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#Open #Canon: The Unikon #Fresh start #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Semi-serious

The frozen, mountainous regions of the northern Unikon was densely packed with trees. The small mining community of Celestia was buried under several feet of snow. Hoofbeats upon the catwalks that lined the wooden palisade walls were slow and regular, as infantry patrolled the border of the town, eyes out towards the untamed wilderness.

The lonesome call of the Locomotive in the distance could be heard, the soldiers quickly lining up towards the rails, rifles pointed outwards. They watched and waited, seeing the plume roll out of the engine's stack, smearing the clear air with ash, smoke, cinders, and steam.

Inside the cars, another group of passengers to enter the town, with them came supplies and munitions for the defenders of the town.

This was Celestia. A once prosperous mining town, railroad tracks now the only means of entering and transferring from town to town, or to the mines via the narrow gauge.


The thunderous buffetting of air rumbled overhead, the screech of the Thunderbirds reminding the ponyfolk below who still owned the skies. The snow blanketed the larger bodies of the wolven clans and bears that occasionally raided the town.

Unknown to the Equestrians, a war was unfolding after the founding of the City of Twilight, in what the native tribes knew only as "The Source". Believed to be the starting point of the known world to them, The Source was the most sacred ground to the three tribes. The Thunderbirds of the far reaches of the mountains, the Wolves of the depths of the forests, and the Bears, masters of the torrents of the rivers and streams; all came together here, in this most sacred spot, where a once beautiful lake sat. Now, it sat enclosed in the ruins of the town of Twilight, long since lost to constant raids and attacks from the wolf and bear raiders, buried in frost and shielded by storms by the Thunderbirds. The remaining towns of Celestia, New Canterlot, and Luna remained the last bastions of Equestrian hold in the North.


The station bustled with mules, donkeys, and ponies filing in and out of the waiting trains, the massive locomotive moving towards the other end of the cars to prepare to start back down towards Equestria. The smaller narrowgauge locomotives hissed, awaiting their load of miners and ores to be taken off. Soldiers marched from the armored cars towards the palisades and small fort. The open sign was clear and bright in the winter storm at the tavern owned by Shotglass. The mare prepped the barcounter, preparing for the eventual influx of miners and soldiers getting off their watches and shifts. Her son, Digger, worked on sweeping the broom, despite his missing foreleg.

Welcome to Celestia, "Jewel" of the North.
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>> No. 40797760
The Mare sighed, Shotglass refilling the unicorn's drink, looking to the pair of them.

"If you're really looking for good honest work on the railroad, hit up the Unikon-Ponyville Railway. They took up the job of keeping these mining towns and Equestria together on the main lines. All the smaller trains belong to the Celestia Mining Company. I'm not sure where a UP office would be around these parts, though I'm sure Rail Tie will give out independent contracts to keep his train running. He's on the 'Northern Princess' that runs between here to New Canterlot and Luna. Can't miss him. He's the only Donkey running the line."
>> No. 40797766
"Well then I guess I'll go do that the only question remains..."

He turns over to the Gryphon.

"...What will you be doing er... I don't think I caught your name."
>> No. 40798458
His claws rapped at the bar top, a pair of longer feathers on his head perked up like ears. He listened to both the mare and the colt with something of a grin on his face.

"Well, I'll have to see what's on these trains before I stick my neck out for them." He says, eyes darting to the direction of the cash register and up to the mare.
>> No. 40798871
"Hmm... If I had to make an educated guess, it'll probably be something within the range of more ponies, food, medical supplies, to weaponry."
>> No. 40799155
"Well, you two'd better hurry. Next train for New Canterlot leaves in 15 minutes. Don't worry about tickets, just rush yourselves up to the locomotive and call for Rail Tie. He'll see to ya."

Shotglass shook her head, looking around. "... where IS that colt, he was supposed to pick up this order a while ago..."
>> No. 40799182
"Where was he supposed to go, I can go pick him up if you want. Besides the deal was a free drink if I was able to persuade him not to get into trouble, which I hope he is not getting into any."
>> No. 40799654
Shotglass looked to the unicorn, shaking her head. "I'm not to worried. He's probably just moping in his room right now. Thanks again for talking him out of it. He got it in his head we're just barely scraping by for money. He means well but..." She sighed, shaking her head. "I'll admit we are a bit strapped for cash, but we can get by."

"Anyway, you'd better get moving. Rail Tie doesn't like to deviate with his schedule."
>> No. 40799665
"Maybe he's off looking for an extra hoof." Says the gryphon with a sarcastic tone.

"But anyway, if there's nothing else for me here I might just stop by this Rail Tie fellow." He then says, dropping the snide tone
>> No. 40800008
Anger twitched inside of Critical when he heard this gryphon's sick joke. He then gave him a sickening glare and without much thought, due to it being his nature as well as the alcohol he recently drank, he took his hoof and punched the gryphon across the face.
>> No. 40800197
"Rnnghh!" coughs the gryphon as he takes a hoof right to the side of his beak. The blow strikes with an audible crack, his neck twisting as his face jerks to the side, the force knocking him off the bar stool and onto the wooden floor.

He lands with a hefty thud, his wings crumpled outwards as he lays flat on his back, his paws inadvertently toppling over the stool, it landing next to him.
>> No. 40800279
Critical levitates the stool that had fallen over back up and gotten off of his. He then walks over to the Gryphon he punched and helped him get back up on his paws.

"There ya go. Sorry I sucker punched you, I just don't like it when someone makes fun of another's disability. The name's Critical, and yours is?"
>> No. 40800646
Having listened and watched all this unfold, Shotglass gave a respectful nod towards Critical. "You just earned yourself a large bottle of Rail Spike whiskey, my friend, plus discounted drinks for life. I suggest you haul your sorry excuse for a drinking partner there and get to the station before I ask Pick Axe to expert him out..."

She glared daggers at the gryphon, giving a snarl. "Just you mind your manners in this town, bird brain. My boy may be a bit foolish, but he's more Stallion than you'll ever be, pipsqueak."
>> No. 40800924
Critical took the whiskey and put it in his saddlebag, not wanting to get any more drunk before meeting Rail Tie.

"Thanks, I guess I'll be on my way then. If there is any more trouble then send the word my way, hopefully I'll hear it in the breeze."

He then leaves the bar and heads on over to the rail station from where he entered and began to search for the pony who looked in charge.
>> No. 40802424
Steam hissed from various locomotives waiting at the platform. Shouts from the station master between the conductors mixed with the chatter of those that boarded and disembarked from the coaches.

The low call of a whistle was sounded, an old donkey at the throttle looking out from the cab, chewing on a wad of brown cud. He bit on a rope, pulling down to let out another blast from the brass pipes atop the massive locomotive. He leaned back out the cab window, spitting down onto the ballast of the tracks. "Hurry it up! This Princess leaves in ten minutes!"

On another platform in clear view, a familiar pinto patterned three legged colt hobbled up onto a coach on a mining train marked for Prometheus mine.
>> No. 40802672
Shocked and slightly annoyed at Digger's determination, Critical runs over to the other train to stop him. He climbs on and tries to locate the colt.
>> No. 40804546
Growling, the Gryphon ignores the offered hoof and stand up on his own, feeling at his jaw (lower beak?) as he held a scowl over his avian features.

"Gerhard." he says, picking up his bag and slinging it over his back .

"you hoofbeaters have no sense of humour." And with that, and some aggravated farewells, the gryphon leaves the bar along with Critical, moving towards the station in search of this donkey.
>> No. 40807454
The narrowgauge train blew is whistle, cylinders hissing as the wheels creaked.

An older stallion wearing a large brown overcoat, a shovel and lantern across his back, galloped over towards the gryphon, nudging his shoulder.

"Help an old horse gather a stiff from a mine, there's a good hundred bits in it for ya."

On the train, Digger was sitting near the back, fusing with his knapsack.

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>> No. 40808343
Seeing Digger, Critical let out a tired sigh. He moved down the aisle and sat next to him and spoke before Digger could protest his presence here.

"Kid, you are surely one of the determined children I had ever met. That's why I'm going to let you go to the mine but not without me being there to make sure you get home safe."
>> No. 40809622
The gryphons wings immediately stretch upwards on hearing the two words "hundred" and "bits" sequentially. Coughing, and containing his excitement he leans closer to the older stallion, having now completely forgotten Critical Hit.

"So, what am I doing exactly? And where? Don't take me for no fool. These talons aren't the only thing that's sharp about me." responds Gerhard, having thrown a single arm around the neck of the old colt, his free hand pointing and prodding at the shaggy fur of the stallion.
>> No. 40810083
"Simple enough. Just need ta move a dead pony from Prometheus back here. No draggin', already on his stretcher. Just get him ta the train, set him in the box, and instant pay." The old grave digger smirked, looking over. "Sheet over him already, in case you're squeemish."

Digger blinked, looking over at this unicorn with eyes wide.

"What?! Oh come on! I've been to the mine before, it's nothing! I don't need a babysitter."
>> No. 40810325
"Seriously, just be glad that I'm not dragging you back to your mother... well judging your actions that's at least how I imagine things would go down with you, playing dead weight or kicking and screaming."

Critical leans back in the chair.

"Why is it so important with you to go work in the mines? Do you have something to prove?"
>> No. 40811250
"Sure thing, pal. But I'd have to ask for at least a part of the money up front. I could just move this forever sleeping beauty here and you could be long gone once I get back." explains the Gryphon, walking over to inspect the victim of hard labor.

"Nothing personal, just business minded if you can understand." he further says, his claws grasping at the stretcher to gauge the weight.
>> No. 40811523
"Oh, no. Completely understandable there, buddy. How's 50 up front, the other fifty the moment we come off the train at Prometheus." The gravedigger looked over to the Gryphon, then to the body on the cot. "Oh, that one's not mine, think that's a drunk that wandered over."

He fished around in the overcoat, biting down on five ten bit notes, pulling them out to set it into the gryphon's awaiting claw. "Here ya go. Next fifty will come when we pick him up. He'll be the one that looks like ground beef in linen. C'mon, train's about to leave, it's the tiny one over there. We'll be takin' the coach in the back, jus' you, me, an' the stiff on the way home. Own bathroom an' everything."

"Well..." Digger sighed, looking down at his knapsack. "... don't go spreading this around, but I think there's something poking down below in the mines. Ever since we got up here, Dad says food goes missing, tools go missing, even lanterns. Everyone gets checked, no one makes enough to bribe the company guards to avoid check-in of equipment."

He opened his knapsack, a small poorly packed lunch inside. "They're probably hungry, haven't been there since my leg got cleaved off. Usually left food for them, kept the miners alert to a collapse. Better than canaries."

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>> No. 40811652
File 142573632500.png - (65.13KB , 900x650 , modernscifiCriticalHit.png )
Oh wow, I forgot to post a pic of my character. I'll just use the one from the Frontier.

"Things going missing? Probably just dug into some animal's nest or something. How about we go check it out after you give the food to the miners."
>> No. 40812442
The gryphon happily takes the notes, stuffing them into a bag he has clipped to a harness over his torso. He looks around a bit, after giving a quick nod of acknowledgement to the old colt. He spots the train, and looks back to the miner.

"Alright, I'm ready to go." he said to them, his talons rubbing flat together.
>> No. 40812452
[Talon rubbing intensifies]

The old stallion nodded, motioning over towards the end car as he shoved off the pony in the cot, dragging it along behind him. "C'mon, let's go. Carryin' stiffs ain't as faux pas as other ponies make it out ta be."

He hoofed it over towards the train, clamoring aboard as he dragged the cot up onto the train's rear platform, giving a sharp whistle towards the gryphon. "Well, c'mon, don't dawdle, kid! If this crate makes it there in time, you can keep the cash on him as a bonus."

The shrill whistle of the tiny locomotive is heard through the platform, the pistons chuffing slowly, wheels grinding and squeeling in protest as the train gradually moved from the platform with the grace of a glacier. Everyone on board felt the small jolt as slowly, each coupling was stressed and each car pulled forward.

Digger looked over to Crit with a frown. "No, the food's for them, not the miners. Otherwise, they go hungry again and forget to warn us about cave ins."
>> No. 40812475
'Oh, right!" he gallops on ahead to catch up with the horse, the old colt moving far faster than he had expected. His paws and talons claw heavily through the gravely streets, his somewhat bulkier form pushing through the other ponies and donkies milling about their daily tasks. Grunts, shouts, and looks of malice all follow the gryphon as he leaps up onto the rear of the train, his claws clanging agaisnt the steel as he hoists himself up.

"Think of me as a sort of investment. I've got a few other tricks up my feathers too." he grins, as much as a beaked creature can. He helps move the somewaht cumbersome cot, moving into the traincar.
>> No. 40812674
"Oh well, I hope that whatever is causing stuff to disappear will only keep on taking random junk and not ponies before I take care of whatever is doing this."

He sat his rifle on to his lap and pondered. He knew that it would only fire one bullet at a time and would require each bullet to be hoof loaded. He would have to be both accurate and fast to avoid damage to himself and if Digger tried to fight as well he'd have to make sure keep Digger out of harm's way.
>> No. 40813093
The pullman was a far more elegant affair than the passenger coaches the main line had to offer ponies on their way to and from the Equestrian capital. Though there was a coffin sitting at the center of the mobile apartment on wheels, the seats were cushioned, there was a sofa, and the train car was filled with the aroma of fresh flowers.

The old stallion moved the cot behind a few seats, hefting it up onto a pair of hooked holders just under a rather well worn but well maintained repeating shotgun.

"Take a load off. Gonna be some time before we get there. Name's Requiem, by and by. Grave digger and mortician by trade. S'alright, I suppose, work's guaranteed."

Digger gave a shrug. "No reason for them to hurt anyone. One of them even pushed me out of a falling beam. Sure I'm down one leg, but I'd be visiting Mr Requiem for my first and only time, if you can catch my meaning."

The station began to slide out of view as the train sped on, the massive bound logs of the palisade wall filling their view as the mining train headed towards Prometheus mine. The snowcapped mountains and massive pines were strangely magestic in this hostile land.

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>> No. 40813099
"Wait one of these things saved you? Did you get a clear view as to see what it was?"
>> No. 40813195
The gryphon entered the lavish looking room, a peculiar feeling snaking its way through his spine as his eyes glanced at the coffin neatly sitting at the car's centre.

"I wonder if he had such comforts in life..." whispered the gryphon to himself, a talon stroking the top of his beak as he moved to sit down at one of the couches. He hoped he hadn't been noticed, or if the odd melancholy he felt of the room showed on his face. Either way, he swallowed and answered the older stallion sitting across from him.

"Gerhard." shuffling, placing down his bag in the vacant spot beside him.

"And how is it as a mortician? I can't imagine your customoers being anything but ... dead pan." the pun made more for his own mood

"I couldn't quite tell you what my trade is. Not entirely sure if it really counts as one."
>> No. 40813428
The young colt shook his head, brow furrowing. "Can't say that I did. Only thing I saw was a shadow when they pushed me out of the way."

"Well, can't say the conversation's very lively. I'm either workin' stiff, or havin' one way conversations."

The stallion laughed, moving over towards Gerhard. "Relax, kid. You look tense." He nodded towards an elegant cubbard. "Here, open that, good bourbon in there, fine vintage. Usually placed here for the grievin', but none ever drink. Should still be sealed, I make sure ta leave a new bottle every time I have ta take the train."

He headed over towards the coffin, lifting up the lid, locking both halves open as he fitted the cushions and the lace within. "Consider yourself lucky, he's bound for the flames, no need for the embalmin' car. Trust me, you need to be eased inta the stench o' the embalmin' fluids."
>> No. 40813445
"Oh well time will tell."

Critical the turned his head to look out the window to see the trees pass by as well a translucent reflection of himself and Digger.
>> No. 40813563
"Well, if we have time I wouldn't mind a little." said the gryphon after a calming exhale. He looks in the cupboard, his talon grasping at the bottle and pulling it towards him. He reads down the label, his claws lightly rapping against its glass surface.

"Surprising that anyone can still smell around here. Those burning fumes just kill me.
>> No. 40815008
"That exhaust is the least of your worries. Once we hit the mine, air's gonna be thick wroth dust."

The train sped on through the mountain pass, a river gorge on the side dropping far below. It was oddly peaceful, though the countless lumps in the frost of uniforms, armor, and weapons spoke a different tale.

An odd totem was erected along the tracks, the bleached skull of a deer adorned with feathers and runic symbols carved into the antlers. Digger caught a view of it, blinking.

"Those are popping up a lot more frequently. Old Sam says it keeps something called the Wendigo at bay."
>> No. 40815222
"Bah I wouldn't put too much faith into stuff like that kid. Sometimes you have take matters into your own hooves instead of relying on other things."
>> No. 40816073
"Can't say that really helps me at all, Old colt. Something about the air down on land feels like I'm breathing in water." responds the Gryphon, his voice softer as he stretches and leans back in the couch. He lingers there for a fair minute, his talons cradling his head as he peers up at the ceiling.

"How do you stand just walking everywhere you go? These harsh winds and cold gales make it almost impossible for me to fly."
>> No. 40817770
The gravedigger watched the totem through the window as the final car passed it, a sudden frown appearing on his face. His gaze fell upon the shotgun upon the wall, then over to the Gryphon.

"... wendigo totems make for boomin' business, if ya catch my meanin', kid. I can handle walkin' through the muck jus' fine. Keeps the Thunderheads from comin' down ta tussle. S'the bears an' the wolves I can't stand..."

His eyes looked to the totem disappearing in the distance, then back to the gryphon.

The train suddenly jolted to a stop, the whistle of the locomotive letting out a long banshee's wail as the wheels screamed, sparks flying from the wheels as the train ground to a sudden halt.

Hissing of the steam pipes and the sound of frantic shouts further up the train were heard.

"... how good's your shootin' arm?"

Digger nearly fell off his seat, groaning as he sat back up, his shoulder aching after slamming it into the seat in front of him. He peaked his head up slightly, eyes wide as he stared into the treeline, ducking back down suddenly, the all too recognizable howl of a wolf warband leader piercing through the noise.

"Oh no no no! Why did it have to be THIS train?!"
>> No. 40818837
"Shit!", he thought to himself as he equipped his rifle.

"If they planning on stopping this tin can then they'll most likely gun for the engine. I'm gonna head up there, you can go ahead and hide up on the rack that holds the luggage. If any gets on this train stay put and if you get spotted then make a run for it and head back to town."

Critical then runs up the passenger car to get to the door.
>> No. 40818874
Unbraced for the thundering and screaming halt, the Grypon falls with the momentum of the train. With a soft thud upon the cushions lands the regal bird, his feathers tossed into a mess as he picks himself up.

"Shooting arm?" questions Gerhard as he straightens out the feathers around his neck

"Well, I did shoot once or twice some years ago. What am I gonna be using a gun for?" the continues, surprised at the sudden need for such dangerous arms.
>> No. 40821320
"Oh come on! I can handle myself, my dad taught me everything I know about bucking stone! What's a few thick skulls?"

Requiem gave the gryphon a small smirk, heading towards the cabinet to fit himself with a firing harness. "You ain't been here long, I gather."

"Them locals don't take too kindly ta us on account o' some mixup with the former town o' Twilight. They were peaceful up to the point o' that town bein' built. Place was razed, raided, an' attacked so often, all that's left is the palisade walls an' a few gutsy troopers. Bears, Thunderbirds, an' don't even get me started on those damn wolves."

The entire train fell silent, lights turning off, several guards aboard pointing their weapons out of the windows, a few miners doing the same. Silence and darkness fell over the train as they waited, everyone aboard tense and nervous.

They came flying out from the trees. Heavy throwing axes and spears flying from one side of the train, whistling of metal and wood heard just before the projectiles made impact. The train cars took the brunt of the attack, axe and spearheads embedding into the paneling. Several lucky shots slammed home through closed and opened windows, carving into any unfortunate enough to be caught in the way. Then came the thwang and whoosh of bows letting loose arrows. Flame tipped and dark arrows dotted the train, more ponies, donkeys, and mules falling from their defensive positions.

The blast of the horn was heard in the darkness, the bellowing of the gargantuan bear huscarls heard as they rumbled through the treeline, shields and axes glistening in the moonlight. The howl was heard again, closer.
>> No. 40822042
"Fine but we're going to the engine first and there will be no argument for that."

Critical opened up the door and stuck his head outside, making sure his head was below any windows, to see if there were any wolves running with the train.
>> No. 40822088
The train's at a dead stop
>> No. 40822704
"Damn we need to get this train moving or we are seriously screwed. Hopefully the driver is still alive because I don't know how to fix a train let alone drive it."
>> No. 40824523
"Trading lead is not my kind of business, pal." dryly remarks the Gryphon as he reaches up for one of the single barreled percussion guns. A distinctly crafted stock and a narrow, tapering barrel sets this weapon apart along with the shallow, J shaped grip carved in front of the buttstock. A gryphon design, if a pony had an eye for such things.

"He scooped up a powder horn and a cartridge box that hung below the fusil without much thought if it was even the right caliber rounds or grain of powder. Still, he slung it over himself and stood a hair (feather?) more confident looking in front of the old mining colt.

"Ok, so, where to? I guess I've got some lead dealing quotas to meet."
>> No. 40829789
"Anywhere but in here. This ain't my first day with attacks like these. Staying in these train cars are a death trap. Get to the catwalk access on the roof, start pickin' off the meanest ones."

He loaded up his ammunition pouch with slugs, the brass shells ringing as they impacted each other. He looked to the Gryphon with a nod, pointing to the side door. "C'mon, front or back door's gonna get us killed." He headed over, opening the entryway facing the cliffside, the blast of cold air and snow welcoming them back into the elements.

"Oh no! You're not gonna leave me here, mister! I'm going with you!" Digger hobbled off after the other pony, most of the stallions busying themselves with defending the train, spent rifle casings and shotgun shells raining onto the wooden floorboards of the train cars, rolling about every which way. The bellow of bears was heard at the side, a massive axe slamming into the woodframe of a window. The helmetted creature glared through, staring at those inside, letting out a roar before pulling back to try again to cleave into the car.
>> No. 40830083
With the sight of the bear Critical readied and aimed his rifle.

"Oh fuck not!"

With that said he fired at it.>Greater than or equal to 11 means success.
1d20 = 12
Not sure how combat works here so if it isn't by dice, let me know.
>> No. 40836478
The Gryphon nodded as he watched the pony pull open the hatch. He recoiled slightly, squinting as the harsh winds and snow swirled into the cabin

"By your lead then." He said, cocking the hammer on his hunting rifle. The gryphon followed close to the old colt, his claws crunching into the soft and deep snow along the tracks.
>> No. 40842789
Don't actually do dice rolls. Honor system and what not.
The massive warrior fell back with a bellowing moan, powder and fire hitting him as he collapsed in a heap. Though where he opened a void, it was soon filled, two more bears taking their fallen comrade's place.

The train car shook, seeming to teeter, wood paneling splintering with each impact. More ponies, mules, and donkeys quickly came to their senses, grabbing what weapon they could if they did not have a firearm, swinging makeshift clubs and blades at their unrelenting foe, a few pickaxes swinging towards the creatures.

The old grave digger gripped onto a stepladder with his teeth, swinging about to clamber on and up it, hooves gaining little purchase upon the ice covered metal. He made sure to keep his tongue well back from the bars as he hauled himself up, trenchcoat fluttering in the gusts. Another volley of throwing axes and javelins flew over them, bouncing fruitlessly upon the rooftop and rock face.

Requiem managed to haul himself onto the catwalk, though he was winded, keeping low as he moved aside to give his new acquaintence room to come up.

"Stay low! I'll keep 'em distracted!" He turned back around, firing off a massive hail of buckshot, the 10 gauge shotgun's report booming through the pass.
>> No. 40843156
Okay, no dice

Critical leaps back behind the his new allies so he could load another bullet into the chamber of his gun. It was designed to be high powered for long distance but at the cost of only having a single bullet in it at a time.
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