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#Ask/invite #Canon: N.M.R.I.H #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Semi-serious #Crazy

The community of Pleasant Hills was once a wonderful city before the outbreak. There were schools,and arcades,and hospitals you think it i can name a place that had it. Now its just a dump full of scavengers, mutated cats, and zombie hookers...But there better question right now at this given moment is where the hell are you?! Yes you?! A voice would ask loudly over the airwaves. Anyone who's lived this long know that mares voice by now it was Moon Tan The only glimmer of any salvation in this city.
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>> No. 40778994
File 142346108365.png - (34.82KB , 317x396 , trickpor1.png )
>Tricky would wake from his resting place an old rusted fire escape hanging from the side of an apartment building. He would hear the shuffling and snares from the dead below. As he brushed the crumbs of Hays Chips from his fur and jacket.

>He lets out a might yawn.

"She is still trying to help ponies after all this time..That's dedication right there. He thought to himself as he rubbed his eyes and began to look through the grates.

Pony shufflers below how lame.. He thought as he got up and climbed to the roof.
>> No. 40778995
Kinzie would be half awake in a dumpster as she heard the broadcast. With a yawn she would rub her eyes, figuring now was about as good a time as ever to start her day. After opening up the lid of the trash, she looked around, seeing that no infected got past her traps. The mare would hop out, heading out of the alleyway. As she headed out, she noticed one of the infected caught in her bear trap. It was her last one that worked properly, and this zombie managed to break it while trying to crawl towards her.

After putting the damned thing to rest with the butt of her shotgun, she would head off to the nearby grocery store in hopes of getting food. Little did she know that she was sleeping underneath the same building as an unknown stallion.
>> No. 40778996
File 142346151715.png - (30.65KB , 287x396 , trickport2.png )
Well what do you know maybe there's more hope than listening to Moon on the radio..Looks like I found another survivor. He mumbled under his breath as he began searching for away to get to the roof of the grocery store.

Wis roll: 1d20 = 9 to scan the surroundings for a way there.
>> No. 40778998
File 142346169185.png - (35.77KB , 287x396 , trickport3.png )

No way across..I'll have to go through the building and hit the streets,but on the bright side the streets seem clear. He thought to himself as he exited the roof via the roof access and began the descent down three or four flights of stairs.

>He would then cross the street,and observe the mare through the grocery store windows.
>> No. 40778999
File 142346192277.jpg - (104.08KB , 1584x1178 , Kinzie4.jpg )
She went to the door of the store, climbing in through the busted glass window door before holding her weapon up as she looked around. She wasn't sure what she would find. More than likely other survivors already pillaged the area for all it was worth.

1d20 = 15
She tries to find some food.
>> No. 40779001
File 142346214840.png - (35.77KB , 287x396 , trickport3.png )
>You find some cereal the brand is Corn Puffs,and the box seems to be intact.

>Meanwhile Tricky would move to the broken window,and continue watching the mare,and occasionally glancing behind him for any shufflers.

fate encounter 1d100 = 38

>pls dont go below 50 ;.;
>> No. 40779006
> roll fate

1d100 = 32
>> No. 40779009
File 142346248598.gif - (607.42KB , 160x200 , tumblr_mucq4n3DdE1qap2x6o4_250.gif )

Fate= 70

>There seems to be some undead off in the distance,but they have not noticed you yet so it is presumably safe for now. Just pray you don't do anything to alert them.
>> No. 40779012
"Psssttt.. Hey umm Unicorn mare pony..Grab what you can carry,and be quick the trotting dead ain't to far behind us if you catch my drift..Also see if you can find me a bag of Hays potato chips." He whispered loudly through the broken window.
>> No. 40779018
She almost screamed after hearing his voice. Kinzie pointed her gun at him before looking over to see the infected. Kinzie climbed out of the store, trying to head in the direction where the infected seemed to not be.
>> No. 40779021
File 142346306884.png - (145.63KB , 315x500 , tricky aquarius 12.png )
"Hey wait up!" He shouted then put his hooves over his mouth.

Shit time to run now moron! He thought to himself,and began galloping after the unicorn.
>> No. 40780137
As she kept on running, she would quickly turn around, pointing her weapon at the stallion.

"Who are you, and why are you following me?"

She kept looking behind him to make sure none of the infected were closing in.
>> No. 40780144
File 142354519935.png - (30.65KB , 287x396 , trickport2.png )
>He stops dead in his tracks.

"Well I think that would be obvious your the only thing out her currently not trying to eat my flesh,and shit,and possibly your like the first survivor I've seen so far. So I took a gamble on guessing you were friendly. Judging by the gun in my face I'm gonna assume that was a mistake." He said as he was sweating bullets.

"As for who I am... I'm Tricky Aquarius I guess thats assuming if names still matter anymore during these times." He said not wanting to turn his back to the mare with a gun to his face,but is slightly worried about some undead thing grabbing as he has watched too much shit about zombies.

"So what your name, And did you grab the chips I asked for?" He asked.
>> No. 40780152
File 142354547122.png - (228.64KB , 1224x1080 , First Kinzie tablet sketch.png )
Still holding her gun up, she looked back one more time before looking to him.

"My name's Kinzie... we should leave..."

With that, she tossed her gun on her back before running away from where she was.

"You know where we could hide?" she asked.
>> No. 40780159
File 142354578477.png - (35.77KB , 287x396 , trickport3.png )
>He would follow behind her leaving a sigh of relief.

"Yeah...Rooftops are relatively safe....But if you mean like something more reliable I've been trying to find a map of this place and head to the radio station...But until then..I got my own place for when I'm not scavenging for supplies. It's a block or two away from here on 7th street in the old arcade. District still has some power there. I can take us there if you want?" He asked still galloping next to her.
>> No. 40780162
She was quiet for a few seconds. Kinzie nodded her head before looking to him.

"Alright, let's head there," she said, following him now.
>> No. 40780192
File 142354676418.png - (34.82KB , 317x396 , trickpor1.png )
>They would travel fast through the ruined streets sidewalks littered with cars,and newspapers being blown around from banshee like wind the smell of charred meat and singed hair fills the streets,and assault there sense of smell and taste.

>After a few moments you arrive at an old arcade the light occasionally flickered and the neon name would light up" Pixel Buster Arcade".

"Welcome to my lil shit hole in this side of the new and forsaken Pleasant Hills." He said with a regular tone and inside voice as to not alert any shufflers who may be lurking about.

"It's not paradise but its been home for a few months now." He said as he un barricaded the door from the soda machines he pressed against the door.

>With an exhausted he began to pant.

"Don't Worry once were inside I'll barricade it from within. Also i have already boarded up the windows" He said as he caught his breath.

"So come on in and take a load off. Just don't unload your weapon in my skull like you were thinking about doing back there." He said as a joke as he went inside.

>Inside was rather clean except for some blood here and there spilled sodas,and pizza boxes and a few overturned tables. A few machines were powered on and working like Ghosts and Goblins,and Contra. the pixelated music was low but filled the building

>He would plop down in the closest booth lay on his back and stare at the ceiling above.

"Let me rest for a few mins,and I'll barricade us in for the night." He said.

>Feel free to look around the area.
>> No. 40791923
File 142433914262.png - (175.16KB , 1224x1080 , Kinzie Standing Awkward.png )
As Kinzie looked around the room, she raised an eyebrow.

"... You seem to be doing well, despite the situation. Has no one ever tried to come in here to take your stuff?" she asked. "Ponies don't tend to do well when they're a little too hungry, you know?"

She didn't really mean to sound so harsh to the stallion. Kinzie just never trusted too many ponies these days. They all seem to have a one track mind, and willing to walk alone with a decent future than to work with anyone else.
>> No. 40791924
File 142433969516.png - (36.68KB , 407x390 , Tricky.png )
>He would hop up and push a machine over to block the door.

"Well I actually was running with some other survivors,but well we got caught off guard by some winged death. Zombified pegasia that still maintained their ability to fly some how.Needless to say the other stallion and his colt didn't quite survive the attack,and i bolted,but that was eh happier er times before the outbreak got so bad...Besides you and a few pegasia I see in the sky sometimes i aint seen many survivors. As for raiders...I'd Imagine they would go for the radio station before knocking over an arcade considering they have a pony with medical experience anyway. I'd say were in a decent area. The hospital in the lower part of this city is where all the looters and scavengers would be is my guess." He said with a sigh of relief.

"Which is good i ain't much for taking a living creatures life." He said with a smile.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 19th, 2015 02:55

>> No. 40791926
File 142434120123.png - (116.00KB , 432x893 , Kinzie Cute Sitting.png )
"Ah, I see. Well a hospital seems like trouble waiting to happen. I imagine several infected lurk about there. Many sick ponies probably tried going there when the infection started, who knows how many stayed."

She tapped her chin.

"I'd recommend we stay close to the buildings to avoid the pegasi... but... how long can we stay here?"
>> No. 40791927
File 142434145952.png - (35.77KB , 287x396 , trickport3.png )
"I've been here for a few weeks...I had the occasional group of trotters come by,but I'd say it won't be long for a larger herd to come through and tear this place down." He said with a huff.

"I'd like to get to the library..Or perhaps a tourist stand or something. You know try and find a map. So i can find this radio station.The host makes it sound like a safe heaven..or at least a temp one. you know?" He said as he scratched his head.
>> No. 40791928
Kinzie nodded her head.

"Agreed. We should take as much stuff as we can and head out within the next few days. I don't want to wait until things get bad before we actually do anything."

She looked around at what was in the room they were in. Her main focus was on the machinery that had games, and how they were being powered. She took more focus on them, really.
>> No. 40791929
File 142434213506.png - (105.89KB , 434x370 , tricky3.png )

"Well ain't much in this arcade except for sugary junk.." He said he flopped back down in the booth.

"To damn paranoid to cook anything cause what if they smell it you know." He said staring back at the ceiling.

Thoughts began to run through his head about asking her about what she did before this mess,and if she met any other survivors,but he figured dwelling on the past might not be the right thing to do.

Instead he asked.

"Anything you want from these old machines i could probably open them I'm sure the keys here somewhere."

Last edited at Thu, Feb 19th, 2015 03:36

>> No. 40792816
"We'll take what we can. It'll be better than nothing."

She looked at the machines, staring at them curiously before looking back to Tricky.

"Sure. Hmmm, what's your name again?"
>> No. 40794143
File 142451732776.png - (42.15KB , 182x314 , tricky by lesboo.png )
"The name is Tricky Aquarius mam. Can't believe you forgot already." He said with a chuckle as he stared at the ceiling.
>> No. 40827803
File 142693032279.jpg - (19.31KB , 200x197 , 3054f88956481843b75c57942199c7511396887894_large.jpg )
"Oh... right... my bad."

She opened one of the machines that wasn't working, fiddling around with it's parts to see what was keeping it in it's current condition.

"Might as well give myself something to do while we're here. What time of day is it right now, anyways?" she asked, messing around with the wiring to see it's internal wiring and to see if she could possibly do anything to fix it.
>> No. 40828010
File 142696004397.png - (734.21KB , 597x681 , yawnanananana.png )
>It would seem to have a few loose wires and a blown fuse.

"If I had to guess it would be almost three or four pm by now. Those things become slightly more active at night." He said as he sat up.
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