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#Closed #Contained #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Serious #itsfinallyover

After a harrowing battle and skin of their teeth escape, the group finds themselves back at camp.

The sun is shining down, birds are singing, kids are playing around, giving the broken and bloody group weird looks on occasions. It's as if nothing ever happened.

From down the trail, Sunshine gallops of to you. You can hear him talking to himself from a distance"Ohmanohmanohman notgoodnotnotgood!". Copper lies on the ground unconscious, while Annie struggles to her feet. Sunshine finally reaches you all, quickly helping you to your feet, and popping the couple who can't walk on to his back. "Like we need to get you little dudes out of here. You all need medical attention and stuff." He leads you all to the nurses station, while a couple other ponies help carry Copper away.

Several days pass as you all rest and recover. After everything you went through, and how no one else seems to remember it, it almost seems like a dream. Only the scars on your bodies and your cutie marks prove that you didn't just fall asleep in the middle of the field. Annie visits you all a couple of times, but mostly just makes small talk. Gone is her once blase attitude, replaced with a look of deep concern and worry.

Copper has remained isolated the whole time. He's been sleeping nearly 24/7, recovering from his internal injuries. The nurse suggests that it might help if you visit him.

So together, the group convenes in Copper's cabin. Sunshine is there, keeping watch from a chair on the side. "Thanks for coming dudes. I'm sure it will help him just to know you stopped by and all."

[Free RP for now]
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