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#Open #Canon #Adventure #Crossover #Violence #Shipping #Power Limit #Crazy

you can be any kind of pony and you can even be a human!
Pic sorta related because guns

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>> No. 40853343
File 142884343424.jpg - (7.29KB , 480x360 , have you ever had a dream.jpg )
my name's gorgond and he goes into ponyville and takes up the gun and starts shooting so much that everything explodes and everyone dies including gorgond and a family in appleloosa
he's also a earth pony
>> No. 40853632
File 142886302203.gif - (25.77KB , 259x194 , zeal2.gif )
my names nico and im 70 feet tall and im a pegasus with giant wings and a third eye and a stomach mouth that he uses to vore people with
i go into a bar and proceed to drink all their alcohol and ruun
>> No. 40854720
File 142895746309.jpg - (69.76KB , 528x384 , hella beach bod.jpg )
gogron goes in to said bar and he points this message to nico, the Big Boy who was talking up the entire room with his garganutan size

hey buddy time to move someone new here is going to chug the jugs
he chugged the jugs
>> No. 40855560
File 142905231365.png - (479.78KB , 750x728 , thegoddamnbatman cape omnom.png )
A strange looking pony pops out from behind a bush. He just sits and chews on his cape as he looks around and surveys the scene.

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