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40848677 No. 40848677
#Open #Canon: DE Rebirth #Fresh start #Chill #Lighthearted #Crossover #General #Power Limit #Normal

Something about this place seems familiar...
At the same time, though, nobody's here. Seems like a nice place to move in and make a new start.

>For information and discussion about this new canon:
>While the canon as a whole is anything-goes, as it's just starting up, please try to keep things somewhat normal for the time being.
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>> No. 40848725
File 142842634404.jpg - (80.29KB , 1278x1500 , Content (3DS).jpg )
>A blue pony is dragging a few wooden crates in a wheelbarrow behind himself. Rather scrawny little guy, though; he had to keep stopping to catch his breath.
>> No. 40849031
A single pony would take notice at this unknown blue pony and see him struggling with his wheelbarrow. He then stops beside him.

"Eh... you alright there? Would you like some help?"
>> No. 40849080
File 142843937950.jpg - (21.72KB , 456x500 , Wha (3DS).jpg )
"Ah, no need. I'm almost there... I think. Am I?"
>He thought a bit, his fur turning orange.
"...yeeeeah, I need some help."

To any D:E veterans, I did consider getting rid of the color-changing fur, but I eventually decided to keep it because it had both an explanation and a logical drawback.
>> No. 40849113
Critical gave a look of shock and awe but quickly returned to neutral.

"My name's Critical Hit but you can just call me Crit since my full name is a bit long."

His horn glowed a red color and the cart was soon enveloped in a magic aura and it then levitated about a few inches off the ground.

"I don't think I've met, much less conceived the idea of a pony who's coat changes color... well except in a book I once read. Anyways what's your name."

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>> No. 40849142
File 142844270589.jpg - (20.83KB , 414x500 , Happy (3DS).jpg )
>Baffle smiled.
Oh, nice to meet you. I'm Bartholom- er... Baffle Blend. Heheh... Sorry, just getting out on my own, not used to not calling myself by my full name yet...

As for my fur, blame an incident involving Poison Joke and my mother. It's a long story.
>> No. 40849157
"Poison joke huh? Well this world is full of crazy things and I seen my fair share. I'm actually a bit used to it and all. When your coat changed colors I first thought you were using some sort of gelatin but now it seems to be some sort of supernatural phenomenon. So where you headed? Judging by the heavy load, you were probably heading off to the market to sell whatever is in these crates."
>> No. 40849175
File 142844386323.jpg - (20.83KB , 414x500 , Happy (3DS).jpg )
"I was off to set up my own market, actually. I finally saved up enough to buy a building and open up my own business."
>He grinned proudly.
"I'm gonna' make myself a restauranteur."
>> No. 40849196
"A restauranteur, not my choice of life but hey I don't judge. I'm more of a gambling drifter. Well lets get this to where you need because this may seem easy but it requires a good amount of focus and I don't want to drop this and set you back a few years."
>> No. 40849210
File 142844492911.jpg - (21.72KB , 456x500 , Wha (3DS).jpg )
"Yeah... um... The thing is, I... don't... really... know which building I want yet... So maybe you should put those down for now..."
>> No. 40849222
Crit sets down the wheelbarrow and gave a concerned look over to Baffle.

"My friend, you worked up to get what you need to start a business, money, supplies, location yet you don't have a specific place to set up shop. I'm not going to lie, life is going to be hard for you. Let's get over to the mayor's office, she the bureaucratic type that will get you set up and on your way. Besides I'm sure you'll need a permit of some sort."
>> No. 40849248
File 142844622464.jpg - (21.60KB , 413x500 , Sad (3DS).jpg )
"Yeah, I... didn't really think this through, did I... Yeah, let's go there."
>> No. 40849291
So the two goes into town hall after Crit levitated Baffle's things and of course leaving them outside since it would really shouldn't be in there.
Sorry I moved us around like that, it's just that I've been on a thread before that died because the DM wouldn't move us to where we needed to go. Since I'm just a player here, it wouldn't be right of me doing this since this is your canon and your world. My advice would be, move the players if they are discussing where to go and only after they agree on a location or they split up.

"So here we are now, we just need to find Madame Mayor."
>> No. 40849365
File 142845167072.jpg - (20.76KB , 449x500 , Hmmm (3DS).jpg )
"Yeah... I should probably do this myself. Can you make sure nobody takes my stuff?"

I'll have his meeting with Mayor Mare offscreen. I don't exactly feel confident playing a canon character.
>> No. 40849418
"Sure thing and good luck."

Crit the leaves back outside and leans up against the cart. Staring at the ground he pondered on what he was going to do next.
>> No. 40850440
File 142854177865.jpg - (20.76KB , 449x500 , Hmmm (3DS).jpg )
>Baffle returned a little while later.
Well, there was a few back and forths with real estate, but there's a building I can use not too far away.
>> No. 40851098
Crit once again lifted the cart with a spell.

"Well let's get a move on then. I'll bet it will be nice to settle down and set up shop huh? Gonna have to make sure to check out your restaurant one day because I've got a feeling the food will be nice."
>> No. 40851106
"I sure hope so. My family's been in the restaurant business for generations, and now it's finally my turn."

>He walked a bit, until he found the address. The building was... a greenhouse that had move not too long ago.

"Huh... Weird place for them to give me... But, uh... I'm sure I can fix it up."
>> No. 40851116
Wait a greenhouse as in painted green or a greenhouse as in the kind you grow vegetables in?
>> No. 40851123
File 142862298442.png - (13.09KB , 268x260 , bfhmm.png )
The kind vegetables are grown in.

"Yeeeah, there's definitely been some kind of mixup here... but, um... I think I know what to do."
>> No. 40851160
"Well look at it like this, if you buy some seeds from the local farmers then you can grow your own produce and become self sufficient."

Crit then sets the wheelbarrow down and opens the door of the greenhouse.

"I wonder who the previous owners were. They must've been some sort of florists."
>> No. 40851165
File 142862611893.png - (134.10KB , 905x1000 , Baffle by Snowflame.png )
>Baffle walked in.
"Well, whoever they were, they did pretty well for themselves."
>He trotted around a bit, getting a feel for the place.
>> No. 40851173
"I'm sure you'll do fine and all. As for me, I think I'll be of to do some dungeon diving in that old castle of the two sisters in the Everfree Forest. I heard there may be a few treasures that would go for a good number of bits."
>> No. 40851177
File 142862757441.png - (13.45KB , 279x273 , bfworried.png )
Ah, an adventurer? I never really could explore, myself... between you and me, um... I'm kind of a total coward.
>> No. 40851180
"I've been adventuring for a while now and I'm pretty good at it. It's all in the dice roll! I just hope to make a fortune by selling what I find and then doubling it at a blackjack table. Yep that's the life of me. After this I plan on doing a tour of Equestria. Basically I visit each and every area here in Equestria and see what the land has to offer."
>> No. 40851343
File 142865468285.png - (35.67KB , 456x500 , Classic- Wha.png )
"That sounds... risky."
>He got out a large roll of measuring tape from one of the crates and started taking measurements of the floor as he talked.
"Find anything interesting, though?"

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 01:31

>> No. 40851890
"Nah not really, I've just started my tour really"

Don't wanna make a list of achievements without a list of achievements.
>> No. 40851918
File 142870478740.png - (99.98KB , 611x724 , Baffle by DeckyHooves.png )
>One of the crates was filled with... black and white marble slabs. Baffle pulled them out and tiled them on the floor, one by one, talking as he went.
"Well, if you're going adventuring soon, then you'll probably want to put together a team of... something. Otherwise, you won't have any witnesses, and ponies might think you'll be telling them about 'the one that got away', so to speak, if nobody can vouch for you."
>> No. 40851951
"I don't think that many of the residents here are up to the task. I mean no disrespect of course but I heard the stories about this place. I just don't believe anypony here would be willing to set hoof into the forest let alone the ruins."
>> No. 40852087
File 142871578494.png - (13.45KB , 279x273 , bfworried.png )
"I think the two of us have heard different stories. I only came here to set up shop because it's where my great grandparents lived... Otherwise, I wouldn't even have considered such a dangerous town... -Oh, mind stepping aside for a sec?"
>His tiling had reached the spot where Crit was standing.
>> No. 40852111
"Oh sorry about that."

He steps over and out of Baffle's way.

"You say this place is dangerous. What makes it so?"
>> No. 40852421
File 142874358183.png - (26.96KB , 540x230 , Zzzzzzzzzzzz.png )
"I mean, of course you've heard about when that Discord... thing made it his capital city a couple years ago? And I heard there was even a Cerberus attack not too long after that...
Maybe I pay attention to the news too much, though."
>He panted after he put down the last tile, and wiped his sweaty forehead as he sat down for a bit.
>> No. 40853363
"Oh well yeah there that stuff."

He shrugs.

"Well I suppose I'll shove off now. It was nice to make your acquaintance."
>> No. 40853379
File 142884676373.png - (27.71KB , 484x226 , I like clouds.png )
"Likewise. Remember where this is!"
>He smiled, staying on the spot to catch his breath.
>Dammit, I've gotta stop pushing myself like this... he thought. Just a little at a time...

Last edited at Sun, Apr 12th, 2015 06:53

>> No. 40853405
"Uh do you need medical attention?"

I've been thinking that instead of being an adventurer, I should rather start a gambling parlor since this a chill thread.
>> No. 40853474
File 142885320484.png - (13.45KB , 279x273 , bfworried.png )
"Wha? No, I'm alright."
>You're really not, he thought to himself.
"I can manage."
>You need help.
"I should probably get back to work."
>Take your damn medicine and sit down, you're going to give yourself another heart attack!

...uh... Mind staying and helping for a bit?... I'll pay you for it."

That seems like something plausible, yes. You ARE allowed to TALK ABOUT adventure in chill threads, though, of course.
>> No. 40853558
Critical gave a concerned look and responded.

"Sure, what needs to be done around here?"
>> No. 40853741
File 142886874286.png - (13.09KB , 268x260 , bfhmm.png )
>He sat upright.
"Well, it would be nice to have the stools all set up... Can you get me the drill? It's in the top crate."
>He stretched out and focused on a less labor-intensive job himself; setting down a few plywood sheets where the main counter was going to go and drawing a chalk outline around them.
"You said you were a gambling drifter? Win anything unusual lately?"
>> No. 40853993
File 142888061230.png - (252.17KB , 696x805 , shoot to kill now in Technicolor.png )
A old airship had slowed it's moments over the old town. Mystic finds a clearing not to far from town and dropped anchor in the old town.
she walked into the familiar city singing an old shanty with her violin in her bag.

Last edited at Sun, Apr 12th, 2015 16:29

>> No. 40854010
File 142888195583.png - (35.67KB , 456x500 , Classic- Wha.png )
"I'll be right back, Crit, I'm just getting some air."
>He walked out of the greenhouse-about-to-turn-restaurant and noticed the singing mare.
"Huh... I wonder who that is."
>He trotted in her direction.
>> No. 40854031
File 142888414056.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x2000 , 20150118_234330.jpg )
"oh the voyage is done and the-"
she looked up at him and smiled
"Ahoy there' laddy..." she said looking around
"Ya know...this place was filled with ponies last time I been ' neme's Mystic...Captain Mystic Bolt o' that fine ship over there." she said pointing back at the Concerto. she was a spikey maned white unicorn with crimson eyes and her accent pointed to her Trottingham heritage.
>> No. 40854042
File 142888532315.png - (134.10KB , 905x1000 , Baffle by Snowflame.png )
Oh hi, my name's Baffle. It's nice to meet y-Ooh.
>He whistled, impressed at the sight of the airship in the distance.
That yours?
>> No. 40854052
File 142888654934.png - (342.57KB , 444x497 , 3d mystic.png )
"Aye It be~"
she smiled as him giggling a bit.
"Noice to meet you too is there anywhere to get a good spot of tea or maybe the creature?"
>> No. 40854067
File 142888743641.png - (35.67KB , 456x500 , Classic- Wha.png )
"...pardon me?"
>> No. 40854071
File 142888763377.png - (110.97KB , 900x1125 , the_things_i_have_to_put_with____by_mamandil-d56dnwo.png )
She sighed
"Sorry love I forget you equestrians don't speak trotish English...Do you have a cafe or a bar or a combination of the two?....I'm a bit hungry if you will."
>> No. 40854081
File 142888833548.png - (33.25KB , 449x500 , Classic- Hmmm.png )
Well, I don't know where any are right this moment, but I'll have one set up soon. It's... under construction right now, though.
>> No. 40854085
File 142888865861.jpg - (1.90MB , 2448x3264 , 20150118_105632.jpg )
She shrugged and looked out to her ship and back at him
"well shucks...well then...I'll many of these cabins are empty?....this is quite peculiar...not ten years ago...this place was quite busy"
she didn't look a day over twenty.

Last edited at Sun, Apr 12th, 2015 18:31

>> No. 40854086
File 142888901961.png - (13.45KB , 279x273 , Classic OCPG- Worried.png )
"I don't know... From what I heard, something weird happened, but I'm trying not to think about it too hard. I'll just get paranoid if I do that... I mean, even more than I already am."
>> No. 40854089
File 142888924763.png - (342.57KB , 444x497 , 3d mystic.png )
she blinks "huh...odd.."
she said in response
"Do you change colours?....That's pretty amazing.."
>> No. 40854091
File 142888980020.png - (29.58KB , 378x454 , Dang fleas.png )
"Yyyyyeeeeeeah, it's a birth defect..."
>He scratched his ear nervously.
>> No. 40854093
File 142889032684.jpg - (895.11KB , 3264x2448 , 20150118_105658.jpg )
"I wouldn't call it a makes you unique."
she shrugged
" Baffle...what is there to do in this town?"
>> No. 40854129
File 142889268490.png - (22.41KB , 945x945 , Shrugpony Baffle.png )
>He shrugged.
"I just moved here myself... I guess we can find out together."

Have to sleep now; will reply tomorrow.
>> No. 40854781
Critical exits the greenhouse with the drill in his mouth but at the sight of the airship he dropped the tool in awe. He then scratched the back of his head.

"Well just when you think you've seen all there is to see, the world just cracks you over the head and says 'Nope I ain't done with you yet'. Oh and by the way I found the drill."

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