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#Ask/invite #Canon: Orion #Adventure #Chill #Lighthearted #Violence #Shipping #General #Semi-serious


In the orbit of our world lies a space station, the size of a city. It is the peak of the new age. It is our future- for it is burdened with the task of protecting our reality from the threats that lie within rifts. These threats could be anything of any form that follow their own laws of physics, and with the advanced technology- along with the seemingly limitless funds of the station, all our little world can do is hope for the best. It is our front line of defense. Our top gun. It is the Orion.

If you wish to join, please follow the link to our OOC.
Thank you.
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>> No. 40748965
File 142111532796.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
Sitting down at her desk once more, kitty costume worn, Lava had the miss fortune losing some poker games with those engineers. Whilst she was reluctant about mentioning what that bet was, it wouldn't get in the way of standard work. At least the recovery of several patients was alright, nor that strawberry milkshake they added recently to station menus. "Hmm, slow day as usual, could be worse in a way. At least one of those stallions didn't want a free date with her before going royal flush in that last hand.
>> No. 40752161
File 142138346437.jpg - (174.38KB , 800x439 , dark-door-1.jpg )
Apologies to Lava, but I wanted to write something that takes us away from Orion for a bit. As it has been trod many times and we could do with something fresh, should you wish to join me on this adventure then you need not fear any faux pas, all are friends here and none shall deprecate you for eagerness, we actually appreciate it. *FADE BACK TO THE ENDLESS VOID*

Amid the beautiful architecture of a world not yet recognized by any Galactic Federation a skulking darkness is spreading its tentacular appendages. Here the year is 1940 P.A.R. and something isn't right.

A mare trots through alleys of grimy stonework painstakingly crafted by forgotten craftsponies. She walks jerkily through the dark though she never steps unsurely. Were anypony watching they might detect a certain otherness about her, but as one might expect, she travels secludedly.
She reaches a door whose face is illuminated by a lamp hanging above its frame. She does not knock, she does not speak, she makes no indication of her presence, simply waiting in wary silence. The door opens and a dim light filters out to the street. The mare steps forward, and is gone.
>> No. 40757573
File 142180134123.jpg - (114.86KB , 504x689 , Luna_Wolf_Astartes.jpg )
'AH HA!" heroically cries the ever elusive, and ever cunning" VALLERN TAPFERKEIT the Starhunter. He dramatically waits patiently for the automated doors to slide open, the portalway now open for him to dashingly battle-roll out into the vast hallway of the Station Orion.

"I must find that one creature again. That beast withstood a harrowing volley of my handgonne!" he loudly exclaims, forgetting either his helm's voice emitter was off silent or he was no longer thinking internally.

Stealthily like a jungle creeping predator, the Starhunter darts forward in a deft and limber sprint, his armoured boots clanging down upon the metal decks of the Orion in search of his next adversary.
>> No. 40766838

That was the problem with being at the top: it was usually pretty damn lonely up there. The average workout wouldn't even serve to break the sweat on a Son, and so Orion had decided to try to make the room in its budget for a few extra machines in the gym that would both properly challenge their preternaturally powerful protectors and give them a chance to mingle with the station's populace at large.

"... five hundred and eight... five hundred and... hrngh...! Five hundred and nine..."

That wasn't to say it was a complete success.

Sabot was almost entirely oblivious to the outside world, the enormous burnt-orange stallion completely absorbed by his reps and by the music piped into his ears through the earbuds therein. He had been in this position for hours; a steel platform that must have weighed at least a few hundred pounds on its own (and had a few more weights stacked on top of it for good measure) was looming precariously over him, kept at bay only by his hind legs as they pumped rhythmically up and down, the Astartes balanced on nothing more than his front hooves.

"Five hundred and... twelve..."

You had to give it to him, he made it a point to not skip leg day.
>> No. 40766865
File 142257746236.jpg - (2.12MB , 3500x2500 , commission 1.jpg )
Umi had spent a rather lazy day on the Orion, for once. Sleeping in, making the rounds, and only getting beat to hell in the holodeck for twenty minutes! That called for a celebration. And what better way to do so, then going to the gym? Well, there were probably much, much better ways, but they were planetside, and he wasn't going to take the teleporters down there, just to nap in a different place.

As he entered, the soft, hydraulic hiss of the door announcing his presence to anypony not wearing head phones, the towering stallion made his way towards, of all things, the weight belts. Just as the burnt orange stallion seemed loathe to do, Umi declined to skip leg day, as well. With more belts around his mid section then a cheesy JRPG character, he began hopping up to a raised platform, and back down again. While Sabot worked mass and strength, the pegasus worked on pure, explosive power. If he could do this, weighted down in a gym, then he might not have much issue doing the same, in heavier armors. Even though they worked so close to one another, Umi was oddly silent, seemingly in thought. The station had been so quiet, recently...
>> No. 40766880

The blue movement at the edge of his vision caught Sabot's eye, and he stopped mid-rep to look over at the newcomer with a quizzical expression.

"... Where've I seen that kid before...? Oh, yeah!"

And almost as soon as he asked, it came to him. That was the same stallion he'd heard so much about from Jet and Red Alert; he had apparently had potential for the gene mods, even at his relatively old age to begin the therapy, but it ultimately hadn't worked out for reasons Sabot couldn't recall. Bringing up that memory earned a small frown from him; Jet had seemed disappointed that he hadn't been able to see Umi through to the end- his name was Umi, right? Something like that- and Red Alert in particular had been even more crotchety and snippy than usual in the days following the emergency surgery to have the kid's initial mods removed. They must've seen something in him. Shame.

... Well, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to try to find out what the almighty Vespertine and the not-quite-as-almighty CMO of the Legion saw in him.

"Computer. Disengage, lock."

The heavy metal platform immediately lifted out of Sabot's reach at that, leaving the stallion to plop gracefully down onto all fours with a dull thud as he shook the earbuds out of his tufted ears and walked over to where Umi was lost in his own little world. "Well, let's see what he's got," he muttered to no one in particular.
>> No. 40766900
File 142257953331.png - (148.80KB , 378x395 , test me.png )
The stallion seemed not to notice the pause in the other, continuing his hops. They were, well, an impressive vertical leap, for a pegasus with his wings, literally, belted to his sides. At some point he had slipped in his own pair of ear buds, the cord snaking to a small device strapped high on his foreleg. The muted sound of some guitar and drum dominated instrumental could be heard, should Sabot get close enough.

Perhaps the first thing that might stand out was the size of the pony before him. He wasn't the size of one of the Brothers, but he was damn close. Leftovers from the therapy, and an already intimidating height had combined to make the hybrid more then a little intimidating, to a more average sized pony.

He paused, grabbing another block, and stacking it atop the pile before him. Looking at the daunting task, her crouched, slightly, taking a slow breath, he extended his legs, launching himself up. His forehooves made it, hind finding purchase on the edge of the stack, but it seemed good enough for him to be happy. With a hop back down, he saw the pony that had walked over. Reaching up, he popped the buds from his ears, offering a friendly enough smile. "Hello."

Oddly enough, he didn't seem that intimidating, once one got close. Tall, yes, but his features were friendly, and prone to an almost smug, goofy smirk. His eyes friendly, and his voice soft, as if he knew that a pony didn't need to be loud and boisterous. The last thing one might notice, once they got close enough, was that he was, well, warm. Extremely so.
>> No. 40766918

Right... phoenix blood. Sabot could tell already why Red had been so fascinated with the youthful stallion: even without finishing the gene therapy, a hybrid like Umi was probably a veritable treasure trove of potential medical discoveries... He could already feel those musings falling away as he offered the blue pegasus a cocky- but definitely not unfriendly- smile of his own. Those were the doc's problems, not his. "Not a bad jump, kid," he answered, not paying much mind to the fact he looked to be... probably ten years Umi's elder at the absolute most. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you had a little kangaroo in you, too."
>> No. 40766932
File 142258103724.png - (30.85KB , 200x200 , Untitled-1.png )
"Heh, with my luck? Probably. Then I can stop hearing jokes about hatching, and start hearing them about being carried in a pouch." He smiles, offering a hoof to the tawny stallion. "And I just figured I'd work on things to pass the time." Once his shake was accepted or declined, he began unstrapping the weighted belts from his form, laying them across the boxes he had been jumping up onto, not three minutes before. Once he was clear of them, he turned back.

"I'm going to guess you're Astartes, right? I think we might have met once, in passing, though I think we were kind of all preoccupied with another station-wide crisis." He shrugs, shaking his mane back to it's more natural 'unstyled' look. He wasn't even sure if that was the style, but it had, literally, grown on him.
>> No. 40766945

Sabot shook his hoof readily. "Yeah, I thought I'd seen you around before. I was kinda busy at the time, though; I probably owe you a little gratitude for helping to clear that daemon out of Orion's computer core, too." He grinned sheepishly, though even that looked like a loosely arrogant smirk as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I can save the world or I can be the best husband on the station. Both at the same time? I'm pretty damn good, but nobody's perfect."
>> No. 40766952
Umi chuckled, softly, shaking the Astarte's hoof. The heat seemed, well, comparable to standing beside an electric blanket, that was turned to a higher setting. "Well, I bet you do the second half damn well. And the first half, when you have time." He looked around the empty gym, shaking his head, lightly. "This place has been dead. It's like all the bad just evaporated away or something, and now we just kinda, well, do nothing here." He shakes his head, slightly. "Hell, I've even started going to one of the teleporter exits down planetside, for entertainment. There's a mansion down there, or is it a's something, and a bunch of ponies live there. Nice place for a visit, but after being lost in the basement for almost a week, I think I'd prefer just visiting."
>> No. 40766963

It was almost as if Sabot had tasted something overwhelmingly sour when Umi mentioned his getaway home, the Son making an unmistakable expression that implied anything but neutrality on the subject. "Oh. Yeah. I think I know the place," he replied flatly. "Fun fact, Umi: I spent a little bit of time around there. Me and most of the first generation of Sons. We basically felt obligated to protect it because it had been the home of the primarch and someone needed to watch it in his stead."

He took a break to heave a sigh, close his eyes, and rub the bridge of his muzzle. "Boy, was that a mistake. It's like the place is a catalyst for insanity. I think Iron Sights decided enough was enough after... fuck, I don't even remember what it was. Some kind of freak dragon hybrid with explosives for blood and fourteen years of life under his belt tried to tell him what it was like to lose your loved ones. Took all his restraint to not choke out the pretentious little twit right there in the medical wing. However it happened, we washed our hooves of the place a few days afterwards. I'm just amazed it hasn't imploded on itself yet. Literally imploded."
>> No. 40766986
File 142258337387.png - (576.89KB , 1345x1345 , Another pic.png )
The pegasus blinked, tilting his head, as he listened. " wasn't that bad when I was down there. Hell, they got me back to full health after, well..." He shook his head. "We had a run in with some space pirates or something, a few months back. I managed to get myself caught, and shot up, as I fled. I crash landed in the woods surrounding it, oddly enough. The ponies there seem different, I'll give you that. More prone to oddities and unexplainable events. Plus, I don't know how big a basement needs to be, to be lost in it for a week, but it has that." He rubs the back of his neck, lightly.

"There's some good ponies down there, though. A few of them even come up here on occasion. Didn't meet any angst ridden bombardier dragons though. Maybe it's changed? I mean, hell, places and ponies both change as easily as the wind, and almost as constantly." With a shrug, he dismisses the subject. "But, overall, it's just nice to be down planetside, on occasion. The holo deck works, but it's just not enough sometimes...I mean, simulated snow doesn't melt."
>> No. 40766990

"Yeah, I suppose that's fair enough," Sabot nodded in reply, himself a little surprised at the vitriol he had displayed for an installation he hadn't even personally visited for several years. "Trust me, if I told lil' Sabot that he'd grow up to be saving the world on a regular basis, he probably would have laughed in my face before stealing every bit I had in my saddlebag. Who the hell knows where I'll be in another twenty years?"

Even as he asked that theoretical question, it reminded the stallion that he simply didn't measure his life in the same way as other Equestrians- hell, not in the same way he used to. He didn't measure his lifespan in decades anymore... twenty years could be enough to get him through an entire planetary crusade. It was sobering, thinking about how different you were from the mortal pony. Did he even really qualify as an Equestrian now?
>> No. 40766995
"Heh, and I told young Umi that I'd be on a space station, and had organs added and ripped out of me, well, I'd probably call the cops on myself...not gonna lie." He smiled a bit, and shrugs his shoulders, taking a moment to loosen his wings up, slightly. Being under the belts wasn't comfortable, at all, but it ruined the temptation to use them on higher jumps.

Umi had given similar thoughts a go, in the past. Mostly pertaining to what he was, exactly, and what he could do with his life. He was a glorified maintenance pony, but he wanted more. That had been, at the end of the day, his driving force behind attempting the therapy. He wanted to do more with his life then weld pipes and fix whatever somepony or dragon managed to much up.
>> No. 40767007

"Yeah, well, it probably takes a special breed of madman to sign up around here," the burnt-orange grinned. "Even more so to ask Red Alert to stick the gene-seed into your chest after you've already gone through adolescence; not gonna lie, you're damned lucky to be alive after your body rejected the mods."

He paused, looking at the window that gave them a view of Equestria below as the sun just began to peek over the far side of the planet. He snorted softly. "Hell, even without 'em, you're probably gonna have... what, twice the average lifespan?"
>> No. 40767018
"I think my body tried to treat them like an illness and burn them out...I wouldn't be surprised if Red had gotten back slag and fried wires." He rubs the back of his neck. "I am lucky though...I don't really want to test if resurrection is something that I have or not...and I like the idea of being born again from a pile of ashes even less."

He looks down with Sabot, shaking his head. "I don't know, honestly. I mean, phoenixes live for a damn long time, with the regenerations. But what if I don't have that, and got some kind of flat extension instead? I mean...there's not exactly others that have been observed, in recent memory." He shook his head, simply lapsing into thought, as they looked at the planet below them. "Well, at the end of the day, we're all mortal, so might as well appreciate what we have, right?"
>> No. 40767240

"Yeah, you got that right," Sabot grinned in reply, the solemnity of the moment at least briefly forgotten. "We might have a little longer than Johnny Horseshoes in north Canterlot, but at the end of the day, there's not much we can do except to make the best of it." He reached a hoof up to clap Umami on the shoulder. "It's like a friend of mine used to say: Life is a long series of surprises, culminating in one final very bad one." The memory of that somewhat macabre outlook brought another chuckle out of Sabot.
>> No. 40767273
"Well, bad, perhaps. It might be good, as well. I mean, what if you go down, protecting those you love, knowing that they would be safe? That seems like a good way to go." With a shrug, the pegasus returned the weight belts to their proper place, looking over his shoulder. "But this took a morbid about we talk about something less...our death." He chuckled softly. "What do you do, for the Astartes?"
>> No. 40767287

"What don't I do for the Astartes? That might be an easier way of explaining it." He smirked. "Well, my most impressive title is probably Master at Arms, which means I serve on the Council of Masters, which means I usually sit in the grand hall at the heart of our flagship and listen to a bunch of older warhorses and Jet berate me for whatever I've done this time. Honestly, that pegasus needs to get laid or he'll die of old age before he's thirty years old." He shook his head melodramatically. "Besides that? I'm a heavy weapons specialist. If it exists, I know how to blow it up, which doesn't take as much process of elimination as you may think. Especially when I take on the fact that my Gungnir unit is Arios. Fast, comes with an alternate aeronautical mode for faster atmospheric entry, and packs sidearms that you have to load with bullets bigger than Twilight Sparkle."
>> No. 40767310
"Huh..." He seemed to process what Sabot said, slowly, taking his time to make sure he understood as much as he could...which wasn't much. He looked to Sabot, thinking, for a while, before speaking. " any really fun things in the armory?" He seemed to be steering the direction away from the morbid comments before, to something more entertaining.
>> No. 40773148
File 142302976657.jpg - (22.71KB , 278x320 , spoiler.jpg )

"Oh, kid, you don't even know the half of it," Sabot beamed in reply, his smile that of a colt that had just learned his friend hadn't yet visited his favorite candy shop. "We've got stuff in there that's standard issue you could vaporize a full-grown Equestrian with... and that's just standard issue. Don't even get me started on what you can find in the restricted areas."




"... Probably because it's in the restricted areas for a reason."

>pic related
>> No. 40773150
"Restricted area, you say?" His ears perked, the mountain of a pegasus seeming much more interested now. "What do you have in the way of...melee items?" He asked, looking towards Sabot. "I've been using a pair of cestus, but I kinda want something more...weighty...and able to deal with high temperatures..." He smiled, seemingly eager to see the armory, even the standard issue areas.
>> No. 40773163

He mused over that. "Well... depends what you're looking for, I guess. Quad-linked lascannons, dual-linked plasma cannons for when you just need to level a fortress all by yourself, quad-linked mass driver cannons for when you need to turn someone bigger than you into a fine pink mist, power axes and power swords for dicing up someone bigger and tougher than you... you name it, we've probably got it."
>> No. 40773200
"Wait, wait...what was that last one? not the last last one, but before that?" He looked to the taller stallion, smiling happily. "Those sound like fun. Can I see one of them?" He asked, ruffling his wings, eagerly. He heard power axe. The distance weapons were nice, but all the same. Axes! And swords! That's where the blue pegasus really excelled.
>> No. 40773202

"Well, I'm probably gonna get in trouble for something later this week anyway, so... sure, why the hell not," Sabot smirked in reply. The way Umami's feathers were practically ruffling with excitement... what was it with fliers and getting in close? Well, whatever. He couldn't deny there was fun to be had in it. "C'mon, hot shot. Keep the closest thing to a low profile you can 'til we get to the armory."
>> No. 40773204
"...I can stay low profile. Hell, I know all the entryways and sneaking ways into the vents and back areas in the station. Or at least half of them." He laughed, softly, before nodding to the door. "Lead on, friend." Umi loved being up close and personal, when he fought, the exhilaration far surpassing what he would get with a firearm, no matter how effective.
>> No. 40773206

"Ohh, so you're in that group," Sabot grinned in reply, turning and leading them back out of the gym, his heavy footfalls echoing dully through the station's hallways as they made their way towards the region of Orion that was generally considered- though never outright stated- to be under the jurisdiction of the Sons. "So, what's your story, Umi?" Sabot's tail swished lazily behind him as he looked over his shoulder at the blue pegasus who he had already caught himself almost calling Jet or Lunacy a few times. Damn it, but the airborne bastards loved being blue, didn't they?
>> No. 40773208
The fire oriented pony tilted his head, slightly. "What's my story? And what do you mean /that/ group?" He quieted for a moment, letting Sabot answer, before continuing. "Well, I was born in a little place on the edge of the Everfree. We weren't wealthy, but we were happy. Life was pretty dull, until I got older, and found my way up here. From there, well, life has really picked up...between the gene therapy, finding other phoenix hybrids, and everything else that's gone on, it's more in a couple years, then in my entire life."
>> No. 40773210

"Mostly I mean the group that would rather travel through air ducts than through corridors like a sensible pony... though, I guess I shouldn't throw stones in that particular glass house. Luna knows it kept us out of a world of trouble during that whole daemon infestation business." He looked over his shoulder again. "So... little place on the edge of Everfree, huh? Sounds pleasant enough. I guess you made your way up here in search of fame and fortune. Or maybe just one of the two, eh? Either one gets you a mare under each arm; both gets you an action figure line. Trust me, that's the one that takes getting used to."
>> No. 40773212
"Well...I really wasn't after all that. I mean, fame and fortune would be nice, and I make a decent wage. But at the same time, I have one mare, and I'm more then happy with her." He shrugs a little, as they go. "An action figure would be fun...but I don't think I'm really action figure worthy. I'm just an overgrown pegasus."
>> No. 40773219

"By the stars, you sound just like Jet," the burnt-orange stallion muttered. "If we're gonna save the world anyway, why not bask in the adoration of the public a little bit while we do it?" He punched the button to the lift, summoning their ride to the lower levels as he stepped inside and held the door open for Umi. "Or maybe that's just me. After you spend your entire colthood getting spat on by the general populace, maybe you find a little bit of bitter catharsis in becoming a hero." A shrug and a carefree grin. "Or maybe I'm looking too much into it!"
>> No. 40773237
"Well...I wasn't exactly well liked by the populace...seems ponies don't like it when the colt next door occasionally sneezes out fire." He chuckled softly. "Hell, one of the reasons I'm up here, is because I heard they accepted ponies like me. And a little basking isn't bad. I'd just rather...Iunno. I'd rather just spend time with Styx, or talk to the other ponies up here."
>> No. 40773245

"I can see where they might take umbrage with that, especially when you happen to be living next to one of the largest natural forests on the continent." He shook his head with a smirk. "Yeah... Orion is the greatest technological advancement made in Equestrian history, and it has the added bonus of rounding up all the freaks like us and putting us in one place. It's perfect."
>> No. 40773264
"Heh, well, you can't argue with results. You put all the freaks up here, and they can't destroy everything down planetside. I imagine they wouldn't be to happy, trying to find places to put all of us. Especially with some of the things we have to have with us. Mechs, armories worth of weapons...just safer to blast it all into space, isn't it?"
>> No. 40773271

"Yeah, you got that right. In space, no one can hear you blow shit up." They arrived on a deck near where the Sons' ships were docked, though Umi and Sabot seemed to be the only ones around at the moment; most of the active brothers were apparently either planetside or elsewhere on the station. "Alright, let's see if we can find anything fun to play with around here..."
>> No. 40773275
"Sounds like a plan!" He smiled, following Sabot eagerly. He wanted to see what there was, and what they could take for a spin. He was a kid in a candy shop, only the candy was deadly! He smiled, walking along with Sabot, and looking around constantly. "To think...this could have been where I came every day, if I had just made it through the therapy..."
>> No. 40773292

They eventually arrived at a door sitting snugly in the metal junction of one of the station's bulkheads, decorated with no shortage of danger signs and warnings to go no further lest the intruder should face prosecution from the Sons of Equestria... all barriers and obstacles that Sabot duly ignored, punching a short code in before leaning forward to get within range of the retinal scanner. "Should only take a second... there we go."

The door hissed open, and Umi was treated to one of the happiest days of his life.

The armory seemed to stretch on for miles, every wall and rack mounted to capacity with huge, exotic weaponry that most ponies would go their entire life without seeing. Cannons the size of small mares with barrels that glowed a soft blue even when they were deactivated, kinetic rifles so large they would make a high-end sniper rifle shrivel with fear and inadequacy once they were mounted to their wielders, and the melee weapons... oh, the melee weapons! Bayonets with longer blades than Royal Guard spearheads, spears and swords with blades of draconian silver that looked like they could slice through the hull of the station as if it weren't even there...

"Oh, you'll love this." Sabot interrupted Umi's euphoria, walking over to a row of battleaxes that were probably larger than Styx herself was. "Power axes are all well and good, but these? Great Axes. They're forged of draconian steel, meaning they're damn sure not gonna break within this millennia and it's not gonna need sharpening within the next century, either. And it gets better." He touched a hoof to the handle of one, the weapon thrumming to life in reply and its blade glowing with an ethereal blue as if in response. "It responds to piety. The more faith you hold in Equestria... the more powerful it becomes." The axe went back to sleep as Sabot removed his hoof from it, grinning and looking over at his young compatriot. "Using a Great weapon is an amazing feeling. It's not a tool. It's... hard to describe. It become a part of you."
>> No. 40773296
Umi's jaw dropped, as the door opened. The main Orion armory seemed...well...small, in comparison. He followed Sabot, fighting the urge to skip, and stop to look at every single item. He wanted to pick them up, and take them to a testing range, one at a time, until he was through them all, and possibly sporting a coat of grey fur. He walked with the auburn stallion, to the melee weapons, a smile spreading across his muzzle. "Oh by Luna's tangled beard..."

He walked along, looking at every blade he could see, even fluttering up to look at a few on higher shelves. He looked at the axe Sabot showed, jaw dropping. "It's giant and shiny and sharp and I want ten of them..." Why would he need ten? Well, one for each day, and three for holidays! His ears perked, as Sabot described them. "They become a part of you?"
>> No. 40773305

"By the loosest possible definition, yeah," was Sabot's reply, grinning in spite of himself at Umi's pure, unbridled joy. "It's not gonna talk to you or anything, but I promise you: When you pick up one of these babies, you're gonna know it's not just another hunk of steel to swing over your head."
>> No. 40773307
"Huh..." He looked up at the axe, one hoof tentatively lifting to touch the handle. He hesitated, before touching it, looking to Sabot, as if to ask permission. "May I? I mean...this is the biggest chunk of weapon I've ever seen...It's beautiful, really." He looked up at the masterfully crafted instrument of war, hoof so close to touching the handle.
>> No. 40773311

That got a chuckle out of the auburn warhorse. "Hey, go for it. What's mine is yours." The conversation skipped a beat. "Except for Dakota. Don't get any ideas about her, tough guy."
>> No. 40773313
Umi raised his hooves, defensively, smiling a bit. "Hey, Dakota is all yours man. I've got...well...I have a mare that my heart is set on." He shook his head, laughing softly, before taking down the axe, and watching it glow. "Oh wow...this is...this is nice. I like this. I feel like I could probably take on most of an army with this..."
>> No. 40773315

"Yeah, I know she is." Sabot grinned in spite of himself; he knew the blue pegasus was a good kid, and any wayward thoughts about mares that weren't green and Cydonian were probably put away remarkably quickly. "I'm glad you like it; you're probably the first non-Astartes to ever hold one of its like." He winked, his grin turning conspiratorial. "I won't tell anyone if you don't."
>> No. 40773317
"The secret's safe with me." He hefted the blade, feeling the perfect balance of it all. "This thing is's stunning. Gods..." He shook his head, amazed that something so amazing could exist. He looked up at the blade, watching the soft glow. "How does anypony even manage to do something like this? This kind of technology..."
>> No. 40774240

"Now that..." His sentence trailed away briefly as he pointed a hoof at Umi and grinned conspiratorially. "... is something I can't tell you." He brushed his hoof along the hilt of a nearby great sword, marveling at the sapphire hue that lit the silver edge in response to his touch. "We've got a lot of secrets, kid."

... Was it the young phoenix hybrid's imagination, or was there a touch of remorse in the burnt-orange warhorse's voice when he said that?

"The secrets to making some of the weapons in here? Probably aren't secrets we were ever meant to know. We paid for them with blood and sweat and the lives of a lot of my brothers."
>> No. 40774327
Umi looked to Sabot, head tilted, as he set the axe back into it's resting place. He thought on what the stallion said, brow furrowed in concentration. "That's the price we pay sucks, and it hurts to know it, but the death of several, can save the lives of thousands or more." His father had told him that once. War and battle wasn't something to take lightly, and those that did so were as dangerous to themselves and friends, as they were to enemies. "Those secrets have probably saved many times the lives lost, to gain them. I don't doubt that most of the ponies lost were great warriors, and even better friends. But they died serving a cause that keeps ponies that can't protect themselves safe."
>> No. 40775134

Sabot nodded in reply, though he looked as if his mind was elsewhere; he was thinking about what Umi had said, and, while he had known it to be true, it was an ugly truth that he didn't like to think about very often.

"... Here. Lemme show you something, Umi."

The auburn stallion lifted a hoof to his chest, puffing it out to let the pegasus get a better look as he brushed his thick orange fur to the side to reveal a huge, ugly scar running from his neck down, traveling down his chest until it disappeared from sight even though it looked like it went further still. "I should've been one of those ponies. Three years ago, during the War in Heaven. We lost all but a tenth of First Company, and I lost my heart to a madman who wanted to become God. Five days, three years ago. Five days that are still shaping our Legion."
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