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40849528 No. 40849528
#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun

All cities have dark sides, and Canterlot is certainly no exception. On the wrong side of the tracks, everything appears to be dark and cold, the rainy weather being but an exclamation mark deepening the atmosphere of alienation and lurking fear.

The atmosphere changes though, as soon as you pass the worn door over the neon sign saying, in bright bold letters [U]D NUT BAR

Inside, amongst the tables and chairs dating back to the last century, with their nicks and stains and worn out padding, you can finally get yourself dry, drink something hot and wait out the rain. There's even a antique jukebox - someone placed the damaged neon 'o' from the sign outside next to it, the stylised glass donut looking a bit out of place with the sombre décor.

Here, all are welcome and accepted – so long as violence does not occur, as indicated by a the sign reading “Weapon bin by the door, put it in or we put you out. Cold."

On the blackboard, one may find what appears to be a scribble of nonsense:

The bar is NOT auto-staff, and it will stay that way.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Topics tonight include:
>Now we all know who most would go for, who do you like?
>Best Villan?
>Best hero?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Bar is now: OPEN
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>> No. 40852176
File 142872284650.jpg - (132.78KB , 476x700 , Erza-Scarlet-fairy-tail-22475786-476-700.jpg )
>Scarlet let her, the game being quite free-form, having a decent bit of aerial play to it before the mechs had to fall back down. Wouldst thou like to do a few practice roudns before trying a true match?
>> No. 40852177
File 142872285327.jpg - (51.87KB , 600x375 , 1427357594505.jpg )
He did not oppose this positioning, simply making himself comfortable as he looked back up to make eye-contact with his company.

"Well since then I've been adopted and have been going through the Equestrian Education system, with no idea what I intend to do with my life in the future or even right now beyond what I'm already obligated to do."
>> No. 40852178
File 142872291943.jpg - (376.49KB , 1100x850 , 39747__twilight+sparkle_anthro_princess+luna_shipping_suggestive_monochrome_lesbian_traditional+.jpg )
Luna's horn lit up as she paused again, and looked over the movesets.
"Nah, I got magic to commit these to memory." She said, going through all the movesets for the current mech, and it's other form.
"If anything I'll just ask for a rematch. Besides, the aim is to have fun, is it not?"
>> No. 40852179
File 142872294204.png - (1.48MB , 1114x1920 , Nothing but a flesh wound.png )
>What's up?
>> No. 40852180
File 142872306113.gif - (3.92MB , 666x375 , a0763c3ba4f92317be2e6f08c0dc4f6d.gif )
Hm...I never hath any idea of what I'm going to do before I'm doing it! Sometimes not even then!
>Chuckles a bit
Indeed. Win or lose, as long as thine hath awesome mech-fighting, we shall both enjoy ourself., En-garde~
>She unfurled her mechs wings and brought up it's blades, charging forward

>And what to do now? Roll for who wins the match and stuff? :3
>Not much! Saving a few pics for Scarlet
>> No. 40852181
File 142872314774.png - (591.38KB , 1280x1654 , 133579__safe_anthro_princess+luna_blushing_dress_artist-colon-mabeltonpinetree.png )
Unfortunatly Luna was in the slow form, as she was still learning, and lost the first round, despite putting up a decent fight near the end, as she started to get the hang of it, and learn what the different moves did, and how fast each move was.
"Darn! Even in the end, you still beat me! Go again?"
>> No. 40852182
File 142872313173.jpg - (180.80KB , 1280x720 , 12342.jpg )
>ANything goood?
>> No. 40852183
File 142872323086.gif - (1.93MB , 500x281 , tumblr_n8xne1PzTs1qf8rnjo1_500.gif )
Of course~ ^.^
>Scarlet said with a chuckle
Thou art quite adept for ab eginner even with that magical memory. Good reactions and instinct on thee~
>They play again, Luna winning a few rounds, Scarlet winning some, eventually Scarlet began to use different mechs and mess around, w anting to show her friend the different types and styles as she flopped over onto the side, playing away at the console
>Well the rp is being very fun yes :3
>> No. 40852184
File 142872333039.jpg - (320.58KB , 595x842 , PIG TAILS.jpg )
>I meant pictures heh
>> No. 40852185
File 142872333510.gif - (398.87KB , 500x249 , tumblr_lnb9ijENtL1qg54vto1_500.gif )
>> No. 40852186
File 142872333669.jpg - (68.64KB , 900x636 , death_korp_of_krieg_guradsman_by_nonark-d3c7cde.jpg )
"...No offense, but I can't say that's a sort of lifestyle I want to mimic. I don't have any grandiose plans but I don't want to just stumble through life either. Of course, the problem is trying to find something besides that that I actually find to be enjoyable..."
>> No. 40852187
File 142872336224.jpg - (1.01MB , 1248x1668 , 103744__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_traditional+art_bikini_crown_princess+balloona_artist-co.jpg )
"All I did was use my magic to memorize the moves, I would do it normally, but when am I gonna get the chance to play this again?" And Luna kept using the same mech, as it would be the only one she's familiar with, even though she was still getting the hang of it.
>> No. 40852188
File 142872340399.jpg - (43.38KB , 600x600 , Sparkles.jpg )
>> No. 40852189
File 142872346520.png - (667.35KB , 750x1066 , sexy_erza_by_tremblaxx_arts-d54no7m.png )
Thou can accomplish great things when thine trust thine own heart~
...Whenever thou wisheth! I wouldst be willing to get you a consol and copy, and even then, I wouldst simply love to invite you over some other time perhaps~
>Silly ones!
>> No. 40852190
File 142872351367.jpg - (128.43KB , 1124x1280 , 16110__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_socks_princess+molestia_gamer+luna_video+game_artist-colo.jpg )
"Next time. I'll bring some of my games."
>> No. 40852191
File 142872360973.jpg - (184.49KB , 783x1021 , f46d00df4d355261b860f1dca49dfb6e.jpg )
Well next time I can go to THINE room.
>She chuckles a bit and magically tosses a pillow at Luna playfully
>> No. 40852192
File 142872368073.jpg - (207.41KB , 1024x1358 , 13755__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_dress_curvy_princess+balloona_artist-colon-innocenttazlet.jpg )
Pomf, right in the face.
"Sounds good to me!"
>> No. 40852193
File 142872380280.jpg - (110.57KB , 461x800 , 1363932161772.jpg )
"'Can' doesn't mean 'will'." He replied with a frown. "And I would like to have at least some degree of certaintly behind my actions."
>> No. 40852194
File 142872380601.gif - (762.45KB , 480x270 , ade3623df5373414cfce4b66ccb575fd.gif )
>Chuckles a bit
Wouldst thou like another game or to do something else whilst we art here?
I am certain I will win if that helps!~
>> No. 40852195
File 142872389508.png - (732.78KB , 1280x966 , 472982__solo_anthro_princess+luna_solo+female_questionable_breasts_alicorn_impossibly+large+brea.png )
"Another game!" She said hitting the rematch button, and instantly switching to the faster mode on her mech, doing... Well a lot better at the game.
>> No. 40852196
File 142872393410.png - (184.05KB , 900x1246 , inquisitor_von_krieg_by_nicklausofkrieg-d3g2yp1.png )
"…I'm not just referring to what fights I pick."
>> No. 40852197
File 142872398777.gif - (2.25MB , 1280x720 , erza_scarlet_by_pz_g-d645aiz.gif )
>Scarlet blinks and reacts as best she can, putting up a good and valiant effort but slowly and steadily losing
Bah. Last time I got in a true mech-fight I managed to drag the other one down with me. She was a complete cheat too~
Everything is a fight! Dancing, choices, life! All art challenges to be overcome!
>> No. 40852198
File 142872407092.jpg - (1.01MB , 1248x1668 , 103744__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_traditional+art_bikini_crown_princess+balloona_artist-co.jpg )
"No cheating here! I like to rely on my skill!" She said as she swapped between forms when it was best suited, the slower form for heavy hitting attacks, although she did mess that up a lot, as the attacks were slow too. It was getting close!
>> No. 40852199
File 142872424947.png - (1.43MB , 1349x720 , Erza-Scarlet-The-Grand-Ball-fairy-tail-37558254-1349-720.png )
>They were best for knock ups, or leading into or ending combos she found, or if she was quick enough, switching to itnerrupt some of Scarlet's chain attacks. She chuckled a bit
Thou art a much nicer person as well. She was an awful, evil queen though I didst my best to save her life when her mech blew up. It didn't work.
>Scarlet used a knock up on Luna, throwing both mechs up into the air for the final battle, their silhouettes contrasting brightly against the two moons. One blue-ish silver and the other a soft red.
>> No. 40852200
File 142872437592.png - (2.62MB , 1270x1520 , 88865__safe_anthro_princess+luna_artist-colon-thearcanepony.png )
"Guessing she batted your hand away?" She said as their final battle begun, Luna's constant swapping between the two forms to maximize her utility, speed, and power. This gamer had some surprisingly amazing graphics.
>> No. 40852201
File 142872439017.jpg - (767.08KB , 640x1000 , 1423329947566.jpg )
"It's also a matter of how you 'win' when it comes to those things. You can't just follow your heart for everything, because your heart could easily make a mistake."

A certain litany had come to the boy's mind, but considering he was not currently in Imperial Company it was probably unsuitable to recite it.
>> No. 40852202
File 142872450652.png - (544.85KB , 720x600 , Nightshade and Rose.png )
>Well it was made by quite the advanced society, and as the blows flew and energy blades swung, the final blow hit and it was Scarlets mech falling from the sky like a burning angel
Awww...well fought. Thou art a worth foe.
>She gets up and does a bow with a little giggle
No she wast unconcious. T'was underwater. I gave her the air from my oxygen tank and held my breath til medics arrived. They nearly needed to take me to the hospital as well. I rushed her here to Elysium to the best medical facility available but she expired.
>> No. 40852203
File 142872453314.png - (505.68KB , 718x1113 , bravery___fairy_tail_coloring__by_aeroblade7-d8k45bc.png )
T'was true but I hath my friends for that as well...
>Licks his cheek
>> No. 40852204
File 142872466469.jpg - (1.01MB , 1248x1668 , 103744__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_traditional+art_bikini_crown_princess+balloona_artist-co.jpg )
"That sucks. But at the same time, I wonder if she would have just gone back to her evil ways." She said with a frown.
"But hey when your real mech is all fixed up. Would I be able to see it? I always liked games with mechs like this, and getting the chance to actually see one? That would just make my day!"
>> No. 40852206
File 142872477735.jpg - (754.13KB , 848x1620 , 1427674152168.jpg )
The seemingly unnecessary act was certainly off-putting for the boy but he attempted to pretend not to mind it.

"So all you can do is hope you can have someone else help you clean up your mess when you screw up?"
>> No. 40852207
File 142872478884.jpg - (142.91KB , 752x1063 , sexy_titania_by_Gray_Fullbuster.jpg )
I am sure she wouldst have, but she was my friends mother. An abusive one but her mother none-the-less. My heart tells me it is for the best that she died but I simply could not stand by and watch her do so without attempting to assist. T'was a tournament. I wast not there to depose a despot.

>She pauses and grins

I will do thou one better. When it is fully fixed I will teach thee to fly it!~
Or go back and keep trying to fix it until I succeed!
>> No. 40852209
File 142872488581.jpg - (1.00MB , 1013x1493 , 839998__safe_solo_anthro_princess+luna_clothes_belly+button_cleavage_skirt_midriff_artist-colon-.jpg )
Her face lit up at the last comment.
"Fly it? Heck yeah! That sounds like it's gonna be a lot of fun!"
>> No. 40852210
d3 = 2
>> No. 40852211
File 142872505388.jpg - (229.74KB , 854x936 , erza_scarlet___nakagami_armor_by_maplecolours__by_enchantic_erza-d6apt4z.jpg )
>She clapped her hands together and turned to one of the robotic avian creatues that had been quietly sitting there
990, go tell the Myr but the foundry to speed the focus on the repairs wouldst thou?
>The creatures answered back in a series of electronic beeps in binary
Yes yes, I dost not need ti completely combat ready but at the least able to enter orbit.
>The creature let out a few more beeps and headed off

It can hopefully be done somewhat soon. It has been being repaired on for quite some-time and the Myr are masters of metal-craft.
>> No. 40852212
File 142872512536.png - (57.53KB , 829x963 , dead_man_resting_by_nicklausofkrieg-d79vwul.png )
"…I suppose." He replied after a moment's pause, seeming more drained at this point then at the beginning of the conversation.
>> No. 40852213
File 142872516787.png - (304.62KB , 670x700 , 84881__anthro_princess+luna_suggestive_upvotes+galore_panties_bra_armpits_necklace_artist-colon-.png )
"You don't have to rush on my account. I can wait. Been imprisoned in my very own moon for a thousand years after all."
>> No. 40852214
File 142872527837.png - (315.96KB , 600x852 , ft_349_by_gaston18-d6kb6un.png )
What is wrong?
>She blinks
...I had heard of that from our dealings in Equestria but to be truthful I always thought that was a myth!
>> No. 40852215
>Brb, few mins
>> No. 40852216
File 142872539790.jpg - (538.75KB , 1031x1355 , 377173__safe_solo_anthro_traditional+art_nightmare+moon_artist-colon-newyorkx3_stupid+sexy+night.jpg )
Her horn lit up as she became white like a light and grew an extra 8 inches, bringing her height up to seven feet.
"I looked like this when I Was banished. I went by the name of Nightmare Moon. It was... Dark times. But when I looked like this, I had armor, not casual clothes." Her voice stayed the same though.
>> No. 40852217
File 142872544699.jpg - (61.75KB , 600x905 , Death_Korps_of_Krieg_by_Obrotowy.jpg )
"Just... I don't know." He said, looking down towards the ground rather than up at Rose at this point. "Tired, I guess, or maybe I don't like the idea of just accepting that you're going to make screwups rather than trying to prevent them."

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 21:22

>> No. 40852218
File 142872546673.gif - (1.76MB , 500x281 , Kitty.gif )
>Anyone want to RP?
>> No. 40852222
File 142872610758.jpg - (196.01KB , 707x1000 , 1428401133094.jpg )
>I would, but I'm reaching the point of sleep deprivation where just closing my eyes feels absolutely glorious and my eyes itch when I keep them open...
>> No. 40852223
File 142872616346.gif - (381.98KB , 500x270 , tumblr_m6pv71KsYW1qg37pao6_500_zps156bdc1b.gif )
>Brb, few mins
>Scarlet looked her up and down a bit, thoughtfully
I always knew the blacker you were the more evil!

A thousand years of solitary though...I wouldst think death would be more merciful than that!
>pets his head
Tis not a pleasant idea, but thou shouldst not live in fear of them. Thou should just go out, and fuck up, and see that there is nothing wrong with it. Ye can jsut bounce right back up! Til then, I suggest thou go rest
>> No. 40852225
File 142872628482.jpg - (199.77KB , 1227x1920 , 1426731584500.jpg )
"…Right. See you around, Rose." He said with a small nod, sliding off of her thighs and grabbing his Violin before walking out the door.

>And goodnight.
>> No. 40852227
>> No. 40852228
File 142872632532.jpg - (91.94KB , 400x400 , Hamakaze_(Kantai_Collection)_full_1694777.jpg )
>I was going to destory you but then you posted that.

>Who and who~?
>> No. 40852229
File 142872635812.png - (67.32KB , 500x730 , 551585__safe_solo_bedroom+eyes_nightmare+moon_looking+at+you_love+heart_wink_stupid+sexy+nightma.png )
"Granted, it was a long time, but five years of war... My sister was in the right to do what she did."
>> No. 40852230
File 142872648122.jpg - (74.32KB , 374x299 , Erza-with-glasses-erza-scarlet-33022648-374-299.jpg )
>im not sure :3
if thou sayeth thou caused such suffering, I would not be remiss to say that thou deserved some form of justice of punishment, but I would not think that would be fair upon anyone. Still, perhaps it was the right thing to do seeing as thou art now the pony I see before me.
>> No. 40852232
File 142872655412.jpg - (313.69KB , 710x724 , 1428698483736.jpg )
>> No. 40852234
File 142872665163.jpg - (79.33KB , 1024x640 , 4chan.jpg )
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