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40792032 No. 40792032
#Open #Canon: A Side Worth Fighting For #Adventure #Violence #FiM-only #Serious #Normal

When Equestria set out for the stars, under the rule of the Representative, they started out by building mining operations to bring back to their home. Eventually the idea of space had become a common interest for the typical Equestrian and soon space stations and colonies invited ponies to live out beyond their atmosphere. The newly formed populations believed that the Representatives control no longer applied to them and seceded. Equestrian forces fought against these communities but gave due to the high costs of sending military forces out in to space and Equestrian involvement was drastically reduced. The colonies with their new found freedom soon created their own factions, took up territories and celestial bodies, and amassed small armies to defend themselves. It was at this time history entered a new era where it was unknown what the future will hold for these settlers and for you as well.

Rules and Guidelines
Combat: All combat like the last thread is based on the Honor's System unless a dispute arises then a dice roll will determine the outcome. All dice rolls are final unless I am asked to change the situation.

Play Style: In the last thread the story was basically a get from point A to point a B format. This time there is no main story instead you will be faced with challenges and problems, from there you will try to solve them or not. When you go to rp here instead of it being like, "How do I progress through the story?" it'll be more like, "How would I live my life in this situation?". I will be sure to put some side stories you could follow to keep things interesting.

Joining: This is again open so anyone can join. If you have problems trying to join or jump in, let me know so I can get you set up.

Factions: In this roleplay you will get to met some factions. Some are nice and others not so much. You will get to interact with them and develope either allies or the bitterest of enemies. They also have relations among each other so if you help one another might not like you. To put it simply if you help red while blue doesn't like red, then blue will begin to not like you.

(here is the current list of factions/will expand if this becomes popular)


Knights of the Alicorns

Grey Sail Pirates

Compendium of Technologies

Thanks for reading an I hope you'll join. If you have any questions please or any problems let me know.
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>> No. 40814822
File 142592902546.png - (76.40KB , 499x430 , les sign.png )
"dunno yet...I haven't found many mares on this station...yeah I said mare" she smirked "I'm a lesbian."
she giggles and knocked back another glass.
"but when I do find the one...I want a little station like this one to call home."
>> No. 40814838
File 142592960204.jpg - (560.10KB , 1780x2200 , HW_Humanised.jpg )
> He gets a little shocked, but then again smiles and sips more beer.
Well,.. how about this one? I still think it's the best one. Maybe I wasn't on others...
> For a while he thinks, then suddenly adds.
Still, in Stalliongrad no one will offend you for being a lesbian. Only gays. They're dumbflanks.
>> No. 40814891
File 142593129476.png - (119.21KB , 924x864 , pinkamena_is_not_amused_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d6g49r7.png )
"you know...Um..."
she was a bit lost for words
"Being a lesbian means I'm gay for other mares...I don't like guys..."
she said blinking
"And...why is love looked down upon in that way?" she narrowed her eyes wondering
>> No. 40814972
Sorry for not starting any new quests, I'm just waiting for this weekend since that's when we see most of our activity.

"Not sure why, I just focus on other things rather than love so I'm not well experienced in that field."
>> No. 40815686
Neither do I. And still, I do know what this word means, no need to tell me that.
>> No. 40816271
Okay, this Saturday I will unfortunately be unavailable for the entire day because I have to go and participate in the Forensics competition. However I will be here to post on Sunday so I'll most likely make it so that we celebrate our 500 post festival on this thread amd then move on KotA's faction story. So now go on ahead and post what ideas you guys would like to have in the celebration!

"Anyways the Colony will be celebrating a festival soon and SilverWord has some of us going around to get some ideas for it. I was thinking we could have a Bon Odori."
>> No. 40816593
File 142605773456.png - (717.61KB , 5134x3493 , cermella_2_by_cider_crave-d5p4v2k.png )
she smiled "peace would be another wish though..."
"Just clarifying." she smiled
>> No. 40816918
> Gears sadly smiled.
Peace... Nothing but a word. It's a dream that would never come true, or it's just for me, i don't know...
> He sips more.
For last years, I was feeling that I'm getting more and more cruel, and so, I was treating my inner demon by murdering. No matter - ponies, griffons, robots, but that gave me some sort of controlling this incredible power. So, if I would stop shooting for a long period of time, I'm sure I will end up very bad.
>> No. 40817074
"Maybe what your feeling is part of your shadow. You know the rejected traits that have been put aside by your conscious."
>> No. 40817987
File 142615068206.png - (150.33KB , 789x1012 , pinkamina_by_ifoxtrax-d5ggtqz.png )
she raised up her glass in agreement with Crit.
"Look inside yourself and answers you will find."
>> No. 40817994
I've already done it, Cherry. Nothing but muscules, lungs, heart, and so on. But when doctor saw me last time, he said: "You look like an overloaded computer: you overheat each time you need to do anything. And do you know what happens when computer overheats too much? It explodes."
> He finishes his beer.
So, I found two sources of liquid cooling: booze and blood. And things are not so bad as I thought years later.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 12th, 2015 09:15

>> No. 40818823
Critical gave a concerned look.

"Huh, I don't think you'd explode, most devices have some fail safe or program that automatically shuts itself down before any serious damage can occur to the hardware. But besides that, I'm sure you'll be fine, just take the day straight on and when all of that is said and done walk away with your chin held high."
>> No. 40819306
File 142622449470.png - (119.21KB , 924x864 , pinkamena_is_not_amused_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d6g49r7.png )
"....not what I meant gear..." she said facehoofing

she looked at Crit and shrugged at him
>> No. 40819816
File 142627254974.jpg - (1.19MB , 3264x1552 , spoiler.jpg )
He-he-he. I do know what did you mean, Cherry. Just joking.

> He nods, but adds, smiling at him:
Heh, but he only problem that I am the device that was made to explode. But at least I think I found a fuse. And as I got the day off, I'll defuse myself before explosion will happen.
Just thought: that could be an interesting explosion. One blast - three dead: murdered lucky scavenger, raped and headless neighponian lesbian samurai and suicided stalliongrad hacker. Luckily, that's an abandoned idea.

Picrelated: the idea of canon name's style.
>> No. 40819873
"Well don't go and off yourself because I'm sure you still have plenty to live for."

Great artwork! That is a lot better than what I would have done. Just please don't make your character explode or kill any of ours. We already had to deal with that incident with Big Honk and we barely recovered from that.
>> No. 40819899
That's what I call a reason. Glenda, please, more beer. 10 bits cost, 280 remains.

The word "abandoned" means I wouldn't do so. And thanks, but I still have some more work, so I'm afraid that will be a lot of time before I'll draw the background and three (sic!) characters. I think I won't include Rai on the foreground.

Gonna sleep, btw. Night.
>> No. 40820474
File 142631751589.png - (43.46KB , 778x1028 , happy_pinkamena_by_99xua-d5f1xg3.png )
she smirked and shook her head
"you are a silly one....So gear...the earth is still intact in this timeline?"
>> No. 40820529

Хер её знает, I don't know. Actually, I woke up in a life support capsule of some kinda transport ship, absolutely alone. I can't even say how much time I was in that condition, but my last memories before that belong to days when Earth was still fine...
>> No. 40821238
I'm back after a 10 hour competition, didn't win anything at all either. Oh well student congress is tough.

"Well Earth is still in good shape and all, it's just that it is still under the rule of the Representative."

Sorry I'm still working on the lore.
>> No. 40821768

Wait a second. Who are those Representatives? What are they doing here?

>> No. 40821926
File 142640713100.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
"I have a feeling that something isn't right about calling something "The Representative"...."
she said skeptical.
>> No. 40822041
Glenda returned and gave GearWheel the beer. Critical then straightens up in his chair.

"The Representative was the final member of the communion during the Pony Gryphon War. During those times nobody was allowed to see them face to face so they communicated through broadcasts. This lead ponies to believe that there was a whole organization ruling Equestria where as in reality it was secretly a dictatorship. After the war about a hundred years or so ponies knew that nobody should be able to live that long, so they stormed the capitol building to find that the representative was actually a computer. Only a few ponies lived to tell that tale and it sparked rebellion. Unfortunately it was quickly put down and they had to accept the fact that they would live under the rule of an immortal king. Fortunately since we live out in space, we live outside the Representative's law."

Critical laughed a little.

"The Representative wouldn't go after us, even if we sang the Crystal Empire Anthem."
>> No. 40822233

> He shook his head, took his beer and said:
...oh, shit. So my predictions came true.
> He sips before continuing.
Once I wrote down that if one machine will ever pass the Turing test... it's the test that could tell if you are communicating with human or computer... ponies and griffons will be replaced by robots for ever...

We're doomed, Crit. Even if it wouldn't reach us now, it will become more powerful, it will be smarter then any of us... and the worst thing, it will realise its power. It will wipe the entire civilisations, and we will become nothing more than slaves...

> After a little pause, he quitely added:

...Representative has to be destroyed. At all costs, as it never ever existed. Maybe we won't defeat it, but I am absolutely sure: either ponies destroy machine, or machine destroys ponies. And there's no third option. Remember: you all were noticed.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 15th, 2015 11:11

>> No. 40822641
"Hopefully we might pull something off like that but it will have to wait another time."

Critical stood up and dizzily walked over to the door.

"I'm a bit tired so I'll be heading off to my room in the hotel. If you need a place to crash, talk to the receptionist and get you a room if you haven't already."

In my last thread it had actually featured the Representative and I gave Big Honk the option to choose whether or not to kill him. Even though she didn't I do admire that her reasons were of her own personal morality even though that's not what I would have done. Anyways it will be interesting to bring him back and see how you guys will interact with this character but of course only in due time.
>> No. 40823861

No, I've already reserved one. Maybe I'll go here after some more time, now gonna stay here for a while.
> He looked at his dizzy walk and added:
In case of your drunk condition, be careful on your way there!
>> No. 40824407
"Don't worry, I'll be fine and what not. Just need to get some rest."

Critical walked out and into the common area of the colony.

Anyone want to join? Now's a good time!
>> No. 40824885

It was 1:40 here at the moment you posted.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 17th, 2015 22:38

>> No. 40825238
Oh, I had meant that where we were in the thread was a good time for someone new to join. Not in real world time.
>> No. 40825942

Okay then. But no one wanted to join...
>> No. 40826455
Are there any specifics I should know about before I join?
>> No. 40826548

> Nope. Just read this (>>40792032), and setting your name is optional, but preferrable.

> Also, Crit will answer soon, so he'll help you to jump in.
>> No. 40826838
Hello, I am interested in joining, but I was wanting to know if OP has skype.
>> No. 40826864

Not really sure, and I dunno how to make you appear in this canon now. 'Cause Crit doesn't really trust me :(

Let's see what I could do. For now, just wait, okay?
>> No. 40827204
Okay I'm back, so let's see if we can put your characters in. Basically all you really need is a name and just post regularly. A picture of your OC would be nice so we can have an idea of what your character looks like and that's it. So this Saturday I will have all day to myself so I'll be starting the second mission of the KotA faction.

The rest of the evening passed on and it was soon morning. Outside by the fountain, Critical was speaking with SilverWord with a concerned expression.

If you have trouble jumping in then let me know so I can help you.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 21st, 2015 06:43

>> No. 40827802
Well, I was actually wanting to know a little more about the factions. Would you mind linking me to posts that explain it better or summarizing them here if you don't mind?
>> No. 40827810
I still haven't finished the lore on the google docs but I'll go ahead and tell you what you need to know about the Knights.
The Knights of the Alicorns are a group of well trained soldiers that go about space collecting technology much like the Compendium of Technologies. Their intentions are unknown since they often keep interactions with outsiders low. They consider themselves as the last followers of the Princesses and serve in their memory.
>> No. 40827880
Is anyone available to rp? Also gonna put SilverWord text in >blue.

"Listen this mission, it's a bit much. I mean to help transport something like that, I just don't know how they would respond."

>"Critical I need you to do this so that we can find out what they will be using it for. Besides it would be better if it is in their possession rather than some marauder gang."
>> No. 40827974

Ready as never.
>> No. 40828617
Okay, the time has come. If you've been roleplaying here or just been watching the thread then it should be obvious for you to see that we haven't been getting much activity. With that said the thread is on its last legs and is almost dead. So I decided that since this isn't just my thread but all of ours, we are going to have a vote whether or not to abandon the thread. If I don't see any votes by tomorrow night at 9:00 (US Eastern time) then I will let Lady Luck decide with one single dice roll. If this does die then as I promised earlier that I would create a Fallout Equestria thread but stay completely separate from the game series and the fan fictions. So go on ahead to vote to stay frontier ponies or become stable dwellers.
>> No. 40828897

Let's do it this way: if two more people vote to save this thread, I'll do so too. But now: abandon.

Crit, before you'll make Fallout Equestria roleplay, make an /ooc/ signup thread to be sure that anyone will join.
>> No. 40828923
I'll be sure to do that and also we have about 11 and a half hours remaining be fore a decision is made. Seras and Anon I know you didn't get a chance to roleplay here but I do hope you join the next thread.
>> No. 40829470
File 142707269687.png - (262.21KB , 610x343 , The thread.png )
Well since there is no one who wants to save this thread, as DM I officially declare it dead. We had a good run especially since I basically popped in out of nowhere where as others are not so fortunate with their threads. I want to give a big thanks to all of those who contributed their time to this roleplay, their suggestions to make it better, and any artwork that was done for this thing. Now it's time to say farewell to the Frontier so we can move onward. So let your dice rolls be high and the number of traps in the dungeon be low.

So with the Fallout thread I am hoping to finally create a more open world thread so I would like for you to be a co-DM, only if you want to Gears.
>> No. 40829639

Just tell me what to do, and this will happen. My answer is yes.
>> No. 40830075
Just make sure that anyone who joins finds a place to jump in and you must interact with their character in some way, just regular DM stuff. Also you have to check the thread numerous times a day to be sure that nobody is left out. And most importantly, even more important than the things I already said, make sure the players are having fun. Right now I'm planning to have the ooc up tomorrow ASAP.
>> No. 40830081

Got it. I'll make sure everyone will enjoy this canon, don't worry about that. Farewell to the Frontier, though...
>> No. 40830088
Yeah, even though we didn't have it open world like I planned, probably because nobody had any locations in space to go to, it was still a pretty good thread. Also that reminds me, if you could draw a map a Stalliongrad so that our characters could explore it if we get bored of Equestria. It's a bit much to ask for so this is completely optional.
>> No. 40830105

I prefer to call the country Sovietia, and Stalliongrad is just one of its cities. I'd enjoy making it. And check my sketch on /art/. I can't figure out why it was uploaded THAT way...
>> No. 40831079
The Sign up is ready to go!!!

Also nice artwork, my imaginary hat is off to you.
>> No. 40831082
Damn it. Some shit happened, such as:
1. Your name disappeared.
2. Your document needs some kind of 'permission' to open.

Better check what happened.
>> No. 40831238
Okay I fixed and tested the google doc so anyone should be able to view it. This was the first I did something like this and I didn't know that you needed to publish the document. As for my name being anon, it doesn't really matter especially since I can edit the post.
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