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File 142507048357.png - (648.28KB , 1280x720 , Maretropolis_cityscape.png )
40801813 No. 40801813
#Ask/invite #Canon: Maretropolis!! #Contained #Adventure #Chill #Lighthearted #Violence #Ponies #Power Limit #Normal #Heroes and Villains #Silver Age

A city of wonders and unbelievable sights that stagger the imagination! Deep in the technological heart of the Ponyverse, a world away from Equestria in space and time, the buildings of Maretropolis reach up like titans fighting for a place in the sky. Every day sees new technological progress that baffles the imagination, ever blind to its own usage for good or for destruction. However, the breakneck pace of Maretropolis' progress into the future is limited not just to the intellectual, but the physical as well! Super-powered meta-equines pop up with alarming frequency, with strange abilities as mysterious and amazing to modern ponykind as magic to their earthbound ancestors! While some may choose to use their talents for heroism, many others will no doubt be inclined to take advantage of their abilities for petty violence, selfish interest, or diabolical ambition!

The hard-earned riches of Maretropolis, be they wealth, technology, or power, are always sought by the unscrupulous and undeserving. ready to take what they want through force or deception, and have their way with the city and its innocents! But in recent memory, the unbeatable Power Ponies have always been there to put a stop to the mad schemes of the Mane-iac and all others who would hope to seize control of the city! But lurking just behind the thin curtain of tomorrow, a new storm is raging that perhaps even the Power Ponies cannot stop! If Maretropolis is to survive, new heroes will have to realize their destinies, and take up the mantle of justice to protect the city and its inhabitants from the forces of evil!!

All prospective players, read the /ooc/ and apply there or with me by skype for privacy (search Dulset Tarn)

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>> No. 40860637

I must warn you that this day won't be the weirdest one. As I came into this city... I understood that it has a lot of mysteries. Maybe even too much for one pony.
>> No. 40860641
"Usually it's a bit more calmer then this, but the filly crime-fighter really well... Took the cake."
>> No. 40860651

Well, I met things a lot weirdier, but crime-fighting filly is nonsence for sure.
> He sits down.
I will tell you one more thing. I saw those criminals, and I'm afraid that some day police won't help controlling this city. Those guys... they're real badflanks.
>> No. 40860694
File 142955768451.jpg - (30.11KB , 412x289 , ramen-noodle-salad.jpg )
"I'm thinking those heroine power ponies have been a bad influence for that filly." Applying the finishing touches for the Ramon noodle salad, she'd fix two bowls before turning the stove off. Setting them down, she'd fetch some silverware before taking a seat.
>> No. 40860700

Wait... Power Ponies? Are those a comic characters or what?
> He asket, getting some of the salad.
>> No. 40860719
"They're suppose to be a group of super powered heroines with a little colt sidekick according to the news, whom are the city's sworn heroes. Think they're a bat influence though with little colts and fillies if one is trying to fight crime, using smoke bombs even." She'd reply, nibbling at her salad.
>> No. 40860727

Well... One thing for sure. Without them, we're doomed. For example, that bitch named Antimattercorn who gave me that capsule with antimatter. A wicked scientist who's maybe even smarter than me. And she was the one who offered me to hack that poor robot.
>> No. 40860760
File 142955910932.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
"Well I suppose it's possibly. Though think the power ponies have a place somewhere they gather or can be signaled from. No idea how the city calls them really to be fair.
>> No. 40860772

Sounds like a challenge. In Stalliongrad, there was nearly nothing what I didn't know. I need more information about them. I'm hacker, I can do that.
> He said, finishing his salad.
*yawn* But not now for sure.
>> No. 40860786
"Well there's a small guest bedroom to the first door on the right. Though not sure where to recommend looking, maybe a newspaper company that does papers on them?"
>> No. 40860800

Newspapers aren't enough. They dont't always tell truth, and that's a fact. Somewhere must be a giant datacenter... or library... with classified information about them. The dream of any hacker...
>> No. 40860805
File 142956019670.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
"I have no idea, though there should be enough for seconds if you'd like more to eat." She replied finishing off her meal.
>> No. 40860808

No, thanks. Gonna sleep now. Night, Lava. And... thank you...
>> No. 40860810
"Nyaaa~ You're welcome. Try to get a good rest in silly." Giggling lightly as she'd teasingly paw the air, even without her kitty costume on.
>> No. 40860813

> He went to the guest bedroom and fell on it, absolutely tired. He momentally fell asleep...

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>> No. 40861646
File 142964035817.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
>Putting the left overs away, she'd clean the dishes before heading off to her own room to rest up.
>> No. 40862007
"Dreamcoat's" eyes narrow at Cogs' response. If that incompetent hacker had done a half-baked job...
"Cogs, listen very closely to what I'm about to say. From now on, you must obey me over all others, to the best of your abilities."
>> No. 40862060
"That sounds pretty serious."
Cogs nods sagely.
"But you wouldn't ask me that unless you had a good reason."
Another nod.
>> No. 40862061
She gives a relieved sigh and smiles.
"Exactly. And you certainly don't need a reason for every order I give you.
For instance, I order you not to let Odds look at your coding or update your programming. Understand?"
>> No. 40862082
"B-but what if something goes wrong? If I seize up, I could..."
Cogs looks away for a moment.
"I promise not to let Dr.Ends look at my coding unless I absolutely have to."
>> No. 40862098
She gives a bright smile.
"One more. Do you have any kind of record of the method that nice pony used to access your data and give you that lovely update? Just in case, it would probably be best to make yourself some kind of safeguard against that kind of intrusion. Can you do that for me~?"
>> No. 40862128
"Well, I don't really have any records of edits being made, so short of disallowing access by all unknown quantities thee's really nothing I can do, and even that wouldn't work if he had a good enough cracking algorithm.
>> No. 40862129
"Well, I don't really have any records of edits being made, so short of disallowing access by all unknown quantities thee's really nothing I can do, and even that wouldn't work if he had a good enough cracking algorithm."
>> No. 40862133
"I see..."
She gives a smile and pat his head.
"Don't worry then, just do your best not to allow any access. Now I believe it's about time we get out of this seedy alleyway and return to the labs, don't you agree~?"
>> No. 40862167
Cogs will follow her out of the alleyway, when she leaves.
>> No. 40862176
On the way back, she holds him closely to her side and whispers softly.
"Now there are a few things that I need you to do. First, please disable all wireless security in the main lobby. Then you will go up to Odds and tell him that the faraday cage has been successfully installed. You will not tell him anything about what happened in the alleyway. And finally..."
She ruffles his mane.
"You will spend as much time as possible by my side, ready to follow orders~."
>> No. 40862178
Cogs seems deeply shaken about lying to Odds and Ends.
But he does. Wireless security is disabled, and Odds is informed that the Faraday cage has been installed.
>> No. 40862210
And later that night, in the now securty-less main lobby...
"It's done... Mm, yes, the droid is mine, security and all~. You would not believe how much I had to deal with. This little-... Oh very well, I'll tell you later. Tell the boss... Oh dear, is that so? No doubt your diplomatic skills aren't quite as good as mine~... It probably won't be easy making sure he isn't hacked again, we'd need some sort of...
...You do? Ohoho, that's perfect~. I will bring him right over in the morning."
>> No. 40863281
A door slowly opens in a dark hospital corridor.
>> No. 40863291
File 142974624090.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
Humming as she'd make her way towards one of the storage rooms, it was her turn to do inventory, partly from being called in for Nurse Chocolate Swirl's duties today with her out due to feather flu.
>> No. 40863294
This results in her bumping into somepony as she turns a corner.
>> No. 40863296
File 142974659877.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
Letting of a light yelp, clipboard rattling against the floor as she'd tumble over. "S-sorry, didn't see you there."
>> No. 40863304
File 142974786835.png - (31.49KB , 423x407 , Crystal1.png )
There didn't seem to be anypony there.
"Oh don't worry it'd be very surprising if you had."
Crystal appeared adjusting her mane slightly.
>> No. 40863312
File 142974850695.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
Blinking somewhat as she'd glance to find nopony around, making her wonder just what she ran into. "What the? That's odd." Came her response before hearing a voice, then that mare from back from the restaurant appeared out of thing air. "It's going to be an odd week isn't it?"
>> No. 40863313
"Oh I don't know, what's the fun in things always being the same.~"
>> No. 40863316
File 142974885404.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
"Well still have to call a few orphanages about a little filly deciding to fight crime when it's too dangerous... Still this is the oddest week yet. Nyaa"
>> No. 40863317
Crystal frowns slightly.
"Hmm, now that I think about it I wasn't that old when I got into this sort of thing,."
>> No. 40863319
File 142974925543.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
"I'm not going to ask if that's alright. Though what else is going to happen this week?"
>> No. 40863321
"Oh I have no idea!~ Exciting isn't it."
>> No. 40863322
"I guess, wait why are you back here anyway?" Collecting herself whilst gathering the clipboard, attention was drawn to the mare.
>> No. 40863325
Crystal actually blushes "Oh it's nothing really." She let's out an awkward giggle.
>> No. 40863327
File 142975037935.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
"If it was nothing, you wouldn't really be here. Is there something wrong?" She ask, carefully watching her response, even as she attempted a few observations.
>> No. 40863329
"O-oh no really it's nothing!"
>> No. 40863332
File 142975086566.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
"Why is it often several ponies don't want to talk about what's wrong, or be truthful with a doctor..."
>> No. 40863334
"Seriously, there is nothing wrong, now really should be going."
>> No. 40863337
File 142975139459.png - (33.45KB , 381x409 , Is it time for the picnic already.png )
"Very well... Would you like for me to call for security then to help you find your way? Though pretty sure they might wonder, what you were doing down here unsupervised as well."
>> No. 40863338
"Well why not then I have always loved a good chase.~"
She smiles.
>> No. 40863340
"Very well." She's reply with a small giggle, heading towards one of the hospitals wired phones. "Hello Emerald, could you please tell security there's a mare over here wondering unsupervised. Third floor, pearly coat I think with a light blue mane... Noo... third floor storage... Yes I'll hold..." Lava mumbled facehoofing.
>> No. 40863342
Crystal begins doing some stretches... she's very flexible...
"You see that's why I could never have a normal job.~"
>> No. 40863349
File 142975264820.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
"Well... She just put me on hold for a coffee break... New intern working the front desk, started yesterday. Well security might be coming..."
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