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File 142152315113.jpg - (5.11MB , 3648x2736 , cruise-ship.jpg )
40753783 No. 40753783
#Closed #Adventure #General

>The ship rides upon the ocean as all the passengers get situated or explore the vessel. The mid day sun was setting painting the sky a brilliant display of warm colors and the smells of salt and cool winds on what seemed like a warm summers evening. As the sun winds down the lights upon the ship burst into life the crew and passengers mingle a bit as festive music plays through the speakers.

>Open intro

>Feel free to explore or interact with npcs or players.
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>> No. 40753843
File 142152531743.png - (89.04KB , 294x281 , birdcomish.png )
>TUngstite was walking along on the boat, walking past >>40753831
a bear and a deerfolk, before stopping, and doubling back to take another look. A bear and a deerfolk? How odd that seemed to him.
>> No. 40753845

>The deer was looking about for a drink stand.
>> No. 40753848
>Tungstite approaches the young deer

"Hello there, lass. "
>> No. 40753855
File 142152563136.png - (145.63KB , 315x500 , tricky aquarius 12.png )
>A rough looking blue stallion stands before the cage.

"Hey its gonna be awhile before the next performance would you like to go out and mingle with the folks before that?
>> No. 40753858
File 142152566677.png - (24.96KB , 200x200 , spoiler.png )

>Dandelion turns about with an empty cup in her mouth.

>She grabs it with a hoof and speaks.

"Oh hello there! How are you? Lovely weather we are having no?"
>> No. 40753863

>He shrugs. "Seen better, 'n seen worse, lass. I'm fine, though..." he stretches out a bit - pickaxe still in one paw, as always. "How 'bout yerself, lass?"
>> No. 40753878

>Dandelion smiles brightly.

"I'm doing well. My name is Dandelion."

She does a brief curtsey and offers a hoof.
>> No. 40753890
>He reaches out to shake her hoof.

"M'name's Tungstite. Nice t'meet ya, Dandelion."
>> No. 40753911
File 142152662488.png - (805.84KB , 1280x720 , Chimera_-where_do_you_think_you're_going-_S4E17.png )
>Scotch looks up at the strange pony and pushes the cage gate open
Scotch: That seems fine.
Sonya: Will master be mad at us for leaving? Oh, I do hope he won't be mad!
>> No. 40753929
File 142152691441.png - (145.63KB , 315x500 , tricky aquarius 12.png )
Relax I'll take the heat" He said with a smile.
>> No. 40753930
File 142152696846.png - (805.84KB , 1280x720 , Chimera_-where_do_you_think_you're_going-_S4E17.png )
Korno: That sounds fine~
>Scotch stands up out of the cage, stretches, and follows the pony
>> No. 40753931
File 142152706062.png - (570.50KB , 733x366 , Tricky sexy abck.png )
"So why were you in the cage?" He asked.
>> No. 40753941
File 142152724978.png - (805.84KB , 1280x720 , Chimera_-where_do_you_think_you're_going-_S4E17.png )
Scotch: My name is Scotch, I am a performance Chimera. This goat is Sonya and my tail is Korno
Sonya: How do you do?
>> No. 40753948
File 142152732247.png - (95.65KB , 288x368 , tricky head shot.png )
"So what is your act then?" He asked as they trotted out to the main deck.
>> No. 40753974
File 142152781236.png - (805.84KB , 1280x720 , Chimera_-where_do_you_think_you're_going-_S4E17.png )
Scotch: Most of our tricks involve feats of agility and performing multiple tasks at the same time.
>> No. 40753978
>They would walk past the lone griffon as they made their way to the front deck.

"Sound amazing I'll have to see it someday." He said.
>> No. 40753982
File 142152805035.png - (255.29KB , 621x784 , Siv Bust.png )
> They would stick out like a sore thumb to the little Siv.

Oooh! A chimera! What's it doing out here?
>> No. 40753994
So... yer a long way from Cervdas, lass...
>> No. 40753996
File 142152835864.jpg - (424.77KB , 1000x841 , shutterstock_121977952.jpg )

A peppy but tame voice flows out of the intercom of the ship,"Refreshments are now available in the bar~! Come and get your drinks everypony, and hurry up! Last in line is an empty co-co-nut, hehehehaha~!"
>> No. 40753998
File 142152842079.png - (805.84KB , 1280x720 , Chimera_-where_do_you_think_you're_going-_S4E17.png )
Scotch: Yes, indeed.
Korno: Do you have here? I'm quite famished.

Korno: Well hello to you too~
Scotch: Hello.
Sonya: Hiya!
>> No. 40754000
File 142152847507.png - (252.44KB , 1280x720 , Sir Bear.png )
Sir Bear Esquire gets up and heads to the refreshment table to get himself some liquid refreshment as his tea had run out.
>> No. 40754003
File 142152855273.png - (36.68KB , 407x390 , Tricky.png )
"I'm sure the bar has some food and refreshments we could head there." He said.

Care to join us you look a bit young to drink,but I'm sure we can buy you a soda or something.
>> No. 40754010
File 142152867910.png - (115.34KB , 342x556 , tumblr_mvwb0aIwHK1rvikglo1_r1_400.png )

> She gave them a cheerful smile before hearing the intercom.

Oh boy! I hope they put those tiny umbrellas in the glass.

> Siv would giggle.

> She sighed a little bit, but knew that she was too young to be drinking.

Yeaaah, okay.

> smiles at the stallion

Thanks, mister. My name's Siv.
>> No. 40754018
File 142152877744.png - (145.63KB , 315x500 , tricky aquarius 12.png )
"Names Tricky lass,and the chimera introduced themselves earlier. I'm basicly security for the ship." He said being polite.
>> No. 40754020
As he might approach he would spot a mare with a rough brown mane and silky white fur, she's wearing sunglasses and a bright pink flower in her hair. She greets the bear with a casually glazed wave, "Yes monsieur bear, what will you be drinking today?"

Last edited at Sat, Jan 17th, 2015 14:08

>> No. 40754025
File 142152888684.png - (805.84KB , 1280x720 , Chimera_-where_do_you_think_you're_going-_S4E17.png )
>Scotch, Korno, and Sonya all go to the bar. They devour what ever they can find.
>Scotch and Korno devour anything remotely meat-based and Sonya is content with her Salad bar.
>> No. 40754034
File 142152908609.png - (252.44KB , 1280x720 , Sir Bear.png )
He roars and growls a little telling the mare that he would like a glass of fine wine if it was available.

He would see the Chimera in the bar, and if one of the heads would look, he would tip his hat towards the creature with a smile.
>> No. 40754041
"Madame and sirs, that is quite rude, please, I must ask you to stop. Do not scare away my other guest! This is a place of relaxing and fun, so please do take the time to enjoy the food that is available."

"Yes, we have the wine available for you monsieur. What kind would you like?"
>> No. 40754044
Oh that's nice. Found any trouble.

> boops his nose

Psych! No one would wanna start any trouble here.
>> No. 40754047
File 142152930907.png - (805.84KB , 1280x720 , Chimera_-where_do_you_think_you're_going-_S4E17.png )
>Scotch, Korno and Sonya didn't see the fancy, bearlike gentleman. They were much too busy eating as they had not in about a day. Perhaps try again later?

>Korno turns around and hisses before resuming eating.
>Scotch releases a low growl while eating

Last edited at Sat, Jan 17th, 2015 14:20

>> No. 40754051
File 142152939500.png - (252.44KB , 1280x720 , Sir Bear.png )
He would indicate he wanted red wine.

He would shrug seeing as none of the three heads saw him.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 17th, 2015 14:21

>> No. 40754052
File 142152940203.png - (36.68KB , 407x390 , Tricky.png )
"I hope not it's supposed to be a peaceful trip."
>> No. 40754061
Mhmm ^-^

> smiles

I'm gonna get that drink, mister.

> goes to get herself a soda
>> No. 40754065
"Do not make me roll up the newspapier! All guests at the bar must behave. I will leave you be, so long as you keep the destruction and rudness to a minimum."

"A fine choice sir, I will fetch you a wine glass immediately"

With that said, she does proceed to fetch a wineglass, which she carefully fills with a smooth red wine before carefully placing it back in front of the bear on the counter.

"Yes madame, and what would you like? A soda? Very well, here you are! have fun!"

The mare rolls a canned soda up her leg and passes it basket ball style over to the young griffon.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 17th, 2015 14:24

>> No. 40754068
File 142152986308.png - (805.84KB , 1280x720 , Chimera_-where_do_you_think_you're_going-_S4E17.png )
>Scotch turns around and roars at the pony before resuming eating
>> No. 40754073
Hehe, thank you!

> She smiled, taking her soda to drink it
>> No. 40754074
File 142152996207.png - (252.44KB , 1280x720 , Sir Bear.png )
He takes the glass, and takes a sip of said wine, finding it enjoyable, he also grabbed a plate of bacon. A little uncultured of him, but he did like some of the simpler things.
>> No. 40754080
Coco Creme places the news paper on the bar counter, just in case he wants this to escalate, she is prepared.

She back smiled and waved. What a lovely griffon!

She did not blame monsieur bear for his taste, he was a bear after all. She loved soy bacon herself. "Enjoy your meal!"

Last edited at Sat, Jan 17th, 2015 14:32

>> No. 40754126
File 142153182626.jpg - (6.10KB , 194x259 , images (2).jpg )
> A hum of small engines can be heard coming up the sides of the ship. The sound of small hooks clanking against the railings can be heard and ponies begin ascending up the side of the ship The music is cut off as the bridge is shortly overtaken by the pirates. In his dying stand the captain was able to sound the alarm. The music cuts off and a loud siren lets out ponies scream as bullets rend the flesh the party would soon find themselves captured, and cloth sacks placed around their heads. Soon the part would feel something blunt hit them across their heads. All that remains is the sound of loud thuds and hoof trotting on the deck. All the party can remember is the pain in their heads and the feeling of being dragged.

>The ship is then beached on an island and the ponies carry the unconscious party to a series of holding cells in their outpost. Te bags were lifted from their heads as they were pushed into their individual cells,and were locked in.

>A deep raspy but stern voice begins to echo.

"Well well welly well well...What do we have here?" He said with a smile.

"So this "Cruise" he said raising his hooves up making air quotations.

"This cruise you were on was just happening to be traveling the same path as Sir Liams supply ships come by. So I'm sorry for this dreadful mistake,but you can never be too safe." Said the brown colt with a dirty white mane. His cutie mark was that of an ammo box and a flag.

"Were going to make some calls,and see if yall are worth letting live. If you are it'll be your lucky day..If not well you will make some fine mounted heads on our wall."

Chapter 1 END

Next saturday Chapter 2 Out of the sea,and into the jungle.
>> No. 40761346
File 142214780059.png - (216.04KB , 894x894 , julius_belmont_by_shadowxsonic1-d4ib0um.png )
>The Stallion leaves the cell block leaving three guards walk into cell block and begins patrolling the area. There hooves clank against the concrete floor.

>They are armed with standard hoof guns.
>> No. 40761349
File 142214795542.png - (150.94KB , 779x1024 , artist syekun.png )

>Looks about fearfully. She did not want to die.
>> No. 40761368
>Does much the same
>> No. 40761370
File 142214881961.png - (255.29KB , 621x784 , Siv Bust.png )
> Looks around, scared. She was confused about what was happening and where she was at. Siv would look around, wondering if she was all alone in her cell.
>> No. 40761371
>Scotch sits in the corner, licking her wounds. Sonya and Korno look around.
>> No. 40761378
File 142214915848.png - (252.44KB , 1280x720 , Sir Bear.png )
And the bear was there too, giving a low, yet soft growl.
>> No. 40761387
File 142214941905.jpg - (65.02KB , 640x360 , wrex.jpg )

>One of the stallions begins to shake the bars of the cells ,and stares at the deer with a menacing look.

"Think the boss man will let us have some fun before we get rid of them?" The stallion asked his two companions who were walking around the others cells.

>A white earth pony with a brown mane looks at the young birdfolk.

"Nah I think we have a few we can make some bits off of by trafficking them here."


"Aye Boys look at these beasts we could make a pair of boots,and a coat,and maybe a rake out of em." He said with a laugh,and some keys jingled from his belt his dark grey coat and dark brown mane seems matted with mud,and possibly blood.
>> No. 40761390
File 142214951649.png - (252.44KB , 1280x720 , Sir Bear.png )
Sir Bear Esquire sees the wounded creature and being the kind bear he was, decided to look, and give a soft, but concerned growl.
>> No. 40761395
> She made a fearful noise as the pony looked at her. Her heart was pounding and she wasn't sure what she was going to do to get out of this, or if she could at all.
>> No. 40761397
>Listens in on this and growls at them...
>> No. 40761410
Scotch: I got injured after the crash.
>She says, licking her wound still

>Korno looks at the keys, waiting for the guard to turn away
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