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#Planned #Canon: Side Worth Fighting For #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Serious

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Will be using the map of Equestria for traveling but I am planning to expand the world

War... war never changes. Especially not after the first nuke fell, during the Pony Gryphon War, causing a massive hellfire of retaliation on both sides. Life at first seemed doomed but miraculously it still prevailed, in the safety of Stables and underground bunkers. Hundreds of years after the most intelligible races of the world locked them selves away, they ventured out only to be met with the sins of their ancestors. A wasteland that demanded sacrifice and death in return for nothing. Most wastelanders tried to make a living through the hardships on stories of legends like the heralds who journeyed north, only to disappear into obscurity. Others turned to a life of vice, murder, and other thing that are nearly unbearable to mention. It is here you must make a life, to survive or die. To save or kill. To be loved by all or hated and feared by many. All because life in the wasteland is a constant war, and war never changes.
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>> No. 40832365
In the corridors of Stable 32, there a tense stillness that everypony could feel. Today was the day of the DOVE selection. A small group of stable dwellers would be chosen to be forcibly sent outside the safety of the stable and into the harsh wasteland. The purpose of this was that hopefully that dove members would return with news of what it was like outside, however ever year the team never returns so being selected for this meant certain death. "The lottery is to be held this afternoon", the overmare told her citizens, "It is an honorary duty to their home and should be taken with the utmost pride." Although it only instilled great fear for the martyrs that would be chosen. The Atrium was filled with the common ponies both young and old and talk had been out and about as to who might be chosen. Of course they could really never know since those who are selected, are always chosen at random as twas tradition. They're were always a few exceptions to this rule such as the young, elderly, or sick could not be chosen for the raffle.

In the atrium there were groups of stable security, old and young ponies, and those more of the average adult age. On the sides of the atrium were the common shops and stores and the clinic and repair shop on the second floor.
>> No. 40832662

> Gears was one of them. He came to Stable nearly 8 months ago, and this raffle was the first one he've ever experienced. He never loved lotteries, especially that one. "Maybe if they were choosing the most experienced ponies, not the random ones, they would expect that those crews return back!" - once he told.
>> No. 40833085
Gearwheel was soon met with his friend Critical Hit, the stable's tattoo artist. His sleeves were rolled up and his the chest area was unzipped revealing a black shirt underneath. Noticeably his front hooves was somewhat smeared with paint and he had a faint smell of spray paint about him.

"Ah Gears come to check on us before the dove? It should be starting soon."

He then had a nervous look about him.

"I hope it ends well... or atleast as well as it could be expected."

Then the Overmare appeared on the second floor while being escorted by stable security. They had a certain tenseness about them, like they could kill you by just looking at you even though you couldn't see their faces through their reflective face guards.

Gonna put OM's text in purple

^"Today citizens of the vault, another year has passed and as our duty to pony kind, the dove must call upon brave souls to search for life outside the stable. We have done this for more than 500 years but we must continue in order to prevail. Now each citizen's name, who is qualified for the dove, has been place in the raffle and as tradition I shall draw their names."
>> No. 40833107

> Gears turned to him.

Mm-hm. Heya Crit. I still have no idea why they do it. I've already told you why I think so, don't want to repeat it again.

> He turned back to Overmare, still talking to Crit.

Maybe your luck would save you for now, but I'm afraid someday it will vanish. And this day you'll thank me for saving your lucky flank. No offence, Crit, but you need something more to survive.

> He smelled the air at this moment.

To take a shower, for example. You stink a little bit.

> Gears gave him a small jar with some strange smelling liquid in it.

Here. That will remove paint from your hooves. Somehow guessed that you'll be drawing again, so made some more of this.
>> No. 40833220
"Thanks but I'll think I'll hold onto it for now."

Critical floated the jar into his saddle bag he normally used to carry any objects he would buy from the stable stores here in the atrium. The Overmare began to draw names but Crit continued to talk.

"I know it seems dumb to believe in something like luck and but..."

He was suddenly cut off by the Overmare, his expression turning dark and fearful, eyes opened wider.


She then turned the machine spinning both the barrel and the lives of many ponies.

^"And Critical Hit. May you go with blessings."

The crowd of ponies separated from the two and they were soon surrounded by security and escorted into the room with the giant door that resembled Gearwheel's name. The large metal shield, which had the number 32 on it, was the only thing that separated them from hell. The security was working with the terminal to open the door while the others had their guns pointed at them as in the past such precaution was called for. The voice of the Overmare could be heard through the speakers in the entrance, she wasn't there to see them off but rather she remained in her office.

^"You may now have what little time to say your final words to your fellow stable members before you leave in your exodus."
>> No. 40833851

> Gears wasn't resisting this fate, but security surrounding made him feeling uncomfortable. When Overmare told them to say last words, Gearwheel only answered:

Da zdravstvuet Stallongrad! I'll see y'all in hell!

> He had nothing to lose. The only pony he was talking to for all those eight months was Crit, so this banishing was the thing Gears... wanted?
>> No. 40834280
Since I promised you a place as DM, I'm gonna let you take over for this weekend and next if you want.

The alarms started to sound off and a large metallic arm lowered from the ceiling and connected with the door. Then in an ear blistering squeal, the arm pulled the door back and disconnected from it. The door then rolled to the right, slowly revealing the blinding light of the wasteland. The two were then forced outside after both were given each a pistol which the model was common amongst the members of security. The door slid back into its place, severing all ties they once had to those who remained in the vault.

Outside they stood at the edge of a burned forest, now empty of any life. Critical raised up his left hoof to look his pip-buck to get a better idea of their location.

"It seems that were just south of a river in between two towns. Dodge Junction to the west and horseshoe bay to the east."
>> No. 40834298

I think I'll just help you running this canon by DMing when you're offline.

> Gears packed his pistol and said:

Let's go east then. I guess this area is less damaged than the center of Equestria.
>> No. 40834641
Critical nodded in agreement and they were soon of to Horseshoe bay. They walked along side the river which according to the map, would lead to their destination. The river itself had a sort off green mist, and their pip-bucks built in Geiger counters indicated that the water had some radiation in it but if they stayed out of contact of the water then they wouldn't get any dosage of radiation. In the distance they could see some smoke and when they got closer, they found a camp. A wall that surrounded it prevented them from getting a view of who was inside, but judging by the smoke the camp was still occupied. The wall itself was made up of sheets of metal and barbed wire which was held up by wooden beams. More noticeably however were the mutilated bodies of ponies and some creatures that were unknown to them, adorned the walls as some sort of sick decor.
>> No. 40834931

Hint: at the bottom-right of the page there's a "Delete" button. Just tick all of the posts you want to remove and click the button.

> Gears looked at all those trophies.

Well... we found life outside the Stable. Looks like those guys are settled here a long time ago, so I'm sure they have good weapons, equipment and food.

> He started to look around.

Somewhere must be entrance to there...

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>> No. 40835013
Through Gear's examination he could see the gate on the south side away from the river. There were two guards wearing makeshift armor and carrying guns. Critical was able to tell that the first guard that was the closest to them had a shot gun while the other carried an assault rifle.
>> No. 40835038

> Gears couldn't tell if they were bandits or not, so he didn't know if they will get into this camp safely.

Wouldn't be really happy to kill them all, but if that's needed... Crit, cover me.
>> No. 40835040
"I'll be right behind you but be careful, we don't really have much to defend ourselves or heal any injuries."

They both got closer to the gate while Crit was hunched down, making his body more compact so the guards wouldn't see him
1d20+5 = 10
>> No. 40835042
Even though to the best of his abilities Crit was still spotted by them. The guards took out their guns and fired on him on sight.
Guard 1
1d20 = 9
1d20 = 5

Guard 2
1d20 = 19
1d20 = 20
1d20 = 12
>> No. 40835043
Luckily the two shells missed him leaving him unscathed. Unfortunately the second guard landed his mark severely injuring Crit to the point where he could not move but was still alive.
>> No. 40835055

> Gears looked to bleeding Crit, then back to guards.
> He got his gun and ran to the first one, firing at the second one:
1d20 = 17
1d20 = 10
>> No. 40835063
The first guard was too busy loading up two more shots into the barrels of his gun to deal with Gears at the moment. Crit, now bleeding onto the ground, levitated his pistol into the air but could only fire it once.
1d20+5 = 17

Last edited at Sat, Mar 28th, 2015 04:12

>> No. 40835094
The last guard fell down after being shot in the head by Crit, who was now trying to sit up after putting his gun away. There was a silence and it seems that the two they had just killed were the only ponies at the camp.

"Gears, get me into the camp. There might be some things in there to help with... this."
>> No. 40835097

> Silence... Too silent to be true, but Gears had no option. He grabbed shotgun and rifle and came to Crit.

Okay, let's patch you up now.

> Gears got him on his back and they both moved inside.
>> No. 40835099
Inside was a few tents with signs to label what was inside of them. Armory, Drugs, Misc, and Living.

"Here we should go into that tent." He motioned towards the tent with the drugs sign.
>> No. 40835103

Okay... just... hold on...
> They moved into. Gears got shotgun, looked around, then finally got in the middle of it.
>> No. 40835105
There was no sign of any raiders strangely enough but the quiet was still condemning to them. They eventually made their way into the tent to find a few spring mattresses and bookshelves which contained stimpack and an assortment of drugs and chemicals. I'll go ahead and make a list of drugs and their recipes on google docs so we know what we what our characters are taking

Crit had Gears lay him down on one of the mattresses and Crit floated a few stimpack and injected them in his chest area since that was where he was mostly injured.
>> No. 40835107

Sure. I'll wait for that.

> Gears stayed at the entrance to be sure that no one will come in.

Careful with that. Sure you don't need any help?
>> No. 40835108
After finishing of a third one he had two left and decided to put the two away into his saddle bag as well as the empty syringes.

"Yeah I feel a lot better than how I was feeling a few minutes ago. Let's see what else they have here."

Crit trots over to the bookshelves and started to take drugs with labels like jet and psycho. He also took a few things of chlorine, small tanks of methane, and bleach. 3 jet, 2 psycho, 4chlorine, 2 methane, and 1 bleach.

"Okay that's it for this place, let's raid the armory next."

Crit now took the assault rife and floated it by his side back outside.
>> No. 40835115

Right, after we have guns, I think we have a chance to survive.

> Now when Crit felt better, Gears helped him getting back to hooves and asked:

Can you walk or I would carry you there?
>> No. 40835117
"Nah I can walk."

He then stops and turns to Gears.

"I just remembered, you're the one with the experience in science where as I... well let's just say chemistry class wasn't for me."

He then levitated all of the chemicals and put them in Gear's pack but kept the drugs.

They left the drug tent and entered the guns tent. In there was three footlockers and a wooden crate. Two of the lockers were well... locked so Crit pulled out a bobby pin and went at the first one
1d20 = 10
>> No. 40835118

Don't forget: +5 to that!
>> No. 40835119
Whoops 10+5 = 15
In the footlocker was a revolver that was equiped with a scope as well as a baseball bat without the baseball.
>> No. 40835120

Don't forget to provide me with craft recipes!

Sure, right.

> As he went in, he breathed a sigh of relief.
Two lockers, phew. We're safe.

> Crit opened the first locker, and Gears looked there.
That's yours, Crit. I don't really good with revolvers, and for close range I have a shotgun.
>> No. 40835122
Critical put the revolver into his bag and he gave a somewhat disappointed look at the bat, but still put it under the strap of his bag, since it wouldn't fit in the bag itself. They could sell it for some money he thought.

Over on the side was a crafting bench next to GearWheel.
Okay since you have a science skill, you don't need to roll to mix chemicals. Also here's some recipes, just note that I have no idea what would happen if you did mix these in real life so if I give you a recipe that would actually kill someone if they took it, I'm not trying to trick I'm just ignorant.
Jet: Methane, Chlorine
Psycho :Chlorine, Bleach
>> No. 40835128

No, Crit! Better work that out before someone else joined! How that was made in Fallout, f.e.?
>> No. 40835136
File 142754992639.png - (399.70KB , 3507x2550 , Critical32suit.png )
Okay I'll check. Luckily I own New Vegas but it only gives the recipe for the improved versions of the drug so it's at my best guess. For Jet I once heard that it was made from the fumes of brahmin shit and other chemicals and judging by the improved version recipe it most likely used detergent. For psycho I have no knowledge on so solely based on the improved recipe it used an bannana yucca fruit and a stimpack. Also I just finished a pic of my oc for this canon, took me a good three days
>> No. 40835140

This should help:
I don't have any Fallout then, but I'll stop on New Vegas as a base of this canon.
And I wasn't drawing for a really long period of time, too much work to do. Anyway, stroked a border of the map you asked for, gonna finish it as soon as possible.
>> No. 40835161
Thanks, if you have any concerns go ahead and put them on the ooc. We just can't have walls of spoiler text for our roleplay and.

Critical moved over to the second footlocker and tried to unlock that one as well.
1d20+5 = 6
>> No. 40835166
The lock jammed up on Critical and broke.
Shit, well if D&D has ever taught me anything it would be "When in doubt break the chest!"
Critical used his magic and levitated the footlocker above his head and slammed it down on to the ground.
1d20 = 16
>> No. 40835170
The scattered remains of the locker revealed a laser rifle but since Critical slammed the locker along with the laser rifle, it was now broken and would need repairs.

"Eh sorry, but I didn't see much any other option so here you go."

Critical handed over the laser rifle to GearWheel.
>> No. 40835195

At least, anything. Lemme see what I can do here...
> Gears took the rifle and started to fix it:
1d20+5 = 15
>> No. 40835213
Thankfully the laser rifle was now in working condition but then they heard the gate outside open. It was soon followed by the hoofsteps of raiders.

<"I want to know who killed our guys here, I'll put their heads up on pikes outside. Go on and search the tents and see what they took."

They scattered about and a raider, wearing the skull of another pony entered the tent carrying a pistol.

<"Ah Fuck! They're in here!"
>> No. 40835220

> That's it! Gears returned the weapon to Crit.
Here we go. Just like new.
>> No. 40835225

Dumb network.

> Gears quickly turned and and took a shotgun.
Oh, what a twist.
1d20 = 6
>> No. 40835227
The shell misses the raider and flies out through the fabric of the tent. Critical then arms the laser rifle and fires at the raider.
1d20 = 11
1d20 = 15
>> No. 40835228
The first caused one of the raider's front hooves to be severed off and the second shot caused his body to violently glow and disintegrate into a pile of ash. They soon exited the tent to be confronted by three more raiders, two of which carried carried assault rifles and the third a pool cue with a knife taped to the end of it. The first one fired at Gears
1d20 = 8
1d20 = 8
1d20 = 17
and the third one charged Crit and tried to stab him.
1d20 = 15
>> No. 40835230
GearWheel was only hit with a few bullets, the injuries would be nothing serious and a stimpack would be more than enough to help. As for Crit he tried to jump back but the pool cue stabbed straight through his right front hoof and the pool cue broke off.
>> No. 40835234

> Gears quickly turned to this idiot with knife and shot at him:
1d20 = 4
1d20 = 8
>> No. 40835238

> Both shots missed, and fucker was still alive, trying to finish Crit:
1d20 = 17
And Gears faster took cover before he could be shot again. But hell, they started firing again!
1d20 = 12
1d20 = 5
>> No. 40835246
Putting more weight on his left hoof now, Critical pulled out his assault rifle and fired mercilessly at the third raider.
1d20+5 = 14
1d20+5 = 21
1d20+5 = 8
>> No. 40835254

I thought you had no such skill for assault rifles, but... okay.
> At least, he's down. But Gears was wounded in the hindleg, so he fell on the ground. He got his pistol and aimed at the first bandit:
1d20 = 18
1d20 = 1
>> No. 40835265
Small guns works for anything from pistols to machine guns to sniper rifles where as the Big guns are for guns like miniguns and any other gun about that size.

Crit then aimed his gun at the bandit in front of GearWheel.
1d20+5 = 25
1d20+5 = 17
1d20+5 = 6
>> No. 40835267

> The head of this bandit exploded, and second one shot Crit:
1d20 = 6
1d20 = 1
>> No. 40835268
With the bullets missing Crit puts away his gun, hobbles over to the bandit and tries to tackle him.
1d20 = 14
>> No. 40835286

> One fast hoof movement - and this one is down on the ground, unable to move. Gears slowly moves to them.
Now... what's next?
>> No. 40835305
"Uh... I actually didn't plan that far ahead, I say we take him to Horsehoe bay because we can probably get a bounty on him. Besides after today I could use some rest."

Crit then looks at his hoof that still had the end of the pool cue stuck through it.
>> No. 40835369
I'm going to have to leave now, good rp though today
>> No. 40835375

KK then.
>> No. 40836895
Critical then pulls out the pool cue out of his hoof and after agonizing pain his shot a stimpack into his hoof thus making it much better and able for the rest of the journey.

The duo then leaves the raider camp and finally makes it to Horseshoe Bay after having to cross a river that was up to their necks. They were soon met with a grizzled earthpony with dark greasy hair and a white coat that had a brown tint to it from the grime, mud, and dirt of the wasteland. He carried a big iron revolver and wore a cowboy hat.

^"Well then it's about time somepony went ahead and took out that camp to the east. I'll make sure this bastard never see's the light of day."

He then motions some other ponies and they take the raider away.

^"Now I'm sure you two are the merc type, or maybe not considering your choice in apparel wouldn't deflect a bullet or two, so here's your reward 100 bottle caps each don't spend em all in one place... unless it's here."
>> No. 40836918

> Gears raised his eyebrow.
Wait, hold up. Who are you? And what is "here" you're talking about?
>> No. 40836919
^"I'm Sheriff SureShot and I what I meant by here is this town of ours. We welcome just about all trade be it weapons, food, clothes, etc. If you want to buy some new duds go on over to Anyday Apparel. Want supplies?, go on over to Guns and Stuff and if you want a bite to eat or drink then go on over to Half Full. And with that, I take my leave."

SureShot leaves to take care of the raider leaving behind the two new arrivals. Critical turns to GearWheel to speak.

"I think I'm going to head on over to the supply store to sell our loot and get better weapons. What about you?"
>> No. 40836921

The same. Then gonna seek for some armor. As for me, I can't stand spending on stimpaks forever.
> Then he adds:
At least, we found a city. But I'm still getting nervous. What if somepony still has any more nukes to bomb the city?
>> No. 40836930
They walked over to the supply store Guns and Stuff.

"I don't think that anypony would be able to get their hooves on a nuke. Most of the silos were already used up or destroyed and if there were any surviving armament then it would most likely be drenched in so much radiation to the point you could have a 7 legged hoof race by yourself."

Critical pushes the door open and they see another earthpony standing behind a counter with an assortment of items and weapon on the wall behind him. Standing in front of the counter was a pegasus merc that gave the two a cold stare that could pierce the very soul.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 29th, 2015 08:37

>> No. 40836931

> Gears gave the same at him, like on another lab rat for his experiments.
Okay, Crit, here we are. Buy what you need, you're definetly better with salesponies.
>> No. 40836945
Critical nods and walks up to the counter, unstrapping his saddle bag and on top.

"I'd like to sell these"

He spreads the drugs across the table top

^"10 caps each"

"And I'd like to trade this in for a SMG, something with a little less recoil. Also I'd think it's fair that you give us a few more caps than your current offer."
1d20 = 12
>> No. 40836949
^"Fine, fine 15 caps each and I'll throw in two stimpacks with the SMG, anything else?"


"Not that I know of, Gears do you need anything?"
>> No. 40836955

Nothing but some more shotgun ammo. I'll pay that myself.
>> No. 40836995
Just like in the Frontier, I'm not going to keep track of ammo because it's already going to be difficult to be up to date with everyone's inventory. I just don't want you to waste your caps so how about a weapon mod or a whole new gun?
>> No. 40837038

Then, why don't you buy a supressor for your rifle?

> Then Gears stops, looks at his shotgun and asks:
Wait. I'd better buy 3 grenades.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 29th, 2015 10:55

>> No. 40837124
"Guess I'll put down for for a suppressor."

^"Three frag grenades and a suppressor. 20 bits per grenade and 50 for the suppressor."

"It's a deal on my end." Caps / 125

Hey Cranit, just wanted to make sure you weren't having trouble jumping in or you're just waiting for the right moment. If you need any help just let me know.
>> No. 40837157

Man, two people just posted and abandoned. WTF?
>> No. 40837322
Let's just give them some time, they probably don't check the site in the morning. Maybe they'll hop on in the evening.(Morning and evening on my side of the globe that is.

Crit had put away the his new smg and decided to use the suppressor for another gun he might find. He then puts his saddle bag back on and heads for the door.

"I'll see you later when you've finished up here. I'm going to go find a clinic to buy medical supplies."

Last edited at Sun, Mar 29th, 2015 12:29

>> No. 40837399

Okay then. I'll go and check for armor.

And here it's early night, so that's my last post for now. Good night/whatever!
>> No. 40837907
After approaching the clothing and armor store, GearWheel could tell that the owner that the owner was higher up on the social level, or at least was trying to be, he could see tattered curtains in the windows with a few stands in the shapes of ponies, showing off their fancy pre-war clothes in still life. There was even a place mat with the word "Welcome" on it and it was guarded by an old, scratched to hell, frog lawn ornament.

Critical stopped at the center of town to take in the urban life. He had lived in the stable all of his life so seeing the ponies living the way the do was alien to him as well as at the same time intriguing. Living without the authority of the Overmare authority for them was both a boon and a curse. Without her, life was always a constant danger but on the plus side there was nobody to tell you what to do.
>> No. 40839985

Sorry, didn't appear for too long.
> Gears looked around.
Damn. Can't believe that somepony saved all of those clothes during the war.
>> No. 40840542
Inside was some hangers that held some pre-war attire, which looked nice and even somewhat formal but wouldn't be the choice for the average wastelander. On another side of the store were more hangers that sported what you would see on some caravan. Overcoats, jackets, pants, boots, and even some dirty, pre-war combat armor. There was also a sign that stated that "All outfits are 75 caps each" so now Gears knew the price. At the furthest part of the store he could see a mare working on a sewing machine, creating some clothing, and determining that she was the only worker then she must be the owner.

If there is a specific outfit you want just go ahead and draw a pic of your oc wearing it after you buy it.
>> No. 40842772
For any new players that haven't jumped in yet.

After some long pondering Critical soon remembered that he was looking for the local clinic. Since the town was a bit small, it didn't take him long to find the place. Inside was a few medical ponies ,doctors and nurses of that matter, and a few ponies in their beds. Some of them were injured from gunfire and others didn't seem to have some sort of injury but rather a disease or the damage wasn't visible. He was then met with a doctor by the name of WaterCross. Ah this is what I love about interacting with my NPC's, I get to talk to my self. You can literally feel the loneliness.

^"Hello, are you in need of medical attention?"

"Uh no, I was just poking around. What services do you have here?"

^"We can help medicate things that a stimpack can't handle on its own like disease, addictions, limb damage. Also with the cloning technology we managed to salvage we can replace limbs and organs entirely." And yes, unlike the Frontier we don't have field armor and we do have a chance to have a hoof or two completely blown of by a mine or a well placed shot. Keep that in mind wastelanders.

"Thanks but I think it's time for me to shove off now."

Critical then leaves the clinic and now finds himself back at the center of town with the rest of the common hustle and bustle.
>> No. 40844889

Fuck damn it. Only found some free time.

> Gears found that he didn't need anything from that at the moment, so he went out to the center of the town where Crit was.

Maybe later.
>> No. 40844999
Oh man you're back! I honestly thought this had died.

Gears was soon met with Crit.

"Hey, I'm all done here. I'm thinking about doing some exploring. How about we head up a little north of here and see what we can find in Baltimare. It's fairly close and should be sitting along the bay like this settlement."
>> No. 40845049

Nope. My weekend just started, had no time before.

> Gears nodded.
Mm-hm. Let's go then.
>> No. 40845076
And so the two made their trek into the city. It wasn't too far the city could be seen in the horizon from the settlement but when they arrived the settlement had practically vanished from their sight. The smell of ash and death fumigated the area but the most disturbing characteristic of Baltimare was the silence. A city that was once home to thousands was now completely deserted, a shell of what it once was. From where they stood large piles of rubble filled the streets and the only clear way was an old torn up motel.
>> No. 40845108

> Gears looked around, smelled the air and asked Crit:

So, welcome to the Wasteland, kiddo. No city, just ruins. We're fucked up, aren't we?
>> No. 40845120
"Well yeah it's bad for sure and the world will never be the same but it's not hopeless. If we all work together then life here can be improved. Ah well then again philosophy really isn't my thing.

Crit walks over to the motel door and sees that it is locked. Naturally he goes to work on it to hopefully open the door.
1d20+5 = 15
>> No. 40845121
With luck and skill he opens the door.

"I know life will be tough, so for now I think I'll focus on surviving."
>> No. 40845139

> Gears nods and takes his shotgun.
Aha. But I think that this motel is occupied, so quiet. If anyone would hear our hoofsteps, we're doomed.
>> No. 40845209
"Want me to scout ahead and you lag behind?"

Critical floats his smg while he was checking the clip.
>> No. 40845262

Yep. I'll stay here guarding you from behind. If anything happens, just shout, and I'll be right here.
>> No. 40845380
Critical nods and he passes through the doorway. Inside was the reception desk and a hallway behind it. The flooring of the hallway had caved in, revealing a slightly flooded basement below. The water was murky and from what he could tell, the water would be just below his neck if he was standing in it. The area was thankfully empty of any threats and Crit shouted for GearWheel, giving him an all clear. He then pressed the side of his body on the wall of the hallway, putting his hooves on what was left of the floor, and attempted to get across to the other side.
1d20 = 17
>> No. 40845388
He was able to make it across into a second hallway that was perpendicular to the one he had just passed through. There were a few doors along the second hallway though most were boarded up, some but not all.
>> No. 40845817

> Gears comes towards him.
So, what's next? Looting every single room?
>> No. 40846803
"I suppose so, we need to make a profit in order to survive. Go ahead and get over here, just mind the gap."
>> No. 40847780

> He looked down, checking if there was a gap.
Then, where we'll start?
>> No. 40847972
Yeah the floor is gone and the flooded basement below is exposed. In order to get to where my character is at you'll either have to sidle across or jump.

"Well start with this door that's closest to me, but you'll have to get across first."
>> No. 40847999

> He got ready for a couple of seconds, and quitely added before jump: Stalliongrad...
1d20 = 5
>> No. 40848007

> ...But the only thing Gears could do at the moment is dive into the water, as his jump failed.
Crit... I'm in deep shithole, right?
>> No. 40848392
"Eh... I'll have a look around to see if there's some rope or I'll find a way down. Maybe there will be staircase near hear."

Crit trots of down his hallway. GearWheel, who was nearly neck deep in water, could see a door way to his right but more importantly he could hear some raspy voices from there. They sounded like ponies but they only made unintelligible grunts or noises. Suddenly the surface of the water thrashed about creating a violent column of water with a pony in lead. Its hair and coat was all gone, its face and body so deformed that even Gears couldn't determine the gender of it. It then jumped at GearWheel, wrapping its cold hooves around him and tried to bite his throat like a wild animal.

Hey America is out of hiatus. Is Russia out of it as well?
>> No. 40849525
"A shit!"
A mare yells standing at the edge of the hole. She quickly pulls out a fire axe and throws it at the creature.
1d20 = 12
>> No. 40849526
The top of the axe head hits the creature in the side of the head knocking it back into the water.
"Hit it when it's down!"
The mare yells into the hole.
"Kill it with fire!"
>> No. 40849598

Nihuja sebe~
> At the bottom of that pit was brown stallion, trying to understand what's happened. He looked up and shouted with a slight Stalliongrad accent:
Now, who the hell are YOU?
>> No. 40849842
In a very sarcastic voice the mare says
"Oh my goodness, thank you for saving my life!"
The mare is wearing an old firefighter's jacket and helmet.
In a more serious tone she says
"Can you find my axe? It's the only one I could find with it's head still attached."
>> No. 40849905

Oh. Well, sure. Thank you.
> The unicorn stood up, holded the body of that creature while getting the axe. It got so deep that head of undead just teared from entire body. He floated head with an axe in it to her.
So... Who are you?
>> No. 40850264
Critical returned with some rope of good length but at the sight of the new mare he drops it and had his SMG half raised with a levitation

"A raider?... No you would have tried to kill us by now."

He then puts his gun away and secures one end of the rope and drops the other end down for Gears.

"Sorry about the gun but when I saw the firefighter suit, I thought you were a raider since that's the kind of apparel they like to wear. The name's Critical Hit but just go ahead and call me Crit for short."
>> No. 40850322
"For the record, I should be a raider."
She takes the axe in her hooves and smacks it on the wall knocking the head off it.
"I'm Ember 'The Phoenix Princess' or at least I use to be."
>> No. 40850393
"So you were a raider, and not only that but if your princess title actually used to hold weight then you were some kind of leader? Well in that case I don't think you and me are going to get along. You see I have a strong prejudice against people who like to murder and rape, you know typical raider stuff."

He then gave her a distrusting look.

"If you want to tag along then hurry up and get to where I'm at. I noticed that you're a pegasus so you can just fly on over."

Last edited at Wed, Apr 8th, 2015 16:32

>> No. 40850406
"I didn't say I wanted to be a raider, I said I should be. I say that because my mother and father were."
She puts the fire axe through a few loops on her jacket and glides over the pit.
"And before you even question my former title, it was just a dream of my dad to start the next great raider tribe based around phoenixes."
>> No. 40850426
"Oh, I'm sorry I got all tense there. We just had a run in with a few raiders a little west of the bay and well we really got fucked up to be honest. Anyways, if you're willing to travel with a jackass like me, we could use another pony for our party. Right now we were just exploring the ruins here for loot to make some profit."

Suddenly outside the motel a few heavy hoof steps could be heard followed by the booming sound of one more set of hooves, but it sounded impossible. Nopony should be big enough to actually crack the pavement.
>> No. 40850519

And mine is Gears. Gears Hackwrench.

> Suddenly some strande noise interrupted them.
Blyat'! Crit, get me outta here!
>> No. 40851095
Critical no longer waited for Gears to go up the rope and used a telekinesis spell to get him to the rest of the group. They went over to a nearby window, which the glass panes had been shattered long ago, to see what in Equestria could be making that noise. What they saw put a new definition to shock and awe as they spied on two heavily mutated ponies that stood about 1.5 times their own height, one carrying a mini gun attached to its side and the other a missile launcher to the second mutant. Worst of all there was a third mutant that was about the size of a building carrying a telephone pole as a club. The mutant with the mini gun then turned to face the motel and the party could feel its eyes burn through them, but would they be noticed?
Crit 1d20+5 = 23
Gears 1d20 = 6
Ember 1d20 = 5
>> No. 40851101
<"There be two ponies in that building over there!"

The party could hear the mutants gun revving up and getting ready to fire. If they don't take out the mutant party then they could attract more of there brethren nearby.

"Well shit, you two think you can take them on while I get into a position to flank them?"

Last edited at Thu, Apr 9th, 2015 15:45

>> No. 40851154
Ember, who has already thrown off her jacket, stretches her wings and flies out the door of the building and towards another. Her helmet falls to the ground as she takes off.

In my defense of that 5 Ember is bright orange on a probably greyish brown background.
>> No. 40851167
Nah that's just luck. You'll find that sometimes you'll find it that some days the dice likes you and other days you just have shitty rolls. Say a master swordsman rolls a 1 and accidentally cuts his friend rather than an enemy. It just happens, blame it on many world theory.

She lands in the 2nd floor of a 3 story building across the street but right after that the 2nd mutant fires a missile at the window she flew through.
1d20 = 12

Crit walked up a stair case and found himself on top of the roof of the motel. He then attempted to jump and grab on to the head of the giant mutant.
1d20 = 10
>> No. 40851169
The rocket cleared off a large section of the wall but it left Ember uninjured. Instead it left her completely exposed and vulnerable to attack.

Crit tried to grab on but unfortunately he slipped off and fell to the pavement. When he hit the ground he rolled for a bit leaving him mostly uninjured except he suffered a minor laceration, and probably some blunt force trauma, on his head causing some blood to trickle down on the right side of his forehead. The giant took notice of him and slid the pole across the ground, causing the once smooth pavement to become a tidal wave of rock and granite headed straight for him.
1d20 = 10
>> No. 40851171
Luckily for Crit he was able to react fast enough to get out of the way by diving for safety, only to have pebbles and rocks rain down on him


Last edited at Thu, Apr 9th, 2015 17:57

>> No. 40851181
Ember throws a rock at the giant mutant before diving into the smoke of the explosion. As the smoke clears Ember seems to have left the site secretly hiding on the first floor.

1d20 = 20 Rock
1d20 = 16 Staying hidden
That's it for me till Gears gets a turn.
Whoa, I didn't know it took the little box off if you use the edit button.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 9th, 2015 18:09

>> No. 40851184
The giant after being struck by a rock in the forehead gave a dizzy looked and then fell down on to the side of the building. Where the rock struck was actually very lethal and killed the giant.

It's cool happened to me before, and nice roll! I mean damn you got that thing good!
>> No. 40851200
I only did that as a detraction! How does that even happen!?
>> No. 40851297

> After getting from the pit, he was trying to dry his shotgun.
Oh, faster, you little bitch!
> After a few seconds, it was again ready for action.
Let's do it.
> He runs to alive mutant and fires at him, distracting from Crit.
Hey, catch! 1d20 = 1
>> No. 40851298

> Fuck no. The shotgun was broken, and it nearly explodes in his hooves. Gears falls on his back, unable to stand up.
>> No. 40851887
Crit picked himself up and aimed his revolver at the one with a minigun
1d20+5 = 21

Simple, you rolled a 20. Welcome to roleplay.
>> No. 40851894
The bullet went straight through the back of the mutant's head and exited through it's right eye. By some strange miracle it was still alive and it fired its gun at Crit in retaliation.
1d20 = 10
1d20 = 1
1d20 = 8
1d20 = 10
1d20 = 14

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 15:05

>> No. 40851896
Almost all of the rounds miss him except for a stray bullet that made its home in Crit's upper left hoof.
>> No. 40851911
Ember pops out from the first story of building and yells at the mutant holding the missile launcher
"Your aim bucking sucks!"
She picks up a rock and throws it at the mini-gun wielding mutant.
1d20 = 11
"You too big head!"

How dose a rock at 20 kill the huge one but a bullet at 21 through the head not even kill one of the smaller ones?!
>> No. 40851936
To be honest, you throwing a rock reminded me of a d&d story I once heard and I just liked your resourcefulness.

The rock stunned the 1st mutant causing it to stop preparing its gun for another hail of bullets. Crit then readies his revolver to fire on both remaining mutants
1st 1d20+5 = 8

2nd 1d20+5 = 18
>> No. 40851945
The first shot missed bu the second hit home in the other mutant. Then in the distance they could hear voices of ponies and not the mutated kind.

^"To arms my brothers and sisters! To arms!"

Another party of four ponies had gotten into the vicinity of the area. They wore heavy suits of metal that covered them from head to hoof and they all carried some serious energy weapon. They all began to fire on the remaining mutants showing absolutely no fear nor mercy
1d20 = 5
1d20 = 8

1d20 = 2
1d20 = 5

1d20 = 3
1d20 = 3

1d20 = 20
1d20 = 6
>> No. 40851947
The 2nd mutant suddenly glowed a bright orange color and then fell to the ground, turning into a pile of ash.
>> No. 40852258

This shooting sucks.

> Gears got all his power to pick up the pistol and fired at the alive mutant.
...fuckers. 1d20 = 15
>> No. 40853372
The mutant was shot and then he finally fell over on to the ground and died. The armored ponies then marched into the area near the party.

^"I swear you initiates are a disgrace to our order. These savages here have better combat skills then all of you combined."

The leader of the group then turned his attention to the party

^"I am sentinel IronStep of the Brotherhood of Steel. What are you locals doing here?"
>> No. 40853562

> He tried to stand up, but he was still losing blood.
Shooting, stabbing, looting scums, trying to survive. You?
>> No. 40853602
^"We're here to secure a position at a nearby power station north of here. So far this area is crawling with super muties and we have been met with serious resistance. If we do get to the power station then we have a much better chance of getting the local air tram online."

"Why do you want the old air trams online?

^"Because local, we would be able to have access to Canterlot City. Right now all possible ways to get there have been blocked off and the average Pegasus can forget about flying there since there are dozens of Enclave blimp patrols surrounding the area."
>> No. 40853633
While the conversation goes on Ember heads back into the motel and comes out with her gear back on. She floats over to the group. She's hanging her head and there are tears running down her face.
>> No. 40853652
Crit holsters his revolver.

"Woah what's wrong? Did something happen?"
>> No. 40853760
"I wasn't good enough."
She says quietly.
She then lifts her head showing her now steaming eyes.
"You got hurt because I wasn't a good enough distraction! I got us spotted! And the mutants were probably tracking me in the first place!"
>> No. 40854080
"Hey, you were plenty good. In fact if you hadn't shown up those things would have had my ass in a basket. Also me getting injured wasn't your fault because it was me who knew the danger but still went ahead and took the risk of jumping off that building so it's really my fault."

He holds his hoof out, gesturing for a hoof bump.

"Me personally, I'd consider you the hero of the day."
>> No. 40854812
Crit then turns his attention to Gears.

"Sheesh you don't look so good, guess it's time to return the favor from when you saved my ass at that raider camp huh?"

He then levitates his last stimpack and injected it into his friend. The healing medication did stop the pain but his injuries were still present.

"There you should be fit to travel but that doesn't mean your in perfect health. For now let's take it easy and try to tag along with these... brotherhood whatevers."
>> No. 40855177

Ugh!.. Thanks, mate. We have no choice, I suppose. If they didn't appear, we'd be fucked up for sure.
>> No. 40855505
The party soon went separate ways of he BoS party. They travelled further into the city but soon the moon began to rise in the wasteland causing the shroud of night to envelope them. Eventually in a small residential area they soon found a small caravan of ponies wearing distinctive armor travelling with others wearing doctor fatigues.
>> No. 40855518
>Not far from the settlement was another pony like creature, It was wandering not too far from the caravan as if looking for something.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 14th, 2015 17:06

>> No. 40855800
Crit walked over to the stranger before approaching the caravan. From what he could tell, the stranger was a ghoul but not like the feral one they encountered in the motel basement. He then spoke out to him to hopefully catch his attention.

"Uh... Hello there. You with these... NCR folk?"

Ugh sorry for my severe procrastination, I should've posted much sooner.
>> No. 40855924
File 142907404533.png - (263.83KB , 731x791 , FoE Epic Mount ghoul.png )
>The ghoul sharply looked over to him, a bit suprised and unsure what to say and looked ready on the defence.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 15th, 2015 08:46

>> No. 40856219

...what the hell is that walking?
>> No. 40856269
>Didn't like that tone.
Grr... Same can be said for you.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 15th, 2015 12:43

>> No. 40856784

Alright then. Gears Hackwrench. You?
> He looked at him with a scientific wonder.
>> No. 40856824
File 142919701606.png - (1.23MB , 1748x1240 , FoE The Weeping Willow.png )
>Epic was very suspicious. He looked over to a small statue he was carrying, the statue was that of a bunny rabbit, it's face scewered in shock.
Epic. Epic Mount.
>> No. 40857339
"The name's Critical Hit, and don't worry about us attacking. We or as far as I know have nothing against Ghouls. For me so long as you don't shoot at me then I have no reason to attack right? Anyways we've been traveling a bit and we could use some medical attention."
>> No. 40857360
File 142922427213.jpg - (16.85KB , 214x285 , stone rabbit.jpg )
"As far as you know?" What do you mean by that?
>Epic looks over to the small statue again before back to Critical. Critical noted that the only thing the ghoul was carrying was a bag of scavenged items and the stone rabbit he was holding. He had no gun or weapon for himself.
You want... medicine?
>He looks to the rabbit again.
Hm, well, alright. You can come with me to my group. But I don't need a gun to kill you if you try anything.
>> No. 40857429
"Easy no need to be so tense around me. I'm not here to cause trouble, I just want to get patched up and on our way."

Crit stares at the rabbit statue and gave a curious look.

"Hey... what the hell is that thing? Is it some sort of pre-war lawn ornament or something?"
>> No. 40857451
File 142923331209.jpg - (140.58KB , 450x600 , stone rabbit.jpg )
He doesn't like being called a lawn ornament. "Doombunny" is the most foul, cruel, bad tempted rodent you've ever set eyes on.
>> No. 40857956
Critical had gotten real quiet after Epic had said that. He then nodded in agreement.

"Yes, Doombunny is toughest animal I've ever seen and I wouldn't want to cross him or any of his friends."

The party then goes up to the caravan and after about an hour the injured members of the group were fully healed by the doctors.
>> No. 40857994
>To Critical Hit
Doombunny got a vicious streak a mile wide. He's a killer!
>To Gearwheel
He'll do you up a treat mate.
>> No. 40858002
Crit smiled and laid his head back down on the cot. Then they were approached by a pegasus NCR Captain who had a somewhat urgent look about him.

^"Ah you are the travelers who stopped by. I am Captain FreeWeather and on behalf of the NCR I welcome you all. Now that formalities are passed I must ask of your assistance. We came into the ruins in response to black smoke rising from the mountains to the west. We believe that a volcano may erupt soon but before we can evacuate the towns nearby we need confirmation of an active volcano. We need you to go up the mountains and investigate the source of the smoke and report back to us here. Are you guys up for it?"
>> No. 40858009
FreeWeather, are these the guys you were expecting?
>Hides the bunny rabbit from the NCR, though one of the labcoat ponies notice.
They don't seem the sort for trodging around volcanoes. And who knows what kinda chemicals or left over fallout down there.
>> No. 40858323

> That was going to be worse and worse.

Oh, come on. It's just a volcano. We go there, we get the hack outta there. Simple as never.
>> No. 40858336
"I think we can handle it. All we need to do is confirm if there is any danger and report our findings. The only problem is that I don't think any of us know any yodeling."

The FreeWeather gave a slight glare and spoke.

^"After you go up there just come back here, no heroics required. I'd send one of my guys but we need to protect the docs here. If you do this I'll pay each of you 500 caps."

Where's Cranit, I kinda don't want to start this without her.
>> No. 40858434
You don't seem all that enthusiastic of working with someone like... me.

Well... I would like to be a shelpful as I once was... I guess this kinda stuff is what I would used to do. And she wouldn't of reccomend me if she knew I couldn't.
>Looks over to his bag, as if he could hear talking.
Well if you're sure about this.

>To Crit
So its just you guys. Anyone else to account for?
>> No. 40858614

Always like that at first. I want to see your skills in action. Luckily, we have a task to complete, so you have an immediate chance.
> To Crit.
Let's rock that volcano.
>> No. 40858668
>Epic rolls his eyes.
And here I thought it was my charming complexion that put you off. So any detest in what I am, save it until after I'm out, smoothskin.
>> No. 40858754

No offence taken.
> He looked at him absolutely calm.
>> No. 40858758
>Epic grunts.

So anypony else will be joining us on this trek?
>> No. 40858865
"Well you'll get no trouble from me, besides I never had a ghoul friend before, since I lived my life in Stable 32, and I would like to call you my first. Before we go, you mentioned a she. If you don't mind me asking who were you talking about?"
>> No. 40858975
File 142940339640.jpg - (64.65KB , 448x336 , stone rabbit.jpg )
Id rather-
>Takes the stone rabbit from his bag and begins talking to it.
I'm not gonna tell 'em anything. They don't want or care for my past and rather keep it that way.
>The rabbit is unresponsive.
What do you care about- just because she wants me to be more sociable doesn't mean I wantto be with anyone who carries a gun, you should know that.
>It's just a stone rabbit.
Bah shoulda left you back with her.
>> No. 40858982
"Er... just forget about it, I guess it isn't important. Anyways we did have one more member, her name was Ember but I have no idea where she ran or flew off to."
>> No. 40858988
Ember... in a volcano...
>> No. 40859395
"Huh, well irony is a real bitch isn't it?"
>> No. 40859430
>Ponders a moment
If you have a friend out there who is lost, shouldn't you be looking for her?
>> No. 40860033

Oh, come on, you both. She will return for sure!
>> No. 40860375
Well, if you sure. Doesn't take much to kill raiders so whatever I guess.

Are we going to the mountain or not?
>> No. 40861069
"Yeah I'm ready to go"

After Crit got back up and on his hooves the party then left the Baltimare ruins and headed west for what could possibly be a volcano. They had to pass through a dense forest where the only clear view was the sky up above them which was slowly turning an orange color as time passed on. Eventually as they made it to the base of their target, the shroud of nighttime had overtaken the land and the sounds of nocturnal mutants could be heard in the far off distance. The mountain stood up high and a cloud of billowing smoke at the summit could be seen. The climb looked fairly steep and could be dangerous but to their right was an old mountain trail with the bones of a pony that had been scattered about the ground.
>> No. 40861522
>As they travelled up the mountain.
Depending how "hot" this adventure be, we may need some fire resistance. Won't do much if we accidentally fall into molten lava since it's hot enough to burn off flesh before you can touch it.

However there are some creatures who have mutated to adapt to the heat. Even weaponize it. So perhaps we should be more worried about whats we will encounter or chase us than loose hoofing over pools of lava, especially when both at the same time.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 11:44

>> No. 40862057
"Well I don't think that any of us have any flame resistant armor and we don't have the survival skill to make some from animal hides so we'll just have to go on without it. For now I suggest we focus on how we'll get up to the top. We can either do a little rock climbing and go up the side or follow that trail over there. Both of course has its dangers like with climbing one of us could fall and with following the trail, we may encounter some wildlife which are now even more dangerous since it is night time. The choice I leave up to you guys and if we have different opinions then we can split the party for a time being."
>> No. 40862097
>Imagines climing the mountain Skyrim style.
Climbing would be more dangerous than it needs to be. No point challenging gravity anymore than it needs to be. We should take the path.

Unless somepony... or someones up there expecting us.
>> No. 40862370

Except us, no pony ever dares to climb volcanoes, so the chances that there will be a path are equal to chances that a meteor will fall on my head right now.
>> No. 40862612
If a meteor did fall on your head, you can be sure you won't fall to the bottom and end up as pony-pizza.

Though highly unlikely a meteor will fall on your head.

Volcanic rocks however are more likely, depending on how active the volcano is and the pressure it's blasting rocks.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 09:47

>> No. 40863335
"The sides of this mountain have no signs of any lava flow and since that there is a trail over there, then this thing must have been dormant for a good long time. Anyways let's shove off, the sooner we get up there the sooner we can go to the settlement and reap our rewards in booze and alcohol."

The party makes there slow march up and along the path as the constant sounds of crickets chirping filled the area. They soon got up to the point where they stood above the trees that sat at the base and the burnt and destroyed wasteland was in full view, or at least up to the east coast line. In the distance they could see the ruins of Baltimare and a little ways south of that was the Horse Shoe settlement. They then stopped at the sound of several hissing sounds that sounded like they belonged to a pack of snakes. Further along the path were three mutated dogs with the heads and tails of serpents as well as inheriting their venom. Then a fourth one appeared out of nowhere as if conjured by mother nature herself. The mutant dogs were known as Night Stalkers, aptly named for their natural camouflage ability to turn completely invisible to the naked eye.
>> No. 40863359
I don't drink, never did.
>Chugging down his third cola.

>Is familiar with the noise.
Night stalkers! I hate them most... next to Cazadors.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 19:48

>> No. 40863685

> Hears the noise.
Wait, how did you call those...
> Then he sees those creatures.
>> No. 40863868
"Sheesh those things look like somebody tried to play god with genetics, actually I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case."

The four Night Stalkers were patrolling their territory but they haven't noticed the party yet.

"Okay how do you guys want to handle this? We can go in guns blazing or I could try to sneak past them and attack them from behind."
>> No. 40863886
File 142982183089.jpg - (36.19KB , 334x650 , stone rabbit.jpg )
I'm familiar with most creatures. I didn't just grow up in a forest, I mutated along with it. Though I don't know where these things come from.

But believe me when I say their bites much worser than their bark. Leaves a lasting sting.

We can easily take them but we probably shouldn't-
>Starts talking to the stone rabbit.
Look this isn't Everfree Forest anymore and we can't just kill everything that disturbs us like they used to. What would she say if she found out we've been killing animals?
>It's just a stone rabbit.
I don't like lying to her and she be ashamed of you! I love her with all my heart and she is the only pony who can see me for who I am.
>He continues to argue with the inanimate, stone rabbit. Despite the question of sanity, at least he had the caution to argue with the rabbit in a hushed tone. The two continued arguing for awhile until they come to an agreement.
Okay, we could easily take them down if we stay close and draw them out. They're just wild dogs... mixed with snake.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 13:50

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