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#Planned #Canon: Side Worth Fighting For #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Serious

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Will be using the map of Equestria for traveling but I am planning to expand the world

War... war never changes. Especially not after the first nuke fell, during the Pony Gryphon War, causing a massive hellfire of retaliation on both sides. Life at first seemed doomed but miraculously it still prevailed, in the safety of Stables and underground bunkers. Hundreds of years after the most intelligible races of the world locked them selves away, they ventured out only to be met with the sins of their ancestors. A wasteland that demanded sacrifice and death in return for nothing. Most wastelanders tried to make a living through the hardships on stories of legends like the heralds who journeyed north, only to disappear into obscurity. Others turned to a life of vice, murder, and other thing that are nearly unbearable to mention. It is here you must make a life, to survive or die. To save or kill. To be loved by all or hated and feared by many. All because life in the wasteland is a constant war, and war never changes.
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>> No. 40853562

> He tried to stand up, but he was still losing blood.
Shooting, stabbing, looting scums, trying to survive. You?
>> No. 40853602
^"We're here to secure a position at a nearby power station north of here. So far this area is crawling with super muties and we have been met with serious resistance. If we do get to the power station then we have a much better chance of getting the local air tram online."

"Why do you want the old air trams online?

^"Because local, we would be able to have access to Canterlot City. Right now all possible ways to get there have been blocked off and the average Pegasus can forget about flying there since there are dozens of Enclave blimp patrols surrounding the area."
>> No. 40853633
While the conversation goes on Ember heads back into the motel and comes out with her gear back on. She floats over to the group. She's hanging her head and there are tears running down her face.
>> No. 40853652
Crit holsters his revolver.

"Woah what's wrong? Did something happen?"
>> No. 40853760
"I wasn't good enough."
She says quietly.
She then lifts her head showing her now steaming eyes.
"You got hurt because I wasn't a good enough distraction! I got us spotted! And the mutants were probably tracking me in the first place!"
>> No. 40854080
"Hey, you were plenty good. In fact if you hadn't shown up those things would have had my ass in a basket. Also me getting injured wasn't your fault because it was me who knew the danger but still went ahead and took the risk of jumping off that building so it's really my fault."

He holds his hoof out, gesturing for a hoof bump.

"Me personally, I'd consider you the hero of the day."
>> No. 40854812
Crit then turns his attention to Gears.

"Sheesh you don't look so good, guess it's time to return the favor from when you saved my ass at that raider camp huh?"

He then levitates his last stimpack and injected it into his friend. The healing medication did stop the pain but his injuries were still present.

"There you should be fit to travel but that doesn't mean your in perfect health. For now let's take it easy and try to tag along with these... brotherhood whatevers."
>> No. 40855177

Ugh!.. Thanks, mate. We have no choice, I suppose. If they didn't appear, we'd be fucked up for sure.
>> No. 40855505
The party soon went separate ways of he BoS party. They travelled further into the city but soon the moon began to rise in the wasteland causing the shroud of night to envelope them. Eventually in a small residential area they soon found a small caravan of ponies wearing distinctive armor travelling with others wearing doctor fatigues.
>> No. 40855518
>Not far from the settlement was another pony like creature, It was wandering not too far from the caravan as if looking for something.

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>> No. 40855800
Crit walked over to the stranger before approaching the caravan. From what he could tell, the stranger was a ghoul but not like the feral one they encountered in the motel basement. He then spoke out to him to hopefully catch his attention.

"Uh... Hello there. You with these... NCR folk?"

Ugh sorry for my severe procrastination, I should've posted much sooner.
>> No. 40855924
File 142907404533.png - (263.83KB , 731x791 , FoE Epic Mount ghoul.png )
>The ghoul sharply looked over to him, a bit suprised and unsure what to say and looked ready on the defence.

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>> No. 40856219

...what the hell is that walking?
>> No. 40856269
>Didn't like that tone.
Grr... Same can be said for you.

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>> No. 40856784

Alright then. Gears Hackwrench. You?
> He looked at him with a scientific wonder.
>> No. 40856824
File 142919701606.png - (1.23MB , 1748x1240 , FoE The Weeping Willow.png )
>Epic was very suspicious. He looked over to a small statue he was carrying, the statue was that of a bunny rabbit, it's face scewered in shock.
Epic. Epic Mount.
>> No. 40857339
"The name's Critical Hit, and don't worry about us attacking. We or as far as I know have nothing against Ghouls. For me so long as you don't shoot at me then I have no reason to attack right? Anyways we've been traveling a bit and we could use some medical attention."
>> No. 40857360
File 142922427213.jpg - (16.85KB , 214x285 , stone rabbit.jpg )
"As far as you know?" What do you mean by that?
>Epic looks over to the small statue again before back to Critical. Critical noted that the only thing the ghoul was carrying was a bag of scavenged items and the stone rabbit he was holding. He had no gun or weapon for himself.
You want... medicine?
>He looks to the rabbit again.
Hm, well, alright. You can come with me to my group. But I don't need a gun to kill you if you try anything.
>> No. 40857429
"Easy no need to be so tense around me. I'm not here to cause trouble, I just want to get patched up and on our way."

Crit stares at the rabbit statue and gave a curious look.

"Hey... what the hell is that thing? Is it some sort of pre-war lawn ornament or something?"
>> No. 40857451
File 142923331209.jpg - (140.58KB , 450x600 , stone rabbit.jpg )
He doesn't like being called a lawn ornament. "Doombunny" is the most foul, cruel, bad tempted rodent you've ever set eyes on.
>> No. 40857956
Critical had gotten real quiet after Epic had said that. He then nodded in agreement.

"Yes, Doombunny is toughest animal I've ever seen and I wouldn't want to cross him or any of his friends."

The party then goes up to the caravan and after about an hour the injured members of the group were fully healed by the doctors.
>> No. 40857994
>To Critical Hit
Doombunny got a vicious streak a mile wide. He's a killer!
>To Gearwheel
He'll do you up a treat mate.
>> No. 40858002
Crit smiled and laid his head back down on the cot. Then they were approached by a pegasus NCR Captain who had a somewhat urgent look about him.

^"Ah you are the travelers who stopped by. I am Captain FreeWeather and on behalf of the NCR I welcome you all. Now that formalities are passed I must ask of your assistance. We came into the ruins in response to black smoke rising from the mountains to the west. We believe that a volcano may erupt soon but before we can evacuate the towns nearby we need confirmation of an active volcano. We need you to go up the mountains and investigate the source of the smoke and report back to us here. Are you guys up for it?"
>> No. 40858009
FreeWeather, are these the guys you were expecting?
>Hides the bunny rabbit from the NCR, though one of the labcoat ponies notice.
They don't seem the sort for trodging around volcanoes. And who knows what kinda chemicals or left over fallout down there.
>> No. 40858323

> That was going to be worse and worse.

Oh, come on. It's just a volcano. We go there, we get the hack outta there. Simple as never.
>> No. 40858336
"I think we can handle it. All we need to do is confirm if there is any danger and report our findings. The only problem is that I don't think any of us know any yodeling."

The FreeWeather gave a slight glare and spoke.

^"After you go up there just come back here, no heroics required. I'd send one of my guys but we need to protect the docs here. If you do this I'll pay each of you 500 caps."

Where's Cranit, I kinda don't want to start this without her.
>> No. 40858434
You don't seem all that enthusiastic of working with someone like... me.

Well... I would like to be a shelpful as I once was... I guess this kinda stuff is what I would used to do. And she wouldn't of reccomend me if she knew I couldn't.
>Looks over to his bag, as if he could hear talking.
Well if you're sure about this.

>To Crit
So its just you guys. Anyone else to account for?
>> No. 40858614

Always like that at first. I want to see your skills in action. Luckily, we have a task to complete, so you have an immediate chance.
> To Crit.
Let's rock that volcano.
>> No. 40858668
>Epic rolls his eyes.
And here I thought it was my charming complexion that put you off. So any detest in what I am, save it until after I'm out, smoothskin.
>> No. 40858754

No offence taken.
> He looked at him absolutely calm.
>> No. 40858758
>Epic grunts.

So anypony else will be joining us on this trek?
>> No. 40858865
"Well you'll get no trouble from me, besides I never had a ghoul friend before, since I lived my life in Stable 32, and I would like to call you my first. Before we go, you mentioned a she. If you don't mind me asking who were you talking about?"
>> No. 40858975
File 142940339640.jpg - (64.65KB , 448x336 , stone rabbit.jpg )
Id rather-
>Takes the stone rabbit from his bag and begins talking to it.
I'm not gonna tell 'em anything. They don't want or care for my past and rather keep it that way.
>The rabbit is unresponsive.
What do you care about- just because she wants me to be more sociable doesn't mean I wantto be with anyone who carries a gun, you should know that.
>It's just a stone rabbit.
Bah shoulda left you back with her.
>> No. 40858982
"Er... just forget about it, I guess it isn't important. Anyways we did have one more member, her name was Ember but I have no idea where she ran or flew off to."
>> No. 40858988
Ember... in a volcano...
>> No. 40859395
"Huh, well irony is a real bitch isn't it?"
>> No. 40859430
>Ponders a moment
If you have a friend out there who is lost, shouldn't you be looking for her?
>> No. 40860033

Oh, come on, you both. She will return for sure!
>> No. 40860375
Well, if you sure. Doesn't take much to kill raiders so whatever I guess.

Are we going to the mountain or not?
>> No. 40861069
"Yeah I'm ready to go"

After Crit got back up and on his hooves the party then left the Baltimare ruins and headed west for what could possibly be a volcano. They had to pass through a dense forest where the only clear view was the sky up above them which was slowly turning an orange color as time passed on. Eventually as they made it to the base of their target, the shroud of nighttime had overtaken the land and the sounds of nocturnal mutants could be heard in the far off distance. The mountain stood up high and a cloud of billowing smoke at the summit could be seen. The climb looked fairly steep and could be dangerous but to their right was an old mountain trail with the bones of a pony that had been scattered about the ground.
>> No. 40861522
>As they travelled up the mountain.
Depending how "hot" this adventure be, we may need some fire resistance. Won't do much if we accidentally fall into molten lava since it's hot enough to burn off flesh before you can touch it.

However there are some creatures who have mutated to adapt to the heat. Even weaponize it. So perhaps we should be more worried about whats we will encounter or chase us than loose hoofing over pools of lava, especially when both at the same time.

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>> No. 40862057
"Well I don't think that any of us have any flame resistant armor and we don't have the survival skill to make some from animal hides so we'll just have to go on without it. For now I suggest we focus on how we'll get up to the top. We can either do a little rock climbing and go up the side or follow that trail over there. Both of course has its dangers like with climbing one of us could fall and with following the trail, we may encounter some wildlife which are now even more dangerous since it is night time. The choice I leave up to you guys and if we have different opinions then we can split the party for a time being."
>> No. 40862097
>Imagines climing the mountain Skyrim style.
Climbing would be more dangerous than it needs to be. No point challenging gravity anymore than it needs to be. We should take the path.

Unless somepony... or someones up there expecting us.
>> No. 40862370

Except us, no pony ever dares to climb volcanoes, so the chances that there will be a path are equal to chances that a meteor will fall on my head right now.
>> No. 40862612
If a meteor did fall on your head, you can be sure you won't fall to the bottom and end up as pony-pizza.

Though highly unlikely a meteor will fall on your head.

Volcanic rocks however are more likely, depending on how active the volcano is and the pressure it's blasting rocks.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 09:47

>> No. 40863335
"The sides of this mountain have no signs of any lava flow and since that there is a trail over there, then this thing must have been dormant for a good long time. Anyways let's shove off, the sooner we get up there the sooner we can go to the settlement and reap our rewards in booze and alcohol."

The party makes there slow march up and along the path as the constant sounds of crickets chirping filled the area. They soon got up to the point where they stood above the trees that sat at the base and the burnt and destroyed wasteland was in full view, or at least up to the east coast line. In the distance they could see the ruins of Baltimare and a little ways south of that was the Horse Shoe settlement. They then stopped at the sound of several hissing sounds that sounded like they belonged to a pack of snakes. Further along the path were three mutated dogs with the heads and tails of serpents as well as inheriting their venom. Then a fourth one appeared out of nowhere as if conjured by mother nature herself. The mutant dogs were known as Night Stalkers, aptly named for their natural camouflage ability to turn completely invisible to the naked eye.
>> No. 40863359
I don't drink, never did.
>Chugging down his third cola.

>Is familiar with the noise.
Night stalkers! I hate them most... next to Cazadors.

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>> No. 40863685

> Hears the noise.
Wait, how did you call those...
> Then he sees those creatures.
>> No. 40863868
"Sheesh those things look like somebody tried to play god with genetics, actually I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case."

The four Night Stalkers were patrolling their territory but they haven't noticed the party yet.

"Okay how do you guys want to handle this? We can go in guns blazing or I could try to sneak past them and attack them from behind."
>> No. 40863886
File 142982183089.jpg - (36.19KB , 334x650 , stone rabbit.jpg )
I'm familiar with most creatures. I didn't just grow up in a forest, I mutated along with it. Though I don't know where these things come from.

But believe me when I say their bites much worser than their bark. Leaves a lasting sting.

We can easily take them but we probably shouldn't-
>Starts talking to the stone rabbit.
Look this isn't Everfree Forest anymore and we can't just kill everything that disturbs us like they used to. What would she say if she found out we've been killing animals?
>It's just a stone rabbit.
I don't like lying to her and she be ashamed of you! I love her with all my heart and she is the only pony who can see me for who I am.
>He continues to argue with the inanimate, stone rabbit. Despite the question of sanity, at least he had the caution to argue with the rabbit in a hushed tone. The two continued arguing for awhile until they come to an agreement.
Okay, we could easily take them down if we stay close and draw them out. They're just wild dogs... mixed with snake.

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