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#Closed #Planned #Pseudo-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Ponies #Normal

Welcome to Koniksburg, a mining community in the far northeastern reaches of Equestria. Expect LOTS of snowball fights, evergreens, maple syrup, stylish scarves, and fetlocks unshorn, just as nature intended. The town is surrounded by the Crystal Mountains, a place where many a wondrous adventure and mystery can be found.

This thread is for the players of the session based campaign "Snowponies" that's been going on for about a year, and a half now. A place to role play events ‘between episodes’ in a more relaxed play by post way when folks have the time.

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The young filly made her way through the house during a crisp Monday morning. The quaint two story cottage being a pinch chilly much to her frustration, a glance at the clock only making her tired grumbles only louder.

With a light greenish blue glow school books were retrieved, cloaks were thrown across her back, and cute little earmuffs found their way to her ears. She made her way out the front door with a loud yawn…..

Then much to her confusion everything was suddenly Cold and white.


Rosetta’s attempt to clear out the path was brought to a halt as she heard a muffled cry. A Quick glance back towards the door (along with a small tilt downwards) showing her the source:Rosebud buried in snow up to her ears, The earth pony mare not being able to stop herself from giggling as the Red headed fillies head popped out with a Gasp.

“Gah! What the-?! How am I suppose to get to school through this?” gazing around to reveal most of the town paths were still covered with a layer of snow higher then she was despite the clean skies above. She scampered back onto the door step as the older Rose went back to her shovel.

“You aren't~” She said with her usual cheer “Mostly because there isn't any.”

As Rosebud shook the snow off herself she scoffed cynically “....don’t be dumb. They -never- close anything for snow here. They’d have to close it every-single-day-because-it-never-stops.”

“Normally true kiddo. But lets just say they have a tradition; first -real- blizzard of the year every filly and colt gets the day off…”

Rosebud beamed with joy for a moment.

“... so they can help dig out the front yard~”

The Frowns. They were massive.

The nob glowed, the door slammed shut, Rosettas ears followed the sound of stomping hooves until finally the momentary scratching of a record gave way to classical music pouring out from the fillies room above. (don't fret I'm sure she'll make an occasional snarky comment from up there)

The Pink Mare face hooved “...Well~ so much for tradition hehe…. then again I suppose Kids not listening is one that’s went on longer.” She gave a sigh looking at all the snow she still had to plow and got to work pushing her shovel along as an earth pony would.

Perhaps for once agreeing with Rosebuds thoughts on the matter... just a little~

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