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40837609 No. 40837609
#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Courtsey/Common Sense/ Fun #VARMUS'S FAULT AND RULE 63

WELCOME to the Rule 63 version of the Donut Bar.

YOU ARE requested! But not Required, to play a RULE 63 VERSION OF YOUR CHARS.

For Hilarity mostly.

Bonus points if someone falls in love.

All cities have dark sides, and Canterlot is certainly no exception. On the wrong side of the tracks, everything appears to be dark and cold, the rainy weather being but an exclamation mark deepening the atmosphere of alienation and lurking fear.

The atmosphere changes though, as soon as you pass the worn door over the neon sign saying, in bright bold letters [U]D NUT BAR

Inside, amongst the tables and chairs dating back to the last century, with their nicks and stains and worn out padding, you can finally get yourself dry, drink something hot and wait out the rain. There's even a antique jukebox - someone placed the damaged neon 'o' from the sign outside next to it, the stylised glass donut looking a bit out of place with the sombre décor.

Here, all are welcome and accepted – so long as violence does not occur, as indicated by a the sign reading “Weapon bin by the door, put it in or we put you out. Cold."

On the blackboard, one may find what appears to be a scribble of nonsense:

The bar is NOT auto-staff, and it will stay that way.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Topics tonight include:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Bar is now: OPEN

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>> No. 40837626
File 142766719644.jpg - (142.21KB , 500x500 , 365230__safe_solo_anthro_princess+celestia_traditional+art_tongue_love+heart_artist-colon-newyor.jpg )
>I win!
>> No. 40837627
File 142766721510.png - (68.73KB , 285x200 , 142756986886.png )
>> No. 40837629
File 142766722365.jpg - (6.82KB , 100x201 , fem_link_by_sanjet-d6x2i1j.jpg )
>> No. 40837630
File 142766722414.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
>Aw shet dude.
>> No. 40837631
File 142766723327.gif - (0.98MB , 500x225 , Sleipner came from somewhere.gif )
>Loki in that pic doesn't give a fuck
>After all, he gave birth to an eight-legged horse, a giant wolf, and a snake the size of the world
>> No. 40837632
File 142766727034.png - (8.57KB , 338x321 , fabulous.png )
>> No. 40837633
File 142766729710.png - (85.97KB , 839x953 , Hello.png )
>> No. 40837635
File 142766732340.jpg - (73.37KB , 374x750 , what.jpg )
>> No. 40837636
File 142766732935.jpg - (24.32KB , 351x464 , Teuda11052014_0007.jpg )
>Hey bub.

>I'm the only one with that bear 'round here.
>> No. 40837637
File 142766734736.png - (234.64KB , 300x344 , tumblr_inline_ndjo52YRtP1rtdno6.png )
>> No. 40837638
File 142766735302.jpg - (48.55KB , 368x560 , Kelly In A Dress.jpg )
>This will be fun!
>> No. 40837639
File 142766736031.gif - (1.87MB , 500x275 , tumblr_inline_nkbyorrtrC1r90a6f.gif )
<>this thread<>
>> No. 40837640
File 142766741649.jpg - (107.27KB , 418x417 , 365232__safe_solo_anthro_princess+celestia_traditional+art_love+heart_artist-colon-newyorkx3_hea.jpg )
>Oooooh~ ♥
>> No. 40837641
File 142766743454.jpg - (172.98KB , 500x667 , 66465a4b8fc3c87a4d2c46e55cad1c20.jpg )
>Teton and Varmus were busy siphoning magic from the captured machine in an attempt to get it to speak. The once bright globe encapsulated within the sphere now rapidly turns fainter.
You want me to speak but if I do you'll kill me anyway, being no further use! I need guarantees!
>> No. 40837642
>That sounds suspiciously like effort.

>He frowns, worried
"...are you all right?"

"The force field on the door is generated along the sides, but not the top and bottom of the doorframe, so there's a weak point along the bottom edge where you can slip some shards of mirror in, create a hole in the barrier if you do it correctly. He saw me do it, he knows how."
>> No. 40837643
File 142766745655.jpg - (72.75KB , 620x334 , fefe-e1393974988316.jpg )
>> No. 40837644
File 142766753429.jpg - (139.87KB , 270x714 , Female_Link.jpg )
>> No. 40837645
File 142766756754.png - (336.21KB , 1600x2559 , I'll also maybe recolor this one or nor.png )
>Pretend I recolored this
>> No. 40837647
File 142766769253.png - (127.30KB , 889x926 , all the bitches.png )
You have my word you will live if you tell me what I want.

>Varmus glared at the orb.

>Hello, Tia. Wanna bang?

>We can make it a threesome.

>> No. 40837648
File 142766770465.gif - (1.22MB , 320x180 , sidequests.gif )
> You got it, me bredda.
>> No. 40837649
File 142766771200.png - (250.95KB , 1000x1031 , 10Turns out red looks terrible on blue.png )
I see...

>The Professor makes to reach into her jacket -- only to remember that she's no longer wearing it. Quickly withdrawing her hoof before that gets too awkward, she hurriedly nods, turning back to one of the few functional parts of the console contemplatively.

Thank you for telling me this. I will be sure to correct this fault.

... Though, ah... it's "she," now.
>> No. 40837650
File 142766771474.png - (319.19KB , 506x1000 , Reclining on the bed.png )
>Also, that feeling when none of my characters really change if their gender does
>> No. 40837651
File 142766772286.png - (633.51KB , 720x800 , Hello there.png )
>> No. 40837652

How am I to trust your word when the first thing you did when you got me is torture me?
>> No. 40837653
File 142766776249.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
>And that was the day mysty died.
>> No. 40837654
File 142766786377.png - (95.84KB , 338x573 , tally ho.png )
>And this is when this anthro stallion, looking like something straight outta a Harlequin, came into the Bar from the fourth toilet to the left.
Ah, hello.
>> No. 40837655
File 142766788400.png - (159.46KB , 512x512 , 133479387998.png )
>> No. 40837656
File 142766789789.png - (64.25KB , 222x214 , 5790.png )
Hail! Hail King Teton!

Last edited at Sun, Mar 29th, 2015 15:26

>> No. 40837657
File 142766791618.png - (838.19KB , 800x1080 , 564934__safe_solo_anthro_princess+celestia_breasts_cleavage_princess+breastia_artist-colon-snorg.png )
>Unfortunately, I'm heading out soon for work. So you know. Just another thing I get to miss out on.
>> No. 40837658
>Billyfish might be better at the moment.
>Mostly because I'm trying to do something with mysty that isn't lying on the couch in a pile of books.
>> No. 40837659
>She blinks
"I must have missed more of the fight than I thought."
>She glances around the control room
"Sorry about the damage."

>I does!
>> No. 40837660
File 142766803881.jpg - (37.78KB , 415x553 , ponderous by QUOTEN.jpg )
> This, although not entirely relevant, brings to mind a quick inquisition The Whisper had been pondering a bit recently.

Er...Do Time Lords have a predisposition towards regenerating into females? I think I have only ever met one or two who were not.
>> No. 40837661
File 142766803987.png - (597.64KB , 2217x3000 , Dude-a-fish_by_DOM.png )
Who? You must've mistook me for someone, Scipio.

Hello, the Unmarred One.

>Well, chance is he gonna hook up with Mysty in the meantime~
>Or not.

>You got Billyfish behind the counter!
>> No. 40837662
File 142766806237.jpg - (77.99KB , 584x700 , 154951__UNOPT__safe_trixie_filly_artist-hut2018.jpg )
>> No. 40837663

>Hai thar.
>> No. 40837664

>What's up?
>> No. 40837665
>Yeah she's... probably going to be ship locked because... eh... I mean like besides the fact that she's like a week old I don't think I want to lock her into something like that... as much as I joke about it...
>> No. 40837666

>I was playing Demon's Souls.
>> No. 40837667

>I tried playing FF3. Lasted 30 seconds before admitted I do not feel like gaming today.
>> No. 40837668
File 142766826894.jpg - (231.50KB , 589x819 , 170430__safe_anthro_princess+celestia_hoofbeat+2.jpg )
>So exactly as I said. Another thing I'm gonna miss out on because of IRL.
>> No. 40837669
File 142766829242.png - (24.16KB , 830x650 , i seek knowledge.png )
>Mysty walks downstairs into the bar with a very blank expression on her face, seeing as it isn't panicked or overjoyed something seems to be wrong
>> No. 40837670

>> No. 40837671
File 142766832686.png - (264.25KB , 1000x959 , 10So you found ALL the porn.png )
You, ah, were rather indisposed.

>She shook her head, waving a dismissive hoof.

Don't worry about it. I can fix this. Are, ah... you alright?

Hm? Oh, no, not at all. I mean, it's not unlikely, but, ah... Typically, when a Time Lord has some control over the process, they'll lean towards the same sex.

... I didn't really give Monty much time to control it. Nor did I have much last time around.
>> No. 40837672
File 142766836932.gif - (0.97MB , 500x280 , tumblr_msuzavbnFB1qd1q2so1_500.gif )
>She bowed her head, and suddenly there was fanfare! Royal fan fare!
>So now Teton had a Royal Guard, and a Royal Herald!
>> No. 40837673
File 142766837120.jpg - (44.23KB , 829x753 , 803.jpg )
>> No. 40837674
File 142766838808.png - (523.49KB , 2212x2727 , sixty-three`d_by_DOM.png )
>Pish posh, I am only joking! I hate forcing ships. Let's let things develop. Anyway, Billyfish's mannig the counter, what now?
>Ah, there we go. Billyfish waved at her.
Howdeh, sugercube!

>Well shit. :c
>> No. 40837675

>> No. 40837676
File 142766849928.png - (98.26KB , 834x957 , trottin.png )
I am not sure control over such a process would come naturally to me, were it ever to occur, but...that makes sense.
> Nodding shortly, he proceeds to sit down in place, his gaze, and mind, wandering off as it was ever prone to do.

Speaking of which. Your wounds, how are they feeling? Soreness is normal, of course.
>> No. 40837677
File 142766850222.png - (338.61KB , 872x561 , 379168__safe_humanized_anthro_princess+celestia_screencap_youtube_youtube+link_episode+0.png )
>Whatever. I haven't been disappointed with my expectations, something nice may happen? TOO BAD! IRL GETS IN THE WAY! Fuck you Celestia! You get nothing! Do not pass Go! Do not collect $200!
>> No. 40837678
"A few hours with a blood bag transfusion solved the most pressing issue, though I won't be able to use this arm for a while. How about yourself?"

"Oh, um, h-hi Mysty."

>> No. 40837680
>No I mean I'll let that develop but I kinda have something I want to start here for the time being.

>She says quite flatly
>> No. 40837681
File 142766861178.png - (24.16KB , 830x650 , i seek knowledge.png )
>Virginia gets the same response here
>> No. 40837682
File 142766866292.png - (597.64KB , 2217x3000 , Dude-a-fish_by_DOM.png )
The alternative is death.

>Not Teton. Mr Verge.

Hrm. Quite flattering, this is. Thank you, Scipio. Good show with that herald appearing out of nowhere.



How y'all doin', sugercube? Yew look like there's sumthin' on yer mind.
>> No. 40837683
File 142766869237.png - (838.19KB , 800x1080 , 564934__safe_solo_anthro_princess+celestia_breasts_cleavage_princess+breastia_artist-colon-snorg.png )
>Seriously. Every time.
>> No. 40837684
File 142766873888.png - (24.16KB , 830x650 , i seek knowledge.png )
"Yes... you could say that. There are many things on my mind now."
>> No. 40837685
File 142766876719.png - (641.00KB , 5000x7056 , oh, whoops.png )
Note to self, buy more blood bags. We are now out.
>> No. 40837686
File 142766879568.png - (403.34KB , 1619x1157 , 1427454772554.png )
>Ahh I see, my mistake.

Of course my liege!
>Scipio happily played a long, she even found the time to put a bright insignia on a flag and pinned it to her spear. Valentina the Herald finished her fanfare and stood at the other side.

What is the first order of Royal Business?

>Scipio asked.~
>> No. 40837687
File 142766880573.png - (306.08KB , 1280x1248 , 10Why did you have to cut my head off.png )
>She seems mildly amused by the hypothetical, her lips quirking upward. With a brisk shake of the head, she leans casually against the console -- something she immediately regrets, judging by the way her eye sharply twitches.

I feel like I have two pieces of lead stuck in my chest.

But all things considered, I'll live.

Good to hear. Don't you worry, I'm quite alright. Not the first time this has happened, make no mistake. Just needed to stitch myself up and stick some needles in me.

... Might have to take the bullets out eventually, but that can wait.
>> No. 40837689
File 142766885938.jpg - (119.07KB , 500x680 , 588.jpg )


>> No. 40837690
File 142766886024.png - (483.19KB , 1024x573 , Bored.png )

You tore my body to shreds, pulled my brain from its corpse, suck out my life force and you expect me to value your word that you'll grant me my life once I've given up the only thing that keeps me living now, when all I can believe in is a clinical and focused cruelty that you've shown me.

Oi, are you nearly done yet?
>> No. 40837691
>She tilts her head with a worried expression
"A-are you o-okay?"

"Thanks, by the way. I'll pay you back."

>Hitchhiker frowns
"Isn't that usually the higher priority?"
>> No. 40837692
File 142766894010.png - (24.16KB , 830x650 , i seek knowledge.png )
"Yeah, I'm fine, why?"
>> No. 40837693
File 142766901828.png - (8.57KB , 338x321 , fabulous.png )
>Truth be told, he kinda holds a personal interest in Tia. Sooo... We'll see.

>He sniffed the air.

...Hunh. Them things like?

I order you to make out while wrestling naked in an inflatable pool full of mango-flavored jelly.


...I got an idea. Tardis is essentially a vast, incredibly powerful entity, an... not entirely artificial intelligence. Can't she... well, connect to this Mana and metaphorically beat the info out of this thing?
>> No. 40837694
File 142766906866.jpg - (64.69KB , 500x281 , Blah blah blah blah blah.jpg )

You know the TARDIS better than I do.
>> No. 40837695
File 142766911787.png - (192.42KB , 288x352 , 6570.png )
>Both his Herald and Royal guard seemed a little taken a back.
My Liege is that appropriate for such a social setting?
>> No. 40837696
File 142766915971.png - (95.84KB , 338x573 , tally ho.png )
>Teton nodded.

...I think she could do that. It's not gonna be pretty. Let me speak to her.

>She trotted away from the group and caressed the control panel with her hand, talking to her Tardis in a hushed voice.

No. Do it anyway.
>> No. 40837697
File 142766916455.png - (24.16KB , 830x650 , i seek knowledge.png )
"Oh, it's nothing..."
>Her expression finally turns into something besides flat.
"I'm just..."
>She sighs sadly
"It really isn't all that important."
>> No. 40837698
File 142766917068.png - (81.24KB , 367x394 , lipbite.png )
>How is?

", w-well, y-you d-don't, um, l-look fine..."
>> No. 40837699
File 142766919849.png - (155.35KB , 1280x1018 , ten outta teeeeen.png )
> He tilts his head in evident growing concern as he notes her discomfort, but he is all too aware that pity in the typical sense is neither welcome to those in pain, nor entirely all that helpful. Still, he can appreciate her constitution well enough, and nods shortly.


Unnecessary, but the thought is appreciated nonetheless.

Removing bullets is usually the last priority, Hitchhiker. They are rendered sterile by the heat of the weapon's discharge, and removal is a delicate process that can cause further damage if done improperly. Bleedout is common.

...Although you'll be happy to know I managed to remove your own nonetheless, some hours after bringing you back on board the TARDIS. Er, my own, that is.
>> No. 40837700
File 142766921083.jpg - (60.69KB , 450x300 , Fukkin bored.jpg )

>She bobs her foot up and down.
What exactly are its capabilities, anyway?
>> No. 40837701
File 142766924757.png - (23.98KB , 830x650 , Mystery Box 4.png )
"Mmn, no... I'm fine... just... it's not important."
>> No. 40837702
File 142766931210.gif - (1.97MB , 480x270 , D for Dunce.gif )


Find us some acceptable wenches to partake in debauchery!


>Before the king knew it, he had two pony wenches making out in a pool of mango jelly. Both his Herald and Royal Guard seemed to avert their eyes in embarrassment.
>> No. 40837703
File 142766938514.png - (114.40KB , 900x900 , 10Boo.png )
Actually, no! That's a myth that has, in the past, proven fatal, most notably with William McKinlhay, where doctors' insistence on removing the bullet resulted in irreparable damage that lead to him bleeding out and...

The point is, I can survive these lingering around in my chest for a while.

>She merely nods as well, though she inclines her head in a deeper, more appreciative nod at his supporting example.

Er, yes, thank you, Whisper.

>Excuse me one moment, brb.
>> No. 40837704
File 142766955357.png - (633.75KB , 659x742 , CAVE JOHNSON HERE.png )
Y'all lyin'. But awkay.

Jus' be careful, ol' Hermeh ain' th' nicest sort.

...Well, dearie, you're looking at a mostly self-aware, vast entity capable of navigating through time and space, forging a very special link with the Timelord in command. She's a person like you and me, that's what she is. Way, way more advanced, powerful, bigger and... more ancient than this Saaolo.

I am sorely disappointed in you. It were you who were supposed to wrestle, not some substitutes.

You're fired.
>> No. 40837705
File 142766960054.jpg - (9.42KB , 195x259 , chibi.jpg )

...Right, I still don't really get what it's gonna do.
>> No. 40837706
File 142766960617.jpg - (74.25KB , 500x500 , 8519547_m.jpg )
>Both them frown but then shrug, offering him the flag back and the fancy royal clothing and tabards they were wearing!
>> No. 40837707
File 142766962955.png - (191.91KB , 872x916 , This is how I science!.png )
> He himself seems mildly surprised by her thanks, and responds in kind with a nod, though quickly decides he's spoken plenty on the subject, and returns his immediate attentions once more to discerning the damage, and the processes which she makes use of to repair them.
>> No. 40837708
File 142766964098.png - (273.34KB , 3031x2620 , cloudchaser_salute_by_hankofficer-d5f39nu.png )
>aaaaand im back
>> No. 40837709
>Hitchhiker nods
"Guess I ought to start learning that sort of stuff again. After -- ah!"
>Spying her penknife lying on the floor, she scoops it up in a wing
"After a gigasec and a half with the TPA's resources, field medicine starts to slip your mind."

>> No. 40837710
"Oh, um, o-okay. S-sorry."
>> No. 40837711
File 142766975927.png - (695.35KB , 640x828 , wink!.png )
Smother the Saaolo's being and force the info out.

It's so hard to find competent lackeys nowadays. I'm going to ask for CVs next time.
>> No. 40837712
File 142766980020.jpg - (64.69KB , 500x281 , Blah blah blah blah blah.jpg )

...Is it a time machine or an eldritch abomination?
>> No. 40837713
File 142766980199.png - (458.23KB , 1307x1600 , Extraordinary Girl.png )
There's a new(?) face was at the bar today. A pale woman with dull grey eyes, thin lips, short black hair and a build indescribable beyond 'Not fat' thanks to the dark grey trenchcoat that successfully hid most of her features with her grey pants, thin gloves, and heavy boots finishing it off.

With little fanfare she marched into the bar with an expressionless mask and immediately began to make her way over to the bar, only pausing to give a nod to the familiar face of Mr. Verge before beginning to fill a mug with warm water.
>> No. 40837714
File 142766981056.png - (22.48KB , 830x650 , I SAID I'M FINE.png )
>And suddenly her voice becomes much darker than any tone she has uttered before, a sort of serious determination bordering on addiction
"I seek knowledge, I will find what I seek and I will do what is necessary to acquire it."
>And then she blinks
"I think I'll be fine, there's no harm in learning."
>> No. 40837715
File 142766993404.png - (90.26KB , 900x842 , Mystery Mare.png )
"I'll be fine. I just have some research on my mind."
>She says with a not so honest tone.
>> No. 40837716
File 142766995970.png - (90.06KB , 373x401 , surprise.png )
>Virginia takes a frightened step backward
>> No. 40837717
File 142767000822.png - (523.49KB , 2212x2727 , sixty-three`d_by_DOM.png )


Them's lotta harm in seekin' knowledge without conscience, sugercube.

Ask them victims of doctah Mengele.
>> No. 40837718
File 142767006094.gif - (831.82KB , 500x281 , Oh shit clothes.gif )

>> No. 40837719
>> No. 40837720
We doing this?

She said she will do it.


We are done being nice.
>> No. 40837721
File 142767024896.jpg - (60.69KB , 450x300 , Fukkin bored.jpg )

You guys, honestly.
You never began.
>> No. 40837722
>how is?
>> No. 40837723
File 142767029678.jpg - (49.54KB , 219x230 , Sad Techpriest.jpg )
>...I guess I'll just lurk then.
>> No. 40837724
File 142767029905.png - (90.26KB , 900x842 , Mystery Mare.png )

"Do you not think that I am not a victim, I never asked to be thrust into this form, I had a purpose as nothing more than a mechanism made to grant wishes. Now I have this form, I was forced into it without the most basic of information. Is it wrong to seek to understand what I am now? I have questions and yet when I ask the books tell me nothing and the ponies tell me they do not know. I need to understand, without understanding I am nothing but a burden."
>> No. 40837725
Connect her, Teton.

In three, two, one...


Ohh, she's not going to make it nice for Mana.
>> No. 40837726
File 142767039281.png - (483.19KB , 1024x573 , Bored.png )

You know, all he's really asked for is a reason to trust any of what you've said.
>> No. 40837727
File 142767042231.png - (81.24KB , 367x394 , lipbite.png )
"Oh, um, w-well..."
>Virginia stammers, unsure of how to respond

>Sorry, wasn't really sure which of mine would go well with her. Any preference?
>> No. 40837728
File 142767049469.jpg - (495.87KB , 595x680 , 1425078473859.jpg )
>Well there's no point in forcing anything if you don't think you could RP well with her.
>> No. 40837729
File 142767053175.png - (69.57KB , 153x279 , I`m not 30 yet and I already feel too old for this shit.png )
Knowledge o' life's a matter o' livin' an' experiencin'.

Seekin' shortcuts gunna destroy yew.

But 's yer life.

...Why would I give it that comfort?
>> No. 40837731
File 142767054520.jpg - (25.05KB , 237x356 , 10Trying out the bow --Dom(who_can_art).jpg )
Naturally. Agencies do tend to spoil intrepid time travelers.

>She eyes The Hitchhiker's tool, smiling thinly.

Rats. I was hoping you wouldn't notice that. Terribly useful machine.
>> No. 40837732
File 142767058781.jpg - (60.69KB , 450x300 , Fukkin bored.jpg )

Well, all it's been asking for the whole time is the confidence that you wouldn't kill it. Seemed pretty ready to give you what you want if you convinced it of that.
>> No. 40837733

just recoloring and stuff.
>> No. 40837734

>Hitchhiker nods as she looks over the device
"I think so. It doesn't have the range of a sonic, but it's more versatile. I could get you one, if you really wanted."

>I saw! Do you have a name for this character yet?
>> No. 40837735
>Varmus only smiled at that, and began typing.

It can all end. We will let you go if you tell us what we want. Your choice.
>> No. 40837736
File 142767087722.png - (130.50KB , 900x900 , just imagine I recolored this because fuck trying to recolor blushing.png )

>Suddenly her confidence wavers and falls away into sadness.
"I'm just... I feel useless, I don't understand anything beyond basic survival, I'm not any use to anyone... my only purpose was service, and I can't do that now..."
>> No. 40837737
File 142767101830.png - (144.66KB , 722x602 , 10Oh you.png )
Could you?

>She perks up considerably at this, an eager grin flashing across her face.

I'd appreciate that, if it's not much trouble. I mean, arguably I already owe you for your... spirited defense of my dear ship here, but then I'd have another thing to appreciate you for!
>> No. 40837738
File 142767108816.png - (533.03KB , 840x917 , whutface.png )
Why can't yew?

Y'all wanna heal them ponies. Tha's life o' servitude ta them others.
>> No. 40837739
File 142767114182.png - (197.59KB , 690x1026 , I'm Listening.png )
>A box/notecard that was meant to make silly wishes come true is now having an existentialistic crisis after being turned into a mare. That's the Donut Bar for you.
>> No. 40837740

45°5x' N, 10°1x' E.
Recharge me so I'll live at least a week, and give me any functioning body, and I'll give you the rest of the coordinates.
>> No. 40837741
File 142767119535.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
"Because I continue to make mistakes that seem to have caused chaos through my attempts at learning healing spells, I never intended to create clones of anyone, that was supposed to be a spell to regenerate damaged tissue..."
>> No. 40837742
"...y-you're m-my friend. I-isn't that e-enough?"

>She smirks
"It's no problem. I'm sure I'll find some way to exploit the debt in the future."
>> No. 40837744
>Amazing, isn't it?

Teton, if you might? Recharge him to full capacity.


See how easy it can be? You will be given body if you continue to cooperate.

'Ey, but makin' them mistakes' tha' learnin' process! Plus, yew didn' do anythin' bad.
>> No. 40837745
File 142767144364.png - (8.35KB , 45x225 , Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 7_23_12 PM.png )
> He'd have to do a bit more research on this "hard light" principle they seemed so fond of, but he barely even used his own screwdriver, he noted as he briefly brought it from his pocket, quirking an eyebrow. He saw no real reason to replace it...
>> No. 40837746
File 142767146972.png - (57.87KB , 900x900 , 10FLUFFESSOR.png )
Doubtlessly. Just bring it up, and I'll be forced to come running.

... Though I'd prefer it if you didn't use it to send me into any lighthouses or to kidnap sprightly young mares. Bad memories with that.
>> No. 40837747

Full latitude is 45°51'33'' N.
>> No. 40837748
File 142767147540.png - (430.29KB , 3004x3213 , cloudchaser_by_rainbowrage12-d6du8cl.png )

all i have is a design

and an idea
>> No. 40837749
File 142767153768.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
"Y-yes but...

"I just... what if I end up harming you, or anypony else? I may have not harmed anypony this time, but... every spell I have cast has done nothing but cause chaos. I couldn't live with myself if I ended up injuring either of you..."
>> No. 40837750
>She glances over at him
"And I suppose I owe you as well, at this point."

"...should I ask?"

>Well, I certainly like what you have so far!

"Oh, um..."
>Virginia looks over at Billyfish, again uncertain of how to respond
>> No. 40837751
File 142767180303.jpg - (110.84KB , 1250x758 , mgGK5JS.jpg )
... Probably not, to be honest. Long story.
>> No. 40837753
File 142767187845.png - (523.49KB , 2212x2727 , sixty-three`d_by_DOM.png )
>Teton entered the coordinates and checked what she got so far.


>Billyfish grinned at Mysty, winking at Virginia.
Y'all can't hurt meh. Even if yew tried yer hardest.
>> No. 40837754
File 142767200588.png - (130.50KB , 900x900 , just imagine I recolored this because fuck trying to recolor blushing.png )
"I just want to know why every spell I have cast has gone horribly wrong, and I haven't found anything in any book about this."
>> No. 40837755
File 142767201020.jpg - (172.98KB , 500x667 , 66465a4b8fc3c87a4d2c46e55cad1c20.jpg )

>What that gets her is a 14km wide strip of possible locations which cuts right through a pair of small different towns.
>> No. 40837756
>Hitchhiker nods and pokes at a broken gasket
"So, how's the kid in all this? Is he holding up?"
>> No. 40837757
File 142767203243.png - (2.79MB , 1920x1080 , QUARRI mountain poly.png )
Hm? I would not say so. My actions were purely out of my own interest in the eventual outcome. That outcome included - well, consisted of, really - your survival. You survive, and so I am satisfied, I think.
>> No. 40837758
File 142767206080.jpg - (35.51KB , 680x552 , 160.jpg )
>... and i'm back...
>> No. 40837759
>Virginia gives her a sympathetic hug

"Ah, I get it."
>She smirks
"I saved you, you've saved me, we're even now."
>> No. 40837760
>I laughed at that image. I feel terrible now.
>> No. 40837762
File 142767228061.png - (597.64KB , 2217x3000 , Dude-a-fish_by_DOM.png )
Mahbe yer usin' too much power in it?

>Teton shook her head.

We must reconstruct the body. Unless you want to get the broken one, you ask for time we cannot spare. You know that.
>> No. 40837763
File 142767229863.png - (171.56KB , 1030x1024 , OM NOM NOM NOM.png )
That is not quite what I had in mind, but by all means, if that satisfies you.
>> No. 40837764
File 142767234974.jpg - (149.50KB , 436x1000 , 142705560821.jpg )



..[SAVAge guitar solo]

ķķ by Zakk Wylde
>> No. 40837765
File 142767237959.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
>Mysty was about to return the hug before
"What do you mean? I just sort of do it, what do you mean by too much power?"
>> No. 40837766

Any functioning body will do. In this situation I can't afford but to go tit-for-tat, I'm afraid.
>> No. 40837767
File 142767242537.jpg - (12.30KB , 188x169 , 140267982449.jpg )
>She tries and fails to suppress a twitch at her prodding, but answers quickly nonetheless.

Surprisingly well. Turns out The Monitor never found him; he went and hid deeper within the ship when he realized something was amiss. I don't think I was that rational when I was his age.
>> No. 40837768
Yes, I'm fine!
>She grunts quietly.
Something's just raised my heckles again...
>Still beating a trench into the floor.
>> No. 40837769
File 142767261566.jpg - (68.54KB , 500x692 , 1422591021990.jpg )
>> No. 40837770
File 142767261703.png - (906.21KB , 2104x1316 , firstborns_byRaggsy.png )
Well, yer formin' a lattice o' th' spell an' then put powah through it ta make it happen, righ'? Mahbe yer usin' too much powah?

You have anything like that, Teton?

>> No. 40837771
>She pauses a minute at his particular phrasing, then shrugs
"Redpill didn't give you too much trouble, did he?"

"That's good. I didn't see hide or hair of him myself."
>She chuckles wryly
"Not the best babysitter, I admit."

"Uh, mind if I ask what?"

>Virginia sits there quietly, not knowing enough about magic yet to weigh in

>> No. 40837772
File 142767269934.png - (483.19KB , 1024x573 , Bored.png )

Hurry up then, we don't know what this guy's agenda looked like. Each moment puts us more and more on the uncomfortable side of suspicious.
>> No. 40837773
File 142767277066.png - (172.84KB , 750x1065 , Croissants.png )
Surprisingly, no. I wonder if he was as concerned with your survival as I was. Nonetheless, for future reference, it is far more convenient to send a note with the word "REDPILL" written upon it, rather than displacing all of my medication with laxatives. I enjoy puzzles to an extreme degree, but a time and place.
>> No. 40837774
File 142767279021.png - (96.78KB , 410x405 , 42455.png )
>> No. 40837775
File 142767286029.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
"But more power means more effort, all of these spells were rather effortless... and I still don't understand how that might create a clone of varmus or the other one or..."
>Another pony looking exactly like mysty, but a stallion pokes his head out from a book
>> No. 40837777
File 142767293739.png - (90.06KB , 373x401 , surprise.png )
"Wow, really? I had no idea. Zark, it's almost as if I had to be subtle because my every move was being monitored, isn't it?"

>pokes again

>Virginia balks in surprise
>> No. 40837778
File 142767296020.jpg - (25.29KB , 640x360 , 1423426850661.jpg )
> :c
>> No. 40837779

>From behind a book, I should have said... don't know if that changes anything...
>> No. 40837780
File 142767303437.jpg - (94.35KB , 440x880 , 69eb3388eea2b4c5de300e89c943795d1b34b371.jpg )
>... And im gone... fuck...
>> No. 40837781
>And five minutes later, Teton was hooking the Mana to one of those 30 cm tall toy robots

...Yer mighta be real, real powahful.
>> No. 40837782
>poke poke poke

>Nah, same reaction

>Later then
>> No. 40837783
File 142767314198.png - (92.91KB , 919x1024 , muzzlescrunchies.png )
I would think if you can send a dinosaur through the time vortex with a sack full of medication and supplies on its back, you can send a post it note, but...perhaps I am not so informed of the circumstances as I would prefer to think. Benefit of the doubt, then.
>> No. 40837784
File 142767314943.jpg - (175.68KB , 491x615 , Guess you're right.jpg )

>Lotse starts snickering, then bursts into laughter.
>A squeaky voice emerges from the robot.
...13 minutes east. I want your word that you'll repair my real body for the rest.
>> No. 40837785
File 142767319307.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
>The stallion hides himself behind the book once again.

"I can't be that powerful... I haven't trained or anything."
>> No. 40837786
File 142767332336.png - (87.05KB , 455x361 , heavy loaded.png )
>The dragon!Varmus snarled at the robbit.

>Teton entered the coordinates.

Nat'ral talent, coulda be.
>> No. 40837787
File 142767341373.jpg - (291.90KB , 1141x1302 , Driver - U wot -By Varmus.jpg )
If I knew, I'd be doing something about it! I'm not exactly the type to sit on my flank while stuff is happening!
>She grunts once again.
>> No. 40837788
File 142767347367.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
"But there are only two ponies who have natural talent for magic, Starswirl the bearded and Twilight Sparkle, I read that it is unlikely for anypony to have that talent..."
>> No. 40837789
File 142767350226.jpg - (64.69KB , 500x281 , Blah blah blah blah blah.jpg )

>That's barely a mile across, and it rules out one of the towns.
>> No. 40837790
File 142767353907.jpg - (672.06KB , 961x999 , pfrrrrrrrrrrt.jpg )
Unlikeleh ain' meanin' impossible.
>> No. 40837791
File 142767354690.png - (1.97MB , 2250x1550 , 10Sock party!.png )
Well, you had other priorities at the time. Hardly matters now; it all worked out in the end.

... Maybe I will keep you in mind, next time the little tike needs babysitting.
>> No. 40837792
>She nods
"He was trying to get me to leave the ship myself. If I had written anything down, he would have realized that I wasn't planning on going anywhere."
>Hitchhiker pauses a moment
"I hope you didn't find out they were laxatives the hard way."

>Hitchhiker smirks
"Well, you know how to find me now. For now, at least. Next time I'm regenerating, I'm going to try to rip this zarking thing out of my head."

"Um, c-could be... s-so, um, d-does y-your other self, um, h-have the same p-problem?"

>Thousand blinks
"You're not making any sense."
>> No. 40837793
>...Sorry, can we pause? I'm really tired and I completely lost the feel for this :c

>Or RP in general.
>> No. 40837794

>That's fine.
>> No. 40837795
File 142767378166.jpg - (90.05KB , 500x421 , 238nrd.jpg )
>And i'm back for good... yay...
>> No. 40837796
>Understandable. Sleep well, Varm!
>> No. 40837797
>> No. 40837798
File 142767382995.png - (95.81KB , 743x1074 , this is my happy face.png )
No, I've done plenty of research on the matter. Did you know it's been six years since I spoke with you two for the first time? I spent at least two of them doing nothing but reading...

Though, still I find myself only having gotten so far.
>> No. 40837799
File 142767384908.jpg - (146.33KB , 800x686 , 968.jpg )
>Yep... fucking dad dragging me away to lay flooring...
>> No. 40837801
File 142767397092.png - (1.91MB , 1000x666 , 10Redcoat.png )
Oh, that shouldn't be too hard. In my experience, most foreign substances are atomized upon regeneration unless accounted for. It's instinct; you know, in case you die with a spear embedded in your chest or something.

... Which I may or may not have once. Wouldn't recommend it.
>> No. 40837802
File 142767398421.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
>... my fucking timing...
>> No. 40837803
File 142767404007.png - (586.09KB , 712x1100 , ready_to_swashbuckle__by_robaato-d83tolq.png )
>Djinni yawns a little, stretching out on the couch.
>> No. 40837804
File 142767406147.jpg - (36.50KB , 480x600 , 989151.jpg )
>So... anyone want to rp?
>> No. 40837805
File 142767410323.jpg - (135.15KB , 448x800 , 27f4a0669a1238d57027da006d3f2289.jpg )
>Oh look, a Tanaka is sitting beside her and giving her cuddles!!
>> No. 40837806
File 142767412757.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
"He can't use magic at all..."

>The stallion squirms at the fact he's being talked about and tries to hide away behind the book even further.
>> No. 40837807
File 142767414880.png - (182.64KB , 900x900 , 1425446214317.png )
Hmm? Hmmm heya Tanaka.
>She nuzzled into the girls tummy and closed her eyes.
>> No. 40837808
File 142767418698.jpg - (47.32KB , 650x923 , 2790d0ca7b529098cb171db52677f89c.jpg )
"Hey Djinni..."
>Tanaka purrs softly and hugs her close
>> No. 40837809
File 142767422156.png - (161.83KB , 454x798 , 1426392285132.png )
Whats up?
>She turned a little to look up at her.
>> No. 40837810
File 142767425409.jpg - (218.55KB , 1020x1555 , d3b43f904736691afc069dc5c11efbb4.jpg )
"Oh, nothing..."
>> No. 40837811
File 142767428578.png - (344.29KB , 1000x1412 , 1425442666542.png )
Good, gimme a kiss.
>She winked making a smoochie face.~
>> No. 40837812
"Still no progress on the head thing, then?"

"Ow, I can imagine. Unfortunately, something about this little turtlingdrome makes it resistant to that sort of thing. I entered Salem with it, I left Salem with it."

>Well, that's how it works. Live under their roof, you play by their rules.

>Sorry man. Virginia's still in the bar.


"H-has he tried?"

"Oh, um, h-hello you two."
>> No. 40837813
File 142767437795.jpg - (301.92KB , 940x945 , tumblr_njd8xv35Kf1rak1ybo1_1280.jpg )
>Djinni waved.
>> No. 40837814
File 142767439481.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
>Mysty nods
"Yeah, but he can't use any magic at all."
>> No. 40837815
File 142767441422.jpg - (47.32KB , 650x923 , 2790d0ca7b529098cb171db52677f89c.jpg )
>And she does just that, a loving, tender kiss on the lips~

"Oh, Hello Virginia!"
>> No. 40837816
File 142767444873.png - (152.49KB , 1007x1024 , Stare into the face of Death by Varmus.png )
Thousand, I have a general feeling of distress and i am presently occupied with stress-relief techniques as my car is out of gas otherwise I would be circling the neighborhood. Is that perfectly crisp and understandable?
>She is just staring directly at him. Giving him this face as she's come to a halt.
>> No. 40837817
File 142767446424.png - (100.29KB , 600x969 , stole tetons sweater.png )
>Djinni hugged around her tight and locked lips with her, once the kiss was finished she gave her nose a nuzzle.
>> No. 40837818
File 142767452873.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
>Tanaka blushes softly and nuzzles back, smiling happily.
>> No. 40837819
File 142767454186.jpg - (107.13KB , 340x270 , il_340x270_328210221.jpg )
>> No. 40837820
File 142767455375.png - (641.00KB , 5000x7056 , oh, whoops.png )
Alarmingly little. But then, I suppose that may have something to do with a distinct lack of literature on half of the puzzle, that of the finer points of Time Lord anatomy and physiology. Seems to have become a bit of a problem, attempting to find such things, ever since the majority of them...well, vanished. And or died.
>> No. 40837821
"H-how are...?"
"...oh, um...s-sorry..."
>Blushing, she turns away to give them their privacy

>She frowns
"Th-that's too bad."

>He stares blankly at her
"'re panicking, but you don't know about what?"
>> No. 40837822
File 142767460933.jpg - (135.15KB , 448x800 , 27f4a0669a1238d57027da006d3f2289.jpg )
"O-oh, It's okay, I'm good... How are you?"
>> No. 40837823
File 142767462511.png - (643.89KB , 1021x947 , 1426222116542.png )
Good kisser!
>Djinni said cheerfully.~

>Bear love <3

Ehehhe sorry Virginia.~
>> No. 40837824
File 142767462765.jpg - (40.63KB , 628x587 , Elmo da Nazi.jpg )
>> No. 40837825
File 142767465040.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
"Thanks, y-you are too!"
>> No. 40837826
File 142767467209.png - (95.01KB , 800x850 , 10GUESS WHO FOUND YOUR COKE STASH.png )
Oooh, that's clever of them. My sincerest apologies. Well, best of luck getting it out. I imagine you could rip it out immediately after the regeneration, and your body would be able to heal the catastrophic damage that would cause...

Ah, but that's neither here nor there.
>> No. 40837827
File 142767470187.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
>The stallion pokes his head out from behind the books cutting Mysty off before she can say anything.
I'm... sure I'll get it eventually...
>> No. 40837828

>She nods
"I have directed you to Bonesaw at this point in you timeline, right? He knows a few things about Timelord anatomy."

"I-I-I'm okay."
>she nods, still embarrassed

"Probably, but I'm in no hurry to test that out."
>> No. 40837829
File 142767475655.jpg - (30.76KB , 600x312 , 741528a47437c50684e5844ec22d914e.jpg )
"T-that's good to hear..."
>Tanaka gently hugs her
>> No. 40837830
File 142767476296.png - (271.00KB , 646x778 , tumblr_my5dgyDiim1sqf4u6o1_1280.png )
Nah, Ive kissed one ever
>She snorted and laughed.

Cool, Id figured you slept in this morning!
>> No. 40837831
File 142767482060.jpg - (135.15KB , 448x800 , 27f4a0669a1238d57027da006d3f2289.jpg )
"Well theeeen."
>Tanaka gives her another kiss~
>> No. 40837832
"Oh, um, p-probably, um...d-do you, um, h-have a name yet?"

>She smiles and returns the hug

"Oh, um, m-maybe a little..."
>> No. 40837833
File 142767488955.png - (131.17KB , 682x900 , 10How about some dirty dancing.png )
Oh, of course not. Do try to hang on to this body. Seems to be serving you well.
>> No. 40837834
File 142767489552.jpg - (360.67KB , 1280x1517 , 1426225696740.jpg )
>She gave her a lick before she kissed her and giggled, then ruffled up Tanaka's hair after she kissed her.~

Yeah I had to jump on the bed a few times!
>> No. 40837835
File 142767493949.png - (124.18KB , 500x648 , c288bc7060aa2e4785eb3b655edc9e39.png )
"We still need to go to that amusement park like i promised! How about me, you, and Djinni go?"

>Tanaka hugs her around the waist, smiling happily.
"Wanna go to an amusement park with me and Virginia?"
>> No. 40837836
File 142767498592.png - (87.80KB , 900x722 , whats that then.png )
You have. Thus far I've been returning to the usual place in a more or less linear fashion, save one exception...but, that was only a brief exception. I think I may start making things more interesting, in light of that.

> Whisper quirks an eyebrow at this.

Are there bodies that do not? Cripples and the like? Seems a rather dangerously random sort of process.
>> No. 40837837
File 142767498799.jpg - (102.94KB , 800x450 , 1425439957084.jpg )
>Her skin was verrry soft, Djinni's hair was tickly!
Id love to!
>> No. 40837838
File 142767511292.png - (169.06KB , 725x955 , Joy stick.png )
>God I hate my family.
>> No. 40837839
File 142767515780.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
"No, not really... I haven't thought of one..."
>> No. 40837840
"So far."
>She nods
"I do miss the horn a little bit, but given the choice I'd rather have the wings. And hey, let's face it, this figure looks a hell of a lot better than the old silver-haired one!"

>She blushes again
"S-sorry about that. I was tired..."

"Oh, w-well, um, I-I w-wouldn't want to get in the way, um, o-of your date..."


>What happened this time?

"O-oh. Um, th-this is still y-your first day, i-isn't it?"
>> No. 40837841
>My sister got into an argument with my dad. SHe got money from taxes and my dad asked how much. She assumed he wanted it.
>> No. 40837842
File 142767527521.png - (437.78KB , 600x800 , a8c407fa556937da0e9ebf596ef8ba70.png )
>Tanaka giggles a little being tickled by her hair.

"Virginia, I was originally gonna go with you, so you're gonna come with."
>> No. 40837843
File 142767530224.png - (166.11KB , 930x997 , Do it!.png )
Yes. Immediately following our escapade in 1908, I returned to a time when I barely knew you. Nothing particularly interesting happened, though, and it was easy enough to keep it all in place in my thinky bits.
>> No. 40837844
File 142767531179.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
"I-it's been a couple of days... but... I-I still know much of what Mysty knows..."
>> No. 40837845
File 142767533217.png - (76.77KB , 304x519 , 345788.png )
Nah its fine, it was cute watching you sleep!

>She gave her cheek a kiss and quickly held her hand tight.
Lets gooo!
>> No. 40837846
File 142767538207.png - (342.20KB , 900x1403 , 10I wear goggles now, goggles are cool.png )
Hm? Oh, no, certainly not. A Time Lord body will be functional. Though... not always in the way you like. I knew this one chap, in the academy, who got into a nasty accident and regenerated terribly early. Focused too hard on his eye colour and zap! Looked like an Alpha Centaurian. Had to get used to having a giant eyeball for a face and everything. And then there was this one mare who accidentally spliced her genes with a cactus and...

The point is, it won't kill you.

They can be quite useful...

>The Professor quite unabashedly runs her eyes up and down The Hitchhiker, a crooked, perverse grin crawling up her face. She nods once.

That it does. Mind you, that one was quite easy on the eyes, too.
>> No. 40837847
File 142767558383.jpg - (291.90KB , 1141x1302 , Driver - U wot -By Varmus.jpg )
Not quite. It's... It's like, you know how you look at something, and it's familiar? It's like everything I look at is off, and it's... It's goddamn distressing, is what it is!
>> No. 40837848
>Ugh. People.

"Oh, w-well, um, o-okay. I-if you d-don't mind..."

"Ah, yeah. Keep it in order when you can, it really does help."

"Still kind of miss the first one, though. Cute greenish-blue, my mother's eyes... it's what I was born with and, I dunno, just feels like it was more me. Buuuut I never aged past seventeen, so that made it hard to get into bars in some cultures."

"W-well, um, I-I'm sure y-you'll think of s-something."
>She smiles at him

"Oh, um, i-is it okay if Mysty a-and, um, her o-other self come too?"

>Thousand nods
"I've...actually been feeling that a lot myself, over the past few days. Everything has this vague feeling of deja vu."
>> No. 40837849
File 142767571794.png - (197.45KB , 500x566 , 9686582fd88aab1a9ad142ff81c825e5.png )
"Not at all Virginia!"
>Tanaka holds Djinni's hand, and off the trio goes to Six Flags!
>> No. 40837850
>My sister likes to think she's still in highschool and everyone is after her.
>> No. 40837851
File 142767585817.png - (95.81KB , 743x1074 , this is my happy face.png )
Oh dear. Neither of those examples sound terribly alluring, I must admit. I think perhaps, should it ever come to that, I shall simply try, well, if I am regenerating, then relaxing will not come so naturally as I'd hope, but I will try not to think about what I want to look like. Not over much, at least. Wonder if a donor of a regeneration has more control over that sort of thing than I would. Strange thought, that. Oh, well.

I never ran into the first one, but I find myself inclined to agree, such a form would no doubt be rather comfortable.
>> No. 40837852
File 142767611188.png - (144.66KB , 722x602 , 10Oh you.png )
True, but it did make you look terribly cute.

>She winks at her, her teeth flashing in a broad smile, before turning back to the central console and busying herself inspecting the remains of the time rotor.

You never quite forget your first body... But eventually you get used to the others. Start to develop preferences. Pray you never meet your others. It's really awkward, being judged by your past self.

That is a strange thought.

Regardless! Good idea. I was going to suggest concentrating on not being a warm, radioactive pile of goop, but that's better.
>> No. 40837853
File 142767621574.png - (97.35KB , 788x1014 , sweet mother of mercy.png )
>>40837852 that ever really a problem?
>> No. 40837854
>Hooray paranoia!

"...perhaps. I've never really looked into donor regeneration myself."

>Hitchhiker raises an eyebrow
"Prof, they had me fixing my own holes in the continuum, which means I was stomping all over my past timeline. 'Erin' practically thought of 'Agent Hitchhiker' as her aunt."

Last edited at Sun, Mar 29th, 2015 17:50

>> No. 40837855
>Really wish she would go back to living with my mom....I don't have to live on the floor if she does.
>> No. 40837856
File 142767639146.png - (329.01KB , 1267x2535 , Driver- Whaddya lookin at by Varmus.png )
It's not deja vu. It's more than that. A subtle feeling of... Wrongness, you know?
>She shakes her head.
Right... How you holding up, though? You've had a rough couple of days.
>> No. 40837857
File 142767644250.png - (657.58KB , 2000x2805 , 10Oh, you're burying a body too.png )
Could be for you. Don't know!

>She slides around the console to one of the exposed sections, playfully fiddling with the mechanisms.

So many mysteries!

... Oh right. That is... Huh. Yeah, I suppose you'd know all about that.

You were the cool aunt, right? I bet you were the cool aunt.
>> No. 40837858
File 142767658527.jpg - (431.88KB , 707x1000 , Pay no attention to the panties.jpg )
>Anyone want to RP?
>> No. 40837859
File 142767662222.png - (128.65KB , 627x1275 , Too salty.png )
Naturally. It is not something you yourself need ever really worry about. But what studies I have been able to make suggest it is really the only way I could undergo the process. Personal interest, and all.

> His expression momentarily falls.

As a matter of fact...that is something I have been meaning to bring up with you. When we visited Bonesaw, he...offered me an alternative. Said alternative unsettled me, to say the least, but I was not certain I should tell you.

Now I feel a bit more certain...

That is somehow both exhilarating and depressing, all at the same time.

> He quirks an eyebrow, and dares to step in a little closer to the console, so as to get a better look at what all she was doing. Were they going for a ride?
>> No. 40837860
>You live on the floor?

>Sorry for the delay, I'm waiting on the others to say something

"...well enough. I'm...having a hard time remembering a lot of what's happened this year, though..."

>She smirks
"I was a cool aunt."

>I say to you yes!
>> No. 40837861
>She forces me to sleep on a mattress that is basically on the floor, yes.

>> No. 40837862
File 142767671035.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
>Not a problem.

>> No. 40837863
"Oh? What sort of an alternative?"

>I'm sorry man. Best of luck to you and getting out on your own.

>I don't really have a preference. Shall I roll?

>Yes and Mysty, since Virginia was asking you two if they could come along
>> No. 40837864
File 142767686043.png - (142.19KB , 403x420 , 1S4SZMB.png )
>If you want.

>Aryadne is in the bar, hanging around and being a bored little time lady.
>> No. 40837865

>Somewhere far across the city, there's a warbling rumble...
>And Time is not happy.

>A loop starts settling on the people of the neighborhood. Deja vu is just the start...
>A cane taps its way down the street. The cripple attached to it chuckles darkly...
There is nowhere in time or space you can run anymore... If I have to kill every last one of you, I will. I'll save them. Save them all.
>> No. 40837866
File 142767695691.png - (104.18KB , 967x1024 , no don't.png )
The...kind where he rips all of your regenerations out of you and sticks them back in me against your will.

O-of course, I could not have possibly declined quickly enough...
>> No. 40837867
File 142767697325.png - (114.40KB , 900x900 , 10Boo.png )
>It is very clear that they are not. Even with a less-than-perfect knowledge of how a TARDIS operates, it's obvious that this ship isn't going anywhere for a long while. She seems to be replacing some of the wiring leading to the time rotor -- the big golden column in the centre, currently dark. Presumably some of it shorted out when the essential component was shattered.

Good. Having both is like having a vanilla-chocolate swirl. Better than both.

>Despite her light, joking tone and subject matter, her eyes have swung about to stare at him in keen interested.

You better have been. I'd be disappointed otherwise.
>> No. 40837868
File 142767701437.jpg - (15.77KB , 596x333 , cars.jpg )
Hey, asshole! Get out of the road!
>> No. 40837869
File 142767713088.jpg - (21.00KB , 677x546 , 2086026-adam_jensen2.jpg )
>I think it's time I came clean here, I'm pretty sure everyone knows at this point, but if you don't somehow, I am the one who has been playing mysty.
>That's really all I have to say.
>If I missed any posts during any interactions please point me to them.
>> No. 40837870
File 142767722519.png - (458.23KB , 1307x1600 , Extraordinary Girl.png )

There's a new(?) face was at the bar today. A pale woman with dull grey eyes, thin lips, short black hair and a build indescribable beyond 'Not fat' thanks to the dark grey trenchcoat that successfully hid most of her features with her grey pants, thin gloves, and heavy boots finishing it off.

With little fanfare she marched into the bar with an expressionless mask and immediately began to make her way over to the bar, only pausing to give a nod to the familiar face of Mr. Verge before beginning to fill a mug with warm water.
>> No. 40837871
"Well, hey!"
>There's another time lady in the bar, this one accompanied by a copper dinosaur, and with her forehoof in a sling.

>dun Dun DUUNNNN!

>She blinks
"Well. Um. Thank you for not taking him up on that, certainly."

"Hey, where do you think the young-me learned how to bypass force-fields?"

>> No. 40837872
File 142767724087.jpg - (40.63KB , 628x587 , Elmo da Nazi.jpg )

>> No. 40837873

>The cripple slows to a stop. He stands in front of the car, the hulking suit containing the withered body inside turns itself around, four cherry-red tails flicking about in the light.
I don't have time for you.

>With the barest reaction, the car lifts itself off the ground, floating in the air with the barest raise of the thing's pinkie claw. It holds there for a moment before a massive amount of force starts to crumple the car around the occupants, forming a metal cocoon around them before it's flung unceremoniously away.
Hmm. People never cease to entertain me.
>> No. 40837874
File 142767726817.gif - (537.60KB , 396x432 , 142759905959.gif )
>Be back in a little, going out to get food~
>> No. 40837875
File 142767729817.jpg - (174.83KB , 720x475 , FIGHT!.jpg )
Oh hey, it's you What's up? Still getting yourself in trouble?
>> No. 40837876
File 142767733087.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
"Maybe you have an idea?"
>> No. 40837877
File 142767736693.png - (167.51KB , 777x1028 , 10Sorry, were those your kittens.png )
... Future you?
>> No. 40837878
>You get preggo mare
"Hey there!"

>Later then

>She grins
"You know it! Kidnapping, attempted murder, jailbreak, coded messages, you know the drill."

"Um....m-maybe....Mister? N-no, that's...that's n-not very good, s-sorry."

>she nods
"From the cool aunt."
>> No. 40837879
File 142767754707.jpg - (467.34KB , 810x609 , Lovely christmas.jpg )
Oh, gay cliche stuff!
>> No. 40837880
File 142767757202.gif - (941.88KB , 500x374 , blastoff.gif )
> His response is an equally intense, yet perhaps marginally more bemused gaze, his hooves shuffling faintly beneath him.

Er...Noticed the haircut? I presumed someone had to like it...

Er, yes. Naturally. I say this in warning, of course. wary.

> Though the streets flow rich with the blood of man, the skies receive instead a flow of sound, an agonized, alarmed, annoyed scream trailing through the sky.


Last edited at Sun, Mar 29th, 2015 18:06

>> No. 40837881
File 142767764942.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
"It's alright..."
>> No. 40837882
File 142767773767.png - (626.88KB , 1600x2322 , 10Oh, why thank you.png )
>She rolls her eyes, but her smile springs back to her face nonetheless.

Naturally. In my day, bootstrap paradoxes were a violation of temporal law. Whippersnappers.

... I did not.

>She breaks her stare and returns to eyeing up the central console.

But it's alright.
>> No. 40837883
"Basically! So how about you?"

"Thanks. He's always been kind of dangerous though..."
>She thinks a moment
" that why you wanted Keeper's body? To drain the regenerations?"

"W-well, um....Q-query? O-or Eroteme?"

"Oh, I didn't say they let me do it."
>> No. 40837884
File 142767789567.jpg - (70.06KB , 553x939 , death_korps__of_krieg_by_wolfwing9115-d3ipj2h.jpg )
"Hello there." She said in return, her voice soft and formal in nature as a polite smile played on her lips.
>> No. 40837885
File 142767792014.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
"Eroteme? I kinda like that..."
>> No. 40837886
File 142767793244.png - (135.46KB , 494x400 , 142661551557.png )
I'm good. Did some different stuff besides killing and kidnapping. Traveled a planet, went to save a life, my girlfriend went to the other side. Stuff like that.
>> No. 40837887
File 142767801839.jpg - (63.19KB , 500x629 , 136521517781.jpg )
>Would anyone else like to RP as well?
>> No. 40837888
That's normal. I think one of the Twilights was doing memory experiments again.
Best to just carry o...
...Ooon... OOoooooh, bad feeling's back.
>> No. 40837889
File 142767809943.png - (154.80KB , 756x1058 , Well you see__.png )
Yes. Thank you very much.

> Blinking twice, the cream colored stallion shrugged shortly, and rubbed the back of his neck gingerly. Even in retrospect, he still could not quite believe she was so capable of...well, what she was capable of. Perhaps it was a product of his own time. He himself was not quite certain. He decided then that he preferred to brush the thought off as best he could.

Gets easier every time I do it. Not always sure there's much to be said for aesthetics, however.

I do not think I have the capability to do that. No, Driver seems to think him useful in some other regard. Bit of soul searching, I think. In the most literal sense, of course.
>> No. 40837890
File 142767810620.png - (263.27KB , 1280x1024 , 10Well, you know what good things come in.png )
>A bark of laughter leaves her, and she shakes her head the way one would at the neighbourhood scamp in a fifties television show.

Naturally. Where'd the fun be, then?
>> No. 40837891
>The orange mare smiles
"Don't think I've seen you in here before. You new?"

"Y-you do?"

"...okay, in our lives, 'the other side' could mean so many things, so would you mind clarifying before I'm forced to assume?"

" you need to lie down?"
>> No. 40837892
This is more "Run for the hills" bad feeling than "Lie down" bad feeling.
>She's slooowly gripped his hoof now, and has started slowly turning her head towards the door.
>> No. 40837893
File 142767824077.png - (336.21KB , 1600x2559 , I'll also maybe recolor this one or nor.png )
"Y-yeah, I like it alot."
>He finally smiles a bit.
>> No. 40837894
File 142767833630.jpg - (155.30KB , 540x780 , One of my favorite pictures ever.jpg )
>>40837870 kind of...look like Kelly...

>Said Ary, who tilted her head at the new woman.

What do you think it means~ When talking about life and death?
>> No. 40837895
File 142767832945.png - (2.33MB , 3000x3562 , 836290__safe_solo_cute_cloud_sitting_flitter_cookie_artist-colon-freefraq_flitterbetes.png )
aaaand im back this time again maybe

>> No. 40837896
File 142767833326.png - (657.58KB , 2000x2805 , 10Oh, you're burying a body too.png )
It's serviceable, don't you worry. Honestly, appearances should be the least of your concerns. Except when they're important. Which is a lot. But when you bump into aliens that don't have manes and see in ultraviolet, then none of it matters! So it all works out.
>> No. 40837897
>What would you like to do?
>> No. 40837898
File 142767836729.png - (215.75KB , 400x733 , krieg_meds_by_nicklausofkrieg-d36sidb.png )
"I have actually been coming here for quite some time, it is curious that we have not met before. My name is Emilia, and yours?"
>> No. 40837899
File 142767847821.png - (124.31KB , 905x1037 , Hiya_.png )
A strangely rare occasion for me. Haven't really had the time to make good on my promise to visit planets besides our own. Circumstances being what they are. But I shall bear that in mind, thank you.
>> No. 40837900
File 142767849156.jpg - (65.50KB , 680x510 , 0u0.jpg )
>A slightly dark expression crosses her face
"She plans to leave him dead, doesn't she?"

>She snickers
"The best part of enforcing the rules? Knowing exactly where and how to bend them."

>Thousand glances at her and nods
"I know a place. Should be an entrance not too far from here, if we can get to the sewers unseen."

"Wanted to be sure. I'm sorry for your loss."

>she returns the smile
"Y-you're welcome."

"Hey Cara!"

"I'm Haphazard, but everypony calls me Haph"
>> No. 40837901
>Andrewa nd stellarum dinner? or something else?
>> No. 40837902
File 142767857801.png - (130.50KB , 900x900 , just imagine I recolored this because fuck trying to recolor blushing.png )
"S-so uhm... s-sorry I startled you..."
>> No. 40837903
File 142767857949.png - (128.65KB , 627x1275 , Too salty.png )

Most likely. Does this bother you to any degree? I thought you had agreed it was a mercy.
>> No. 40837904
File 142767858885.jpg - (110.57KB , 461x800 , 1363932161772.jpg )
She would raise an eyebrow at this.

"I cannot know if you are referring to the Kelly that comes to my mind, but if it is than beyond our color of skin I would not say we look much alike."
>> No. 40837905
File 142767867982.jpg - (112.72KB , 900x750 , 10WELCOMETOTHEUNCANNYVALLEY.jpg )
Well, there's no rush. You have literally all the time in the world.

Oh, don't I know it...

>She smiles fondly, as if at a pleasant memory.

Good show. You're the temporal agent this universe deserves.
>> No. 40837906
File 142767868103.jpg - (291.90KB , 1141x1302 , Driver - U wot -By Varmus.jpg )
Yeah... Seems like a good...
>The front wall of the bar slowly starts... Bending...
>She just can't tear her eyes away as a huge chunk of the front wall just starts jiggling like it's made of gelatin.
>> No. 40837908
File 142767886407.png - (84.44KB , 393x434 , 1.png )
"Oh, um, n-no, um, i-i-it's fine.... I s-sort of startle easily..."

"Dead is fine. If she planned to bring the bastard back, then we would be having a problem."

"Was the agent. I got out as soon as my sentence was up."

>Thousand glances at the wall for a second, then grabs her hoof
"Let's move."
>> No. 40837909
File 142767893356.jpg - (180.80KB , 1280x720 , 12342.jpg )
Well...we got her back...

You should talk to her. My girlfriends really nice~

>It's up to you! I don't mind!

I dunno....I'm tlaking about the clothing and the way you both walk...
>> No. 40837910
>thats a lot of interactions...
>> No. 40837911
File 142767895765.png - (92.91KB , 919x1024 , muzzlescrunchies.png )
From a certain standpoint, I suppose that is true...

To my knowledge, she has no such plans. And I like to think I know her reasonably well, really.

> Vindicate decides this is a good time to take her leave.
>> No. 40837912
File 142767907494.png - (424.35KB , 1656x2169 , 10Do you really like my mane.png )
Well, you can always go freelance. Like me! I derive my power from no official authority still in existence, but I'll lecture you on temporal law until the cows come home.

From a certain standpoint, yes.
>> No. 40837913
File 142767907959.jpg - (256.47KB , 820x820 , 1336740741292.jpg )
"I suppose that would be a similarity as well." She agreed with a shrug, her voice soft and with an air of formality.
>> No. 40837914
File 142767909717.png - (336.21KB , 1600x2559 , I'll also maybe recolor this one or nor.png )
"Yeah I know because mysty knows... something about being hurt in the past... er... s-sorry I shouldn't have said that."
>> No. 40837915
File 142767917830.jpg - (157.63KB , 1024x590 , 1419226840768.jpg )
"And which do you prefer?" She asked with a tilt of her head.
>> No. 40837916
File 142767919542.png - (329.01KB , 1267x2535 , Driver- Whaddya lookin at by Varmus.png )
But... It's...
>The ENTIRE front wall is jiggling now, and it does so for a second before the entire thing shatters at the seams and flies inwards, chunks of wall flying all across the bar like they were launched at them in what feels like slow motion, smashing through bottles and bowling past tables where they just kept on going.
1d20 = 6 for damage from flying debris.
Thoooooooousaaaaaand! We haaaaave to... Haaaave to mooooove!
>> No. 40837917
File 142767924051.png - (166.11KB , 930x997 , Do it!.png )
Speaking of law, I find myself only aware of the very basics. Is there a book somewhere? Or a pamphlet? That would make things a bit easier, I must admit.
>> No. 40837918
File 142767926158.jpg - (109.99KB , 762x1048 , Undercover.jpg )
Hmm....what what is your name~?
>> No. 40837919
"Have I met her? Or rather, has she met me?"

>I may be slow, but I can juggle

>She nods grimly
"Good. Let him rot."

"Well, I've been trying to just get back into Hitchhiking, but..."
>She glances down at her dead arm
"...I seem to be a bit rusty at it."

>She hangs her head a bit
"Y-yeah, I... th-there's um....I-I'd rather not talk about it."

>She giggles
"I'll answer to either, but Haph is cute!"

>Thousand pulls her behind a table to avoid the majority of the shrapnel
"Come on! There's a back way through the kitchen!"
>> No. 40837920
File 142767938621.png - (644.73KB , 860x1047 , Wow i have no words for how awesome this is.png )
I'm not sure. Scipio ring a bell? Red head cat girl?
>> No. 40837921
File 142767940479.jpg - (218.55KB , 1020x1555 , d3b43f904736691afc069dc5c11efbb4.jpg )
>> No. 40837922
File 142767940924.png - (130.50KB , 900x900 , just imagine I recolored this because fuck trying to recolor blushing.png )
"S-sorry... I'm probably making things worse for you, I don't mean to but... I mean you've never talked to me and I know alot about you..."
>> No. 40837923
File 142767948668.png - (144.66KB , 722x602 , 10Oh you.png )
Well, I think I nicked a copy of the Ancient and Worshipful Law of Gallopfrey from the Panoptican Archives before I left...

Oh, but really, don't worry about it. Just don't cause any paradoxes, and you should be fine. And if you aren't, I'll come after you and smash your kneecaps in! Then you'll know for sure.

Hm. True, true. Well, chin up! It's like riding a bike, you'll get back into it!

Except you don't own the bike. And the bike travels through time. And... you get it.
>> No. 40837924
File 142767961493.png - (154.80KB , 756x1058 , Well you see__.png )
Certainly. I'll bear that in mind.

I get the feeling this will happen at least twice before I get the finer points of the thing, but really, what's life without a few scrapes and bruises and shattered extremities? Right, Hitchhiker?

>> No. 40837925
File 142767966273.png - (202.07KB , 1600x1004 , the whisper's mark.png )
> Be riiiight back.
>> No. 40837926
"Hmm...not on my end, no."


"Oh, um, n-no th-that's fine. Y-you're b-basically Mysty, right?"

"Maybe. Maybe I should just get a time machine of my own again. Certainly a lot safer than bumming rides of lunatics who will shoot you for offering to help them."

"Hwah? Oh, right. No point in living life on a cushion!"
>> No. 40837927
File 142767972771.jpg - (135.15KB , 448x800 , 27f4a0669a1238d57027da006d3f2289.jpg )
>Wanna do something else until Demo returns, perhaps Tanaka and another character?
>> No. 40837928
Blimey, Hitchhiker, that was one ti--Wait, no, you meant The Monitor. Carry on.
>> No. 40837929
File 142767975224.png - (263.27KB , 1280x1024 , 10Well, you know what good things come in.png )
A life that isn't worth living, obviously.

... It'll probably be more than twice. Just a fair warning.

Might be a good idea.

But it isn't going to be mine, that's for bloody certain.
>> No. 40837930
File 142767975255.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
"Pretty much... besides... you know, biologically."
>> No. 40837931
File 142767975759.png - (264.48KB , 612x792 , tumblr_nbhy3wJpIx1tfzebho4_1280.png )
Should fix that then~
>> No. 40837932
File 142767979018.jpg - (227.64KB , 850x1055 , 1427269187757.jpg )
"I answer to Emilia." She replied simply. "As for you?"

"Very well then, it is a pleasure to meet you Haph." She said with a smile.

>Would you mind RPing with another person?
>> No. 40837933
File 142767989129.png - (246.90KB , 600x1168 , Yang30.png )




.....Have you always been a woman?
>> No. 40837934
File 142767997877.jpg - (110.57KB , 461x800 , 1363932161772.jpg )
She blinked at that, incredibly confused by the question.

"…Yes, I have. Why do you ask?"
>> No. 40837935
File 142768004553.gif - (178.48KB , 600x526 , Gay Pirate!.gif )
...Some people forget! Just making sure!
>> No. 40837936
>Well, Virginia's still there if you like

"I did..."
>She narrows her eyes
"You're going try to shoot me at some point?"

"I suppose I'll have to wait until you owe me a few more favors to lay claim to her then."
>She snickers
"But actually, I was thinking I'd scrounge up the plans to a flux drive or antiirish shield or something. Build myself something small."

"Oh, um... r-right..."
>She blushes

"Yeah, sure, I'm game for meeting her."

"You too, Emilia!"
>> No. 40837937
File 142768015961.png - (381.32KB , 1024x475 , Death_Korps_of_Krieg_by_sunnykoda.png )
"Right, of course." She replied normally but with a frown crossing her expression. "And what would your name be, now that I have given mine?"
>> No. 40837938
File 142768020937.jpg - (47.32KB , 650x923 , 2790d0ca7b529098cb171db52677f89c.jpg )

>And so is Tanaka~
>> No. 40837939
File 142768024889.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
"Do you have a fever? You look hot, I mean... warm, temperature... red... I could... use a spell... wait..."
>> No. 40837940
File 142768030076.jpg - (86.54KB , 657x488 , Young Ary and the sauce baws.jpg )
Great~! I think everyone should meet her...I'm sure she'll be around some time. Think she might be out and about right now.

My name is Aryadne Lite. It's nice to meet yoU~

>She offered Emilia a shake of the hand.
>> No. 40837941
File 142768036768.png - (114.40KB , 900x900 , 10Boo.png )
Aha. Ha. Ha.

>Sharply clearing her throat, she nods ecstatically.

Yes, that's a brilliant idea! That would work perfectly! You don't need a big fancy TARDIS to get around. Something small, homemade-- sounds lovely.
>> No. 40837942
>Oh, and mysty is incredibly amused by this
>> No. 40837943
File 142768050455.jpg - (68.64KB , 900x636 , death_korp_of_krieg_guradsman_by_nonark-d3c7cde.jpg )
"So how have you been as of late?"

>Cool! There's a woman in the bar, my intro post has gone too far up so I'll just list off her qualities.

>Pale skin, dull grey eyes, thin lips, build hidden under dark grey trenchcoat. Also wearing thin grey gloves, dark pants, and dark grey heavy boots. She carries herself very formally, and her movements are measured.
>> No. 40837944
>She shakes her head, hiding a bit behind her mane
"N-no, um, I-I-I, um, i-i-it's...."
"Oh, um, Tanaka, h-have you met Mysty a-and Eroteme yet?"

>Erin nods
"So, undead or resurrected or what?"

>Hitchhiker nods whistfully
"Yeah. I used to have a DeLorean, actually. Great machine. But...I used TARDIS parts in her, and I gave those back when Keeper showed up again."
>She thinks a moment
"...maybe something in a Volkswagen this time."
>> No. 40837945
File 142768057570.png - (92.91KB , 919x1024 , muzzlescrunchies.png )
I did say "at least!"

Very well. I shall accept the circumstances. Take it like a man, so the saying goes.
> This seems to amuse him to some immense degree, for some reason. Perhaps he's a masochist.

Doubt it, but, you never know. It was more an attempt at humor. Poorly executed though it may be.
>> No. 40837946
File 142768064420.jpg - (35.29KB , 415x553 , Haph Human.jpg )
"Great, actually! I just got engaged!"

>She smirks
"You know, of course, that if you ever do I'll be forced to return the favor."
>> No. 40837947
File 142768065426.jpg - (157.63KB , 1024x590 , 1419226840768.jpg )
"It is a pleasure to meet you as well." She said with a smile, accepting the hand and giving it a firm shake.
>> No. 40837948
File 142768066355.png - (949.23KB , 1280x1329 , 142367704723.png )
She's never died, she's just gone to the other side to talk to some gods about bringing someone back~
>> No. 40837949
>And then it clicks
"I oh... S-sorry."
>> No. 40837950
File 142768069548.png - (372.52KB , 1656x2169 , Brofessor.png )
Ah yes, I think I remember...

Volkswagens are good. Respectable cars. Very Germane. Quite fond of them.
>> No. 40837951
"Oh. Anypony I know?"
>> No. 40837952
File 142768074492.gif - (1.68MB , 500x281 , Her down fall.gif )
Don't suppose you know anyone of my look~?

Val? Another cat girl with brown hair?
>> No. 40837953
File 142768078564.png - (95.01KB , 800x850 , 10GUESS WHO FOUND YOUR COKE STASH.png )
See, that's a good attitude. Everyone else gets it in their head to resist.

"Waaah, don't hurt me! I have a faaaamily! I didn't knoooow!"

Gets old after a while.
>> No. 40837954
File 142768079210.png - (2.87MB , 680x885 , 033.png )
>Tanaka idly watches her, sipping tea.

"Oh, i don't think i have."
>> No. 40837955
File 142768082364.png - (87.80KB , 900x722 , whats that then.png )
I am slowly learning that is merely the way of things in this lifestyle. One moment you're shooting someone in the head, the next, you're waking up to find them in your bed. I'm beginning to like it. Far more interesting than Trottingham's criminal minds ever were.
>> No. 40837956
File 142768094204.png - (57.87KB , 900x900 , 10FLUFFESSOR.png )
Suppose that's the way of it. It can be quite an experience...

>Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to pop off now. Goodnight!
>> No. 40837957
AAaaah! Thousand! It's... It's him! He's...
>Driver is just pointing towards the door.
How... How'd he get here?
>She's still not moving.

>There's a synthesized chuckle from the doorway of the broken front wall of the bar. A cane taps its way inside...
>> No. 40837958
File 142768097518.png - (77.46KB , 860x1024 , winter wrap up~.png )
> Take care!
>> No. 40837959
"R-right, w-well, um...this is...them."

>She nods
"Make a few modifications of course, but I think it could work... you don't happen to have any parts your could spare, do you?"

"You get used to it. If you survive."

>The Hitchhiker blinks
"Isn't she your ex-?"
>> No. 40837960
File 142768103811.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
"Well, hello there!"
>> No. 40837961

>Thousand picks her up and begins to drag her to the door
"Ask later! Flee now!"
>> No. 40837962
File 142768112959.jpg - (51.87KB , 600x375 , 1427357594505.jpg )
In response to this question the woman began to scrutinize the woman before her, her expression one of deep thought.

"…Yes, actually, your hair is of the same color and he dresses quite similarly to you."

It would seem she had a cup of tea as well, but at the moment she was too busy conversing with Arynade to drink it.
>> No. 40837963
File 142768116647.jpg - (51.87KB , 600x375 , 1427357594505.jpg )
In response to this question the woman began to scrutinize the woman before her, her expression one of deep thought.

"…Yes, actually, your hair and eyes are of the same color and he dresses quite similarly to you."

It would seem she had a cup of tea as well, but at the moment she was too busy conversing with Arynade to drink it.
>> No. 40837964
File 142768118586.jpg - (135.15KB , 448x800 , 27f4a0669a1238d57027da006d3f2289.jpg )
>Tanaka doesn't pay her terribly much attention.
>> No. 40837965
>The stallion hides behind his book again.

>Mysty smiles slightly
>> No. 40837966
"U-um, Mysty? E-eroteme? Th-this is my friend Tanaka."
>> No. 40837967
File 142768134190.jpg - (47.32KB , 650x923 , 2790d0ca7b529098cb171db52677f89c.jpg )
"Y-you must be Virginia's friends?"
>> No. 40837968
File 142768135848.png - (97.35KB , 788x1014 , sweet mother of mercy.png )
> The Whisper walks into the bar room, looks around at the debris, the hulking figure stalking towards them, and the smashed down wall on the far side of the room, before murmuring something that sounds suspiciously like "welp," and leaving the way he came.

> He takes to his TARDIS, checks the time, and proceeds to slowly guide the machine to a window near the fleeing pair, door held open.

>> No. 40837969
File 142768136406.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
>Tanaka smiles caringly at the trio
>> No. 40837970
But... It's... He's the guy! From the bureau! The one who... Took the other body!
>Bottles, debris, and other objecs slowly fly from the bar forming a sort of material shield around Tengo as he taps his way across the floor of the bar. Naturally, most of the background crowd has either fled or was knocked unconscious by the whole fukken front wall exploding.

>Driver, meanwhile, is being dragged off by Thousand. Not resisting, but not helping at all either.
>> No. 40837971
>The stallion is still not talking.
>> No. 40837972
File 142768151826.jpg - (68.64KB , 900x636 , death_korp_of_krieg_guradsman_by_nonark-d3c7cde.jpg )
1d2 = 2
1: She would eventualy notice the woman out of the corner of the eye, giving a polite smile and a wave.

2: We can simply try something else. Another pale woman could be found in the corner of the bar, one that Tanaka may recognize as one of the guests at Val's party. Her hair was long and black while tied into a ponytail, and her sapphire blue eyes carefully studied the notebook she was drawing in. She wore a light grey longsleeve, dark grey pants, and grey shoes.
>> No. 40837973
File 142768164055.jpg - (729.36KB , 886x990 , e2a03d50b4a36330ce4b39fccd6ca596.jpg )
"So... um... H-how are you two?"
>The two could notice burn scarring on Tanaka's right arm, and on the right half of her face and neck.

>Tanaka noticed her, and quietly walks over.
"Um... Hello?"
>> No. 40837974
"I uhm... fine."

>Stallion... still not talking.
>> No. 40837975
File 142768171740.jpg - (110.57KB , 461x800 , 1363932161772.jpg )
The woman would blink in surprise as she looked up at the girl.

"Oh, hi. You need something?"
>> No. 40837976
File 142768177010.jpg - (30.76KB , 600x312 , 741528a47437c50684e5844ec22d914e.jpg )
"T-that's good..."

"You were... Um... At the party last night? You look familiar..."
>> No. 40837977
>Virginia glances over at Eroteme
"Oh, um, s-sorry, um, d-did I d-do something wrong?"

"Well, he's certainly not here to make friends. Come on, Rose!"
>> No. 40837978
>> No. 40837979
File 142768188698.jpg - (107.25KB , 650x1000 , bacchus-d791.jpg )
The steel giant crouches to enter the room, ducking through the tiny door before straightening to his full height. If he is annoyed by constantly having to fit through small doorways, it does not show on his face. But, that's not surprising. Expressions rarely show on his face.
>> No. 40837980
File 142768189976.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
"N-no, I just um... n-nothing."

"So um... what's your name?"
>> No. 40837981
File 142768190837.gif - (1.94MB , 500x281 , reflexes.gif )

>> No. 40837982
I... I'm coming...
>She starts walking with...
W-wait! There!
>She points out the TARDIS hanging just outside a distant window.
I'm afraid that isn't going to work today, Whisper! You may have your own artifacts that allow you to travel through time, but I will not be denied my prize again! Come to me, engine! Fly here!

>With the press of a few buttons on his suit with his crippled and deformed arm, there's an ever so distant noise. Across town, a massive roaring shout of engines blasts their way across the city, on a direct course for the Donut Bar.

>Chunks of debris start raining down on the TARDIS outside the windows like so much machine-gun shrapnel fire.
>> No. 40837983
File 142768191842.jpg - (683.33KB , 1194x1544 , 1363920226928.jpg )
"Yes, actually." She replied with a nod and a smile. "What did you think of it?"
>> No. 40837984
File 142768195507.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )

"Err... T-tanaka..."

"It was... okay... I cooked the food for the party..."
>> No. 40837985
>Thousand lowers his head and fires a blast of magic at the window, bidding to clear a quick path to the TARDIS
1d20 = 3

"Oh, um, o-okay..."
>> No. 40837986
File 142768210280.jpg - (179.32KB , 600x600 , Bacchus_D-79_full_1717370.jpg )
>...Oh. I seem to have arrived in the middle of something.

>I'll come back... later.
>> No. 40837987
File 142768213810.png - (412.05KB , 1600x1155 , willpower_test_by_nicklausofkrieg-d4gctzv.png )
"Well I must say you did a good job, it was quite well made. Are you self-taught, or did someone teach you?"
>> No. 40837988
File 142768218614.jpg - (94.70KB , 496x700 , 1427622717455.jpg )
>SUH! I could interact with you if you so wish!
>> No. 40837989
File 142768220086.png - (124.18KB , 500x648 , c288bc7060aa2e4785eb3b655edc9e39.png )
>The Social Anxiety Convention has begun!!

"S-so... U-um..."

"Um... Self taught..."
>> No. 40837990

"No no it's just... I feel sort of... bad that I make you feel akward around me... I can't really help it... but still sorry."
>> No. 40837991
File 142768222527.png - (106.33KB , 948x842 , Weather it!.png )
> The Whisper proceeds to answer the hail of debris by leaning heavily out the door, his screwdriver screeching spitefully as he made an effort to disable the hulking brute's signal to the approaching set of engines, his expression one of some deep annoyance.

> 1d20 = 10 !

> No stay here Mortyyyy
>> No. 40837992
File 142768223724.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
"I-it's nice to meet you..."
>> No. 40837993
File 142768239617.jpg - (20.76KB , 160x225 , star-ocean-baccus1-160boxart_160w.jpg )
>Very well!
>He's still, er, standing there. Being large. And metal.

>Good thing that wasn't a secret or anything >.>
>> No. 40837994
"Oh, um, n-no, th-that's fine, um, s-sorry..."

>Thousand winces and rubs his temples. Whatever it was that happened to his head the other day seemed to be interfering with his magic. Gritting his teeth, he tries again
1d20 = 12
>> No. 40837995
File 142768242145.jpg - (683.33KB , 1194x1544 , 1363920226928.jpg )
"Hm, I see." She replied with a nod. "May I ask for your name? I'm Kelly."
>> No. 40837996
File 142768246342.jpg - (258.32KB , 468x1000 , 4rUY0s5.jpg )
Yup...she was...but Scipio didn't seem...she was teh first to offer and had the whole plan....



That's horrifying.
>> No. 40837997
>She nods
"Well, glad you two are still on good terms with her, then."
>> No. 40837998
File 142768257904.png - (641.00KB , 5000x7056 , oh, whoops.png )
> It was? Oops.

> I mean, um. Good day...Blow...fuzz...derp...?
>> No. 40838000
File 142768265131.png - (447.09KB , 748x1054 , 87597e0eb7d7c63019c85b540082c8dc.png )

"Um... I-i'm Tanaka..."
>> No. 40838001
>Nah, it wasn't. Sort of.

>Anyway that was a joke xD
>> No. 40838002
File 142768267939.jpg - (82.81KB , 842x725 , 1417553996821.jpg )
"…Hello there." A pale woman with description here because I'm not typing that in my kindle again-GODDAMNIT IT'S PAST THE 50 POSTS AGAIN nevermind here.

Short black hair, dull grey eyes, a build hidden under her dwrk grey trenchcoat and thin grey gloves and dark grey pants and grey heavy boots.

Her voice was soft and formal in nature, with neither her tone or her face betraying much expression either.
>> No. 40838003
"No really it's... my fault... I just... I don't know the terminology for what I am trying to describe."

>at least she's polite enough to not ask about the burns.
>> No. 40838004
File 142768272879.png - (95.81KB , 743x1074 , this is my happy face.png )
> I don't know what you're talking about, Blowfuzz Derp.
>> No. 40838005
File 142768276402.jpg - (379.93KB , 1400x990 , Vox Muscle.jpg )
>Nothing doing. The pathway remains blocked. Not to mention the amount of debris flying in roughly their direction.
>And the debris is still smashing against the walls of the TARDIS, an absolute maelstrom of bits and pieces swirling about. The effect is not unlike standing in the middle of a tornado as the powerful telekinetic continues to hurl thing after thing at the walls.
>Meanwhile, Whisper's signal is just enough to have the engine go just a bit off course, and the time engine is blasting through the air on a slightly modified trajectory.
>He's cut a square juust big enough for Driver, but he himself wouldn't be able to fit through.
>> No. 40838006
"Um...m-maybe y-you can describe it?"
>> No. 40838007
Yup...but annny ways...please do meet Scipio~

How about you? ANything else besides the action?
>> No. 40838008
File 142768286617.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )
"S-so... H-how did you m-meet virginia?"
>> No. 40838009
"I'm not sure...Mysty always felt happy to be around you, It's the same here but different, perhaps it is just a biological matter due to the spell."

>Drawing a blank... whatever quoten says.
>> No. 40838010
File 142768294768.jpg - (66.29KB , 800x680 , 1363919518911.jpg )
"How so?" She asked with a blink.

>How would Male!Arynade dress in comparison to Fem!Arynade? I'm not quite certain saying "Well, to an extent, his clothes are not quite as revealing. It is simply the colors that are similar." would be entirely accurate. :/
>> No. 40838011
File 142768296770.jpg - (12.80KB , 210x240 , char_58675.jpg )
"Ah, a human," the giant says, turning to regard her. To the casual observer, his expression does not change. But to one well versed in studying faces, it is easy enough to tell that he is pleasantly surprised. A slight widening of his eyes, a microscopic upward tilt at one corner of his mouth.
"Ah, forgive my rudeness. I was not expecting to see anything other than the indigenous beings here." He gestures to one of the quadrupedal creatures nearby.
>> No. 40838012
>Good enough
"Rose, get in the TARDIS!"

"No, that's been keeping me pretty busy of late."

"Oh, um, w-we met here i-in the bar. Um, sh-she was...s-sort of lost?"

"B-biological? Y-you mean..."
>She blushes hard and hides in her mane again
>> No. 40838013
File 142768302331.jpg - (683.33KB , 1194x1544 , 1363920226928.jpg )
"Well it's nice to meet you." She said with a smile. "You can sit if you'd like, I wouldn't mind the company."
>> No. 40838014
File 142768309645.png - (2.87MB , 680x885 , 033.png )
"I-i see..."

>And Tanaka quietly sits.
>> No. 40838015
File 142768314865.png - (28.31KB , 830x650 , awshetdude.png )
>He blinks
"I don't know what I meant also... I meant psychological, I get them mixed up."

"I um. I wasn't always a pony..."
>> No. 40838016
File 142768318111.png - (610.02KB , 1600x1078 , live_in_a_hole_by_nicklausofkrieg-d4gcu9q-1.png )
"Understandable, but there are a number of humans living amongst them as well. I myself am an offworlder, however, I presume you are the same?"
>> No. 40838017
File 142768319244.png - (87.80KB , 900x722 , whats that then.png )
> He was sloooowly getting used to this science wand of his.

> But there was nothing quite so viscerally satisfying as rolling out a nine inch cannon to meet the brute, fuse lit and ticking down, his face split in a rictus grin.

Look. I brought a cannon.
>> No. 40838018
File 142768323773.jpg - (729.36KB , 886x990 , e2a03d50b4a36330ce4b39fccd6ca596.jpg )
"Y-you weren't?"
>> No. 40838019
File 142768328390.jpg - (68.64KB , 900x636 , death_korp_of_krieg_guradsman_by_nonark-d3c7cde.jpg )
"...So, um, how did you react when you heard Val was back?"
>> No. 40838020
File 142768332604.jpg - (151.00KB , 847x864 , 1f5c57b0de097dba83c3d9bf529f778b.jpg )
"I... I-i'd rather not say..."
>Tanaka nervously looks down.
>> No. 40838021
>Driver scrambles her way through the hole, flanks getting stuck for a second before she pops through and lands in a heap...
>Right next to a goddamn cannon.
>She rolls out of the way of the thing as...

No no no no no no no no no...

>Tengo holds up his "Hands" in an attempt to pull all the objects back as a shield for himself.
>> No. 40838022
File 142768339194.jpg - (117.41KB , 717x1115 , Adventure.jpg )
>Like this

Oh, no reasons. Don't worry~

Ah, I see.
>> No. 40838023
File 142768348707.jpg - (703.19KB , 2500x1517 , spoiler.jpg )
And for super duper real this time, I"m back
>> No. 40838024
File 142768348645.jpg - (303.17KB , 835x1181 , The dude.jpg )
>Wrong pictures, sorry.
>> No. 40838025
>> No. 40838026
File 142768354396.jpg - (67.28KB , 680x510 , Electra and Virginia.jpg )
"O-oh, um...s-sorry..."

"Having two TARDISes stolen in the space of a day tends to fill one's schedule."

>Thousand shoved Driver through the hole then dives behind the counter, not wanting to be in the way when that cannon goes off
>> No. 40838027
File 142768357541.png - (1.05MB , 1002x576 , Bacchus3D012803.png )
"An accurate assumption," the man allows. "I am a researcher studying the native species of this planet. Other than their sentience, they bear a striking resemblance to a creature that once existed on my homeworld. It is intriguing."
He gestures to a table, indicating they sit.
"Though I would not be terribly inconvenienced by conversing with a fellow humanoid. If you would indulge me."
>> No. 40838028
File 142768359135.jpg - (61.75KB , 600x905 , Death_Korps_of_Krieg_by_Obrotowy.jpg )
"…I see." She replied after a moment's pause, her expression a bit ashamed that she had apparently struck a cord. She didn't say anything immediately afterword with little confidence in what to say next, at risk of making the two fall into an awkward silence.
>> No. 40838029
>Cara? What are you wearing!?

>Also, there's crap going down if you want in on it.
>> No. 40838030
File 142768362349.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
"I... used to be a being of pure energy designed as a mechanism to grant wishes... and I lived in a cardboard box... I was the box really."

"I don't understand why you keep turning red... am I using magic somehow?"
>> No. 40838031
File 142768368704.jpg - (99.50KB , 514x685 , Req-1.jpg )
>Tanaka just disappears into the kitchen nervously.


"S-so... U-um... W-what do y-yo do...?"

"T-the same mysterious box that gave me a billyfish plush?"
>> No. 40838032
File 142768369209.jpg - (170.56KB , 1920x1080 , energy sniper.jpg )
> The Whisper smiles, and covers his ears, leaping atop the massive barrel and riding it like a horse.

> A groundshaking explosion tears through the bar, windowpanes shaking in their foundations, bottles and glasses clattering to the floor, papers stirred, manes mussed...and a shockwave ripping through the whole building as the nine-inch brass cannonball smashes into the brute's midsection!

> 1d20 = 19

> The force of the recoil sends the wheeled cannon rolling forcefully back into the TARDIS, as Whisper reaches out at the last second to pull the door shut, his parting words made!
>> No. 40838033
>What the what,
>> No. 40838034
File 142768370836.jpg - (223.48KB , 669x1195 , death_korps_of_krieg_commander_by_knightinflames-d3cg8sy.jpg )

"Well, if it eases your mental image, his clothes are not nearly as revealing. It is just the colors that are the same."
>> No. 40838035
"Possibly, I do not have memories of that time besides the last time I was activated."
>> No. 40838036
File 142768377349.jpg - (135.15KB , 448x800 , 27f4a0669a1238d57027da006d3f2289.jpg )
"T-that's interesting..."
>> No. 40838037
File 142768383520.jpg - (37.74KB , 382x510 , IMG_20150310_211820.jpg )
"Oh, um, n-no, um, y-you said y-you were, um..."

"Um, T-tanaka? Wh-where are y-you going?"

>nat 19
>Very nice.
>> No. 40838038
File 142768388176.png - (383.67KB , 600x853 , 4f7204254498d3134453916bc5ccbb80.png )
U-um... J-just to get something sweet..."
>> No. 40838039
File 142768389795.jpg - (58.41KB , 500x591 , Winkie.jpg )
That sucks for who ever has to find em~

Heh, I hadn't meant anything like that. Please. Just cause I show my arms and legs a bit doesn't mean i'ts revealing is it~?

>I mean really. Is it?
>> No. 40838040
File 142768392125.png - (93.71KB , 900x1200 , Please Don't.png )
"I suppose..."

>eroeme tilts his head
"I... still don't understand..."
>> No. 40838041
File 142768394275.png - (0.98MB , 2202x1024 , wargear_by_nicklausofkrieg-d4nzmjk.png )
"I would be happy to do so." She replied with a warm smile as she took a seat at the table.

"I'm a Quartermaster for a foreign military stationed here, we're here to secure and defend ruins and artifacts of an ancient settlement. When I'm off-duty I come here to draw though."
>> No. 40838042
File 142768398007.png - (2.87MB , 680x885 , 033.png )
"S-so... U-um..."

"Oh, i see..."
>> No. 40838043
>Driver scoots into the TARDIS just past Whisper, still to the side and hopefully out of the way of the thing's recoil as...

>Boom was right.

>The cannonball rockets forward, and he tries his damndest to stop the thing, pouring every inch of his telekinetic power into an inches-thick barrier in front of him, which the cannonball promptly decides to not give a FUCK about, punching straight through like it was so much cardboard as he tries to reach out to catch it, but it catches his suit square in the midsection, sending him flying into the next building over, to the sound of much electrical distress.
>> No. 40838044
"Oh, um, o-okay..."

>She shakes her head
"Um, n-n-never mind...s-sorry..."

"Yeah...that was me."

>Thousand glances up from behind the counter, rubbing his ringing ears as he turns toward the TARDIS
"Are you two alright?"
>> No. 40838045
File 142768413148.png - (292.10KB , 1280x834 , orders_and_faith_by_nicklausofkrieg-d4o7abk.png )
"You are showing your stomach as well, but I suppose everyone has their own standards." She replied with a shrug.

>You're talking to a lady that thinks all weather is trenchcoat weather, ANY skin is a degree of 'revealing' to her.
>> No. 40838046
File 142768420021.png - (314.45KB , 900x506 , Check em.png )
...Finding trouble where ever you go as usual huh?

Guess that's true.

>She poked her outfit.
>> No. 40838047
File 142768422008.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )
>Tanaka soon returns with a plate of beautifully frosted sugar cookies, and a glass of milk.
>> No. 40838048
File 142768424355.png - (61.42KB , 800x454 , here__go_crazy_by_nicklausofkrieg-d3jx9bg.png )
"…So yeah. Um, what kind of tea do you have there?"
>> No. 40838049
"Did I do something wrong?"

"Hold on."
>Mysty whispers something to eroteme

>And his eyes widen in realization
"Oh.. I... uhm... eheheh... no I didn't meant to... sorry
>> No. 40838050
File 142768429046.png - (82.64KB , 344x424 , Erin mark III.png )
"Hey, it found me in this case. But, some good came out of it. I got Pretzel back!"
>> No. 40838051
File 142768429187.png - (77.46KB , 860x1024 , winter wrap up~.png )
> The Whisper had not looked so cheerful in ages, as he proceeded to roll into a showy little cartwheel off the back of the cannon as it rolled back against the console with a resounding THUD. He ended up in a standing position upon said console, twirling his cane as he began to do an impromptu little tap dance to begin setting the engines ablaze.

'Allo, Driver. Thousand.

> He nodded animatedly at each of them in turn.

Come aboard, come aboard, and best be quick. As much fun as that was, I don't think he'll be staying down for much longer. Hop up, quickly now.
>> No. 40838052
"Dinner time!"

>"I've been trapped D:"
>ANd sure, who and where?

>it is what it is
>> No. 40838053
File 142768436196.jpg - (778.82KB , 914x1089 , 1417572459364.jpg )
"Regardless, how have you been as of late?"
>> No. 40838054
Silly dinosaurs~

But that's cool....wonder how Scipio would react to her...any how~

What's the deal?

Is it?

>Stella said her ears perking up and trying to find Andrews voice
>> No. 40838055
File 142768438871.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )

"Err... Earl Grey..."
>> No. 40838056
File 142768442513.jpg - (12.80KB , 210x240 , char_58675.jpg )
The massive man politely holds her chair for her as she sits, then moves his own completely out of the way, seating himself directly on the floor. His frame is so large that they are practically eye level with each other.
"If it would not be too presumptuous to ask, what brings you to this planet?"
He pauses, then backtracks. "Forgive me, I always forget the structure of polite conversation. Introductions should come first. I am Bacchus, of a spacefaring race called the Morphus."
>> No. 40838057
"It is!" he replied, voice approaching from beside her with a smile. "What are you in the mood for? We can find the fancies that you want~"
>> No. 40838058

>She thought for a moment, ears twitching a bit as she thought

Um...Prance is fancy food right?
>> No. 40838059
"Oh, no, um, th-th-that's...fine."

>Thousand clambers through the sizable hole left in the wall from the cannon blast
"Billyfish is going to kill me."

>Well, the antagonist just got a cannonball to the gut, but I don't know that he's going to stay down. In the bar, it's Thousand, Whisper, and Driver.

>But if you don't want to try to get in on that, I can put Litwick, Oddly, Fossil, or Haph wherever

"Oh, it's a long story."
>> No. 40838060
File 142768466787.jpg - (244.73KB , 849x1167 , Mai fud.jpg )
When ever I hear that it really means "It's short but I don't want to say"~
>> No. 40838061
"My counterpart is... still getting used to things."

"I mean I like you but... eh..."
>He sighs and slinks away back behind his book
>> No. 40838062
>Driver, unfortunately, caught a much-closer blast of sound from the cannon.
>She says, as the doors close.
>Driver would very much be impressed by this display, if she could actually hear anything. In the meantime, she just looks up at him and stands up.
>She rubs her ringing ears and follows him aboard as that engine smashes through a nearby building to land next to where Tengo flew off to.
>> No. 40838063
File 142768476281.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
"I-it's alright... W-would you like a cookie?"
>Tanaka offers up a plate of sugar cookies, beautifully frosted with flowers and hearts and such
>> No. 40838064
File 142768484268.jpg - (175.79KB , 600x458 , T1325637691845acbca27cd7263113a4ec2122e357115.jpg )
"Oh, I can't say I've heard of that kind before. How is it?"

She would give a pleasant 'thank you' to him for pulling out her chair, and giggle softly at his self-correction.

"I do not mind if you make a mistake, I am quite used to less formal circumstances~. However, I shall now exhange my name as well. I am Emilia, and as you know a human. My business here is that I had originally been deployed here as part of a regiment with the goal of securing and defending the ruins and artifacts of an ancient human settlement here, but since then I have retired and 'gone native' so to speak."
>> No. 40838065
File 142768489820.jpg - (377.21KB , 1280x544 , Jarhead_2005_720p_BluRay_DTS_x264-ESiR_mkv_001744074.jpg )
>That movie sucked.

>Anyway, Scipio and Val in the bar, looks like they are playing tug of war.
>> No. 40838066
File 142768489986.png - (90.26KB , 900x842 , Mystery Mare.png )
"Were they baked with any alcohol in them? I can't have alcohol it... eh, not important, it's just not a good idea."
>> No. 40838067
File 142768493497.jpg - (754.13KB , 848x1620 , 1427674152168.jpg )
>If you'd like we can stop.
>> No. 40838068
File 142768494116.jpg - (47.32KB , 650x923 , 2790d0ca7b529098cb171db52677f89c.jpg )
"It's good... I-i usually have tea with plenty of sugar."

>May we continue?

"Oh, no, I can't stand alcohol."
>> No. 40838069
"I'll try one, yes please."
>> No. 40838070
File 142768500030.png - (345.25KB , 411x434 , 423113.png )
>Took me a second what was going on in that image.

>Djinni is pinching Tanakas butt.
>> No. 40838071
File 142768500291.jpg - (147.38KB , 1920x1200 , NO LEGS.jpg )
>Sorry, didn't boop.

I've been well~! Very much so. It's a great life~
>> No. 40838072
File 142768501542.png - (124.31KB , 905x1037 , Hiya_.png )
Can't win them all, I suppose.

> Him being a bit occupied doing an awkward tap dance on the console of his time machine, he can't really help him up so well.

> Still, before long, the TARDIS begins to dematerialize...

> He smiles at her, and seems to mouth the words "I'm so fucking high right now!" as the TARDIS proceeded to vanish from the air.
>> No. 40838073
File 142768503460.jpg - (315.92KB , 668x745 , 31246811beeaaa3be87328d475fdf40c.jpg )
>Tanaka hands her a cookie with a frosting flower.

>> No. 40838074
File 142768506857.png - (233.80KB , 424x379 , 342.png )
I gots da booty.
>> No. 40838075
File 142768509225.jpg - (94.10KB , 500x280 , 567.jpg )
>> No. 40838076
File 142768512361.png - (124.18KB , 500x648 , c288bc7060aa2e4785eb3b655edc9e39.png )
"D-don't do that Djinni..."

>> No. 40838077
File 142768512607.png - (359.40KB , 439x750 , And if you don't pay me back youre dead.png )
>Ary joins in and tries to help Scipio
>> No. 40838078
File 142768522154.gif - (456.37KB , 358x202 , Welcome to Camp Omega!.gif )
Awww man.
>Djinni huffed like a kid who didnt get what they wanted.

>Valentina gets pulled across the floor knocking over the tables.
Awww you cheated.
>Scipio giggled a little and helped Val up, dusting her.
>> No. 40838079
>An amused look crosses her face
"So the Whisper's TARDIS vanished, apparently stolen, with no lead on who took it besides a cluster of nanites. We analysed those with the Professor's equipment and tracked the material to this one colony, and there on the Professor's TARDIS I reunited with Pretzel. When we got to the colony we managed to capture the Monitor, another Time Lord who had stolen the Whisper's TARDIS. I stayed on the Professor's TARDIS to stand guard while he led the other two to the Whisper's TARDIS. He tricked us all somehow, got back aboard the Professor's TARDIS, and took off in it instead, throwing me into the brig. I broke out, sent Pretzel back to Whisper and Professor using a Vortex Manipulator with a coded message, and they followed the signal of the tracking bolt in my head back to the Monitor, who I managed to stall just long enough. Bullets and knives were exchanged and in the end each TARDIS and dinosaur was back to its rightful owner, and my arm was in a sling. There's the abridged version."

"Oh, um, th-that's fine...I just...i-it sounded l-like y-you were saying, um...s-sorry..."

"Um, I-I'll take one, um, i-if th-that's okay..."

>Thousand dusts the debris out of his fur
", who was that?"
>> No. 40838080
File 142768527495.jpg - (66.29KB , 800x680 , 1363919518911.jpg )

There's a new(?) woman in the bar. Pale skin, dull grey eyes, short black hair, and a build hidden under a dark grey trenchcoat along with her thin grey gloves and dark grey pants and heavy boots. She had an air of formality to her, and was currently sipping a mug of steaming liquid at the counter.

However, this roughhousing would catch her attention, and she would look to the two women with a curious expression.

"What manner of activity are you two doing?"

>Although if you want to toss someone else I'd be open to it, there's certainly one particular ex-admiral that comes to mind.
>> No. 40838081
File 142768534657.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
"N-no pinching... Y_you can do anything else..."
>And Djinni could plain as day see pink bunny undies poking out of Tanaka's shorts.

"G-go ahead!!"
>> No. 40838082
File 142768536820.jpg - (132.99KB , 707x1000 , Hispanic at the disco.jpg )
>Ary giggled as well, dusting off Val as well, hugging Scipio and said

Like you did the other day~

>She kissed Scipio's cheek


The Monitor?

I swear, Timelords sure like to have silly little code names~

ANd that wasn't so long of a story now was it~?

>Ary said petting a red head cat girl onder her shoulder
>> No. 40838083
File 142768541958.jpg - (179.32KB , 600x600 , Bacchus_D-79_full_1717370.jpg )
"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Emilia," Bacchus states, dipping his head in a bow. Seated on the floor as he is, there is a soft clink as his head bumps the table in front of him. He does not remark on this as he straightens, though, choosing to act as if it didn't happen.
"I was unaware that humans had ever settled this planet," he muses, his flat voice somehow containing a note of thoughtfulness. "Fascinating."
>> No. 40838084
File 142768544821.gif - (1.78MB , 245x143 , what is good in life yamato miya.gif )
They were playing tug of war.
>Said Anami calmly.~

>She tugged on those bunny undies.
Awww yeah score! Ammie would be proud!

Sacre, you cheated first.
>Valentina said with a smirk folding her arms suredly. Scipio pet Val and then gave Aryadne a kiss.
Hi to you.~
>> No. 40838085
"Th-thank you."
>She smiles and takes one

"Oh, um, Djinni! Th-these are m-my friends, M-mysty and Eroteme."

"It was more than a mouthful."
>> No. 40838086
File 142768545043.jpg - (110.57KB , 461x800 , 1363932161772.jpg )
"Well I'm glad you enjoy it, I might recommend it to my friend next time we meet. He very much enjoys his tea~"

"Well that is certainly nice to hear." She said with a smile.
>> No. 40838087
"I have no idea what I was saying, I've been alive for three days... I have the memories of a mare who has been alive for about two weeks... I know about healing magic and books and that's all, I don't understand half the things I think or feel."
>> No. 40838088
File 142768551478.png - (355.01KB , 1024x1416 , 8+985.png )
>Said the goofy tanned girl.
>> No. 40838089
File 142768552169.jpg - (729.36KB , 886x990 , e2a03d50b4a36330ce4b39fccd6ca596.jpg )
>Tanaka blushes red.

>It's a lovely heart frosted one.

"I-i see..."
>> No. 40838090
File 142768560105.gif - (579.68KB , 500x211 , Welcome to the suck.gif )
Better tuck in them undies soldier, get it caught on a trip wire!
>She mimicked Ritsu's voice.
>> No. 40838091
>Sorry, should have liked you in there...

"Oh, um, o-okay. W-well, um...y-you'll g-get used to it..."
>She smiles awkwardly at him
>> No. 40838092
File 142768562725.jpg - (37.78KB , 415x553 , ponderous by QUOTEN.jpg )
Do you want the long story, or the short story?

> He hopped down to the floor, breathing a deep breath as he strode over to shut the door more certainly.

By the way, found your daughter. All safe and well. Though I did help that part along a bit more than would have probably been necessary otherwise.
>> No. 40838093
File 142768566975.jpg - (218.55KB , 1020x1555 , d3b43f904736691afc069dc5c11efbb4.jpg )
"W-what're you gonna do if I don't?"
>> No. 40838094
File 142768566968.png - (128.65KB , 900x855 , squad_broken_by_nicklausofkrieg-d474wqq.png )
"Well it would certainly explain the native humans that I have met so far, no?~"

"Oh, my apologies, I did not notice you there." She replied with a blink, her voice soft and formal but with an edge to it from being caught off guard.
>> No. 40838095
File 142768576638.jpg - (34.36KB , 382x510 , IMG_20140924_195516.jpg )
>Virginia happily nibbles at it

>Thousand blinks
"That's good but...I didn't realize she was missing."
>> No. 40838096

"I'll um... I'll be going..."
>Eroteme runs off possibly in embarrassment.

"Oh no... I better go after him"
>And she runs off as well.
>> No. 40838097
File 142768579965.jpg - (296.18KB , 800x600 , 08928e690c7b743467394e295f1453c7.jpg )
>It is the greatest cookie to ever exist.
>> No. 40838098
File 142768581608.png - (207.22KB , 982x1600 , martyrdom_for_boys_and_girls_by_nicklausofkrieg-d4gugow.png )
Another pause would follow this, the other woman unsure as to how to continue the conversation.

"…I'm sorry, I'm just not sure what to talk about."
>> No. 40838099
File 142768583998.png - (211.41KB , 1280x1465 , cutsie.png )
Oh? Pitched quite a fit about it not so long ago. Ah, well. No harm done, then.
>> No. 40838100
File 142768584804.jpg - (47.32KB , 650x923 , 2790d0ca7b529098cb171db52677f89c.jpg )
"O-oh, no, it's okay..."
>> No. 40838101
File 142768586489.gif - (748.61KB , 245x160 , Shit.gif )
I dunno, no kisses or hugs?
>She shrugged.

A pleasure to meet you, who are you? Another of Kelly's brethren?

Well that went by fast.
>> No. 40838102
File 142768590649.jpg - (291.90KB , 1141x1302 , Driver - U wot -By Varmus.jpg )
I may have a thing or two to say if you are!
>She seems to have no idea that she's actually saying that out loud.
>Still nothing from Driver, who is now pacing around the console.
>> No. 40838103
File 142768592726.png - (1.05MB , 1002x576 , Bacchus3D012803.png )
"It would indeed. However, you are the first human I have seen here, so you understand that this is news to me."
He rolls his massive shoulders in an awkward shrug. The gesture looks very weird when he does it. Like something meant to be done by someone much smaller.
"It is of little consequence, of course. Humans are not within the bounds of my mission."
>> No. 40838104
File 142768601411.png - (383.67KB , 600x853 , 4f7204254498d3134453916bc5ccbb80.png )
"Well, at least that's better than what the bullies did..."
>> No. 40838105
"Th-this is amazing!"

>Virginia lowers the cookie from her mouth
"....d-did I do something wrong?"

"Did I? Sorry, I...seem to be having some memory problems. Thank you, though. I appreciate your help."

>Thousand pulls a sketchbook out of his satchel and jots away at it, showing her the message
[Are you okay?]

Last edited at Sun, Mar 29th, 2015 20:28

>> No. 40838106
File 142768609077.png - (124.18KB , 500x648 , c288bc7060aa2e4785eb3b655edc9e39.png )
"Well, Thank you... I pour love into everything i cook..."
>> No. 40838107
File 142768610888.png - (95.81KB , 743x1074 , this is my happy face.png )
> He begins deliberately moving his mouth in an inarticulate, entirely nonsensical fashion.
>> No. 40838108
File 142768614526.gif - (1.98MB , 245x155 , tumblr_n3q5ax3CK21sdebxho2_250.gif )
Oh boy I cant imagine, what happened?

I dunno!
>Djinni shrugged with a grin.~
>> No. 40838109
File 142768617295.jpg - (68.64KB , 900x636 , death_korp_of_krieg_guradsman_by_nonark-d3c7cde.jpg )
An amused smile would play on her lips at the guess.

"'Sisters' would be the better term, but technically I am no longer part of his regiment. Still, I speak with him regularly, he is a close friend of mine."
>> No. 40838110
>I'm like two seconds from passing out here...
>I need to go find some caffeine
>> No. 40838111
File 142768621831.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
"Um... L-let's just say I went underwear shopping often..."
>> No. 40838112
File 142768626169.png - (381.32KB , 1024x475 , Death_Korps_of_Krieg_by_sunnykoda.png )
"If you say so..."

And so unless Tanaka attempted to ask something she would awkwardly return to her doodling.
>> No. 40838113
>She smiles at her
"Y-you're r-really good a-at it!"

"Oh, um...o-okay."

>Later then
>> No. 40838114
File 142768635758.jpg - (66.29KB , 800x680 , 1363919518911.jpg )
"Fair enough, I understand." She replied with a nod.
>> No. 40838115
>Warframe has a lot of neat weapons, but man, Reddit loves trying to come up with weird ideas
>Favorite comment so far:
>"How would you even dual-wield lever action rifles?"
>> No. 40838116
File 142768641077.jpg - (30.76KB , 600x312 , 741528a47437c50684e5844ec22d914e.jpg )
"Thank you..."
>Tanaka smiles.
"I work really hard to make others happy..."
>> No. 40838117
File 142768641362.jpg - (2.79MB , 2830x1880 , 76lima.jpg )
Pfft heh, just do what I do and not wear any!

Thats a joke..hehe.~

>She raised an eyebrow at the krieger, she was curious.

Ahh I see, well I am Anami.~

Doin okay Ginny?
>> No. 40838118
File 142768643229.png - (154.80KB , 756x1058 , Well you see__.png )
Oh, but of course. Hm. You remember me, correct? And my involvement with said daughter?
>> No. 40838119
File 142768645396.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
"I-i'd never do that! I'id rather get them yanked up my back again than go commando..."
>> No. 40838120
File 142768654860.png - (2.33MB , 3000x3562 , 836290__safe_solo_cute_cloud_sitting_flitter_cookie_artist-colon-freefraq_flitterbetes.png )
Alight I guess, Cara is drinking some water in the bar
>> No. 40838121
File 142768656849.jpg - (747.44KB , 2464x1648 , 1418005848134.jpg )
Gross hehuhehe.
>She snorted a little and laughed.
>> No. 40838122
File 142768657881.jpg - (227.64KB , 850x1055 , 1427269187757.jpg )
>Of course I can't ask on skype so I'll just awkwardly ask here: I presume Anami would have been given a different name if she was born a male?
>> No. 40838123
File 142768660080.jpg - (135.15KB , 448x800 , 27f4a0669a1238d57027da006d3f2289.jpg )
"Eh... It's just annoying..."
>> No. 40838124
>She nods.
>And the faces she makes when she tries to work out what she's saying are just... Ohh. Byouytiful.
>> No. 40838126
"Y-you're welcome."

"I-I think so?"

>Thousand frowns pensively

>Litwick makes his way through the debris over to her
"What happened here?"
>> No. 40838127
File 142768669207.jpg - (2.18MB , 3072x2048 , 4-14_Marines_in_Fallujah.jpg )
>Im playing her normally actually.~

I bet.
>Djinni yawned a little.
>> No. 40838128
File 142768670909.png - (383.67KB , 600x853 , 4f7204254498d3134453916bc5ccbb80.png )
>Tanaka gently hugs her, smiling
>> No. 40838129
File 142768673857.jpg - (99.50KB , 514x685 , Req-1.jpg )
"So... are we gonna go to the amusement park?"
>> No. 40838130
>Thosuand nods, wincing a bit at the shouting
[Who was that?]
>> No. 40838131
File 142768681204.jpg - (65.37KB , 417x384 , 1369707261876.jpg )
>She ruffled her mane.
How do you keep it so straight?

Yeah sure, sorry for taking so long.
>> No. 40838132
File 142768688927.png - (128.65KB , 627x1275 , Too salty.png )
Hm. Interesting. But of little concern at present. I don't believe they will let us go so easily. But at present we are...well, outside their reach. Where, then, shall we go?

You have remarkably sensitive hearing. Is it because you're a bat pony? How strange.

> He walks over, and pats her head blithely.
>> No. 40838133
File 142768689491.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
>Tanaka gently hugs her and gives her a kiss.
"It's okay~"
>> No. 40838134
>She ruffled her hair gently and walked along with her.
No problem.
>> No. 40838135
File 142768701166.jpg - (157.63KB , 1024x590 , 1419226840768.jpg )
>I'm aware~, however I'm playing her as if Fem!Emilia came from a world where everyone's gender was flipped and the one day she walks through the Donut Bar door and accidently steps into 'our' world. Male!Emilia is still running around as we speak.
>> No. 40838136
>She happily, slightly awkwardly, returns the hug

"Oh, um, i-it's just...drawn th-that way."

>Virginia nods
"I w-was going to ask the o-other two along, b-but th-they left..."

"...I know of some caves beneath the city. We could hide out there."
>> No. 40838137
Don't know. It was over by the time I got here...
>> No. 40838138
File 142768708807.jpg - (258.32KB , 468x1000 , 4rUY0s5.jpg )
>I now imagine your characters running around in circles off screne.
>> No. 40838139
File 142768708897.png - (1.05MB , 1002x576 , Bacchus3D012803.png )
"Human settlement would go a long way to explaining the culture and mannerisms of these creatures though. I had wondered if there was a connection. They are remarkably similar. In fact, it is plausible that these beings are descended from pack-beasts brought here by early human colonists."
He begins typing on a holographic keyboard that seems to have materialized from nowhere. Despite the large, clunky frame, his fingers are thin and delicate-looking, and he types with a rapid pace.
>> No. 40838140
>This of course happened without her being immediately aware of it.
>> No. 40838141
Sol Tengo, the guy from the TPA! He's the one who robbed the place!
Thank you for complimenting my bearing! I think I took a class at some point!
>...Well, that's technically an improvement. She frowns and sticks her tongue out when he musses with her mane.

>Also it seems like leaving would be a very, very good idea right now, as the amount of temporal disruption in the area is starting to increase. Whisper seems to have indeed been right, it did not keep him down for long.
>> No. 40838142
File 142768715207.jpg - (729.36KB , 886x990 , e2a03d50b4a36330ce4b39fccd6ca596.jpg )
>Tanaka gently nuzzles her cheek and holds her hand while they walk.

"Well, you can come with and they can come some other time, okay?"
>> No. 40838143
File 142768715350.png - (693.63KB , 950x780 , 1409127362681.png )
>Yeah she would of but I dont have one thought up.~

What, man thats..weird. But cool!
>> No. 40838144
>he nods
"You're not hurt, I hope?"

>With Yakkety Sax playing in the background
>> No. 40838145
File 142768721242.jpg - (754.13KB , 848x1620 , 1427674152168.jpg )
>…And then I remember I forgot to respond to your post, I apologize.
>> No. 40838146
>I always go with the Hannah-Barbara running noise
>It was always a bit funnier to me
>> No. 40838147
File 142768727317.jpg - (328.89KB , 800x640 , RWBY Halo2.jpg )
>He get sit.

>It's alright. I lost the feel.
>> No. 40838148
File 142768728565.jpg - (360.67KB , 1280x1517 , 1426225696740.jpg )
Hehe pretty affectionate.
>She kept an arm around her and pet her gently.
>> No. 40838149
"...Rose, what are you talking about?"

"Oh, um, o-okay. Sure. S-sorry."

>Yeah, I have no idea how hair care works for anything long.
"Y-yeah, s-sorry. Um, h-how do y-you manage yours?"
>> No. 40838150
File 142768736387.jpg - (209.23KB , 800x1000 , 48b90faa6c67a82a1307c87e3266f2ba.jpg )
"With certain people... especially you..."

"You don't need to be sorry..."
>> No. 40838151
File 142768744004.jpg - (28.66KB , 400x600 , b7138c17985eae7d125759e60137c479.jpg )
Lots of product! And secrets.~

I noticed ya got a thing for me.
>Cheek kiss.~
>> No. 40838152
File 142768745312.png - (233.46KB , 808x989 , extraordinary_girl_by_nicklausofkrieg-d4dzlkb.png )
>Kay, that's all I wanted to know! The actual name isn't immediately important.

"It is pleasure to meet you Anami, my name is Emilia." She said with a smile, offering a hand for the woman to shake.

"That... actually sounds like a good theory. Though, it would still not explain how they would have acquired their supernatural powers."
>> No. 40838153
>> No. 40838154
File 142768749165.png - (144.53KB , 475x579 , 88e7c16fe86c05a54386d7f04e7b5c59.png )
"Mmm... I do... Hope you don't mind..."
>> No. 40838155
File 142768749617.png - (172.84KB , 750x1065 , Croissants.png )
> Having dematerialized a good two minutes ago, this does not particularly bother The Whisper, who proceeds to step back away, and draw away the cannon back into its place behind an overlarge shelf.
>> No. 40838156
>Did you still want to do something or...?
>> No. 40838157
"Oh, um, o-okay..."

>She giggles

>He nods and takes a seat beside her, taking a moment to steady himself on the loose barstool
"So, how's my mare today?"
>> No. 40838158
File 142768758160.png - (556.05KB , 781x1100 , 1425460525196.png )
>She blinked a few times when she looked over at "Emilia"
So all have similar names or?

Nahhh not really.
>She said with a little giggle, and pet her shoulder.~

Yeahhh secrets.~
>> No. 40838159
File 142768766778.jpg - (20.76KB , 160x225 , star-ocean-baccus1-160boxart_160w.jpg )
"Something I have been puzzling at for a number of cycles. It would not be remiss to assume that they originated as genetic mutations, and were later bred into the stockline, increasing their frequency. It is entirely possible the first pegasi were incapable of flight, and the first unicorns could no more manipulate an object telepathically than you or I."
>> No. 40838160
File 142768773361.png - (128.65KB , 900x855 , squad_broken_by_nicklausofkrieg-d474wqq.png )
Confusion and shock was very evident on the woman's expression upon hearing this, her offered hand inching away and curling a little as well.

"W-what do you mean, Anami?"
>> No. 40838161
File 142768774796.jpg - (47.32KB , 650x923 , 2790d0ca7b529098cb171db52677f89c.jpg )
>And off they go to Six Flags!!

"And... How do you feel about me?"
>> No. 40838162
Ahh, Whisper and I! We went to the time agency to retrieve The Keeper's body, and it got attacked while we were there, this guy took a bunch of other dudes with him and basically stormed the place, took another timelord's body that was stored there! I thought I told you all about it!
Whisper! There's no way he can track us now, right?
>> No. 40838163
File 142768790490.png - (92.91KB , 919x1024 , muzzlescrunchies.png )
>> No. 40838164
File 142768795956.jpg - (66.29KB , 800x680 , 1363919518911.jpg )
"Quite true, though whether or not they were sapient by the time the mutation sprung it is quite strange to imagine what would have necessitated the further development of those wings and stimulated the power of the horns. Perhaps their own archives could hold such secrets?"
>> No. 40838165
File 142768803527.png - (132.37KB , 516x606 , Dom gave me clothes!.png )
I uhmm..hehe.
>She giggled a little uncertainly.
Well, it is just odd you have the same name as my love.~

Well I did grab your butt earlier.~
>> No. 40838166
File 142768808118.png - (538.04KB , 800x1200 , 4ef6c76a2db978011e3bc0e92c3822c7.png )
>Tanaka just smiles, and kisses Djinni deeply, grabbing her rear playfully
>> No. 40838167
>Thousand shakes his head
"Sorry, I don't really remember any of that."

>Woohoo, Six Flags!
>Woohoo being the third wheel!
>> No. 40838168
File 142768814755.png - (326.81KB , 500x746 , 920c91bfc7bfd0d7b525fc6652f44002.png )
>Technically, Tanaka asked her first so she isn't a third wheel :3
>> No. 40838169
File 142768815645.jpg - (57.84KB , 372x391 , 1426530864184.jpg )
>It was hard to grab, it was a big butt. She made a squeak and grabbed hers, picking her up!

>Pfft hehehe~
>> No. 40838170
"French is very fancy~! And I can find the fanciest of the fancy." He grinned. "Wanna go get dressed up?"

"She's alright! things have just been a bit boring today. Nothing special that is."
>> No. 40838171
File 142768821627.png - (144.53KB , 475x579 , 88e7c16fe86c05a54386d7f04e7b5c59.png )
>Tanaka giggles as she's picked up, kissing Djinni more, her small rear easy to carry.
>> No. 40838172
>Despite the order of invite, the other two clearly have something going on that she's not a part of. That's the very epitome of third wheel.

"Aww, that's a shame."
>He nuzzles her
"We'll have to fix that."
>> No. 40838173
File 142768828933.gif - (1.76MB , 520x702 , f8209b1d972e95302afc843149ba7769.gif )
>She set her down and then picked her up, piggybacking her around.~
>> No. 40838174
Would it be one of the places where I should? WOuldn't want to be the odd one there in a nice outfit alone....
>> No. 40838175
File 142768834623.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )

>Tanaka smiles happier than she's ever been, and she holds on as shes piggybacked around
>> No. 40838176
File 142768839503.jpg - (119.37KB , 650x1000 , Bacchus_3D.jpg )
"Perhaps so, though I doubt they will be so forthcoming with such information to an outsider like myself. And even if such records exist, it will no doubt be contaminated with folklore and superstition. The unicorns still believe their abilities stem from magic."
>> No. 40838177
File 142768840363.gif - (748.61KB , 245x160 , Shit.gif )
>I have to go.
>> No. 40838178
File 142768841602.png - (233.46KB , 808x989 , extraordinary_girl_by_nicklausofkrieg-d4dzlkb.png )
"I... I see." She replied after a moment's pause, attempting to regain her composure. However, something was clearly troubling her. "And you know of Kelly, correct? What gender do you know her as?"
>> No. 40838179
>Aww. Later!
>> No. 40838180
File 142768845976.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
>Aww, Bai!!
>> No. 40838181
He chuckled. "Do you want to go to a super fancy place where you need to wear a super nice dress? I mean, that's where I want to take you if you'll go."

>Precisely the difficulty with getting into things around here

She nuzzled him bakc. "Well what do you reccomend?" Siiiip
>> No. 40838182
File 142768862316.jpg - (51.74KB , 509x720 , 1426980438140.jpg )
"This is true, I suppose." She replied with a nod.

>Actually, would you mind if I were to simply go to bed? I do have school tomorrow.

>Aw damn, see you later then.
>> No. 40838183
That's not exactly doing a good job of reassuring me!
It's okay, I didn't talk about it that much!
>> No. 40838184
File 142768871521.png - (87.80KB , 900x722 , whats that then.png )
Well, I would so hate to lie to you, Driver. I shall do my best to evade them.
>> No. 40838185
File 142768874087.jpg - (235.49KB , 1714x1143 , 24137355.jpg )
>No ones stopping you from joining in or asking, just yourselves.
>> No. 40838186
>No problem, RL comes first.

>Good night!
>> No. 40838187
I'll go! I just want to make sure that we're going somewhere where I should be wearing taht
>> No. 40838188
>Lucy? Skype?
>> No. 40838189
"Hehe, we totally are." He added
>> No. 40838190
File 142768893869.jpg - (99.50KB , 514x685 , Req-1.jpg )
>> No. 40838191
>He puts an arm around her and smiles
"Weeell...we could see a movie?"

"So, what's the plan?"

>Yes, but she's not into girls
>> No. 40838192
File 142768906982.png - (1.12MB , 600x486 , ff0060d2d479192a2394dd1a303ffbdd.png )
>Who ever said Tanaka wanted to be anything but friends with her?
>> No. 40838193
>And that my characters are just not really in the same kind of crowd tha tall the good stuff happens around here in with

"A movie sounds cool! Been a while since we seen one of those I remember doing that a lot." She coo'd
>> No. 40838194
File 142768916425.jpg - (20.23KB , 624x352 , lets find out.jpg )
> Define "good stuff."
>> No. 40838195
>It's about at this point that the TARDIS' sensors are picking up a traveling object, coming in fast!
Well, we figure out what this guy wants, and give it to him if it's reasonable, or stop him if it's...
What's that beeping?



>> No. 40838196
>That's what makes it a third-wheel. The other two are just starting dating. She's along, but not part of that.

>He smiles at her
"It has been too long, hasn't it. What do you want to see?"
>> No. 40838197
File 142768921345.jpg - (109.08KB , 500x796 , 034baec46e8910bc20a92540ad89ea11.jpg )
>My character's don't particularly do any of the action packed stuff
>> No. 40838198
File 142768925232.jpg - (11.23KB , 320x174 , bumper.jpg )
Oh, shit, we hit a space deer.
>> No. 40838199
File 142768929782.jpg - (114.98KB , 835x957 , 0ff6f20349727b389dbbeebc0563353f.jpg )
>Well, if they were going out on a date, yes.
>If it's three friends going to an amusement park, even if two are dating, it isn't a third wheel, so long as the third person feels involved enough
>> No. 40838200
File 142768932271.png - (538.67KB , 600x495 , Mein Gott.png )
>> No. 40838201

Where should I change?
>> No. 40838202
>Okay, touche. I'm mostly being facetious anyway.

>And everyone dies. The end!
>> No. 40838203
File 142768945111.jpg - (12.80KB , 210x240 , char_58675.jpg )
There is a giant metal man sitting on the floor if anyone is interested!
>> No. 40838204
File 142768949545.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
>Be back shortly, then wanna rp?
>> No. 40838205
File 142768950685.jpg - (152.43KB , 640x720 , PC plans.jpg )
> I am interested!

> I am also unconcheflibble!
>> No. 40838206

>Who would you like with him?
>> No. 40838207
File 142768961945.jpg - (20.76KB , 160x225 , star-ocean-baccus1-160boxart_160w.jpg )



>Someone who either wants to talk about hypothetical sciencey things with him, or wants to let him study them, for SCIENCE!
>> No. 40838208
>Arcs and development

>The kind of stuff I used to be afraid of before 6A, but now im liking this kind of stuff and lvoe it there and wish i could do it more here

"Um... Well how about we head to the theatre and see what's out?" She asked with a smile

"The bathroom?"
>> No. 40838209
File 142768968164.gif - (931.89KB , 258x258 , BIRD.gif )
> otay

> Talk to me tomorrow, I'll see if I can't help you there. Goodnight~!
>> No. 40838210
>Fossil Ridge it is!
>A green mare trots into the bar

"Sounds good."
>He nuzzles her a bit, then stands up
>> No. 40838211
I uh...might need some help....
>> No. 40838212
File 142769014042.jpg - (107.25KB , 650x1000 , bacchus-d791.jpg )
Where she would see a large humanoid figure, sitting on the floor. And by large, I mean that were he standing, the top of his head would scrape the ceiling rafters. Seated as he is, he is still taller than most ponies.
He is typing on a floating keyboard, most likely composed of either a hologram or some other form of projection.
>> No. 40838213
File 142769022588.jpg - (646.90KB , 1581x2157 , Stonebones001.jpg )
>She stares blankly for a moment
"...well, that's certainly new."
>> No. 40838214
File 142769040067.jpg - (20.76KB , 160x225 , star-ocean-baccus1-160boxart_160w.jpg )
The man looks up at her remark, his expression flat and neutral. The keyboard disappears seemingly as soon as his attention leaves it.
"Greetings," he says, his voice as empty of tone and expression as his face.
>> No. 40838215
>Oops. I have derped.
>> No. 40838216
File 142769049401.jpg - (73.18KB , 624x832 , IMG_20150104_132755.jpg )
>She blinks
"Yes, um, hello."
>> No. 40838217
>Well gnight then~!

She smiled and stood up after he did, then giggled as she hoped up onto his back

"..Oh! Uh, alright, I can do that!" he sheepishly replied, looking around. "Where's your clothes>?"
>> No. 40838218
File 142769059091.jpg - (14.46KB , 447x458 , 077.jpg )
>And i am back~
>> No. 40838219
File 142769064401.jpg - (12.80KB , 210x240 , char_58675.jpg )
"Is there something you require?" he asks, tilting his head to one side. "I would be happy to offer whatever assistance is within my ability."
>> No. 40838220
>Chuckling a bit, he glances back at her
"Comfortable up there?"

>I offer pony

"Well... if you would satisfy my curiosity for a moment, what are you?"
>> No. 40838221
File 142769082277.png - (2.87MB , 680x885 , 033.png )
>Accepts pony
>> No. 40838222
In these bags...

>She said shuffling around, trying to find it before stopping

Erm....lost track of em...ehehe
>> No. 40838223
"Ummm" Andrew blinked about a bit. "Eheh... mm... did you leave them like, wherever you rested maybe?" or I could say back at his house if you wanna assume they moved in by now and jsut play out the meeting Dulset whenever his internet comes backc

"Yup! You alright with me up here?" She giggled
>> No. 40838224
File 142769099988.png - (1.05MB , 1002x576 , Bacchus3D012803.png )
"I am a researcher, primarily." It is kind of hard to tell, but the corner of his mouth may have perked upward a tiny fraction. Oh good, he's aware that he's being facetious.
"My name is Bacchus D-79, of the Morphus. An alien, if that answers your question, but I suppose the more fitting answer would be that I am a cyborg."
>> No. 40838225
File 142769100748.png - (130.50KB , 900x900 , just imagine I recolored this because fuck trying to recolor blushing.png )
>I'm not entirely sure that helped but I'm less tired now
>> No. 40838226
>Virginia, or somepony else?
>> No. 40838227
>We could assume that.

>Would like to RP Stella getting into her room though
>> No. 40838228
>Meanwhile, before all the shenanigans with KNOCKING DOWN THE WALLS happened...

>Driver was in the bar! Having a beer!
>> No. 40838229
File 142769115254.jpg - (296.18KB , 800x600 , 08928e690c7b743467394e295f1453c7.jpg )
>yes please~
>> No. 40838230
File 142769120409.jpg - (135.15KB , 448x800 , 27f4a0669a1238d57027da006d3f2289.jpg )
>There is a girl behind the bar cooking something good smelling~!
>> No. 40838231
"Not at all. Though it makes it a little harder for me to stare at you."

>The mare nods
"I...see. Human?"

>Welcome back

>Virginia in the bar!
>> No. 40838233
File 142769135798.jpg - (729.36KB , 886x990 , e2a03d50b4a36330ce4b39fccd6ca596.jpg )
>And tanaka is in the kitchen, putting buns in the oven~!