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File 142507048357.png - (648.28KB , 1280x720 , Maretropolis_cityscape.png )
40801813 No. 40801813
#Ask/invite #Canon: Maretropolis!! #Contained #Adventure #Chill #Lighthearted #Violence #Ponies #Power Limit #Normal #Heroes and Villains #Silver Age

A city of wonders and unbelievable sights that stagger the imagination! Deep in the technological heart of the Ponyverse, a world away from Equestria in space and time, the buildings of Maretropolis reach up like titans fighting for a place in the sky. Every day sees new technological progress that baffles the imagination, ever blind to its own usage for good or for destruction. However, the breakneck pace of Maretropolis' progress into the future is limited not just to the intellectual, but the physical as well! Super-powered meta-equines pop up with alarming frequency, with strange abilities as mysterious and amazing to modern ponykind as magic to their earthbound ancestors! While some may choose to use their talents for heroism, many others will no doubt be inclined to take advantage of their abilities for petty violence, selfish interest, or diabolical ambition!

The hard-earned riches of Maretropolis, be they wealth, technology, or power, are always sought by the unscrupulous and undeserving. ready to take what they want through force or deception, and have their way with the city and its innocents! But in recent memory, the unbeatable Power Ponies have always been there to put a stop to the mad schemes of the Mane-iac and all others who would hope to seize control of the city! But lurking just behind the thin curtain of tomorrow, a new storm is raging that perhaps even the Power Ponies cannot stop! If Maretropolis is to survive, new heroes will have to realize their destinies, and take up the mantle of justice to protect the city and its inhabitants from the forces of evil!!

All prospective players, read the /ooc/ and apply there or with me by skype for privacy (search Dulset Tarn)

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>> No. 40801835
Dusk, 6:30 PM exactly, at Quazar Labs, one of the city's foremost scientific research facilities and site of tomorrow's press conference on sustainable energy micro-cells. A blinding flash rips into the sky, quickly followed by the heart-wrenching sound of a terrible explosion.

"Muahahahaha!! It's all ours, now! Better luck next time, microbytes!" An ocean blue pony in a fluttering lab coat stands laughing in the hole in the building's front wall left by the explosion, carrying a small lockbox. She turns to an unseen companion still inside. "Hurry up, it's time to fly! Not much time before those Power Pests get here!"
>> No. 40801843
File 142507186001.png - (498.82KB , 757x624 , SR2.png )
>A pony in a rain jacket was cantering down seventh street, staring down at her hooves to avoid meeting the gaze of her peers, when she heard the explosion.

...Ponyfeathers. There's no time to call for backup. People could be hurt!

>The mare darts into a dark alleyway.


Saddle Rager flies through the hole left by the explosion, and skids to a halt.

Stay where you are, criminals!

You should just lie down and wait for the police. You don't want to make me angry, do you?
>> No. 40801858
Saddle Rager hears a squeak as something darts behind a large cardboard box, but her focus is needed on the pony in front of her.
The villain is an unfamiliar pony, dark rubber "gloves" covering her hooves, eyes obscured by silver swirly goggles, wings visible fitted through the lab coat, and, at first appearing to be a unicorn's horn, a metallic cone shaped device affixed to her forehead.
"How dare you!! 1.8 minutes earlier than predicted! I ought to annihilate you right now just for debasing my calculations!!"
>> No. 40801865
File 142507272194.png - (675.42KB , 757x624 , SR4.png )

I was in the nearby vicinity by chance. You tried.

But that threat of anhiliation was really uncalled for.

>She starts to take a few steps closer to the strange mare.

Now stand down! You won't get another warning.
>> No. 40801870
"You'll find it was much more than just a threat, whelp!" She takes a heavy stance, wings splayed out as the "horn" begins to whirr and crackle with electricity, visibly charging up for something. "When there's naught left of you but smoldering gluon plasma, the city will soon learn to fear The Antimattercorn!
>> No. 40801876
File 142507349134.png - (498.82KB , 757x624 , SR2.png )


>She signs, then closes her eyes a grits her teeth, as she begins to transform. Her entire body twists and puffs out in grotesque ways and she roars in pain and rage until standong in the mare's place is a huge hulking monster with malicious red eyes.

>It snorts, and stares down at the 'Antimattercorn'

I don't have any Hulk form pics yet
>> No. 40801888
The villainess stares in stunned shock, backing slightly away from the hulking creature now blocking the exit.
"...S-Saddle Rager, I presume...?" She gathers herself and a wicked grin covers her face. "Excellent!! The perfect opportunity to put the ridiculous claims of your unstoppability to the test! I don't care what manner of beast you are, nothing survives against the power of my genius! Taste annihilation!"
The horn revs up and releases a devastating stream of pure destructive potential energy squarely at Saddle Rager's chest!
>> No. 40801896

>The blast knocks the beat back and sends it to the floor, but the muscular bulk of Saddle Rager's body, while charred, wasn't severely damaged, and Rager herself hadn't so much as winced in pain. In fact, all the attack did was incurred her wrath.

>With a mighty bellow, the beast charges at Antimatterhorn, aiming to run her down.
>> No. 40801904
The Antimattercorn sputters frantically "Th-th-th-th-that's impossible! The sheer energy should have- eyagh!!" She shrieks as she notices the mass of muscle and fury barreling towards her, making some quick calculations and diving forward, barely tumbling between Saddle Rager's legs before groaning as she gets back to her hooves. "Yellow! Get out here!!"

A small "Eep!" is heard from behind the cardboard box from earlier.
>> No. 40801910

>The beast turns her head towards the new sound, and quicker than anyone could blink, she has swiped the cover away from the cowering pony, exposing her.
>> No. 40801924
The villainess's compatriot stares up at Saddle Rager in terror, tears visibly welling in her large, droopy eyes.
Her form is startlingly delicate and demure as she cowers in the shadow of the beast. "E-e-e-excuse me M-m-miss Saddle R-rager... I-i-if you could m-maybe calm down and not be s-so heart-stoppingly frightening......"
>> No. 40801928

>Something in the back of Saddle Rager's mind tells her to stop. don't hurt this mare.

>The beast stared at the pony for a while as the rage left her eyes. Soon, she began to shrink back down to her size, until she was just a pony, wearing a ripped and torn superhero costume.

>She a little bit stunned the the events that have just taken place.

...Who are you?
>> No. 40801937
She softly rubs her eyes, looking away and giving a deep sigh of relief. "I'm... Yellowbelly. I'm um... her friend... Please don't hurt her, okay? She just um, gets like that sometimes, but you're fine, right? No need to fight..."
>> No. 40801943

That's right. There's no need to fight.

>She smiles sympathetically, panting a little.

But there was an explosion here, so you will both need to give statements. That's the law.

>She looks around for Antimatterhorn.
>> No. 40801949
Meanwhile, the Antimattercorn had been ever so cautiously utilizing the time bought to her by her companion to sneak up just behind Saddle Rager. The moment the heroine turns her head, she's met with a heavily swung lockbox straight to the side of the noggin!
"We've wasted much too much time on her!! We have to get this back to the base before the others arrive in, if my calculations were right after all... thirty seconds!!"

Yellowbelly winces from the blow just in front of her, but gives a small smile and nods to her friend.
>> No. 40801970
"Man, for someone who dresses like they eat science for breakfast, your calculations suck."

An unfamiliar face masked and darkened by a hood steps out of the shadows and stands by the large chunks of debris left by the initial explosion. The wings give him away as a pegasus, but it was hard to tell much else about him by looking, just that he looked like an average build, height, and weight.

"I don't know what you stole and stashed in that little box, but I suggest you drop it now. Either that, or hope it isn't too heavy, cause I'll be hitting you with it in less than a minute if you refuse. And that's not a prediction, it's a promise!"
>> No. 40801979
File 142507742843.png - (566.87KB , 757x624 , SR6.png )
>Saddle Rager's head was spinning, and she couldn't quite see what was going on, but her could hear the fair, distant voice of a new pony. She had to clear her head, but first things first, she had to get to her knees.

Who was this 'Yellow'? And why had all her rage disappeared?

Of course, Saddle Rager already knew why.

She got back to her hooves, and shook her head, which had cleared a little.
>> No. 40801990
"Another one?? Who dares say that about my calculations??" She shakes her head, aware that Saddle Rager is coming to. "No time! Yellow, we're charging through! I'll take care of him, just don't let go of this box!" Exchanging the box between them, the two make a beeline toward the new guest and away from Saddle Rager. The vilainess' "horn" once again begins to crackle and whirr as they make the charge, on nothing more than the bet that this newcomer won't be able to stop them.
>> No. 40801999

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>> No. 40802002
>If you're gonna explain something, may as well do it LOUDLY!!
>> No. 40802006
The newcomer smirks before reaching a hoof down and kicking up a startlingly large chunk of broken wall so that it stood upright, doing so with all of the strain and effort of a colt casually kicking up a soccer ball. The wall was big enough to act as a shield for his whole body, but that also meant he couldn't see diddly squat past it. So before they'd moved much further, he spins around and bucks the entire chunk of debris in the direction he last saw the lab coat pony running, breaking into a dash immediately afterwards toward the smaller one carrying the lockbox.

He was hoping to quickly snatch it away before she realized he was onto her.
>> No. 40802020
"More brute strength??" Though not finished charging, the Anitmattercorn is forced to trigger the beam on the incoming mass of wall, triggering an intensely bright and forceful explosion. Her proximity to the blast sends her whizzing disoriented into the air.

Yellowbelly lets out a tiny shriek and covers her eyes from the explosion, flapping her wings and hovering a few feet into the air. Seconds later, the Antimattercorn regains her bearings and zips over to her teammate, knowing an enraged Saddle Rager could be seconds away, and pulls her through the air out the now opened entryway, narrowly escaping into the air from the flood of police. Neither of them had time to notice that the box they'd worked so hard for was no longer in their possession.

Hope that wasn't too sudden, but that marks the end of the first fight! Thanks everyone, I had a blast! Hopefully more people will apply so we can have a bustling community in between crimes, I'm always ready to accept a newcomer!
>> No. 40802056
A pony wearing a police uniform walks up to the unknown hero. His face is stern and his voice is deep when they say; "Who the hay are you?" He glances around then looks back to the stallion wearing the hood. "And what happened here?!"
The police officer stands only a few inches more than that of the unknown pony but still tries to 'stand over' them.
>> No. 40802057
Soooooo... Does that mean it's done for the day already or something else entirely?
>> No. 40802094
The fight is finished but players can just do whatever now.
>> No. 40802096
>> No. 40802107
The masked pony hadn't been planning to stick around until the police arrived, but by the time they were there he figured he didn't have a choice but to stay and talk to them. After all, turning and running would just look suspicious at this point. So he responds to the officer, pointedly ignoring the first question:
"The ones that got away were trying to steal this..."
He holds up the lockbox before offering it to the officer.
"...they didn't succeed, obviously."
His words were recognizably honest, but his tone was quite smug.
>> No. 40802111
>Meanwhile on a nearby roof...

Gust was watching the chaotic aftermath of the attempted heist from her safe perch, using an adjustable scope as a makeshift spyglass. She clicked her tongue and shook her head a bit. "Sloppy work that. Neither side were at their best from what I can see."
>> No. 40802115
The officer looks at the case then back up to the other pony before saying; "You better take that to one of the other officers, I'm going to take a look around." His words this time are much softer and calmer.
"You never told me your name by the way. I'll need it for my report." A small smile can be seen on his face.
>> No. 40802133
An earth pony, gray of coat, comes galloping out of the hole in the lab wall.
"Explosions! Antimatter! A surprisingly unthreatening little pony. I'VE BEEN ROBBED!"
He then sees a hooded pony carrying the lockbox, talking to the police.
"Oh. Well, that was fast. Cool. I'm just gonna take that back, if you don't mind... Was almost finished with Project Workhorse when those clowns busted in here talking about 'calculations.'"
He holds his hoof out for the lockbox.
"Hoof it over and come inside, there might be more of them coming and I need to finish this up."
>> No. 40802167
The pony blinks and then slowly shakes his head.

"Sorry chief, you probably want to know, but right now I'd like to keep even an alias from getting out about me. Call me crazy, but I'm not looking for attention when I do this. But if you really need to put something down, just put Nopony."

He glances over his shoulder before properly turning around to face the new pony who seemed to work at the lab.

"Oh, this is yours? Are you sure this doesn't need to go to the police as evidence of the crime before you get it back?"

He glances between the grey one and the officer...
>> No. 40802174
So Nopony kicked that big chunk of wall around?
>> No. 40802181
>> No. 40802184
The officer glances at the other police then turns back and says; "Go ahead and give him the case. I don't think it will matter."
He then looks to the other pony and says; "Please, show me the way."

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>> No. 40802200
After shrugging, he immediately complies and gives the lock box over to the new face and follows him into the building.
"So...what exactly was this they were trying to take, and why would they want it?"
>> No. 40802233
Taking the lockbox, the gray pony steps back through the hole in the wall, beckoning for the others to follow.
"I'm Odds and Ends, Head of Research and Development here at Quazar Labs. One moment."
Odds grabs a thin cylinder from a table and runs it along the lockbox. After a brief flash of light, the lockbox lay on the floor in two pieces, a line of molten metal indicating where the box had been sliced neatly in two.
"This micro-cell is the centerpiece for the big conference tomorrow... well, kind of. It powers the centerpiece."
Scanning no fewer than four different body parts, Odds leads the ponies through a door into a room filled with gadgets and gizmos of all sorts.
"Welcome to my playroom. This is Project Workhorse. We wanted to give normal ponies, law enforcement, the ability to compete with supervillans. We can't always depend on the Power Ponies to keep us safe, after all. Sometimes there's just too much going on. So..."
With a flourish, Odds and Ends reveals a gleaming suit of armor. Made for an Earth Pony, it would appear, the armor is heavy and almost appears to be a single, seamless piece of metal. In the center if the back, where one would wear a saddle, there was an indentation. Odds and Ends slotted the microcell into that indentation now.
"Project Workhorse."
The suit lit up and came to life, wrapping itself around Odds and Ends until there was one pony in a suit of armor standing before them.
"Pretty cool, eh?"
>> No. 40802252
"Yes, very... But what can it do?" The officer asks, his eyes wide but his voice still calm.
>> No. 40802269
"Right now? It can get places, punch things, aaaand there's a little glitch that I've been trying to work into a feature."
>> No. 40802271
His eyes couldn't be seen, but he was intensely observing each little toy that was shown, as well as the suit that the pony had jumped into.

"I'd certainly like to know what it's capable of as well, because if it's as powerful as you say it is, villains are gonna be pretty interested in getting their hooves on it."
>> No. 40802275
whoops, treat my last post as if it came before this

What sort of glitch?
>> No. 40802278
"That would be a problem, wouldn't it? Fortunately, I programmed the security on this thing myself. For the first ten seconds it's attached to me, it's scanning bits and pieces of me to make sure I'm the pony this suit is registered to."
The "helmet" of the suit retracted, revealing Odds and Ends' grinning face.
"And, now that I've got the power running, this suit is probably smarter than most of the ponies in this building. Heck, almost definitely smarter than the pegasus back there with the cone on her face."
Something occurs to Odds then. You can see it in his eyes.
"Say... I don't suppose any of you would consider working on my payroll until I've finished testing the Workhorse suit, would you?"

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>> No. 40802284
"I can't, I need to get back to work, nice seeing all of this though." The officer says before exiting the building and and into the crowd of police.

I've got some work to do, might be back later.
>> No. 40802290
"Seeya officer..."

"Huh, glad you at least thought of that part. I sure as heck wouldn't want it to be the sort of thing just anyone could wear and use."

At the offer, the stallion awkwardly rubs the back of his head.

"Uh, no offense or anything but...I'm trying to keep this whole 'hero' thing on the down low for as long as I can. And getting into any sort of contract even with my identity hidden is gonna be a pathway to being recognized."
>> No. 40802299
"Gotcha okay then-- aw, horseapples, HELMET!"
As the helmet flies back across Odds' face, a humming noise from the background builds and rises into a crack!
The floor beneath the Workhorse suit is now slightly charred.
"That's the glitch. The occasional discharge of built-up electricity. I'm working on controlling it, turning it into a defensive function."
"Aw, crud. Well, now I really need someone to-- I've got it! Cog, get in here!"

A smaller brown pony with a gear cutie mark rushes in.
"You called, Doctor?"
"Put an ad in the local paper, we need security 'In Case of Another Attack on the Facilities.'"

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>> No. 40802334
Now the only question is, how long is an appropriate wait to respond to the add.
>> No. 40802828
An ad is out in the paper.
"Wanted: Private security force for Odds &Ends of Quazar Labs R&D. You will be paid with money and experimental tech."
>> No. 40802885
An off-white unicorn with an expertly coiffed shining yellow mane spots the advertisement during her morning hooficure. "What serendipity~. No sooner do those two plebeians fail to procure the prize, than does the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my unmatched expertise arise~..."
>> No. 40803016
Meanwhile, a second pony of interest- er gryphon of interest- (phrases in this universe are hard) sees the ad as well "Sweet, easy pay... potentially anyway." She says to herself, shrugging a bit. "I wonder if I'm expected to bring my own weaponry or if they're going to supply it..."
>> No. 40803222
"So, do you think anyone's gonna show up?"
Odds and Ends paces across the floor in front of the reception desk at Quazar Labs. His assistant Cogs is with him, trying to stop his boss from pacing a racetrack into the floor.
"I'm sure somepony will show up, sir. And if not, you could always use the Workhorse suit to defend against intruders!"
Odds and Ends sighed.
"I'm trying to FIX the Workhorse suit, Cogs. I can;t use it if I'm fixing it."
>> No. 40803232
Shortly, a gryphon cautiously opened the front door to the reception room. Her plumage was trimmed, which was unusual for gryphons, and she was wearing an unusual suit of light body armor, the thick cloth making her already larger-than-a-pony frame have difficulty fitting through the door for a moment as she hadn't opened it all the way. "I'm here for the opening?"
>> No. 40803236
Following some distance behind, as if avoiding some aura from the larger applicant, a dazzling unicorn approaches the front desk. "Ah, and I as well. I believe I am more than qualified to help guard these gadgets~."
>> No. 40803306
Odds and Ends stopped his pacing as the gryphon entered the door. Cogs stopped everything resempling cognizant speech.
"Oh, yeah! THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! How can I help you help me?"
Then, he heard the second voice. And saw the source.
"Cogs, take a note. We're hiring from the papers forever from now on, and send them ten thousand bits in a laundry hamper. This is the best day ever."
Odds and Ends strolled up to the duo, getting to a place where he could face them both.
"All right! You're both hired. Now, I'll need a rundown of your skills, any meta-equine abilities you possess, your current battery, and then we're gonna stop by my office to pick you up your company perks. Who's first?"
>> No. 40803323
The gryphen looks back and forth between the newcomer and her employer to be. "I guess me? Well first off, I'm Gust, nice to meet you, etc etc. I have some quasi-military tactical experience, and knowledge of, as well as experience with, a large number of weapons, many of which I sadly can't get ahold of as easily as I used to. I uh... don't really have any unusual powers to be honest. And as for my battery... she reaches behind one wing and produces two pistols (one 9mm and one 10mm), three diffenent knives, and a strange baton/cattleprod weapon. "Don't touch that last one. Oh and I have attachments for both pistols, and a scoped rifle. Just not on me, they're more... cumbersome."

"How the hell has she been carrying this stuff around without anyone noticing?" is a question that comes to mind.
>> No. 40803334
The unicorn peeks at the assortment of devices with a glint in her eye. "Sounds like you would be perfect for the front end of security. Personally, I'm inclined to stay back around here~." She gives a sly wink to Cogs. "My smokescreen and diversionary abilities will make positively sure that any intruders that make it past Big Bird over here will never find their way to any valuables they're looking for, nor escape with any they stumble onto~."

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>> No. 40803417
>The doors are flung open and a stressed pegasus sans costume canters in.

Is anybody here yet?!
>> No. 40803422
A young colt, in his cape and facemask, gallops over to his returning friend. "Saddle Rager, I was so worried! How come you never got back last night?" He puts his hooves around her legs, not quite tall enough to hug her.
>> No. 40803431

>She ruffles his mane, and smiles sadly.

...We have a small problem.

>Saddle Rager then begins to recount the events of the previous night, including her being dazed by a blow to the head, and slipping out before she was seen.

...Ponies can't know we failed...I failed...
>> No. 40803442
"F-failed?" He gives a concerned look up at her. "What happened last night? Did it have to do with the lab heist?"
>> No. 40803452

>She nodded.

Yes. I faced off against both the perps, but one of them...just wasn't a criminal. I don't even know why she was there. Some kind of accomplice.

I couldn't hurt her. She neutrilized my rage. This...only happens with truly innocent people. Often children or the elderly...
>> No. 40803459
Humdrum tries to wrp his head around the odd scenario. "You mean, the criminal had a hostage? Are you sure she was an accomplice?"
>> No. 40803464

>Saddle shakes her head.

It wasn't a hostage. They were in cahoots. There was a level of trust. Definitely an accomplice.

The other one, the violet one. Guess what she was called.

>> No. 40803469
"I've never heard of a villain like that... Oh!" He dashes away, tripping once on his cape, before a few moments later dashing back in with a pen and notepad in his mouth. "Tell me what you can about the villains, and we'll keep all the info in a database!"
>> No. 40803474

>She describes them both as as much detail as she can remember, her description of Yellow much more detailed than her description of Antimatterhorn
>> No. 40803527
"All right! Big Bird and Dreamcoat. Those are your names now. Cogs, put 'em in the system."
At this, Cogs will walk up to each of the volunteers in turn. He will then poke them in the face with his front left hoof.
"Scanned and uploaded, sir! Now, you were headed to the Fun Room?"
Saying this, Cogs steps behind the desk for a moment and comes back with two shiny badges. One says "Big Bird", the other says "Dreamcoat."
"Right. Those badges will get you through just about any door in this building, provided you pass the scans. You will. They were performed as you walked in here. BB, Dream, come with me."
Odds and Ends started off towards a door that looked like it would be more at home in a military bunker than a science lab. He tapped in a code, twisted a few knobs, licked his hoof and pressed it against the door. It slid open silently.
Anyone particularly musically inclined will recognize Odds humming the opening of [i]Toyland[i].
>> No. 40803531
Gust grumbles as she takes her badge, hiding it under her wing along with her arsenal as she follows Odds and Ends. "If I didn't need this, it would be target practice after that slight."
>> No. 40803536
Dreamcoat similarly lets out a displeased grunt at the facial prod, but smiles and accepts the badge. "So when you say 'just about any door', does that include this one?"
>> No. 40803554
"Only two ponies can open this door. Me, and Cogs."
Cogs waves.
"This is where I keep the stuff I can't sell to anyone. Militaries have asked for this. I have politely declined. They tried to raid this compound. That was when Cogs had to politely decline. It was awesome."
Cogs waves again.
"Anywho, I've got some sweet gear in here that, thanks to your little badges, you have access to. Just ask for something, and Cogs will get you the closest thing we've got. Within reason, of course."
Odds smiles... More of a grin, really, like he's really proud of this door.
"So, any requests? We've got steel, we've got armor, we've got rifles that could draw a bead on Fillysecond. Well, maybe not Fillysecond, but they're really good. We also have some medical stuff, for the pacifists, and a cider bar. Which reminds me!"
Odds claps his hooves twice, and a mug of cider slides out from a flap in the bunker door, not unlike a cat door.
>> No. 40803561
"Those rifles sound interesting..." Gust says while eyeing the cider. "...Are you drinking that or...?"
>> No. 40803565
Dreamcoat eyes the gadgets with glee as if she were in a 90% off shoe sale. "Do you have anything especially... unexpected~? Something unannounced, with functions beyond shooting or bashing?"
>> No. 40803578
Another series of claps, and two more mugs slide out.
Cogs steps forward, addressing Gust.
"We have traditional rifles as well as compressed air and electromagnetic propulsion-based models. Would you like to see a catalogue?"
And then Dreamcoat:
"We have pheromonal, neurological, and hallucinogenic toxins; all non lethal, in vapor, liquid or dart form, if you care to be discreet, or, I can show you my workshop. Doctor Ends lets me indulge my whimsical technological fancies in the Tech Wing; there's all sorts of utilitarian devices lying around!"
>> No. 40803588
Gust takes one of the mugs, sipping it, but almost spitting at the term "electromagnetc propulsiond device".

"I'm sorry, do you mean to tell me you have gauss rifles?"
>> No. 40803591
Dreamcoat's eyes light up at the mention of the toxins. "Oooh, those sound like they would go absolutely wonderfully with my smokescreens~! Do you have them in fuchsia? Maybe chartreuse~?"
>> No. 40803595
> Suddenly, a gust of wind would blast past the group, as the energetic Fili-Second appeared before the group. A wide grin across her face, she leaned up against the wall.

Hey guys! Sorry I've been gone all day, been sight seeing in Mesopo-mare-ian. Did I miss anything interesting?
>> No. 40803596
Humdrum frowns up from his notebook. "Saddle Rager almost stopped a heist at the labs, but they beat her somehow!"
>> No. 40803600

>Saddle Rager just stares at the ground, and nods in confirmation.

It's true...
>> No. 40803603

> Placing her hooves on her cheeks, she gave a gasp.

Somepony defeated Saddle Rager? That doesn't sound right! What happened? Oh, was it Long Face using his sad gas again? Well, let's head out then and find him! That party pooper's going down!
>> No. 40803604
"It was another pony, two of them actually! I've never heard of them before though, they must be new!"
>> No. 40803605

No, I could have handled him. These were new ponies, and one of them neutrilzed my rage form.
>> No. 40803622
New villains? Who where they? Did they make an entrance announcing themselves?

> Her head snapping back to Saddle Rager in a moment, her jaw would grow slack.
Wait, they stopped you from going berserk? That's just weird!
>> No. 40803624

Even weirder. I went bezerk, and one of them just cowered, and I just...returned to normal.
>> No. 40803629
"Apparently they were called um..." He checks his notepad. "Anti-matter-corn and Yellow?"
>> No. 40803632
Anti-Matterhorn? That.. doesn't sound original! But Yellow.. just Yellow? What did they look like, so I know what to look out for when on patrol?
>> No. 40803635

Saddle describes the both of them to her, Yellow in more detail than Antimattercorn.
>> No. 40803642
"So, a new pair of villains for the Power Ponies to bring to justice! Awfully strange villain, that Yellow though. Why would she even be there at all?"
>> No. 40803648
> Placing her hoof to her chin, she pondered for a moment.

... Was she actually a villain? Maybe she was just dragged along against her will?
>> No. 40803670

Maybe, but she wasn't a hostage, she took orders when she could have bolted. There's some loyalty there.
>> No. 40803672
"But I can't think of anything she could have been useful for... it must have been an enormous coincidence that she stopped you the way she did!"
>> No. 40803674

I'm not so sure...
>> No. 40803675
> Tilting her head, she looked up at her friend, before giving her a hug.

Well, don't worry about that now. We'll keep a look out for them when we go on patrol. I know you did your best!
>> No. 40803678

...Thanks, but don't patronize me. I messed up. I'm not sure how yet, but I did.
>> No. 40803681
"No problem, because the next time you see them, your friends will be with you!"
>> No. 40803683

>She smiles again, strengthened.

>> No. 40803687
Exactly! If she plus whatever mumbo jumbo that depowered you, I'll swoop in and drag her to Fillydephia!
>> No. 40803689
"Those amateur villains won't stand a chance against the Power Ponies!!"
>> No. 40803692

Agreed! Together, there's not much who can stand against us!
>> No. 40805589
"That is the laypony's term, yes. We have gauss rifles. The firing speed is negligible, only managing one round every three seconds, but you won't have to reload often and the weapon packs quite a punch. Even a ball bearing can do some damage when it's accelerated to these speeds. I'll call one in."
"I'm sure we could add some coloration; perhaps I could tinker with your smoke grenades, add some color, and see what we could do about adding the toxins to the burst cloud. Now, for delivery, would you like hoof-tossed, launcher, or guided delivery system?"

Odds and Ends has gone into the room beyond, leaving Cogs with the two recruits. The occasional sounds of a welder or other machinery can be heard from within.
>> No. 40805926
"Oh no no, that's really not an issue. My smokescreens are all natural meta-equine magic~. I'm sure you can find a way to work those together, non?"
As Odds moves on, Dreamcoat eyes over Cogs with a curious eye and a wily smirk.

Last edited at Mon, Mar 2nd, 2015 14:28

>> No. 40805992
"You are SERIOUSLY ahead of schedule." Odd that Gust would use the term "ahead of schedule" rather than... well, mostly anything else.
>> No. 40806041
An ordinary afternoon at Maretropolis' largest candy store, with towers of taffy, gobs of gum, loads of lollipops, and much more! The store is filled with children enjoying the end of their school day by filling themselves with sugar, but one pony sits outside looking somewhat miserable. Appearing a bit too old to be staring longingly into the window of a candy store, the pink mare has her face and hooves pressed right up against the display window, sighing sadly.
>> No. 40806045

>A mare trots by, with brown hair and a grey mane. She looks friendly yet with an air of authority, like a schoolteacher off-work.

Is something wrong?
>> No. 40806054
Her mane and tail seem rather globby, looking like a bunch of bubble gum got stuck in identically colored hair. It's impossible to tell where the hair ends and the gum, if any, begins.
"I just soooooo wanna get in there!"
>> No. 40806059

>The mare takes a note of this, but says nothing.

Well, why can't you?
>> No. 40806064
She slumps sadly. "I'm not allowed in anymore. Also, I'm broke!" Her hooves are sent right into her bare hips where pockets could feasibly have been, before pulling outward and giving a rather convincing, and disturbing, imitation of inverted pockets flopping out, made somehow of her own body.
>> No. 40806066

>The mare's eyes go wide.

You're special, aren't you?
>> No. 40806068
I gagged...
>> No. 40806070
"You know what? You're right! I am special!" She looks back inside. "Maybe I should just go in and take the candy! That's a great idea, miss!"
>> No. 40806071
>What a gag :3
>> No. 40806081

Wow, now I didn't say that. Here, take this money.

>She gives the strange mare a five bit piece.

You do know taking without paying is wrong, right?
>> No. 40806084
"Ooh, shiny!" She fumbles with it for longer than one would expect, before realizing it's not a chocolate coin. "Well yeah but I mean, kicking me out in the first place was super mean too!"
>> No. 40806085

They kicked you out? Why did they kick you out?
>> No. 40806088
She rolls her eyes. "Well I might have taken a few dozen gumballs without paying, but you see I was going to give them back when I was done with them!"
>> No. 40806091

I...don't think fair trade works like that. You need to pay money to get stuff. That's the short version.
>> No. 40806094
"Tch, ponies in this city are always talking about money, but things would be a lot better off if they talked more about candy if you ask me~!" She leans in curiously. "So hey, what's your name? You seem awful interested in me, ya know~!"
>> No. 40806096

My name's Sweet Pea.

I just don't like to see nice kids start doing naughty things, because if they keep doing them, they become naughty kids.
>> No. 40806102
She sticks out her tongue. "Blegh, peas are gross. But sweet things are good! Maybe it's a pea covered in sugar? Or pea flavored taffy?"
>> No. 40806103

It's the name of the plant I was named after.

What's your name?
>> No. 40806105
She gives a big wide grin.
"I'm Bubble Yum! Nice ta meetcha Sweet Tea!"
>> No. 40806106
I believe I have discovered this one's weakness. Attention Defic- HEY LOOK A SQUIRREL!
>> No. 40806112

Sweet Pea.

So, why don't you go in and buy some candy now that you have money?
>> No. 40806114
"Wow, you don't have a very good memory do you? I told you, I'm not allowed in anymore... But hey, you could go in and buy me candy~!"
>> No. 40806119

That sounds like a good idea. Wait here. What would you like?
>> No. 40806126
She sits and "counts" on her hooves.
"I'd like about 50 gumballs, ten pounds of taffy, a bag of sprinkles, a bag of jimmies, a gallon of marshmallows, one heaping teaspoon of cinnamon... and I could go for a jawbreaker, but that might be overdoing it."
>> No. 40806127

Yes, that might be overdoing it. You won't have room for dinner if you at all that.

I'll buy you five things.
>> No. 40806132
She thinks rather silently about it, trying to count it out. "Okay, five Mega Mondo Hyper Candy Mobius Bars!"
>> No. 40806139


>She disappears into the shop and comes out with five of said bars.

Here you go~
>> No. 40806141
"Ooooh thanks! You're awesome!" She hugs into Sweet Pea, feeling a bit squishy and smelling strongly of sugar.
>> No. 40806144

>Pea hugs back.

See? Nobody shouted at you and you got what you wanted.
>> No. 40806146
She's already finished a candy bar, and damn those things look sickeningly sweet and large.
"Well I got some of it I guess. But now I know how to get other ponies to buy me sweets!"
>> No. 40806149

Other ponies aren't always as kind as me. It might be easier just to use your own money when you have any.
>> No. 40806158
"So I need to learn ways to get lots of money from ponies who won't just offer it. Got it!"
>> No. 40806163

>She smiles, though her patience is being tried.

A weekend job is a very good place to start!
>> No. 40806170
"Weekend job, got it!" She salutes and digs into the third candy bar.
>> No. 40807298
"We can make things work. think... Would you be so kind as to fire one off in..."
An object that looks like a hamster ball is spat from the door. Cogs catches it.
"Actually, we're a bit behind what I'd projected..."
As Cogs speaks, a rifle drops from a chute... that seems to have extended from the vault door. After a few clunking noises, a blocky rifle tumbles out.
"Right. Here you are."
>> No. 40807303
"Excuse me?" She looks rather offended at the phrasing.
>> No. 40807305
"Oh.. Oh! OH! Nononononono! A smoke bomb! Fire a smoke bomb into the container and it will analyze it and oooooh, oh 100100100100100101010010010..."
Oh dear, it seems Cogs is having a fit.
>> No. 40807308
"Oh my... There goes that idea."
>> No. 40807321
"100100101101010101 Sorry about that."
Okay he's fine.
"I tend to babble when I'm embarassed..."
>> No. 40807322
File 142543602589.jpg - (6.08KB , 264x191 , suddenly.jpg )
As the ponies conversed, a squad of police stallions would run by, sirens blaring as the hurried on past. What would have them in such a rush? It was no mere jaywalker or litter bug, but there was a robber at the city museum of ancient history! And who would be behind such a heist? Why none other than...
>> No. 40807330
"Something of a fatal flaw, it would seem~." She gives an amused grin.
>> No. 40807331
File 142543626579.png - (121.11KB , 236x212 , Pharaoh Phetlock Mwahahaha!.png )
"Yes my servants, we must find it!" The regal robber proclaimed, as he commanded his linen wrapped minions. As they ran sacked the museum, innocent ponies fleeing and screaming, the Pharaoh raised up his staff. "I've been waiting for it for too long! Ever since I learned of it's discovery, I've been patiently plotting for it to arrive here! Such a magnificent curio must be part of my collection!"
>> No. 40807340
"Oh, are you shopping here too?"
A strange looking pink mare with a big smile, a globby mane, a facemask, and an odd costume covered with colorful circles of all sizes and overlap stands just next to him.
"And here I thought you were one of the exhibits!"
>> No. 40807344
"Oh dear. Doctor!"
The noises from the back stop.
"Trouble at the museum!"
"Oh dear. Miss Dreamcoat, could you head to the museum? I can call a car to pick you up from here..."
Cogs shakes his head.
"What is he thinking, breaking windows like that. Security systems going nuts..."

As the ponies talk to each other, a noise can be heard in the background. A rumbling noise that builds until something crashes through a nearby wall.
Did I miss the heist? I missed the heist, didn't I? I hate missing the heist."

Last edited at Tue, Mar 3rd, 2015 19:44

>> No. 40807347
"...You want me to go toward the trouble? No thank you."
>> No. 40807350
File 142543707634.jpg - (95.99KB , 606x640 , Pharaoh Phetlock.jpg )
Raising a brow, he looked at the brightly colored mare. Giving a smirk, he gave a reply "Oh, I am not shopping. I am merely retrieving what is rightfully mine. Now, I would recommend that you commence with fleeing now, and let me get to my prize."
>> No. 40807354
She gasps. "Prize!? Is this a contest??" She jumps in front of the villain, between him and his goal. "C'mon, try and take me on~! Put up ya dukes!"
>> No. 40807357
>Sorry bout the wait!

The gryphon takes it, nodding. "Well, where do you want me at, anyway?"
>> No. 40807363
"Gah, another interloper... Mummy Minions, attack!" With that, a horde of bandaged baddies would attack the new comer.

Letting out a snort, he would go to shove her to the side. "I tried to ask politely, peasant. Now, get out of my way, or I'll be forced to use bru-" His eyes would go wide, as he pressed his hoof against her gooey form. "What in the name of the Great Beetle that Rolls the Sun?"
>> No. 40807365
"We are to... well, get up somewhere where you can get a good view."
"And, Miss Dreamcoat? Please stay here for a bit. I have to get something from the vault."
With that, Cogs heads into the vault, closing the door behind him.
>> No. 40807368
The gryphon rolls her eyes, heading upstairs, with the rifle strapped to her back. "This could get messy sometime soon..."
>> No. 40807369
One mummy, instead of charging to battle, stands there looking onto the strange gummy pony. Its eyes questioning either the situation or the command given.
>> No. 40807370
Oh god, I just read that. XD
>> No. 40807372
"Really? Mummies? Are-- are you serious?"
the first few mummy minions are dispatched with a devastating series of kicks. Then, The newcomer is overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. As more and more of them flop onto the pile, a loud humming noise can be heard, followed by a sharp bang! A cloud of smoke!
When the dust clears, the mummies are all over the place. And standing in the middle of them all, unharmed, is a pony in a suit of armor.
>> No. 40807374
Mummy MINIONS. The difference is important.
>> No. 40807381
Meanwhile, the pink pony lets out a giddy giggle as the shove fails to move her and Pharaoh's hoof gets caught in her sticky body. "Oh, are we wrestling!?" She grins wide and grabs the villain, her strength quite surprising for a mare of her size, and taking full advantage of Pharaoh's unexpectedly restricted mobility, lifting him a bit before suddenly slamming him onto his back. "Ippon!"
>> No. 40807392
"Omf!" He'd exclaim, as he was tossed onto his back by the sticky mare. "What manner of sorcery is this?" Trying to get himself back up, he would find his hoof was still stuck in her, despite how much he would pull and yank. "What manner of abomination are you? Some spawn of the Creeping Chaos perhaps?"

Snapping his head towards the nearest mummy, he would yell out to it. "You there! Obey your master and get this aberration off of me before she stains my garb!"

The legions would be tossed back, however, each one would shamble back up to their feet, lurching back towards Workhorse.
>> No. 40807396
You know what would help with this? A gauss rifle.
>> No. 40807397
under her own breath though audible, she says
"I don't know if or how a mummy talks. Oh buck it."
She then slides the mummy wrap off of her face showing a whitish pink face with purple eyes before exclaiming;
"I didn't plan farther than this!"
>> No. 40807403
She stands up, Pharaoh's hoof sliding rather easily off of her, but with some globby pink goo covering it. "Wow, your minions are like, really bad at their job. So where's my prize??"
>> No. 40807409
Letting out a gasp, he would shout "And another to interfere with my plan! By the Ancient Curses!"

Shaking off the goop, he would jump back.. before his eyes would come across a small, humble pot in the middle of the exhibit. "I believe you mean my prize, you amorphous cretin!" With that, he darted towards the pot, grabbing it in his hooves.
>> No. 40807417
"Oh no you don't!" The mare yells as she takes her wraps in her mouth, a already prepared lasso in it.
She attempts to grab the Pharaoh with it. Only leaving it up to luck as she has very little skill with ropes.
Its up to you guys if it hits or not
>> No. 40807426
Will the Pharaoh get away with his heist, or will Doppel stop him in his tracks? What is in the strange pot? And who is this strange sticky mare? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!

'nuff said
>> No. 40807428
Shut up Narrator, not all of us are done yet.
>> No. 40807429
Are you not in the skype chat? GM is done for the night
>> No. 40807430
I can't see skype chat, but okays.
>> No. 40807900
File 142549125604.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )
>But all this time, reader, what has High Heel been up to? Well;

>Two weeks ago to the day, a shipment of High Heels to the department store went missing. The City Guard got an anonymous tip that the shipment had been seen stashed at the docks. A squad of Guards showed up, entered the shipping crate, and secured the shoes, but it was a trap! The doors sprang shut and High Heel, cackling, picked the crate up by crane, loaded it onto a truck, and drove to an unknown location.

>The next day, the City Guard HQ got a call that the guards were under ransom for two million, and if she wasn't paid, they'd die. She also demanded that no police or superheroes be present, because she would have back up, and she'd know.The meeting place, date and time was disclosed. The call was traced, but High Heel had used a payphone in the center of the city.

>Cut to present day. A warehouse on the outskirts of the city. At least two squads of the Guard were at key strategic points around the building. The time approaches.

>High Heel enters on the second, with the hostages in tow, each one bound and gagged securely. They have her two million, but everyone in the room knows that they don't mean to give her it. She orders the hostages to march to their brothers in arms, but makes no move for the money. The moment one of the Guards raises his hoof in a gesture to aim, Explosions rock the building from the four corners, and poison gas starts to spread around the room, but High Heel had put on a gas mask in all the confusion. She calmly and confidently trots towards the two million.
>> No. 40807955
In an impossibly fast fraction of a second, a costumed silver pegasus with a bright bronze mane bursts unceremoniously into the warehouse through the ceiling and slams onto her hooves. The ponies inside have only a moment to react while a disembodied voice seems to speak from up above, "ultrasONIC..."
In that instant, the pegasus raises her head with a huge, cocky grin and shouts "BOOM!" As if that word pulled some kind of trigger, the entire building is hit by the concussive force of a large explosion, shattering the windows, cracking the ground, and blowing a very sizable chunk out of the roof. One second later, the simple gas that had just moments before been filling the room was hundreds of feet away and exceedingly dispersed in all directions. The money, unfortunately for all involved, is not far behind. To the ponies in the warehouse, the force of the blast, though not deadly, floors and deafens them quite handily.
>> No. 40807960

>High Heel picks herself up off the floor twenty feet from where she was just standing, and stared at the carnage. The gas hadn't killed a single Guard, and was now disperced. The money was scattered, and a newcomerwas standing in the middle of the Warehouse.

Dammit, I said no heroes!

>She starts to trot towards the pegasus, fury in her eyes.
>> No. 40807968
Seeming not at all to notice the villainess approaching, the pegasus curls her hooves, wincing as they are almost certainly sprained, but keeping that cocky grin. "Aw YEAH! What a RUSH! Wait until those slowpokes at the base hear about how I clocked every cop in the city!!"
>> No. 40807974

They were supposed to be dead!

>High Heel grabs the Pegasus by the neck of her costume.

And you ruined everything!!
>> No. 40807991
She rolls her eyes and scoffs, not bothering to make a move. "Pfffff, chill out grandma. I just saw all the cops streaming into this warehouse and thought I'd give em a little welcoming shake. What's the big deal?"
>> No. 40808012
File 142549438593.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

>She lets the Pegasus go.

The big deal is that I had set up this whole plan for revenge, and now it's all for naught. Three whole weeks wasted! Thanks to you!
>> No. 40808030
She simply groans. "Lady, I don't have all day to listen to you ramble on, I've got places to be! Chillax a little!"
>> No. 40808034

Chillax?! How can I chillax? LOOK AT THIS MESS!

>Some of the guards are starting to stir.

Never mind. Come on, before we're caught.

>She takes the pegasus by the hoof and drags her out the warehouse.
>> No. 40808041
"H-hey watch it-!" She lets out a pained grunt as her hoof is grabbed, and she reluctantly follows High Heel out to wherever she's going.
>> No. 40808050
File 142549513830.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

>Which is behind the neighboring warehouse, where she finally stopped. She smiles now.

Well, I'm still annoyed at you, but moaning about it isn't going to change anything.

You don't strike me as a hero.
>> No. 40808077
She rubs her hoof and lets out a boisterous laugh, which only by chance doesn't attract any more unwanted attention. "A hero? Notta chance! Name's Meteoryte, fastest pegasus in the world!"
>> No. 40808086
File 142549581735.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

I could believe that, considering how fast you can undo three weeks of work.

I'm High Heel.
>> No. 40808100
"High Heel? Quite a few questions I could ask about that one, you know!" She snickers. "So now I know your name, but who ARE you?"
>> No. 40808102

There are few, few people who know that, and you're not going to become one of them a few minutes after I've met you.
>> No. 40808105
"Huh? Nah, I meant, what's your deal? What's your schtick? What were you doing in that warehouse?"
>> No. 40808112
File 142549659493.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

I was trying to gas every guard in that building, and make off with the two million. That's the basics.
>> No. 40808138
She simply laughs. "Wow, guess I totally obliterated that plan! You shoulda told me about it before I crashed the party!"
>> No. 40808141
File 142549730240.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

By then, it would have been too late, you dispersed the gas, and scattered the two million just by landing.

Anyway, forget about it. It wouldn't have accomplished much anyway besides petty revenge.
>> No. 40808151
"Quick to recover from a failure, at least! I respect that!" She leans in, rubbing her sore hooves. "But hey, didja see that ultrasonic boom that followed me in? Killer!"
>> No. 40808159
File 142549773173.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

Looking back on it, that was pretty impressive.

And if I wasn't quick to accept failure in this city, I'd spend more time brooding than committing crimes!
>> No. 40808167
"No time for that! Live fast, no regrets!" She stretches out her wings. "Speaking of which, I'd appreciate if we could get a move onto somewhere where I can rest my hooves."
>> No. 40808171
File 142549801001.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

Agreed. Do you know a place?
>> No. 40808194
"Nope! Up to you, Shoes!"
>> No. 40808200
File 142549864302.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

High Heel. My name's High Heel. Heels aren't just 'shoes'.

>She's still smiling, but that sentence annoyed her.

And I know a fairly discreet place. The roof of that old, shut down burger joint. You know the one?
>> No. 40808215
"Ooh, that place had wicked burgers! Too bad they got robbed so much they went out of business." She snickers a bit. "Let's get a move on!"
With that, she flies into the air toward the place High Heel mentioned, leaving her on the ground behind the warehouse.
>> No. 40808295

>High heel breaks into a run. Despite wearing heels, she is quite fast, obviously in peak physical condition.
>> No. 40808297
Meteoryte is waiting for her on top of the building, lying back against an old ventilation spout.
>> No. 40808298
File 142550199046.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

>When High Heel, gets to the building, she clears it in three bounds, and lands on the roof gracefully. She's clearly had parkour training of some kind.

Sorry about the wait. I came on hoof.
>> No. 40808309
She looks over and raises an eyebrow with an intrigued grin. "For a wait, it wasn't too bad. You got here blazing quick, for an earth pony!"
>> No. 40808313

Well, I did train at a military camp to be a Guard.

...That didn't go well.

>Her smile's dropped.
>> No. 40808318
She keeps her lazy, laid back posture. "I take it that had something to do with your plan back there?"
>> No. 40808320

>She nods.

They wouldn't let me join because I was under the minimum height! All my training for nothing!

I'll never forgive them!
>> No. 40808324
"Bahahahaha! That's hilarious!!"
>> No. 40808325

Shut up! No, it's not!

>She looks pretty pissed off now, and her eyes are glazed a little.
>> No. 40808329
"Well just think about it, you nearly killed off the whole police force until I showed up, that's got to prove something. Besides, would you really want to be in that stuffy old organization anyway?"
>> No. 40808330
File 142550377915.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

I agree that my like now is so fun, but my entire life was spend dreaming of bring in the guard. I had to rebuild myself from scratch. All I have left from my original self is the anger.
>> No. 40808331
"If it's fun, it's fun, and you should do it! No time to sit and fester about what didn't happen, you know?"
>> No. 40808333

Most of what I do now is because of that that. My revenge against the guard, my liking of high heels, it's why I'm a supervillian.
>> No. 40808334
She gives a yawn. "That's peachy and all, but it sounds like a waste of time to me."
>> No. 40808335

What do you suggest I do?
>> No. 40808345
"Steal for the hell of it!! Take what you want and forget about those losers in the guard!"
>> No. 40808346
File 142550509105.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

But what's the point, besides the short thrill?
>> No. 40808359
"What do you mean 'besides'? And anyway, it's better than silly revenge, isn't it?"
>> No. 40808364
File 142550638830.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

So, you just steal and steal over and over again? When do you get satisfied. At the moment I know I'll be satisfied when the Guard is no more.
>> No. 40808376
"Nah, I'm not a thief. Not just a thief I guess. I just do whatever I want!"
>> No. 40808377
File 142550687257.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

That's not the kind of lifestyle that would suit me. I can do anything I want, but I just don't do a lot of things.
>> No. 40808393
"You should really give it a try! C'mon, what's something you want to do that you just don't?"
>> No. 40808394
File 142550760326.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

...Rob a jeweller's?
>> No. 40808398
"Sounds sweet! You totally should!"
>> No. 40808400

Let's go!

>Might leave it there until heroes come. Need a break.
>> No. 40808407
>Yeah, sounds good to me.
>> No. 40808618
Meanwhile, back at the lab, Cogs had finally found whatever it was he had been looking for and was back with Dreamcoat.
"So, how do your smoke bombs work?"
>> No. 40808619
Gust reached the roof of the labs, taking a look around the view of the immediate surroundings. "...I can work with this. But fiiiirst..."

Over the next few minutes, she began setting up bottles along the ledge on one side of the roof, clearly for some unsanctioned target practice.
>> No. 40808620
She impatiently taps her hoof. "I told you, I don't use smoke bombs. I make smoke with my powers. Would you like to see?"
>> No. 40808646
"Sure. Just a moment."

A voice will emanate from the new rifle.
"WHAT are you doing!? Are you honestly about to fire a RAILGUN at bottles? you fire that thing, you are ruining someone's day, somewhere, sometime. It will kill that bottle, as well as anyone a mile away from that bottle in your line of fire!"
>> No. 40808651
"I'm not stupid, I'm not going to be firing with nothing behind the bottles." She pulls out a sheet of what appears to be some kind of metal, and jury rigs something to hold it up behind the bottles from various junk she gathers from trash outside the labs. (Flight powers) "...So uh, is there a radio in this gun or something?"
>> No. 40808660
"...What is it?"
>> No. 40808673
Workhorse, if you're going to bother posting at all, you should probably pay attention to the damn thread, especially since you claim to only have so long each night.
>> No. 40808679
"What? No! I'm talking to you! You'll need more than some scrap metal to block my shots, A CAR DOESN'T BLOCK MY SHOTS BIG BIRD."
Great. Now your new gun is backsassing you.
"Had to give Gauss his voice. Show me your powers?"
>> No. 40808683
She gives him a rather unamused stare before her horn begins to glow, and swirling from between her hooves comes a thick mist that takes about ten seconds to fill the room. Visibility is now zero.
>> No. 40808685
Wordlessly, Gust picks up the rifle and fires. The ball bearing shatters a bottle and embeds itself into the sheet of metal, smoke coming from the impact point.

"That's a 1 cm thick sheet of unobtanium. Pretty much the densest thing on the planet, save for your head, and the most expensive thing I own, save for this rifle. You could theoretically stop a nuke with enough of the stuff, a little balistic testing is fine."
>> No. 40808688
I'm tempted to say the sheet metal flies off the roof at incredibly high speed. Also aren't ball bearings bouncy?
>> No. 40808690
"Interesting. So, perhaps an aerosol to dispense the toxins? I could arrange something suitable pretty, maybe a decorative saddle with canisters of the agents. "
Cogs is looking where he assumes Dreamcoat is located.
"By the way, what would you like me to call you? I know Doctor Ends said Dreamcoat, but I can remember a few more names..."
>> No. 40808692
Too dense, it'd absorb the impact, realistically it'd fall over and ruin the sidewalk below, but comic rules. Also at the speed of a gauss rifle, a ball bearing would basically be a conical bullet.
>> No. 40808702
She gives a smile, which he might be able to hear in her voice, since he almost certainly can't see it. "A decorative saddle you say? Could it be studded with diamonds? Or maybe amethysts to match the gas...?"
Suddenly she has a hoof around Cogs' shoulder from behind. "And you can call me Gem."
>> No. 40808713
"All right... Gem."
Cogs pauses.
"Interesting name, rolls of the tongue nicely. Diamonds might be difficult, amethyst is Doctor Ends' favorite focuser for lasers so we might have a bit lying around... Let me check..."
Cogs looks at his watch, swiping a few things on its minute screen.
"Yes, we have a few finished amethyst products not in use, I could work up something synthetic that might provide better protection though... Gem."
"I don't have a head. I'm a gun."
>> No. 40808719
"As long as it's glamorous, I'm sure it will be perfect~. I know you can handle it, sweetie~."
>> No. 40808722
"Ah, an AI of some sort? Good, then I'll make sure to remove your speaker later."
>> No. 40808737
"Good luck taking this thing apart. You won't find a screwdriver that works."
"I've got fabrications working on something now. Should be done in half an hour. Technology's pretty awesome."
>> No. 40808750
"Yes I will, I've taken apart more complicated things with worse tools."
>> No. 40808759
"That IS amazing... What controls all this lovely tech...?"
>> No. 40808797
"Oh, that'd be the Central AI. In control of all the security, business, and tech... stuff."
Cogs looks at Gem.
"When did you get back there?"
"Worse tools, maybe. More complicated? If I was any smarter, I could replicate."

Last edited at Wed, Mar 4th, 2015 21:05

>> No. 40808805
"My oh my, sounds like this place could run itself even without your boss around at all..."
>> No. 40808808
Gust rolls her eyes and begins checking the connections before calming sliding the stock out of place. "You were saying?"
>> No. 40808818
"The AI core is interwoven with the weaponry itself. You take me out, the gun won't fire."
"Yeah. There's a lot I do to help around here, and Doctor Ends is busy a lot. Sometimes the AI runs this place for weeks at a time."
>> No. 40808819
"I know what a speaker looks like. I can remove that with a simple dummy connection to avoid a short."
>> No. 40808820
"You're certainly an impressive piece of work... Mister A.I.~"
>> No. 40808831
"Well, I... wait what did... Oh, --"
A brief burst of radio static cuts off his words.
"I'm not supposed to tell ponies about that... Please keep it a secret?"

"Please don't. I don't want to be mute. I can be helpful!"
>> No. 40808834
"Mmmmhmmm..." She slides the stock back into place. "Will you stay quiet when no one asks for your input and/or you have nothing useful to say?"
>> No. 40808837
"You want me to keep it from other ponies, and not tell your boss how obvious you made it~? I'll keep your secret, but then you have to do a few thing for me~." She winks.

Last edited at Wed, Mar 4th, 2015 21:30

>> No. 40808844
"I can do that."
"What... sort of things? There are some things I just can't do. Like wire you money without recompense."
>> No. 40808847
She gives a sparkling grin. "Oh nothing too scandalous~. I'd just like a few extra "gifts" from you, and for you not to tell your boss about it~."
>> No. 40808849
"Good." She takes a second shot, shattering a second bottle. This time the breaking of glass and smacking of metal on metal is shortly followed by a pony cursing down on the streetside as he's pelted with shattered glass. "Sorry! ...Kind of!"
>> No. 40808867
"What kind of 'gifts'?"
Cogs looks a bit nervous. Odd, for a computer.
"Maybe if you didn't set those on a ledge..."
>> No. 40808871
"...It's traditional." No it isn't.
>> No. 40808874
She leans in and smirks. "In addition to mind-affecting aerosols and a laser focusing saddle... what else can you offer~?"
>> No. 40808876
"It's totally not traditional."
>> No. 40808880
"...Shut up..."
>> No. 40808882
Cogs lapses into a mumbling chain of ones and zeroes.
>> No. 40808885
>And scene!
>> No. 40808886

A Phony Pharaoh stuck in a sticky trap!

A new hero piled under mummies!

A mummy that wasn't a mummy!

Now, as the pharaoh grabs for his prize, who will prevail! FIND OUT NOW!
>> No. 40808887
>Cue theme music
>> No. 40808891
With a lash wrapped around one hoof, the Pharaoh went toppling down, as he clutched onto the pot. Luckily, it didn't shatter, as he protected it from the impact. "You fool!" He shouted "You almost ruined it!"

Last edited at Wed, Mar 4th, 2015 22:05

>> No. 40808894
The pink mare raises her hooves into the air. "Touchdown~!!"
>> No. 40808897
The partly mummified mare rips the wrap from herself simultaneously lighting a 'strike anywhere' match, dropping it onto the makeshift lasso. The fire spreads quickly down the line generating a large amount of smoke. Before view is completely obscured, the mare starts galloping towards the Pharaoh.
>> No. 40808904
From underneath the pile of goons, Workhorse is struggling to get up.
"Come on, come o, you can do it, baby..."
Like a majestic phoenix rising from a flailing pile of mummies, Workhorse rose from a flailing pile of mummies. He began kicking them away. It was hard work.
>> No. 40808908
As the fight went on, a blur would cross the vision of all those involved, as mummies were tossed of the new hero.

"Man, doesn't this guy ever try anything new?"
>> No. 40808912
"... I swear, when I rule this land, you will be the first on the list to work on my monuments!" He grunted out, as he got up.

His eyes narrowing, he exclaimed, "And her too! What god did I upset to have this come to me?!"

"Oh no! You won't have my prize!" He yelled out, as he began to run away.
>> No. 40808917
"So far, all he's done is slam into the ground. Is that what he usually does?" Now there's an unfamiliar pony.

"Hey, you're not getting away with that after I beat you!" She leaps at the jar in his hooves, clinging to it even as he carries it away. Meanwhile, that flame is catching up to him, the wrap still around his hoof.
>> No. 40808921
A voice calls out "Tick tick-" Poof
The flame caught up to the knot on the lasso and the smoke bloomed, filling the whole room in the blinding gas . Along with that is a light burn on the back of the Pharaoh's hoof.
>> No. 40808927
"Hey. Gotta say, big fan. Love the attitude. Love the look."
As he kicked off the last of the mooks, Workhorse looked into the smoke and gas in the middle of the room.
Thermals on; let's get in there!
And he charged at the Pharaoh in the middle of the smoke cloud.
>> No. 40808935
"Hehe, yeah! The Phony Pharaoh's mostly a flop! Go get him girl!" She answered with a giggle.

"Why thanks! You're doing pretty good yourself!"

With the smoke filling up the room, she would zip about, takind down mummy after mummy.
>> No. 40808937
With a yelp he would let go of the jar, which stuck to the gooey mare's body. Shaking his hooves, he snarled. "How... how dare you! That actually hurt!"

His eyes widening, he began to brace himself.
"... and so will this..."

"..adding insult to the incoming injury.. thanks.. thanks alot.
>> No. 40808941
And during the smoke filled chaos, the pink mare grinningly makes her way to the stand where the ancient pottery stood, taking a seat on it and holding the pot securely in her hooves, watching the fight.
>> No. 40808947
The unknown mare yells within the smoke; "I hope you like the new tattoo!" Referring to the large splotch of still hot ink on the Pharaoh's leg. "I'll visit you in jail!" This time the voice is softer and it's clear she has left the building.
>> No. 40808953
Workhorse slammed into the Pharaoh like a train jumping the tracks. He actually managed to carry them both out of the smoke and into a nearby wall.
>> No. 40808958
Slammed up against the wall, his head would throb as he fell down. "You.. you haven't defeated the gre-great... Phhhhhaaaroaah..." he utter out, before passing out.
>> No. 40808960
>> No. 40808961
>> No. 40808962
"Good job everypony!" She exclaimed with a hop.

Blotted over, she looked over the conked out baddy. "Oooh.. he's gonna feel that in the morning!"

Zipping back to the new face, she gave a smile. "And good job securing that from him! You two are something! So.. what was he going after in the first place?"
>> No. 40808969
"I don't know why he wanted it so badly, maybe he was really hungry?" She removes the lid from the pot and tosses it away, before dipping her hoof inside and removing a large hoofful of perfectly preserved 5000 year old royal honey and stuffing it into her mouth. "Mmmmmmm~!"
>> No. 40809588
File 142559912041.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )
>Maretropolis Jewellers. Home to so many robberies and fights that the owners found it cheaper just to replace the glass storefront with military grade unbreakable bulletproof glass.

>But today, it would be visited by someone more intelligent and crafty than the average armed robber. Someone who doesn't usually go for jewellery.

>There's a loud BANG on the glass. The shopkeeper ignores it. Must be kids playing. A minute later, there's another BANG. He looks up. There's absolutely nopony there. He stared outside for a few minutes, and then goes back to his magazine.

>The moment he does, there are two BANGS in a row. The shopkeeper grabs the gun from under the desk, trots to the door, and opens it. The moment he does, he sees the ground whiz past his vision until he lands hard on it, gun out of his hoof, and standing over him, the Supervillianess known as High Heel, who brings one of her trademark heels down onto his head. The broad side of High Heel's heel was the last thing he saw before stars, and then magical dreamlands of rainbows and early retirement.


>High Heel, stepped over the unconscious jeweller, and dropped an empty bag to the floor, ready to be filled. She looked around and smiled at the splendor of her surroundings.

>Time to get to work.
>> No. 40809592

During her daily exercises, Gust was caught off guard by a series of loud bangs. At first she mistook it for some kind of gun fire, but soon pinpointed the location. Upon noticing the ongoing robbery, and no obvious means to profit from it herself, she landed and began to watch, because this could at least prove amusing.
>> No. 40809606
If Gust came in from above, she might notice a costumed, silver pegasus relaxing on the store's roof as it's robbed.
>> No. 40809608
File 142559981246.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

>High Heel took a break from loading the bag, stopped, and stared at the Griffin that was watching her. Was he a rat? Was he a cop? Was he a hero? Or was he just watching? Either way, she'd rather not have him in the picture.

>She continued to load the bag, merely taking the step to glare at him right now.
>> No. 40809611

So far Gust hadn't made a move, she just seemed to be observing, taking in what was goin on in an analytical fashion.

Gust had discounted the silver pegasus at the moment, more interested in what was going on inside the store than on top of it.
>> No. 40809621

>High Heel does not trust her in the slightest. Now, having cleared out a bag's worth full, she zips it up, and starts to head towards Gust.
>> No. 40809628
The moment the high heeled villainess began to approach, Gust drew her strange baton, the wires suddenly crackling with electricity. "I suggest you keep your distance."
>> No. 40809631

>High Heel stops dead in her tracks, and her mouth grown into a smile.

"It talks."
>> No. 40809634
The pegasus is now peering over the edge of the roof, watching in interest.
>> No. 40809640
"'It' is female and sentient." Gust snorts a bit, keeping her guard up.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 5th, 2015 17:22

>> No. 40809643
File 142560132638.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

Fascinating, but I have places to be before the police show up, and if you were going to stop me, you'd have done so by now, so adieu.

>She starts to trot past the Griffin.
>> No. 40809648
"And your reasoning that I won't simply point the police into your exact direction is... what exactly?" Gust barely turns mostly letting her eyes do the following as she continues to be ready for a sudden attack, even as High Heel walks past.
>> No. 40809659
"How about this?"
A cocky voice rings out from above, and what Gust can only assume is the pegasus from the roof lands on the griffon's wide back.
"The jewelery store is wide open, the owner's knocked out, and the cops will be slow today due to a certain incident earlier. You could point them to catch her, or you could pretty easily fill your own pockets~." The grin on her face is practically audible.
>> No. 40809662
File 142560197093.png - (178.23KB , 1024x1024 , large (8).png )

>High Heel smirks.

She makes a good point, no?
>> No. 40809668
Gust turns her attention toward the new voice. "The cameras are on and I JUST got a job as a security officer elsewhere."

Last edited at Thu, Mar 5th, 2015 17:34

>> No. 40809671
The pegasus zips over to the security camera, and shatters it with a forceful punch. "Oops!" She snickers loudly.
>> No. 40809676
"...You DO realize the camera would have caught you doing that, right?" Gust slowly begins lowering her weapon, not entirely sure what to make of the surprisingly playful attitude of the two villainesses, which is made clear by her voice.
>> No. 40809681
"You really have to stop worrying about that stuff. All you have to ask yourself is, do you want all the jewels you can carry or not?"
>> No. 40809683
"That 'stuff' tends to keep me out of jail... or worse."
>> No. 40809689
"So what, you're just going to stand there all night? I mean, Shoes already got away, what are you gonna tell the police?"
>> No. 40809692
"Well she's not exactly... subtle. I could easily give an accurate description if I wanted to." She shrugs and relaxes her grip on her baton's hilt, the wires immediately stopping their sparking. "But I suppose I have no reason to."
>> No. 40809693
"Now you're getting it!" She flies in closer. "The question is, what do you WANT to do? And why aren't you doing it?"
>> No. 40809697
"Mostly because what I want to do and what I CAN do are two completely different things at the moment." She twirls her baton a bit before returning it to its place behind her wing and offering her claw to the pegasus. "Gust. Nice to meet you I suppose."
>> No. 40809704
She extends her hoof. "Meteoryte, fastest pegasus there is!"
>> No. 40809709
Gust shakes, the hoof, firmly. "A pleasure I'm sure. Though I have to say, you're PROBABLY the kind of pony mothers call "a bad influence"." She makes air quotes upon saying "a bad influence".
>> No. 40809712
She gives a pained wince at the shake, but continues grinning. "I'm not the type to influence, I just think people shouldn't spend so much time worrying about what they should do and just do it!"
>> No. 40809716
"Trust me, under normal circumstances I would definitely do that, but you haven't seen the perks my current job gives. I REALLY don't want to risk losing it over something like this."
>> No. 40809720
"Well here come the cops, so you probably don't want to be here much longer. Out!" She dashes upward and into the city.
>> No. 40809721
Gust sighs and takes off as well, hoping she wouldn't be mistaken for a suspect.
>> No. 40809723
>She can follow Meteoryte if she wants.
>> No. 40809728
Do you have something in mind?
>> No. 40809729
>> No. 40811140
A small greenish Pegasus mare move beside a Griffon with a cocky grin and says.
"Yo Griff, I bet you 5 bits I can beat you in a race without even flying!"
The bits already in her hoof and her eyes locked on the Griffon expecting a response.
>> No. 40811142
Gust looked at the strange pegasus with a look of confusion and distaste. "...Why?"
>> No. 40811148
"Because its practically free money, flying is so much faster than running."
She says with a duh face.
"I thought Griffons were usually up for challenges."

Last edited at Fri, Mar 6th, 2015 18:51

>> No. 40811155
"I also have been conned enough times to know there's no such thing as free money."
>> No. 40811161
"Okay, okay, I see where you are coming from."
She ponders for a second before say;
"How about you hold onto the money? That way I can't run off with the money, and I can't not pay you if you win."
>> No. 40811170
"That's not what I meant." She glares at the pegasus a bit.
>> No. 40811180
"Okay, suit yourself."
She says before flashing out of existence. But before you have anytime to react she flashes back, now with two cans of soda.
"Wanna Sprite?"
She asks holding out one of the cans with a parasprite on it.
>> No. 40811190
"...Only if you open yours first." She takes one carefully, as if it could burst at any moment, likely because she thinks it's probably shaken to hell at those speeds.
>> No. 40811192
There is a small pause of confusion but then the mare opens the can with her teeth and begins to drink it.
>> No. 40811196
Gust shrugs and opens her own, taking a sip. "So... super speed or teleportation?"
>> No. 40811197
"Oh you saw that, I thought you weren't looking."
She says with a smile.
"Its teleportation... As far as I know."
She then sips her soda keeping eye contact with the Griffon.
>> No. 40811200
"Ah, I assumed super speed. It's more... simple." Gust chuckles a bit. "And I don't tend to look away much from things that have so clearly grasped my attention."
>> No. 40811204
File 142569596216.gif - (679.50KB , 300x311 , 17603__safe_pinkie-pie_animated_putting-your-hoof-down.gif )
She take the soda from her lip to show a funny looking smile.
"Oh, I 'grasped your attention' did I? Is it because of my hot bod?"
She says doing a 'sexy' dance.
>pic related
>> No. 40811208
So less sexy, and more "obscenely awkward"?

Gust snorts and starts laughing. "Ahahahahahaha... whew... no."
>> No. 40811210
"Haha, yeah, I'm stupid, I know."
She says sporting her, beginning to be, signature smile.
"I'm Blink by the way."
Did I drop my soda? I was not thinking when I did that dance

Last edited at Fri, Mar 6th, 2015 19:49

>> No. 40811214
Your call.
"Gust. Nice to meet you I suppose." She holds out one of her foretalon/claw/things to shake
>> No. 40811223
"Gust huh? Nice to meet you."
She says shaking the claw of the Griffon.
"You know I only know one other Griffon, he's an old geezer who calls himself 'Father Claw', what a silly old coot."
>> No. 40811224
"Huh. Most of my kind go by names that start with "G". I don't know why, I just assumed it was traditional."
>> No. 40811229
"Kinda like Zebras seem to all be named with 'Z'."
She says with a snicker.
"My name was given to me because of my power."
>> No. 40811236
"You must've developed it early then." Gust sips her drink.
>> No. 40811241
"I've had it ever since I could remember, and Blink isn't even my original name."
She looks away the Griffon and to the grown.
"I was abandoned as a baby and was raised by a small group of homeless ponies. They named me on the account of my power and loved me as one of them. I still live with them, but things have gotten a bit different. I'm not with them nearly as much as I use to be."
>> No. 40811245
"...That's an extremely deep bit of backstory to tell someone you just met ya'know." Gust gave another weird look to the pegasus.
>> No. 40811251
Blink eyes go wide and she starts to blush
"I- Ha ha ha ha~"
She starts laughing awkwardly.
"Sooo~ what about this wea-ther?"
Her voice cracks and she gives you another one of her signature smiles.
>> No. 40811254
"...It's raining." Oh... So it is. Weird. "Are you drunk or high or sick? You're starting to worry me."
>> No. 40811258
"Drunk, a little. High, no. Sick, probably in some way."
She then looks up.
"Wait, it's raining? What if I have two powers?"
She starts looking at her hooves.
>> No. 40811261
"...It just started and was in the weather report. It's expected." She chuckles a little. "You sure you're feeling alright?"
>> No. 40811264
"Yeah I'm fine, I just don't read the news. And hey, I already have teleportation, weather control isn't tooo far fetched."
>> No. 40811269
"Technically every pegasus has weather control. Just on a small scale."

Last edited at Fri, Mar 6th, 2015 20:44

>> No. 40811270
"Yeah but it would be cool if I was like linked with weather itself."
She looks back at the clouds.
"How do Pegasus even touch clouds?"
>> No. 40811271
"...The same way I do? They just... do." She rubs her chin a bit. "It's a good question though."
>> No. 40811276
"The rain is starting to pick up, we should find some cover..."
Her head still pointing up as she says this.
>> No. 40811279
"Alright alright." Gust trots off, heading for a nearby building.
>> No. 40811281
As she hears Gust walk off, she looks back down and teleports next to her.
Would trot be the right term for a Griffon?
>> No. 40811284
Doesn't really matter. XD Though, I should say, I really have no idea where to go with this encounter now.
>> No. 40811287
I need to go in like 10 minutes anyhow
"Well it was nice talking to you Gust but I need to get back to the group. Hope you liked the soda"
She give you one last smile before teleporting down the street then again out of sight.
>> No. 40812083
> *4 days earlier*
> *Stalliongrad, Griffon Kingdom*
> A young griffon is sleeping in front of the radar monitor while wearing headphones attached to it. From the back he gets poked by a gray mare.
Подъём, солдат. Враг не дремлет! (Wake up, soldier. Enemy is never asleep!)
А?.. Я, я не сплю, я... (Huh?.. I, I'm not asleep, I am..)
> He flies on the monitor and cries:
Для вас, лейтенант, капитан Пойзон Нидл! (It's captain Poison Needle for ya, lieutenant!)
А, ну... В смысле, периметр чист! (Oh, well... I mean, perimeter is clear!)
Надеюсь, что это так, лейтенант. Если хоть что-нибудь пролетит в этом квадрате без моего ведома, я... (I hope it's so, lieutenant. If anything will cross this zone without my knowing, I...)
> The siren yells.
> Lieutenant griffon in panic zoomes in captured footage.
Чья техника? Эквестрианская, наверняка? (The origin of this tech? Equestrian, for sure!)
Это... Это же... (It... it's...)
> They were now staring at the brown stallion flying across the border on a jetpack. Needle's face gets red from anger.
Долетался, учёный хренов! Лейтенант, ракеты!.. (You was flying too much, freaking scientist! Lieutenant, missiles!..)

> *Nowadays*
> *Maretropolis, Equestria*
> A young brown stallion was walking by the back streets of the cosmopolitan city. He weared a backpack, but it seemed to look really strange. It was made of metal, as it was created from a rocket parts. His left hindleg was hurting.
I do hope that I haven't alerted this city's government. Alright, don't panic, Gears, everything's okay...
>> No. 40812085
A quiet, sure voice suddenly speaks from uncomfortably close behind him, despite a lack of footsteps or anything alerting toward another pony being nearby. "I can assure you, everything is most certainly not okay."
>> No. 40812089
Oh, my goodness. Then, I'll make my last wish...
> His lips widen into slight sarcastic smile. One little move of hoof, and his face is covered with a pilot mask, and his pack suddenly gets two thrusters. Gears turns to mysterious figure and aims at it from his shotgun.
...Say it again, pumpkin.
>> No. 40812092
The figure standing behind him is none other than... a wooden log? To be fair, the shotgun would probably do a number on it but...
"Nervous when alone, but cocky when threatened. A curious one you are." The voice rings out in the dark alleyway with no clear source.
>> No. 40812093
> Gears gets surprised a little, but only laughes.
Aha, I am full of surprises. And you can't make me lose my mind, because I'm already insane.
>> No. 40812098
"In that case, you should certainly not be holding that." At that moment, from only just out of his peripheral vision, a swift kick to the shotgun opens the barrel and sends the shell and gun flying in different directions. The mare beside him is covered in dark colored garb, with a facemask and a metal headband covering a dark red coat and light brown mane. "That tech isn't from around here, where did you get it?"

Last edited at Sat, Mar 7th, 2015 13:59

>> No. 40812106
> He wasn't ready for that silent attack, but turned to his challenger.
So, you love riddles, Mystery? Let's just say that I flew across the half of this planet to talk now to you and waste my time. I guess you know what you now want for your trophy wall, huh?
>> No. 40812113
"Foreign secrets? You're clearly no fool. Regardless, something tells me you won't be persuaded to hoof it over the easy way..." Her stance and tone do at least suggest an honest reluctance to fight over it.
>> No. 40812117
> His voice sounded like he was grinning while talking to her. And he really was.
Easy way? Another riddle, pumpkin: what will happen if a maniac on his killing spree, the terrorist number one, the cold cruel murderer will decide to wipe the crime from these streets?... I've always wanted to know the answer.
>> No. 40812121
Through the facemask, he can see the tiniest smirk.
"Simple. There's only one way to find out."
>> No. 40812124
> He finally breathed out.
Phew, finally. After you, pumpkin.
>> No. 40812130
"..." She squints at the strange foreign pony. "Just who are you?"
>> No. 40812141
> His grin widenes again.
The one you will call Tex. Yours?
>> No. 40812149
"...My friends call me MissFortune. If you ask me, you're lucky they aren't here now."
>> No. 40812159
Why? I'm not afraid of misfortune. I am supported by Lady Math, not Lady Luck. But now I'll be glad to kick your flank only.
>> No. 40812161
She takes a more combat-ready position. "Just try not to crash and damage the tech."
>> No. 40812165
> He readies his jetpack.
Or what, you will cry? Better save your fortune to survive.
>> No. 40812171
Not waiting for him to make the first move, she tosses a smoke bomb in between them to fill the alleyway with a thick, impenetrable haze.
>> No. 40812178
> That what he was waiting for! He flies out of its range and gets right behind her, readying his attack.
An old trick, miss.
> Only now, when he wasn't grinning anymore, she could notice that he had a hard pronunciation of "r" letter.
>> No. 40812187
She, on the other hoof, wasn't waiting. Fast he may be, he couldn't keep his eyes on her the whole time through the spreading smoke, and when he stops behind her she's already disappearing deeper into the smoke. Where she was standing half a second earlier, a small and curious device lies on the ground.
>> No. 40812202
> Oh, come on. He bucks it behind him and ran forward. Who knows what was that! Except you, little mysterious figure in the smoke.
>> No. 40812209
>...Wait when you say he bucks it behind him, if it's on the ground in front of him, do you mean he put his hoof on top and slid it backwards?
>> No. 40812214
> Right. Sorry.
>> No. 40812219
In that case, that was a terrible idea! If he'd taken a simple moment to look at the device, he would have realized it was a short range electric mine, only dangerous if you step right on it! Unsurprisingly, his hoof receives a very nasty shock!
>> No. 40812231
> For a second, he fells unconscious, but jetpack throttles up and saves him from certain death.
Hide and seek, huh? So, hide, coward!
>> No. 40812233
>Could you um, explain what just happened? His jetpack helped him recover...?
>> No. 40812234
> Hmm... I think you'll understand now.
> He yells:
< Heat-vision activated. >
> Yeah, jetpack wasn't the simplest one. But now he was looking around, searching for that dumbflank.
>> No. 40812238
Standing totally still to look around, another not so great idea. She doesn't appear to be anywhere ahead of him. Up in the fire escapes, she gives a silent leap out to dive down, extending her back hoof to deliver a knockout kick to the back of his neck.
>> No. 40812240
> So, if you want me to lose that fight,...
>> No. 40812247
> ...then, congratulations. I've ran out of ideas how to avoid your attacks.
> The worst enemy is one that you can't see - that was the last thing that Gears thought before he fell to the ground, spitting blood and trying to get back to hooves.
>> No. 40812259
>A friend and I are having technical difficulties posting...
>> No. 40813216
Okay so here I am should I jump in where Gears is at or do you have something else in mind?
>> No. 40813220
Shh, I'll explain it later. Prepare for AWESOMNESS!!!
>> No. 40813228
>Usually we plan out interactions ahead of time ("X fights Y", "Heist at Z", etc.) so things don't get too hectic. Jumping in would be fine, but it sounds like Gears would rather you not. This is why the chat is handy, you could talk to anyone else who's available...
>> No. 40813241
Okay I'll stay back for now. Good luck Gears.
>> No. 40813561
As Miss Fortune prepared to leap from the fire escape, the structure began to tremble, emitting creaks and groans as it began to bend. Suddenly, the whole thing tore away from the wall with a thundering crash, collapsing into the alleyway below!
As the smoke and dust cleared, a figure would be visible standing in the tangled wreckage of the stairs. A large, armored figure.
"Hey there. So, nice jetpack... Saw it earlier. Pretty sweet. Anyone seen that Miss Fortune filly? I'm, like, ninety percent sure she's gonna try to take us out one at a time. She doesn't look like a fighter..."
As Workhorse shakes off the rubble and the fall, he trots over to Gears.
Who the hay are you? You didn't sound from around here..."
>> No. 40813937
File 142586463972.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
"Here's your change, you all have a good one!"

He waited until the last customers had exited the store from the recent rush before he sighed in relief. Air knew it was his job and all, but sometimes keeping the Happy Friendly All the Time demeanor during his shift could be draining. Never to the point where he couldn't keep it up, but always enough that he felt a weight taken off his shoulders when there was nopony there for him to be social with.

He took a moment to carefully stretch his wings, avoiding knocking the packs of cigarettes off the behind counter shelves like he did on his first day. He knew there would be more, but he could enjoy the quiet, at least for a little bit...
>> No. 40813940
A blue Pegasus storms into the small store. She has small cut on her left cheek and walks directly up to the counter and quickly asks;
"Do you sell bandages here?"
Her hoof taps with impatience.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 8th, 2015 18:38

>> No. 40813949
File 142586527241.png - (15.42KB , 190x180 , Air11.png )
The moment the door jingled, Air was reactionarily rattling off:
"Good afternoon how can-"

But was given pause when she immediately made it clear just what she was looking for.

"Y-yeah, they're right on the shelves over on that side with the rest of the medical product."
He indicated where to look, but then added:
"Uh, ma'am, is everything alright?"
>> No. 40813955
She speaks louder as she walks to the medical supply.
"I found out the hard way-"
She stops half way there and turns around.
"Wait, a store clerk with super strength? That's funny."
She wears a smirk on her face as she says that.
>> No. 40813961
File 142586591262.png - (15.44KB , 192x178 , Air10.png )
"Y-you found out the hard way that...huh?"

There is a very long and awkward pause when she spoke to him, and for the moment he just stared at her. Then he burst out into laughter.

"Wh-what, super strength? Y-you're just yankin my chain right now, or you've got me mixed up with another. I'm just a uh...a nopony."

He realized a second too late that it was a very poor choice of words.
>> No. 40813966
The smirk now turning into an evil grin, the mare says;
"Oh yes, I must be mistaken. Because I can't possibly have know by your voice."
Her smile face before she continues;
"To be perfectly honest, I tried that on three other ponies that sound just like you,"
>> No. 40813975
File 142586674050.png - (15.39KB , 196x182 , Air5.png )
He let out a sound that almost resembled physical pain as slowly lowered his chin down on the counter by his register. Then he raised it back up to make eye contact with her.

"Oh...well aren't you lucky..."

With slow and deliberate steps, he walked over to the entrance of the shop and flipped the OPEN sign over to CLOSED. All the while he had his eyes if not on her, with her in his peripherals.

" what? Would you like to gloat or something?"
>> No. 40813981
"Gloat? Nah, I just need some bandages."
She says walking the rest of the way to the shelf.
"Its just a scratch but you can never be too safe."
>> No. 40813989
File 142586730541.png - (15.24KB , 196x184 , Air16.png )
He stared at her, like he could hardly believe it.

"Really? That's it? You just know who I am and you're not even going to do anything with the info now that you do?"

Even as he sputtered in surprise he was obediently trotting back over to the other side of the counter.
>> No. 40813995
Trotting toward the counter the mare with a slightly confused face says;
"What, do you want me to blackmail you or something? I mean, I'd totally do it if I needed something from you but beside this-"
Obviously referring to the box of bandages she has now set on the counter,
"-I can't think of anything."
>> No. 40814003
File 142586808815.png - (14.86KB , 192x182 , Air12.png )
"It's...just a few bits...ah hell just take it."

He sighed.

"Yeah, at least you're honest about the blackmail part. I just wish I knew where you'd heard me from before so I knew when I slipped up...other than not altering my voice enough..."
>> No. 40814011
Ignoring the first comment she puts a hoof full of bits onto the counter while saying;
"Lets just say I have connections in a lot of places, including the polices force."
She takes out one of the small round bandages and applies it to her cut.
"And by that I mean: I'm everywhere."
>> No. 40814020
File 142586892914.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
He blinked at the bits for a moment before his work instincts kicked in, immediately reaching out to count out the appropriate amount for the bandages and hoofing the rest back if it was too much. With a keystroke he printed out a receipt and tore it off to give to her.

"That's uh...quite a thing to boast about. What, do you have some sort of power as well?"
>> No. 40814024
"Wouldn't you like to know. Here's a tip, make sure others don't know your full potential."
She puts the rest of the bandages and the leftover bits into her saddle bag and starts to leave out the door.
>> No. 40814032
File 142586945459.png - (18.52KB , 192x228 , Air9.png )
He didn't know what else to say at that point, she had him at an extreme disadvantage. She knew more about him than he even had a chunk of her, and he didn't like it one bit. He tried his best to note down her features as she walked out the door, quickly scribbling them down on a notepad once she was out of sight. Then, in a very low mood, he changes the sign back to OPEN.
>> No. 40814038
As soon as the stallion get back to his post at the counter a small flash momentarily blinds him and a Light green Pegasus now stands in its spot.
"Wow, that was a far jump!"
She stands there looking around the store with a smile.
>> No. 40814046
File 142587022457.png - (14.63KB , 196x190 , Air15.png )

Air toppled during his attempts to back away and duck down beneath the counter both at the same time in reaction to the flash, expecting the worst for a moment. When he heard the voice, he blinked and stopped covering his head with his hooves and peered up over the counter.


Something told him he should probably be nice to the mare that had gotten there out of nowhere. He snapped back into his usual voice for customers.

"Good afternoon, um...miss. I don't know how you just got here, but can I help you find anything?"
>> No. 40814053
"Do you have any Para-Sprite?"
She asks walking over the small refrigerated section of the store. All the while acting as if nothing happened.
Forgot to add this but Para-Sprite is what me and all my friends call Sprite Soda.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 8th, 2015 20:08

>> No. 40814058
File 142587081188.png - (14.85KB , 190x185 , Air3.png )
"Uh...yes in fact we do! Um, there's also some Blue Minotaur if you like the taste, don't believe what the ads say about it boosting your confidence though."

He slowly walked to a side of the counter where he could still see her as she moved through the store.

"So a lot of time doing that then?"
>> No. 40814063
"Oh yeah, that. Um... Don't mind it, I'm just an alicorn in disguise."
She says with a snicker right before yelling out;
>> No. 40814072
File 142587150573.png - (15.42KB , 190x180 , Air11.png )
He blinked a few times, not quite believing her, but then flinched at her outburst.

"H-huh? What is it?!"

He quickly trotted out from behind the counter and toward her.
>> No. 40814079
"It's all diet! ALL OF IT! This is the third store with no regular Sprite! I haven't had one since the last rain fall!"
As soon as you get to her she grabs your shoulders and with a glare of death she says;
"It's the only thing that keeps me calm."
>> No. 40814092
File 142587230332.png - (14.86KB , 192x182 , Air12.png )
As soon as her hooves grab onto him, he returned the glare with a surprising intensity.

"Take your hooves off me right now."

Then, as an afterthought, added:

>> No. 40814094
The pony looks at her hooves then puts them back onto the ground. She coughs and just stands there, it's evident she isn't going to say anything and the silence starts to get awkward.
>> No. 40814101
File 142587293470.png - (14.87KB , 196x182 , Air13.png )
"Thank. You."

His words were quite spaced apart, as she could tell he was struggling to remain professional despite her behavior. With a few steps he walked over to the glass door fridge shelves, opened one that had diet Para-Sprite, and then motioned beneath the row of diet to the row of regular right beneath it in a lower section. He still doesn't say a word, holding the door open until she took one.
>> No. 40814114
The mare's eyes light up. She gives the clerk 10 bits and grabs four Sprites, two in each wing.
"Thank you keep the change have a nice day."
She says as she moves to the front of the store before teleporting out onto the side walk then again out of view.
>> No. 40814378
> Gears hardly gets back on hooves.
I... I'd be more surprised if you've seen me before. That was my first day there, who knew I would ever face that little b~ *cough* oh, blya...
>> No. 40814637
MissFortune, meanwhile, is sent tumbling out of the fire escape, barely able to get out before it collapses. She kicks off a wall to try and slow her momentum a bit before landing in the open at one end of the alley, glaring at the now two adversaries.
>> No. 40814863
> As his rival was running away, Gears prefered not to stay here either. He silently commanded:
Пора съёбывать. (Time to escape.)
> And jetpack took him away from this silly situation. Maybe when he will patch up, he'll go and find his savior... But certainly not now.
>> No. 40815033
Gust was flying through the skiiiies in the afternoon, her arsenal fully visible for anyone close enough to identify it. One of the major disadvantages of storing things under your wings really.
>> No. 40815044

>Saddle Rager was patrolling the skies in costume, Humdrum on her back. She spots gust from a distance.

Oh dear. I hope they have a license for all that. I'd better make sure.

>She shifts course to intercept, making a beeline for Gust.
>> No. 40815046
"Wh-whoa!" Humdrum holds tightly onto Saddle Rager as she speeds toward the griffon. "G-give me a warning before you fly like that, okay...?"
>> No. 40815049
Gust notices the masked hero headed her way, stopping short and moving one of her clawed "hands" to be ready to draw her 9mm in case this got messy. "Whoa, hold up!"
>> No. 40815052
File 142593891046.png - (278.46KB , 757x624 , SR5.png )

>Saddle chuckles, and spares an apologetic sideways glace at Humdrum.

Oh, sorry...

...Hold tight now.


>Saddle Rager reaches Gust and then pulls a sudden stop.

Just wanted to check you have a license for your...small arsenal you have there.
>> No. 40815053
Humdrum hides his face partially behind Saddle Rager. "I-I've never seen this griffon in the city before..."
>> No. 40815056
"I'm security at Quazar Labs, so yes, I do." Dusk's "hand" remains at her pistol. "Who's asking?"
>> No. 40815060
File 142593926718.png - (498.82KB , 757x624 , SR2.png )

Saddle Rager. Maybe you've heard of me.

I didn't know security guard were around to fly around town during their off-time with full weaponry. Please take your talon away from your firearm.
>> No. 40815062
Gust reluctantly moves her claw. "These are my personal weapons. And... your name is vaguely familiar. Sorry, don't read the news much, save for the classifieds."
>> No. 40815064
"I guess it makes sense for them to hire new security, after the robbery last week..."

"Huh?? Don't tell me, you don't know about the Power Ponies??"
>> No. 40815067

One of the Power Ponies. Surely you've heard of them.

So these are all your personal weapons, meaning you must have a license for them, which brings us back to my first question.


It does make sense, but I still have to make sure. If the wrong person was carrying half as much weaponry as this Griffin, think of the chaos they could cause.
>> No. 40815072
"I said I do... and the Power what now? Sounds a bit like a gang." Gust gives the two a skeptical look.
>> No. 40815076
"Th-that's not it at all! They're-, I mean, We're superheroes!"
>> No. 40815077
File 142593981202.png - (278.46KB , 757x624 , SR5.png )

>She facehooves.

..Oh boy. You really are brand new, here, aren't you?

The Power Ponies are superheroes. We protect the city.
>> No. 40815084
"Oh, so vigilantes then. Well, in that case, I don't even HAVE to answer your questions, now do I?" Gust chuckles. "I mean I know the cops here are kind of out of their league, but I find it hard to believe that you're official law enforcement in that get-up."
>> No. 40815089
File 142594013460.png - (675.42KB , 757x624 , SR4.png )


>She closes her eyes and takes a few seconds out for breathing exercises.

We answer directly to the Mayor. If that's not official...I don't know what is!
>> No. 40815090
"We've gotten the key to the city like... one, two... a lot of times!"

"C-careful, Saddle Rager..."
>> No. 40815093
File 142594029004.png - (278.46KB , 757x624 , SR5.png )

Yeah. You might have to start doing the talking soon. I'm really getting rubbed up the wrong way here.
>> No. 40815098
"Sorry, am I getting under your skin there?" Gust chuckles again. "But still, seems a bit of a small issue here for super heroes."
>> No. 40815103
"I gotcha Saddle! Don't worry!"

"That stuff you're carrying could bring down a, a...
it could cause a lot of damage! Why are you carrying it around?"
>> No. 40815108
File 142594079722.png - (36.00KB , 350x354 , Shopping for a few things.png )
Departing from work, saddlebag in tow with both wings spreading out, it was nice to once in a while let them relax. Just another day at the hospital though nothing to really complain about, sure there were ups and downs but it was fun occasionally cheering some patients up. Perhaps a visit later to that new café nearby might be nice, including those tempting strawberry cakes in ads. Along the route back to her apartment, as per usual the charcoal colored mare would hum, regardless if it were one of the back alleys or sidewalks.
>> No. 40815111

You never know. The smallest overlooked discrepencies can lead to disastrous consequences, escpecially where guns are concerned.


Thank you. I'm glad you're here to take the lead
>> No. 40815116
"In case I need them." Gust says this as if it's the most obvious and reasonable thing in the world.

"I..." Gust pauses momentarily, actually thinking before speaking for once in this conversation. "Actually that's a good point."
>> No. 40815117

>In one of the alleyways just off from Lava's path, there was cursed muttering and jangling of metal.
>> No. 40815119
File 142594112673.png - (363.47KB , 430x641 , humdrum8.png )
He gives a sheepish smile. "A-always ready to help~."

"But aren't they part of your job at Quazar?"
>> No. 40815122
File 142594128528.png - (33.45KB , 381x409 , Is it time for the picnic already.png )
Curiosity getting the better of her, Lava decided to do some investigating. Approaching the alley way whilst still humming to herself.
>> No. 40815126
File 142594140397.png - (127.13KB , 1024x1024 , large (19).png )

>She was greeting by this vaguely familiar pony, rummaging through a gym bag full of very expensive jewellery.

>She looked simultaneously bored and frustrated with the contents.
>> No. 40815131
"I've had these longer than that job. Like I said these are personal."
>> No. 40815133

Now we're getting somewhere.


Well, I hope you're responsible with them. Either way, we'll probably be seeing each other in the future.
>> No. 40815134
File 142594178998.png - (33.45KB , 381x409 , Is it time for the picnic already.png )
Slowly approaching the mare, she'd let off a light giggle, folding both wings. "Hello there, how's your day been?"

Sure the mare seemed a little familiar but it wasn't quite easy to tell from where. Perhaps a passing patient for all she know.
>> No. 40815138
File 142594191364.png - (127.13KB , 1024x1024 , large (19).png )

...Unfulfilling. I tried something new, and it's not for me. I didn't get any satisfaction out of it.

On the plus side, a friend gave me more jewellery than I literally know what to do with. I don't suppose you'd like any?
>> No. 40815139
Humdrum whispers to Saddle Rager, still skeptical. "Do you think we should tell her what we know about the villains who burgled the labs?"
>> No. 40815144
"Yeah, I'm getting that feeling to-"
"You realize eagles have good senses of hearing right?" Speaking of which, EVERYTHING in Maretropolis has good hearing. Why do people even think to whisper?
>> No. 40815147

>Saddle Rager sighs.

We know things about the villains who broke into the labs. We're currently running our own investigations.
>> No. 40815149
Gust shrugs a bit. "To be frank, I'm not the one to talk about that to anyway, that'd be my boss. I'm just supposed to make sure no one else breaks in when I'm on duty."
>> No. 40815150
File 142594251263.png - (33.45KB , 381x409 , Is it time for the picnic already.png )
"Don't know about the jewellery to be honest currently. However sounds like whatever you tried out had a problem or two."
>> No. 40815151
"That's gotta be important info for a security guard, right?"
>> No. 40815155
File 142594268123.png - (127.13KB , 1024x1024 , large (19).png )

Actually, it went without a hitch. It just didn't leave me satisfied.
>> No. 40815158
File 142594287787.png - (33.45KB , 381x409 , Is it time for the picnic already.png )
"Ah, perhaps it didn't hold enough excitement or overcoming some challenge then. Suppose part of the fun, is over coming the obstacles present."
>> No. 40815159
"It would... if it weren't for the fact that any investigating would have to be on my own time. And I honestly don't have any interest in investigating that. It was a sloppy job, all things considered."
>> No. 40815163
File 142594303792.png - (127.13KB , 1024x1024 , large (19).png )

It's a sloppy job, but we don't know who they are besides their given aliases; "Antimattercorn", and...."Yellow"


It definitely wasn't very challenging, I'll give you that. I want to do something...big. Something that will push me to my mental and physical limits.
>> No. 40815165
"Sloppy?" He looks between the both of them. "What do you mean?"
>> No. 40815167
Gust snickers at the names. "I-I'm sorry, but those names are hilarious."
>> No. 40815168

Well, massive mess, unprofessional attitude, we have two names and two faces...
>> No. 40815171
"Ohh, that's what you mean." He nods, before raising an eyebrow. "Then how did she know?"
>> No. 40815172
File 142594350591.png - (33.45KB , 381x409 , Is it time for the picnic already.png )
"Would you like a little help with whatever job or challenge you're going for?" She let out a giggle trailing near the end.
>> No. 40815173
"I... watched. Some of it. From a distance."
>> No. 40815174
File 142594357350.png - (127.13KB , 1024x1024 , large (19).png )

...My line of work isn't really the kind you should aspire for. For one, it's dangerous.
>> No. 40815176

Of course you did.
>> No. 40815178
Humdrum looks curiously to Saddle Rager, wondering what she means.
>> No. 40815180
"I did." Gust looks a bit indignent at Saddle Rager's dismissal of her claim.
>> No. 40815182

Then help would have greatly been appreciated at the time.

Did you forget your guns that day?
>> No. 40815183
File 142594382379.png - (33.45KB , 381x409 , Is it time for the picnic already.png )
"Don't think it could be as dangerous as surgery at times. Though could be mistaken on that."
>> No. 40815187
"I had no reason to get involved." Gust snorts a bit. "Sorry, unlike you lot, I prefer NOT to risk my neck for strangers. I've got less protecting it then you do."
>> No. 40815191
"How in the world did she get a job at security...? Doesn't that sound at least a little suspicious?"
>> No. 40815192
>Sorry, guys. I'm just too tired right now.
>> No. 40815230
With a crackle, Gust will hear a voice coming out of thin air.
"Big Bird? Come in, Big Bird. Your presence is required at the front office. Repeat, your presence is required at the front office. Cogs out."
>> No. 40815407
Sorry, missed that.

Gust groans before heading in that direction. "I was on breaaaaak..."
>> No. 40816273
Maybe this would be a good time for me to jump in? I've been in lurk mode for this thread.
>> No. 40816293
I don't know what you mean exactly. I don't think Workhorse's player is even on atm anyway.
>> No. 40816341
A pale pink mare walks up to the cell of a certain Pharaoh. She taps on the bars with a baton before saying;
"How's the tattoo big guy? Remember me?"
It's the same pony from the museum. She has a large grin and a guard uniform on.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 10th, 2015 19:03

>> No. 40816347
> Without his regal headdress, his pulled back mane would be revealed. Sneering at her, he rubbed where she stuck.

I see you came in to rub it in my face. To be expected from a miserable peasant like you. Mark my word, I will remember this trespass against me once I rule.
>> No. 40816353
Her smile quickly fades to a very stern look.
"Now you look here, I'm willing to remove that mark if you tell me everything you know about about 'The Antimattercorn' and as an added bonus, help me find her and I'll let you out of that cage. Besides, a Pharaoh shouldn't be locked up like these other whelps."
She holds in her hoof a set of keys and a vial with some kind of liquid in it.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 10th, 2015 18:54

>> No. 40816358
File 142603837444.jpg - (13.58KB , 130x148 , Pharaoh Phetlock Crownless.jpg )
Placing a hoof on his chin, he would take a moment to ponder.

".. you do have a point. I do not like being... extorted in such a way, however, what good am I doing behind bars when I have an empire to raise? Very well! I accept your terms."
>> No. 40816364
"You don't get how this works do you?"
She hooks the keys onto her belt and slides the vial into one of the uniform pockets.
"You're not getting anything from me till I get something from you. Now what do you know of The Antimattercorn?!"

Last edited at Tue, Mar 10th, 2015 19:04

>> No. 40816365
Letting out a snort, he would give her a glare.

"All I know about this AntiMatterhorn is that she's rather unoriginal. I presume she has a group of inverted Power Ponies, due to how things works. As the Sun rises and sets, so shall the Moon."
>> No. 40816370
"I don't know if that's enough, a true Pharaoh should know more of the ponies he rules over. Or 'should' be ruling over. Perhaps I should be Queen of your empire. It can't be that hard, it's not like ponies like you do anything. You're just a figure head, we all know that it's just a title."
The smile is back on her face, bigger than ever.
>> No. 40816377
"A figurehead?!" he exclaimed, rushing up to the bars.

"I will let you know I am the supreme ruler of this land! And I will not let such a miserable copycat like her slip out of my grasps! I will prove to you that all shall bow down to me, if I have to chase this AntiMatterhorn to the far reaches of my kingdom, and beyond!"
>> No. 40816381
"What a change of pace, I like it.
She unhooks the key ring and tosses it into the cell.
"I think I'll keep the solvent as a bargaining chip. You'll get it when you bring me more useful information, just make sure I can find you when you do."
She starts to walk away, and with the Pharaoh not being a unicorn, the lock should give her more than enough time to leave the establishment.
>> No. 40816398
With that, he would take the key, and after abit of fiddling, would unlock the door to his cell, and made a break for it!
>> No. 40816416
A pale green Pegasus stands outside the Power Tower. She has her hoof up as if she is knocking but is frozen. She shakes her head and taps the door before stepping back. As she waits for an answer, she keeps her eyes shut tight.
>> No. 40816424
File 142604208767.png - (328.31KB , 346x634 , humdrum4.png )
A minute later, the large door opens revealing a very small colt in a cape and mask. "Do you need something?"
>> No. 40816432
The greenish mare opens one eye. Upon seeing Humdrum she squees and kneels down to face level with pony.
"Oh my goodness! I know my friend said you were cute but that's a huge understatement! You are just adorable!"
The mare has a large smile on her face and the past scene of nervousness seems to be completely gone.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 10th, 2015 19:54

>> No. 40816435
File 142604258838.png - (142.01KB , 302x383 , Humdrum.png )
"O-oh! Well um, thanks! So uh, welcome to the Power Tower! Do you need help from the Power Ponies today?"
>> No. 40816440
"Yes! Wait, no. Kinda?"
The mare shuffles into her saddlebag and pulls out a paper and pen, holding them in her mouth.
"Do you fhink I could get Zaff's autograph?"
>> No. 40816444
File 142604313671.png - (249.12KB , 449x511 , humdrum3.png )
"Oh. Well um, she's not in right now. I could ask her for you later though."
>> No. 40816449
"Oh... It's okay, I'd rather be here to watch her sign it anyhoof..."
She puts the paper and pen back in her bag then looks back at Humdrum.
"You wanna see something cool though?"
>> No. 40816450
He looks up curiously from the doorway. "Something cool? What kind of cool?"
>> No. 40816451
"Like 'Filli-Second might not be the fastest mare in Maretropolis' cool!"
>> No. 40816454
File 142604377350.png - (363.47KB , 430x641 , humdrum8.png )
He gives a good laugh at that. "That's a good one! There isn't a pony in the world faster than Fili-Second!"
>> No. 40816460
"Oh really?"
The mare turns around and shades her eyes with one hoof.
"TopOfTheBuilding! 123 GO!"
She yells and as soon as she is finished saying 'GO' she appears on top of the building across the street. There is also a small flash of light on her exit.
She turns around and waves at the colt still in the doorway.
>> No. 40816463
File 142604435238.png - (182.73KB , 365x360 , humdrum5.png )
"H-huh??" He looks around for several seconds before actually finding her on top of the building. "How did you get up there!?" he shouts over.
>> No. 40816469
The roof top pony stands there for a second before flashing back right in front of Humdrum.
"What did you say? I was pretty far up there."
>> No. 40816470
"H-how did you do that??"
>> No. 40816474
"Like i said, might not be fastest mare. To fair though, I'm fast by teleportation."
She says with a grin.
>> No. 40816482
File 142604492274.png - (249.12KB , 449x511 , humdrum3.png )
"Teleporting? So then that means you're really just standing still, right?"
>> No. 40816483
"No, wait yes. Kinda? I still travel the distance, but by... Well I don't know how it works..."
>> No. 40816484
"Well she might be up for a race if I can find her."
>> No. 40816487
"That would be really nice, the last pony I challenged to a race didn't trust me."

Last edited at Tue, Mar 10th, 2015 20:42

>> No. 40816494
"...So I'll see if I can find her." He walks back in and the door shuts behind him.
>> No. 40816510
>> No. 40817739
And with a blur of color, the perky Power Pony appeared before Humdrum's eyes.

"Hey there! What's going on? Hope I didn't miss much!"

Last edited at Wed, Mar 11th, 2015 20:22

>> No. 40817744
He gestures to the door.
"There's a mare outside who thinks she could beat you in a race!"
>> No. 40817748
Letting out a light laugh, she smiled widely.

"Faster than me? Oooh, I gotta see this! Lead the way Humdrum!"
>> No. 40817749
"She's right here."
He opens the door, where the other mare is presumably standing.
>> No. 40817754
The mare, instead of standing there, is doing tight aerial flips above the road.
She yells, her voice fluctuating as she flips.
>> No. 40817756
Peaking through the door, she gave a smirk as she saw the new face.

'I think I like you already." She said, as she watched the new pony hop about.
>> No. 40817758
Humdrum walks over. "So you really want to have a race? I can referee!"
>> No. 40817760
The mare lands, skidding a bit.
"Haha, hold on, I'm dizzy."
She says with a smile as she stumbles onto the sidewalk.
>> No. 40817767
"I don't see why not! I mean, I'm sure I'm gonna win, but, a challenge would be nice!"

Giving a snicker, she would extend a hoof. "Well, I'm Fili-Second! Nice ta met ya!"
>> No. 40817772
"I know who you are! I mean who doesn't?"
The mare bro hoof's the super hero.
"So how far were you thinking?"
>> No. 40817774
File 142613256876.png - (142.01KB , 302x383 , Humdrum.png )
"For speedsters, it has to be far! So how about... three laps around Maretropolis?"
>> No. 40817777
Grinning widely, she gave a nod.
"Piece of cake! Just remember not to blink!"
>> No. 40817781
The mare starts uncontrollably laughing, in between laughs she says;
"Oh my... Goodness..! You just... Made the best... Joke!"
>> No. 40817784
File 142613291613.png - (328.31KB , 346x634 , humdrum4.png )
"Uh... yeah! I... did?"
>> No. 40817787
>A few nights earlier, the museum had been saved from the Pharaoh Phetlock by a quartet of ponies, none of whom knew each other at all! Eventually, only two remained in the exhibit. One, a seasoned hero well beloved by the city, and another holding the would-be loot from the almost-was heist.
>> No. 40817795
"Gotta say, you did a good job back there!" The speedster commented, as she looked up at the sticky mare.

"Really gummed up his works, huh? So, what was he after anyways?"
>> No. 40817803
"Oh, you haven't heard? It was in like, the paper or something, a Sweet Discovery in an ancient crypt, or something like that! I didn't read much further. But I couldn't let him run off with this while I'm here!"
>> No. 40817806
Placing a hoof to her chin, she would ponder a moment...

"... OH! The thousand year old honey they found? Huh, guess the Pharaoh has a sweet tooth or something. Welp, good thing we stopped him from using it for whatever nerfarious plans he had!"
>> No. 40817808
"Honey?? For real??" She suddenly opens the jar, tossing the old lid to Fili and upturning the pot over her face, opening wide for the honey to slowly fall into her mouth. "Could you imagine if he'd gotten away with it?"
>> No. 40817809
"Wait! No! Stop!" She exclaimed, and with a bolt, would zip along, grabbing the lid and jar, making sure none of the honey fell out.

"What are you doing?! You can't just eat it!"
>> No. 40817810
She would quickly find that the jar was unyieldingly stuck to the unusual mare's hoof!
"What do you mean? I won it from that weirdo in a wrestling contest! You weren't there so it's all right if you don't know, but this honey is mine now~!"
>> No. 40817811
Giving a yank, and a tug, she grunted with each pull.

"Come on, let go of it! It isn't your's, it's the museum's."
>> No. 40817812
She leans in uncomfortably close to Fili's face with a wide grin. "Do you wanna wrestle me for it?"
Before she can answer, the mare swings herself under the jar in Fili's hooves and grabs her hind legs, covering them in sticky goop.
>> No. 40817813
As she was about to move, the speedy mare found her limbs all gummed up. Flailing about, her limbs were a blur... only to be snapped back by the goop.

"What in the world?!"
>> No. 40817815
The mare easily snaps the gum off from her own hooves, leaving the heroine to flail helplessly. She nabs the pot and hops away. "Looks like Stickywicket wins again~! Total domination over... what's your name again?"
>> No. 40817816
As she struggled, kicked, and wriggled at super sonic speeds, she would only get herself further stuck in the mess.

"Fili-Second! Now, put the pot down, because I'm gonna get out of this any moment now!"
>> No. 40817817
"Yuh huh." She upturns the pot once again, letting the honey ooze into her mouth. "I'll just be here eating while you get on that."
>> No. 40817818
"Don't you dare let that even touch your tongue!" She yelled out, as she tried to pull herself out. "Oh! Oh you just dared! Urgh! At least the Phony Pharaoh would had some respect for it!"
>> No. 40817819
"Mmmmmmnomnomnom~ *sluuuuurp!*
It barely tastes a hundred years old!"
>> No. 40817820
Her eyes starting water, she would flop helpless to the floor, tangled in the sticky goop.

".. I should've been able to tear myself out of this.. this.. stuff! Why isn't it working?!"
>> No. 40817821
The sticky mare pops her head out of the pot, which she'd just finished licking clean. "Don't ask me, my gum gum gummy gum is just stronger than you I guess!" She gives a childish giggle before heading for the door. "Anyway, it's been a blast, but I gotta skedaddle! Laters!" And with that, she hops out of the museum doors and out of sight.
>> No. 40817822
Shaking a hoof, she would look at at the honey burglar... only to have her face snapped back into the ground.

"... This isn't going to look good.."
>> No. 40818411
Odds and Ends was in the lab again. Cogs was out doing errands, there hadn't been much trouble the last few days... What a time to be alive.
Speaking of which.
"Big Bird, Dreamcoat, you two still alive in the lookout post?"
>> No. 40818422
"Why are you makng us sit in here??" Growls a very bothered Dreamcoat.
>> No. 40818424
"I second that question." Gust was forced to squash herself against one of the "walls" of the glorified box in order to leave decent room for Dreamcoat.
>> No. 40818425
> Meanwhile, Gears (or Tex, as he was wearing his mask now) slowly moves into the lab, continiously looking around.
>> No. 40818446
> As nothing happens on his way, he starts his searching. He telekinesis shotgun, and its noise spreads around, telling his placement.
shit, what an echo... hope nopony will notice me here...
>> No. 40818454
Dude, wait your turn, don't double post.
>> No. 40818457
Understood. Should I delete it?
>> No. 40818459
I think it's fine, just be more patient. Workhorse has issues posting.
>> No. 40818537
No activity, gonna sleep now. Night, everypony.
> Finally, he gets too nervous.
Твою мать, потом лучше вернусь.
> Tex grabs some things from the table and flies away.
>> No. 40818548
Kay... you do realize you would've only been in the lobby, right? You need a keycard to get into any of the actual R&D rooms and such.
>> No. 40818941
File 142620650648.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
Air wasn't exactly feeling quite as cheerful as his job demanded that he act that day, especially after the previous events. Knowing that his true identity had been discovered was extremely disheartening, even if the one who found out didn't seem to mean him any harm as of yet. It was the principal of the matter, he'd put in so much effort to hide it and it'd just been...figured out so soon.
The store was open, him behind the counter doing his best to greet and serve the customers as they came.
>> No. 40818949
As the workday was rolling on, a grey earth pony wearing the pony equivalent of a trench coat, covering everything save for his hoofs and head from view, trotted into the store. His large coat stuck out in such pleasant weather, seeming fairly suspicious. As for now, he just headed into one of the back aisles and seemed to be browsing.
>> No. 40818953
File 142620710829.png - (15.16KB , 188x189 , Air2.png )
"Good afternoon," Air called out as the customer came in, though he didn't seem to be especially social. It wasn't something Air was offended by, the best customers just got what they wanted and were out in less than a minute. Still, the trenchcoat kind of stung at his caution, as it was something a shoplifter could easily hide things beneath if they wanted to get something the cheap way.
He stayed behind the counter and kept his eye on the mirror in the corner of the room that let him watch customers behind the shelves.
>> No. 40818958
The fact that his grin in that pic literally reaches as high as his nose made me chortle a bit.

So far the unknown stallion was just looking at things, though he didn't seem to be in any sort of hurry.
>> No. 40818964
File 142620758340.png - (18.52KB , 192x228 , Air9.png )
Air usually wasn't one to immediately approach customers the instant he was free of helping another, knowing that some ponies appreciated their own space. For that reason, he doesn't come out from behind the counter for a few minutes, occasionally glancing back up at the mirror from his station.
Only after those several minutes had passed without the customer seeming to decide on what to get would he actually start to approach the stallion. If that did happen, he would say:
"Hello sir, can I help you find anything?"
>> No. 40818970
The stallion looks up from the shelf he had been staring at and blinks. "I uh, no, I'm fine."
>> No. 40818974
File 142620826014.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
"Oh...well let me know if need any assistance, I'll be here."
Air turned his back and returned behind the counter. He...really didn't feel comfortable trying to shoot small talk at somepony he didn't yet know at any other time than scanning the items and trading bits. The stallion wasn't really giving him any bad vibes but...he didn't have much to work with to carry a conversation anyways.
>> No. 40818976
"Err, well, actually, do you have over the counter calcium supplements here?"
>> No. 40818981
File 142620877882.png - (15.16KB , 188x189 , Air2.png )
The smile returned to his face.

"Yeah, you can find them in the small pharmaceutical section we have on that end of the store. We don't really have a proper pharmacy here, but basic medical stuff is usually in stock."

He indicated the isles he was referring to.
>> No. 40818982
A familiar blue Pegasus walks into the store and walks directly to the counter, her steps a bit quick.
"I need a favor."
She says putting her hoof on the counter.
>> No. 40818986
The stallion nods and heads over in that direction.

I have no idea what to do if nothing happens that makes that coat come off.
>> No. 40818989
File 142620930263.png - (18.52KB , 192x228 , Air9.png )
Air politely returned the nod before turning his attention to the next pony to walk in the door.

I'm honestly not sure what could happen to yank it off in such a calm environment in the store, sorry.
Well actually, if you could give Air the impression that he had stashed something to shoplift he might try and get it off...

Air's smile dropped altogether as he quieted his voice before responding.
"I really hope it isn't something for right here and now, I am on the clock after all. What do you need?"
>> No. 40818993
"I need information. Anything you can tell me about The Antimattercorn."
She speaks in a whisper as to not inform the coated pony.
>> No. 40818994
...L- Oh actually I have an idea for that.

After a few minutes the pony heads for the counter with a bottle of the calcium supplements. There's a strange bulge in the side of his coat that wasn't noticeable at a longer distance
>> No. 40818999
File 142621006061.png - (15.16KB , 188x189 , Air2.png )
Air sighed as he leaned closer on the counter: whispering:
"Look, I don't know anything else about that crazy mare than what the police have seen. She has an assistant, her horn shoots ouch, and she seemed to be trying to steal from that science center, that's really all I can tell you from what I know."

Air slid the smile back into place on his face before motioning for blue pegasus to make way for the customer. He noticed the bulge mid transaction and gave it a look before saying:
"Excuse me, sir? Could you open your coat for me just for a moment?"
>> No. 40819003
The stallion followed the other pony's eyes and looked at the bulge and sighed. "...No, No I really can't."
>> No. 40819006
The blue mare, with a slightly annoyed face, sits just to the side of the checkout space. Her eyes locked on Air.
>> No. 40819012
File 142621053402.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
Air just does the best he can to ignore her glare and focus on his legitimate customer.

"Sir, whatever it is probably won't bother me. I won't even be mad if it is something from our shelves, just as long as you immediately put it back where it belongs. Just please let me see so I can relax and not worry."
>> No. 40819014
"Trust me, you do NOT what to see what's under my coat." The stallion's voice suddenly has become very serious, though he's not making any aggressive signs otherwise.
>> No. 40819019
File 142621105347.png - (14.86KB , 192x182 , Air12.png )
"...really? Want to or not, I still need to check man. I'm not going to ask you again. Please..."
Air had placed a hoof on the counter, and seemed ready to hop over at the first sign of more refusal.
>> No. 40819022
"And I reiterate that I cannot. If you insist on taking it off you may do so, I won't stop you."
>> No. 40819026
File 142621140299.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
Air paused at the way the stallion phrased that. But ultimately he hopped over the counter anyways and reached out to open the trench coat to see what was bulging from beneath.

Mods, are you watching?
>> No. 40819033
As he said, he didn't move to stop the store owner revealing- OH GOD WHAT! The pony in question has bones jutting out of his skin in some places, including one that explains the strange bulge. Some, like the bulge, jut out like blades, while others are parallel with his skin, like small shields or segmented armor.

"NOW do you see why I said you didn't want to see under the coat?"

Well, you could say he was hiding a boner. From a certain, extremely literal, point of view.
>> No. 40819046
File 142621201579.png - (15.24KB , 196x184 , Air16.png )
Air immediately let go of the trench coat upon seeing what had been hidden away, then as an after thought he pulled it back shut before he turned away and focused all of his efforts on not vomiting all over the store. He hunched over the counter, coughing before stumbling over to the other side and finishing the transaction. He printed the receipt and hoofed it with the bottle to the pony in question.

"You...have a nice day...sir...*cough*...sorry..."
>> No. 40819052
Doppel seems to not care or not notice the even taking place. Her face frozen at Air, waiting to get back to him.
>> No. 40819053
He sighs. "Thank you. Sorry about the issues."
>> No. 40819062
File 142621242103.png - (15.64KB , 194x182 , Air8.png )
"You have...nothing to apologize for. You gave me fair warning and I ignored it. You obviously never asked for that so it's not your fault. But if you had nothing else to purchase, then I bid you good day and good luck."

He turned back to her.

"You're still here? I've told you everything I know about her."
>> No. 40819068
Doppel blinks and her face turns back to determined.
"You said you didn't know anything about her, yes. Now what do you know of 'Project Workhorse'!"
Her hoof back on the counter.
>> No. 40819073

He starts to leave but stops. "Is this mare bothering you sir?"
>> No. 40819075
File 142621292284.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
He was about to respond...

...but with the stallion still lingering around, he didn't want to share what he knew with more than one pony. So he answered:
"Honestly: yes. But it's nothing that you need concern yourself with, everything is fine."
>> No. 40819078
"Are you sure?"
>> No. 40819079
"You owe me at least-"
The mare stops mid sentence.
"You know what, I don't need you for this. I can get my information from a prime source."
She sticks her head high like a smug Unicorn.

"And to you, good day."

She starts towards the door.
>> No. 40819086
File 142621362297.png - (18.52KB , 192x228 , Air9.png )
"...then why did you even come in the first...ugh..."

Air felt relief wash over him as she went for the door.

"Yes I'm sure. If your coat is the only thing hiding what you don't want to reveal, me not telling you is about the same thing, good thing you're not pulling that off..."
>> No. 40819089
"Alright, just checking. Thought she was running a protection racket or something."
>> No. 40819098
File 142621409422.png - (15.44KB , 192x178 , Air10.png )
"Pfft, nah, I wouldn't stand for that sort of shit around here. Anyone who came in asking for a little something to 'guarantee our safety' would get a swift boot out the door, and then several more outside for good measure!"

The smile had finally returned to the pegasi's face, grinning like a goon as he boasted to the random stranger that he now felt comfortable speaking to.
>> No. 40819103
"I dunno, in this city, a boot out the door would likely be recipricated with a boot through the door. And the wall. And the rest of the building."
>> No. 40819110
File 142621448133.png - (15.16KB , 188x189 , Air2.png )
"Maaaaybe, but generally by that point the police get called, the heroes roll in, and whoever was trying to do the extorting finds out that you've gotta be subtle and not get caught when doing stupid shit!"

He was giggling by this point.

"And besides, all the big name baddies would probably be more interested in robbing big banks full of stacks of cash, not some random convenience store."
>> No. 40819117
"True enough."
>> No. 40819125
File 142621519900.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
"Had a feeling you'd agree. Say uh...the stuff you've got under the coat...are you some sort of hero yourself?"
>> No. 40819127
"When I can be. To be frank, it's the worst superpower ever considering it'll inevitably kill me. It's like carrying around a piece of radioactive rock as a countermeasure to something."

For those who don't get it, that's a reference to Lex Luthor getting radiation poisoning from Kryptonite.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 12th, 2015 20:02

>> No. 40819135
File 142621579298.png - (15.42KB , 190x180 , Air11.png )
"You mean you...haven't found a way to get it treated then? I'm...I'm really sorry to hear that man, I thought the only downside was making it so you needed to wear that coat to go out among normal ponies..."
>> No. 40819141
"There isn't a treatment. Heck, even removing the existing bones makes MORE bones grow out." He shrugs stiffly, barely noticeable under the thick coat. "Theoretically, I'll be more bone than pony eventually. If I'm unlucky." He dismissively waves a fore hoof. "Though, I'm apparently pretty darn hardy, and it doesn't grow all that fast unless I get really hurt."
>> No. 40819145
File 142621623162.png - (18.52KB , 192x228 , Air9.png )
"Don't give up on keeping yourself alive longer. Maybe there isn't a cure, but there at least has to be something to keep it from killing you as fast. I mean, we all die eventually, but that doesn't mean you should just accept the short end of the stick you've been given."
>> No. 40819146
"Oh trust me, I'm in no hurry to die." He chuckles a bit. "And while I'm here, I might as well make some use of myself."
>> No. 40819158
File 142621670169.png - (15.16KB , 188x189 , Air2.png )
"That's as good an attitude as any. Just let me know if you ever need any help with something after my shift is done, I'll see what I can do."

He reached under the counter and pulled out a small card with a phone number on it, slipping it over to the stallion.

"By the way, I never got your name, mine's Air Clip."
>> No. 40819163
He takes the card, nodding. "I'm uh... Splint Marrow. Yeah, I know, my parents are terrible. Most of the time I go by Osteo."
>> No. 40819168
File 142621712553.png - (13.69KB , 181x184 , Air4.png )
"Osteo definitely suits you better. But anyways, I hope you have a good day and those calcium supplements help with your condition."
>> No. 40819171
"They're mostly just a thing I do as a placebo actually. I have no idea if they help or not."
>> No. 40819184
File 142621762835.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
"Well here's hoping they do I guess, calcium is in high demand in your case after all..."
>> No. 40819186
"More or less my reasoning too." He laughs a bit.
>> No. 40819189
Air chuckled as well.

Pretty much run dry on things to say, wanna call it here?
>> No. 40819241
>> No. 40820123
A stern looking earthpony wearing a police uniform enter's the front lobby of the Quazar building. He makes his way over to the front desk and waits there to be greeted.
>> No. 40820152
"Hello! If you are here to speak to Director Odds and Ends, please step to the left."
Said the receptionist's desk.
>> No. 40820156
The pony's eyes shift left and right before doing as the desk said and sidesteps to the left.
>> No. 40820176
"Cogs, quit messing with the nice ponies."
A gray earth stallion steps out from a set of double door to the side.
"You new? They usually send the same officer to the labs when they're doing safety stuff. How is Charlie doing?"
>> No. 40820179
"What? I'm not here as security, I'm just checking up on this place."
The pony runs his hoof through his mane.
"Did the hair cut really make me look that different? I'm the officer from the 'Antimatterhorn' indecent."

Last edited at Fri, Mar 13th, 2015 17:01

>> No. 40820182
"Oh! Right!"
A brief pause.
"Why are you here?"
>> No. 40820187
"Like I said, just checking up on this place. It's not uncommon for a criminal like that to try the same thing twice."
The stallion puts his hoof out.
"I don't think I properly introduced myself, I'm Ordinance"
>> No. 40820194
"Odds and Ends, CEO and Head of R&D for Quazar Labs."
Odds doesn't seem to notice the hoof.
"Anywhoof, things are going pretty well, and I hired a couple of remarkably slack mercenaries to beef up security."
>> No. 40820197
"Mercs? I hope you didn't end up hiring some kind of street thugs acing like professionals."
Ordinance puts his hoof down.
"Oh, and who's Cogs? I don't think I met them."

Last edited at Fri, Mar 13th, 2015 17:17

>> No. 40820209
"Oh? Hey, Cogs! Come out here a sec!"
A brown earth pony colt trots out.
"What is it? Is it about the guests?"
Odds looks at the colt.
"Guests? There's only one... ah, crap. Again?"
The brown colt nods. "Again. Your left. Should I?"
Cogs points a hoof slightly to Odds and Ends' left. Then his hoof opens, and a cloud of paint blasts out, covering everything in front of him in a fairly wide cone. Odds and Ordinance are not spared from the paint.
>> No. 40820212
"Well it was worth a try."
The mare wipes the paint out of her eyes.
"Y'know you could have just said you knew I was here, I really don't like guys getting their gunk in my hair."
>> No. 40820213
"I don't even care that I'm covered in paint right now, what you just said is worth it."
>> No. 40820219
Cogs looks at the paint-covered mare.
"I know, but I never get you use the paint gun, and you might be a villain. Can't be to careful."
Odds, meanwhile, is laughing at what the mare said.
"So, who are you?"
>> No. 40820220
She let's out a laugh.
"I think you'll find I'm always worth it."
"I'm Crystal, Crystal Clear"
>> No. 40820222
"I'm an on duty officer of the law!"
Ordinance yells, the few visible parts of his face turned completely red.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 13th, 2015 18:17

>> No. 40820223
She takes a step towards him.
"Hehe, what are you implying Officer?~"
>> No. 40820226
"There's some solvent in the labs, if you'd like."
Odds is already headed towards the doors he came in through.
"Come on! I think this is a shortcut to Chemicals..."
>> No. 40820227
"There is a colt in the room!"
His body is stiff at attention and eyes wide.
>> No. 40820228
"Oh alright then, we can continue this later.~"
She follows.
>> No. 40820229
As the others start to leave, Ordinance relaxes and follows not far behind.
>> No. 40820230
Cogs chooses this moment to speak up.
"I can recite the Kamasutra."
Odds calls back:
"Yeah, Cogs is a bit weird."
As he leads you through some big rooms full of big machines, another full of weird, blorping chicken-things, and a break room with a life-sized Rokkem Sokkem Robots game, Odds and Cogs are talking back and forth about business, and "The PT Contract," whatever that is.
>> No. 40820231
Crystal turns her head and winks at ordinance, swaying her hips as she walks.
>> No. 40820232
"I do not enjoy this!"
Ordinance yells freezing in the hall, back to attention.
>> No. 40820233
"Hehe, well stop making it so much fun then.~"
>> No. 40820234
As you all enter a smaller room, Odds stops.
"Cogs, go on ahead."
Cogs heads out through the next door, and Odds looks around to make sure they're alone.
"Close your eyes."

And then everything was wet as a clear liquid, probably water and some sort of cleaner, poured from the ceiling in a torrential downpour.
>> No. 40820235
Ordinance yells with a smug grin;
"Great, now you made her moist!"
>> No. 40820236
Crystal doesn't seem to be paying much attention, she rears up onto her hind legs and stretches, before leaning her head back so the water can run through her mane.
>> No. 40820237
"Cogs. Can you see this? I want one."

The room is now a giant blow-dryer.
"I swear, if either of you make any jokes about him blowing you later..."
>> No. 40820238
"You just made it for us..."
>> No. 40820239
File 142629900401.png - (31.09KB , 423x407 , Crystal1.png )
"Well boys, this has been fun, but I really should be going.~"
>> No. 40820247
Odds hands Crystal a small object, about the size and shape of a pocketwatch.
"Call me?"
>> No. 40820257
She examines it, throwing it into the air and catching it once it's flipped over rather than turning it in her hooves.
"What exactly is this?"
>> No. 40820258
"Universal communicator. Open it, scan your eye. That one's blank right now, but you can program, like, ten or twelve contacts into it. Just say the name, and it'll try every possible means of contact, one at a time. Voice-to-text email, phone calls on all their phones, instant messaging, you name it, this thing can send stuff to it. Plus it's a wifi hotspot."
>> No. 40820259
"Wish the PD has stuff like that, then maybe we could coordinate with the supers."
He seems impressed in both his words and his face.
>> No. 40820260
"Hmm interesting, well I'll see you around."
She begins to trot away.
Come to think of it you still don't know why this mare was attempting to break into the building.
>> No. 40820267
"I could arrange a deal with the force."
>Doesn't matter, got ladies.

Cogs, however, will catch up with Crystal outside the shower room.
"Why were you here?"
>> No. 40820273
"Sound good, but do you think I could take one in to show the chief? He's a real stinker when it comes to meeting new ponies and I wouldn't want him to think you're some kind of con."
>> No. 40820277
She doesn't stop and actually speeds up slightly.
"Mostly to see if I could get in, after that I don't know, I might have taken something small if it was interesting.~"
>> No. 40820296
"Well, why not this?"
Cogs holds up a... wow. It's a little toy Cogs. It's actually pretty adorable.
"Sure. I've got a crap-ton of these things, andyway. My data's pre-installed in all of 'em. Have the chief call me when he gets it."
>> No. 40820299
>> No. 40820304
"Huh, well why not..."
She takes it.
>> No. 40820309
"Okay, just send them to the PD down the street. I should get back to work."
>> No. 40820314
"I'm making ones of all the meta-equines I meet! Or... all the super-ponies, I guess. Like Doctor Odds!"
This means, eventually, there will be one of you. Oh darn.
"Okie dokie Loki! No problem. Here, you can have one too. Door prize, and my way of saying 'sorry for temporarily ruining your uniform.'"
He tosses her yet another communicator.
Where is he KEEPING those?
>> No. 40820322
And she left.
>> No. 40820335
Ordinance catches the devise and slips it into one of the pockets on his uniform.
"Thanks, I'll make sure to keep on eye out for that Anti Matador Corn, in case they decide to try and brake in again."
He heads for the door.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 13th, 2015 21:11

>> No. 40821542
Around a minute after he leaves his hat floats off his head.
>> No. 40821573
A large frown goes across his face as his eyes look upward. He looks around the street, and then to the hat.
He reaches for the hat in attempt to grab it.
>> No. 40821574
The hat dodges, doing a little loop in the air.
>> No. 40821579
"I- eh. What?"
The stallion squints at the hat and after a short pause full on swats at the it.
>> No. 40821582
The hat floats back and lands on the now visible mares head.
"Huh, I kinda like this, what do you think does it suit me?~"
>> No. 40821586
"I- eh. Why?"
Ordinance now squinting with a more questioning look at Crystal.
>> No. 40821590
She takes a step towards him.
"I want to know if it'd be worth keeping of course.~"

Last edited at Sat, Mar 14th, 2015 20:13

>> No. 40821594
"I don't know, is stealing from a cop who knows your face and name ever worth it? You might be Meta-Equestrian, but I doubt you would want to stay invisible for ever."
>> No. 40821600
"Aww, you'd really miss me so much you'd come looking for me, I'm flattered.~"
>> No. 40821606
"Yeah, I'd miss you so much I would lock you up so you could never leave me."
His face is stern but his voice is sarcastic.
"Now I expect you to give my hat back."
His hoof now out in front of him.
>> No. 40821612
She circles him.
"What's the fun in doing what ponies expect.~"
>> No. 40821614
"You don't find do as expected fun, how's this?"
Ordinance leans in close and whispers;
"I'd really like my hat back honey bun. Now are you going to be a good girl and give it to me, or do I need to use a bit more force?"
>> No. 40821623
"Oh now that does sound like fun... but you'll have to catch me first!~"
She begins to trot away, before breaking into a run
>> No. 40821630
Ordinance sticks his head in the air and proceeds to walk in Crystal's direction.
>> No. 40821636
"Oh come on this is no fun!"
She stops to let him catch up a bit.
>> No. 40821638
Without any words Ordinance sits down in front of Crystal, not even looking directly at her.
>> No. 40821641
"Well fine then, if you're going to be that way."
She some how tucks the hat under her mane and vanishes.
>> No. 40821644
Ordinance yawns and checks a fake watch on his hoof. Still staring past Crystal.
>> No. 40821645
It doesn't look like anything is going to happen.
>> No. 40821657
She climbs into a roof top and watches still invisible.
>> No. 40821660
After about a minute of waiting, Ordinance stands up and begins to walk away down the street before turning into an ally.
>> No. 40821672
Huh, that's the wrong direction, he should be heading to a police station to report or something.
Crystal walks to the edge of the roof, lying down and propping her head up on a hoof to watch.
>> No. 40821683
Ordinance ruffles through a small pile of junk and pulls out light pink saddlebags. He transfers the small communication device and a bottle into one of the bags before striping off his uniform and packs it into the other. Then, he starts to change: His grey coat turning a similar pink to the bags and his mane turning from the light blue and white to a solid grey color. He starts to shrink, he gets shorter and thinner, his snout becoming short and feminine. She now puts the saddle bags onto her back and begins to leave the ally.
>> No. 40821685
"Huh nice trick."
>> No. 40821689
"Yeah yeah, what ever. You know you really put a dent in my schedule!"
She looks up towards where the voice came from.
"Are you on the roof, or is this ally just more echoey than I thought?"
>> No. 40821694
She appears lying down holding her head up with a hoof.
"Oh I'm up here, I wouldn't actually followed you if you'd headed some where that made more sense ."
>> No. 40821700
"Do you really think I care that you followed me?"
She flips out a clock from her saddle bag.
"I still have 46 minutes of free time till I need to go to the library, wanna get lunch?"
>> No. 40821702
"Hmm, sure I can pay."
She jumps down.
"So You know my name and I don't know yours that's hardly fair."
>> No. 40821706
"Well I don't really tell others my name, but one pony has called me Geminus when they saw me change."
She slips the clock back into her bag.
"So you like Ordinance do you? I can set you two up if you like."

Last edited at Sat, Mar 14th, 2015 22:06

>> No. 40821708
"Oh that was just some fun, you made that way too easy.~"
>> No. 40821710
"Eh, I just got too into character. I don't even know if that's how the real Ordinance would act. I was just going off of what I've seen of most guys and mixed it with how he acts when nervous."

Last edited at Sat, Mar 14th, 2015 22:11

>> No. 40821716
"You did a pretty good job."
She begins to trot out of the alley.
"So what were you up to in there?"
>> No. 40821718
"I really shouldn't tell you but I will say that I need something from Odds and Ends."
She trots beside you.
"If it wasn't for the the fact that when ever he's out I in the middle of something I'd already have it."
>> No. 40821724
"Huh well good luck with that."
>> No. 40822391
"Have any place in mind? I'm up for anything."
>> No. 40822399
"I know a place."
She leads Doppel to a very fancy cafe.
>> No. 40822402
"Really? Are you sure?"
Geminus looks at Crystal with a questionable look.
"You do remembered you said you would pay, right?"
>> No. 40822414
"Oh I know!"
She walks inside.
>> No. 40822419
Geminus follows closely,her head tilted upward slightly.
"So this place looks fancy..."
>> No. 40822436
"Huh I guess so."
She sits down at a table.
>> No. 40822445
Geminus takes a seat across from Crystal, her head still look up.
"So~ do we just wait till somepony asks us what we want?"
>> No. 40822451
There are menus on the table.
Most of the items are either ridiculously fancy or ridiculously over price.
>> No. 40822462
Geminus picks up a menu and quickly scans through it.
"Why did you pick this place?"
>> No. 40822468
She shrugs.
"I like it here, do i need another reason?"
>> No. 40822474
"Let me guess, they leave small shinny things laying around."
>> No. 40822478
"Well they do, but taking those would ruin the atmosphere.~"
A waitress comes over and asks for their order.
>> No. 40822488
"I'll have a... Gado-Gado?"
She quints at the menu as she says that.
"And some water."
>> No. 40822498
"I'll have the usual, ground really really fine as you probably know by now.~"
The waitress nods and walks off.
>> No. 40822501
"What's 'the usual'?"
Geminus asks again with the questionable look.
>> No. 40822502
"A quartz cupcake.~"
>> No. 40822505
"Quartz? What is that, like your power source or something?"
>> No. 40822514
"Hehe, no, it just reminds me of home, I grew up on a crystal farm up near Whinny-peg, most other ponies never seem to like it, but then again dad always insisted that his side of the family were descended from crystal ponies.~"
>> No. 40822519
"That reminds me of the time I convinced somepony I was part Griffon. Had them thinking that till my family reunion."
>> No. 40822524
"Yeah but at this point for me it'd be around a thousandth of my genes I've no real way of knowing, I have always had a pretty shiny coat and mane though."
The waitress brings the food to the table and sets it down.
>> No. 40822531
"You could always track it back pony by pony, that's how I found I'm related to an Old Equestrian Commander Swift Wind, along with 18% of anypony with Pegasus roots."
Geminus take a large drink from her glass.
>> No. 40822539
"Hmm maybe."
She takes a bite out of her cupcake.
>> No. 40822547
"I was just thinking, if we had somepony who could disable electronics, we could break into almost anywhere."
She says right before taking a mouthful of her salad.
>> No. 40822554
"Well in theory anyone could do that with the right gadgets.
Crystal leans forward, and says quietly.
"Have somewhere in mind?~"
>> No. 40822557
"I'll give you a hint; Paint."
She takes a sip of water before continuing.
"The only problem is the area the EMP would need to cover, less we find where the power core is and somehow get to that without tripping the alarm."
>> No. 40822568
"Huh sounds interesting we should finish this conversation later, where there are less ponies.~"
>> No. 40822572
"Eh fine, but no pony listens to random people, and even if they do, they won't take me seriously."
She takes another mouth full of the salad, followed by the rest of the water.
>> No. 40822589
"Yeah, but it's still not worth the risk."
She finishes her cupcake.
>> No. 40822595
"I mean, I see where you're coming from, you can't change your face at will."
She takes one last large mouth full of food before pushing the plate to the side.
>> No. 40822608
Crystal walks to the counter and pays with a 100 bit note, getting 5 bits in change.
>> No. 40822624
"Thanks for the lunch, I owe you one. But I should really get going, i only had 40 minutes for lunch max and that took just a bit more time than I wanted."
Geminus leaves out the door turning her head around and gives you a wink.
>> No. 40824580
Crystal walks into a cafe across the street from a museum, she notices several police officers outside.
"Huh, that's not good."

Last edited at Tue, Mar 17th, 2015 18:12

>> No. 40824581
As she watches, a grey earth pony in a thick coat walks right past the officers into the cafe, apparently just not having any fucks to give.
>> No. 40824585
She follows them into the cafe, looking around for anyone interesting.
>> No. 40824587
In the café, there appears to be a scene going down.
"I said precisely one point five milliliters of cream and two grams of sugar! I don't care if you don't have metric measuring devices, I told you last time to get some!"
An ocean blue pegasus is yelling at a waitress.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 17th, 2015 18:21

>> No. 40824590

The earth pony facehoofs and grumbles as he gets into line.
>> No. 40824592
File 142664176669.png - (34.70KB , 503x426 , Hiya.png )
Resting at one of the tables, a charcoal colored mare giggles as she lightly nibbles some strawberry short cake for desert. Attempting to savor each nibble she could, this cafe seemed to have the best of those savory pastries
>> No. 40824594
Crystal rolls her eyes
"Oh leave the poor mare alone, it's not her fault I doubt she has any control over that sort of thing."
>> No. 40824599
She snaps over toward the defending mare.
"Excuse me? Do you work here?"
>> No. 40824604
She giggles.
"Oh no I'd look terrible in that uniform."
>> No. 40824606
"To be frank ma'am, even if she doesn't, she's completely right. You're yelling at someone whose job is stressful enough as is."
>> No. 40824608
She eyes up the mare, and not in an especially appreciative way.
"I would disagree, it might suit you."

She glares over, her voice harsh and snappy.
"That's not my concern, is it? Part of the job, especially when she can't get an order right."
>> No. 40824609
"Well I suppose I can make nearly anything look good.~"
>> No. 40824611
"From my experience, people like you just want an excuse to complain. I doubt anything is wrong."
>> No. 40824614
Tilting her head to look over, sounds of arguing yanking her attention away from desert, she'd listen in. Sure there wasn't often yelling present, but given some jobs it was common here or there. "If I may interject, she's at least trying to do her job. Doesn't mean you should just yell her flank off silly for it.
>> No. 40824617
"Yes, you look like the type to wait on superiors..."

She seems to completely ignore his large, conspicuous coat. "I fail to see how your completely flawed and puerile assessment is of consequence to me."

She offers a smirk over to her, hardly registering that now three ponies are speaking up against her. "She'll get it right next time. She dares not disappoint me again."
>> No. 40824619
"Excuse me I feel like I'm about to be sick..."
She walks into the bathroom.
>> No. 40824625
"I'd say three reasons. One, I could dead-lift you. Two, you're between me and my coffee. Three, you're beginning to upset me." He stood up straighter in a more imposing manner.
>> No. 40824634
"Sounds like you're just planning to scare her over any little detail found, which you don't enjoy. Somepony wake up on the wrong side of the bed?" Momentarily stretching her wings slightly, taking another small nibble from that cake.

Between the tempting cake calling out to her taste buds, and that argument, she didn't really notice at the time one of the other mares walking off somewhere.
>> No. 40824652
"She didn't even drink the stuff."

She offers a smirk.
"What is your name, hm?"

"My deelevated mood has little to do with this, but a correctly made coffee certainly would have helped."
>> No. 40824657
Aa pen knife slides along the floor to next to the rude mare's chair.
>> No. 40824676
"Splint Marrow. Most call me Osteo though."

Last edited at Tue, Mar 17th, 2015 19:42

>> No. 40824679
File 142664632905.png - (34.70KB , 503x426 , Hiya.png )
"To be honest, not sure how coffee might help out. Suppose nice brews, sort of make some ponies feel like foals in a candy story. Still it's not really worth taking anger out on her for trying. even with all the customers coming in every day." Letting out a small giggle, twirling a piece of cake around before nibbling it. "Besides, there's other means to help cheer you up perhaps."
>> No. 40824682
She's a bit distracted by the bigger pony.
"...Strong bones, I take it?"

"You talk far too much."

Last edited at Tue, Mar 17th, 2015 19:40

>> No. 40824686
He laughs a bit at that. "You could say that."
>> No. 40824690
A hole is cut in her bag.
And what do we have here...
>> No. 40824698
"Hmm, I suppose. Though don't take it out on the mare, believe she's fine as it is." She'd shake her head before returning to gobble up what little remained of the cake.
>> No. 40824699
"And what brings you here? Wouldn't expect to see a pony like you here."
The coffee will stain your enamel!

Through the hole she sees...
>d3 = 1
>1: a lot of bits! Quite a sum!
>2: some pretty advanced looking tech!
>3: a conical looking device with a strap?
>> No. 40824703
A small bag appears on the ground and the bits slide into it.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 17th, 2015 19:55

>> No. 40824706
Almost non-chalalantly, Osteo's forehoove suddenly steps on the handle of the knife... and on whatever's holding it.

"...I need caffeine as much as anypony else."
>> No. 40824711
There is a whisper in his ear.
"Oh come on nobody gets that many bits legitimately and eats in a place like this."
That bag and knife vanish.
>> No. 40824712
The mare offendedly recoils as the stallion makes his unannounced move. "Mind your space you-! ...Eh?" She looks down and sees the bag, the knife, the hole. "What!!"
>> No. 40824715
His only response is a to snort a bit.
>> No. 40824718
"It appears you are being robbed ma'am."
>> No. 40824721
"Welp, I'll see you guys later!"
The knife is yanked from under his hoof and vanishes.
>> No. 40824728
Oh she's livid.
"Stay out of sight you wretch, if I see you again you'll be disappearing for good!!"
>> No. 40824729
She appears.
Then disappears again.
>> No. 40824731
"If I see her she'll WISH she could disappear forever. I don't like watching a crime happen."
>> No. 40824737
She covers the hole in the bag with her wing, giving a smirk. "What would you do with her?"
>> No. 40824749
"Depends on how hard she fights back. If she just tries to run I'll just break her legs."
>> No. 40824754
"Make her beg, sounds like a sweet revenge!"
>> No. 40824756
"...It's not really a revenge thing."
>> No. 40824760
"Oh nonsense, it's astoundingly cathartic, all the most reputable studies prove it."
>> No. 40824763
"Most reputable studies don't include revenge fantasies and violence."
>> No. 40824771
"I may have written more than a few myself. Peer-review doesn't dare go against my studies!"
>> No.