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40792032 No. 40792032
#Open #Canon: A Side Worth Fighting For #Adventure #Violence #FiM-only #Serious #Normal

When Equestria set out for the stars, under the rule of the Representative, they started out by building mining operations to bring back to their home. Eventually the idea of space had become a common interest for the typical Equestrian and soon space stations and colonies invited ponies to live out beyond their atmosphere. The newly formed populations believed that the Representatives control no longer applied to them and seceded. Equestrian forces fought against these communities but gave due to the high costs of sending military forces out in to space and Equestrian involvement was drastically reduced. The colonies with their new found freedom soon created their own factions, took up territories and celestial bodies, and amassed small armies to defend themselves. It was at this time history entered a new era where it was unknown what the future will hold for these settlers and for you as well.

Rules and Guidelines
Combat: All combat like the last thread is based on the Honor's System unless a dispute arises then a dice roll will determine the outcome. All dice rolls are final unless I am asked to change the situation.

Play Style: In the last thread the story was basically a get from point A to point a B format. This time there is no main story instead you will be faced with challenges and problems, from there you will try to solve them or not. When you go to rp here instead of it being like, "How do I progress through the story?" it'll be more like, "How would I live my life in this situation?". I will be sure to put some side stories you could follow to keep things interesting.

Joining: This is again open so anyone can join. If you have problems trying to join or jump in, let me know so I can get you set up.

Factions: In this roleplay you will get to met some factions. Some are nice and others not so much. You will get to interact with them and develope either allies or the bitterest of enemies. They also have relations among each other so if you help one another might not like you. To put it simply if you help red while blue doesn't like red, then blue will begin to not like you.

(here is the current list of factions/will expand if this becomes popular)


Knights of the Alicorns

Grey Sail Pirates

Compendium of Technologies

Thanks for reading an I hope you'll join. If you have any questions please or any problems let me know.
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>> No. 40792036
You can hear a hissing sound while the door opens as you awaken in a small sleep pod. Your head feels numb and you can't remember the past few days. In the room you see machines identical to the one you are currently in but it is impossible to see what's inside of them.

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>> No. 40792078
File 142436890403.png - (215.71KB , 2072x2584 , HW_V_1_1.png )
> That was the first sound that Gearwheel exhaled when he suddenly opened his eyes.
W... where am I?
> He machinally tries to grab something from his back, but finds his hooves empty.
Hack, my shotgun!
> He finally stands up.
Okay, if it seems to be a nightmare, I should discover what it is about.
> He looks around trying to find at least his little piece of headgear to contact ALYS, his companion AI, and ask it if there's any information about this place.
>> No. 40792115
It displayed info that showed that he was on an Equestrian Space Tourist Ship. Unfortunately since the secession Equestrian tech was not up to date with most space equipment so it couldn't tell where he was going. Suddenly a voice, with sound errors and static due to age, started to speak through some speakers in the room.

"Welcome loyal citizen of the Representative. You have been given the rare opportunity to live among the stars so that we may expand our humble empire. This prerecorded message is here to tell you some things you should be aware of about the dangers of space. 1 You should never exit any airtight rooms without your personal field armor. The armor will be given to you at the end of the flight. 2 You should not go into any restricted area on pain of death as by law. 3 All personnel are required to register their profile upon departure."

The recording stops and it is silent again. A door opens leading into another room.
>> No. 40792123
> "It displayed..."
> What is "it"? Is that means ALYS?
>> No. 40792129
Whoops I think I read your post wrong sorry bout' that.

In the second room there were two large doors on opposite sides of each other. The walls had pegs protruding off of them each holding a necklace, perhaps this was the field armor. Ahead Gearwheel could see an opening that lead into the pilot's cabin and how it was empty he could assume that he was on an automatic flight.
>> No. 40792140
You didn't answered my question. By default: I can use ALYS in this canon.
> He didn't frightened that voice, but even turned to it but saw nothing. He listened it carefully though.
Darn it.
> He finds his small headphone and attatche it to his ear, but before he turns it on, the door opens.
Woah. Let's see what we have there.
> He goes through the door.
Hmm... What's that?
> He goes to one of those necklaces and looks at it properly without even touching.

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>> No. 40792143
No problem with bringing any tech that you created along with you. As for not answering your question again I am sorry so I'm just gonna let it be that your A.I. told you where you were.

The necklace hangs there. The band is made of stainless steel and it has a latch system so tying it will not be required. At the very bottom of it is a glass bulb with a tiny crystalline structure with wires attached to it so it can project its shielding.

In the distance he could start to see that the ship was getting near some space station and the prerecorded voice appeared again.

"Now approaching Colony 427b9"

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>> No. 40792150
> He takes it and activates the headphone. It's slightly beeps and goes into the ear. Now it can't be seen without knowing about it's here.
ALYS, can you hear me?
< Ugh, yes. What the buck happened? >
That's the question I wanted you to ask at first.
< I don't know. Looks like I've survived an EMP attack, 'cause my last week data has disappeared. >
A-hacking-mazing. Anyway, what's that thing, you think?
< Unknown tech. At least, nothing harmful. >
> He wears this necklace and sees that they're near the station.
Okay, let's take a visit to that Colony 42-blablabla.

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>> No. 40792154
The glows as he puts it on and a ray shield emits from it covering his entire body. Once it was finished the shielding became transparent but he could tell that it still remained This shielding will allow you to take a few bullets as well as travel outside without a big, clunky suit.

Once the ship got close enough, tethers shot out from the colony's hangar and brought the ship inside. The right door opened up to reveal a small group of ponies all of them armed with laser weaponry waited outside. Their faces had fear and confusion since they didn't know what to expect would come out of this Equestrian transport.
>> No. 40792170
Just as the scene where Darth Vader got on the Death Star, lol
> He saw its glowing on him.
Woah. At least, a shield.
< Hmm... Really similar. >
> He goes out of the ship and dumbly looks at those soldiers... or similar to them.
> ALYS jokingly, but silently plays a Darth Vader (ponif.: Dark Invader(?)) theme.
< Tam, tam, tam, tam-ta-ram, tam-ta-ram... >
shut the hack up.
> He said that silently, without even moving his lips.

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>> No. 40792180
The ponies glare at him not sure whether the music was supposed to be funny or it was some sick joke. An old pegasus walks up to the front of the crowd. His mane was white, and his coat grey.

"Hello stranger. I have to ask, who are you?"

The other ponies see him do this and lowers their guns in respect.
>> No. 40792188
> He awkwardly smiles, trying to handle himself from running away.
My name is Gearwheel Hackwrench. I came with peace.
> That was a lie. He had no idea what he's doing here, but this phrase was the most suitable in this case.
>> No. 40792210
The pegasus motions the others to leave and they do so.

"My name is SilverWord, I'm the leader of this colony. Here come with me we can talk more in the common area."

They leave and GearWheel is met with the sight of a couple buildings and a grand fountain at the center.

"Now GearWheel we here are a community and like any other we have specific needs and those needs are met by the ponies who live here. You see our life support system is starting to fail and normally we would send some scavenger to find parts to fix it but we ran into a few snags. I can't force you to do this for us but if you do you will be well paid and will most definitely earn a place in this community."
>> No. 40792233
It's still me, from mobile.
> Actually, he didn't see that there was anything wrong. But the opportunity of kinda work there made him feel not so lost at last.
No problems, I'll do that for you, but I need to get a slight rest after that flight.
Actually, I'm going to sleep soon.
>> No. 40792266
Alright then later. I'll just leave this post for when you come back
"Okay to the west of here is a small mining facility that used to be run by Equestria. Now it's been long abandoned. The problem is that the robots are still there patrolling the area and the life support for the mining facility closed off with a password which judging the kind of tech you're wearing shouldn't be too much of a problem. Before you go, check in with the general good store here so you can be properly equipped and be sure to speak with the scavenger who went there already, he'll make a great guide and will be able to get you where you need to go once you get there. He hangs out around the fountain on a normal basis so it's best to check there for him."
>> No. 40792875
I'm back. Morning, Crit.
> After that, Gears went to Silverword. He was told about the task and two places to visit before he'll get there.
Yes, you're right, I think that password wouldn't be a huge problem: even if my AI couldn't hack it, I'll decrypt the code manually.
> He chose to check that scavenger first.

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>> No. 40793355
File 142446813881.png - (65.13KB , 900x650 , modernscifiCriticalHit.png )
I'm not sure if it's morning for you or not but whatever, Good Morning Gears!
GearWheel approaches the water fountain and among the common rabble he notices a unicorn sticking out and the unicorn notices GearWheel as well and goes over to him.

"Well well, what do we have here? Just by looking at you I can tell you couldn't find your way out of a paper bag."

His facial expression quickly changes from anger to something a bit nicer.

"Bah I'm just screwin with ya. The name's Critical nice to meet you. Is it safe to assume you're the tech expert that can get past that security lock?"
>> No. 40794113
> He gets closer to him.
Not the only thing I could do. I also can handle with weapons, and ALYS, my AI, assists with hacking, if it's possible. Name's Gears, by the way. If it's possible, I would like to get the info about my mission, and the map or just if there are more either big or small rooms. You know, I don't want to get stuck in the main hall with a shotgun.
>> No. 40794149
"The mission here is simple, all we have to do is reach the life support room in the mining facility and take the power generator from it. Normally if some machine needs some new power source we just use any other generator but life support takes up quite a bit of energy and using the average generator will cause brown outs or even a black out and we can't afford the risk. Once we get it back here the engineers will take care of the rest, easy peasy right? Now as for the map, we don't have one. Equestria was in charge of the old Map Tech building but ever since the secession it has been long abandoned as well as not being too well productive since there are no ponies working in there. Too many security bots that vaporize any living creature on sight which reminds me, we're gonna have to visit the general goods store so we can get you better equipped."
>> No. 40794191
Sorry, mate. I was busy for a previous hour.
Can't see a reason of waiting anymore. Let's go!
>> No. 40794198
No worries
They go off to the store and enter it. Inside an earthpony stallion sat behind the counter with shelves of random junk, weapons, and other assortment surrounding them. He then notices the two and speaks up.

Ah some customers and... Oh your the the one who's going to the mining facility. Yes SilverWord told me about you. As for what I can give you can have this pistol."

He sets a small revolver on to the counter.

"Now it looks like your field armor is some old EQ tech so that means that it's tracker is still in it but not to worry I can fix that."

He takes GearWheel's field armor and begins to fiddle around with it. He then removes a small data chip and hands over the field armor.

"Back in the day the Representative was able to keep tabs on all of his citizens this way, knowing their exact location, condition, he even had the ability to just shut it off so having this gone will have sleep better knowing someone isn't watching you."

He then gives a small antenna to GearWheel.

"Here for when you want the latest news this will allow you to tune in on the radio tower just about anywhere. Just attach it to your headpiece there. Now that's all I can give you so good luck."
>> No. 40794199
File 142453417042.gif - (201.17KB , 494x278 , AN ANCIENT MEME.gif )
>Raifu Roofenhauser's belated awakening was perhaps appropriate, but no less confusing. Sitting upright in her pod, she surveyed the area around, only to find it disquietingly desolate. The silence unnerved her. Cautiously, she fell out of her pod and made her way throughout the ship. She picked up the necklace - which looked conspicuously like her grandfather's - and punched in her information in the terminal, though only after a few seconds of reluctance. The robot menace was fresh in her mind.
Name: Raifuru Roofenhauser
Age: 48
Sex: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Origin: Equestria
>Cautiously she peered around the corner to the entrance of the station, only to find it lacking in enemies. She rolled from cover to cover, slowly advancing towards the courtyard. For only the briefest time did she reflect on the window to the outside nothingness, noting that she appeared to be not, in fact, on Equestria, but in the vacuum of space.
"I see..."

>She rolled some more, advancing to the fountain in the middle. Hidden in plain sight thanks to her excellent subterfuge, she scouted the area. Ponies were milling about to the stores and their homes, chatting, having a good time, generally being peaceful. It was horrifying, what'd happened? Was she in a VR sim, meant to placate her? This was not the reality she knew; it must have been a hideous fabrication of the Communion!

>This is why the overheard talk of a "mission" intrigued her so. It must have been set by the Communion as part of a quest, the path they willed her to walk along. She'd follow it, and then she would break it, to freedom! Approaching the two programs, stepping right between them, she declared:
"I will join you on your mission. I have combat expertise, and I am loyal to the cause. My name is Roofenhauser. Let us step forward boldly, and face the future!"
>She swung a hoof towards the shopkeeper, singling him out.
"I am an expert within all ordinance and an expert of the art of Stealth, I require requisitions that fulfill these demands! "

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>> No. 40794200
< Old? No you, big mean~ >
Chill, ALYS! Anyway, thanks for a revolver and stuff. I wasn't afraid of big brother, but... that were old times when I could kick KGB's ass easily. Who knows what's now...
> At this moment he attached the antenna to the headpiece.
< Syncronising... >
And again, starting from nearly scratch: one attachment to another, and more, and more, and infinite times more. Thanks again. Have a nice day!
>> No. 40794201
Hey! Ready for some new adventure?
The shopkeeper was shocked, most ponies didn't have the seriousness or composer like she did and without a word he gave her a pistol as well. Then the pony wearing a grey overcoat with a sniper rifle at his side spoke to her.

"The name's Critical and I appreciate the help your offering. The more we have on board the better."
>> No. 40794202
> A brown young stallion turned to an unexpected guest.
Wha?... Oh, sorry. Mine's Gears, anyway.
< And I'm ALYS, the AI of Gears. >
>> No. 40794203
You bet I am!
Raifuru grabbed the gun brusquely, giving it a quick inspection before popping it into her holster. It would do, for now. She'd definitely need an upgrade soon, if she hoped to defeat the program.
She turned towards Critical, but didn't shake his hoof. Her tone was slightly disdainful, suspicious.
"I am pleased to meet you as well, AI. I'm sure our artificial friendship will be suitable for my goal, as I assume you are programmed with a friendly and helpful demeanour to the user, correct?"

She quirked an eyebrow.
"An AI within a simulation? Fascinating, they've pulled out all the stops. It is good to meet you as well, Gears."

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>> No. 40794206
Well guys it's snowing like hell where I'm at so I guess I'll be indoors for a while. MORE ROLEPLAYING!
"Simulation? Uh maybe we should speed this mission up, the lack of oxygen is starting to get to some ponies here."

"Excuse me miss but what makes you think this is a simulation?"

Last edited at Sat, Feb 21st, 2015 09:23

>> No. 40794207
< Hey, I'm not the regular one, as you could see! I was made with the self-learning program which goes with 3 strictest rules of AI: do not... >
Oh, seriously, don't even start to say them all. Anyway, she is special, I even call her "she", anyway. I'm really proud of ALYS nowadays. And she is quite... histerical, so don't mind. Just a girly habit, but... I think she needs one.
> And only then he realised that she said that he was an AI in her mind.
Huh? No way! I'm a freaking pony, not an AI!
< Now it's your time to chill. That could be caused by different things, such as strong mental injury,.. >
Don't even continue, ALYS.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 21st, 2015 09:30

>> No. 40794213
Raifuru waved away his sardonic comments, shifting her weight slightly.
"Do not be concerned with that. The paradox will most likely fry your circuitry."
The word 'circuitry' lingered in the air, as she'd enunciated each syllable. Her hoof tapped impatiently against the ground.
"Though, on the other hand, that might be just what I need... I'll keep that in mind, in case you turn rogue.

Finished with one program, she moved onto the next. She listened attentively to Gear, furrowing her brow as he started to speak of the AIs gender. Her grandfather had repeatedly told her that even during war-time, being able to be gender correct was a matter of Utmost Importance. Her stoic expression seemed displeased.
"I'm a female, do I strike you as hysterical? Hystericosity is a sign of the weak-willed, not a gender."

Flipping around on her heels, she barked out loudly and demanding:
"Where does the mission take us?!"
>> No. 40794215
Gotta step out for a sec, dinner.
>> No. 40794220
We're going to an old mining facility that was ran by Equestria, long abandoned now. To get there we'll just use the colony transport."

The newly forged party makes their way to the colony transport, the Equestrian transport was under maintenance with colony engineers, and sets off for their destination.

"So guys after this is all done I propose we celebrate with a round of alcohol and gambling at the colony casino."
>> No. 40794233
Okay, we'll wait for ya anyway!

Oh, now I'm starting to love living here! But this all - after a mission. Allons-y!
>> No. 40794242
Alright I'll wait too so I'm just gonna draw for now
"Yeah but we'll have to wait until after we're done but man I sure do feel a luck streak is about to happen for me, or I lose all my profit. Either way it'll be fun."

Last edited at Sat, Feb 21st, 2015 10:09

>> No. 40794252
Luck, very funny. Sometimes I love playing poker without ALYS's assistance. She said that there must be a way to calculate the right move, but it seems I'm not so good at math analysis.
>> No. 40794309
File 142454113919.jpg - (164.01KB , 500x377 , tumblr_n17n5a7y9i1ql79k6o1_500.jpg )
>Raifuru had no time for the idle chit-chat of two automatons, and started to search the compartment. She wasn't entirely sure what she was looking for, but was hoping for a control panel, or a conveniently marked exit.

>To the naked eye, she was just pawing at random surfaces all over the transporter, but it was in actuality a sophisticated recon technique. There had to be some sort of override here, somewhere...

Last edited at Sat, Feb 21st, 2015 11:14

>> No. 40794337
"I don't like certainties in life instead luck is my guide. Whether it be picking locks, searching an area for items, or even dodging a bullet luck is the invisible force that decides the outcome.

Even though she had been using some advanced search techniques, she did not find the ovveride she thought would be there, instead she found a couple flashlights, a wrench (most likely left behind by maintenance), a first aid kit, and an old cd player.

The transport finally arrived to a large asteroid that had a facility attached to it. The ship touched down in front of it and Critical opened the door and hopped down outside.

"Well guys we're here."
>> No. 40794388
File 142454541812.gif - (0.96MB , 500x281 , stoic.gif )
>Raifuru grumbled discontentedly, but stuffed the artifacts into her inventory regardless. Maybe if a digital bullet created a digital wound, she could use a digital bandage to prevent her digital blood from leaking.
>CD Player was a novel idea though. If only she had a CD of 80s hits.

>Gingerly she got down from the craft, joining Critical on the ground. There were a few questions on her mind - How could she hear when there is no atmosphere? How is the artificial gravity being sustained? - but she dismissed these to the faults of the simulation. They could only move on, to do whatever the hell there was to do. Pulling out her gun, she nodded.
>> No. 40794409
Your opinion. Just don't forget that ALYS was made without any luck.

> This unpredictable creature started to piss him off. What if she opens his rib cage and tears his heart from the body? Would she say: "What an interesting physics model, they even made the gibs look natural"? Or: "How did they made this plasma-pump?" He was ready for everything from her.
> Anyway, they arrived. He got to the exit, still looking at Rai.
Let's do it.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 21st, 2015 12:16

>> No. 40794432
Whoops I've been gone too long. If you want how the tech works you can ask my character or I can explain it in spoiler text if you prefer.
The party marches in inside the facility. Inside the saw an old, ransacked front desk as well as two doors, one to their left and one to their right. Behind the desk was a stairwell that led upstairs.

"Up those stairs will be a suspension bridge that will lead to the life support room that is where we need to go but we'll have to be quiet. When we'll be right over some zero G sentries."
>> No. 40794446
File 142454733861.jpg - (23.90KB , 500x357 , tumblr_mhem54EfCw1r9oevlo1_500.jpg )
>Presented with three options, one being the obvious, she veered left instead. Popping her flashlight, she peered into the room. If there was a way to breach the system, it would probably be off the beaten path.
>> No. 40794463
Inside the room there were these little orb like robots that had an assortment of antennas and a small tube. They were 3 zero G sentries and from what she could tell they floated about what looked like a mess hall. Suddenly one of them looks at Raifuru and buzzes at her.

"You have entered a restricted area please stand by to await lawful justice."

After that was said it starts to fire lasers at her and the other two bots join in.
>> No. 40794467
Got it, I'll hack their data and see if I could disable them. That's the plan: we steal the core and get the hack outta here. The only problem...
> He silently adds to Crit.
...I don't really trust Rai. Are you sure she wouldn't spoil the mission? I know, she's the stealth master, but...

> He suddenly recognises Rai got left.
Anyway, the party has just begun. I'm getting right then, and you now choose - watch her ass or go straight. Remember: if anything goes wrong, I'm online.
> He went through the right door.
>> No. 40794481
File 142454812658.gif - (0.97MB , 500x455 , lain shout.gif )
>Enemies! They must be guarding something! Raifuru narrowly dodged the lasers, taking cover next to the door.
"Shit, bogeys! Nine o'clock!"
>Though her mind was aware that it was all fake, instinct took over. Gritting her teeth, she fired a few potshots at the sentries, focusing on the closest one. Time to see how much punch this baby packed!

Last edited at Sat, Feb 21st, 2015 12:48

>> No. 40794486
GearWheel entered the room to find it to be a supply room. At his level there was a door that led into the mine and up above him he could see the suspension bridge. He then heard and saw laser fire being shot at his left side by two zero G sentries.

Critical enters the room on the left as suggested and seeing the trouble that erupted he then flips a table to its side for cover.

"Ah geez, you guys sure do like to take things head on!"
>> No. 40794490
Sparks erupted from the little robot and soon after it flew backwards spinning uncontrollably from the force of the gun.
>> No. 40794508
> He hears screams right behind him. This way can wait, now it's time to kick some metal flanks! He shouted in pure Stalliongradish:
Ya idu! Derzhites'! (I'm coming! Hold on!)
> He rushed in the room and takes cover near the door.
Here we go: the first trouble.
>> No. 40794532
File 142454944422.gif - (1.99MB , 500x281 , punch.gif )
>Went down clean in one shot, nice! Only problem was that those lasers would probably take her down in one, too. Nodding towards Gear she shouted a quick "Cover me!" before she battlerolled into the Mess Hall to join Crit. There she managed to get off a few more shots, taking down one of the sentries, causing it to fall into a pile of scrap and sputtering electronics. Running from her cover, rolling a couple times, she shouted out loud in the manner of a battlecry.
"Why sentries?! The Communion wants to brainwash me into thinking that Gryphons are my enemies!"
>She ran up to the last Zero G sentry, vaulting over a sofa as she dodged another laser.
"So why... This?!"
>Clank! The orb was sent careening across the room from her buck, impacting against the wall. Huffing, furious, she turned back towards the two AIs.

"This simulation isn't making any sense, tell me, what are your functions?!"
>As much as she puffed up her chest to look as scolding as possible, the impression was marred by the kicked sentry, which was lazily flying towards her in a wobbling arc. On a collision course.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 21st, 2015 13:11

>> No. 40794543
"My function well my job is to be a scavenger but you talk to me like some sort of robot or computer. Why do you do that?"

GearWheel enters the room.

"Gears you gotta help me out here to convince her that we're not some artificial intelligence."
>> No. 40794545

> He shouted: "Got ya!" and rolled closer to the sentry, right below the laser shot.
> Gears took the closest cover and aimed at the last sphere.
Steady... *POW!*

Last edited at Sat, Feb 21st, 2015 13:20

>> No. 40794568
File 142455078833.gif - (0.99MB , 500x281 , wwwaaaaah.gif )
>It happened as in slow-motion, the orb blowing up in a firework of shredded metal and sparks. Raifuru looked over her shoulder in wonder, slightly stunned. Recovered, she looked at Gear and did the closest thing an equine could do to a thumbs up: Just sort of jerking your hoof up as you smiled.

>But that's when Crit started to talk, and the temporary joy vanished. The gun entered its holster.

"I talk to you like simulations because that's what you are. Along with you," she pointed to Gear, "and myself! I've been placed here by the Communion so as to make me turn against the Cause. No doubt this excursion will end in the promotion of facism, or of the benefits of the New War, even if I cannot see the method yet. You are subtle, and that's what makes you all the more dangerous."
>She tsked to herself, smugly superior.
"But it's pointless to explain to you, you've been programmed to reject that idea so as to steer me into your delusional ways. I must seek my own path, leading boldly into the future!"

>Now with the guards gone, she set about the business of searching the room. A hatch, an exit, it would be here, somewhere. And if not in this room, then the next, or the next, or the next after that.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 21st, 2015 13:34

>> No. 40794581
> He only slightly smiled after she said that.
I think in some way she's right: mentally, I am a robot. ALYS was the only one I was talking to for four long years of my hermit life. I don't know how you say it, but in Stalliongrad we say: "Living with wolves is barking as wolves", or somehow like that, i hope you got it.
> Meanwhile he collected the parts of those sentries.
Now if I will find anything still solid from this scrap, I'll provide you with an additional info about these mech. Maybe they're connected to one server, then it must provide us with everything we need.
>> No. 40794587
"Um "New War"? if you mean the space secession that happened a long time ago. Heck SilverWord took part in that so he can tell you all about it if you want. Now I'm afraid to tell you that we're real deal ponies just like you and that you are not in a simulation."

Raifuru still finds no exit of the simulation, just typical cafeteria stuff.

"Well then Gears shall we head up to that life support room?"
>> No. 40794603
> He turns to him.
Mm-hm, I think I found one CPU and one comm device. Let's see what we can do with it...
> He connected the communicator with processor unit.
< Alright, now this should work. >
Don't fail me now, ALYS.
Okay then, but I saw the supply room on the right, so if somepony needs anything from here, I'll give you one minute to loot the room. Time's ticking!
>> No. 40794610
File 142455271594.gif - (125.50KB , 500x281 , idiot.gif )

>They knew about it. Or well, Crit did. The Space Secession...? Is that what they called it? Raifuru felt a chill on her spine. It was unsettling, the distinct feeling of being wrong. While her mind was in turmoil her exterior was relatively composed, averting her attention instead towards Gear, watching him pick up scrap. It was oddly meditative. Still no exit.

>She made a mental note to talk to SilverWord later on, though no doubt he was chock full of lies. But it wasn't a bad idea to... Verify... Some ideas.

>Nodding towards the Ruskie, her voice had changed slightly, a twinge of uncertainty.
"Looks like there's nothing here... I'll go search the supply room. And I'll take as long as I please, I will find an access point."
>With that said, she crouched down on the ground and started battlerolling out the Left Room, into the reception area, and into the Right Room.
>> No. 40794616
> He saw her weird moving to the supply room.
It's clear. Thirty seconds!
I'll wait you near the bridge entrance. Let's start, ALYS.
< I'm ready. Executing phase shift... >
> ALYS made a try to connect the main server from this hoof-made device... Crit, now you should decide if it fails or not. You're the Game Master, btw.
>> No. 40794622
In the supply room there were lockers with items inside. The most common were some jackets with a familiar phoenix symbol on them, some mining helmet with the lamps dead or broken. Raifuru did find something of interest however. In one of the locker there was an old mining laser meant to cut through rock but could be used as a weapon. The down side was that the yellow beam it emitted when activated would only reach about a foot.

On the CPU text appeared asking for a password, instead with the help of his A.I. he managed it to run in debug mode and the "open life support" option glowed.
>> No. 40794623
Is there a limit to carrying capacity?
>> No. 40794625
> It works! Now he only needed the entire crew back.
Alright, everypony, I found the password. Now or never: let's go to the life support room.
> He opened the room from the device.
>> No. 40794628
The game wouldn't be interesting, if ther wasn't any limit. Your choice: get a balance between hardcore realism and dull epic.
>> No. 40794629
Naw, I feel that would be a little too difficult to keep track of so carry as much as you want. If we need to go into specifics how you're character carries stuff than I'll just make up some device to equip them with

Inside stood a large machine that used to connect to every thing a station would need power, water air filtration the works. Now it looked dead, useless from the exterior. Critical began to go to work salvaging the life support generator and strapped it to his back.

"Amazing this thing will last us years, thanks guys I couldn't have done this without you."

They go back home to Starview colony to give the good news. Once they were back they hand the generator over the engineers. SilverWord went ahead to speak to the party.

"Well now I am quite impressed with you three, here is your payment 200 bits for each pony. Now I must go to oversee the repairs why don't you let Critical show you around and get yourselves a permanent room at the hotel."
>> No. 40794631
File 142455545735.png - (596.03KB , 1280x909 , lain stare.png )
>While the Laser Gun was interesting and all - though hardly her style - there was something far more intriguing: The Uniforms.

>As soon as she caught a hint of that Phoenix, she grabbed a tight hold of the jacket, looking it up and down as if it were the Elements. Raifuru wasn't 100%, but could it be, could it possibly be? Part of her couldn't dare to hope, that it was too good to be true. A simulation, after all.

>It fell against her back with a slight puff of air, and she exited the Right Room with her new jacket and mining utensil, joining the others for the ride back.

>Once they'd arrived, she came face-to-face with the pony she wanted to meet most. Before he could start leaving, she took a few steps forward, confident.
"Sir! I need to speak to you, it's in regards to the... 'Space Secession.' Are you sure you could not spare a little bit of your time? It's of vital importance."
>> No. 40794635
Excellent idea! I suppose that wouldn't be the last mission, so I think shotgun will come in handy.
And I'm too tired for spending this profit for booze and games, I'd better take the short break to catch radio waves and to nap.
I'm going to sleep soon, so I don't have a lot time. I'll be with you for a while, though.
>> No. 40794636
SilverWord nods in agreement

"Yes child what did you want to know?"
>> No. 40794640
File 142455647508.png - (159.24KB , 356x360 , what did you just say.png )
>Raifuru frowned at the mention of 'child,' though seemed more amused than anything, as if it'd been an awkward joke of some kind. If the sight of her summoned the word, he must have used it for everyone, like some kind of vicar.

>Shaking her head, she pulled on her jacket to display the Phoenix emblem, pulling so hard it almost tore.
"You recognize this, don't you? Who does this sign belong to?"
>> No. 40794645
"That symbol... it has a history that's for sure. Back in the Pony Griffon War it showed that you were a member of the Pony Alliance. After the war ended due to the discovery of the Representatives rule, He adopted it as his symbol of complete and singular dominance."

[?}Gonna have to go to shovel out the driveway, it's going to be awhile sorry.[/?]
>> No. 40794649
Good night. I'm totally asleep.
>> No. 40794655
File 142455855521.jpg - (20.16KB , 602x468 , funny.jpg )
"So, that means these were made under a supreme rule, the dictatorship of... Him."
>Her gaze came down to the jacket. Her hope had been absolutely correct, it was exactly what she could have hoped for: A contradiction. She started to giggle a little, she just couldn't help it. It was the mixture of relief, and the dark humour of the situation, that made it all so funny. The giggle grew into a macabre chuckle, that then petered out.
"I see, I see..."

>Smiling, nodding, her demeanour had changed entirely. She seemed quite cordial now, but there was a glint in her eyes that hinted that her perception had changed, that the old man was different now, somehow.
"You've been very informative, thank you. One final question: You seem to be respected around here, are you the captain of this base? What are your duties, do you have a central command of sorts?"
>> No. 40794731
"I am the mayor or so they call me, I am a leader and they do follow my words but I never saw my self in charge just as an overseer really. I'm usually set up in the colony offices up ahead. Now I must go attend the repairs."

SilverWord leaves with the engineers
>> No. 40794750
File 142456215603.gif - (1.91MB , 341x367 , tumblr_nenqceQqU51r7sijxo1_400.gif )
>Raifuru watched him leave silently, smile evaporating as she looked pensively at the Colony Offices. What was she thinking about? Absentmindedly, she called out over her shoulder.
"Hey, Crit. What do they do inside the Offices?"
>> No. 40794763
"Oh they just make sure everyone in the colony is all smiles. They make sure that everything is functional as well. If you are ever looking for work they'll have plenty for you."
>> No. 40794778
File 142456303043.gif - (9.69KB , 329x297 , heh.gif )
"Hmm... I understand."
>Lingering on the structure a while, she turned around sharply. She was 'all smiles.'
"You know, I think I would like the full tour! Yes, Crit, show me the rest of your wonderful world, spare no detail. But let's leave the casino for last, eh? That way we got nothing to worry about when we're drinking and having a good time. I'm sure our Ruskie would appreciate that, as well, right, comrade?"
>> No. 40795418
Back. I will be mostly online for ~12 hours.
Absolutely, my dearest yankee enemies. I've replaced Lady Luck with Lady Math a long time ago, so I'll make sure that this money would be spent on a new equipment. After all, ALYS needs a greater update.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 01:32

>> No. 40795434
>how far in the future is this set?
>> No. 40795439

Looks like yet another sci-fi stereotypic future.
>> No. 40795441
>as standard stuff then okay.
>> No. 40795483
File 142460980684.jpg - (14.88KB , 480x360 , spoiler.jpg )
Out of the inky black peaceful sky came a violent space anomaly with a ship ripping though space in such an awesome display of science and beauty it then glides to a stop and staid put for some reason.
meanwhile in said ship chaos was brewing.
The Ryujo was in red alert the only crew member was holding her head.
"Kuso ̄ ! Uchū gomi no anata no furui ichi-mai! Kuso hataraku!"
>Damn! you old piece of space junk! work dammit!
she slammed her hoof on the control pad and the ship comes back to life taking a deep pant she sighed smirking "good girl....good good girl..." she said stroking the helm exhausted.
"now...what do we have here?..." she hails the space colony on all frequencies.
traveling now at impulse speeds. the only drive that wasn't busted at the time
>> No. 40795502
"Guys starting from the Hotel, this is where back in the hey day tourists would rent rooms for their stay but now since we're independent ponies make their home here in their rooms. Then you have the Pegasus Travels Office, this is where we conduct trade with other ponies as well as maintaining our ships. The General Goods is where ponies can buy just about anything just ask and I'm sure they have it. Then you the Life Support Tower, it controls all of our necessities here on the colony. Then there is the Colony office, if you ever have a problem our your looking to do some work this place is where you'll go. There is our Radio Tower where our robotic DJ lives, he broadcasts the news so if you need to find out the current events you can tune in just about anywhere. Finally there is the Lady Luck Casino, here you can gamble and drink all your worries away. There is also a bounty board here if you ever want to do some hunting. That's about it for this colony."

"Unknown sender you are approaching the Starview Colony, please state your business."
>> No. 40795536
File 142461184640.png - (81.62KB , 278x446 , shit waifu2.png )
"Well, if you're willing the chance to get caught cheating in order to increase the chance of winning, then it's just another sort of luck, isn't it?"
>Raifuru seemed disproportionately pleased throughout the tour, mirroring remarks, laughing at observations, all good things a good listener should do. Internally, she was processing the information for herself, putting it together in the larger scheme of things.

>She stopped outside the casino, turning towards the group.
"Well guys, I don't know about you, but I'm beat. How about a drink? First round is on me!"
>> No. 40795537
File 142461197695.png - (119.21KB , 924x864 , pinkamena_is_not_amused_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d6g49r7.png )
her picture fades in and out
"oh good something works on this bucket..."
audio fades in and out
"I am Captain Cherri Pai of the- -Ryujo... My ship due to a space anomaly is heavily damaged...I - - don't know where I am - -what year it may be- -this ship has - - had better days...permission to dock for repairs?" her accent was Neighponese her ship looked very advanced "it - - may take a while...I've got the bits."
>not sure where they would fit in.
>> No. 40795546
"Ha alright!"

They enter the casino where they saw a female Gryphon standing behind a table and she greeted them.

"Welcome ponies to my abode how may I help you?"

"Captain Cherry the year is 571 AA (After Alicorns), we are going to get you docked for repairs stand by."

The colony's hangars fires off tether and pulls the ship into the hangar. There she met some engineers with a pegasus logo on the shoulders of their jackets.
>> No. 40795553
I just gotta make completely sure, is this the same timeline as the previous thread?
>> No. 40795558
Yeah we're in the same timeline as Side Worth Fighting For.
>> No. 40795560
> He smiled as he saw the wide choice of jobs.
No rest for the wicked.

Listen, I'm a hacker, and it seems like I never play by the rules on the battlefield, but do you know what separates wartime and peacetime?
> He takes a short break to say then:
On the war, there's NO rules. In this way, I never cheat. Never.
>> No. 40795563
File 142461335658.jpg - (105.71KB , 2048x1536 , 1387446430784.jpg )
as she is pulled into the hanger the emergency landing gear drop and the hatch opens with a hiss and she walks down in a futuristic kimono style outfit. the craft was quite large being the size of a frigate class starship.
>one on the right.
"571AA?...and thank you for your hospitality" she looked confused but bowed in response.

>according to cherry's plot line she is from the year 3015, 558 years after the destruction of Earth. how would that correspond to your calender? just wanting to be able to get my math right.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 06:56

>> No. 40795565
>Raifuru strode up to the bar, briefly surprised to see a gryphon staffing the counter - it made sense, the simulation must have sensed something was up, and adjusted accordingly - but hid it under a veneer of pleasantries.
"Three pints for me and my soldiers here! Best you got!"

"So you're saying that we're currently in a Wartime?"
>She smiled in agreement, nodding her head.
"You know, Gear, I think that we could become very good friends."
>Enigmatically she left it at that, turning back to the gryphon and their coming booze, resting her two front hooves on the counter.
>> No. 40795568
"Critical are you here to play some Colony Dice?"

"You betcha!"

"The rules are simple, place your bet and I'll roll two dice, a black one representing the player and a white one representing the house. If you roll higher than the house you double your bet, roll lower then you lose it all."

Critical slams a couple bits on to the table, eager to start.

"10 bits!"

She nods and rolls the dice.

Black 1d6 = 5
White 1d6 = 2
>> No. 40795574
Cherry enters the Colony common area.

The Gryphon handed them their drinks.

"Normally this would cost a total of 30 bits this is on me, I heard how you guys helped with the life support here.

The Gryphon hands over 10 bits to Critical as his prize.

He then turns to GearWheel.

"Yep as always my life is guided by luck and doing so I now leave with 210 bits!"
>> No. 40795579
File 142461420209.png - (116.06KB , 991x807 , curious_twilight_by_tamalesyatole-d5yxu9a.png )
cherry scanned the area visually and with her wrist computer device. synching it up with the station's database.
"hmmm...this place seems to be relatively the same as my colony...I don't know though..."
she looks back at the team.
>> No. 40795581
"We'll see what we can do here, we'll also do it for free if you let us look at this advanced tech you got here. It could help us in the long run."
>> No. 40795587
File 142461495006.png - (119.39KB , 795x1004 , don_t_judge_me__by_44696573656c-d61p95q.png )
she gave it a thought and allowed the mechanics in
"my ship's A.I is in my native tongue, now must of this stuff is custom built by me."
she goes up to the computer and translates the ship into English.
"I will let you look at it under the condition that it will be used to benefit ponykind...other then that please feel free to synch my ship's data base to the outpost's..."
>> No. 40795591
Sorry for late-posting!
"War" is the complex of battles. So, one battle is a micro-war, I suppose.
> He slightly smiles.
And still, I thought our friendship is as artificial as you think I am.
> He grabs his pint and sips a little.

You know my answer, Crit. I don't love gambling because it's just like a drug: once tried, you can't stop.
>> No. 40795599
"Here at Starview we always try to help others and don't worry we'll only be doing an analyses so we won't be taking anything from you while we do the repairs."

With that said they began to work on the ship removing on less worry for Cherry.
>> No. 40795613
File 142461554679.png - (13.85KB , 172x194 , 133159013525.png )
"Oh and mind the droids they may accidentally trip you sometimes." she bows to them "thank you..."

she wanders off back to the common area to the fountain.
>> No. 40795620
"I admit I do like to test my luck a lot, whether it be gambling or going about a dangerous situation. It's just my way of life." It's how I like to role play

He then downs his drink.

"Well guys I'm going to go wander a bit. Glenda Thanks for the free drink."

Critical exits the casino.

He then goes to the fountain (his second most favorite place on the colony)
and meets the new pony.

"Hello there, the name's Critical. What's yours?"

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 07:39

>> No. 40795634
File 142461647047.png - (387.92KB , 2500x2352 , pinkie_pie_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d5v6zcb.png )
she looks up at the stallion talking to her
"Konichiwa, I am Captain Cherri Pai of the ship went though a space vortex and plopped me here..."
her accent was Japanese.
"They call this place Star View colony...yes?...I know where I am but when I am is another question."
she was concentrating on the words. seems like she may need a new babel fish.
>> No. 40795635
And I've found that my chances of winning are always equal to a half of the real chance. Idk why.
Man, I'm just unlucky. Even if I was...
> He drinks more.
I've heard of a pony who never lost in gambling. He wasn't cheating, no. Just fortune. And guess what - he hates gambling. No risk - no fun. I'll tell you more if you would like.
> He then saw he was going.
Later then.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 07:53

>> No. 40795636
"Uh... when? Well that's an odd question for somepony to ask. The year is 571 AA but why do you ask?"
>> No. 40795638
File 142461722210.png - (122.89KB , 900x1301 , sad_apple_bloom_vector_by_scrimpeh-d4ojwht.png )
"they told me that too, but I have no idea what your calender means...what is A.A?....I count my calender by the time earth" she pauses wondering if that's happened yet.
"how long ago was it when everypony was forced off of earth?"
>> No. 40795640
Glenda laughs

"Ha ha, if that pony ever came into here he'd run me out of business!"

She goes over to her radio and turns it on to here the news. The room is filled with a robotic voice that unlike other common robots, this one had more of a personality.

"Welcome back space travelers, y'all need your daily dose of news and I am here to provide! Conflicts between the Knights of the Alicorns and the Compendium of Technologies have become increasingly more violent. In other new a small band of ponies were able to get the necessary things needed to repair the life support here. If you ever see them be sure to give them a pat on the back. Gonna play some music here hope you enjoy."

Some old time music began to play peacefully accompanied with piano and violin in the background.
>> No. 40795642
"Well AA stands for After Alicorns, when they were banished to the Astral Plane it ushered in an era of self governance, well supposed to. Also nopony was forced off of Earth they chose to come up here and eventually seceded from Equestria and that was about 50 years ago."
>> No. 40795645
> He laughed as he became a little drunk.
You don't know him as I do. Here, a little book about him ( Yes, he's famous not only for that. But he would bankrupt you in only a special need as he has no appetite for gambling at all.
> He listened to the news, then.
I suppose that once will come the time to choose the side. How do I hate those choices...

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 08:16

>> No. 40795653
File 142461839042.png - (78.13KB , 815x979 , hatless_applejack__looking_particularly_shocked__by_drfatalchunk-d55bn3d.png )
she blinked
"but...wait..." she gets the feed and blinked looking around
she just looked even more confused
"I think I may be in a totally different my history 571 years ago earth was destroyed by a civil war that broke out and lasted for 13 years...literally the earth split in two from all of the warheads there were survivors from earth but not very was only the off earth colonized planets and deepspace colonies that survived..."

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 08:23

>> No. 40795654
File 142461843442.gif - (766.10KB , 500x355 , HMMMmmmmm.gif )
>Raifuru joined Gear in downing the drink, doing it at the same time as him. It was a surprisingly realistic flavour, tasting every bit as delicious as any lager back home. Reflecting on the flavour, she closed her eyes.
"Of course it is, but it doesn't hurt to pretend, does it?"

>She set down the yellow brew on the counter, listening to the news broadcast for a bit - noticing how it even talked about their accolades, cute. The simulation was reacting. She then lifted her teal eyes and regarded Gear with a soft worry, chewing on some thought.
"Tell me, you seem to be of the scientific inclination. If one were to exit from a Virtual Reality, how would one escape it forcibly?"
>> No. 40795655
I'm thinking about allowing players to help all the factions without any repercussions so that they won't be discouraged to follow that faction's story.

Critical gave off a similar expression.

"Um who's Nani, and "other dimension" what are you talking about?"
>> No. 40795656
This reminds me of a Matrix film.
> He finally finishes the drink.
My Equestrian is terrible, but if I got you right, you want me to help you escape from the virtual reality. Let's really think you are in simulation, right. If I was an engineer of this simulation, I would made a restriction to all entities to modify the general files and named it "ironcurtain.exe". So, as the simulation seems to be really realistic, there must be an engineer that did this file.
Shortly: if it was a simulation for real, I don't think somepony here can help you.
>> No. 40795658
Suddenly a colony civilian approached the two and spoke to with a sense of Urgency

"Crit, something has happened that requires our attention we need you at the Colony Offices."

He then leaves and enters the casino.

"Gears, Raifuru we need you at the Colony Office as soon as possible."
>> No. 40795659
File 142461971943.png - (97.60KB , 770x1036 , applebloom___can_ah_go_see_mah_friends_now__by_firestorm_can-d5pp765.png )
"nani is what in my native tongue...nopony is named least I hope not..."
she giggles a bit.
"well a rift though the space time continuum could potentially aid in a result of time travel or going to a new dimension apparently in this case it had done the later...In my dimension every decision the princesses made was a bad one and ended up destroying earth...other then that...I don't is a hell of a place..."
>> No. 40795661
"Well I understand but we can talk about time travel and such later, we need go see what SilverWord wants."
>> No. 40795662
> He stands up.
Gimme one minute flat, I need to buy something.
> He runs into a store.
Do you know where I can buy a shotgun with an ammo in thirty seconds?

I thought it's barely Russian mistake, lol. You mean "language" instead of "tongue", right?
>> No. 40795663
File 142462018874.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
"do you need assistance? ship maybe out of commission at this point in time but not my mobile suit."
>> No. 40795664
"Your help is very welcome we'll head on over to your ship so you can get better equipped."

The vendor raises up a shotgun and tosses it to him.

"That'll be 100 bits."
>> No. 40795665
> He catches it with telekinesis, gets the money and gives it to him.
Here. Thanks.
> Then he rushes to the fountain.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 09:02

>> No. 40795667
File 142462088328.jpg - (185.21KB , 721x979 , 63.jpg )
>Native tongue is an old slang term I think.

she nods as they headed to the hanger she walks to the extreamly advanced looking frigate there and a large robot like device comes out she opens the cockpit "you don't think this would be over kill right?"
>> No. 40795669
"Ah Gears, this is Cherry Pai and she'll be helping us today but we need to go over to her ship to get her mobile suit."

The party goes to the hangar and Cherry finds that her ship was still under maintenance but it looked like repairs were going well.
>> No. 40795673
"For out there, probably not. I for one like having any advantage we can over what I'm facing."

Big hasn't posted in awhile and I'm a little tired so I'm going to go ahead and take a break unless you want to continue on. Also we reached past 100 posts guys! Lets go for 200!
>> No. 40795675
>wouldn't mind continuing on, but if you need a break I can hang. Is the lore for this cannon compiled anywhere? could use the time to better understand the cannon.

she gives him a salute and closed the hatch back

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 09:13

>> No. 40795677
> He notices the newcomer.
A pleasure to meet you, Cherry. Name's Gearwheel, and that's my AI, ALYS. I'm a crew hacker.

If you need a break, then okay. Just lemme know, and we'll continue.
>> No. 40795687
No I don't have the lore written out somewhere but I'll get to work on that on google docs

The party then heads back up and into the colony offices and were greeted by SilverWord.

"Thank you for coming, I knew I could rely on you. Just a few minutes ago we received a distress signal from one of the Pegasus Travel Caravans that had disappeared about a week ago. It was what we had feared, they had been caught by a slaver band in the area they were headed to. The mission is to go to the signals coordinates and bring that caravan back home. If they are no longer there than find out where they are then return so we can plan the next course of action. According to the signal they were at the old Map Tech Building."

I'm just gonna keep going.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 09:31

>> No. 40795695
File 142462288717.png - (350.96KB , 1000x1452 , tumblr_m5libjHcr21r8z5dfo1_1280.png )
she speaks to him over the speaker in the mobile suit opening it back up and she appears to have changed into a flight suit
"nice to meet you"

she opened the cockpit now in a flight suit
"so these guys are bad news yes?...." she said sitting on the hatch.
>> No. 40795701
"Yes they capture ponies and force them to scavenge some of the most dangerous places out here and then sell what they find to bandits and marauders for profit."
>> No. 40795703
The only bad news here is that we need additional accuracy and speed on that mission. Who knows, maybe they were made hostages and are being contained in the same room with explosives. It was oftenly practised, as I knew from KGB secret arcives.

Keep it short: slavery.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 09:41

>> No. 40795713
"Indeed, they have been gone for to long and they shouldn't have to go through this sort of thing."

Critical puffs out his chest.

"We have to help them, we can't just leave them twisting in the wind if there was any wind in space. When we go to go get them I'll handle breaking them out. I can pick a lock with the best of them and it's rare I break a bobby pin."
>> No. 40795714
File 142462371194.png - (101.88KB , 1024x1148 , pinkamina___i_know_how_it_goes_by_blindcavesalamander-d49xxhj.png )
"If my ship wasn't damaged we'd be there already hop in I'll get us there fast.
she got in the pilot's seat and there was enough room for two more to hang out in.
"unless you got a shuttle...I don't care either way."
>pay no attention to the green eyes old pics.
>> No. 40795720
As long as those locks are not digital ones.
> He laughed slightly.
What are we waiting for? Let's go.
>> No. 40795722
"We have our own shuttle here at the colony, your suit should be able to fit inside no problem."

SilverWord then interjects.

"When you go to use that suit be careful not to injure the captives."
>> No. 40795726
The party then enters the shuttle for the Map Tech building to hopefully rescue the captives and put an end to these slavers. There was an eerie stillness in the cabin, things were different this time instead of shooting at little robots they would be shooting at living breathing ponies.
>> No. 40795729
File 142462447853.png - (88.31KB , 900x1007 , stocking_by_rainbowtavi-d5c3g3s.png )
"oh this is just in case of space battle and ground tanks or what ever ..."
she takes out a handle and a beam sabre shaped like a katana comes out
she closed the hatch after deactivating the sword and prepared for launch
>> No. 40795742
> Gears wasn't really mind of this. He remembered the first time he killed a pony.
That was a fine day to die. After I got a great argue with local government of Yellowmount, a place of my actual birth, I found that my head was wanted for one billion bits. Then the first assasin appeared. I got the first thing I got and hit him with it. Who knew that it was my flak cannon prototype? And it accidentally shot...
His name was Backstab. I remember I got drunk for an entire day after I sent a message to his parents that their child became an hero. Now it's just a buissness, nothing more.
I remembered them all: Hard Scope, Trail Blazer, Poison Needle... oh, wait, I didn't kill her. Just gave her my revolver with one bullet in it, spinned its drum, gave it to her and said: "I wouldn't kill you. If you want, then do it yourself." My shield could stop this shot, so I was safe at the moment. Then I left her.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 10:19

>> No. 40795748
"One billion bits? Damn your country sure doesn't screw around does it?"

Critical looks down at his rifle that he sat beside him.

"The first time I killed was when I was looting a bandit camp. The job was simple, go in get the stuff and get out. I was on my way out when one of them caught and I shot at him and I just ran after that. I knew I couldn't fight them off and I was in shock so I wasn't thinking straight."
>> No. 40795757
Screw bandits. They have no families, or their parents are bandits theirselves. He was a simple army pony who was used by KGB. I've heard that Needle hired him herself for that, and she is the president of that komitet. He had great parents, they weren't trying to kill me as realised that I wasn't guilty.
>> No. 40795767
"Ah well, I guess that's how it goes then."

The transport soon got near the Map Tech building. The courtyard had been walled up with sheets of scrap metal. The slavers below saw their ship yet they didn't fire on it believing it was someone who wanted to do some trade with them. The ship touched down and Critical hops on out and was greeted by one of the slavers.

"Welcome, here to do some business?"
>> No. 40795771
> He quickly and silently said to Crit:
We can't just clear them now. Let's see what they offer, maybe then we can strike from back and save everypony.
>> No. 40795780
"sure its your call man. Excuse me we were looking to purchase some "free labor".

The slaver responds

"Sorry friend but you missed our last batch."

Critical was starting to get worried.

"So uh you wouldn't happen to know where they went?"

"No friend I don't release that kind of information."

"crap sorry gears but while i'm very lucky, i'm not too charismatic."
>> No. 40795787
neither do i. i see the only solution: we can kill all of them, keeping this one and get the info. if you think it's a good plan, lemme know. you will start shooting only after i do.
And I need an info: how many of them are there?
>> No. 40795793
File 142462767607.png - (120.78KB , 327x279 , 133236590244.png )
>> No. 40795798
your suggestions, cherry?

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 10:56

>> No. 40795821
File 142462870166.jpg - (187.88KB , 605x692 , 137.jpg )
> dat silence
>> No. 40795834
File 142462918687.jpg - (35.67KB , 490x527 , 133559581222.jpg )
>apparently she's still at the hanger. also I raise your Putin.

cherry looks around in her mobile suit not getting the memo as she is still prepared for launch.
>> No. 40795837
All right. I'm just waiting Crit as he can tell how much bad guys are there.
Five more minutes and I'll start without him.
>> No. 40795841
Where is he, btw? By default: 1d3+4 = 7 bad guys
>> No. 40795846
> He turns to the ship.
cherry, you will start from three on the right, okay?
>> No. 40795859
Guys I'm here don't worry.
"ready? one.. two... THREE!"

Critical quickly un holsters his rifle and fire point blank at the slaver closest to him. His shield erupted and the bullet went clean through his neck.

The other slavers see their friend die and begin to fire at the party.
>> No. 40795870
File 142463060045.png - (155.68KB , 900x546 , pinkemena_cats_by_axemgr-d48p7rp.png )
she gets his transmission and armed her beam cannon and released
1d8 = 6 funnels

she fires and unloads on the three targets.
1d20 = 11
1d20 = 13
1d20 = 8
>> No. 40795876
Aaaghooon'! (Fiiiireee!)
> He quickly grabbed a shotgun in hooves, telekinezed the revolver and shot two slavers at a time.
Remember, keep one of them!
>> No. 40795882
> Two targets were missed. It's a chance!
Don't shoot that guy!
> He disarmed one of them with a direct shot in his hoof from a revolver.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 11:49

>> No. 40795886
She misses the first two but one was not so fortunate and the beam caused his field armor to deactivate and he suffocated to death.

Critical leaps down and aims at the first one1d20 = 17

after that shot a torrent of bullets flew at him1d20 = 14
>> No. 40795893
He got a tad angry to see his shot miss but soon he forgot about that when his armor was mercilessly flailed with bullets. It survived miraculously but the light given off by the crystal was dangerously dim.
>> No. 40795895
> And I forgot to roll, shit!
> Kill with a shotgun: 1d20 = 3
> With a revolver: 1d20 = 16
> Successful disarming: 1d20 = 11
>> No. 40795898
Covering you!
> He stopped a flow of bullets flying towards him: 1d20 = 17
>> No. 40795901
We don't need to if you don't want to

One of the slavers tried to grapple Gears from behind1d20 = 9
>> No. 40795907
File 142463133345.png - (350.96KB , 1000x1452 , tumblr_m5libjHcr21r8z5dfo1_1280.png )
she brings the funnels back in and puts on her helmet
stopping there as she scanned the area for more bogies
"remind me to adjust the targeting systems later."
she said putting the gun back and getting our a giant beam hammer
>> No. 40795912
> He concentrated more at the revolver shot, so he missed two more targets.
> When he covered Crit, he was pulled back by the torrent of bullets and his shield was down.

Alright, kill them all!
> Holy shit, that was unexpected!
Who failed?

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 11:59

>> No. 40795914
I think we're down to 5 slavers here
Suddenly Cherry notices that a sniper up in the window started to take some shots at but was missing. After a short pause he fired again1d20 = 20
>> No. 40795916
File 142463155022.png - (183.42KB , 500x436 , peekabo.png )
>Raifuru pondered this answer. It wasn't like it was the most reputable source, seeing as he was part of what meant to trap her, but at least it'd been delivered with the pretense of honesty, and it made sense, she admitted begrudgingly; as an entity inside the program, it was difficult to modify the parameters of the world. It was like a hierarchy, and she was subordinate to reality - in this case, the simulation. No matter how hard ponies tried, it was impossible to defy the constants of the universe, like time and gravity, and it was the same case here. She couldn't just make it stop, just like she couldn't stop the real world. There was only one way to leave, and that went for everyone.

>As she watched Gear leave, she started to wonder as to his automaton status. Was he another soul, hopelessly trapped in the simulation against his will? She couldn't just bring freedom to herself, she would have to bring it to all, releasing the Equestrian and destroying the Robots.

>She thanked the bartender, leaving a 20 bit tip, and exited the casino. Her sharp eyes surveyed the area around. Rolling from cover to cover; to the fountain, where she dipped her hoof in its cold waters to feel the sharp sting against her fur; to the colony offices, where she recovered her breath against one of its wall. Her true destination was Life Support. Super stealthily she peered around the corner. Was there security? Was it locked? She hoped it wasn't too difficult.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 11:59

>> No. 40795920
> Too late, dude. We're already dying here!
>> No. 40795926
Woah nobody's shield is down so none of us died or anything. Also a slaver tried to grab at you but it didn't work.

The bullet flew into the suit's left arm and disabled the laser cannon on it.

I can make so that you left with us if you want.
>> No. 40795927
File 142463192319.gif - (456.72KB , 500x500 , cant stop moving.gif )
I'm quite happy investigating the Life Support.
>> No. 40795930
File 142463203445.gif - (33.38KB , 300x350 , pinkamina_laugh_tween_by_talentlessfiend-d63fexi.gif )
>damn a crit.
one of the arms in her mech becomes disabled and she dropped the hammer she gets out her gun and funnels again all targeting the sniper.
"Fuck he must have gundanium bullets."

1d8 = 8 for funnels
1d20 = 17
1d20 = 16
1d20 = 18
1d20 = 11
1d20 = 19
1d20 = 1
1d20 = 7
1d20 = 14
>> No. 40795931
> He drops the bastard to the ground and aims the shotgun into his hoof.
> Disarming: 1d20 = 11
> Otherwise, lethal injury: 1d20 = 11
>> No. 40795933
There were no guards at the door but inside there were a few ponies monitoring the systems. One of them notices her and speaks up.

"Um hello? How can I help you?"
>> No. 40795935
> He forgot to reload a shotgun.
> This bitch strikes again: 1d20 = 6
> While Gears knocks him out with a hindleg: 1d20 = 3
>> No. 40795937
The first shot that hit him caused his shield to go offline and the other two just vaporized his body.

Critical got up as his shields returned to normal and he shot the last slaver in the head. The battle was over and now they had to search for any clues where the captives might be.
>> No. 40795938
File 142463238779.gif - (1.98MB , 500x357 , evening.gif )
>Oh shit, how was she spotted? Playing it cool, she stood up from her prone and walked out into the open, approaching the ponies friendly.
"Pardon me for the intrusion, but I'm new to this base, and curious of how it all works. Is this where you keep the air filtration system, and the reactor?"
>> No. 40795940
> ...but he was out of ammo too.
> The bastard survived a punch, and Gears tries to finish him with a revolver: 1d20 = 8

>> No. 40795945
File 142463263800.png - (76.40KB , 499x430 , les sign.png )
putting the gun back on her mech's back she picks up the hammer and deactivated it.
she scanned the area and when it was all clear she ran diagnostics on the arm
"great I need a new hydraulic line..." she parked the mech in a covered position and hopped out. with her sword.

she rolled her eyes "funnels were not made for ground attacks...this planet has low gravity...I'll modify them later..."

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 12:19

>> No. 40795947
> He shots right in his eye. There leaves nothing but a blood mix.

> Ain't sure of that. Count the bodies!
>> No. 40795950
"Yes this is where we maintain everything for the colony but why are you here, you're not one of the ponies who keeps this thing running."

"C'mon guys we need to head inside."

The party enters the Map Tech building to find all of the computers had been ripped from the walls. They did however find an empty cage with a clipboard tied to on of the bars.
>> No. 40795959
Huh, okay.

This may contain everything we need, right?
>> No. 40795964
4/7 kills the rest are inside
A slaver pops out from behind a desk readying an electric grenade. Critical takes his rifle just hoping this would work and fired at the grenade1d20 = 2
>> No. 40795965
File 142463318829.gif - (1.97MB , 500x354 , walking.gif )
"No I'm not, is it against the rules for concerned citizens to have a look around?"

>Regardless of the answer, she kept walking around the room, spinning her head around to get a better grasp of the space: Cover, nooks and crannies and places to hide were all things she took into consideration with an intent stare. While she kept walking, she addressed the Engineer.

"Heck of a machine this base is, what powers it?"
>> No. 40795969
File 142463324854.png - (325.27KB , 693x1153 , pinkamena_by_fluttershy750-d7kr39w.png )
she looks over the building and over to Crit
"just another day in paradise"

she smirked at him and activated her sword always at the ready.
>> No. 40795970
Even though he only shot his hoof the slaver drops the grenade causing the flurry of lightning bolts to deactivate his armor thus killing him.
>> No. 40795973
Kakovo hu~ (What the f~)
> He saw an electric grenade popped near the slaver.
Woah. Nice shot, Crit!
> He reloads a shotgun, by the way.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 12:31

>> No. 40795982
" A special kind of generator that can take the usage of power required to run this. You guys brought this in remember."

On the clipboard it had detailed notes on the slaves one entry is of particular interest.

Sold those caravan boys over to some bandits or something, payed good money too. 3000 for a total of three ponies.
>> No. 40795990
> He teared this note with a slight interest.
Well, if I was a mastermind of those bandits, I would never leave it on a clipboard. Maybe secret arcive, but not this way...
Guys, here's what we need: they've sold them for 3000 bits. They're not here, but I'll try to find money in this room.
> He started his search.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 12:39

>> No. 40795993
File 142463394289.gif - (1.88MB , 500x275 , walking more.gif )
"I wasn't the one that grabbed it, those honours go to comrade Gear. Pardon my ignorance."
>Her hooves clacked against the metal floor, echoing in the chamber. Clack, clack, clack... The intensely scrutinizing gaze turned towards the pony she'd been conversing with.

"What fuels it? How do you generate the energy?"
Again, I'd like to know the layout of the room.
>> No. 40796005
File 142463433536.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
"only three thousand? guess the economy doesn't go to the cleaners when Celestia isn't around to buy a cake with a mass equal to Saturn...." she snorts and scanned the room with her scouter looking for heat signetures.
>> No. 40796013
The room was circular with the machine reaching all the way up to the roof. The three terminals for the machine were at pony level of course and below was a mass of wire and cords that would feed out to the colony.

"The generator is operated with fuel cells but a lot of times they eventually wear out. I once heard a rumor that the Compendium has generators that run forever, never dying.

All three search for the money but all they could find was about 50 bits each. In the room there was countless number of bottles which suggested they spent a bulk of the money on alcohol.
>> No. 40796026
Three thousands is enough to equip one pony as a freaking berserk. That's what I'm afraid of, actually.

> He looked at those bottles and smiled.
Phew, this guys found another way to spend money. But those buyers still worry me.
>> No. 40796031
"There's nothing much else we can do here so we better go tell SilverWord the bad news. Although knowing him, he'll have a plan."
>> No. 40796035
File 142463522945.png - (94.97KB , 480x280 , HOPE.png )
"Fascinating, simply fascinating!"
>Raifuru declared in ecstasy, delighting in her role. It seemed the simulation must be oblivious to the extent of her dedication, and had provided her the most clueless mechanic in the world.
"And if one were to activate all the fuel cells at once, the potential release of energy must be massive! Yes, yes, I see!

"Now... A show of hooves, how many are there here?"
If you haven't worked it out yet, Raifuru is about to do something very bad, and I intend to carry it out in full. Just a friendly warning.
>> No. 40796037
Sounds like a plan. Let's get back to the ship before more bastards appear.
>> No. 40796043
Don't worry. I understood it already.
>> No. 40796047
File 142463556251.png - (107.70KB , 894x894 , indubitably____request__by_mamandil-d59f63x.png )
"as I said...cake the size of saturn."
she said putting away her her sword sighing
"so where you from?..."
>> No. 40796056
Hearing at how she thought of the generator going off was the final straw for the engineer.

"Now we do appreciate the help you've done but I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Please don't make me get SilverWord on the horn."

They head back, failure loomed over them but there was still hope that the slaves were still alive and out there somewhere. They entered the hangar and Cherry would surely be glad to see that her ship had been fully repaired.
>> No. 40796060
I thought that would be obvious. I'm Russian, Ruskie, Comrade, whatever you choose. Maybe I trained my accent to hide this, but there's no need of that. The first pony who understood that was Rai, but...
Wait, where's Rai?...
> He rushed around the fountain, searching for her. There was something wrong, and he knew it!

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 13:16

>> No. 40796065
File 142463596413.png - (78.13KB , 815x979 , hatless_applejack__looking_particularly_shocked__by_drfatalchunk-d55bn3d.png )
she had landed her mobile suit near by and hopped out looking at her ship
"good show..." she said blinking
"she looks better then when I bought her...never could afford to get her a new paint job..."

she looks back at them walking up the hatch
"how often does this kind of stuff happens around here Crit?...."
>> No. 40796074
"A bit too much ever since they got here."

"We better go check on Raifuru or something before she tries to deactivate someone or something."

Critical soon followed GearWheel looking for Rai.
>> No. 40796079
File 142463635913.gif - (956.89KB , 500x355 , laaaaaiin.gif )
>Raifuru nodded courteously at the command, heading towards the exit, knowing that she'd overstayed her welcome.

>Except, she only did head for the exit, she never actually left. Lingering in the archway, her body's silhouette contoured against the outside world. Her one hoof reached to close the door, sealing them from the outside world. As soon as she'd activated the motion, she'd become a blur of movement, pouncing on the closest engineer like an oversized wildcat. Pulling him up, she trained her pistol on his head, and she snarled at the rest.

"Get back! Get the fuck back or I swear to the Elements I'll kill everyone of you robot fuckers!"
>The nuzzle of the gun brushed affectionately against the temple of her hostage. Her voice sank to a seductive whisper.
"Now, you. You take me to the reactor panel. Be a good boy."
>> No. 40796081
File 142463642988.png - (3.05MB , 829x964 , 137308653674.png )
she nods "I'll be there soon...I'm gonna go activate my "daughter" if you will"
she literally meant activate as a droid in the shape of a mare walked out with her
she looks back at the situation and told sakura to go back to the ship

"Russian...I'm Neighponese myself...if you hadn't guess before..."

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 13:22

>> No. 40796086
...вот ты сука... ( bitch...)
> He took cover near the fountain.
Crit, over there!
> Gears took his device and made sure that Rai can't see it.
You can't see it, understood?
>> No. 40796095
One of the other engineers spoke to her.

"Listen lady if you kill him then the security here will get you, you're heavily out numbered."

Critical hears the commotion and runs over only to be met with a locked door and he shouts.

>> No. 40796102
I did, but no time for that.
> He activated ALYS and connected to each non-traitor crew member. This excepted Rai.
< Now, get everything you have. On three, we'll disarm her. This will work for sure. >
> He started a scan of any mechanic stuff to hack, activate and knock out Rai with it.
>> No. 40796105
> He ran to him.
< Executing phase shift!... >
> And door opened.
>> No. 40796113
File 142463716981.gif - (0.99MB , 500x358 , let it burn, let it burn, let it burn.gif )
>To the response of not shooting one of the staff, she lifted her gun and fired it off towards one of the other engineers.
1d20 = 8
"Oh shit I'm sorry! Did you say something about security?

"I've seen through all your lies, all of them. Did you hear me, porky? Move to the reactor panel!"
>She shoved the gun unceremoniously into his back. Upon hearing the airlock open, she shifted herself so that the engineer was facing the outside.
"Keep fucking moving! You work here all day, you'll be able to find it backwards!"
>Indeed, she found her way to the panel, and she shoved him towards the monitor.
"Now turn on the fuel cells, all of them! This is for a purpose greater than you could ever understand!"
>> No. 40796115
she had her wristocom, scouter and defense turrets in her ship
Xr-13 had went back to the ship
cherry looked around for anything that could land on the perpetrator
>> No. 40796117
By the time the door had opened some of the security arrived, some of their faces were familiar to GearWheel from when he first arrived.

"Rai why don't we just talk about this, there is no need for violence. Whatever is wrong we can help okay."
>> No. 40796127
> By the way, ALYS found the gripple of the tube.
< YES! This should work! >
Great. Everypony,... NOW!!!
> He aimed at Rai's hoof... 1d20 = 1
> ... while ALYS detached the tube to fall on her head. 1d20 = 19
>> No. 40796133
> And everything went wrong.
> He shouted at Rai.
>> No. 40796136
File 142463776723.png - (102.55KB , 924x865 , pinkamena_diane_pie_by_artitsmagic-d63zpnn.png )
using his miss as a distraction and whipped out her disruptor and aimed for her gun to knocked it out of her hoof.
1d20 = 10
>> No. 40796137
Critical tried to grapple her, he had seen one engineer injured want another pony hurt1d20 = 8

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 13:43

>> No. 40796146
Augh I clicked edit instead of reply
After Critical successfully wrestled down he shouted at her.

"Enough! You are not in a damn simulation. Everything you're doing here is for real!"
>> No. 40796147
> Success! Even when his hits got wrong, Cherry and Crit made the impossible happen.
Да! Гори в аду, выблядь ебучая! (Yes! Burn in hell, you fucking cunt!)
> Where did he found so much anger?...

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 13:48

>> No. 40796153
File 142463814041.png - (197.48KB , 500x458 , here comes the light.png )
>She peered out over the piercing light, seeing forms she recognized. Neatly sidstepping both the shot and the pipe that fell down next to her with an ear-shattering clank, she began to pontificate.
"What are you doing, don't you realize that I'm helping you? I could have just exited myself, but that'd been simpler! That'd been selfish!"

"The Rebels don't leave a pony behind and certa-GAH!"
>For some reason, the gun fell out of her hoof, clattering on the floor, followed someone tackling her to the ground. For a moment, she was in shock. The console was in her hooves, but the moment had slipped.

"No... No, no, no..."
>Her voice came out weak and unbearably sad.
>> No. 40796172
Critical forcibly turns her head over to the wounded pony.

"Does that look like helping? Sure doesn't look it to me."
>> No. 40796176
File 142463850366.png - (101.88KB , 1024x1148 , pinkamina___i_know_how_it_goes_by_blindcavesalamander-d49xxhj.png )
She snorted at her
"Baka!...this is not a simulation...there are only my droids here and they follow the strict laws of robotics."
she looks right at here
"Just who the hell do you think you are?"
>> No. 40796182
> He stepped closer to Rai, which was already lying on the floor.
Shit, did you even realise what could happen if you succeed? This station could blow up to shreads!

> He turned to Crit, then to Cherry.
I'm sorry that I didn't help you, and I even nearly made everything to fail, but still, you're the best. Please, excuse me, excuse me for everything...
> He nearly started to cry.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 13:58

>> No. 40796196
File 142463897783.gif - (887.09KB , 500x357 , boom.gif )
"Just another fake, xe's suffering is fake."
>She mumbled out into the floor, watching the wounded prisoner. Then, with the arrival of the new voice, she turned her head around, looking into the stranger's orange eyes.
"Who am I?"

>The question had triggered something inside her, the last remaining vestige of her hope, and perhaps sanity. Vibrating with barely contained fury, she spat.
"I'm Raifuru Roofenhauser, Leader of Alpha Squad! I have a kill count of over a hundred of you robot assholes! The blood of the legendary Biggs courses through my veins with righteous fury, and I will not be a slave to your agenda!"

"Viva la Revolution....... Motherfuckkkeeeeeeeeeeeers!"
>Summoning the last of her strength, she tries to cast Crit off her back, and activate the detonation!
1d20 = 18
>> No. 40796203
Seeing GearWheel like that he suddenly realized that he had way overstepped his boundaries and quickly got up. She didn't mean to do all this she was just confused and screaming at her didn't help. He then got Raifuru back up.

"Gears it's alright, you didn't mess anything up in fact I'd consider you the hero of the day since you got the door open. And Rai I'm sorry I acted to harshly towards you, I was upset at the mission and I let my emotions get the better of me."

He then turns to the security.

"Go ahead and get this guy to the infirmary in the colony offices."

The security then takes the engineers out of the room.
>> No. 40796205
> At the last second, ALYS resets the explosion...
< Grand finale... now or never... >

Evens, guys. Have a nice day...
1d20 = 1
>> No. 40796213
> Instead, she only activates it.
>> No. 40796217
Unfortunately for her she only activated the water filters. She then felt the presence of a gun behind her and it was Critical's sniper rifle.

"Just stop." He whispered, "Before you make your last mistake."
>> No. 40796219
File 142463958161.png - (61.42KB , 800x700 , angry_pinkamina_vector_by_fkahndfriendz-d4lnlek.png )
this ignited a bout of sheer rage in Cherri.
"I watched and entire colony die....lead into chaos and insanity..."
she started approaching her
"data logs of the earth that was being ripped apart..."
she drew her weapons
"been on countless planets where ponies resorted to blood wars over just goram water and maybe just maybe something to eat!..."
she looked her right in the eye again
"I am Captain Cherri Pai....official name Fuyuko Bolt....and I....I am flesh blood and bone....just like everypony in this room."
>> No. 40796221
> He opened his eyes. No, that was not the generator blowing up, but the noize of filters.
> He didn't said anything after that, just fell unconcious.
>> No. 40796223
File 142463965214.jpg - (769.09KB , 1000x1000 , meguca.jpg )
>Raifuru, in her delusion, had only activated the water filters. Thanks god for ALYS!
>The fuselage activated, releasing all of their energy at once. The generator was incinerated in an instant, and so was the Life Support room and all its inhabitants, the sheer heat causing the atoms in their bodies to turn into plasma. Not only that, but explosions were occurring all over the ship, destroying and tearing it asunder.

>But it was all utterly quiet. Very pretty to look at from a distance, but so silent. Green mingled with the brightest hues of red and orange, as the general goods, the casino, and everything else was scattered and swallowed by the void. The station was all but gone, the marvel of Equestrian technology reduced to ashes. Oopsie.

>Question is, do you want to play again?
>> No. 40796235
...without me next time
>> No. 40796239
File 142464004210.png - (80.28KB , 944x847 , what_s_that___by_the_crusius-d5ykzhs.png )

>> No. 40796241
Okay I didn't want to use my DM powers like this but I have been left with no choice what so ever. I'm taking back the colony being destroyed. Please don't try to derail the thread again, we really don't need someone to kill all of the players in one fell swoop like that. You can still rp here if you want and all that
The worse Raifuru caused was that the fountain at the center shut off. Critical swings his gun around slamming the butt though the shielding, striking her head and making her fall unconscious.
>> No. 40796246
> Phew. The game is not over. I'm stupid.
>> No. 40796251
File 142464028980.png - (41.14KB , 1406x568 , party hard.png )
With that she choked and looked down what was in her hooves she dropped her weapons and looked around.. she started calming down.

With all of her rage subsiding she looked around and collapsed and started doing the same taking off her scouter and crushing it in her hoof"IT'S OVER 9000!!! and broke down crying
"'s all over...I....I'm so sorry...."
>> No. 40796257
"Nothings over Cherry, we just need to turn the water back on is all. Nothing's broken or anything."
>> No. 40796271
< *ZAP* >
> That bringed Gears back to his mind.
Am I... dead?
>> No. 40796272
File 142464074104.png - (160.98KB , 1600x1290 , don_t_cry_pinkamena_by_alex4nder02-d50x008.png )
she looks at him shaking her head.
"'s all over now that I'm here..."
she looked at him
"I finally have a place I can say...I would fight for...when I came into this place...everyone was willing to help each other...that...I haven't seen since I was a filly..."
she wiped her tears away sniffing.
"I'm not going back...."
>> No. 40796278
"No Gears you're much alive. Right now we need to get Rai all sorted out so she doesn't try this again."
>> No. 40796287
"Thank you hearing you say that about my home, it really means a lot to me. Oh I forgot that we were supposed to talk of parallel dimensions, I for one find a great interest in the subject."
>> No. 40796294
> His face started to get angrier and angrier.
Rai... Rai... Kill... her...
< *ZAP* >
< Stop it! I made it all go wrong. >
And who made YOU to make it all go wrong?!.. Okay, let's get her somewhere, faster.
>> No. 40796298
File 142464137183.png - (150.33KB , 789x1012 , pinkamina_by_ifoxtrax-d5ggtqz.png )
she took the battery pack from her disruptor putting it away.
she stood up and smiled at him
"come to my ship....but give me a moment...gotta get out of this flight suit...I'll introduce you to little Sakura."
she said heading back to the Ryujo.
she turned back "hell they did so good on her I might join what ever side this place up a little bit on your detabase countries have sprouted up after those lunatics were banished..."
>> No. 40796316
Security returned and tied Rai's and hooves together so that she couldn't try anything again. She was then taken to the infirmary since it seemed that she needed psychiatric therapy to help her get over this simulation problem she has.

"Well actually this place is neutral when it comes to factions, we accept all here (except those who intentionally harm others) and we just try to survive. Anyways I'll meet you there in a little while."
>> No. 40796325
File 142464204114.jpg - (1.05MB , 3264x2448 , spoiler.jpg )
"oh fair enough Crit. Then I'll remain the same. help where it's needed." she closed the hatch replicating something from their database
>ignore the anthro-ness
Xr-13 reactivated and came to sit with a traditional tea.
the hatch opens again when she notified Crit on his comunicator
>> No. 40796339
Now, I suppose nothing would try to sabotate anything again. And now sorry guys, I need to take a break from all of that. And once again - I'm so sorry. I have nearly... destroyed the station... Excuse me for everything...
> He ran to his hotel room to be sure that nopony saw he was crying. Maybe it wasn't his day, but sometimes this unluck can be lethal. For very long time they could hear Gears:
ALYS, roll the dice.
< 1d20 = 7 >
ALYS, roll the dice.
< 1d20 = 18 >
ALYS, roll the dice.
< 1d20 = 10 >...
I was testing my luck on something safe. Anyway, I need to sleep. I'll stay some more here, but for sure - good night.
>> No. 40796349
"Alright I'll be over!"

Crit trots on over to the Ryujo and enters the ship to find a tea set was prepared. He sat on down and greeted the droid that had been sitting there already.

"You must be Sakura, my name is Critical."

Hey guys we've reached past 200 posts in the span of three days! High fives and hoof bumps all around. We couldn't have gotten this far without everyone's contributions to this thread. Right now I'm gonna have to sign off for awhile now but I promise I'll be right back.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 15:13

>> No. 40796371
File 142464309430.png - (3.05MB , 829x964 , 137308653674.png )
The droid smiled at him her silicon casing looked soft and bouncy where needed like a lot of care went into her construction
"Konichiwa Critical, I am Sakura XR-13 Pony-Cyborg relations." she bowed slightly "and welcome to the Nieghponese-Zeon starship the Ryujo. outfitted with custom 31st century warp drives and worm hole generators beam cannons and photon torpedo banks for the rough stuff. would you like some tea?"

she giggles "she likes to boast...the ship is like her sister in a way...poured countless hours into her cybernetics...she's the only one of the robots that actually can think for herself on this you wanted to know exactly where I'm from."
>> No. 40796410
File 142464412378.png - (548.50KB , 1110x543 , cafe.png )
>i'm gonna take a break hun i'm getting tired, I am loving this cannon. do you know how long it's been since I've actually used her gundam?...a long time.
>> No. 40796422
If you think that was good just wait until you guys see what mini stories I have planned for each faction. Gonna be real nice
>> No. 40796447
>awesome well, See you later space cowboy.
>> No. 40796547
I remember Cowboy Bebop, a good show but I never was able to watch most of the series

"Yes that would be nice."

"Now you before mentioned that you were from some alternate universe if I recall. The possibility of the Many Worlds theory always fascinated me and I was always curious as to what it would be like to meet an alternate version of me. But anyways what was your world like when you lived there?"
>> No. 40797212
> After Gears woke up, he took a list that he made yesterday. Without hesistation, he went out of hotel and walked straight to the room of Rai's containment. On the way here, he took a revolver and placed one bullet in its drum...

Nopony would stop me from frontier justice!..

Now make your choices if you will stop me or not. Just a little hint: who said that I'm going to directly kill her?..
>> No. 40797214
File 142468775037.jpg - (353.43KB , 1920x1080 , a9iaXej.jpg )
she programs the table to show starmaps in a hologram projection
"Might as well start with a history lesson."
she clears her throat and went to z z alpha 1 Marked as Planet Terra
"Earth...or how us spacenoids once called it Terra, was once a healthy prosperous world Luna would raise the moon Celestia the sun or so they had us believe. In old calender year 2063 a stallion by the name Zefram Cochrane Invented a way for ponies to break the lisghtspeed barrier he was greeted by the previous inhabitants of earth that was an ape descendant race know has Humans.with their help the nation of Neighpon, my home. decided to leave earth and form colonies in deep space a good decision at the time. Celestia had been pushing Neighpon to join equestria and stalliongrad was doing the same the British nations followed neighpon's example and thus Starship Britannia. By old calender year 2371 there were only two nations left in the Tera's solar system. The Griffon nation of Stalliongrad and the united federation of Equestria the two countries fighting over land reached a boiling point in old calender year 2444 which broke into full on war for 13 years they slammed nukes and killed billions...until the day the earth was destroyed billions of years of progress erased in a manner of 13 years. Celestia had fallen and so did Gryphis Majora. Princess Luna had split off early forming the Lunar Republic and had joined forces with the Zeon federation. 558 year in the aftermath of the war planets were barely making it some even starving to death. Space being the final frontier lead ponies into a time similar to the ancient west. cow ponies herding on farms as bit as nations. Japan lost Neo Okinawa colony to a post apocalyptic fate. I used to be a military girl myself. I quit after they wanted me to drop a space colony on a innocent planet...."

Last edited at Mon, Feb 23rd, 2015 03:36

>> No. 40797215
> He went in. Rai was still unconscious.
Hello, dear. Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. I want to tell you something important.
Listen, Stalliongrad is the home of vodka, bears and power. In these impossible for life lands, as you think so, lived the nation of badass, strong ponies and griffons. Obviously, I am one of them. We had a very popular game in our Soviet army: one of us took a revolver,..
> And he took his one.
...charged it with one bullet,..
> And he checked that it's here.
...spinned its drum,...
> And he did so.
...and shot ourselves to test the luck. You may call it Stalliongrad Roulette, and you will be right. Wanna try?
> The rules are simple:
> 1 - CRIT: Shot fails.
> 20 - CRIT: You're dead, not so big surprise.
> 6,12,18 - It shoots and injures you.
> Anything else - The trigger is pulled, but it doesn't shoot.
>> No. 40797216
File 142469023202.png - (110.52KB , 769x1040 , BSOD.png )
>I'm using Google translate for different languages, Bare with me Gear. I don't know much more then English.
he suddenly hears a thud behind him. it was XR-13
"Бросай оружие!" she said in a intimidating voice
>drop your weapon
>> No. 40797217
> Huh, Google did it right. Rare chance!
...чёрт. (...crap.)
> He turns back and sees an android. He hides a revolver and raises hooves up.
Если хочешь меня убить, записывай видео и сразу режь глотку. Хотя бы разбогатеешь на моей голове! (If you wanna kill me, record a video and cut my throat. At least, you'll become rich for my head!)
>> No. 40797218
File 142469117037.png - (3.05MB , 829x964 , 137308653674.png )
>I do have a Russian character named Natasha but I don't know how to get on the colony....or if she would be appropriate.

XR-13 shook her head taking the gun from him with a powerful magnet in her hoof.
"Я не сюда, чтобы убить тебя, я нахожусь здесь, чтобы остановить вас от принятия огромную ошибку." she said calmly
>I'm not here to kill you, I'm here to stop you from making a huge mistake.
>> No. 40797219
> And now it's full of mistakes! LOL
> As for Natasha, I don't think we need any more characters per person.

Моя твоя не понимать, робот. Какая такая ошибка в том, чтобы грохнуть чокнутую стерву? ((Jokingly mistaking in Russian) My not understanding yours, robot. What's a mistake in killing a mad bitch?)
>> No. 40797221
File 142469207748.png - (61.97KB , 831x961 , but MOM_.png )
>yeah your probably right there. most of my characters don't fit in this situation.
>oh god that one was awful.
>and the one I was going to translate was bad too so...
she looks at him
"I'm an android and I think they said something about reprogramming her brain in the morning"
she said pulling up the documents
"but I could be wrong...why not just put a force field generator in her door way so she can't get out.
>> No. 40797222
> He looks at Rai as if she had two atomic bombs with a detonator.
Maybe, but I'm not sure this will stop her. Remember how she got a hostage? I didn't trusted her since first time I've met her.
> He turned back to android.
Are you totally sure that she has nothing? I mean: tech, augmentations, magic stuff... anything that she could use to escape?
>> No. 40797223
File 142469314098.png - (3.05MB , 829x964 , 137308653674.png )
"I can scan the room but the only weapon here is this gun...looks like they cleaned the place out."
she said walking out of the room and into the hall giving him a force field generator and a remote.
>> No. 40797229
> He looked at the stuff that she gave him.
Alright, this gun is mine, but I'm sure that she can wipe the entire colony with a fork.
> As he went out of this room, he checked if he lost anything there (he didn't) and let her scan it. While XR was scanning, he told:
And please,.. tell your dear sensei Cherry that if Rai will somehow breach this room, I wouldn't give her a second chance.

Last edited at Mon, Feb 23rd, 2015 05:16

>> No. 40797234
File 142469407776.png - (43.46KB , 778x1028 , happy_pinkamena_by_99xua-d5f1xg3.png )
she nods giving his gun back
"Cherri is my could even say...Mother."

Cherry was sitting by the fountain exploring the station.
>> No. 40797245
> He only strangely smiled...
Trust me: Rai is the high-class assasin. In some circumstances, even we all couldn't defeat her. The worst enemy is the enemy you can't see, and I'll be glad to kill her any time.
>> No. 40797249
File 142469475313.png - (179.71KB , 862x926 , huh.png )
"she tries something fishy again I won't prevent you from doing anything." said Sakura.
>> No. 40797258
Thanks, but now I have something more important on my mind. I'd better finish her after she would try to kill us all again.
> He went to the fountain and said to Cherry:
Anything wrong?
>> No. 40797262
File 142469563545.png - (13.85KB , 172x194 , 133159013525.png )
she shrugged
"eh not much going on...Kinda bored though. Patched up my mobile suit...everything is doing well. Sakura come and talk to you?"
>> No. 40797266
> He nervously started to scratch his hindleg near the revolver, looking around.
Y-yes, if it can b-be said s-so...
> He took a deep breath.
I still can't trust Rai, even when she is nearly dead. I hope that she is not aiming my throat now...
>> No. 40797274
File 142469711299.png - (46.67KB , 300x292 , apple_bloom_chewing_lips_by_jrrhack-d4rv5vd.png )
"Yeah...I'm right there with you Gear....Ai ya...I think I heard Crit say something about reprogramming her head or something...After today I could really use a drink..."
>> No. 40797278
Me too...
> He took a revolver and started to look at it.
Did I tell you how I killed Hard Scope? He was waiting for me near the entrance of the lab, nearly 100 feet outta there. I noticed that he is aiming at me, and took my rifle. That wasn't really long duel - he pissed me off so much that I shot his hooves off so he couldn't escape... and came closer. I said: "Never saw danger, little bitch? See it, feel it..." And left him dying.
Maybe you will think I was a monster... but I hate those who hide on a battlefield. And Raifuru... *sigh* I think she needs a bullet lobotomy.

Last edited at Mon, Feb 23rd, 2015 06:37

>> No. 40797280
Hey guys, I won't be able to post as much as I usually do today. I have to go to school and what not. The only reason I'm able to post this now was because we had a 2 hour delay today. I'll try to post as soon as I get home so we can continue on with some of the story so for now just have fun around the colony or something. Drinks are all free for now!. Sorry for this inconvenience.
>> No. 40797282
Nah, nevermind.
>> No. 40797323
> Better bump it.
>> No. 40797703
File 142472904382.gif - (626B , 110x130 , flowey is pleased.gif )
Hey guys, I appreciate that you guys are still interested in Raifuru, I really do. However, I think I'm going to have to keep her in a vegetative state for the foreseeable future. Got a lot of work on my plate in the coming weeks, and truthfully, I don't know where to take her after the plant explosion! It was the logical conclusion to her arc, after all. I hope you all have fun in your continued play, I'm happy to see you decided to play again. Until next time.
>> No. 40797713
And a bump you shall receive! I'm back and I'm ready.
Critical walks into the room.

"We can't just go off and kill her like that. She needs help is all but that will have to come later, I just got from SilverWord and we now have a lead as to where the captives are."

I'll keep her on standby for you if you ever want to return. Just don't go around destroying colonies :)
>> No. 40798413
Mm-hm. I was just explained about it... but still...
She is a nightmare. I had a weird dream tonight: you all guys were disappearing one by one in the darkness. It was really horiific.
>> No. 40798868
"A dream eh? You wanna talk about it? You know to get it off your chest."
>> No. 40801142
File 142501329297.jpg - (0.96MB , 3264x2448 , 20150224_030527.jpg )
While in her ship Cherri was scanning the surounding area for relics of old tech and other treasures Chrri smiled as she found a ping on her radar on an abandond astroid. She set out in her shuttle pod coming back about an hour later walking into the common area with a box.
>> No. 40801427
Absolutely. Another mission with shooting bad guys will bring me back to life. I hope...

> Gears looks at her.
Oh, hey Cherry. What are you carrying?
>> No. 40801488
File 142505416018.png - (130.11KB , 900x774 , opps____i broke it again.png )
"seems to be a box made out of plant fibers....holding old forms of audio storage...I'm scanning a few in my ship to see how they can be played."
>> No. 40801862
"Interesting, does any of them work?"

Attention all posters of the Frontier! I am currently making a 1080p desktop background that will show our oc's. The current plan is for them to be in font of a circular, light blue gradient with a "The Frontier" at the top. The current order of our oc's will be based on ABC order going left to right. So that means it will be Cherry, Critical, GearWheel, and Raifuru. So what I'm asking you guys is to post a picture of your oc (please create your oc on ponycreator so I can work with it better). When it is done I'll go ahead and post it!
>> No. 40802109
File 142508186578.png - (553.94KB , 3026x5443 , cermella_by_cider_crave-d5p21et.png )
"they do. being preserved in the black of space for who ever knows for how long it's a good sign that they will. I've scanned them the data doesn't seem corrupt"
>> No. 40802142
File 142508300146.png - (183.51KB , 3600x2600 , cherri.png )
>didn't know you could turn the heads. OMG
>> No. 40802287
"Well I hope you can get them to work, I know I sure can't. Computers isn't exactly my forte. I can mess around with a few programs but when it comes to stuff like script and hacking, I am the equivalent of a cave pony banging two rocks together."

Alright all we need is Gears and Rai. I don't know if she'll ever be back but I still want to include her in the pic. I guess if she never posts an oc I'll just make one based off of one of the pictures she did post.
>> No. 40802641
File 142512426176.png - (19.43KB , 460x460 , 142167308488.png )
I think that if she won't return, we can make her an episodic hero, like "yes, she was here, but not for really long". I still think she was a parasprite (read: troll) who wanted to ruin canon, or idk. Still, here's my OC, but can you make him a stallion face?
>> No. 40802671
Yeah I'll give him a stallion face, nothing to worry about. As for Rai, I don't know if she was a troll or not, she did participate in my last thread that made way for this one. I'm gonna give her until Monday before I make an oc for her. Also I guys I'm free today!
>> No. 40802673
Great. Me too.
>> No. 40802674
I guess we'll just continue off of this post>>40802287
>> No. 40802675
KK, but I'm not sure if Myst will join us now.

Maybe next time you should give those rocks to me, so I can make you a microscope fom those.
>> No. 40802676
"Ha ha! Yeah I'll be sure to do that! So Gears what have you been up to lately?"
>> No. 40802677
Shooting, stabbing, bucking bad guys, I suppose.
> He got a little worried.
And, of course, missing with falling tubes, cutting wrong wires...
< Gears, stop! >
>> No. 40802678
File 142513032448.png - (41.74KB , 547x505 , raifuru.png )
Couldn't resist.
>> No. 40802679
Fuck, you again...
>> No. 40802680
"So anyways, I got back from SilverWord and he told me that they found the captives and have sent out a team to retrieve them. They should be safe now and on their way back. With that matter resolved we now have a new problem, the team we sent spotted a Knights of the Alicorns encampment on the way there. It is our job to find out why they are there and report about it. Now we hold a neutrality on all factions here on the colony so we shouldn't engage them in combat immediately."
>> No. 40802681
Making sense 'bout it. I can't promise some serious help, but this doesn't looks like hard job.
I'm in.
>> No. 40802682
"We'll set out soon so prepare in any way possible.I'll wait for Mystic Bolt but not for too long.

Critical then trots off over to the Casino by himself.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 28th, 2015 06:55

>> No. 40802683
Right. But still, we need a paladin to get this peaceful, because I can't handle it. And I need a bigger shield.
> With this words, he went to the shop.
>> No. 40802684
Once he entered he was met with the same shop owner who he had met before.

"Ah welcome, how is the shotgun working for you? Well never mind, you must be here to purchase something. Have a look around."
>> No. 40802685
As it needs to do: leaves a blood bath in front of it. Thanks for asking, anyway, I'm searching here for a shields. I guess you have one that can cover the whole crew, not the only pony?
>> No. 40802687
"Hrmm..... Here try this out."

He scrounges through a locker behind him and pulls out a strange device that looked like a mine.

"This is a QB or Quick Battlement, just hook it into the ground and turn it on and it will project a shield for you and your companions. The only problem is that it is static so you can't move it and if the shield breaks then the device will break. When the battle is over you can deactivate it and take it with you so you can reuse it. They're priced at 20 bits each."
>> No. 40802688
> He takes a look at these.
Not a problem, that's all I need for the mission.
> He gives him 20 bits.
I'll give it a try, so for now - only one. That's all I need for now. Thanks!
> And he goes to the fountain.
>> No. 40802689
GearWheel can see Critical sitting on the edge of the fountain, making sure that his rifle was in working condition. Critical then notices GearWheal and walks on over to him.

"Hey are you ready?"
>> No. 40802691
Have you ever noticed when I wasn't? Neither do I, so let's go.
>> No. 40802701
File 142513441549.jpg - (68.89KB , 500x375 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-use-your-magic-twilight.jpg )
>oh we were doing something?...shoot. I had to go to bed any way. I work graveyard shift.

she smiled looking over at him
"yeah I'll construct a terminal in my ship for them and a portable version so we can all see what they are..."

Last edited at Sat, Feb 28th, 2015 07:41

>> No. 40802734
"Alright we'll just head on to the hangars then."

"We're gonna be heading out soon, want to join in?"

Sorry this took a while to post, internet was timing out.
>> No. 40802744
File 142513685280.png - (387.92KB , 2500x2352 , pinkie_pie_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d5v6zcb.png )
"Oh what are we up to?" she said looking up
>> No. 40802749
"A search and rescue party sighted a Knights of the Alicorns camp, we're heading on over to investigate and see why they are there."
>> No. 40802752
File 142513751012.jpg - (2.13MB , 2448x3264 , 20150224_030527.jpg )
she nods and gets up
"Alrighty then!"
she said going to her shuttlepod before getting inside she looked at him
"oh where is it?..."
>> No. 40802758
"It's north west of here in an old Equestrian war robotics factory."
>> No. 40802772
File 142513822813.png - (557.64KB , 845x945 , pinkamina_by_pondisdant-d6m51eq.png )
she smiled mischievously and hopped in plotting in the codes
"ancient Robot factory you say?....hop in."
>> No. 40802793
Right, let's roll.
>> No. 40802797
The party then leaves for the one of many old robotics factory that dot the stars. when they arrived they could see the knights were well equipped with advanced laser weaponry and full suits of elegant but battle scarred armor. On the chest plate of each knight was the symbol of their faction which was a few symbols organized like a compass. A sun for north, a blue heart for east, a moon for south, and a spark of magic for west.

When the ship touched down onto a launch pad they were greeted by one of the mechanics.

"Hello strangers, you've trespassed on to one of our camps. I must ask what you are doing here."
>> No. 40802804
can anypony else but not me talk with those guys?
>> No. 40802808
File 142513991325.png - (116.06KB , 991x807 , curious_twilight_by_tamalesyatole-d5yxu9a.png )
she closed the hatch and started the engine. a tape deck materialized in the center console from a replicator.
"hey It's done....let's try one of these bad boys..."
she put in a mix tape from the box.

she was stupefied in awe "It's like the footsteps of angels....where has this been all my life?...."
>> No. 40802818
> He only rolls his eyes.
Tastes differ.
And we're arrived, btw. I was waiting.
>> No. 40802827
I wanna listen to it but then I remembered I wiped my hardrive a while back and I still don't have Flash. Going to have to make a note of getting it.
>> No. 40802849
>Twilight Zone by Golden Earring

she shrugged and Cherry bomb plays as she grabbed her weapons strapping a steel katana to her back and a disruptor.
>> No. 40802861
Seeing that these travelers are well equipped the mechanic makes an offer.

"Over in the big tent is Paladin Roy, go ahead and talk to him we might have some use for you."
>> No. 40802865
> Gears takes the first word.
Great, we shall do it now. Team, let's go.
>> No. 40802873
Inside the tent the party finds the paladin looking down on a map that lay across a table. He hears the flaps of the tent when the group entered and turned to face them.

"Well you don't look like any of my knights so you must be the ones that got here. I am Paladin Roy, a follower of old Equestria. Now you must be here to help is that why you are here in my tent?"
>> No. 40802886
> He turns back.
Crit, you know better. Tell him.
>> No. 40802896

He turns over to Roy.

"We're from the Starview Colony and we were sent here to investigate some activity in this area. We can see what we can do to help you guys here, I'm pretty sure no one would have any qualms about it."

Critical then turns his head to find any sort of approval from his group.
>> No. 40802897
> He nods.
>> No. 40802918
File 142514508299.jpg - (2.13MB , 2448x3264 , 20150224_030527.jpg )
she bows to the Paladin slightly as was her custom walking in in this outfit strapped to the nine's.
>> No. 40802926
The paladin bows back and speaks

"As a member of the knights, it is our duty to go about in deep space to find rare and exceptional pieces of technology. We hope to find what we believe is here is this facilities main generator. Back in the secession this place was one of the primary Robotic Soldier producers so it would pump out hundreds of robots a day. It doing that would require a large energy source which hwy we believe we can find something like that. Unfortunately we met heavy resistance from the security systems and lost a good portion of our team and have been put off to standby until help arrives. If you could go and clear out the power room you will be rewarded for your services."
>> No. 40802932
> He answeres:
No problem.
>> No. 40802985
File 142514809610.png - (13.85KB , 172x194 , 133159013525.png )
she nods listening to him and punched in a few commands into her wrist computer and placed a small round ball on the ground and a computer terminal transported down from her ship
"I'm your girl Sir, I can hack into the security with this portable terminal."
>> No. 40802987
>skype me if I'm taking forever.
>> No. 40803003
"Sorry but that won't work here we tried that but there some sort of security that will hack straight back into your device and cause it to perform a stress test to the point until the device breaks."
>> No. 40803023
File 142514941160.png - (150.33KB , 789x1012 , pinkamina_by_ifoxtrax-d5ggtqz.png )
she smirked
"I'm from another dimension...BUT...there are other ways to hack a buggy computer."
she uses the replicator feature on the terminal and pulled out a grande launcher with 'cherry bomb' written in Japanese on the side and it in English on the grenades.
>> No. 40803041
> He smiled.
Hack'n'slash tactics, huh? If you can't hack, you can slash! I love it!
>> No. 40803051
"Alright then I suppose we'll head on inside."

The paladin spoke up to stop them.

"Hold on I shall be joining you for the time being. I have a mission to bring the generator back to my superiors and by Celestia's will I shall do so."

Alright from here on out Roy's text will be in blue so it will be easier to understand who is talking.
>> No. 40803056
Let's go then, or are wew waiting for somepony else?
>> No. 40803063
>"Not that I know of."

The party enters the factory, inside was a section of the production line that had two separate assembly lines with the empty shells of war machines floating near them to the right was a door that would lead into the second section.

>"Be careful there will be a wall turret through that doorway."
>> No. 40803068
> He grabs a portable shield to place in any moment.
>> No. 40803073
File 142515118047.png - (216.92KB , 1024x979 , aj_the_engineeeeer_by_twistbolt-d4og5vu.png )
"that's how a roorl...that's how I r-orl....That's what I do."
her accent gets in the way and she blushed in embarrassment
she scanned the area for hostiles and silently whispered to the group
"dibs on the robot parts."
>> No. 40803085
Her scan showed the previously mentioned turret as well as three other hostiles in the second section. Any other enemies that might be present were not in range of her scan.

>"All I care for is the generator, anything that you may find besides that is yours."

"Hey Gears if your going to use that then you should probably head on through first. I can start shooting at the turret to draw its fire while you get the QB set up."
>> No. 40803086
> He walks forward.
>> No. 40803097
Critical moves up to the doorway readying his rifle. He exhales and hops into the hallway. The turret instantly notices him and fires three rounds at him
1d20 = 3
1d20 = 10
1d20 = 15

Critical fires a single shot back. Come on Tymora let me have this one
1d20 = 15
>> No. 40803098
File 142515227576.png - (95.77KB , 649x1230 , aj_worried_by_stricer555-d49sib0.png )
>orange is for whispers kay?

<"turret just behind that door three bodges in the next chamber all others may be out of range.....Gear-san pop that shield at the door"
she said making all of the tactical signs to the others.
>> No. 40803100
> Gears deploys a shield.
1d20 = 18
>> No. 40803104
she fires her disruptor first as a test to see how well built it was.
1d20 = 14
>> No. 40803109
Both Critical and Roy gets behind the shield readying their weapons for combat.

>Roy's gun beamed as a green LED light turns next to his sights

Critical is sitting there struggling to load another bullet into the chamber of his rifle.
>> No. 40803110
The disruptor successfully hit the turret causing it to break.
>> No. 40803121
File 142515323124.png - (143.89KB , 1600x1455 , so_what_if____by_mehoep-d55v2zi.png )
she looked at it boredly
<"Made in Equestria...I make it it wouldn't do that.."
>> No. 40803124
> He answered while reclaiming shield
Oh, come on! There's nothing to be worried about!
>> No. 40803130
"Well I guess that a lot of this is old tech."

Critical looks through the second door to see what awaited them. To his surprise he found nothing was in the room.

"That's weird there's no hostiles in here."
>> No. 40803136
Stay alert, Crit. The real hell is also quiet.
Aaaand I need to sleep. Night, everyone.
>> No. 40803139
Good night, see you tomorrow or at least I'll be here tomorrow.
>> No. 40803154
File 142515456899.png - (119.21KB , 924x864 , pinkamena_is_not_amused_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d6g49r7.png )
<"wouldn't mind one for a museum piece...though my scanners indicate three hostiles in this room...unless I'm getting electromagnetic interference."
she scanned again
1d20 = 18 for interference
>> No. 40803991
The scan once again showed three hostiles in the room. The party slowly entered and in the eerie silence they could hear a soft metallic chittering sound. They quickly realized that the sounds were from three robots that climbing on the ceiling. Their bases was a black orb with four legs protruding from them. The two of the began to fire at Roy and Cherry

1d20 = 8
1d20 = 20

1d20 = 7
1d20 = 7

The third jumped from the ceiling and tried to land on top of GearWheel's Head. 1d20 = 14
>> No. 40803995
Roy's shielding was borderline broken and Cherry was left unscathed.

The robot that landed on Gears soon emitted a drill and began to try to cut through his shield.
>> No. 40804032
> Gear's head survives the kick, but he falls to the ground.
Dah!.. Well, I tried to be nice.
> Luckily, the crook's head is in the range of a shotgun!.. 1d20 = 14
>> No. 40804053
The little robot was shot back and it landed back up on the ceiling with its friends. The damage the shotgun caused made it so that one of the legs was shot off but the robot itself was still functional.
>> No. 40804177
> He fires again: 1d20 = 9
>> No. 40804211
The shot missed it and they soon jumped out to different locations. One on the wall opposite from the wall behind them, another on the wall to their right, and the last one on an assembly line. Roy readied his laser rifle and fired on the first one.
1d20 = 15
1d20 = 12
1d20 = 20

Critical aimed his rifle for the on on the assembly line.
1d20 = 20
>> No. 40804216
The one that Roy had shot now had burns and holes going through it but it still carried on but could no longer move.

The one shot by Critical exploded only leaving the legs behind. My God, this is what I live for!
>> No. 40804250
> Gears charges to the right one and hipfires a shotgun: 1d20 = 7 1d20 = 16 1d20 = 10
>> No. 40804310
> It's nearly dead now, and only then Gears notices the explosion on the assembly line.
Mad skills, Crit!
>> No. 40804369
Sorry this took a while, I got distracted with something.
The little robot that was shot by Gears was no longer operable and the last one fired at Critical
1d20 = 9
1d20 = 3
>> No. 40804430
Nevermind. Imma sleep.
> He fires at the last one from the revolver:
1d20 = 13
1d20 = 13
1d20 = 10
>> No. 40804628
File 142524800462.png - (116.06KB , 991x807 , curious_twilight_by_tamalesyatole-d5yxu9a.png )
Deflecting the bullets with her katana cherry reared up and jumped and attempted to return the favor with her sword.
1d20 = 19
>> No. 40805461
> Each of the robot's shots misses the target, as suddenly Cherry's katana cuts just an inch near it. It turns and aims at her, but the last of Gear's bullets finishes this robot.
I think we're done here.
> He realoads while saying this.
>> No. 40805671
File 142532014768.png - (20.11KB , 418x476 , HW.png )
> Wait, that pic is better for your wallpaper. I fixed it.
>> No. 40805968
File 142533360597.png - (638.42KB , 1920x1080 , Frontier Desktop.png )
The area was once again quiet once the robots had been dispatched.

"Sheesh that was a close one!"

Ha when I saw this post I had just finished making the edit, oh well. The wallpaper is finished!
>> No. 40806566
Mad skillz. I'll see if I can add more art here. No promises.
>> No. 40807040
Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I should do more art for this thread.
>> No. 40807463
Kk. I think I finished the style of canon name and now I'm working on a background. I'm trying to draw a fountain in the center of colony.
> So, where do we go next?
>> No. 40808338
Okay let's get back at it.

The room was now clear of hostiles and was safe to take a moment to breath. With some examination the party could see that there were some bits and pieces of junk that floated about the assembly lines. Next to one of the lines were two trunks that both had the words, "For Mechanic Use". On the opposite side of the room was the door that would lead into the third section of the factory.
>> No. 40809065
> Gears goes closer to the assembly line.
I do hope they're not making more robots here.
> Then he starts to examine the trunks.
Who's mechanic? I'm mechanic.
>> No. 40809126
>"After the secession, most Equestrian forces fled back home leaving structures like this place behind. Most of them are damaged and will no longer operate like they used to. By the looks of things here, this facility cannot produce robots like it used to."

Inside the first trunk was a soldering tool and in the other were some pieces of wiring, a motion detector, a large battery, and some weirdly drawn schematic.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 5th, 2015 04:13

>> No. 40809202
> He takes a motion detector, a battery and schemes.
That's what I call "jackpot"!
>> No. 40809231
The schematics were labeled "Electric Barrier" and it listed the items required to put it together which was some wiring, a motion detector, a large battery,and a QB. At the bottom was a note that said, "I hate it how I'm stuck with robot production but when I show them my design, they'll surely put me in weapon design. Basically this design modifies a QB to project a field of electricity that will shock anything that passes through it. The design also makes it so the field pops up when something moves close so the enemy will never see it coming. The only problem is that unlike the QB, this thing can't stop bullets so it must be used primarily as a trap."
>> No. 40809248
> As he discovered and read the note, he also took some wiring, but he didn't made an electric barrier from his QB. It will come in handy next time, not now.
>> No. 40810317
Well you have a few options left. Go on ahead and see what you can do in the room or just leave it to go into the third area. It's somewhat open ended so what you can do is almost limitless.
>> No. 40810427
> Dah, hack that wiring. The quest awaits!
Let's go, we're done here.
>> No. 40811377
> Before going, he noticed that he almost forgot the soldering tool, so he used some wiring to tie it to his back.
>> No. 40811646
Sorry, I didn't mean to be a shitty DM. I just recently got Fallout 3 and Skyrim for PC.

The hallway this time was empty allowing the party to enter the third and final area of production. The room was mostly empty except for three inactive robots that eerily resembled pony beings. The one in the center caught some attention as in addition to their standard dark blue paint, this won had bars of black and yellow running along the sides of its front hooves.
>> No. 40811660
That's okay. Maybe I can moderate this canon as DM assistant. I mean, if you're out, just lemme know, and I'll bring a task to the canon. Also, I'm recoloring my sketch of canon's name, and I'm drawing the better Starview Colony map.

> Gears takes his shotgun.
Those are friendly or I should eliminate them?
>> No. 40811669
Um... I don't think I'm going to share DM rights, sorry. It's not like I don't trust you it's just that I'm the only one who knows the story. Also I noticed we lost a couple people and this thread may die. So I might make a new canon, how would you feel about a Fallout Equestria thread if this story does die?

The robots beamed on after hearing GearWheel and stood up. The small guns that had attached to their sides fired on the party.

1d20 = 14
1d20 = 2

1d20 = 3
1d20 = 13

1d20 = 20
1d20 = 8
>> No. 40811670
Critical's shields suffered heavy damage, Gears was left unscathed and Roy's shields broke but his armor had allowed him to continue to breathe but the last shot had got his side and he started to bleed from there.
>> No. 40811675
Dude, don't worry. I believe that Mystic will return soon, cause I haven't seen her activity in other threads. And Big Honk... Idk, really. I'll just say if a few writers will stay here, some more will get in. Advertise, man! I'll help with art in a free time.

> Gears noticed that he's the only pony on his hooves.
What the fuck?!
> He deploys shield: 1d20 = 5
>> No. 40811684
Advertise eh, well self promotion isn't my thing but if it's for the best of this thread then I'll see who I can rally on the General OOC. Also you don't need to roll to put up a QB.

The shield turns on and the rest hide behind it. The specially marked robot then charges the party. Critical sees this and fires on it
1d20 = 18
>> No. 40811685
The bullet hit the robot and it quickly explodes sending shrapnel everywhere. Luckily the shield was up so no one was injured.
>> No. 40811710
Not bad as first step. If you'll need any help, don't be afraid to ask me. And sorry for that slow post, I've got network problems when switching to laptop.

Oh, you, explosive bitch!
> He aimed at the first robot.
BOOM! 1d20 = 6
BITCH! 1d20 = 6
>> No. 40811721
The ponybot staggered back and then opened up its chest and a familiar four legged orb bot hopped out and on to the ground.

The other fired on to Gear's shield
1d20 = 12
1d20 = 2

Roy took his laser rifle and fired on the orb bot.
>"Damnedest, traitorous machine!"
1d20 = 4
1d20 = 20
1d20 = 6
>> No. 40811727
The QB took serious damage and it looked like it wouldn't survive another shot.

The orb bot was shot multiple times and the hull melted on to its circuits and broke it.
>> No. 40811730


> Gears reclaimed QB and shot at this orb.
You again! 1d20 = 20
Rest in piss! 1d20 = 1
>> No. 40811740

Whoops. I mean, he aimed at the second robot.

> His first shot makes it explode, but the second one backfires and knocks out Gears. He is bleeding, and now one shot can kill him.
>> No. 40811744
Critical hops in front of GearWheel and fires his rifle at the last one.
1d20 = 4
>> No. 40811746
The shot fire clean through the front right hoof causing it to disable. The ponybot fired back at him
1d20 = 5
1d20 = 13
>> No. 40811748
The shot fire clean through the front right hoof causing it to disable. The ponybot fired back at him
1d20 = 3
1d20 = 3
>> No. 40811750
Null the second post
The shots missed Critical and landed dangerously close to GearWheel.
>> No. 40811759
No need of that. The results are the same.
> Coughing and spitting blood, Gears feels conscious again, but he's still down. He gets his revolver and aims at the third one.
Premature funeral, b~ *cough-cough* b-bitches...
1d20 = 4
1d20 = 10
>> No. 40811781
All three robots are finally dead. Roy applies a med kit on GearWheel.
>> No. 40811803
Network problems. Sometimes I'll be slowposting like a boss.
> Gears hardly gets back to his hooves.
Ouch... *cough, cough-cough* Thanks, mate, you saved my flank.
> Although his shield consumed the main power of his shot, Gears got wounded seriously. But still, he can fight, he can walk.
>> No. 40811810
"Hey look we're finally here!"

Critical was relieved at the sight of the room containing the generator. The thing itself was reached all the way up to the roof and it looked to be the size that could keep a few cities with plenty of power.

>"Thank you for your service, it may take a while for the knights to extract the generator. Go on ahead and speak with someone for your payment and you can be on your way."
>> No. 40811811
It's ok, I know how you feel I got to put up with Hughesnet.
"Hey look we're finally here!"

Critical was relieved at the sight of the room containing the generator. The thing itself was reached all the way up to the roof and it looked to be the size that could keep a few cities with plenty of power.

>"Thank you for your service, it may take a while for the knights to extract the generator. Go on ahead and speak with someone for your payment and you can be on your way."

Last edited at Sat, Mar 7th, 2015 09:57

>> No. 40811812
A... at your f~ *cough* f-full service. But... question. What're you g-going to do with this energy?
>> No. 40811814
>"All I can tell you is that this is going to help not only the Frontier but help Equestria as well. Now I'm going to have to call my troop so we can get to work."
>> No. 40811815
i do hope, i do hope...
Then, I think our work is done here. If you will need us again, just contact us in Starview Colony.
>> No. 40811817
>"I shall."

The party then leaves and receives their payment of 200 bits and returns to the colony.
>> No. 40811820
> The first thing Gears does after they've arrived is going to a shopkeeper.
Wait a sec, Crit. I need to finish one more thing.
>> No. 40811822
"Kay I'll see you later, if you need me you'll know where to find me."

Critical trots off happily to the casino.
>> No. 40811838
> As he arrived, he payed 30 bits if I'm not mistaken, 290 remains. and said:
One more QB, and I'll show you something awesome.
>> No. 40811854
I'll have to start keeping track of that
"Sure thing"

The shopkeeper takes the money and gives Gears another QB.

Meanwhile in the Casino

"Alright 50 bits down for Colony Dice"
Black1d6 = 4
White1d6 = 2
>> No. 40811865
> He takes it, places everything he looted from trunks on the table and crafts an Electric Field generator.
I bet you haven't seen that tech before, have you?
>> No. 40811942
"Well that's some interesting jury rigging for sure. Definitely not something some Equestria tech company would build. If you ever want spare parts or schematics just give me a holler. If I were you I'd try to modify or create whole new items, you know experiment and tinker with things. I think Critical may have some weird odds and ends as well seeing he's a scavenger."

Okay I think I'm at 460
"Okay I'd like a drink."

Critical places 10 bits down and Glenda I think that's what I named her. gave him some scotch.
>> No. 40811946
Sorry it took so long, my IP was blacklisted as spam. Not sure why but I hope I didn't do anything wrong that would ban me.
>> No. 40811968
Nevermind, I was gungaming. And no, you was just using opened proxy. It happens sometimes, then turns back. And you guessed her name.
Gotcha. Still, I had only parts for one EF, so that would be better to give this scheme to you and be sure that it'll now be for sale anytime. Don't worry about me, I've memorised it, and I'll put it down at first opportunity.
Yay, crafting! Crafting like a boss!
>> No. 40812191
I looked back in the early posts and saw I didn't even give her a name. Oh well I guess it'll stay Glenda. As for the shopkeeper I'll call him Giles.

"Well thanks I suppose I should give something to you as well."

Giles scrounges through some paper under the counter.

"Here go on ahead and take this."

The schematic he gave was named Laser Burner. It called for one laser pen, some wiring, a strip of duct tape, and an energy battery. Making one of these will modify the common laser pen to emit a beam that will burn if it stays put in the same place for a while.

"Not sure what you would use this for but maybe one day you'll find out."
>> No. 40812417
File 142577736451.png - (76.40KB , 499x430 , les sign.png )
>Oh wow that is cool!...sorry I haven't been on in a bit.
>> No. 40812526
Hey you're back! We just finished up the mission we were on so we are all back at the colony for some R and R, also you received 200 bits as payment. So yeah thanks for the feedback on the final product, I hope to make something better maybe but I don't know. Anyhow you're free to do whatever, interact with characters and of course feel immersed.
>> No. 40812605
File 142579341204.jpg - (258.15KB , 900x762 , she_wants_out_by_muffinsforever-d4yjwh6.jpg )
Cherri was in the casino grabbing a bit to eat in it's buffet as a celebration of a job well done.
>assuming the Casino has one. most of them do in the real world so.
>> No. 40812659
File 142579727190.png - (292.29KB , 3468x2524 , CriticalGambling.png )
Cherry would see Critical already there enjoying some alcohol and playing at some dice. Glenda then sees her and welcomes Cherry. Gonna make purple text for Glenda for now.

^"Oh why hello, how may I help you today? Looking for food and drink or wanting to try your hoof at some dice?"

"Hey Glenda another go around here, 20 bits"
Black1d6 = 1
White1d6 = 1

I don't mean to be intrusive or anything but I noticed you're having trouble on the Trotswood thread. Perhaps I should join?
>> No. 40812685
File 142579832538.jpg - (1.13MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_20150307_201610.jpg )
As you could also notice then, my ass was kicked in Maretropolis thread. But I'll deal with it myself.
> Gears returned from Giles with another schematics. He goes to casino just to check his friends.
Another successful trade!
>> No. 40812853
It's only sketch of this map, and the text on the right is still empty, but I need your opinion.
>> No. 40812860
That does look pretty good, great job! When I went to make the map I had to keep things simple so I could post the thread ASAP. Its simplicity also allows the player to imagine what it looks like because this isn't just my story, this story belongs to everyone who RP's here.

As for Maretropolis, I already tried to join that thread but ran into difficulty signing up. I'll try to sign up again... maybe but for now take this tip. The DM may be the god of their world but the DM has to react to the player. Also if they're using DM god magic against you because you're going off the beaten path then it is in my personal opinion that any DM who does is a terrible one. That's why I absolutely hated using it when Rai blew up the colony.
>> No. 40812861
Well, that's okay, btw. I realised that I couldn't do anything IRL if I was here, so maybe I will be found by another hero, lying on the ground and bleeding. Welcome to Maretropolis, Tex. And Borderlands 2 game started when main characters are found nearly dead, so that could be a story line too. So I will get here alone for now.
>> No. 40812886
Okay then I have to get going though, I have to go to church but I'll try to post when I get back. Also I thought Borderlands 2 was pretty good game.
>> No. 40812889
Whelp never mind I was to stay home so I can RP with you guys if you want.
>> No. 40812893
Yep, why not?
>> No. 40812902
Mom was sick, but don't worry she'll be fine.
>> No. 40812918
File 142582311876.jpg - (34.39KB , 750x525 , spoiler.jpg )
Damn, that talking in spoilers drives me crazy.
>> No. 40812975
Alright then

GearWheel enters the casino to find his companions are there as well.
>> No. 40813010
Dumb network
So, Crit, how's your luck this time?
>> No. 40813026
Critical was scratching his head.

"I won one round, the second didn't win or lose. Another round, 20bits!"
Black1d6 = 6
White1d6 = 2
>> No. 40813033
Critical won another gamble making his total to 470 bits.

"Gears I don't know how that one guy got bored of gambling. I swear I'll never get tired of this."
>> No. 40813039
> He laughes.
Just like you: he was always winning.
>> No. 40813052
"Heh, yeah. I just really love the rush and hype you'd get win you win. It's like you're not supposed to but yet you do it anyways."

Critical stares down at his empty bottle and then looks back at GearWheel.

"So you're from Stalliongrad? How was life like for you... you know living on a planet and all."
I was always curious about this, do you actually live in Russia?
>> No. 40813084
Yes, I do. That's the only fact I would like to share with others, actually. The story down here is fictional and don't really mind this facts.
> He inspects his shotgun while telling him the story.
Mm-hm. But Yellowmount in not a Stalliongrad part, just a little town near there. Actually, its name was given by the hill it was founded on. And nope, I don't really know living on a planet. Maybe I have a thick skin, maybe I can survive better, but I still don't know much about the entire world. For a really long time I was a prisoner of Sovietia, the giant country with power and abilities. Who knows if that was true, or just a "propaganda", fake info...
>> No. 40813098
Okay I won't delve any deeper. I just see ita s really cool how people from across the globe can come together with similar interests and all.

"I've always lived in the colony since I was born here. I always wanted to see Equestria to see the forests, mountains, and especially the ocean. To hear the tide wash up on the shore would be amazing, so I sometimes hang out near the fountain so I can get an idea of what it's like."

Last edited at Sun, Mar 8th, 2015 08:53

>> No. 40813105
Yeah, but sometimes I suffer from being online when everyone's sleeping.
I know how you must feel. But Crerry said that the earth is now teared apart by nuclear war. The world will never be the same...
>> No. 40813110
"Naw she's from another universe, Equestria should still be fine."
>> No. 40813122
> He breathes out.
Phew. Though, it still can happen.
And so, the main news. While you was gambling here, I found a way to upgrade our loadouts.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 8th, 2015 09:20

>> No. 40813129
Will there be a Fallout thread? Answer away my character!
"Maybe it could happen."

"Ah well It will be nice to modify our weapons. We'll just have to start breaking down guns, robots, and machines for spare parts. Of course we'll need to keep an eye out for schematics as well as design our own."
>> No. 40813136
Why not? You decision is the final one!
Well, I can imagine how we could break robots to parts, but I'm still not really good in this cosmic-made tech. Can you explain me about scheme desining? Experiments or something?
>> No. 40813144
That thread would take place in another universe that also experienced the Pony Gryphon War, just that it ended differently. I'll be sure to leave some hints at how it would have happened but for now I'm still developing the story and I'm keeping it up my sleeve as a backup if this thread dies.

"Schematic design really is just the use of creativity and logic. First imagine a weapon or tool you want or need and then imagine how one would go to put it together. The real trick is using an object beyond its use. An example I learned as a kid was 'A frog was using an umbrella as cover from the rain. It then happens upon a lake and flips the umbrella upside down and uses it as a boat.' I admit it's a bit hard at first but if you really apply that idea then the stars are the limit."
>> No. 40813145
Hope it wouldn't.
The stars were the limit for a long time ago. Now stars are here.
> He pointed at the window. if there were any, idk
Right near us. And I guess my imagination will do the greatest job. I can remember as I was once experimenting with buckshot modification. I had a recipe for incenendary ammo, for a HE ammo when the splits were exploding in the flesh... Maybe I will remember them and write down.
>> No. 40813148
File 142583444694.png - (125.57KB , 819x976 , applebloom_vector_by_arcticwind777-d52wyr5.png )
between munching massive stacks of food she looks up and waves at him
"Konichiwa Crit-san! this food is amazing!...It's like somepony actually cooked it except for the stuff that isn't supposed to be..." she said scarfing down a soy sauce dripping piece of calimari
"I'm loving this verse' already!"
>> No. 40813153
"Yeah, I'll try to see what I can come up with."

He rests his head on the table and hops straight up.

"How about a makeshift sword that's blade would shock anything that touched it! You'd just need some scrap metal, a battery that would strap to your side, wiring for the current, and a sheet of rubber for the hilt!"
>> No. 40813157
"Oh hello there Cherry, I'm glad to hear you like it here. Why don't I go ahead and buy you guys drinks. What would you like?"
>> No. 40813161
File 142583539718.jpg - (68.89KB , 500x375 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-use-your-magic-twilight.jpg )
she looked up
"I am grateful... If they have my culture's food here...How about a round of Sake?"
she said happily slurping udon noodles pigging out on food.
>> No. 40813164
"Sake? Yeah I'm sure they have that here."

Critical notions Glenda and brings over a bottle of scotch and Sake. Hey pays her 20 bits for the drinks 450 bits. He then sips some of the scotch and sets it down.

"So Cherry what can you tell me about your universe?"
>> No. 40813166
Wow, great idea! But I'm not really good with swords, so we need another idea...
> He looks at Cherry.
...or another pony.
>> No. 40813175
File 142583684109.png - (150.33KB , 789x1012 , pinkamina_by_ifoxtrax-d5ggtqz.png )
she poured him a shot of the rice wine as custom was to not serve yourself.
"Around the same time you banished the Equestrian Princesses war was beginning on the earth that was...." she sighed "two empires on earth remained Equestria and the griffon empire of Gryphis...tensions heated up enough for them to launch nuclear bombs literally slitting the earth in two...they killed billions...but luckily a lot of the citizens survived by evacuating into is where our race went after Celestia died in the hellfire...Luna took her place and helped equestria colonized space...the Neighpon empire went to space a century before the simple got worse.."
>> No. 40813182
File 142583725234.png - (387.92KB , 2500x2352 , pinkie_pie_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d5v6zcb.png )
she looked over
"taser sword?....Sounds cool"
she said taking off her katana
>> No. 40813193
That's what I'm talking about! But still, I need enough materials to upgrade it. We must find it somewhere first. After that, robots and shields won't be your biggest problem.
>> No. 40813212
"Yeah when hacking and slashing just doesn't cut it. Would make a fire sword but in order to burn someone you'd have to make sure the flames touches them long enough. This way even the slightest poke will knock this piss out of them."

He puts the scotch into his saddle bag to save for later and takes the shot of Sake and drinks it.

*hic* "Thanks. Here since you poured mine I'll pour yours. Gears do you want any?"
>> No. 40813218
File 142583879567.png - (119.39KB , 795x1004 , don_t_judge_me__by_44696573656c-d61p95q.png )
she bowed her head slightly. "As is the custom with Sake." she said looking down at the ancient sword.

"this sword is a family heirloom...I won't modify it, but I can bush up on my smithing...did it at summer's end festivals...kinda a hobby..."

Last edited at Sun, Mar 8th, 2015 11:26

>> No. 40813230

Then, beer will be perfect. I have a better idea: if I could find some wiring, a battery, some scrap and one additional shotgun, I could make a shotgun upgrade to Gauss-gun! It will speed up my shooting and increase its damage power.
>> No. 40813249
Critical carefully pours the Sake into Cherry's glass and sets the bottle down. He then order some beer for GearWheel which costed him 10 bits 440 bits.

"Glenda a round of dice, 20 bits."
Black1d6 = 3
White1d6 = 4
>> No. 40813260
"shit. Ah well easy come easy go, the story of my life.420 bits
>> No. 40813271
Oh, that's what you call a life? You know, when Lady Luck turns away from you, why don't you come and...
> He stopped here as realised that was bad joke.
Damn, nevermind. Still, I'm not so lucky, that's why I would never understand ya.
>> No. 40813274
File 142584049106.png - (150.33KB , 789x1012 , pinkamina_by_ifoxtrax-d5ggtqz.png )
she knocks it back and giving a soft sigh and grabbed another curry.
"I wonder since you have all this food...that my culture is here too...I'd like to have somepony that I could relate to."

"A gun that shoots electricity...sounds bad ass"
>> No. 40813293
> He smiles.
I'd be surprised if it didn't. After all, I was improving my tech knowledge for five years, or maybe more...
>> No. 40813358
"Er... I don't know. A lot of culture was wiped out during the Pony Gryphon War since the world fell under a single government. Not only that but after the secession the colonies just developed their own culture. There might be some who share your customs." I'll be sure to keep that in mind, might add a new whole faction... or just make the Starview colony more into Japanese culture. I'll just have to make sure to study up on that on the internet. I am planning for the colony to host a festival when we get past the 500 post mark.
>> No. 40813370
>a new clan might be cool. you could call it The Sakura Empire

"Is is true. I have tried speaking to your computers in my native language...they respond in kind."
she offered some curry to him.

"I've been playing with tech since I was a filly."
>> No. 40813389
"Oh thank you."

Crit went ahead and ate some noodles.

"So Cherry if you could make one wish in life for anything you wanted what would it be?"
>> No. 40813392
> He just sips a little more beer.
Of course... We were born in different time, different space and different realities. But...
> He shook his head.
hell... This is still surprising...
>> No. 40813399
"I had always kept the Many Worlds Theory to heart but I never would have guessed it was actually true." According to the theory even this roleplay here actually exists, pretty cool right?
>> No. 40813405
"I had always kept the Many Worlds Theory to heart but I never would have guessed it was actually true." According to the theory even this roleplay here actually exists, pretty cool right?
>> No. 40813409
"I had always kept the Many Worlds Theory to heart but I never would have guessed it was actually true." According to the theory even this roleplay here actually exists, pretty cool right?
>> No. 40813424
I was thinking about it earlier. According to it, here can easily exist Ponyverse.
World is full of surprises. What did you expected?
>> No. 40813450
"I never expected too much that's for sure."

"One more time."
Black1d6 = 6
White1d6 = 4
>> No. 40813453
440 bits
>> No. 40813554
File 142584938646.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
she thought about it for a moment
"a station like this and somepony to share it with"

she smiled "many dimensions take off when one reality makes a difference and splits off."
>> No. 40814746
> His smile disappears.
Well... maybe I'll confuse you, but... just for an interest... who is that somepony?
>> No. 40814822
File 142592902546.png - (76.40KB , 499x430 , les sign.png )
"dunno yet...I haven't found many mares on this station...yeah I said mare" she smirked "I'm a lesbian."
she giggles and knocked back another glass.
"but when I do find the one...I want a little station like this one to call home."
>> No. 40814838
File 142592960204.jpg - (560.10KB , 1780x2200 , HW_Humanised.jpg )
> He gets a little shocked, but then again smiles and sips more beer.
Well,.. how about this one? I still think it's the best one. Maybe I wasn't on others...
> For a while he thinks, then suddenly adds.
Still, in Stalliongrad no one will offend you for being a lesbian. Only gays. They're dumbflanks.
>> No. 40814891
File 142593129476.png - (119.21KB , 924x864 , pinkamena_is_not_amused_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d6g49r7.png )
"you know...Um..."
she was a bit lost for words
"Being a lesbian means I'm gay for other mares...I don't like guys..."
she said blinking
"And...why is love looked down upon in that way?" she narrowed her eyes wondering
>> No. 40814972
Sorry for not starting any new quests, I'm just waiting for this weekend since that's when we see most of our activity.

"Not sure why, I just focus on other things rather than love so I'm not well experienced in that field."
>> No. 40815686
Neither do I. And still, I do know what this word means, no need to tell me that.
>> No. 40816271
Okay, this Saturday I will unfortunately be unavailable for the entire day because I have to go and participate in the Forensics competition. However I will be here to post on Sunday so I'll most likely make it so that we celebrate our 500 post festival on this thread amd then move on KotA's faction story. So now go on ahead and post what ideas you guys would like to have in the celebration!

"Anyways the Colony will be celebrating a festival soon and SilverWord has some of us going around to get some ideas for it. I was thinking we could have a Bon Odori."
>> No. 40816593
File 142605773456.png - (717.61KB , 5134x3493 , cermella_2_by_cider_crave-d5p4v2k.png )
she smiled "peace would be another wish though..."
"Just clarifying." she smiled
>> No. 40816918
> Gears sadly smiled.
Peace... Nothing but a word. It's a dream that would never come true, or it's just for me, i don't know...
> He sips more.
For last years, I was feeling that I'm getting more and more cruel, and so, I was treating my inner demon by murdering. No matter - ponies, griffons, robots, but that gave me some sort of controlling this incredible power. So, if I would stop shooting for a long period of time, I'm sure I will end up very bad.
>> No. 40817074
"Maybe what your feeling is part of your shadow. You know the rejected traits that have been put aside by your conscious."
>> No. 40817987
File 142615068206.png - (150.33KB , 789x1012 , pinkamina_by_ifoxtrax-d5ggtqz.png )
she raised up her glass in agreement with Crit.
"Look inside yourself and answers you will find."
>> No. 40817994
I've already done it, Cherry. Nothing but muscules, lungs, heart, and so on. But when doctor saw me last time, he said: "You look like an overloaded computer: you overheat each time you need to do anything. And do you know what happens when computer overheats too much? It explodes."
> He finishes his beer.
So, I found two sources of liquid cooling: booze and blood. And things are not so bad as I thought years later.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 12th, 2015 09:15

>> No. 40818823
Critical gave a concerned look.

"Huh, I don't think you'd explode, most devices have some fail safe or program that automatically shuts itself down before any serious damage can occur to the hardware. But besides that, I'm sure you'll be fine, just take the day straight on and when all of that is said and done walk away with your chin held high."
>> No. 40819306
File 142622449470.png - (119.21KB , 924x864 , pinkamena_is_not_amused_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d6g49r7.png )
"....not what I meant gear..." she said facehoofing

she looked at Crit and shrugged at him
>> No. 40819816
File 142627254974.jpg - (1.19MB , 3264x1552 , spoiler.jpg )
He-he-he. I do know what did you mean, Cherry. Just joking.

> He nods, but adds, smiling at him:
Heh, but he only problem that I am the device that was made to explode. But at least I think I found a fuse. And as I got the day off, I'll defuse myself before explosion will happen.
Just thought: that could be an interesting explosion. One blast - three dead: murdered lucky scavenger, raped and headless neighponian lesbian samurai and suicided stalliongrad hacker. Luckily, that's an abandoned idea.

Picrelated: the idea of canon name's style.
>> No. 40819873
"Well don't go and off yourself because I'm sure you still have plenty to live for."

Great artwork! That is a lot better than what I would have done. Just please don't make your character explode or kill any of ours. We already had to deal with that incident with Big Honk and we barely recovered from that.
>> No. 40819899
That's what I call a reason. Glenda, please, more beer. 10 bits cost, 280 remains.

The word "abandoned" means I wouldn't do so. And thanks, but I still have some more work, so I'm afraid that will be a lot of time before I'll draw the background and three (sic!) characters. I think I won't include Rai on the foreground.

Gonna sleep, btw. Night.
>> No. 40820474
File 142631751589.png - (43.46KB , 778x1028 , happy_pinkamena_by_99xua-d5f1xg3.png )
she smirked and shook her head
"you are a silly one....So gear...the earth is still intact in this timeline?"
>> No. 40820529

Хер её знает, I don't know. Actually, I woke up in a life support capsule of some kinda transport ship, absolutely alone. I can't even say how much time I was in that condition, but my last memories before that belong to days when Earth was still fine...
>> No. 40821238
I'm back after a 10 hour competition, didn't win anything at all either. Oh well student congress is tough.

"Well Earth is still in good shape and all, it's just that it is still under the rule of the Representative."

Sorry I'm still working on the lore.
>> No. 40821768

Wait a second. Who are those Representatives? What are they doing here?

>> No. 40821926
File 142640713100.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
"I have a feeling that something isn't right about calling something "The Representative"...."
she said skeptical.
>> No. 40822041
Glenda returned and gave GearWheel the beer. Critical then straightens up in his chair.

"The Representative was the final member of the communion during the Pony Gryphon War. During those times nobody was allowed to see them face to face so they communicated through broadcasts. This lead ponies to believe that there was a whole organization ruling Equestria where as in reality it was secretly a dictatorship. After the war about a hundred years or so ponies knew that nobody should be able to live that long, so they stormed the capitol building to find that the representative was actually a computer. Only a few ponies lived to tell that tale and it sparked rebellion. Unfortunately it was quickly put down and they had to accept the fact that they would live under the rule of an immortal king. Fortunately since we live out in space, we live outside the Representative's law."

Critical laughed a little.

"The Representative wouldn't go after us, even if we sang the Crystal Empire Anthem."
>> No. 40822233

> He shook his head, took his beer and said:
...oh, shit. So my predictions came true.
> He sips before continuing.
Once I wrote down that if one machine will ever pass the Turing test... it's the test that could tell if you are communicating with human or computer... ponies and griffons will be replaced by robots for ever...

We're doomed, Crit. Even if it wouldn't reach us now, it will become more powerful, it will be smarter then any of us... and the worst thing, it will realise its power. It will wipe the entire civilisations, and we will become nothing more than slaves...

> After a little pause, he quitely added:

...Representative has to be destroyed. At all costs, as it never ever existed. Maybe we won't defeat it, but I am absolutely sure: either ponies destroy machine, or machine destroys ponies. And there's no third option. Remember: you all were noticed.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 15th, 2015 11:11

>> No. 40822641
"Hopefully we might pull something off like that but it will have to wait another time."

Critical stood up and dizzily walked over to the door.

"I'm a bit tired so I'll be heading off to my room in the hotel. If you need a place to crash, talk to the receptionist and get you a room if you haven't already."

In my last thread it had actually featured the Representative and I gave Big Honk the option to choose whether or not to kill him. Even though she didn't I do admire that her reasons were of her own personal morality even though that's not what I would have done. Anyways it will be interesting to bring him back and see how you guys will interact with this character but of course only in due time.
>> No. 40823861

No, I've already reserved one. Maybe I'll go here after some more time, now gonna stay here for a while.
> He looked at his dizzy walk and added:
In case of your drunk condition, be careful on your way there!
>> No. 40824407
"Don't worry, I'll be fine and what not. Just need to get some rest."

Critical walked out and into the common area of the colony.

Anyone want to join? Now's a good time!
>> No. 40824885

It was 1:40 here at the moment you posted.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 17th, 2015 22:38

>> No. 40825238
Oh, I had meant that where we were in the thread was a good time for someone new to join. Not in real world time.
>> No. 40825942

Okay then. But no one wanted to join...
>> No. 40826455
Are there any specifics I should know about before I join?
>> No. 40826548

> Nope. Just read this (>>40792032), and setting your name is optional, but preferrable.

> Also, Crit will answer soon, so he'll help you to jump in.
>> No. 40826838
Hello, I am interested in joining, but I was wanting to know if OP has skype.
>> No. 40826864

Not really sure, and I dunno how to make you appear in this canon now. 'Cause Crit doesn't really trust me :(

Let's see what I could do. For now, just wait, okay?
>> No. 40827204
Okay I'm back, so let's see if we can put your characters in. Basically all you really need is a name and just post regularly. A picture of your OC would be nice so we can have an idea of what your character looks like and that's it. So this Saturday I will have all day to myself so I'll be starting the second mission of the KotA faction.

The rest of the evening passed on and it was soon morning. Outside by the fountain, Critical was speaking with SilverWord with a concerned expression.

If you have trouble jumping in then let me know so I can help you.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 21st, 2015 06:43

>> No. 40827802
Well, I was actually wanting to know a little more about the factions. Would you mind linking me to posts that explain it better or summarizing them here if you don't mind?
>> No. 40827810
I still haven't finished the lore on the google docs but I'll go ahead and tell you what you need to know about the Knights.
The Knights of the Alicorns are a group of well trained soldiers that go about space collecting technology much like the Compendium of Technologies. Their intentions are unknown since they often keep interactions with outsiders low. They consider themselves as the last followers of the Princesses and serve in their memory.
>> No. 40827880
Is anyone available to rp? Also gonna put SilverWord text in >blue.

"Listen this mission, it's a bit much. I mean to help transport something like that, I just don't know how they would respond."

>"Critical I need you to do this so that we can find out what they will be using it for. Besides it would be better if it is in their possession rather than some marauder gang."
>> No. 40827974

Ready as never.
>> No. 40828617
Okay, the time has come. If you've been roleplaying here or just been watching the thread then it should be obvious for you to see that we haven't been getting much activity. With that said the thread is on its last legs and is almost dead. So I decided that since this isn't just my thread but all of ours, we are going to have a vote whether or not to abandon the thread. If I don't see any votes by tomorrow night at 9:00 (US Eastern time) then I will let Lady Luck decide with one single dice roll. If this does die then as I promised earlier that I would create a Fallout Equestria thread but stay completely separate from the game series and the fan fictions. So go on ahead to vote to stay frontier ponies or become stable dwellers.
>> No. 40828897

Let's do it this way: if two more people vote to save this thread, I'll do so too. But now: abandon.

Crit, before you'll make Fallout Equestria roleplay, make an /ooc/ signup thread to be sure that anyone will join.
>> No. 40828923
I'll be sure to do that and also we have about 11 and a half hours remaining be fore a decision is made. Seras and Anon I know you didn't get a chance to roleplay here but I do hope you join the next thread.
>> No. 40829470
File 142707269687.png - (262.21KB , 610x343 , The thread.png )
Well since there is no one who wants to save this thread, as DM I officially declare it dead. We had a good run especially since I basically popped in out of nowhere where as others are not so fortunate with their threads. I want to give a big thanks to all of those who contributed their time to this roleplay, their suggestions to make it better, and any artwork that was done for this thing. Now it's time to say farewell to the Frontier so we can move onward. So let your dice rolls be high and the number of traps in the dungeon be low.

So with the Fallout thread I am hoping to finally create a more open world thread so I would like for you to be a co-DM, only if you want to Gears.
>> No. 40829639

Just tell me what to do, and this will happen. My answer is yes.
>> No. 40830075
Just make sure that anyone who joins finds a place to jump in and you must interact with their character in some way, just regular DM stuff. Also you have to check the thread numerous times a day to be sure that nobody is left out. And most importantly, even more important than the things I already said, make sure the players are having fun. Right now I'm planning to have the ooc up tomorrow ASAP.
>> No. 40830081

Got it. I'll make sure everyone will enjoy this canon, don't worry about that. Farewell to the Frontier, though...
>> No. 40830088
Yeah, even though we didn't have it open world like I planned, probably because nobody had any locations in space to go to, it was still a pretty good thread. Also that reminds me, if you could draw a map a Stalliongrad so that our characters could explore it if we get bored of Equestria. It's a bit much to ask for so this is completely optional.
>> No. 40830105

I prefer to call the country Sovietia, and Stalliongrad is just one of its cities. I'd enjoy making it. And check my sketch on /art/. I can't figure out why it was uploaded THAT way...
>> No. 40831079
The Sign up is ready to go!!!

Also nice artwork, my imaginary hat is off to you.
>> No. 40831082
Damn it. Some shit happened, such as:
1. Your name disappeared.
2. Your document needs some kind of 'permission' to open.

Better check what happened.
>> No. 40831238
Okay I fixed and tested the google doc so anyone should be able to view it. This was the first I did something like this and I didn't know that you needed to publish the document. As for my name being anon, it doesn't really matter especially since I can edit the post.
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