away.
>Moon shakes her head.
So what now, then?
>> No. 40744267
File 142078268641.png - (461.20KB , 3000x2700 , flitter_with_a_ponytail_by_northernthestar-d6am61i.png )
"you bleed when you think?" She snickered.

"I guess it is possible to think too hard~" she giglged
>> No. 40744268
File 142078269625.jpg - (101.86KB , 522x640 , image.jpg )
>Mu would chuckle here, but clearly whatever's going on here is no laughing matter to her or the mermaid in the mech.

Mu: Andy, you're just the guy I was looking for!

Styx: You made him sound a bit... Less drunk, over the phone.

Mu: We are in a bar, aren't we?

Styx: I suppose you are right.
*She extends one of the AquaSphere's claws to shake*
Good day. I am Styx, Princess of the merpeople in Avaria's Crystal Sea.
You may have seen on that sheet there that we may go to war with the planet Avalice, so I asked my friends the strongest people they know, and Mu directed me to you.
How solid is your will to fight?
>> No. 40744269
That's exactly right.
>Jack stands up, and turns around, choosing to lean against the bar rather than just sit there.
So what brings you round these parts? Sightseeing? Wait, no...
>> No. 40744270
File 142078282069.png - (249.89KB , 581x707 , awesome.png )
"I'll treat her well, don't worry."

"Aw, sweet, they're bringing in Ghidorah!?"
>> No. 40744271
File 142078287703.png - (21.40KB , 695x857 , Erin.png )
"I'm here on a job, I work for a research lab."
>> No. 40744272
File 142078288742.gif - (3.83MB , 355x200 , Laff.gif )
>CELEBRITY TWEET! 4:32 PM - 22 May 2012 @lindsaylohan tweeted "_______ is the best medicine."

>Answer one Urine
>Two Meth
>Three Working
>Four Old Pussy
>Five Black D__k
>Six Bigger Black D__K

>I need a minute.
>> No. 40744273
File 142078296613.jpg - (39.45KB , 720x960 , wang.jpg )
>> No. 40744274
File 142078297794.png - (700.59KB , 757x1024 , Andrew by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
Andrew smiled. "Well then, I think that's all settled, wanna drink?"

"My will to fight is as strong as my loyalty to my friends! Which is hella strong!"
>> No. 40744275
File 142078298967.jpg - (44.00KB , 500x324 , Colossal Titan's Senpai.jpg )
>It's the year the Angels come...

>Maybe I should finally find the urge to actually finish Evangelion this time
>> No. 40744276
"Sure. What's the poison?"
>> No. 40744277
File 142078315988.jpg - (357.55KB , 673x538 , 14-251_0.jpg )

And don't worry about it. most of it was watered for what we do..want to...I dunno....

...nope. Not one.

Yeah. yeah...

>Dom goes shifty eyed

Of course!

Motrha too!

>Movies were butter. Lets annoying crynig teens. If I wanted that I'd go to tumblr :I
>> No. 40744278
File 142078324474.jpg - (61.27KB , 1024x740 , image.jpg )
Styx: Hell... A?

Mu: Don't bother, there's some modern lingo you just can't pick up no matter how hard you try.
Either way, that's great to hear!
Now all we need to do is get you ready for the Great Invasion of Shang Tu on Avalice Saturday. We won't make you do re callbacks, you're one of 7 soldiers we have to fight a full army, so... Rest up!
>> No. 40744279
"That is awesome, guy! It had better happen!"
>> No. 40744280
File 142078327386.gif - (729.50KB , 300x199 , Val versus the Internet.gif )
>But that's part of the experience!
>> No. 40744281
And she just rooooolled her eyes. "So what do you do?"

"It's whatever you want! Or Flighten Whiskey." he replied, picking a bottle off the counter. "With some gingerale if ou wanna mix it.:"
>> No. 40744282
File 142078330046.png - (10.42KB , 109x125 , 134422238739s.png )
Oh really? What kind of research?
Please say weapons research...
>> No. 40744283
File 142078338621.gif - (470.47KB , 450x253 , RP in a nutshell for me.gif )
It isisss!

Hey, the director of Pacific rim made Godilla right?

>[email protected]

I own a burrito shop! And work here at times.
>> No. 40744284
File 142078345052.png - (21.40KB , 695x857 , Erin.png )
"Medical biological chemical weapons mechanical... just all around..."
>> No. 40744285
File 142078349452.jpg - (1.02MB , 886x5817 , I always did like cinnamon buns.jpg )
>> No. 40744286
>He shakes his head
"Nah. That was Del Toro. This was some other guy. Same producers, I think though."
>> No. 40744287
File 142078359145.png - (700.59KB , 757x1024 , Andrew by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
"...Okay can you like, maybe leave a note because I may think I hallucinated some of this tomorrow."

"...then what about your shop?"
>> No. 40744288
File 142078372287.jpg - (101.86KB , 522x640 , image.jpg )
Styx: *The mermaid in the mech looks down at herself for a moment before sighing*
Fair point.
I will have a note delivered, and on Saturday, we bring hell to Avalice!
>> No. 40744289
"But tonight, we drink like men!" He pours a shot for each of them
>> No. 40744290
File 142078377907.jpg - (45.25KB , 1024x576 , 4chan again.jpg )
>You now have to paly one of those characters!


...Godzilla PR crossover.

I mostly come here when I have free time.
>> No. 40744291
>I'm gonna get some sleep. Later, folks!
>> No. 40744292
File 142078386483.png - (615.96KB , 2000x3000 , flitter___explaining_breezies_by_caliazian-d79fquh.png )
"But you just said you work here full time... Are you bored and nothing to do full time?"
>> No. 40744293
File 142078395309.png - (1.06MB , 1920x950 , OWO.png )
>> No. 40744294
>> No. 40744295
File 142078407001.jpg - (101.86KB , 522x640 , image.jpg )
Styx: *She stares for a moment*
Your strange water... It looks contaminated. Is it in any way related to the champagne family of water?

Mu: *She pushes hers back*
No thanks, Andy, I have to operate the portal to get us back and forth to Avaria, so I don't want to get us hurt...
>> No. 40744296
File 142078412451.jpg - (612.98KB , 1366x1025 , 1418468819118.jpg )
I have a wife and 11 kids. I just mostly just come here for friends.
>> No. 40744298
"Wow. You sound like you need a hobby." She joked with a chuckle

"Fine, more for meeee~" he does the three for them
>> No. 40744299
File 142078425426.jpg - (103.74KB , 1920x1080 , 23934263_1375169304690.jpg )
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